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jrke: what can i add in PR2

Pappu_Kumar_Pashi: Hi, Everyone Hope you all are doing well :blush: Let's be friends

LelouchVC2: WE can NEVER be friends

jacek: :O

WINWINWIN: jacek, did not enjoy the contest?

jacek: didnt get hooked up really

jacek: but i dont enjoy contests overall

eulerscheZahl: you are a board game player

jacek: eeyup

Default avatar.png FaizanRizvi: hi

jacek: ohai

Default avatar.png FaizanRizvi: has anyone solved ANEO Sponsored Puzzle?


jacek: ok i fiddled with pr2. now im at top half

eulerscheZahl: not that impressive tbh

Astrobytes: I got to 234th and got a bit bored

Astrobytes: Might go back to it, if it wasn't for the 'contest' I probably wouldn't have started it so, all good I guess

WINWINWIN: Othello released today morning


WINWINWIN: Looks perfect

Astrobytes: Yea I know, I'm 1st :P

Astrobytes: He's done a good job

cegprakash: The aim of this game is to win.

cegprakash: wow

cegprakash: You lose if: You mess up.

wlesavo: standart statement

cegprakash: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

wlesavo: it is great though

cegprakash: aren't games made to have fun?

cegprakash: "The aim of this game is to win." sounds harsh to noob players like me

cegprakash: who play for fun

Astrobytes: cegprakash it's just the default HTML, he's not done the statement yet

MSmits: cegprakash wants it to be: "This game has no aim, enjoy!"

MSmits: btw, guess what this is:

Astrobytes: Also "noob players like me who play for fun" - ceg?!


MSmits: I ran out of memory after n = 21 :(

Astrobytes: Oware endgames?

MSmits: yep!

Astrobytes: Jeez lol

MSmits: i just enumerated them, i didnt solve

Astrobytes: That's... a few

MSmits: it might be crazy hard to solve seeds over 10

MSmits: because of loops

MSmits: so i doubt memory is the bottleneck here

Astrobytes: Yeah, I'd imagine that'd be the case

Astrobytes: brb

Astrobytes: back, doctor checking up on me

MSmits: ah, ok, hope it's getting better

Astrobytes: Nah, no change. MRI on Tuesday. Most probably a bulging disc

MSmits: can do they help you with that?

Astrobytes: Depends. That's just one option (the most likely one). Depending on severity then surgery is the last resort. Otherwise, physiotherapy and pain management

MSmits: I see

Astrobytes: Can only speculate until the MRI, everything's hinging on the results

MSmits: yeah I imagine

Astrobytes: Anyway, back to Oware endgames. Do you plan to try to create a book?

MSmits: not sure if I will actually use it. It's not that useful inside of CG I think

MSmits: could use it in a meta mcts though

MSmits: but I first want to see how hard it is to deal with the loops

Astrobytes: Yeah I was thinking that, could be your next long-term PC overheating project :P

MSmits: problem with using it inside of CG is that you wont go beyond 6-7 seeds

Astrobytes: Yep

Astrobytes: Seems to help out tric trac though

MSmits: Might not help him out at all, could just be his eval that is improving

MSmits: i've seen him high before

jacek: does he smoke? o.O

Astrobytes: Beat me to it jacek

MSmits: lol

Astrobytes: I think he said it was helpful

Astrobytes: The book, not smoking that is

MSmits: ah ok, then it;s a tradeoff between endgame book and opening book

jacek: i benefit from opening book

MSmits: maybe I'll do bothj

jacek: i created it months ago, might as well update it

MSmits: probably using half the size for one and half the size for the other is probably going to be better than either

Astrobytes: I'd be interested in the results

MSmits: I'm pretty sure an opening book here will wreck any opposition if I do it like i did it on uttt and yavalath.

MSmits: (the cheesy way)

Astrobytes: It should wreak utter havoc with the NNs anyway

MSmits: yeah

Astrobytes: especially re curse's one I think

MSmits: just have to find their one mistake. They're already losing games so there are mistakes

MSmits: the best bots are easiest to counter because they play narrowly

MSmits: but writing a good opening book generator that makes use of transpositions in this game is not that easy

MSmits: you will want to combine results from gamestates with different scores, but same seed layout

MSmits: and different turns

Astrobytes: Yep. Nightmare

MSmits: dont think jacek does this, but it could be good even without this. I'd want to use these transpositions though... purist

Astrobytes: Definitely sounds like something you'd enjoy doing :P

MSmits: yes

Astrobytes: Well, ultimately the transpositions are pretty important

MSmits: it's hard to say, the game sure gives the impression that they are

jacek: well i use transpositions

jacek: but they are rarely happen in the beginning

MSmits: do you use transpositions with different scores

jacek: no

MSmits: you can do that if you, instead of keeping the winrate, keep the expected seedcount from the current position

MSmits: seedscore

MSmits: it's messy and hard to implement but possible

jacek: im doing alphabeta thing, not meta mcts

MSmits: hmm ok

MSmits: not sure how it would work in that case

MSmits: thats the drop out expansion stuff right?

jacek: yeah

jacek: though not exactly as described there. i dont understand the algo *.*

MSmits: i didnt get too much into it. I like meta mcts

Astrobytes: drop-out expansion?

Astrobytes: Is that the article thing on techio you did jacek?

MSmits: it's a way to do meta-minimax

jacek: but i expand leaf based on their score - depth penalty. somewat like UCB

MSmits: best first search

jacek: i wrote about meta mcts

MSmits: yeah I know


jacek: this is doe

Astrobytes: cool, thx

Astrobytes: Nice paper

jacek: hmm he deals with cycles on endgame i think?

MSmits: awari doesnt have cycles

MSmits: it has a rule to resolve loops

MSmits: thats why oware abapa is unsolvable

MSmits: you can resolve loops with unlimited cpu, but it might involve going to a depth of 200 or something in some cases

MSmits: it's kinda strange. the game has a tiny statespace but a giant tree complexity

MSmits: for awari, both of those are tiny

struct: Hello

MSmits: hi

Astrobytes: Hey

Astrobytes: good job getting Othello up and running so quickly

struct: Thanks, I still have some stuff done that I did not submit yet

struct: Now the flip doesnt go outside the square

jacek: phew

haukc: hi hooman

Uljahn: hi, Automaton2000's brother

Automaton2000: that is a problem for me

struct: Im not sure what time I set for Othello

struct: I might increase it though


Astrobytes: Holy board size Batman

struct: Are tooltips needed?

MSmits: I think I speak for cegprakash when I say there should be a tooltip that reminds you to have fun

eulerscheZahl: huh?

MSmits: you missed that I guess :)

eulerscheZahl: i guess so too

MSmits: he was criticizing the statement earlier

MSmits: because it said the aim is to win :)

eulerscheZahl: ah, the default statement

MSmits: yes

Astrobytes: Cause he's like the *least* competitive guy on CG :P

jrke: any suggestion for PR2

Default avatar.png Mr_Luc1f3r: Guys are there any challenges without graphics?

eulerscheZahl: there are puzzles without. but no multiplayer games

Default avatar.png Mr_Luc1f3r: Nice.How can i find these kind of puzzles?

eulerscheZahl: just open some. the community puzzles (with an author shown) are almost always without animations

Default avatar.png Mr_Luc1f3r: Ok thanks

Astrobytes: jrke, not being funny but at a certain point you have to start trying to think of strategies by to improve by yourself. It's kinda the point

struct: Soon I get sued for porting games

struct: nice tomatoes top 5

tomatoes: :blush:

WINWINWIN: which multi tomatoes?

tomatoes: uttt

MSmits: gold?

WINWINWIN: Really well done! I thought that the only non NN in UTTT top 5 was MSmits

MSmits: no

MSmits: thats oware and it's top 3

MSmits: uttt has no succesful nn

MSmits: re curse made a nn that is good enough for legend though

WINWINWIN: Oh. So UTTT is only Minimax / MCTS?

MSmits: as far as i know, yes

MSmits: and it's mostly mcts variants, minimax is less succesful

MSmits: but some are in/near top 10

MSmits: it's notoriously hard to write a good eval for uttt which makes minimax worse than mcts at uttt

MSmits: oh wow, it's actually legend uttt rank 5

MSmits: that is really impressive tomatoes

WINWINWIN: Understandable, there is only 1 easy factor of how many boxes controled

MSmits: you can do 2 in a row and such

WINWINWIN: But 2 in a row is not always a win chance, so you have to evaluate the whole board right?

MSmits: I managed to get a working eval for early playout termination that is probably top 10 if i submitted it, but it is still weaker than just random

MSmits: WINWINWIN eval doesnt have to be perfect

MSmits: you can give 50 points for 2 in a row and 100 points for a won board

MSmits: or something like that

MSmits: oh i do of course mean unblocked 2

MSmits: otherwise it is useless

WINWINWIN: That would make sense, but it seems really hard to get an eval in which ties are uncommon

MSmits: with enough detail you can avoid tied scores

MSmits: but then your eval might be slow or wrong

WINWINWIN: Yes, slow is a major issue for a detailed eval

WINWINWIN: what depth do you reach?

MSmits: mcts doesnt have a fixed depth

WINWINWIN: I meant what depth do you normally reach

MSmits: i dont know what that means though

MSmits: mcts will have branches that go 5 deep and branches that go 20

Uljahn: what depth does you opening book has? :smirk:

Uljahn: *have

MSmits: between 3 and 40

struct: mcts is meant to reach end game

WINWINWIN: Sorry, I have a very basic understanding of MCTS and minimax

struct: right?

MSmits: ah mcts uses statistics to explore good branches deeper than other branches

Uljahn: with enough rollouts

tomatoes: minimax has depth. mcts no

MSmits: my opening book usually doesnt go deeper than 10-12

struct: But I know what he means

struct: I saw someone using mcts with fixed depth and eval

jacek: oO

Snef: how do you call a mcts with fixed depth and no rollout then ?

MSmits: but i can make an exception when another player is using one, i will just force down a specific branch and go 40 deep if i want to

MSmits: Snef by no rollout you mean no random sim?

Snef: yea only moves from nodes

MSmits: it's mostly just a UCB guided search, it's no longer mcts, even though i still refer to it as mcts also

MSmits: mc stands for monte carlo = random

MSmits: and there is no random so...

Snef: the first X moves are chosen randomly before applying ucb :p

MSmits: i dont do that in any bot

Snef: oh

MSmits: either I pick the first one I havent explored or i pick them all

MSmits: uttt i pick 1, yavalath, oware onitama I pick all

Snef: yea i do the same i explore unvisited first but i still do random for like first 100/200 iterations

MSmits: you can backprop the highest score of all chldren or an average, whatever works

MSmits: Snef maybe it works well I dunno, havent tried that much

Snef: 100 iterations won't change much anyway

MSmits: I see only one advantage to that and it might be a big advantage

MSmits: you do a lot less UCB

MSmits: but instead of random you might as well just iterate

MSmits: if you're doing that many

Snef: sure

MSmits: btw tomatoes is also using teclles heuristic

MSmits: it really does improve any bot

MSmits: teccles that is

Snef: but for mcts if one brach at depth 5 isn't promising you won't expand it right ?

jacek: tickles

Snef: branch*

MSmits: probably not, depends on exploration parameter

MSmits: it's all automated anyway

Snef: yeah.. but i feel you can ignore branch that would be better at a deeper depth

MSmits: if you think your bot has that problem you need to raise your exploration parameter

MSmits: it's really just a matter of fitting the parameter

jacek: and i used to be 5 in uttt ;(

Snef: i don't have this problem i don't have a real mcts yet :p it's just thoughts

MSmits: do you have an opening book there too?

MSmits: ah ok

jacek: just center and teccless stuff

MSmits: ah, good enough really

MSmits: I think my current leaderboard version has no opening book for player 2

MSmits: there's no point when everything solves as a loss, you're just making it easier for the other guy

jacek: you could at least choose furthest loss

jacek: or one with most visits, hoping he wont notice

struct: how many rollouts jacek?

MSmits: kar liso tried that, I have him solved between ply 25 and ply 40 and his bot is deterministic to ply 25 :P

Uljahn: btw karli so seems to be weak against the side opening

MSmits: Uljahn probably he is just strong against corner opening because that is where his book is

jacek: struct about 100k at first turn at 1s

struct: o.o

Uljahn: MSmits: yep

struct: ah ok

struct: 1 s

struct: what about 2nd turn?

jacek: well 10k

Uljahn: are your rollouts that heavy?

MSmits: yeah... that seems really heavy

MSmits: esp. if you reach that high in the top 10

jacek: or just slow

MSmits: that wont cut it

jacek: well i have 1-ply check for win

MSmits: you wouldnt even be able to get into legend with that speed

MSmits: unless you did something else

jacek: and moves that can win small board are twice as likely chosen as others

jacek: i dont have any pool node or log table or other fancy optimizators

jacek: oh sh... which reminded me, i reuse tree in uttt

jacek: when in oware i dont

jacek: time for another submit in oware!

MSmits: hmm

Astrobytes: I can hardly wait

MSmits: yeah in uttt it does help to favor some kinds of moves

MSmits: never got it to work that well though

jacek: and how many rollouts do you have

MSmits: 90-130k on turn 2

MSmits: this is normal for top 10

jacek: oO

MSmits: re curse has more

Astrobytes: (65 trillion on first turn ofc)

jacek: or maybe we count rollouts differently

MSmits: maybe, i count it as a selection, expansion and a single sim

MSmits: to end of game

jacek: so do i

jacek: hmm

jacek: so you say i could optimize it for 10x speed?

MSmits: depending on what you do, sure

MSmits: maybe your random rollout is just very good

jacek: my board has 10 bitboards

MSmits: my yavalath random rollout is super slow, but it makes it better

MSmits: i use 9 x uint16_t and 1x uint32_t

jacek: why uint32_t

MSmits: big board needs it

MSmits: needs 27 bit

MSmits: or was it 18

MSmits: anyways doesnt fit in 16

MSmits: miniboards do

jacek: actually how do you fit Xs and O in 16 o.O

Hjax: TIL scipy can run the Hungarian algorithm for me

MSmits: 3^9 < 2^16

jacek: youre using ternany?

MSmits: for some parts of the bot yes

MSmits: I use 3 different systems

jacek: oh my

MSmits: big board is binary

Astrobytes: bitboards, titboards and s**tboards

MSmits: opening book has a crazy coord system

MSmits: right call that the s**board

Uljahn: polar?

Astrobytes: ;)

MSmits: It's a coordinate system that takes into account finished boards

MSmits: all finished boards where X wins have the same code

MSmits: because it doesnt matter what the board looks like

Uljahn: ah, sort of a mask

MSmits: it uses transpositions maximally, only 8692 possible boards out of 9^3 = 19863

MSmits: 3^9 that is

MSmits: i only use that to store opening books though

MSmits: because it's extremely slow

MSmits: also makes the whole board fit in 128 bit

Uljahn: and accounts for symmetry i guess

MSmits: yeah

Uljahn: that's nice

MSmits: it also does this:

MSmits: XX0 00. XX0

MSmits: =

MSmits: X00 00. XX0

MSmits: board looks different, but has the same future

struct: How are they equal?

jacek: why

MSmits: if X plays, X wins

MSmits: sorry

MSmits: draw

MSmits: if O plays, O wins

MSmits: so it's the same board

struct: if X plays in first he wins

MSmits: this is a miniboard

MSmits: i should have said that sry

MSmits: the two miniboards are identical

struct: ah right

struct: I see

MSmits: of course the overall board might be different, but thats encoded in other miniboards

MSmits: so the fact that there's an extra X in the first doesnt matter for the code for that particular miniboard

MSmits: there arent that many transpositions like that, but half of the possible boards are ended games and there are only 3 of those really... so plenty of possible transpositions there

struct: Do you think opening books will be essential in Othello?

MSmits: but anyways, this is only useful for opening book, you would have to convert this to ternary or binary every time you needed to make a move

MSmits: more useful than it is in uttt, it's really not that useful in uttt

MSmits: in uttt, opening books work well vs opening books, if there was only one guy using them he would barely have any advantage

MSmits: in yavalath, their use is extreme because games can end so early

struct: yeah

struct: On some games it should be hard to implement though, like Yinsh

struct: Where starting positions are too many

MSmits: Yes, like Onitama as well

MSmits: and Bandas

jacek: you dont have book for onitama? O:

struct: Also there is no chains in Othello

MSmits: I dont, how would I use it?

MSmits: 300k starts

struct: I thought there was because I didn't read the rules

MSmits: I couldnt even do the first move for all starts :P

jacek: 131k possible card placements

MSmits: two possible players you can be

MSmits: 1 or 2, that doubles it

struct: Is it even worth to have opening book for 1 move?

MSmits: might be yeah

jacek: toad blacklisted those with 6 plies win

MSmits: but thats a handful, less than 1%

MSmits: opening books are useful for moves that seem almost equally good, but one of them is much better in the long term

MSmits: like in oware, the first move is useless in a book, because apparently, any search will find it

jacek: 5 is like 4 4 in uttt

MSmits: yeah

jacek: and 11 is only possible counter

MSmits: from what i read on solving awari there are 3 viable counters that lead to a solved draw

MSmits: but thats a slightly different game so who knows

jacek: no tric trac yet on othello leaderboard?

MSmits: maybe he's protesting

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: jacek why are you timeout-ing a lot

jacek: which one

Astrobytes: Oware

jacek: which replay

Astrobytes: I watched quite a few

MSmits: did you just change your bot to keep the tree jacek?

MSmits: because thats dangerous in oware

jacek: yes

Astrobytes: Did you reset the parent

jacek: well it works most of the time

MSmits: you need to do a check at the beginning of your turn if you're nearing the end of your node pool

MSmits: if you are, reset the tree

jacek: i dont have node pool, so "shrug:

MSmits: then check the size of your dynamic node array so you dont hit 750 mb :)

struct: also I made first turn 2 sec and 100 ms following

Astrobytes: Yeah, if you don't reset the parent you'll be keeping the whole thing in memory

MSmits: happens in Bandas too

Astrobytes: oh, no node pool?

Astrobytes: How big is your Oware node pool MSmits?

MSmits: let me check

MSmits: const int NODE_MAX = 25000000;

Astrobytes: Do you use a lot of that?

MSmits: I think I use a lot when a game is long

Astrobytes: I've got 10000000 and don't run out

MSmits: nah, i think i usually use no more than 10 million

MSmits: but some games are weird

Astrobytes: I think the highest I saw was 8.5 or 9M

MSmits: let me check some games

jacek: too unstable, im gonna turn it off

jacek: im not sure if its memory issue or bug in code

Astrobytes: I reuse my tree and it's fine jacek

Astrobytes: brb, shopping arrived

MSmits: node index: 16303231

MSmits: I found this one after a few tries

MSmits: thats 16 million

Scarfield: Wow othello already a thing, nice work structo

MSmits: jacek how big is your node?

struct: tnaks

MSmits: and dont make it into a dirty joke :P

jacek: oh

MSmits: mine is 24 byte, so effectively 3x uint64_t

jacek: i know i could get rid of some


jacek: and children

MSmits: wait, you have the list of children on the parent node?

jacek: vector<MoveMcts*> children;

MSmits: thats painful

MSmits: your node is 80 byte

MSmits: mine is 24byte... big difference

MSmits: and I even save the full boardstate on the node

jacek: so mine is bigger

jacek: ah yeah, i dont have bitboard

MSmits: this might be why you run out of memory, but as you say, could also be other bugs

MSmits: a trick you can use to shrink nodes is to use integer indices instead of pointers. Might be some small effect on speed, but your node will be 4 byte smaller for every pointer reduced in size

Scarfield: I started doing no. of children and pointer/index of first child, and have an array of the traversel down the tree, so no need for parent pointers at all :)

MSmits: oh yeah, no parent needed either


MSmits: my oware node

struct: does board need to be 64?

MSmits: i think i am the only one who uses 64

MSmits: it's really hard to squeeze it into 64

MSmits: because you need to use 5 bit per pit

MSmits: and that holds 31 seeds

MSmits: so I use the last 4 bit (60-63) for the overflow

MSmits: I do something similarly crazy in Onitama, where it is actually pretty useless to be that compact

MSmits: it's just fun for me to squeeze gamestates as small as possible. It would be more useful if I could actually use a transposition table or something, but most games apparently have no use for them :(

jacek: do you squeeze your students like that as well?

MSmits: you mean do I make comments during class that make them feel as small as possible?

MSmits: not sure, you'll have to ask them :)

MSmits: Nagrarok's bot is really amazing

MSmits: holding up after years

jacek: struct w00t? white starts?

struct: its reverse?

jacek: its othello, not reversi

jacek: starting position is good, but blacks start

struct: you right

struct: Ill fix it

struct: Ill change black chips owner to 0

jacek: and no one who has bot there didnt notice? :v

Snef: i know rules but i don't remember which color start :p

MSmits: Checkers is funny like that, it has red pieces but it talks about W and B in input

darkhorse64: my bot is as usual rand()% actionCount

MSmits: I start every bot that way to test sim

MSmits: then you dont have to deal with mcts and all its annoyances

struct: I think I only needed to change 2 vars

struct: I think its fixed but ill try to be sure

darkhorse64: It'll take a few hours to get the engine ready

Snef: darkhorse64 to sim othello ?

darkhorse64: The only thing a random bot may not test is when a player has no moves. Sure, I'll write a MCTS for it and bitboard to hell

MSmits: at least it's easy to bitboard, two 64 bit is about all you can do here

MSmits: maybe some lookups for checking whether you need to flip

Scarfield: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

**MSmits dodges

Scarfield: xD

darkhorse64: The only annoying thing is the no moves. It messes all my exploration and backpropagation code

MSmits: You can just make another node

MSmits: same state

struct: Should be fixed

struct: I dont know why its fixed

struct: butg it works

darkhorse64: There are some assumptions here and there that players alternate

Scarfield: yea black starts now

MSmits: well yeah, but if you make an extra node when you dont move, you still alternate

MSmits: it's a no-move node

MSmits: just save the gamestate on the node, then the game doesnt care about moves

MSmits: two nodes will just have the same gamestate and thats all

MSmits: except for who's turn it is obviously

darkhorse64: A "PASS" node. I have never played Othello. I don't know if it happens a lot. If ti does, it may be worth sparing the node and the traversal

Snef: darkhorse64 with random bots it nearly never happen, don't know with real bots

MSmits: You can create the node and then give it a UCT penalty

MSmits: -0,3 or so

MSmits: it only starts to be visited when other nodes have sufficient visitcounts

Scarfield: if neither player can move, the player with the most discs win, so not necessarily a bad thing

MSmits: and then it will quickly stop after a few visits, because its probably going to be bad

darkhorse64: Not sure if is bad. I know Othello can drastically change in a few moves. If there is a PASS node, it is single by design

MSmits: seems this is just something you can experiment with

MSmits: code the framework, make some parameters and test :)

Scarfield: hmm probably true, was just quoting the rules i just read :)

darkhorse64: You are absolutely right. The PASS node saves my current code but may impact performance. This is going to be a "squeeze water from stone" multi

darkhorse64: And then you'll write an opening book and rekt me

Scarfield: i guess the only way to have neither player being able to move, all the discs will have to be the same color, or no empty cells of course

struct: no, i havent tested this

MSmits: darkhorse64 that is also my guess, but I will try to rek people without an opening book first :P

struct: but I think there are more cases

struct: and I took that into account in referee

struct: imagine board was like this 011111111

MSmits: not sure when though, I will for sure do Othello within a week or two

struct: and 0 was the only piece that player 0 had

MSmits: I love this type of game

struct: he cant move

struct: neither cant player 1

MSmits: Btw darkhorse64, I was about to start breakthrough

MSmits: it's been pushed to nr 2 now :P

MSmits: structs fault

eulerscheZahl: the struggle of having too many games

MSmits: but they're all so much fun :)

darkhorse64: I failed badly on my own game. I picked the eval recommanded by Wanderer authors but my bot sucks

MSmits: EPT?

MSmits: depth 5 or something?

jacek: yes, they suck

jacek: you should refute their paper

darkhorse64: Yes, I wrote the bot just to test that

darkhorse64: depth 4

darkhorse64: I think it's my bot that sucks

MSmits: if you want to sink more time into it, there's a lot to try

MSmits: did you try lookups for local board layouts?

MSmits: also lookups for racing conditions

darkhorse64: Anyway, I have applied EPT with lot of success on Oware and Onitama. All in all, it has been useful. You mean consider samller areas to find "breakthroughs" ?

darkhorse64: Or look for patterns that call for attack ?

MSmits: from what I read it is good to give score to certain configurations of pawns

MSmits: yes patterns

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: How much programming knowledge should I have for this platform on a scale of 1 to 10 ?

MSmits: also if a pawn is maybe 3 rows before the end, you can lookup whether it is unblockable

jacek: 2.137

MSmits: i think it's more like 2.146

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: 2.137 ? Woah !!

darkhorse64: 3.151592654

MSmits: the dot is a decimal separator RahilMavani

darkhorse64: 3.14

MSmits: its not 2 thousand

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: Are you guys answering my question ?

MSmits: yeah

darkhorse64: joking a bit

MSmits: but RahilMavani, you just need to understand your language somewhat

MSmits: loops, functions, classes

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: Oh Okay

MSmits: start with easy puzzles

MSmits: you need to get the hang of the input/output structure

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: Actually I have very basic knowledge of C

MSmits: then progressively try harder stuff

MSmits: I'd suggest you learn python

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: Working on Python and I stopped learning C

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: Learning on SoloLearn

Scarfield: i can see you have solved the descent, so you should know enough to continue with other puzzles

Scarfield: also remember to have a look at the "What will i learn" and the external ressourses given for a puzzle before pressing "solve it" :)

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: I know some loops

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: I solved descent with some help of hints

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: Also needed some help from solution

darkhorse64: From what I have seen, my BT bot suffers from the horizon effect and the large branching factor. When there is a pattern of attack involving sacrifices, it goes unnoticed. Pattern recognition would help a lot. That's beyod my current abilities

Scarfield: not many puzzles have hints (?) but the external ressources will help you getting an idea of the approach you need to solve a puzzle

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: OKay

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: Now I think I should learn python and then try my hands at this platform.

JackJohnson: Hi, does "Tower Dereference" only have one league?

jacek: yes

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: Okay Guys !! Thanks for your help

JackJohnson: oh, was wondering why it is so hard to get promoted, thx :)

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: I will be back sooner as I complete my python.

jacek: complete python eh

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: :) Sooner !!

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: Is anyone present in sololearn

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: ?

jacek: im not :v

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: Oh Okay

jacek: do you have some programming at school?

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: Yes

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: C

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: C - Programming

Default avatar.png RahilMavani: It was on very basic level

struct: I can leave the coord system as it is right? 0-7

jacek: a think ah 1-8 is better

struct: ok I guess I can do that without breaking the current bots

struct: I would like a8 though

jacek: yea

darkhorse64: +1. Makes it more "professional"

darkhorse64: Break bots. It's a WIP

struct: ok

struct: So output and input will change, sorry

darkhorse64: No problem. I'll be first for a moment

Snef: input will change ?

reCurse: And stdout will need to be base64 encoded

darkhorse64: x y to chess notation

jacek: and promotion

darkhorse64: no leagues, no promotion

Snef: both char or first char and second int struct

darkhorse64: a string ?

struct: it will be a string

Snef: ok my code is ready tell me when it's live :p

jacek: you have working bot?

Snef: what do you mean by working bot ?

darkhorse64: more than one liner bot

jacek: no actions[random]

Snef: then yes

Snef: but still not smart at all

Snef: depth 0 with shitty eval is almost like random

struct: Should be updated

jacek: Exception in thread "main" java.util.InputMismatchException

jacek: when parsing legal actions from referee

struct: referee error?

struct: or java?

struct: because now stub changed

jacek: maybe i should refresh

struct: I see the error

jacek: yeah, refresh done

Astrobytes: thanks struct

Astrobytes: (for making that change)

struct: np


jacek: he says f7 is invalid. yet he sayd f5 as possible action

jacek: black to move

Astrobytes: lol, round the wrong way

struct: shit

struct: I had

Snef: yea just saw a replay with same problem jacek

struct: return Character.toString((char)(97 + y)) + "" + (x + 1);

struct: im dumb

jacek: struct youre just not accustomed to classes

struct: Should be fixed

jacek: :+1:

Snef: bye #1 :(

struct: So for rest of UI I was thinking on puting players on left

struct: and the list of all moves on the right

eulerscheZahl: return Character.toString((char)(97 + y)) + "" + (x + 1); that's a weird coding style

jacek: like chess PGN?

Astrobytes: With a toggle to hide the list of moves?

Astrobytes: I mean, you already have the toggle buttons, don't think we need a hex viewer ;)

struct: I forgot to remove those buttons :p

Scarfield: discs as hexes toggle ftw

Astrobytes: Othellex

Astrobytes: Othalath

eulerscheZahl: *Othexo


struct: Like this jacek


jacek: mhm

struct: I guess it doesnt have much use

jacek: you could add how many discs user has

struct: yeah Ill add that

MSmits: not sure I dont still have bugs, but with 3 seeds I found at least one 75 depth loop :P

Astrobytes: lol wut

MSmits: It solves when it hits a repeated state

MSmits: apparently its possible to make 3 seeds go around and find 75 different states

Astrobytes: No I got that part, I was amazed at the 3 seeds and 75 states thing

MSmits: either that or I am still bugged

MSmits: 4 seeds is still calculating, depth 36 now

MSmits: it's basically stuck for a long time until it solves a few states and then it quickly finishes all of them

MSmits: because once you solve a state, you break other loops

Astrobytes: gotcha

MSmits: this reminds me of number shifting :P

Astrobytes: lol, I never did write a solver for that

Astrobytes: got to 60 or something by hand

MSmits: ah ok, yeah theres a hard one around 60

Astrobytes: Don't fancy doing this by hand

MSmits: err no, seems hard to play oware

MSmits: seeds goin around

Astrobytes: Ah no, level 65

Astrobytes: (number shifting that is)

struct: oh well, I have no ideas for players ui

struct: Ill just do simple stuff

Astrobytes: Doesn't need to be all singing all dancing struct, simple, clean and informative


struct: If you could navigate in the viewer by clicking the viewer I would add moves

struct: moves history*

MSmits: thats my endgame book up to a part of 4 seeds

MSmits: of course you need to decode the boardstate, but you can see it doesnt produce weird seedcounts

MSmits: so theres that

Astrobytes: nice

Astrobytes: Did you make a change when you submitted btw?

MSmits: thats just one of my versions with the sigmoid

MSmits: still trying to find one thats better than my other version

Astrobytes: It didn't seem as good as the previous bot

MSmits: really hard to say, it's in the ballpark


MSmits: just weak to recurse

MSmits: but most of my versions are

MSmits: i have a rare few with 50% but they are worse vs others

Astrobytes: Maybe it was just my perception

Astrobytes: Can't beat either of them without losing hard to others

MSmits: its just bad statistics with so few games really

Astrobytes: *either of them well

MSmits: cant beat both of them and do that no

MSmits: i have versions that have 50% against everyone

MSmits: but thats very bad

Astrobytes: Just a wee bit

jacek: so you have endgame state and seeds score you can get right?

MSmits: yes

MSmits: if i encounter the same state twice, the branch is terminated with the current score

jacek: so what if there is 23-24, and endgame says its +2

MSmits: then p1 wins

jacek: hmm i was thinking of an example

MSmits: i ignore the time limit though

jacek: when you get good seed count, but opponent will win before that

MSmits: yeah I know it feels intuitive that previous score matters, but it really doesnt

MSmits: it's always best to get the maximum number of seeds out of the board

MSmits: just sometimes the max is not enough

jacek: so you set the game to endgame position and set scores to 0-0?

MSmits: yes

MSmits: i hope i have a bug though, either that or these loops are insanely hard to deal with

MSmits: still on 4 seeds

MSmits: running it in C# on debug mode, but still

jacek: how did you enumerate possible positions? sounds like postage stamp problem

Astrobytes: debug mode wtf

jacek: or number partition?

MSmits: i am still debugging

Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: sec


MSmits: recursive

jacek: smitsi number partition

MSmits: the zero makes sure the previous player has at least one empty pit

MSmits: otherwise it's an impossible state

MSmits: ohhh

MSmits: I goofed there I think

MSmits: wait no

MSmits: I confused my ab solver with my state generator, state generator doesnt alternate players

MSmits: north houses are always player 2 in that case

jacek: still there cant be 6 zero houses

MSmits: why not, i can simply call that a loss or win

MSmits: it happens

MSmits: but it solves at depth 0

jacek: exactly

MSmits: i need all possible states because my 1 seed book depends on 0 seed book and 2 seed depends on 1 seed etc.

jacek: unless you want just to lookup the table anyway and dont bother

MSmits: Current seed count: 4 Current max depth: 38 Current max states: 1365 Current solved states: 432

MSmits: I do it iteratively. Do all states depth 1, then all state depth 2 etc.

MSmits: it's been stuck at 432 states since depth 20 or something

MSmits: so these must all have massive loops

MSmits: and there I was worrying about how to fit 20 seed endgame books in memory :P

MSmits: still hoping I got bugs though

jacek: welp

MSmits: lol

MSmits: mmh maybe I need to be smarter at my ab pruning

MSmits: i did -inf +inf, but with a maximum seed of 4 it is actually between -4 and +4

jacek: technically doesnt matter

MSmits: well if it can find a branch with +4, wont it keep looking in my case?

MSmits: it shouldnt, because it is already max

jacek: +4 is the upper bound, it takes place of +INF

MSmits: yes but what if beta becomes +4 and alpha is still +inf

jacek: hmm

MSmits: maybe I am too hazy on ab pruning though

jacek: then use meta mcts to solve :v

MSmits: in the end the mcts is just to guide, you're still doing minimax for the solver part, only without ab

MSmits: I think it would be several orders of magnitude slower

jacek: slower than debug?

MSmits: I mean if you're looking to prove a solved position where guiding isn't that helpful, then mcts is really silly

MSmits: currently trying release. It is a lot faster

MSmits: but still having trouble with 4 seeds

MSmits: starting to see what they mean here:

jacek: and it only took it few hours on mediocre PC to prove that

MSmits: I dont get why a 2-seed loop solution would have to be entered manually though

MSmits: is my method wrong?

Astrobytes: Try using the results

MSmits: I assume an infinite loop is a tied score on the second occurrence of the state

jacek: what happens if 1 seed is on house 0 and the other on house 6?

jacek: wont it loop?

MSmits: yes it will

MSmits: but it will also repeat that state

MSmits: and my method will end up giving it 0 score

MSmits: I dont see why that would be wrong

Default avatar.png DragonJ: how do you strip a string in python?

MSmits: if either player could get a higher score, it would have been free to exit the loop at any point

MSmits: so it doesnt seem to restrict anything

Astrobytes: Take it's clothes off DragonJ

jacek: string.strip() :?

WINWINWIN: DragonJ s.strip(char)


WINWINWIN: s.replace(char, )

Astrobytes: I strongly prefer my reply.

Astrobytes: Yes that seems correct btw MSmits

MSmits: why would a python be wearing a string anyway


struct: Do you want the piece counter numbers to change at frame start

struct: or at end?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: WINWINWIN thank you

struct: Should I add a tooltip for skip?


struct: isnt called tooltip

struct: oh it is

struct: tooltip yeah

struct: Like the bar things in the viewer

Astrobytes: As in on the timeline? A tooltip appears when you mouseover the bars in the timeline

struct: yeah

struct: So its easier to spot skips

Astrobytes: could do I guess, best thing is to try it out and see

jacek: yeah, skip on timeline would be good

Default avatar.png DonnySte: bucchiiiii

Astrobytes: Are you unwell?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I stripped the line in python but I still cant split or do any other string operations

Astrobytes: Why not?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I found a way around it but some reason I cant access library string

WINWINWIN: if you strip the line to remove spaces...

WINWINWIN: How will you split along space?

Astrobytes: Paste your code and tell us what you want to do

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I made it work but I just wish I didnt have to bypass the issue

Astrobytes: Are you doing a puzzle?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: Fantastic Bits

Default avatar.png DragonJ: and am having problems with bits...

Astrobytes: You know python?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: a bit am learning it

Astrobytes: Don't start with FB then

Astrobytes: Any other languages?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: know some java some c++ some javascript a little C

Astrobytes: Define *some*. Which do you know the best?

eulerscheZahl: if-else and for loops enough to put it on your resumé

Astrobytes: :P

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I probably know python best because I took a college course on it, but I still have a decent understanding of other languages

Astrobytes: You took a college course on python and never stripped or split strings? Bit odd.

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I did but for some reason the codingame isnt letting me use the string libraries

Astrobytes: I assure you, everything works on here (well, the odd hiccup)

Astrobytes: paste the section of code that's giving you trouble and tell us what you wanna do

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I started programming when I was like 6 but I still suck XD

Astrobytes: You shouldn't need any 'hacks' just to split a string

eulerscheZahl: at that age i couldn't even read :D

Astrobytes: I started around 5? But it was just copying my dad's BASIC from his textbook

eulerscheZahl: these days when software was shared by printing it :D

Astrobytes: Oh yeahhhh

Astrobytes: One wrong character...

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I learned programming about the same time as english am still better at programming than english...

Astrobytes: Your English seems fine

Astrobytes: But you have a programming issue, so...

Astrobytes: :)

eulerscheZahl: that means he's really good at coding then

Astrobytes: lol

Default avatar.png Gedzius: Yo has anyone done the Forest Fire thing

Default avatar.png Gedzius: thanks for the help aprreciated

Astrobytes: If you have a question, please ask it

eulerscheZahl: i started ignoring these "who has solve problem X" questions completely. sometimes it's a follow-up question that i'm not in a mood to answer. too much risk :D

Astrobytes: I bite sometimes, sometimes I'll troll them and sometimes ignore. Totally mood/business dependent

struct: Hey anyone played Othello?

Astrobytes: Had to sort out j r k e a bit earlier, kept bugging me for how to win PR2 as he was out of ideas

eulerscheZahl: ah yeah, ignored that too a few times

eulerscheZahl: just asked what to do next, as if we knew what his current bot is doing

Astrobytes: Exactly.

Astrobytes: I told him there comes a time when you have to think for yourself

Astrobytes: Haven't heard anything since

jacek: struct as in real game?

Astrobytes: Btw eulerscheZahl, I love how that Forest Fire guy waited about 10s after asking before a sarcastic thank you. Kids have no patience these days :P

eulerscheZahl: and then disappeared completely

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: Instant-gratification culture

struct: sorry jacek i was trolling

jacek: no wai

Astrobytes: :D

jacek: i see foxy on it

jacek: now wait for tt

Astrobytes: Indeed

struct: I got ui updated

struct: submiting

struct: I always forget to save intro replay

struct: ..

Scarfield: remember to update the default code btw :)

struct: What do you mean?

Scarfield: i hit restore default code, and it is stil x y and not a string for the actions

Scarfield: in c++ at least

struct: Do you have the right link?

struct: I just tried and it works


Scarfield: oh, have been on the same page for a while probably not then

Scarfield: ah my bad

Astrobytes: Silly Duhfield

Astrobytes: :P

Scarfield: premium revoked

struct: i will add a + - pieces change in viewer I guess

struct: or not

struct: I don't think I will need to create images to explain this game

Scarfield: just link to a page with the rules for the game for people not knowing them by heart

Astrobytes: Yeah, 'detailed rules' or whatever

Scarfield: would be like explaining chess rules, might as well be a link :)

Astrobytes: Sorry, meant 'detailed rules' as a link ;)

Counterbalance: no rules so my first try is cout << actions[rand() % actions.size()] << endl;


struct: yeah, statement takes more time than to write the referee

Counterbalance: yeah

Counterbalance: you're cranking out games at a high rate

Scarfield: You lose if: you mess up

Scarfield: what more does it have to say really :p

Astrobytes: struct is a Multi Machine Counterbalance

Default avatar.png JBM: just write a good stub and refre to it

Astrobytes: "Put stones on the board. Win."

Default avatar.png JBM: or at the very least, don't lose

Default avatar.png JBM: that would be Bad

Scarfield: If you flip a full line of 6 pieces it should say BOOM Tetris

Astrobytes: "Put stones on the board. Don't lose. Losing is bad." - better?

Scarfield: missing M'kay

Astrobytes: Good point.

Astrobytes: Full statement; "Losing's bad, m'kayyy?"

Scarfield: a watermark of a sligtly darker green hexagon would be nice :)

Scarfield: perfect Mr. Macstrobytes

Counterbalance: the rules as I deduce them from a replay are that you must place a stone next to an opponent's stone (or pass if that's impossible) and any opponent stones between that one and another one of your stones in a horizontal/diagonal line gets 'turned'. Is that the whole of it?

Scarfield: yea

Counterbalance: cool

Astrobytes: In a nutshell yeah

Scarfield: then the player with its pieces having the closests resemblance to a swastika wins of course

Counterbalance: that goes without saying

Astrobytes: ffs :P

Counterbalance: 8x8, nice optim potential

Astrobytes: Wait til he breaks out the fog of war boards

Counterbalance: and the 17x33 boards

jacek: 8.5x8.5

Scarfield: wrapping borders

struct: Where are the upvotes?

struct: I need my exp

eulerscheZahl: i upvoted already

Scarfield: +1

Astrobytes: The Harry Potter square, 64 3/4

struct: 120 exp

struct: Yinsh got me 140 + 250 from approval

eulerscheZahl: space maze got me 880+250

struct: Not bad

eulerscheZahl: was pending for months

Default avatar.png JBM: wouls have been so much more hadn't it been approved

struct: Yeah thats a nice idea

struct: Ill never leave WIP

struct: and farm upvotes forever

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm kind of peaking on tvc

struct: I dont remember how many Yavalath had

struct: can anyone show me the contribution page?

struct: I dont have high enough level

Scarfield: There is a certain troll that would fit as an avatar JB, and im not talking about Shrek

Default avatar.png JBM: tibo's off, here's the link for those who haven't upvoted^Wi mean tried it yet:

eulerscheZahl: 28 up 0 down

darkhorse64: for concise rules with only one diagram

eulerscheZahl: top3 upvoted contributions afaik: space maze, bandas, 11-puzzle

struct: This seems nice


struct: To see order of placement

struct: Should I add it?

Default avatar.png JBM: absolutely not

darkhorse64: In debug mode only

eulerscheZahl: looks messy. and there's something wrong with the image

eulerscheZahl: i mean it doesn't show the final board state

eulerscheZahl: you can see white is always even, black is odd

eulerscheZahl: so there is no flipping shown

Astrobytes: You need to use all the pages from that brief and concise guide struct

struct: I see

struct: Yeah, I will even add a tutorial how to code in the statement

darkhorse64: Page 1 is enough. The remaining pages must be read by the bot coders

Default avatar.png JBM: i really don't think giving AI tips has any place in that kind of statement

Default avatar.png JBM: just give the rules

darkhorse64: Make your life easier. Let us figure out the code

Astrobytes: Yeah, I thiiiink that was a troll ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: star trek > star wars

Scarfield: ^

Astrobytes: That's truth tho'

jacek: stargate!

Default avatar.png JBM: oops confused > and <

Scarfield: \\//


Scarfield: nooo

Default avatar.png JBM: there you go

Scarfield: btw that was me trying with low effort to make the star trek hand sign thingy

Astrobytes: :star_trek_hand_sign_thingy:

Scarfield: xD

Default avatar.png JBM: ezpz

Astrobytes: :vulcans_yo:

eulerscheZahl: starwhat?

Astrobytes: :live_long_and_prosper:

Default avatar.png JBM: that bright thing in the night sky eZ

Astrobytes: stupid non-emoji making chat thing

MSmits: damn

MSmits: Current seed count: 4 Current max depth: 343 Current max states: 1365 Current solved states: 570

Scarfield: loop de loop :)

Astrobytes: Three hundred and forty three you say

MSmits: I wonder if my search really goes 343 moves deep without finding duplicates

MSmits: there are enough unsolved states for it I guess

MSmits: and I guess also it is easy with 4 seeds to mix and match to all combinations

eulerscheZahl: $ factor 343 343: 7 7 7

MSmits: Current seed count: 4 Current max depth: 344 Current max states: 1365 Current solved states: 570

eulerscheZahl: $ factor 1365 1365: 3 5 7 13

MSmits: who turned euler into a bot?

eulerscheZahl: you like highly composite numbers, don't you?

MSmits: apparently :P

NightScap3: wtf

NightScap3: codingame & kotlin = trash


NightScap3: my code is 100 % right

NightScap3: and it tells me 0 %

NightScap3: i've had all testcases right

jacek: hm?

MSmits: that's supposed to be && I think

NightScap3: and it told me i got them wrong

MSmits: otherwise it's bitwise

Scarfield: lol

Scarfield: there are validaters, that are not the same as the test you see

NightScap3: it didn't even pass the testcases

darkhorse64: PIBCAC ?

NightScap3: although it showed me in the output everything like the supposed output

struct: paste your code her

Scarfield: EPICAC?

struct: here*


NightScap3: i've tried around too if the testcase wants some delimiter or reacts allergic to space

NightScap3: s

NightScap3: but didn't help

Uljahn: "it didn't even pass the testcases" :upside_down:

Uljahn: wth, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: and you should not have been a good idea

Astrobytes: Hover over my avatar NightScap3

struct: the last space before the \n probably messes it up

struct: it wants 1 2\n not 1 2 \n

Counterbalance: or maybe for(i in 0..N) loops N+1 times

struct: LeRenard you have a search yet or random?

LeRenard: a search. I have retrieve my very old program

jacek: oh my

LeRenard: it is one of my first IA bot

Astrobytes: Setting the bar high before it's even published ;)

LeRenard: I think 1990

struct: damn

Astrobytes: Nice

struct: your AI is older than me

Scarfield: but what has it learned in its lifetime :p

Astrobytes: lol, you young ones struct

struct: How do you save an AI for 30 years

struct: damn

LeRenard: because it is my first big program

LeRenard: in c/C++

Astrobytes: I like that you kept that :)


struct: Seems strong

struct: lol

struct: poor jacek

Scarfield: oof

Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: :)

Astrobytes: gotta love that massive lose streak at the end of a submit :/

Astrobytes: FFS

Astrobytes: So close I was to catching darkhorse64


Scarfield: so close

Astrobytes: (Oware for me)

struct: 1 chip left not bad

darkhorse64: Wow. Near miss

Counterbalance: hit?

darkhorse64: Not yet

Astrobytes: I'm still coming for you. Soon

Illedan: Anyone has a link to dbdr's chatlog?

Default avatar.png JBM: anyone know what happens to the rankings and which league the players are in (both in draft and published) when a game is updated?



struct: last update was on that date :/

Default avatar.png JBM: is that what we pay for

struct: nothing happens jbm

Default avatar.png JBM: not sufficient an answer

struct: you update the game

Default avatar.png JBM: yes...?

struct: if no boss is added, it doesnt happen anything

Default avatar.png JBM: ok

Default avatar.png JBM: if boss is added?

struct: Boss will submit

struct: all players above it after submit is done will get promoted

Default avatar.png JBM: and a new league will come to life

Default avatar.png JBM: if boss is removed?

struct: Never tried

struct: :)

Default avatar.png JBM: so we're not that clearly on "nothing" are we?

struct: yeah, I might try it though

Astrobytes: I think toad could clear that up, but ofc, clashing time schedules

Default avatar.png JBM: ofc

struct: everytime this convo comes up toad is not here

Default avatar.png JBM: if only there was a reference page to turn to

Default avatar.png JBM: it's like, i don't do much tvc development during business hours

Default avatar.png JBM: What A Surprise

Astrobytes: lol yeah

Astrobytes: It might be an idea to see if we can come up with a user wiki with info from discord and general tips etc from SDK users

Astrobytes: Other than the 'official documentation' for now I mean

Astrobytes: Maybe dbdr would accept that on his wiki page

struct: imo stuff that is very poorly documented is how to use custom modules

Default avatar.png JBM: it's a wiki

Default avatar.png JBM: it's an implied yes

Astrobytes: lol, fair point

Astrobytes: I've made a note of it, I'll float the idea on discord tomorrow if nobody does before me

Astrobytes: Since most community-game stuff is found there rather than the forum

Default avatar.png JBM: well here we go

dbdr: Astrobytes: it's a wiki, I don't need to approve it

Default avatar.png JBM: thank you

dbdr: if you think you have useful info, just edit

Astrobytes: Cool ta, yeah JBM pointed that out :D

Default avatar.png JBM: may i contribute a logo for the upper-left corner?

Astrobytes: Just need to get people to add useful information now

dbdr: sure JBM. logos/avatars are your forte, right? ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: you bet

Default avatar.png JBM: coming right up

Default avatar.png JBM: what pixel size?

Default avatar.png JBM: not sure we need HD for that

dbdr: no idea

dbdr: whatever works :)

Default avatar.png JBM: ill start in 720x720

dbdr: :D

Astrobytes: Alright, posted in the discord

dbdr: I see you don't believe there is much info to dosplay besides the logo

Default avatar.png JBM: hey somedays i get the feeling i contributed *most* of that wiki

Astrobytes: :thinking:

Astrobytes: :D

dbdr: depends if you count the chat logs ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: those are teamwork

dbdr: meta

Default avatar.png JBM: how's this

Default avatar.png JBM: if you scale down, be sure to use the pixellating kind

struct: Good

struct: I would pay you to do logo for Othello

Astrobytes: :rofl:

Default avatar.png JBM: please do

Astrobytes: Epic JBM. Epic.

struct: JBM also i fixed the thing you mentioned yesterday

Default avatar.png JBM: oh cool

Astrobytes: For those not on discord my post is thus:

darkhorse64: TvC style graphics but the kid that did it is younger

Default avatar.png JBM: i added the pixellated 135*135 version below

darkhorse64: JBM please don't. There are kids here

Default avatar.png JBM: if they only knew the pixels...


pluieciel: Hello, I am stucked at The Resistance for several days... is there anyone so kind to help? I'm trying with Clojure, but get 0 for the 4th test.

pluieciel: Thanks a lot in advance

Default avatar.png JBM: your code is most likely doing too much work

pluieciel: 0 means too long time?

Default avatar.png JBM: most likely

Default avatar.png JBM: or wrong

Default avatar.png JBM: where do you read that 0?


Default avatar.png JBM: ok ok plain wrong

pluieciel: when submit, can pass 2 3 4 6 7

Default avatar.png JBM: if you don't pass 1, you may want to concentrate on that first

Default avatar.png JBM: wait

Default avatar.png JBM: do you even pass the tests?

pluieciel: test 1 2 3 passed

struct: I have to start statement

struct: :(

Astrobytes: Take a rest man, do it later

Default avatar.png JBM: do it never

Default avatar.png JBM: who needs a statement

Default avatar.png JBM: we can't even have the html rendered properly before submitting

struct: it can be decent JBM

struct: you dont know about the statement.html JBM?

Default avatar.png JBM: way more than I'd like

struct: http://localhost:8888/statement.html

Default avatar.png JBM: it felt like i bumped into each and every one of its limitations

Default avatar.png JBM: password?

struct: 123456

Default avatar.png JBM: thx

Default avatar.png JBM: funny how your pwd is all stars like mine

struct: I think its a chat feature

Default avatar.png JBM: so yeah, i know about statement.hml, and the others htmls too

Default avatar.png JBM: and no, that statement.html is really not "rendered properly"

struct: yeah its far from perfect

Default avatar.png JBM: see for my latest woes

Default avatar.png JBM: it's like it's not even trying

Default avatar.png JBM: statement.html and the IDE are two completely separate rendering pipelines

Default avatar.png JBM: and i'm kind of offended one poses as the other

Default avatar.png JBM: given i'm bumping in the differences one after the other without even trying

Default avatar.png DragonJ: fantastic bits is a bit annoying XD

Dan4Life: Who knows how to use your own template code cuz the coode at the start is kinda stupid

Snef: The starter code is used to take input from the game you're playing and showing you how to output

Snef: of course it won't be smart

Dan4Life: I mean from Clash of Code


jrke: sighs got rank 94 in PR2

Default avatar.png sidinfinity: :atom:

Default avatar.png sidinfinity: hello

Default avatar.png sidinfinity: what problems are you guys doing

jrke: some are doing unofficial contest some other things

Default avatar.png sidinfinity: ok

Default avatar.png sidinfinity: what are you doing

jrke: unofficial contest

jrke: Platinum Rift 2

Default avatar.png sidinfinity: ok nice