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Default avatar.png mastervj: anyone please share shadow of the knight-ep 1 solution

cegprakash: Going to start search race stream!

cegprakash: angle is wrong on first turn

cegprakash: in search race

WINWINWIN: Well done neumann can you get 1st in CSB as well with this?

eulerscheZahl: no :D

jacek: happy Caturday

eulerscheZahl: CSB is much more complex. you have an opponent blocking you

eulerscheZahl: happy Caturday jacek

WINWINWIN: Caturday?

struct: Hello

eulerscheZahl: yes, Caturday. We celebrate it once a week

struct: Is site extremely slow or is it me?

WINWINWIN: Not Saturday?

WINWINWIN: Site is not slow struct

cegprakash: hola hola my sim is working!

cegprakash: join my twitch channel

eulerscheZahl: no


WINWINWIN: Optimized?

cegprakash: 3 tests fail on my search race

cegprakash: how do I debug those

jrke: its random sometimes fails

jrke: as random moves maybe have no optimal moves

cegprakash: does it mean we haven't completed 3 loops in 600 turns?

jrke: yes

jrke: we haven't completed it in 600 turns

cegprakash: do I have to pass all cases to get into the leaderboard?

jrke: as you r choosing random moves and sometimes it don't have optimal moves

jrke: no your best submit will be chosen for leaderboard

jrke: watch this


jrke: but if you did 100% in 200000 and 92% in 150000 then 100% and 200000 will be best


struct: Why do you post this sh*t here?

ShlOk: hey ijust want to know the working . i dont want to harm any one.

struct: google the code

struct: you will get the answer

ShlOk: i got this from a website telling this code can swithch off the internet permanently. Is it so?

ShlOk: There are many professionals out here who can help me

ShlOk: pls help!!

ShlOk: :nerd:

WINWINWIN: ShlOk those are some nonsense viruses through notepad

WINWINWIN: you have to type it in and save it as .bat

ShlOk: But can it really harm anyone?


ShlOk: and if yes how to resolve it?

WINWINWIN: only the computer you use it on

WINWINWIN: probably have to reset to fix it

ShlOk: Will the data be secure ?

ShlOk: or data will be formatted?


ShlOk: ok


DaNinja: it just releases your IP address temporarily

WINWINWIN: just seen this kind of stufff before on the computers in my scool


ShlOk: @Daninja resetting ur computer will delete ur files ?

DaNinja: no

ShlOk: @DaNinja That means this sorts of codes are just pranks. LOL


DaNinja: yep pranks


ShlOk: @ DaNinja and @WINWINWIN Thank both of u for helping me or i would have run it on my pc:joy:


ShlOk: :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png hem123: anyone an idea how i can log

Default avatar.png hem123: using python

Default avatar.png hem123: instead of printing orders

struct: printing to stderr?

Default avatar.png hem123: yes but how can i put lets say some variable in stderr?

struct: ofc, similar to stdout

WINWINWIN: print(output, file = sys.stderr)

WINWINWIN: add import sys at the top of your code

cegprakash: I've a doubt in paper soccer

cegprakash: "Player will provide output in the form of string of digits. For example, 2 will move the ball to the right. String 4644 will move ball down, then left, then down and down."

cegprakash: why am I allowed to make multiple moves on single turn?

jacek: because they bounce

jacek: from drawn lines

cegprakash: don't get you

cegprakash: can I kick the ball infinite length?

jacek: no

cegprakash: how long can I kick

jacek: you can kick multiple times until ball lands on empty intersection

cegprakash: empty intersection?

jacek: the pictures in the statement should be clear

jacek: empty as in without any drawn lines yet

jrke: cegprakash i m now 20th in Search race with 13822 time

cegprakash: jrke chill I'll come for you

cegprakash: :D

jrke: ya i know

cegprakash: I'll get you

cegprakash: what's ur depth

jrke: cz you can sim and use GA but i can't

jrke: i m not simming

jrke: nor GA

cegprakash: jacek no the very first image why is the ball not moving in the direction until it hits the wall?

jacek: because it can't. in second (or third) image it can

jacek: because the ball ends up on already drawn line


cegprakash: I mean the left image

cegprakash: why doesn't the ball travel till the wall

eulerscheZahl: because you only move to the next free intersection

jacek: it goes only one square at a time.

cegprakash: I only get extra move if I bounce on enemy or bounce on wall?

eulerscheZahl: i guess that's another case for "read the rules"

cegprakash: rules no clear

cegprakash: like always

jacek: o.O

eulerscheZahl: literally unplayable!!11!11!

jacek: try yinsh

eulerscheZahl: try codechef

struct: yinsh for true ai

struct: I might change playerUI though

struct: I could also optimize the viewer a bit

struct: I draw too many lines

Illedan: 3rd in Yinsh. With 1 if :rocket:

struct: :D

Illedan: Always pick the longest string xD

struct: yeah

struct: true ai

Illedan: No idea about how long actions works

struct: long actions = multiple actions

struct: to do more than 1 you must remove 1 ring

struct: thats why it work

Illedan: aha

jacek: sometimes you must remove ring first because opponent left with your 5-in-row

struct: yeah that can also happen

struct: so you remove the ring then move

struct: can also remove move remove remove

struct: or even remove remove remove and not move

jacek: and sometimes remove remove, acount remove, move

WINWINWIN: I finally hit top 500 global :)

AntiSquid: i missed top 100 in contests by a narrow margin :/

WINWINWIN: eulerscheZahl how did kotlin heroes go?

AntiSquid: struct i beat your yinsh bot in D lang

AntiSquid: huehuehue

WINWINWIN: D is that bad?

cegprakash: WINWINWIN we shouldn't stop until we rekt anid

cegprakash: we riot till anid

cegprakash: rank drops

Xcalibre: that's the spirit


WINWINWIN: But first I need to really struggle for top 200 now :sob:

cegprakash: is there a referee for mars landers

struct: no

cegprakash: then how do ppl land their spacecraft

cegprakash: without a simu

Uljahn: the referee is called physics

cegprakash: can I use search race simu for Mars lander

cegprakash: both are 2D so it should work right

struct: Do you think all 2d games have same physics?

Astrobytes: wtf

cegprakash: the law of physics is the same on the same dimension right? In ant man movie that's what the professor says

Uljahn: pls stop embarrassing yourself

Astrobytes: There should be a Book of Ceg channel on discord, with notable ceg quotes.

WINWINWIN: Some of the rules are too different on mars lander

WINWINWIN: but someone tried a GA and it worked

cegprakash: are u telling me there is a non GA solution to land the ship safely

cegprakash: i.e. for all test cases


cegprakash: :o

WINWINWIN: Thats what I did :)

Uljahn: ofc, but it could be not optimal by fuel consumption

cegprakash: oh wait I see the difference now.. search race is on earth and mars landers is on Mars


cegprakash: I should learn mars physics

Xcalibre: but in mars lander u need to account for the gravity of the situation


Uljahn: also there is no friction and thrust has inertia (can't step more than 1 point per turn)

Uljahn: i think ideal rocket equation would be interesting to have in mars lander optimization :relieved:

wlesavo: wonder if GAimax would work for mars lander :slight_smile:

Default avatar.png lxnn: This video might come in handy for Mars Lander:

Default avatar.png lxnn: and these lecture notes:

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: lol you can referee if you like cegprakash i think its possible

struct: you already have sim Astrobytes?

Astrobytes: Nah, I just played around a bit. Nothing serious yet;

Astrobytes: *yet.

Astrobytes: You can tell I've been coding when I finish my sentences with a semicolon eh

wlesavo: lol

struct: lol

eulerscheZahl: WINWINWIN 11:51AM eulerscheZahl how did kotlin heroes go?

Astrobytes: Still brutal

eulerscheZahl: and the visible testcases were all on a square matrix, so i didn't notice :/

Default avatar.png Merhablar: dadigger

Default avatar.png TheFakeLoremIpsum_46b9: --cabinet moison

struct: euler have you got any experience with .net core?

eulerscheZahl: not much. why?

struct: Was thinking on learning it

eulerscheZahl: that's just the framework to run your code. like JVM

eulerscheZahl: you don't learn JVM, you learn Java (or Kotlin, Clojure, ...)

eulerscheZahl: it doesn't really matter if it's .net Core, .net or Mono

eulerscheZahl: so think about learning C# or, F#

struct: I have been trying C#

eulerscheZahl: personally i wouldn't recommend VB

struct: Im enjoying it

Astrobytes: VB is pretty horrible

struct: I used Visual basic before

eulerscheZahl: C# is a nice language. started as a Java clone but really evolved after

struct: My problem with C# is everytime I need to do Console.Out.WriteLine()

struct: I do System

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: miscrosofts response to a lawsuit with Sun Microsystems

Astrobytes: Used to be J++

Astrobytes: right?

eulerscheZahl: Console.**Out**?

struct: ok the out is not needed

struct: but I still write it

eulerscheZahl: in visual studio or similar IDEs just type cw[tab]

AntiSquid: what's wrong with c++ that people don't like it?

eulerscheZahl: preconfigured snippet

struct: I dont dislike c++

Astrobytes: I like it

AntiSquid: some even use java, but say c++ is hard to read / code ?!

struct: That works euler?

struct: Nice tip

eulerscheZahl: depending on your IDE

struct: It works :D

struct: thanks

eulerscheZahl: you can also define your own snippets. which helps for contests like codejam

eulerscheZahl: primesieve? here it is!

struct: Im gonna try net core web app

struct: lets see how it goes

WINWINWIN: eulerscheZahl what was that diffchecker?


WINWINWIN: I meant what was its significance

Astrobytes: Look at the difference between the two code files

Astrobytes: You'll see the significance

WINWINWIN: Yes, he got 0% in a puzzle because of that??

Astrobytes: w and h were swapped

WINWINWIN: Extremely unlucky :(

Astrobytes: Which failed once the test cases were not square matrices

Astrobytes: Yeah, horrible way to lose

Default avatar.png exxtremewa: that moment when the poor guy who uses the language that can't math properly loses the speed challenge

struct: Which langauge cant use math?


AntiSquid: the site or the code?

WINWINWIN: what site?

AntiSquid: weird, why does the chat not automatically scroll ?

AntiSquid: ignore it

cegprakash: did someone say diffchecker. it's my fav website

cegprakash: wlesavo u don't understand GAimax

cegprakash: u can't use it on mars lander because there is no opponent

cegprakash: u need an opponent to use any kind of minimax

WINWINWIN: what is GAimax?

cegprakash: my twitch recording got corrupted

cegprakash: is there anyway I can download the video from twitch?

eulerscheZahl: cegprakash diffchecker is your favorite website? :o you put that over CodinGame?

eulerscheZahl: if the recording is on your video overview page, JDownloader does a good job at downloading them

lifetimeLearner007: BeyondCompare software for desktop is also good right?

eulerscheZahl: never tried that. I use Meld (

lifetimeLearner007: I guess a web app is more convinient

struct: cegprakash

Daher: hey guys, is there a way to compete with only java coders in CoC

struct: no

lifetimeLearner007: u can filter leaderboard based on language and manually compete with each in the CG IDE.

AntiSquid: yeah wlesavo learn gaymax before asking stupid questions

wlesavo: i think with right attitude you can use it even with no opponents

cegprakash: The moment when I reached top 20 :

eulerscheZahl: that's a weird URL

ZarthaxX: twitch clip urls, nothing wrong lol

cegprakash: but it has Small Hard Girl in the random string

cegprakash: that's really weird

struct: Go Yinsh, very easy

eulerscheZahl: funny algo to create slugs. like the CG usernames when you don't set one yourself

cegprakash: the best thing I liked about search race is the tyre scratches

cegprakash: tyre marks

cegprakash: I just wish I can see tyre scratches of top players

cegprakash: see how smooth they are

Kinlei: how did i get here

Kinlei: this wasnt here before o-o

eulerscheZahl: the chat unlocks when you reach level 3

eulerscheZahl: which you just did i guess

Kinlei: ohhh

Kinlei: thank you

cegprakash: I got 466 views today that's amazing :D

cegprakash: welcome to the world chat Kinlei :D

Kinlei: thanks

Kinlei: im a bit thick

Kinlei: but i try

Kinlei: l0l

cegprakash: thick ?

Kinlei: dumb

cegprakash: lol

Kinlei: my brain is thick like wood

cegprakash: been there

cegprakash: I still am

cegprakash: to some ppl

cegprakash: AntiSquid and Astrobytes troll me

darkhorse64: Just playing catchup with your stream: I am afraid its title is misleading what your are doing is not a GA but a MC

cegprakash: all the time

Kinlei: :(

cegprakash: darkhorse64 MC? no way

darkhorse64: It is

cegprakash: MCTS goes till end of game

darkhorse64: I said MC

cegprakash: I only go to a constant depth

eulerscheZahl: MC != MCTS

cegprakash: MC ?

eulerscheZahl: monte carlo

eulerscheZahl: which is very different to monte carlo tree search

cegprakash: what is MC

cegprakash: and how is it diff from GA

eulerscheZahl: do you even read what i'm writing?

Kinlei: like i just had this one where its like

Kinlei: - - -

Kinlei: |o| | | | |

cegprakash: link wiki plz eulerscheZahl

Kinlei: made no sense to me


darkhorse64: Generating random solutions and keep the best without retaining anything from previous solutions

jacek: new search! GAMC!

darkhorse64: GA combines previous solutions to find a better one

cegprakash: jacek stop trolling me like wlesavo AntiSquid Astrobytes

cegprakash: I do mutation darkhorse64

cegprakash: wait for it

eulerscheZahl: sorry ceg. but you qualify for being trolled

jacek: :c

cegprakash: how do u know previous solutions are better darkhorse64

cegprakash: u have to sacrifice to get better solutions for the future

cegprakash: what I do is optimal and safest for any game

darkhorse64: I am at 2:40 and all is see is random solution generations without mutation

cegprakash: yeah I'll be adding it

cegprakash: to reach top 20

darkhorse64: *all i see*

cegprakash: wait for it

darkhorse64: No problem. I find i even quite interesting that you can use MC to drive the car

darkhorse64: *find it*

darkhorse64: Whether MC is optimal is doubtful to me. GA does better

cegprakash: why do nobody agrees what I use is what I use

Kinlei: ?

eulerscheZahl: i agree that you use what you use

eulerscheZahl: would be hard not to use what you use

Astrobytes: It's usually just not what you say you use.

darkhorse64: I do not agree how you name what you use

Astrobytes: As in, what you use is not usually what you say you use.

darkhorse64: ^

Astrobytes: Then when we say what you are really using you deny it and complain that we don't agree that what you use is what you say you use.

Astrobytes: Clear?

Astrobytes: ;)

darkhorse64: I am lost

Astrobytes: (Last part was a mild troll, but the point stands)

cegprakash: so it was MCimax?

Astrobytes: Just MC

cegprakash: no I mean for pacman

cegprakash: it was MCmax

cegprakash: not a GAimax

Astrobytes: OK.

cegprakash: so how exactly we use the existing results in GA

cegprakash: we do prune?

cegprakash: now don't troll about prune arrays.. I'm asking seriously

cegprakash: if I do mutation on MC do u still call it a MC

cegprakash: or can it be called as GA??

AntiSquid: how do you do that mutations?

darkhorse64: Been making progress on your stream. I see after a MC step, you mutate your best solution. That's better but you miss the point of GA which is to combine best solutions not only mutate them

Astrobytes: ^

AntiSquid: if you don't do mutations a la GA then imo it's a different algo

Astrobytes: Have you checked out the GA tutorial on cegprakash? It's in Python, but it's a nice clear, simple intro to GA concept

darkhorse64: Just for curiosity, how many sims do you have in 50 ms ?

cegprakash: like 35K sims + 35K mutations

AntiSquid: i think this pic is enough:*BYDJpa6M2rzWNSurvspf8Q.png

AntiSquid: just my opinion

Astrobytes: Yeah, it's straight to the point

WINWINWIN: Unable to process image?

darkhorse64: A sim is 8 turns ?

AntiSquid: copy it all

Astrobytes: Take the unhighlited text too WINWINWIN

AntiSquid: including the part after the *

Kinlei: Lua > All :3

WINWINWIN: Thanks, understandable

WINWINWIN: Kinlei Lua, really??

Kinlei: Yessir

Kinlei: Lua very naisu


cegprakash: so if I add cross over and mutation to monte carlo I can call it a GA?

AntiSquid: in a way

WINWINWIN: GA has a population, but MC is a single solution

Kinlei: I've not been coding long, I think Lua is a nice starting language :)

cegprakash: what is the diff between monte carlo and simulated annealing

AntiSquid: get 100 moves from MC and from there you apply the mutations and crossings

WINWINWIN: Simulated annealing is MC with mutation/crossing

AntiSquid: and then you move on to next generations

WINWINWIN: MC is pure random

cegprakash: u all confusing me

cegprakash: I'll call everything CEG algo

cegprakash: or CEG search

Astrobytes: WINWINWIN there's a bit more to simulated annealing than that

WINWINWIN: And I`ll call them WIN algo/ WIN search :P

WINWINWIN: Astrobytes what is the other component?

AntiSquid: gaymax is already a powerful word ceg

Astrobytes: It has a temperature coefficient

cegprakash: what u guys are saying is

AntiSquid: correct

cegprakash: SA = MC

cegprakash: and SA = GA

cegprakash: which means MC = GA


AntiSquid: nobody said that

Astrobytes: It's based on metal annealing, where you heat and cool metal in a specifically controlled way to achieve smoother surface

WINWINWIN: Astrobytes how does temperature apply?

Astrobytes: Well, better crystallisation technically I suppose

cegprakash: if we do GA as per*BYDJpa6M2rzWNSurvspf8Q.png

cegprakash: we can get into a population explosion

cegprakash: and we may have to restrict reproduction of genes

Astrobytes: Do you know basic hill climbing algo WINWINWIN

AntiSquid: ceg are you arguing against the very definition of GA ?

AntiSquid: and yes you do a cut off

AntiSquid: you don't need to use all

cegprakash: that's like Thanos

cegprakash: unfair

AntiSquid: 50ms

AntiSquid: nothing to do with Thanos though

cegprakash: Thanos cuts off half the ppl

WINWINWIN: Astrobytes, I have some understanding of hill climbing

cegprakash: just like u cut off half the genes

AntiSquid: Thanos = randomly cut in half, could have suicided too

WINWINWIN: have never applied it

AntiSquid: you take the best ones ceg

cegprakash: but that's so wrong

AntiSquid: taking the best solutions is the right way

cegprakash: how many should I take

AntiSquid: your anthropomorphisation is the one thing that is wrong here

AntiSquid: you can keep the limit to 100 or whatever you like

Astrobytes: Right, well it's that but with randomly chosen moves, if it's good you keep it, otherwise you like have a probability which is based on the energy of the system and the temperature. You reduce the temperature (the cooling) the further you progress the more the algo is just like hill climbing. Higher temps increase probability of getting a higher result. So it's to avoid getting stuck at local maxima

cegprakash: wuuuuuuuuut I need the top 100 :o

Default avatar.png JBM: Astrobytes: i've adapted/merged many of your suggestions

AntiSquid: gave random number

AntiSquid: you take as many as you want

cegprakash: crossover gave me very bad results in the past and I stopped doing crossovers

AntiSquid: that's the point, you need to adjust your numbers yourself

Astrobytes: That's essentially SA WINWINWIN

Astrobytes: JBM: Nice :)

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm not too sure about the music ones (look more like jokes than trolls) and movies (don't understsand them all)

WINWINWIN: how will that prevent getting stuck at a local maxima?

cegprakash: we can't crossover when the current move is very much dependent on previous state

AntiSquid: when right value is reached you make a random jump WINWINWIN

WINWINWIN: understood now, thanks

Astrobytes: And with the higher temperature, your probability is higher, probability of better move decreases with temp, and it reduces to basic HC

Astrobytes: All good JBM

Astrobytes: Which movie ones did you not get JBM?

cegprakash: are u guys talking about NN or GA

cegprakash: because what u guys talk sounds like NN to me

AntiSquid: no

Astrobytes: GA to you, SA to WINWINWIN

AntiSquid: wrong


AntiSquid: very wrong ceg

cegprakash: wait what :O SA uses NN 's tricks :o

AntiSquid: :/

cegprakash: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Astrobytes: What are you on about?

cegprakash: I've seen in NN tutorial about hill climbing and local maxima and stuff

AntiSquid: ceg again not sure if you trolling or ...

Astrobytes: Well... you know... optimisation etc... . . .

Astrobytes: I really, really, REALLY think you should go off and do some reading

cegprakash: AntiSquid I learnt NN theory here :

cegprakash: my friends in big places said he's a legend

Uljahn: hill climbing is very close to gradient descent

AntiSquid: i am not gonna click the link, you got the theory wrong

cegprakash: well it has 180000 likes

AntiSquid: ok i clicked, you got the theory wrong . the video doesn't even confirm what you say

cegprakash: see Uljahn is right

cegprakash: u need to check chapter 2 AntiSquid

cegprakash: on Gradient Descent

AntiSquid: no

cegprakash: that talks about hill climbing, local maxima and stuff

Astrobytes: cegprakash this one has 5.5M likes:

Astrobytes: And yes, I did say earlier: Astrobytes 05:58PM Well... you know... optimisation etc... . . .

AntiSquid: i've seen the video before btw ceg, you're still very wrong GA != NN

cegprakash: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

WINWINWIN: I generally prefer files to videos, are there any good documents to learn NN?

Default avatar.png JBM: Astrobytes: how the spoon one was a troll; the moon; how the real boy was a troll

Uljahn: but gradient descent is not NN per se, it's just one of many optimization techniques

AntiSquid: his initial argument which i called wrong is that GA == NN

cegprakash: this time I give up

Astrobytes: The spoon one, "There is no spoon" - Matrix, The 'real boy' is Pinocchio, I just thought it was amusing since he's not a boy, he's a troll

AntiSquid: you shouldn't give up, you should check the theory again imo

Astrobytes: The moon - "That's no moon, that's a space station" - Star Wars The Something Or Other

struct: anyone has good tutorial for true ai?

Default avatar.png JBM: i recognized both movies, but wasn't "moved"

Default avatar.png JBM: ah ok

Default avatar.png JBM: no moon but a space station i would've recognized

Talchane: Hi there

Uljahn: struct: you mean AGI?

Default avatar.png JBM: but you write "you imbecile"

Default avatar.png JBM: which led google to completely different stuff

Astrobytes: Yes, that's my humour :(

Default avatar.png JBM: there's room for everybody's humor

WINWINWIN: :) do any of you top guys do much bot programming now?

Astrobytes: But anyway, I'm glad you liked some enough to implement :)

Default avatar.png JBM: it just has to be thoroughly explained outloud before to make sure it's no fun to anybody anymore

Astrobytes: hahaha

struct: Uljahn

Default avatar.png JBM: good humor is too important to be just sent out there

AntiSquid: ya he was referring to Artificial General Intelligence, struct, but powered by if-else somehow

AntiSquid: or maybe that's the joke i missed?

eulerscheZahl: or a full simulation of every possible state

eulerscheZahl: or the opposite of it? i forgot

cegprakash: WINWINWIN they are not top guys

cegprakash: they are just trolls

WINWINWIN: they are really good with theory, I just get to silver/gold and give up

cegprakash: yes I agree they sometimes teach awesome stuff

cegprakash: especially MadKnight

cegprakash: and Astrobytes sometimes

cegprakash: but other times he's sick

WINWINWIN: :D, I am no longer last in Yinsh

Astrobytes: Sick?

cegprakash: like confuse

Uljahn: how's your back Astrobytes

Astrobytes: I taught you loads the other day/night, and I've just explained SA to WINWINWIN

cegprakash: eulerscheZahl doesn't teach but he's like a make a gif get 100 likes kinda guy

Astrobytes: Terrible Uljahn, no better. I have an MRI scan soon for it

AntiSquid: my reply to that is that one of those trolls pushed ceg to legend in pacman contest and then he moaned he didn't magically get higher rank

Uljahn: sad news

WINWINWIN: Hope its nothing dangerous Astrobytes

Astrobytes: Me too WINWINWIN, but I like to go with the flow rather than worry needlessly

Astrobytes: Well, I like to try

Astrobytes: cegprakash wth do you mean euler doesn't teach?


cegprakash: eulerscheZahl always asks to look tutorials and read statements. Doesn't actually helps

cegprakash: we ask only coz that didn't help

AntiSquid: wrong ceg

cegprakash: but he says to go back there

cegprakash: that's harsh

AntiSquid: euler does help a lot and AutomatonNN is proof for that

AutomatonNN: fog of war is a bit close


AntiSquid: people keep asking euler

AntiSquid: for every little thing

Default avatar.png JBM: the memorable name

Default avatar.png JBM: so clash-like

Astrobytes: Actually, if you have a specific and reasonable question he will explain the answer in great detail. A lot of questions he gets are just really common or silly

Astrobytes: cegprakash

WINWINWIN: Yeah, me most of all :)

AntiSquid: your turn ceg

AntiSquid: teach the chat the way of the gaymax

Default avatar.png JBM: oh, new alg?

Default avatar.png JBM: shiny!

cegprakash: well he is #1 I'm not saying he can't be showing off

struct: Why should he explain stuff?

struct: There are plenty of resources online

cegprakash: he doesn't have to but he insult back

cegprakash: saying go read tutorials

Astrobytes: "shiny!" Firefly reference JBM?

cegprakash: stopping others to help me

Default avatar.png JBM: could be O:-)

struct: He insults?

Astrobytes: :)

AntiSquid: ya

Default avatar.png JBM: talking of refs

Default avatar.png JBM: was "wicked" in common use in the UK before HP?

AntiSquid: he indirectly called ceg dyslexic by telling him to read statement

eulerscheZahl: then go to my profile and click the report button to file an official complain

Astrobytes: HP?

struct: telling to go read tutorials is insulting?

Default avatar.png JBM: harry

Astrobytes: Oh *that*

Astrobytes: Yes

Default avatar.png JBM: ok

struct: lol

Default avatar.png JBM: with my more american culture, i couldn't tell

cegprakash: he says go read problem statement struct

cegprakash: do u know how insulting that is

Default avatar.png JBM: didn't you?

WINWINWIN: Is this the code for AutomatonNN?


AutomatonNN: you like that bot. the summer is the same as the code and the opponent can be a good cooperate with

Astrobytes: Since the 80s at least, 70s in some places. I think it originated from the Afro-Caribbean population JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: asking questions about stuff that's under your nose is kind of insulting IMHO

AntiSquid: when you say HP and UK i am thinking of HP sauce JBM

struct: tbf sometimes it doesnt seem you read statement at all

Default avatar.png JBM: lol

eulerscheZahl: my response depends on who is asking. it's just that you repeatedly ask about a case that's explicitly described. of course it can happen. i miss some parts as well

Default avatar.png JBM: before jkr it just meant computers to me

cegprakash: eulerscheZahl is racist towards me

struct: the race card

struct: nice one

Default avatar.png JBM: what race are you?

eulerscheZahl: just a matter of how often you ask something that's given in the statement, which gives me the impression that you watch a replay and try to guess the rules without reading sometimes

struct: You should keep talking sh*t

Astrobytes: How is euler racist to you ceg?

Default avatar.png JBM: he told him to read the statement

struct: very racist

Default avatar.png JBM: that's racism 101

struct: I would sue if someone told me that

Astrobytes: heh heh

WINWINWIN: Is this the NN or 2000 Automaton?


Default avatar.png JBM: when i find someone i want to be racist to

Default avatar.png JBM: the first thing i do is find a statement for them not to read

Default avatar.png JBM: so i can let loose all my racismness

Astrobytes: Excellent approach.

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't knw another

Default avatar.png JBM: there probably *is* no other

Default avatar.png JBM: i should build a true ai to explore whether or not there are others

struct: racists?

Astrobytes: Sounds like a fun project.

Default avatar.png JBM: racismitudes

AntiSquid: going too far cegprakash

struct: I agree with AntiSquid

Default avatar.png JBM: i find it hard to be racist here

struct: Jokes asides

cegprakash: "my response depends on who is asking" if this is not racism I don't know what is

struct: what he said is wrong

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't even see the other people's race

Default avatar.png JBM: i just have to assume the worst

struct: How the fuck is that racist?

WINWINWIN: I thought that this is too short to be a neural network

Astrobytes: cegprakash WTAF dude

eulerscheZahl: and I admit that my behavior changed over time: 1 or 2 years ago i probably would have copied that part of the statement and not just tell you to find it yourself. the same type of question asked again and again (public chat or private message) lowered my motivation to be overly helpful on simple questions

Default avatar.png JBM: well he'd have a point if it depended on race

Default avatar.png JBM: but we haven't proof of that yet

CommanderCero: @WINWINWIN he uses tensorflow, which abstracts a lot of the optimisation stuff etc

cegprakash: eulerscheZahl u can always ignore

CommanderCero: thats why its so short

cegprakash: just don't tell me to read problem statement

WINWINWIN: Thanks CommanderCero

cegprakash: and stop creating a troll thread

cegprakash: there are good ppl who will help

cegprakash: that's my point

eulerscheZahl: true. sometimes i do ignore. sometimes the tourett part of me kicks in :P

jacek: :o

eulerscheZahl: no, i don't have tourett. just not thinking much before typing

AntiSquid: it's your behavior too cegprakash that causes it, nothing to do with your genes

AntiSquid: or maybe it's your epigenetics idk

AntiSquid: but not race related

struct: I dont think its a race thing

Astrobytes: I know, let's ask eulerscheZahl

cegprakash: now u blame my genes AntiSquid?

cegprakash: u call my father has bad genes?

AntiSquid: there's like 100 other people from india that join chat and ask new-commer questions


cegprakash: report AntiSquid plz

AntiSquid: i blame your inherited behavior yes

AntiSquid: your personality

Default avatar.png JBM: only half of his genes are proven bad

cegprakash: AntiSquid u crossing the line.. I stop here.. bye

AntiSquid: and actually i said maybe

AntiSquid: but it's still behavior related

AntiSquid: i crossed the line ceg?

eulerscheZahl: "nothing to do with your genes" "now u blame my genes AntiSquid?"

that's exactly what we were talking about: you don't read carefully

Default avatar.png JBM: there's a word for that attitude, no?

Default avatar.png JBM: "only read in as much as to support claims of oppression"

eulerscheZahl: trump-ism?

cegprakash: epigenetics

Default avatar.png JBM: confirmation bias on victim syndrome?

AntiSquid: inherited animal instincts

AntiSquid: your personality / behaviour

Astrobytes: So many straw men...

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm not good enough, but i can't face it, so i *have* to find an alternative explanation elsewhere

cegprakash: "i blame your inherited behavior yes"

AntiSquid: and again not sure if it's inherited or learned or willed ignorance

struct: JBM does FR have this drama?

eulerscheZahl: they talk about shitty community puzzles getting approved

jacek: like yinsh

Astrobytes: And baguettes.

Astrobytes: Obviously.

struct: Thats racist jacek

jacek: thats structural

AntiSquid: cegprakash you do lack reading comprehension

struct: You dont like yinsh because you dont like me and that makes you racist against portuguese

Default avatar.png JBM: struct: nope

eulerscheZahl: like

Default avatar.png JBM: eulerscheZahl: yeah, some of them do... a LOT

struct: Did they trash yinsh yet?

eulerscheZahl: i don't think so

WINWINWIN: I liked yinsh...

eulerscheZahl: the puzzle i liked is a copy from hackerrank

Default avatar.png JBM: mmm i'll let you know when it happens

Astrobytes: I'm looking forward to getting into Yinsh properly at some point

Default avatar.png JBM: but it's mostly directed at low effort stuff, so mainly clash/classic io

wlesavo: is it real accs though? seems like some kind of abuse euler

Default avatar.png JBM: i recall reading a line or two about yinsh, forgot what

WINWINWIN: JBM But bad puzzles will not get approved

eulerscheZahl: approvers wre most likely alts

Default avatar.png JBM: WINWINWIN: they do now

eulerscheZahl: and these also approved space maze

Astrobytes: There was an issue with that previously

Astrobytes: (the acceptance thing)

Default avatar.png JBM: the threshold for having approval rights is much lower (relatively) (and absolutely, for clashes) than it used to

Default avatar.png JBM: and most of the more "strict" approvers got discouraged

Default avatar.png JBM: (that includes me)

WINWINWIN: Does it make much difference for classic puzzles? THey are purely voluntary, CoC puzzles on the other hand should be well thought out

Astrobytes: I like to check out some of the rubbish that gets posted in the contribs sometimes

eulerscheZahl: i haven't approved for a year i think

struct: There should be a filter

Default avatar.png JBM: rum time, catch you later tonight

struct: I dont like to check for CoC

struct: And more than hlaf is CoC

Astrobytes: nice JBM, until later

Astrobytes: I only ever approve multis

Astrobytes: Sometimes I comment on clashes if they're worthwhile and there's a mistake, but won't upvote or approve since I don't clash

Default avatar.png tov: hey

struct: I was checking the list, and there is a plain copy paste of CG game

struct: lol

jacek: ohai

Astrobytes: The fish one right

struct: yeah

eulerscheZahl: i used to refuse clashes that are almost identlcal to existing ones. but CG added a moderation guideline that explicitly allows duplicates now

eulerscheZahl: i saw the fishy game too

Astrobytes: Yeah, I followed that topic eulerscheZahl in the forum and on the clashes, I find it odd

struct: I was checking multi guidelines

eulerscheZahl: a while ago someone uploaded pong

struct: and I feel like I miss half of thme

AntiSquid: well as long as multis and optimization puzzles don['t become to similar

WINWINWIN: AntiSquid what about Pr1 & PR2

Astrobytes: They're pretty well regulated AntiSquid I think, there's a decent bunch of people willing to test here at the moment

wlesavo: AntiSquid well that would be a precedent which would require an actuall action from stuff

Astrobytes: So if something is more or less the same as something, it's not gonna get far

Astrobytes: Though I did find the 2 player/4 player versions of the same game a bit... odd

Astrobytes: Or 3 whatever it was

struct: "The total entities should not exceed 200."

struct: :D

struct: Privilege the use of Sprites over Shapes (Rectangle, Circle, etc.)

eulerscheZahl: the SDK improved since

struct: yeah

struct: I still remember vindi

eulerscheZahl: so it can handle more than 200 without killing your tab now

eulerscheZahl: vindi was a pain :D

struct: with 1GB on ide

eulerscheZahl: i gladly updated the SDK version

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: i still should update bender :see_no_evil:

eulerscheZahl: wanted to update at one point but animations weren't playing with higher version

eulerscheZahl: turned out to be a bug which i reported later

eulerscheZahl: fixed now

AntiSquid: winwinwin ?

AntiSquid: missed the comment about the NN, wanted to link some shorter examples

WINWINWIN: Im here AntiSquid, shorter examples?

WINWINWIN: A neural network shorter than 200 lines?


AntiSquid: ah fk linked cloned repo

WINWINWIN: I cant believe that works :D


AntiSquid: its from a book

WINWINWIN: Its a fascinating topic, are there any good focuments to study it?

WINWINWIN: or will they teach the basics when I go to college?

Default avatar.png tov: About w ?

AntiSquid: i would research online, college or not

WINWINWIN: neural networks

AntiSquid: colleges / schools tend to follow a curriculum

AntiSquid: lots of shit not covered + there's always new stuff coming out

Astrobytes: And brush up on your linear algebra

WINWINWIN: Am studying a lot of it now anyway :)

eulerscheZahl: you might find it in optional Master courses. most likely not in basic classes

AntiSquid: or just read the code example if you can find any online, the math formulas can give headaches Winter_not_comming

Default avatar.png tov: Astro, do you work on the Codingame website ?

Default avatar.png tov: Anti*

AntiSquid: WINWINWIN *

AntiSquid: no

eulerscheZahl: you can detect staff by the [CG] at the start of their name

WINWINWIN: I know basic IMO math, not much more than that

WINWINWIN: is it sufficient?

AntiSquid: i just google what i don't know, so hard to tell :p


AntiSquid: first time i see someone from nauru @tov, didn't not it even exists

AntiSquid: "see"


AntiSquid: how can tiny islands have airports @_@

eulerscheZahl: no idea on which continent to search for it


AntiSquid: it's near australia

Astrobytes: Micronesia

eulerscheZahl: would have been my guess by the flag

eulerscheZahl: australia / new zealand

cegprakash: search race definitely has timeout issues

Neumann: Yup, but that concerns everyone so not a problem

Counterbalance: argh... SIM BUG: angle mismatch: expect 0 got 6.28319 0 <= angle <= 360


Neumann: *cries in radian*

Astrobytes: :D

Counterbalance: referee apparently uses 361 degrees :D

tahsin314: Trump's racist

MSmits: What an original observation

AntiSquid: didn't you write that yesterday in chat?

MSmits: apparently he didn't change his mind since then

Astrobytes: About the same time too iirc...

Astrobytes: Hi MSmits

MSmits: hi

AntiSquid: well Biden has dementia and there's a 100% chance every other candidate has a flaw

AntiSquid: a serious flaw

MSmits: are you baiting the troll now AntiSquid?

AntiSquid: just random rambling

MSmits: ahh RR

MSmits: R&R

Astrobytes: Started with Yinsh yet MSmits?

MSmits: nope

MSmits: have you?

Astrobytes: Yeah, but it's just a True AI

MSmits: oh ok

Astrobytes: 3rd place, I don't expect that to last long

MSmits: will you upgrade it to false AI ?

Astrobytes: Possibly.

MSmits: Depending on your language, it might be enough to put a "!" in fron of your source code

MSmits: pro tip, take it or leave it

Astrobytes: The Wise Man speaketh

MSmits: indeed

AntiSquid: <!DOCTYPE html>

Astrobytes: lol, damn tags

Counterbalance: !function(){}()

MSmits: hi Counterbalance

Counterbalance: heya msmits

Counterbalance: grats on getting #1 in nl

MSmits: thanks again for helping me with my class a few months ago, got a 10 in that

MSmits: oh and thanks for that too :)

Counterbalance: ahh nice - hope you learned something though :)

MSmits: I learned something sure. But I didn't like the class much

MSmits: doing an AI class now, way more fun

Counterbalance: I bet

MSmits: well I actually finished it in 4 days, but it was fun

MSmits: have to wait 2 months for the test now

MSmits: I binge-homeworked it

Counterbalance: It was probably nothing you didn't already know?

MSmits: I knew about half.

Astrobytes: You had the first-order logic stuff

MSmits: yeah that was new, some other stuff, but the assignments were pretty easy

MSmits: I think an average legend bot takes about as much time as all homework assignments I did for this class


Astrobytes: oh I forgot that was delayed until today

MSmits: Space force!

MSmits: oh it's only Elon musk

Counterbalance: 54% humidity? :)

MSmits: I saw the first episode

MSmits: I like it

AntiSquid: higher quality

Counterbalance: It's allright, expected a bit more but maybe that'll come

MSmits: yea

MSmits: cant fail with malkovich and carell I think

Astrobytes: I'll wait a bit before watching Space Force I think

inoryy: I binged it, expected a bit more of an office vibe but it was alright as well

Astrobytes: I have other priorities, need to do Better Call Saul as recommended by you MSmits

Astrobytes: hi there inoryy

inoryy: hello :)

MSmits: hi

Astrobytes: how's things? Didn't see you around for a bit

pb4: What's "first order logic" ?

Astrobytes: predicate logic

inoryy: yeah, have been busy with work mostly, don't really have time or energy for CG atm

Astrobytes: all good, hope it's going well :)

inoryy: trying to come to terms that our office most will most likely stay closed until end of the year :/

Astrobytes: Maybe you know it as first order predicate calculus pb4?

pb4: Nope

Astrobytes: Can't be easy doing this kind of work from home inoryy

pb4: end of year ?!

inoryy: I mean, it could be worse I guess, some people started after the offices were closed

pb4: That seems very far away :/

inoryy: yeah, indeed

MSmits: explained here pb4... if you have time.


Astrobytes: It's like the next step from propositional logic

pb4: Didn't know the name, knew the concepts

inoryy: it's weird, lockdown being lifted while mayor of London says that we should still stay home & wear masks

Astrobytes: Yeah.

inoryy: anyway, how are things with you guys, what's new? :)

pb4: A *real* RPS game :)


MSmits: ahh finally something for the trolls to do instead of bugging us here

inoryy: lol haha wtf

Astrobytes: It's worth it for the troll sprite alone

pb4: It's not at the point *yet* where people play the game well enough that you can detect bias in how they play

Daher: how to play Coc with only java coders?

Astrobytes: And Yinsh is finally finished too

Alshock: you can't Daher

Alshock: unless you make a private CoC with people who swear they'll code in Java

Daher: Well it is not fair, it take a lot of time compared to python to write code

Alshock: well it's not unfair, you're just choosing a language unfit to the task

Astrobytes: Use python then :P

Astrobytes: Alshock is correct, you need the right tools for the job

Alshock: when people code AIs in Python they are disadvantaged against Java coder, because the language is globally slower

Daher: i dont know python

Daher: i useonly java and c

Astrobytes: JS, Bash, Ruby

AntiSquid: use D

Alshock: You can use this as an excuse to try and learn a quick-to-write interpreted language, or you can try to make your best with java

Astrobytes: Best do puzzles and/or multiplayer bot programming then Daher, unless you wanna learn as Alshock says

Alshock: or you can stay in Java/C and focus on the rest of the site where they're much better choices.

**Astrobytes hugs Alshock because the Unicorn is the national animal of Scotland

Daher: that's a good idea but i also like the idea of Coc, it is funny and cool to play

**Alshock hugs back the drunk unicorn in kilt :D <3

Astrobytes: Well, do some tutorials on one of the aforementioned languages and come back to CoC when you're ready - it'll be a lot more rewarding

Astrobytes: lol Alshock :D

Alshock: yeah it's short and can be pretty fun. But you should think of this as a challenge against yourself then, and not look the ranking

Daher: Yes,that's right, anyway gonna try a bit with C and see what happens

Alshock: C is worse than Java IMHo

Daher: yes harder but also less verbose

AntiSquid: gaimax referenced in troll vs castles?

Astrobytes: Yeah :D

AntiSquid: 19 hours until the 2 muricans arrive at the space station? damn that's a lot to spend in such tiny space

Astrobytes: Sounds like prep + service at one of my old kitchens at Christmas AntiSquid :P

AntiSquid: one of the pubs i worked at had a bedroom with shower next to the kitchen (which was upstairs)

AntiSquid: head chef used to sleep there some of the days

Astrobytes: Yeah I've worked in a few live-in places. Didn't live in thankfully apart from the odd drunken crash when I had a day off next day

AntiSquid: well a repurposed flat

Astrobytes: In my web dev job we had a futon that slept two. Spent many a 5 hours on that.

Astrobytes: sofa<>futon convertible thingy

AntiSquid: can't find much info about the interior of the dragon module:

AntiSquid: where do they shit / eat in there

Astrobytes: looks like the kitchen at AWT Grill

Astrobytes: (size wise)

AntiSquid: 30-50 tables and a small toilet-sized kitchen? Astrobytes :D

Astrobytes: Yep. It was literally a tiny strip at the far end of the dining area, just past the bar. Slightly more room at the bar end (dessert/cold section). Got changed in the basement

Astrobytes: Open plan

Astrobytes: WAsn't 30-50 tables tho

AntiSquid: was a joke


AntiSquid: but it's usually something equally ridiculous

Astrobytes: Closed now :/

Astrobytes: Place was stupidly busy

AntiSquid: interior looks nice

Astrobytes: Oh it was right posh

Astrobytes: It was Anthony Worrall-Thompson's place

Astrobytes: You know, shoplifter extraordinaire :P

AntiSquid: i wonder if people realize what it means for a place to be busy, what might go on in the kitchen during busy hours

Astrobytes: They don't.

Astrobytes: Trying to keep a chateaubriand warm in that kitchen without it overcooking was a near impossible task

AntiSquid: let me guess, regular tables of 4-6 people expecting their food to come out perfectly at the same time? :D

Astrobytes: Standard procedure!

reCurse: lol wtf was that drama

struct: lol

struct: Fun right?

struct: You are talking about ceg drama right?

reCurse: Yeah

Astrobytes: oh, that earlier ceg stuff

AntiSquid: had to do that in a kitchen with dumbwaiter, except there's a draft pulling through, sundays were fun with food coming back

Astrobytes: You've missed loads of it past few days reCurse

reCurse: Oh noes

Astrobytes: Same AntiSquid, basement kitchen in a pub in South Ken.

struct: You missed the new algorithm discovery

AntiSquid: the only thing you missed is the chance to be called racist for even talking to ceg

Astrobytes: At least we now have a permanent chat log :P

struct: But im gonna stop joking about it, he seems to get mad about stuff easily

AntiSquid: joking about what?

struct: The Gaimax

Astrobytes: *seems to manage to construct a straw man to counter every single criticism/piece of advice you mean?

AntiSquid: if i wrote GAimax in chat i would expect people to laugh it, or i would assume i failed to deliver the joke properly

AntiSquid: about it *

struct: I dont understand sometimes he just seems a troll

struct: but I cant be sure

Astrobytes: No, it's real

Astrobytes: There's a slight language issue plus the overconfidence thing, plus complete unwillingness to ever take a path other than that of least resistance when approaching any problem.

Astrobytes: Apart from that, he's quite a nice guy tbh. But...

AntiSquid: wow maybe i get to see a lunar landing during my life time lol

AntiSquid: i mean on live broadcast

Astrobytes: <insert conspiracy theory here>

Counterbalance: I did find it odd that the cameras went dead on final separation and falcon landing

Astrobytes: Yup

Counterbalance: 'tadaa'

Astrobytes: I missed it and actually my mother texted me to watch it and check out the cut transmissions lol

AntiSquid: well you can play the docking sim: dock dragon to the ISS

Default avatar.png JBM: "apart from all the flaws that prevent him from being a nice guy, he's quite nice the guy"

Astrobytes: Essentially JBM yes

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah i know a fes like that

Default avatar.png JBM: *few

Default avatar.png JBM: like, all of them

Astrobytes: Next CG optim AntiSquid, separate, land the Falcon, dock - and don't lose the transmission :P

Counterbalance: it did look a lot like KSP at times

struct: I already have ticket to visit the moon, Ill take yinsh with me

Default avatar.png JBM: take care

Default avatar.png JBM: it's full of stars

Astrobytes: *trolls

struct: Have you been there?

Default avatar.png JBM: i live there

struct: Is the moon also flat?

Astrobytes: That's no moon, it's a...

Counterbalance: Mun!

Default avatar.png JBM: from where i am, yes

Default avatar.png JBM: as flat as that flat ruond earth

struct: Does the moon also have oil if we dig it?

Default avatar.png JBM: dunno, haven't tried

AntiSquid: did you try that sim Astrobytes? looks very difficult

Astrobytes: You'd have to be a lune-atic to try struct

Astrobytes: Nope AntiSquid

AntiSquid: i failed to position the modul correctly

AntiSquid: RIP

Astrobytes: Bookmarked for tomorrow

struct: damn staturns moon has oil

struct: Im gonna invest

Astrobytes: Why am I drifting away into space lol

AntiSquid: you need to adjust the thrusters correctly

struct: How long until we colonize space?

Astrobytes: There's no kbd shortcuts for roll L/R and translate F/B?

struct: 7 and 9

struct: on num key pad

AntiSquid: WASD worked for me for left side controls

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: anyone done the Closest Number

Astrobytes: Yeah I've got a 10 keyless Ducky

Astrobytes: No num pad

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: anyone knows why C outputs zero for no reason?

Astrobytes: and yeah wasd + arrows are fine, just hoped for moar shortcuts

Astrobytes: docked yet AntiSquid?

Alshock: @ArianPunk can you give more details?

Neumann: tenkeyless ftw

Astrobytes: You know

AntiSquid: what? i am doing something else

AntiSquid: too difficult to dock

AntiSquid: i kill all on the ISS

Astrobytes: I was so close, then I got it stable and backed off a bit cause I needed a pee, came back and screwed it, ragequit

Astrobytes: Not easy

AntiSquid: need CG port

AntiSquid: basically mars lander 3D

Astrobytes: For sure. struct, your next game.

AntiSquid: struct when is it ready?


struct: wtf

AntiSquid: bullshit, only the sun is flat

Default avatar.png journeyvivek: ooh u said the b word

Default avatar.png journeyvivek: im telling your mommy

Astrobytes: Hush now Vivek

AntiSquid: there's people on your proprety go an chase them journeyvivek

struct: Give physics and port it easy

Default avatar.png journeyvivek: who

Uljahn: that docking thing is easier than zx-spectrum elite :/

Astrobytes: Get MSmits on the case struct

Astrobytes: I had to pee. Plus painkillers. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Astrobytes: Ragequit was justified :D

Default avatar.png JBM: Astrobytes: that was me messing up the gits

Default avatar.png JBM: thanks for re-reporting, sending the patch up now

Astrobytes: No worries :)

Default avatar.png JBM: there, fixed again

Astrobytes: Nice one JBM.

AntiSquid: journeyvivek either the natives wanting their country back or probably some riots going on

Default avatar.png JBM: thx ^^

Default avatar.png datavnt: ix()

Default avatar.png journeyvivek: who wants to play roblox

Astrobytes: Wrong website.

Astrobytes: Trop bon LeRenard! :clap:

LeRenard: Merci

Default avatar.png JBM: what did the rest of us miss?


Default avatar.png JBM: oh, gg then

Astrobytes: Yep. He just absolutely destroyed pretty much everyone.

Astrobytes: Will be interesting to see Eric and tric's responses tomorrow

struct: Yavalath flashbacks

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: How about that score eh struct

struct: score?

Astrobytes: the fox, his score

Giths: maul?

Giths: jo

Giths: jo

Giths: jo

Astrobytes: Le Renard's score struct

struct: Its good, but its still a bit early

struct: Those who played Yavalath have a little advantage I guess

Astrobytes: Yes, but it was rather impressive how Eric climbed a while ago, then renard came back with that. Early days or not

struct: Yeah, its still impressive

Astrobytes: Only the top 3 are serious right now, that's what I'm watching

Giths: jo maul

Astrobytes: Give it a rest Giths

Giths: fick dich

Astrobytes: Riiiight

Giths: hi

Astrobytes: Hey struct, notice top 3 are Thales? darkhorse64 next :)

struct: Damn did not notice

Giths: AUF

struct: Maybe thales can ask me to make a challenge :p

Astrobytes: Ask them :D

Astrobytes: Giths, stop or we'll set the mods on you

struct: Did thales ever sponsored CG contest?

struct: oh they did

Neumann: Yup

Astrobytes: they also had a few internal "semi-private" hackathons we participated in

Giths: stop what?

Giths: im innocent

Giths: maul astrobytes

Astrobytes: Anyway, I'm off to watch some Breaking Bad before sleep. Gn/bn everyone

Giths: auf

struct: gn

MSmits: gn

Astrobytes: Someone ban that Giths dude already

Astrobytes: Making my teeth itch

Neumann: I wish I was a mod

Giths: halts maul

Neumann: ping reCurse

Giths: ban me for what?

Giths: give me a good reason

Illedan: Spamming wierd messages.

Giths: spam?

Giths: where's the spam pal

Unbound: maul dude

Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Illedan: 98 %

Illedan: Who makes this shit

Giths: yikes, no spam

Unbound: 1v1 me on coding game

Giths: what a surprise

Unbound: pal

Giths: pal

Giths: skids

Unbound: jo

daffie: go home

Unbound: maul?

Giths: AUF

Unbound: am busy coding

wlesavo: Illedan SR?

Illedan: yeah

wlesavo: lol

Neumann: lul

Illedan: I passed every test but Longest on submit

Neumann: Timeout ?

Illedan: seems my code didn't win that at all :D

Illedan: Nah

Illedan: It is just BAD

Neumann: Haha

Illedan: But I got 15k after giving more score to getting CP earlier

Illedan: So I got that going, which is nice

Neumann: :ok_hand:

Illedan: 527 on longest :tada: gotta be a record

Unbound: the minimum number of bits required to code it

Unbound: please fix this one, wording is misleading

Unbound: to what the answer actually wants

Neumann: You're supposed to minimize time Illedan, not maximize :stuck_out_tongue:

Illedan: Damn, didn't get that part. Who wrote this statement

Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Illedan: I had a major bug in my code where I could pass a checkpoint at any point in time. Making my pod stand still and just circle around to take all at once :P

Neumann: :upside_down:

Giths: maul

Unbound: maul pal

Illedan: Tests looks sooooo much cooler with a decent bot driving :raised_hands:

Illedan: Having a node with some heuristic works nice in addition to -18 0 and 18

Neumann: Doing GA ? SA ?

Illedan: MC now

Illedan: Will convert to SA

Neumann: What's a node, in a MC ?

Illedan: Just an action I can select between

Illedan: 3 angles and 2 speeds

Illedan: or 1 extra which does -3 vel

Illedan: So I have some initial population with -3 vel

Neumann: I see

Illedan: (I do some mutations)

Illedan: Not really a population with 1 individual

Neumann: You're describing GA

Illedan: Yeah, but I will start my SA on -3 vel

wlesavo: lol also have a node in mc but in hypersonic

Neumann: Is that a popular term ? Node ? First time I'm reading that in that context

struct: I wouldnt call it a node

Illedan: From SmitsiMax I started called an action to select between Node

wlesavo: dont think so, but i accumulate results for 4 moves

Illedan: I'm off to bed, cya

Neumann: gn

wlesavo: gn

struct: ng

struct: gn

Default avatar.png DragonJ: if my thrust code is optimal and my prints are optimal why am i still in bronze?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: with CSB

Snef: because they aren't optimal

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I shouldn't need to use gold code for beating bronze

Snef: define gold code

Default avatar.png DragonJ: code from gold league

Snef: are you the one who did that "gold code" ?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: most of it(90% of it)

wlesavo: -3vel gold code

Default avatar.png DragonJ: that is not gold thats magic numbers...

Snef: your bronze code is also magic numbers

Snef: but on thrust only maybe?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: my code has no magic numbers besides the changing radians to degrees and using optimums, I cant refine any more without using BS

struct: What is your target?

struct: Are you targeting middle of checkpoint?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I can refine that by 50 units but I have tried and it has no impact on effectiveness

Snef: watching your replay your code is for sure not optimal

Snef: you always aim center of cp + you always output thrust between 85 and 100

Default avatar.png DragonJ: 86 and 100 even though my code sometimes goes over for handling exception cases

Snef: yea that's the same

Snef: but still it's bad

Snef: either change aim or thrust

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I have tried tweaking thrust and aim but both made my code do worse

struct: after you see the checkpoint for the first time you can store it

struct: after the first lap is done you can start aiming towards next checkpoint

struct: when you are close enough to the current

Snef: struct look at his replay he need to first improve basic things

Snef: he sometimes miss cp

Snef: you didn't tried tweaking enough

Snef: in wood league you had tutorial with things like : if angle > 90 thrust = 0

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I have tried that, the result I consistently have when I try that is my code misses nextpoint when aiming ahead

Snef: "aiming ahead"

Snef: ?

Snef: you don't aim ahead

LelouchVC2: In wood league, the fucking contest wasn't broken

LelouchVC2: 🤪

Snef: you jsut need to slow when you aren't going in the right direction

Snef: it's useless to boost 85 when you go at the opposite of next cp


Default avatar.png DragonJ: but vector products sometimes distance outweighs the angle

Snef: you don't need to do vecto products

Snef: expecially when you don't handle that

Snef: if you don't know how to do things good => keep it simple

Default avatar.png DragonJ: if I am far of track printing the right direction helps cancel drift

Default avatar.png DragonJ: far off

Snef: you always print next cp

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I tried that and it didn't work

Snef: i'm trying to give you advice

Default avatar.png DragonJ: it would totally miss the first point because aim would cause drift to dissapear

Snef: it has nothing to do with the aim

Snef: you are always aiming next cp

Snef: if you have big angle with it and outputing 100 as thrust ofc you'll miss it

Snef: you just need do to if to avoid that

Snef: like if dist < 3000 && angle > 30 thrust = 50

Snef: but you didn't tried enough

Snef: try again to do simple stuff

Snef: you'll get better result for sure

Default avatar.png DragonJ: will try what you said but will revert if it isn't better. Any other tips?

Snef: You shouldn't try what i said and revert if it doesn't improve

Snef: You should try to see the problem of your pod behavior

Snef: with replays

Snef: what i saw from few replays is that you need to reduce more your thrust when you have great angles with next cp

Snef: and to avoid missing next cp reduce thrust when dist is low and angle is still not tiny, but you ahve to test abnd adjust those numbers

Default avatar.png DragonJ: The problem with reducing thrust when close is I still need to deal with bumps

Snef: you can get to gold ignoring collision

Snef: you just have to run efficiently

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I have recorded what you said is that it or do you have other thoughts?

Unbound: maul!

Default avatar.png TheoreticalPandaOfDoom_1bed: hello

IamTheSmix: hello everyone

IamTheSmix: what is the best alorithm to choose for tic tac toe problem ?

markasoftware: machine learning (genetic algorithm, neural net, etc)

markasoftware: i can point you to a few academic papers for some introductory reading

daffie: for tic tac toe? machine learning and genetic algorithms ?

daffie: you're joking

daffie: also the weekly is broken


daffie: if someone can look into that or explain it if I'm mistaken

daffie: looks like it's only triggering the loss when a player tries to plant a flower for more than they have gold to pay for

daffie: yea and due to the fact that soil costs nothing, it allowed 0 balance

daffie: so nvm