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BenWo: hi BigBadStopwatch_4678 the site is pretty active

BenWo: though mostly during new contests

kovi: search race - is it possible to access code in from the old "contribution" version?


eulerscheZahl: you are still not level 29 :o

kovi: thx. it seems it is lost :(


eulerscheZahl: but you have to promote first

eulerscheZahl: why lost? i can download the code

eulerscheZahl: including that useless .DS_Store that Illedan attaches everywhere

kovi: well, no matter what i only see default code

Marchete: wow, paid and forced approvers, nice Illedan :D

kovi: :)

eulerscheZahl: i definitely did something wrong for space maze. needed 4 attempts to be approved within 30 days

Marchete: it's called money, euler

eulerscheZahl: :money_mouth:

eulerscheZahl: so, let's try to send invalid input to crash the game, then shame approvers

CyberLemonade: does c# have any errors like java's heap space?

aCat: I was thinking Illedan wan't to improve and polish the game visuals etc...

aCat: so hasty acc ;p

eulerscheZahl: but then he couldn't wait any longer and wanted to publish it

aCat: why he couldn't ?

eulerscheZahl: because he's impatient and want everyone to see what he did

aCat: ouh, yes

WINWINWIN: Do the graphics help analyze replays?

aCat: still he got plenty of space to make debug text so he limit it unnecessarily

aCat: honestly - if i't baby step for csb than debug mode with visible vectors would be fantastic

aCat: Profile picture !

aCat: :D

eulerscheZahl: you haven't seen that user before?

eulerscheZahl: let me guess: locam card?

aCat: yep

jrke: hey i am solving temperatures its showing me 93% one validator error anybody knows whats wrong i did in my code

eulerscheZahl: share your code

jrke: if i got banned

eulerscheZahl: ?

eulerscheZahl: it's just a puzzle, not a contest

eulerscheZahl: paste it in the chat

Default avatar.png JoeBodian: i'm at top of leaderboard of wood league one in coders strike back, but im not getting promoted? can anyone help??

eulerscheZahl: are you above the boss?

eulerscheZahl: did you submit reach 100%?

eulerscheZahl: your*

jrke: no 93%

eulerscheZahl: @JoeBodian

Default avatar.png JoeBodian: i am above the boss

anid: Submit has to be c completed JoeBodian

Default avatar.png JoeBodian: how do i know if my submit reaches 100%

Default avatar.png JoeBodian: ?

Default avatar.png JoeBodian: sorry, im bery new to this site

anid: Look at the leaderboard

jrke: joeBodian click on battles you will see battle progress x%

anid: next to your name is there a circle or not?

Default avatar.png JoeBodian: there is not a circle

Default avatar.png JoeBodian: it says battles in progress 26%

Default avatar.png JoeBodian: is that what you mean?

jrke: ya so what until this progress disappear

anid: Yes, Nicely done! You beat the boss very quickly

jrke: and you have to be above boss when its 100% means when it disappear

jrke: then you will be promoted :)

Default avatar.png JoeBodian: do i have to keep pressing play and fast forward each time then??

eulerscheZahl: no

anid: No, it is automatically played

eulerscheZahl: did you click "play" or "submit"?

jrke: no

Default avatar.png JoeBodian: i clicked submit

jrke: ya then just wait

eulerscheZahl: then open the last battles on the left

jrke: untill its 100%

eulerscheZahl: there should be more battles coming, will stop at some time

anid: CSB has a large league, so just wait for 10 mins for it to finish

eulerscheZahl: when you are finished, you need to be above the boss for promotion

jrke: yes CSB is eay as well as large leagues

jrke: *easy

eulerscheZahl: your submit is at 44% progress right now JoeBodian

Default avatar.png JoeBodian: how do i make the battles play automatically?

anid: the submit button does that

anid: just click submit and wait till it finishes

eulerscheZahl: don't submit again, just wait a bit

Default avatar.png JoeBodian: okay, cool. Thanks for your help and advice folks

Default avatar.png JoeBodian: this site is great. it takes a bit of head scratching though

eulerscheZahl: promoted

Illedan: Hi

Default avatar.png NicatSadiqov: hi

Default avatar.png NicatSadiqov: hello

Default avatar.png NicatSadiqov: hehe

Default avatar.png Ace-Code: hii

Default avatar.png Ace-Code: How are you?

tobk: Is it possible to "update" a published puzzle solution, or would that be a new published solution with different votes, comments, etc.?

eulerscheZahl: will be new, old solution will be hidden then

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: So it turned out that my parsing of the pacman type always gave me undefined.That what I get for using a new langauge :)

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: what clash of code is missing: a button "next challange". i don't want to submit, i want to just skip the challange or dismiss the challange

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: but that only changed like 100 spots in silver :)

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: whats up folks

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: quick question -- this has been around for a few years... is it still growing and adding new content??

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: There are challanges 2-4 time a year

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: Was one last week.

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: Those are always new

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: how about the basic practice puzzles that seem to have about 50 or so per level (easy,medium, hard)

struct: Some are made by the community

struct: others are done by CG

struct: Same for multiplayers / optimization puzzles

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: have those been growing, or mostly static ? im looking less to compete, more to learn (for now).

struct: They grow

struct: And there are a lot of them

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: awesome.. i was looking for ways to mess with new languages, of all the ways i've seen, this is the best and actually fun.

struct: Also if you enjoy bot programming

struct: There are plenty of games for that too

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: dont know about bots -- you mean physical machine?

struct: Artificial intelligence


struct: This was last contest

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: ah cool, yeah im into machine learning in python. have you found any other places similar to this site, or others that pair well with this for continual growth in various areas

eulerscheZahl: you can even watch the puzzle section growing. these are pending. some will be approved sooner or later, others just disappear as they aren't good enough

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: very cool..

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: yeah, i'd also be interested in places similar to this website

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: have you found anything @BigBadStopwatch?

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: i stumbled upon this place after someone in IRC (Freenode, #python) recommended it

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: lol

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: people still use irc

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: yes, like the builders of the language

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: didn't the builder of the language abandon it

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: there are folks in there who possess the skill of all stackoverflow #python in a pinky. very good resource.

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: I dont know what happened to guido, but i can say we still moved to ver 3 and dropped version 2 in 2020, so it lives on :)

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: of all stackoverflow #python? :D

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: finally you dropped version 2

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: sorry, meaning python tag

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: that's a good thing

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: yeah, i get what you mean

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: hopefully for python 4 it won't be the same situation with python 3 still being around and confusing ppl

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: ive been developing at work lately, perhaps the past 1.5 yrs... all python. i wanted to get away from it. Like growing up in a town you never left. This place has helped shake off the cobwebs..

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: how many languages have you dev'd in for these challenges?

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: only ruby

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: i learned my first bits in ruby 10 years ago

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: it's a big comfort zone

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: wouldn't give that up

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: i dont know if it makes sense but i might try to get to easy level 10 in perhaps 5 langs

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: once fluent in one language it hardly matters

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: the other languages don't offer much benefits

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: Lol, i had the same urge to just use python. i couldnt stand the idea of doing a "challenge" and having no idea what to do"

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: i would just stick to python honestly

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: try to level up your problem solving skills

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: not your lang skills

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: and if the problem seems boring or too much text i'd just click "Submit" at 0%

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: there are only a few good problems here on clash of code

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: There's some truth to this -- the more advanced you are, the more advanced PROGRAMMING concepts/challenges you take on. This is where growth comes from

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: the almost just a minor detail

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: all things are simple they're are just taught in a way that they're hard to grasp

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: put a n00b of physics or quantum computing into a room full with quantum scientists for 1 hr and they be able to explain quantum computing

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: i'll be getting cigs, brb and thanks for the good talk (y)

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: Not if the noob just don´t want to know. Or the scientists just draws math on a board for 2 hours

Uljahn: some algos make no sense in python within Codingame limitations, such as MCTS for uTTT in 100ms, it just doesn't converge with such a few rollouts

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: Uljahn interesting point...

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: IcedBlackSapphire i left because was looking for a pic to share on this concept

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: IcedBlackSapphire:

Uljahn: i mean you could make MCTS in python for studying purposes but not expecting some meaningful results

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: it's an XKCD style comic: productivity = k x c... K= working knowledge of every programming language known to man, C= lines of code. Lol.. directly to Uljahn's point..

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: i joined the discord, is this chat in there?

Uljahn: nope, this chat is xmpp based

Uljahn: there is #general channel it's basically the same as #world

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: thanks, Uljahn, how long have you been at this site training, and what have you focused on

Uljahn: 4 years, studying python from scratch

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: interesting. I'm doing it just to look at other languages... get a feel for them, and to see if that gives me some flash of inspiration

Uljahn: also there are some exceptional libraries available on CG to make python not so slow: numpy and scipy

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: good to know, ive heard things about numpy's speed

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: im a python dev mostly

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: if you want to learn something cool, check out async (asyncio, trio, twisted are some libs that enable this)

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: its a mind bender, and better than multi-threading in most situations where folks think they want threading but really they just want async

Uljahn: a pity we are given 1 core on CG so no benefits of multithreading

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: submit 100 http requests and wait for all the results, collect them as they come in, all with a single thread.

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678:

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: it takes about a week to wrap your head around, but allows you to imitate multi threading w/ single thread.. also, if you dont use that site for learning, you should, the quality is through the roof. i've been leaning on it for like a year.

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: and #python on irc freenode server... amazing resource with super talented devs in there, all wanting to give advice and correct code/help solve challenges. They were the ones that told me to use async instead of multi-threading, lots of painful growth began that day.

Uljahn: sorry, im not a dev and not a pro coder :sweat:

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: well, just look at the most simple tutorial on that page for async (queue consumer / producer) it will change your view of what python can do.

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: if there are no async challenges here, maybe i will write one

AntiSquid: so many people without avatars, hard to tell who is who

WINWINWIN: Yes, avatar is mandatory

AntiSquid: to avoid confusion definitely

WINWINWIN: And AntiSquid, meant to thank you for your Poker Chip Race referee

AntiSquid: it's not mine

AntiSquid: it's CG's

WINWINWIN: How did you get it then?

WINWINWIN: I could not find it online, it would be useful to have a hypersonic referee as well

AntiSquid: there is to be a slack server for CG where about 50 different people worked in teams on different games, the referees were shared there, but nobody shared any further, just kept it to themselves

AntiSquid: used to be *

WINWINWIN: Ok, so can use your collection, agades and eulerscheZahl`s then

AntiSquid: obviously

AntiSquid: if the hypersonic referee isn't there then i don't have it, but that one isn't as hard to reverse engineer as some other ones

AntiSquid: wait it is there

WINWINWIN: Only searched HyperSonic Referee on google to get eulerscheZahl`s

WINWINWIN: but his did not have a pathfinder

eulerscheZahl: a random ping happened

eulerscheZahl: and another one

WINWINWIN: so I took the one from pacman and modified it

WINWINWIN: sry that was me

WINWINWIN: should not have used the full name

Default avatar.png njtan142: hey guys

eulerscheZahl: i'm pretty sure AntiSquid published HyperSonic

WINWINWIN: Will check it

eulerscheZahl: and reimplemented it before the official one got leaked

struct: What game is coming next?


eulerscheZahl: a puzzle about knight moves

struct: Yesterday I could not fall asleep thinking about it :(

eulerscheZahl: you are having a crysis now that yinsh is almost finished?

struct: Yes, now I want to port this game

jacek: i love making new projects and not finishing ones

eulerscheZahl: yes :D

jacek: isolation game?

KnightMoves: ??

AntiSquid: winwinwin ?

struct: isolation is 7x7

AntiSquid: it's there check same repo as the other ones

eulerscheZahl: oh dear. wasn't thinking about you KnightMoves

struct: Ok but Ill finish yinsh first

struct: Ill try to get everything done today

AntiSquid: struct your head got bigger

struct: Then ill do arimaa

jacek: is it free though

struct: "Game instructions are not clear!" on yinsh comment

struct: lol

struct: What is free jacek?

eulerscheZahl: it's like free Willy

AntiSquid: Arimaa is a two-player strategy board game that was designed to be playable with a standard chess set and difficult for computers while still being easy to learn and fun to play for humans. It was invented in 2003 by Omar Syed, an Indian-American computer engineer trained in artificial intelligence.

struct: Arimaa was mentioned here before

struct: plenty of times I think

AntiSquid: stop being stingy, pay for a CG premium account. then it won't matter which games on here are free or not

AntiSquid: jacek

struct: Im gonna try to make Yinsh pieces circles to see if it looks better

struct: tbh I cant understand what is going on on current viewer

ZarthaxX: isolation coming to cg? :O

AntiSquid: arimaa rules sounds kinda confusing

struct: ZarthaxX give me diea for design

struct: you have degree in design help me

ZarthaxX: design for what

struct: Yinsh

ZarthaxX: mhm

struct: it looks like sh*T

ZarthaxX: LOL

ZarthaxX: i have my design for isola hehe

struct: isola*

ZarthaxX: wat

struct: *?

struct: Isolation I guess

ZarthaxX: isolation

ZarthaxX: yes

ZarthaxX: what's up with yinsh

struct: the design is terrible


struct: Dont know who created this

ZarthaxX: doesnt look bad

ZarthaxX: LOL

ZarthaxX: *you*

eulerscheZahl: no struct

eulerscheZahl: you are talking to tobou now

ZarthaxX: lmao

struct: You think this design is fine?

ZarthaxX: hi toady

ZarthaxX: i like simple stuff like that

ZarthaxX: looks geometrically appealing

ZarthaxX: :P

ZarthaxX: lemme look at the original

AntiSquid: use astral bodies instead of weird circles

AntiSquid: ah chat scroll

ZarthaxX: the fuck :P

ZarthaxX: struct board has another layout tho

ZarthaxX: the crossing lines

eulerscheZahl: does it work?

ZarthaxX: wat

eulerscheZahl: tried yesterday, no effect

struct: I guess I can draw the lines

ZarthaxX: what are you talking about

struct: and enable a toggle

AntiSquid: the original does look different / better

struct: if toggle lines else show this mess

jrke: hey how can i pass PCR wood 2


ZarthaxX: want that?

struct: yeah i guess

AntiSquid: by beating the wood 2 boss

ZarthaxX: what about drawing those lines first

struct: I need math expert to teach me

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl

struct: Ok its easy

struct: Tobou told me

eulerscheZahl: ZarthaxX?

ZarthaxX: your brother heh

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl he said math expert

ZarthaxX: :D

struct: you are math guru euler

eulerscheZahl: i wasn't aware

eulerscheZahl: thanks for the honors

AntiSquid: now go forth and test your math skills

struct: First I need to see if circle looks better than

struct: hex

cegprakash: about 100 ppl are clashing r n on same clash

ZarthaxX: oh... true

cegprakash: codingarden is on fire


ZarthaxX: the definition sucks right?

struct: definition?

ZarthaxX: graphics

ZarthaxX: when doing circles

trictrac: hello all, struct : yinsh looks good

eulerscheZahl: i thought clashes are limited to 8 players? :o

ZarthaxX: looks pixelated¡?

trictrac: great job

cegprakash: is streaming COC

cegprakash: eulerscheZahl come

struct: Thanks trictrac, did you find any bugs?

ZarthaxX: trictrac i feel you get impressed easily :P

struct: I tried to implement all original rules

struct: Besides steal move

trictrac: not yet my old bot needs some adaptation on notations

trictrac: i submit and no problem

struct: ok, dont also forget that all moves must be done on same turn

trictrac: but only 10 match per submit

trictrac: it's too low

struct: its because its not aprooved yet

struct: Also I saw some Yinsh matches and they seem to avoid playing on middle

oscekh: are there any settings to remove method suggestions + method documentation on hover from the (clash) editor?

AntiSquid: F1

struct: Am I the only one that cant copy text from chat with right click?

oscekh: I can

struct: On firefox I can

struct: but on chrome not

struct: strange

Snef: i can on chrome

oscekh: @AntiSquid is that permanent? And can I change settings outside a game, or do I have to open some practice thing?

oscekh: Either way I can't find the correct setting in F1

struct: Does it look better with circles?


AntiSquid: why that color scheme?

AntiSquid: and yes imo

struct: I dont know what colors to use

AntiSquid: black white or something close to them

jacek: circles are better

struct: Okay, circles it is

cegprakash: Illedan that's wrong dude.. u are not adding all possible sums

eulerscheZahl: shame on you Illedan! which context?

Illedan: Clash

struct: :scream:

eulerscheZahl: you lost a clash?

Illedan: nah

Illedan: 2nd in shortest

Illedan: with C#

Illedan: xD

eulerscheZahl: and the question doesn't ask you to sum and ceg did?

cegprakash: but his solution is wrong

cegprakash: I reported that clash for weak testcases

jacek: yeah, why you didnt invite euler

Illedan: Mine is right

cegprakash: u are not adding all possible sums

Illedan: I do

struct: What was the clash?

Illedan: Ah

Illedan: not all

Illedan: :D

Illedan: Most

Illedan: xD

cegprakash: in what order do u give denominations

cegprakash: wait I have ur code

cegprakash: I'll find a case where urs fail

Illedan: I should repeat that foreach N times


cegprakash: see this Illedan

cegprakash: yes that's what I mean

cegprakash: ur solution is wrong

eulerscheZahl: willing to tell us the question?

cegprakash: may be if u do lot of iterations it can work

cegprakash: fulfilling denominations eulerscheZahl

cegprakash: 5+7+7 = 19 so it should return Yes

cegprakash: but Illedan's solution returns No

cegprakash: but he got 100 in the clash

eulerscheZahl: 0 results found

eulerscheZahl: 1 hit for denomination (without plural form):

cegprakash: not that

struct: hmmm


Snef: the rotation feel they don't lay flat

struct: Maybe with lines it wil look better

struct: Instead of hex board


struct: hmmm

struct: I guess Ill leave it now

jacek: noice

jacek: you traded hex for triangles

struct: Both options are availabe

Default avatar.png journeyvivek: khoi hindi bath karthe hai

ZarthaxX: looks gud struct

ZarthaxX: you are welcome :)

struct: ill just add statement now

struct: everytime I need to touch code i feel like im gonna break something

BenjaminUrquhart: k

DiL: Hello! I used the disableChat=True parameter to hide chat while coding, but it seems to be no longer working... Does anyone know if there's a way to disable chat or prevent focus to be assigned to chat input box while editing?

Neumann: Illedan: I keep having random fails on SR, not always on the same tests .. Weird

struct: its bugged DiL

struct: everyone chat is disabled on IDE

Snef: i have chat in ide struct

BenjaminUrquhart: mine isn't

BenjaminUrquhart: I'm in IDE

struct: oh its fixed

BenjaminUrquhart: DiL you can collapse the window or inspect element it out

struct: I didnt read his entire sentece

struct: So I assumed

struct: Now i read and understand

BenjaminUrquhart: it just eats the parameter

BenjaminUrquhart: :thinking:

struct: maybe they disabled it

struct: to fix the other problem

DiL: BenjaminUrquhart yes, it would be nice to have a "focus" mode in settings so that there would be no need to hide chat manually! thanks btw

DiL: struct I also believe it caused other bugs so it has been removed... sadly

cegprakash: does anybody wants to costream with me?

BenjaminUrquhart: define costream

cegprakash: so u join me on discord through audio

cegprakash: while I code

cegprakash: and the viewers can hear both of us

cegprakash: but they can only see my face because I don't really know how to enable two web cams :D

BenjaminUrquhart: I can't, I'm busy until around 5pm EST

struct: MSmits on?

AntiSquid: oh damn ide chat is back

struct: kinda slow though

DiL: AntiSquid did you used disableChat parameter to hide chat?I did and it's no longer working...

Astrobytes: Confirmed.

Astrobytes: Just reported it in the bug channel on Discord

cegprakash: in pacman as depth increases is linear decay good or exponential decay good?

cegprakash: linear decay seem to work slightly better for my bot

Astrobytes: Then use linear decay

cegprakash: but some ppl use exponential decay :\

cegprakash: may be as I go huge depth of 20 linear depth is better for me?

Astrobytes: Your bot is not 'some people's' bot

Astrobytes: Try it out and see.

cegprakash: in exponential decay my last 5 depths have very very low score

Astrobytes: There's not usually a one-size-fits-all solution, it depends on how you're approaching the problem and your implementation

cegprakash: unlike linear decay

BenjaminUrquhart: have you tried just doing it and seeing what happens

Astrobytes: ceg the exponential decay will obviously reduce your score er... exponentially more the deeper you go. It depends on your eval scoring

struct: Time to write Yinsh essay

Astrobytes: And of course, by how much you are exponentially decaying per depth

struct: Ill just copy Yavalath statement style I guess

Astrobytes: Yes struct, that style should work perfectly for Yinsh

Snef: Astrobytes o/

Astrobytes: Hi Snef, wassup

struct: Yeah, but it takes so much time to make the pictures

Snef: Astrobytes good good, i'm waiting you on search race :p

Astrobytes: Couple of screenshots and some arrows here and there should suffice struct

Astrobytes: lol Snef, won't be tonight, but I'm coming for ya :D

Astrobytes: Epic score btw, gtratz :)

Astrobytes: *gratz

struct: wownice

struct: You have search snef?

Snef: noice i was first yersteday but now there is re curse so i abandoned the idea of being first haha

Snef: yea i reused a part of my csb search and i tweeked it

kovi: so first re-use than re-curse

Astrobytes: :)

Snef: lol

Snef: are you joining SR soon kovi ?

kovi: working on it

Illedan: \o/

kovi: my csb code is messy

Snef: yea i had to do some clean up too :p

Snef: to debug how fast the search converge you check how much iteration is needed to get a fixed score ?

Astrobytes: My CSB code is also a large mess

jrke: My all codes are large mess :smiley:

kovi: ouch, tests are ok, but submit is not

Snef: Yeah me too, i have to do multiple submit to get 100%, often i have 98%

kovi: nah, i have a bug. only 80%

struct: Cant beat my Yinsh mess

Snef: I have a question when i debug, i always get same score for the first turn. so i tried to do one random before the search and i got different score but it's different each time, why it is so ?

ShannonNorris97: Just checking the chat's working cause I sent a message that never went through

ShannonNorris97: oh it's working now, weird

ShannonNorris97: Is there a way on codingame to check how many milliseconds each turn is taking? Looking at how to do this in Python, everyone on stack overflow seems to be arguing that everyone's doing it the wrong way without providing the right way

eulerscheZahl: classics, fights on the internet

eulerscheZahl: import time start_time = time.time()

  1. ...

time.time() - start_time

BenjaminUrquhart: just pick a way and do it

Astrobytes: hi euler

struct: import time start = time.process_time()

  1. your code here

print(time.process_time() - start)

eulerscheZahl: i would just go with this and see if there are unexpected timeouts

ShannonNorris97: That was my original approach, but apparently you can't use it for milliseconds because it's nowhere near accurate enough

Astrobytes: And make sure you do this *After reading the first input*

eulerscheZahl: and make sure to start the timer ... yeah Astrobytes was faster

Astrobytes: :D

struct: MSmits here?

struct: Need him

ShannonNorris97: I'll just try a few and see if it works out. I was mainly just checking if this was something that codingame provided already that I may have just not noticed

Astrobytes: And don't forget the first turn is 1s so you may have to restart after the read in the first turn

Astrobytes: *during the read

eulerscheZahl: time checking is language specific. nothing that CG does differently

Astrobytes: *second turn

ShannonNorris97: okay, thank you both

Astrobytes: You're welcome

Default avatar.png mohammadhei05: heloo

Default avatar.png mohammadhei05: how are yo

Default avatar.png mohammadhei05: which language do you write a program in ???

eulerscheZahl: in D

Astrobytes: There is only D

pb4: Snef : why abandon ?

jacek: D#

Snef: pb4 because i feel i'm not good enough to grind efficiently

reCurse: Snef: There is almost no difference between search and no search on my end

reCurse: Except that it takes 4500x more time

Astrobytes: Look at your score tho' Snef

Snef: reCurse could you communicate your best times for Tokyo and line is it doesn't bother you ?

Snef: if *

Snef: Astrobytes i really feel my score isn't that good

pb4: do the validators have names ?!

reCurse: Didn't keep track of my alltime best

Snef: pb4 the last ones yea

struct: What is your best Snef?

Astrobytes: Only some pb4, a few were handpicked

Snef: for which struct ?

struct: Tokyio

kovi: those are good scores

struct: Tokyo*

Astrobytes: Come on Snef, that's damn good


Astrobytes: And you *know* you can make some improvements

reCurse: For Tokyo I have 108.88

Snef: Astrobytes regarding what i did i really think someone good can do better, or i was just lucky

struct: nice I get 114.51

Astrobytes: That's a bit defeatist Snef, don't be so hard on yourself

Snef: i'm not hard i'm realistic lol

Astrobytes: If you want to achieve, work to achieve

Astrobytes: (Got my motivational head on today)

Snef: ofc (haha)

Snef: but i don't know exactly how should i do to do proper local test

Snef: without it i can't improve

Astrobytes: Write a local arena I guess?

Astrobytes: The map gen. code is in the repo

pb4: Snef : linux or windows ?

pb4: (or something else ? :D)

Snef: windows

Snef: i'm using visual studio

pb4: If linux :

Default avatar.png m1el: hey

Default avatar.png m1el: why did my points get reset to 0

Default avatar.png CodeCreativity: hello

Default avatar.png CodeCreativity: can anyone explain to me why this works

Default avatar.png CodeCreativity:

jacek: why wouldnt

Default avatar.png m1el: this doesn't work because this is infinite loop

Default avatar.png CodeCreativity: it did

Default avatar.png m1el: maybe it throws on the last readline() because it's EOF

Default avatar.png CodeCreativity: EOF?

Astrobytes: End of file

Astrobytes: The infinite loop is there until CG server receives all the responses it requires, then terminates

Snef: pb4 so no arena for windows i guess ?

Astrobytes: It looks a bit counter-intuitive at first sight but it's how it works on CG

Astrobytes: Snef, since it's single player it should be easy enough to implement in VS

Astrobytes: (without much effort I mean)

Astrobytes: Just make your referee, generate maps, feed it your bot and gather stats

YurkovAS: Snef i'm run all tests like this (change 2 variables)

Astrobytes: O you can use brutaltester for optims

Astrobytes: That did not occur to me

Snef: so i need the referee and you firl YurkovAS that's all ?

Snef: file *

YurkovAS: Snef, yes, download referee, save this file to tests dir, open in ide (intellij idea) and run method from ide.

Astrobytes: Hm. It's not slow?

YurkovAS: Astrobytes yes, slow. not hard to add concurrency.

Astrobytes: Guess so. I'm just allergic to Java :P

Default avatar.png CodeCreativity: you guys are speaking gibberish but thank you anyways

Snef: i think i'll try to do my own setup in vs so that i can learn too

Default avatar.png JBM: everybody is Astrobytes

Astrobytes: If you need any visualisation Snef I recommend OpenGL or SFML (built on OpenGL, SDL, or even OLC PCE (Pixel game engine - 1 header file), ImGui if you need a nice simple UI (haven't tried it with the PGE but apparently doable)

Default avatar.png JBM: there's just those who know and those not yet

Astrobytes: *PGE not PCE

Astrobytes: lol JBM

Snef: Astrobytes i think i'll just do commande line output or store score in a file ^^

Astrobytes: All good Snef, sometimes helps with visuals (plus it's a fun project)

Astrobytes: JBM are you not gonna make the TvC WIP public?

Default avatar.png JBM: eventually

Default avatar.png JBM: got mucha breaking changes incoming

Default avatar.png JBM: it's been 3 days, gimme a break

Default avatar.png JBM: it's not secret anyway, share at will

Astrobytes: hehe, no worries man

struct: No, you must get spammed until you finish

Default avatar.png JBM: just broke the stone counter for you

Default avatar.png JBM: but "fixed' smth that was broken from the start at last

Astrobytes: Only you and Illedan get the spam treatment struct :P

Illedan: And I'm done :D

Default avatar.png JBM: for now

Illedan: Jk, I'm adding stuff atm

Illedan: But only visuals and minor fixes

Astrobytes: Custom maps?

Illedan: I realised there was a bug too. If you drive so fast that you visit 2 checkpoints on 1 turn. It will only register 1 -.-

reCurse: ...................

kovi: i was thinking about that and what about 3?

Astrobytes: ffs Illedan

Illedan: ...

reCurse: illedaaaaaaaaaaan

Astrobytes: fix it

Snef: i assumed it wasn't possible so i don't check that too xd

Illedan: Yeeeeeah

Illedan: But you would need INSANE speed

Illedan: And that is not optimal anyway

Illedan: but I'm fixing...

darkhorse64: The statement says that positions are rounded when the referee truncats them

darkhorse64: *truncates*

Illedan: Ah, ty

Astrobytes: (don't blame any of us for approving this contribution btw, he made us do it)

Default avatar.png JBM: at podpoint


Astrobytes: Absolutely


Illedan: Hope the skidmarks will make life better

Illedan: :D

Default avatar.png JBM: for the lazy

Astrobytes: Skidmarks always make life better. Depending on their location...

Astrobytes: Btw, I suggested skid marks first ILLEDAN

Astrobytes: Alongside the procedurally-generated exhausts and tyre-smoke :P

reCurse: You need to negotiate your approval better

Astrobytes: Noted for future reference.

Illedan: Anyone got a smooth run on Hold the line?

Illedan: Like: Just by finishing it too :D

struct: wtf is this map

Snef: my best what that :


Snef: was*

Illedan: 111, nice

struct: my best


Snef: did you add bonus to cp struct ?

kovi: you limit thrust to 0 and 200?

Astrobytes: lol, "Hmmm, will I, no, I hate 7, but I wanna go to 7, no I don't"

struct: yes snef, I think my bug is in my collision time

Snef: who kovi ?

struct: I havent tried to find the bug yet

kovi: struct

struct: yes kovi

struct: 0 200

kovi: that is the problem

kovi: i have been there

Snef: i'm not sure that it it

Snef: also do you score after all turn or each turn struct ?

struct: all turn

Snef: so getting cp turn 1 isn't better than getting it last turn for you ?

struct: right

struct: might be due to that too

Snef: and also what depth do you have ?

reCurse: Your bot is slacking off like you with yinsh

Snef: OOF

struct: depth 4

struct: Im only missing statement :(

Illedan: Add Decay struct?

Snef: you should try higher depth ot's not like csb

struct: Ill see what I can do, thanks for the tips

struct: I probably will not work on it today though

kovi: the problem is: taking 200 on first step brings too far from next target...almost all of the time its better to take 0

Illedan: You need to search deeper than depth 10

Scarfield: if you reduce the score too much by distance to the next CP, you could get a higher score by not getting the current CP, instead of taking it and get further away from the next CP

darkhorse64: This one is good quite good

Snef: yea increasing reward should do it + scoring each turn

Illedan: Damn, I see I need to add player avatar darkhorse64. Else we can't see who owns a replay

kovi: nice darkhorse

Snef: 0.03 slower thane mine :p but wp

Snef: -e

reCurse: Was the approval rushed? :thinking:

struct: not at all

struct: :D

Illedan: Push to production

Illedan: never look back

Default avatar.png JBM: how dare you

Scarfield: I stand by Illes decision to let us approve :p

struct: 16650.070000000007

struct: That number so big

Illedan: 100%?

struct: no

Snef: because failure += 1000

Snef: what % were you ?

struct: 94%

struct: i failed 3

struct: i think

WINWINWIN: Anyone working on Smash The Code?

struct: I worked on smash the code before

Illedan: Search Race WINWINWIN

struct: why?

reCurse: I did

Snef: so you can remove around 700 per fail so about 14000-14500 if you succcess all ?

WINWINWIN: Am starting and wanted tips

reCurse: Align stones of the same color

WINWINWIN: Illedan search race has been approved?

WINWINWIN: reCurse, will start with that but is it enough for Bronze?

reCurse: Probably? I dunno

struct: You dont even need that for bronze

WINWINWIN: K, will try it :)

struct: For bronze you just need to make legal moves

Snef: do one column per color and once you have one offset it by 1

reCurse: Ah, good old stairs

WINWINWIN: Much simpler Snef, will start with that :)

Insufficient: completed illedan's new puzzle with my gigadumb heuristic script from CSB

Insufficient: car go vroom

Default avatar.png JBM: i suppose -3v is a regression test there

reCurse: haha brute force go brr

Doju: Damn, I'm absolutely stumped by a CoC and somebody did it in 44 chars :o

Default avatar.png JBM: that happens

Astrobytes: "brute force go brr" is now an official meme reCurse :)

Default avatar.png JBM: needs more impact

reCurse: I was going to repurpose the official meme for that forum post

Astrobytes: BRRR

reCurse: But decided against it

Astrobytes: :)

Default avatar.png JBM: that's how fate is decided

reCurse: "Nooooo you can't just enumerate all states and simulate to get a dumb result. True AI requires careful crafting of if/else with constant values." "haha brute force go brrrr"

Default avatar.png JBM: how is ur -3v

Default avatar.png JBM: talking of memes

Default avatar.png JBM: we haven't seen *him* in a while have we

struct: I called him for SR

struct: He didnt come :(

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't grok acronyms anymore

Default avatar.png JBM: sugar rush? special race? star rift?

reCurse: He's working on autonomous pod racing now

reCurse: No time for CG

Scarfield: Space Race

Default avatar.png JBM: i;m lost

Snef: Search Race*


Default avatar.png JBM: just say "the latest illedan"

Illedan: TLI

Default avatar.png JBM: e.g.

struct: PCWST

reCurse: Illedan's latest bribed submission

Scarfield: shh it was supposed to be a secret

Default avatar.png JBM: didnt even pay tht much

Default avatar.png JBM: so i heard

Illedan: Every replay you watch renders an add, giving me money. All behind the background..

Scarfield: i regained my password to the site :p

Illedan: *ad

Default avatar.png JBM: MONIES

Sobieski: Hi !

Illedan: Like the hack you can do on ooc :D

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm still waiting for that .24EUR google owes me

Scarfield: hi :wave:

struct: sue them

ZarthaxX: what hack Illedan

Default avatar.png JBM: that would cost me almost half my earnings!

struct: Im a lawyer, if you need help call me

Default avatar.png JBM: if nor moar

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't need help i need monies

Default avatar.png JBM: to pay for a real lawyer

Astrobytes: Better call Saul

Default avatar.png JBM: done with it

Default avatar.png JBM: (for now)

struct: Yes, and im here to help you to get your 0.24€

Astrobytes: Better call struct

Default avatar.png JBM: still yearnin' for it

Scarfield: JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: pining for the fjord and stuff

Default avatar.png JBM: this better be worth it

Default avatar.png JBM: mmk

struct: I need MSmits

Default avatar.png JBM: now i'm going to have to add ML-style sound FX as retaliation

Astrobytes: Backing up on chat a lil bit, wrt to Madeleine Knight, what's with him lately? When he's around he's grumpy af

Default avatar.png JBM: no news here

Default avatar.png JBM: hence my asking

Astrobytes: Perhaps we breached his troll-coping limit

Default avatar.png JBM: funny to think it's the outside world that made a difference

Astrobytes: Quite

struct: for my next port I cant give legal moves :/

Illedan: Update with skidmarks inc. What could go wrong :o

struct: I dont see them

struct: Is it submited?

Illedan: Building

Illedan: Done

Scarfield: time for donuts

Astrobytes: You know, in Scots language, skids are your underwear. Skidmarks are therefore...

Illedan: I have code to check if you draw NSFW stuff and crash you

Scarfield: xD

reCurse: Alright just improved by 27 with no search

reCurse: The power of brrrrrute force

Astrobytes: YAY I have skidmarks...

struct: You did skidmarks with javascript Illedan?

Astrobytes: reCurse's pything goes brrr

reCurse: tfw you get captcha again because of optim game

pb4: There are captchas for normal multis too :innocent:

struct: Illedan

pb4: Just need to submit often enough :D

Snef: stop improving reCurse pls

reCurse: Sorry just shaved another 20

Illedan: WHAT

Illedan: how the hell do you get the player image

Illedan: -.-.

Illedan: I added it, saw it offline. But I can't see it myself

Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

struct: let me see if it works on yinsh

Doju: When did you release this game Illedan?

reCurse: I want to break under 11k

Illedan: yesteday

Doju: Alright, cool

struct: works on yinsh

Illedan: I cant see in IDE games

Illedan: only on shared

Illedan: wtf

Snef: could a ga using your nn as base population could be good reCurse ?

reCurse: Yay another 19

Illedan: rng gods?

reCurse: Doubtful

reCurse: And maybe

Snef: i can test it for you :D

Astrobytes: Um, Illedan, is the player image supposed to be in the middle of the viewer?

Illedan: Yes, but 30 % opacity

Illedan: so you drive above it

Illedan: but I can't see in the ide

reCurse: My hold the line is complete garbage though

reCurse: Maybe I should hardcode it

Default avatar.png m1el: mfw I get captcha on every single challenge

Doju: This is very different to the pac thing. Don't even know how you would do a search with this thing since nothing is discrete

Doju: guess it's time to do a bunch of learning again

Astrobytes: Doesn't look like 30% opacity to me, and not viewable in IDE either

Snef: reCurse what score do you have on it ?

Illedan: No idea why

reCurse: 144

Snef: oh

reCurse: I'm not sharing replays because of hardcoding

Snef: is it a troll ?

reCurse: Not really

pb4: ^

Snef: so i shouldn't have shared my best ?

reCurse: Nope

kovi: 116

pb4: It'd be easy to extract the exact path

reCurse: Don't worry I'm not stealing it

Snef: :/

reCurse: Have more honor than that

reCurse: But others might

Astrobytes: Fk hardcoding

Doju: Oh are the goals not random?

Astrobytes: No satisfaction

reCurse: Welcome to optim games

Doju: that's an interesting design choice

Snef: hold the line in ide test case is the same as hold the line in validator ?

reCurse: The only thing that's more terrible is code golf

reCurse: and coc

reCurse: I guess

reCurse: Holy progress batman

reCurse: This training is on a roll

reCurse: Only 9 to go

reCurse: 10980 \o/

Astrobytes: Lies. Witchcraft. Voodoo!

Snef: gg

Snef: gg

Illedan: gg

Scarfield: gg

Astrobytes: wp dude

Alshock: what are we talking about? GG anyway

Astrobytes: SR

Snef: Search Race optim

Alshock: aw

Alshock: barely first heard the name earlier

reCurse: I'm going to hit the submit limit at this rate

kovi: nice recurse

reCurse: Next step is to code a script that submits 25 models every 5 hours

Default avatar.png JBM: errr, gg </lag>

kovi: i already got reached by fixing timeout and 0/200 stuck

kovi: reached 25 limit

reCurse: CPU is not done though

reCurse: Probably another -30 coming

Default avatar.png m1el: > run all tests > greeeeen > submit > 80%

BenjaminUrquhart: :thumbsup:

Astrobytes: Gah, painkiller mindfuck achieved, time to veg on the sofa for a bit. Gn/bn all.

struct: gn

reCurse: Tokyo drift is kinda pretty with skidmarks

Default avatar.png JBM: good couching astroes

reCurse: bn

Astrobytes: ;)

Scarfield: gn

Illedan: I need a better bot to see the pretty skidmarks on Tokyo drift :(

reCurse: On Discord I could just paste a screenshot I guess

struct: I would share screenshot but someone might reverse and harcode it

Snef: i pm you replay illedan i trust you won't hardcode :p

Illedan: Thx :D

Illedan: And paste on discord reCurse

Illedan: \o/

reCurse: Probably not much different than his

ChosenBetter: hi

Illedan: Want the extra publisity

reCurse: I don't think it's possible to do better than 107.95 on Tokyo

Illedan: only 18 angle?

Snef: i have 107.15 reCurse

reCurse: 9/18

reCurse: FUCK

Illedan: :D

reCurse: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Snef: XD

Snef: but i dont have 9/18

reCurse: Ok I have 107.41 now

Snef: on my local arena i do tokyo in 250 turn :(

reCurse: Hmm I just realized my reward is integer

reCurse: Dammit

reCurse: Not restarting this training

kovi: 890?

reCurse: Yeah my CPU went hold my beer

reCurse: It's not stagnating yet

Default avatar.png MightySuperstar_6aa4: hello everyone

struct: hi

struct: Illedan you stil here?

Illedan: y

Alshock: Yes! I wanted to try out the most stupid heuristic, and ended up with a rose:


struct: Do you know why this happens?

Illedan: huh?

Alshock: wait wtf is that?

struct: Yeah

struct: wtf

struct: is this

struct: Java

Kellthazar: Illedan, congratz for the Search Race. Pretty fun! :)

Illedan: Thx :D

struct: Is it my error?

struct: I cant figure it out why

reCurse: Of course it's your error

reCurse: Check punctuation

struct: oh

Alshock: well for some reason the last one is a bug, but I don't even know what you're trying to do there

struct: thanks

Alshock: oh it's a list of elements?

Scarfield: no crash illedan xD

Illedan: :P

reCurse: 106.71 tokyo

Illedan: :clap:

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: anyone here tried to mess with more than 4 of 5 languages ?

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: especially over the course of an extended period? im thinking i might do each challenge for beginner level in like 5 or 6 languages... i want to see if maybe it turns on some lightbulb.. I code exclusively in python for work..

Illedan: Damn, I want to make a SR video of Tokyo drift with the Deja Vu sound track as it drifts :D

Uljahn: xD


Illedan: And this overlay:

Illedan: Would be epic :D

Snef: I have a question for c++ user with visua studio

Snef: i have a txt file with the data of the map

Snef: i made an option so that i can read from it with cin

Snef: but once i have read the whole file, how can i "reset" it ..?

struct: You mean like starting again from the top and reading again inputs?

Snef: i just found, it was cin.seekg(0)

Snef: yes struct

Illedan: That is one way to do it :D

reCurse: Go home Illedan you're drunk

Illedan: Beam search not very easy to get working :D

struct: We are missing sounds

Illedan: You want break sounds?

reCurse: I want my vin diesel skin microtransaction

struct: Only if i can disable it

reCurse: Then what's the point

struct: Not everyone might enjoy them

struct: So a option to disable should be nice

struct: I worded poorly when I said "only if I can disable it"

reCurse: No it's only in my races

reCurse: Since I bought it

struct: pw2

struct: p2w

reCurse: Wonder if I reached optimum diesel

struct: Do you train with a given set of moves?

reCurse: Yeah

Illedan: How many speeds do you use?


Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Snef: you really want to face the cpid+1 lol

reCurse: Looks like walking a dog

Snef: haha yea

Snef: my submit code randomly fails test cases i can't understand

Illedan: Neumann said he had that too. But it worked if he uses less time :shrug:

Snef: but it's weird that in ide it works

Illedan: Might be a bug with running validators and timeout :(

Illedan: but I'll go sleep anyway

reCurse: Same issue here

Illedan: gn

reCurse: gn

Snef: oh

Snef: i have a fail in IDE

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: is rust broken on here

cegprakash: gm

Default avatar.png AKZOMBIE74: hey

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: sup

Default avatar.png AKZOMBIE74: my google account that i used to sign up with codingame will be deleted when i graduate from high school

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: ope...

Default avatar.png AKZOMBIE74: is there a way to link another google account to this account?

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: have you checked everything in settings?

Default avatar.png AKZOMBIE74: yeah i just checked

Default avatar.png AKZOMBIE74: it says i can change email

Default avatar.png AKZOMBIE74: lit, so i'm good

cegprakash: I'll be streaming the multi Oware Abapa in about 10-15 minutes. My goal is to reach top 20 under 2 hours. If you are interested in learning GA/Minimax do join the stream!

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: for power of thor, why would the bottom of the map have a higher Y. that makes no sense mathematically. That cost me about 30 mins. Jeez.

cegprakash: all games in CG have bottom of the map with higher Y

cegprakash: wait I may be wrong

cegprakash: I also face such problems

NapTown: because you input the map top-down

cegprakash: my stream has started


Default avatar.png Gerbil: It's almost as if it's helpful to read the puzzle descriptions :thinking: It's also noteworthy that this orientation is common in computer graphics in general.