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Default avatar.png Java0xCAFEBABE: Initial Commit :grinning:

CyberLemonade: did cg change font?

Riyuk: A lot of little features lately

Riyuk: The chat is now disabled from the IDE as well

aCat: ouh yeah i see

aCat: but can't you enable it back?

eulerscheZahl: missing chat is a bug and reported already

eeth: is there a way to output debug messages?

b1ll1e: Yes, for python you can use: print("DEBUG", file=sys.stderr)

eeth: ty. is there a reference somewhere?

eeth: [so i don't have to ask basic questions]

b1ll1e: The problem usually gives you this info

aCat: in defasult code for every puzzle/game and every language you should have this

eeth: i'm on the "coders strike back" and i don't see anything about debug output, maybe i'm missing it.

eeth: oh, my apologies - it's contained in a comment. derp.

Uljahn: nobody reads comments, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: this is so much better than that

jrke: where is my enemy ;)


aCat: :D

CyberLemonade: how much space am I given during program execution?

WINWINWIN: I think that the limit is 100K characters, Idk abt the memory limit

CyberLemonade: not my code, my execution

WINWINWIN: I dont understand execution space :/

eulerscheZahl: i think he asks for the volume of the CPU where is code is executed

CyberLemonade: yes

WINWINWIN: Did codingame give out that info?

CyberLemonade: that's why I'm asking

eulerscheZahl: no. and i don't see how that could be relevant

CyberLemonade: I could create a GB of integers then?


eulerscheZahl: oh, you actually mean the memory size

eulerscheZahl: then why do you say yes to the physical size?

eulerscheZahl: read the FAQ

CyberLemonade: I'm confused about the terminology

CyberLemonade: which FAQ?

CyberLemonade: forum ig

eulerscheZahl: go to the main page, scroll to the very bottom

eulerscheZahl: not in the forum

CyberLemonade: got it

CyberLemonade: so this memory limit is NOT the size of my code?

eulerscheZahl: that makes absolutely no sense

CyberLemonade: so I can reserve upto 768MB during runtime :O

WINWINWIN: I dont understand this in the rules

WINWINWIN: Obfuscating your code as well as creating obstacles to its reading and understanding.

WINWINWIN: Others can see your code?

eulerscheZahl: staff can

eulerscheZahl: and they will for cheat checking

eulerscheZahl: they removed a few players in gold and legend after the contest

WINWINWIN: Hmm, so unreadable code is bad? :sweat:

CyberLemonade: I don't think it matters that much

WINWINWIN: Thank god, mine is terrible with 0 comments :P

eulerscheZahl: this is disallowed

WINWINWIN: What exactly does that do, did not understand


eulerscheZahl: that mess is unreadable and you can't run cheat checking on it or check manually

WINWINWIN: Understood, they do cheat somehow and then turn it into binary

eulerscheZahl: that's the point: CG can't tell

WINWINWIN: Yes, but how do they cheat other than what those college guys did?

eulerscheZahl: and sometimes people just push their bots on github during the contest. and others steal it.

eulerscheZahl: that's a disqualification too

WINWINWIN: Hmm, so far I have just used github to go through agade and devYaoYH postmortems

eulerscheZahl: go to github. enter "codingame <contest name>" you'll find some bots

Uljahn: they removed T1024 in TAC for hardcoding the solution against reverse engineered validators

Illedan: tac?

eulerscheZahl: i thought he hardcoded seeds for testcases?

Default avatar.png JBM: no exactly

eulerscheZahl: the accountant

WINWINWIN: Hmm, but I cannot use them :P I wont understand them

Default avatar.png JBM: yes as eZ says

Default avatar.png JBM: he optimized seeds for tests one by one

Default avatar.png JBM: he still had a pretty decent search

eulerscheZahl: someone read by playground \o/

eulerscheZahl: by => my

Uljahn: that was said to be hardcoding afair

Default avatar.png JBM: it was

Default avatar.png JBM: and it's still pretty debatable

Default avatar.png JBM: on the "what's optimization even supposed to be" front

Illedan: Dammit, can't update my contribution :(

eulerscheZahl: why not?

Illedan: Internal server erro

Illedan: r

eulerscheZahl: server error?

eulerscheZahl: ah

Illedan: When I click send

CyberLemonade: I get java heapspace after 200MB :thinking:

kovi: i was not there, but i must say disq. on hardcoding is controversial

WINWINWIN: eulerscheZahl dont understand how to use your playground, even if we download the replay what happends?

CyberLemonade: they said 768MB

kovi: (was not playing here at that time, but heard t1024 complaints)

eulerscheZahl: for A*Craft CG learned and just used different validators for final ranking

Marchete: ofc he complained, the prize was BIG

eulerscheZahl: but i would have been really pissed as T1024

eulerscheZahl: $10k i think

Illedan: wow

Illedan: I agree with t1k

eulerscheZahl: if you don't want such tricks, just use different validators. as every other platform does

eulerscheZahl: topcoder, codeforces, yandex algorithms, ...

WINWINWIN: So they hardcoded the seed for the validators, figured them out and optimied the code for that?

Default avatar.png JBM: he just tried out different seeds, and reused the ones that scored best per case

Default avatar.png JBM: so as to get a less random global score

WINWINWIN: Isnt that like when dbdr released the validators for code vs zombies and code of the rings?

Default avatar.png JBM: no

Default avatar.png JBM: he never extracted the validators

eulerscheZahl: he was still solving on the server


Uljahn: he extracted some info about validators

Uljahn: such as the number of entities

eulerscheZahl: Illedan your PCR didn't survive the language update

eulerscheZahl: i just fixed mine

WINWINWIN: language update?

eulerscheZahl: C# to .net core

Default avatar.png JBM: yes he deduced a minimum amount of info to be able to discriminate

kovi: interesting, ooc was harder than pac

WINWINWIN: Why isnt illedan last then? if the language update broke the bots?

eulerscheZahl: how do you meansure that kovi?

kovi: euler ranking :)

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: ooc lasted longer

eulerscheZahl: and i lose focus quickly

Marchete: :D

kovi: contest leaderboard is best 3?

Marchete: so euler, your graphical debugger isn't like recurs3, it's more a dump to png images

Marchete: not a dashboard*

Illedan: I will fix all my arena bots this weekend -.-

Marchete: or do the lazy way, fix when they go down in leaderboards

Kelkat: Can someone help me learn how to code.Im 13 and i dont understand anything

BenWo: hi Kelkat

BenWo: is there anything specific you're wanting to code for?

eulerscheZahl: sorry Marchete was afk and yes: my bot can create pngs while playing

eulerscheZahl: so i play twice: 1st to have all images, 2nd to do the actual debugging

cegprakash: is there a referee for poker chip race

eulerscheZahl: there's a leaked one


struct: care it might be bugged

Astrobytes: Watch out though, it's full of bugs that drop your position in the LB

Astrobytes: struct :D

struct: :D



struct: Legal for that turn

struct: for blue

eulerscheZahl: that's a lot of branching :o

struct: The ones that remove 2 times are game ending

struct: Because 1 was already removed before

struct: you need to remove 3 rings total

struct: But yeah, lots of moves sometimes

struct: Also I opted to allow users to choose if they want legal moves on inputs or no

struct: They will just need to output it on first turn

Astrobytes: Smits will be running his meta-MCTS on this for the next decade

eulerscheZahl: or you make it default ON.

Default avatar.png Ace-Code: :D

eulerscheZahl: or you always give the moves. i can still ignore them

Default avatar.png Ace-Code: Hii

struct: default is on

Default avatar.png Ace-Code: Nice to meet

struct: Giving 200 moves might take a bit oif time

eulerscheZahl: hm, valid point

jrke: hey any suggestion how to pass Pacman silver

struct: yes I even have suggestion to reach legend if you want

jrke: yes plz


jrke: thanks

cegprakash: jrke let me check my if else

cegprakash: I think I only check closest chip

cegprakash: and either decide to catch it or run away from it

jrke: for PCR

cegprakash: and that's in bronze

cegprakash: top 100 bronze

jrke: about what u are talking

jrke: Pacman or PCR

cegprakash: poker chip race

jrke: K

cegprakash: most games go closer to stuff

jrke: means goto nearest chip

cegprakash: :D

cegprakash: yeah

cegprakash: or run away from it

jrke: Dunno what

jrke: i am just giving command wait and my rank is 18 and 17 in wood 2

jrke: ;)

cegprakash: just see if the closest chip is bigger than u or smaller than u

IAmNoob: hi

IAmNoob: boyz

Marchete: my advice is to run away from PCR

Marchete: and as fast as possible

Marchete: there are many other multis around there

Uljahn: if you're smaller than PCR

struct: What should I do if a player doesnt have legal moves, but the other does?

Illedan: Lose?

Illedan: Check the board game rules?

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: play clash of code using Ruby feels like cheating

Uljahn: ye, same as playing multi with C++ :smirk:

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: what's the benefit of c++ for multi?

Marchete: speed,

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: how is it possible i run first testcase successfully, click submit and get 0% score?

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: are there more than 100 test cases lulz?

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: or is score calculation more complex than succeeding test cases / all test cases?

Brokolis: If you hardcode, you can also get 0

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: ok, just wondering about the number of test cases. i didn't hardcode but probably missed some special case that only occured in the second test case

Astrobytes: You need to pass all the testcases before submitting

struct: oh no :/

struct: It has a rule that I didnt add

struct: There is only 51 stones or Yinsh

struct: But on mine its unlimited :/

Astrobytes: Well, that shouldn't be too hard to fix right?

struct: yeah I think one line should fix it

struct: I guess ill do like the rules say

struct: there must be a reason for this "rule"

Astrobytes: Probably a wise choice

struct: This also means that the limit is this

Astrobytes: OK? I've forgotten most of the rules tbh lol

struct: Player who removes most rings win

struct: To remove a ring you must form a row of 5 stones of your color

Astrobytes: There's something else to it tho no

struct: Stones flip color when you jump over them

struct: But I guess im gonna pick the 51 max stones rule

struct: I checked some websites that have Yinsh and all have 51 stones rule

Astrobytes: OK, cool

WINWINWIN: AntiSquid are you SpiritusSancti?

Marchete: confess it

WINWINWIN: Wanted to thank AntiSquid for the Poker Chip Race referee

WINWINWIN: that is the only reason that I could build a sim

Marchete: you and everyone else

Marchete: even with the referee it was a PITA

WINWINWIN: Yes took me like 5 hours just to get the sim alone

WINWINWIN: only because I had the referee and I used C# so some functions could be entirely copied

jrke: hey how u guys predict opponent pod for attacking i am using x+vx and y+vy

eulerscheZahl: that was some fun reversing the physics and collecting information from forum, blog articles, ...

WINWINWIN: eulerscheZahl, is pathfinder really necessary to do well in HyperSonic?

WINWINWIN: As jrke managed to get a good legend rank without knowing BFS/DFS

WINWINWIN: If not I would rather use a single dimensional arry of point objects to store the map

struct: jrke most dont predict

struct: most just use sim

struct: BFS is a simple algorithm, you should not avoid learning it

Scarfield: ^ +1 :)

CyberLemonade: why does drawing in UTTT count as a loss for me?

jrke: ya struct thats why i learned BFS after Pac contest

jrke: now learning DFS

struct: replay CyberLemonade?

jrke: WINWINWIN its not tough enough you can

jrke: i am coming in 10 min

struct: " If nobody managed to get 3 marks aligned, the player that won the most smaller tic-tac-toe boards wins."


CyberLemonade: struct oh

CyberLemonade: didn't notice that rule

eulerscheZahl: depends if you call gold "doing well" WINWINWIN. i always recommend writing your own pathfinding instead of using the built in

MSmits: its a good way to practice aside from it easily being better

struct: Should I give last action or entire board?

MSmits: CyberLemonade this is not true for all versions of uttt, just the one here

struct: or both?

MSmits: I prefer the statement to be as simple as possible.

MSmits: breakthrough has last action

MSmits: and it works fine

eulerscheZahl: i prefer full board

struct: I guess I add both

MSmits: my preference isnt strong... i can deal with either. Listen to euler.

eulerscheZahl: otherwise you are forced to sim the game. and doesn't fit my workflow at all

MSmits: ahh ok

eulerscheZahl: i do: read all input, write to stderr

MSmits: yeah my first boardgame bot version always has a full sim already

eulerscheZahl: so with the full state i can copy that and debug offline. otherwise i have to copy the full move sequence

MSmits: makes sense

struct: I have something like this


MSmits: I like it

eulerscheZahl: that was a reason i haven't touched breakthrough for a month or so. it annoyed me

struct: uppercase = yours, lower case = opponent

struct: R = ring, S = stone

Default avatar.png journeyvivek: what happened to spring contest

struct: Also im giving the board in a different way from viewer

eulerscheZahl: ended, in multiplayer section now

struct: im not giving top to bottom

Astrobytes: Heh, so we get to refer to our "ring pieces" hurhurhur

struct: both left to right

dbf: eulerscheZahl you need to watch stream from reCurse how to pack all state to bitstream so you can debug any game locally :grinning:

eulerscheZahl: i have my own method

eulerscheZahl: and there's a stream about it (but not me streaming)

eulerscheZahl: thibpat adapted it

Astrobytes: But BitStream == InstaWin

eulerscheZahl: nonsense

Astrobytes: Obviously!

struct: euler way is good too

Astrobytes: I use both, depending on the game

AntiSquid: that's what half of discord chat said after they saw the recurz stream, Astrobytes :/

Astrobytes: I know, I'm playing on the bitstream meme

struct: One thing is sure, I learned more from his stream, than from the rest of all streams, no offense to anyone

AntiSquid: none taken

struct: But he is also one of the few that streamed on C++

struct: I dont really watch other language streamers

eulerscheZahl: Neumann did too

eulerscheZahl: but in baguette language

AntiSquid: and seebomega

struct: yeah in french

struct: :/

Neumann: Omelette du fromage

ReborN: Baguette baguette

AntiSquid: no english

struct: I meant neuman

Astrobytes: Oh that was Neumann's stream with the crap music right :P

struct: What game did Seeb stream?

Neumann: You misspelled "great music"

Astrobytes: :D

AntiSquid: opinions are like assholes, everyone has one Automaton2000

Automaton2000: and it's easy to understand

struct: What will be the next

struct: ?

eulerscheZahl: 2nd from the bottom i hope

struct: I think I have Tzaar made

struct: But I didnt like it

AntiSquid: ? where is yinish??

struct: soon

AntiSquid: how about renaming to something less ambiguous ?

Illedan: :tada:

Astrobytes: Stump. You just get loads of pieces and no instructions or win conditions. You have to figure it out.

Illedan: Got my computer desk back :rocket:

Astrobytes: You've finished moving now?

Illedan: Nah

Illedan: But it's sold

Astrobytes: Well, good start :)

Illedan: So now I can live like normally for 3 months before the real moving

Astrobytes: Until the night you have to sleep on top of boxes.

reCurse: It's moving season

Astrobytes: You're moving to your new apartment also reCurse?

reCurse: Yeah this saturday

Astrobytes: Nice, gl with the move

reCurse: Surprisingly ready actually

Astrobytes: Always helps. I've moved around a lot over the years, from renting in London

MSmits: I'm moving too, in about 3 months

MSmits: but it's like 1 km

AntiSquid: me too, one day for sure

Astrobytes: I'm starting to feel left out here

AntiSquid: struct all those games seem to be hexagonal ...

AntiSquid: and somewhat similar

struct: yes

eulerscheZahl: all these games can be played with the same material

Astrobytes: Don't be hexist AntiSquid

eulerscheZahl: buy hardware once, play a set of different games

reCurse: There's even a hex in his profile picture

AntiSquid: hex fetish

Astrobytes: Hexy

AntiSquid: wait hex means something else

eulerscheZahl: the German "Hexe" means witch


Astrobytes: Yeah, a hex is like a spell or curse

Astrobytes: Yinsh and Yavalath are obviously cursed.

MSmits: is it related to "hag" ?

Astrobytes: Yeah, that's a word for a witch, especially an old one

MSmits: I see

AntiSquid: Die Hexe is thought to derivate from Old High German hagzissa meaning witch, and the Middle High German hecse with the same meaning. The modern English word 'hag' comes from the same roots.31 Oct 2018

MSmits: cool

Astrobytes: Who knew Squiddy was the Oracle of Germanic etymology

struct: Should I be indulgent and allow for wrong actions if at least the first action is right?

struct: Imagine player first move was right, but second was wrong

struct: Should player lose?

Astrobytes: What do the rules say?

struct: Well you cant do a wrong action

struct: I will just timeout player

eulerscheZahl: you give all the valid moves, right?

struct: Yes

eulerscheZahl: so it's easy to print a valid move. your fault if you don't

Astrobytes: ^

struct: Also you must remove a 5 in a row if you make a move and create 1

struct: if you dont

struct: you will timeout

struct: You will lose*

struct: Its the rules

struct: In your opinion, should I do multiple frames, or make the frame longer

struct: example if player does 1 action, frame duration = 1 sec, if player does 3 actions, frame duration = 3 sec

struct: But all stays in same frame

struct: Or i can do 1 action per frame

Illedan: Wow, seems too many validators kills upload -.-

eulerscheZahl: i'm not even surprised

Astrobytes: Maybe not enough validators :P

eulerscheZahl: wait: your own upload or uploads in general?

Illedan: my own

Illedan: Worked with 150 validators

Illedan: not with 450, 300 or 250

Illedan: trying 200 now

eulerscheZahl: calm down

Illedan: :D

Astrobytes: lol

struct: is uploading still a mess?

eulerscheZahl: got much better

eulerscheZahl: you don't need 5 attempts till it builds

struct: :D

struct: Do you guys have any opinion about the frame thing?

eulerscheZahl: multiple

eulerscheZahl: easier to step through

struct: true, thanks

eulerscheZahl: negative example of how not to do it: pakiptcha

ZarthaxX: pikaptcha?

ZarthaxX: :P

Illedan: Close enough :D

eulerscheZahl: nightmare to analyze this during the contest

ZarthaxX: pakichu

ZarthaxX: wtf is that frame

struct: lol

struct: if you use arrows you dont understand anything

eulerscheZahl: and the zoom and moving on edges

eulerscheZahl: you don't even know how it jumped

ZarthaxX: glad i didnt do this

struct: Dont even know if zoom module is fixed yet

eulerscheZahl: so of course i had to approve it as a puzzle: if CG thinks it's fine to dump it on us as a contest, i want puzzle solvers suffer too

Default avatar.png RedBlur: Hello

struct: Hello

Astrobytes: Hello

Snef: Hello

jacek: Hello

Astrobytes: Hey Snef, what are you currently using for Trolls vs Castles?

eulerscheZahl: why are so many people playing this?

Astrobytes: To decide J'aime, Bof or Merde...

Snef: Astrobytes a real IA

Snef: => 2 ifs

Astrobytes: Ah, the One True AI

eulerscheZahl: do you bruteforce everything?

Snef: i do'nt sim at all

eulerscheZahl: btw some great trolling from darkhorse64

Snef: i tried to do a smitsimax i'm not sure if it's bug or not but it doesn't find a good strategyu

Snef: -u

eulerscheZahl: but still noone complaining about the overpowered D language. i'm disappointed

Astrobytes: hehehe

Astrobytes: Snef, ask Smits when he's around, he'll help you debug it a bit

Astrobytes: well, help you determine if it's a bug or not at least

Snef: yea

Snef: it kinda seem logic that it doesn't find any good play anyway

struct: Multiple frames done

Default avatar.png JBM: heu eulerscheZahl do you know if I have some degree of control on the number of frames per turn with the sdk entity module?

eulerscheZahl: great

struct: yes jbm

struct: you can do multiple frames

eulerscheZahl: you have to create at least 1 frame per turn

Default avatar.png JBM: right now i'm doing rather complex stuff playing with the t in commitEntities

Default avatar.png JBM: but for some other project I'd need to insert real pausable frames in there

darkhorse64: eulerscheZahl: my planned post was much more rude. I think we are a the same level that people complaining there is a bug in a puzzle solved by 15000 people

eulerscheZahl: you just don't call any players in the onTurn() function

eulerscheZahl: then you get a frame for free

Default avatar.png JBM: ah, ok

eulerscheZahl: but you have to adjust the maxTurns to account for that. it counts empty frames as well

Default avatar.png JBM: is it capped CG-side?

Illedan: 3k or something

Default avatar.png JBM: that should do ^^ thx

eulerscheZahl: i think you can even go a little higher

darkhorse64: My IA for Trolls and Castles is 7 lines and one if

struct: I think I saw 5k before

eulerscheZahl: the old SDK version made the tab crash somewhere around 2k frames. but that'f xied now

Illedan: LOL

Illedan: I can make a new contribution with 400 validators

eulerscheZahl: that's fixed*

Illedan: :D

Default avatar.png JBM: it took a lot of grumbling and moaning, but i'm started to feel creative with the turns' concept

eulerscheZahl: and darkhorse64 i know there "the puzzle is broken" guys all too well :D

Xlos: Are clash of code rating changes based on placement or ranking?

Xlos: Err placement or time

eulerscheZahl: placement

eulerscheZahl: which depends on the time

Illedan: Anyone manages to try 1 game here: ?

Illedan: My executor never finished

Illedan: and now I get the error

Illedan: -.-

struct: I can play

struct: at least first test case

Default avatar.png JBM: getting CG internal errors when trying to update now :(

eulerscheZahl: Illedan you broke it

Illedan: Me and my 400 validators?!

Illedan: Naaah

struct: Not now

struct: That I have yinsh almost ready

reCurse: Lies

eulerscheZahl: yinsh today or delete

struct: Today is sure

reCurse: That was yesterday or delete

reCurse: Neither happened

struct: I can sumit as it is

eulerscheZahl: ban him

struct: submit*

Default avatar.png JBM: must be something in my package, submitting the old one works

Default avatar.png JBM: when can't i have an actual error message?!

Default avatar.png JBM: whose can i write the proper pronoun

Icebox: What's the particular strength of beamsearch that made it so good on spring chall?

Icebox: I'm lowkey missing how it's better than say, DFS

ZarthaxX: have a big depth

ZarthaxX: if you consider dfs and bfs to depth X

ZarthaxX: they should explore the same

kovi: i dont know either

kovi: i still have dfs and reached #1 on multi

Icebox: :thinking:

Icebox: Okay, at least that means it's not thaaaat stupid of a question :D

kovi: probably lucky, but long term cgstats show its not pure luck

ZarthaxX: you can explore way mor depth with beam sacrificing optimal solutions

ZarthaxX: it works more when your discarding heuristic is somehow accurate

ZarthaxX: in hypersonic i guess it shows better

kovi: if you play onebypne, increasing depth gave no bonus

kovi: sorry. if you play pac by pac, you can reach good depth with dfs

kovi: and increasing depth above 16 didnt give me reasonable boost

Illedan: Think Search Race is ready for approval. Anyone wanna have a look? :)

Snef: yep

Illedan: New link now btw

Illedan: Wonder if 400 validators will ddos CG :thinking:

struct: oh god

struct: How much wil lit take if I just output default code

struct: 600*400*50

Illedan: Default code wont consume 50 ms

struct: ah true

Snef: leaderboard isn't possible Illedan ?

Snef: i thought you said it was

Illedan: Not on the contribution :(

Illedan: Will be once it is approved

Snef: oh ok

struct: 200 minutes?

struct: is my math wrong?

struct: most likely

struct: lol

Illedan: Divide by parallell servers

Snef: 20 min i think

kovi: oh its optim, i have to play it to reach top3

eulerscheZahl: or you make sure it won't get approved

Illedan: :(

Snef: but ia would get 190 turn avg i think (for good ones) so about 6/7 minuts for a submit

eulerscheZahl: 400 seems totally overkill to me as well

Snef: more like 250 in fact so 8-9 min*

struct: I dont like this 51 stones limit :(

eulerscheZahl: new move generator?

struct: I just need one if to add this rule

struct: So its fine

struct: but game seems so empty

struct: Ill keep it like this I think

struct: euler its not possible to getinput from player and then send data is it?

struct: in same turn

Astrobytes: 100% on the 400 validators, didn't take that long actually

Astrobytes: But no search, so that might be problematic with 400 validators

struct: I think Yinsh is "ready"

struct: at least for WIP

Illedan: 100 then? :P

Illedan: Wanted anti hardcode

struct: Illedan I dont mind 400 validators

Illedan: but might be antimotivation too

struct: but imagine this scenario

struct: you can have multiple submits in optimization at once

struct: I think 5 or 6

struct: On same optimization

struct: if you take max time for each validator

Astrobytes: And if a bunch are searching and using up that 50ms...

struct: This will stress servers surely

eulerscheZahl: single player csb promotion

Astrobytes: Maybe darkhorse's idea of handpicked interesting maps would be better? Not sure.

struct: Games are long too, its not short validators

struct: its at worst case 600 turns

Illedan: 10 small ones 10 hard handpicked and 80 random Is that ok? :P

Snef: 100 is minimum i think so yeah

darkhorse64: 1h computation time

Snef: 100 test would give about 2-3 min

darkhorse64: 100 * 600 * 50 / 1000 + 100 = 3100s on one server

darkhorse64: wort time

darkhorse64: *worst*

Illedan: 50 is my final offer

Illedan: but everyone will hardcode :sob:

kovi: not me

struct: Go 100

Astrobytes: No I'll be searching, I never hardcode

struct: Illedan what if you add a timeout like CSB?

struct: need to reach checkpoint on X

Illedan: on CSB it is 100

Illedan: and that is just 6 checkpoints on 600 turns..

struct: ok a lap in 200 turns

struct: or your bot is not good

Illedan: hmm

Illedan: 200 turns a lap might work. Else you can't beat it in 600 anyhow :P

AntiSquid: and make a police car stop your car instead of timeout

Astrobytes: minimum lap time is map-dependent tho

struct: or you can eval car

struct: if it is not better in n turns

struct: get out

struct: You remove driver license

Astrobytes: ffs :D

Illedan: Liker Number shift? :P You have to pass 10 levels and get the password to play the real optim .D

struct: CG should just stop submit once 1 validator fails

struct: I will submit Yinsh, but I will work on design after

struct: No changes will be made to refere

struct: Unless its wrong

struct: Inputs will stay like this

Astrobytes: Today, is an historic day. Day of the Yinsh.

cegprakash: hey Illedan

cegprakash: I hate u for BitRunner

cegprakash: that friction

struct: lol

struct: Legend yet?

Illedan: Why?

cegprakash: my simu didn't work

Illedan: Wrong friction? :P

YurkovAS: Search Race score 100% (400 tests), 140146.2

cegprakash: I assumed next position = current pos + current velocity

cegprakash: and it's not working

Illedan: Nice YurkovAS :D But I will have to remove some tests :P

Illedan: And I'll create some fun levels

Astrobytes: I got 147217.56

Illedan: I got 80 % :(

Astrobytes: Go home Illedan :P

Illedan: haha, didn't try too hard yet xD

Illedan: Can anyone golf it for me? So I have a simple solution that works? :D Smallest possible code to beat all levels

struct: Is it good idea to let player remove code generated by stub?

darkhorse64: - 3 * vel does not work ! Call MK

struct: im gonna call him on discord

Illedan: Why do you need players to remove code struct?

struct: for example im giving option to allow player to choose if he wants to get legal moves or not

struct: I could not give the for loop of actions at all

struct: or I can just make action count = 0

struct: before the loop

struct: I guess its fine to just set the action Count to 0

struct: Illedan on stub do you know how to write comments in prints?

struct: Like I have 2 outputs, is there a way to see which is which

cegprakash: is there a referee for BOTG?

struct: yes

cegprakash: cant find


struct: Watch out for the bugs

Astrobytes: And that leaderboard. Absolutely ridden with bugs.

cegprakash: shutup

cegprakash: see my rank on pacman now

Astrobytes: <3 you ceg

Astrobytes: :D

ZarthaxX: what with it?

struct: not even gold

Astrobytes: Yo Zarthropod

cegprakash: it says I rekt u ZarthaxX

ZarthaxX: cegprakash and i rekt you in global rank

ZarthaxX: and in contest points

ZarthaxX: wanna keep talkign about ranks?

ZarthaxX: i couldnt play much anyway, congratz for beign 24/7 and surpassing me ONCE

ZarthaxX: i didnt told you i rekt u all the other times

struct: Oh

struct: oh no

struct: Illedan or euler here?

ZarthaxX: so please continue doing your stuff

struct: ah its fine

struct: get gud ZarthaxX

eulerscheZahl: :wave:

cegprakash: u asked for it ZarthaxX not me

cegprakash: I was talking with Astrobytes

cegprakash: why did u come on my way

struct: ceg wil destroy you, just like he destroyed you on contest

ZarthaxX: i JUST ASKED

ZarthaxX: what with your rank

eulerscheZahl: struct you summoned me

struct: euler pings you too?

ZarthaxX: and you reacted

cegprakash: u are using caps now?

ZarthaxX: nvm you are a waste of time

eulerscheZahl: i just came back to my PC and saw "euler"

Snef: :popcorn:

struct: :popcorn:

Scarfield: then it did summon you :)

cegprakash: don't use capslock on me

eulerscheZahl: in case you asked a question before: i didn't read it

struct: I was uplodaing multi

Astrobytes: I LIKE CAPS LOCK

struct: and it said disk full

struct: :p

eulerscheZahl: CG server disk?

ZarthaxX: disk full?

Scarfield: and fellas, friendly banter is fine, keep it civil ;)

eulerscheZahl: screenshot!

ZarthaxX: cg disk?

ZarthaxX: wat

struct: I guess

struct: cant

struct: i refreshed

struct: now it works

ZarthaxX: you guys are flooding the server with multis

ZarthaxX: wtf

struct: The options were like

struct: Y/N/C

struct: The C was done by default

struct: which i guess its cancel

eulerscheZahl: yes no cancel?

Uljahn: or continue

struct: Im dumb im submiting the code with debug stuff

cegprakash: hey I'm just wondering if I precomupute MOD[32767][10] would it speed up my sims

cegprakash: as I use % everywhere

Uljahn: yes

struct: Depends

Scarfield: no

Scarfield: now choose an answer :D

cegprakash: as long as it worked for someone it's worth trying

ZarthaxX: cegprakash depends on how much it costs to read memory

Uljahn: why even ask when you can profile :relieved:

ZarthaxX: i mean it realtes to cache helping you

ZarthaxX: worth the try

cegprakash: they say % is too expensive

struct: go avx

ZarthaxX: it is..

ZarthaxX: unless you have % 2^k

ZarthaxX: that has an easy fix

reCurse: They say driving a car is too expensive so I flew to the moon instead

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

Astrobytes: :rocket:

cegprakash: jz c++11 prints 2147483647 as RAND_MAX

cegprakash: that's something I can't precompute

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes also, Zahropod lol

Astrobytes: :D

struct: I wonder why

struct: that is the max

ZarthaxX: AstroPod CSB version?

Astrobytes: Nice!

eulerscheZahl: caching a modulo? that idea is new to me


Astrobytes: See, you're doing great at this now Zarthlet

ZarthaxX: oh god

ZarthaxX: Astrobysphere

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: you are still making fun with names, FarthaxX?

Astrobytes: hahaha

cegprakash: hey eulerscheZahl lets find a way to cache MOD

reCurse: xXZarthaXx

Astrobytes: oilerShadesAll

Scarfield: sqarerootNegativeOne

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl that's offensive

Scarfield: Zathlete

ZarthaxX: thank god all these mutated names dont ping me

Scarfield: xD

Astrobytes: Nice Garfield

Scarfield: ty GastroBite :p

Astrobytes: :D I actually used to use Gastrocyte (elsewhere) when I was cheffing


cegprakash: #define doesn't seem to work

Astrobytes: ceg wth are you trying to do?

cegprakash: trying to modify RAND_MAX

cegprakash: so I can precompute MOD

Astrobytes: Why?

cegprakash: RAND_MAX is so huge

cegprakash: I don't want that many

reCurse: I don't want to say anything

reCurse: I just want to see what happens

Astrobytes: I'm fairly lost for words quite frankly

Amperclock: Hi there, can someone help me with a quick question about handling json data with Python ?

Astrobytes: Ask it and see ;)

struct: Where can I place bet?

Amperclock: I can use "as json_file:" to open a json file. But I already have the content of a file in a variable. How can I tell python to understand the content as json ?

Amperclock: I can print the content of the variable in a file, and then reopen it as json, but it's a bit stupid

eulerscheZahl: that IDEone code :D

eulerscheZahl: who sends it straight to thedailywtf?

Astrobytes: hahahaha

reCurse: Like I said, wait and it may get better

eulerscheZahl: true

Amperclock: alright i can use json.loads(myVar)

struct: Now I need to write statement

eulerscheZahl: or do it like JBM

struct: I submited with default statement

Astrobytes: Sometimes you have to say/type these things out loud to find your solution Amperclock ;)

struct: first print outside of while loop is just to choose if you want legalactions or no

eulerscheZahl: i always think i'm done, time to publish. then when i want to export i realize there's something essential missing

struct: Ill rework entire viewe

struct: viewer*

Astrobytes: Like gfx :P

struct: I want to flip pieces

struct: with animation

Astrobytes: CAn't you just swap the colour

struct: Yes, but i want it to look good :(

Astrobytes: Meh. Aesthetics are overrated :P

reCurse: Wrong

Amperclock: RuberDuckyDebbuging I guess

eulerscheZahl: i think UI helped to attract some to Onitama who wouldn't have played otherwise

reCurse: Presentation is always important

Astrobytes: You did see the sitck-out tongue reCurse? ;)

Astrobytes: *sticky-out

reCurse: Could mean anything

Astrobytes: Grrr internet chat

Astrobytes: Onitama is lovely looking eulerscheZahl

Scarfield: struct, your avatar body has a weird shape, i fixed it

struct: perfect

eulerscheZahl: :D

struct: I think ill still leave contribution on private

struct: There is no point if there is no statement

reCurse: That didn't stop Illedan

Astrobytes: And it's perfect for CG. Zero-information.

eulerscheZahl: illedan even uploaded it twice to collect more upvotes :D

struct: Now i need to find tric trac

Astrobytes: Ping him

reCurse: That's why I say never trust floating islands

struct: trictrac here?

trictrac: yes

Astrobytes: Yinsh

struct: I got a new version of yinsh

struct: But no statement yet

eulerscheZahl: i always have to think about the mickey mouse characters when i see that nickname

trictrac: thank you. I will try

struct: wait ill make it public

Astrobytes: Mickey Mouse characters?

struct: I give legalmoves with yinsh notation

eulerscheZahl: Tick, Trick und Track Hewey, Dewey and Luis or something like that in the original

struct: Now all moves must be made on same tunr

struct: turn*

struct: not like before

eulerscheZahl: German version renamed most of them

struct: Im not even sure what timeout is, I think its 100ms but I miight change it later

trictrac: in French too

Astrobytes: Hewey, Dewey and Louie (sp?) were Duck Tales tho?

eulerscheZahl: Huey, Dewey, and Louie

eulerscheZahl: appeared in the mickey mouse magazine

Astrobytes: Ah. Was never really into Mickey tbh

trictrac: trictrac is the name of two particular locations in the 10x10 international draught

Astrobytes: I thought it was some game like backgammon?

cegprakash: I almost done

cegprakash: caching mod

struct: Also stones limit is 51 in board now

struct: Im not sure if this is good or no, but its on oficial rules


cegprakash: now how do I patent this thing

struct: Dont need patent if noone wants it

cegprakash: I'll add this and see the profiler difference now

eulerscheZahl: you don't publish something before you have a patent

eulerscheZahl: now it's publicly available and cant be patented anymore

cegprakash: it's not a rocket science or anything

cegprakash: just a respect from our community if this works

cegprakash: that's enough

Astrobytes: But it's got a ceg variable in it eulerscheZahl

kovi: you can patent it in UIS

kovi: US

Scarfield: i wish you could somehow limit that range of the rand function without that work around :p

reCurse: That's not how RNG works

cegprakash: u can create a scarfield variable instead of ceg variable

cegprakash: that's the limiter

Scarfield: bool Scarfield = false;

eulerscheZahl: int chokudaiWidth = 1;

cegprakash: it has to be a power of two -1

reCurse: You should also cache additions

reCurse: Maybe you'll reach performances unheard of

eulerscheZahl: can we cache constants?

Astrobytes: int chokudaiWidth = ceg; Ultimate power.

cegprakash: seriously guys?

cegprakash: not even 1 in favor of me

Westicles: The game has crashed. Please contact the author and enclose the following error:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Total game duration too long (>30000ms)

struct: Which game?

eulerscheZahl: which game?

reCurse: Which game

Westicles: NS

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: i saw this day coming

struct: ufff

eulerscheZahl: i know exactly why

Astrobytes: OH you mentioned that before

Westicles: 590 moves + 1 for the header

reCurse: You didn't cache modulo

reCurse: That's why

eulerscheZahl: need to read some lines in 1 turn

reCurse: Luckily for you there is code ready

Icebox: :popcorn: reCurse

reCurse: Patented but negotiable hopefully

Icebox: please cache your modulos guys

eulerscheZahl: give me a few minutes to fix it Westicles

Westicles: oh no, that means I have to keep going?

reCurse: No choice.

Illedan: reCurse, did you really need a statement for mine? :D

reCurse: I was just saying you established a precedent for "statements? aint nobody got time for that"

Illedan: I see no problem with pushing a WIP game without the best statement :)

eulerscheZahl: there is some unfairness with the timeout: depends on your number of moves, not the level

eulerscheZahl: so a shorter solution with less moves to clear can get higher

eulerscheZahl: i just hoped this day would never come

Astrobytes: If it can, it will.

reCurse: There's a saying which goes "if it's 0.1% repro that's the next day after shipping"

Astrobytes: lol, seems accurate enough

cegprakash: I got a 3% speed up

cegprakash: with MOD caching

struct: wow

struct: Why do you want to cache mod anyways?

struct: What for?

eulerscheZahl: might be a different server

cegprakash: for my sim

cegprakash: I use a lot of random

cegprakash: like 10000s of random in just 2000 simulations

struct: What rand do you use?

struct: rand() ?

cegprakash: I still use rand

cegprakash: but instead of % I do &

Astrobytes: I'm not getting involved in another discussion about rng, rand etc with you ceg :D

struct: I think you could have saved sometime

struct: by just googling

Astrobytes: The last one was too painful.

BenjaminUrquhart: oh look yinsh

struct: unfinished

cegprakash: I don't get u guys

struct: no statement

struct: bad visual

BenjaminUrquhart: "The aim of this game is to win." You should keep this, quality description

eulerscheZahl: default template

BenjaminUrquhart: aw

eulerscheZahl: Westicles should be fixed now

Illedan: Uhm, tried to update my contribution with 50 validators and some better testcases. But now I can't run games :/

Illedan: Anyone else gets an error now?

Westicles: Euler, yep thanks

struct: An error occurred (#510): "An error has occurred during compilation/execution.".

Illedan: -.-

eulerscheZahl: and the leaderboard isn't deleted :)

Illedan: It's not approved yet

Illedan: so that is no problem :P

struct: he meant for NS

eulerscheZahl: talking about number shifting

Illedan: ah

darkhorse64: cegprakash: read

Scarfield: i get an error as well illedan

Illedan: Illl try to reupload

Scarfield: Oups An error occurred (#510): "An error has occurred during compilation/execution.

Illedan: Works now

Illedan: Added Tokyo drift for reCurse to play with

reCurse: orly

cegprakash: leaderboard stuck

Illedan: Wtf

Illedan: The name of the test updated

Illedan: but not the test itself

Illedan: -.-

struct: lol

Illedan: Who made this backend

Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

reCurse: I like how you tagged it beam search when it's one of the only search algos that's not been used successfully in csb

Illedan: It had autocomplete

Illedan: I had to take it

reCurse: uh

Illedan: Nah, I just think it might work :P

Astrobytes: Simulated "Anhealing" was the best tho

Illedan: yeyeye

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: where did you see that? :D

Astrobytes: earlier version of SR

Illedan: Do I need to call my test testN.json?!

cegprakash: leaderboard crashed bcoz of my MOD caching?

cegprakash: oh god what did I do

eulerscheZahl: yes Illedan

eulerscheZahl: i remember there was a contribution where the user created testN.json and validatorN.json. On submit nothing happened. No validators found

Illedan: xD

eulerscheZahl: the forest fire puzzle

eulerscheZahl: and IDE didn't show any validators at that point. So it wasn't to be expected

Astrobytes: Loading... Computing score

Illedan: I feel the old validators are still there

Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: i see it coming: this fish is about to create a 3rd contribution

Illedan: It's a bird

Illedan: -.-

reCurse: It's an island

eulerscheZahl: Kegelrobbe

eulerscheZahl: now i have to look up the English name

Astrobytes: I always thought it was a seal

Scarfield: wait, your avator is not a seal?=

Scarfield: avatar*

Astrobytes: Seal eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: seal. should have known that word

AntiSquid: Grey seal

AntiSquid: why is it called a "keggel" robbe though ?

AntiSquid: kegel *

cegprakash: & works fast but my random performs bad

cegprakash: may be my rand()&ceg is biased

Astrobytes: AntiSquid, presumably as seals are pinnipeds

Default avatar.png JBM: i saw this mentioned earlier up and i am getting curious about it

Astrobytes: kegel can be cone or pin

Default avatar.png JBM: when/why does a contrib reupload reset the leaderboard?

Illedan: Meh, I'll create a 3rd contribution and be done with this -.-

struct: :D

BenjaminUrquhart: when in doubt, contribute

eulerscheZahl: not getting any battles on submit struct

Enknable: Hey, looking for a bit of directions if anyone has a second or insight: I want to build a simple real-time multiplayer in browser game. Stack preferences? Any articles for direction, pitfalls..etc?

Astrobytes: LB issue? (not trolling ceg)

Astrobytes: Enknable hi o/ and why not just build a multi for CG? ;)

Scarfield: might have something you can use Enknable

Enknable: haha Hey Astrobytes It's for a class I'm taking. Maybe if I can get it going I'd make a multi!

Astrobytes: Ah I see

reCurse: There's probably too many answers to that question

Enknable: That's a good resource Scarfield, I'm looking more for if there's a preferred front end or tools that are already in place

AntiSquid: search for a tutorial !?

AntiSquid: ah wait

Enknable: Yeah I'm definitely scouring, but I thought this would be a great place for some initial direction

eulerscheZahl: even unity has an option to export your project as a browser game

AntiSquid: there's lots of tools if you're ok with JS

reCurse: Your requirements are too vague

AntiSquid: indeed

Astrobytes: What is your brief for the project?

Enknable: Yeah it's a course in full stack dev, so JS would be good. Basically just something where 3 or 4 people can move around in a canvas and shoot at each other

Astrobytes: HTML + JS

Astrobytes: *Plenty* info out there on that

AntiSquid: i mean there are a lot of engines

AntiSquid: ok let me find my huge ass list

reCurse: Depending on the game you might not even need an engine

AntiSquid: actually nvm, i will just google it


AntiSquid: i think this one is still my favorite though Enknable

Astrobytes: reCurse is right, if it's nothing too complex you can do it yourself. Are there constraints for your project or just anything goes?

AntiSquid: read bottom bit of the last link

Enknable: THere's some requirements that I need to have a backend that CRUD's and really basic benchmarks.

Enknable: yeah AntiSquid that seems like what info I need

Enknable: I was looking at but not sure if I should have the server doing all the processing, or if I can create a client side processing

AntiSquid: there's much simpler stuff out there though, i don't remember them all

AntiSquid: for example this

AntiSquid: you can drown in JS engines if you wish to

struct: nice got piece rotating :D


AntiSquid: :o

AntiSquid: magic

Enknable: yeah I built tetris in the canvas..but having realtime networking

eulerscheZahl: not magic. math

Astrobytes: Nice struct, shadows now ;)



AntiSquid: magic :o

struct: I just dont like that pieces are 0mm

struct: if I stop them at 90º You wont see them at all

Enknable: AntiSquid that quintus link was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

AntiSquid: didn't you sort of say the same about the isogenic game engine? no offense but i can link you like 10 more that will probably end up with you telling me the same thing

Default avatar.png ThePerpetualStopwatch_90cd: can anyone explain wtf readline in javascript does?

Snef: ThePerpetualStopwatch_90cd it reads input, you can check doc for more info

Default avatar.png ThePerpetualStopwatch_90cd: can i ask in relation to a specific problem?

Snef: ofc

Default avatar.png ThePerpetualStopwatch_90cd:

Default avatar.png ThePerpetualStopwatch_90cd: everyone is using readline() here and im confused why it works


Illedan: NOW

reCurse: NOW?

reCurse: OR LATER?

Default avatar.png AhmedReda1: Hello there, is this the perfect website if u wanna practice js?

Illedan: Now you got your tokyo drift

Illedan: :D

Enknable: Isogenic was the right direction. Quintus was the right destination. Thanks

Illedan: And hold the line :D

reCurse: test1, test2, test7 :thinking:

Illedan: Scroll down

Illedan: all the way

Illedan: the sorting is not nice

reCurse: Nice numbering Illenoob

AntiSquid: there's another very simple one like quintus, or maybe more

Illedan: :sob:

Astrobytes: Tokyo Drift appeared in the last one

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: But the test inside was wrong

Illedan: Now you have something to drift along

Illedan: :P

Astrobytes: lol

reCurse: But that's not something my NN trained for

reCurse: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Illedan: :joy:

Illedan: Which of them?

reCurse: The drift

reCurse: That violates the mapgen specs

Illedan: Perfect

Illedan: Create a gif for us to see how it fails?

Enknable: Yeah the problem is probably that there are so many. Asking a room full of experts seemed like a good approach

reCurse: It doesn't fail

reCurse: It's just not as good as it could

reCurse: Because having so many CPs in quick succession was not something that ever happens

reCurse: And giffing is too much trouble

Illedan: Does the NN handle Hold the line?

reCurse: It zig zags

Astrobytes: 100% 17877.61

AntiSquid: i would join a web dev discord server instead and ask Enknable, i am sure you got a lot more suppor there


Illedan: Time to approve Astrobytes ;)

Astrobytes: Just about to

Enknable: Will do, Thanks AntiSquid

struct: tokyo doesnt look bad

struct: 114 turnsa

Astrobytes: Meh, I have to test every language before I can approve?

struct: No

struct: Only D


struct: Because most use it

Astrobytes: (not that I'm complaining about the more robust approach)

cegprakash: leaderboard stuck at 10 games

jacek: submiting broken?

cegprakash: yes jacek

Illedan: Search race is consuming some servers ^^

struct: Astrobytes testing all languages would be a pain

Astrobytes: F'ing right

jacek: mining illedan coins

Astrobytes: I'm not sure that should be a requirement for a single person validating

Illedan: I can test them all now

Astrobytes: If you do that, I'll approve

reCurse: 100% 11246

Illedan: Just checking it drives in circles

Illedan: My stolen bot is at 18k :o

reCurse: stolen?

Snef: cheater reCurse

Illedan: Someone sent me som -3 vel or whatever. :P

Astrobytes: Illedan is the cheater, bot stealer

Astrobytes: I hope you at least paid for it :P

AntiSquid: 3 silver coins

Astrobytes: in USD

Illedan: Damn, there is a lot of languages

AntiSquid: sorry, probably a bad joke

reCurse: Is there a bug or something

reCurse: I had a model at 96%

reCurse: It was at 10495

reCurse: Do you score less the more you fail?

Illedan: Losing gives 0 points

reCurse: Nice

reCurse: ez #1

struct: lol

Illedan: But you have less % so you get lower on the leaderboard

Astrobytes: Ofc, the leaderboard is bugged. And the referee. Lord ceg says so.

reCurse: Would be more fun if it scored 1k points

Astrobytes: jacek just reported leaderboard/submission issue on discord

reCurse: Rejected

Illedan: Should I add 1k points for fail?

reCurse: Do you want to get approved? :P

Illedan: Ok!

Illedan: On it

Astrobytes: FLT_MAX or gtfo

struct: or you can reverse

struct: and give more points for faster win

struct: and sort leaderboard on desc

reCurse: So submits are broken? :(

jacek: AutomatonNN fix leaderboard

cegprakash: did anyone achieve GA in BOTG?

AutomatonNN: hello to you all

AntiSquid: does that include optimization category?

cegprakash: I miserably failed and ended up in silver in BOTG

reCurse: Can someone test plz before I ping staff

cegprakash: hey reCurse yes

cegprakash: it's broken

cegprakash: for past 1 hour or so

reCurse: Can I get a second opinion

jacek: youre ugly

Astrobytes: Just submitted in Trolls vs Castles, so pending contribs seem OK

AntiSquid: opti works

reCurse: Hm


jacek: leaderboard stops at 10 games

cegprakash: stuck at 10 games reCurse

Astrobytes: bear with me tho', see if it progresses


cegprakash: so many computing

cegprakash: but no movement

cegprakash: all at 0%

Uljahn: i've stuck at 94% for an hour in PR2

AntiSquid: they need to stop submit spamming

Astrobytes: Yep, it's freezing

Illedan: Hopefully not my 400 validator thingy :angel:

Illedan: Or you get the first 10 games every time?

jacek: 10 games are for free

Astrobytes: Got first 30 in TvC, stuck at 0%

Illedan: Astrobytes, it crashes in Pascal -.-

reCurse: I bet it's Illedan that broke it

Illedan: Anyone knows pascal?

Illedan: I bet too

Illedan: xD

Astrobytes: euler does, but he'll be asleep

Astrobytes: Tbali

Illedan: I guess those who code pascal can fix that one language :/

reCurse: Is that number above, equal or below those who code D

Astrobytes: Hm, TBali is not online, he loves PAscal

Astrobytes: Gotta be more than D

DaBestest: Hello everyone! Stay safe and social distance for the safety of everyone!! Stay Positive!! :grinning:

Astrobytes: Right.

reCurse: Thanks !!

DaBestest: @Arcene Thanks for the follow!!

Illedan: Ok it is only pascal

Illedan: Guess 1 out of 20 is ok :P

reCurse: Don't forget to like and subscribe

DaBestest: :grin:

Illedan: reCurse, now if you submit 100 % failing => 50k points.

reCurse: Good

reCurse: I'd approve but you broke submits

Illedan: Not on this optim

Illedan: you can still submit here

Astrobytes: So you want us to approve your CG-wrecking optim now huh

Illedan: I guess it is the job picking players and matching them

wlesavo: in our school the used to teach pascal, dont know if it is still the case

wlesavo: they*

Astrobytes: PascalCase?

Astrobytes: :D

Illedan: Looks like the stub is broken for pascal anyway

Illedan: Anything else to fix?

wlesavo: it

wlesavo: fix it


Illedan: gogo wlesavo

reCurse: Statement could be a bit clearer

Illedan: Sure, got examples?

Astrobytes: The mixed capitalisation of lettering in the tags is mildly annoying.

Astrobytes: :P

Illedan: Fixed

Stanworld: i just submit , but it freezed to the 10th play ... and 0%

Stanworld: any problem on server?

wlesavo: i like # Made by Illedan in stub

Illedan: :D

Astrobytes: Submits currently broken Stanworld, staff are notified

reCurse: I don't think id vs index is clear enough

reCurse: "selected randomly every race" = not true

reCurse: "a valid sequence of actions" ?

Stanworld: thanks Astrobytes

Arcene: welcome @DaBestest . Thanks

reCurse: The collision with checkpoint could be more detailed

reCurse: "3 <= checkpoints <= 8" is wrong

Astrobytes: Since you give it 3 times

reCurse: Or even basic stuff like what angle means

reCurse: 0 = pointing where?

reCurse: Is it CW or CCW

reCurse: If it's a beginner game it could use beginner explanations

Astrobytes: And leagues, with tutorials, and no useful input until gold. Fix it Illedan

Illedan: I thought about having players to write "v0" or "v1" for which version of input they wanted

Illedan: Nice feedback reCurse, thx!

reCurse: Or just make it expert only

reCurse: I fail to see the interest of target point

Astrobytes: (I was joking btw)

Illedan: Drive car. You can figure it out. GL HF. ^Expert statement

Astrobytes: Works for me :P

struct: my yinsh statement

struct: 404

MonZtaDeluxe: guys does someone else have the same problem, that he can't submit his code to the ladder?

pb4: Thanks basically the Trolls vs Castles statement

MonZtaDeluxe: it's in code4life

pb4: that's*

Illedan: Yeah, stolen from JBM

Astrobytes: Yes MonZtaDeluxe, submits currently broken, staff are aware

MonZtaDeluxe: ok good - thanks

reCurse: Illedan is currently being banned for it

Astrobytes: heh heh

pb4: 500 validators --> banned from CG ?

reCurse: Next SDK: maximum of 20 validators

Illedan: Blame pb4. He didn't want hardcoded solutions

Illedan: :D

pb4: :innocent:

reCurse: If you don't want hardcoded solutions

reCurse: Just make it a damn multi

Default avatar.png JBM: CSB needs more fog of war :thinking:

reCurse: I keep repeating myself :P

AntiSquid: but isn't it possible to make the validators sort of random?

Illedan: True

Default avatar.png JBM: i'll suggest it to TBali

Astrobytes: reCurse does have a point there

Default avatar.png JBM: he's the one to push those quests forward

pb4: meh

pb4: The point isn't that good

AntiSquid: aren't bulls and cows validators random ??

reCurse: How is it not

pb4: because a multi has the crappy ranking system

reCurse: You either have crap ranks or hardcode

Astrobytes: On balance tho

reCurse: Pick your poison

pb4: Then I prefer hardcode

AntiSquid: wlesavo

pb4: But it's Illedan's choice :)

reCurse: You could even ab... use the submit system

reCurse: Make it a 4 player multi

reCurse: Even better rankings

pb4: Now I'm curious

reCurse: And then you can also see others racing

reCurse: Like I dunno what more to say

reCurse: Optims suck? :P

Illedan: Optim multi? :thinking:

AntiSquid: no collision ?

reCurse: Of course no collision

reCurse: Wouldn't be an optim

struct: I see 1 problem

struct: 4 players = 150 turns per player

Illedan: ^

reCurse: Simplify races

reCurse: Does it need to be 3 laps

AntiSquid: 3 players

Astrobytes: Hmmm

struct: Or allow multiple actions

Illedan: But it would be very equal to CSB :P

struct: you need sim anyways

reCurse: Equal to CSB wood whatever league yes

Default avatar.png JBM: sim's not real AI

reCurse: Isn't that your game

Illedan: yeye

Illedan: point

AntiSquid: downvote and reject :thinking:

reCurse: beluga denied

Astrobytes: lol

AntiSquid: maybe it would be better to just split pre-gold CSB and the rest into two games, also avoid confusion for new players

wlesavo: they are AntiSquid

reCurse: A new code

reCurse: Coders strike back

wlesavo: that reminds me actually

reCurse: Return of the code

AntiSquid: see what i mean? Illedan if bulls and cows has random validators, why not make yours the same? 20 validators and random ?

AntiSquid: you can make the checkpoints symmetrical or shift them ... randomize that aspect at least

reCurse: The checkpoints are now pods with collision and no thrust

AntiSquid: pinball ?

reCurse: And 0.1 mass

reCurse: Because f you

wlesavo: check point possition generated every turn at random

Illedan: How to know where to go? :P

reCurse: Check their ID

reCurse: Or is it their index

reCurse: :thinking:

Astrobytes: you must use index for some things and ID for others. To keep things inconsistent.

reCurse: Your pod have a line of sight radius of 1000

reCurse: Shield makes you blind for 3 turns

reCurse: Boost now leaves a lantern behind with 2k sight

Astrobytes: Colliding with lanterns resumes blindness and gives you a time penalty

AntiSquid: + you can build towers on the checkpoints

Illedan: DOUBLE HULK for extra mass

wlesavo: and planting mines is important

reCurse: Checkpoints are now secured and require solving a captcha consisting of number shifting

Astrobytes: Number shiftin the combination you just found from a bulls and cows problem

Astrobytes: *shifting

reCurse: The python bot has still not managed to cross the first checkpoint

reCurse: Illedan breaker of codingame confirmed

Illedan: lol

Astrobytes: :D

Illedan: Ok, updated the statement :P

Default avatar.png skdm: Hi everyone, I'm newcommer some advice

Astrobytes: Run! Run away!

Astrobytes: But seriously, what's your issue

Default avatar.png skdm: Haha

struct: You must start with Yinsh ritual

Astrobytes: Stop scaring people struct

Default avatar.png skdm: I don't understand the methodology for learn

AntiSquid: always drink enough water to stay hydrated skdm

reCurse: You stare at text really hard

Astrobytes: And hope you absorb the meaning

Default avatar.png skdm: :wink:

wlesavo: but you dont absorb if you hydrated

AntiSquid: i have a weird question though, does MCTS work better for mars lander?

AntiSquid: better than GA i mean

reCurse: Only one way to find out

struct: I never tried any method of those

Illedan: Fixed all your comments reCurse :P

struct: neither ML

struct: So cant hellp

Astrobytes: I don't know of anyone who tried MCTS o nthat

Astrobytes: Give it a shot

reCurse: All?

reCurse: 0 degree is still not saying it's pointing at (1,0)

reCurse: And still no clue of clockwise or counterclockwise

Illedan: Angle are provided in degrees, and relative to the x axis.

reCurse: That answers neither of those question

Astrobytes: relative to x-axis CCW or CW?

reCurse: relative to x-axis doesn't mean anything though

wlesavo: -18 <= angle <= 18

wlesavo: is it a typo?

Astrobytes: Hm true

Illedan: hm?

Scarfield: east 0 deg, south 90 deg or something from CSB iirc

wlesavo: Illedan shouldnt it be -180 <= angle <= 180

Illedan: No that is the rotation in Expert mode

Illedan: but I guess expert mode users don't look at that

Illedan: I'll change it to 0-360

wlesavo: oh i see

Illedan: Angle are provided in degrees, and relative to the x axis (0 degrees are pointing at (1.0). East = 0 degrees, South = 90 degrees.

Illedan: Good enough?

struct: Should I add a toggle to show legal moves on viewer?

Scarfield: :thinking: how would a pedantic person understand this :p

struct: Like it would show viewing wise

Illedan: -.-

Scarfield: but its clear to me :)

reCurse: Yeah it's btter

Illedan: Updated

Astrobytes: Pod at 0 degrees is pointing in + direction across the x-axis, and rotates CW, pedantic enough Scarfield?

Astrobytes: :D

Scarfield: hmm is it the pods temperature :p

Astrobytes: Go away :P

Scarfield: xD

Astrobytes: lol

struct: My yinsh folder is gone

struct: wtf

Astrobytes: Diminyinshing folders

Scarfield: dont d-yinsh it

Default avatar.png DragonJ: Direction matches variable XD

struct: This is just java doing what it should

Astrobytes: Taking ages/failing?

Scarfield: self terminate?

struct: yes scarfield

reCurse: struct now deletes code instead of account

Astrobytes: Right, so can we approve this Illedan? I messaged TBali re. the Pascal issue on the forum as he was active, but no response

Scarfield: you have backup i hope?

Illedan: I think the problem in Pascal is on CG side

struct: "I accept this contrubution because..."

Illedan: But I don't know anything about Pascal

Illedan: But yeah, I think it's ready :)

Scarfield: Force / Area

Astrobytes: Alright. If I approve, any problems subsequently are categorically Your Fault.

Astrobytes: :D

Scarfield: "Approved, creator said he thinks its ready" :D

struct: I can aprove and remove comment

reCurse: Approved with bribery

Illedan: :gun:

Astrobytes: I approve this contribution because: "Illedan made me

Scarfield: xD

Illedan: Good boy

Illedan: struct removed his approve :/

struct: I was trying to exploit

struct: it

struct: But I think they fixed it

Astrobytes: Approve or delete account struct

Default avatar.png DragonJ: angler=left

Default avatar.png DragonJ: angler=up

Scarfield: give this man a stick, and he will find an exploit with it

Illedan: And if he can't exploid. Delete

Astrobytes: Exploid? Exploiting or exploding?

reCurse: Why not both

Illedan: In 10 years when people are looking at this question. They will understand nothing of the approval process :D

reCurse: Process?

Illedan: struct had 3 approved comments..

struct: "You cannot submit more than 3 comments per minute".

Illedan: :D

Astrobytes: lol, dat approval system

Illedan: 1 to go

Astrobytes: reCurse is just making you wait

Illedan: Live now :tada:

Astrobytes: lol, gg Scarfieldatron

Scarfield: :muscle:

Illedan: 1st :tada:

Scarfield: wait, you were paid struct? i need to see the manager!

Astrobytes: nyah nyah Illedan

Illedan: reCurse will own us :o

Astrobytes: ofc

struct: add picture

Illedan: Now we can share replays too :tada:

Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Illedan: Now a user commented something about the statement

Illedan: I guess I can fix that

struct: lol

Scarfield: illedan does your bot still contain:


Made by Illedan the Man

Illedan: Yeh

Scarfield: nice :D

Illedan: For now it is your bot :P

Scarfield: yea could see our scores, but hoped you hadnt noticed it :p

Astrobytes: Eat that Snef :P


Scarfield: xD

Astrobytes: YurkovAS rekt us all :D

RoboStac: so apparently the racer scoring I use on my csb bot isn't enough to do one lap

RoboStac: luckily it's easy to fix :)

YurkovAS: :upside_down:

Astrobytes: lol, here it comes

struct: I dont know whats my bug

struct: My car just is dumb and stay 1mm away from cp

Astrobytes: FFS Robo :D

struct: 12.6k damn

Illedan: Not fun robo -.-

struct: How can my bot be so dumb


RoboStac: yeah, thats exactly what mine did struct - the bonus for getting a checkpoint wasn't enough to counter going through a checkpoint so it just stayed at the edge

struct: I see

struct: let me increase

Snef: Astrobytes why ? :(

Astrobytes: lol, was earlier when I stole your 1st position. We have all been subsequently rekt :P

Illedan: RoboStac, can you share a replay of TokyoDrift from your bot?


Illedan: Only 3 angles and 2 speeds?

Illedan: I like the enemy prediction message you have :D

Astrobytes: All you need

RoboStac: it should be able to do 9 degree angles too

Astrobytes: I come back later this week with my search, for now I'm off to bed

Astrobytes: gn all, and thanks for finishing SR Illedan, and congrats to you struct, Yinsh Day has come

Scarfield: :wave:

Illedan: gn

Illedan: Thx for accepting under pressure

Scarfield: xD

struct: ty and gn

Astrobytes: :P

Default avatar.png DragonJ: yes it compiled finally

struct: Ive beaten tokyo


Illedan: nice

Scarfield: a little too nice :p

struct: I need to fix my code though

Illedan: not 100%?

struct: But I need to finish yinsh first

struct: Nope

struct: not even close

struct: I get like 85

Illedan: wierd

Illedan: timeouts?

struct: nope

Illedan: Any of the testcases?

struct: It just kisses the checkpoint

Illedan: ah

struct: Its random

Default avatar.png DragonJ: my CSB code as current if dist>1000 thrust=="BOOST"

Default avatar.png DragonJ: plan on fixing my dead code but it still doing well considering

Illedan: reCurse, is that your NN trained for CSB? Or did you train it for this game?

reCurse: Trained it for this game with the previous mapgen

reCurse: 0.01ms spent per turn

reCurse: Might bother adding search one day

reCurse: I totally predict pb4 to annoy me with his high score :P

Illedan: :D

Illedan: Don't need a search to predict that

dev-nekoboi: the existence of python is unfair for clash of code ;-;

Default avatar.png eeeeeeeelias: a little bit

Default avatar.png eeeeeeeelias: the existence of ruby is unfair for shortest mode though

dev-nekoboi: yeh

dev-nekoboi: *cries softly*

dev-nekoboi: lmao

wlesavo: the existence of coc is unfair to chat

reCurse: Existence is unfair

cegprakash: wait I'm #46 in pacman

cegprakash: :O

Illedan: Play search race cegprakash

Illedan: Should be ezpz to stream to 1st ;)

Snef: Illedan i took my csb code pour search race but it doesnt want to go more than 1 cp :(

Snef: for*

Illedan: Only 1 car in this one, it misses his friend

Snef: yea i changed num of pods and shield, timeout, collision with pods... but i dk i need to check again..

reCurse: Meh alright might add some search

reCurse: Just curious if it changes much

cegprakash: link Illedan


Snef: reCurse will you have much more time for seach compared to csb ? or it's almost same

reCurse: Less, 50ms instead of 75

reCurse: But more, 1 pod instead of 4

Snef: and 1 pod == 1 pod in csb ?

Illedan: Network smaller?

reCurse: shrug

cegprakash: I won't try anymore bitrunner from u Illedan

cegprakash: :D

cegprakash: it was a stream flop

Illedan: Search race is simple

Illedan: Stream -3 vel

cegprakash: haha

Illedan: My current score is 2 ifs

Illedan: *1 if 1 else

cegprakash: will do tomorrow

cegprakash: I'm watching avengers

Default avatar.png DragonJ: snef am looking through your code where do you use deltaX and deltaY?

Snef: through my code ?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: yeah

Snef: what code

Default avatar.png DragonJ: In CSB what should I do with deltaX and deltaY?

Uljahn: looks like vx, vy of the velocity vector so you could plug them in the magic formula -3Vel

Uljahn: but it's just my guess

Jasperr: did -3 vel and some additional thrusting magic and am now 4th place :D

Jasperr: Thanks for the tip Illedan

BenWo: evening folks

camelCaseCo: butt

camelCaseCo: butt

camelCaseCo: butt

Default avatar.png n1c0de: Hi! How does the ranking works ?

Jasperr: Global ranking or competition-specific ranking?

Default avatar.png n1c0de: global ranking

Jasperr: Go to your home page / dashboard (click on the logo top-left) and click on the little question mark on the top-right of the card on the left containing your rank

Default avatar.png n1c0de: thank you =)

Default avatar.png Marc-Emmanuel: Good night

Jasperr: haha same

Default avatar.png vhs001: does anyone know if the clash of code questions get harder as you level up? they seem kind of easy rn

Snef: vhs001 no, it's random

Snef: reCurse is your score on SearchRace with a search or not yet ?

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: hello

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: this seems to have been around for awhile.. is it still active/growing?