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LelouchVC2: anyone see BBC

DeWill: nope

WINWINWIN: Given this line of code

WINWINWIN: xt = (1−t) * other.x + t * self.x

WINWINWIN: What does this error mean?


Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: euler is it possible to skip a turn lol

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: in space maze

Default avatar.png iduel: guy's i need help what is i wrote 1+1 in python but how can i print it?

Default avatar.png iduel: i mean i wrote print(1+1) but it printed 2 so i only need it to print(1+1)

WINWINWIN: iduel print('1 + 1')

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: has anyone solves testcase 15 in space maze

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: *solved

Uljahn: "77 have started, 4 have finished" lol

Uljahn: approved by two unnamed 20lvl accs :expressionless:

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: nevermind i solved it :)

Heliferepo: This moment when you get :

Heliferepo: Sortie standard :

[CG]Thibaud: empty space at the end ?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: what

Heliferepo: I tried to add one and removed one but yea xD

Heliferepo: Btw Thibaud can I email you about a tournament project I have in mind for Clash Of Code?

Heliferepo: A private event I think we need to email the staff

Heliferepo: If I remember well

[CG]Thibaud: of course!


Heliferepo: ( It's about making a tournament with the epitech online coding club ) I am gonna send you the message right now

Heliferepo: Should I write to you in French or english ?

[CG]Thibaud: whichever is easier for you

jacek: ohai

WINWINWIN: Given this line of code xt = (1−t) * other.x + t * self.x What does this error mean?


Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: is eulersche sleeping

Uljahn: WINWINWIN: the problem is elsewhere, check for unclosed bracket

tomatoes: wrong minus it seems

cegprakash: bracket in python?

WINWINWIN: But would that not be an unexpected EOF or something like that?

Heliferepo: Not a bracket

Uljahn: ah yes, minus is not minus

Heliferepo: I think that is just a syntax error

WINWINWIN: thanks, copy pasted that line from math.stackexchange, it should be the error

Uljahn: xt = (1-t) * other.x + t * self.x

cegprakash: omg hyphen instead of minus


Heliferepo: the hyphen

cegprakash: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Heliferepo: There is a difference right ? Or does the compiler says hyphen and minus same

Heliferepo: are the same*

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: no i think they have a different ASCII

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: like when ms word replaces your minuses with a "long minus" thats a hyphen

Heliferepo: I just thought about something

Heliferepo: That would really funny to do a coding challenge in asm

Heliferepo: x)

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: wats asm

Heliferepo: Assembly language

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: hahaha

Default avatar.png **Imsure1200q : no

Heliferepo: The language used before C

Heliferepo: x)

Heliferepo: It's even possible (partially) by using C

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: how about programming in moo

Heliferepo: > no


Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: wa

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: moo is very good language

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: imagine the left side of your laptop is broken

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: all you need to code is m, o, right shift, and the right half of ur space bar

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: boom

Uljahn: just a brainf*ck variant

Heliferepo: x)

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: when is euler online

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: i neeed to testcase17

Tiramon: it's worktime in germany, so i guess he will be here when he has some time in between or in a few hours when he finished working

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: hes german?

Tiramon: last time i checked .. yes ;)

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: so his name is euler or eulersche

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: pretty sure the zahl is a last name

Xcalibre: eulerscheZahl means Euler's Number


Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: whats the sche

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: like a suffix or smth

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: oh well ill wait until 11:00 AM so dat i can ask him about it

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: ahh everytime i ask for eulers help i end up making the solution and asking for help was pointless lol

jacek: rubber toad debugging?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: wot

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: idk kinda

DaNinja: Testcase 17

Astrobytes: Nice DaNinja

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but i alredy solved it a while ago lol

Astrobytes: You have submitted Imsure1200q?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: thnx anyway copying link

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: nno i solved the testcase 17

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: also it isnt so hard cuz you can divide cases into phases

DaNinja: when I fix one remaining testcase, a different one breaks :(

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: then fix that one without erasing the fix you did earlier

DaNinja: if I could figure out how...

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but dividing into stages is really nice because you can focus on a specific move set

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: instead of guessing from every single path

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but i still need EuLer

DaNinja: try to Submit to see if it works on the validators too

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: i havent started making the algorithm yet

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: im just studying every case but i have smth in mind

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: so my solutions very conststent (except CirCLiNg

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: so thats why

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: I need EuLERR

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but also testcase 17

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: is it possible to edit your code and resubmit aafter submitting

Astrobytes: Yes

Tiramon: why do you need euler Imsure1200q? what is your problem?

Astrobytes: Hey Tiramon, how's your Oware coming along?

Tiramon: no training or improvement on my NN over the weekend, just finishing my 1/3 project at udacity and alot of distraction

Astrobytes: Ah OK then

Tiramon: hm but if i remember right i should have a some weights of last training that i didn't submit yet ...

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: cuz sometimes im like raging over a testcase thinking its impossible (though i know it is possible) and i dont want to waste any time in the challenge so i wanted to see his solutions (or any other person's solution)

Tiramon: what are you currently trying to solve?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: circling and testcases 19 - 30

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: im still revising 18

Astrobytes: (Space Maze)

Tiramon: we got puzzles with 30 testcases?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: ye

struct: Wont be easy to create a viewer :/

Astrobytes: For Shobu struct? What's the issue?

struct: I need to check stones range I guess

Tiramon: no, weights still run in the same problemts with webquinty and boss

Astrobytes: You eliminated the invalid moves fully?

Tiramon: most

Tiramon: currently at <= 1% during training

Astrobytes: That's quite the improvement compared to previously. What was it, ~17%?

Tiramon: around 15%

Astrobytes: Damn tildes look like hyphens in this chat

Astrobytes: Right

Tiramon: it's kind of fund if i give him the command to explore some random move i can see how hight the explore rate is, because invalid move rate is almost identical ;)

Tiramon: *fun

WINWINWIN: Tiramon how long did it take to built the NN?

Tiramon: pure coding? 1 or 2h it took most time to build the environment to train it

WINWINWIN: Nice, debugging is not too difficult with a NN?

Tiramon: i won't debug agents.. if i had to debug a trained agent something in my code would be wrong sometimes i seed his training so he learns about moves that he didn't recognize in his current training

WINWINWIN: AntiSquid finally debugged and got a decent heuristic for BotG, crushing Bronze boss...

WINWINWIN: Is a sim needed for legend?

Astrobytes: Wow. Switch topics much WINWINWIN? :P

Tiramon: guess you won't need a sim for gold, i don't have sim and am almost at gold

Tiramon: for legend, i guess you need at least a partial sim

WINWINWIN: :D Astrobytes

jrke: WINWINWIN bronze or silver in BotG

WINWINWIN: Getting to Silver soon

jrke: nice

jrke: WINWINWIN my sim worked in some manner and now improving it

WINWINWIN: Well done

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: when is active time of euler

Astrobytes: Let me look into my crystal ball...

Default avatar.png JBM: depends

Default avatar.png JBM: do you have an appointment?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: no

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: just asking cuz i dont wanna ask help and then turns out hes not active lol

Default avatar.png JBM: yes, that ould be ridiculous

Default avatar.png JBM: please do that

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: lol no

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but maybe somtimes

Astrobytes: Words to live by

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: how to see if u solved the validators

Astrobytes: Submit

Astrobytes: if you get 100%, you solved the validators

Astrobytes: If you don't, open the Results panel and you'll see how many you failed

Astrobytes: Have you submitted yet?

Astrobytes: ...

jrke: ...

Astrobytes: Hi jrke

jrke: hlo

cegprakash: show us ur replay jrke

jrke: 100% now

jrke: but time greater than my best one means without sim

jrke: can i make it 40 ms instead of 35 ms

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: w

Astrobytes: Imsure1200q did you submit

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: no

jrke: what is the radius of car

Astrobytes: Imsure1200q then you can't know if you've passed the validators...

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: im just asking cuz i wanted see how to do it

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but i didnt made the program yet

Astrobytes: Right. I see.

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: later when im done with program i will

Astrobytes: That would be sensible.

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: is fortran supported

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: in codingame


Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: ok thxn

cegprakash: did anyone pass SearchRace using full 50 ms?

cegprakash: I mean all test cases

jrke: test 39 have bugs maybe

cegprakash: not just 39

Astrobytes: I think you have to not go over 35ms or something. Ask Illedan when you see him.

jrke: cause only it fails when i try to use 40+ms or sometimes 36+ms

cegprakash: it even fails for 35 ms

cegprakash: I only use 30 ms

jrke: ya sometimes

jrke: same i did

jrke: but time is 14800 mine why after sim

Astrobytes: Yeah, due to small time spikes

Astrobytes: So ~30ms should be OK

cegprakash: that's so nice! now work on performance tweaks and eval jrke

jrke: ya working on that whats tweaks

cegprakash: remove arrays from ur funtions

cegprakash: use global array

jrke: k

cegprakash: I saw a lot of such stuff on ur code

jrke: ya

jrke: getting 20 k sim at depth 7

jrke: 30 ms

Default avatar.png Lexh55: Has anyone completed the temps in java?

cegprakash: I get 40K jrke

jrke: what depth

jrke: 5

jrke: or 4

cegprakash: hey Astrobytes teach jrke mutations if u are free

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: oo i need this lecture

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: lol is it possible to have two solutions for 1 case

Astrobytes: Not free ceg, it's not hard though. Just take your solution, copy it and randomise some parameter. Then keep it if it's better

jrke: i m taking set of random moves then i evaluate them and choose the best

cegprakash: yeah

cegprakash: now u have ur best

cegprakash: now change something in ur best sim

cegprakash: and re-evaluate

Astrobytes: then you can mutate your best to see if you get something better

cegprakash: if this is better keep tihs

jrke: K

cegprakash: u can do this for 10K iterations

Astrobytes: You can always mutate or you can have a probability to mutate

cegprakash: 10K for simulations, 10K for mutate

Astrobytes: See what works for you

jrke: i didn't know mutation

jrke: this is my sim


cegprakash: this is my mutate code jrke


Astrobytes: It's one step on from random, heading towards the direction of a GA

Default avatar.png Lexh55: When I checked the discussion board, there was comments about some need for a if statement

cegprakash: in my code I use a 10% probability to alter the solution

cegprakash: and I re-evaluate this solution

cegprakash: and if this is better than my computed best keep this

jrke: K

jrke: means to re-evaluate random sims is that thing

Astrobytes: Yeah. Take your best current random solution, mutate if probability is x, re-evaluate mutated solution and keep it if it's better.

jrke: i saw 10% probality rand()%10

Astrobytes: Yeah, you can change your probability and see what works for you.

jrke: i m going for a while talk to you later

jrke: thanks for mutation

Astrobytes: cool, you're welcome

cegprakash: I'm 10 points behind #13 :'(

WINWINWIN: 10 points is barely anything, spam submit?

struct: Maybe he already spam submitted

WINWINWIN: I dont understand how this happened, 1700+ in BOTG contest but only 846 in multi :/

struct: People didnt resubmit on multi

struct: It wasnt automated before

WINWINWIN: Oh, then you would have gained 2x the XP for reaching legend?

Astrobytes: And you waited sometimes a few weeks for the multi after the contest

struct: yes

cegprakash: i get banned for spam submit


Astrobytes: *again*

struct: If you are hoping to get a lucky submit you better just hardcode

cegprakash: no not again.. generally

WINWINWIN: So that`s euler`s secret to lvl 52 :)

Astrobytes: No. He stayed at 50 for ages until they removed the level cap a short while back. He's since gone up 2 levels so ...

WINWINWIN: Oh, didnt know that there was a level cap earlier

WINWINWIN: Valkyrie is practically useless in BotG right?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: euler u on

Astrobytes: Just wait til later if you see him in chat ffs

eulerscheZahl: i just logged in 30s ago :D

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: wow majic

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: euler im questioning how possible testcase 22 is

Default avatar.png JBM: harassment works \o/

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: in spacemaz


eulerscheZahl: robo converted to C# as well \o/ timeout on 22 though

eulerscheZahl: illedan fails it too :o

eulerscheZahl: ShadowTheAge solves it

RoboStac: can pass it in go, just c# debug is too slow :)

eulerscheZahl: i see

eulerscheZahl: thanks for sharing your solution in a way that makes it accessible for me

RoboStac: yeah, I wanted to see what the other solutions were

RoboStac: seems me and shadow had very similar ideas

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: ahh im so dumb aaa

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: thnx

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: x euler robo

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: ugh my chrome lags

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: guys does codingame lag for you

Default avatar.png K4Mx: is there admin to debug a specific game issue ?

eulerscheZahl: no. but share your issue here, maybe you don't need an admin for it

Default avatar.png K4Mx: Onitama = i receive pmov potential moves from the game input ,

Default avatar.png K4Mx: it seems this input is polluted somehow by the game where i see enemi potential move cards

eulerscheZahl: Onitama is in my responsibility

eulerscheZahl: first of all: which language are you using? python?

Default avatar.png K4Mx: ok then i have no idea what is going on why this bug

Default avatar.png K4Mx: python yes

eulerscheZahl: i guess you print the input to stderr to examine it? make sure to flush the output

eulerscheZahl: print(.., flush=True)

Default avatar.png K4Mx: the gameinput M

Default avatar.png K4Mx: ?

cegprakash: yaay #13 :D


eulerscheZahl: when you don't flush, you might not see the full input and just think you miss something while you get all of it

eulerscheZahl: also make sure to print exactly 1 command per turn and read all the input

eulerscheZahl: more complete example:


eulerscheZahl: and it's intentional that you get all possible move cards including the opponent

K4Mx: i flush everywhere now xD

eulerscheZahl: the ones with owner == player_id are your moves

K4Mx: wait it seems the example is getting only the player potential moves no ?

eulerscheZahl: you should get something like this as the input:


K4Mx: yes so the game is not givin enemy pmov

K4Mx: though i guess you can compute them


eulerscheZahl: the possible opponent moves depend on your own action. so there is no point in giving them

K4Mx: not realy , you can precompute his move since the cards universe is limited

eulerscheZahl: but then you capture one unit of your opponent, removing that possible action

K4Mx: i just need to look at all input the example is not showing all

K4Mx: what ? i mean lookin at your cards, the stock card you can compute future enemy moves

eulerscheZahl: you are given all possible moves for yourself

K4Mx: since he will have your cards

K4Mx: yes

K4Mx: possible moves for opponent is left as an exercise

K4Mx: iiuc

K4Mx: its just python example is not really showing all

eulerscheZahl: the possible moves are just to help you getting started. those who try seriously will reimplement the full game engine anyways to generate valid moves

K4Mx: omg xD

eulerscheZahl: top players plan 6 turns ahead or even more

eulerscheZahl: so there's no point anymore giving that as input. it's only meant to help you getting started. if you don't want to go hardcore or verify your move generator

K4Mx: depth = 6 , i was thinkin about that

K4Mx: thx for hint

K4Mx: still get this bug

jrke: i m going at depth 7

eulerscheZahl: i assume you don't have anything advanced yet? then you can share your code here in chat

eulerscheZahl: for more sophisticated code use a private message

K4Mx: ah well ok then ill just stop playin xD are you satisifed with winin the mental game her e?

K4Mx: i go depth 7777

K4Mx: nothin advanced no

eulerscheZahl: here is no result for your request «jrke»

K4Mx: in particular with this random happening bug

eulerscheZahl: submit your bot then

K4Mx: proof or it did not happen yep

K4Mx: i have no idea with this bug its like my bot is playin an opponen card in advance

eulerscheZahl: paste your code here

K4Mx: its like an element of pmov is poluted at some point , with a move which do not exist at any point in the created list

K4Mx: i need to remove some part for cp paste

K4Mx: debug is like that


Astrobytes: Just paste your code, honestly

K4Mx: all the pmov are legal moves, but when i print its printing an illegal move

eulerscheZahl: pretty sure you have 2 print statements in your while True: loop

eulerscheZahl: can't tell without code

K4Mx: yep but conditional

K4Mx: is this bad coding practice ?

eulerscheZahl: print only 1 line for each loop iteration

eulerscheZahl: or everything will get out of sync

K4Mx: maybe i should store the move and print last ?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: that's not only for Onitama. it's for every game here on CG

K4Mx: which loop you are talkin about ? the While right ?

eulerscheZahl: the main loop which read the input and writes the output

Astrobytes: Paste your code, nobody will steal it or think badly of you K4Mx, it'll be easier to help you

K4Mx: well this is bad code xD

eulerscheZahl: and we don't judge about horrible code

Astrobytes: We're not judging you

Astrobytes: euler... :D

darkhorse64: Liars !

eulerscheZahl: i thought it too Astrobytes :D

Astrobytes: :D


K4Mx: xDDD

jrke: if you see my code its a mess but i improved my coding from contest

Astrobytes: Relax man, don't worry about it

eulerscheZahl: inb4 "i'm annoyed, figure it our yourself if you don't share code"

K4Mx: ok ill try to fix

K4Mx: if not working il paste

eulerscheZahl: ok

Astrobytes: Cool beans

K4Mx: thanks a lot for help

jrke: Astrobytes mutation done

Astrobytes: Nice jrke, any improvements?

jrke: ya 7 frames in first test going to submit

Astrobytes: cool

jrke: yup 300 time decreased but my best is 13512 without sim and 14654 with sim looks i have evaluation problem

K4Mx: is it just a race for depth ?

Astrobytes: Double check your sim too

eulerscheZahl: then use your heuristic as initial solution

K4Mx: nvm

eulerscheZahl: and try to modify it

jrke: whats heuristic

eulerscheZahl: the part without sim

Astrobytes: your non-sim version

Astrobytes: ...

jrke: K

wlesavo: now astro clearly just retyping every phrase euler says

Astrobytes: lol!

Astrobytes: I wish. Then he wouldn't really beat me to it so much

eulerscheZahl: i find it funny. not the fact that i'm faster but that we think the same so often

K4Mx: rock n roll

K4Mx: one print made the deal

eulerscheZahl: great, submit time ;)

K4Mx: nope

Astrobytes: true eulerscheZahl :)

K4Mx: there is an issue with the rule

K4Mx: capture shrine is one turn ?

K4Mx: its not instant

Astrobytes: Well, at least it works now

K4Mx: right ?

K4Mx: also i dont understand the PASS command

eulerscheZahl: when your master reaches the opponent shrine, you win

K4Mx: not a knight ?

eulerscheZahl: PASS is just if there is no valid move. i haven't seen in happen yet

eulerscheZahl: only the master can capture the shrine

K4Mx: you cannot PASS if there is a valid move ?

eulerscheZahl: correct

K4Mx: also not clear in rules

K4Mx: thx

eulerscheZahl: "f there is no valid move, a player can PASS a card of his choice"

wlesavo: interesting, i got my hypersonic bot right under the gold boss, so now i can spy on cheaters just by checking last battles

K4Mx: what is a PASS command example ? you have one ? PASS + cardi d?

wlesavo: already got one

K4Mx: valid on that card or valid on all cards

darkhorse64: Filter with sayonara ?

eulerscheZahl: cheaters in gold?

Astrobytes: lol, wlesavo has taken the duty of Guardian of Hypersonic :D

eulerscheZahl: yes, PASS id but i don't think that you will need it

Astrobytes: Well, they must pass gold to reach legend eulerscheZahl

wlesavo: euler well the new ones submitting all the time

K4Mx: thx pass + id it is

wlesavo: dam, now im the one retyping

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: jacek gets one PASS in about 100 games in his simulation. that is at depth 6 or so, nothing that happens on the real board

eulerscheZahl: so you parked your bot below the boss a while ago wlesavo?

wlesavo: the game is actually really fun

wlesavo: no just yeasterday

eulerscheZahl: one of my faforites

K4Mx: which one ?

eulerscheZahl: i know i spelled that wrong

eulerscheZahl: HyperSonic

K4Mx: ok

eulerscheZahl: but keep playing Onitama ;)

K4Mx: ofc

Astrobytes: :)

wlesavo: after playing sonic i thing pac would benefit from not having fog of war

jrke: this is my best simulation replay

jrke: of test 1

eulerscheZahl: the fog made me doubt if i can motivate myself to even play it at first

eulerscheZahl: still not really a fan of it

eulerscheZahl: enough strategic depth without

wlesavo: true

wlesavo: my HS "sim" suc though, and even that almost reached legend

eulerscheZahl: legend used to be easier in the past

eulerscheZahl: weaker bosses

eulerscheZahl: and contestants weren't that strong either, community improved

wlesavo: so probably pac wouldnt be much harder for nonsim players anyway, maybe even easier

eulerscheZahl: sure, there were some strong players back then. but i managed to beat contest #3 within a week. i'm pretty sure i wouldn't rank third if it was a contest now

eulerscheZahl: the fog adds some uncertainty (corner deaths), making the outcomes more random

eulerscheZahl: sure, you can deduct a lot sometimes. a good tracker is worth a lot for this game

eulerscheZahl: but sometimes the tracking possibilities are limited

eulerscheZahl: maybe next contest

eulerscheZahl: or at mini raic

wlesavo: it felt like tracker would only help gathering, very rare cases for killing/escaping death

eulerscheZahl: i don't even try to escape

wlesavo: deadends thing was good enough for escaping most of the times i think

WINWINWIN: In most pathing based multis, having a BFS / DFS does not matter much until there are offensive options right?

eulerscheZahl: BFS finds the shortest path, DFS doesn't

WINWINWIN: Yes, but if there were no offensive options, would a BFS matter?

eulerscheZahl: it really depends on your specific use-case i don't see a way to give a generic answer

WINWINWIN: Yes, I could not find any use for BFS other than avoiding bombds


eulerscheZahl: some puzzles where BFS will work better than DFS

WINWINWIN: I meant using BFS as an alternate to the in-built A* pathfinding, not when the problem is to make a Pathfinder

eulerscheZahl: if you want a shortest path, use BFS. i thought i was clear on this

WINWINWIN: Yes, my bad

eulerscheZahl: DFS finds any path


Default avatar.png DJLonelyKitten_189e: how to start javarscipt perferctly guys ?

Tiramon: nice ... contest is over and the chat is still alive :)


AntiSquid: :)

Alshock: :)

Astrobytes: :)

WINWINWIN: DJLonelyKitten_189e I think that Magus is an expert with JS

Alshock: we're such babies

AntiSquid: omg ban WINWINWIN


Alshock: develop "perfectly"

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 will do it

Automaton2000: there is no real reason


AntiSquid: you went off topic

Alshock: Ouch, sick burn

WINWINWIN: off topic?

WINWINWIN: DJLonelyKitten asked :/

AntiSquid: broke smiley chain


AntiSquid: ah god my jokes are shit i guess, not sure how to make it more obv

Alshock: @AntiSquid you can't say no more, Automaton2000 told you off :P

Automaton2000: if you were to write a simu

AntiSquid: which game Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i am stuck at the top

Alshock: real life

AntiSquid: maybe real life is already a simulation

WINWINWIN: (Another off topic) :) AntiSquid isnt valkyrie worthless in BOTG?

Alshock: plz make the referee open source

AntiSquid: check gold boss WINWINWIN

AntiSquid: also no

AntiSquid: def not

AntiSquid: even if her skills didn't do damage she'd still be great since you can displace enemy heroes

AntiSquid: imagine a flip next to tower and then stun

WINWINWIN: I dont understand how to use it, you either go for long ranged (IM & DS) or melee(Hulk & DP)

AntiSquid: moving heroes out of position can be very strong in real MOBAs, why would it be useless here?

AntiSquid: some strats are easier to implement, that's all

WINWINWIN: Makes sense

WINWINWIN: But range seems vital here...

AntiSquid: i mean she can jump to reposition herself and then she can move an enemy hero to the wrong position which puts them at disadvantage

WINWINWIN: Hmm, that would be quite helpful.

Default avatar.png DJLonelyKitten_189e: who is magus bro ?

AntiSquid: also she has longer range tahn the other melee heroes WINWINWIN

AntiSquid: and she has kinda same stats too

WINWINWIN: pretty low damage

Astrobytes: Damage doesn't matter in her case

Astrobytes: Like squids saying, you can use her power strategically

AntiSquid: you can farm creeps more safely with her

WINWINWIN: Yes, but seems pretty difficult to implement

eulerscheZahl: Hulk+Hulk used to be a strong combo

WINWINWIN: 2 heroes of same type not allowed?

AntiSquid: there's a valkyre + doctor strange combo and that is very strong at displacing enemy line up

Astrobytes: Depends if it's a live contest or not :P

eulerscheZahl: i still remember the chat: someone complaining about a guy using two hulks at the top of gold beating him up heavily

WINWINWIN: Bug in the referee during the contest?

eulerscheZahl: we: that's not possible! he: shares replay

Astrobytes: I wasn't even there and I know about it lol


AntiSquid: wonder how the meta would have looked like if people put more effort into valk+ strange

AntiSquid: oh btw there were 2 more heroes supposed to be added

WINWINWIN: which ones?

eulerscheZahl: you can still find them in code comments

eulerscheZahl: lancer is one. or was that valkyrie?

AntiSquid: some super long range sniper and a curse mage dealing damage over time

AntiSquid: lancer = valk

eulerscheZahl: but sprites were too expensive?

AntiSquid: no

eulerscheZahl: i vaguely remember that BotG wasn't a cheap contest

AntiSquid: requests to simplify game

AntiSquid: not best graphics for the price

WINWINWIN: I like the Silver boss technique of activating groots near the opponent, there was no mention of it in any PM

eulerscheZahl: that's how people won vs the gold boss

eulerscheZahl: boss completely ignored groots

WINWINWIN: Will add it now quite interesting

AntiSquid: also ille's gf done much better HUD + reworked the lane units, they looked weird before

K4Mx: how do we know which library are availab for python for instance ?


AntiSquid: quite sure there's a command for that?



AntiSquid: or google for other source

eulerscheZahl: Includes NumPy 1.16.2, pandas 0.24.2, SciPy 1.2.1

eulerscheZahl: that's the libraries you can use on CG

K4Mx: another question

K4Mx: are you quite confident about containers / sandbox security between players and admin / site

K4Mx: has it been battletested ?

eulerscheZahl: every usercode runs in something similar to docker

reCurse: Let's just say it's received a lot of attention over the years

K4Mx: i dont want to discover that bot#1 has just hacked through containers and read all codes xD

reCurse: Lots of players have tested all kinds of shenanigans

reCurse: Whatever was found has been fixed so far

eulerscheZahl: and now that users can upload their own games, CG protected that aspect good too. at least i failed to inject some JS code that isn't supposed to be there

K4Mx: good

K4Mx: policy is ban ?

reCurse: No, policy is fix

reCurse: Except if contest prizes are involved, then possibly DQ

K4Mx: are you killin whitehats ?

eulerscheZahl: CG is really cool when it comes to reporting things you accessing stuff that you aren't supposed to see

K4Mx: ok thx

eulerscheZahl: then fix it and thank you for reporting

eulerscheZahl: they*

K4Mx: got it

AntiSquid: contest cheats weren't banned last contest

AntiSquid: just removed from ladder

Astrobytes: And it's usually prudent to report the issue privately, of coursee

Astrobytes: *course

reCurse: Yeah but I think copy/paste is a different story than what we're talking about here

K4Mx: would be interesting to work at CG sec

K4Mx: anyway lets code

eulerscheZahl: CG has interns sometimes

K4Mx: im old xD

Astrobytes: :older_man:

Imsure1200q: has anyone brute-forced space maze

eulerscheZahl: no

Imsure1200q: eww my profile pic looks like a dentist advertisment from afar

Astrobytes: He told you this yesterday Imsure1200q

Astrobytes: When you asked the same question more or less

Imsure1200q: yes i know

Imsure1200q: but its not really the same question

Imsure1200q: cuz yesterday it was about which method to use and i think he said bruteforce isnt so good

Astrobytes: I thought you were doing a NN, or A*, or hardcoding... now you intend to bruteforce?

eulerscheZahl: and since my last answer robo submitted a C# solution which might change the answer

Imsure1200q: oh wait i dont mean bruteforce

Astrobytes: What did he submit in originally? C++?

Imsure1200q: i mean like doing every path seeing if its ok

eulerscheZahl: Go

Astrobytes: Ah ok

eulerscheZahl: he has a top10 hypersonic bot in Go too

eulerscheZahl: and for CSB

K4Mx: lol

Astrobytes: Go's pretty decent, my mate keeps trying to force me to learn it

K4Mx: i wish i had this kind of achievemnt one day xD

Imsure1200q: its decent??

K4Mx: "he has a top 10 hypersonic bot in Go" kek

K4Mx: totaly a girl magnet

Imsure1200q: anyway ill just move on quickly cuz studying the testcases in Chrome is hell

eulerscheZahl: you aren't supposed to analyze them by hand but to find a generic solution

Astrobytes: I think he had thoughts of hardcoding previously

eulerscheZahl: i guess i cheated to some degree: there were testcases where my heuristic performed poorly and made me timeout. so i just removed them

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: was hoping for proper feedback in the review process

eulerscheZahl: then one day i logged in to see it's approved


WINWINWIN: Doesnt your solution have to be given out during the contribution process euler?

eulerscheZahl: no, i did not have to share my own solution

Astrobytes: But one should most definitely solve before approving any puzzle

eulerscheZahl: you have to do this for classic input-output puzzles. but not for interactive contributions with a viewer

WINWINWIN: But looking at validators is probably a solution :/

eulerscheZahl: the puzzle was pending for a few months without anyone daring to touch it. then someone created 3 fake accounts and approved this and a few other puzzles

WINWINWIN: 3 fake accounts?

Astrobytes: ffs

WINWINWIN: how lvl20 in all?


eulerscheZahl: same approvers. and that puzzle was taken almost verbatim from hackerrank

eulerscheZahl: if it collects enough low ratings and a total of 20 votes, it will disappear

eulerscheZahl: i'm still waiting for this to happen: create some accounts and give 1 star everywhere

eulerscheZahl: a lot of puzzles would disappear

Imsure1200q: seriously hardcoding is heller than studying the testcases

Default avatar.png PJMantoss: Hello everyone

Imsure1200q: hi

eulerscheZahl: just 30 testcases, hardcoding is doable

Default avatar.png PJMantoss: I need some help

WINWINWIN: So guys have to rate it as 0 to remove it?

Imsure1200q: yeah but theres validators so i cant hardcod

Default avatar.png PJMantoss:

eulerscheZahl: many 1 star ratings => it will disappear

eulerscheZahl: happens to clash of code sometimes. rare for real puzzles

Imsure1200q: actually i think i should start working on the alg

Imsure1200q: or whatever heuristic means

WINWINWIN: PJMantoss, found nothing does not always mean ouputted nothing

Imsure1200q: testcase 22 was the worst experience ever

WINWINWIN: it can also mean that your answer was not complete

K4Mx: wait how do i vote for onitama ? XD

eulerscheZahl: you have to pass submit validators which are different to visible tests. you might get 100% without solving test 22

eulerscheZahl: K4Mx you have to submit your code

eulerscheZahl: then get back to the overview page

K4Mx: omg what a diktatorship

eulerscheZahl: sorry :D

K4Mx: ill give it 5 star once submited

K4Mx: dont want this to disappear at all

eulerscheZahl: unlikely to happen, onitama has a good rating. and i would probably annoy staff until they bring it back :D

K4Mx: well its on github

Imsure1200q: testcase22 is hard but 23 is so easy

K4Mx: but we need an arena

Imsure1200q: why is it like dat


jacek: why 5 star for onitama? its a boring game

jacek: :c

eulerscheZahl: Imsure1200q the testcases are randomly generated (except for the first few). so it's possible that they have different difficulty

eulerscheZahl: so you are the 1 star rating jacek? :P

Imsure1200q: WAIT WHAT

Imsure1200q: oh wait you mean randomly generated by euler or smth?

K4Mx: who gave 1 star to oni ?

K4Mx: get rekt

eulerscheZahl: when i created testcases for space maze, i just generated random maps (placing ground, platforms, ...) then I tried to solve these levels. if i could solve them and it wasn't trivial, i kept that testcase

Imsure1200q: ur the one who generated them?

K4Mx: fucking sentient bot xD

eulerscheZahl: yes, i created both space maze and Onitama

jacek: try space onitama

eulerscheZahl: :D

Imsure1200q: why is it contribution by euler not u

eulerscheZahl: the knights would die in space, running out of oxygen

Imsure1200q: is like a bug or smth?

eulerscheZahl: wizards might survive :thinking:

K4Mx: lol

eulerscheZahl: but I am eulerscheZahl? what nickname do you see displayed for me?

Imsure1200q: nothing


reCurse: Then a magical space helmet isn't out of question

eulerscheZahl: maybe F5 will add nicknames. no idea

eulerscheZahl: (save your code before you try)

K4Mx: im unsure about halucinogenic frog survival in space

K4Mx: got to google that

Imsure1200q: finally it says euler

K4Mx: \o/

eulerscheZahl: i'm no longer incognito :)

Imsure1200q: ya i thought u were another account

Imsure1200q: cuz i scrolled up to see if chrome wasnt recognizing your data but it was and wasnt at the same time

Imsure1200q: ?

eulerscheZahl: sometimes CG fails to load chat profiles, no idea why

eulerscheZahl: then i appear as WatercooledSkull

Imsure1200q: lol

jacek: your alt?

Astrobytes: His real name

eulerscheZahl: my CG chat name

WINWINWIN: Real name:thinking:


Imsure1200q: no it sounds so one of those 70's metal bands

Astrobytes: Steel Hippo

eulerscheZahl: generateNickname(1500515) "WaterCooledSkull_ad41"

Imsure1200q: baby shark

eulerscheZahl: Astrobytes is DoomedScone_d423

Astrobytes: DoomedScone, I like that. It has a food connection

Imsure1200q: can your generator generate BabyShark_2222

Astrobytes: It's what CG generates given your ID

Imsure1200q: oh no we have id

Imsure1200q: i wonder if theres someone in here who has nickname BabyShark_2222

Imsure1200q: hes probably screaming in horror

eulerscheZahl: you can enter a nickname into the searchbar at the top (not available in the IDE)

Imsure1200q: im in ide

Astrobytes: Hmmm... how to solve THAT problem :thinking:

Imsure1200q: tell html to add search bar element

Astrobytes: Open another tab?

Astrobytes: Leave the IDE?

Imsure1200q: no when u open a tab in chrome it takes forever

Astrobytes: just opened 5

Imsure1200q: exactly

Astrobytes: in a row

Astrobytes: less than a second

Imsure1200q: not in a column

Imsure1200q: dude thats impossible how

Astrobytes: Ctrl-t

Imsure1200q: also when i open new tab and i have to press the home button

Astrobytes: I can't continue this conversation, sorry

Imsure1200q: cuz if i type link it will go to some weird browser

eulerscheZahl: ctrl+windows+C opens a new codingame tab for me. i defined some weird hotkeys :D

Imsure1200q: wow

Imsure1200q: thats why youre faster than astro

eulerscheZahl: trolls are getting creative

Astrobytes: lol, it's probably jacek :P

Imsure1200q: :( :)

Imsure1200q: i wana port to C++

Imsure1200q: haha 0 experience

WINWINWIN: Not necessarily a troll :D people always tell newbies to invite u to CoC :P

jacek: who could those people be :thinking:

Imsure1200q: u


Default avatar.png ClashOfCodeFanatic: Pardon, mais je pensais que eulerscheZahl jouait beaucoup au clash du code, c'est ce que j'ai entendu sur le chat.

Snef: ClashOfCodeFanatic it is an english channel here

Astrobytes: He heard you play a lot of clashjes euler

Astrobytes: *heard

Imsure1200q: wow now u know french

Snef: Astrobytes is so talented

Astrobytes: No I'm extremely far from fluent, but I can sometimes get an idea

Default avatar.png ClashOfCodeFanatic: Sorry

Imsure1200q: i mean i guess yall have french and spanish classes

Imsure1200q: like according to the movies

Astrobytes: 20+ years ago I did

Imsure1200q: for me i only know 1-2 words french im a genius

Snef: baguette

Snef: fromage

Astrobytes: omelette du fromage

Imsure1200q: no its c'est and beau

Imsure1200q: for italian i know pizza

Imsure1200q: wait

Snef: la pizza au fromage c'est beau

Imsure1200q: whats a fromage

Snef: guess

Astrobytes: It's when you come from somewhere

Default avatar.png ClashOfCodeFanatic: cheese

Snef: spoiler :(

Imsure1200q: wow

Default avatar.png ClashOfCodeFanatic: :)

Astrobytes: Stop ruining my fun! :P

Imsure1200q: spoiled ches

Imsure1200q: how is cheese beautiful its just a yellow/white/blue thing

Imsure1200q: its like tofu except its not

Snef: it was just to reuse the words you said

Astrobytes: Quote of the Year

Imsure1200q: except in Big Mac

Astrobytes: "ts like tofu except its not"

Astrobytes: *"its like tofu except its not"

Imsure1200q: its the best word

Default avatar.png JBM: le bigge mak

Astrobytes: I mean, cats are small, but not as small as spiders.

Imsure1200q: yeah cuz spiders are 8 legs + ball + ball

Imsure1200q: and cats play with yarnball

Astrobytes: Trees are just like waterfalls except they're not.

Imsure1200q: yeah because the tree sap when it spiels its so sloowww

Imsure1200q: also if you drink waterfall you dont die but when you drink sap you get hurt

Astrobytes: Have you completed your Space MAze algorithm yet?

Imsure1200q: in Tagalog sakit is the same for hurt and sick so hurt is like sick except its not

Imsure1200q: no

Imsure1200q: still studying cases

Imsure1200q: dont worry im case 25

Imsure1200q: haha its hell to study it

Astrobytes: If you spent less time chatting, less time studying cases, and more time coding or researching how you might approach the problem... you know

Imsure1200q: yeah but the research part is the boring part

Imsure1200q: like for polygon triangulation when i wanted to know about ear clipping

Astrobytes: By researching I do not mean coming up with a solution by hand for all testcases

Imsure1200q: lol

Imsure1200q: but the videos and papers

Imsure1200q: lately when i do research it takes hourrssss

Imsure1200q: except for anatomy and physiology so easy

Imsure1200q: but when i search A&P for dolphins boom nothing

Astrobytes: Right.

Imsure1200q: the Space Maze research is like that except its not

Astrobytes: Please. Just stop.

Imsure1200q: stop wat

Imsure1200q: ahh chatting ok

Imsure1200q: later after im done testcasesing

Murch: There seems to be a discussion area for new puzzles. Is it possible to propose an additional testcase to an accepted puzzle?

eulerscheZahl: which puzzle?

Murch: The puzzle "War"

eulerscheZahl: that's an official puzzle, not a community contribution. it's unlikely that anything will change there

Murch: Okay, thanks

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl studying for exam instead of contest worked out

ZarthaxX: no regrets at least

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

eulerscheZahl: it didn't, you got stuck in gold

eulerscheZahl: but congrats on your good grades :D

ZarthaxX: i meant i pass

ZarthaxX: ...

ZarthaxX: you savage

eulerscheZahl: i'm trolling. as usual

ZarthaxX: i will invite you to a CoC coz of that

ZarthaxX: :relaxed:

eulerscheZahl: then you have to clash yourself

Imsure1200q: lol euler why tho

ZarthaxX: i will quit

eulerscheZahl: why what? trolling? it's just how I am

eulerscheZahl: having fun with SmarthaxX

ZarthaxX: lvl 52, 1st in cg, troll guy

ZarthaxX: nice one :thinking:

Imsure1200q: you know those quit giveaway iPhoneX 2500 subs rn

ZarthaxX: wat

Imsure1200q: scammer youtuber

Imsure1200q: s

Imsure1200q: you know when the title of the video is "I quit" and the thumbnail is a sad person

Imsure1200q: and the content summarized is "okay if you sub like and click the bell first 100 to do that will get this 1 iPhone X

Imsure1200q: and the 6 year old 7 year old fall for it

Daher: 13 0 6 4 14 20 13 what is the trick

Imsure1200q: ur clashing rn?

Imsure1200q: you get the first number and print it

eulerscheZahl: we need more data


Daher: it is ok i get it

Imsure1200q: ok

Imsure1200q: im done testcasing

eulerscheZahl: so, what's the next step?

Imsure1200q: i observe that i can do like a constrained/limited pathfinding

Imsure1200q: and like move the car every 50ms just in case im still calculating

Imsure1200q: dumbest observations ever i still need to do something for circling

Imsure1200q: therefore the next step is making da algorithm knowing it will fail

LelouchVC2: Lmao

LelouchVC2: I'm coding my own Clash of Code submission

LelouchVC2: Watch me lose to python programmers

Imsure1200q: haha python

struct: you dont need to worry about python in coc

Imsure1200q: i dont get why jobs like python like i thought its slow and interpreted

LelouchVC2: why not?

struct: At least in shortest mode

LelouchVC2: This website is super bias towards python

struct: there are shorter languages

Imsure1200q: but why python tho

LelouchVC2: I tried it out once, and the test cases ran 10x faster than on C++

WINWINWIN: LelouchVC2 nobody thinks that :P

struct: are you saying that python is 10x faster than c++?

Imsure1200q: i thought python was interpreted?

LelouchVC2: Black people think that. Checkmate

Imsure1200q: dude lol thats kinda harsh

WINWINWIN: C++ in multis and ruby / perl in CoC

LelouchVC2: I'm saying this website runs python faster than C++

struct: lo

struct: lol

LelouchVC2: Which is why it's bias towards it


Imsure1200q: lol cuz u need to compile C++?

LelouchVC2: Damn bro, never knew that

LelouchVC2: Why would they compile C++

LelouchVC2: It's mind blowing

Imsure1200q: like they can use a G++ or ninja

WINWINWIN: do you honestly think that python is faster than C++ even on CG?

LelouchVC2: When running tests, yes

Imsure1200q: no cuz when i installed anaconda and jupyter it never worked so i never tried it

LelouchVC2: C++ runs slow HERE

Imsure1200q: weird

Imsure1200q: so i wont port my code to c++ then

struct: its still faster than any other language here

LelouchVC2: Yes, in practical use

Imsure1200q: so python is the fastest lang in this website?

LelouchVC2: But whatver this site is using to run code

LelouchVC2: Is making it slow

LelouchVC2: I haven't tested "fastest", but definitely faster than c++

struct: It isn't

Astrobytes: Faster C++ code?

  1. pragma GCC optimize("O3","unroll-loops","omit-frame-pointer", "inline")
  2. pragma GCC option("arch=native","tune=native","no-zeroupper")
  3. pragma GCC target("avx2")

LelouchVC2: really unfair when a fastest mode has like 8 tests

struct: You dont even need that to be faster than python

LelouchVC2: And the site takes about 30 seconds to go through them

LelouchVC2: While Python would literally do it in about 5

Astrobytes: No shit struct

WINWINWIN: he means faster to type :/ cant believe anyone would think that C++ performs worse

Astrobytes: This convo is just...

Imsure1200q: cuz when i compile my c++ even if the file is LONGGG its still very fast

WINWINWIN: :dizzy_face:

LelouchVC2: On this site

LelouchVC2: Or in general

Imsure1200q: On my PC terminal

LelouchVC2: It's like I'm talking to a wall

struct: I feel the same


Imsure1200q: its a nice wal

LelouchVC2: A beautiful wall <3

Imsure1200q: there are probably 100 people spectating this convo

Imsure1200q: we just dont notioce

Imsure1200q: *notice

Default avatar.png goore: true

LelouchVC2: George Bush did 9/11

Default avatar.png goore: dont go around letting important secrets out

WINWINWIN: Is C++ faster than Python on codingame Automaton2000

Imsure1200q: i can feel someone looking at the chat and thinking "how did this coding website turn into a beautiful wall"

Automaton2000: it is a bit slower

LelouchVC2: Well, I've lost to python once again

WINWINWIN: Wow!! pretty smart Automaton2000

Automaton2000: managed to find everything regarding angles there

LelouchVC2: I can get this only down to 500 characters

LelouchVC2: Python programmer got it to 250

Imsure1200q: why doesnt codingame run on c++ tho?

WINWINWIN: 250?? in python

WINWINWIN: should be a lot shorter for practically anything

Imsure1200q: so thats why codingame uses python because low file size?

LelouchVC2: i made this CoC, it has a lot going on

LelouchVC2: 250 in python is reasonable

struct: not good for the best language

LelouchVC2: To get to 500 I removed spaces


LelouchVC2: Best language huh?

Imsure1200q: nah im on the c++ side

LelouchVC2: Who isn't on the C++ side

Imsure1200q: the only reason why im learning python is to interpret what every programmer puts in their blog tutorials

Imsure1200q: i mean every programmer nowadays

Imsure1200q: i love c++ its my main after javascript

Imsure1200q: asm

LelouchVC2: That doesn't sound righ

LelouchVC2: t

LelouchVC2: You love C++, but then you also like Javascript

Imsure1200q: i like javascript because very flexible but i like C++ because when you compile its faster than IE7

LelouchVC2: Internet Explorer 7?

Imsure1200q: ys

LelouchVC2: lmao!

Imsure1200q: microsoft edge is fast but its so gross imo

LelouchVC2: Looks nicer than any IE version

Imsure1200q: yes but its too similar to IE color pallete

Imsure1200q: gives me nostalgia of IE inconvenience

LelouchVC2: I don't use it, but it looked nice and felt good when I sometimes need to pull it up

LelouchVC2: Usually to install Chrome

Imsure1200q: I like firefox tho cuz its fast for me

K4Mx: something is wrong

Imsure1200q: hat

Imsure1200q: what

K4Mx: how do we get which side we are on onitama

LelouchVC2: You pull out a compas

Imsure1200q: l

eulerscheZahl: it's given in your ID (player_id, first input above the main loop)

K4Mx: can we reverse the boss to 1 to test ?

K4Mx: i should have no submited euler you influenced me xD

Astrobytes: Swap the players i nthe IDE

jacek: just wait when he is gonna trying to figure out player's 2 card movements

eulerscheZahl: Onitama boss:

K4Mx: i dont see where to swap

eulerscheZahl: oh, that was the question. delete both you and the boss

Astrobytes: Players, under the avatars, delete

eulerscheZahl: then add again using the plus

eulerscheZahl: :D

K4Mx: thx

Astrobytes: . . .

Astrobytes: :D

K4Mx: how to unsubmit my botz

eulerscheZahl: once submitted to the arena, it will stay there forever

Astrobytes: Not possible. You *must* improve now :D

K4Mx: FUCK IT xD thx

K4Mx: we had a lenghty fight astro

Astrobytes: In Onitama? I have a bot there?

K4Mx: what a troll

Astrobytes: No seriously, I forgot

eulerscheZahl: i wanted to check if you are there Astrobytes. why am I not following you?

Astrobytes: I added 3 lines, and modified 1, and that's my bot

K4Mx: .....

Astrobytes: No idea eulerscheZahl, but the issue is now resolved :)

LelouchVC2: That was me in the pacman stuff

jacek: Astrobytes youre 9th in wood 2

Astrobytes: K4Mx, sorry I added 4 lines

K4Mx: ofc

LelouchVC2: Unforgivable

Astrobytes: Yeah found it jacek lol

jacek: ow can i see wood 2 leaderboard?


jacek: what a bunch of noobs

Astrobytes: I haven't played it since I submitted

eulerscheZahl: how kind of you :D

Imsure1200q: euler

Imsure1200q: for your solution to circling im confused

eulerscheZahl: why?

Imsure1200q: cuz you bring id: 1 out of orbit then you bring it back inside?

eulerscheZahl: do you see the full replay? broken monitor?

eulerscheZahl: overlapping windows

Imsure1200q: ya i did

Astrobytes: Broken something at least

K4Mx: which side play first ? blue or red ?

jacek: yes

K4Mx: lol

K4Mx: fuck u xD

eulerscheZahl: red

K4Mx: thx

K4Mx: why am i playin this and not CoD

K4Mx: strange world we live in

Astrobytes: Because CoD is rubbish. Real men play ArmA

LelouchVC2: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

LelouchVC2: I tried to get into Arma, but couldnt :(

eulerscheZahl: Arma what? Armageddon?

K4Mx: real men play kerbal space program

K4Mx: get real

Astrobytes: I don't play much anymore, used to play with some mates most Sundays

Astrobytes: eulerscheZahl It's a military sim game

LelouchVC2: I don't like how specific the orders have to be sometimes

Astrobytes: It's a mil-sim!! What you expect?

LelouchVC2: And there's also a lot of technical stuff that you can't know, that you just have to play a lot to finally get

LelouchVC2: Well, there's a toystory game that was similar, but in a nice way

LelouchVC2: There was an AI, so your soldiers would actually do basic things unless you ordered them otherwise

Astrobytes: A military sim based on... Toy STory?

LelouchVC2: army men rts

Astrobytes: ffs

LelouchVC2: I played it when I was young :3 that was the shit back in the day

Astrobytes: No, I liked the coop of Arma, headsets and the er... thrill of combat (getting shot a lot)

Astrobytes: Anyway, I'm debugging

K4Mx: you need resubmit tu update ?

Astrobytes: y

K4Mx: thx <3

Astrobytes: es

LelouchVC2: 1v1 <3

K4Mx: 2 vs universe <3

LelouchVC2: That sounds unfair. For the universe

K4Mx: like we care ?

Imsure1200q: euler this is the replay i had to do



eulerscheZahl: at no point anything disappears into orbit there

Imsure1200q: yeah but that wasnt ur solution

Imsure1200q: oh wait im being dumb

struct: Oh god im playing coc

struct: I regret

LelouchVC2: Well, if ur not gay then dont do it

LelouchVC2: Don't let them pressure you

K4Mx: wait you kept same variable for the board as reds and blues ?

struct: pressure me?

K4Mx: W = is boss or enemy depending on red / blue ?

K4Mx: W = is boss or master depending on red / blue ?

K4Mx: yes you did

K4Mx: omg

Imsure1200q: eulerscheZahl is that the

Astrobytes: Ever get that troll-ish feeling?

jacek: huh?

jacek: there is b B w W

eulerscheZahl: "at no point anything disappears into orbit there"

Imsure1200q: im gonna start the alg tomorrow

Imsure1200q: im done defining classes and stuff now i need 2 sleep lol bye

Astrobytes: You said that yesterday.

Imsure1200q: yes but i woke up vry late

Imsure1200q: aka overslept

Astrobytes: Thanks for the clarity on that.

Imsure1200q: but i mean i just got started into the alg but i need to sleep already

Imsure1200q: so tomorrow its definite that ill do the alg first thing

Imsure1200q: but ya ill sleep now lol by

Astrobytes: And which algorithm will it be?

Imsure1200q: i dont know its name or if it even exists but i have one in mind

Astrobytes: I see.

Imsure1200q: what? i dont see why it would fail.

Astrobytes: When did I say it would fail?

Imsure1200q: step by step it still executes ok except i havent put it into code yet

Astrobytes: How does it execute then?

Imsure1200q: ill explain it tom cuz i need to slep

Astrobytes: I see.

eulerscheZahl: good night

Imsure1200q: good night (but its morning for mee)

Astrobytes: Don't oversleep now.

Imsure1200q: dont think i will cuz my brother will do something early in morning

Imsure1200q: will be woken up

Imsure1200q: by the noise

Imsure1200q: ok bye

Astrobytes: Isee.

K4Mx: can we debug for arena battle ?

eulerscheZahl: there is a button to send the game to IDE. works if both bots are deterministic

Astrobytes: And set to Manual so the seed remains the same

K4Mx: ... ok thx

K4Mx: where manual you mean ?

K4Mx: in the random call ?

Astrobytes: In Options

Astrobytes: Tab next to Players

eulerscheZahl: activate expert mode

Astrobytes: if you don't see it you neeed Expert Mode

eulerscheZahl: :D

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: Settings on the left

K4Mx: thx

eulerscheZahl: was about to write about the settings, replaced it by :D

Astrobytes: hehehe

Astrobytes: It's quite uncanny sometimes

eulerscheZahl: ctrl+Z to get it back: settings on the left exactly the same except for the uppercase S

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: i'm afk, cycling around without a real target

Astrobytes: cool, enjoy

jacek: in other words, he wants coc invitation

K4Mx: i beat your bot astro x)

Astrobytes: Unsurprising considering I spent approx 5 mins on it lol

Astrobytes: Good job anyway, next league?

K4Mx: i hope the basics of the game stay the same ?

Astrobytes: Yeah I don't believe there's anything new in the next league

K4Mx: ih ope until the end bc iwant to improve AI not parsin game

Astrobytes: Only 2 leagues in this one

jacek: next league is the same

K4Mx: what about top leagues ?

Astrobytes: There's only 2

jacek: its community game, so only wood leagues

K4Mx: so always the same game input parameter and rules but just improv bot right ?

Astrobytes: Yup

K4Mx: that is perfect

K4Mx: thx

Astrobytes: yw

jacek: actually there is no boss

K4Mx: what was that small bip sound ?

K4Mx: going other league ?

Astrobytes: yeah

jacek: notification

Astrobytes: 25XP is it?

K4Mx: yes 25

K4Mx: my bot is permanently fighting in wood1 ?

Astrobytes: Yep

K4Mx: ok thx

Astrobytes: Wood 1 is like the 'real' league, Wood 2 is like kindergarten.

K4Mx: thx

K4Mx: im still happy about it neway

Astrobytes: Some other community multis have more than 2 wood leagues, some just one

Astrobytes: Yes, congrats :)

K4Mx: :)

K4Mx: now i will work with my team xD

K4Mx: how can i see my wood1 battles

Astrobytes: They're gone now

K4Mx: it says 23 / 38

K4Mx: i want to see my battles if possible

Astrobytes: Oh my bad, thought you meant Wood 2, duh

jacek: refresh and click last battles

Astrobytes: Last Battles

K4Mx: thx

jrke: my sim is working but random moves are sometimes ok and sometimes good and sometimes bad

jacek: thats definition of random :v

Astrobytes: ^

jrke: how you all evaluate your sim

K4Mx: man , all those C++ bots

K4Mx: i have a bad feeling about this

jrke: i have evaluation problem sometimes

Astrobytes: I haven't finished my Search Race sim/search, just my heuristic version in the leaderboard

jrke: k

Astrobytes: Did you try using your non-search code as the base of an eval for your search?

jrke: not yet

jrke: i have finished sim but my heuristic version is better than it

jrke: now seems i have to improve my heuristic one

Astrobytes: Right, well start with that and work from there

Astrobytes: No no, do what I suggest for your search eval

Astrobytes: Keep working on it

jrke: K

Astrobytes: You got this :)

jrke: ya

jrke: hey i wanna know how to check if checkpoint crossed

jrke: if dist<600 or what

Astrobytes: Yeah, just check for collision with CP, you have that in your sim right?

jrke: CP means

jrke: oh collision predictor

Astrobytes: Sorry man, checkpoint = CP

jrke: K

jrke: maybe i have problem in that only checkpoint crossed or not

jrke: what is radius of car

Astrobytes: Don't think there is one for this, just use your position, if you're inside the CP then it's good. Check the referee code

jrke: oh yeah i got idea

Astrobytes: What did you use for CSB?

Astrobytes: What search alorithm I mean

Astrobytes: *algorithm

jrke: no search algo just target-3vel and choosing best thrust you can say sim for thrust and changing checkpoint if i have enough velocity to cross this checkpoint and collision predictor etc

Astrobytes: Ah right

jrke: and one pod for opponent blocker

Astrobytes: Cool. So this is your first search or you have others in other multis?


jrke: watch this you will have idea of my algo

Astrobytes: Yep, does what you said :)

jrke: ya

jrke: is this ok abs(car.x-checkp.x)<600 and same for y to see checkpoint crossed or not

Astrobytes: just take the distance

jrke: means just dist<600

jrke: sqrt(x-cx*x-cx+y-cy*y-cy)

jrke: dist method

Astrobytes: yeah, euclidean distance

Astrobytes: But 600 is the radius remember, so you can be less than 600 away and still outside the CP

jrke: means 599

darkhorse64: Astrobytes ??

Astrobytes: You called?

Default avatar.png goore: why are coc lobbys so empty

darkhorse64: "But 600 is the radius remember, so you can be less than 600 away and still outside the CP". This is plain wrong

darkhorse64: Or I miss something

Astrobytes: From the inside of the checkpoint, not from the center obviously

darkhorse64: OK

Astrobytes: Sorry for the confusion

darkhorse64: I know you know but that was surprising

jrke: what a line i know you know:smiley:

Astrobytes: Just been trying to explain some stuff to jrke in simplest terms

jrke: can't find dist in refree

Astrobytes: I could have phrased it a little better on reflection

darkhorse64: Don't. I am stuck at 12k

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: I've been sidetracked

Astrobytes: jrke dist? You mean car radius?

Astrobytes: Or distance calculation?

jrke: i mean radius in which our car should be to cross this checkpoint

Astrobytes: "To enter a checkpoint, the center of a car must be within 600 units of the checkpoints center."

jrke: but i did 589 for safety but not working properly

Astrobytes: no need to change it

Astrobytes: use 600

jrke: but working

jrke: *not

Astrobytes: What did you use in your original (non-search) code?

AntiSquid: fixing a bug with another "bug" is a downward spiral of doom

AntiSquid: i did that in pacman contest and i was a really bad idea in hindsight

Astrobytes: Or patching, depending who you talk to :P

AntiSquid: it was *

jrke: i did 400 in non search code

AntiSquid: maybe you don't find the correct values to aim for the check point

Astrobytes: Have you checked your collisions to make sure they are working correctly?

jrke: i haven't did collision for that

jrke: just if dist<600

Astrobytes: In your sim

Astrobytes: If you don't have collision in your sim it's not going to go very well

jrke: how to check collision

jrke: like CSB

AntiSquid: what collisions do you need ? @_@

AntiSquid: confused

jrke: ya im confused

Astrobytes: Between your car and the chekpoint

Astrobytes: *checkpoint

AntiSquid: and why is distance check not enough?

Astrobytes: He's got a sim and search, something could be way off in his sim

jrke: so predicting collision like CSB

jrke: ?

jrke: or not

Astrobytes: Essentially yes. Did you read the referee code?

jrke: ya they had collision

jrke: if collision time<1 then checkpoint crossed

jrke: if(col.time >= 0.0 && col.time + t <= 1.0){

               hasCollided = true;

jrke: from refree

Astrobytes: This is just CSB with one pod and checkpoints, slightly different referee

jrke: ya

jrke: CSB don't have collision for checkpoint

Astrobytes: ...

jrke: its 00:53 in India going for a sleep

Astrobytes: Good idea! Work on it tomorrow

Astrobytes: gn jrke

jrke: thanks

jrke: and gn to you in advance

Astrobytes: thanks :)

anid: Anyone know where I can find the source code for Langton`s Ant?


eulerscheZahl: click "download"

Astrobytes: I failed on this because the link is in my other browser :P

anid: Shouldnt the code be pushed to public as well?

eulerscheZahl: open the game in the IDE, click "VIEW CONTRIBUTION" at the top above the viewer

eulerscheZahl: level29+ required

anid: I see, thanks

Astrobytes: So, TIL there are no collisions with checkpoints in CSB

Astrobytes: My head aches from the past hour's chat

Astrobytes: How was your bike ride eulerscheZahl?

eulerscheZahl: great, collected some flies with my eyes

eulerscheZahl: taking a shower now

Astrobytes: lol, wear some shades, helps

jacek: frogs do like flies though

Astrobytes: *toads

Default avatar.png JBM: is anyone able to give me a clear view of how many "referee" turns / how many "player" turns / what other limitations there are on SDK games?

Default avatar.png JBM: the way i see it there's a 250 "frame" (=referee) default; no expressed max; and something like a 50ms defaut/1s max "player" allowance

eulerscheZahl: you have some limits: 30s for the total game

Default avatar.png JBM: i'd expect sum(player time) to be what they really limit, but find no trace of that

eulerscheZahl: at least 50ms per user action

Default avatar.png JBM: ah, there is?

eulerscheZahl: that allows you to have 600 actions

Default avatar.png JBM: ok

Default avatar.png JBM: but it's not enforced as such?

eulerscheZahl: you can have "empty" frames without calling any bots

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah that part i figured

Default avatar.png JBM: (and will use)

eulerscheZahl: these limits are checked and result in a referee crash if you violate them

Default avatar.png JBM: so no real frame limit, but no sane way to abuse them

eulerscheZahl: there are also limitations on replay size

Default avatar.png JBM: and the other way round...

Default avatar.png JBM: any way to "compress" multiple player turns in a frame?

eulerscheZahl: i don't think so

Astrobytes: See JBM, this is where you need the community-games-creation discord channel :P

Default avatar.png JBM: unless i write not only a module, but also a significant part of the viewer

eulerscheZahl: not if it's a sequence of input-output-input-output

eulerscheZahl: you can request the player to send more than 1 line per turn

Default avatar.png JBM: welll

Default avatar.png JBM: it needs feedback

eulerscheZahl: but you can't feed additional input then

eulerscheZahl: that's a problem

Default avatar.png JBM: Astrobytes: i have the view of "this is why they need to document their shit better"

eulerscheZahl: you can't merge these frames. you can set the frame duration to 0 or close to it (dunno if 0 is possible)

Default avatar.png JBM: scrolling back a clumsy interface is no better than having to rely on eZ

Astrobytes: I wholly agree with that statement JBM, it's put me off trying to work with it

Default avatar.png JBM: oh nice idea

eulerscheZahl: but i suppose you can still reach that frame by pausing and using arrow keys

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah that's be acceptable

Default avatar.png JBM: well maybe

Astrobytes: This is what I was getting at with my comment re. the discrepancy between frames and turns the other day JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't remember

Default avatar.png JBM: oh yes i do

Default avatar.png JBM: the scrolling with arrows thing

Default avatar.png JBM: right?

Astrobytes: Yes, my last comment mentioned this issue, somewhat vaguely, but it's what I was referring to at least

Default avatar.png JBM: well i'm about to (strive to) make it even worse :p

Astrobytes: lol

Default avatar.png JBM: sincerely, all i dream of is conjuring the will*time combination

Default avatar.png JBM: to ditch pixi and write a sane <100% CPU viewer

eulerscheZahl: pixi is GPU hungry

Astrobytes: re Curse makes similar comments :)

Default avatar.png JBM: well i'm not measuring

eulerscheZahl: i noticed when i tried it for the numbershifting website

Default avatar.png JBM: but i certainly noticed that waiting in the car coding while SO was at the doctor's drained my laptop battery crazy fast

eulerscheZahl: there isn't much going on there. but constantly about 10% load, even if i have a static content and don't click anthing

eulerscheZahl: stack overflow? makes no sense in this sentence

Default avatar.png JBM: my bird's eye view is it just tries to churn frames as fast as it can with no (reachable AFAIK) limit

Default avatar.png JBM: so 100% CPU is kind of a given

Astrobytes: Resource-greedy

Default avatar.png JBM: the variable is the frame rate

eulerscheZahl: there is a limit for everthing. but 3k frames is fine

Default avatar.png JBM: i mean movie frames

Default avatar.png JBM: flicker

eulerscheZahl: jeez

Default avatar.png JBM: your gpu's likely better than mine

eulerscheZahl: nvidia geforce gtx 570

eulerscheZahl: inoryy called it a potato

Default avatar.png JBM: well i'm not even aware whether i have one

Default avatar.png JBM: ok, next trick question

Default avatar.png JBM: is there a way to make the bosses cheat?

eulerscheZahl: the boss is a regular player. and the referee doesn't know who is playing

Default avatar.png JBM: drat

eulerscheZahl: if you want player names displayed, that's all done in JS, the java part has no idea

Default avatar.png JBM: gonna have to embed public key crypto then

Default avatar.png JBM: no no

eulerscheZahl: i got what you mean

Default avatar.png JBM: i want forced replayability of a rather stochastic game

Default avatar.png JBM: (i'll just add the seed)

Default avatar.png JBM: and i wanted something else but i forgot

eulerscheZahl: i'm off for today, bye

Default avatar.png JBM: gn8

K4Mx: how can a friend see my bot batttles in wood1 league ?

K4Mx: i mean all battles

jacek: anyone can see your battles

jacek: find your name and click view last battles

Default avatar.png JBM: oh i remember

Default avatar.png JBM: it was to have a bot play at a specific percentage less than optimal without the time/size limits

Astrobytes: Bot as in a boss?

Astrobytes: I think you manually have to 'handicap' them for each league

Default avatar.png JBM: well, yes

Default avatar.png JBM: yes that's my point

Default avatar.png JBM: is rather hard to do, much more in the constrained code/size settings

Default avatar.png JBM: the ref has much fewer of those constraints

Astrobytes: e.g. the bosses in BR used Smitsimax search, capped to certain depths etc

Astrobytes: So you're not really constrained that much as per bosses

Astrobytes: *as per? wrt

Default avatar.png JBM: i feel as much

Default avatar.png JBM: it's like "theoretically no", "in practice..."

Default avatar.png JBM: btw can we even name the bosses yet?

Astrobytes: Chat to Ille and pb about the BR bosses, might be helpful

Astrobytes: Don't think so, but don't quote me on that

Default avatar.png JBM: ok, will try to

Uljahn: MCTS with constant number of rollouts could make boss reproducible with desired strength, no?

Astrobytes: Yeah, that's what they did with the Smitsi-based bosses in BR Uljahn

AntiSquid: +fixed seed

Uljahn: also fixed seed and custom rand function ye

Astrobytes: ofc

AntiSquid: precomputed array of rand numbers :p

AntiSquid: or just use fastrand

Astrobytes: Prune Array works better

Astrobytes: also try to #define RAND_MAX = x somewhere in your main code


AntiSquid: i use that shit, seems popular

AntiSquid: maybe there's something newer / better

Astrobytes: xorshift?

AntiSquid: oops linked wrong article i guess :D

Astrobytes: Was suggesting xorshift

AntiSquid: no it is that one

AntiSquid: ya

struct: rand() is clearly superior /s

Astrobytes: Especially when you don't seed it /s


Astrobytes: yea, 64 bit xorshift

Astrobytes: I use more or less the same

Default avatar.png JBM: mod n kills babies

Astrobytes: I store the result and mod with the bounding number if required

Astrobytes: as in store the xorshifted 'seed' in jacek's example

Default avatar.png koduncu: hi everyone

AntiSquid: just came across this and remembered the hanabi discussion we had the other day

AntiSquid: struct

Default avatar.png cjss: hi ha ho

Default avatar.png cjss: :innocent:

Default avatar.png cjss: i like this website, thanks admin <3

Uljahn: thanks, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: even if you don't want to use one of the creators