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jrke: hey how can we command dead pacs

njaber: you can't?

jrke: so can we see pellets that our dead pellets can see

njaber: you can't

jrke: so what can dead pacs do

eulerscheZahl: they are just there so you know you killed them

njaber: nothing, they send the information to you for decdution

jrke: means no use just to show how many of our pacs died

Neabfi: yeah and to know how many enemy pacs are dead too

eulerscheZahl: and where they died

jrke: K

jrke: means they can't see anything

eulerscheZahl: correct

njaber: indeed

jrke: thanks :)

eulerscheZahl: this info is only relevant when you are competing forthe top

Default avatar.png mohammadhei05: shut

Zenoscave: shut what

Default avatar.png mohammadhei05:

Default avatar.png mohammadhei05: give me code

Zenoscave: no

Zenoscave: do your own homework

cegprakash: anyone doing depth 30?

cegprakash: :D

Default avatar.png mohammadhei05: ok

Default avatar.png mohammadhei05: :joy:

njaber: cegprakash I'm curious, when you're talking about depth, do you mean depth in number of turns, or in number of moves?

cegprakash: turns

cegprakash: ofc

Zenoscave: Does speed count as 1 or two turns?

cegprakash: 1

njaber: so top gold are doing 20-30 turns...

njaber: I need to find the answer to my problem quickly so I can implement it

Kellthazar: I want to hit gold to tried on Monte Carlo Tree Search again...

Kellthazar: to try*

Zenoscave: Kellthazar why not try it now

Csipcsirip: MCTS works pretty good if you combine it with a strong rollout heuristics

BenWo: I cannot get up the motivation to code tonight :P

Neabfi: yeah MCTS should guarantee you at least top 200 gold

Kellthazar: Csiripcsirip, but how to use a heuristic to make the random moves? This part is not clear to me.

Neabfi: I never implemented a MCTS on CG, I feel like it is not as simple to make it so that there are enough playout in 50ms

Csipcsirip: you only count moves in your random generator that makes sense. for example you dont go left right left right left right

cegprakash: I win against someone almost everytime on IDE but I lost 0-5 to him on arena

thethiny: randomness ftw

SurajMishra2209: I am still stuck at bronze...type F in chat

JohnCM: ya i'm a strong believer of monte carlo tree search too

JohnCM: just not for codingame, the timeout is killer

JohnCM: if it's 1 pac vs 1 pac still got chance

JohnCM: but the monte carlo complexity is exponential in the number of agents

JohnCM: as you need to multiply num actions per agent * num agent per time step

JohnCM: and it quickly explodes to 4 moves per agent per 10 agents (including opponent) = 4^10 calculations per time step

JohnCM: that is just only assuming up down left right

Csipcsirip: you can have a separate tree for every pacman

JohnCM: if you include speed and transform, there'll be more actions


JohnCM: well that won't be very accurate if we assume that the other agents are part of the environment

AntiSquid: did you see the player count euler? 5605

eulerscheZahl: wait, what?

AntiSquid: 4605 *

Csipcsirip: you run every pacman in the same env

eulerscheZahl: was 4.5k

eulerscheZahl: ah

AntiSquid: but it's bigger than accountant

eulerscheZahl: still: all-time highest :tada:

eulerscheZahl: might even reach the 5k mark

JohnCM: hmm i guess smitsimax might make a good approx. if you know your enemy posit

Csipcsirip: I don't count enemy at all yet. except I reset pellets, that are 100% eaten by him

Csipcsirip: but when the scores are 0 simmetricity is a good approximation

Kellthazar: Dont you consider enemy moves Csripcsirip?

Csipcsirip: not yet I just use the MCTS to make some collaboration between my pacs

Csipcsirip: but I guess I'll add the enemy with limited search depth / score, to avaoid chasing pellets, that will be eaten in few turns

Kellthazar: Really nice article...

eulerscheZahl: damn you random Csipcsirip

eulerscheZahl: now i have to debug offline :/

Csipcsirip: you can expect me submitting in every 10minits from now :p

Csipcsirip: but that win was no coincidence :D

JohnCM: haha that's good

JohnCM: i'm hoping to implement some advanced kill techniques like euler. hopefully that will give me a boost

eulerscheZahl: i clearly have a bug there. i was aware of it before but that match is a good way to reproduce it

eulerscheZahl: as advanced as in frame 85? :D

Csipcsirip: I think I submitted that version again btw

eulerscheZahl: that's the bug i'll address now

JohnCM: ah yup that kind

JohnCM: kill in a dead end

eulerscheZahl: and i miss it

eulerscheZahl: i exactly know why

JohnCM: that's good:)

eulerscheZahl: but needs a bit of cleanup

JohnCM: woohoo my recent submit is doing well

eulerscheZahl: you are close to 1st python already

Csipcsirip: I'm not sure btw to waste 5-10 rounds to kill an opponent pacman. especially at the end of the game

JohnCM: i optimized a bit of my heuristics to prioritize exploration more than exploit

Csipcsirip: *if its worth it

JohnCM: oh it's worth it at the start

JohnCM: either way, a sure kill helps remove one moving piece

JohnCM: quite worth it

JohnCM: romka does it quite often also

JohnCM: so funny how changing one of my heuristic by 0.1 can jump me 50 places

JohnCM: i feel like i'm the one tuning a "neural network" of heuristics

JohnCM: maybe it could be automated

vbplaya: I got on day one and did some coding but ran into a problem where on bigger maps the visible pellet count was not correct so it was failing because it was trying to take 1 too many "input()".

Did anyone else have that problem?

Csipcsirip: I'm almost 100% sure that the problem is not in the inputs given by cg :P

JohnCM: great.. happy with this recent submit. hopefully it'll be better after i implement the trap mechanism

JohnCM: :)

vbplaya: Ok, I understand that but I tried the starter code and it had the same issue. I had to change the line:

JohnCM: could it be the problem is not in the visible pellet input

JohnCM: but in the lines before?

JohnCM: like you read a line two times?

JohnCM: why not try printing out the inputs given and see if they make sense, maybe this would help you find out where the bug is

NapTown: never heard anybody else with that issue, and it would be a big issue

vbplaya: I did do the printing out .... I can't imagine nobody else had it but maybe it was something else (it was pretty late). I was thinking that they might have fixed it. Who knows ... but it was odd

JohnCM: maybe you could give us the chunk of code where you did the input parsing (only the input)

vbplaya: If nobody else saw it ... then it must have been an issue with my code (or a python thing)

JohnCM: i could help you debug

NapTown: i don't think he still has the issue

JohnCM: oh that's good news then

JohnCM: don't need to worry about it

vbplaya: Ok ... I'll try it with the original again and see if it pops up again. Thanks

vbplaya: BTW, JohnCM ... thanks for offering to help me debug ... very cool of you.


Csipcsirip: you shall not pass

JohnCM: vbplaya, no worries. i help when i can

JohnCM: cause i use python also, so it is easier for me

JohnCM: @csipcsirip, actually staying still in a collision seems pretty impressive

JohnCM: it is like.. i don't care if you want to go through, i'm not moving

JohnCM: wow csipcsirip you sure rose very high up

Csipcsirip: thx. my search started to be working...wasted 2 days for not working algos

JohnCM: i don't really do monte carlo tree search, but i have an essence of that in my heuristics

JohnCM: works much faster for python

JohnCM: i think this competition is not settled yet

JohnCM: everytime someone becomes 1st, there's a counter-strategy to their strategy

JohnCM: it's very hard to be all-rounded

Zandy156: It's almost like its a game of paper rock scissors.

JohnCM: or rather a game of hide and seek

eulerscheZahl: sounds like vbplaya is not flushing the error stream

vbplaya: eulerscheZahl ... I'll bite ... what do you mean?

eulerscheZahl: looking at your code snippet: you assume that you don't get the last line of input?

eulerscheZahl: and that would be wrong. you just don't see it in the error output

eulerscheZahl: print(..., flush=True)

vbplaya: Yes, in order to not get a timeout waiting for the last input (which never came)


eulerscheZahl: read this

vbplaya: reading it now

vbplaya: very interesting ... I am a little confused on how to implement a "fix" on my end though.

eulerscheZahl: you flush the output yourself

vbplaya: are you saying when I send the move command?

eulerscheZahl: print("Debug messages...", file=sys.stderr, flush=True)

eulerscheZahl: just add the flush=True part to your printing

vbplaya: ok ... so put in a flush in the loop which reads in the points.

eulerscheZahl: that prints the points

vbplaya: Will do ... thanks euler ... always learning things ...

Bernard_Lowe: is anyone else frustrated that silver introduces showing dead pac-men now?

Bernard_Lowe: Time to fix up all my code to not avoid dead pac-man.

BenWo: not really

BenWo: I mean you already had to account for dead ones, now you just have another way to identify them

Bernard_Lowe: I didn't account for dead pacmen before. I was thinking about writing code for that.

Bernard_Lowe: I wonder what changes will show up in gold league. They said bronze would have all rules, but they kinda lied.

thibpat: hello :wave: I'm going live to continue my Spring Challenge bot

BenWo: but you always had to not send commands to dead pacs

Bernard_Lowe: correct.

Bernard_Lowe: But, now dead pacs stay in my lists, so now I need to factor them out.

Bernard_Lowe: With no changes in my code, bronze --> I lost some optimization in my code.

CanisLupus: thats not truw, you can ignore dead status and command them. Game is protected: "- Pac 2 is dead! It cannot be commanded anymore!"

BenWo: hm, ok, I'm sure we structured things differently

Bernard_Lowe: for friendly pac-man yes.

Quidome: or drop the pac when getting the input, minimal change

Bernard_Lowe: for enemy dead pac-man, no.

MSmits: if(type == "DEAD") continue

MSmits: problem solved

Quidome: \o/

Bernard_Lowe: yeah, but I have many sections of enemy pac-men checks. so I gotta findem all.

Bernard_Lowe: Are there any changes in gold?

Quidome: no

Bernard_Lowe: Start with 20 pac-man? lol

BenWo: lol ouch

MSmits: if you do it at input, it will be the same for your code

MSmits: your 20 checks will be the same

Bernard_Lowe: good point MSmits, I'll do that, thanks.

MSmits: the enemy pacs wont show up in any lists

MSmits: kk

perseverent: hello

MSmits: btw, i also found it slightly annoying, but it was mostly my own fault. I had already written 1500 lines and I didn't remember what I did about dead pacs

perseverent: still in silver after implementing pathfinding

perseverent: hardest silver ever

perseverent: what should I do to get to gold?

eulerscheZahl: kill all the opponents

MSmits: perseverent, my theory is that it's hard because silver was best 300 out of 4000 when it opened

eulerscheZahl: and harvest on your way there

MSmits: when often it is best 300 out of 1500

perseverent: I see

MSmits: also more people may have spent more time coding because of stay at home

Zandy156: It definitely changes things

perseverent: I mostly ignore enemy pac if I can

eulerscheZahl: many new players who are probably weaker than veterans on average make it a little less drastic as it sounds. but still harder going by numbers

MSmits: there was also little time between ooc and this

mlomb: I still don't attack other pacs

MSmits: that means people may have gone in more prepared and again, spent more time coding

mlomb: I think it's time

perseverent: what are you doing in gold if in silver is this level

perseverent: ?

MSmits: my code hasnt changed much since silver

MSmits: still 22 :P

perseverent: wow

perseverent: great for you

MSmits: yeah, but i want to get legend, so to be safe, i do need some real improvement today

MSmits: though likely i will be close enough to gold boss that i will get in randomly over the weekend

perseverent: real improvement? levitation?

BenWo: I'll be pumped if I somehow make Legend

BenWo: feel like I can do gold if I get some motivation here

MSmits: i still need to hardcode superpellets properly

MSmits: get some dead end kills when i detect them

MSmits: avoid some dead end losses

MSmits: that should be doable today i hope

perseverent: do you make some kind of simulations?

MSmits: yes, monte carlo

MSmits: do random moves, pick the best combination

perseverent: is this level necessary to beat the silver boss

perseverent: does not seem so hard

MSmits: no idea

MSmits: gonna get to work. Good luck perseverent

perseverent: good luck tou you too MSmits

eulerscheZahl: i'm pretty sure that the silver boss itself doesn't do anything fancy

eulerscheZahl: CG likes simple bosses with short code and low CPU footprint

Default avatar.png Rickardo: hi

NapTown: hello

Default avatar.png Rickardo: does anyone know shadow of knoght

NapTown: first one?

Default avatar.png Rickardo: yea

NapTown: you need help with it?


Default avatar.png Rickardo: yea

AntiSquid: someone does know i am sure

Default avatar.png Rickardo: yea maybe

AntiSquid: ah Rickardo bubble sort

AntiSquid: + get an avatar

Default avatar.png Rickardo: nah not important

eulerscheZahl: #1 :o that's a resubmit of my #16 bot

eulerscheZahl: and it's gone

kovi: so random

ScryptAn: Could someone give advice about "Ghost in the Cell" in bronze?

eulerscheZahl: ScryptAn did you check the forum? lots of players describing their strategies

AntiSquid: random, but some are at specific ranks more often

Default avatar.png Rickardo: pls y can't someone learn html

351062: The toad going strong

AntiSquid: what do you mean?

AntiSquid: i know html @_@

eulerscheZahl: still the recalc will be fun again

NapTown: someone can

Default avatar.png Rickardo: like when i want to solve a game html isn't part of the options

AntiSquid: troll ?

Default avatar.png Rickardo: wat u mean

AntiSquid: use javascript / typescript @_@

Default avatar.png Rickardo: type script

AntiSquid: do you want to learn html ?

AntiSquid: i can give you some useful links

Default avatar.png Rickardo: but i know html well but y can't i use it

eulerscheZahl: for bot programming?

eulerscheZahl: you must be trolling

AntiSquid: then you would know what html is Rickardo

AntiSquid: you clearly don't

Default avatar.png Rickardo: i know wa5t html is

eulerscheZahl: hyper text MARKUP language

Ramzel: In the night my rank raised by 100 xd

eulerscheZahl: not a programming language

AntiSquid: also the html joke is shit and old

Default avatar.png Rickardo: oh no wonder

TinfoilSaint: to be fair you can solve fizz buzz with CSS

eulerscheZahl: html+css is turing complete

Default avatar.png Rickardo: well can u show me some useful java and javascript libks

eulerscheZahl: because java and javascript are almost the same?

AntiSquid: i can show you the way out

TinfoilSaint: If you haven't checked out Rickardo then you should

eulerscheZahl: calm down AntiSquid

TinfoilSaint: some of the best free beginners coding tuition out there

Default avatar.png Rickardo: yea but do u hav any links

TinfoilSaint: ...

AntiSquid: yes


TinfoilSaint: I just gave you the link

Default avatar.png Rickardo: funny

TinfoilSaint: :joy:

AntiSquid: was about to suggest freecodecamp too

sgalasso: Hi everyone, does anyone have an idea of how we can get the current turn of the game ?

Washier: haha.

AntiSquid: sololearn if you need something easier Rickardo

Default avatar.png Rickardo: ok i will try out those web and apps

AntiSquid: keep track of turns sgalasso

AntiSquid: ok bye

Default avatar.png Rickardo: thnks everyone

AntiSquid: np

AntiSquid: you just count the turns sgalasso

AntiSquid: first turn of inputs = turn 1, increment number afterwards

AntiSquid: no point pming me sgalasso

AntiSquid: also that part is what everyone struggles with so idk

Default avatar.png Rickardo: gg

Default avatar.png Rickardo: g

AntiSquid: are you a prince btw?

Adnmaster: do i need to know pathfinding or something like that to get into silver?

Doju: you don't have to but it'll surely help

Adnmaster: so just with coding knowledge without any other tricks i can get into silver?

Doju: uhh

Adnmaster: ?

Doju: if you give your pacs sensible commands and have considered other things as well as pellets

Doju: then sure

Adnmaster: ok

Doju: but it'll be hard to make them collaborate for example

Doju: if you don't have pathfinding

BenWo: heya Doju

Doju: heya BenWo!

BenWo: it's our day for Gold league, right?

AntiSquid: Adnmaster probably more effort to write the if statements for that than doing pathfinding

Adnmaster: ok

Doju: BenWo yup

Doju: AntiSquid i agree

Peudoki: how many people do you think will make it to legend?

Denebil: I haven't used pathfinding before silver

BenWo: Legend, no idea... 200?

AntiSquid: 15 max

AntiSquid: imo

AntiSquid: and from monday it's a multiplayer anyway so i don't see why they would go for bigger legend

Doju: Do any of you have a recursive "conflict solver" thing?

Doju: where pacs want the same thing or are gonna crash

Doju: I think that'd be an easy and best way to go about it but it'll sure be slow

AntiSquid: not recursive

AntiSquid: but yes

Doju: Okay

Doju: How can it be not recursive?

NapTown: i just check if i'm in stuck in the same spot and whether a friendly is the reason or not

Doju: you don't do the same check for the next points?

Doju: NapTown i do that too but it wastes so many moves

NapTown: doesn't have to

NapTown: depends how you handle it

Doju: at least 1

Doju: or actually 3 in total

AntiSquid: people dropped so much, some 150 ranks

Default avatar.png qjzx1314: so amazing

AntiSquid: hi qjzx1314 here's a fun challenge for you

WINWINWIN: Top 3 is varying a lot

BenWo: doing a big rewrite, this is going to have so many bugs by the time I can run it again :(

NapTown: that was me 2 days ago

Doju: Oh huh there are a lot of people here from a local company :D

Doju: that's cool

WINWINWIN: Contest is getting really tough, I`ll be surprised if I can end up in top 1000

Default avatar.png qjzx1314: yeah

Default avatar.png qjzx1314: Bless to you

thethiny: My Pathfinding went from 50ms to 3ms

thethiny: WOOHOO

NapTown: how

thethiny: I've never optimized code as much in my life

eulerscheZahl: try ultimate tic tac toe if you like speed optimizations

thethiny: @NapTown I replaced my "visited" nodes with only 1 node that contains the parents as a reference

thethiny: saves me some recursions

thethiny: by some, that's 47ms

Doju: wow

thethiny: NonOpt Total Time 0.04488039016723633 Opt Total Time 0.0029914379119873047

Default avatar.png qjzx1314: so cool

dbf: :thumbsup:

AntiSquid: recursions are slow

thethiny: yes

NapTown: nice

thethiny: let's hope that I can do something now with all of this

Rprades: I am little bit lost on how to find a dead end for an enemy so I can kill him for sure

Rprades: any ideas are welcome!

Rprades: should I just simulate his moves to see if he can escape?

Doju: Rprades i've been thinking about that too

NapTown: you can find the locations that are dead ends

WINWINWIN: doju have you implemented a pathfinder?

Doju: WINWINWIN yes i have BFS

jrke: i am trying BFS

Csipcsirip: you start a bfs from enemy loc you go until a cell that more than 2 neighbours. if you count only 1 of them he is in a dead end

Doju: hmm

Doju: sure

Doju: that makes sens

Doju: sense

NapTown: i have my graph nodes marked as deadend, but that's only for scoring pellets, haven't trapped anybody yet

Adnmaster: is it possible to see the ability cooldown of the opponent?

[CG]Thibaud: print it and you'll see

Adnmaster: ok

Adnmaster: is there any place where i can learn pathfinding?

Doju: A lot of people linked this page

dbf: 'pathfinding algorithm' -> google

Doju: but personally i just read this

Adnmaster: ok thanks


[CG]Thibaud: (perhaps not the best)

[CG]Thibaud: (best in the sense "adapted to your need")

kovi: no leaderboard?

kovi: or just sloooow

ashelkov: empty)

kovi: huh, chat is also slow

ashelkov: oh no . seen it/ you 1st

ashelkov: congratz!

AntiSquid: he and 5 other people or so :D

AntiSquid: maybe there should be a counter somewhere showing how long everyone held 1st place for ?

Csipcsirip: pb4 made a diagram like that for one of the contest for top10 places

Ramzel: I m almost always winning with silver boss in IDE, but i cant reach him while submiting ;c

alinde2: 50 in silver, so close! :fearful:

BenWo: hey nice

BenWo: so you're one of those people who pushed me back over 200 :-/

alinde2: I'll put you back under 200 by going to gold :stuck_out_tongue:

Ramzel: Domiko congrats gold

BenWo: haha great thanks ;)

jrke: domiko going in gold

LelouchVC2: I don't even wanna check if the bug in the contest is fixed

eulerscheZahl: which bug?

LelouchVC2: Giving me a dead pac as viable

struct: impossible

wlesavo: lol

eulerscheZahl: dead pacmen have the type DEAD

eulerscheZahl: and that's a feature, not a bug

wlesavo: and its not fixed, rather introduced

struct: I found the origin of the bug

struct: The DEAD pac is for silver+ only

LelouchVC2: mentally retarded either way

LelouchVC2: It wasn't doing it one day

LelouchVC2: The next day it was, I outputted the given pacs after I looked through everything else

LelouchVC2: And it definitely gave me a dead pac

struct: it gives you dead pacs

eulerscheZahl: on purpose

eulerscheZahl: the statement got an update too

eulerscheZahl: are you in silver? there's a green section

eulerscheZahl: highlighting the changes

struct: he is in bronze

struct: Thats why no dead on typeId

LelouchVC2: I didn't touch it since last week

LelouchVC2: silver hadn't even open yet

struct: if your pac dies

struct: you dont get him in your input

struct: at least I think

struct: at least you didnt before

LelouchVC2: That's what it should have been

LelouchVC2: But there it was

eulerscheZahl: if type == "DEAD": continue


Default avatar.png DJDiscoWorm_ce7a: hi

Ramzel: 24'th in silver 50'th battel

struct: no euler

LelouchVC2: Contest pissed me off :/

struct: it wont show dead on bronze

Default avatar.png DJDiscoWorm_ce7a: is there a way to read the answer for the quiz\

Ramzel: Is still a chance to go up yo gold?

struct: LelouchVC2 I just checked

NapTown: he doesn't have type=DEAD yet

struct: if your pac dies

LelouchVC2: Pacs were kicking ass and then couldn't win cause of it

struct: it doesnt show on input anymore

wlesavo: LelouchVC2 thats really sounds like your own bug btw

LelouchVC2: Not gonna keep doing it while behind

eulerscheZahl: then i will just ignore the chat for the next couple of minutes. you seem to understand the issue better than i do

LelouchVC2: I know wlesavo

struct: I meant no disrespect euler :/

LelouchVC2: But it really isn't though

Default avatar.png DJDiscoWorm_ce7a: is there anyone can help me solve the problem

eulerscheZahl: i didn't read it that way struct

NapTown: LelouchVC2 are you checking the mine flag?

eulerscheZahl: just bored of the discussion, your job now ;)

struct: LelouchVC2 look

struct: Standard Error Stream:

LelouchVC2: yep

struct: after pac dies it doesnt show anymore

wlesavo: LelouchVC2 if that would be the case all the bots would crash instantly, and they dont

LelouchVC2: I outputted the pacs that i was given right after the pac died

LelouchVC2: it was clearly there

struct: maybe you checked wrong frame

wlesavo: error stream may look to be delayed sometimes

wlesavo: you need to check coors to be sure you looking at the same frame

LelouchVC2: Outputted to standard stream

LelouchVC2: I never use the error stream

LelouchVC2: Set it to output the pacs given right after a pac died, and it gave me all my pacs

LelouchVC2: Maybe fixed now, just saying it pissed me off

WINWINWIN: #432 Silver now, its too tough :(

AntiSquid: giving up too soon

Ramzel: #9 in Silver after so many tries

WINWINWIN: :( I have no idea how to write a BFS so I dont think I can get any further

Ramzel: What language?

WINWINWIN: python3

Ramzel: Cant help u

WINWINWIN: :) which lang?

Ramzel: As i heard graph tasks in pyhon are horrible

struct: WINWINWIN there are lots of resources for BFS online

dbf: WINWINWIN, what issue do you have with BFS?

Ramzel: In c++ it is easily

WINWINWIN: Not learnt it and have no idea how to modify it for this


eulerscheZahl: i bet you can understand the code and apply the logic in python

WINWINWIN: Even if I can write one, what is thedifference between my BFS and the in-built pathfinding?

eulerscheZahl: even if i'm not completely happy about the coding style in the article i linked. lots of code duplication

dbf: WINWINWIN, for example, you can calculate actual distance to pellets

struct: How do you calculate distance WINWINWIN?

eulerscheZahl: the in-built path finding gives you less flexibility

eulerscheZahl: and finding the closest pellet of course. good point dbf

WINWINWIN: I copied the distance function in the referee

Csipcsirip: yeah codes in articles like that have usually bad quality

Default avatar.png offroff: how deep are you guys making those searches?

eulerscheZahl: only 4 turns :/

Csipcsirip: (2 or 1) * 15

eulerscheZahl: but my opponent tracker improved

eulerscheZahl: that kill... :)

AntiSquid: built in pathfinding does more damage than good

Default avatar.png offroff: nice one

struct: current rank 1 plays coc

struct: coc is good

dbf: @eulerscheZahl check your tracker for timeouts: :)

Default avatar.png offroff: I guess 4 turns is enough for some nice tricks

BenWo: that was impressive euler

Default avatar.png Rickardo: i just entered level 4

Default avatar.png Rickardo: and i am a rookie

eulerscheZahl: 16ms to track, 90ms to print an answer

eulerscheZahl: i don't see the problem dbj :joy:

eulerscheZahl: and i can't type your name. and not tab-complete without pinging dbdr

dbf: haha

dbdr: thanks :D

Ramzel: Clyde has not provided 1 lines in time

Ramzel: when bot gets bugged

eulerscheZahl: i should add a header before legend opens. "This bot has a kill switch. Do you feel confident to remove it or do you want to choose another boss?"

NapTown: poor clyde

eulerscheZahl: i fear that the boss will be well studied, giving a disadvantage to the player

Ramzel: Lets resubmit almost same code

struct: you can break your bot and then submit again

struct: But you can also not beat boss :p

AntiSquid: tiny change can mean 100 rank difference so

Doju: How is it possible that my last bot which wasted a turn every time there was no pellet directly next to the target ranks 200 places higher than the fixed one :/

LelouchVC2: Because Physics allows for E=MC^2

LelouchVC2: Which invalidates your logic

Ramzel: The funny fact is that i almost always beat boss in ide but i m losing to often with pp close under boss

BenWo: no idea Doju

zarif98sjs: This randomness sucks

BenWo: maybe need some values tweaked

NapTown: Doju when you find out why you can fix it again:grinning:

BenWo: or just needs time

WINWINWIN: The game stops automatically after 200 turns.

WINWINWIN: is this true?

NapTown: yes

BenWo: yes


BenWo: but it's turns, not frames

RoboStac: viewer shows more than 200 frames due to speed though

wlesavo: euler how is it usually done, dont boss have to be resubmitted right?

WINWINWIN: 299 turns

Doju: NapTown yeah prolly that

wlesavo: otherwise cut off wont be so perfect for sure

BenWo: 200 turns, plus 99 SPEED frames

eulerscheZahl: in the past they did submit the boss again. but now they just take the player and copy the rank

wlesavo: i see

eulerscheZahl: they even had a test account


wlesavo: that make sense in this one for sure

Earthborne: Does activating speed boost take up one round?

BenWo: yep

eulerscheZahl: so we were all chatting and watching default AI climb on the leaderboard which submit slowly finishing

Earthborne: Well that explain some of the mess in my rules

Doju: Maybe i'm timing out

WINWINWIN: Another submit, this time I will start using SPEED :)

Doju: gotta watch some losing games

HKTran: when I try to counter some trapped-SWITCH strategy, I lose to some opponent who not even try any strategy

HKTran: :joy:

NapTown: sounds about right

zarif98sjs: how actually is the standings calculated ?

AntiSquid: someone manually inserts a rank, if you don't believe me just watch top 10 over a long period of time zarif98sjs

Doju: :D

eulerscheZahl: with the Trueskill algorithm

Scarfield: I thought it said in the faq, but this is actually all the faq says:

Scarfield: How are scores calculated? Your score is awarded when you submit your solution: your code is tested with sets of test cases which cover the game’s specifications. The more test cases your code can pass, the higher your score will be.

Ramzel: Removed defence mechanism and winning almost everything

AntiSquid: for more detailed read on the ELO algorithm zarif98sjs :

AntiSquid: (well it feel that way at least)

eulerscheZahl: Trueskill and ELO are not the same

BenWo: lol

NapTown: Gold finally :grinning:

NickStahl: Good job NapTown

BenWo: nice

NapTown: thanks now i can go to bed

Ramzel: Lets go GOLD(submit)

zarif98sjs: NapTown any suggestion for gold ? been stuck around 250-300 for the past 2 days

eulerscheZahl: share a replay of your bot


eulerscheZahl: that's some bad coordination at the bottom right corner

NapTown: zarif98sjs the biggest thing was enemy tracking, mine is very simple but it shot me up pretty quick

Ramzel: Enemy tracking? Isnt is slow much?

NapTown: maybe if it was complicated, but mine isn't

Ramzel: Would u say sth more?

Ramzel: :D

NapTown: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

zarif98sjs: The enemy tracking seems to be tricky since I can't always see them :|

NapTown: if you could see them you wouldn't need tracking :)

zarif98sjs: :cry:

eulerscheZahl: but understanding your opponent helps you to know which pellets are gone

Doju: yuck, i'm gonna be calling two recursive functions on each move

Doju: that might not be a smart idea

BenWo: wow, what for?

Doju: checking for conflicting targets and paths

Doju: im gonna have some functions which grab new targets until none of them are the same

Doju: i guess i could just do this with while loops, but i like the idea of recursion

Doju: and it cant be that much slower, can it?

BenWo: probably not

Ramzel: eulerscheZahl are u using some of euler tricks?

Doju: actually i think this might lead to an infinite loop :d

BenWo: I'd be surprised if it didn't at least in a few cases

Doju: having a pen and paper close by is reeeally handy while coding stuff like this

Default avatar.png SparshMc07: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Default avatar.png SparshMc07: kpihlk/k

Doju: wait, that's supposed to be called "pen and paper", not "a pen and paper", right?

Doju: trying to improve my english as well as my coding :p

NapTown: i don't see a difference really

Doju: Oh you're from the US

Doju: i've been wondering why there are very few american people here

NapTown: couldn't say

Doju: hm

Earthborne: Maybe most of them are asleep when we are awake?

Doju: maybe i'm usually just sleeping while you're here

Doju: yeah

[Csongor]: finally silver

NapTown: yes probably

NapTown: 6:30 am where i am

llllllllll: grat! :)

Doju: can you teach me your ways NapTown

Doju: is the secret napping?

NapTown: napping is the secret to everything

alinde2: Consistency winning against the bot in ide, but can't reach it in the leaderboard :upside_down:

zarif98sjs: what's your position now

Doju: Is there a way to do something like this in python?

Doju: for pac in pacs if pac.alive:

Doju: it's messy to write this every time

Doju: for pac in pacs:

   if pac.alive:

Uljahn: if not pac.alive: continue

ntroPi: you could just fill an array of living pacs once per loop.

Doju: hm

Doju: yeah i thought of splitting my existing dict of pacs["my"] and pacs["en"] into pacs["my"]["alive"]

Doju: for example

Doju: not sure if it's worth it to start modifying everything though

NickStahl: Doju, why do you keep a ref to your own dead pacs? Why not remove them at start of the loop?

Doju: Hmm, that would make sense as well

Earthborne: You can nest in a list comprehension: for pac in [pac for pac in pacs if pac.isalive]

Earthborne: Doju

ntroPi: Is it known, whether the pac game will stay active after the contest? Will there be a pause period before the eternal season starts?

Earthborne: Still messy though :)

NapTown: fond memories of pacs lost

Doju: Earthborne ooh yes. Is that fast?

Doju: i like list comprehensions

Doju: NickStahl i think my logic for not deleting them was something like keeping it consistent

Doju: if enemy pacs have ["dead"] and ["alive"] then my pacs should too

Earthborne: Dunno, I wouldn't think so since you're iterating and creating a new list before iterating over that one

Doju: actually i did do have a delete dead pacs method but it doesn't do anything anymore since it relied on vision

ArmoredAssassin: hey guys, am I correct that in step when: Only pacs with the SPEED ability enabled can move, I basically dont get any input and game just moves pacmans if they got cmds to move more than 1 step?

Earthborne: Fastest would probably be `if not pac.isalive: continue`

NickStahl: Doju, mybe you just pointed out a bug in my code :D

Doju: Hahah NickStahl

NickStahl: I think I'm still commanding my dead pacs around D:

Doju: somebody told me that i was commanding my dead pacs

Doju: and then i found that bug

Earthborne: But with a length of max 5, I don't think that's where you'll timeout Doju

Earthborne: Oh, I did that for a while too!

NickStahl: lol Doju, same bug here :D

Doju: Earthborne fair point

Doju: i'm gonna be doing a lot of recursion through that list so i dont want it to be super slow though

Doju: but i guess anything is fast enough with a length of 5

Doju: NickStahl you're welcome :P

Doju: Earthborne i think your solution is good if you change the brackets to braces instead to make a generator

eulerscheZahl: codingame IDE just randomly decided to run a syntax check on my code. now everything is red for no apparent reason

RoboStac: you'll have to delete it all and start again

eulerscheZahl: :D

Doju: yeah your code is just one big syntax error

Doju: sorry euler

eulerscheZahl: so much red

NapTown: mine has been doing that too


eulerscheZahl: luckily i don't use that web IDE

dbf: code is shared -> ban

llllllllll: ^^

dbf: :expressionless:

eulerscheZahl: that's only the input parsing from the default code

alinde2: That's the default input code @dbf...

eulerscheZahl: and an encoding error at using System; because of my bundler

dbf: no, you shared your secret dx/dy arrays

RoboStac: default c# code has an enemy tracker? :O

Default avatar.png weegee: hello

RoboStac: I knew I should have used c#

eulerscheZahl: i beginner's mistake not to take C#

Csipcsirip: isnt't it because of that special character before the second using ?

eulerscheZahl: actually using System; is my first

eulerscheZahl: but the bundler (python) uses a set for unique usings

eulerscheZahl: so order changes everytime i compile my bot

Csipcsirip: one big file ftw

eulerscheZahl: 7 big files

BenWo: ok, got a good part of new pathing done

BenWo: now I have to recode my pacs to understand the output of it :confounded:

llllllllll: MOVE 0 21886 2046702944 ok, something is wrong here

BenWo: lol wow

eulerscheZahl: :D

Doju: nah the target is just a bit further away

llllllllll: my C++ porting didn't go so well

SemChumboPT: those pacs are going to the moon

eulerscheZahl: your pacman will reach that cell by the end of the contest

NapTown: round to 2 digits :D

llllllllll: LOL

MahirSez: While being in speed mode, Is it possible for a pac to go 2 steps where the 2nd step would return to its original position?

MarekM: yes

MarekM: oh so, no probalby

BenWo: no

BenWo: code is coming up on 900 lines :/

BenWo: though there is a fair bit of redundancy at the moment

Rprades: was legend going to be open in 16th always? I thought it was on 15th

Rprades: have they changed the date or did I get confused with the dates?

eulerscheZahl: 6pm CEST

eulerscheZahl: that is in a little less than 5h from now

Rprades: check now, it says 16th May

eulerscheZahl: as 15th for me

Clagus: do I need to beat the boss 100% to advance to gold?

eulerscheZahl: i don't know why, but CG has some problems with dates, showing the wrong day to some users

Rprades: wow, I refreshed the paged and changed back to 15th

Adnmaster: you need to beat more people than the boss Clagus

Doju: No, you need to beat him in the rankings Clagus

eulerscheZahl: you have to rank above the boss on the leaderboard

ntroPi: No you just need to be above him in ranking which is possible even if you beat him <50% of the time

Rprades: thanks :)

Clagus: ok, thanks

BenWo: actually, where are they announcing the date?

BenWo: I haven't even looked for it

eulerscheZahl: click the league at the top

eulerscheZahl: in the IDE

Rprades: it is my first serious contest and i am a little bit excited

Rprades: hopefully I can make it Legend!

BenWo: oh ok

BenWo: thought there was a blog or something

RoboStac: refresh, it'll go back to 15th

eulerscheZahl: about top10-15 players will be in legend when it opens

Clagus: for me it's: "League opening: 5/17/20" :D

eulerscheZahl: sorry to tell you, but you have to improve your bot first

Rprades: rank 32 atm, hope I can beat the boss later on

BenWo: says 5/15 for me

eulerscheZahl: you'll probably have to improve a bit for legend

Rprades: will try, but Im running out of ideas, python is very slow!

eulerscheZahl: on the other hand: that's by far the largest contest for a long time. maybe they show mercy

Clagus: ok, so I need to be better in ranking than boss, but how can I tell which ranking boss have?

eulerscheZahl: it's even the biggest contest ever

eulerscheZahl: the boss will appear on the leaderboard

Rprades: let's see then!

eulerscheZahl: no way to miss it when it's tehre

Clagus: but for silver it should be there already right?

kovi: too bad, it is so random

BenWo: boss is generally in rank 1

eulerscheZahl: only visible if you are in silver

BenWo: click on "last battles" at left of IDE <<==========

eulerscheZahl: the randomness is frustrating

eulerscheZahl: there are some deaths that you just can't avoid

BenWo: well gotta run, ttyl

Rprades: yes, speed is much more important than switch

Rprades: most of the games are decided in the frst 15 turns

Adnmaster: well by me, i win by killing my opponent using switch

Adnmaster: so theyre equal

Rprades: unless he is on a dead end or you have speed activated (thus no switch available), your opponent will always be able to escape

Rprades: and if you have speed and he does not, he will be ablw to switch before than you

Adnmaster: i dont use speed :sweat_smile:

Rprades: I think you should :)

eulerscheZahl: +1 for speed

Adnmaster: i made a system that when the enemy isnt near it uses speed if it is near it uses switch

Adnmaster: but for some reason the speed part doesnt work

Adnmaster: it calculates the distance wrong

eulerscheZahl: what means "doesn't work"?

Adnmaster: it calculates wrong

Adnmaster: calculation works for switch, but by me it doesnt work for speed

Adnmaster: even if the enemy is near it uses speed

MahirSez: How many people will advance to legend any idea?

MahirSez: *on 1st go

eulerscheZahl: thibaud discouraging us from reaching legend?

eulerscheZahl: about 10-15 players legend opens

eulerscheZahl: at least that's the usual size. not sure if it will be a little more given the higher player count

Csipcsirip: hm I learned it again that it's not a good idea to make functions like this

Csipcsirip: PacmanType counter(PacmanType pt) {

   return (PacmanType)((pt + 1) % 3);


dbdr: eulerscheZahl discouraging?

Ramzel: Where is legend league?

llllllllll: opens at 6

Default avatar.png weegee: ```js console.log("hi) ```

Doju: Legend opens today?

Doju: oh dear

Doju: i gotta get at least to the bottom of gold before that

eulerscheZahl: read your emails dbdr

eulerscheZahl: i know you stopped doing that

eulerscheZahl: The Legend league will open in a few hours, but for many players (including me), it's really difficult to reach it.

eulerscheZahl: Improve your own score It's easier to try to beat your own record than to aim for the moon.

Chkoupinator: speed doesn't limit the ability to turn right?

Adnmaster: no

dbdr: you just cannot turn 180

eulerscheZahl: which is sad

Chkoupinator: yeah makes sense since you can only input one move statement per turn

Default avatar.png weegee: how long have you guys been playing?

eulerscheZahl: 8 days

muy31: 8 days

Doju: ^

Illedan: eulerscheZahl, did he tell how big the Legend league will be?

eulerscheZahl: no

dbdr: always a rurprise

eulerscheZahl: Hello,

Illedan: Hope at 22.63 points :D

eulerscheZahl: no way

dbdr: OOC was a bad surprise for me, was sure to get in at opening, missed it by an epsilon

Illedan: Nah, I hope not

eulerscheZahl: more like 25-26

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: Then I have to get out of hiding :(

dbdr: 30

dbdr: put a boss above everyone :D

eulerscheZahl: for OOC i was expecting a larger legend because we already had 3 weeks to code ecent bots

Illedan: Take kov i and fix his code? :D

eulerscheZahl: decent*

Doju: Why even is there a league system?

dbdr: take a player bot, improve it, release it as boss

dbdr: yeah Illedan

Doju: or okay, leagues make sense as "markers" for how far you've gone

Illedan: That would be impressive though

eulerscheZahl: to get less noise Doju

Illedan: W00t, only C++ in the top

Doju: Okay, thx eulerscheZahl

Illedan: is it getting that hard u there?

eulerscheZahl: it's a pain to submit with 3k players and climb up all the way in the ranking

eulerscheZahl: 50% of your submit done and you are around rank 100

Illedan: *up

Default avatar.png EchoBravo: pls what are constraints

eulerscheZahl: there are some fun observations for tracking Illedan

eulerscheZahl: i shared a replay earlier, let's see if i can find it again


eulerscheZahl: the kill was not a coincidene

eulerscheZahl: conincidence

eulerscheZahl: requires you to know where the opponent is and what he's about to do next

dbdr: you can't be sure what they will do

eulerscheZahl: of course not

eulerscheZahl: educated guessing

Illedan: Nice

dbdr: (TM)

eulerscheZahl: analyzed my last battles. tried 5 times, 4 kills

Illedan: Still only 15th with that tracking

eulerscheZahl: was 5th before

eulerscheZahl: unlucky submit

Illedan: Oh, k. Spammers?

Illedan: k

eulerscheZahl: just me losing the first battles

dbdr: damn, that dbdr arena timesout in the IDE

eulerscheZahl: 4 losses in first 10, was at rank 20 when submit finished

dbdr: I wanted to play against him :(

Csipcsirip: yeah this first10 games confuses me this time too. usually a top20 bot wins 9/10. now (4-8)/10

Rprades: is it normal to have a score between 22 to 25 depending on the submit?

Rprades: is it due to randomness?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Rprades: my code is deterministic and I have not changed it

Rprades: ok :)

kovi: robo is on the roll

eulerscheZahl: just in time for legend opening

eulerscheZahl: tomorrow afternoon he won't have time for us, it's codejam

MadKnight: hey eulerscheZahl do u code in c# ?

MadKnight: this contest i mean

eulerscheZahl: no, i use plain text

eulerscheZahl: "if the pacman is chasing you, please SWITCH and kill, thanks"

AntiSquid: are you doing codejam euler ?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: that's the tshirt round

eulerscheZahl: finals will be online this year btw

dbdr: max_value: std::f32::BEG_INFINITY

dbdr: what am I tryiing to say there? :D

AntiSquid: have you been to the finals? what are they like?

AntiSquid: not sure what the finals being online means, do you need to turn on your webcam?

eulerscheZahl: either BIG or NEG INFINITY, not sure

AlluringChair: is it normal that i have 600 lines of code and i'm not even close to finishing? i think i'm doing something wrong

eulerscheZahl: i don't know either. codejam just sent an email announcing that finals will not be in person

eulerscheZahl: due to corona

Doju: AlluringChair that's perfectly fine

AntiSquid: you're begging for a win dbdr

dbdr: infinity, I beg you...

eulerscheZahl: i can top that AlluringChair, 1400 lines

Doju: AlluringChair i have 750 and i have maybe 2/3 of my lines written

AlluringChair: ok, thanks for the answers :D

AntiSquid: managed to somehow climb a tiny bit

Doju: Still have to do a lot of messing around with numpy and probabilities

AntiSquid: but need to try harder

Doju: atm pellets either exist or they don't, there's no in between

Doju: but i want some schrödinger pellets on my map

AntiSquid: ooc felt easier, i just was lazy to fix my mine tracker btw

eulerscheZahl: otherwise you would have won the contest?

AntiSquid: yes sure

AntiSquid: otherwise i would have gotten a better rank

AntiSquid: who would you bet wins this contest euler ?

eulerscheZahl: no idea

eulerscheZahl: some strong players are trying

Scarfield: 1:12000 odds on me ;)

jrke: what a lucky match i had

jrke: :)

eulerscheZahl: i won't put money on you Scarfield

Scarfield: wouldnt be smart xD

AntiSquid: 1 penny, return rate is high

Scarfield: wonder who would pay :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: you. you would have a monitor to sell

eulerscheZahl: who needs curved anyways?

Scarfield: lol thats true

Illedan: Me!

eulerscheZahl: wtf Illedan

Scarfield: ille will buy, bets on :D

Illedan: I need a 3rd monitor for random graphs looking cool

Illedan: Now I sit on a coffetable with only laptopscreen and no external mouse :sob:

Scarfield: why not sit on a chair?

Illedan: haha

cegprakash: why is this guy always getting matched against me? He rekt my rank badly

AlluringChair: make sure it's alluring

Scarfield: xD

cegprakash: He played 108 games and all against me?

eulerscheZahl: lol

cegprakash: oh wait why am I seeing codebusters

cegprakash: my bad

Illedan: Because you spammed..

AntiSquid: no more python RoboStac ?

RoboStac: python bot was only meant to unlock bronze rules, it just worked rather well. Need to go faster to get to the top though

eulerscheZahl: yeah, ceg submitted last

Rprades: it seems I had a timeout sometimes due to many prints!

RoboStac: though I did use it for testing some smaller tweaks while writing a better version

Amrhossam: why do you love coding

Doju: Rprades i feel you hahah

Doju: debugged a working function because it was timing out

Doju: and it was due to prints

Scarfield: lol doju :D 2 hours well spend

Doju: indeed

Doju: lesson learned: prints take time

Scarfield: i think everyone here has done that :)

Doju: maybe

muy31: so ive implemented a basic enemy tracking, now im removing switching so i can progress

Doju: nice

eulerscheZahl: thibaud didn't promise too much. the leaderboard is indeed much faster now

muy31: my code no longer traps opponents tho :(

eulerscheZahl: that's the only thing that my bot does decently well

muy31: i beg to differ

llllllllll: I was also thinking about creating a 'hunter' bot, which just tries to kill others

llllllllll: but im not sure if it worth the effort

muy31: dont do it waste of a pac

llllllllll: but if you kill all the enemies, then you win

muy31: cause winning is about pellets. not killing

llllllllll: but it doesn't sounds feasible

muy31: but most of the time pellets can escape

llllllllll: pacs*

llllllllll: but they cant, if you target one with multiple others

muy31: maybe make a hunter only if there are more than 3 pacs that you have

llllllllll: my plan was that all pacs are hunters

muy31: not good...

llllllllll: yeah, probably

AlluringChair: my pacs are gonna be pacifists, they'll only run, never fight

AlluringChair: unless cornered maybe

MarekM: :)

kovi: most of has pac-ifists

eulerscheZahl: mine fight where the opponent asks for a kill

kovi: 3 hungarians in top, where are you dbdr

Doju: I bet someone is hiding a killer bot that will be strong in this pacifist meta

vtenneke: haha

eulerscheZahl: that killing isn't that simple/reliable

dbdr: kovi I started working on my real bot

Csipcsirip: hm time to add switch command to my repertoire

eulerscheZahl: sometimes there's a good chance but harvest is priority

lifetimeLearner007: anybody calculating distance from every cell to every other cell?

eulerscheZahl: yes

llllllllll: yep

lifetimeLearner007: without timeout

eulerscheZahl: yes

llllllllll: yep, in the first cycle

lifetimeLearner007: i tried with diijkstra but timing out

eulerscheZahl: takes me 20ms on large maps

llllllllll: I do the same, and it doesn't

eulerscheZahl: BFS

Ramzel: Third in silver

Ramzel: 82%

llllllllll: just keep in mind that dist(a,b) = dist(b,a)

llllllllll: and it should not time out

Doju: i don't even do that

Doju: and i'm doing it in 100ish ms

Ramzel: Second in silver

eulerscheZahl: in python

lifetimeLearner007: how does that matter if u've to visit the same cell more than once just bcz source is different

Doju: yes

Doju: in PYTHON

llllllllll: track visited cells

llllllllll: if you visited it, don't update it again

vtenneke: Would more seasoned people recommend to use C++ instead of other languages for this?

lifetimeLearner007: visited cells set is specific to considered source right?

Ramzel: YESSSS

llllllllll: @vtenneke im not that seasoned, but yes.

eulerscheZahl: just check the top of the leaderboard vtenneke

Ramzel: NOOOO

Ramzel: Second place in silver

eulerscheZahl: top10: 1x C#, 9x C++

llllllllll: im currently porting my python code to c++

Ramzel: just below boss

lifetimeLearner007: so close Ramzel

vtenneke: yeah xD I saw but was wondering if people using c++ are just really smart or that the language also actually works better for stuff like this haha

vtenneke: or a combination of course

llllllllll: probably both

eulerscheZahl: i think both

Ramzel: Lets go with next submit

lifetimeLearner007: visited cells set is specific to considered source right? so definitely same cell has to be visited more than once as source changes... else it wouldn't give shortest distance

Default avatar.png amriswil-it-1: hola

llllllllll: no

lifetimeLearner007: I'm kinda stuck at this distance calculation. (facepalm)

llllllllll: do bfs and you will get the shortest path for every cell

lifetimeLearner007: bfs doesn't guarantee shortest distance right....

eulerscheZahl: do floyd warshall and you will timeout

Doju: it does

eulerscheZahl: A* doesn't guarantee a shortest path

lifetimeLearner007: then, I guess there is some bug in my code...

muy31: are you snaking?

eulerscheZahl: do you use a stack instead of a queue?

lifetimeLearner007: what is snaking, muy31?

muy31: this sucks! a resubmit and now at 300s

alinde2: A* always gives the shortest path! But your heuristic can be wrong (can't simply use euclidean distance here).

muy31: lifetimeLearner007 snaking is like moving back and forth

muy31: across a map

eulerscheZahl: and with an incorrect heuristic it won't give a shortest path

eulerscheZahl: hard to tell if your heuristic is 100* correct for all cases though

lifetimeLearner007: I'm using queue for bfs, euler

alinde2: With an incorrect heuristic it isn't an A* algorithm.


muy31: like that, except your BFS may look like that w/ incorrect heuristic

eulerscheZahl: A* just says that you need a heuristic function to estimate the distance from a node to the target. it can't define that it has to be 100% accurate. otherwise that would mean you know the shortest path already

eulerscheZahl: Csipcsirip calm down

eulerscheZahl: you scare me

Csipcsirip: my last submit crashed when all pellets were eaten during simuation..

eulerscheZahl: yet you were on par with me already

eulerscheZahl: damn

cegprakash: my 1 day old code is still at #41 I'm surprised

cegprakash: my latest code is at #120+

muy31: what the hell do i need to get out of silver!!

eulerscheZahl: beat the boss

muy31: shut up

WINWINWIN: lol muy31

Braykin08: lol

eulerscheZahl: :mouth_zipper:

cegprakash: get rekt eulerscheZahl

cegprakash: muy31 go to closest pellet

cegprakash: that's what I did to get to gold

muy31: for real

cegprakash: yes

WINWINWIN: :( he means with a BFS muy31

Doju: Just did a major modification

Doju: let the buggening begin

WINWINWIN: gold worthy Doju?

Doju: for sure WINWINWIN

cegprakash: but u have to do pellet tracking + little team cooperation muy31

Doju: WINWINWIN i'm just hoping for bugs and not a timeout

muy31: so cegprakash, ive been using BFS this whole time

muy31: i implemented a score map to track pellets and enemies

muy31: and to direct movement

muy31: ive independently been choosing my next location

muy31: and now you are telling me that i dont need all this

cegprakash: yes muy31

Clagus: ;_;

WINWINWIN: Anyway to get to gold without a BFS?

Rprades: who wins if both have same number of pellets? I thought it was the one who took the pellets before, but now I lost and he was the one picking up the last pellet, and I have more pacs standing

RavenKZP: how do i know if my pac is dead?

eulerscheZahl: it's a tie

dbf: RavenKZP, it has status 'DEAD' starting from silver league

AlluringChair: you don't get input from it

cegprakash: all u need is go to closest pellet + little team cooperation

Rprades: ah both are 1st

AlluringChair: oh

AlluringChair: really?

Rprades: I got confused because I was in second position

cegprakash: these two are enough to get gold

WINWINWIN: @cegprakash any way without a BFS?

muy31: team coop as in...?

eulerscheZahl: there has to be some order. writing both on top of each other is unreadable

muy31: i already have that

eulerscheZahl: hail our new leader

cegprakash: without BFS u deserve in Wood1 WINWINWIN

Illedan: Damn Csipcsirip :o

Scarfield: coop as in not going for the same pellets, not trapping own unit and the like

kovi: nice csipcsirip

Illedan: The Hungarian top is going to be hard

Csipcsirip: tyty

Illedan: That should be barely enough for Legend

Clagus: damn... and they say that hungarian notation sux...

cegprakash: if I find a middeway between yesterday's bot and today's bot I'm sure I can improve much higher

RavenKZP: @dbf thanks somehow i miss it

cegprakash: I probably have added bugs as I added features

eulerscheZahl: you are far away from legend Illedan

eulerscheZahl: fix it

WINWINWIN: @cegprakash :) Really no way without BFS?

Illedan: I will submit later, just chillin

cegprakash: no WINWINWIN BFS is 4 lines of code

eulerscheZahl: i know, you code at night

cegprakash: learn it WINWINWIN

jrke: hey is sim better than BFS?

Illedan: Yeah, prime time after 10 PM

MarekM: some using recursion in silver or higher?

Illedan: Sure MarekM

Doju: Umh... does anybody spot the issue here?

Doju: print(pac, file=sys.stderr) pac.command()

Doju: it prints a pac object

cegprakash: BFS can find pellet at 30 distance jrke

Doju: but says nonetype object is not callable


cegprakash: if u ca write a sim at depth 30 u donn need BFS

WINWINWIN: Is this link good for BFS?

jrke: K

cegprakash: sorry BFS can find npellet even at 100 distance

eulerscheZahl: or you combine sim with BFS heuristic

jrke: ya it can infinite if no time limit is there

cegprakash: u can't go depth 100 using sim

Doju: MarekM i just implemented a recursive function into my code but still got some bugs

cegprakash: not in 50 ms

MarekM: i switch to non recursive algo, in python 3 is way too slow with recursion, now i am under 5 ms per turn, with whole field checked

WINWINWIN: cegprakash is tutorialspoint a good place to learn BFS?

Doju: Okay

cegprakash: just write ur own BFS code without looking tutorial. Learn the concept from youtube WINWINWIN

cegprakash: all u need is a queue

jrke: and push

cegprakash: and u push and pop things out

cegprakash: it's nothing magical

AlluringChair: i have been using python since 4 months and i'm still typing null instaed of none...

cegprakash: damn u are a javascript coder AlluringChair

Rprades: and multiple at the same time, I am using a modified BFS to return distance of every pac from same pellet

WINWINWIN: Hmm, for this I will need a 2D array

WINWINWIN: Uptil now I have been using a 1D array of point objects

AlluringChair: no, before python i only coded in c c++ and c#

cegprakash: use both WINWINWIN

AlluringChair: and i usually just type null and press tab

cegprakash: or use 2D alone

AlluringChair: and it gets me the right null name

AlluringChair: but in python i have to type none xd

cegprakash: it's not none. It's "None"

cegprakash: and null is javascript

AlluringChair: yeah but i type none and press tab for N :)

cegprakash: NULL is c++

Scarfield: you could add neighbors for the point object i suppose WINWINWIN, but 2d arrays are easier to use for stuff thats on a plane imo anyway

AlluringChair: same with NULL nullptr and other crap

MarekM: how many people are in GOLD now?

WINWINWIN: K, will make a full rewrite :(

Gafagarion: 401

MarekM: thx

MarekM: now i am 26th in silver, may be waiting is enough :)

Ramzel: Nope its not

Beerus: did codin ide always gave warnings?

Beerus: nice job anyway

muy31: no Beerus

eulerscheZahl: we have the Monaco editor now instead of ace

jrke: hey python vs c++ which has less reponseime t

struct: ofc you can go depth 100

jrke: *time

struct: is the same as depth 30

struct: it wont do well

MarekM: anybody uses graph theory? with junctions as vertices?

Doju: somebody, yes.

Doju: me? no

Doju: jrke c++ is much faster

jrke: K

cegprakash: jrke there are 4^100 paths at depth 100

jrke: ya

eulerscheZahl: there are pruning possibilities

cegprakash: sorry struct*

eulerscheZahl: of course you can reach depth 100

llllllllll: if you died -> skip

llllllllll: if path is bad ->skip

eulerscheZahl: just without much exploration

cegprakash: someone was asking using sim without a BFS

struct: so 4^30 is possible?

njaber: can we do parallel computing in our bots? Or is it disabled?

alinde2: What are you guys running to need c++? Y'all gold league? With javascript and bfs in bfs I'm high silver..

cegprakash: can't prune without a BFS

struct: good luck

eulerscheZahl: i can still prune without BFS

eulerscheZahl: just won't do well

njaber: Frick there is no info on the performance of bit arrays on google

njaber: I'm hesitating between taking sha256 ints or bit arrays

eulerscheZahl: sha256?

eulerscheZahl: computing hashes?

njaber: no just for the size of the int

muy31: ok if i win the next three matches against silver bot im submitting

njaber: I want to do bitwise operations as fast as possible on large number of bits

Uljahn: you mean with AVX2?

njaber: ?

Csipcsirip: I'd recommend std::bitset if you use c++

njaber: I'm in c# saddly

njaber: An I don't have time to convert everything to c++


njaber: Ok doesn't seem like sha256 is really what I'm looking for, I'll see if the parallel implementsations of bitwise data structures are available

njaber: Yeah I saw those but 32 is way too small, and if I can get a hardware accelerated structure I'll go for that in priority

njaber: else I'll just resort to BitArray

MarekM: spatial hashing? :)

njaber: not exactly, it's an experiment more then anything

njaber: Heavy spoilers if it works tho

njaber: So I'm not gonna go into details

jrke: hey is 10 turns enough for simming

jrke: or more

njaber: Hardware acceleration is on, nice

struct: all depends

struct: on the kind of search you use

Doju: njaber what on earth are you doing hahah

Doju: hardware acceleration

njaber: I'm doing things that need as much optimization as possible

Doju: that was a rhetorical question, no need to respond

Doju: mmkay

Doju: that's a solid answer

eulerscheZahl: that's how we lost struct's last account

eulerscheZahl: he got mad coding and forgot to submit

eulerscheZahl: then rage-deleted his account

jrke: is predicting 10 turns are enough for simulation

jrke: ?

njaber: lol, I don't rage, I just like the challenge, but if I fail oh well, I still had fun

muy31: im raging

eulerscheZahl: yes jrke. i'm doing 4 turns

jrke: what

jrke: means then 6 turns are ok

eulerscheZahl: wasted

Hjax: it depends on how sophisticated your scoring is @jrke

muy31: less turns for less sophisticated

muy31: so you dont screw yourself over

Hjax: ? no

muy31: Hjax yes

struct: more depth doesnt mean you will get better results

Hjax: less turns for more sophisticated, because its slower

muy31: thats what i said

muy31: for struct

muy31: but Hjjax no

muy31: i mean yes, but logically no

Hjax: why would you have a simple scoring function with little lookahead? wheres your strength

Hjax: either you have a fast simple scoring function, and can do a lot of lookahead

Hjax: or you have a complex scoring function, but cant search as deep

muy31: no the simple one will screw you...

muy31: if you look too far

cegprakash: bye all I should close this tab and go do some coding for what I'm being paid..

cegprakash: this thing is addictive

struct: Hjax is right

njaber: yes it is

njaber: cegprakash

Doju: yup but this is not a bad thing to be addicted to imo

Hjax: i took today off from work

Hjax: so i could work on this

njaber: indeed

eulerscheZahl: same Hjax

Doju: unless you're already a coding virtuoso

muy31: for example... pac thinks there is # pellets 5 moves away, but there is one right next to you. An unsophisticated algo might choose the pellets 5 moves away, but unfortunately they get eaten before you get there

muy31: but if you gave it less depth you would be more "content" with what's in front of you

muy31: and probably perform better

muy31: do I was talking about logic not runtime

Doju: and this is why i'm not doing a sim

muy31: *So

Doju: also python xD

Uljahn: you could use a discounting factor for future rewards :/

muy31: you could, but that makes it more sophisticated does it not?

muy31: and then you could do a higher depth

Hjax: when i say sophisticated i dont mean little tweaks like discounting based on depth

Hjax: that really wont slow you down much at all

Uljahn: ^

muy31: well whatevs i guess, all of y'all are higher ranked than me anyways

muy31: im done for the day i think, not getting out of silver

Uljahn: not really xd

Doju: uh, what

Doju: in my function definition i have

Doju: "existing_targets=set()"

Doju: oh

Doju: wait... one sec

Doju: found it, nevermind

Doju: aha, just what i expected


Doju: " times out

Doju: :D

MarekM: :)

AntiSquid: i have a feeling most people in gold aren't really improving but just optimizing vs the others in the arena, change my mind

Hjax: whats the difference

Hjax: a win is a win

IAmNoob: a clean win is not a win

IAmNoob: :)

muy31: resubmitting my old code, seeing what happens...

muy31: AntiSquid improving your code is counteractive to your ranking, it's been proven

AntiSquid: it's ok i have some ideas

AntiSquid: euler's bot looks like a juicy boss target

AntiSquid: wonder if cg staff noticed

Ramzel: Can i chose anyone to fight against?

AntiSquid: yes

Ramzel: How to do it?

AntiSquid: delete opponent in the ide

AntiSquid: then select new one

eulerscheZahl: you can only choose top1000, starting from your own league

Ramzel: Thanks

eulerscheZahl: so you can't fight gold while in silver. or wood because there are too many players in the contest

AntiSquid: which sucks imo

Default avatar.png juanotres33: what tutorial made you guys really understand dynamic programming?

muy31: just practiced it

muy31: i guess

muy31: yo just learn the basic constructs at first

Doju: wait, what?

muy31: and then you think about how they apply to your situation

AntiSquid: google, occasionally duckduckgo

Doju: can you modify a default parameter from inside the function

Doju: in python

AntiSquid: yes

Doju: ohhh okay

Doju: so i have an empty set as a default value

AntiSquid: or did you mean smtg else?

Default avatar.png juanotres33: my problem with dp is in constructing constructing the (mathematical) recursion. Recognizing patterns I guess... any tips on how to get better on that?

Doju: if i call it with no value and then add something to the set

Doju: (add inside the function)

Doju: and then call it again with no specified values

Doju: then the items i added the last time are there?

AntiSquid: you need an object or variable

Doju: i do have a variable

Doju: but i guess it just points to the default value?

AntiSquid: can make function part of the object

AntiSquid: use global keyword? not sure what you mean

Doju: erm

Doju: def foo(a=set()):

Doju: b=a

Doju: b.add("something")

Doju: then i call that twice

Doju: and on the second time a contains "something"

Doju: is that correct?


RoboStac: yep

Doju: oh huh

Doju: Yeah i agree with the title of that article

Doju: thanks RoboStac and AntiSquid

Doju: i think i have these bugs everywhere :|

muy31: im so depressed w/ this right now...

muy31: i just submitted my old code, and am in 258th place, 100th higher than my most recent code

muy31: i remember a day when i was waiting to promote from 9th place with this same code

AntiSquid: interesting URL name

muy31: how is it fair that Clyde-bot gets to keep his rank? but i cant keep mine?

muy31: silver bot suck about as much as i do

muy31: i have a question: What determines the score? like 20.XX?

muy31: how does it work? does resubmitting set you back to 0 and start again, or does it just continue from where you are?

RoboStac: it uses the trueskill algorithm

RoboStac: resubmit starts from scratch (uses first 10 games to roughly place you in the division then you play games vs people close to you in rank)

Hjax: not sure, i dont think it sets you to zero though

Zenoscave: Hjax it does

Hjax: really?

eulerscheZahl: and the boss doesn't keep the rank. whoever gets above, promotes to gold. league size is increasing

Hjax: why not just make the variance bigger?

muy31: eulerscheZahl it was supposed to be a joke..

muy31: and wimper

eulerscheZahl: oh damn, didn't realize to whom i'm replaying

muy31: sp RoboStac it's about first 10?

muy31: cause i always lose like 2 in the first ten

muy31: 2 - 4 variable

RoboStac: they've got a big effect at the start, but you can still move ranks a lot afterwards

muy31: does it become harder to promote as more people join as well?

Hjax: no, it stays the same difficulty, because the boss doesnt get better

Illedan: Might be harder, as some bots are stronger vs others

AntiSquid: .-. | OO| | | '^^^'

muy31: but there's no way someone w/ lazy/simple heuristics is getting better than other players even if we are all better than boss

AntiSquid: where are the pacman ghosts

Illedan: Add ghosts and remove fog of war :P

AntiSquid: ghosts trains !

Default avatar.png Over9000: pde-bakk has some nice messages :thinking:


muy31: last submit of the day?, 4 losses in first 15 battles

Default avatar.png SkyDreamer: can someone help me

llllllllll: with?

Default avatar.png SkyDreamer: can i write a function in java that swaps the value of 2 int variables everytime i call it?

llllllllll: I guess so

Default avatar.png SkyDreamer: a function i know returns a value, not the swap

Default avatar.png isdemus: what do you mean by return a swap?

muy31: make the int variables static or something,

muy31: or global

muy31: you cant swap primitives as parameters

muy31: but you can if they are global variables

muy31: example: functionName(int a, int b){

muy31: a = a +b;

muy31: }

muy31: but a stays the same after method is called

muy31: but if they are not parameters but rather global variables you can do it

muy31: so functionName(int a, int b){ a = a +b; }

muy31: so functionName(int a, int b){ a = a +b; }

muy31: *oops

muy31: messed up

muy31: int a = 0;

Default avatar.png SkyDreamer: but at the end of that funcion i must return something

muy31: unctionName( int b){ a = a +b; }

muy31: make it void

muy31: ooh yes, in the 100s again! (silver)

Default avatar.png SkyDreamer:

Default avatar.png SkyDreamer: but it doesnt swap

muy31: it wont work

muy31: yeah b/c primitive data types as parameters

k4ng0u: is the initial number of ppl in legend fixed or does it depend on the number of participants?

muy31: it will only work with reference types and objects if you want ou use a and b as a parameters

VicHofs: yo superstars

VicHofs: any ideas how to improve in bronze from this gameplay?

muy31: otherwise SkyDreamer you need to make a and b global variables

VicHofs: I keep getting close calls like this and have run out of ideas

Default avatar.png SkyDreamer: thanks

muy31: VicHofs you are wasting your speed

muy31: you need to choose a location at least two cells away

muy31: for you to use it

VicHofs: huh

VicHofs: ok thanks

VicHofs: I don't know how to use it properly

muy31: frames 22 - 26 or so

VicHofs: I was using if off cooldown

muy31: use it off sppedTurnsLeft

VicHofs: *it

muy31: speedTurnsLeft > 0

muy31: using speed

Scarfield: you get to move 2 cells per turn when speed is active, but if you only target a cell one cell away, you will only move one cell

muy31: also VicHofs you don't always choose the best pellet, either, you might want to keep track of where you know for sure there are no pellets

muy31: many times though you ass up visible pellets

muy31: *pass

VicHofs: I do that already tho

VicHofs: keeping track of no pellets that is

VicHofs: might not be working properly tho

muy31: perhaps

muy31: but dont pass up perfectly good pellets

VicHofs: ty anyway

VicHofs: I think i have an idea what might be contributing

muy31: good luck :)

MSmits: errm, with some luck i could be gold boss, but more likely i will just get stuck under it :P

eulerscheZahl: i hope for a PHP boss

MSmits: that would be smart

MSmits: my bot is not a good choice

eulerscheZahl: you are too low anyways i think

MSmits: right

MSmits: 17 now

eulerscheZahl: i fear that i have a good rank

eulerscheZahl: but i don't want to be the boss :fearful:

MSmits: they dont pick rank 7 for gold boss do they?

MSmits: i thought it was more like 15?

eulerscheZahl: for OOC it was 8

MSmits: oh really

MSmits: explains why it was so hard to beat i guess

eulerscheZahl: they considered dbdr first. but IDE timeouts for a boss? nope

dbdr: :D

eulerscheZahl: in 30min we will know

dbdr: you say they considerd because Apo commented on my indenting?

MSmits: thats probably bad yeah

MSmits: is something wrong with your indenting?

dbdr: destroyed by my byndler

eulerscheZahl: because they commented on you timing out and that that's the reason you aren't the boss i think

dbdr: my source is beautiful of course ;)

eulerscheZahl: on which day was legend opened?

MSmits: but you are still *a* boss though dbdr

dbdr: using tabs, as God intended ;)

dbdr: lol MSmits

MSmits: ah, my tabs are atheist

dbdr: but you are stilling a coding God, MSmits ;)

MSmits: thanks :)

dbdr: *still

RockyMullet: if your a god a believe in yourself, it makes you a theist

dbdr: MSmits you are in the coin flip zone for legend it seems

RockyMullet: self esteem is important

MSmits: I wont get legend immediately I think

MSmits: but often something happens to cause a flood

dbdr: better to prepare for that

MSmits: a submitter that has RPS vs gold voss

MSmits: boss

dbdr: I would be very happy if I do

eulerscheZahl: [CG]SaiksyApo: dbdr il a tellement de caractères qu'il doit supprimer l'indentation apparement è_é

dbdr: yeah, top gold should be fine. though sometimes the boss starts climbing as well

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: we'll see

dbdr: yeah. not sure if I had to, or my budler just did it anyway. it also included the unit tests in the submission :D

eulerscheZahl: and his next sentence: Then you will stay in Gold !

llllllllll: ah I LOVE IT SO MUCH when I timeout and my debug messages are not printed

llllllllll: even if I put it in the first line of the game loop

eulerscheZahl: timeout in game: games parsed: 136 timeouts found: 1

dbdr: and I did, bad surprise, I was so sure I did not pay attention

eulerscheZahl: that's acceptable i guess

MSmits: I have them sometimes too, but I dont know why

MSmits: pretty rare though

llllllllll: yeah it is

llllllllll: which makes it specially annoying

dbdr: lol, now you are above me MSmits

dbdr: 0.01 between 4 bots

MSmits: damn

Uljahn: llllllllll: put them after the first inputs in the loop also add flush=True if it's py3

MSmits: my bot is weird though. I did a submit that ended at 170 as well

MSmits: it does relatively well against top bots

MSmits: but I still get trap-killed a lot

llllllllll: @Uljahn now its C++ & I have a print after each function call in the game loop. still nothing is printed

MSmits: I'm not touching my submit until after legend opens

eulerscheZahl: same

VicHofs: ty muy31

YvanTCHOUDIE: Hello everyone

AntiSquid: looks like everyone is getting their best bot out of their cupboard

alinde2: I'm climbing a rank every couple of minutes, just gotta wait it out eh? 42@silver

AntiSquid: python at #27 , is that the boss ?

eulerscheZahl: no, too low

AntiSquid: maybe they gonna take it and improve it

MSmits: if they pick the php, things will get really painful

eulerscheZahl: PHP at 4 is too high some C#/Java around 10-15

MSmits: C#/java, might not be better than just c++

MSmits: many will use the full calc time

eulerscheZahl: or JS. but that's low again

MSmits: bah I'm dropping

eulerscheZahl: you shall not pass!

MSmits: I shall!

eulerscheZahl: i want to see you suffer :popcorn:

MSmits: :cry:

eulerscheZahl: for shooting at my submarine

MSmits: oh, right that one

MSmits: this is a pretty random ladder, just like ooc

dbdr: some bots suffer in gold, but then zip through great positions in legend...

Illedan: 17-18 is a god spot to pick the boss

dbdr: why?

eulerscheZahl: i bet it will be around 10

Illedan: 24-25 score is very close

AntiSquid: fingers crossed for top 5 legend

Illedan: Need the score around 25.5

eulerscheZahl: 25.5 promotes like half of gold

MSmits: back in a bit, someone push me while I am gone

AntiSquid: push down

VicHofs: petition to make it a win if a player gets 69 pellets

icecream17: no, do it when a player has 0 pellets but 100 turns have passed

VicHofs: that's fine too but dude

VicHofs: 69

VicHofs: lmao

icecream17: 69 turns

icecream17: oh well submit

icecream17: wow it's updating fast

Uljahn: time to make some mass promotions in csb :smirk:

eulerscheZahl: where is my boss? :fork: :knife:

eulerscheZahl: no fork?

eulerscheZahl: :spoon:

Scarfield: there is no spoon

icecream17: the fork is lost in the cake

dbdr: late by several seconds already! ourageous!

SurajMishra2209: I have made all the improvements I could and I still cannot get out of bronze

SurajMishra2209: I am giving up

Doju: Don't give up SurajMishra2209

VicHofs: ooh don't give up dude

VicHofs: I suck too

Uljahn: ye, just gid gud ezpz

dbf: SurajMishra2209, don't give up, silver doesn't require complex code, just make sure that there are now visible errors

jrke: does legend open yet

Doju: ^ words of wisdom right there

Doju: (dbf)

Doju: xD

icecream17: This is aargh. I lose 5x times more often if I lost last time in the submit battles

VicHofs: not sure if I agree

eulerscheZahl: yes jrke. any minute now

Doju: VicHofs is your code timing out?

VicHofs: nope Doju

VicHofs: I just suck

Doju: are your pacs collaborating?

VicHofs: lmao

VicHofs: what does that mean

Doju: at least not crashing into eachother

Doju: for extended periods of time

Doju: and not following eachother

VicHofs: yeah they don't crash

VicHofs: I can't stop them from following yet tho...

Doju: that not following thing was key for me to getting to silver

VicHofs: any tips?

Doju: do you have a pathfinding thing working?

Doju: (bfs perhaps)

daanolav: So does anyone know how late legend is opening?

Hjax: soon™

Illedan: Any time now

BenjaminUrquhart: make kovi the boss /s

eulerscheZahl: i want a PHP boss

BenjaminUrquhart: but the php guy is 4th

Csipcsirip: c# would be much better

BenjaminUrquhart: ey

eulerscheZahl: boss

BenjaminUrquhart: java boss

wlesavo: yay

BenjaminUrquhart: Npi2Loup

wlesavo: big legend

eulerscheZahl: yay

Illedan: 25.5 :tada:

Illedan: Told ya ;)

BenjaminUrquhart: MSmits you just missed it

eulerscheZahl: will blow up quickly

Illedan: :clap: eulerscheZahl

Rprades: 15 ppl to legend i tseems

eulerscheZahl: 16

wlesavo: so Npi2Loup is the boss?

BenjaminUrquhart: I believe so

jrke: 16

BenjaminUrquhart: or it's another java bot that so happened to have the same score as him


Illedan: Random boss?

Hjax: looks deterministic

eulerscheZahl: i thought my replays show the opposite?

dbdr: now we see the real ranking free of spam? :)

eulerscheZahl: no, someone will spam before it finishes

Illedan: :D

MSmits: 0.32 rating below gold

Illedan: haha

eulerscheZahl: and late promotions

MSmits: thats like 3 games

dbdr: ValGrowth back to #1

kovi: finally we will have a real eval

kovi: with best versions and quite a few games

MSmits: 0.17 below gold boss

MSmits: karliso promoted

eulerscheZahl: and 2 players already resubmitted

dbdr: 3

eulerscheZahl: you too dbdr?

AlluringChair: can i somehow get the board in text # #... so i can test it locally?

dbdr: no

BenjaminUrquhart: print it

dbdr: XL* karli* Jir*tech

eulerscheZahl: your second one is a promotion actually

dbdr: and w*la

eulerscheZahl: not a resubmit

dbdr: ah possible

dbdr: sry

solaimanope: will one get promoted if it's better than boss when BATTLES IN PROGRESS

eulerscheZahl: no

RockyMullet: good legend is out, time to bump my face a couple of times on that gate

dbdr: 3 HU in top 5 :D happy kovi? :)

eulerscheZahl: you don't like the boss?

Illedan: I'll join RockyMullet

dbdr: 3 in top 3

dbdr: ok, chnging too fast

RockyMullet: good good

MSmits: You are better than the boss! You will be promoted to Legend League

RockyMullet: ok first game in IDE I win, I might be lucky by spamming the submits :P

dbdr: yay, gg MSmits!

wlesavo: nice MSmits

RockyMullet: gg MSmits

MSmits: no resubmit needed :)

MSmits: thanks

RockyMullet: resubmits are for losers

RockyMullet: like me...

**RockyMullet plays violon

dbdr: I have submitted since yesterday morning :D

MSmits: first time i get to legend this way. All previous time I was either above boss, or i got it like 2 days later

RockyMullet: ok trying my luck

RockyMullet: THEN I'll code

AlluringChair: i'm probably dumb but how can i print the board, the console only shows 1 line and i can't print another..

MSmits: luck before code?

icecream17: save each line in an array

RockyMullet: AlluringChair you can print in the errors

Doju: yeah you need to print in the errors

RockyMullet: MSmits yes, cause luck is easy

MSmits: if you're lucky :)

alinde2: 30 silver, now winnings against ide bot. Gotta re-submit :grin:

AlluringChair: that stil wil be 1 line, \n doesn't work :/


RockyMullet: :four_leaf_clover:

RockyMullet: gl alinde2

AlluringChair: i guess i will separate it later...

icecream17: Alluringchair see the pastebin

Doju: hmm

RockyMullet: oh this luck thing is not looking good lol

kovi: we will have good baseline cgstat

RockyMullet: oh wait, the luck is coming back

Waffle3z: how small is legend?

MSmits: 20

MSmits: 21

RockyMullet: oh, nice

RockyMullet: not one of those "10 people in legend"

RockyMullet: so you're telling me there's a chance !?!?!?

eulerscheZahl: of course

MSmits: this game is pretty random. Get in range of gold boss so you get some battles against him. Overfit vs the boss, then chain submit

RockyMullet: trolling aside, I might be able to get legend

eulerscheZahl: even for 10 in legend, there is a chance - as these 10 prove

RockyMullet: yeah depends if I'm already in the downward spiral of "every I do make it worse" which is, for now, not the case :P

MSmits: hope I am not there either... havent really improved much since monday

MSmits: even though i did some pretty cool stuff in my bot. It just didnt help :P

RockyMullet: yah, I fixed so many edge case that happens once every 100 games, its nice, but doesnt affect the rank much

solaimanope: "even though i did some pretty cool stuff in my bot. It just didnt help" sums up my last two days :3

MSmits: right

RockyMullet: rn most of my game I lose because when tehre is not much pellet left, it takes too much time for me to find them, so I work on my deduction of where enemies have most likely already taken the pellets

RockyMullet: should help

MSmits: yes, thats on my list as well

MSmits: and finally try to kill and avoid dying :P

RockyMullet: knowledge is power :sunglasses:

MSmits: ye

Rprades: same for me RokcyMullet

Rprades: that is my bottleneck right now

RockyMullet: yah, Rprades, I improved my early gathering A LOT but then I slowly lose if it goes late game

RockyMullet: which is usually the case against good bot

RockyMullet: so unless I kill pacs (which my bot is ok at) I lose the long games

MSmits: you check for dead-end kills RockyMullet?

RockyMullet: yes

kovi: tiber has nice lead, 2-4 is pretty equal

MSmits: did you test how much stronger your bot is with the kill thing RockyMullet?

RockyMullet: hum ahrd to tell, I did that a couple days ago

Peudoki: time to join the legends for me hopefully

RockyMullet: but it doenst happen everygame

MSmits: I am going to check the last battles and see how many times it happens to me.

wlesavo: 24 already

MSmits: do an accurate count

wlesavo: looks promising

RockyMullet: I dont activly check for a kill, its just if I see an enemy in a dead end that I can reach before they can exit, I go for it

Peudoki: half the games done, 0.67 ahead of boss

Peudoki: 0.49 now

MSmits: RockyMullet thats exactly what i mean

RockyMullet: I seen a game once where it wasnt the right choice tho, I was losing by like 3 pellets and chased for the kill while I could have taken pellets and win

RockyMullet: killing an enemy pac is not as valuable late game

k4ng0u: never chase in end game :P

RockyMullet: yeah, I could probably do some dumb check like "if im that close from the end, dont go for kill"

k4ng0u: I read somewhere that you could divide the pellets left by the number of alive pacs to get an approximation of the value of killing a pac

MSmits: makes total sense

RockyMullet: yeah, not a bad idea

Doju: isn't it double that?

Doju: since they can't collect pellets and you can if their pac is dead

MSmits: doesnt matter, there will be a constant anyway

Doju: sure

MSmits: if the value is doubled, the constant will also and you will fit the constant

jrke: now tommorow we can make out who will be the winner

Kellthazar: if myScore < enemyScore, dont ignore the enemypac

Kellthazar: ops, I mean the oposite

Doju: It took me 8 hours to code a simple collaborative targeting thing ...

MSmits: most of my losses are corner kills where I dont know my opponent is around the corner =/

Kellthazar: yeah

WINWINWIN: SIlver boss occasionally has timeouts, is that ok?

eulerscheZahl: yes, it's fine

Doju: luckily i can quickly adapt it to work for paths too

eulerscheZahl: the boss is just another player like you and me

AlluringChair: i have just wasted nearly 3 hours of my life because deque in python with pop() works like a stack

Doju: you need to do popleft()

AlluringChair: THANKS

AlluringChair: I KNOW

Doju: sorry xd

AlluringChair: why name it DEQUE if it might as well be a stack..

Doju: double ended queue?

AlluringChair: e maybe i;m just tilted beyond reasoning now

kovi: very random. top6 is in a bunch now

Peudoki: I'm 0.00 behind the boss, nooo!

Peudoki: can't get to legend

MSmits: so.. .you have floating point issues?

Peudoki: we're both at 25.23 when I finished my games

ZarthaxX: lol

MSmits: Peudoki, the first one of you to win a game will be 1st

MSmits: so just win your next game

MSmits: and hope he loses his

eulerscheZahl: your score has more decimal digits than shown

Peudoki: I have no games left though

eulerscheZahl: others submit

MSmits: players will play against you..

Doju: yeah Peudoki just hype your bot up

NinjaDoggy: :O he did it

MSmits: .and against the boss

NinjaDoggy: the boss lost

Peudoki: it happened! I'm legend!

Doju: gratz

MSmits: grats :)

NickStahl: Peudoki congrats

Peudoki: well

Peudoki: in 30 sec

Peudoki: I have to wait it out

Peudoki: and hold

MSmits: no

ZarthaxX: nah you cant

MSmits: if it gives a popup, you're in

ZarthaxX: once u get that msg you promote

ZarthaxX: even if you resubmit

Peudoki: it's official!

eulerscheZahl: it was before

Ramzel: YEY GOLD !

WINWINWIN: well donw Peudoki, Ramzel

Peudoki: thank you

NickStahl: Ramzel congratz

Peudoki: I'm dead last in legend, but I'm here ^^

Peudoki: the smallest legend known to humanity

eulerscheZahl: nah

MSmits: it will grow

MSmits: it's always small at first

eulerscheZahl: 44 at the end of the contest for code of ice and fire, 49 for mean max

MSmits: this one will be bigger

eulerscheZahl: this one will exceed 100 i think

Peudoki: 100 legends? :O

eulerscheZahl: just wait till monday

alinde2: Edge of my seat

kovi: its hard to climb with 55% winrates

Doju: only 2 days left... i guess it's time for bad coding

Doju: ctrl + c and ctrl + v to the rescue

wlesavo: does legend feels less random?

kovi: not at all

WINWINWIN: I dont understand what you mean by random wlesavo

WINWINWIN: Are all the bots deterministic in legend?

Default avatar.png Xlos: Alright I'm finally beating inky's butt

Default avatar.png Xlos: silver here we come

wlesavo: WINWINWIN random pac deaths are almost unavoidable, so it can result in a loss with nothing you can do about it

Rprades: 26% battles and beating the boss!

Rprades: hope it lasts until 100%

WINWINWIN: Thanks wlesavo, understand now

wlesavo: Rprades quite huge advantage actually, 1 point above the boss

Rprades: just lost 7 in a row :(

Ramzel: Is there a way to fall a rank down?

wlesavo: i think you will make it anyway

Ramzel: league down*

Rprades: thanks for the trust wlesavo

wlesavo: Ramzel no, only in test mode

Quidome: Legend is already big, congrats guys

Quidome: Well played :)

Default avatar.png mpt: still got 800ms to spent on precalc. What should I use it on, I wonder.

kovi: increase depth of 1st turn action

jacek: make opening book

Default avatar.png mpt: thanks for the input

NinjaDoggy: mtp

NinjaDoggy: calculate cuts/trapping :P

MSmits: cuts>

MSmits: ?

MSmits: you mean dead-ending a pac?

NinjaDoggy: yep

MSmits: kk

MSmits: stil havent coded that

MSmits: seems fairly easy, but it will add more mess to my mess

NinjaDoggy: how's the enemy tracking going now?

MSmits: I dunno.. I have something that works, but it doesnt help me win more

eulerscheZahl: trapping is fun

MSmits: i mainly try not to die around corners, but it makes my pacs afraid to go around corners :P

eulerscheZahl: i try to kill around corners :imp:

MSmits: eulerscheZahl have you reduced your trapping? I saw a replay from you where you had 2 pacs travel quite far to kill another pac... thats pretty costly

eulerscheZahl: i still do it

MSmits: do you take into account the cost though? For example near end games?

NinjaDoggy: evil euler :imp:

eulerscheZahl: no, i just like kills

MSmits: lol ok

NinjaDoggy: LOl

MSmits: it seems pretty complicated to code with multiple pacs involved

MSmits: dead ends are pretty easy

eulerscheZahl: like this?

MSmits: yes that

some_person_that_dan_doesnt_know: helo

some_person_that_dan_doesnt_know: 14

eulerscheZahl: it's not that hard to code if you are happy catching 95% of the cases

MSmits: you also need to take into account your other pacs blocking your trap

MSmits: stuff like that

eulerscheZahl: and that's where i screw up :D

MSmits: hehe ok

NinjaDoggy: hm...

MSmits: thats my problem. I see a problem I dont know how to fix and then I dont code an less effective version that would still work 95%

RockyMullet: hu, I could probably improve my "kill in dead ends" algo to make traps like that

some_person_that_dan_doesnt_know: where did the button where u can join a random 15min clash go

Nerchio: do we know who is the gold boss?

NinjaDoggy: wait you didn't detect trap on frame 33 but did on fram 37?

NinjaDoggy: you have to have a pac next to them? lame -_-

eulerscheZahl: npi2 is the boss

NinjaDoggy: that's not 95% :P

CodingCarter: 2 hours b4 AP Computer Science A!

MSmits: NinjaDoggy

MSmits: it's cooldowns

MSmits: the opponent can switch

MSmits: then you cant trap him

NinjaDoggy: oh nvm i'm dumb :(

NinjaDoggy: but you can also switch!

NinjaDoggy: ha! lame -_-

MSmits: yes, but that doesnt work

MSmits: the one who switches first loses

MSmits: you get a standoff

MSmits: takes too much time, tying up two pacs vs his one

MSmits: not good

NinjaDoggy: true

NinjaDoggy: but he doens't care, he just wants kills

MSmits: thats true. Out of character euler, you should park two pacs and wait

eulerscheZahl: hey, i won the game

NinjaDoggy: :P

eulerscheZahl: i also saw my bot doing this in turn 2 with bad start locations

MSmits: yeah... seen plenty of those

MSmits: all games I lose

DiegoVega: can anyone tell me how the starting positions are chosen? is it truely random or there is a fairness involved so that your pac is not in an impossible starting position?

dbdr: it's fair since it's symmetrical

Peudoki: my AI just went on a winning stream of 13

Peudoki: crazy rampage

Peudoki: streak*

MSmits: I turned that mode off... felt like cheating

Doju: :D

eulerscheZahl: :D

MSmits: see, that's sporting. Giving others a chance

MSmits: try that Peudoki

dbdr: are you on stike euler?

some_person_that_dan_doesnt_know: h

some_person_that_dan_doesnt_know: h

some_person_that_dan_doesnt_know: h

some_person_that_dan_doesnt_know: h h h h




some_person_that_dan_doesnt_know: h h h

some_person_that_dan_doesnt_know: h h h

llllllllll: stop, maybe?

njaber: smells like imminent mute/ban

NinjaDoggy: where the mods at

some_person_that_dan_doesnt_know: h

eulerscheZahl: chose your mod

NinjaDoggy: euler aren't you a mod?

eulerscheZahl: i'll ping antisquid

eulerscheZahl: but tab completion doesn't trigger

NinjaDoggy: why aren't you a mod :(

struct: I ping MadKnight

eulerscheZahl: i'm only on discord :(

NinjaDoggy: weak

cegprakash: eulerscheZahl "i also saw my bot doing this in turn 2 with bad start locations" can u show me

eulerscheZahl: didn't save it

struct: Need top 100 in CSB for mod

eulerscheZahl: sqiddy got that?

NinjaDoggy: i don't believe it

NinjaDoggy: not 1 bit

struct: yes

cegprakash: what is it about eulerscheZahl

struct: rank 91

NinjaDoggy: :O

some_person_that_dan_doesnt_know: h

daanolav: i don't even know what i can do to improve my bot anymore, that's how bad i designed it in the first place

Jesus_inn_party: sup every one

Doju: sup jesus

cegprakash: out off topic: have anyone worked on "sign in with google" on backend? I need help

jrke: hey i wanna ask one thing in c++ suppose their is nested loop and if command break; then it will exit from all loop or one

eulerscheZahl: and you can't google for help because you aren't signed in?

eulerscheZahl: jrke for my prof that's the only acceptable use of goto

cegprakash: eulerscheZahl too many documents

cegprakash: don't know which one is right

jrke: K euler thanks

struct: it only breaks the current loop

struct: not nested

EvModder: :O they added a new arena

EvModder: time to submit again and hope i make the cut

eulerscheZahl: which arena?

eulerscheZahl: i see no new multiplayer game

EvModder: legend

eulerscheZahl: oh :D

jrke: hey when i add goto to switch it time out else works why is this in c++

struct: How does your switch looks?

EvModder: idk, should work. i dont use gotos much personall


jrke: my switch

struct: you need break; on switchs

jrke: same timeout then also

jrke: what can i do

cegprakash: goto guy spotted

jrke: means

cegprakash: if something works ship it

jrke: Ceg i didn't get you

[Csongor]: The boss just timed that normal?

cegprakash: you've to type "goto cegprakash;" to get to me

eulerscheZahl: yes, the boss can timeout too

cegprakash: probably eulerscheZahl is the boss

EvModder: noob boss lol

EvModder: what causes it to timeout?

jrke: hey anybody to my ques plz

cegprakash: EvModder thinking

cegprakash: thinnking too much

EvModder: i dont beleive in thinking

[Csongor]: the boss timed out again

struct: jrke what is s4?

EvModder: link to game?

cegprakash: [Csongor] definitely it's eulerscheZahl

cegprakash: if it timeouts often

cegprakash: let me guess there are 4 or 5 pacs

jrke: its just an int s4

struct: What is this switch supposed to do ?

struct: What do you want to do?

jrke: i am using it for sim

struct: Yes but what is it meant to do?

jrke: its one of my 6 switch to read all possibilities for next 6 turns

jrke: how can i solve this probleme

jrke: *problem

struct: are you using goto to exit switch?

jrke: break and goto both timeout

Counterbalance: jrke you forgot the break;

jrke: nope its also giving timeout

eulerscheZahl: the goto is conditional

eulerscheZahl: you still need an unconditional break

jrke: means

eulerscheZahl: oh wait... just poorly formatted

RoboStac: no, it's outside the {} so it's the same as break

Counterbalance: right

dbf: eulerscheZahl, congrats with legend, boss is in java, so you are happy? :)

Rprades: come on

eulerscheZahl: no, i wanted PHP

Rprades: first after the gold boss

Rprades: haha

jrke: whats wrong in this code

Rprades: story of my life

RoboStac: theres nothing wrong (other than the formatting) with that code jrke

jrke: so what i am suppose to do?

Counterbalance: might be because there are no bounds checks here so maybe you're accessing somearray[-1] ?

dbf: Rprades, just leave your bot overnight and check tomorrow morning :)

Rprades: do you think that without submiitting there is a chance to get promoted? if he loses more than me?

Rprades: thanks dbf, that is what I was asking

Rprades: I wont resubmit then

eulerscheZahl: odds are good to get pushed

eulerscheZahl: only submit if you have a real improvement

dbf: the gap is not small, but there is allways a chance for #1

dbf: yes, don't resubmit old code

eulerscheZahl: how big is the gap?

Rprades: thanks :)

Rprades: 0.9

dbf: 0/85

eulerscheZahl: still in range of random

Rprades: crossing my fingers

dbf: close the leaderboard, start working on large improvement and check tomorrow :)

dbf: (pro-tip from a person who was never in legend, lol)

Rprades: haha

Rprades: thanks

cegprakash: dbdr it doesn't work lol.. small iffs are the ones making diff atleast to me

Illedan: Open the webpage in Inspect. Remove chat, ranking and leaderboard. Continue to work.

eulerscheZahl: add ?disableChat to the URL, way easier

dbf: wow

Illedan: Wont remove leaderboard and ranking

struct: Just dont submit

dbf: so I need +4 scores, looks like a major improvement is required :(

eulerscheZahl: hm, i like the idea of removing that distraction too

HiIamFriend: Aham, what was that

Illedan: I removed those on that 4 hour sprint :P

cegprakash: Illedan I'd love an extension for that

eulerscheZahl: looking at the rank too often despite knowing it's meaningless

Illedan: ^

HiIamFriend: how do u beat that :DDD

HiIamFriend: explain pls

MSmits: it's a special move. Output SLURP_PELLETS

Illedan: I wish this game had a 5 BFS ranged vision instead of along the lines -.-

HiIamFriend: hmm

MSmits: HiIamFriend i am kidding... you timed out

dbf: Illedan, so you can use more code from unleash the geek? :)

HiIamFriend: ow :D

MSmits: meaning you didnt provide a proper command

Illedan: Or OoC :P

HiIamFriend: thanks :D

MSmits: np :)

jrke: hey anybody just solve this problem plz i am getting timeout on applying break or goto statement and works without break and goto why?

MarekM: jrke: which language?

jrke: c++

MarekM: Use of goto statement is highly discouraged because it makes difficult to trace the control flow of a program, making the program hard to understand and hard to modify. Any program that uses a goto can be rewritten so that it doesn't need the goto.

struct: jrke I think someone already mentioned the possible problem

jrke: hey but break is also not working

MichaelVonWolfen: Try and change that switch to if statements

struct: if px - 1 == -1

struct: you gonna check array[-1]

jrke: K

Doju: oh great, my pacs see ghosts

HiIamFriend: so if i am rank1 what does that mean O_o "last battles"

NapTown: then you're promoted

HiIamFriend: so i wrote a single line code and i won ? thats weird

Illedan: what league?

HiIamFriend: nvmd, wood league

HiIamFriend: i am not first now

Illedan: :)

Illedan: Wood is introduction

HiIamFriend: wood 1 :D

HiIamFriend: this is a fun website tbh

HiIamFriend: i was searching to code for fun

Nerchio: welcome !

HiIamFriend: ty

AntiSquid: hey was away, how many did get promoted initially ?

RoboStac: 16

cegprakash: AntiSquid I think eulerscheZahl's timeouting bot is th eboss

AntiSquid: java

cegprakash: oh then Npi2Loup may be

HiIamFriend: does enemy is represented by "#" or no ?

cegprakash: no HiIamFriend

cegprakash: # is wall

[Csongor]: the walls

HiIamFriend: k

wlesavo: ceg teaching about the rules :smirk:

cegprakash: enemy is represented by mine=false

cegprakash: I get helped from CG community, I give it back

cegprakash: so never troll CEG

wlesavo: CeG

Default avatar.png ashikujjaman: which algo is best for silver league?

Peudoki: anything people use in gold and legend

wlesavo: btw, cegprakash, what does your nickname mean? is it an actual word?

cegprakash: I studied at CEG

cegprakash: but everyone in my college call me CEG coz of my handle

cegprakash: so I started using it everywhere

cegprakash: and when I came to CG everyone started calling me CEG as well

wlesavo: is prakash your lastname then?

cegprakash: firstnname

wlesavo: oh i see

cegprakash: I don't have a lastname

struct: if you have a firstname you have a last name

Doju: hm

Doju: hah

Peudoki: you can have only one name

Peudoki: that isn't the last

Doju: wdym

Doju: i have 3 names that aren't the last

AntiSquid: but what about 1 first name and 20 middle names?

[Csongor]: 3 nicknames

wlesavo: struct sounds like a programmer would say

wlesavo: like smth

wlesavo: nice Illedan

Rprades: yes! congrats!

Rprades: that give me hope, now I am 0.5 away!

dbf: :thumbsup:

ameler: gg Illedan

eulerscheZahl: legend is too crowded already, can we get a new league?

dbf: yes, if you take gold boss with you

Hjax: In 2 days 12 hours the last league opens, its called champion :P

kovi: why wait so long, do it now

wlesavo: 40 ppl already wow

Jesus_inn_party: how do you know this much stuff?

Nerchio: i wish submits were faster so i can spam submit and hope for a lucky legend run

Astrobytes: cegprakash "I don't have a last name" - yes you do and I know what it is :P

Illedan: w00t

Illedan: Still my code from last saturday with isdead tweak :D Just changed some numbers lol

Default avatar.png Colios13: Tourist is coming :astonished:

Illedan: Nice

Illedan: Rank 3k

Illedan: :D

fatrujilloa: Guys I keep getting timed out but I am not sure where the problem comes from... any hints in how to find the problem?

Doju: print everything

Doju: except if you print too much make sure it doesn't time out because of that

Waffle3z: made a change and submitted. 22nd to 175th. resubmitted. 1st

MarekM: measure time on code segments

fatrujilloa: I am doing it... it gets to the end of the dycle actually :S

fatrujilloa: How do you measure time?

Astrobytes: Psyho, tourist... who else will join

Illedan: psycho didn't do much right?

fatrujilloa: I am using Python

Astrobytes: In gold last time I looked

MarekM: start = time.time()

MarekM: then same at finish

fatrujilloa: Thx!

MarekM: substract and print

Doju: it's hilarious that if you google "pacman mouth angle"

Doju: it actually gives you the answer

Astrobytes: Still have a small bet with myself that dapo will show up at the end :D

Doju: in one of those little handy quick answers

kovi: quite a few topcoder marathonists play

kovi: i envy how fast romka descended

Illedan: Astrobytes :D

kovi: at this point my vote is on karliso

Illedan: I vote for T1024

NapTown: Betrayus switch counter:worried:

Illedan: Or myself if I every get this code working xD

eulerscheZahl: i bet karlis o too

eulerscheZahl: no Illedan. you just aren't a contest killer

Illedan: I know, my motivation was done last saturday :P

Illedan: I still have 3 beers and a redbull. Will see what the night brings

Astrobytes: that's some submit by Romk a

MattSOrme: I thought id made loads of improvements. Played against the boss and won a couple games without paying much attention to anything but the final score. Submitted and list 600 places...

eulerscheZahl: headache for the next morning

Illedan: Used to that

MattSOrme: All of the cool stuff that i had working this morning, was broken by the stuff i did this afternoon :(

cegprakash: I think the rate at which I stare at leaderboard has been increased since the leaderboard fast updating from CG

Astrobytes: lol, it is a significant improvement

struct: Romk a with a new bot?

Astrobytes: It's impressive

Doju: what on earth

Doju: my pac updating method is so broken. How has it worked till now

Doju: Or maybe it hasnt :/

Astrobytes: lol just noticed it's a top 10 Hungarian takeover :D

kovi: psyho playing btw

MarekM: gold league, after all, in the middle of debugging :)

EvModder: did all of the other top players get a lot better since yesterday or did i get a lot worse lol

EvModder: probably both xD

MarekM: or out of luck

EvModder: ya i agree. i will blame luck

Adnmaster: so you work in google

Adnmaster: nice

AntiSquid: he is part of the search engine itself

Icebox: he *is* the search engine

EvModder: kind of ironically, i dont think my pellet search algorithm is much good

Default avatar.png DevLugo: Hello!, about the batman binary search...How i know the current position of batman?

Icebox: you track it

Icebox: yourself

Opeyevil: Am i able to move Coders strike back into visual sutdios to play and debug properly? i still dont understand why next checkpoint x and y change with every loop.

Default avatar.png DevLugo: ok i think i have an idea. Thanks!

cegprakash: yes u can Opeyevil

cegprakash: that's what most of us do Opeyevil

tobk: Huh, what's the story behind the Gold boss? Never been much into the Lore of Pacman...

Opeyevil: how do i move the cins from the website to my ide? only been coding for 1 year so noob

eulerscheZahl: what's the name?

tobk: jup

Opeyevil: is there an API i can access?

Hjax: Lord Betrayus @eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: betray us, interesting :D

eulerscheZahl: Opeyevil

cegprakash: Opeyevil use cerr

tobk: haven't seen it play yet, maybe a reference to the tactics. just came back here

eulerscheZahl: for CSB it is probably easier to import a single turn

eulerscheZahl: they usually decide about the names before choosing a bot

cegprakash: Opeyevil just print to cerr and copy paste it to ur input file

Doju: erm...

Doju: anybody else having issues with pac info?

Doju: i don't think i changed a thing and my bot is broken

Doju: could still very well just be me though

cegprakash: #3 in gold time to stare the leaderboard more

cegprakash: 97%

Chkoupinator: can pacmen see in diagonal?

[Csongor]: Does it matter witch language you choose to write your code in? I chose js for this pac-man competition, but I see that all the top ones use C++.

Astrobytes: You can do it cegprakash!

cegprakash: I couldn't I'll park my bot for sometime

cegprakash: hoping ppl will push me

cegprakash: I didn't get enough games against boss

Opeyevil: how would you import a class or .h file into this website?

eulerscheZahl: you write everything in a single file

Astrobytes: You can code everything offline in multiple files then use a script to merge into one file for CG of course

EvModder: watching games where players don't activate speed until the 2nd turn, and I didn't understand why.... until i played one and they ate my packed because their speed lasted 1 turn longer

EvModder: ate my pac*

EvModder: it's some next-level thinking to be sure

cegprakash: it's a bug EvModder

cegprakash: it's same as using speed on first turn

EvModder: oh?

cegprakash: if u see someone doing that help them by sending them the replay that they have a bug

MSmits: ??

EvModder: ah ok

eulerscheZahl: i disagree ceg

Icebox: lol

MSmits: what is this bug you're talking about ceg?

eulerscheZahl: i don't speed in turn 1, if i spawn next to an opponent that could eat me

MSmits: are you smoking your pellets?

Icebox: nice try to hide a strat ceg

cegprakash: well that's a rare case

cegprakash: 1 in 1000 times it can happen

EvModder: i agree eulerscheZahl; always save ability if a scary opponent is next to you

eulerscheZahl: also saw another player optimize for super pellets: no need to speed, when the first is 1 cell away

MSmits: a little bit more often than that cegprakash

EvModder: unless they have speed

Default avatar.png GauravGosain: hello guys im new here

EvModder: welcome :)

Default avatar.png GauravGosain: thanks a lot :D

Adnmaster: how many lines of code did you write to get out of bronze?

eulerscheZahl: hello new i'm here for longer already

EvModder: i have programmed strats for a lot lot lot of edge cases / rare maps

MSmits: I'm newer than here for longer already

eulerscheZahl: let me check... silver opened wednesday evening

EvModder: but my general pellet collection is kind of mediocre

MSmits: many doubles I take it?

eulerscheZahl: my bot which promoted to silver had 1250 lines

Default avatar.png GauravGosain: just got a problem with a solution of x * (x+y) and my fellow clashers are struggling

Adnmaster: omg

eulerscheZahl: oh wait, that was gold looked at the wrong day

Adnmaster: whew

EvModder: lots of lines man

eulerscheZahl: 1014

Adnmaster: nooooooooooooooooo

cegprakash: good job kord lets bring down this boss's score

eulerscheZahl: then again: i promoted by being top10 when the league opened

Default avatar.png GauravGosain: lvl52 @eulerscheZahl wow

EvModder: mine is like 1000 but it has a lot of stuff in commented out blocks

Adnmaster: what strategy did you use? (dont tell if its forbidden to tell) eulerscheZahl

EvModder: (cool features i tried to implement but made my rating drop when i tried them out lol)

eulerscheZahl: i don't want to go too much into detail. but i'm planning a few turns ahead and tracking my opponent location

Adnmaster: so you are going to chase him?

MSmits: only if he cant escape

EvModder: i chase enemies, if i know i can catch them :)

eulerscheZahl: GauravGosain you saw my rank by hovering over my avatar i suppose. there's also a text "don't invite me to clash of code"

Default avatar.png GauravGosain: oh im sorry

King-Of-Code: My gameboard doesnt show up?

Icebox: xd

King-Of-Code: new here

Astrobytes: Is this the first competition where you haven't "gone into too much detail" eulerscheZahl?

eulerscheZahl: yes i chase:

Icebox: eternal struggle euler :D

MSmits: eulerscheZahl he just saw clash of code. If you look at the text, both sides of that sentence are a in a different color background

Icebox: why isn't there an option to disable invites :D

eulerscheZahl: yes, i'm usually too talky Astrobytes :/

Astrobytes: :)

MSmits: he said plenty

MSmits: my bot is Euler's idea

eulerscheZahl: stop trolling

njaber: Anybody knows if we can get perf improvement from parallel computing, or do they prevent threading entierly?

Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: :)

Adnmaster: lol :D

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: (didn't read chat yet)

EvModder: eulerschezahl that replace is quite cool

EvModder: replay*

EvModder: i still haven't got my pacs to collaborate with eachother to trap enemies

MSmits: me neither

MSmits: you can get legend without such things

MSmits: but it's cool

EvModder: ya

EvModder: it is cool to watch

Hjax: its so hard to understand why my bot wins and loses

EvModder: tell me about it

MSmits: I can usually tell... it's just hard to find a generic fix fo rit

eulerscheZahl: yeah, you don't see what your bot is seeing

perseverent: I still can't believe the silver strength

Astrobytes: Hjax - it wins when you beat the opponent, it loses when the inverse is true! (sorry)

perseverent: what the hack

njaber: I think there's a better way to get the answer to my question, do people in Legend usually use parallel computing?

MSmits: noone does

perseverent: what do one have to do against that boss

MSmits: one core

Hjax: like, i write a feature, it makes my bot worse, dont really know why

Hjax: guess i try to write a different feature

EvModder: threads are nasty anyways

njaber: Ok then I guess I need to find another way to optimize my thing

EvModder: who wants that

Doju: Hjax oh yep

MSmits: happens to me as well Hjax. It's discouraging

eulerscheZahl: been there too Hjax

MSmits: havent gotten a solid improvement since monday

eulerscheZahl: but right now i know what i broke

Doju: i just spent the day writing things that make my pacs not crash

Doju: rank dropped by 200

Hjax: but your monday bot is better than my friday bot MSmits

Hjax: :D

MSmits: I know... that's the silver lining

eulerscheZahl: some pellets have a probability > 1 to exist :/

MSmits: then the gold lining

MSmits: and now legend :) :)

MSmits: but good to see you got your search working at least Hjax

Hjax: yeah it works, i think its just optimizing for terrible things

Doju: eulerscheZahl great then you only need to send 0,76 pacs there

EvModder: hmm, that pellet looks very likely to exist

cegprakash: makes sense Doju

EvModder: also, nice image

wlesavo: more than likely

MSmits: thats annoying Hjax, your type of search is hard to debug also

EvModder: i use cerr in the IDE to debug my grid lol

njaber: Ok frick I think I need to switch to c++, I'll have to rewrite everything :(

EvModder: why?

njaber: Not enough perf for what I want to do

Astrobytes: You need to use the D

EvModder: ah, that's unfortunate

njaber: I need some precalcs in in turn 1 bue they take 4 times too long with c#

**AntiSquid watches the pendulum swing rank up and down

EvModder: i wrote in c++ because of familiarity, but my code should be fine in python or anything really

njaber: I'm not even sure c++ will give me enough perf

EvModder: best of luck antisquid, don't get too wrapped up watching it lol

pmor: write in machine code

njaber: Actually it's probably more the 4 times too long since I haven't implemented all of the logic yet

AntiSquid: it's hypnotizing EvModder

zarif98sjs: @eulerscheZahl how are you generating this image

Astrobytes: He takes all his output data and manually draws each fram in GIMP

Astrobytes: *frame

eulerscheZahl: directly in my bot code, with pragma not to do it on submit

eulerscheZahl: that's just 30 lines of code to generate them

cegprakash: I am waiting for eulerscheZahl's gif after the contest already

eulerscheZahl: not that interesting. you see some tracking and path clearing

[Csongor]: What is the new thing in gold?

cegprakash: thinking about entering legend without having an opponent tracking I must be too greedy

eulerscheZahl: silver rules are final

[Csongor]: really

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: was planned that bronze rules are final. but the missing dead players were a "fix" during the contest

cegprakash: even if I'm #2 and there is a big gap from the boss in score I'll get very less matches against the boss?

eulerscheZahl: i think only codingame can answer that

EvModder: i dont know, i had to resubmit my bot for it to be matched against the boss

cegprakash: omg Zylo what did u add

cegprakash: u just promoted few ppl

Zylo: yee... I'm stronger than boss and weaker than a few others :-/

Kukiss: I see you are almost 1 point ahead now :)

Doju: I seriously need to add some kind of combat logic but i have no idea where to put it or how to even do it :/

Doju: currently my pacs only focus on pellets and not screwing the pathing up

llllllllll: thats perfectly fine imo

llllllllll: combat wastes time

Doju: No but they like run straight into enemies

llllllllll: ah ok, thats bad

Doju: if there's a pellet in between them and the enemy

Doju: and don't even consider killing them even if it's possible in one move

zarif98sjs: I still have no idea how to track the enemy

zarif98sjs: looks like without adding that my bot is not improving

HiIamFriend: did anyone tried to trap enemy packmans if u have more score ?

MarekM: yes, collision resolving is essential, but i have still problem when attacked by the corner, no chance to see him

HiIamFriend: to prevent enemy to gain more score

Default avatar.png romanshevchuk: can someone please explain how this rule works?

"Only pacs with the SPEED ability enabled can move:". 

I mean is it random?

VicHofs: No

VicHofs: SPEED grants an extra move round for those who have it on

VicHofs: all other pacs who don't can't move

Default avatar.png romanshevchuk: I though it's an ability that I can enable from time to time. I don't see anything in the rules about stopping other pacs from moving

VicHofs: It is though

VicHofs: But that's how it works

VicHofs: if any of the pacs has speed on, there will be intermittent rounds when only pacs with speed enabled can move

Valiant_Wolf: to rephrase: each round has two movement phases; only pacs with the speed ability enabled can move in the second phase

Kellthazar: Wow... I think that Ill be promoted

VicHofs: sick @Kellthazar

Kellthazar: Thanks... And the @ is not necessary to mention an user VicHofs ;)

VicHofs: I am well aware Kellthazar ;) ;)

HiIamFriend: how to know if you will get blocked or no

HiIamFriend: you always has to check around pacs for that ?

VicHofs: wym

HiIamFriend: have*

Default avatar.png romanshevchuk: @VicHofs, @Valiant_Wolf, thanks a lot for explanation, I can see now how it maps to what I see in game summary

VicHofs: what league are you in? @HiIamFriend

EvModder: you dont always know you will be blocked until it happens

HiIamFriend: wood 1

VicHofs: I would say not to worry about that just yet

HiIamFriend: coliding into each over

HiIamFriend: and get stuck

EvModder: you can keep track of your position last turn, and if you are in the same spot next turn you can deduce you were blocked

HiIamFriend: ow

EvModder: and try doing a different move next turn if you want

VicHofs: try to improve your pellet algo first HilamFriend

Kellthazar: HilamFriend, I check if the bot is stucked by comparing the current and last position

HiIamFriend: i am stupid wow

HiIamFriend: ... :D

VicHofs: nah famm

HiIamFriend: ty

VicHofs: focusing on my pellet algo is what got me into bronze tho

HiIamFriend: from zero to hero

HiIamFriend: lets go

HiIamFriend: :D

VicHofs: I didn't even have a collision avoidance system just yet

VicHofs: np

EvModder: is it possible to go down a league if i do badly enough? :)

VicHofs: no

HiIamFriend: rank 39/669 but randomly i get stuck by no solving coliding

HiIamFriend: so i cant get promoted

HiIamFriend: :D

Doju: Ok i give myself an hour to make some super basic combat logic and then imma go to bed

VicHofs: huh

VicHofs: @HilamFriend well if you feel like your pellet algo's good enough already then go right ahead

Kellthazar: If is the case, I try to find another floor to go which not include the "stuck Point" on the path.

HiIamFriend: will try

Kellthazar: Gold League :)

HiIamFriend: cool

VicHofs: damn bro how lmao

muy31: come on... almost there...

kovi: nice robo

RoboStac: and now I fall back down again :)

Default avatar.png Akarachudra: but dat was impressive

kovi: hungarian pattern

kovi: not any more

kovi: 5 hungarian now

RoboStac: ah, do I need to move to hungary to be able to stay at the top?

Astrobytes: lol, told ya it was a Hungarian takeover! Gratulálunk!

llllllllll: elég király :^)

kovi: van meg hely :)

VicHofs: yes

cegprakash: mataranga leading boss by 2 points

cegprakash: u just rekt him like a piece of cake

Astrobytes: Other than egészségedre that's about the extent of my Hungarian language skills. Though I used to know the words to Hang és fény by Kispál és a Borz, and Csillag vagy fecske, and Most múlik pontosan by Csík Zenekar (and Quimby)

Doju: Szia, Doju vagyok

Doju: that's about all i know

Astrobytes: btw cegprakash, thanks for your music playlist :smile:

Doju: apart from the obvious swearwords :D

cegprakash: wow somebody listens to my playlist

cegprakash: :D

VicHofs: music playlist?

Astrobytes: I only did about half, but some OK stuff on there

VicHofs: why on Earth do yall know Hungarian

HiIamFriend: this pacman movement makes no sense to me :D

Doju: VicHofs i have a hungarian friend

VicHofs: oh I see Doju

cegprakash: Indian songs playlist VicHofs

Astrobytes: I like music from all countries, and my Hungarian friend took me to see Kispál és a Borz, Csík Zenekar, Quimby and Kiss Tibor

cegprakash: wait kord got pushed up too :O

Astrobytes: And I love Indian melodies and rhythms

cegprakash: 4 legends on the way

kovi: vadasz may end up top legend

NinjaDoggy: already 50 legends day 1 :O

NinjaDoggy: wait... vadasz's submit might end #1 legend

NinjaDoggy: how much was he above gold boss ._.

Peudoki: Hungarians dominate

Default avatar.png Vadasz: Its funny, i hardly beated the gold boss with the same bot. Quite large random factor.

HiIamFriend: how to get pacman current possition

Doju: HilamFriend it's given in the input

NinjaDoggy: "i hardly beated the gold boss"

NinjaDoggy: whelp

Astrobytes: if 'mine' is == 1 or true it's your pacman and you can use the x and y HiIamFriend

HiIamFriend: inputs[0] and inputs[1] gives the possition he is moving to , the end of the road :D

Default avatar.png Vadasz: I was better with only 1 score from the gold boss

SurajMishra2209: 22 hours spent

HiIamFriend: my frontender skills does not help me in any way :DDD

SurajMishra2209: and I still haven't finished bronze

HiIamFriend: i feel like a stupid potato

King-Of-Code: out of wood after 30 minutes now the fun begins

King-Of-Code: gonna have to upgrade the manhattan distance alg

kovi: still very nice submit vadasz

kovi: legend may have enough players now to catapult submit. and with 50% rate can stay in top

HiIamFriend: can someone explain this "MOVE ${x} ${parseInt(inputs[0])} ${parseInt(inputs[1])}" how can he move to left and right with this :DD i am playing around btw

HiIamFriend: does move mean "go 3 forward and like 1 right"

NapTown: it's a destination

Kellthazar: No

HiIamFriend: so its a destination like on a map ?

HiIamFriend: he tries to move there ?

NapTown: yeah

HiIamFriend: ow

HiIamFriend: gotcha

Kellthazar: x,y = coordinates

HiIamFriend: i understand that

Kellthazar: each coordinate has a "optimal" path to others coordinates

Doju: No they dont

Doju: but they do have the shortest

Doju: optimal depends on what you value

muy31: someone kill me now, im back at 17th place

Kellthazar: yeah, Doju is right!

Doju: okay muy31 i'm currently making killing logic

muy31: thank you

Doju: i'll let you know when i'm done

Doju: i'm trying to figure out how long travelling a distance will take but can't figure it out with my tired brain :/

Doju: like that's off-by-one-error land right there

muy31: once i get to gold im going to use trapping logic

muy31: and re-implement my enemy tracking which ive disabled for now

muy31: i really dont want to resubmit again, but ive been stuck here for 3 days now... what should i do?

muy31: if i win the next three matches against clyde, im resubmitting

HiIamFriend: :DDD cool

elderlybeginner: how to turn off editor's hints and suggestions?

muy31: What I find funny? I get 3/4 superpellets and still lose, AGAINST MYSELF!

muy31: at this point im just randomly testing different conditions to see how they work in a scenario

muy31: Same scenario, different condition, same outcome... but interesting shape on frame 75/76

VicHofs: yeah I love minecraft

VicHofs: diamond pickaxe looks dope

HiIamFriend: muy31 why keep bumping into each other ?

Scarfield: its the best way to make minecraft recipe pics :p

muy31: HilamFriend all of them trying to take shortest path to nearest unexplored location

muy31: but actually there are not bumping, only two are

muy31: b/c i disabled killing

Doju: oh, this was surprisingly easy

Doju: tbh it took me an hour to write like 30 lines but anyways

muy31: oh im rank 2 hallelujah!

VicHofs: damn nice

NapTown: it do be like that Doju

VicHofs: every day Doju

muy31: nvm rank 3 now

muy31: how you like that, second place says

Clagus: damn... I've got 70% win ratio and still in silver TT

muy31: ill play you clagus

Clagus: /o\

Clagus: in my IDE I won :P

muy31: oh


Clagus: LOL

muy31: Clagus spam matches

Clagus: what?

muy31: links right here you against me

Clagus: why? :P

muy31: idk im bored

Clagus: hehe


muy31: im 4th place

Clagus: I need to get out of silver :/

muy31: me too

Clagus: i'm 6th

VicHofs: I need outta bronze grrr


VicHofs: 293 still :(

Clagus: no no, don't spam

muy31: ok

Clagus: that other game was interesting though

Clagus: you lost 2 pacs and still won by 1 point :D

Clagus: crazy


Clagus: you've got only 62% win ratio

Clagus: DAMN

Clagus: :P

muy31: i know

Clagus: right now I'm 71%


Doju: Error counter: 8

Clagus: what?

Doju: that's surprisingly good for an hour's worth of code

Doju: oop, 9

Clagus: what error counter?

Doju: counting errors in my code :P

Scarfield: not fixing them? :)

muy31: lol

Doju: Scarfield maybe

Scarfield: nice, but just joking :)

Doju: 10

Clagus: this is crazy I've got 71% win ratio and still not promotion

SurajMishra2209: my name doesn't appear in cgstats

SurajMishra2209: can somebody help me out on that?

VicHofs: You gotta be top 1000

VicHofs: I think

SurajMishra2209: the last rank I got was in 200

VicHofs: overall

muy31: total

VicHofs: not in your league

SurajMishra2209: okay

SurajMishra2209: got it

muy31: you are 1699

Doju: lets see if this modification did anything

VicHofs: 69 lmao

SurajMishra2209: lol

muy31: 1710 now

muy31: 1988

muy31: 1698

muy31: my bad

SurajMishra2209: yeah another version of code

SurajMishra2209: :D

muy31: 1645

muy31: ranks up

muy31: nice job

SurajMishra2209: thanks

SurajMishra2209: still not good enough

NapTown: my flee enemy code makes me stand still while they consume me:expressionless:

NinjaDoggy: better than runing into them :p

VicHofs: looooove falling 1000 ranks when I submit 😒

VicHofs: scratch that

VicHofs: make it 1500

NapTown: slightly NinjaDoggy

Doju: oh yes i think it definitely did something

Doju: winning like 80%

muy31: you submitted it yet doju?

Doju: yup, computing

muy31: Killing achieved...

RockyMullet: 44th at 13% :eyes:

RockyMullet: my change seems to help

RockyMullet: theres hope

NapTown: nice

MattSOrme: most of the game is pretty standard, couple bugs im still working on. But look at how it ends

RockyMullet: dont know if its enough to beat gold boss, but definitly an improvement

Doju: muy31 it's not actively trying to kill

Doju: you just happened to be in the way :P

muy31: oh

RockyMullet: the munching

NapTown: monch monch

muy31: i stopped trying to kill though

muy31: rank 5

muy31: im never going to progress

MattSOrme: my bots aren't killers, so getting a win by a double kill is pretty cool

AntiSquid: RockyMullet imo too random leaderboard to tell

cegprakash: does anyone else get random timeouts?

cegprakash: it started only today for me

MarekM: no

AntiSquid: either you have a MASSIVE improvement and notice the difference or you get fooled by the randomness

MarekM: close enough

cegprakash: exactly AntiSquid

Doju: AntiSquid that's very true

cegprakash: I was #3 above kovi

cegprakash: I should have parked my bot there

cegprakash: now kovi reached legend

cegprakash: and I'm stuck at #200

RockyMullet: oh well AntiSquid I feel, deep down, in my hearth, that its an improvement :P

AntiSquid: ya cegprakash very very bad mistakes you made there

King-Of-Code: the fact i can land on a pac and they can change type before my eat registers is quite annoying

muy31: RIP cegprakash

AntiSquid: you might have missed legend because of that cegprakash

muy31: that's porb for the best King-Of-Code

muy31: *prob

AntiSquid: cegprakash are you resubmitting your initial rank 3 bot ?

Doju: oh this was a definite improvement

cegprakash: yes with bugfixes

AntiSquid: no, submit without the bugfixes

cegprakash: infact this is my 2 day old code

Doju: 150 ranks up muy31

cegprakash: whatever I did in the middle I threw out

muy31: sweet Doju

AntiSquid: sometimes "bugfixes" drop your rank, it's really stupid leaderboard system

AntiSquid: just get the exact saem code and resub

cegprakash: I'll have to do it 100 times luckier because those who gave me points got promoted now

cegprakash: I had 1 chance

AntiSquid: at the very least submit the rank3 code and leave it overnight, you never know

AntiSquid: ya sux to miss legend like that

cegprakash: AntiSquid do u have the time when I was #3? I lost that version

cegprakash: chat got disconnected in the middle

cegprakash: and all messages erased

AntiSquid: uhm try 3 hours ago ?

NinjaDoggy: everyone in gold before you submit make you have >50% winrate against boss please :)

cegprakash: found it

cegprakash: saving backup

NinjaDoggy: i would like to get to legend without having to be rank 1 :/

AntiSquid: ninja i beat boss once on my current sub, don't want any complaints @_@

HiIamFriend: my mind is melting

AntiSquid: that's 100% win rate :p

muy31: i just got inspiration, what if I...

muy31: nope

Doju: I think the fancy pathfinding thing i wrote today goes out the window if the pacs are "panicked"

Doju: oh well

Doju: imma go, cya everybody

muy31: lol

muy31: gn

AntiSquid: ceg i think you fked up big time, looks like you would have been promoted by now

HiIamFriend: how come my pacmans moves and stops moves and stops

Gonny: ceg don't give up though, there's probably gonna be another 50 promotions before then end of the contest

Kellthazar: 2 situations: your pacs arent over speed buff and there is another pac with this buff active...

Kellthazar: HilamFriend

HiIamFriend: wood

HiIamFriend: does not use speed buff ?

Default avatar.png Colios13: yep no speed in wood

Kellthazar: There is speed on "Wood" league?

Kellthazar: oh right

muy31: no

Kellthazar: nvm then

HiIamFriend: i am trying to save old possitions of pacman if he gets stuck

HiIamFriend: but somehow array is not update'ing fast enouth i guess

HiIamFriend: and every second move he bugs out

HiIamFriend: somehow

HiIamFriend: because array is not updated

HiIamFriend: and brings same numbers of x and y

HiIamFriend: my mind is melting

HiIamFriend: xd

MarekM: HIlamFriend, this is because activated speed

HiIamFriend: wood league doest not have speed

muy31: am i actually ever going to pass up silver bot?

Kellthazar: Maybe your array isn't updated because you create a new one on each loop iteration

HiIamFriend: nope

HiIamFriend: its global

HiIamFriend: before while loop

Default avatar.png Colios13: GL muy

Kellthazar: In my algorithm I have a pacman object that has a history property

Kellthazar: Which is a list

Kellthazar: and I add the currentPos of the pacman on each iteration

HiIamFriend: const tempPacsPossitions = [];

tempPacsPossitions.splice(int, 1, {x, y})

HiIamFriend: i replace

HiIamFriend: last

HiIamFriend: but same i think

Kellthazar: Why not just add?

HiIamFriend: why not just replace old one with a new one ?

HiIamFriend: :D

Kellthazar: and get the last one for stuck verification?

Kellthazar: I use this history array to weight my paths

HiIamFriend: how will i able to track every pacman that way

Kellthazar: Object orientation?

PiterYeh: i want to share my masterpiece AI:

PiterYeh: starting at frame 16 you can see my spirit animal

HiIamFriend: i will try to figure this out myself xd

HiIamFriend: :DD

HiIamFriend: lovely

muy31: impressive PiterYeh

HiIamFriend: spirit animal "Stop and give up" :D

HiIamFriend: thats me in 1 hour from now

PiterYeh: that's me since 7 days ago

muy31: me since two days ago

muy31: YO! Silver bot timed out!!

moojek: lmao

NinjaDoggy: yes... bosses are just bots like yours or mine

moojek: still

NinjaDoggy: they literally select one from the ladder so...

muy31: yah but that proves its not just doing a lazy eval to win

muy31: its doing some hard computations

Kukiss: I think it might be cause by any error. In replays you always see "Time out" even if the user get normal error

muy31: maybe?

Kukiss: do sth stupid in code and see that probably you will have a Timed Out tag at the end of the time line

Kukiss: your code crashes to the output is not provided in time - that even makes sense

Kukiss: so the output is not provided*

butcer0: How do teams collaborate for competition in CodinGame? Is there any way of constructing a more formal team or is a single user supposed to represent a team?

muy31: at least three members of your company has to submit code

muy31: or school

muy31: What is this?

Kukiss: you danced at the end? :D

muy31: i think i finally got a working formula though

Kukiss: I understand you


Kukiss: I messed sth up

muy31: yeah that doesnt look good at all

Drastic_Loontastic: How do you change the speed?

baDcoder: Hello, do player downgrade to any lower league ?

Drastic_Loontastic: Or edit the speed, I'm confused

Flyingkid: no your safe bad coder! you only move up in leagues.

Flyingkid: :grimacing:

Kukiss: Drastic you can use two "special" actions: SPEED and SWITCH once you get to Bronze

baDcoder: Thanks Flying Kid , sigh ! :)

butcer0: What is the definition of a "Company" for competition?

Flyingkid: good thing too cause you think everything is good then submit and then nothing but timeouts some times.

Drastic_Loontastic: Thank you so much Kukiss, I couldn't find where it said that

Kukiss: np. there are more details about this topic like cooldowns etc.

You are able to read about it in the description once you get to the proper league

Drastic_Loontastic: Oh silly me, I didn't read it XD


SurajMishra2209: I guess Inky is fed up of me

HiIamFriend: i wana die

HiIamFriend: burn me

muy31: Clagus what? how?

muy31: im in a dilemma: the anti-Clyde code beats Clyde 80% of the time, but cant beat everyone else, the everyone else code beats everyone else but cant beat Clyde

NormantasStankevicius: I know the feels muy, last challange I could beat everyone in silver besides the boss... tbh I would focus on beating everyone, more score

NormantasStankevicius: but that is me and I don't know this system well

cegprakash: I'm starting to wonder

cegprakash: may the bug was a feature

cegprakash: it it's own weird way

HiIamFriend: and i am just trying to move to random locations :DD

Kayzerg: Yo guys

VicHofs: stfu

Kayzerg: Fam

Kayzerg: Dis ting doesnt support bullying

VicHofs: the ting go skrra

Kayzerg: Imma find you bro(not a threat)

VicHofs: nice

Kayzerg: mate

Kayzerg: i know the shape of your house

Kayzerg: youre sucked

VicHofs: :(

Kayzerg: :muscle_tone5:

Kayzerg: yur getin fisted m8

Cappefra: muy31 I feel you

Kayzerg: 1v1 me on coding game vichofs

VicHofs: ok

Cappefra: I'm also moving around the first 50 positons in silver and I'm just not playing enough against the boss to be able to pass to gold

VicHofs: You're fucked Kayzerg

HiIamFriend: go to private chat

HiIamFriend: submiting code so i can randomly win to bronze xd

VicHofs: Is there a Dan here?

VicHofs: Kayzerg's looking for you

Cappefra: come on gods of random! Work in my favor!

cegprakash: lol

thethiny: guys when did the competition start

seronis: bit over a week ago i think

thethiny: yes I want the date if anyone knows it

Cappefra: it was thursday last week

thethiny: thanks

HiIamFriend: why cant i beat wood 1 :D

HiIamFriend: i never get stuck

HiIamFriend: still cant get promoted

HiIamFriend: so sad

ZarthaxX: never get stuck?

HiIamFriend: yea

ZarthaxX: wdym

HiIamFriend: probably because i move to random location until i get stuck

HiIamFriend: dunno

ZarthaxX: ok..

HiIamFriend: can you check if cordinate is a wall or no ?

seronis: if you saved that info at the top of the script, then yes

seronis: i build a board object with all the cell contents before the while() loop starts

thethiny: are we allowed to do multithreading here? and if we are, will it benefit?

seronis: i doubt it

thethiny: if it's a single core then multithreading won't matter

HiIamFriend: i mean where is "readline()"

thethiny: @HiIamFriend what's your question

HiIamFriend: but can you somehow get like "readline(x, y)" ?

thethiny: c++?

HiIamFriend: like if (x,y) is a wall

HiIamFriend: js

seronis: readline is a user input. it has nothing to do with xy

thethiny: exactly

thethiny: what u do is

thethiny: let var something something = let var = readline();

thethiny: then var[x] == -1

thethiny: or '#'

HiIamFriend: hmm

HiIamFriend: will try

seronis: make your own object to track the board

seronis: i do

seronis: so for any given cell i can always check if its been visited, if its a wall/open, what its last known pellet value was

HiIamFriend: okey thanks ! :)


HiIamFriend: how come i cant use substring on this

seronis: what does your 'row' look like ?

seronis: is it a string or an array / object ?


HiIamFriend: first print does print the character

HiIamFriend: and in for loop i get that error

HiIamFriend: why tf :D

HiIamFriend: ow

HiIamFriend: i use array in a very bad way

HiIamFriend: sorry

seronis: yeah you're using map wrong, but i read it a few times and cant see a reason 'console.error(mapString.substring(0, 1));' wouldnt work

DollarAkshay: Found a nice seed with a lot of action in the middle

DollarAkshay: seed=2904725058612385800

HiIamFriend: 'console.error(mapString.substring(0, 1));

HiIamFriend: that one works

HiIamFriend: console.error(map[i][y]);

HiIamFriend: map[i][y].push(mapString.substring(char, char+1)) ;

HiIamFriend: this one is not working :D

HiIamFriend: its ok i will fix it

BenjaminUrquhart: thethiny I see your follow

DollarAkshay: Guys send me some of your bot replays in this seed seed=2904725058612385800


BenjaminUrquhart: now if you excuse me, I have things to fix

DollarAkshay: Nice one @BenjaminUrquhart YOu do the switch sometimes. But not always

BenjaminUrquhart: well yes

BenjaminUrquhart: but actually

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

DollarAkshay: :joy:

DollarAkshay: *feeling lucky*

thethiny: @BenjaminUruqhart yeah if the competition is over I don't wanna lose track of some people

Default avatar.png bouajajais: do the rules change in silver and more?

DollarAkshay: nope

Default avatar.png bouajajais: so it's only ranking afterwards

Default avatar.png bouajajais: thanks

Icebox: yes it does

Default avatar.png bouajajais: oh

thethiny: silver has Dead

Icebox: starting from silver you can see dead pacs

thethiny: Gold has more Dead

DollarAkshay: Its not really a new rule

Default avatar.png bouajajais: what are deads?

BenjaminUrquhart: deads

DollarAkshay: Its some dummy info

Default avatar.png bouajajais: oh ghosts

DollarAkshay: Thye give the info of dead pacs

Default avatar.png bouajajais: okay

DollarAkshay: During turn input

DollarAkshay: But everything else is the same

Default avatar.png bouajajais: thanks good luck

DollarAkshay: No changes

HiIamFriend: i cant beat wood 1 by moving randomly

HiIamFriend: :D

Icebox: DollarAkshay dummy info that allows a brand new substrategy and completely breaks your code if you don't adapt for new inputs

HiIamFriend: i had hopes

Icebox: "no changes"

DollarAkshay: @Icebox Nice banner Image

DollarAkshay: Where did you find it

Icebox: I'd be amused if you hadn't asked me this in 2018 and then in 2019

Icebox: you can put the checkmark down for 2020 as well now

Default avatar.png Alp3r: sa ipneler

DollarAkshay: I made that banner btw

Icebox: yes you told me that multiple times already :D

thethiny: lol

DollarAkshay: XD

DollarAkshay: Sorry have forgotten

thethiny: that moment when your code runs offline, but returns -1 in the multiplayer :)

DollarAkshay: -1 ? XD

thethiny: yes -1 means not found

DollarAkshay: What in the world is printign that -1

DollarAkshay: Oh

thethiny: trying to find the best path

thethiny: my adjacency list is wrong

thethiny: damn

thethiny: found the culprit lol

thethiny: woohooo

thethiny: 106 - 51 vs Inky

DollarAkshay: Nice

DollarAkshay: You might even skipp silver

thethiny: I don't have collision avoidance

thethiny: and I don't have attack modes

thethiny: so not yet

thethiny: leftover debug code hurts

thethiny: "if bla bla bla || True"

DollarAkshay: I alwasy add a comment called DEV_CODE

DollarAkshay: So that i know if there is any code that should not be submitted

DollarAkshay: I just do a Ctrl+F and find that comment

BiriyaniCrypt02: Love This Website

thethiny: 😂😂

EvModder: i used a lot of cheap tricks to get to my current spot on the leaderboard. Like standing still and then turning into the thing that eats them when the move to eat me etc

EvModder: i will need to rewrite most of my code to actually be able to challenge any top players