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MostComplicatedUsername: ML?

MostComplicatedUsername: COnfused

Tiramon: Antisquid, current version in arena trained for around 3k games something around 50mins

Tiramon: i'm just uploading a new

Tiramon: looks like the new version learned the 'In fact, one must always make a move that allows the opponent to continue playing.' rule

Tiramon: new version trained another 4h

Tiramon: that means 15k games

Tiramon: damn webquinty always generates a state where my bit still picks an invalid action and the boss still wins by score


MostComplicatedUsername: lol im the best

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: Hi, anyone would want to answer my question regarding the ANEO puzzle?

WINWINWIN: :D MostComplicatedUsername

WINWINWIN: What is the doubt ArianPunk?

WINWINWIN: Personally, I bruteforced the puzzle

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: I think I'm ok now. The validity of puzzle does depend on the speeds and sitances

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: distances*


Default avatar.png ArianPunk: you mean you tried all the speeds one by one?

WINWINWIN: Yes, I tried all starting from smallest and printed when I found a valid one

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: It took a few if conditions?


Default avatar.png ArianPunk: same as me, but im doin it from max to the correct speed.

WINWINWIN: That would be a bit slower right?

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: reverse

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: faster

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: I think both

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: depends on the asnwer

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: we re looking for the max speed. so it makes more sense to start from the max speed we are allowed.


pb4: Tiramon : what game ?

struct: he is doing oware

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: yup, ANOA done. I do better on medium puzzles than on easy ones.

AntiSquid: oh my bad, i thought his NN model was for vindinium where he is like #15 :D

AntiSquid: maybe i should have went to sleep earlier, but basically last night look at vindinium leaderboard and thought, damn Tiramon progressed fast

AntiSquid: looked *

Tiramon: pb4 oware aba.. something

Tiramon: guess vindinium is a bit more complicated than oware ;)

ShlOk: Illuminati!!!!!

Tiramon: and Antisquid oware has 12 states in range of 0 - theoreticall 48 and 6 actions vindinium has 5 actions, but the board alone constists of 576 states in range of 0-7 + states for life, gold,

Astrobytes: Try some of the other board/grid games Tiramon, simpler stuff t han Vindinium ;)

Tiramon: first i want to get to the next league in oware with my dqn ;)

pb4: Tiramon : care to share more about what you're doing ?

Astrobytes: of, priorities and all that :)

Astrobytes: *ofc

pb4: dqn + self play is difficult to combine

jacek: next league in oware?

jacek: im still in wood :C

struct: But there is wood 1 and 2

jacek: so he didnt even made into wood1? noob

Astrobytes: :P

dsy: f²

Default avatar.png Mirartes: ASCII ART 4 TEST M@NH@TT@N WTF where @?

Default avatar.png Mirartes: its dont A and dont O

Uljahn: non A-Z -> "?"

Default avatar.png Mirartes: thx)

Default avatar.png Mirartes: я пропустил)

daffie: is bronze league available for the weekly puzzle yet?

wlesavo: daffie there will be no bronze

jacek: thats community game

jacek: they dont have bronze+ leages

daffie: so there is only wood league?

Astrobytes: yep

daffie: oh okay

Astrobytes: Just think of placement as equivalent to leagues

Astrobytes: :)

AntiSquid: but don't too highly of your placement ^

struct: One day Yinsh will be available

Astrobytes: like someone we know

AntiSquid: top 300 doesn't equal gold in a community puzzle of 315

struct: and I can rest

struct: Dont know what you mean

jacek: no rest. make more games

AntiSquid: actually struct could make and suggest a community contest, and if CG rejects it then he could just make it a community multi since he does it anyway

struct: I dont have original ideas for contests

struct: Both my multies are ports

struct: of games that already exist

Astrobytes: So you just need ideas then

struct: and I need to like it

struct: the idea

AntiSquid: the games you do are very obscure

AntiSquid: and you can just change a few rules

AntiSquid: captain sonar is played as 8 players, but was modified

Astrobytes: well yeah

struct: I was gonna port Arimaa next

struct: but im not sure if I will

struct: chat down?

Astrobytes: back now it seems...

Tiramon: pb4 all i did was let my DQN with fixed Q targets and ER/PER play against old weights of himself with the official referee

Tiramon: and because my agent didn't learn this 'moves are invalid if opponent can't move' i seeded a few states in the PER with a high deltaQ in my last training session

Tiramon: i then let him play around 5k games with different opponents of his weight

Tiramon: last run was another 15k games

Tiramon: worked quite good, but he still has alot to learn .. the boss is a real "§$"%"

AntiSquid: i don't remember the boss being that hard, i mean i was just checking for the basic == 2 or == 3

cegprakash: Hi guys tomorrow I'll be streaming paper soccer or search race let me know which one you prefer. Fantastic bits fans I'll stream it next week or the week after. The idea is to do easier games first

ZarthaxX: i dont think those are easy to start

Astrobytes: Sure they are Zarthalderaan

AntiSquid: papper soccer looks annoying to do, didn't even read statement, but ceg didn't either i guess

cegprakash: as long as it has "soccer" in it I'm interested

cegprakash: and I want to try GAimax

Astrobytes: I will only watch if you also have a Prune Array.

cegprakash: no Prune array

cegprakash: it's too much to ask

Astrobytes: 1 less viewer...

cegprakash: yeah 1 less viewer out off the 5 viewers I get

Astrobytes: Yeah but people rewatch streams later

cegprakash: codingarden seems to be streaming now

cegprakash: I'm going in

Astrobytes: Anyway it's about quality of viewers, not quantity...

Illedan: struct, slow? :D

struct: rusty javascript

Illedan: haha

cegprakash: wow thx Astrobytes

struct: Yinsh was approved

struct: :fireworks:

Illedan: :clap:

Astrobytes: :tada:

WINWINWIN: Nice struct!!

ZarthaxX: pog

Astrobytes: They pushed it 3 hours early struct!

WINWINWIN: How do you start playing it?

thepianist59: I think that I have a little problem in my clash of code ... I return the expected value each time but the console tell me that no output is expected

struct: I quit this clash, Ill go next one

struct: :p

Astrobytes: Has AntiSquid submitted in D yet?

Illedan: This one was crazy hard

ZarthaxX: Astropytopus howdy

thepianist59: That .. weird

struct: not weird

Astrobytes: You missed my Zarthalderaan earlier AnthraxX

struct: it ask for 97

struct: not 97.0

struct: you need to remove leading 0

thepianist59: but it tell me : expected : nothing

struct: yeah it expected nothing

thepianist59: not expected 97

struct: you stil printed .0

struct: Yeah can be a bit tricky

thepianist59: but normally it tell "expected: 97"

thepianist59: not expected nothing

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes i saw it

ZarthaxX: now you are using my second part of the name

WINWINWIN: I will savour this a lot :D


Astrobytes: Ah OK OctoZarth. Yes, the whole name is available for use

ZarthaxX: LOL

ZarthaxX: sheez

Astrobytes: Zarthabytes

ZarthaxX: the fusion is real :O

Astrobytes: Unclear Fusion achieved :P

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

struct: I win WINWINWIN

struct: my true ai is too powerfull


WINWINWIN: 11 points above me??

ZarthaxX: lol


ZarthaxX: gg

struct: yeah i coded it in 30 sec


WINWINWIN: I just submitted random.choice(validActions)

struct: I added 3 lines to default code

ZarthaxX: this game is super complex right

struct: 4*

struct: A bit complex ZarthaxX

struct: lots of moves

Astrobytes: Not super-complex, but a little more than average

ZarthaxX: big branching as time progresses?

struct: Sometimes there are 200+' moves

ZarthaxX: :I

WINWINWIN: I havent read the rules yet :) thats the problem with valid actions given

ZarthaxX: that's an interesting challenge for the community

struct: But those 200+ will probably have game ending

struct: Like someitmes you will have moves where you can remove 2 rings at once

struct: might even remove 3

struct: which is insta ending

WINWINWIN: Struct we played 71 matches and I won 3 of them :(

eulerscheZahl: friendly reminder: Kotlin Heroes starts soon

struct: vovels Illedan

struct: :D

Illedan: LOL

WINWINWIN: codeforces eulerscheZahl?

struct: submit is 200 matches

struct: nice

Illedan: I have to go in 30 min eulerscheZahl :(

Default avatar.png mimobiscocho: hi

eulerscheZahl: yes codeforces

eulerscheZahl: solve 1 task and you have chances for 1 of 50 random tshirts

eulerscheZahl: or reach top50

WINWINWIN: Kotlin similar to Java? idk Kotlin :(

b0ot: Could anyone explain why this code wouldn' t work:

eulerscheZahl: kotlin looks different to Java

ZarthaxX: b0ot you gotta give a context

b0ot: check if at least one capital letter, one lower case letter. one digit, and 8 characters or longer

RoboStac: also I'm assuming legnth isn't a valid function

b0ot: I believe it is

b0ot: I console.log an example and a,b,c,S.length were all true

RoboStac: shouldn't it be length?

b0ot: somehow the && of them all was false

b0ot: DAH

b0ot: dangit

b0ot: spelling

b0ot: lol

RoboStac: :)

b0ot: I spelled it correctly in the debug

b0ot: not in the actual call

b0ot: sob

struct: eulerscheZahl I must do the challenge in kotlin?

WINWINWIN: "Kotlin Heroes"

Astrobytes: Naw man, just submit Haskell to a Kotlin competition

eulerscheZahl: of course struct

eulerscheZahl: last time it was 9 tasks

eulerscheZahl: a few easy one, some medium, some hard

eulerscheZahl: 2.5h

WINWINWIN: How many tasks do we need to solve to get a decent rank?

eulerscheZahl: ICPC format: your penalty times will be added

eulerscheZahl: last time i solved 6 out of nine. was close but i got top50 with it

cegprakash: codingarden clash:

Astrobytes: Don't post clash links in chat please cegprakash ;)


WINWINWIN: what is codingarden cegprakash?


Astrobytes: A streamer WINWINWIN

eulerscheZahl: i just shared a tshirt contest with random winners ceg. and you come with clashes

Illedan: I can invite you instead Astrobytes?

eulerscheZahl: i think I won

Astrobytes: Hell no Illedan :P

struct: please shortest

cegprakash: what t shirt

Illedan: fastest

cegprakash: I loves T shirt


eulerscheZahl: top 50 will win a Kotlin Heroes t-shirt and an exclusive Kotlin sticker, competitors solving at least one problem will enter into a draw for one of 50 Kotlin Heroes t-shirts.

WINWINWIN: shortest

jacek: will they win kotlin ketchup as well?

Astrobytes: And will it be called Kotchup? Or Ketchlin?

jacek: and woah, paper soccer? move generation is quite the beast

AntiSquid: ceg posting clash links

AntiSquid: i really starting thinking you're some kind of subliminal troll

WINWINWIN: euler finished the first one on Kotlin Heroes?

AntiSquid: or rather subtle troll ?

Astrobytes: He's very far from subtle lol

AntiSquid: obscure? hard to tell if he's trolling or serious

AntiSquid: gaymax algo will be forever remembered by CG chat

Astrobytes: Along with the Prune Array

AntiSquid: Prune A* sort ment

Astrobytes: lol

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: anyone done winamax?

AntiSquid: yes

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: some tests can be solved in more than one way, cant they?

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: E.g. test 3.

AntiSquid: ah yes, but there's a specific way the problem wants you to solve

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: The don't cross

AntiSquid: i think i did it recursively and it worked not sure anymore what their logic was

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: its says itself , that it's recursive.

AntiSquid: it got annoying when trying to reverse engineer their thinking

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: Anyway, Im almost sure it cant be done in different ways legally.

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: According to its own rules.

AntiSquid: yes it can

AntiSquid: i just agreed with you :/

Default avatar.png shaggy1: :)

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: You said there's a specific way.

AntiSquid: there's a specific way you need to solve it to get the 100%

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: hm

AntiSquid: because the validators expect only 1 specific answer

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: Supposedly won't put time on it when I figured the answer ain't single.

AntiSquid: i liked the problem at first, but then got annoyed when i found out my solution wasn't accepted because it's slightly different although correct

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: Probably *

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: You beat it on its rules, and itndidnt give you the green tick?

AntiSquid: it did

VikasVishwakarma: hey

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: But they didn't accept it? weird. whats that mean

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: it means that my initial solution was giving one type of correct answer and the other their desired correct answer

AntiSquid: which is what we have been discussing all along

AntiSquid: wtf ...

AntiSquid: AD ?

cegprakash: codingarden closed the stream after seeing my solution

cegprakash: RIP codingarden

AntiSquid: no clash links please cegprakash

cegprakash: I didn't invite you

cegprakash: do u want me to invite you?

AntiSquid: see what i mean? hard to tell ...

cegprakash: clash is also part of this website.. it's allowed in world chat. As long as I don't invite u it shouldn't trouble you

struct: ok, put more spam in it

struct: Maybe ill start spamming invites to you

AntiSquid: ok maybe it's me . ceg bragging about his clash skills and this is the right chat to brag i guess .

WINWINWIN: Im 4/4 in yinsh :(

AntiSquid: top 5 !! :o


struct: We have been beaten

struct: 100% win rate

struct: Now we just need to wait for tric trac to destroy us even more

AntiSquid: using the power of D to climb

WINWINWIN: Nicely done TricTrac

trictrac: thanks

struct: you are using MCTS?

WINWINWIN: He has only 1 loss, against you antisquid

trictrac: yes for the first time (all others bots are alpha-beta)

darkhorse64: random rollouts ?

trictrac: no eval

trictrac: it 's a patched MCTS

Astrobytes: Early termination?

darkhorse64: "patched": smart moves inside the rollouts ?

Astrobytes: (good job btw)

darkhorse64: What impress me the most is that tric trac comes so fast with a good bot

trictrac: I worked on yinsh since the first version

Astrobytes: Yeah. He's got the experience and the knowledge deeply embedded there darkhorse64 ;)

struct: Lets see how strong bots will become

struct: From some replays I saw from actual players

struct: They dont seem to place rings at the middle

Astrobytes: Yeah, defo gonna have to study the game a bit before I write a bot for it. Hope you get many players struct

Astrobytes: Made a great job of it

struct: Im thinking on porting arimaa, but i have mixed feelings on it

struct: Thanks astro

Astrobytes: Why the mixed feelings?

struct: Might be a bit too hard

struct: 4 moves per turn per player

struct: With so many moves possible

Astrobytes: Ah yeah. Well, it was designed to be difficult for computers right

struct: yeah

struct: And 15 sec per player isnt really much

struct: I wish there was time bank

Astrobytes: What about a variant, since it's CG limitations

struct: So player could choose how much time he uses

Astrobytes: Yeah, time banking would be useful for sure

struct: CG keeps track of time, they could just add it to the SDK :/

Astrobytes: Put in a feature request. . .

struct: Also if you guys feel that 100 ms is too short for YInsh, feel free to say so

struct: I left at 100, but I can increase it up to 200 maybe

struct: even 300

Astrobytes: Seems doable in 100, pruning moves and whatnot

Astrobytes: You know, with my Prune Array

struct: What did I miss?

struct: I cant recall

Astrobytes: ceg's Prune Array, you remember

Astrobytes: He had an array of numbers he was using to prune moves, and thought it was a/b pruning

struct: Oh right, my memory

struct: cant forget this usefull method

Astrobytes: :D

Hammodeh: Hello World

Uljahn: then GAimax was invented, the common algo for games that GAimax solves

jacek: why would you laugh. he just got wrong idea. i bet everyone had some wrong ideas about how a/b or mcts works ~~

Astrobytes: It's not that. It's the overconfidence thing jacek, it's like a ceg meme

jacek: is he popular

Astrobytes: popularly annoying yes :P But he's actually a nice guy, I like him

Snef: Hello

Snef: how's your SR Astrobytes ?

Astrobytes: Hey Snef, not quite ready unfortunately, bad week (family). But should hopefully be up and running with that and some BR improvements too pretty soon

Astrobytes: ooosh, when did Neumann get ahead of reCurse?

Snef: yesterday evening or this night i think

Astrobytes: Pretty sure this evening, I think I looked earlier today and he was 2nd

reCurse: Pretty sure I already spent too much CPU time on this hardcoding garbage

Astrobytes: lol, don't hold back there reCurse

jacek: maybe you should go back to u,,,

reCurse: Even uttt would be a better time investment

reCurse: Marginally better though, much like refining hardcoded garbage

Astrobytes: :)

reCurse: The only plus is it's CPU doing most of the work

reCurse: The minus is it gets my office hot during summer

reCurse: So...

Astrobytes: Not really a choice is it :)

reCurse: Choice?

Astrobytes: Whether to run the CPU hot or not in summer

eulerscheZahl: homeoffice will be a pain in the summer :(

Snef: Yeah..

eulerscheZahl: my room is under the roof. usually i just darken the room before i go to work. but this time :scream:

Snef: buy/build an air conditioner :p

Astrobytes: It already is for me. It's been pretty hot and had the windows wide open, there's a huge dog lives in the house opposite and he barks constantly, sets off all the other dogs in the neighbourhood

Astrobytes: So I bake to death or get distracted to death by dogs

eulerscheZahl: i have neighbors with lawn mowers for that, no dog needed

Tiramon: noise is no problem i got wonderful headphones ;)

Astrobytes: Yeah, got that too. Don't mind so much, the dogs are way worse

Astrobytes: Yeah but it's not always practical to have the headphones on all the time Tiramon

eulerscheZahl: freedom for my ears, headphones make them sweaty

struct: You should use CPU on yinsh next

Tiramon: i bough some beyerdynamics not long ago ... never had sweaty ears with them

Astrobytes: The soft velvety ones?

Astrobytes: Well, cushioned

eulerscheZahl: as i'm alone in my "office" now, i just put everything on speaker

Astrobytes: Like the DT 770's Tiramon?

Tiramon: Astrobytes MMX300

Astrobytes: Ah gaming ones, sorry, I only know their studio range

Astrobytes: If they're anywhere close to the DT 770s in terms of comfort then it's gotta be good

Astrobytes: my AKGs are comfy but I need to listen out for phonecalls, doorbells etc

Tiramon: my wife does that for me when i have them on ;)

Astrobytes: Ah so that's what they're for. I'd better get one ASAP :P

reCurse: With such a proposal should be a done deal

Astrobytes: Hah. My last 2 exes would have murdered me if such things were expected of them.

Tiramon: she is sitting closer to the door anyway ...

Tiramon: and the last 5 years i was closer and had to walk

eulerscheZahl: i just figured out why I failed problem F at kotlin heroes :cry:

Astrobytes: strategic relocation then Tiramon ;)

reCurse: diffchecker

reCurse: That's new to me

reCurse: Thanks

eulerscheZahl: only for sharing. I use meld offline

Tiramon: was her idea

Astrobytes: Even better

reCurse: Yeah I figured for the sharing part

Astrobytes: Oh dear eulerscheZahl, that's rough

reCurse: I really like vs code's diff

reCurse: Also my condolences on the input parsing

eulerscheZahl: me too. but i don't have VS on my private machine. only in office

reCurse: Reminds me when I messed up reading the second enemy pod in CSB and didn't notice for months

reCurse: vs code is free and light though

eulerscheZahl: i remember you said something like that for CSB

eulerscheZahl: i have VS code but almost never use it

reCurse: Strange

eulerscheZahl: i like my MonoDevelop

eulerscheZahl: even if it has some quirks

Astrobytes: lol, I bet it was simultaneously relieving and hugely irritating to discover that CSB input bug

eulerscheZahl: rightclick on file => open file location and it crashed

reCurse: Isn't that abandoned

eulerscheZahl: no?

reCurse: Astrobytes: that day I jumped from top 20 to top 3

reCurse: Wasn't sure whether to be mad or happy

Astrobytes: hahaha, I can imagine

reCurse: Maybe I'm confusing with SharpDevelop

reCurse: Damn those names

eulerscheZahl: one of those started as a fork of the other

eulerscheZahl: don't ask me which was first

Astrobytes: Jeez

reCurse: Which was first?

Astrobytes: You totally asked for t hat

reCurse: Sorry I thought it was a "don't invite me to clash" thing

eulerscheZahl: last stable release: / September 21, 2018; 20 months ago

reCurse: Which one

eulerscheZahl: hm, maybe it *is* abandoned...

eulerscheZahl: MonoDevelop

Astrobytes: For... ?

reCurse: Hah

Astrobytes: lel

reCurse: Guess I'm not that senile yet

struct: rip

eulerscheZahl: and SharpDevelop: 5.1.0 / 14 April 2016; 4 years ago

reCurse: I'm guessing it's also just a matter of time for Mono itself to be dead

eulerscheZahl: yeah, now that .net core is open source and runs on linux as well...

eulerscheZahl: that was the sole reason for Mono

Astrobytes: Which is a good thing really so... no real loss

reCurse: I like unity. The word not the engnie.

eulerscheZahl: the Ubuntu UI?

reCurse: sigh

reCurse: Except for web I've mostly given up on C#

Astrobytes: lol

reCurse: I made peace with C++

Astrobytes: Even for non-imgui GUI stuff?

351062: Aren't you on the "tools" team ? I though they were mostly developed in C#

reCurse: Yeah I'd use Qt over WPF *ANY* fucking day

reCurse: WPF can burn and die

reCurse: And then burn again

reCurse: And fly the ashes to another galaxy

reCurse: I'd sponsor that

reCurse: Neumann: That was another lifetime

reCurse: Things change

Neumann: About C# or the tools team ?

Astrobytes: hahaha, your feelings on the matter are very clear

reCurse: Both

Neumann: Ok, what are you working on atm ? If that's not secret

reCurse: I'm not disclosing that stuff in public anymore

reCurse: We can DM though

Astrobytes: Not disclosing you current role?

Astrobytes: Or project?

reCurse: Work in general

Astrobytes: Fair. One is entitled to at the very least a private work life.

AntiSquid: hey struct add some tags to your multi

struct: true ai?

AntiSquid: :thumbsup:

AntiSquid: True AI

Astrobytes: GAimax, Chokudai, True AI, Prune Array

struct: I guess I'll add minimax and mcts

struct: Dont know if anything else works

AntiSquid: wasn't there something like policy matrix mentioned by ceg? Astrobytes

AntiSquid: i def remember something matrix related

Astrobytes: Payoff matrix, for simultaneous 2-player minimax, yeah

Astrobytes: Insisted he had one, couldn't explain how he chose a move from it, then couldn't figure out if it was GA or minimax, then started asking how to understand Nash equilibria

Astrobytes: Along those lines

Astrobytes: Was a fun afternoon

AntiSquid: add Payoff matrix struct

Astrobytes: And all that time it was just a MC

AntiSquid: payoff matrix sounds more like scoring the possible moves ... nothing special

Astrobytes: Yeah it helps with minimaxing simultaneous 2 player games, I've never used it just read about it

Astrobytes: "Sequential games in normal form" that's the term I was looking for. Like XR

Astrobytes: Sure someone mentioned it in a PM for that

Astrobytes: Might help you out AntiSquid

Astrobytes: Don't ask me for advice though, I' not exactly an expert in game theory

AntiSquid: joli

AntiSquid: i am struggling with motivation to write anything Astrobytes, not with solving something

Astrobytes: Then it's time to move away from it and come back to it later at some point

AntiSquid: maybe

Astrobytes: When you're getting nothing from it, it's a no-brainer to move on elsewhere

Astrobytes: Work on some ML stuff

MostComplicatedUsername: ohhhh I realized why my bandas code isn't working

MostComplicatedUsername: I'm not taking into account the floor falling

jacek: but you take into account roof falling

Astrobytes: btw MostComplicatedUsername, don't get too excited about beating me. I saw your replay from earlier. Here's my AI: int m = r.getRandomInt(4);

struct: ups I dont output who won or lost

struct: or do I'

struct: nope

struct: I need to fix it

struct: :D

jacek: i still need to improve my bitboard for bandas

struct: you misspell Yinsh

Bobliu: are you supposed to get CP for optimization challenges?

struct: yeah

Astrobytes: It'll update later on

Neumann: Once per day, during the night (CET)

Astrobytes: XP is instantaneous, CP is as Neumann says

Astrobytes: (sorry for ping)

Bobliu: ohhh ok thanks

Bobliu: it updates later on

Astrobytes: jacek, you did something different in Oware?

struct: ok I think its finished

struct: messages also added

struct: I guess ill just add the line how to in statement

Astrobytes: Yinsh ish finshished?

Astrobytes: :trumpet: :tada: :rosette: :rocket:

struct: I think so

struct: Only touching it if someone finds bugs

Astrobytes: I didn't find any so far, I did a whole bunch of stupid inputs etc and seemed ok, moves seemed to be working fine. I mean I looked already in the contribution but double checked. Will let you know if there's anything untoward going on.

Astrobytes: *checked already

WINWINWIN: Wide margin between #2 and #3 in yinsh

WINWINWIN: 12 points

struct: yes, top 2 might have an ai


Astrobytes: Indeed. Bunch of randoms and bestActions[0]/bestActions[actionCount-1]'s accounts for the rest

Default avatar.png iboman: share ur code

struct: Now i must go to fr and advertise

Astrobytes: here iboman float tempValue = search(s, depth - 1, alpha, beta, ENEMY);

jacek: Astrobytes not much. i cached eval things so it is slightly faster

Astrobytes: Ah OK jacek

jacek: where do you initialize pruneArray

Astrobytes: after the search, just before you print the move

Default avatar.png iboman: how do i calculate (in java) how many a square can split with the following input: 2x2 - output: 3

Astrobytes: Revolutionary method

Default avatar.png iboman: ▯▯

Default avatar.png iboman: ▯▯ --> ▯ ▯ --> ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯▯ ▯ ▯

MostComplicatedUsername: Astrobytes I was being sarcastic

Astrobytes: As in the Trump definition of sarcasm or the actual definition?

MostComplicatedUsername: .

Default avatar.png NViktor01: hello? somebody?

LelouchVC2: Somebody is here

LelouchVC2: You've called the right guy for the job

Default avatar.png NViktor01: oh cool idk what i want

Default avatar.png NViktor01: im so bad at coding

Astrobytes: Fix it

Default avatar.png NViktor01: working on it

Astrobytes: That's the spirit :+1:

Default avatar.png NViktor01: :upside_down:

Default avatar.png NViktor01: these little puzzles are soo good

Astrobytes: Keep at it NViktor01

jacek: aww

Astrobytes: Fix your fixable things that need fixing jacek

jacek: but everything i do is perfect, no need to fix

Astrobytes: Perfect your perfection then.

Default avatar.png NViktor01: then you sould really do my things perfect

Astrobytes: Only you have the power to do that NViktor01

Default avatar.png NViktor01: oh goddamn i always knew im a superhero

Astrobytes: See? Now get to work.

Default avatar.png NViktor01: ok boss

Default avatar.png JBM: gaimax is true ai

Astrobytes: Only if you have an array of prunes

Default avatar.png JBM: mmm prunes

Astrobytes: I actually think prunes > plums

Astrobytes: Don't get on with plums at all

Astrobytes: So JBM, what about having the overridable params in the Manual part of the IDE alongside the seed?

Default avatar.png JBM: thay are

Default avatar.png JBM: *they

Astrobytes: They weren't

Default avatar.png JBM: yet they are

Astrobytes: Not seeing them? Tried reloading, clearing cache and 3 browsers

Default avatar.png JBM: oh i can't *make* them appear

Default avatar.png JBM: but you can set them

Astrobytes: what's the constraints on roadLength for it?

Default avatar.png JBM: even, 0 to... don't remember

Default avatar.png JBM: let's say 20

Astrobytes: Hi, sorry, I crashed

Astrobytes: Yes it works

Astrobytes: There's a way to display it though

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: Help: codingame is not running my code properly :/

Astrobytes: Codingame is running your improper code properly most likely ;)

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: But i've copy-pasted it on console and it works

Astrobytes: Did you change the default code in any way with regards to reading the inputs?

Astrobytes: Because that will really mess things up

Astrobytes: Or did you forget to output a newline a the end of your output?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: Like the readline()? I simply split the input into an array. How can that mess it up? Also, a newline is definitely not the problem

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: Lets say the input is Hello World and the output is supposed to be olleH dlroW. If i run my code in Codingame, the output is Hello World, but if i run in console, it is olleH dlroW.

Astrobytes: JS?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: yes

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: input is S, which is split into an array of words

Astrobytes: Paste your code here (don't worry) and someone who's into JS will help you

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q:>(e.split().reverse().join())); this works in console, not in codingame

nicholascc: what are codinpoints?

Astrobytes: Paste it all, just in case of an error elsewhere (happens a lot)

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q:

Astrobytes: JBM, Vindinium runs on the SDK right?

Default avatar.png JBM: i suppose

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: Is it a problem with a compiler / interpreter

Astrobytes: Imsure1200q try adding \n to your output

Illedan: Yes Vindinium runs on the SDK

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: That will worsen it. The objective is to reverse all words in a string, not add new lines to it

Default avatar.png JBM: ok lemme try something

Astrobytes: Nice Illedan, JBM check the Vindinium src for how to dispaly the modifiable params

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: Also i cant add new lines because the time is up but i want to see why its like that

Astrobytes: Imsure1200q codingame requires a newline

Illedan: modifiable params?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: It requires a new line? When does it require? Sometimes, i dont need one.

Astrobytes: Yeah, like map width etc, in the Options->Manual section of IDE Illedan, alongside the seed

Illedan: Oh, the grid?

Illedan: Oh, the numbers of players and settings

Illedan: Yeah, check referee class of Vindinium

Astrobytes: Yes settings

Default avatar.png JBM: will not


Default avatar.png JBM: i'm trying this weirdly-named method

struct: scroll to game parameters

Astrobytes: Imsure1200q codingame uses newlines as termination of your output, if you don't supply it, then you'll fail

Default avatar.png JBM: ok it compiles

Default avatar.png JBM: so it's probably right

Default avatar.png JBM: let's push to prod to check

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: The One True Method

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: I checked; its not related to the output. I did a console error to check if the reversal happened, and it did. But when i console-errored after the reversal of all the words (not individual, all), it went back to Hello World. There is no way that is related to the output.

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: The log when i checked the reversal Hello World Hello olleH

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: World dlroW Hello World //afer all reversal

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: and then after that was the output

Astrobytes: This was a clash right?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: How does splitting, reversing, and joining an array need a '\n'? Sorry its kinda triggering me

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: ya

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: *yes

Default avatar.png JBM: Astrobytes: it's pushed, but i can't seem to make t work

Astrobytes: Your OUTPUT to CG requires a newline so it knows when you're finished

Default avatar.png JBM: i get an empty manual or auto box

Astrobytes: I'd recommend pinging toad tomorrow, he'll set you right on it I think

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: Even if i put a newline after, still the same

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: Oh well its a very random error

Astrobytes: You need to assign the result of to another vvar I think

Astrobytes: *var

Astrobytes: Expected output is 'olleH dlroW'?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: haha im stupid (havent slept in quite a big time rn) oh well my bad

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: effects of sleeping at 5am everyday anyway thanks for telling me the mistake

Astrobytes: Sorry, I'm really not very up to speed with JS, or I might have been quicker

Astrobytes: Sleep is good ;)

LelouchVC2: JS is like coding with crayons

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: yes very

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: yeah but its also messy (at least the way i do it) so its kinda confusing for some people

Astrobytes: I don't *like* JS but it has it's uses, like most things

LelouchVC2: I was coding in JS for this construction company. As if the language wasn't bad enough, after I finished coding what they wanted they then told me to code it again differently

LelouchVC2: I was like, "wTf"

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: Well at least you can shorten your code like crazy thats the plus side of JS

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: but downside is your code becomes scribbles

Astrobytes: There's probably a shorter way than you did it, even with assigning to another var. But that's what you do in shortest mode in Clashes

Astrobytes: Code golfing

Astrobytes: I don't clash, personally

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: yes theres a very short way but the clash i was in fastest mode so i didnt care

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: all i cared was i got it in time

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: also what was the other mode than shortest and fastest

Astrobytes: Longest? Um.. I really don't remember tbh, I last clashed years ago :D

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: nvm its reverse

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: mode

Astrobytes: Thaaat's the one. Donno how I forgot that :shrug:

Astrobytes: I look at the contributions page frequently, I should know that. I blame lack of sleep. Even though I had plenty.

Astrobytes: Anyway Imsure1200q, it's almost 6am for you? Go to f***ing sleep!!

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: nah still energy

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: its my 6th quarter of school woohoo

Astrobytes: Well, good luck

Astrobytes: How old are you?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: maybe 7am when its not noisy

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: so its like when you start puberty ;,)

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: u know what i mean

Astrobytes: Well, the advice I would give you is to get some sleep, and study well. Cause you're gonna need the knowledge.

Astrobytes: You can do all-nighters later when you have to, until then, stay up late but don't wreck your brain for the next day ;)

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: yes i need the sleep. but i couldn't sleep well because my homework is 100000

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: i needed to do like 3 homework every night so i ended up sleeping 4am - 5am straight each day for 2-3 weeks

Astrobytes: I will tell you right now, in terms of priorities, rn, homework > Codingame

Astrobytes: Start your homework earlier

Astrobytes: Then you have free time afterward

Astrobytes: Trust me

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: i dont need to do it rn because yesterday was my last day of school so i will do it when the time has come

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: my schools system doesn't even make sense

Astrobytes: No. Do it first. Then you have loads more free time and you don't need to rush at the last minute and stay up late.

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: I have one homework left :)

Astrobytes: That probably doesn't make sense for you at your age but trust me, it's wise advice

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: No it makes sense. I've tried fatigue from lack of sleep multiple times and when i sleep it feels good to rest

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: But the last homework is a two-hour lecture which confused me when i listened to it. i need to take notes, and because its confusing, it will take like four hours.

Astrobytes: Even tho' you still feel like you can do anything when you've been up for ages, your brain really isn't on point

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: my whole? family is awake because of the stress from my assignments as well

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: *whole

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: my brother is doing smth so i have to wait for that then i can go to sleep

Astrobytes: Right. My advice? More sleep. Less Codingame and other distractions until you got what you need to learn down properly. And then do the assignments. THEN you have time to chill, and don't need to stres your family ;)

Astrobytes: *stress

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: It's a long story and i cant explain it to you in this chat. But yeah we ended up stressing and stuff; its not my fault tho. Just some weird school stuff.

Astrobytes: Well, do the best you can OK?

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: yes i will :) but my brother still doing something so i'm not sure to go to sleep or not

Astrobytes: You can try ;)

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: like hes 1.2 years i think younger than me but hes still awake

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: all because of school

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: hes not even puberty thats how messed up it is

Astrobytes: I'm out, I'm gonna watch something and have some food. Best of luck to you Imsure1200q (sounds like your school system is stressful :( )

Default avatar.png Burak05: anyone can help me with a small problem in scala?

Astrobytes: I understand. Testing kids real hard doesn't do much good. Take care buddy

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: Very. I know that some other americans (mm.. collegeboard) experience stress. But yeah its (i lost what i was about to say)

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: Okay

Astrobytes: And get that sleep!

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: yes i will becuse the sun is bright

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: beginning to hate it

Default avatar.png Imsure1200q: alright my energy is -10% and im like a zombie now so ill stop chatting i guess

Default avatar.png MichaelHamilton: Hi, noobie here! I'm trying to code a bot to play a game on this site and one of my functions isn't working. Normally to troubleshoot I start my variables in messages to try to figure out where the problem is. For the games though, as soon as I print something that isn't a valid instruction for the game, the program stops. I'm coding in c# if that makes a difference...

Default avatar.png MichaelHamilton: is there someway i can get a message to be telling myself what the variables are without the program reading it as a move for my turn?

Scarfield: use error prints :)

Scarfield: // Write an action using Console.WriteLine()

           // To debug: Console.Error.WriteLine("Debug messages...");

Default avatar.png MichaelHamilton: oooo okay thank you!

Default avatar.png MichaelHamilton: thats exactly what i was looking for

Scarfield: np :) normal print statements are handles as your output, so they have to be a valid action. Error prints are not handled though, but you can possibly timeout if you print enough of them, that takes quite a lot though

Scarfield: handled*

Default avatar.png MichaelHamilton: yeah it makes perfect sense :) i just didn't know the function Console.Error.WriteLine Found my bug and I'm back to it now :)

Scarfield: nice :muscle:

Default avatar.png MichaelHamilton: okay now I'm timing out. Any tips to troubleshoot that?

Snef: check how much time your functions uses

Snef: you need to not spend more than X ms

Snef: X depending on the game

Default avatar.png MichaelHamilton: how do you check that?

Snef: use timer

Default avatar.png MichaelHamilton: is there like a function we can use to time our code?

Snef: I don't do c# but you can check google

Default avatar.png MichaelHamilton: okay i'll google it. thanks


Default avatar.png MichaelHamilton: oh that is perfect. Thank you! :)

Default avatar.png Embedded: hi

Default avatar.png MichaelHamilton: hi

Default avatar.png Bae_Wada: hello