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hydroglicerol: weve all been ther

hydroglicerol: because we are all human

hydroglicerol: right no one is a bot

Xcalibre: Automaton2000 would you agree?

Automaton2000: and it makes you feel better

hydroglicerol: Xcalibre btw VERY original name

MostComplicatedUsername: Xcalible I agree completely (With your bio)

hydroglicerol: ty

hydroglicerol: y did I write ty

hydroglicerol: you wherent talking to me

MostComplicatedUsername: lol

hydroglicerol: I guess we will never know

MostComplicatedUsername: I have a question about pr2

MostComplicatedUsername: If I try to move more pods than there are on a cell (Ex. I move 7 pods from zone 1 to zone 2 even if there are only 6 on zone 1), what happens?

eulerscheZahl: why would you even try it to begin with?

MostComplicatedUsername: Well I just want some way to move all the pods from zone 1 to zone 2 without much work

eulerscheZahl: pretty sure you won't get that 7th troop an da negative number on the other cell

MostComplicatedUsername: But will it return an error?

eulerscheZahl: i think the move will be cancelled completely. just try it

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: F

MostComplicatedUsername: k...

MostComplicatedUsername: How do we know which zone is the base?

MostComplicatedUsername: or "HQ"

eulerscheZahl: the only zone that you own in turn 1

MostComplicatedUsername: I mean the enemy's

eulerscheZahl: the only zone that your opponent owns in turn 1

MostComplicatedUsername: Wait I'm dum i was thinking of visible zones

eulerscheZahl: the opponent HQ is always visible, no fog

MostComplicatedUsername: I forgot we can see owner too

eulerscheZahl: you can't see the owner in general

MostComplicatedUsername: :

MostComplicatedUsername: ?

eulerscheZahl: the owner is hidden by fog of war. even if it's your own cell

MostComplicatedUsername: Ah

eulerscheZahl: "Due to an intense fog, units can only see the Platinum and units located on tiles adjacent to or under themselves. The general layout of the map will however be given: the fog will only affect Platinum and enemy PODs. The HQ of both players is always visible, which will let you detect the enemy base on the very first turn."

MostComplicatedUsername: Yeah, I but I didn't know if we also knew the owner or not

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: eulerscheZahl but you can see territories adjancent to cells with your pods and that does give you the full info (ownerid, platinum, etc.)

Xcalibre: where else did u find the name Xcalibre, hydroglicerol? :thinking:

DaNinja: is the referee code available for PR2?

DaNinja: I found Agades

hydroglicerol: its the name of everyones sword in minecraft

hydroglicerol: but you prob have no idea what Im talking about

Xcalibre: that's true i don't

hydroglicerol: thought so

eulerscheZahl: DaNinja the referee got leaked:

eulerscheZahl: it's the official referee used on CG. but not published by CG

DaNinja: thanks

hydroglicerol: ummm does anyone know how the score in COC works?

LelouchVC2: There's two sets of tests

LelouchVC2: Those shown to you while you code, and those behind the scenes made to test your code

eulerscheZahl: Trueskill ranking (you can put that into google)

hydroglicerol: thanks Ill try that

hydroglicerol: mabad

LelouchVC2: Gay

hydroglicerol: wow

LelouchVC2: I should be rank #1 for beating Python/Javascript programmers in character count and speed with C++

hydroglicerol: imagine in java

hydroglicerol: how I feel

LelouchVC2: 😂

LelouchVC2: I've coded C# which I heard is similar in structure

hydroglicerol: true

LelouchVC2: I loved it for practicality and use, but in CoC it probably never wins

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: you beat 'em with java/c++ and i beat them in LUA :joy:

LelouchVC2: Never heard of LUA till CoC

hydroglicerol: the thing is I didnt beatem I just started programing this year

hydroglicerol: for an AP

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: how "advanced" is the default ai in pr2? i win every time i play with it

eulerscheZahl: the default AI is rarely much better than random moves

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: i thought i coded a good ai, and then you came stating this... anyway, thanks

eulerscheZahl: just submit and see how it ranks

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: my current ai with dft+random moves is on 863rd place

eulerscheZahl: dft? discrete fourier transformation? what the hell are you doing?

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: depth first traversal

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: like dfs, but not searching for one thing

eulerscheZahl: i see. that term is new to me

Xcalibre: how do i turn off intellisense in the ide?

eulerscheZahl: you don't. wait till it crashes

Xcalibre: :stuck_out_tongue:

-Gamma-: lol

Xcalibre: it keeps telling me 'Decomposition declarations are a C++17 extension' but my code IS compiled with C++17 on codingame.

eulerscheZahl: i'll put it in the bug reports channel on discord

Xcalibre: thanks eulerscheZahl :D

hydroglicerol: that is one nice frog

Xcalibre: *toad

hydroglicerol: is the 1D spreadsheet practice problem anything more then a bunch of if statements?

eulerscheZahl: there is a reason why it's in the easy section

hydroglicerol: ahhhh

hydroglicerol: I thought there might be a planet where easy also ment somewhat fun and non tedious but I guess thats kinda impossible

eulerscheZahl: same on codeforces and alike: easy is always boring

hydroglicerol: yup

Default avatar.png lets_think: let's think

Illedan: :tada:

Illedan: Was 16th and got crushed down again. Top is no joke :(

Nerchio: ;(

Illedan: Won a game vs euler, all is good

Illedan: Marchete? You timeout :(

Illedan: Top 10 at 100 % :tada:

eulerscheZahl: i would like to point out that it was a mirror match. sadly it wasn't

Illedan: :P

eulerscheZahl: my bot still has some obvious flaws

eulerscheZahl: one of which you see in that replay: sending more troops than necessary into dead ends

eulerscheZahl: 1 is enough

Illedan: Yeah, I need to handle that better too

Illedan: I wish we could see the production on screen somewhere

eulerscheZahl: really old game. be happy that you can see your nickname in fullscreen

eulerscheZahl: that really bothers me at PR1

eulerscheZahl: and PCR

Illedan: true

Nerchio: I still think for a 5 year old game it's pretty good :p

eulerscheZahl: chess if over 1000 years old and still actively played ;)

eulerscheZahl: and PR2 is a good game I think. way better than PR1.

UI-wise it would be different if they would design it today. but the important thing is the gameplay

eulerscheZahl: they quickly talked about platinum rift at some point on this stream

eulerscheZahl: CG staff are Thibaud (left) and Julien (right)

HansonSin: hii

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: hey

eulerscheZahl: Illedan you made me collect about 80 troops in the center :D

Illedan: -.- Used a long time on friday adding enemy tracking. Seems my code is not even using the results :(

Illedan: xD

Illedan: NInja tactics

Illedan: :D

eulerscheZahl: Illedan why are you wasting troops at the bottom?

Default avatar.png Csar00: hi

hydroglicerol: why does this toad know everything


Default avatar.png JBM: the more you know you don't know, the more you fix it

Astrobytes: 267th, not bad. Guess I have to start trying now

Default avatar.png VincentPinet: where is puzzle of the week ?


Default avatar.png VincentPinet: thanks, where can i reliably find it with the web interface ?

eulerscheZahl: click the bell to see your last messages

Default avatar.png VincentPinet: i see thanks

Illedan: No idea eulerscheZahl :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: increase visibility? though it's clear that i can't be there as you control the only entrace

eulerscheZahl: entrance

Illedan: Yeah, might be buggy tracking :P

Default avatar.png Csar00: Hi

Default avatar.png Csar00: Test

Default avatar.png Csar00: Does this work

Thiesjoo: Yup it works

Astrobytes: Nope. Test failed.

Default avatar.png Csar00: lol

Illedan: eulerscheZahl, I did forget to set CanBe on zones to false -.-

Illedan: 10 error printing statements later :P

Csar00: Is this chat running through discord?

Illedan: no

Astrobytes: No, they're separate.

MostComplicatedUsername: Just figured out a way to keep track of my opponent's cells

Illedan: Ranking stopped again?

Astrobytes: Cell owners are in the input MCU

MostComplicatedUsername: Well yeah but when I can't see them

Astrobytes: Don't overcomplicate things, you can get reasonably high without worrying about that

struct: List of played multies not loading for anyone else?


struct: "An error occurred (#412): "Could not get leaderboard in time: bailing out..."."

WINWINWIN: Checked, looks like ranks have stopped updating

Astrobytes: Fine for me struct

struct: Its only showing me mutlies I havent played :/

struct: It works now

Snef: Fix it by playing all of them struct

Illedan: Wow, my tracking makes me really paranoid :O

MostComplicatedUsername: euler why did you only go for the zones to the side once ill edan got closer?

hydroglicerol: did anyone here do the practice of 1D array

hydroglicerol: sorry I ment 1D spread shhet

hydroglicerol: *-h + e

MostComplicatedUsername: ewww spreadsheet *shudders*

Illedan: hmm, why is distributing happening before owning in PR2? :/

jrke: what is response time for first turn in PR2

Illedan: 1 sec

jrke: 1000ms

jrke: ?


Illedan: Guarding that instead of winning -.-

Illedan: Yeah jrke. 1 sec == 1000 ms :)

Default avatar.png JBM: in metric countries at least

JKSTUDIOS2020: yeah

JKSTUDIOS2020: which of you know python?

JKSTUDIOS2020: `x`

MostComplicatedUsername: I use python

JKSTUDIOS2020: And how do you manage to solve Clash Of Code puzzles? I mean, I don't know how to get the answer, I get blocked

MostComplicatedUsername: Um

JKSTUDIOS2020: ???

MostComplicatedUsername: I can;t give the answer to every puzzle lol

hydroglicerol: do youmena python or python 3

JKSTUDIOS2020: python 3

MostComplicatedUsername: You just read the prompt and answer

JKSTUDIOS2020: Yeah, I know, but somehow I get stucked and I don't know how to figure it out with code

hydroglicerol: yup'

JKSTUDIOS2020: I get mind-blocked

hydroglicerol: well then you have to train a little bit more I gueess

JKSTUDIOS2020: And I do that? Doing more clash of code stuff?

hydroglicerol: well there are also websites desighned to teach you things you might not have known

hydroglicerol: like code hs which sucks

hydroglicerol: but there are others...

hydroglicerol: a lot of the time you are just missing one peice that youve never learnt

eulerscheZahl: MostComplicatedUsername sometimes i can exclude possible opponent positions. no need to defend without opponent

eulerscheZahl: sometimes i just have bad prioritizing. i spread poorly and allow him to come back and get close to my base on the left side of the map

MostComplicatedUsername: okay

eulerscheZahl: oh great, my message finally arrived

eulerscheZahl: my internet connection is unstable, really annoys me :/

jrke: hey euler have u used pathfinder to reach opponent base

eulerscheZahl: i'm pretty sure I did

Astrobytes: Nah. Magic.

eulerscheZahl: i wrote that more than 1 year ago

eulerscheZahl: i don't remember what I had for lunch

jrke: im getting timeouts in bigger maps

Astrobytes: :older_man:

Astrobytes: What are you using jrke

eulerscheZahl: seems i only compute the dist to my own and opponent base for each cell

eulerscheZahl: not each to each

jrke: ok

jrke: maybe in first turn ya

Astrobytes: I do all, just in case

jrke: how whats your algo astrobytes for pathfinder

Astrobytes: BFS

jrke: im also trying that only

Astrobytes: Optimise it a little bit

Astrobytes: Or you might timeout on the larger maps

Arphnut: I think what you really need is some good knowledge of your language (here python) and some experience with solving such "reflection" problem.

jrke: ya timeouts in larger maps

Astrobytes: I use no more than ~310 ms

jrke: K

Astrobytes: Also, just doing what euler does will save time too

hydroglicerol: basically always trust the toad

jrke: :)

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: :)

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: looks like my bot wants to spread out the army

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: that was my current bot vs my {HEAD-1} bot

Uljahn: i use no more than 40ms in python (with scipy) for greater maps :open_mouth:

Uljahn: for all-to-all distances and shortest paths

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: my ts bot that does dfs regularly doesn't timeout at all

Astrobytes: I didn't optimise it yet. Won't until I need to

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: me too

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: premature optimisation is mostly bad :)

Astrobytes: Mostly :)

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: yeah

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: its like overengineering

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: you don't know where it gonna end

Astrobytes: Yeah, gotta know when to leave it alone for sure

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: you may end on creating some skeleton or thinking forward for 20 years

Astrobytes: lol

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: me is mostly the second variation :)

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: hm

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: my current bot is doing like a worm or smth

Astrobytes: Hey Uljahn, your pathing may be fast, but I'm above you, fix it :P

Uljahn: i see no problem here :smirk:

hydroglicerol: wait a minute wait just a cotton pickin minute there ARE AI s in COC

hydroglicerol: WHY

hydroglicerol: AND HOW IS THAT FARE


hydroglicerol: the shortest of the languages

hydroglicerol: I call hax

Scarfield: they are official, so not to clash alone when to few join

hydroglicerol: that is smart

hydroglicerol: but why python 3

hydroglicerol: that is a unfair advantage for shortest mode

struct: python is not the shortest of all languages

struct: So you can beat them

struct: also they bots are not hard to beat

struct: the bots*

eulerscheZahl: there is nothing unfair about it when everyone is free in the language choice

Uljahn: also those bots just copy other players' solutions

hydroglicerol: ahh so its like Im playing a player thanks for explaining

Astrobytes: There's an article about it somewhere, on the blog? I don't have the link

Astrobytes: hydroglicerol

hydroglicerol: perfect

eulerscheZahl: that blog is already close to 2 years old :o

eulerscheZahl: how time flies

Illedan: :tada:

Illedan: Won Marchete without timeout on a symmetric map

Illedan: I can now rest in peace

Astrobytes: Yeah eulerscheZahl, I initially skipped over it 'cause I thought it was too old!

Astrobytes: grats Illedan

Illedan: That will be my last submit :)

Astrobytes: Pretty nice placement

Astrobytes: Now get back to your NN

Illedan: Yeah, my plan

eulerscheZahl: back then it was easy to get a decent rank in a contest

Illedan: Yeah, now we got a whole bunch of resources and people sharing stuff

Illedan: which is nie

Illedan: *nice

Illedan: Means all are learning

Illedan: CG getting more popular

Astrobytes: Illedan, eulerscheZahl just means he's getting too old for it now. With all these new-fangled languages and C# versions :P

Illedan: :P

jacek: come to android world where java 7 is still the thing

eulerscheZahl: hell no

Illedan: jacek, go to Xamarin. Where life is chill

IamTheSmix: hello there

IamTheSmix: I have just finished my code for the UTTT contest

IamTheSmix: I implemented MonteCarlo with python3

IamTheSmix: I got 10 Rollouts per/100ms

IamTheSmix: is it bad ? how many rollouts you think I should get with python ?

Astrobytes: Well, you need ~20,000+ for legend

Astrobytes: So I probably wouldn't use python ;)

IamTheSmix: hmm, what is the highest performance I should get with python ?

IamTheSmix: I saw one guy legend with python 3

Scarfield: i did a version in python that got 200 rollouts per 100ms iirc, then i started learning C++ :D

jacek: rollouts as in random games?

jacek: no NN requests?

Scarfield: full sims

Scarfield: and yes random

jacek: oh my

Scarfield: yee :D

jacek: not my 10k in 100ms doesnt sound so bad

jacek: now

inoryy: 20k is the lower bound*

inoryy: the python guy you saw got into legend with another lang and submitted broken code with py

eulerscheZahl: the lower bound changed a bit, CG changed servers

IamTheSmix: lol so my 10 rollouts are very bad xD

inoryy: generally you should forget about python if you want to use search based algorithms like MCTS and minimax

IamTheSmix: I search in the net and saw that everyone is using python for AI algorithms

eulerscheZahl: 10 rollouts is about 1 for each possible action

eulerscheZahl: you get the same result if you print any valid action

inoryy: you're finding results for ML based solutions which is a completely different approach

Scarfield: Here is a video covering a lot of the basics for learning C++

IamTheSmix: My initiale idea was to do some ML + MCTS

IamTheSmix: everyone is recommanding Python

eulerscheZahl: but these recommendations don't take the 100ms limit on CG into account

IamTheSmix: yeah true

Scarfield: but when you only have 100ms you need a fast language to do enough sims, to find anything valuable :)

jacek: also, python is just wrapper for pushing NN to gpu and whatnot

eulerscheZahl: and these standard frameworks like tensorflow are highly optimized. you code in pyhton but the heavy math in the background is C++ and even your GPU

jacek: its just you can write stuff quickly there

inoryy: I wouldn't recommend using ML for CG. It can work but you'd have to be an expert in other approaches already to figure out how to set it up

IamTheSmix: I just want to learn new algorithm first

IamTheSmix: and then go next level and get higher performance

inoryy: you're mixing up two classes of algorithms though

IamTheSmix: then python -> c++ should be the path to follow?

IamTheSmix: @inorry: I didn't get your point

inoryy: the ML side is usually detached from what you'd use on CG

inoryy: and vise versa

IamTheSmix: yeah I know that for ML, I need some pre-calculated or trained engin

wlesavo: reminds me of my first implementation for NS with nested lists and deepcopy all over the place :slight_smile:

IamTheSmix: I tired to upload trained data but the CG toled me that my code is big

IamTheSmix: lol

Scarfield: yea 100k char limit

jacek: char, not bytes *

IamTheSmix: I think it's only 50k

eulerscheZahl: 100k

Scarfield: I hope you will invent a new search algo, it could be called SmixiMax :p

IamTheSmix: hahaha

jacek: with prune array

IamTheSmix: I will call it NegaSmix

Astrobytes: NegaCegaSmix if you use Prune Array

MostComplicatedUsername: If only pr2 had a coordinate system...

eulerscheZahl: why do you need it?

Astrobytes: Did you pay attention when we gave you your brief introduction to graph theory last night or what?!

Astrobytes: So eulerscheZahl, can you be bothered to revisit your code and wreck Ille?

LelouchVC2: Who has time to revisit their code?

jacek: finally!

Nerchio: this is a game from mexico ye?

Astrobytes: lol jacek, gg :D

jacek: i thought it was ancient egypt

jacek: done with my prune array


Nerchio: nvm not mexico, I saw it in Africa

Astrobytes: Nercio, this game is found everywhere, think it originates in Africa

Nerchio: yeah my mistake, I saw it in shop when i was on holidays in Africa :D

Nerchio: funny to see it on cg

Astrobytes: LOL jacek, actual prune array

Astrobytes: Did you switch to EPT MCTS or still on a/b jacek?

Astrobytes: Either way, I'm coming for you after this PR2 stuff

jacek: im still way behind you

jacek: im working on eval so fa

Astrobytes: Way behind is not far enough :P

Astrobytes: Cool, they're not easy params to fit in this game

Astrobytes: If we had more calculation time it would be more straightforward I guess, but the CG limit makes it more of a challenge

Default avatar.png AggYz: i love destorying python and javascipt devs in shortest mdoe

Default avatar.png AggYz: mode

Default avatar.png AggYz: a,S="",;for i=1,#S do if string.byte(string.sub(S,i,i)) >= 65 and string.byte(string.sub(S,i,i)) <= 90 then a=a..string.sub(S,i,i)end end print(a)

Default avatar.png AggYz: all of that is one line in lua

Default avatar.png AggYz: it filters all the capital letters out of it using ascii codes

Default avatar.png AggYz: u dont even need to use semicolons

inoryy: Nerchio are you still playing sc2?

Nerchio: no

Nerchio: got tired of it for now

inoryy: ah, bummer

Astrobytes: Next logical step is SC2 AI then :shrug: :D

inoryy: ;)

Nerchio: i prefer #1 in thibpat contest on progression leaderboard

Nerchio: xD

Astrobytes: haha nice, grats

Rsrsl: @AggYz: I don't really get your point; how is that shorter than

print("".join(i for i in input() if i.isupper()))

AbundantPuddle: (len(lis_fl) - 1

inoryy: filter(str.isupper, input()) :)

AbundantPuddle: ignore that

Rsrsl: print("".join(filter(str.isupper, input())))

Rsrsl: :grimacing:

Astrobytes: Doctor Foster went to Gloucester, In a shower of rain; He stepped in an AbundantPuddle, Right up to his middle, And never went there again

hydroglicerol: how *sob**sob* sad

AbundantPuddle: Foster is Australian for beer.

Nerchio: I just realised that when your bots die in PR2 you lose vision so you need to manually detect that and mark that you're losing tiles

Nerchio: especially important in corridors

Astrobytes: LargePool Aussies don't drink that crap unless they move to London

AbundantPuddle: Nobody in Australia drinks that, period.

Astrobytes: They lower their standards when in the UK.

Astrobytes: Despite the fact you can get VB, Tooheys and Castlemaine

MostComplicatedUsername: In pr2, can you see your own cells even if your pods aren't adjacent to them?

Astrobytes: MCU, " units can only see the Platinum and units located on tiles adjacent to or under themselves"

Nerchio: problem is the input is given for the whole map each round

Nerchio: hexes you can't see are neutral =/ need to account for that

Astrobytes: And you know about the debug settings right MCU?

Astrobytes: yeah Nerchio

Nerchio: input is very much outdated so prepare to deal with it :P

Nerchio: if you find platinum on hexes first time remember to never overwrite it to 0

Nerchio: ok im done with death detection will use it tomorrow

Astrobytes: Kinda fun having a multi to concentrate on

Astrobytes: Good motivation

Nerchio: y although I feel like people could be more interacting and sharing strategies

Nerchio: i mean there is not much to win :P

Astrobytes: Not *that* many people participating compared to real contest though, plus it's an old game

Astrobytes: Be better when he does it next time maybe with a new game I guess

Astrobytes: Still fun though

Nerchio: I didn't know what the game is before he announced it but now that I sat down its actually pretty nice

Nerchio: i actually like this game more than pacman :p

Astrobytes: Yeah, I only submitted a "WAIT" bot before (2 years ago lol), was lacking motivation to try it again :D

Astrobytes: I like most games more than that Pacman :P

Illedan: ^

Illedan: oh, wala joining the top too :D

Illedan: Pushing me up at least :tada:

Astrobytes: lol

Nerchio: illedan you have something sophisticated going on in your bot? :P

Illedan: Nope

Illedan: If jungle + bruteforce actions

Astrobytes: I tried to ask euler if he was gonna participate cause you rekt him but he either left or didn't reply in sheer disgust

Illedan: xD

Astrobytes: Also surprised robo never had a bot in this multi

macnack: someone want help me with my game? this is sfml project game like Building Panic

Astrobytes: It's not really a game programming website macnack

Astrobytes: It's more about writing programs to play games

Astrobytes: You'll get better help in one of the SFML communities

macnack: okey thanks meen

hydroglicerol: is there a dark mode for this website if not can we make a petiton for one?

hydroglicerol: or do I have to learn HTML and this is all a test

MostComplicatedUsername: There is dark mode

MostComplicatedUsername: Go to settings

MostComplicatedUsername: THen turn on dark mode lol

jimmyjansen93: hmmm where can I find that in the settings, I must be blind

Default avatar.png jdebr: it's the three circles on the bottom left, hover over them to see the tooltips

LelouchVC2: Dark mode is a state of mind

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: hi

hydroglicerol: whats up

SimonLandry: fuck

SimonLandry: needed like 10 more seconds and I would've won

hydroglicerol: sure

hydroglicerol: happens all the time jk

MostComplicatedUsername: Random movement ftw

MostComplicatedUsername: Now I need parthfinding