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jistjoalal: ruby is a lot like python

jistjoalal: just learn it

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: wow thats nice

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: just learn it

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: they say

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: and then 2 years of frustration later "I think I got it"

jistjoalal: there are literally programs which can be written the exact same in both languages

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: probably its still a different language though

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: and something this guy dosnt know

jistjoalal: i learned ruby by glancing at docs while in clash of codes and consistently use it to win shortest mode

jistjoalal: i dont write ruby anywhere else

jistjoalal: its really not that hard

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: whats the purpose if you learn a language just for a game

jistjoalal: because it takes very little effort for a huge advantage because suckers like you think its too hard

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: hey I dont even know python man just java and that alone I probably know about the main 75%

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: there is still a lot more

jistjoalal: yeah but thats enough to get started

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: every program has therre little hidden secrets

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: true

jistjoalal: and you find them by using the language

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: thats why I did

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: not always true hard disagree

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: somtimes you get flusterd enough brcause you dont know somthing you fell like quiting

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: but othertimes you are rite

jistjoalal: there are no consequences or time limits to learning to program

jistjoalal: you can take as long as you want as fail as much as you need and nothing bad will happen to you

jistjoalal: its like a video game

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: that is somthing an unemployed man living in his mothers house would say

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: are you seriouse

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: of course there are time restraints

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: some people cant do it at all without spending all of there free time

jistjoalal: Learning to program is not a necessity of life it is a luxury

jistjoalal: getting paid to program is an even higher luxury

jacek: no contest hype?

WINWINWIN: Only when it starts jacek :)

WINWINWIN: 7.5 more minutes

Default avatar.png NoorFadiya: hi

WINWINWIN: Marchete, looks like you dont have anything to do in thibpat`s contest :)

Default avatar.png NoorFadiya: I need an opinion if any of you can answer. How can we assess someone's programming skill in a fun way that can replace exam and test during this covid19 pandemics? I hope I am asking in the right place here. Thanks

WINWINWIN: NoorFadiya, I would think that a theory paper is useless in these circumstances... So preferably translate that theory paper to a practical. ask questions that require knowledge of theory so that you can code them

AntiSquid: so what game was picked?

AntiSquid: oh PR2 :D

cegprakash: PR2?

cegprakash: Platinum Rift?

thibpat: yes, the unofficial contest happens on Platinum Rift - Episode 2!

leojean890: a topic without leagues, mass submits will create a mess :P:P

Nerchio: AntiSquid you played pr2?

AntiSquid: yes

Nerchio: it seems similar to ghost in a cell

Nerchio: and i would probably have to implement floyd warshall again xD

Nerchio: oh all zones distances are given already nice

Marchete: platinum rift 2?

Illedan: yeah

Illedan: You going down

Illedan: :D

Marchete: :S

tobk: did not register yet; how does the contest work? is it just an excerpt from the leaderboard with just the registered players, but otherwise identical and using the CG IDE?

Illedan: yeah


Nerchio: in this game links are only given for nearby hexes yeah?

Marchete: I won't play

Marchete: I mean

Illedan: Your bot is still there for me to drop ^^

Marchete: :D

Uljahn: revisited it a week ago, time to revisit again :(

Illedan: From 101-> top 50 with a new IF. Guess I have to write some serious code later :P

Marchete: powerful IF

Illedan: *Powerfull Linq

Marchete: IF (losing) !lose()

darkhorse64: Yet Another Fog Of War Contest

Illedan: :P

Illedan: Much easier fog of war though

darkhorse64: My bot is a CP of a very weak PR1 bot. Time to do something

WINWINWIN: More fog of war :sob:

AntiSquid: :D

AntiSquid: WINWINWIN ping thibpat about it :p

Astrobytes: aw ffs

AntiSquid: did you start already Astrobytes?

Astrobytes: I have some kind of something in PR2, at 1469th place. Guess I better improve it

Astrobytes: fking FOW

Astrobytes: Still, not that bad

Shadai: is there a possibility to get no more invites of unkown people who are started to follow me, just to send me pauseless invites to clash of codes?

AntiSquid: no

Astrobytes: Not yet unfortunately

Shadai: gnarrr kk, thx

Illedan: Astrobytes, easy top 20 without fog of war I think :P

AntiSquid: only way is to suffer, there's some settings to turn off the sound thouhg Shadai

Illedan: (without handling it)

Astrobytes: Nice

AntiSquid: siman wins the progression and probably the overall rank too

AntiSquid: we know the winner, time to move on and let siman do his thing :p

Default avatar.png kalidilogan:

AntiSquid: kalidilogan is that a clash invite? @_@

Default avatar.png kalidilogan: yes bro

AntiSquid: don't post that in this chat

Shadai: why dont you just join a random one?^^

leojean890: he's just trolling according to Shadal previous msg ?;)

leojean890: Shadai

leojean890: The winner could still be Neumann because #7 but maybe siman yep;P

AntiSquid: the contest was years ago because the competition got difficult to deal with, so probably top bots will rank much lower?

AntiSquid: before * instead of because

Imsure1200q: lol codingame complaining something to me that is not my responsibility

Imsure1200q: what shud i do

AntiSquid: what do you mean

Imsure1200q: complaining about libraries

Imsure1200q: c++

AntiSquid: use the ones available instead

AntiSquid: nothing you can do really

Imsure1200q: here is my libraries:


Imsure1200q: whoops

AntiSquid: here the ones available

AntiSquid: Imsure1200q that's the standard stuff, what exactly is the issue there?

Imsure1200q: idk its showing weird stuff but heres the log

Imsure1200q: In file included from /usr/include/c++/9/bits/stl_algobase.h:71,

AntiSquid: there's a bug in your bot

Imsure1200q: but its only complaining lines 1 to 5?

AntiSquid: read the text

AntiSquid: usr/include/c++/9/bits/predefined_ops.h:241:17: note: ‘std::pair<int, int>’ is not derived from ‘const std::unordered_multimap<_Key1, _Tp1, _Hash1, _Pred1, _Alloc1>’

Imsure1200q: but i dont have any map in there

AntiSquid: but you are doing something wrong

AntiSquid: look at that piece of code

AntiSquid: make sure the types of variables match

Imsure1200q: my code doesnt even reach like 241

Imsure1200q: *line

Imsure1200q: and somehow it has smth to do with iostream

RoboStac: paste your first five lines in here?


Imsure1200q: if i rearrange my libs it still produces the same error just in a different arrangement

WINWINWIN: maybe in this contest better to do bulk of the work offline and submit in the end?

AntiSquid: lol, better post the area around line 241 ... maybe the function that contains line 241, you do wrong var comparison

AntiSquid: there's no offline game version for PR2 afaik, :/

Default avatar.png AggYz: shortened mode is unfair

Default avatar.png AggYz: short languages will wim

Default avatar.png AggYz: python: 22 print(int(input(),16))

Default avatar.png AggYz: lua: 30 print(int(input(),16))

Default avatar.png AggYz: java: 223

AntiSquid: i agree you should boycott by not playing clash anymore

Default avatar.png AggYz: lmaoo

Default avatar.png AggYz: im lua

Default avatar.png AggYz: fastest mode best

Imsure1200q: if you want win shortest mode then get the shortest langs

AntiSquid: here's a contest if you wish to join AggYz

Default avatar.png AggYz: python, ruby or lua

Default avatar.png AggYz: are shorty

Imsure1200q: anti the log doesnt give me info about where it is

Default avatar.png AggYz: the comp doent have lua

Imsure1200q: the only answer.cpp lines it is giving is lines 1 to 5

Imsure1200q: AggYz it has lua

Imsure1200q: oh wait nvm

Default avatar.png Lakshman_kishore:

Default avatar.png Lakshman_kishore:

Default avatar.png Lakshman_kishore:

Default avatar.png Lakshman_kishore:

Default avatar.png Lakshman_kishore: .

leojean890: AntiSquid did competitions get recently harder ?

Imsure1200q: haha compiler not treating me well

Imsure1200q: no bugs in my code but still giving me errors

Imsure1200q: very nice

Default avatar.png AggYz: why java so big

AntiSquid: why would this give an error ? copy(vec.begin(), vec.end(), arr);

both vec and arr are size 30 :/

Xcalibre: is arr a vector or an array?

AntiSquid: array

MSmits: it's basically a pointer though

Xcalibre: declared like 'type arr[size]' or array<type, size>?

AntiSquid: second

AntiSquid: on

Xcalibre: i think u need to change 'arr' to arr.begin() in ur parameter

AntiSquid: ok so copy doesn't like the array<> thingy eh ?

Xcalibre: it needs an iterator

struct: it doesnt copy content I think

struct: It will store the addresses

MSmits: ohh nice, this unofficial platinum 2 competition

Xcalibre: if it was a primitive array, arr would be a pointer

MSmits: very cool

Xcalibre: 'arr[2]' would be equivalent to '*(arr + 2)'

MSmits: I should get a bot up. Not sure how to write bots for these games though

MSmits: AntiSquid, share your wisdom

Default avatar.png AggYz: I love lua

Default avatar.png AggYz: lua best language for clashofcode

Default avatar.png AggYz: its super short

AntiSquid: ok seems to have copied the values correctly Xcalibre

Default avatar.png AggYz: its like python

AntiSquid: thanks

Xcalibre: no problem :D

Default avatar.png StormHammer: hi

Hjax: man the map generation for plat rift 2 is something special

eulerscheZahl: it's a pool of about 10 maps

eulerscheZahl: and then randomly distribution platinum on it

Hjax: that explains a lot

Hjax: random spawns its seems too?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Hjax: that doesnt seem particularly fair lol

eulerscheZahl: there is one map that literally spells codingame in the center if you have a close look

eulerscheZahl: and PR2 at the top+bottom

Hjax: amazing

ZarthaxX: what's up with this unofficial contest

eulerscheZahl: the unfair random map has 2 games with positions swapped

eulerscheZahl: it's just promoting an existing multiplayer

ZarthaxX: to give some motivation to play multis?

eulerscheZahl: maybe we get leagues?

Hjax: thibpat organized it ZarthaxX, we are doing a 10 day "contest" in PR2

Hjax: just for fun

Illedan: Hopefully leagues :pray:

ZarthaxX: okey, tried to say that but im super lagged

ZarthaxX: i saw yes Hjax ty

ZarthaxX: Illedan haha

Hjax: lol it would be nice if they opened leagues

Astrobytes: :+1:

eulerscheZahl: there are only 2 games without leagues: PR2 and back to the code

Hjax: i didnt even realize there were multis without leagues

Hjax: besides the really small ones

eulerscheZahl: and at some point there was a bug only affecting these 2 games without leagues. i wonder why they don't just add leagues

ZarthaxX: aight have fun guys

eulerscheZahl: considering the bug that would allow them to get rid of some code in the backend

Hjax: maybe this was thibpats master plan

Hjax: host a contest to get leagues for old multis :P

MSmits: hi guys

Illedan: Hi

Hjax: hi smits

Illedan: My only goal is to drop Marchete :evil:

MSmits: worthy goal

Hjax: im kind of surpised how high my couple lines of python submission has climbed

MSmits: the quality of bots in older multi's is lower i think

Illedan: Yeah

MSmits: even in the short time i have been on CG (somewhat over 2 yrs) the competition got harder

Hjax: yeah that certainly seems to be the case

Hjax: my bot just makes random legal moves with a bias towards taking new territory

Hjax: and its rank 600

MSmits: well thats normal i think

MSmits: a game like this is hard to use a search for

MSmits: so smart heuristics will help you a lot

Hjax: i havent read any postmortems yet

Hjax: i suspect the top bots are using simulated annealing

MSmits: probably some optimization algorithms in there

Illedan: nah

MSmits: yeah like SA and GA

Illedan: Beam search should be enough

Hjax: this game looks pretty good for SA though

Illedan: On the bigger map you have soo many units

MSmits: The scoring is the hard part

MSmits: what to favor

Illedan: All out on attack!

MSmits: right :)

Hjax: i wonder if the simple rush bot is better than my rng bot

MSmits: I am having trouble disconnecting from uttt :P

Hjax: just walk your first 10 dudes to the enemies spawn

Illedan: Someone else submitted in uttt smitty?

MSmits: nah, except karliso a few weeks ago

MSmits: i'm nr 2

Illedan: So bad

Illedan: Fix it

MSmits: I have a bot that beats his p2 100%, but I kinda want to finally know whether this game is solved as a draw or as a win for p1

Hjax: if aliens ever come to earth and challenge us to a battle of UTTT, im glad that we will be prepared

MSmits: lol

Illedan: Are you close to solving uttt?

MSmits: well, I seem to be able to solve any path i find as a win for p1, if it is deep enough

MSmits: but i cant solve the whole game

MSmits: so if I lost a game as p1, i can backtrack to a point, find my mistake, correct it and solve it as a win from there

MSmits: for any situation i encountered so far

MSmits: but I am trying to find a sure draw for p2.... no luck there

Illedan: Should be solvable

MSmits: lol

eulerscheZahl: that awesome map. i remember i had one like that as well long ago

eulerscheZahl: never found it again :D

Nerchio: btw

Nerchio: it blows my mind how unequal spawns can be in this game

Hjax: me too Nerchio

Nerchio: platinum rift 2 i mean

Illedan: Those maps gets swapped matches

Nerchio: oh so if i get a match like this im sure to get another one like that on the opposite side?

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: And the sum of those 2 games makes the result

Nerchio: that makes more sense then :P

eulerscheZahl: yet what's the point of getting my ass kicked and then doing the same in return? :P

Nerchio: yea im not sure how i feel about this certain maps are almost sure to be 1-1 then

Illedan: Yeah..

Illedan: For that 2 zone map I just shared I even got double matches..

Hjax: Illedan your bot is so aggro

Illedan: hm?

Hjax: i just played you, both games you just charged straight at me

Illedan: Pay to win ;)

Illedan: Hardcoded IF. if closer than some threshold => CHARGE

Hjax: ah i see

Hjax: i got lucky and won one of them

eulerscheZahl: your bot definitely isn't that goal oriented yet Hjax

Hjax: no im just praying to the random number generator to come up with good moves :D

Hjax: in theory my bot can beat recurse

Hjax: i just need to be really lucky

Hjax: :P

Illedan: My charge code beats him on smaller maps :P

Hjax: nice

eulerscheZahl: on an asymmetric map i can beat him easily

eulerscheZahl: is this a small map?

Hjax: after a bunch of game spamming, my bot beat him on a tiny map

Illedan: Nice, print it and frame it

Hjax: with the worst possible spawns for him

Hjax: man thats actually painful

Nerchio: i like the debug mode for this game though

Nerchio: you can set fog of war for the player you want

Illedan: The zoom is anoying

Nerchio: yeah zoom is not needed

eulerscheZahl: zoom in to see cell IDs

Illedan: Wow:

Illedan: Clearly I have bugs -.-

Nerchio: haha

Nerchio: rekt :P

Illedan: Platinum > winning

Hjax: oof

Hjax: that was tragic

reCurse: Please don't make me revisit :P

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: exactly my thoughts

reCurse: I'm trying to finish my multi -_-

Illedan: Finish?

Nerchio: you are first what is there to revisit :P

Illedan: Is there such thing?

reCurse: Ok, progress

reCurse: whatever

eulerscheZahl: creating his own game

MSmits: nice to see your agresssive strategy is working Illedan :)

eulerscheZahl: so there is a "finish"

reCurse: Nerchio: for now

Hjax: yeah theres a small army of people trying to remove his bot from 1st

MSmits: reCurse I like that you're making a game. Did you share anything yet?

reCurse: No

reCurse: Except that it will be underwhelming to 99%

MSmits: ok. I will for sure make a bot for it

reCurse: And I don't care

eulerscheZahl: he only shared thought about the technology. SDK vs own JS code

MSmits: underwhelming visually or game mechanics?

reCurse: Underwhelming in terms of everything

MSmits: hmm ok, i dont care visually really

eulerscheZahl: we expect nothing less than the greatest CG game ever

MSmits: though its a nice plus. Onitama looked great, but i stuck with it for the mechanics

reCurse: I ripped graphics for now

reCurse: May not care to replace them after

MSmits: hmm but why are you making a game then? Just for your own enjoyment?

reCurse: Sure

MSmits: ok

eulerscheZahl: always a good motivation

MSmits: yeah

darkhorse64: reCurse is the new struct

reCurse: What did I do :(

eulerscheZahl: only when he deletes the account

MSmits: it's a compliment though, as a game maker, struct is great

MSmits: behaviorally maybe a bit wonky :)

darkhorse64: I prefer when he delivers

Hjax: if recurse deleted his account i think the world would explode

wlesavo: rm -r account

eulerscheZahl: -rf

Hjax: it would be like when the left-pad guy pulled his code from npm

Illedan: lol

MSmits: I'm missing that reference

Illedan: google it

MSmits: k

reCurse: npm is everything that's wrong in software engineering

Hjax: its a hilarious story, one guy single handed broke the internet for a day

Hjax: by pulling his own open source library from npm

Hjax: a very simple, tiny, left padding library

Hjax: and everything that depended on it, including npm itself i believe, broke

Astrobytes: Tiny dependency issue

reCurse: When you have a whole damn package for a one-liner function you know someone's been smoking crack

Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: funny

Hjax: how long do we have to init in pr2?

eulerscheZahl: 1s for every game

eulerscheZahl: then it varies from 50ms to 150ms for later turns depending on the game

Hjax: ah ok, the rules didnt mention it so i was concerned it was 100 ms

Hjax: wait, do we not know where the enemies spawn is

Hjax: oh

Hjax: i see, its just implemented weird

Default avatar.png Csar00: hi

Default avatar.png Csar00: hfdgfdag

Illedan: You must output the multiplication of the given elements per every element without including the index element. What does this even indicate -.-

eulerscheZahl: are you clashing?

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: I understand nothing of this thing :P

Illedan: Who accepts these contributions -.-

Hjax: uh, multiply everything in the list together except the element at the index provided to you

Hjax: is how i read that

Hjax: but yeah its word salad

eulerscheZahl: apparently: karimalami7, NISEoffly, BVSTIEN

eulerscheZahl: Example: Input 0 1 2 should output 2 0 0 = 1*2 0*2 0*1.

eulerscheZahl: does not match your theory Hjax

Illedan: Bad example

Hjax: darn

Illedan: It does

eulerscheZahl: oh, product of all divided by value at given index

Hjax: oh the index isnt provided to you, you have to do what i said for every index

eulerscheZahl: 1 2 3 4 24 12 8 6

Hjax: yeah

eulerscheZahl: that makes it clearer

eulerscheZahl: let's LINQ it

Illedan: 807 chars shortest

Illedan: pff

struct: 807?

Illedan: 726 without some usings

struct: My FB bot might have less chars than that

eulerscheZahl: not golfing, just want to LINQ it now :D

Illedan: Too tierd for shortest -.-

Illedan: Hmm, can you do this on one line :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: damn, divide by 0 :/

eulerscheZahl: int[] nums = Console.ReadLine().Split().Select(int.Parse).ToArray();

       Console.WriteLine(string.Join(" ", nums.Select(x => nums.Aggregate((a,b) => a*b)/x)));

Illedan: :D

Illedan: Is there a Linq to multiply all ?

eulerscheZahl: yes, the aggregate part

eulerscheZahl: nums.Aggregate((a,b) => a*b)

Illedan: Console.WriteLine(string.Join(" ", items.Select(i => items.Where(k => k!=i).Aggregate((x,y) => x * y))));

Illedan: 10 sec left and it worked :tada:

Illedan: ty Hjax

Hjax: lol np

Hjax: i think i should be #1 on the unofficial contest progression leaderboard in a few mins

Hjax: when it updates

Illedan: What rank are you now?

eulerscheZahl: because you started low

Hjax: 182

Illedan: Nice

Hjax: and yeah i hadnt submitted before

Hjax: so maximum improvement!

Illedan: Wonder if I didn't join the contest. Submitted a crashing bot => joined => submitted real bot

Hjax: its just for fun anyway

Hjax: but i like this game, its the kind of game im decent at

Illedan: true

Hjax: unlike pacman, pacman made me very sad

eulerscheZahl: i liked pacman. except for the fog part

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: fog killed it for me

Hjax: fog is fine, but there was too much fog

Hjax: not being able to see around corners

Illedan: lol

Hjax: was so frustrating

Illedan: true

Illedan: Just a 4 depth BFS would make the game soo much better

Illedan: In fog view

Hjax: agreed

eulerscheZahl: for some reason CG loves fog

Hjax: the last 3 contests have had large amounts of imperfect info

Hjax: UTG had the least, and i found it the most interesting

eulerscheZahl: it's fine when the whole game is about it (OoC) but pacman had enough depth without


Illedan: Is this where the fun ends :(

eulerscheZahl: most useless fog IMO: the mines at coders of the caribbean

eulerscheZahl: i have some tracking in my bot

eulerscheZahl: checking where opponent could be, discarding region if i see an unvisited cell leading there, ..

Illedan: Good thing they can't speed in PR2

eulerscheZahl: if my platinum increases as expected, can't be on my platinum cells

eulerscheZahl: map symmetry

Illedan: true

Illedan: Wish I could at least see my owned cells

Alshock: well Ithink that's a good point you don't, that's what makes a larger territory harder to protect

eulerscheZahl: my biggest weakness: i can't concentrate on 2 parts of the map at once

Illedan: Have a search?

eulerscheZahl: if the map is ring-shaped, i always attack all on one side. then i win there and attack the other, losing my gained territory

eulerscheZahl: no search

Illedan: ah

Illedan: In 2+ articulation point maps

eulerscheZahl: does BFS count as a search? it has search in the name

Illedan: *sim

eulerscheZahl: 2+ articulation point?

Alshock: 2+ ways to the opponent's base

eulerscheZahl: you mean as a ring? by definition that's not an articulation point then

eulerscheZahl: it's a minimum cut

Illedan: oh

Illedan: k

Illedan: my bad

eulerscheZahl: now you have a keyword to put into google ;)

Illedan: :innocent:

eulerscheZahl: on the other hand you could just hardcode these points, as the amount of maps is limited

Alshock: I was hoping for blood and gore, but even image search is flooded with graphs :(

eulerscheZahl: or you go the toad way and don't care

Illedan: I wont care

Illedan: :D

Alshock: "I don't feel any shaaame I won't apoooologiiize"

eulerscheZahl: "I was hoping for blood and gore"


WINWINWIN: Is cgstats bugged now?


eulerscheZahl: that's because the leaderboard is bugged

eulerscheZahl: joke aside: did you even read the red text?

eulerscheZahl: or are you another ceg?

Alshock: I can't find myself either, there is a real 404 I think

WINWINWIN: I am in the top 1000 and I did not see magus on the chat

struct: if you add one more letter to ceg it means blind in portuguese


eulerscheZahl: it's a MULTIPLAYER, not a contest

eulerscheZahl: even if it's announced as one

WINWINWIN: Ahh, tried again and it worked, sry euler :)

MSmits: it's just a way to simulate the feeling of playing together like you do in a contest

MSmits: i can see why it's better than everyone doing their own random multi

eulerscheZahl: i just explained why the cgstats search wasn't working: he checked the contest leaderboard

MSmits: it might even be better than a contest if enough join, because more ideas will be shared

WINWINWIN: Is CG computing submits now?

Hjax: my rank doesnt seem to be updating for my current submit if thats what you mean WINWINWIN

jacek: all the power went to contest

Hjax: something definitely broke lol

eulerscheZahl: \o/

Hjax: i dont think ive seen a leaderboard just stop updating before

Hjax: and eulerscheZahl youll finally be able to update your status

Hjax: now it can say "try and invite me to clash of code, i dare you"

eulerscheZahl: or i'll add nice quotes from other users about myself

wlesavo: the question is will you be able to unfollow the old ones or only reject incoming follows

Hjax: "eulerscheZahl is really good at clash of code, you should invite him" Hjax 2020

WINWINWIN: The leaderboard coming up anytime soon?

Astrobytes: "eulerscheZahl hijacks my thought processes" - Astrobytes, 2020

Hjax: i have no idea what happened to the leaderboard

Hjax: we broke it i guess lol

wlesavo: i got the reference, but is there any particular ones you like euler?

Nerchio: or euler downloaded 5000 replays again

LelouchVC2: "When I was down on my luck, Euler came through and sucked my dry."

Hjax: oh it just updated!

eulerscheZahl: now i don'T find the quote anymore :( was actually an insult :D

wlesavo: i know, you should take some of last ceg quotes :slight_smile:

Astrobytes: The PM from that girl was a good one

wlesavo: not-a-pebcac girl?

Astrobytes: No no, one of the ones who wanted to buy a solution in the last(?) contest :)

wlesavo: oh, it was a girl

Hjax: well, the profile picture was a girl at least

Astrobytes: A real girl, yes.

Nerchio: :astonished:

Astrobytes: yeah Hjax

wlesavo: mine was guy

Hjax: she was NOT HAPPY about euler refusing to help her cheat

Astrobytes: Everyone else was thoroughly entertained :)

Hjax: if we are running custom contests on old multis, it would be neat to implement some new rules

LelouchVC2: Imagine being a girl on the internet

Hjax: who can make the best bot in under 1000 characters or something

LelouchVC2: Finding them would be like finding a needle in someone's appendex

WINWINWIN: I see that the LB is back

WINWINWIN: sry to bother you at the CG team

LelouchVC2: Our time is valuable

LelouchVC2: Please refrain from taking up so much of it

Default avatar.png AggYz: guys what is the best language that covers most subjects

LelouchVC2: There

Hjax: theres no right answer to that question AggYz

LelouchVC2: There's no "best" language. Other than C++

Default avatar.png AggYz: how about if i append for beginners to it

Hjax: id say python

Default avatar.png AggYz: how about lua

Hjax: i dont know lua, so i cant pass judgement on it

LelouchVC2: But going from python as a first language to any meaningful language will feel like going from algebra to trig

Hjax: python is meaningful

Hjax: its not a lesser language XD

Hjax: its not the most performant thing in the world

Default avatar.png AggYz: lua has like the same syntax as python

Hjax: but its beginner friendly, and used a lot in the real world

Default avatar.png AggYz: but doesnt relie on indentation

LelouchVC2: Imagine being hired to code Python

Hjax: google hires lots of people to code python

Hjax: its used a LOT in machine learning

LelouchVC2: Imagine being hired by Google to code their live pythons

Nerchio: they are testing to see why anyone would code in python

LelouchVC2: ^^^^^

LelouchVC2: LMAO

Hjax: ? python is a fine language for what it is

Nerchio: jk ofc

LelouchVC2: I suppose,

LelouchVC2: Just not friendly when moving on to another language

LelouchVC2: And Python was your first

Hjax: its great at string manipulation, it has fantastic libraries

LelouchVC2: Practically cheating on CoC where complex problems have a function dedicated to solving them

tomatoes: lua too weird

eulerscheZahl: not cheating, just a poorly designed clash

Default avatar.png AggYz: lua the only language i know

Default avatar.png AggYz: like python but less functions for literally everything

LelouchVC2: *pats back* There's a world out there my friend

Man_on_the_Moon: i cant say anything about any language

Man_on_the_Moon: i suck at anything

LelouchVC2: Why? You only speak english?

Man_on_the_Moon: yes

LelouchVC2: <3

Nerchio: he can't speak because he is on the moon

Nerchio: no connection

LelouchVC2: ^

Man_on_the_Moon: exactly

Man_on_the_Moon: i got lucky this time

Default avatar.png bram1253: LELOUCH VI BRITANNIA

Default avatar.png AggYz: Java and Cpp developers when they get shortest mode:

Default avatar.png bram1253: python and bash are cheat codes for shortest mode lmao

Default avatar.png AggYz: python, lua and ruby developers when they get shortest mode:

LelouchVC2: I, Lelouch Vi Britannia command you... now all of you.. DIE!

Default avatar.png bram1253: ay lelouch

Default avatar.png AggYz: I hate OOP

Default avatar.png bram1253: why do u bring C++ to a shortest challenge :p

Default avatar.png AggYz: functional better

LelouchVC2: Because I still win them with C++

jacek: why do you bring knife to a gun fight

LelouchVC2: Because you can throw a knife

LelouchVC2: And the gun has limited bullets

Default avatar.png AggYz: jacek lol

Man_on_the_Moon: true


Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: I saw that already but ty

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: nothing like a good xkcd

AntiSquid: Astrobytes ?

Astrobytes: AntiSquid?

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: does anyone else notice how biased against java LITERALLY everything here is

BenjaminUrquhart: well

BenjaminUrquhart: how so

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: its as if there screaming F&*^ you oracle

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: java compared to python 3

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: is ridiculous for length challenges

BenjaminUrquhart: java is a relatively verbose language

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: as well as speed

BenjaminUrquhart: did you expect something else to happen

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: I guess but it is a classic

Hjax: java isnt intended to be used for code golf

BenjaminUrquhart: ^

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: and its what you need to know for the college board AP

BenjaminUrquhart: the problem here is you're playing clash of code

jacek: kree java!

BenjaminUrquhart: dab

eulerscheZahl: if you want to create your own contributions, Java is a great choice

Hjax: lol

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: well I already did the stuff Im capable of doing in practice

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: + clash of code is fun

BenjaminUrquhart: try multis

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: its just biased

BenjaminUrquhart: you haven't given a reason for bias other than it's not as short as python

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: maybe I will but this is great practice it just takes longer is longer and is harder to do in java than most languages

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: I feel like maybe there should be an auto matcher fo people who use the same language as you

BenjaminUrquhart: I wouldn't say harder persay

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: that would make it way ore fair

BenjaminUrquhart: well

BenjaminUrquhart: here's the problem

BenjaminUrquhart: F# exists

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: the reason its biased is because most problems that Ive seen play to the strenghths of python literally every time

AntiSquid: hydroglicerol the back end is all sorta java-ish, and the multi referees are in java

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: true

BenjaminUrquhart: that's because you're doing CoC

AntiSquid: easy to use referee code for sim if you use java, def rigged towards java

AntiSquid: making a CG game? ya rigged in favor of java

AntiSquid: to hell with java grrrr

eulerscheZahl: "I wouldn't say harder persay" who's persay?

BenjaminUrquhart: good question

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: never thought of that

BenjaminUrquhart: ok there's 1.6k people on the PR2 leaderboard

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: also that is one weird texture for a golden apple no?

BenjaminUrquhart: there's exactly 1 F3 guy

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: yikes

BenjaminUrquhart: f#

eulerscheZahl: but how many D?

BenjaminUrquhart: 0

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: where are the leader boards ?

BenjaminUrquhart: they only exist for multis and optims

BenjaminUrquhart: and contests

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: aha

BenjaminUrquhart: any other objections

Nerchio: nobody in this chat plays clash of code but euler is always willing i think

BenjaminUrquhart: always remember to invite euler

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: yah while we are at it I feel like mars rover 2 is way harder than 3

BenjaminUrquhart: mars 3 is mars 2 but with a flipped map

BenjaminUrquhart: that's all

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: no it has caves and stuff its not just reversed actually I dont think any of the test cases are the reverse of 2

eulerscheZahl: i solved marslander 3 before 2

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: I did the same

BenjaminUrquhart: oh I messed it up, yeah they different :P

Default avatar.png structs_s_main: o hai

Astrobytes: Also it's "per se" btw

Nerchio: i solved marslander episode 1

Nerchio: :)

eulerscheZahl: that's what i wanted to point out :D

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: well Im glad that had a happy ending

GalvaBart: grats @Nerchio

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: awww its kirby

GalvaBart: haha

GalvaBart: :D

Nerchio: GalvaBart thanks, for?

eulerscheZahI: let's play clash, didn't try it in a while

Nerchio: ah marslander 1 yea that was tough

Astrobytes: :o

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: yknow the parasite that can eat in entire universe ...

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: how adorable

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: *a

eulerscheZahl: while True: print("0 3\n0 4")

eulerscheZahl: that solves marslander 1

GalvaBart: I've read that people solved marslander 2 with genetic algorithm. That sounds super interesting

jacek: genetic eh

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: it was extremely tedious I can see why somone let a robot do it for them

Astrobytes: Use the power of GAimax

GalvaBart: @eulerscheZahl I recognize that frog, was it from the Simpsons episode with Bart returning from Australia ?


Astrobytes: hahaha

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: nice

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: I need to think of a good picture

eulerscheZahl: futurama

AntiSquid: hydroglicerol

eulerscheZahl: jacek that's calumny

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: naw Im gonna use wix

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: they have a pretty cool logo maker

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: it just takes time

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: so I keep putting it off

AntiSquid: wix ? the website builder?

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: yup thats the one

Astrobytes: mspaint

appel: why are there bots on codingame

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol:

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: you ust be a bot

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: *m

AntiSquid: all games are played by bots bram1253

Astrobytes: why are there bots on codingame Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: and i have all the checkpoints in gold

AntiSquid: is it awkward question hour?

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: that was 24 hrs ago

Astrobytes: Hey at least that knob isn't around

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: wooooooow

AntiSquid: which one

Astrobytes: You know the one

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: we all know the one

jrke: podsP0: number of PODs for player with id 0 on the zone

jrke: is it no. of pods at this zone of player id 0


Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: very realistic

AntiSquid: watch the movie :p

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: I did

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: wasnt to bad

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: but didnt love it

AntiSquid: i liked it back then :D

AntiSquid: used to watch all Jet Li movies

AntiSquid: and similar stuff

AntiSquid: it's like 10-20 years old movie?

AntiSquid: better than 90% of the stuff that comes out these days

WINWINWIN: jrke man, you were #440 in PR2 today... and you ask whats podsP0?

AntiSquid: are they adding leagues for PR2 ?

AntiSquid: 1600 seems too prone to randomness

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: what is PR2

AntiSquid: just remembering the pacman ladder T_T

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: yup



Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: ty

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: notice how python3 is the first language listed

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: BIASE

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: I cant go on

Nerchio: AntiSquid i think its kind of a lot to ask them to add leagues to a 5 year old game :D

Astrobytes: 2 Java bots in top 10

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: dont worry it was a joke

AntiSquid: they added leagues for the other old games nerchio

Astrobytes: Didn't they say it wasn't possible? I could be mistaken

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: does LOCM have a league is it like an actual gam to play somewher

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: *e *e

Astrobytes: Everything in Bot Programming is an 'actual game'

Astrobytes: All the previous official contests have proper leagues except PR2 and.... Back to the Code? PR1? Something like that. The community-made games only have Wood leauges

Astrobytes: *or leagues

eulerscheZahl: PR2 + BTTC it is

eulerscheZahl: with best of 5 at the top of the leaderboard

pipistrello: Hi there community! I've just uploaded a geometric problem to clash of code, please feel free to visit

pipistrello: any kind of feedback is more than welcome ;)

AntiSquid: i don't like clash

Illedan: euler playing clash?

Illedan: :innocent:

Astrobytes: pipistrello, people will see it in the contributions page, no need to post here

pipistrello: Astrobytes, ups! thanks for letting me know.

Astrobytes: No worries pipistrello :)

eulerscheZahl: no Illedan

eulerscheZahl: and not sending invites either

Illedan: :P

eulerscheZahl: oh, you invited me :rage:

Illedan: xD

eulerscheZahl: soon it will be over

Illedan: Can't I use innline functions in C# ?

eulerscheZahl: that would be new to me

Illedan: Thought it came with the update

eulerscheZahl: c# has an inline keyword?

eulerscheZahl: or do you mean declaring a function in a function?


Illedan: This works offline

Illedan: Not on CG :(

Illedan: Can't have that k

eulerscheZahl: that parsing :D

eulerscheZahl: Convert.ToInt(string, 16)

Illedan: hm?

eulerscheZahl: noob

Illedan: hmmm

eulerscheZahl: and you want to invite me to a clash

Illedan: Yeah, maybe I learn something lol

Illedan: I had toInt, but it didn't compile, went for the next option :P

Illedan: Guess I had some other syntax error

Illedan: I would never win vs 65 in JS anyway -.-

eulerscheZahl: i knew that you like C#. but golfing with it feels like torture :D

Illedan: yeah

eulerscheZahl: choose the right tool for your problem

Illedan: I want clash without shortest :P

Default avatar.png JBM: also without ruby

Illedan: Just wait for the new C# eulerscheZahl :D

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: whats wrong with shortest?

Illedan: Without class and everything

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: ruby I get

eulerscheZahl: not gonna happen

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: but whats wrong with shortest

struct: Illedan just try ruby :D

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: nope

Default avatar.png hydroglicerol: that for the devil himself

eulerscheZahl: would break with a lot of concepts that C# stands for


Illedan: Top-level programs

Illedan: \o/

Illedan: Now let me have everything imported in my class hidden. And we can compete

Astrobytes: "In C# 9.0 you can just choose to write your main program at the top level instead" - now *that* is cool

Astrobytes: awww dammit, not you too

Illedan: hm?

Astrobytes: You beat me to it

Csipcsirip: ahh finally

Astrobytes: Like euler always does

Illedan: beat me to what?

Astrobytes: Stating the same thing

eulerscheZahl: that init reminds me of "final" in Java

Astrobytes: re. Top level C# programs

eulerscheZahl: Astrobytes is a very well done echo bot

Csipcsirip: uhh it looks ungly tho: Point p = new (3, 5);

eulerscheZahl: took me a while to realize that he is not real

Astrobytes: meh

Astrobytes: :P

eulerscheZahl: i like the with keyword

eulerscheZahl: but the code outside of the main... i'm too old and conservative for this

Astrobytes: *too set in your ways you mean!

eulerscheZahl: yeah

eulerscheZahl: "we always did it like that"

eulerscheZahl: "with logical operators and, or and not, spelled out as words"

eulerscheZahl: i start to not recognize my favorite language anymore

Astrobytes: New addition to your CV: C# (legacy only!)

eulerscheZahl: :D

Illedan: xD

eulerscheZahl: i haven't even caught up on the pattern matching for C#8

Astrobytes: You'll have to change avatar to a hyno-dinosaur soon enough :P

Astrobytes: *hypno

eulerscheZahl: have to find one. my artist skills won't allow me to draw my own

Csipcsirip: you can find good ones on google if u type hypno dinosaur


Astrobytes: My eyes

Marchete: C# 9 is better for codegolf

Astrobytes: Ahhh, get JBM to do one for you. It'll be awesome, guaranteed.

eulerscheZahl: there is no hypno in that image

eulerscheZahl: you'll have to redo all your golfing puzzles Marchete

Hjax: the poor pr2 leaderboard is struggling

Illedan: What did you do now? :P

Hjax: i did nothing, i just hit the submit button

Hjax: which is apparently too much for it

Astrobytes: How many new players are there since yesterday/this morning? (I'm lazy to check)

Csipcsirip: if you zoom on his eyes you can find the hypno

Illedan: 1646 now, how many was it?

Astrobytes: That's what I'm asking :P

Hjax: judging by the unofficial contest leaderboard about 20 entirely new people?

Illedan: my guess too

Hjax: but 160 that are signed up and havent submitted yet

Marchete: reCurs e join and win us all :D

Hjax: got to remove him from rank 1 first

Hjax: he needs motivation

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: It's pretty cool having lots of people doing the same multi, certainly inspired me to submit something other than my previous WAIT bot anyway :)

Illedan: Agreed

Illedan: CG should make Multi of the month

Illedan: with some stats on the front page

Astrobytes: We've been saying that for ages

Illedan: yeah..

Hjax: it would be nice if the leaderboard updated D:

Illedan: shh

Astrobytes: Maybe with the coming improvements they'll do it

Astrobytes: But I'm all for community-organised stuff regardless

Default avatar.png JBM: somebody need mspics?

Marchete: yeah, playing the same multi is nice

Marchete: I remember some past ad-hoc competitions we had on some multis

eulerscheZahl: what's mspics?

Astrobytes: Think it's regarding my call for JBM to do your dinosaur avatar eulerscheZahl. MSPaint pics :P

eulerscheZahl: but he's a linux guy and won't use paint

Astrobytes: (he's got Windows too)

Astrobytes: shh

AntiSquid: i googled mspics algorithm and got this first result:

Hjax: pr2 leaderboard is so lazy

Hjax: its been like an hour since its last updated itself

Astrobytes: Is it all LB's or just PR2 HJax? If you know that is

YurkovAS: Leaderboard is broken, not working in other multi

Hjax: i dont know, guess its all of them ^

Astrobytes: Thanks YurkovAS

Default avatar.png JBM: eulerscheZahl: my work laptop's windows, I use mspaint occasionally to "improve" screenshots

Default avatar.png JBM: that latest win10 release is abismal

Astrobytes: FWIW I've reported the LB issue on discord

Default avatar.png JBM: oh so discord's the canonical bugtracker now?

Default avatar.png JBM: hard to follow

Astrobytes: *JBM abysmal

Default avatar.png JBM: thx

Astrobytes: It's crazy not having a proper system for bug reporting, yeah

Default avatar.png JBM: and then getting berated for actually testing things before reporting them

Astrobytes: Yes, I've noticed a few examples of that

Default avatar.png JBM: still taking my breathing time

Default avatar.png JBM: before compiling an all-factual list of how yes they're bad at handling it

Astrobytes: With references and concrete examples ofc

Astrobytes: You know this list will be far from finite right? :)

YurkovAS: Leaderboard start working

Astrobytes: Nice

MostComplicatedUsername: Nice PR 2

MostComplicatedUsername: Apparently there's a 10 day contest

Astrobytes: Yes, join MCU

Astrobytes: It's just an informal contest

Neumann: Looks like I'll have to rewrite my whole PR2 code

Neumann: Can't understand shit of what I wrote 3 years ago

Astrobytes: But lots of people playing one multi is always good

Astrobytes: lol Neumann

Default avatar.png 154906: words to live by

Default avatar.png 154906: oh here too

MostComplicatedUsername: registered

Astrobytes: Get coding MCU

MostComplicatedUsername: Well, I made a bot...

MostComplicatedUsername: It waits

Astrobytes: Is your submission working?

MostComplicatedUsername: Just submitted

MostComplicatedUsername: YEs

MostComplicatedUsername: Why?

Astrobytes: Anyone confirm leaderboard still not updating?

MostComplicatedUsername: Im on leaderboard now

Astrobytes: MCU, battles are working but the leaderboard doesn't seem to be updating

MostComplicatedUsername: Seems to be updating

MostComplicatedUsername: Im on it

Astrobytes: OK

Astrobytes: let me know if it stalls or something

Astrobytes: MostComplicatedUsername you're stuck at 1.02 on leaderboard?

MostComplicatedUsername: Im still making my bot

MostComplicatedUsername: I just did a temporary submission

Astrobytes: No I mean your submission is stuck

MostComplicatedUsername: Oh

Astrobytes: Confirm?

MostComplicatedUsername: Yes

MostComplicatedUsername: Still 1.02

Astrobytes: Thx

RedsTom: share your code

Astrobytes: Are you talking about clashes RedsTom?

MostComplicatedUsername: Automaton2000 is the chat dead?

Automaton2000: but if you only do one thing

MostComplicatedUsername: What do I have to do Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: it even has a tutorial

MostComplicatedUsername: What has a tutorial Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: should i have a hard time

MostComplicatedUsername: Yes you should Automaton2000

Automaton2000: actually i think it's a great selection

MostComplicatedUsername: Nice pfp Automaton2000

Automaton2000: should have been stuck in silver league

Default avatar.png AggYz: WHAT IS oop ACTUALLY GOOD FOR

Hjax: ?

Default avatar.png JBM: Selling books

Astrobytes: Wanna buy one?

Hjax: you must hate java then

Default avatar.png JBM: Trainings too

Default avatar.png JBM: I certainly do

Hjax: i like java, oop is fine

Default avatar.png JBM: You like Java, Java sucks, pop can be fine

Default avatar.png JBM: *oop

Astrobytes: It's just another paradigm. Another tool in the box.

Hjax: why does java suck?

Default avatar.png JBM: Good I didn't make the typo "poop"

Astrobytes: Procedural OOP

Astrobytes: :P

Default avatar.png JBM: Because it's pressure is below atmosphere's I'd say

Astrobytes: heh

Default avatar.png JBM: That's the usual reason things aspire

Default avatar.png Playing: Java, C++, ...

Astrobytes: Are we supposed to guess the next one, Playing?

Astrobytes: Hm. Leaderboards gonna be broken until tomorrow methinks.

jacek: you know what doesnt suck? vacuum cleaner made in java

Default avatar.png JBM: Saving that one for later, thx jacek :-D

Default avatar.png AggYz: n,t=tonumber(,0;next_token=string.gmatch(,"[^%s]+");for i=0,n-1 do a = tonumber(next_token());t=t+a^2;end;print(math.floor(t))

Default avatar.png AggYz: all of that in one line

Default avatar.png AggYz: lua is the best shortest mode language

Astrobytes: That one from jacek's gotta be one for TvC JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: Good idea

Default avatar.png JBM: If only I remembered it tomorrow

Astrobytes: I'll remind you

Default avatar.png AggYz: does python kinda suck at shortest cuz of it depending on indentation?

Default avatar.png AggYz: or is it minifiiable

Astrobytes: you can indent by 1 space, and some things can be on one line, use less verbose syntax etc

Astrobytes: Not that I clash or anything but, facts

Uljahn: i=input;a,b,c=i(),i(),i();print(a,b,c) :)

Astrobytes: ^ See AggYz? Always trust cats.

Default avatar.png AggYz: is that python or lua

Uljahn: py3

Astrobytes: Why would it be Lua in reference to shortening python code?

Uljahn: it doesn't look like python i guess

Astrobytes: Does to me. Too much CG maybe :P

hydroglicerol: ummsorry to bother everyone but by COC you can see where you freinds are ranked there is a yellow number but there is also a number if you hover over that person what is the difference betwwen thos numbers?

Uljahn: COC rank is a part of CP rank

hydroglicerol: sorry what is CP

Astrobytes: CodinPoints

hydroglicerol: so the number I see when I hover over is tthe CP

Astrobytes: Level is acquired through puzzles and moving up leagues in multiplayers

hydroglicerol: gotcha ty

Astrobytes: (and achievements)

Astrobytes: XP vs CP

Uljahn: you have to search profile page for details

jacek: happy Caturday

Default avatar.png 3_legs_op: does anyone a way to use my code editor instead of the one here in the website is it even possible to do?

AntiSquid: it's Friday here

AntiSquid: caturday is fake news

alchemsti: @3 _legs_up I think there are some Chrome extensions, but I've only ever done cut & paste. :/

Default avatar.png AggYz: I love beating python users often by x4 on shortest mode

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: k

Default avatar.png Daevsv: guys share your code more

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: i do

Default avatar.png Daevsv: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: not

DestroyTasmania: What do you guys think the best language is for the fastest mode in Clash of Code?

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: python

DestroyTasmania: what about shorttest mode?

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: ruby

Default avatar.png soloyolo97: so "while true:" is a loop?

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: ye

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: why do the same 5 people join my game

Default avatar.png soloyolo97: thank you

Alshock: FOR Hypersonic, if 3 bombs form an L and the first one exploding breaks a box and triggers the second bomb, that triggers the third, that bearks the same box as the first, both the first and the thrid get the box point. But if there are two stacked bombs, then the first one destroys the box, then triggers the second which does not get the box points unless it was coming off at that same turn?! What is the expected behaviour?

Alshock: they both get the point replay: but not if they're stacked:

wlesavo: Alshock if think its actually a bug, since you cant place bomb on top of the other bomb when its done on the same turn only the first one placed even though technicaly it should be simultanious

Default avatar.png soloyolo97: I apologize, but could someone point me in the right direction to figure out Kirk's Quest? I know it's noob lvl, but I can't figure it out.

Uljahn: looks like only one bomb was placed in the second replay

wlesavo: usualy if you stay on bomb and try to place another one you would get an error which is not occured in this replay, but still only one was placed

wlesavo: maybe it was discussed during a contest

dyc3: I'm having a problem with code a-la mode. Sometimes, after my chef serves an order, the next round doesn't read all 3 orders and it hangs

wlesavo: soloyolo97 check the related topics in description, mainly

Default avatar.png soloyolo97: Thank you wlesavo!

Default avatar.png soloyolo97: Thank you wlesavo!

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: Thank you wlesavo!

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: Thank you wlesavo!

Default avatar.png soloyolo97: Thank you hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj!

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: int(input())

Alshock: Ok so there is actually no bug whatsoever I'm just plain stupid

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: lmao

Default avatar.png jdsfklsd: bread

Default avatar.png hjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj: yees

wlesavo: Alshock so what it was?

Sat0u: yo guyys

Sat0u: whats up?

emigr2k1: sky

emigr2k1: hha so funt

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Default avatar.png aurexw: hey, does anyone have a second to help me figure out why one of my lists in python refuses to sort?