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cegprakash: #14 hola hola hola


cegprakash: this is how we take car license in our country

WINWINWIN: :D well done

Kinlei: what is leaderboard based on

Kinlei: your level?

ZarthaxX: nop

ZarthaxX: contest and multiplayers

Default avatar.png Piegusek: Siemka

Uljahn: what is leaderboard, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: im going to give it some more

Default avatar.png v.i.r.a.g.o: Hey! a newbie here.

jacek: ohai

Default avatar.png olaf_surgut: jd

Default avatar.png Banankov: jd

Default avatar.png Piegusek: XD

Default avatar.png Piegusek: nie ma to jak mieć imie i nazwisko w nicku


jacek: :o

Default avatar.png BestProgrammer: :apple:

Default avatar.png sharp67: :grinning:

Default avatar.png olaf_surgut: jd

Default avatar.png olaf_surgut: jd 100%

Default avatar.png BBrejna: Coś się kończy coś zaczyna

Default avatar.png BBrejna: JEBAĆ DISA SKURWYSYNA

WINWINWIN: I think that this is an English channel, your country chat is for native language

eulerscheZahl: or a 2nd English channel in your case WINWINWIN

DaNinja: hi Euler, does Submit work for you in Space Jam Episode 2?

DaNinja: I just get Loading...

eulerscheZahl: there are no validators, just public testcases

eulerscheZahl: i never finished the game :(

DaNinja: thats a pity, I enjoyed it! :)

eulerscheZahl: do you pass all public testcases?

DaNinja: yes for Space Jam

DaNinja: still cant get all of them for Space Maze

Astrobytes: Wasn't episode 2 supposed to be harder?

eulerscheZahl: i can solve episode 1. for the 2nd part I fail the testcase with many cars that have to reach the center

eulerscheZahl: initially i planned episode 1 in the hard section and episode 2 (with multiple cars) in very hard

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: whats that

eulerscheZahl: btw how did you even find the 2nd part?

Astrobytes: Other people bookmark contributions too euler ;)

DaNinja: I dont remember - I had the URL somewhere

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: hm, should i finish the 2nd part? :thinking:

DaNinja: for sure!

eulerscheZahl: not sure if unique enough or too close to part 1. other opinions?

eulerscheZahl: or same opinions from other users

Default avatar.png pp704554: hiiii

Astrobytes: Hopefully won't take so long to be validated this time! In my opinion, if it's sufficiently more difficult than part 1, it's fine.

DaNinja: the multiple cars and platforms needing cars make it a slightlydifferenct challenge than par t1

Astrobytes: Yes, that too.

eulerscheZahl: i'll see that I get my own solution working and then draft some more testcases + validators i guess

eulerscheZahl: after lunch

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: whats this episode 1 and 2 thing

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: and those validators it sounds like Vulkan is in codingame

eulerscheZahl: episode 1: episode 2:

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: thanks wil check

eulerscheZahl: warning: it might look simple at first. it's not

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: im dealing with a lot of hard problems (e.g. modeling humans down to every feature) but I guess I'll just survey and try the problem

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: by modeling i mean using code to "make" the human / whatever animal and stuff. i'm waiting for my browser to load the link so ya

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: woah its fun :) thanks a lot

Brokolis: Have any companies contacted you through codingame?

jacek: :scream:

eulerscheZahl: no. whenever there is an option asking me to get contacted, i uncheck it

WINWINWIN: :D, I have never been asked

Astrobytes: I get asked all the time. Have to fight them off I get so many...


Astrobytes: :P

eulerscheZahl: smits got asked repeatedly after competing in a sponsored contest

eulerscheZahl: didn't even rank that high there

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: will observing the cases alone be enough haha

i see some ways to complete test cases in space maze, but im not sure if theres a memory limit

eulerscheZahl: 768MB

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: thats good enough

WINWINWIN: smits created his own algorithm and is a professional physics teacher, pretty sure that everyone would try to recruit him

Astrobytes: Which contest was that?

eulerscheZahl: i don't know if recruiters checked that


eulerscheZahl: smits at 69, not impressive at all

Astrobytes: Oh I liked that contest. Just wish I'd been a bit more skilled at the time

eulerscheZahl: they asked him if he would be willing to move to france. he said no, so they asked about England

Astrobytes: I remember getting an email after it from Amadeus but not like that lol

Astrobytes: lol, their main office is in Nice right?

eulerscheZahl: and i just unchecked, so they didn't contact me

eulerscheZahl: dunno

WINWINWIN: Is numba available on python here?


Astrobytes: No, but you get numpy, pandas and scipy

WINWINWIN: But can you use JIT on any of them?

eulerscheZahl: guess who was faster Astrobytes :D

Astrobytes: I wasn't even going to bother commenting :(

Astrobytes: :D

WINWINWIN: I dont understand?

WINWINWIN: faster, commenting?

Astrobytes: euler usually beatts me with comments and urls

Astrobytes: *beats


Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: he has 5g righ

Astrobytes: He's usually faster

Astrobytes: He's quick off the mark

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: has 5G

eulerscheZahl: wire


Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: eulerschezahl idk if space maze is hard its not really

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but i might be underestimating tell me if i'm

eulerscheZahl: you won't be able to enumerate all possible board states and just bruteforce it

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: bruteforcing is so tiring

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: who would i do that

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: *why hah

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: *i cant speel today

eulerscheZahl: spell :P

Astrobytes: Maybe he was trying to insert a little German to put you at ease, and misspelled 'spiel' :P

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: i failed german :( lol

Astrobytes: Well, there's our answer

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: speel the tea eulertashechszal

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: is hard for u or no?

Astrobytes: wth is that

karliso: How would do you call opening/middlegame/endgame in one word?


Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: what are you talking about : "speel the tea," "eulershzezhal" or the cgame

Astrobytes: karliso - game? :)

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: game

Astrobytes: Possible - GameStage

Astrobytes: *Possibly

struct: stage sounds nice

karliso: Yeah, I like stage too, thanks.

Astrobytes: np

Astrobytes: hi struct

struct: hi astro

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: PHaSE

Astrobytes: phase also good yeah

struct: I stopped shogi and moved to other game

Astrobytes: Already? :D What now?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: stage/phase/level/step

struct: no info for now :p

Astrobytes: Dammit :P

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: give upped

struct: Name is close to shogi

Astrobytes: shigo

Astrobytes: Goshi

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: :( is there inheritance in javascript

struct: Game is quite recent

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: sorry i learned javascript when i was like "little" child so my understanding is messed up and stuff

Astrobytes: Imsure1200q google objects and prototypes

struct: Ill try to finish this one today

struct: Seems like a fast game to make

Astrobytes: 2 hours timer staaaaarts.... NOW. Gogogo

struct: 2 hours is too short

jacek: ultimate connect4

Astrobytes: lol just kidding struct

struct: Well there are 4 boards

jacek: hmm actually would that work with 6 connect4 boards :?

struct: Try it :p

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: nvm dont need to inherit

jacek: Astrobytes implementing prunearray for oware?

Astrobytes: how did you guess?!

Default avatar.png olaf_surgut: someone know how to write edmonds/blossom algorithm?

Default avatar.png olaf_surgut: i need it for my school lessons

Default avatar.png olaf_surgut: pls help

Astrobytes: lol, just playing around with some tweaks/'improvements' jacek. And giving myself timeouts ofc

Astrobytes: And invalid actions when I reuse my nodes

struct: for multiple board is uttt notation good enough?

Default avatar.png privateschoolgirl: guess my job ; )

Astrobytes: Depends on the game I guess struct

jacek: how can you write in chat when lvl 1

jacek: :O

struct: was wondering the same jacek

struct: I guess astro

eulerscheZahl: external client

struct: Ill guess ill leave it like uttt

Astrobytes: external client?

Astrobytes: DAMN YOU euler

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: sorry :(

struct: I dont think doing 1 0 0 1 1 4 4 5 5

struct: first being indicating board and second doesnt

Astrobytes: That looks like a Prune Array

struct: should not matter much anyways

struct: game is 4 boards and all fit in 64

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: euler if a platform in space maze goes out of view will it be deleted or will it still be processed for collisions?

struct: Well it says that platforms can move into orbit

struct: But it also says the game is solvable without doing so

struct: "The car gets lost in space by moves on a void cell or by sending a platform with the car on it into orbit"

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: euler if i train a neural net to solve these cases is it counted as hardcoding or no

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: cuz i might do it

RoboStac: you don't have access to the validators, so you'd have to train it to solve unknown mazes

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: whats validators?

RoboStac: every puzzle has visible test cases and hidden validators

RoboStac: to stop hardcoding

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: i can use a genetic thing if that helps get it to global minimum. Also are validators like way harder puzzles

Astrobytes: No, they're usually of a similar type to the test cases, but different

RoboStac: no, they should be easier or similar difficulty to the visible tests. They're just unknown

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: maybe ill try to make other cases but ill use the neural net as last resort ae

Alshock: @Imsure1200q well it's not hardcoding if you train your nn on the test cases and it passes the validators

RoboStac: it seems odd that you are starting with the hardest (least solved) puzzle

Alshock: mind the overfitting if you have few puzzles though

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: im starting with this one cuz the others are boring

Astrobytes: ...

Alshock: that's a good point, if you like this one better then go for it

Alshock: if you have trouble solving it though, it could be a good idea to solve some easier ones first

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: also everytime in interscholar competitions the hardest ones are the easiest for me, and vice versa :( anyway it just seems fun for me than "Counting pegs" or whatever that thor thing was.

Astrobytes: You know there are multiplayer bot programming games too right?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: wait not hardest competitions, i mean the hard/difficult round

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: yeah but the multiplayer involves lots of stuff like physics and im too lazy to apply rn

Astrobytes: Um, there's only a few physics-based multiplayer games


Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: oh well i guess im not into multiplayer anymore what happened to me

Astrobytes: Board games, strategy/resource management, physics based, whatever

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: im also confused with the monte carlo tree thing like no one explains it well

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: so i guess its why i like the space maze

jacek: uttt eh

Astrobytes: Can you pathfind well/familiar with graph search algorithms in general like BFS/DFS? Are you familiar with minimax? GA, SA optimisation algos? Tell us what you're best with and we can recommend something

jrke: hey is this ok in python

jrke: checkpointX[m]=x

jrke: i m new to python

Astrobytes: My 'prune array' is working now jacek

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: not familiar with any of those

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: all im familiar with is binary search and A*

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but im starting to forget A* cuz i never used it

Astrobytes: Right. And you wanted to use machine learning for Space Maze.

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but with strategy im okay i guess, just depends on the problem

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: For machine learning im also kinda okay with it

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: gradient descent and all that doesnt overwhelm me anymore

jacek: sounds mathy

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: cuz it is mathy mathy

Merde.png: Jrike, As long as checkpointX is a list and m is an index of an object you want to change to x

Astrobytes: Any special improvements this time jacek?

Astrobytes: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Astrobytes: damn timrouts

Astrobytes: *timeouts

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: flipdatable

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: also can codingame fold comments cuz i overloaded the file with console.logs

Astrobytes: Hover the mouse over the line numbers, click on the arrows that appear

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but it doesnt appear :(

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: its an if statement with braces but it doesnt collapse

Astrobytes: works for me

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: maybe i need for it to compile?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: i needed to indent it

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: ok thats that

eulerscheZahl: he asked about folding the error output of the code, not the code itself. you can't fold the output

Astrobytes: No, he had loads of console.logs in the code and wanted to fold them

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: ya i wanted to fold the console.logs

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: cuz im listing the solutions to all the cases and then deving an alg for it but its so messy tho

codingame has a weird approach for folding content but okay i guess

eulerscheZahl: i think it's the default behavior for the Monaco Editor which CG is using

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: oh ok but its weird cuz all i need to collapse lines is to press tab

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: and also click on the arrow and boom its collapse but if i dont tab then no collapse

Astrobytes: You don't normally indent your code?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: i didnt indent my console.logs because there was no reason to. I just made a sequence of console.logs per case so i didnt indent the console.logs

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but sometimes in speedruning and obfuscating no indent but also when im sleepy

Astrobytes: "sequence of console.logs per case" - surely you only need one for all cases?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: Right so now that I collapsed my lines codingame is not allowing me to press enter

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: no cuz for one case there are multiple turns and one console.log per turn

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but instead of putting it in while loop, im hardcoding the solutions (for now)

Astrobytes: Welp. That ain't gonna get you far.

Astrobytes: Pathfinding is required for Space Maze. And you have to simulate the turns.

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: well i guess its better than making non-educated guess how ur supposed to solve it

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: yeah im gonna implement pathfinding later

Astrobytes: It's in the tags: "Maze, Simulation Pathfinding"

eulerscheZahl: the solution used to train the network i guess

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but what if you dont use common pathfinding algos but end up solving it?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: cuz sometimes i dont but i end up solving those types of challenges anyway

eulerscheZahl: not the approach i had in mind when creating the puzzle. but when it might pass the validators: sure, go ahead and try it.

eulerscheZahl: even if it turns out that your approach will fail (which i don't know), you can still learn from it

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: also isnt A* like O(n!) ?

eulerscheZahl: what is n here?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: or is it n^2

eulerscheZahl: also: it heavily depends on your heuristic how many steps you need at A*

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: n is how much squares in the grid

eulerscheZahl: an upper limit would be n^(1+platformCount)

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: lol i dont even think A* will work for the platforms

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: woo thats so much

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but i guess actually solving the cases yourself helps so that you dont have to let the machine solve anything pointless

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: like calculating the path of a floating platform even if its like not going to touch anything

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: im telling my code that if it sees one of those blocks, pretend its a solid block except you can move it a bit

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: And make use of all platforms that intersect the path of the main one

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: so far it works

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: Also if you see a platform that is impossible to move, turn it into a solid block

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: Maybe i can do a mod of A* but not actual A*

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: idk tho i have 0 experience with this

Astrobytes: I recommend for all your pathfinding requirements

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: will check it tomorrow thnx :)

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: is there such thing as a monte carlo pathfinding

Astrobytes: Randomly wandering around?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: like picking random points seeing which path progressively reaches the target

WINWINWIN: Im sure that even if it doesnt have a name, it would work

WINWINWIN: but it will be far from perfect in a map with walls

Astrobytes: Sure. Not sure a random walk will be massively effective here.

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: its like going round the park

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: so tiring

Astrobytes: Like most things, try it and see. You'll hopefully learn along the way.

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: i can already see it failing

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: like it picks a random point and the paths right there but it chose the local minimum

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: not the global

Astrobytes: Have you solved some of the easier puzzles? There are other ones related to pathfinding that might be better to practice on first

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: idk i have this sense when im solving them like "why is it so unpleasing" idk why but it really interrupts my thinking

Astrobytes: Some of them have graphics too

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: idk maybe because i was younger then ill check

Astrobytes: But a lot of the puzzles just use textual representation

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: those ones i dont like :

Astrobytes: The official CG ones and some of the newer puzzles have graphics

Astrobytes: I don't mind textual representation but the graphics are nice

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: for me textual is tiring

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: its like reading one of those papers and all i see is black and white

Astrobytes: One of what papers?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: except here its like #30303F and white

Astrobytes: One of which papers rathert

Astrobytes: *rather

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: like the papers you know like

eulerscheZahl: that one is relatively easy and has nice graphics

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: as simple as "finding a point in a triangle"

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: i have to read 13 pages of calculus and stuff

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: or linear algebra

Astrobytes: You don't enjoy mathematics then?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: there are some people like Sebastian Lague who explain it so easily + graphics; thats the type of challenge in codin that i like

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: I enjoy mathematics a lot but not reading it

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: Its like enjoying how complex a classical music is but not enjoying trying to hear the notes from a music sheet

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: like "what is that note?!" or "why does it have two clefs aaaa!!!!" see what i mean

Astrobytes: So you enjoy the complexity of mathematics but you don't enjoy doing it? Seems counter-intuitive

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: oh yeah euler im checking it out tomorrow also :) the link

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: only thing i dont enjoy abt math is reading the formulas

Astrobytes: That's half the fun. The other half is writing them.

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: oops i meant "trying to hear the notes by reading the music sheet"

struct: Wondering if I should make the board size dynamic :thinking:

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: well i guess writing them is fun for you. But for me its so boring to read an equation.

Its even more confusing when the papers dont give you context on the variables

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but yeah i guess writing it is sometimes fun

Astrobytes: You're not finished yet? What is this tomfoolery? :P

Astrobytes: struct

struct: Im slacking :/

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: oo mee too

Uljahn: you need a deadline

struct: Yes Uljahn

struct: I must release 1 multi per week this month

Astrobytes: Tried to give him a 2 hour one earlier Uljahn ;)

WINWINWIN: Crazily hard to make a multi, you have to make graphics, cant imagine making 1 in a month!

Astrobytes: You said you'll finish it today, would you like a specific deadline?

struct: Ill finish the first version

struct: Not the stament and final graphics

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: whats multi are you in a programming course or smth

Astrobytes: Sure that's good enough struct

struct: Imsure1200q

struct: Its games where you create an ai to fight other players ai

Astrobytes: I showed him earlier

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: making a multiplayer game?

struct: im making one yes

struct: I made 2 before

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: so like its your job to do it

Astrobytes: The community can make puzzles and multiplayer games (and clashes) Imsure1200q

struct: no, I just do it for fun

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: oh well.

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: lol oh no a thought came to my mind

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: forget what i said

Astrobytes: Imsure1200q, here are all the currently pending community submissions:

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: about that like are we supposed to approve them?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: or its optional and we can leave it there

Astrobytes: Test them, break them, give feedback. Once it's established that they are bug-free, then the approval process begins

Astrobytes: It's optional, and you must be of a certain level (or have done x amount of clashes in those cases) to approve

Astrobytes: *bug-free and if necessary, has a valid solution

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: ok i wont do them yet

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: is it possible add more than 1 file on puzzle

cegprakash: hey eulerscheZahl

struct: no

cegprakash: why u no do search race

eulerscheZahl: it's just another CSB clone. i'm not a CSB fan

cegprakash: hehe

Astrobytes: *Addition to the CSB series ;)

cegprakash: but it's easy codingpoinnts

struct: doesnt give much

eulerscheZahl: i don't care about points

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: good exampl++

eulerscheZahl: it doesn#t look fun to me, so i don't do it

Uljahn: the truth is we are scared of being rekt by ceg :smirk:

cegprakash: doesn't care about points (says #1)

Astrobytes: He doesn't *have* to care about points

Astrobytes: lol Uljahn

cegprakash: Uljahn truth

cegprakash: I like the fact that u agree

cegprakash: thanks for the respect

Uljahn: :muscle:

Astrobytes: :prune:

cegprakash: u dont like Paper soccer too eulerscheZahl

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: i guess in space maze you can think of a taxidriver driving a car and dropping off at destination

eulerscheZahl: that one looks interesting actually. just so much to do on CG

struct: go Yavalath cegprakash

cegprakash: you will love it we get 200 ms on it

struct: top 1 ez

cegprakash: bad thing is it has only 1 league and it takes some time to build a bot with valid moves

struct: I would add a league to Yavalath, but I cant edit it :(

Astrobytes: I wonder why... :thinking:

cegprakash: eulerscheZahl u say it's a clone to csb so u donn't want to do it

cegprakash: even I hated to touch the old code I wrote 5 yrs back

cegprakash: or probably 8 yrs back

cegprakash: not sure

Astrobytes: He didn't do BR either ceg, because he doesn't want to

cegprakash: but I build a code from scratch for search race

eulerscheZahl: i haven't tried CSB to seriously either

cegprakash: now I can use this to improve my CSB

eulerscheZahl: too*

cegprakash: bitrunner I hates too

struct: :D

cegprakash: -4v doesn't work for bitrunner

eulerscheZahl: never tried bitrunner

eulerscheZahl: but i could easily promote to the highest league

Astrobytes: :smirk:

eulerscheZahl: you remember the story Astrobytes, right?

Astrobytes: The Cat Remembers

struct: I do

eulerscheZahl: :D

cegprakash: when _Royale beats eulerscheZahl then eulerscheZahl will think about doing BR

cegprakash: they are only 1300 cp apart

eulerscheZahl: i don't care about the global leaderboard

cegprakash: we'll see

cegprakash: :D

struct: He could also do Yavalath

eulerscheZahl: and i haven't done like 6 multiplayers

struct: Gives quite a decent amount of points

Astrobytes: Fix your Oware ceg

cegprakash: oh nno eulerscheZahl doppred 4 ranks on Oware

IamTheSmix: hello ceg

IamTheSmix: I was watching your stream

cegprakash: hi IamTheSmix

cegprakash: wow <3

IamTheSmix: ^^

cegprakash: and?

cegprakash: you liked it?

Astrobytes: Fame at last ceg, fame at last

IamTheSmix: I was wondring if you want contest tic tac toe

cegprakash: UTTT?

IamTheSmix: do you played tic tac toe ?

IamTheSmix: ultimat*

cegprakash: yeah that's UTTT

cegprakash: I've tried but I plan a stream after few weeks

cegprakash: I need to try MCTS

cegprakash: I've never used MCTS before

IamTheSmix: Yeah

Astrobytes: You need an extra large PA for MCTS ceg

IamTheSmix: I tried Negamx

IamTheSmix: but I have depth 4 as max :/

IamTheSmix: I had time out when I go beyong depth = 4

struct: Which language?

IamTheSmix: python

cegprakash: minimax is only good when the goals are clear.. in UTTT there are lot of goals so it's kinda hard to do minimax

cegprakash: and yes the moves are limited

cegprakash: UTTT has just so many possible moves

cegprakash: especially in early game

IamTheSmix: yeah true, and also evaluation function is not obvious

Astrobytes: Still a few minimaxers in legend

cegprakash: even depth 4 is impressive I would say :P

Astrobytes: Somehow

cegprakash: Astrobytes probably small depth with some strategical pruning

Astrobytes: well alphabeta is a given yeah, it's just the eval. I don't even want to think about attempting an eval for UTTT lol

IamTheSmix: I tried to used variable depth

IamTheSmix: like in the begining only depth = 2

IamTheSmix: and middle game depth = 4

aCat: cegprakash start with flat monte carlo, and then extend into mcts

aCat: flat mc is solid gold in UTTT

cegprakash: without opponent prediction u mean aCat?

eulerscheZahl: part of MC

eulerscheZahl: just do rollouts. but not with MCTS weights, just fully random

aCat: random simulations from the root

IamTheSmix: I heard there is a hybdrid MCTS + Minimax

eulerscheZahl: MCTS solver

aCat: and take the top move with best average score

Astrobytes: I need to implement the solver for my Oware

cegprakash: MCTS has a eval of 1 line right? if win return 1 else return -1

IamTheSmix: I think you should also give reward for draw

cegprakash: but if u want me to do MC then how can I go till end of the game?

aCat: draw = 0 ?

IamTheSmix: draw = 0.5

IamTheSmix: I might say

aCat: -1/0/1 or 0/0.5/1

Uljahn: ^

Astrobytes: -1 0 1, 0, 0.5, 1 same stuff

IamTheSmix: 0/0.5/1

aCat: cegprakash the same ;-)

Astrobytes: ah cat beat this cat

aCat: just random sim

cegprakash: -1/0.5/1 looks safe

Astrobytes: ?

Uljahn: jeez

Astrobytes: Kill me now Uljahn

aCat: euler you are duing mcts solver for uttt instead of normal mcts?

IamTheSmix: the problem is for MCTS in UTTT is how much iteration you can make in 100 ms

IamTheSmix: xD

aCat: a lot

IamTheSmix: tell me

Uljahn: in python - not so much

cegprakash: just 81 iterations I think

cegprakash: we have 81 spaces in UTTT board right?

Xcalibre: yep

JJCA: good evening, maybe you can help me. When i had selected one language,... can i change it?

ZarthaxX: no, you are locked for life

cegprakash: so it's just 81-turn iterations with turn 0 indexed

ZarthaxX: where JJCA?

JJCA: i had chosen c# when asked what to practice

aCat: IamTheSmix

JJCA: but how can i change now to python for example?

IamTheSmix: the state space you mean @ceg ?

cegprakash: 81 depth IamTheSmix

ZarthaxX: i dont know where you are talking about

aCat: after @ number of sims

Uljahn: there is a dropdown on the top of IDE, JJCA

cegprakash: nno. of states is sooooo high why u care about that IamTheSmix

eulerscheZahl: aCat 04:50PM euler you are duing mcts solver for uttt instead of normal mcts?

regular MCTS

cegprakash: after aCat's idea MCTS looks so simple

aCat: oh thx ;]

Astrobytes: Hi Zarthlander

cegprakash: just full random 81 depth

cegprakash: best move= the first move which gives high win rate

aCat: and then you add tree part

IamTheSmix: yeah for a simple rollout is 81 max iteration

aCat: it's flat MC without tree

cegprakash: what tree part :o

aCat: MCTS monte carlo tree search

IamTheSmix: but to to choose the best move you shuold make a lot of iterations

Astrobytes: The Tree Search part of MCTS perhaps ceg?

aCat: what I told you is Flat Monte Carlo

JJCA: Thank you @Uljahn

cegprakash: okay so something to do with the weights

eulerscheZahl: the T in MCTS isn't for TicTacToe?

cegprakash: will learn that later

ZarthaxX: AstroLander heyo

aCat: you have to make it to start MCTS,

IamTheSmix: I wonder how KArliso gets in RANK 1 UTTT

Astrobytes: lol eulerscheZahl

Uljahn: and substitute high winrate with UCB1 (UCT)

aCat: eulerscheZahl I'm trying to share knowledge not disturbance and chaose :P

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl yes, it's montecarlo tictactoe search

Astrobytes: Monte Carlo Train Set

IamTheSmix: I started coding MCTS with python

IamTheSmix: I get only 100 iteration per/100ms

eulerscheZahl: you will struggle to get a reasonable amount of simulations

eulerscheZahl: yeah...

Astrobytes: Good way to practice the algo, won't be fast enough for CG though

IamTheSmix: and dropped in silver xD

aCat: change language... it won't work

eulerscheZahl: you need 20k rollouts for legend

IamTheSmix: hmm

IamTheSmix: I will first see if my code works fine in python and then code it in C++

Uljahn: i have 500 in gold

Uljahn: in python

IamTheSmix: UTTT ?

Uljahn: ye

struct: What I did for UTTT was first do TTT with bitboards and mcts and then ported it to UTTT

IamTheSmix: maybe my code isn't optimized of has buggs

struct: didnt take me long to port

Uljahn: some inefficient numpy with bitboards

IamTheSmix: bitboards ?

Uljahn: also teccles moves

IamTheSmix: what is that ?

eulerscheZahl: the -3v of UTTT

Alshock: a board of bits

IamTheSmix: 3x3 you mean

IamTheSmix: ?

Alshock: @IamTheSmix -3v is a heuristic joke from CSB

Alshock: the ultimate magic number

IamTheSmix: I'm in this website xD I don't understant all SIGLES

IamTheSmix: ^^

IamTheSmix: new*

Alshock: Yeah I'm lost sometimes as well so I get revenge on people like me afterward :P CSB is Coders Strike Back ^^

IamTheSmix: @ULjahn teccles moves ?

IamTheSmix: CSB

Uljahn: teccles move in uTTT is the move which sends your opponent to the same mini-board, but for the empty ones only

IamTheSmix: xD

IamTheSmix: @ULjahn ok got you

Uljahn: also we have tab completion for nicks here

Alshock: Oh yes we do dear Ul<TAB> :D

IamTheSmix: AIshock I live in palaiseau just near you ^^

Alshock: and leojean is in Massy :P

IamTheSmix: xD

Alshock: we're a gang now

IamTheSmix: haha

IamTheSmix: thank you all for your help

IamTheSmix: I go back to code ^^

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: haha eulerscheZahl

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: all the cases are easy

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but the one i hate so much

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: CIRCLING

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: how to make text bold in this chat

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: **bold**

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: *bold*

eulerscheZahl: let me guess: it screws your heuristics?

eulerscheZahl: there is no formatting here

eulerscheZahl: except for

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: its the only one that i cant solf

**eulerscheZahl formats text in italic

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: _wow_

**Astrobytes is beaten by euler YET AGAIN

Default avatar.png **Imsure1200q says me

Default avatar.png **Imsure1200q why is there an asterisk on the left

Astrobytes: It's a magical asterisk

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: also why is circling the hardest and not the others

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: or maybe im being stupid and the solutions right behind me

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: all i know abt circling is that in every row there will be at least 2 blocks except 2nd row

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: and that you need two LR platforms to guide the UDLR platform to the car

eulerscheZahl: i try to reward moving as few platforms as possible

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: nooo dont do that

Astrobytes: You are expected to optimise your solution


Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: wait isnt optimise like increase FPS or smth

eulerscheZahl: wait, that isn't even my solution. tried another code as i was curious about the time taken

eulerscheZahl: that's how i solve it

eulerscheZahl: only moving 3 out of 8 platforms

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: so you used the two top ones and the UDLR one?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: cause i know they must be used

eulerscheZahl: i just try to use as few as possible. i'm expanding other paths which use other platforms as well

eulerscheZahl: but delay those involving more platforms for later

cegprakash: jrke's first attempt at sim :

cegprakash: btw guys how should I call jrke during my stream? In my last stream I ended up calling him "jerk" as I don't know how to pronounce his name

Astrobytes: jerky?

Astrobytes: jirikee?

Astrobytes: Why not just ask him?

Astrobytes: maybe it's just j-r-k-e

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: haha im building neural net

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: it was true the solution was like right behind me

cegprakash: *slaps Astrobytes

cegprakash: how to do that

Astrobytes: wtf? I wasn't trolling?

cegprakash: nno no

cegprakash: *kisses Astrobytes

cegprakash: how to do that action thing

**Astrobytes slaps cegprakash around a bit with a large fishbot

cegprakash: no not that

**Astrobytes wonders why cegprakash wants to kiss me

cegprakash: * Astrobytes is beaten by euler YET AGAIN

cegprakash: yeah this

cegprakash: how to do this

Default avatar.png **Imsure1200q /me

**cegprakash yolo

Astrobytes: See that '?' icon ceg?

cegprakash: wow

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: i can imagine you about to type "/me is beaten by euler YET AGAIN" and then

**cegprakash made Uljahn scared

Astrobytes: then what? Don't leave me hanging here

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: EulER CiRclING is HArD

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: HOW do YOU teach your boTS

Astrobytes: How do you mix your capitalisation up so badly?

Astrobytes: :P

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: also is threading allowed in codin

Astrobytes: You can but there's no benefit.

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: like i give my brain to the core and the core give me it back

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: or i can use my graphics gard

Astrobytes: You can't run a NN on CG. You have to train offline, then upload your weights

eulerscheZahl: Astrobytes 05:31PM See that '?' icon ceg?

don't tell him to read the rules, Astrobytes. that's harsh

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: no but for the pathfinding algo

Astrobytes: lol euler, true

**cegprakash kickes eulerscheZahl

Astrobytes: You need a GPU for pathfinding?!

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: kickes

eulerscheZahl: don't kicke me

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: kinda

**eulerscheZahl slaps cegprakash around a bit with a large fishbot

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: if i use my CPU and it will explode

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: 100% Memory

Astrobytes: Wth kind of pathfinding would do that

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: my intel i3

cegprakash: ur PC is made of plastic Imsure1200q?

eulerscheZahl: CG won't allow you to use a GPU

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: i think so

eulerscheZahl: just a single core process with 1s of computation time

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: wait what

Astrobytes: I will say it again, you don't need multithreading or a GPU for your pathfinding

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but then im afraid for the time complexity

eulerscheZahl: oh, a blog post

Astrobytes: Optimise your pathfinding algorithm Imsure1200q

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: cuz i used to make shaders in Shadertoy and do something like the time complexity of pathfinding and 0.1fps

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: i dunno maybe its the server lag

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: ill try a mod of A* seems very easy

AntiSquid: what game

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: what

AntiSquid: ?

eulerscheZahl: space maze

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: im crying in Circling

AntiSquid: if kuya had 1200 iq he would have his own CG website

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: sadly no

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: Hello

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: oh yeah is it possible to run CNN on codingame

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: hi

AntiSquid: if you keep it small and write it yourself ? :p

eulerscheZahl: you have to train offline and then submit it. you are limited to 100k chars and have to submit your own implementation as there are no NN libraries available on CG

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: Hello

Astrobytes: I already explained this

eulerscheZahl: oh, didn't read all the chat

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but like its a convo its different from a normal perceptron

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: Hello everyone, nice to meet you

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: oh wait lol nvm

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: hi hot

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: hi, imsure

AntiSquid: quite sure CNN take more space and time

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: I am new in codingame.

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: just realized that its a normal one except its kinda like a "reverse-raster" and the inputs have weights

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: I solved one problem, And next What have I to do.

AntiSquid: solve another one

Astrobytes: Solve another

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: There are plenty problems out there.

AntiSquid: a never ending cycle of problem solving

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: If I solved all of them. What can I get.

AntiSquid: bragging rights

Astrobytes: A bunch of solutions to a bunch of problems

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: rewards but if you do solve all of them, there probably will have been new ones

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: I am looking for a new job.

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: thats where i know 0 things

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: If don't get job. I don't want waste my time.

Astrobytes: Um...

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: what job u interested

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: Could you explain with me?

AntiSquid: then do contests on CG lol or go to github and contribute to some repositories there

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: if you dont know what type of programming job then try solving problems and then you will realize what you like

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: i guess

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: Hello, Everyone. Could you introduce new job?

AntiSquid: as soon as i open my company and see potential in you i sure will

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: Is it outsourcing company?

AntiSquid: god no

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: ?

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: what is your business?

AntiSquid: i thought americans had better english btw

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: ?

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: what do you mean?

AntiSquid: didn't open my business yet

AntiSquid: "Could you introduce new job?"

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: weesaw

AntiSquid: like insert it into something ?

Astrobytes: HotTraveller, this is new job. I hope you both get along very well.

AntiSquid: honestly, best way right now is to make some projects of your own and or contribute to other projects on github HotTraveller_646, best advice you will get

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: old job now

Default avatar.png **Imsure1200q : Astrobytes you forgot the article

AntiSquid: for any IT job HotTraveller_646

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: I have to earn some money for my family. I don't have plenty of time.

Default avatar.png HotTraveller_646: If you have new job for now. I want to work for it.

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: Anti what does the jobs button do

Astrobytes: Gives you a randomly assigned job obviously

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: oof its like college

Astrobytes: What, the jobs button?

Default avatar.png **Imsure1200q is writing a long sentence

**Astrobytes seems to be stuck in Troll Mode

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q:

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: wow that really had to be posted in pastebin alright

AntiSquid: you just fill in some details and hope that one day within the next thousand years someone might contact you

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: wait but if he said like any job would do then

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: he pressed the jobs button or smth

Astrobytes: hey AntiSquid, gratz on receiving your prize eventually!

AntiSquid: lol

Default avatar.png **Imsure1200q : eventually ay

AntiSquid: thanks

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: guys how do interviews feel like have you ever had an interview what was the color of the walls were you using Zoom what was his name

AntiSquid: too different from company to company

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: in general

AntiSquid: in general all high a level of self-importance and what you to feel the same way about them

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: does it feel exxgostinjgk

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: did u get accepted by one company

Astrobytes: No. I just take jobs even when I'm not accepted.

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: wow its majic

Astrobytes: afk

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: google should add space maze to their interview questions

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: also kickstart

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: and the interviewees will be like "hooooh its impossible"

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: I hate circling

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: and dont tell euler

wlesavo: Fast & Furious section of spring challenge recap shouldve been about chokudai :slight_smile:

AntiSquid: ya mentioned guy who got gold in two days, instead of the guy who got legend in probably 8 hours who knows

AntiSquid: i hate tomeko's avatar btw, nothing personal but that avatar is too much ...

jacek: huh

Uljahn: is it young Trump? :thinking:

AntiSquid: he looked alright when he was young

Uljahn: orange man bad, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: if you get a job

Osmanyasal: hello there





jacek: w00t

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: still working

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: yess

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: i think ill be able to do circling now >:) eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: great!

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: idk how these emojis work btw

jacek: :thinking:

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: also i dont think ill be needing A*

Astrobytes: GAimax w/ Prune Array is all you need

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: does codingame deteect if ur not using pathtracing

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: *pathfinding

Astrobytes: Yeah. Instant ban. NON-PATHFINDING DETECTED.

Astrobytes: Sorry. Must've absorbed some of jacek's trollishness today.

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: evade ban

eulerscheZahl: CG wouldn't even detect if you hardcoded the solution. or go to github and copy-paste an existing solution

eulerscheZahl: (for space maze i don't think there's a solution available)

LelouchVC2: CG doesn't detect when I'm angry either

Astrobytes: I think most people who'd be solving Space Maze wouldn't be so inclined as to publish publicly on github ;)

eulerscheZahl: solvers so far: me, ille, robo and a user whom i haven't seen before

jacek: your alt?

Astrobytes: Only 4? Wow

eulerscheZahl: that one also used c# and published the solution. tried it, it's much more efficient than my code

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: is your method systematic?

eulerscheZahl: i do something like breadth first search, kind of

eulerscheZahl: i have a heuristic that promotes some actions over others

eulerscheZahl: skipping them and trying them later

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: lol mines gonna be so inefficient

eulerscheZahl: which has some similarities with *

eulerscheZahl: A*

Astrobytes: a la priority queue in A*, I see

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: haha ye mines gonna be so inefficient

eulerscheZahl: and zobrist hashing for duplicate states

jacek: and prune array

Astrobytes: naturally

eulerscheZahl: some testcases are close to the 1s time limit

Astrobytes: What did the other guy use? Same method but more efficient or something totally different?

eulerscheZahl: i didn't understand every detail of it

eulerscheZahl: but definitely more efficient implementation. with unsafe

eulerscheZahl: (that's a C# keyword allowing you to use pointers)

Astrobytes: Yeah I know, nice

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: yeah i guess porting my code to c++ will make it cfaster

eulerscheZahl: what language are you using now?

MostComplicatedUsername: My rank keeps sinking...

Astrobytes: What are you using currently? JS still?

MostComplicatedUsername: :(

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: im using js always

eulerscheZahl: that means there's plenty of room for improvement, which is great :)

IamTheSmix: hello again

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: hi

IamTheSmix: I am back

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: euler is this efficient

IamTheSmix: Is anyone here has ever implemented MCTS ?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: like you "rank" each platform by "action potential"

eulerscheZahl: JS isn't a race car

Astrobytes: rank dropping because you're not clashing MCU?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: yes i know but its my childhood lang

MostComplicatedUsername: Yes astro

MostComplicatedUsername: i got up to like 3900

eulerscheZahl: if you find a good way to define "action potential" it is efficient ;)

Everything_But...: Halo EveryNyan!

Astrobytes: Do more multis, then you'll say higher for longer ;)

Astrobytes: *stay

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: action potential : how much will a platform affect the paths of others

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: e.g. if a platform is contained in four solid blocks, 0 action potential

eulerscheZahl: it's hard to come up with a clever heuristic i think. you will have to test many options and see where this is going

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: if a platform is blocked in two directions, means that (i havent defined this yet, lets just say) half potential

IamTheSmix: is it mandatory to save the state of each node in the implementation of MCTS ?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: Idk but i know theres some value that will tell it

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: just havent made the formula or smth

jacek: in MCTS you explicity create nodes and save stats there

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: But i dont know its just that (to me) the method im using is kinda weird but also "beautiful" and organized. Like everytime I use it it works.

IamTheSmix: this is my class for nodes what do you think ?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: I'm worried for a more complex care where it stops working but hopefully it wont be like that

IamTheSmix: def __init__(self,value,visits):

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: aight i sleep

jacek: parents? in plural?


IamTheSmix: yes

IamTheSmix: to regroupe all parents

jacek: each node should have: 1 parent, list of children

Astrobytes: MCMTS Monte Carlo Married Tree Search

jacek: what do you mean by regrouping parents? sorting nodes? so just sort the 'children'

eulerscheZahl: at MCTS you have asexual reproduction. imagine it like mitosis

IamTheSmix: when doign back I just need to +1 to all parents

Astrobytes: If you want meiosis, use a GA

jacek: backpropagation?

IamTheSmix: yes

jacek: you go to parent, then parent's parent, then parents' parent's parent and so on

IamTheSmix: yeah I think it's better if I regroupe in one table

eulerscheZahl: until you reach the root (of all evil)

IamTheSmix: lol @euler

Astrobytes: The Node of Evil. I like that

Astrobytes: I'm gonna name all my root nodes 'money' from now on :P

LelouchVC2: Trauma from binary trees

LelouchVC2: I no longer have nodes

LelouchVC2: My professor would give us the shittiest code you code imagine. triple pointers in the skeleton code

eulerscheZahl: see it as a challenge to make it even worse when you hand in your solution

Astrobytes: Triple pointers aren't necessarily shitty code (I'm assuming C here)

LelouchVC2: C++, no reason to ever have triple pointers

Astrobytes: But if you wrap things in structs it can certainly be easy to read

jacek: but then you have to delete them

Astrobytes: Ah, but if he's teaching C-style way of doing something then fair enough

LelouchVC2: He didn't "teach" anything. He never once showed code in class. He'd go over concepts then give us an assignment that barely fits the concept

LelouchVC2: I gave him plenty of shit <3

AntiSquid: what's a triple pointer?

Astrobytes: pointer to a pointer to a pointer

Osmanyasal: trump is gay

Default avatar.png goore: lol

Default avatar.png goore: ok

LelouchVC2: I did not have sexual relations with that woman

Astrobytes: Wrong prez Lelouch

LelouchVC2: Damn

Astrobytes: :D

LelouchVC2: You can grab them right by the pussy

Astrobytes: That's the one

LelouchVC2: yay! Im smartie :3

AntiSquid: they can grab you back, they need to check their priviledge

Astrobytes: haha

LelouchVC2: The amount of times a woman has just grabbed my ass

AntiSquid: balls ?

LelouchVC2: Is more than the amount of times I've done it

Astrobytes: Grabbed your own ass? :D

LelouchVC2: 😂

LelouchVC2: Grabbed a woman's ass

LelouchVC2: Who was not my gf

Astrobytes: Come on, you walked straight into that one

LelouchVC2: I did DS poawjegamw

AntiSquid: damn what are you working as? bar host?

LelouchVC2: literally just bio class in highschool. And then once in a haunted house

eulerscheZahl: "haunted house" :D

Astrobytes: ass-grabbing ghosts

AntiSquid: that reminds of Hanako-san

AntiSquid: toilet ghost

Astrobytes: Grabbergeists

AntiSquid: you try to poop but ghost arm grabs you

AntiSquid: true urban legend

LelouchVC2: Well it was halloween. You go in and they try to scare you. This woman working in there literally grabbed by ass as I walked out

LelouchVC2: I turned around and was like, "You're just gonna let me leave after you grab my ass?"

LelouchVC2: Actually

LelouchVC2: Now that i think of it, it might have been a code to meet her after

Astrobytes: Presumably she wanted to let you leave, otherwise she may have grabbed you by the throat instead

LelouchVC2: LMAO

Default avatar.png goore: this isnt what i expected from this chat but i am not disappointed tbh

Astrobytes: It's usually a little more... constructive

Default avatar.png goore: thats also what i would expect

Astrobytes: Plenty room for some random chat now and then

struct: 116 moves first turn :/

Astrobytes: 116 valid moves?

struct: yes

struct: 1324 if I increase board size to 8x8

Astrobytes: fking hell

Astrobytes: lol

struct: and first move is not max moves

struct: Im designing it so I can increase board size easily

struct: I dont know how the game will play

struct: I cant find any AI for it :/

struct: Game is from 2019

Astrobytes: We can try it out, never know until we do

struct: Yeah, Im gonna leave this one in WIP for a while

struct: and probably Ill need to create an ai for this one :(

Astrobytes: like Yinsh time or .... :D

AntiSquid: well excuse us for not satisfying you chat fetish goore

Astrobytes: lol

struct: no Astrobytes it will be WIP but pending

Astrobytes: Just teasing struc

Astrobytes: t

struct: Today I was browsing the boardgamegeek website and found a few games

AntiSquid: which game is that struct?

struct: This is one of them

Default avatar.png goore: lmao

struct: Not revealing yet

Default avatar.png goore: tbh i personally like it this way

AntiSquid: 116 moves first turn?

Default avatar.png goore: the atmosphere is sometimes too professional

struct: yes

Astrobytes: goore, it's professional when it has to be

Default avatar.png goore: ik

struct: Its 1+1 action

Astrobytes: You can get some excellent advice

AntiSquid: CG has a long history of cultured chat messages and memes goore

Default avatar.png goore: i have seen it

struct: So thats why its so many

jacek: like connect6?

struct: Is that a thing jacek?

jacek: when you can put 2 stones

Default avatar.png goore: btw why does your message have a color

AntiSquid: because it's cultured duh

Astrobytes: jacek, you must make it. Call it ConnectJacek. All the pieces are your avatar

struct: So you make 1 move, and then make a move on other board based on your first move

Astrobytes: goore, if you mention someones nickname in full, it will show red

Default avatar.png goore: Astrobytes

Default avatar.png blueeyeddragon: goore

struct: goore

Astrobytes: Yep. And if you type the start of someone's nick then press Tab it will autocomplete

Default avatar.png blueeyeddragon: goore

Default avatar.png goore: Astrobytes

Astrobytes: blueeyeddragon

Astrobytes: struct

Astrobytes: AntiSquid

Default avatar.png goore: its not colored for me

AntiSquid: ban

Default avatar.png blueeyeddragon: yea

Default avatar.png goore: AntiSquid

Astrobytes: It's only coloured for the recpient

Default avatar.png goore: oh

Astrobytes: *recipient

Default avatar.png blueeyeddragon: oh k

Default avatar.png goore: has anyone here played coders strike back?

Default avatar.png goore: im kinda stuck

LelouchVC2: LelouchVC2

Default avatar.png blueeyeddragon: LelouchVC2

LelouchVC2: <3

LelouchVC2: blueeueddragon

AntiSquid: i can't tab complete your bloody name lelouchvc2 :/

AntiSquid: wtf

Default avatar.png blueeyeddragon: :smile:

Default avatar.png goore: LelouchVC2

Default avatar.png goore: i can

LelouchVC2: I can too :o

Astrobytes: What's your question goore?

LelouchVC2: I thought I was special

Default avatar.png blueeyeddragon: u gotta type the whole name first

Default avatar.png goore: i am stuck in bronze

AntiSquid: no you usually don't

Default avatar.png goore: idk how to use the opponents cordinates

LelouchVC2: I can type the first letter and still tab

AntiSquid: what league are you in goore ?

Default avatar.png goore: bronze

AntiSquid: are there collisions in bronze?

struct: ah Astrobytes im mistaken is not 116 moves

struct: its 116 * 2

struct: My bad

Astrobytes: You can pretty much ignore them I believe in Bronze, can't remember

Astrobytes: jeez struct

Default avatar.png goore: then how do i get out of bronze

Default avatar.png goore: i was once 9th place but changed my code to get first place and now i cant get higher than 5000th

AntiSquid: -3 velocity

AntiSquid: no madknight here anymore

Default avatar.png goore: yes there are collisions

AntiSquid: then you can use your enemy to brake when you turn around for the next checkpoint

AntiSquid: you push him away and you still go towards your target

Astrobytes: Oh, you don't ignore them. My bad, been a while

Default avatar.png goore: so every time the checkpoint changes, i push the opponent and then continue_

Default avatar.png goore: ?

Astrobytes: Essentially

Default avatar.png goore: ok

Default avatar.png goore: thanks

Default avatar.png goore: will try it now

Astrobytes: Use the collision to your advantage

LelouchVC2: Is this still the pac man stuff?

Astrobytes: Nah, CSB

LelouchVC2: I see :O

Astrobytes: Ess Bee

AntiSquid: well not necessarily ... you just want to turn at the right time to move as fast as possible towards the next one

AntiSquid: but don't stress too much with leagues below gold ... rules keep changing until legend ... damn

Astrobytes: You can't use the bounce to your advantage in Bronze? It's been so long I can't remember

AntiSquid: i optimized my CSB for 100 speed until legend, then suddenly max speed went up to 200 and wasn't sure how to start over with optimizing it :/

Astrobytes: lol, you did yours just mathematically right? No search I mean

AntiSquid: you can, but if there's no enemy there then you don't wait for them or if they are too far behind the check point ignore them ... too many ifs ... need a sim pre gold and new sim after gold, sort of

AntiSquid: some weird equation yes Astrobytes

AntiSquid: but i kept adjusting those values until promotion

AntiSquid: and then i had to readjust them ... so i thought fuck it

Astrobytes: Magic formula/number ftw

AntiSquid: and had blocker and runner, so two diff formulas

Astrobytes: I did all this steering behaviour stuff until gold. Then started the painful process of writing sim + search, took me months (I was pretty green on searches etc)

Astrobytes: Then just optimised everything in Legend to climb

AntiSquid: nobody linked you magu s's tutorial for CSB?

AntiSquid: everyone was spamming it in chat back then

Astrobytes: Yeah, that helped me a lot

AntiSquid: was too lazy to write it

AntiSquid: hence the math formulas

Astrobytes: Was good info for getting started tbh

AntiSquid: my first sim was a grid based game, to me that was easier

Astrobytes: Think my first sim was the Amadeus graph one with the planets, but I screwed my search up. Then I think was LoCaM, but I kinda screwed that up until after too. Then went back to CSB to apply some of my gained knowledge

AntiSquid: i have a sim for locm, aCat called it a heuristic bot without sim :(

Astrobytes: lol wut, why? No search?

AntiSquid: there was search

Astrobytes: Bad cat.

AntiSquid: maybe he didn't like the "apply_move" + "undo_move" approach ?

Astrobytes: Perfectly reasonable approach to me

AntiSquid: imo that's a sim

Astrobytes: Well, don't complain. You got paid. Eventually :P

AntiSquid: nothing personal

struct: Not that Im thinking I probably cant give all legal actions if I increase board size

struct: :thinkin:

Astrobytes: Did they open source everyone's code?

aCat: don't remember

aCat: don't know

aCat: this cat is good

aCat: ^^'

AntiSquid: there's a video recording

aCat: bleh

AntiSquid: not everyone, you could opt out

Astrobytes: aCat :kissing_cat:

aCat: still don't ewmwmber

AntiSquid: mine was too ugly and too WET :p

Astrobytes: Ah right. What's to stop people just using other's code?

AntiSquid: ya exactly

Astrobytes: Well, suppose it could be used to build on I guess but...

AntiSquid: well the new contest is same as last year, but then #1 from last year was made public

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: If there's eventually a LoCaM 2 I might do it

AntiSquid: it's 2 lanes

AntiSquid: 3 cards per lane

Astrobytes: Yeah I played around with the contribution a bit

AntiSquid: i guess it's interesting trying to adapt your bot from single lane to two lane mode

Astrobytes: Not too hard to adapt your existing locam code I found

AntiSquid: depends how you implemented it

Astrobytes: Took a bit of effort, I didn't pursue it though

jacek: whats is the rope for?

Astrobytes: A real LoCaM 2 would be better

AntiSquid: remember some people have a hard time going through wood after contest ... a lot of my contest bots would still work in wood after contest :p (humblebrag)

struct: jacek how do you know there is a rope in my game?

jacek: dont mind me, i was just going to hang myself

Default avatar.png goore: is there any ai writing game easier than coders strike back?

Astrobytes: Jacek the Hackek

AntiSquid: yes

LelouchVC2: Just don't make a mess, someone will have to clean it

struct: goore yes

Default avatar.png goore: what

jacek: yinh

jacek: s


struct: Not yinsh for sure


Astrobytes: lol, shameless AntiSquid, shameless plug

AntiSquid: you can go full if-else (mostly) add few classes later on

AntiSquid: imo that's easy

Astrobytes: The multi with so many Wood leagues you will not believe it

Astrobytes: What is it again? 6? 7?

AntiSquid: 6

AntiSquid: + it has story

AntiSquid: how many games have a story ?

Astrobytes: By the time I implemented the minimum to pass them I was bored and haven't gone back lol

AntiSquid: you need the right heuristics

AntiSquid: work on your if conditions :p

Astrobytes: True AI

AntiSquid: lol maybe i should have linked the game to that guy

Astrobytes: No, there's just this wall of inputs and it gave triggered my Code Royale PTSD

Astrobytes: *and it triggered

AntiSquid: code royale was harder, not sure how people liked it more, but ok everyone has diff preferences

jacek: breakthrough eh? finally my n-tuple td bot exceeds my minimax bot

jacek: but this requires about 2 milions weights ~

Astrobytes: Code Royale was my first contest, enjoyed it at the time, hated it ever since :D

AntiSquid: queen gang bang by knight swarm was epic

leojean890: code royale and botg are hard :o

Astrobytes: Have fun compressing that jacek :D

AntiSquid: what do you find easy leojean890 ?

leojean890: hmm, reaching the top is always hard :P

jacek: tats what she said

leojean890: but some topics are hard to simulate ;)

Astrobytes: :P

AntiSquid: but some games are easier than others

leojean890: to have something working yes

Astrobytes: Sometimes only partial sims are needed leojean890

leojean890: but stuck somewhere on the LB

leojean890: yes, sometimes you can already exploit parial sims

cegprakash: jrke created a new search

cegprakash: for search race

cegprakash: use same angle and thrust at every depth

cegprakash: :D :D :D

cegprakash: he went to sleep now

cegprakash: I've asked him to fix it he'll be top 20 tomorrow easily

Astrobytes: Did you find out how to pronounce his name yet ceg

Astrobytes: ?

cegprakash: oops forgot to ask him again

Illedan: J to da R to da K to da E

AntiSquid: i read it as "jerkeh" in my mind

**Astrobytes slaps cegprakash

jrke: pronounce what you want cegprakash by the way my mom gave me ten mins more for coding

Astrobytes: Yeah, I said like jerky or jirikee, or just J R K E. I like Illedan's one

AntiSquid: tell her to back off, otherwise you won't be a master of True AI, jrke

cegprakash: Illedan test 47 and test 43 are the ones timeouts to me frequently forcing me to reduce my time

Astrobytes: grrr, stupid Oware

Default avatar.png goore: wait

Default avatar.png goore: AntiSquid

Default avatar.png goore: you made this game

Default avatar.png goore: lamo

Default avatar.png goore: lmao

Default avatar.png goore: that was smooth ngl

jacek: goore easy game? try paper soccer :v

AntiSquid: + Illedan + wildum @goore

jrke: ya cegprakash it was my new type of search which was working fine at depth 9 and worst at depth1:joy:

cegprakash: jacek I owe you another stream on paper soccer next week

cegprakash: I mean this weekend

jacek: :blush:

Default avatar.png goore: AntiSquid do you play dota by any chance?

Astrobytes: lol, goore gets it

cegprakash: jrke

AntiSquid: used to play

cegprakash: we were discussing how to call your name

Default avatar.png goore: it really shows

cegprakash: how do we pronounce ur name jrke

AntiSquid: i played the original warcraft3 dota

Astrobytes: cegprakash

jrke 07:59PM pronounce what you want cegprakash by the way my mom gave me ten mins more for coding

Default avatar.png goore: i guess everyone used to play dota at some point

jrke: ya answered this question cegprakash

cegprakash: cool cool

Astrobytes: I played the original Warcraft :old_man:

cegprakash: I thought it was AntiSquid's mom

AntiSquid: i mean i played it before they even had their first ranking system :p

jrke: no my mom

cegprakash: thought jrke already slept

Default avatar.png goore: i guess i should have said simple instead of easy

jrke: ya just going to sleep but its good morning for your time table cegprakash at 12:35 am

AntiSquid: most players were elitist af even back then

Astrobytes: I think you should pronounce jrke as "Tony" cegprakash

jrke: so i have to make it jarvis then

cegprakash: jacek could u plz stop wrecking me on oware

Astrobytes: Did you even StarCraft AntiSquid, GBR-1 was great

jacek: im trying to wreck Astrobytes

AntiSquid: goore actually we done moba based on voting out of a bunch of game genres we were interested in

cegprakash: at least Astrobytes is losing to me sometimes but u never lose to me jacek

AntiSquid: could have been a tower defense instead

Astrobytes: No cegprakash, those were timeouts and my experimental bots. Don't get happy

cegprakash: lolz

Default avatar.png goore: yeah

Default avatar.png goore: would have been much simpler

cegprakash: yeah I see it's the truth

jrke: once in a week i dare to think to go for oware awaba and then i open it and just close it after reading rules

struct: ceg maybe you can get rank 1 on my next multi

Astrobytes: finally got between 900K and 1.2M root visits on first turn. Eval needs more work now

AntiSquid: you can play a tower defense if that's what you want: goore

cegprakash: struct sure

WINWINWIN: yeah cegprakash, I managed to hold #1 on Yinsh for 15 minutes

Default avatar.png goore: i have already read the instructions

Astrobytes: Gonna have to open a can of Smits on Oware I think

Default avatar.png goore: might aswell try to play the game

jrke: cegprakash is 262 without collision predictor and enemy attacker in CSB due to his great sim

AntiSquid: ya

AntiSquid: do it !

jacek: smits isnt 1st?

cegprakash: actually if I submit my search race bot it can easily get to top 150

cegprakash: I've improved so much

AntiSquid: wait Winwinwin was playing BOTG at some point, what happened?

cegprakash: without collisions and enemy prediction I mean

Astrobytes: No jacek, but I'm not gonna do some AlphaZero thing like Robo

cegprakash: and no shield ofc

struct: Doubt you can get top 150 without collisions

jrke: cegprakash what you r 14 in search race man so why you think of top 150

struct: but opk

Astrobytes: Imagine life if you implemented them cegprakash

anid: search rave top 150??

AntiSquid: enemy prediction and colisions in search race? why ?

cegprakash: anid csb

anid: Ah, I see

WINWINWIN: AntiSquid I did to BOTG

jrke: K you mentioned search race above cegprakash

cegprakash: jrke I need to add collisions to go to top 100

AntiSquid: you stopped in bronze WINWINWIN

cegprakash: collision detection I mean

WINWINWIN: Yes, I previously went till bronze in every multi and stopped :D

AntiSquid: ah

WINWINWIN: Now I take a day and focus on a single multi

AntiSquid: what are you playing?

WINWINWIN: today was Great Escape, I think tomorrow will be BotG

cegprakash: i need to try GAimax on CSB

AntiSquid: so different game every day?


AntiSquid: but not sure that's good, you switch too often you lose focus

struct: WINWINWIN I think you can improve more if you stay on a multi for a week or so

cegprakash: with opponent trying to move towards my pos + my vel

jrke: cegprakash wants to get in top 100 i want to get in top 300

Astrobytes: Sometimes. But sometimes if you focus too hard on smth you lose your focus

WINWINWIN: Yeah, I forget my logic and reasoning for the multi, probably best to focus on 1 multi a week instead

WINWINWIN: Will start tomorrow with BotG :) 1 week try for gold :D

jrke: then another bot programming WINWINWIN:smiley:

AntiSquid: yes do it like a contest

WINWINWIN: Maybe, but I enjoyed doing BOTG a lot, it was quite different from the others

cegprakash: MadKnight did csb for 1 year WINWINWIN

cegprakash: he was never bored of it


Astrobytes: Now he's dead.

jrke: i am just working on CSB and from 1 month and partly spended time after reaching legend

AntiSquid: he left CG lol

AntiSquid: so he did get bored

cegprakash: and then taught everyone to learn GA including myself

AntiSquid: same game all the time kills your mood

WINWINWIN: No, he taught me a lot on CSB

AntiSquid: which reminds me of somone who is stuck with one game :thinking:

jrke: i m never bored from CSB try to view replay in action mode will be more interesting

WINWINWIN: Me too ceg

Astrobytes: Who's that squid?

AntiSquid: someone *

AntiSquid: me with XR

jacek: somepony*

cegprakash: and I love search race for the tyre marks WINWINWIN

cegprakash: CSB doesn't have tyre marks


Astrobytes: lol, I reckon you should totally forget about XR for a bit AntiSquid

jrke: i loved search race cause i love csb a lot

AntiSquid: but i feel like i am really close astro

cegprakash: I just wish the tyre screeching sound gets added to CSB and search race like this:

WINWINWIN: anyway gn all, will pester you all with BOTG questions tomorrow :P

Astrobytes: jacek, still using alphabeta etc on Oware?

Astrobytes: gn WINWINWIN

cegprakash: gn gn all

cegprakash: my eyes red

jrke: cegprakash sends same video when someone ask for drift in CSB or search race:joy:

Astrobytes: gn cegprakash

jrke: i m also going gn

Astrobytes: gn jrke

cegprakash: jrke yeah I have it on my bookmarks

Astrobytes: Should I just say goodnight to all our CGers from India?

cegprakash: it's one of my fav movies

jrke: whats time in scotland astrobytes

jrke: K ceg

Astrobytes: 20:18 jrke

jrke: K

jrke: gn

jacek: Astrobytes yes

AntiSquid: gn8 i come back in 30 minutes

jacek: im too slow for mcts, no bitboard yet

struct: gn

Astrobytes: I don't have a bitboard jacek

jacek: oh

jacek: then how many parameters has your eval

Astrobytes: 5 right now, but sometimes 7

jacek: hmmm hmmmmm

Astrobytes: my board is uint8_t[2]

Astrobytes: I'll get around to optimising further I guess

cegprakash: we have a queue for first in first out

cegprakash: we have a stack for last in first out

cegprakash: do we have a random in random out?

cegprakash: that would be so nice for UTTT

Astrobytes: like a Pile rather than a Heap?

struct: i think he means when you do pop

struct: he gets a random

cegprakash: yeah

cegprakash: I want pop to remove a random element

struct: Not hard to code

cegprakash: and give me that element

struct: And its better to use your own queue/heap in CG

cegprakash: that should fasten the random move generation

struct: if you want performance

Astrobytes: jacek, keep your state light

cegprakash: looks simple


cegprakash: as u said struct

cegprakash: will do it when I write UTTT

Astrobytes: No, like implement your queue using a C-style array, and some indices/counters

leojean890: Astrobytes #38-39 in Oware with alphabeta in python, depth 6

cegprakash: yes yes that's what given in the above link also

struct: not, the implemention uses vector and map

Astrobytes: Still uses stl ceg, not ideal

cegprakash: leojean890 I use depth 15.. same alphabeta rank 18

Astrobytes: leojean890 convert to C++ or C, you'll get much higher

cegprakash: well I have a variable depth

leojean890: oh ok, but .. I use python xD

leojean890: IK:p

leojean890: I didn't use those languages too much recently

Astrobytes: I've got MCTS with early playout termination

cegprakash: how many lines of code ur bot has leojean890

leojean890: but began slowwwly to re-use them more..

leojean890: around 300

leojean890: for oware

cegprakash: I've 400+ lines

cegprakash: just translate to C++

cegprakash: it's not much of an effort

cegprakash: just copy paste and add braces

leojean890: I think it can be ok yes

Astrobytes: lol ceg, not quite

leojean890: a little longer

leojean890: :p

cegprakash: copy paste, add braces, change print to cout

cegprakash: yeah extra 1 step

leojean890: but there is the copy of states to handle

Astrobytes: 675 for me, but a LOT of comments/commented out stuff

leojean890: but I think it will be ok anyway:)

cegprakash: just change def to class

cegprakash: and add a public:

Astrobytes: change class to struct and lose the public

struct: Ok game is done I think, now I juist need viewer

leojean890: but 300 lines it's not an enormous effort you're right on the general idea :)

cegprakash: I love python at work but I'd never use python at coding contests unless I need big integers

Default avatar.png VN73: if you_like_doctor_who == True:prinr('+')

leojean890: good if using only heuristics :P

Astrobytes: prinr, the Whovian function

leojean890: but for simu, not top :P

leojean890: for simu high depth I meant

cegprakash: jrke's search race sim code is 100 lines

leojean890: I just began to create a simu for code vs zombies

cegprakash: in c++

cegprakash: u can write short code on c++ too leojean890

leojean890: and I see.. 100 ms for an optim ?

leojean890: it's kind of rare

Astrobytes: Hey, technically my depth is 0 on Oware

leojean890: seldom

cegprakash: wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

cegprakash: if u use depth 0 it's probably well trained like NN

leojean890: 100 ms EVEN the first turn..

Astrobytes: No ceg

Astrobytes: It's an MCTS, but instead of playouts you just eval

Astrobytes: Still builds a tree

leojean890: eval depth N ?

leojean890: like hill climbing ?

Astrobytes: I pick a move, and eval.

leojean890: oh ok

leojean890: like me in pacman

Astrobytes: Still MCTS, you just don't actually do a playout

Astrobytes: You can of course stop at depth N

Astrobytes: Still EPT. But for Oware, we found depth 0 worked best

Astrobytes: Smits and darkhorse are both that algo, but they also have implemented MCTS solvers

leojean890: oh ok

jacek: do you deal specially if there is only 1 valid move?

Astrobytes: Robo has AlphaZero-based bot, and re Curse some kind of similar NN-based bot

Astrobytes: No jacek

leojean890: reCurse seems to master NNs

jacek: and yet hes completely powerless in uttt

Astrobytes: He came to it fairly recently and has done a great job, robo has some good ones too

Astrobytes: Agad e's Oware is NN also I believe, not sure on pb 4

leojean890: robostac was nicely ranked in pacman ;)

leojean890: agade does nice IAs with eval (minmax for ex), I read some of his PMs

Astrobytes: jacek UTTT isn't really an ideal candidate for NNs it would seem

struct: wtf have i done

struct: I cant even create a rectangle in the viewer

Astrobytes: It's not.... alive is it?

Astrobytes: Oh. Ded.

struct: It doesnt have viewer

struct: rest is preety much done

Astrobytes: Nice

Astrobytes: Yes leojean890, just wish he was a bit more active on CG

struct: at least I think, hard to tell if its right without a viewer

Astrobytes: (Agad e that is, Robo is)

Astrobytes: textual output ftw struct

struct: I can reveal the game I guess

leojean890: some people don't have time

Astrobytes: Lot's of old CG'ers nto around much these days tbh

Astrobytes: *not


Astrobytes: Oh nice

leojean890: or do other competitions somewhere else

Astrobytes: trictrac is gonna love it, And MSmits

struct: Simple rules

Astrobytes: woops, didn't mean to tag

Astrobytes: I like the passive then aggressive moves, I'd like to play this irl

struct: I dont know if I will need to increae board size

struct: My code takes that into account

Astrobytes: Might do to increase playability, we'll find out

Astrobytes: Yes, was good thinking on your part there struct

struct: Also if the size increases, the move max distance also increases

Astrobytes: Interesting

struct: if board is 6x6 there are 6 pieces per player per board (total 12) and moves can go up to 4 distance

Astrobytes: Guess it maintains some kind of balance

struct: Which is the height - 2

Astrobytes: Yes I'm familiar with basic arithmetic struct :P

jacek: so, whats the rope for?

Astrobytes: For when you lose jacek

struct: The rope is just visual

struct: I dont really gonna add a rope

Astrobytes: Might be a nice visual touch?

struct: Ill see what I can do

struct: Also will need stones

struct: I guess push will look a bit weird

Default avatar.png hem123: any tricks to beat coders strike back gold

Astrobytes: I like the uneven ones, but if you have to use identical ones then so be it, won't affect the game

struct: hem123 there is no easy trick, the best I can say is check magu s csb tutorial


Astrobytes: ^

Astrobytes: You don't necessarily have to write a genetic algorithm, you can get far with a random search

Default avatar.png JBM: ahoy there

Default avatar.png JBM: how is ur csb

Astrobytes: hey JBM

Astrobytes: fix it

Default avatar.png JBM: o/

Default avatar.png JBM: got myself 60-90 of tvc hacking

Default avatar.png JBM: let's get to it

Astrobytes: gogogo

Default avatar.png hem123: thanks struct, was hoping I could build it more on logic.

Default avatar.png hem123: but guess that inevitably I have to make some predictions and forecast a couple of events

Astrobytes: You can just use logic and maths to do it

Astrobytes: I took the sim and search approach myself

Astrobytes: Reclaiming your rightful position trictrac ;)

struct: where?

Astrobytes: Oware

wlesavo: owhere

Astrobytes: yea, Owhere Adonno

struct: has robo been first for long?

trictrac: robo is the first @ this game

Astrobytes: Depends on who submits, sometimes he gets pulled down, the others pushed up, but top 3 is usually the same, if not in the same order

Astrobytes: robo's is definitely the most robust I would say

Astrobytes: Hope I'm going to make some more improvements this week on Oware

Astrobytes: Had to leave it for a while, was pretty tired of it

Default avatar.png JBM: haven't touched that game in... >20 years

Default avatar.png JBM: was a/b mm at the time

Default avatar.png JBM: what's new on the scene?

Astrobytes: AlphaZero based, ML in general, MCTS w/ EPT, and still good ol' a/b

Default avatar.png JBM: what's ept?

struct: wtf I doint know what bug i have

jacek: doesnt smits have endtables also?

Astrobytes: and 50ms ofc

Astrobytes: Early playout termination JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: thx

Astrobytes: Don't think so jacek, not 100% sure. But he spent a loooong time fitting params offline

Astrobytes: And he and darkhorse have the solvers also

jacek: the solver is pretty default i think

trictrac: AB + endgame is not enough

trictrac: that's what I have

jacek: i also have opening book *.*

trictrac: good

Astrobytes: I don't have solver yet

Astrobytes: Just streamlined it a bit today, need to lighten my node struct a little tomorrow

Astrobytes: I am still quite surprised how well just a/b with endgame works trictrac

trictrac: not too bad eval

trictrac: and pruning

Astrobytes: yeah, do you plan to take it further or switch algorithm?

trictrac: A day I will try alphazero approach for this game, rules are simple

Astrobytes: That's what robo uses yeah

Astrobytes: Does Royale still use a/b or did he change too?

AntiSquid: which game?

Astrobytes: Oware

struct: I cant understand

struct: The code is similar to Yinsh but doesnt work

struct: Why cant I setup the viewer

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

AntiSquid: for your new game?

Astrobytes: You have a bug struct :P

AntiSquid: are you doing another hexagon game? :/

struct: no

struct: I revelaed the game


AntiSquid: i missed it

jacek: why i dont see name or avatar in chat?

AntiSquid: shobu ?

struct: yes

Astrobytes: refresh jacek

AntiSquid: what happened to shogi

struct: Shogi is paused

AntiSquid: jacek we don't like you (he won't see who wrote this)

Astrobytes: But he needed the same letter count so went with shobu

Astrobytes: Next is Shamu, a whale-saving optimisation game

Astrobytes: I'm working on Harambe: The Reckoning rn

AntiSquid: you need to feed kids to a gorilla or something?

AntiSquid: we don't have a side scroller game btw

struct: omfg

Astrobytes: You are Harambe. You have to exact revenge by eating as many as you can. With physics, on a 3D Yinsh board with FOW

Astrobytes: And no statement ofc.

struct: I spent so much time on this

struct: graphics.createRectangle().setFillColor(0xcacaca).setX(1920).setY(1080);

struct: 10/10

AntiSquid: you overlook stuff when you are tired

struct: Should be setWidth and setHeight

struct: instead of x and

struct: y

Astrobytes: That's fairly obvious :D

Astrobytes: You should take a screen break now and then man

AntiSquid: i am considering either moving over to code a la mode or do something outside CG :thinking:

AntiSquid: i can't focus on that shit anymore ... i keep procrastinating it

Astrobytes: What sort of outside of CG thing? ML stuff or CTFs or..?

AntiSquid: both fun i guess

AntiSquid: ya that or even excel / sql shit is more fun at the moment :D

Astrobytes: lol, you really do need a break from XR

AntiSquid: i have a NN for it

AntiSquid: but fucked up something

AntiSquid: it only outputs 6 6

Astrobytes: But perhaps that is The True Move

AntiSquid: wait ... it's supposed to be 6 3 max ! damn

Astrobytes: The game just doesn't recognise it

AntiSquid: 6 as in max int and then 0 to 3 for direction

AntiSquid: aha one bug found

AntiSquid: damn it just closed all that crap

Astrobytes: Rubberducking in a somewhat abstract fashion eh

AntiSquid: it has 2 outputs

AntiSquid: should i retry now? :/

Astrobytes: If that motivated you then yesh

Astrobytes: Or even yeah

AntiSquid: it outputs 6 3 now and doesn't look like it will ever adjust the bloody values T_T

AntiSquid: nvm then

Astrobytes: Right, leave it alone now

Default avatar.png justnothassa: hi every one

Default avatar.png JBM: and the others too!

Default avatar.png justnothassa: am new here and was wondering if you think this site is usfule

AntiSquid: hi new

AntiSquid: yea just get an avatar

Default avatar.png JBM: what for

Default avatar.png JBM: no, this site isn't usfule

Default avatar.png JBM: that i know

Astrobytes: It's full of trolls though

struct: It's good i learned french here

Astrobytes: A veritable monolith of trolls

Default avatar.png JBM: it's dangerous to go alone

Default avatar.png justnothassa: lol seems full of bots

Astrobytes: Speaking of French, struct, did Langton ever get fixed?

Default avatar.png justnothassa: that still beat me

struct: I dont know Astrobytes

struct: Dont think so

Astrobytes: Hm, might need to remind them

Astrobytes: Tomorrow

Astrobytes: cba just now

Default avatar.png JBM: i've read that before

Astrobytes: What are you playing justnothassa?

Default avatar.png JBM: fix it

Default avatar.png JBM: wait, too early

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png JBM: hosw is ur csb justnothassa

Default avatar.png JBM: oh, some game to fix, brb, you handle the no0b

Astrobytes: oh btw JBM, Harambe and Shamu got married and live on the Moon

Default avatar.png JBM: who are THOSE

Astrobytes: Harambe the gorilla, Shamu the orca, both deceased. Another troll saying

Default avatar.png JBM: oh dear i'm so out of the loop

Default avatar.png JBM: you just give me one category and three sentences (left, no move, rifght)

Default avatar.png justnothassa: clash of codes

Default avatar.png justnothassa: what is csb

Astrobytes: Out of the loop? Shamu was in the 70s!

Astrobytes: Crazy Sons of Bi... I mean Coders Strike Back justnothassa

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah i wasn't so big on the internets in the 70s

Default avatar.png JBM: ah killer whales

Astrobytes: You'll find it in this section justnothassa:

Astrobytes: I wasn't born in the 70s

Default avatar.png JBM: i live very close to one of the places in france where we got them

Default avatar.png JBM: (in captivity)

Default avatar.png Lexh55: where can I see alot of java code examples

Default avatar.png JBM: breeding them in captivity has been outlawed a few years ago

Default avatar.png JBM: not sure how that fares for them

Astrobytes: Yes, it's a welcome change in a way

Default avatar.png JBM: not sure either way

Default avatar.png Lexh55: :point_up:

Default avatar.png JBM: didn't know of the shamu stuff at all

struct: Lexh55 if you solve a puzzle in java you can see other players solutions if they shared it

Astrobytes: Exactly, hence my "in a way". I mean they're probably safer in captivity atm (which pains me to say)

Default avatar.png Lexh55: yeah, but some didn't have example solutions.

Default avatar.png Lexh55: So I got stuck or gave up

Default avatar.png JBM: i was more in a "we hold many species captives, why not *that* one"

Default avatar.png JBM: *mood

Astrobytes: Yeah, there's captivity and captivity for show

Default avatar.png JBM: wp has a "list of famous cetaceans" page

Default avatar.png JBM: categories: real life, film, abrahamic mythology

Astrobytes: Sadly, benefits from breeding in captivity are overshadowed by the showing aspect which funds much of it

Default avatar.png JBM: (and literature, but nobody cares about that one)

Astrobytes: "list of famous cetaceans" - A title I never thought I'd see

Astrobytes: There's no Moby Dick?

Default avatar.png JBM: redirected to "List of individual cetaceans"

Default avatar.png JBM: there is

Default avatar.png JBM: literature--the category nobody cares about ^

Default avatar.png Daniel.jhon: this sight is not helping me

Default avatar.png JBM: so try the plight

Astrobytes: Oh, I misunderstood you, my apologies

Astrobytes: You may need an eye test Daniel.jhon

Default avatar.png Daniel.jhon: what?

Astrobytes: "Daniel.jhon 10:08PM this sight is not helping me"

Default avatar.png Lexh55: how do I solve the Temperatures one?

Default avatar.png JBM: try payong someone for a solution

Default avatar.png JBM: what language do you need it in?

Default avatar.png Lexh55: hahahaha

struct: Lexh55 you need to find the closest value to 0

Default avatar.png Lexh55: java

Astrobytes: Write code to solve all the testcases.

struct: you can use absolute value

Default avatar.png JBM: i'll do it for in JAVA for

Default avatar.png JBM: [computing]

Default avatar.png JBM: 55.67EUR

Astrobytes: What about Clojure?

Default avatar.png JBM: solves all test/validation cases

Astrobytes: ^

Default avatar.png JBM: guaranteed results or your monies back

Default avatar.png Lexh55: java for computing is that a book/

Default avatar.png JBM: clj is cheaper


Default avatar.png Daniel.jhon: how can i solve power of Thor ep 1

struct: 10/10 coder

Default avatar.png JBM: pay someone Daniel.jhon

Astrobytes: Still waiting for someone to code a referee in Clojure

Default avatar.png Daniel.jhon: come on

Default avatar.png JBM: that's coming faster than you think

Astrobytes: lol

Default avatar.png Lexh55: @struct whats that link for =?

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm on the fence

Default avatar.png JBM: clj or scala

struct: DaNinja press the hint button on the left

struct: Daniel.jhon*

Default avatar.png JBM: but that silly java can't stay

Default avatar.png Lexh55: Where can I find such a person to pay?

Astrobytes: All I know is people generally disliked Kotlin ref

Astrobytes: Daniel.jhon - make Thor go to the light.

Default avatar.png JBM: which is kind of a good enough reason to write more of them in my book

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png Daniel.jhon: i pressed it but the 3rd taste case dosen't work

Default avatar.png JBM: but kotlin doesn't even *have* a rep AFAIK

Astrobytes: Wrong flavour Daniel.jhon

Default avatar.png JBM: so i'd rather capitalize on the general "fear of anything new" (read, functional) java devs have

Default avatar.png Lexh55: wait I'm still asking about the java for computing book

Astrobytes: (I can't get out of trolling mode today)

Default avatar.png JBM: and why should you?

Astrobytes: lol JBM

Default avatar.png Daniel.jhon: how can i solve the 3rd taste case

Default avatar.png JBM: there's a "fear" missing somewhere in my other sentence over there

struct: Daniel.jhon they give you pseudo code on hints

Default avatar.png JBM: no wait it's there, just not where i expected it

Default avatar.png Daniel.jhon: i know that

Astrobytes: Lexh55 - in that sentence you reference, please note the brackets

Default avatar.png JBM: so where's the problem?

Default avatar.png Daniel.jhon: but I can't figure to move thor in certain degree

Default avatar.png Lexh55: who is JAVA for [computing] 55.67EUR

Default avatar.png JBM: that would be me

Default avatar.png JBM: [quote for "Temperatures, as of 2020-06-01

Astrobytes: "i'll do it for in JAVA for [computing] 55.67EUR"

Default avatar.png JBM: what's a little extra preposition between friends?

Astrobytes: Insert a '...' after "for". Now, imagine the computer is... computing for a second

Default avatar.png JBM: haven't you ever played KoL?!

Default avatar.png Lexh55: java for [computing] what am I paying for?

Default avatar.png Lexh55: is the KOL comment for me?

Astrobytes: I can only reduce my available responses to "omg" and "wtaf" for now

Default avatar.png JBM: valid enough (CG standards) input that happen to solve all of the validation cases for CG puzzle "temperatures"

Default avatar.png JBM: no kol was more for Astrobytes, but then again anybody would benefit from the exposure

Default avatar.png Lexh55: oh

Default avatar.png JBM: i loved kol

Default avatar.png JBM: why have i been off

Default avatar.png JBM: does it even still exist

Astrobytes: Kingdom of Loathing?

Default avatar.png JBM: seems so

Default avatar.png JBM: yup

Astrobytes: I had a mate used to play that religiously

Default avatar.png JBM: have no idea what my login was anymore :(

Astrobytes: *who used

Default avatar.png JBM: maybe on the old pc

Default avatar.png JBM: that theoretically still boots, but on a static IP

Default avatar.png Lexh55: java for [computing] is this a book?

Default avatar.png JBM: that would probably be either or

Astrobytes: :)

Default avatar.png JBM: Lexh55

Astrobytes: Lexh55...

Uljahn: ah KoL, loved it too

Default avatar.png Lexh55: yeah Astrobytes

Default avatar.png Lexh55: java for [computing] what is this website for?

Default avatar.png JBM: Uljahn: favorite class?

Default avatar.png JBM: (i'm an all-around total disco bandit)

Default avatar.png Lexh55: wait did I miss something?

Default avatar.png JBM: yes, but only because you chose to

Astrobytes: Evidently.

Uljahn: playing AT atm

Default avatar.png Lexh55: Yeah, I saw Java for [computing] 55.67EUR

Uljahn: but now i play it once a year on crimbo season

struct: nice 55.67 scam

Default avatar.png Lexh55: LOL

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't even remember what AT is

Default avatar.png JBM: gimme 2 min

Default avatar.png JBM: not turtle tamer

Default avatar.png Lexh55: I'm not looking for a scam,

Uljahn: accordion theft

Default avatar.png JBM: wouln'd have found it back

Astrobytes: *thief

Default avatar.png Lexh55: Is JAVA for [computing] a book, or is someone offering me their services?

Astrobytes: *accordion thief Uljahn

Uljahn: yep, thx

Astrobytes: np


Default avatar.png Lexh55: oh ok

Astrobytes: BatuhanOzen don't paste clash links in chat, it's bad form. People will join your clash if they want to.

Default avatar.png JBM: especially if it's non-joinable

Astrobytes: It's cool to ask if anyone wants to clash tho'.

Default avatar.png JBM: just not eZ

Astrobytes: haha post clash link with timer at 0.01 to start

BatuhanOzen: okey sorry

Astrobytes: No worries

Astrobytes: Grrr. Painkillers getting to my concentration.

Default avatar.png Lexh55: yeah, will show me some solutions please I'm being nice

Astrobytes: Solve first, you can then see other solutions.

Astrobytes: Otherwise, you can ask pertinent questions or solve on your own

Astrobytes: struct gave you some good advice

Default avatar.png Lexh55: he did

Default avatar.png JBM: unbelievable!

Default avatar.png JBM: sorry

Default avatar.png JBM: i mean

Default avatar.png JBM: inconceivable!

Astrobytes: lol, ikr

Default avatar.png Lexh55: I already went to the other website its just a game right

Default avatar.png Lexh55: Plus I can't see Struct advice anymore


Astrobytes: Lexh55

Default avatar.png Lexh55: thanks

Default avatar.png Lexh55: Anyone out there?

Default avatar.png JBM: nope you killed the mood

Astrobytes: *"Is there anybody out there"

Default avatar.png JBM: wouldn't bet

Astrobytes: Quite

Astrobytes: Gahhh. Messed it up again. Was trying to replace my child pointers with an index & number of children but I broke it.

Astrobytes: *index and, not bitwise &

Astrobytes: Job for tomorrow

struct: Boards seem small :/

struct: In viewer

Default avatar.png Lexh55: Oh struct

Astrobytes: got a link yet struct?

struct: for the game no, havent finished viewer

struct: and i dont handle inputs yet

Astrobytes: ah ok

Astrobytes: Anyway, I'm out

Astrobytes: gn/bn everyone

Default avatar.png JBM: same there

MostComplicatedUsername: First time I've won against the night boss

Default avatar.png JBM: gg

icecream17: wow. this person has exactly the same strategy as me

leojean890: icecream17 maybe you're IA has been duplicated as this boss ?;P

icecream17: no its wood1 so the strategy is simple

icecream17: and its not the boss, its another person

leojean890: oh ok xd

leojean890: didn't check the league:p

leojean890: you talked about the person fighting against him ?;p

icecream17: wait what are you talking about

leojean890: I think I misunderstood you when you told "this person has exactly the same strategy as me";)

LelouchVC2: I misunderstood when she liked my beach photo

daffie: in tulips&daisies if you have 0 gold and plant your flower on an enemy flower which costs 10 but completes a match of your own which rewards >10 do you get to remain?

daffie: does anyone know, the order of process doesn't say anything about this

daffie: oh the source code for the game is available, maybe I'll look there for the answer unless someone knows

WINWINWIN: Anyone here that did BOTG?

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: help

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: help


WINWINWIN: what happened?