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ZarthaxX: a bit

WINWINWIN: Is the stamina of the ghost given in the input?

ZarthaxX: huh i already forgot..

ZarthaxX: cant you check inputs description?

WINWINWIN: Doesnt say

ZarthaxX: lemme see

ZarthaxX: The state will be:

ZarthaxX: there WINWINWIN

ZarthaxX: state tells you the stamina

WINWINWIN: Thanks, couldnt find it

eulerscheZahl: Xlos gave you hope that this user came back :(

ZarthaxX: oh that dude

ZarthaxX: he was a good one right

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: and he wanted to be #1 in CoC :D

CyberLemonade: did he?

CyberLemonade: I remember unihderon used to dominate CoC

eulerscheZahl: seems he's inactive on project euler as well

Ltrltrltr1234: hi

Ltrltrltr1234: hi

Ltrltrltr1234: oh shoot theres lag

cegprakash: I'm planning to stream Fantastic Bits this weekend starting from wood and try to reach legend

Ltrltrltr1234: oh is that a competition like coders strike back?

cegprakash: yes

cegprakash: follow me on to get notified

jrke: hey i have to ask one thing suppose in OOC igave MOVE N TORPEDO|TORPEDO 2 3

jrke: then first it will move or attack

jrke: ?

tomatoes: move

jrke: K

jrke: and if torpedo is first then it attack

tomatoes: yep

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: Can you walk over dead pacmans?

kovi: yes, they are not there any more

aCat: yay got pushed to legend in pacman ;-)

dbdr: nice aCat! :)

aCat: this made my wish to improve the code plummet to zero ;-)

aCat: so - I can take another multi or finally finish designing some puzzles

aCat: or do something in real life :thinking:

Csipcsirip: just in time aCat

Illedan: real life aCat? what is that?

NickStahl: That's the game with the great graphics but crappy gameplay

Illedan: And leveling up is not worth it after a certain point

aCat: leveling not wort it...

aCat: nicely said

aCat: can I lost a few levels?

Marchete: leveling in what sense?

NickStahl: You can't lose levels but you can lose some of your stats.

aCat: That I already discovered ;(

Illedan: Age Marchete

Illedan: Marchete =>

aCat: its sibnlgeplayer csb?

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: For NN practice

aCat: i was thinking about the race game some time ago but totally different

aCat: but I think SP csb is a nice idea

aCat: for sprites just check

aCat: tol of stuff free or for small price

Illedan: "free" == "small price" :thinking:

aCat: *or

Illedan: Still early in the morning and no coffee yet

Marchete: got coffee?

cegprakash: eulerscheZahl

cegprakash: are u watching thibpat's stream

cegprakash: he's building a tool like yours'

cegprakash: right now


WINWINWIN: what tool?

Illedan: Yeah, coffee ready now Marchete.

Marchete: good good

cegprakash: like euler built for generating a gif

cegprakash: WINWINWIN

WINWINWIN: I am trying to pass an argument in python, dont know why but its type is changing as I pass the argument

WINWINWIN: any reason?

tomatoes: python is strongly typed :thinking:

tomatoes: types cant change

Alshock: I think you're not passing the argument that you think you're passing

WINWINWIN: Let me check on that

MSmits: hmm did not know python is strongly typed

MSmits: I guess it's just that you don't know what the type is when you're writing the code

MSmits: or at least... it's hard to tell

karliso: I remember this was discussed and you were surprised also before.

MSmits: lol karliso, maybe I should visit a doctor. Thanks for being my memory :P

karliso: I even copied from wiki what is stongly typed and why python is so called duck typed.

MSmits: hmm vaguely remember now

karliso: Was more than half a year ago though.

MSmits: I see

MSmits: I'll try not to do it again in another half year

ashelkov: how to loose 4 pacs and win


kovi: nice

ashelkov: thx. but rare case)

ashelkov: better not loose your pacs, )

AbdelkrimBournane: hello guys, I'm new here

MSmits: hi new here :)

AbdelkrimBournane: Do you suggest a book for algorithms and data structures

AntiSquid: hello new here

AbdelkrimBournane: thanks

AbdelkrimBournane: :D

AbdelkrimBournane: Hahahaahahahaahah Nice joke!

MSmits: AbdelkrimBournane you are a bot

AbdelkrimBournane: Do you suggest a book for algorithms and data structures

MSmits: AntiSquid ban

AbdelkrimBournane: I'm not a bot

AbdelkrimBournane: :(

struct: I suggest practicing, but this is me, I struggle by learning with books

AbdelkrimBournane: I'm a human being

AntiSquid: AbdelkrimBournane do you suggest a book for algorithms and data structures

MSmits: how can you type so fast

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: probably by touch typing

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: what wpm are we talking about

AbdelkrimBournane: yes, I type without looking to my keyboard

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: i think > 100 wpm is crazy

AbdelkrimBournane: I'm programmer for 3 years now

AbdelkrimBournane: x)

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: what's your wpm?

MSmits: it was just a weird exchange, ignore me :)

MSmits: welcome AbdelkrimBournane

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: let's do a typeracer? @abdel

AbdelkrimBournane: Thanks

AbdelkrimBournane: yes!

AbdelkrimBournane: why not

AntiSquid: 3 years programmer and can't find your algo book?

MSmits: gotta go, hf here!

AbdelkrimBournane: I'm in !

AbdelkrimBournane: hahaha, Yeah

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire:

AbdelkrimBournane: I mean I want a book to review fundmentals

AbdelkrimBournane: I know data structures and algorithms

AbdelkrimBournane: but I need a book to check it when I need it

AbdelkrimBournane: you know what I'm saying?

ryantimjohn: interviewcake is nice for that

ryantimjohn: I know you're looking for a physical book =)

ryantimjohn: O'Reilly has one that's specifically algorithms and data structures...

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: I'd go straight into Machine Learning

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: leave out data structures and algorithms


AntiSquid: there's tons of free online books

AntiSquid: good ones too



ryantimjohn: They have language-specific ones and then some good general thinking ones

AntiSquid: are you working for oreilly ?

ryantimjohn: I also have this app on android that I think is just called algorithms that has visualizations of algorithms that's helpful

ryantimjohn: Nah, work at a company called Alloy =)

AntiSquid: think you missed the meaning of the question

AbdelkrimBournane: What do you do in life guys?

AntiSquid: yes

pde-bakk: started studying computer science last year

AntiSquid: alex johns background, damn he got old :/

pde-bakk: jones but yeah

Default avatar.png Eqron: @Abdelkrim Client support

AntiSquid: he is a historical figure to manage to trigger so many social media platforms at once, no matter how crazy

Clagus: AbdelkrimBournane - life is a lie, only CG is true

AbdelkrimBournane: It's funny saying this, because I'm a game developer :D

AbdelkrimBournane: So I create real life

AbdelkrimBournane: God-like

Clagus: nice

AntiSquid: BOGOL is real

Clagus: oh! seems cool

Clagus: AbdelkrimBournane PC games? any that I would know?

AbdelkrimBournane: Hypercasual games on mobile :p

Clagus: example

Uljahn: Automaton2000: trust me, im a doctor's cat

Automaton2000: i dont know if you need it

uvBoss: hello

uvBoss: can anyone explain linear conflict heuristic in 8 puzzle??????????????????

uvBoss: im doin just manhatan distance and it takes almost 15 secs for the output of 25 moves

Uljahn: if you think the puzzle is too hard for you just skip it

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: I've been trying, codingame and typeracer as activities to replace smoking. Any more ideas?

pde-bakk: crystal meth

Astrobytes: Vape. Worked for me.

Astrobytes: (not vaping meth ofc)

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: is there any moderation in this chat?

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: i know it's probably meant as a joke, but that stuff is not funny

Astrobytes: Yep. AntiSquid is a moderator

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: ok, don't want to make recommendations on what to mod, just thanks for the information that there is indeed moderation

Astrobytes: Vaping though. Worked for me. Stopped smoking like... jsut over 2 years ago now?

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: did you stop vaping as well?

AntiSquid: what isn't funny ?

Astrobytes: I did. But recently started vaping 0% nic for my anxiety

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: @antisquid, message by pde-bakk

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: ok, maybe i should reconsider vaping then. gave it a try in 2016

AntiSquid: i guess it more of a personal perspective, no idea what you went through in your life IcedBlackSapphire

Astrobytes: Look into building your own coils etc. It's cheaper, better, and all you need is Ohm's law, some battery info and some wire ;)

AntiSquid: he wasn't seriously suggesting you do drugs though

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: i know, i also make these jokes sometimes

Astrobytes: Guy called Mooch on youtube will tell you *all* you need to know about batteries/battery safety, and more

DavidTheNewKid: If he was seriously suggesting drugs, he might be seriously on drugs :)

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: i don't know, probably spend too much time on reddit, normally i'd just laugh

Astrobytes: reddit is bad for the mind :P

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: discovered /r/ActualPublicFreakouts yesterday and been traumatized since

AntiSquid: pde-bakk don't make the jokes IcedBlackSapphire also makes!

AntiSquid: AutomatonNN tell me a joke

AutomatonNN: what does it mean?

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: AutomatonNN tell me a joke

AutomatonNN: what is the problem?

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: what is it with red colored chat?

AntiSquid: probably someone hacked you

Astrobytes: If your username is mentioned it will turn the message red IcedBlackSapphire

WINWINWIN: When someone uses your exact username

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: ah ok

WINWINWIN: like this IcedBlackSapphire

Marchete: IcedBlackSapphire

Astrobytes: Only for you though

Astrobytes: IcedBlackSapphire

AntiSquid: IcedBlackSapphire

Uljahn: IcedBlackSapphire

AntiSquid: do you also get annoying pings when we type that or did you turn them off?

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: it's opt-in i think

AntiSquid: off by default now? damn :(

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: yeah, thank god lol

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: was it changed recently?

AntiSquid: welcome to CG btw, enjoy your stay and get an avatar

Default avatar.png JBM: so overrated

Astrobytes: :D

AntiSquid: ah my worst enemy is in chat

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: chat is always a tricky topic, so easy to get toxic

WINWINWIN: avatars are mandatory

AntiSquid: anime avatars even unlock hidden premium features, such +5% win rate chance on bot submits


Astrobytes: CG chat is usually just fine IcedBlackSapphire. We troll each other a fair bit but it's well moderated and we don't tolerate bad behaviour

struct: I wrote such bad code I cant understand it

struct: but it works

struct: :(

DavidTheNewKid: If I code up vote that statement I would.

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: i just got level 3 and the note said "you now have access to chat"

eulerscheZahl: next goal: reach level 20 to moderate puzzles

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: but i had access to chat before

IAmNoob: :))

IAmNoob: only at level 3

IAmNoob: gg for u

WINWINWIN: thats all that matters struct ;)

struct: its so confusing


eulerscheZahl: if it works, don't touch it

MSmits: that sounds like something a priest would say

AntiSquid: ofc, it's java

IAmNoob: lol

struct: I need to use jvm language for sdk

struct: otherwise i wouldnt touch java

AntiSquid: use kotlin

eulerscheZahl: and i thought priests like to touch everything?

MSmits: do as I say, not as I do

AntiSquid: struct is a priest in real life?

eulerscheZahl: no, a barkeeper

struct: Im not gonna learn kotlin just for sdk

AntiSquid: but it's basically like java

MSmits: kotlin seems awesome for getting stuff done with little code

AntiSquid: i mean the better version

eulerscheZahl: but for Kotlin Heroes?

Astrobytes: I think it's strength lies in having strong functional as well as oop properties to it.

eulerscheZahl: oh, Q# will be again soon as well

AntiSquid: D can do that too

IAmNoob: i am at coders strike back in gold the 359th any sugestions?]

Astrobytes: D can go whistle :P

eulerscheZahl: but the codingame SDK doesn't support D

IAmNoob: and in code of kutulu too in gold

eulerscheZahl: except maybe if you build a Rube Goldberg machine around it

AntiSquid: do you have a blocker for CSB ?

eulerscheZahl: i have an ad blocker

Astrobytes: Rube Goldberg D wrapper for the CG SDK... I can't even begin to imagine

Astrobytes: Maybe that should be some kind of long running reverse-optim contest

IAmNoob: are u allowed to make puzzles which u approved and have solutions at it?

Astrobytes: Most insanely convoluted submission wins

eulerscheZahl: we got some good ideas how to use D already

IAmNoob: yeah

IAmNoob: Is it a problem if someone knows my IP?

struct: Depends on this "someone"

IAmNoob: a person who i dont know

struct: Why does he have your IP?

IAmNoob: can he make jail if he shares it?

IAmNoob: struct i dont know

struct: make jaiL?

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: try to get a new ip address

IAmNoob: i was trading something and he got many of my personal dates

IAmNoob: How?

AntiSquid: D crowd disappeared as soon as the language was added

AntiSquid: kinda lame

struct: I dont know if reseting router is enough, depends on ISP

eulerscheZahl: at least they stopped spamming the forum

eulerscheZahl: "Oh, we will have the D. A lot of puns and jokes incoming on the world chat." Magus was so right

AntiSquid: i can reset router for mine to change IP

struct: If it doesnt change call your ISP

IAmNoob: what can he make withg my ip

Magus: :D

struct: Yeah, it should work, but with some ISP it wont change

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: also i wouldn't know what they could do with y our ip

Astrobytes: I think they'd already started incoming already at that point :D

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: if your ISP has good router settings he shouldnt be able to do anything

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: like, unless they know the type of router hardware you're using + 0days of that hardware/software of the router

IAmNoob: he knows where i live

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: but if he finds a weakness in an open port he could be able to get your personal dat

AntiSquid: lol

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: a

IAmNoob: thats all

AntiSquid: talk to your ISP

IAmNoob: ok

IAmNoob: i'll try

struct: Try reseting router first

IAmNoob: holly

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: you probably have a dynamic ip, it will change every few hours or days anyway

IAmNoob: huh

IAmNoob: thanks god

AntiSquid: you got spyware on your pc or what

IAmNoob: i am lucky

IAmNoob: no

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: i don't it's weird they got your ip in the first place

AntiSquid: i need to reset my router to change it IcedBlackSapphire

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: and why do you know that they know your ip

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: yeah, is the same for me @antisquid

IAmNoob: someone just sent me a message that he knoes my ip

IAmNoob: and sent it to me

IAmNoob: and it was right

struct: Where?

IAmNoob: so:((

IAmNoob: on discord

AntiSquid: well someone sent me a message that they know my underwear color

IAmNoob: :))

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: did it start with 192.168?

IAmNoob: the ip was corect

IAmNoob: wait

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: lol did it start with 192 :D

Astrobytes: Yeah reset your router, chances are their DHCP will dynamically allocate you an IP when you reset.

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: looolll

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: no dont worry

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: thats a private address

IAmNoob: no

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: he cant access your pc without being in the same network

IAmNoob: the Ip dont started with 192

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: ok, so they know your public ip address it seems

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: ah ok then

IAmNoob: is this a problem

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: did you click any links in the discord?

IAmNoob: yes

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: ahh

IAmNoob: a photo

IAmNoob: link

IAmNoob: something bad?

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: ok, i don't know how exactly it works in discord


Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: but when you visit a website, the website owner will get your ip

IAmNoob: i'll make a dumb thing

AntiSquid: was the link something like ?

IAmNoob: no

eulerscheZahl: faster to type

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: @AntiSquid, no he cliked on a photo in discord and i was presuming the other guy is hosting that pic and baiting ppl

Astrobytes: Wasn't was it? :P

struct: Download image metadata, and reverse expose him

eulerscheZahl: how do you know my IP Astrobytes? that's scary

Astrobytes: :D

IAmNoob: yes sure

AntiSquid: best thing to do is panic

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: and run outside and scream so neighbours hear you

IAmNoob: no non on

Astrobytes: And chuck your PC out the window

AntiSquid: format hard drive, delete everything even your girlfriend

Astrobytes: Then burn your router.

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: and call police

IAmNoob: i dont have

Astrobytes: Then take off, nuke the site from orbit.

Astrobytes: The only way to be sure.

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: what was that reddit meme again for guys after break up

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: 1 lift weights

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: 2 delete facebook

AntiSquid: don't skip leg day? i dunno

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: yeah probably

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: or some misogynist type

Default avatar.png Ace-Code: Hey guys :D

IAmNoob: hi

Default avatar.png Ace-Code: how you doin?

IAmNoob: bad

Default avatar.png Ace-Code: Why?

IAmNoob: i got hacked

Clagus: good

Clagus: ugly

Default avatar.png Ace-Code: awww

Default avatar.png Ace-Code: sorry to hear

IAmNoob: my IP was stolen

Default avatar.png Ace-Code: for both of you

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: man he just knows ur ip dont worry lmao

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: just get a new one

IAmNoob: ok ok ok ok

IAmNoob: he know where i leave

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: u can do it :)

IAmNoob: thx bro

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: ur address or city?

IAmNoob: city

Astrobytes: Dude. Like I said. Reset the router. Your ISP's DHCP server will most likely allocate you a different one when it receives the request from your router.

struct: its normal IAmNoob

IAmNoob: huh

struct: stop being scared and reset router

IAmNoob: i woried

IAmNoob: ok

IAmNoob: i will be gone 10 min

IAmNoob: bye

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: good luck

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: dude stop being worried, they public ip probably routes to your ISP

Clagus: Astrobytes not necesarily.. I get the same ip every time and I didn't buy static IP option

thepianist59: just a little details which is not indicated the the challenge of the week (rock paper scissors lizard spock) that I discovered. When there is a tie, the challenge tells us to let win the one with the less victories. But there is no indication if there is also a tie in the number of victories. In that case, it's the player with the lowest id who wins

AntiSquid: IAmNoob get McAfee antivirus, here's how to install:

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: it's not possible for any hacker even mr.robot if he existed in rl to do anything malicous using your ip

Astrobytes: Ofc Clagus, most ISPs do give you a dynamic one tho'

struct: If i want static IP I must pay 20€ month

struct: damn

AntiSquid: what crap ending that show had IcedBlackSapphire

AntiSquid: i mean it was bad for most part, but damn ...

eulerscheZahl: i don't even have my own IPv4 anymore

Astrobytes: Didn't bother watching that

Marchete: I'd say that's NSFW

eulerscheZahl: which is annoying for gaming

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: @AntiSquid if you mean everything except season 1 with ending i agree

Astrobytes: Currently rewatching Breaking Bad

tomatoes: thepianist59 isnt it about lowest player id?

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: What is not safe for work?

Default avatar.png HereticalCocktail_1485: i am at work right now

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: shouldn't isps close all non-secure ports for routing from public-ip to router anyway?

AntiSquid: well even in season 1 they had the gay part just to say they are tolerant basically IcedBlackSapphire

AntiSquid: some ISPs are there just to make money, so no

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: gay part? don't even remember

AntiSquid: tyrel or whatever

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: i would except that the actual ip of my router is actually not accessible to outside

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: so the public ip is a the ip of some virtualization on the isp hardware

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: which then routes everything through a firewall to my router ip

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: expect

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: not except

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: tyrel sounds like a cliche black person's name

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: they didn't catch two birds with one stone didn't they?

AntiSquid: except he was the blondie guy

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: ah ok

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: so they hacked us lol

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: maybe there is some money in certifying isps for security

AntiSquid: The Boys is best TV show i know of

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: ugh i can't watch superhero type

thepianist59: @tomatoes, yes, it's the id

Astrobytes: Totally fed up with the whole superhero thing also

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: silicon valley was a show i enjoyed

Astrobytes: Though I still watch the first 3 X-Men movies from time to time

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: mike judge generally makes great stuff

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: jesus christ how can ya'll watch this superhero stuff

Astrobytes: Office Space wasn't all that

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: office space was crazily good

Astrobytes: But Idiocracy was the nuts

Astrobytes: I felt Office Space had potential, and I enjoyed parts, but it didn't live up to my expectations

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: i prefer office space, but idiocracy is also a gem

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: how were the expectations for office space build up?

AntiSquid: IcedBlackSapphire well i hate marvel movies / don't really enjoy super hero movies, but The Boys is different

AntiSquid: just watch first episode maybe

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: is it satire? @AntiSquid

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: i could imagine watching a show where they parody super hero stuff

AntiSquid: i would say it's more realistic

Astrobytes: I, er, still watch Beavis and Butt-Head Do America sometimes

AntiSquid: what people would be like if they had super powers

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: more realistic also sounds interesting

**Astrobytes hangs head

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: ohhhh so it's more about how these people have human problems?

AntiSquid: it's not disney rainbow farts sort of series

Default avatar.png **IcedBlackSapphire slaps around a bit with a large fishbot

AntiSquid: and how they are problems themselves

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: ooooh

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: i'd also watch a movie if it was called "Batman is bored and depressed"

AntiSquid: have you seen Watchmen ?

Astrobytes: Joker was good.

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: "No more criminal activity in gotham, Batman is bored all day"

AntiSquid: mediocre imo

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: watchmen hmmm. the thing is, all hollywood movies except a few gems are the same :D

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: they all follow a similar script

AntiSquid: Watchmen is a gem imo

AntiSquid: it's superhero movie, but not marvel type

Astrobytes: That's the only way Hollywood makes money, sticking to the formula

AntiSquid: the watchmen series is garbage though, avoid it

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: don't you get exhausted by the good guys vs bad guys narrative?

AntiSquid: IcedBlackSapphire first watch Watchmen / The Boys . then come back

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: the secret hollywood formula: make shitty movies and sequels where every script is the same, then trick people with big budget advertising into watching it on popcorn time and lawyer up

Astrobytes: I recommend an old BBC movie from the early 80s, called Threads. It's about a nuclear attack/war. There is no happy ending, only misery, death and destruction.

AntiSquid: it's not batman fighting off bat soup enthusiasts

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: @Astrobytes well now you spoiled it

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: :(

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: :D

Astrobytes: Nah, that's the whole premise

Astrobytes: It's the grimmest film in existence. Well, wrt apocalyptic scenarios

Astrobytes: You should ofc follow that up immediately afterwards with When The Wind Blows

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: is there a website like codingame just for neural network type of stuff?

Astrobytes: Kaggle

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: nah, i mean like clash of code

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: kaggle is month long competitions

Astrobytes: You can use NNs on here, but it's a bit fiddly

Astrobytes: But you couldn't clash using a NN...

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: oh, like create a contribution for clash of code?

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: why? because of time to train?

Astrobytes: Yeah most probably...

Astrobytes: Better suited for multiplayer bot games

Astrobytes: Top CSB is NN

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: csb?

Astrobytes: Coders Strike Back, the pod-racing one

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: oh ok, is it using the standard hardware that's accessible to everyone?

Astrobytes: Quite a few in the top of the CSB league

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: or is it using mice embryo neurons? Kappa

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: check this article out:

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: i did, but they are not on the leaderboard or am i looking at the wrong leaderboard?

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire:

eulerscheZahl: they changed their names

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: what is the maximum score obtainable?

Astrobytes: Anything above reCurs e's mega-score I guess :P

eulerscheZahl: depends on the other players, there is no real maximum

eulerscheZahl: larger league => higher scores

eulerscheZahl: there's an old leaderboard screenshot

Astrobytes: I don't remember Dapo being #1 in 2018? Or that's an older screenshot and his upload is 2018?

eulerscheZahl: pen was first when he uploaded that

Astrobytes: I remember pen always being #1 until pb 4 and Agad e did that

Astrobytes: Must've missed it

eulerscheZahl: Dapo was first for a long time before pen

Astrobytes: Oh, must be my crappy memory then :)

elderlybeginner: anyone knows how to get rid of editor's suggestions and hints? I'm fighting with it for a few days already

eulerscheZahl: i know. you keep asking this for ways

eulerscheZahl: days

Astrobytes: There's only option to toggle "accept suggestion on Enter key" afaik

elderlybeginner: yep, I'm asking about for a few days, as it's damn annoying No, "accept suggestions..." doesn't help. I want to switch it off completly

Default avatar.png JBM: for those who wondered what i was fighting the CG SDK for, yesterday evening:

Astrobytes: elderlybeginner, I know that option doesn't help, I was simply pointing out that this is the only autocompletion setting available. Complain to CG.

Illedan: Dapo was first until they lowered the time limit

Astrobytes: Aha

Astrobytes: Nice JBM!

Illedan: Nice graphics JBM :D

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah i'm quite the talented artist

eulerscheZahl: "Just read the sample code. You can figure this out."

Astrobytes: Almost as artistically talented as eulerscheZahl :D

eulerscheZahl: talking about my initial bender version?

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: And the Tower Dereference earliest version

Astrobytes: That was like a Rembrandt

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: so:when i print a higher number than my opponent, the troll moves towards the opponent

eulerscheZahl: and the player having the troll at the castle loses

Illedan: RPS game

eulerscheZahl: indeed seems too random for me as an official game. but to get started with the SDK: sure

eulerscheZahl: "can the problem be totally solved?" no. there is no solution

eulerscheZahl: and there is no spooon

struct: Fun gamer

struct: game*

struct: Wanna see if I can finish Yinsh today

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: i bet against it

reCurse: Let's spice it up

reCurse: If you don't finish it today, delete your account

Illedan: xD

struct: Okay ill get today a working version, but not final viewer

eulerscheZahl: if you finish it, Illedan will delete his account. is that enough motivation?

struct: I want better veiwer

struct: ok

struct: deal

struct: Anyone wanna join?

struct: I think we can make a big team

struct: :D

Illedan: Should I use CSB graphics for SR? :thinking:

struct: imo no

ZarthaxX: big delete team

reCurse: No

Illedan: Keep like now?

reCurse: You should just make complex driving physics like drift and stuff

reCurse: And a race track with mud

Astrobytes: Use a MM car, with drifting and tyremarks, smoke :P

eulerscheZahl: SR? Srystal Rush?

Illedan: search race.

Illedan: My optim

eulerscheZahl: the mean max car is great. i have it in 5 colors

Illedan: Drifting :thinking:

Illedan: Add handbrake skill too? And oil around the maps?

reCurse: 2fast2search: Tokyo Drift

Astrobytes: hahaha

Astrobytes: No oil.

struct: yes to oil

struct: rain

Illedan: Wont :P Will keep it simple

Astrobytes: Oil not be happy with oil

reCurse: But it's so boooooring

Illedan: Because you have a PhD in csb..

struct: Even some obstacles

Astrobytes: Like people. Death-First Search Race

reCurse: Drift-First Search

struct: Illedan you can have both version

struct: noob version

struct: drift version

Illedan: How is even drift physics :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: no more 2 versions of 1 game please. i considered that nonsense for coders of the realm already

Astrobytes: Noob: Don't Fucking Search Expert: Drift-First Search

Astrobytes: That would please some of the people in the PAC PM thread at least

Illedan: With drift it will fast turn into a RAIC game :D

reCurse: Do it

reCurse: Make the referee take 50ms to compute physics

reCurse: That way no sim is possible

reCurse: True AI is achieved

reCurse: etc

Astrobytes: lol

Illedan: 100k step movement calculating every little rock and piece of sand

reCurse: It's not complex enough until you get CG to send you a cease and desist

struct: also add gearbox please

Illedan: haha

Illedan: If I add 1000 validators to SR, they might not be happy for spammers :D

eulerscheZahl: there's a 10MB upload size maximum. i think you have to golf the referee

Illedan: 165 kb with 150 validators now..

reCurse: Do you even compress

reCurse: You just need seed as input

reCurse: Cmon

Astrobytes: Also add the slowest procedural smoke generation algo you possibly can

Illedan: I added exhaust, which is a Fire sprite flipped xD

Astrobytes: Realtime generation or gtfo

Illedan: Generate in Java and make huge replays :rocket:

Astrobytes: CG Perfection.

reCurse: Juck Fava

Astrobytes: Actually, if you write the whole thing in Clojure I'll give you €1

reCurse: Can you invoke nodejs from the SDK? I have funny ideas

eulerscheZahl: you can run a lot of code from the SDK. julien said you can even add 3D rendering if you want to

Astrobytes: Jesus christ, can you imagine

reCurse: No that's very different

eulerscheZahl: but it's sandboxed. i tried to send requests with user permission but completely failed

reCurse: PIXI can do 3d, sure

reCurse: I'm talking about the server side of things

eulerscheZahl: only coding the referee once and still efficient?

reCurse: I'd do the whole referee in JS

reCurse: That way the viewer is almost free

reCurse: And replays will be the tiniest CG has ever seen

Default avatar.png KittyKora: where do i start

Astrobytes: At the beginning.

reCurse: I'd just need to invoke node from the java referee

Default avatar.png KittyKora: where is that

eulerscheZahl: Amsterdam

AntiSquid: not in chat KittyKora

Astrobytes: Onboarding. Easy puzzles.

Default avatar.png KittyKora: then where

AntiSquid: that's your choice

Default avatar.png KittyKora: could u stop making fun of me

Default avatar.png KittyKora: and stop telling me the obviouse

reCurse: When you ask tangible questions

Default avatar.png KittyKora: be nice its my 1st time here

Astrobytes: Nobody is making fun of you. You asked where to start. Easy puzzles is usually the place to start.

AntiSquid: i don't even know what you want to start

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 be nice to him

Automaton2000: idk what to do with the info of possible opponent locations

Default avatar.png KittyKora: where do i find easy puzzles


AntiSquid: you're considered a threat to Automaton2000

Automaton2000: yeah its a bit more

Default avatar.png KittyKora: thnx

Astrobytes: Use the PRACTICE link at the top for the main puzzles page

struct: This language

struct: Java

eulerscheZahl: you don't like it?

struct: no

eulerscheZahl: good

Default avatar.png JBM: it doesn't like you either

struct: I dont mind

Default avatar.png IcedBlackSapphire: lol :D console.log("1 2 4 8 16")

Default avatar.png JBM: it HATES me ftm


struct: it works

eulerscheZahl: yay

struct: after 8 months

Marchete: \o/

ZarthaxX: Marchete :O

struct: What have you been up to Marchete?

struct: Long time we dont see you

Marchete: hi

struct: hi

ZarthaxX: alive

ZarthaxX: hai

struct: guys check discord to vote for the "release mode on ide"

IAmNoob: Why JBM is level 43 and dont has a character

Default avatar.png JBM: why not

IAmNoob: this is what i mean

IAmNoob: why u dont have

Default avatar.png JBM: yes bcus it's am

IAmNoob: ??

IAmNoob: it's what

Default avatar.png JBM: an moreso

IAmNoob: ok

IAmNoob: and u can put an avatar

IAmNoob: u look lika a guest

Default avatar.png JBM: that i can

Default avatar.png JBM: well, am i not?

IAmNoob: no

IAmNoob: u are level 43

IAmNoob: bro

IAmNoob: thats a big number

IAmNoob: u are in legend category

Default avatar.png JBM: it's merely the same color

Default avatar.png JBM: there is no legend category

IAmNoob: it is

IAmNoob: if you have a level bigger than 40

tobk: ugh, pac-bot dropped from G-50 to G-150 until end of contest, now climbed back to G-50... :rage:

Default avatar.png JBM: says who? :P

IAmNoob: me

IAmNoob: wut

Uljahn: your nick doesn't match with your level ;/

IAmNoob: I know;)

eulerscheZahl: make it G8 and you will be in the news tobk

Uljahn: G is for gold?

IAmNoob: I guess

Uljahn: CG evolves so fast, so hard to stay in touch with all those recent TLAs

IAmNoob: :))

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl do you rememeber rectangle partition easy puzzle

eulerscheZahl: vaguely

ZarthaxX: okey

CyberLemonade: ZarthaxX one from jbm?

ZarthaxX: nono

ZarthaxX: coffecup

eulerscheZahl: java coffee guy

ZarthaxX: that knight dude

CyberLemonade: oh yeye

ZarthaxX: was gonna say it didnt seem like an easy one

ZarthaxX: lol

CyberLemonade: "was"?

ZarthaxX: i wanted to say...

ZarthaxX: was it bruteforceable?

eulerscheZahl: i even gave feedback on it to make it harder i think. not sure anymore

ZarthaxX: i didnt try that

ZarthaxX: okey..

ZarthaxX: lol

CyberLemonade: yes I brute forced it

ZarthaxX: taking each pair of cuts i both X and Y?

eulerscheZahl: might be in some languages. mine is O(n^2), n = max(horizontal lines, vertical lines)

IAmNoob: I discoverd oker Chip Race and i like a lot

ZarthaxX: thought it was too much

ZarthaxX: same eulerscheZahl

ZarthaxX: record deltas in both X and Y and then combine them

CyberLemonade: yes

eulerscheZahl: seems that i commented somewhere is i get mentioned in the discussion

eulerscheZahl: maybe on chat as i can't see my own comment

ZarthaxX: ah :P

ZarthaxX: well then, thanks guys

eulerscheZahl: i'm pretty sure it was much simpler initially

ZarthaxX: was curious

eulerscheZahl: but i don't remember what it was

eulerscheZahl: wait, i do remember

CyberLemonade: didn't JBM have some chocolate bricking problem?

ZarthaxX: i mean, i dont think this way of solving it could be counted as easy

Default avatar.png JBM: the goro one

eulerscheZahl: counting squares but not allowing to merge regions

CyberLemonade: Goro the gorilla or something

Default avatar.png JBM: goro's not a gorilla lol

CyberLemonade: yss that one was great

CyberLemonade: JBM o :(

ZarthaxX: lol

eulerscheZahl: when did you join the instafluff company?

ZarthaxX: in the contest

ZarthaxX: it's just a team..

eulerscheZahl: i should have changed company too. and school. just to win something

ZarthaxX: that doesnt sound right..

ZarthaxX: lol

struct: Wasnt only the school/company that won?

eulerscheZahl: or ask the winner if he sells me his bot

Astrobytes: lol

IAmNoob: :))

ZarthaxX: im paying in euros

IAmNoob: you had a good bot too

Astrobytes: Greetings Zarthberg

eulerscheZahl: you missed all the :popcorn: ZarthaxX

ZarthaxX: wdym?

eulerscheZahl: selling bots

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes im running out of names

ZarthaxX: i saw it

ZarthaxX: the girl one

ZarthaxX: disqualified

eulerscheZahl: oh

Astrobytes: Get creative Zarthatron

ZarthaxX: saw the msg you pasted of the chat with her

ZarthaxX: i laughed so much dude

eulerscheZahl: names for what? variables?

ZarthaxX: naming astrobyto

eulerscheZahl: do it like my school teacher: a,b,c,d,e,...

Astrobytes: I come up with new names for Zarthahoolie here, and he is running out of ideas for AStrobytes

ZarthaxX: lmao eulerscheZahl

ZarthaxX: lets go with Astrobynomical

Astrobytes: I like that :thumbsup:

ZarthaxX: this game is getting harder and hardear :P

Illedan: What game? :P

eulerscheZahl: naming game

IAmNoob: lol

Illedan: oh

eulerscheZahl: ubuntu has some creative naming with their versions

Astrobytes: eulerscheZarth, Illedancer

struct: Every thing I write I struggle :(

struct: I dont want to delete

Astrobytes: structle

eulerscheZahl: all alliterations, moving forward in the alphabet

struct: Its so close to being done

struct: yet so far

struct: I just need to create 1 function to finish

struct: rest is trivial

reCurse: function or delete struct

Astrobytes: Oh those are great eulerscheZahl, they appeal to my biologist-side

eulerscheZahl: the 3k lines monster function?

IAmNoob: ;-;

IAmNoob: eulerscheZahl i am the 155th in your puzzle ( number shifting )

IAmNoob: :0

eulerscheZahl: great, now solve more

IAmNoob: out of 363

IAmNoob: i will

IAmNoob: i'll try bender 4

eulerscheZahl: the highest ranked by hand solver is uljahn with 100 levels

IAmNoob: :)))

CyberLemonade: wow

eulerscheZahl: 363? :o

eulerscheZahl: wasn't aware that so many looked into number shifting already

CyberLemonade: well the concept was first of its kind

eulerscheZahl: wait, there are 155 only :(

CyberLemonade: I got to level 10, sadly lost my code

IAmNoob: no...

IAmNoob: there are 363

Astrobytes: I'm 21st, stopped at level 65, by hand

IAmNoob: and i am the 155th

eulerscheZahl: ah, now i know where you got the 363

IAmNoob: ???

eulerscheZahl: some clicked "play" but never submitted

IAmNoob: :)0

eulerscheZahl: 65 levels by hand is still impressive

IAmNoob: but istill wrote 1000 lines

eulerscheZahl: Illedan where is the app? :P

CyberLemonade: what app?

Astrobytes: I can probably do more, I forgot about it :P

CyberLemonade: and did anyone manage to break the codes?

eulerscheZahl: app version of

eulerscheZahl: dreadylein broke the random number generator

CyberLemonade: :O

Default avatar.png JBM: now there are random pieces everywhere

Astrobytes: Someone should do 1024, no 2048

eulerscheZahl: reverse the seed by looking at the levels. than he knew the solution as i start building the levels on a solved board

Illedan: Ah, yeah on my list of items to finish

eulerscheZahl: now i use SecureRandom

CyberLemonade: Astrobytes how much strategy is 2048 actually?

eulerscheZahl: from the crypto class

eulerscheZahl: started 13min ago

Snef: Illedan is there a way for you to retrieve the player's score ?

Snef: from your game

eulerscheZahl: if there is no one listed on the leaderboard: no

eulerscheZahl: for a single testcase? no

Snef: no global, to kinda create a leaderboard

Astrobytes: CyberLemonade not much for a solver I guess

Snef: leaderboard is really the missing thing for his game..

CyberLemonade: I can't access chat with IDE open, is this universal or just me>

CyberLemonade: ?*

Astrobytes: Just you I think

eulerscheZahl: not possible then

eulerscheZahl: they even removed the chat from preview arenas :o

eulerscheZahl: that's a good thing. too easy to click a link to an external website and reveal a hidden game with your referrer

Astrobytes: Oh my bad, just refreshed. Gone indeed. Sorry CyberLemonade

CyberLemonade: I'm too lazy to report it

eulerscheZahl: it's not a bug. it's a feature!

Astrobytes: It may well be a feature, who knows

CyberLemonade: whyyy

eulerscheZahl: these private contributions are for contest creation

CyberLemonade: it's such a nice distraction

struct: What resolution CyberLemonade?

CyberLemonade: struct 1080p, zoom 100%

struct: strange

kovi: i may skip topcoder once again

struct: I skip, I need to finish Yinsh

struct: Yesterday Illedan game already slowed me down

reCurse: Yeah tell me about it -_-

eulerscheZahl: i did relatively well in the last topcoder marathon, chances for a tshirt

eulerscheZahl: but then there was this boring seismologic marathon also counting for the marathon ranking :(

kovi: what is necessary for tshirt this year?

kovi: top20 in a stage?

eulerscheZahl: yes


kovi: i missed it in stage2

eulerscheZahl: Starting from this match, marathon local testers have other options, including running a range of seeds with a single command, running more than one seed at time (multiple threads), controlling time limit, saving input/output/error and loading solution from a file.

eulerscheZahl: nice!

kovi: wow

Csipcsirip: is it possible / worth it to join only the last stage ?

kovi: each stage give separate chance

kovi: but 1st marathon of stage3 is done (won by psyho)

kovi: btw, still no tshirt from last year

kovi: and btw2, cg tshirt (ooc) is on the way now

eulerscheZahl: i'm only waiting for RAIC and kotlin heroes shirts atm

eulerscheZahl: and that damn robot, screw you :rage:

ZarthaxX: lol

ZarthaxX: riddles?

eulerscheZahl: yes

reCurse: From experience you need to keep poking people every 2 months or so

Illedan: Snef, will hopefully be done during tomorrow and we can have a real leaderboard ;)

eulerscheZahl: 2.5 years ago, will never see it

reCurse: Otherwise may as well forget about them

eulerscheZahl: i poked. they told me they sent it

CyberLemonade: wow

kovi: i give more time to raic

Snef: Nice Illedan

kovi: covid is just peaked in russia

eulerscheZahl: raic already announced shipping within 2 weeks. then corona happened

CyberLemonade: Is the lockdown over in Germany?

eulerscheZahl: we never had a full lockdown

CyberLemonade: or did they just start bundesliga like that

CyberLemonade: oh

eulerscheZahl: but for shopping and public transportation you still need a mask

eulerscheZahl: and we are encouraged to work from home when possible

CyberLemonade: hmmmm we still have a full lockdown

Saelyos: Hello, my PM is up there

eulerscheZahl: we had social distancing which disallowed to visit friends and relatives

eulerscheZahl: still very limited group size for meeting friends

eulerscheZahl: no contact sports allowed

CyberLemonade: and how are they playing football then?

eulerscheZahl: bundesliga just has influence in politics. they get a special treatment

CyberLemonade: o.o

struct: thanks saelyos

CyberLemonade: well we are not allowed to leave our house, except to get groceries

struct: Here bars are already open

struct: recipee for disaster

eulerscheZahl: yeah: thanks Saelyos!

MSmits: hey I noticed USA is now officially a flawed democracy


eulerscheZahl: even with pictures

kovi: nice Saelyos. and gratz!

CyberLemonade: yes congrats

eulerscheZahl: MSmits and that map is from 2019

eulerscheZahl: they had 5 more months of trump since

MSmits: ye, gonna be worse

struct: They will most like get more 4 years

MSmits: struct its impossible to tell, i would not say "most like"

CyberLemonade: yes

CyberLemonade: more like most definitely

MSmits: it's just a possibility, noone knows

struct: im from the future

eulerscheZahl: "Ihr seid doch die dümmsten Kälber, wählt euch eure Metzger selber" (Edmund Stoiber, German politician) translation without rhyme: you are the dumbest calfs, electing your own butchers

MSmits: trump will get less votes % than he did last time i think, but the electoral system is pretty bad

MSmits: also they can hack the voting machines

MSmits: what did he say this about eulerscheZahl?

MSmits: or who

eulerscheZahl: said that on his campaign to his potential voters :D

eulerscheZahl: they were not amused

MSmits: err no

CyberLemonade: that's not cool

CyberLemonade: sounds pretty badass

Astrobytes: Similar to "turkeys voting for Christmas"

eulerscheZahl: in the region where he said that, other parties are more popular than him

Insufficient: they should make that a kaggle problem - predict the us election outcome by seat

MSmits: Astrobytes I honestly dont know whether you are referring to the bird or the country

Astrobytes: The bird, lol

eulerscheZahl: german vote counting has been proven to be vulernable too. we still have manual counting of paper votes for official results. but the electronic system has flaws

MSmits: who eats a turkey on christmas?

MSmits: did they win the vote?

Astrobytes: Not me. It's just an expression.

MSmits: hmm ok

Astrobytes: Turkeys are traditionally eaten in certain places at Christmas.

MSmits: I see

CyberLemonade: India also has manual counting in many constituencies

AntiSquid: lol with the electronic system everyone will either blame it on russian / chinese / mexican bots if their fav candidate doesn't win

AntiSquid: electronic voting system *

MSmits: thats what is worrisome

eulerscheZahl: we have electronic counting for fast results. and manual for official results

eulerscheZahl: but the manual results are 2-3 weeks after

AntiSquid: do you believe in russian bots rigging elections MSmits ?

MSmits: believe? It's not belief. They have been spreading fake stuff on social media.

MSmits: it's been pretty well documented I think

AntiSquid: i am talking about actually rigging numbers

Astrobytes: Yup. If I were them it's what I would do.

MSmits: AntiSquid no idea

AntiSquid: changing opinions on social media isn't that impressive

Astrobytes: They just have to meddle, the rest takes care of itself.

MSmits: it's in Russia's best interest to not have Trump as president

Astrobytes: Cyberwarfare etc

MSmits: a deranged lunatic with nukes at his fingertips...

AntiSquid: using other country's easy to manipulate people to change election result isn't really cyberwarefare

reCurse: They know he's all talk

Astrobytes: Since he's a fking idiot he's also handy to have on your side, swings both ways MSmits

reCurse: No threat whatsoever

MSmits: if any of the stuff they have on him leaks out, he may have a screw you moment

MSmits: he's old, he rages

MSmits: it happens

reCurse: All bark no bite

MSmits: kind of a tough thing to gamble with, even if there is a 1% chance he flips out, its not worth it

Astrobytes: The only mushroom shaped thing you'll get with trump is... no I won't continue

reCurse: He's doing a great job dissolving the "western alliance", what's not to like

AntiSquid: quite sure pretty much all of the murican gov is corrupt, it's all about business and money over there anyway

Astrobytes: And not here AntiSquid?

AntiSquid: ya, but i like to look at the neighbour's lawn first

Astrobytes: ;)

eulerscheZahl: "He's doing a great job" and that's where he would stop to read

MSmits: not sure what the UK is like, but in many western European countries there's plenty of people in politics that are not corrupt and trying to do a good job

MSmits: in the US as well I think, there are just too few

Astrobytes: AntiSquid "using other country's easy to manipulate people to change election result isn't really cyberwarefare" - No, but they actively engage in it, to cause disruption. Everyone does.

AntiSquid: propaganda was always an issue

Astrobytes: *is

MSmits: as soon as a country stops investing in education, this starts to be more of a problem

Insufficient: there's a fun dramatization of brexit on netflix btw where they allude to the way targetted marketing found non voters and got them to vote

AntiSquid: uni in merica results in life long debt afaik :D

MSmits: seems like it

Astrobytes: All the shenanigans behind Brexit are very interesting. And related to Trump campaign. And Russia. It's great.

MSmits: half of them just dont believe education and healthcare as rights

NickStahl: You should watch "The great hack" on Netflix

NickStahl: It really shines a light on how Brexit and Trump could win...

Scarfield: there is this danish tech guy who made an episode about the "security" of the american election. i was honestly shocked watching it

MSmits: this corona crisis is really going to wreck the US. If the health situation is bad, wait till millions of people get kicked out of their homes

eulerscheZahl: wait for tornado season

NickStahl: 1/5th got fired :thinking:

MSmits: thats just a few states though

eulerscheZahl: you can't put everyone in a basketball hall now

MSmits: true

MSmits: the sad thing is, even if they try to fix things and spend lots of money to do so, the system is corrupt enough that a big chunk will be funneled to people that are already ruch

MSmits: rich

AntiSquid: "To be honest I had very low motivation to deal with incomplete information, as it was the third contest in a row with this kind of stuff and this time it felt way harder than usual to bruteforce the enemy possibilities and prune them to only keep the valid ones." - haha i like the PMs

KAIn: gratz for taking over on #1 (again), eulerscheZahl

AntiSquid: but CG had nearly 5k ! so maybe next contest should have incomplete info :D

eulerscheZahl: thanks

MSmits: I would play anyway

reCurse: You'd fit well in marketing

AntiSquid: who

reCurse: You

AntiSquid: ok

AntiSquid: i will take that as a compliment

eulerscheZahl: it wasn't

MSmits: :popcorn:

Astrobytes: You'd have to change name to Antitrust though

cegprakash: hey I"m streaming shortly

cegprakash: Bit runner 2048



eulerscheZahl: k4ng0u why did you delete?

AntiSquid: don't know what the comment was even about though

Astrobytes: I did some streaming of my own earlier cegprakash, drank a lot of water today

k4ng0u: eulerscheZahl false manipulation will repost qsqp

k4ng0u: asap

cegprakash: aw I missed

Astrobytes: whoosh :P It was a crude joke ceg, sorry

AntiSquid: cegprakash water stream he drank lots of water

struct: Where is the stream?

cegprakash: 1 min

cegprakash: same link

cegprakash: all set

eulerscheZahl: first you finish Yinsh

struct: yes

reCurse: fiyinsh it

Astrobytes: groan

AntiSquid: how long ?


struct: Now I need to check if this is correct

eulerscheZahl: jeez

struct: 154 moves in 1 turn

struct: not on that list though

cegprakash: hey

cegprakash: can u hear me on stream

Illedan: Sure

MSmits: in space, noone can hear you stream

struct: ceg dont forget there is referee available

Astrobytes: lol MSmits

struct: oh god how will i test all these moves :(

Astrobytes: With your sim, presumably

struct: I dont trust my sim

struct: :D

Astrobytes: hahaa, well now, might have to manually apply each move

struct: But I see repeating moves :(

Astrobytes: lol, this game is your nemesis

eulerscheZahl: and i suggested it. so i broke struct?

struct: no, your suggestion was good

struct: My first releae of the game was bad

struct: very bad

Astrobytes: Yeah, it's just you've given him an everlasting task

struct: Now i have 2 options

struct: remove duplicates

struct: or fix the code :D

eulerscheZahl: are you sure there are no missing moves?

struct: yes

Default avatar.png ProDCG: Hi

struct: "yes"

struct: hi

Astrobytes: Get some additional programmers to help you with your late project struct, that *always* works...

struct: If a programmer sees my code

struct: he quits coding

reCurse: So you quit coding? Or you're not a programmer?

eulerscheZahl: but you need consultants, not just any programmers

struct: Im not a programmer

Astrobytes: I was just referencing Brooks' Law

struct: Ill fix code properly

struct: I still have time

Astrobytes: An entire lifetime

eulerscheZahl: you know how to create new accounts

jacek: well chat is gone when ide is open

Astrobytes: We all know

jacek: yet here you are

reCurse: Curse or blessing? :thinking:

kovi: bug or feature?

jacek: reBlessing

Astrobytes: IDE open on other monitor jacek

Astrobytes: kovi Thibaud reckons a bug

struct: but this happens where?

struct: only on demos right?

jacek: whenever you have ide

struct: hmm

Astrobytes: Yep

struct: I can open ide

struct: and still have chat


Astrobytes: Still nothing for me

struct: ok if i refresh it breaks

Astrobytes: d'oh

Astrobytes: :P

jacek: what if you refresh account

struct: try it

struct: im busy with yinsh

jacek: finally no distraction

Trice: Can I have some help with code royale?

Trice: I can't solve it...

eulerscheZahl: AutomatonNN your job

AutomatonNN: :by

Astrobytes: Perhaps Automaton2000 can help

Automaton2000: i tried some kind of weird

Astrobytes: Trice, it's not really something you 'solve' as such

jacek: you can solve chess but not code royale?

Astrobytes: Go solve Code Royale then :P

Trice: :D

eulerscheZahl: he's still busy solving chess

Trice: I have some problem with the moving

struct: I think I found the bug

eulerscheZahl: is it fixable without full rewrite?

Trice: Can't beat some players, after i was able to beat the bot

Astrobytes: What's the movement issue Trice?

struct: I think its fixed

struct: :p

dbf: chat window is not available now when ide is open. anyone was able to fix it?

eulerscheZahl: reported on the discord bug channel

Astrobytes: Reported it on Discord earlier dbdr, seems like a bug

Astrobytes: damn you euler :P

dbf: great thanks, will go to vote for it :)

eulerscheZahl: classic :D

Trice: I really don't know what is the problem :D

Trice: Any tip for rewrite?

eulerscheZahl: and you even failed the tab completion Astrobytes


struct: No more dupes

dbdr: dbdr ping for dbf is also a classic :D

eulerscheZahl: db[tab] for 1 f?

eulerscheZahl: of d[tab]?

Astrobytes: goddammit

eulerscheZahl: or*

eulerscheZahl: struct not gonna read that


eulerscheZahl: i still feel bad for making EugenioToshiAmato change his nick because of mine

eulerscheZahl: he was on CG before me :(

struct: What did he change to?

dbf: you stole his nickname?

struct: I think people pinged him on e tab

eulerscheZahl: ToshiTuringMachine

eulerscheZahl: even eu[tab]

Astrobytes: lol dbdr (got it right this time)

Astrobytes: #]'

Astrobytes: sorry, Gizmo stood on the keyboard

eulerscheZahl: the one from wechall?

Astrobytes: No lol, my youngest cat

Astrobytes: The one in my avatar

eulerscheZahl: cute cat

Astrobytes: Yeah she is. Totally crazy too.

Astrobytes: Very good at MCTS (Monte Carlo Typing Stuff)

struct: ok I have bugs

struct: bad bugs

eulerscheZahl: delete

struct: Still have time, but I dont think today is enough :(

ZarthaxX: de le te


cegprakash: hey eulerscheZahl

cegprakash: help me on my stream

cegprakash: for BitRunner

struct: What help do you need'

struct: ?

Astrobytes: euler didn't play BR cegprakash

AntiSquid: cegprakash when you fail on stream learn from the pros, stop stream and erase all evidence, then deny it ever happened

Default avatar.png JBM: i KNEW it

Astrobytes: Hmmm... wonder where I saw that before... :thinking: :P

k4ng0u: can you achieve a good bitrunner score without a solid sim from csb?

Astrobytes: Sim fully required.

k4ng0u: (I mean without days/weeks/months of work)

AntiSquid: get your sim from bit runner instead! no need for csb

Astrobytes: And I think there were some differences in the engine from CSB, nothing too major... been a while, can't remember

Astrobytes: Sim's easy enough to implement, referee is nice and clear

k4ng0u: Antisquid how fast can that been done (if you are an average programmer I mean)

AntiSquid: idk ?! there's a referee no?

AntiSquid: i mean it's still easier to read than UTG and it didn't take me long to understand UTG referee

Astrobytes: Yeah, converting it to C++ isn't hard

struct: not long k4ng0u

Astrobytes: Assuming you were wanting C++ k4ng0u

cegprakash: i'm gonna delete all the evidence

struct: What happened ceg?

cegprakash: BitRunner never came to my life

Astrobytes: The CG remembers cegprakash

AntiSquid: you should say stuff like "what evidence?" instead of that cegprakash

k4ng0u: let's suppose you are ok in C++ (not the best but an ok dev) how much time would it take to come out with a good sim?

AntiSquid: depends how motivated i feel

cegprakash: I saw the sim

struct: Do you have experience in CSB/FB?

cegprakash: it was just pos + velocity

Astrobytes: Couple of hours


cegprakash: check the move function

cegprakash: but it doesn't work that way

Astrobytes: IF you are motivated enough

AntiSquid: 1-2 days really, but i hate writing sims so maybe i would just implement it piece by piece

cegprakash: something fishy

struct: It works that way

cegprakash: I print target - velocity

cegprakash: but it doesn't move properly

AntiSquid: i mean max 1-2 days ... i don't really like physics games

struct: -?

struct: target - velocity?

k4ng0u: that's pretty sick, I am guessing most ppl were not that much into recent games as the sim would probably take less time to make

k4ng0u: despite that only a few were legends

cegprakash: my target is always origin unless enemy is bringing a prisoner to center

struct: k4ng0u its preety hard to get legend on BR

AntiSquid: pacman was a good game imo

cegprakash: when I decide to thrust at full speed towards prisoner

AntiSquid: despite the RNG

cegprakash: but it doesn't work as I intended struct

cegprakash: I quit

Astrobytes: Yeah, BR has *proper* bosses

cegprakash: BitRunner referee is probably buggy

struct: sure

Astrobytes: ffs ceg

struct: Is never your fault right?

struct: I have perfect simulation, with no off by 1 errors

AntiSquid: k4ng0u a lot of the java code can just be copied into c++ and then slightly modified to wrok

MSmits: yeah just switch the o and the r and its fine

Astrobytes: Then get optimising :P

cegprakash: oh wait I'm rank 20 and climbing

cegprakash: why did I close the stream

Astrobytes: Because you're a complete... ceg

Astrobytes: :P

AntiSquid: i thought you were going to burn the stream and hide the dead witnesses

struct: if you want to stream wood to legend do FB

struct: 130 lines javascript legend ezpz

cegprakash: FB I'm doing this weekend

AntiSquid: why did you stream with no preparation?

AntiSquid: br2k isn't easy for sure

struct: Should have used AVX ceg

MSmits: it is definitely not easy

Astrobytes: IS there a bug in the leaderboard ceg?

MSmits: it was intentionally made to be an advanced botter arena

MSmits: not for beginners

Astrobytes: It's a great game

Astrobytes: Need to go back to it and improve

cegprakash: okay I'm top 51/181 overall

cegprakash: not bad I think

struct: okay i submit and make you 52

Astrobytes: Yeah it's pretty much an exponential difficulty curve ceg, don't get prematurely excited

struct: I have massive bug, back to fixing it on Yinsh


cegprakash: turn 90 what should I print

struct: I probably would just be better if I redid

cegprakash: why are my bots not moving towards enemy cars

struct: Do you have sim?

cegprakash: that's so ugly

cegprakash: no

cegprakash: I have an if

struct: ah right, if is superior now

AntiSquid: only need 10 lines of ruby

Astrobytes: The One True AI

Astrobytes: I strongly suggest you write a sim, and implement a search cegprakash

Default avatar.png JBM: -3... forgot the rest

Astrobytes: Even csj discovered the benefits of sim + search for BR

cegprakash: Reaching #50 counts as a gold even though I didn't promote

Astrobytes: No, it seriously does not

struct: lol

struct: you would have been promoted to silver btw

cegprakash: I take top 20 are legends

cegprakash: and I'm in gold

cegprakash: okay Silver is good too

Astrobytes: Top 5 are in 'Legend', Wood 1

cegprakash: my stream goal was Bronze

Astrobytes: You are in Bronze

cegprakash: I reached gold!

cegprakash: #48

AntiSquid: wood

struct: Nice troll

Astrobytes: Are you insane?

AntiSquid: everyone here is

k4ng0u: Antisquid Astrobytes I don't think it's easy to rank high in bit runners (or even mad max) if you don't have solid knowledge about csb, no? According to me if those sims are easy then most of the recent cg games are trivial as well no?

Astrobytes: The referee is clear k4ng0u, so CSB knowledge isn't essential I'd say. The hard part of BR is the difficult bosses (They use SmitsiMax at varying depths)

cegprakash: #12 with depth 1

cegprakash: I'm happy

Astrobytes: Also, in BR, you can output "debug" once and you can check your sim collisions against the referee collisions (very useful)

Astrobytes: ceg, you are 47th

cegprakash: #12 in wood1

struct: *gold

cegprakash: sorry wood4

struct: *gold

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: You are in Bronze equivalent ceg

struct: No, he didnt get promoted due to referee bug

struct: He is gold

Astrobytes: No LB bug this time :thinking:

struct: I wonder he did mentioned that he didnt got promoted

struct: Might report it on bug-report

AntiSquid: k4ng0u i don't see the difference, you use the sim to simulate an action, if it's hard or not is besides the point, but after you get that shit ported from the referee bug free you just apply the usual meta heuristic of choice

AntiSquid: also CSB knowledge doesn't help with mean max since it's very different approach imo

Astrobytes: ^


cegprakash: how did I beat him?

cegprakash: it looks like a tie

struct: read statement

AntiSquid: no

AntiSquid: that's cheating

AntiSquid: don't read statement

Astrobytes: cegprakash:

struct: You beat him so easily, you must be legend

Astrobytes: lel

Astrobytes: I'm not even above Illedans stream bot lol

struct: How am I strugling with such an easy game

Astrobytes: Fking hell, my eval is a disgrace. I may need to rewrite that whole bot

struct: cegprakash you must do a contribution and stream it

Astrobytes: struct maybe you could stream Yinsh coding

Astrobytes: :P

struct: Too late now, most of the stuff is done

cegprakash: anyone want to co-stream with me this weekend

cegprakash: fantastic bits

Astrobytes: I imagine object being thrown around, keyboard bashing, table flipping

cegprakash: Astrobytes want to roast me?

cegprakash: or struct

cegprakash: I give u an opportunity

struct: Im very shy sorry

Astrobytes: lol nah, might join in the chat to troll you if I'm not busy :P

cegprakash: I'll code messi and ronaldo

cegprakash: you'll see

cegprakash: how they pass each other

cegprakash: even though Ronaldo is selfish

Astrobytes: I'm only silver in FB anyway, didn't get around to sim+search yet

cegprakash: I am already top 100 gold without sim

cegprakash: imagine if I add a sim

Astrobytes: Imagine.

struct: Im legend with 130 lines

struct: Imagine if i add sim

cegprakash: no sim struct?

cegprakash: wow

struct: I probably get rank 1

cegprakash: do u pass to ur teammates struct?

struct: Let me check

struct: no

cegprakash: oh

struct: My bot is bad though

Ken_Fool: is the ide feature disabled for normal puzzles?

cegprakash: when the IDE is open the chatbox is not visible for me

cegprakash: is it a bug or a feature?

Ken_Fool: same

Astrobytes: Bug cegprakash, been reported

Ken_Fool: is usage of external ide disabled for normal puzzles? i tried it first with pacman challenge and that worked fine

struct: you can use its fine

Ken_Fool: >.< i used different browser

Ken_Fool: thanks

Ken_Fool: ^^'

Astrobytes: :)

struct: No release today :(

reCurse: delete

struct: :'(

struct: im rank 404

struct: I guess this is destiny

Astrobytes: You've transcended leagues. 404 - League not found

AntiSquid: i see chatbox while in IDE

AntiSquid: ah nvm didn't refresh :D

AntiSquid: but i kinda like it this way

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 can't live without chat

Automaton2000: i can set the number of times

Snef: Hey guys i have a question for smithimax : If player 0 choose an illegal move i wanted to backprop a score of -1.0 for him but then what should i backprop for player 1 ? 0.0 ?

Illedan: Never allow illegal moves

Illedan: Makes no sense for player 1 to "learn" from an invalid move of p0 :P

Snef: it was easier for me to do like this first

Astrobytes: Not sure illegal moves make *anything* easier ;)

Snef: i mean when i create childs i don't have the gamestate

Illedan: What game?

Snef: the JBM demo

Illedan: Got link again?

Default avatar.png JBM:

Snef: should i compute the gamestate to create only valid moves ?

Astrobytes: That doesn't seem appropriate for a Smitsi Snef

Astrobytes: MCTS perhaps

Snef: illegal move doesn't depends on opponent behavior so it's fine for smitsimax i guess

CowZow: Hey what is smithimax? I would like to learn it :)


CowZow: ah thank you

Snef: sort of mcts but one tree per agent

Astrobytes: Hm yeah wait, it's simultaneous

Astrobytes: OT but Illedan, when will Search Race be finished?

Snef: to avoid illegalmove i should then compute a part of the game state when creating childs ?

Snef: i could store it in the node i guess..

Illedan: Tomorrow Astrobytes

Illedan: Soon done with debug mode

Illedan: and then I will try to see if I can fix something on the graphics

Illedan: Before I move to ready

Astrobytes: Nice Illedan, good stuff

struct: Well I think I found the bug

struct: I was adding stones to action

struct: and then i removed stone on undo action

struct: when i was trying to remove stones i was trying to find that removed stone

Oussamamazeghrane: hello i want freind for help

Scarfield: that troll needs more praise, nice JBM ! :D

Default avatar.png JBM: heh

Default avatar.png JBM: it's all zaap38's idea

Illedan: So simple, yet funny :P

Illedan: Is the contribution public btw?

Astrobytes: Funny or fun Illedan?

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah i didn't want to have to take 5h to write the I/O section

Default avatar.png JBM: that's my riterion nowadays

Default avatar.png JBM: *crit

Illedan: Fun and funny

Default avatar.png JBM: it's, well

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: I like it

Default avatar.png JBM: it's draft 'cuz i'm likely going to have to break some compatibility at some point

Astrobytes: Will do something proper with it tomorrow

struct: It's working

Default avatar.png JBM: but it's no secret, i even posted it on the forum

struct: Illedan delete

Illedan: Not too good for ongoing multi

Illedan: But would be very fun for a 4 hour contest, where no code is run until the end

Default avatar.png JBM: that's part of the debate yes

Illedan: to see what people would do

Illedan: :D

Default avatar.png JBM: it's probably very meta-sensitive

Illedan: Yeah

Astrobytes: Suggest ways to make it more multi-friendly

struct: I think its perfect for contest

Illedan: hence let everyone code something for 4 hours

Default avatar.png JBM: but is that really a problem? :D

struct: heuristics might do well

struct: no search required

Snef: finally a multi for real IA

Astrobytes: lol

dbdr: that meme

Illedan: :D

Default avatar.png JBM: can't get enough of it ^^

Illedan: I'm off. bye

Astrobytes: But you can fk off with that fog of war idea JBM :P

struct: cya

Snef: bn

Astrobytes: gn Illedan

Default avatar.png JBM: but it would make for more truer ai Astrobytes

Default avatar.png JBM: not like that sim nonsense Astrobytes

Astrobytes: :D


Default avatar.png JBM: NO U SILENCE


Default avatar.png JBM: lol hadn't heard that one in a long time

Astrobytes: :)


Astrobytes: It's... it's... working?!

struct: yes

Astrobytes: gj struct

struct: Now I need a decent viewer

struct: This one will do for debug purpouses

struct: But my code is a mess, I fix hacks with hacks

Astrobytes: Don't we all? :P

struct: If it works it works

struct: :D

Astrobytes: You can refactor later

Astrobytes: Anyway, bn/gn everyone

struct: gn astro

Default avatar.png ProDCG: gn

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I win against boss 90% of time and am still rank 19k

Default avatar.png DragonJ: in CSB

Default avatar.png JBM: fix it

Default avatar.png DragonJ: why is the current x and y giving me my next x and y?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: nevermind it was just a glitch

Default avatar.png DragonJ: what would you expect this to do: myPod.getV()

Default avatar.png DragonJ: in CSB

Xlos: get velocity

Xlos: Are you looking at my code xd

Xlos: velocity is the difference between this turns position and last turns position

Default avatar.png DragonJ: yeah and storing is being a pain

reCurse: I expect a compilation error because that's not part of the starting code

Default avatar.png DragonJ: Python is being a pain ugh

Default avatar.png JBM: that's what it's here for

Default avatar.png DragonJ: like even the for loops aren't working

Xlos: You can see my whole code if it's confusing you, I have the y coordinates flipped

Xlos: Also python is the least painful lanugage how can you hate on it

Default avatar.png JBM: try me

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I dont hate it , just nothing I try seems to work ugh

Xlos: Python has short and pretty syntax

Default avatar.png JBM: short?!

Xlos: Yeah

reCurse: Least painful? You just didn't try hard enough yet

Xlos: The only problem is it's slow

Default avatar.png JBM: or, at all

Xlos: Python doesn't have to deal with memory allocation like c++

Default avatar.png JBM: is that the "short" or "pretty" argument?

reCurse: Yes it does, it's just doing it insidiously behind the scenes

reCurse: Where as C++ is very upfront

Xlos: The points is you don't see it so it's simple

reCurse: The point is you don't see it so it backstabs you when you least expect it

Xlos: Everything in python has short name unlike java, min instead of math.min

Default avatar.png JBM: i think i see the apparent simplicity it claims

reCurse: #define m std::min

Xlos: That's bad practice though

Xlos: Also python list comprehension is cool af

reCurse: If you don't like performance sure

reCurse: hate it even

Xlos: I don't use python because it is slow

Default avatar.png JBM: python's list comprehensions are a badly-syntaxed subset of haskell's monad comprehensions

Xlos: Though, it's fast for machine learning and stuff if you use numpy

Default avatar.png JBM: so it's not fast?

Xlos: No it's slow

reCurse: If you sufficiently defer all your calculations so you deal with actual python as little as possible, I guess

Xlos: For Competitive programming

reCurse: But the same would be true for every other language

Default avatar.png JBM: are you good at competitive programming?

Xlos: I would say so

Default avatar.png JBM: cause i don't usually see python in the top ranks

Xlos: Yup, since it's slow

Default avatar.png DragonJ: horribly slow...

Xlos: A lot of high level problems differentiate between like n^2log(n) and n^3, so python means you get TLE also surely

Default avatar.png DragonJ: 1+1=(never finds 2 as answer)

Xlos: Oh another reason it's good is that

Xlos: I mean, bigint is the same as smallint

Default avatar.png JBM: that's probably a big slowness cause

Default avatar.png JBM: indeed

Xlos: Well, it doesn't switch to bigint until you overflow so it's actually not that big of a problem

Default avatar.png JBM: it's still a check per operation

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I still cant get python to store shit

Default avatar.png JBM: no it deals with bits usually

Xlos: I forget exactly how it works that may be true

Default avatar.png JBM: dunno if it's true

Default avatar.png JBM: but i know it can't be false

Default avatar.png DragonJ: If I cant use arrays for storing ints what should I use?

Default avatar.png JBM: batch tape

Xlos: Well there is an overflow bit set in integers when you do the computations by the hardware, so the check if if a bit is set, which may not change the time

Default avatar.png JBM: check, conditional branch

Default avatar.png JBM: not saying it's slow per se

Default avatar.png JBM: it's just slower than not doing it

Xlos: In any case that's not the reasons it's slow, it's more because of JIT or something

Default avatar.png JBM: and we're not counting the pre-op part yet

Default avatar.png JBM: the "should i perform a smallint of bigint add on this? lemme check" part

Default avatar.png JBM: "oh, and what about the other operand"

Default avatar.png DragonJ: how is that possible! it is saying that storing an array of strings is suddenly numbers again what????

reCurse: Enjoy dynamic typing

reCurse: It's "something"

Default avatar.png JBM: we like to call it "variant" typing nowadays

Default avatar.png JBM: even C++ got it ^^

Default avatar.png JBM: thank god for opt-in

Default avatar.png DragonJ: dude defining x as [[],[]] is still not making it an array

Xlos: Well you are entitled to your own opinion, I think that python was firs on a survey of 'languages people would most want to program in again' though

Default avatar.png JBM: reminds me of this

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I program worse in python ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: don't say that

Default avatar.png JBM: *everybody* programs worse in python!

reCurse: Good thing I don't pick programming languages by popular opinion :P

Default avatar.png DABOI: Is python easy to learn?

Xlos: Well I've done quite a lot with at least 5 and for me personally python is my favorite

Default avatar.png JBM: fair enough

Xlos: Most people I know agree python is the easiest common one to learn

Default avatar.png JBM: you might suffer from selection bias

Xlos: That's why I referenced the survey first

Default avatar.png JBM: though i possibly wouldn't disagree with you on that

Default avatar.png DragonJ: python is easy to learn if you can get it to store stuff

Default avatar.png DragonJ: which I cant seem to do :/

Xlos: What about [] isn't working for you

Xlos: Or, what are you trying to do

Default avatar.png DragonJ: trying to store each x value so I can get the turns velocity

Xlos: DO you need an array for that or only the last turn?

Default avatar.png DragonJ: I just want something that can store currently nothing is working

Xlos: For an array, do a =[], then a.insert(element)

Xlos: err a.append()

Xlos: Then you can access the last element with a[-1]

Default avatar.png DragonJ: apparently it wants the index so I cant do that

Default avatar.png DragonJ: will try append now

Default avatar.png DragonJ: thanks

Default avatar.png DragonJ: will write that down

Default avatar.png DragonJ: :)

Neon_Tuts: 3 Fastest mode in a row

Neon_Tuts: ?