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VicHofs: ok basically I'm trying to avoid timeouts by running algorithms only up to a set amount of time @thethiny

VicHofs: i.e. timing a while loop and breaking after an elapsed timme t

VicHofs: *time

Icebox: so you DO want to measure bot time while in-game... :upside_down:

VicHofs: what

VicHofs: then I didn't get -your- question either lol

VicHofs: I want to time code runtime

Icebox: you want to measure elapsed time while your bot is in a battle

VicHofs: that's about it

Icebox: yeah

Icebox: then forget what I said

Icebox: profilers are for debugging purposes

Icebox: basically if you want to optimize some piece of code and what to find out how is the 50ms divided across the parts of your code

VicHofs: yeah I was reading through the docs just to be sure and couldn't find really anything that fits

Icebox: that's what a profiler would do


Icebox: for measuring runtime in-game

thethiny: here you go

Icebox: just go for time.time()

thethiny: then

VicHofs: I might just try that when debugging other code tho so thanks anyway @Icebox

thethiny: Profiler.submit(profile_fn, timeout)

VicHofs: wait that looks like something that raises a flag after a timeout tho

thethiny: yes

VicHofs: is that correct @thethiny?

thethiny: you can just check the flag in your functions

thethiny: or just submit your function to an executor with a timeout

thethiny: if it times out just catch it

VicHofs: ty I'll try that

BenjaminUrquhart: chat crash in 7 minutes

thethiny: :(

thethiny: when will it come back

BenjaminUrquhart: some time

eulerscheZahl: that's the final countdown

thethiny: @eulershceZahl write me a bot so I can submit it

thethiny: @eulerscheZahl *

eulerscheZahl: i'm still busy writing my own bot

VicHofs: I'll take five @eulerscheZahl

thethiny: yeah but it doesn't work that way

thethiny: others come first

eulerscheZahl: i have to extract more information, damn fog

thethiny: hahaha

VicHofs: fog?

VicHofs: you mean the FOV?

BenjaminUrquhart: 4 minutes

VicHofs: LOS

thethiny: FOG

eulerscheZahl: yeah, line of sight, fog of war

thethiny: it means inability to see others

BenjaminUrquhart: we are blinded by fear

VicHofs: yeah I just figured you would've dealt with that by now @eulerscheZahl lol

eulerscheZahl: partially

VicHofs: what are you having trouble with

eulerscheZahl: i remember when i saw a cell earlier and there was no pellet

BenjaminUrquhart: same

VicHofs: wym

eulerscheZahl: but tracking the opponent location is a nightmare

VicHofs: How would you even track it tho

thethiny: that's super easy, barely an inconvenience.

VicHofs: prediction?

BenjaminUrquhart: public void resolvePelletDiscrepencies() {...}

thethiny: the opponent is always on the grid

thethiny: pfffffft

ZarthaxX: are you really trying to track him toad

eulerscheZahl: if i see the opponent twice with a few turns between, i try to find possible paths and remove pellets along the way

Default avatar.png o_imej: any ideas about how to calculate distance ?

eulerscheZahl: but there is more information hiding:

BenjaminUrquhart: 1 minute

thethiny: abs(x-x2) + abs(y-y2)

VicHofs: damn you're far off lol @eulerscheZahl


VicHofs: try manhattan distance @o_imej

eulerscheZahl: check the red stone at the top right

Default avatar.png o_imej: thetiny i don't think tha's would work

eulerscheZahl: opponent gains 0 points in the first turn, then 10 at once

eulerscheZahl: => speeding


thethiny: You said red stone and I assumed minecraft

eulerscheZahl: if i detect that, it's a save kill, 2 vs 1

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: You don't see point gain though so you wouldn't even know they gain 10 points

BenjaminUrquhart: bye guys

VicHofs: did someone say redstone

eulerscheZahl: and i already have the killing feature but only when i see the opponent

Default avatar.png o_imej: there's obstacles between two points which means the formula won't work all the time

thethiny: do you have the ability to see score?

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

thethiny: how?

VicHofs: o_imej what you're looking for is probably an algorithm then

thethiny: wb y'all

VicHofs: try BFS

Gonny: that was underwhelming

BenjaminUrquhart: oh cool it restarted

thethiny: exactly

VicHofs: @thethiny it's in the input

thethiny: In Bronze?

VicHofs: first line, format: -your score- -opponent score-

VicHofs: yes @thethiny

thethiny: oh my god I never noticed

thethiny: WHAT A BIG GOOD

thethiny: GOOF*

VicHofs: I'm in bronze too

VicHofs: yeah idk what you plan on doing with that tho lmao

thethiny: if my score is < his score I just eat next pellet

thethiny: else I go to big pellet

thethiny: also if is score is double mine then I can assume he's speeding

VicHofs: idk I'm going big pellet as a priority lmao

VicHofs: gee

VicHofs: I can't take this y'all smart

thethiny: I said I can assume he's speeding but I'm not gonna do anything with that info lol

VicHofs: sweet

VicHofs: hey um quick question

thethiny: yes?

VicHofs: I've been thinking about this but I thought it wasn't worth asking

VicHofs: @everyone

VicHofs: can you use machine learning in this biz

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: I don't see why not if you wanted to

VicHofs: I mean

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: You can always use ml. The question is should you?

VicHofs: wouldn't anyone just win hard with a well trained rcnn

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Maybe. The main thing with training a nn though is getting training data

thethiny: I think if you do it locally then absolutely

thethiny: but you won't do it as rnn

thethiny: ml*

VicHofs: idk tho I've never done it for a game

thethiny: you'll do it as RL

thethiny: DQN Agent

VicHofs: yes but u can do RL with an NN

thethiny: I think it was called 3 Star or something like that

VicHofs: yep

thethiny: 3CA DQN

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: neat might also be worth looking at

VicHofs: yeah ik

eulerscheZahl: it's back already :o

thethiny: yes

thethiny: just in time for you to write me a bot

VicHofs: I mean you could see all the pacs' locations with a nice RL model

VicHofs: plus track them using an RCNN info feed

VicHofs: I'm not crazy enough to try but if anyone wanted some ideas lol

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: By RCNN you mean interpreting the game's UI screen (that we see) to find pacs?

VicHofs: yes

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: cause I'm pretty sure your code won't be able to get that info

VicHofs: well I mean a pre-trained one

VicHofs: yeah that's what I was thinking

VicHofs: dependencies tank hard in challenges like this

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: I've done live analysis of a UI before for AI. It's less than ideal

VicHofs: but if you managed to do it locally it would be pretty sweet

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Are you able to use locally run code to control?

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: Yeah if you do it locally I think the only thing you can do really is run your neural network against it

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: Would probably kill your learning if you feed it screen information first but can't give it that same information during the actual thing

VicHofs: @BobLaserShark I've never done it for a game before so I'll just take your word for it

thethiny: my bot is 811 lines of code yet without including switching and speeding

thethiny: what have I done

VicHofs: @ChooJeremy ye probs

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: 811 lines?

VicHofs: @thethiny probably a better job than me

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Not bad

VicHofs: I'm at 157

eulerscheZahl: 1027 lines of madness

thethiny: It should be more than 800???

Ken_Fool: did the bronze bot got better? havent played in 2 days but now it is adapting its type, was sure it wasnt before?

VicHofs: yes Ken_Fool

Ken_Fool: ouch

VicHofs: Inky exists now

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: 555, including speeding but it's "if cooldown == 0 speed"

VicHofs: y'all crazy bruh

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: What you have to do is use a genetic algorithm to generate the code to solve the challenge :)

VicHofs: don't

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: thousands and thousands of line :smile:

VicHofs: stop this is giving me anxiety.

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Run it on a super computing cluster.

HPC goes brrrrrrrrrrrr

thethiny: SethBling wrote an GA that works in Lua using 400 lines that plays Mario World 2

thethiny: you don't need thousands of lines

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: The GA isn't made by the code, it makes the code

thethiny: ?????????????????

BenjaminUrquhart: that's not ho it works

BenjaminUrquhart: how*

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Have a GA generate potential code solutions and evaluate it

thethiny: oh no that's not what GA does

thethiny: you need code, GA generates Solution

thethiny: not code

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: I'm smashing a fly with a mallet here :)

thethiny: Smashing some bugs, ey?

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: There's technically nothing keeping a GA from generating code. It all depends on what the output vectors are.

This is just the most horrible but possibly feasible solution I could think of rn

thethiny: you can do that but to write lines of code you need a huge tensor

thethiny: really huge

thethiny: we're talking about a thousand line

thethiny: each line has n characters

thethiny: the model would weigh in GBs, and inference will be in seconds

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: I have access to a supercomputer. This is all feasible, though I believe strict tensors would not be the most optimal way of generating the data

BenjaminUrquhart: use a ga to generate the next challenge

thethiny: 😂

BenjaminUrquhart: totally feasible /s

Kellthazar: Is it possible to run the java/kotlin class of your Bot AI directily on the gameSimulator?

Kellthazar: I tried but my code get stuck on the Scanner( input call

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Neural net's input for the next challange:

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Neural net's input for the next challenge:

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: "The next codingame challenge should be based on a semi-related exercise. There are a couple exercises from previous codemeet challenges. I will accept a few more if I have the time to implement them, I'm sure many people have them already.

As always the end goal is a functional interpreter of F# like the one we designed"

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Sounds like we're writing an interpreter :rofl:

Ken_Fool: wow i accidently discovered multiline cursor in vs this challenge already has been worth for me XD

berries: is anybodies bot timing out randomly for no reason?

Ken_Fool: mine did in the beginning but not anymore, for me it had something to do with others speeding and me not

Ken_Fool: does it time out at the same point ?

Doju: matriculation exam results coming in in a minute :(

Doju: wrong smiley fac

Doju: D:

Ken_Fool: gl

jrke: All the best

berries: nah im in wood 2 lmao

berries: i just got the code working and it wasnt timing out

berries: but now it does it randomly

thethiny: I'm giving out on my bot

thethiny: It refuses to move

thethiny: 😞

seronis: berries any possibility you are failing to queue an order ?

berries: what do you mean by that

berries: like output a move

berries: it shouldnt be

seronis: like NOT outputting a move

seronis: and going back to the next input

berries: it should be outputting it

berries: but idk ill check in the morning

thibpat: :sparkles: Spring Challenge time :sparkles: I'm streaming some coding to climb the silver league :rocket:

aCat: youre not already in silver?

aCat: oh you mean climb inside

aCat: silly cat

Uljahn: im waiting for Icebox's stream :/

aCat: or euler's :D

aCat: unshaved ;p

Icebox: Uljahn I'm running into real life problems .-.

aCat: :/ sorry to hear that

Icebox: and I also don't feel like I'm performing well this contest so idk if stream would even be educational enough .-.

Uljahn: np

Icebox: but I'll see how it looks once gold opens

Icebox: maybe I'll get my shit together till then ^^

thethiny: good luck Icebox

Doju: this feels so stupid

Doju: so as not to loop over every cell if they don't need a reset

Doju: i first get a known path cell in the init method and check if that needs a reset before doing all of them

Doju: Does that sound reasonable to you?

Uljahn: are you talking with Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: so they are pretty much the same as if i had the same problem

Doju: just shouting my question into the void and hoping that someone responds Uljahn

Doju: At least i know that Automaton2000 is always ready to respond

Automaton2000: and it's not the only one

Zandy156: Every time I send a loss to my ide I don't lose. How am I supposed to debug like this?

tekki: lol no luck Zandy156

MichaelVonWolfen: How many people got in Silver?

aCat: 566

ionutzxy: silly question: how can I chat privately with one person?

Doju: click on their anem

Doju: name

ionutzxy: and then?

Doju: then just chat?

Doju: it should open a private chat

ionutzxy: it doesn't open anything

Doju: that's odd

Doju: can't you see the private chat that i started with you?

ionutzxy: yes

ionutzxy: maybe one user can restrict the chat?

Doju: if you click on someone else?

thethiny: you can PM someone as a private chat

ionutzxy: no, is frustrating

Doju: thethiny I swear your little profile picture had eyes when i last saw it

Doju: have you changed it?

thethiny: hahahahahaah

thethiny: yes

thethiny: good noticing 😂

Doju: :D

thethiny: I changed it to an illustration

Doju: ahh i think i found the reason for my bot not being deterministic

Doju: i'm storing some cells as a set

Doju: and they

Doju: dont have order

thethiny: I had a similar issue for why my bot wasn't moving according to me

thethiny: I forgot to check if is_mine :D

thethiny: so I was moving enemy

Doju: :D

thethiny: imagine if we could move enemy lol

lifetimeLearner007: that's the problem with set

thethiny: in python sets are ordered

thethiny: but that's in 3.8

Doju: i dont think it's a problem lifetimeLearner007

Doju: or at least not in this implementation

Doju: in fact it might actually be better if my bot is not deterministic so you can't predict it

Doju: but all the outcomes are still of equal value

lifetimeLearner007: maybe revisit the scoring logic?

Doju: i don't have any lmao

Doju: except for the distance

avdg: fixed the scoring logic yesterday

avdg: but I have to merge my searches because my ai does more than 1

Doju: what do people even mean by search?

thethiny: guys I made inifinite loop recursion

Doju: like simulations?

thethiny: I just saw an error I never saw before

thethiny: Unknown error (stacktrace too big)

avdg: looking up in grids

thethiny: that's what she said

thethiny: that's what she also said

Doju: i mean i look up the closest pellet in the grid avdg

avdg: you gotta love recursion ;-)

Doju: is that a search

thethiny: ikr

avdg: yes

thethiny: @Doju everything is anything if you believe hard enough :D

avdg: read and compare is a search

lifetimeLearner007: i thought best action from simulation is search

avdg: but I need to change my system to get more umph (perf) and have more accurate results

avdg: lifetime: it's mostly pruning that you need to do to get the best result

avdg: but that the is a combination of operations that depends on the task

Doju: I kinda wanna flood fill the whole grid on every move

Doju: might be possible with symmetry and all the other optimizations

avdg: I think I have to do that for every pac I have given my current system

Doju: what?!

avdg: and I think I am already close to doing that or maybe more every turn

Doju: why every pac?

avdg: location

Doju: oh sorry

Doju: i mean getting the dist from every cell to every other cell

avdg: already using flat arrays for everything

Doju: flat arrays are nasty :P

avdg: ah, dist is mostly manhatten and bfs (or a* but I don't use)


Doju: if you have bfs and a* why don't you use them?

avdg: I use bfs

Doju: okay then why are you using manhattan at all?

avdg: few things

avdg: to determine state of my pac

avdg: but sometimes the bfs is already done then

avdg: or isn't related at all to pathing

thethiny: I also swapped my BFS and A* for manhattan

avdg: if distance is max 2, path is deterministic anyway

Doju: alright

Doju: i just made a distance lookup system using precalc

Doju: so everything is perfect and fast

thethiny: can you explain

Doju: during the first move (and possibly in the future during every move to account for moving pacs) i calculate the distance from every cell to every other cell

Doju: then i just look that distance up whenever i need to access it

Tiramon: ok in theory i just created a pathfinding that should avoid that multiple of my pacs run the same path to gather different pellets ... now i just have to include it in the code

Doju: instead of calculating it every time

lifetimeLearner007: is it efficient for performance? every cell to every cell seems redundant.

lifetimeLearner007: wouldn't it timeout?

Doju: i'm gonna need it for some magic soon lifetimeLearner007

Doju: no currently it has no optimizations and it runs in like 150 ms

Doju: and i'm on python

Icebox: it takes 80us for me to calculate that @lifetimeLearner007 .-.

Doju: u?

Doju: really?

Doju: no way

Icebox: yes u

Doju: what on earth

Doju: manhattan?

Icebox: no, from all to all

Tiramon: those stuff can be really fast if you do it the right way

Icebox: C++ and I'm abusing the fact that the map is mirrored

Doju: aha

Doju: okay

Doju: i might try that as well

Doju: is it hard to incorporate?

Tiramon: oh mirrored is a good point that should half the time

Doju: mirroring and also not calculating paths in both directions

Doju: im not sure how to put that in though

Doju: i feel like i'll miss some cells with my current logic

Icebox: that's not all

lifetimeLearner007: i've no idea how to use mirror to my advantage.

Icebox: I mean that's a good start but not everything

Icebox: you can incorporate the fact that tiles in the line of sight will have distance equal to manhattan distance

Doju: oh right

Doju: but that's only like 5% of the tiles

Icebox: if you take that into account, you will need to calculate only the distance from all intersections

Doju: oooooohhhh

Icebox: to all other intersections

Doju: that's smart

Doju: thanks

Doju: if i run into performance issues i'll try to put that in

jrke: any suggestion till i am in bronze

Doju: wait, you can't use bfs for weighted graphs

jrke: any other

jrke: than BFS

Doju: no need for bfs to get to bronze

Doju: just manhattan distance will work

Doju: or pretty much anything if you dont time out

Doju: will get you to bronze

jrke: no i am in bronze

Doju: oh okay

jrke: want to enter silver

Doju: just make bfs it's not that hard

Doju: ill help you

lifetimeLearner007: I'm stuck in bronze too. is bfs+manhattan enough to clear bronze?

jrke: K

Doju: like the basic idea is

Doju: you have a queue in which you add cells

Doju: then you check those cells for neighbours

Doju: and for every loop in the queue you add 1 to a distance variable

jrke: K

Doju: then for every fitting neighbour (aka is not a wall)

Doju: their distance to the root cell is the distance variable

jrke: understood but i tried it it time out

lifetimeLearner007: prevent revisiting the same cell again.

Doju: yes that's a thing i forgot to mention

jrke: it time out i tried today

TrentT: Jrke are you using c++?

Doju: you don't need c++ for that

jrke: yes

jrke: i know only c++ only that's why

Doju: i mean its better for speed i just meant that timing out shouldn't really be an issue unless you're doing it wrong

jrke: K

thethiny: The #1 spot was C++

jrke: i will try again

jrke: By the way thanks

Doju: np. im sure you can make it work

jrke: yeah

lifetimeLearner007: why is Dfs not a suitable choice for this?

Doju: technically it's just as good for a flood fill than bfs i think

Zandy156: that's what I'm using

thethiny: because I tried it and I'm stuck at 226

Doju: or just as good for getting every cell i mean

Doju: not as good for a flood fill to the nearest matching cell

thethiny: how do you get every cell with BFS without going over the time limit?

lifetimeLearner007: I'm using dfs and if there is a continuous path without walls, it just goes forever in that loop path

Illedan: Reduce memory allocation.

jrke: should i predict whole path or next few turns only

Default avatar.png Ikhadem: this collistion is screwing me T_T

thethiny: I', not going over memory, just going over time

Illedan: Using memory is slow.

jrke: anybody to my ques

Doju: jrke i'm just calculating the distances everywhere because it's fast enough

thethiny: since when is using memory slow?

Doju: might even do the paths to everywhere

Zandy156: dfs you have to limit depth or prevent repeat cells

jrke: no i mean i have to predict whole path or just next few turns

thethiny: predict my future

thethiny: will I get wealthy

Zandy156: as many turns as you can in time

Doju: don't know about that

jrke: K

jrke: thanks

Durkin: I'd start with just picking what space gives the most value for that turn. Trying to predict everything is pretty massive, can work it in as you go

Doju: Durkin that's solid advice

daanolav: wait but games are supposed to last for max 200 turns right?

thethiny: yes

daanolav: because I had one of 244

jrke: ya one me for 300+

Zandy156: speed turns show as 2 turns

daanolav: ooh

Zandy156: if you keep track in your code I think it will still end in 200

Default avatar.png GarrethDean: are there hidden test cases ?

daanolav: that makes more sense

lifetimeLearner007: the game viewer shows frames, each turn can have multiple frames. If nobody ever uses speed, then it'll be 200. otherwise more

thethiny: no

thethiny: speed will increase the frame counter

thethiny: I idled against myself spamming SPEED

thethiny: and it ended at 200/200

thethiny: meh wtv ignore what I said

thethiny: I completely misunderstood you

lifetimeLearner007: ignored... :P

AntiSquid: this contest gonna reach 4k

thethiny: nice

Icebox: So sad that ranking has been reworked .-.


Icebox: imagine the juicy points for getting top 10 in 4k contest

solaimanope: fighting for the last pellet^

anid: Anyone using the dead pacs yet?

thethiny: @solaimanope this is the best match I've ever witness

Doju: lol a reportert for a newspaper just called me asking for an interview

Doju: reporter*

thethiny: nice

thethiny: for what?

Doju: because i'm gonna give a speech at our (web) graduation ceremony

AntiSquid: but that was the issue, this might be the only contest that gets 4k in a long time Icebox

MSmits: Icebox they redid the point-system, you might not get that many more points for a 4k contest compared to a 1k contest

MSmits: the maximum is the same, the closer you are to the top, the smaller the point difference between the two size contests will be

MSmits: if you're 1 in either contest, the points will be identical

Durkin: Yikes, i've got some pretty nasty memory errors going on with my queue pop_front()

shashwat986: So, maybe 150 people in Gold? Or will it be fewer?

wlesavo: 80-100 i would say

Uljahn: 50 or less :relieved:

Uljahn: *fewer

wlesavo: it was 80 for ooc i believe

Default avatar.png MrLovaLova: I have written of the solution but I still get an error. Where my If statement I get an error that it is not in a function. Anyone knows why it is like that?

Cyberdog52: how do I get in silver league?

Default avatar.png MrLovaLova: while 1:

Durkin: Need your bot to have a higher ranking than the Boss. More wins against stronger players than the boss gets as a ratio kind of thing, Cyberdog

Cyberdog52: Ok thanks.

Default avatar.png MrLovaLova: Could someone look through the code I pasted, why does it complain about that my if statement is not in a function?

Cyberdog52: You forgot :

Vintarel: did you forget the : ?

Default avatar.png MrLovaLova: Oh, thank you! :)(Y)(Y)

MattSOrme: I'm adding the stupidest little tweaks now to try beat bronze. So close its upsetting

MattSOrme: Last time i ran i literally ended in second after Inky... :'(

TrentT: Where are you mattSOrme? I'm on 24

MattSOrme: re-running now, hopefully my last bit will be enough to beat it

MattSOrme: ugh. My rank dropped 200 places :/

TrentT: What did you try?

MattSOrme: Think the only thing I really changed was to prioritise a single step to a super pellet over using skills

MattSOrme: but tbh, half the games im losing when i send to ide, i win 95% of the time. So its unclear whats really going wrong

Doju: Can the grid be even in width or is it always odd?

MattSOrme: 29 ≤ width ≤ 35

Doju: huh

Doju: i'm only getting odd maps in my testint

Doju: testing

MattSOrme: maybe. Its the same on left and right, so maybe it is always odd

Tiramon: code says in the generator int generateWidth = grid.getWidth() / 2 + 1;

       int generateHeight = grid.getHeight() / 2 + 1;

Tiramon: so i guess it's always odd

Doju: seems like it

Doju: ahh do i do manhattan distance

Doju: or do i get the distance 9 times

jrke: hey doju

Doju: this is stupid hah

Doju: jrke hey hey

MattSOrme: YAY. I won!

jrke: its give output 0 or 3765..

Doju: jrke umm what gives that output?

jrke: what u suggested maybe any error in my code

Doju: don't copy paste any code here but

Doju: what does it vaguely look like?

Doju: does it have a loop through every cell

Doju: and a queue

Doju: with a neighbouring cell thing in it

Default avatar.png Thiesjoo: MattSOrme what did you do to get into silver? I made many tweaks, but it's still not working out

Tiramon: why not copy paste?

Tiramon: as long as it is not top100 code ;)

Doju: Tiramon i copy pasted a little bit of code here to ask some questions and people didn't like it

Doju: once just a super simple function where i asked which was cleaner

Tiramon: ok depends on the problem, but if something isn't working best way to help is see the code or a replay

Doju: and once i wrote some pseudo-code that didn't even exist in my own code and people told me not to do that

jrke: yes doju i won,t copy it here

MattSOrme: Lots of things Thesjoo ;) As long as your base logic is solid, just keep watching matches you lose and looking for problems

Tiramon: and even if your pacs work good, could they be more effective

MattSOrme: I'm python too, so while other people are searching 50 moves deep, im around 10

Doju: if people are searching 50 moves deep they can't be searching very wide

MattSOrme: Depends how you're trimming i guess. Thats something i need to go back to at some point

Doju: there's this thing that you can't get any smart trapping plays or anything

Doju: if you're trimming aggressively

MattSOrme: My pacs are the least aggressive they can be. They never hunt or try to kill

Doju: do you have that in your search?

Doju: value for killing enemies

MattSOrme: I'll add some easy killing in later. Its on my todo list. But an enemy thats gone down a dead end isn't my problem yet. Got bigger fish to fry

Doju: oh hahah

Doju: alright

MattSOrme: still got silly decision making

Doju: i was so impressed by euler's trap that he managed to do a few days ago

Doju: i want to replicate that

MattSOrme: ??

Doju: but i think that was using actual logic and not searching

Doju: he used 2 pacs to trap an enemy in a corridor with no other exits

MattSOrme: ah yeah. I'd thought about that, but the effort vs reward to program that, and the cost of calculating it...

Tiramon: in one game i killed 2 pacs with one that try to do the same ;)

Doju: hmmm

Doju: i think you could make it relatively cheap if you also sim the enemies

Doju: and give a loot of value

RockyMullet: making my bot ignore big pellets closer to enemy made my bot worse... I blame euler for this

Doju: if an enemy is trapped between your pacs

RockyMullet: I though first that the "dead" thing broke my bot

MattSOrme: Another thought i had was to check score, and if im ahead just block them in, and change to counter them, but again, is it worth it?

ShannonNorris97: RockeyMullet, in your replay how is it showing that text above the pac's heads? I've not seen that before

MattSOrme: atm im also not using my first turn at all. I treat it the same as every other turn. So probably some huge gains there

RockyMullet: yeah they dont really mention in it in the statement

RockyMullet: you just add stuff after your output

DollarAkshay: Morning people

RockyMullet: like MOVE 0 1 2 Hello

RockyMullet: hello DollarAkshay

ShannonNorris97: Oh wow, that's awesome. That's gotta be so helpful for debugging. Thank you - I'm gonna use that now

RockyMullet: yes mostly when I watch a bunch of games in the search of bugs, to undertand what let your bot to that decision helps a lot

Doju: RockyMullet super helpful indeed

Doju: watching my bots go RANDOM when there are still lots of unexplored cells atm :d

Doju: Question:

Doju: should I be working with coordinates (x, y) or cell instances that i have in my grid?

Doju: currently i have both and its super messy

wlesavo: lb feels so random, same code can place between 70 and 20, probably due to many quite simmilar bots

Doju: should i have for example my manhattan distance function taking coords or cells as input?

dbdr: wlesavo it can also be that you are strong against one strategy and weak against another

wlesavo: dbdr rock paper scisors? that couldn't be... :smiley:

dbdr: :D

dbdr: personally, I think paper is the strongest

RoboStac: yes, everyone should switch to paper at the start as it's the best

dbdr: :+1:

Doju: yes yes definitely everyone do paper, it's the best

Doju: *sharpens scissors*

dbdr: lol

wlesavo: in real life when we played rps to decide smth i always played rock, just because i usually didnt care and would let people decide if they wont to win or lose

RockyMullet: Doju personnaly I acces my cells data via positions in a 2d array, best of both worlds

wlesavo: everybody knew that and still would play scisors sometimes

dbdr: clever

dbdr: you get them used to rock

dbdr: then play scissors if you actually care

Doju: RockyMullet well I kinda do that but it's such a pain to go "self.grid.grid[pos.y][pos.x]" every time i need a cell

wlesavo: no, i mean they played scissors, i was consistent :slight_smile:

dbdr: so they lost?

**dbdr checks the RPS rules

Doju: Btw is there some preferred pac type?

Doju: like as default

dbdr: I think it's fixed

wlesavo: yes, they thought that i will change smth

dbdr: id 0 is rock, id 1 is paper, etc

wlesavo: but i didnt

wlesavo: it lasted for like 4-5 years :slight_smile:

Doju: uuhh.. any ideas

dbdr: 3d chess :D

Doju: i need to check a cell for its distance to the center

Doju: but my bfs thing doesn't work if there's a wall there

dbdr: wlesavo reminds me of

RockyMullet: Doju yeah I doing this in C++ so I made a simple macro just to be lazy and write it fast hahaha, to get a cell at a position

Cyberdog52: Doju try to represent the grid as a graph of nodes

Cyberdog52: Then you do not have walls at all

Doju: Oh yeah i do have that

Doju: but i need the distance to the center of the map

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: is the length not same as the depth of your bfs

Doju: by path first and if unreachable, manhattan

Cyberdog52: So what is the center of graph? There may not be a definitive solution

Doju: that just seems like a horribly inefficient thing

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: Then first time do it and save the value to the length to the center.

Doju: uhh i dunno i'll just do manhattan hahah

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: Find the center, do bfs from the center, update each cell with the length from the center as you find them

Doju: oh riiight i'd need to write an edge case for the precompute function

Cyberdog52: There may be multiple centers

Doju: that does it even if the middle is a wall

Doju: i guess i could try bfs from center cell and from every surrounding cell if that fails

Doju: but that's stupid

Doju: i'll just do manhattan

wlesavo: dbdr i thought they would play rps :slight_smile: still funny though

dbdr: it's pretty close though

dbdr: it's like a 2 option RPS

wlesavo: 3 actually

dbdr: you should do the opposite of what you should do

dbdr: this glass or that glass

dbdr: what's the 3rd?

wlesavo: both

dbdr: lol

dbdr: what about drink neither?

wlesavo: are you also australian? :smiley:

wlesavo: thats not an option, you accepted the duel

dbdr: drink, but spit it out all over the other

MattSOrme: why does the leaderboard tabs not work for companies and schools?

wlesavo: i thought at some point the zorro man will just kill the guy while he was distracted

dbdr: too simple

MattSOrme: ah, it does, but my URL had some junk in it for some reason

dbdr: it's a pretty good movie I think

dbdr: I like parodies :)

wlesavo: i think next time the contest should be with the battles decided by coinflip

Doju: oooooohh i've been doing this in such a stupid way

dbdr: would be a good troll community multi for April 1st

dbdr: but make the rules super complicated to hide that fact

AntiSquid: and post fake referee on github ?

dbdr: yeah, just said tht in MP :D

dbdr: PM

DollarAkshay: Why is CG slow ?

DollarAkshay: Oh looks like my chat messages are not going through

avdg: many participants

avdg: ah dunno

dbdr: DollarAkshay they are not going through

avdg: social distancing on networks is quite hard and unwanted I guess

Quidome: is there a discussion somwhere on the collision rules

Quidome: I am starting to build them in :D

dbdr: read the source, Luke ;)

Quidome: Uh yes, that's an option

Quidome: use the source, even better

dbdr: don't believe anyone. how do you know if they are correct otherwise ;)

Quidome: but no luck I am not on Java

dbdr: read, not use

Quidome: youre doing wel dbdr

dbdr: thanks!

Quidome: This collission part is a big thing to build, hope i finish today

Quidome: would be a big step :)

Default avatar.png ashikujjaman: how leadboard is calculated?

RockyMullet: true skil

Quidome: youre position is roughly the place where you have a 50% score against your neighbours

RockyMullet: Quidome not bumping into your own pacs helps a lot

Quidome: yes sure

Quidome: That's why i am on it :)

RockyMullet: good good :)

Illedan: I have a stupid if stopping the first pac in my list if he wants to go to the same cell :D

Doju: Is storing functions in a dictionary clean in your guys's opinion?

Quidome: I almost have a minmax on one move, which should solve the problem

Doju: like i have some different methods of calculating possible target cells and currently my system is just ifs and elses

Doju: but it's ugly and horrible

wlesavo: you should've fight the ifs, not join them Illedan :slight_smile:

dbdr: I have an easy way to get rid of ifs

dbdr: if (condition) { ..} => while (condition) { ...; break; }

wlesavo: nobody will call your bot as bunch of ifs after that for sure

dbdr: mission accomplished

dbdr: here's the bill

wlesavo: for i in range(condition)

Doju: aahh what is that atrocity

Doju: does it even work?

wlesavo: sure

Doju: what? in python range requires an int

wlesavo: python True is equal to 1

Doju: Oh right

Doju: sure

Doju: it'll run once

Doju: and i now need to go look at r/eyebleach

wi_lius: condition && (function() {



Doju: maybe i should just bodge this together

Doju: throw an exception handler on it

Doju: hide it and never look at it again

dbdr: ╰─➤ python3 Python 3.5.2 (default, Oct 8 2019, 13:06:37) >>> True + True 2

dbdr: seems legit

RockyMullet: even truther

Doju: such truth much wow

fasil: heyyyyyyyyy

fasil: shall we develope an app for coding challenge

RockyMullet: hey :sunglasses::point_right::point_right:

RockyMullet: an app for what

Doju: 👉😎👉 Zoop

fasil: anyone intrested

Quidome: you mean CG?

GlitchyByte: So, defeating Inky moves you to Silver. I defeat it when I run it. How do I know if I defeat it when I submi?

DollarAkshay: You move to silver if your Rating is higher than the boss

DollarAkshay: Make sure you are defeating the boss > 50% of the time

DollarAkshay: more than 50% of the time*

GlitchyByte: I guess I am not clear as to how rankings are calculated. Is it explained somewhere?

GlitchyByte: But even the info you just gave me is useful. Thanks for that.

wlesavo: GlitchyByte just submit and see what happens

GlitchyByte: I did!

Uljahn: search the forum, rank is calculated using TrueSkill (google it)

GlitchyByte: Thanks Uljahn!

Tiramon: nice last ifx moves me up in the top 200

MattSOrme: eww. only just realised im still trying to send command and track for my dead pacs :/

MattSOrme: wondered where the messed up behavious was coming from

MattSOrme: treating random squares like walls... its cos it still thought a pac was there :/

Tiramon: main reason why silver bot crashs ... forgot to skip dead pcas ;)

MattSOrme: what input tells me its dead? I don't see any in the inputs?

Tiramon: typeId == "DEAD"

MattSOrme: ah

MattSOrme: that'll do it

MattSOrme: thx

Tiramon: if (typeId == "DEAD") continue

Tiramon: solves most problems in silver ;)

Tiramon: quote: typeId: the pac's type (ROCK or PAPER or SCISSORS). If the pac is dead, its type is now DEAD.

MattSOrme: Well for the most part i was still looking alright, my alive pacs were running round, and game wasn't crashing

GlitchyByte: How long does it take to compute my ranking? I see it changing all the time. Even after Last Battles has completed 100%.

Tiramon: around 17min my last submit

RockyMullet: GlitchyByte it still change because other people are submiting

RockyMullet: so you can ballte those new bots, changing your own ranking, or just having them improve and being ranked over your bot, meaning you go down

MattSOrme: my bot was getting cornered even though it could run away. So hopefully that stops now :D

RockyMullet: MattSOrme live to fight another day :D

MattSOrme: looks like that fixed it :D

MattSOrme: map no longer shows zombie pacs

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: I'm trying to debug my code but for some reason when I click play my code, it's not showing any of the debug prints

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Anyone had anything similar?

MattSOrme: probably timing out in previous turn?

GlitchyByte: Scroll to the top of the output. Or make sure you are using the IDE code and the submitted one (should say IDE CODE) on your avatar.

GlitchyByte: Scroll to the top of the output. Or make sure you are using the IDE code and NOT the submitted one (should say IDE CODE) on your avatar.

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Thanks, it was all hiding at the top

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Are the x and y variables meant to update to show the current position of the pac, or do they just show its position at the start?

Doju: AlexRSS i believe it's the current position

Doju: or no i don't believe, i know.

anid: any idea when gold opens?

AntiSquid: yay 28 hours of people constantly asking when gold opens

Default avatar.png TheNiv: Why on each turn only one pac recieves a command if I use a for loop to print a command for each pac

Default avatar.png TheNiv: ?

Icebox: because everything has to be in one print TheNiv

Default avatar.png TheNiv: oh ok thanks

Tiramon: quote: A single line with one or multiple commands separated by |. For example: MOVE 0 5 7 | MOVE 1 16 10.

Pranab: can ny1 hlp? how to get t

Tiramon: get what Pranab?

Pranab: how to get multiple input as x,y to move the pac to different position

Pranab: all of my pac is going to same positon

Tiramon: so you don't want input, you want output ... ok

Tiramon: almost at the bottom of the statement it says Output A single line with one or multiple commands separated by |. For example: MOVE 0 5 7 | MOVE 1 16 10. MOVE pacId x y: the pac with the identifier pacId moves towards the given cell

Tiramon: so if you want to send commands for different pacs you hav to change the pacId in the command

Tiramon: and if they should move to different locations you should change the x,y parameter

Pranab: how to change it?

Tiramon: by printing out the string with another parameter , best read from a variable

cegprakash: MadKnight should I mutate only on last depth?

cegprakash: because if I mutate on depth1, I'll have to recompute everything from depth 1

AntiSquid: you got the theory wrong ^

cegprakash: :'(

cegprakash: what do I do now

Illedan: Just do full random mutation with 10% chance on each move or something

cegprakash: and recompute everything?

cegprakash: that's going to be time costly :(

Illedan: What are you doing btw?

cegprakash: meaning I need to give 20ms for search and mutation each

Illedan: Monte carlo?

AntiSquid: you're using c++ you should be fine on time ceg

Illedan: C++ doesn't automatically write fast code..

AntiSquid: not what i said

Illedan: Kinda was :)

AntiSquid: just saying he has enough time due to the language he picked

AntiSquid: well if i write it to run unnecessarily slow of course it won't work

Illedan: My point still stands :P You can still write slow code in C++

AntiSquid: of course you can

AntiSquid: but that's optional

wlesavo: cegprakash do what bluster did for ooc, paint a map by arrows, then mutate one arrow on your path

cegprakash: Illedan my sims dropped from 90K to 6K

AntiSquid: that's like A*Craft :o

AntiSquid: brilliant idea

cegprakash: if I mutate arrow on the path it'll give invalid moves

cegprakash: I've restricted my movements to only valid

cegprakash: meaning depth2 movement depends on depth1 movement of all the pacs

wlesavo: you can precomputr valid moves for each cell

cegprakash: mm.. not sure if that's a big performance improvement.. but I can try

Smartasskilling: Can anyone help me with mars lander episode 2. I'm coding in python and i need a way to calculate where the flat surface is

Clagus: ask again in 6 days :D

wlesavo: Smartasskilling thats the easiest part, check neighbored y coors

AntiSquid: funny username

Smartasskilling: So I just compare it in the input for statement and save that to a var?

Smartasskilling: Nah it doesn't work

NormantasStankevicius: Guys, how do you find the next best pellet to go to?

Doju: i don't

Doju: or i do, but the logic is only

Doju: the best pellet is the closest one

Doju: + favor super pellets just a bit

AntiSquid: still working on that, don't think i select it correctly NormantasStankevicius

Default avatar.png TheNiv: Do you need to print the commands in new lines?

Default avatar.png TheNiv: or all of them in one line?

NormantasStankevicius: Yeah, but there might be another location, with a bit further, but there are like 5 pellet cluster there

Clagus: NormantasStankevicius you could try to go to the big ones

Clagus: TheNiv all in 1 line

Clagus: separated by "|"

Rafal.Py: how do I append command to show some info on my pellet MOVE 0 5 7 | MOVE 1 16 10

Doju: NormantasStankevicius yes that's true and my aprroach is flawed. I have an idea to fix it though

AntiSquid: one single line, never more than that TheNiv , see statement for how to format it

Default avatar.png TheNiv: Thank you, I missed the '|'

Doju: and that idea also allows me to simulate things pretty efficiently

Clagus: MOVE 0 5 7 SomeInfo | MOVE 1 16 10 SomeInfo

Default avatar.png TheNiv: Where is this statement? AntiSquid

Doju: by concentrating a bunch of moves into chunks

Rafal.Py: The Clagus, is Someinfo 1 word or can it be something else?

AntiSquid: just below the viewer, you can scroll down and it gives a lot of info about the game TheNiv

Default avatar.png TheNiv: Oh so I just didn't see it. I'll look again

Tiramon: Rafal.Py you can write any string, as long as it does not contain a |

Uljahn: 7 chars max?

Uljahn: hmm, 7 digits but not chars

Clagus: Rafal.Py it's very short try it out yourself

Kellthazar: Howdy :)

muy31: sweet, my AI went from buggy to smart!

MattSOrme: sometimes im not sure if im making my bots smarter or dumber

AntiSquid: yes that's very difficult because the ladder is random

wlesavo: yeah like a single point between 10 and 20

wlesavo: and its even worse at lower ranks

AntiSquid: i look at individual replays and check my overall winrate, but it's difficult to tell why some things don't work when you get no bugs

eulerscheZahl: my rank mostly depends on my performance against kovi. how shall i get a realistic view that way?

wlesavo: kovi-based mmr

AntiSquid: also so far trying to predict the opponent always drops my rank no matter what, i think the bad plays ruin it, you overestimate the opponent sometimes

eulerscheZahl: 182 battles vs kovi, next one got 37 battles vs me

kovi: +performance of others vs. me....

eulerscheZahl: oh, illedan is climbing too

eulerscheZahl: but you spam submits destabilize the ranking

Hjax: last night i hacked together some buggy horrible search thing and watched it beat my heuristic bot

MattSOrme: hmm. Im still getting timeouts, but when i send to ide it doesn't

Hjax: my poor search takes so long to spin up, ill need to port this to C++ eventually

eulerscheZahl: my new submit has timeouts too :cry:

hearthewarsong: Is there a way to download some kind of gamelogs? I remember some1 created statisctics in ooc, but I cant find how (couldnt find in case of ooc neither).

eulerscheZahl: these were my stats


Hjax: eulerscheZahl you are doing some monte carlo thing right? how many iterations of it can you do on the server?

kovi: szia hearhtwarsong!

eulerscheZahl: i discarded that idea

Hjax: oh did you? got some fancy new thing?

eulerscheZahl: and my eval is by far the most expensive part

eulerscheZahl: MC even failed to quickly pick up the super pellet sometimes, i have a proper search now

eulerscheZahl: with ideas to make it better. but 50ms isn't much

JohnCM: yea monte carlo can't work properly - you can only see a very limited depth

JohnCM: bfs works better for longer distances

AntiSquid: you have a guide on how to parse any replay eulerscheZahl ? :p

dbdr: MSmits is making MC work, isn't he?

eulerscheZahl: of course AntiSquid. you don't? :D

AntiSquid: no

eulerscheZahl: wanted to test

JohnCM: haha his is only good at the start

JohnCM: i would say monte carlo is good at the start with enemy pos and type known

eulerscheZahl: you can define a docker container there and get pretty much any library you want that way

AntiSquid: i mean the view in the frame, not the std out

JohnCM: euler won me a few times because he could predict where my pieces would head to and intercept them

JohnCM: still quite impressed with the trapping part haha

Doju: euler's trapping is amazing

MattSOrme: do we know what rules/changes might be in gold? if any at all

AntiSquid: no more changes

eulerscheZahl: no changes

MattSOrme: so its just to group top players?

eulerscheZahl: there was even a newsletter about it. even silver changes weren't planned

JohnCM: i think my bot is still missing something

Hjax: Summary of new rules: You can now see your pacs favorite color, just to force everyone to fix their bots again

JohnCM: new rule: each superpellet now has a name

ntroPi: Oh no, they ate Kenny!

dbdr: I was thinking about superpellet making you able to eat any other pac

dbdr: like in the original, kind of

Doju: Oh that'd be interesting

llllllllll: and giving you boost at the same time

Hjax: that would be cool, but a super pellet never really survives more than 10 frames

JohnCM: haha when you eat a superpellet, you will be invincible for 10 turns

AntiSquid: superpellets are now neutral pacs that play as if they were a 3rd player, they are controlled by whichever is 1st place bot at the time of the game is played

JohnCM: lol.. that makes no diff to the current game actually

JohnCM: since most bots get an equal number of superpellets

AntiSquid: but the neutral pacs will clear pellets

JohnCM: i'm trying so hard to beat euler's bot. now i have like 20-30% win rate. got to change some heuristics

AntiSquid: why focus on one bot?

JohnCM: i find euler's bot quite all rounded

AntiSquid: i mean i can get a win vs a lot of top 50 bots, but that doesn't change much

JohnCM: so if can win his bot most likely can win the rest too

Hjax: i dont know what my winrate against euler is, probably <5%

wlesavo: yeah, optimizing against a single bot is not a good idea for sure

Hjax: ran a few test games, my only win was a euler timeout

dbdr: I just realized, euler optimized his pseudo to minimize pings :D

AntiSquid: what do you mean

eulerscheZahl: yeah, timeouts are a problem now :( i added more tracking

dbdr: hard to type without tab

AntiSquid: eulerschezahl

dbdr: so people white euler => no ping


Maliamnon: Is there some indication of when your rank is "stable"?

JohnCM: lol how did i lose so much late game

wlesavo: ezpz AntiSquid

dbdr: s/white/write/ :D

wlesavo: white euler lol

AntiSquid: contest ends Maliamnon, that's a good indication

wlesavo: JohnCM strange nicknames in that replay

muy31: why is promoting so problematic? i beat the boss everytime

Hjax: your rating needs to be higher than the boss when you finish calibrating muy31

JohnCM: haha what nicknames?

muy31: can i just resubmit and hope i get lucky?

wlesavo: JohnCM oh, nwm, it works now, somehow i saw blinky and inky names instead of real ones

wlesavo: similar to a preview

JohnCM: you know i spent like 4 hours modelling enemy behavior and it made my bot worse

Hjax: muy31 thats probably time better spent improving your bot

JohnCM: then i scrapped the whole thing

JohnCM: XD

JohnCM: cause the bot became too cautious

muy31: Hjax remember me? who tried to implement an entirely new path algorithm and failed until it just started working? do you really think i want to do that again?

muy31: now my bot is definitely better than my old one

Default avatar.png ashikujjaman: how can I play my bot with my friends bot

muy31: and it should be good enough to be in silver

Hjax: if its good enough to be in silver it will promote

Vintarel: JohnCM it happens to me all the time, always trying to improve but it's always worse xD

JohnCM: ya.. actually i'm kind of curious if ga can work for this now

muy31: it's not like those currently ranked 500 - 600 in silver will beat my bot

Default avatar.png ashikujjaman: please help me how can I play my bot with my friends bot of spring challenge

JohnCM: like have some parameters for eating up a pellet and exploring based on the total game score. and also whether or not to attack

muy31: ashikujjaman delete the AI bot agent and add a new one

JohnCM: i tried monte carlo and it didn't work out very well (at least after the first few frames)

Uljahn: you both should be in top-1000 i guess

JohnCM: and you need an additional heuristic for the super pellet if not it will be like a one in a million or worse chance of finding it

Vintarel: what is ga ?

JohnCM: genetic algorithm

muy31: ashikujjaman, under Players, wher it says your username and the boss name

Default avatar.png ashikujjaman: muy31 didn't understand can you play your bot with my bot?

muy31: but you have to be in the same league i think

Default avatar.png ashikujjaman: muy31 ashikujjaman

muy31: oh yes

muy31: here you are

Default avatar.png Yitzhakpro: i cant rly understand how can i preevnt them from stucking

Default avatar.png ashikujjaman: bot name inky

muy31: yes, delete it

Default avatar.png ashikujjaman: deleted


muy31: then click on the plus

Vintarel: ga seems difficult on this problem :o

muy31: and add a new opponent

Default avatar.png ashikujjaman: thank you muy31 and you have a nice bot:heart_eyes:

muy31: thanks ashikujjaman

Doju: wow i'm beating inky almost every time

Doju: time to submit, i guess

Tiramon: Vintarel GA isn't more complicated than other simulation based stuff

Default avatar.png Csipcsirip_2: anyone using SA ?

Vintarel: Tiramon haha ok, I just find that any simulation looks difficult to use in this problem

Hjax: i think cegprakash is @Csipcsirip_2

AntiSquid: no

AntiSquid: that can't be

AntiSquid: nvm missread @_@

AntiSquid: lol dropped kovi randomly

Default avatar.png Csipcsirip_2: first time I try this algo, but it's very unstable atm. might be buggy tho

Doju: oh hold on

AntiSquid: onto what

Doju: I'm making my path_length way too large

Doju: i dunno

Doju: something

Tiramon: maybe his path_length.. if it is so long it should be stable enough

Doju: yes that's good

Doju: length 200 paths

Tiramon: so you plan right from the begining to the end?

Doju: Oh i'm upping it for every cell in the queue

Tiramon: as long as you have not used speed

Doju: no, i'm just doing a bfs wrong lol

Illedan: WTF

Illedan: how did this go this high

ZarthaxX: lol

ZarthaxX: many ppl in the contest hate you coz of that Illedan :D

JohnCM: congrats illedan

JohnCM: i think cause a lot of ppl at the top resubmitted at the same time too

Illedan: still my code from saturday, just changed a number

ZarthaxX: lol

Doju: hahah

JohnCM: i'm having my all time high rank of 80 now

JohnCM: i think sure drop

AntiSquid: so everything after saturday is a pile of bugs in your bot Illedan ? :p

eulerscheZahl: i told you to uncrash your bot Illedan

Illedan: Does it crash?

Illedan: I made some small fix for that

eulerscheZahl: i mean you did what i told you and how you are at the top

eulerscheZahl: and now*

Illedan: Pure luck

Illedan: I did nothing more to track enemies :D

Illedan: I'll accept it

eulerscheZahl: my basic tracking works

eulerscheZahl: the improved tracking causes timeouts

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: too slow

Icebox: oh god my new bot just got it's first win since sunday

Icebox: \o/

Illedan: :rocket:

JohnCM: woohoo

Illedan: Small step for a man, giant leap for pacman

NormantasStankevicius: ^

Icebox: the fruits of 2h sleep per day and 2k lines of C++

JohnCM: wow you got to sleep more man

Icebox: those sims aint gonna write themselves

AntiSquid: sims

Icebox: ofc

Icebox: what else were you thinking about?

Uljahn: Icebox: you switched to c++? so no streams in py3 anymore? :broken_heart:

AntiSquid: oh right did you do silver open stream ?

Icebox: I can still stream in py3 :3

Icebox: AntiSquid no I didn't feel confident enough to get to silver in 2-3 hours

AntiSquid: huge bronze

JohnCM: all the best icebox

JohnCM: you can do i

JohnCM: it

Illedan: Do you want a stream from wood - silver?

Illedan: :thinking:

JohnCM: i'm quite interested to see who wins this competition, and also what algo they use

JohnCM: shall wait till the end of the competition

Hjax: the winners always use some form of arcane magic

Hjax: :P

Uljahn: you mean pragmas? :smirk:

Icebox: you shall unroll thy loops

eulerscheZahl: the winners almost always write a forum post, explaining the strategy in huge detail

JohnCM: shall wait for yours then euler. i have faith in your bot

JohnCM: i'm still thinking about how you so effectively trap me at a dead end

muy31: euler made

muy31: JohnCM his b*

muy31: JK

JohnCM: lol

AntiSquid: :/

eulerscheZahl: i just bruteforce killing options

eulerscheZahl: and if i find one, i take it

JohnCM: that's the monte carlo you were talking about right

JohnCM: but that's a lot of steps in advance, close to 5 steps of predicting the opponent

JohnCM: like there's one case i go get a superpellet in a dead end, and your pac just entered the dead end too

JohnCM: resulting in a kill

eulerscheZahl: i discarded my monte carlo

eulerscheZahl: and the killing is a distinct search which doesn't even care about collecting pellets.

anid: any idea what the gold cutoff could be?

eulerscheZahl: between rank 50 and 100

JohnCM: yup i can see that

JohnCM: i played many simulations against your bot

anid: :( was hoping on top 200 :P

JohnCM: must thank you for helping me improve my heuristic values

JohnCM: it kind of worked

Doju: I'm trying to get the "depth" of my breadth first search

Doju: should i queue the neighbours into the original queue or is there a smarter way?

MattSOrme: is the boss just created by copying the bot in that position? when its time?

Doju: everything that i looked up didn't deal with lengths

Illedan: Click on the League icon above the viewer

ntroPi: Doju, have a second queue and swap when done with the first.

eulerscheZahl: yes, it will be a player chosen by CodinGame. it will be tomorrow 6pm CEST

eulerscheZahl: so gold opens in about 25h from now

wlesavo: damn, so even fatality also there

MattSOrme: and there was me thinking CG just had a couple good bots ready to go

NapTown: Doju you can walk back parents

eulerscheZahl: taking a usercode is way easier for them :D

MattSOrme: yup

Doju: NapTown i was doing that but it's slow and unnecessary since i dont' need the actua paths

MattSOrme: makes sense

eulerscheZahl: but they check the code at least to see if funky things are going on

eulerscheZahl: like a kill switch

Doju: ntroPi ooh that's an itneresting idea

kovi: fatility it not fatility here, a kill may cause pellets...and the game

kovi: it is not finisher i mean

NapTown: Doju maybe keep a depth value for each parent and +1 each child

Doju: actually i got a better idea

Doju: im gonna stick some other objects in the queue

Doju: after adding every child

Doju: and += 1 the depth when i hit the other objects

ntroPi: as a marker? swapping is probably faster.

Doju: really?

Doju: huh maybe i need to swap then

BenjaminUrquhart: eulerscheZahl not sure if you addressed this in a more recent submit (this is obsolete), but your pac suicided

ntroPi: Don'T worry too much about it, it's not like your marker idea would be super slow.

Doju: although my queue runs at o(1)

Doju: so i think it

Doju: it's pretty fast

Doju: if i add markers, that is

wlesavo: kovi yeah, not even sure if it is worth implementing

eulerscheZahl: thanks BenjaminUrquhart. i still do the same nonsense :(

BenjaminUrquhart: np

BenjaminUrquhart: also found a bug in my own code

eulerscheZahl: i don't find a way to survive when taking 2 cells at once

MadKnight: don't make bugs in your own code BenjaminUrquhart

eulerscheZahl: but i don't check in range 1

BenjaminUrquhart: thanks MadKnight

Counterbalance: argh... 1 - 2 = 1.84467e+19

Scarfield: ?

Counterbalance: a bug in my scoring

Scarfield: noo

BenjaminUrquhart: solid math

Counterbalance: score += 1000.0 * (players[0].pacs.size() - players[1].pacs.size());

Scarfield: xD

eulerscheZahl: oh wait... i just don't see you up there BenjaminUrquhart

Adnmaster: how can we understand if one of our pac's is dead?

eulerscheZahl: you are hidden

Adnmaster: for example if my pac is dead i dont want it to move

Adnmaster: how can i understand the id of the pac that is dead?

eulerscheZahl: and my advanced tracking is too slow as it is

Kellthazar: pac.type == "DEAD"

Adnmaster: oh

Adnmaster: ok

Adnmaster: thanks

BenjaminUrquhart: ah

[CG]Thibaud: (in Silver only)

Kellthazar: typeId

Adnmaster: not in bronze?

[CG]Thibaud: before, they're not given to you

Kellthazar: Oh, yes...

Kellthazar: Good point

Adnmaster: ok

Adnmaster: so im in bronze i cant use it

Scarfield: you dont get input for that pac if its dead, if in bronze set all pacs to dead in end of turn, the ones of yours you get input for set to alive

[CG]Thibaud: if you try to move them, the referree will make you lose

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Out of curiosity, does anybody know if `math.sqrt(x)` or `x ** 0.5` is faster in python3? I can run a bench if not

Vintarel: the difference might be in microsec :D

Icebox: sqrt @BobLaserShark

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Yeah, but I'm computing it a couple thousand times per update, so shaving some time off would be great

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Thanks @Icebox

Illedan: Benchmark it BobLaserShark. And try caching too

Icebox: afaik all math functions are written in C so math.<anything> is usually faster than any python equivalent

Adnmaster: is there no way to get the id of a dead pac?

Doju: computing sqrt a couple thousand times per update D:

Scarfield: "you dont get input for that pac if its dead, if in bronze set all pacs to dead in end of turn, the ones of yours you get input for set to alive"

Doju: i wonder what you're doing

Scarfield: MCTS?

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: to be fair, I probably shouldn't be worried too much about speed when I'm writing in python :laughing:

Icebox: ^

Doju: BobLaserShark i think the opposite is true

MarekM: opposite, 100ms is very short time :)

BenjaminUrquhart: 50ms is shorter

wlesavo: true

Default avatar.png zarif98sjs: any idea how many people will advance to gold ?

eulerscheZahl: anid 04:44PM any idea what the gold cutoff could be? eulerscheZahl 04:44PM between rank 50 and 100

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: I was more looking at it from the fact that if I wanted speed, I should be using a different langauge

Doju: i swear to god i never write "if x == True" on the first try

Doju: it's only when i get the syntax error that i realise i wrote "if x = True"

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Doju :(

eulerscheZahl: if x:

Doju: and

Doju: that was an example

NapTown: if x yes

Doju: the "True"

Doju: just when checking anything

Doju: also what the hell

eulerscheZahl: you should switch to pascal then

Doju: how is it possible that i get the sound for a usb disconnecting

eulerscheZahl: if x = 3 then x := 4;

wlesavo: :=

Doju: when i get a static shock from my chair

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: I had a c++ program that wasn't behaving properly... took me a few hours to track down the error being

`if (importantVar = 1)`

Doju: and i'm not even touching anything linked to my computer

wlesavo: that gives me some flashbacks

eulerscheZahl: or basic which has = for both check and assign

Scarfield: you are in a simulation Doju, glitch in the matric

Scarfield: matrix*

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: I... do not like basic

Doju: I actually quite like this syntax x := 4

eulerscheZahl: maybe because it's a horrible language

eulerscheZahl: basic

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Could be :)

shashwat986: gratz eulerscheZahl

shashwat986: rank 3

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Better than matlab though

shashwat986: erm 4

eulerscheZahl: going up and down, was 2nd before

wlesavo: write in pseudo code a <-- b

eulerscheZahl: and below 100 with my broken submit :D

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: a <-- b actually means something in c++

Peudoki: people breaking their code gave me 5th place :D

eulerscheZahl: we are still in the relaxing stage of the contest

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark:

eulerscheZahl: the last weekend is when everyone suddenly improves

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Why it do that?

categorical.logician: <>

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark:

Peudoki: By that time we can be legends

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: It do it again :(

eulerscheZahl: while x-- > 0

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Yes

Scarfield: click the link and see, too many new lines or too much text chat creates a pastebin

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: int x = 10; while (x --> 0) { cout << x << endl; }

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: We'll do that

jrke: hey any suggestion how to pass bronze

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: @jrke git gud :)

jrke: means?

Scarfield: lol, win and also dont lose

Default avatar.png BobLaserShark: Pretty much ^

jrke: plz give me any suggestion

RoboStac: looking at a random loss in your last battles you have real issues targetting the same spot with multiple pacs and don't appear to have a fallback for when there aren't any visible pellets


RoboStac: oh and the enemy gets all 4 big pellets which shouldn't ever happen

jrke: K thanks

kovi: it could happen, if you trappped all 4 and kill 4 out of 4/5 pacs ;)

eulerscheZahl: that gameplay reminds me of

BenjaminUrquhart: I think I broke my submit, cool

BenjaminUrquhart: let's see how this turns out

Tiramon: wow nice 142 ... thats far better than i expected

Doju: Is there a penalty for bad submissions?

Doju: like is it bad to submit something that time outs instantly

Doju: if you fix it

BenjaminUrquhart: if you fix it, you're fine

Doju: because i want to experiment with a constant that i have

Doju: to see which value gives me the best winrate

JohnCM: haha even if you submit the same constant you'll get different results

Doju: :|

JohnCM: but the range is normally += 100

JohnCM: so you can still gauge

JohnCM: if you suddenly rise by more than 100 ranks probably is a good thing

Doju: this calls for science

Tiramon: and alot of patience

Tiramon: what about running it localy against your own bot?

Doju: oh sure, that's a good idea

BenjaminUrquhart: usually my initial placement when submitting (when I first get a submit percentage) is around 300

Doju: thanks Tiramon

MattSOrme: what happens if you submit again while its still testing?

BenjaminUrquhart: when I submitted just now, it was 500

BenjaminUrquhart: MattSOrme it resets

AntiSquid: if you submit that way enough times you unlock a fun mini game where you need to spot different objects in pictures MattSOrme

ZarthaxX: aka captchza

ZarthaxX: fuck :(

MattSOrme: I just got an x and y the wrong way round, so fixed it and re-submitted

AntiSquid: you ruined the excitement ZarthaxX

MattSOrme: but it was only about 56% through testing

Doju: AntiSquid you get to participate in training a self driving car

ZarthaxX: MattSOrme no problem with that

ZarthaxX: u can submit at any time, just make sure to have your best submit for the end of the contest there :P

muy31: how are y'all coding which squares are in your Line of sight?

Doju: i get the row and column of the pac

muy31: obv same x or y, and then ...


ZarthaxX: mb squido lol

Doju: then split the lists at the position of the pac

Illedan: Lol, code that ended 2nd earlier ended 31 now :D That luck earlier

Doju: and loop through the lists until i hit a wall

eulerscheZahl: Illedan :D

jrke: hey i have line of sight working properly collion are solved and defence and attack also but how to collaborate with other pacs

aangairbender: do you guys use any kind of tree search here?

dbdr: or reverse, Illedan

AntiSquid: i get 50 rank difference twoo inbetween submitting same code

dbdr: be optimistic

Illedan: Unlucky now?

Illedan: Try again? :P

dbdr: yeah

njaber: BenjaminUrquhart By "that way", do you mean "when it's still battling"? What would happen if I tried to make an AI that automatically submits itself and waits for the battles to finish to submit again? Would that work/be allowed?

eulerscheZahl: 3rd submit

eulerscheZahl: to decide

BenjaminUrquhart: njaber you get x submits per hour

Illedan: Ok

BenjaminUrquhart: or something like that

AntiSquid: no, jst submit until 2nd again, obviously that's your rank so spam submits

dbdr: isn't there a problem now? Play in IDE does not happen, network timeout

jrke: anybody to my ques

njaber: IS the exact number written somewhere?

aangairbender: maybe faq?

BenjaminUrquhart: I think it's something like 10 idk

Default avatar.png Csipcsirip_2: my submitted bot is MCTS. but it does not seem to work very well aangairbender. trying to change it to something smrter

dbdr: why the smurf Csipcsirip_2?

aangairbender: I am just thinking about beginning of the game

aangairbender: players know all info about game

dbdr: "Network error: status -1"

AntiSquid: this randomness makes life really difficult

AntiSquid: i add a feature and then i have to tripple check to make sure it's not bugged because of random ladder outcome

dbdr: AntiSquid usually there is something to fix that will make yourr bot more consistent

dbdr: I just had that today

eulerscheZahl: to download the error log dbdr

Default avatar.png Csipcsirip_2: I needed an account without attached gmail account to get eulers offline debugger to work

AntiSquid: /ban alts

jrke: watch this close call battle and suggest me if anything wrong


kovi: leaderboard frozen

BenjaminUrquhart: n e g a t i v e o n e

dbdr: Csipcsirip_2 you can just do a password reset

kovi: leaderboard works again

dbdr: I had a gmail account originally

Default avatar.png Csipcsirip_2: really? cool gonna try that

NickStahl: jrke, lot of collisions within your own bots and looks like your bots are often targeting the same pellet

jrke: how to avoid that?

muy31: when a pac finds a pellet, disable the other pacs from finding it

jrke: K

NickStahl: jrke - collision of own bots: Calculate the path your bot is going for and if your second bot is going the same way, do something else until that is not the case anymore :)

NickStahl: and what muy31 says

dbdr: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

jrke: thats the problem i am not able to calculate where my bot will go

NickStahl: But... I'm too lazy to program it myself, so better listen to the other guys here.

NickStahl: jrke, it's not that hard, lookup BFS algoritm

AntiSquid: dbdr maybe i need to fix something to make the bot rank consistent, but now i am heading towards top 50 with a bot that got 150 previously, this is ridiculous :/

dbdr: if it's because your bot plays great in some settings and badly in others, why is it ridiculous?

dbdr: maybe depending on map size, number of pacs, opponent style, etc...

AntiSquid: are you sure it's just that?

dbdr: I cannot be

dbdr: I'm saying I often observed that

dbdr: and that's constructive

ZarthaxX: the variable size is a factor

ZarthaxX: unless i guess you make a good top bot, it may generate that variations

ZarthaxX: :thinking:

AntiSquid: well will try to check if that's the case for my bot, need to stabilize somewhere @_@

Peudoki: this game is quite random because of the fog, so random results are normal

eulerscheZahl: even top players randomly walk into opponents and lose against sub-100 opponents

NickStahl: AntiSquid, maybe the amount of dead-ends... Walking into those is costly.

kovi: the problem is the low number of games in top

Csipcsirip: thanks dbdr it works

Peudoki: I have a friend who I sometimes test against, he is 190th, I'm 3rd and he can beat me 10-20%

dbdr: :+1:

Doju: oh are you seriously saying "if something":

Doju: doesn't return True if something is an instance of a custom class

BenjaminUrquhart: "if something:" basically means "something" exists

BenjaminUrquhart: oversimplified but whatever

Doju: it's returning false when i try it on my cell class :/

Counterbalance: Doju

Doju: ooh thats exactly what i need

Doju: thanks

Doju: i was trying to google __if__ xd

Counterbalance: :)

Doju: Hmm, "If a class defines neither __len__() nor __bool__(), all its instances are considered true."

Doju: it's still not working even though i defined __bool__() as True

Doju: but i think i can figure it out from here

Counterbalance: then maybe the variable is undefined after all?

Doju: it's defined

Doju: i just printed them out

Doju: <__main__.Cell object at 0x7f29ec4f7a50>

Doju: wait what?

Doju: there's something else going on

berries: should i use a dfs?

Doju: I thought of using dfs at first but ended up doing bfs

Doju: can't really say which one is better

aangairbender: berries dfs doesn't search shortest path

aangairbender: but any path

berries: okay yeah i thought it should be shortest path but i wasnt sure

cegprakash: but dfs can help u avoid getting into choke points

Doju: ooh true cegprakash!

berries: what do you mean by a choke point

cegprakash: so use both Doju

cegprakash: only one opening @berries

Scarfield: dead end, but what are you intending to do with dfs/bfs berries?

Default avatar.png Saiz: so is there anything besides somehow running the game locally I can do to actually debug my code? prints aren't enough to look at my tree

cegprakash: what tree

MonZtaDeluxe: oh - big pellets info is delivered from the beginning?

cegprakash: u can use debugger

Doju: MonZtaDeluxe technically every pellet's info is known at the beginning

Scarfield: not really, locally is the way, make your script print out the games state, use that print to setup your local run, and debug

Scarfield: the games state when you have an issue

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: big pellets can always be seen, if that's whatchu mean

Default avatar.png Saiz: guess that works... thanks, might try it.

MonZtaDeluxe: okay i see - but you won't get an update, if the opponent gets it, right?

berries: Scarfield just modifying my algorithm because i finally got my pac to eat things

Doju: For the big pellets you can deduce it

Doju: for the small ones no

Scarfield: its no longer there, so ^

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: well, if an opponent gets it, you won't receive it's location next time

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: oh, that's exactly what you asked. yeah, sorry

berries: also is anybody's pac timing out for no good reason sometimes?

Scarfield: ah okay, i would suggest starting with bfs for shortest path, anyway one thing at the time :p

styphoiz: bad codee

berries: like all the ones im losing my pac had timed out

Doju: I don't really know why my depth thing is not working...

Doju: it's going waay too high but the bfs itself is working

Counterbalance: berries your bot probably takes too long on some turns. Print the time each turn takes; you won't see the time on the turn that times out but it gives you an idea about how much time your bot takes

Doju: oh i'm a dummy

Counterbalance: store the result of System.getCurrentTimeMillis() (IIRC) right after you read the first line of the turn input (the scores), and do it again right before you print the command and print the difference to stderr

muy31: hey eulerscheZahl you still there?

Ramzel: has not provided 1 lines in time

muy31: what's the significance of implementing a break if a location has already been found eulerscheZahl

muy31: for your line of sight code

RoboStac: you can have maps that wrap round in a line with no walls, so if you don't do that you have an infinite loop

muy31: oh i see

IAmNoob: hi:))

muy31: but what if you already found that position from another pac

RoboStac: you need a different found positions per pac

Hjax: my vision loop just breaks if a pac sees its own location

Doju: RoboStac oh i didn't even consider that

Ramzel: Only BLINKY still has pacs standing!

Ramzel: Can u explain it?

Doju: luckily as a consequence of my function it doesn't matter

Doju: Ramzel your pacs are dead

DecH0: Hello All

Doju: Hi DecH0

Ramzel: Why are my pacs dead?

IAmNoob: they got killed

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: you get that message usually when you do something "illegal"; attempt to move a dead pac, time out, or move to an invalid coord

Doju: i'm guessing you either timed out or gave an invalid command

IAmNoob: for example

VicHofs: Ramzel you probably timed out

Ramzel: Thanks so much

VicHofs: I'm having issues with that too

muy31: so do we now get dead pacs?

VicHofs: muy31 yes

muy31: for bronze?

[CG]Thibaud: in Silver only

VicHofs: yes

Scarfield: in silver its input as typeid

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: yeah, your pacs get killed in bronze

VicHofs: pacs die in bronze too but they don't spawn dead no

Counterbalance: no-one reads their mail huh

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: you'll have to filter it by whether you receive an input line for that pac next turn

VicHofs: @Counterbalance ?

Counterbalance: we got a mail about silver changes

Ramzel: Is there a way to get cords of pacs before any turn?

BenjaminUrquhart: no

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: if you mean where they where at the end of last round, you'll have to store their old position yourself

VicHofs: Ramzel in bronze only if you can see them

VicHofs: @Counterbalance yeah I saw that

Ramzel: I m writing in c++, only thing i do in game loop is reading input(packing it into vectors), and printing last element of other vector? The error i get is: Ramzel has not provided 1 lines in time

muy31: timeout

eulerscheZahl: wow, 4000 players already

dbdr: \o/

Ramzel: So is reading input to slow?

VicHofs: anyone else getting seemingly randdom timeouts in python tho

VicHofs: * random

eulerscheZahl: Ramzel do you start the timer before reading the first line?

eulerscheZahl: then you are waiting for your opponent to take an action and what not

Hjax: this contest is crazy huge

ZarthaxX: biggest contest after accountant?

Scarfield: is your output in the format: MOVE pacId x y Ramzel

anid: Oh, just saw that it crossed the 4K mark

Ramzel: Yes it is

S1L3nCe: Ramzel, check array out of bound access or in loop condition

Hjax: utg only had 2162

AntiSquid: 4k celebration!

Ramzel: I think thats not a problem S1L3nCe

Doju: AntiSquid no we're too busy coding

AntiSquid: then why you in chat

anid: :D

Doju: errr you got me

VicHofs: Automaton2000 can celebrate with yall ask em

Automaton2000: so i cant use it

Doju: i'm trying to find this stupid bugggg

VicHofs: plus AutomatonNN too

Doju: but nope its not happening

anid: Hey AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there an actual problem in the corner case of expert rules in the 1000 turns

Scarfield: maybe start looking for a smart bug, could help :p

AutomatonNN: kovi is the last contest boss cause i can't solve the problem

VicHofs: yo eulerscheZahl did you write this mf

anid: Hmm eulerscheZahl, must be a pain now that it knows ur name

Hjax: i wish those bots were banned

Scarfield: magu-s did, but it loves euler

VicHofs: yeah wtf

Hjax: is kovi ever not calibrating

Scarfield: 600 submits yet? :p

eulerscheZahl: the bot got much better actually

eulerscheZahl: initially it pinged me about once in 4-5 messages

ZarthaxX: Hjax nope

ZarthaxX: only when sleeping

Scarfield: I still hope for someone making an A-W-E-S-O-M-0-2000 bot someday

Hjax: there should be a cooldown on submits lol

ZarthaxX: there is

ZarthaxX: u start getting captchas

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: Enemy timed out but game ended in a draw? The probability hurts.

Hjax: lol

Scarfield: oh thought you meant there was an awesomo bot xD

AntiSquid: image recognition mini game ZarthaxX

AntiSquid: you're supposed to train an NN for it and continue to submit spam, see how far you go

anid: just found this link


anid: should it be public?

Scarfield: Technical Details You can check out the source code of this game on this GitHub repo.

Scarfield: its in the statement :)

anid: No, this is the code for the bosses

Scarfield: yea, juist the wood bosses

eulerscheZahl: in the past CG even linked to the bosses in an email to help the users getting started

eulerscheZahl: it's still a very basic bot

ZarthaxX: AntiSquid so your theory is that kov i has it?

AntiSquid: has what

ZarthaxX: the NN that makes he spam submit

eulerscheZahl: for kutulu we didn't publish the wood boss. but that beast had 1000 lines :D

AntiSquid: should get extra xp for beating extra hard wood bosses

Waffle3z: down to the last pellet

anid: :)

AntiSquid: no food waste

Waffle3z: interesting that I won since I let them get 3 super pellets

Waffle3z: not only that but they're in 1st place

ntroPi: On the other hand you ate two of his pacs, those are tasty too. Your bot is less of a pelletarian than others it seems.

anid: I dont see a no further rules message here


anid: could there be new rules in gold?

Scarfield: "You can now see pacs that have died."

eulerscheZahl: We've just opened the Silver league with a few modifications that you can find here. There won't be any change to the game after that.

eulerscheZahl: from an email that CG sent6h ago

anid: thanks

Doju: no this can't be...

Doju: my precalc is timing out

Doju: on the first cell

Doju: what?!

eulerscheZahl: BFS?

Doju: yes

anid: first cell requires highest computation

eulerscheZahl: you screwed up implementation

Doju: yeah eulerscheZahl i think so

eulerscheZahl: probably visiting each cell more than once

Doju: nope

Doju: wait no

Doju: hold on

muy31: make sure

Doju: oh i might be

Doju: i thought i wasn't because i was testing the length of a set

Doju: but its a set...

Doju: no, the list's length is only around 200 when i time out

AntiSquid: Waffle3z i think you should also ping them when you brag about beating them, it's like the cherry on the cake

Doju: this time i got like 7 cells done because i wasn't printing anything out

Doju: but still thats so slow

Doju: and i was doing the whole thing (although with the wrong depth readings) in like 100 ms

Doju: it just ran very fast locally

Doju: wait no, are you serious

Doju: it was timing out because i was printing stuff out

Doju: lmao

muy31: lol

MSmits: quick question, if a pac is this what the speed over time looks like: 0,2,2,2,2,2,1,1,1,1,0,2,2,2,2,2 or do i have an off by one error somewhere?

Doju: i just debugged my prints for 2 hours

MSmits: if a pac is chain-speeding i mean

eulerscheZahl: looks fine MSmits

eulerscheZahl: chat is laggy again

MSmits: k i was confused by the 4 1's

muy31: yeah i think so

muy31: cooldown time

eulerscheZahl: after SPEED you get 9(=cooldown) 5(=speed) as the next input

BenWo: afternoon all

eulerscheZahl: confused me too at first

MSmits: yeah

eulerscheZahl: now i just accepted it

MSmits: yeah as long as it is correct I am fine with it

Hyslach653: hi everyone, i'm trying the mars lander game and im having an issue where it says that i didnt provide an input in due time. could anyone hand me a tip or sth? very much appreciated thnx

MattSOrme: jeez, theres nothing like putting yourself against a top player to show how crap your bots are :(

muy31: Hyslach653 you are timing out

MSmits: it's the best way MattSOrme

eulerscheZahl: which one just crushed you?

Hyslach653: yes, but I already declared input and there is no way my code is taking that much

MSmits: botting is a skill that takes a lot of time to learn, even if you're already a good coder

MattSOrme: I put myself against aka. I wasn't expecting it to go well

BenjaminUrquhart: I'm fluctuating between 200th and 80th

BenjaminUrquhart: cool

BenjaminUrquhart: Stable Leaderboard:tm:

eulerscheZahl: oh dear

AntiSquid: 50 - 15- here BenjaminUrquhart

AntiSquid: 150 *

MattSOrme: woohoo

MSmits: haha MattSOrme well done

MattSOrme: i'll take it!

MSmits: you get the wreck-Euler trophy: :trophy:

BenjaminUrquhart: I'll join the club

NinjaDoggy: lol fix it!

MSmits: lol

AntiSquid: hey NinjaDoggy long time no see

AntiSquid: are you joining the contest?

NinjaDoggy: yep

NinjaDoggy: gonna make my bot decent today :D

eulerscheZahl: and i see now way to really prevent that nonsense from happening

eulerscheZahl: adding a lot of random noise to the game

NinjaDoggy: first one is unlucky

MattSOrme: i've got a few things planned to try, but yeah, rounding corners on a double is a pain

NinjaDoggy: second one though :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: second is bad tracking, agreed

Hjax: are we beating euler for fun now? I want to play

eulerscheZahl: but the first one is way more common

MattSOrme: If i can beat euler, i def shouldn't be 400th

eulerscheZahl: come on... did you get that in the first try Hjax?

MSmits: eulerscheZahl do you also still lose when you are being followed, meaning you know a dangerous pac is behind you?

Hjax: 2nd try

MSmits: and then turn around a corner and forget him

AntiSquid: euler to see mine check your battle history

NinjaDoggy: LOL

eulerscheZahl: i still have very basic memory of previous turns

NinjaDoggy: euler got lucky first and still got rekt :P

AntiSquid: Hjax any top 10 replay is good :p

MattSOrme: Hjax is aggressive. chased you down!

MSmits: ah ok, thats on my list to fix... i still do that

eulerscheZahl: there are some cases where i can tell where the opponent is with 100% certainty even without seeing it

eulerscheZahl: but for the other cases :/

MattSOrme: my bots are dumb enough to avoid your smarts

MSmits: hmm you can tell only 1 turn cant you? After that you dont know what they do

eulerscheZahl: i have another idea to fix that. but that's something for the last day

eulerscheZahl: correct, i don't know usually

eulerscheZahl: there are some corner cases

eulerscheZahl: let me find the replay

MSmits: pun intended?


MSmits: frame?

Default avatar.png drykberg: hi there :) ... i just landed here and did the descent thing. Where do I start? :S

eulerscheZahl: right at the start

eulerscheZahl: top right corner

Default avatar.png drykberg: badly worded question

Default avatar.png drykberg: lel

eulerscheZahl: i know that red starts there (symmetry)

Default avatar.png drykberg: hi im a retard, dont take me seriously

eulerscheZahl: then opponent gains 0 score => probably SPEED

eulerscheZahl: then gains 10 score, so it must be speed

eulerscheZahl: and i can even tell the direction

MSmits: oh nice

AntiSquid: drykberg

eulerscheZahl: and that knowledge is enough for a kill already

MSmits: so did you code a lot of heuristics for this or is it an actual search ?

Default avatar.png drykberg: i was kinda under the impression there would be one big game here with many stages, getting increasingly hard... but now it seems there are many little coding challenges, is that right?

eulerscheZahl: added the tracking today (the replay is old). my search knows where the opponent is for the first few turns

AntiSquid: do the contest: drykberg see link

Default avatar.png drykberg: okee

Default avatar.png drykberg: thanks squid

Default avatar.png drykberg: or hater of squids

MSmits: nice euler

NinjaDoggy: hm...

AntiSquid: drykberg it's this kind of squid:

NinjaDoggy: cornering with 2 pacman for kill seems hard af

Default avatar.png drykberg: or anti linux squid?

MSmits: lol AntiSquid, you will forever have to explain that

BenjaminUrquhart: so uh

BenjaminUrquhart: Hjax

BenjaminUrquhart: that happened


BenjaminUrquhart: your top pacs both turned into rock and got beat by my one paper

Hjax: my bot is terrible lol

AntiSquid: maybe i need to change avatar to this?

Hjax: dont look at it

Default avatar.png drykberg: its a trap, people wanna call u squid xD but no...

Default avatar.png drykberg: whatever, thanks for the tip

Hjax: my bot does get some freak wins against top bots though:

BenjaminUrquhart: I beat kovi once but I lost the replay cause I was too focused on fixing a bug that appeared in it

BenjaminUrquhart: (this was when kovi was #1)

MattSOrme: in those trapped scenarios isn't it better to wait for the enemy to change, then you change to counter? rather than pre-countering?

NinjaDoggy: it's better to not get trapped in the first place :P

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: Wow BenjaminUrquhart that's amazing you turned to paper on a pac that's trapping 2 scissors and caught out a change to rock

BenjaminUrquhart: ChooJeremy yes I noticed, don't applaud me cause it was a complete accident

AntiSquid: there was one map where scissors was right at the end and enemy rock next to it, do you wait or do you change?

MattSOrme: True but thats the trapped persons problem. Having 2 bots in a deadend, just makes it worse

AntiSquid: the rock basically can speed and next turn take the kill

AntiSquid: it's symmetrical, there's no other person's problem :p

AntiSquid: it was right at the start

Doju: Oh that was dumb...

cegprakash: rocks and scissors can move fast than paper right because of their weight?

BenjaminUrquhart: well yes but actually no

ZarthaxX: u kidding right

Doju: i've been running my vision and pathfinding on only the visible pellets

Doju: while updating the grid and being all dumbfounded why my pacs couldn't find the pellets

Kellthazar: Doju i consider unexplored cells too

AntiSquid: yes 1 kg rock is heavier than 1kg paper

Doju: Kellthazar yes so does my grid but my pacs didnt hahah

Doju: now they do tho

BenjaminUrquhart: found more bug

BenjaminUrquhart: yay

cegprakash: yay

berries: i need a heuristic search dont i

BenjaminUrquhart: would be a good idea

berries: also how can we keep track of where the pacman was the turn before

AntiSquid: uhm .

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: You need to save it in a variable somewhere and don't reset it

AntiSquid: in an array ?

AntiSquid: or anything else

berries: okay

BenjaminUrquhart: I just have a field in my pacman object that is set to the previous position whenever I update the current position

berries: that makes sense

BenjaminUrquhart: public void updateLocation(Pair location) {

       this.previous = this.location;
       this.location = location;

eulerscheZahl: order matters

eulerscheZahl: oh wait, now i get what you are doing

Doju: i store the whole location history

Doju: works for 200 rounds

Doju: maybe not smart if you're doing 2 million

SemChumboPT: you know the starting point of your oponents and on first sight of one (counting the steps backwards) you can mark that space empty of pellets

SemChumboPT: Also you can know their using speed at the start based on score analysis

AntiSquid: akara-chudra 1 point above the 2nd, so does that mean he is better or just luck ?

MSmits: 1 point is not much in a game like this

NapTown: SemChumboPT you don't know the exact path they took tho right? you couldn't mark them empty with 100% certainty

MSmits: but it is *likely* he is similar or better, but not certain

AntiSquid: 8 to 9 , 2 points difference

MSmits: it depends on who submitted

AntiSquid: oh wait just 1 nvm

MSmits: my bot works especially well against people who maximize pellet collection and arent so aggressive... the top bots are like that. So my bot has a lot of trouble getting through the 20-40 ranks with all the killers, but once it is past that it does fine

AntiSquid: so you optimized vs specific bots?

MSmits: i dont have any code to prevent dying except the most basic stuff

MSmits: no, thats just how my bot is

SemChumboPT: Naptown only on very begging on first site, maybe step 5 or 6, because it would impossible for them to went other way

MSmits: it is good at getting a lot of pellets but nothing else

MSmits: so if the opponent doesnt hunt me i am fine

cegprakash: 4048 ppl in leaderboard already.. can we hit 5000?

NapTown: SemChumboPT right

AntiSquid: just want to see this contest beat even the accountant, despite the forced submits

MSmits: once i get rid of some of these preventable deaths i should see some improvements

SemChumboPT: But I have problems already just keeping up qith my Pacs :)

MSmits: its not an easy contest for sure... i think most people hit a wall pretty quickly

MSmits: pun intended

NapTown: SemChumboPT instead of marking them empty or unknown, i was thinking of doing a probability of pellet from 0 to 1, but i don't know if i feel like it lol

Counterbalance: ur so punny ;)

MSmits: :)

AntiSquid: i still have a large TODO MSmits and my mood is inversely proportionally to the size of the TODO

NinjaDoggy: aww shoot

MSmits: same AntiSquid

SemChumboPT: Right now i lack the ability to search for paths so I just printed the idea out for you guys programmers :)

MSmits: I have to code more this week than I actually feel like doing, just to get the list done.

SemChumboPT: i'm more a 1600th in bronze league programmer

AntiSquid: you don't have to

MSmits: sure :)

MSmits: share anything you want

AntiSquid: talking to SemChumboPT

BenWo: yeah sitting middle of bronze league is stretching my knowledge already

MSmits: me too

sunksuperset370: how do we make a move

sunksuperset370: i am really confused

BenjaminUrquhart: It's in the statement

sunksuperset370: i am trying to put in the x and the y position in the code

BenjaminUrquhart: MOVE id x y

sunksuperset370: but its not working

AntiSquid: i mean you can easily go beyond bronze i am sure, if you try SemChumboPT

SemChumboPT: I'll try...

sunksuperset370: i also put in the id then the x position then the y postion

sunksuperset370: i can't work it out

sunksuperset370: can anyone help

sunksuperset370: ?

BenWo: sunksuperset370 - you need to do a "print MOVE pac_id x y"

BenWo: what language you working in?

sunksuperset370: javascript

BenjaminUrquhart: console.log("MOVE id x y")

Counterbalance: noooo

BenjaminUrquhart: k flame me

sunksuperset370: do i have to right it in a string form

Counterbalance: oww they changed it

Counterbalance: wow

sunksuperset370: or variable form

BenWo: yeah the command has to be a string

sunksuperset370: ok thanks

sunksuperset370: but how do you know which position to go to

sunksuperset370: it only shows me the postion when i play the code

BenjaminUrquhart: that's for you to figure out ;)

BenWo: it also sends you a list of all of the pellets

BenjaminUrquhart: easy start is to select the nearest pellet

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: i will try

VicHofs: why would you not select the nearest pellet

VicHofs: I couldn't think of a reason

BenjaminUrquhart: hyper-aggressive bot that kills others

Adnmaster: sunksuperset370 you could make a code that goes to a random power pellet

sunksuperset370: i mean i can't figure out where is the nearest pallete

Doju: VicHofs if there's a path that will lead to more pellets in the long term

njaber: I found the Keybindings in the option, is there a way to bind launching our code?

sunksuperset370: the starter code i am given doesn't make any sense

VicHofs: how tf do you implement that lol @Doju

sunksuperset370: the code doesn't have any x or y variables to start with

Doju: VicHofs the search things that the top guys are doing

sunksuperset370: it's all confusing

VicHofs: I'm already running BFS for nearest pellets and timing out sometimes

Doju: VicHofs and actually i'm gonna do a different thing that might lead to a similar result

njaber: VicHofs that's the point of the challenge ;)

VicHofs: how

Adnmaster: it gives you input and you have to extract the data from the input

sunksuperset370: ok i will try thanks

Default avatar.png TheTwister: Guys my code gone save if I just close the browser?

VicHofs: @njaber ye but idk how lol

Doju: are you sure that you're timing out because of the bfs?

VicHofs: probably Doju

BenWo: TheTwister - not if you submit

sunksuperset370: i am new to coding so that's why its confusing

VicHofs: when I remove it and set to random choice it doesn

VicHofs: 't

Default avatar.png TheTwister: @BenWo ty

VicHofs: time out

sunksuperset370: i thought if i enter a contest it might help me get better

BenWo: I mean, it saves if you submit...

Default avatar.png TheTwister: lol

Doju: VicHofs and are you using it the sensible way aka flooding till you find a pellet

VicHofs: yes

Adnmaster: sunksuperset370 search this in google: hackerrank, codewars,

BenjaminUrquhart: Doju join the silver gang

VicHofs: if by flooding you mean using BFS and breaking when a pellet is found

Doju: BenjaminUrquhart i'm working on it

Doju: I need some logic for not committing suicide and not grouping up too much and i think im good

sunksuperset370: i can't search that

sunksuperset370: i am using a school chromebook

sunksuperset370: its blocked for me

Adnmaster: why?

Doju: lol

Adnmaster: oh

sunksuperset370: i am a student from a school

BenjaminUrquhart: why does your school block google

sunksuperset370: i can't buy a laptop to do this on

BenjaminUrquhart: :thinking:

sunksuperset370: no the term hacker is blocked to search

BenWo: lol

Adnmaster: you can play clash of code on codingame?

BenjaminUrquhart: lame

VicHofs: what the heck

BenWo: codewars is still good though

llllllllll: tfw you spend ~30 min if your life to add emojis to your actions in order to ease debugging

Doju: thats amazing

sunksuperset370: isn't clash of code ended

Doju: im gonna steal your idea

Doju: thanks bye

BenjaminUrquhart: TIL cg viewer supports emoji

NinjaDoggy: lol same

BenWo: I didn't know that was possible

BenWo: thank you

Adnmaster: sunksuperset370 no, you can always play it when you want

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: that's pretty good

njaber: That's so cool

llllllllll: haha, welcome

Doju: whatever the question is

sunksuperset370: um ok

Doju: emoji is always the answer

Doju: or maybe 42

njaber: Hey I'm from that school

njaber: Doju

Adnmaster: how much do you know coding? sunksuperset370

sunksuperset370: barely much

sunksuperset370: i am new to coding

Doju: njaber not the school but the answer to the life, universe and everything

sunksuperset370: i started taking online lessons about a month ago

BenWo: sunksuperset370 - is there a reason you chose javascript?

Doju: i cant english again

Doju: life, the universe and everything*

njaber: Doju I know I was just joking

sunksuperset370: yes its the easiest and fun language to learn

sunksuperset370: other ones are confusing

njaber: Are there Keybindings/way to add keybindings for "Play my code" and/or "Replay in same conditions"?

Adnmaster: sunksuperset it would be better if you learned python3, its an easier language

BenWo: I agree, using this to learn Python better myself

Adnmaster: javascript is used for web

njaber: js can be used for many things, I personally find js mroe practical then python in many situations

sunksuperset370: wait then which language is used for making programs like apps or games

sunksuperset370: same

zams: sunksuperset what other languages have you tried before?

sunksuperset370: none

SemChumboPT: I'm doing this in PHP :)

njaber: for games it usually things like Java/C#/Cpp

njaber: C++*

SemChumboPT: it's the only one i know

sunksuperset370: heard that java script was used for a lot of thing

sunksuperset370: *things

AntiSquid: "was" ?

SemChumboPT: but i sow a video linked that a guy was doing it on Python, maybe it's a good start to learn

sunksuperset370: *is

Adnmaster: sunksuperset370 C# are used for applications, and you can use many other languages for apps but if you're new to coding it would be best for you if you learn easy programming languages like python3

Adnmaster: and to use javascript you need to know html and css, too

sunksuperset370: woah

njaber: Adnmaster that's not tru, you can do NodeJS and don't need any knowledge of html/css

gbiebuyc: nodejs

sunksuperset370: so now i have to learn python3 to compete in this competition

Adnmaster: hmm...

sunksuperset370: make me think

gbiebuyc: JS is fine

njaber: sunksuperset370 if you can manage js don't change, python is slower anyways

SemChumboPT: there are plenty of options.... good thing Codingame accepts them all !!!!

Wolisunde: while that is technically true, I'd recommend python or c#, or java if you already know some

Adnmaster: njaber what is nodejs?

Wolisunde: for new coders

sunksuperset370: heard about node js

sunksuperset370: wait node is like a terminal thing

sunksuperset370: not a language

shashwat986: Adnmaster it's basically a framework for javascript

njaber: Adnmaster an engine that runtime environement for JS that isn't linked to browsers

jjdb210: How are people labling their pacs?

Adnmaster: ok

Adnmaster: nice, ill look that up

Wolisunde: ^

sunksuperset370: yep i need answer to that too

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: jjdb210 you can print a string after the command to label it

sunksuperset370: how are they labling their pacs?

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: like MOVE 0 27 10 LABEL

njaber: add the text you want to appear abovev the pacs after the command you send them

jjdb210: That should be in the documentation

njaber: it is

Adnmaster: sunksuperset370, if you want you can keep coding javascript, codingame accepts it. My opinion is python3, but the choice is yours

njaber: wait

sunksuperset370: ok thanks

sunksuperset370: but what should i do

sunksuperset370: now

njaber: I though I saw it in the documentation

Adnmaster: you can keep coding javascript

Wolisunde: start with python

jjdb210: I don't see it under OUTPUT (which is where i would expect it... but thank you

AntiSquid: lol i started with JS

Wolisunde: or if you already know javascript, stick to what you know

Counterbalance: njaber it's under the debugging tips

sunksuperset370: all the variables are inside other loops, and its telling me to print it outside the loops

jjdb210: ah yes, i see it ther enow

jjdb210: thank you

AntiSquid: well python long time ago, but never used python since highschool

sunksuperset370: this wouldn't work

AntiSquid: i mean pascal * not python

AntiSquid: i did use python more recently lol

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: No you print it inside the loop

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: cause each loop represents a turn

sunksuperset370: ok let me try that

Adnmaster: sunksuperset370, the program gives you input like the x and y locations of your pack, and you need to print an output for example: console.log("MOVE 0 10 10")

sunksuperset370: can't believe i was that dum

AntiSquid: any language is fine really

AntiSquid: when you start

sunksuperset370: i can't find the position of the pac

sunksuperset370: how am i supposed to know where to move

BenWo: not dumb, just needed to learn the basic code structure the site expects

Ramzel: I m on the second place in wood 1 league will i got promoted?

Wolisunde: x & y: the pac's position

Wolisunde: look under game input in the directions

MSmits: you need to be 1st Ramzel

Adnmaster: you can see the statement thats under the screen for details sunksuperset370

MSmits: above boss

shashwat986: See? this is what happens with me:

Ramzel: Ouch no


MSmits: thats the only reason the boss is there

sunksuperset370: where are the detaild

sunksuperset370: it only tells me the summary of the turn

Quidome: wow 4k submitters :D

sunksuperset370: not the details befor the trun starts

shashwat986: I time out in the actual ladder, and my same bot plays when I copy to IDE

jrke: hey shashwat

shashwat986: eulerscheZahl ^ vs you

shashwat986: hey jrke

Adnmaster: if you scroll down the summary you can see it sunksuperset370

sunksuperset370: i am scrolling

sunksuperset370: only see game summary

sunksuperset370: nothing else

Adnmaster: are you sure?

sunksuperset370: only player has pacs standing

sunksuperset370: player wins with 331 pellets

sunksuperset370: thats all i see

Adnmaster: oh, not that

sunksuperset370: then what

Adnmaster: don't scroll down the console output, scroll down the screen

sunksuperset370: wait the game schreen

Adnmaster: have you found it?

sunksuperset370: the pac id is always 0 in this league

sunksuperset370: constraints

Adnmaster: yes, because there is only one pac

sunksuperset370: not there are two

sunksuperset370: blue and red

BenWo: right, both have id=0

Adnmaster: that is your opponet

sunksuperset370: then which one am i suppoed to move

BenWo: but yours has mine=1

Ramzel: Yey welcome Bronze

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: Question, if pacman moves two steps in one turn. Does he see all pebeels he passed+

MSmits: well done Ramzel

Adnmaster: console.log("MOVE 0 10 10"), this will move pac with (id=0) to x:10 y:10

sunksuperset370: isn't a string used with

sunksuperset370: rather than ""

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: Saber pretty sure it doesn't

Adnmaster: well use which one you like

Adnmaster: it can be different in javascript than python

sunksuperset370: so now my pac moved

sunksuperset370: but how do i know to move at a different place

BenWo: :thumbsup:

Adnmaster: you can change 10's

sunksuperset370: and how am i ?

Adnmaster: ?

Doju: is it bad to access an instance variable with a method?

sunksuperset370: sorry

sunksuperset370: what

sunksuperset370: am i supposed to do

Doju: like i have a dict called dist with distances to all other cells

Adnmaster: console.log("MOVE 0 20 20")

Adnmaster: this will make the pac move to x:20 y:20

sunksuperset370: yes

sunksuperset370: then waht

BenWo: Doju - within the same class?

Adnmaster: if you're new to coding i think it will be better for you to train before this contest

Doju: do i have to call it with cell.dist[other_cell] or is it ok to have a function called get_dist that returns self.dist[other_cell]

Doju: BenWo yes

AntiSquid: lol and miss the contest? imo contest helps the most

sunksuperset370: the board is ramdom all the time

Doju: indeed

Adnmaster: thats there to prevent cheat

sunksuperset370: thn what i a suppoed to do

eulerscheZahl: shashwat986 08:08PM

that's an interesting replay. in frame 17 i tried to kill you with paper and block with rock - trapping my scissors too :o

AntiSquid: hardcoding *

BenWo: Doju I think either way is fine, I usually find having a "getter" can be useful

AntiSquid: which isn't cheating

Adnmaster: yeah whatever they're all the same :D

MonZtaDeluxe: you have to implement Keyboard Controls, then you can control your pacman with the arrow keys

sunksuperset370: what am i suppoed to do?

sunksuperset370: i don't find anything

AntiSquid: how is hardcoding cheating? lol

sunksuperset370: i am wood league 2 at the start somehow

Doju: sunksuperset370 MonZtaDeluxe is messing with you

Doju: yu can't control your pac yourself

BenWo: sunks - this is where I generate my output for a bot: ' '.join(["MOVE", str(self._id), *[str(_) for _ in self.get_dest()]])

Adnmaster: you need to make calculations and give the pac x and y

Kellthazar: Oh... discover a silly bug on my code.

sunksuperset370: and how do i do tha

sunksuperset370: how make calculations

Adnmaster: you need to know that

sunksuperset370: as told earlier i am new to coding

sunksuperset370: so that is something that i don't know

sunksuperset370: like where do i find the information where to move

Kellthazar: Hahah

Adnmaster: you need to learn it to make code in this competition

Kellthazar: You need to learn then :D

sunksuperset370: and where do i learn that

Doju: here.

BenWo: I think that kind of question is suited for youtube tutorials and such

Adnmaster: wait...

MonZtaDeluxe: i think you can learn coding in the internet

Adnmaster: what was the name of that learn platform again...

sunksuperset370: js

MonZtaDeluxe: Adnmaster i think it's called internet

sunksuperset370: good one

Default avatar.png SomePersonFromMars: +1

Kellthazar: A channel that I recommended for begginers is Coding Train

Adnmaster: :sweat_smile:

Kellthazar: by Daniel Shiffman

Default avatar.png CTRL-ALT-D3L: codecademy as well

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: Isn't codingame supposed to be a learning platform?

Adnmaster: got it: udemy

sunksuperset370: i learned at codecademy

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: Starting with the easy challenges and move upwards

Adnmaster: you can use udemy

BenWo: spoilers, but might be quickest start for here ->

sunksuperset370: but how do i know hwere to move to if i don't know the board

BenWo: that's kind of a huge question

sunksuperset370: please help for the sake of humanity

BenWo: it depends on your strategy

Adnmaster: it gives you the information of the board as row variable

MonZtaDeluxe: read the description

sunksuperset370: whrer are those

MonZtaDeluxe: below the screen

MonZtaDeluxe: on the left side

Adnmaster: if i give him a function i made, is that cheating?

Doju: sunksuperset370 i'd say just go for a random pellet or closest pellet for starters

Wolisunde: i don't think it much matters @Adnmaster

BenWo: Adnmaster - I don't personally care, I don't know how helpful it would be

sunksuperset370: all positions are filled with palets

Adnmaster: def isWall(wid, hei, list1):

Adnmaster: oh

Adnmaster: didnt work anyway

BenWo: it worked, it auto-pastebinned it

Adnmaster: oh wait it did

Adnmaster: ok

sunksuperset370: let me try

Default avatar.png drykberg: is it somewhere broken down, what strategies/logic people use in each tier ?

Adnmaster: wait dont use that, its python3

sunksuperset370: where do i have to paste it at

sunksuperset370: ok

Adnmaster: at the beginning, but thats for python

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: what do i do

BenWo: @sunksuperset370 - check out the youtube link I pasted

sunksuperset370: that is a search link

sunksuperset370: its not a youtube video

BenWo: with every result being a tutorial about how to use javascript on this website to solve a puzzle

Wolisunde: this is the first competition of this style I've done before. How much of the code am I allowed to change?

Counterbalance: all of it, Wolisunde

Wolisunde: :D

Adnmaster: sunksuperset370 you can watch videos about this competition in youtube

sunksuperset370: i don't think so

Bastett: well, leave Main in place (or equiv for various languages)

Doju: Wolisunde that's such an innocent question haha :D

Adnmaster: why not

sunksuperset370: restriction mode is activated

sunksuperset370: like parental lock

Adnmaster: oh

sunksuperset370: yeah

Default avatar.png drykberg: do i need to know pathfinding algo to do this well?

sunksuperset370: sucks to be me

Wolisunde: @drykberg not at first

BenWo: drykberg - depending on how well you consider "well"

Wolisunde: at the highest levels, you'll be facing people who do know these things, though

sunksuperset370: does anyone here have the app zoom

sunksuperset370: zoo

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: Basic BFS is probably good enough to get you to silver at least

sunksuperset370: zoom

Adnmaster: i have

Default avatar.png drykberg: okay thank you

sunksuperset370: zoom?

Doju: ChooJeremy i don't think so

Doju: Except if you also do other things

VicHofs: ChooJeremy def not

sunksuperset370: adnmaster do you have zoom?

BenWo: yeah not BFS alone

Adnmaster: yes sunksuperset370

Doju: i've got some more than basic bfs and i'm 572 in bronze

sunksuperset370: ok i will give you the link and enter the meeting

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: Oh true that's fair

Adnmaster: ok?

VicHofs: grrr I keep timing out for no reason whatsoever

VicHofs: lmao

Doju: but i have absolutely 0 consideration for the enemy


VicHofs: anyone else getting this?

sunksuperset370: this is the link

Doju: or any other pacs, for that matter


BenWo: haha

ShannonNorris97: Do you not even do switch when there's an enemy near you yet Doju?

BenWo: Doju - I ended up just making my pathing consider my own pacs to be a wall

Kellthazar: is dbdr bot broken?

Doju: ShannonNorris97 I just spam speed all the time

sunksuperset370: adnmaster you are muted

ShannonNorris97: Oh wow - that's interesting. Your algorithm must be much better than mine for the other aspects then because we're quite close on the leaderboard and I have been taking them into account

ShannonNorris97: My route finding isn't great though

ShannonNorris97: *pellet finding

RockyMullet: 99% of the time speed is better

eulerscheZahl: Kellthazar he uses Rust. it has release mode on submit but debug mode in the IDE

VicHofs: how many ms does your BFS take Doju

eulerscheZahl: so he's likely to timeout


RockyMullet: me I switch only if I 1 cell away from an enemy who can eat me, or if I catch an enemy in a dead end

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: saw that link coming

Doju: VicHofs from every cell to every other cell around 125 ms on a medium map

Doju: with 0 optimization

PatrickMcGinnisII: iswall(*b,x,y) { return (b[y][x]==NULL?0:(b[y][x]=='#'?1:0));}

PatrickMcGinnisII: does this work?

eulerscheZahl: next: how to set a seed?

VicHofs: holy shit @Doju

dbdr: next FAQ?

eulerscheZahl: yes => turn on expert mode

dbdr: how to mesure time

Doju: VicHofs you're just have something wrong in your code

eulerscheZahl: that too

RockyMullet: not sure why its even an option

dbdr: broken inputs on CSB

Doju: it shouldn't be taking a second

Counterbalance: precomputed 36481 distances in 934 μs

BenWo: hey Doju - seems you might now, what's the best way to get the ms elapsed back from CG?

VicHofs: it doesn't tho that's the weird thing @Doju

VicHofs: it only times out here

VicHofs: If I try it on a different IDE with a map sim it works

eulerscheZahl: BenWo depends on your langauge

BenWo: python

Kellthazar: eulerscheZahl thanks

Kellthazar: I like Rust

Doju: BenWo I'm just taking time.process_time() for the start and end in python


Kellthazar: The Nannou framework is amazing

dbdr: :) 3 hungarian flags in top 10, Kovi T1024 :flag_hu:

BenWo: gotcha, thanks guys

Doju: VicHofs that's probably because your own pc is faster than the server

dbdr: Csipcsirip come join us ;)

eulerscheZahl: and top8 all with 33.xx score

eulerscheZahl: so close

dbdr: yeah

VicHofs: huh yeah maybe @Doju

MonZtaDeluxe: that moment when pathfinding works like a charm <3

Hjax: last time i measured my pc was about 5x faster than the server

VicHofs: how do I do the pastebin thing

Hjax: the server is not particularly fast

eulerscheZahl: many lines turn into a pastebin here

VicHofs: I wanna get a second opinion if yall dont mind

Doju: umm

Doju: dont send lots of code

VicHofs: no in pseudocode

Hjax: if you send lots of code it gets converted to a pastebin link

Doju: alright

dbdr: did someone ever paste a legend bot in the chat by accident?

Hjax: that would be amusing, i doubt it

eulerscheZahl: once i was close to accidentally PMing to to MK :D

eulerscheZahl: wanted to click the editor, hit his avatar

Doju: lol

dbdr: i think we've all been close :D

Hjax: Jirotech has broken the 33 barrier, 34.01 now

dbdr: especially as there used to be a big that moved the focus to the chat by itself

Hjax: Jirotech is the best against kovi confirmed

dbdr: haven't seen it for some time, must be fixed

dbdr: *a bug

eulerscheZahl: i sometimes managed to open a leaderboard, search for a user and hit enter

eulerscheZahl: focus changed to chat

dbdr: :)

eulerscheZahl: i also wanted to PM a user on his profile. then something else loaded, shifting everything. so i unfollowed :D

Hjax: wow what a jerk euler, unfollowing people :P

dbdr: as long as it's not "delete your account" without confirmation...

Hjax: that only happens if youre name is struct

eulerscheZahl: there is a confirmation but no captcha

Hjax: your*

eulerscheZahl: surprisingly easy to delete

dbdr: kovi shuffled things around again :)

dbdr: now top5 is close :)

Doju: Oh wait, can you not give getters extra arguments?

Hjax: kovi is trying really hard to make the leaderboard meaningless

Doju: it's throwing an error :/

Hjax: someone should show him cgbenchmark so he stops submitting

eulerscheZahl: he knows that tool

eulerscheZahl: we had the discussion on ocean of code

Hjax: he just doesnt want to use it?

eulerscheZahl: i don't use it either

Hjax: i didnt use it in utg, i might use it for this contest

Hjax: i usually just do lots of self play against previous version of my bot, runs much faster than games on the server

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: first time I've heard of cgbenchmark

Hjax: running 3 games simultaneously on my desktop, i can run 1000 test games in like 30 minutes

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: Determine what the best value of constants should be?

Doju: Oh i need to do that...

Hjax: ChooJeremy no its a tool that runs test games against bots and collects results

VicHofs: I can share pseudocode right

Counterbalance: and small snippets

VicHofs: sickc

Doju: sicc

VicHofs: is this ineffective at all?


Hjax: youd think my 6 core 12 thread machine could run more than 3 games simultaneously , but that maxes out the cpu

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: Hjax right so that seems like determining the value of constants would be one of it's use cases?

Default avatar.png ChooJeremy: Like provide multiple different codes with say DECAY = 0.9, 0.8, 0.7 and test them all

Hjax: you could do that yes

VicHofs: I can run this BFS real quick on my PC but idk about the servers so I need a second opinion

VicHofs: and I keep timing out so...

Kellthazar: Yesterday I tried to run my code in debug mode using the Refereer.

Hjax: bfs with python is going to be a bit painful i think

Hjax: 50 ms is not a lot time in the land of python

Doju: Hjax nope

VicHofs: Doju's on the same boat that's why I'm asking his opinion

Doju: Hjax well if you do every cell to every other cell on every move then maybe

Hjax: every cell to every other cell will eat your time in any language

Kellthazar: VicHofs, its better to calc all the paths before the game loop

VicHofs: huh Kellthazar

Hjax: even if you abuse the symmetry to speed it up, takes me about 90 ms in java on the server

Doju: VicHofs the thing is

VicHofs: like having all the combinations ready and just testing them?

Hjax: (i dont abuse symmetry though, so i could do it in 45 if i did)

Doju: that goes from a cell to a target cell

Kellthazar: Yeah... Flood Fill BFS, I learned that lesson days ago

Doju: you don't really need that

Default avatar.png DragonJ: dude I beat the boss and still am in the same league

VicHofs: Doju wym

Hjax: DragonJ you need to be higher ranked than the boss, not just win a game against it

VicHofs: DragonJ you gotta rank higher

Doju: VicHofs you want to start from a specific cell and end in any cell that fits some criteria (for example it's a pellet if you want to find the nearest pellet)

Doju: because what i image you're doing now is

Kellthazar: Use a map to store all the pre computed data: Map<Point, Map<Point, Path>>

Doju: for every pellet you run that bfs function

Doju: and take the closest one

VicHofs: I'm confused isn't that the same thing you just sasid

VicHofs: *said

Doju: it's not

Doju: but so what is the goal that you're trying to achieve?

Doju: is it finding the closest pellet?

VicHofs: my BFS works like this

VicHofs: yes

Doju: so you run that for every known pellet?

VicHofs: it starts the sweep from the pac's location

VicHofs: no

Doju: oh

VicHofs: I run it for each pac

VicHofs: it breaks when I find a pellet

VicHofs: close to the pac in question

Doju: oh yeah right i misread your pseudocode

VicHofs: that's why I don't understand the timeouts

VicHofs: on my pc max I've gotten was idk 30ms?

VicHofs: And that's with no limits

Doju: maybe it's the string concatenation?

Doju: or in general just working with strings

Doju: why don't you profile that locally?

VicHofs: I thought maybe it was but then I looked up the std runtime and it just wouldn't make sense from what I've seen

BenWo: woo, my pacs are battling :D

Doju: uhh but seriously that's waaayy too slow

Doju: when i used that it ran in like 1 or 2 ms per pac

Doju: with little optimization

VicHofs: when you used your BFS implementation u mean?

Doju: when i used my bfs implementation similar to that one

VicHofs: similar how, with strings?

Doju: atm i'm precalculating all the distances

Doju: so basically doing that but with no end condition except exhausting the queue

Doju: and saving the distances

VicHofs: what the heck lol

Doju: for every cell to every cell

VicHofs: I tried doing that a while ago and it was a timeout for suure

Doju: with 0 optimization and it runs in 125 ms

VicHofs: doesn't that timeout too tho?

Doju: only in the start

Doju: not on every move

Doju: although if you optimize it you can get it running in stupidly fast times

VicHofs: but how do you know where to go during the game?

WillNess: can pacs wrap around the map vertically and horizontally?

VicHofs: only horizontally WillNess

BenWo: My current submit is running BFS for 4 pacs in 0.5ms

Doju: like somebody here did that in like 60 us or something

VicHofs: BenWo -_-

Doju: VicHofs i go through the precalculated distances and get the smallest one

Counterbalance: VicHofs your bfs looks a bit odd to me; it should look more like this:


VicHofs: but only at the start of the game?

Doju: VicHofs i calculate the distances at the start of the game and go through them on every move

VicHofs: hm @Counterbalance

Doju: Isn't Vic's basically doing that though?

VicHofs: Doju but how do you account for changes in the pellets then

MattSOrme: why can i beat top 10, but still place 400th? :/

VicHofs: MattSOrme probably luck

BenWo: because you can't beat top 400?

Doju: VicHofs i look up the distances between the pac and all the known pellets and pick the smallest one

MattSOrme: BenWo thats just mean... but also apparently true


Doju: VicHofs the visited set should be outside of the loop

VicHofs: is it not?

Doju: VicHofs i just explained lol

VicHofs: oh shit

Doju: oh oops

Doju: read your old message

muy31: YEah! just finished my AP CAlc BC exam!

cegprakash: #fr

Doju: gratz muy31

VicHofs: cool muy31

muy31: thanks

Doju: i also got my matriculation exams results today

VicHofs: cegprakash oui oui mon ami

cegprakash: just trying to spy in :D

cegprakash: ignore me

cegprakash: I don't know French

Doju: lol

VicHofs: oui kashikomarimashita understood

VicHofs: no srsly tho lol

Doju: whaaat

Doju: is l'argent also silver?

VicHofs: I can't figure out the timeouts

Doju: in addition to money?

VicHofs: argent means silver

VicHofs: in french yes

VicHofs: money too

Doju: huh. the more you know

VicHofs: why do you think the periodic symbol for silver is Ag? ;)

Doju: because latin

eulerscheZahl: Ag = argentum in the periodic table

Doju: and not french

Doju: wati what?

muy31: si

cegprakash: #Ag

Doju: yeah latin

Kellthazar: Argentina... Land of Argentum

cegprakash: #Hu

VicHofs: yeah think what you will

Doju: but VicHofs anyway

VicHofs: yall KNOW Mendeleev was a Croissant Addict

cegprakash: what is channel for Hungary

cegprakash: #Hg

muy31: Mercury

VicHofs: yeah Doju

Doju: you are timing out because your visited set gets emptied on every loop

sunksuperset370: so i had a question

sunksuperset370: do we have to use node to calculate the information

VicHofs: I think I sent you the wrong one maybe Doju

VicHofs: cause its not here

Doju: if that's actually what your code is doing and not just a mistake in the pseudocode

cegprakash: there's no spoiler on France chat

Kellthazar: sunkusiperset370, node? Like nodejs?

cegprakash: #Ro

Kellthazar: #Br

sunksuperset370: yeah

VicHofs: no

VicHofs: of course not lmao

VicHofs: I'd be F'd big timme

sunksuperset370: then how do you calculate the information

Doju: lol there's your bug

VicHofs: you just take the input from the file

VicHofs: sunksuperset370 what language are you using

Kellthazar: Your code should do that

sunksuperset370: js

Kellthazar: In the language of your choose. The Codingame API will run the code for you.

Doju: Vic is the visited set outside the loop?

sunksuperset370: i have a default code there

cegprakash: #HU

VicHofs: yep Doju

VicHofs: I think I'm gonna try and refresh if I can't figure it out cause

cegprakash: #HUN

sunksuperset370: so how do i know what the information is before i starte the turn

VicHofs: I can't figure out shit

VicHofs: lmao

sunksuperset370: neither can i

Doju: also where's your queue?

VicHofs: sunksuperset370 sweet we're one and the same then

VicHofs: Doju outside too

sunksuperset370: ?

VicHofs: 'cause I can't figure shit out either :)

sunksuperset370: am i outside?

BenWo: well, bronze 190, higher than I thought I'd get!

VicHofs: no lmao

sunksuperset370: then what

VicHofs: @sunksuperset370 I mean we're both stuck my dude

sunksuperset370: yep

VicHofs: that is it

Doju: I think i have to start implementing probabilities now

VicHofs: gee

BenWo: I need to start prioritizing the super pellets

Doju: or should i do combat first?

kovi: ok, i managed 3x34 all hungarian

VicHofs: honest opinion

VicHofs: combat

VicHofs: ol

VicHofs: lol

BenWo: Doju - I'd say combat will give you more benefit

sunksuperset370: how do i know what the information is if i can't see it

Doju: Ok i'll do that, thanks VicHofs and BenWo

Doju: or at least i'll try to make them not commit suicide

BenWo: at least enough to be defensive

BenWo: lol right and that

VicHofs: roll down the window with the game sunksuperset370

VicHofs: the info's laid out there

sunksuperset370: ok i know about that

VicHofs: it's using an input() function or an equivalent

sunksuperset370: how do i change a move after one move

sunksuperset370: like the target cordinate after the pac is there

BenWo: sunksuperset370 - use variables

sunksuperset370: can the pac detect palets

sunksuperset370: if so that would be helpful

VicHofs: yes try implementing BFS

sunksuperset370: BFS?

Astrobytes: You are given visible pellets in the input

sunksuperset370: ok

BenWo: yes - you can code it to detect pellets

VicHofs: it's short and sweet and not as annoying as A*

sunksuperset370: lol

sunksuperset370: lol

BenWo: BFS = Breadth first search

Astrobytes: A pac can only see those pellets in direct line of sight

Doju: no

VicHofs: @sunksuperset370 Breadth First Search look it up

Doju: sunksuperset370 don't do bfs

Doju: if you're completely new to coding

muy31: no do it

Counterbalance: sunksuperset370 you might want to try this one first, it shows you the basics of how these types of games work:

VicHofs: is he new tho

Doju: yes

VicHofs: sheeit

VicHofs: then yeah don't lol

sunksuperset370: dude onboard is easy

VicHofs: you'll just be more confused maybe

sunksuperset370: this was the first one finished in 1 min

Doju: okay so i'd say

VicHofs: @sunksuperset370 damn aight

VicHofs: okay my doggie

sunksuperset370: F*** u

sunksuperset370: sorry

VicHofs: what

sunksuperset370: didn't mean that

VicHofs: okay...

sunksuperset370: you called me doggie

Doju: a solid start would be to find the closest pellet using manhattan distance

sunksuperset370: sorry

muy31: sunksuperset370 ther you go

sunksuperset370: didn't mean

sunksuperset370: it

Doju: sunksuperset370

VicHofs: doggie isn't an insult lol

Astrobytes: Accidentally typing insults :thinking:

muy31: VicHofs it is

sunksuperset370: the word doggie just makes me feel unconfortable

VicHofs: must be some weird american thing

cegprakash: I have added 6 TODOs for today

cegprakash: :D

sunksuperset370: sorry should have told you that earlier

cegprakash: 2 of them improves performance

VicHofs: in the UK it aint

sunksuperset370: i am not amerian

sunksuperset370: I am living in america but

VicHofs: where u from bro

sunksuperset370: i was bored in india

sunksuperset370: Asia

Doju: sunksuperset370 i'd recommend you to find the closest pellet using manhattan distance

VicHofs: oh ok

Doju: for starters

VicHofs: yeah try what Doju siad sunksuperset370

VicHofs: *said

sunksuperset370: how do you find manhattan distance

BenWo: google

muy31: just x1-x2 = y1-y2

muy31: +

muy31: not equals

Doju: absolute of those

muy31: yah

Doju: abs(x1-x2) + abs(y1-y2)

BenWo: not considering tunnels ;)

Doju: don't consider them.

sunksuperset370: uummmmm

sunksuperset370: you guys just made it confusing

VicHofs: look it up if u need to

muy31: algebra

VicHofs: it's simple

sunksuperset370: x1-x2+y1-y2

Doju: so you ahve a position (x1, y2) and a position (x2, y2)

VicHofs: you can get it down in non time

Doju: the manhattan distance between those is abs(x1-x2) + abs(y1-y2)

cegprakash: abs(x1-x2)+abs(y1-y2)

sunksuperset370: what is abs

Doju: where abs just takes the absolute value (aka positive value) of that

Astrobytes: absolute value

sunksuperset370: abs?

muy31: | |

Astrobytes: |value|

muy31: |-2| = 2

muy31: |2| = 2

Default avatar.png Xlos: |0|=-0

muy31: no

sunksuperset370: i know what absolute value is

Default avatar.png Xlos: yes

sunksuperset370: how far from 0 the number is

muy31: yes

Doju: yes

Astrobytes: OK then, abs is just usually the name of the method in most languages to get that

muy31: like Java: Math.abs

sunksuperset370: ok

muy31: or JS: MAth.abs

sunksuperset370: so i have to find the abs of the pelet position from the pac

muy31: yes

Doju: erm

Astrobytes: Well, the Manhattan distance

muy31: with the aim of looking for the closest pac

Doju: ^

Astrobytes: Which uses the absolute value

sunksuperset370: the abs of pellet and abs of pac

cegprakash: manhattan distance = turns needed to reach a position

muy31: sort of

dbdr: this top 3 :D

Doju: abs of pac_x - pellet_x

sunksuperset370: ok

Doju: and abs of pac_y - pellet_y

muy31: yes

sunksuperset370: abs of pac position - abs of pallet postion

Doju: then add those together and that's the distance between the pellet and the pac

sunksuperset370: how do you write that in the code

Astrobytes: |pacX - pelletX + pacY - pelletY|

cegprakash: eulerscheZahl is block pro

cegprakash: :@ :@

Astrobytes: woops, too late

Doju: umm

Doju: Astrobytes that's not right?

Astrobytes: Yeah, I missed two |

Astrobytes: :P

muy31: Math.abs(pacX - pelletX) + Math.abs(pacY - pelletY);

Astrobytes: ^

sunksuperset370: do we have to declare a variable for the pacs position to get the manhattan distance

muy31: sunksuperset370 you in middle school? keep coding and asking for help

sunksuperset370: yes

sunksuperset370: i am in middle school

sunksuperset370: really

eulerscheZahl: what are you talking about cegprakash?

muy31: i believe you i started in elementary with Khan Academy Js

sunksuperset370: i stared in middle school with codecademy

Astrobytes: sunksuperset370 you get your pac position in the input

sunksuperset370: about a monther ago

sunksuperset370: ok

Astrobytes: Which language sunksuperset370?

muy31: JS

sunksuperset370: javascript

Astrobytes: ah k, didn't see that

muy31: i suggest you read a bit on parse-ing

BenWo: hate it when I forget an asterisk

muy31: parsing

sunksuperset370: what does the parstint do

muy31: yeah read on it google

Astrobytes: That's what you should look up sunksuperset370 ;)

Astrobytes: It will help you learn

sunksuperset370: i can't search up things on google

sunksuperset370: restriction mode

Doju: that's quite a hinderance to learning

sunksuperset370: school computer

Astrobytes: oh I see

cegprakash: I have 7 TODOs now

sunksuperset370: most of the things are blockd

muy31: ParseInt() returns an integer value


sunksuperset370: like the return ()

sunksuperset370: right

muy31: no


sunksuperset370: then we can log the information

muy31: it reads it from the console to use in the code

muy31: its the opposite of logging

sunksuperset370: well console.log(return());

AntiSquid: every single time i look at the leaderboard even the top 10 looks different

muy31: console.log("Hello world");

muy31: returns Hello World

sunksuperset370: i know about that

muy31: but readline()

sunksuperset370: how do we use it then

muy31: is different

muy31: and parseInt is different

Astrobytes: So if you get an input of a string like "I am 37 years old" and you parseInt that, you get an int, 37

Doju: what

Doju: that's neat

Astrobytes: I think

muy31: The input comes from the game itself

muy31: the game gives you a string input

sunksuperset370: so it is returning the numbers from the string

Astrobytes: Either way, it reads the input as integer other than string

sunksuperset370: oh ok

muy31: readline() gives you the string

AntiSquid: ParseInt if interested

muy31: ParseInt gives you the next integer

Counterbalance: that parseInt gives a NaN (not a number)

muy31: default JS codingame code usually looks something like:

sunksuperset370: a number inside a string

sunksuperset370: ?

muy31: const a = readline().split(" ");

AntiSquid: parseInt("40 years") + "

 var g = parseInt("He was 40") 

AntiSquid: first one gives 40, second one Nan

muy31: const b = parseInt(a[0]);

muy31: and etc....

ShannonNorris97: I can't believe I never knew that you could use parseInt to extract a number from a string. I always though it changed the type, but didn't realise it could actually pick a number out

Doju: ShannonNorris97 ikr that's neat

muy31: JS will try its best anyway

Astrobytes: if you look in the Pacman default code you'll see: var inputs = readline().split(' '); const width = parseInt(inputs[0]);

Astrobytes: then const height = parseInt(inputs[1])

sunksuperset370: what does the .split do

Astrobytes: So that's the width and height of the grid, separated by a space

muy31: Ok, say you have a string sunksuperset370

AntiSquid: and generates array

muy31: LIKE: ABBA

Astrobytes: It splits the string according to a given delimiter, such as a space

sunksuperset370: but there are no spaces in ABBA

muy31: yes, so for ABBA. if you make the delimiter "B",

muy31: it will return an array ["A","A"]

Astrobytes: So you get "100 500", split(' ' ) will give you ["100", "500"]

Astrobytes: parseInt those and you will get 100, 500

sunksuperset370: it splits spaces, and alike stirngs

muy31: "bob ate oranges" split("o") = ["b", "b"," ate ", "ranges"]

Astrobytes: If you give it a sentence like "I am new" it will split the sentence into words if you say split(' ')

sunksuperset370: so it returns an array of the strings

muy31: yes

Astrobytes: Yes

muy31: parseInt converts a string to an integer

sunksuperset370: oh ok

sunksuperset370: thanks

muy31: so parseInt("100") = 100

sunksuperset370: so how do i write a mahhantan distnce in the code if the x and y is in a loop

muy31: get the code out of the loop, by storing it somewhere

Astrobytes: You need to store those x and y positions

muy31: usually arrays do the trick

muy31: in most cases

sunksuperset370: ok

muy31: using .push or something

cegprakash: sunksuperset370 welcome to codingame <3

sunksuperset370: why the heart

cegprakash: love new ppl joining

muy31: anyway sunksuperset370 read

sunksuperset370: oh ok

cegprakash: I don't love you yet.. I love u if u wreck Astrobytes' bot

muy31: tutorial on every JS method

sunksuperset370: thanks muy31

Astrobytes: lol cegprakash :D <3

muy31: welcome

sunksuperset370: which level is astrobutes bot at

muy31: silver

sunksuperset370: like which league

Astrobytes: Don't ask

sunksuperset370: oh ok

cegprakash: I think his noob bot is in Bronze sunksuperset370

cegprakash: u can catch it in few hours

Astrobytes: No I'm bronze :(

muy31: lol

sunksuperset370: oh ok

sunksuperset370: whih level is sliver

Astrobytes: Hey, I'm on dihydrocodeine, gimme a break

muy31: yeesh Astrobytes

sunksuperset370: yeh

sunksuperset370: give em a break

sunksuperset370: man

Astrobytes: How I've coded anything is beyond me

Default avatar.png DragonJ: In CSB I just boosted my opponent ...

cegprakash: omg Astrobytes got corona?

sunksuperset370: beginner's luck i guess

sunksuperset370: wait

sunksuperset370: what?

Astrobytes: I had that in March cegprakash, now I have a lower-back problem, was at hospital and everything

cegprakash: Did u just say Hydrochloroquine

sunksuperset370: what is that

sunksuperset370: oh wait

sunksuperset370: i know

sunksuperset370: its a medicine for maleria

Hjax: he said dihydrocodeine, a painkiller

Astrobytes: No, dihydrocodeine, very strong synthetic opioid painkiller

cegprakash: too mcuh computers Astrobytes?? get a bicycle and go for jogging once u become strong

muy31: sunksuperset370 you completely distracted my btw

sunksuperset370: yep i would suggest that too

muy31: *me

Astrobytes: No cegprakash, I was fit and healthy previously, it's just one of those things

sunksuperset370: ok oh

muy31: i can't go back to coding right now

sunksuperset370: ok

Hjax: i wish you a speedy recovery Astrobytes

Earthborne: Do print (debug) messages get printed if I timeout later same round, or is it not necessarily so?

Astrobytes: thanks Hjax

sunksuperset370: same

sunksuperset370: i wich that too

sunksuperset370: *wich

sunksuperset370: *wish

cegprakash: "Tolerance and some of the most common side effects – drowsiness, nausea, and vomiting, and confusion – generally develops with long term use."

sunksuperset370: ok i will go to coiding now

sunksuperset370: *coding

sunksuperset370: ttyl if need help

muy31: sure man

Doju: gl sunksuperset370

Hjax: im surprised my bot is holding on so well at rank 100

muy31: good luck in your future endeavours

Astrobytes: I've been on it almost a week, it's not as bad now, but it's brutal for trying to keep a clear head and think, that's for sure

cegprakash: they say that drug is addictive

Default avatar.png Ceej: Are we allowed to get help on debugging?

cegprakash: don't get addicted

pde-bakk: hey smart people, does the 50ms time limit for the spring challenge start after the last gets() call?

pde-bakk: or at the start of the gameloop?

muy31: Ceej you can get help on anything

Illedan: After your first input reading.

cegprakash: start of game loop

sunksuperset370: ms?

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Umm, bit confused right now

muy31: about programming

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: I'm in Wood 1 so no kill conditions yet

Illedan: pde-bakk, read 1 line of input, then start the timer.

sunksuperset370: mood 2

sunksuperset370: wood2

sunksuperset370: there is no wood 1

Default avatar.png Braykin08: mood2 sounds way better

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: But I keep losing the bot test with the message "Only PINKY has pacs standing"

muy31: sunksuperset370 sshhh

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Yes there is

thethiny: Wood 1 > Wood 2 > Bronze

muy31: don't do this sunksuperset370

sunksuperset370: but i started in wood 2

pde-bakk: so start the timer after I get the my_score and opponent_score? or after I get all my pac and pellets information? cegprakash

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Wood 1 is multiple pacs but otherwise same as Wood 2

BenWo: yeah other way around

muy31: thethiny what's with that?

berries: bronze > wood1 > wood2

thethiny: @muy31 🤷🏻‍♀️

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: ttyl

thethiny: It's good to see the same people on

cegprakash: reading inputs is like 0.001 ms.. don't worry about that pde-bakk

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Anyway yeah, any idea wtf's going on? There's no kill conditions for my pacs in this league but they still seem to be dying

thethiny: they die if you run out of time

Default avatar.png DragonJ: why cant I get speed to carry my pod in CSB?

cegprakash: after reading inputs u can have a timout for 45 ms pde-bakk just to be safe

pde-bakk: im using ruby and i placed around the gets.split call and it took 100ms

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: This is happening around turn 30-40

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Or do you mean time the process out?

thethiny: @pde-bakk the first call is 1000ms

Default avatar.png Ceej: Any idea why my pacs work just fine for the first 10 moves and then start to go back and forth repeatedly?

muy31: thethiny you dont neet the @

Doju: Ceej maybe they don't see any pellets?

berries: ceej mine did that when i had it so it would always go in one direction first

berries: when they didnt see any pellets

muy31: Ceej is in wood tho

berries: so if you were at a wall it would go back and forth between two spots

muy31: he sees all pellets

Hjax: Ceej its a good idea to assume the whole map has pellets until you have a reason to believe otherwise

NinjaDoggy: nice...

NinjaDoggy: seems like you can get silver without caring about enemy pacmen

Hjax: oh hes in wood? maybe your pacs just keep changing their mind? try printing out their destinations

berries: yeah my alg is really dumb right now, i havent implemented a bfs yet so i can only see one pellet away

berries: like i can see more but my alg doesnt care about it yet

NinjaDoggy: berries

NinjaDoggy: you don't NEED bfs

NinjaDoggy: to care about pellets more than 1 away

NinjaDoggy: just estimate their distance

berries: wdym by estimate

NinjaDoggy: with Math.abs(x1-x2) + Math.abs(y1-y2))

Doju: manhattan

NinjaDoggy: assume no walls

Astrobytes: educated guess using Manhattan distance

Default avatar.png Ceej: I have the pacs move to the closest pellet near them, it worked when I only had one pac

NinjaDoggy: ofcourse later you want BFS to get better values

Maliamnon: i gave my pacs maps :) They are happier now.

NinjaDoggy: but for now estimation is good

berries: okay okay

Doju: Oh right, i'm not putting super cells into the grid

Doju: no wonder my pacs aren't finding them

RavenKZP: nice combo on escaping bronze :P

NinjaDoggy: lol yeh :P

RavenKZP: now its 5 :D

sunksuperset370: how do we use the .push thing

BenjaminUrquhart: by using it

sunksuperset370: lol

sunksuperset370: but how

MonZtaDeluxe: .push(object)

sunksuperset370: who do we write it in the code

MonZtaDeluxe: with your keyboard

sunksuperset370: i am trying to push the x value of the pack

pde-bakk: what language?

sunksuperset370: how to i write it in the code

MonZtaDeluxe: or you can use the screenkeyboard and click with your mouse

sunksuperset370: js

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: My pacs were 'dying' because of timeout btw, thanks whoever said that :-)

cegprakash: well now Silver league is getting flooded

cegprakash: did someone break Bronze boss?

NinjaDoggy: oops mb

NinjaDoggy: ;)

sunksuperset370: i am using javascript

pde-bakk: yeah I didnt update my code since this afternoon and got to silver just now

pde-bakk: sunksuperset370 sorry idk anything about javacript

sunksuperset370: ok

sunksuperset370: sorr

pde-bakk: na dw

Hjax: what do you mean silver is getting flooded cegprakash?

RavenKZP: NinjaDoggy u won ICE&Fire?

pde-bakk: i assume its pushes an element to the last spot of an array?

sunksuperset370: muy31 are you online

NinjaDoggy: 3rd yea

sunksuperset370: no

MonZtaDeluxe: "what is an array"? :)

NinjaDoggy: close to winning until recurse smashed us :P

RavenKZP: i know i remember u someow :P

NinjaDoggy: XD

NinjaDoggy: why does dbdr time out every time i run him locally

NinjaDoggy: ._.

mlomb: welcome to rust in the ide

NinjaDoggy: rofl

eulerscheZahl: NinjaDoggy

NinjaDoggy: ahhh thx

NinjaDoggy: so... how does he test time limit

NinjaDoggy: he just submits everytime to test?

Astrobytes: lol, the only thing on the FAQ is the Rust issue :D

muy31: sunksuperset370

muy31: i am now online

thethiny: @muy31 I know I don't need the @ but it makes it more obvious that this is a targeted message so others don't have to read it

muy31: ok then

pde-bakk: i do agree with @thethiny

muy31: whatever, it's not like it matters

thethiny: 😂😂

pde-bakk: nah but otherwise it kinda looks like its just a word in a sentence

pde-bakk: not a big deal but w/e

muy31: how do you like this:

muy31: while(true){ System.out.println("@");

muy31: }

thethiny: unfortunately this will cause an inifinite loop

thethiny: so we won't like it

sunksuperset370: how do i get the x and y positions of both pallet and pac to one loop from two

Default avatar.png UndisclosedPandaFTW_dc3a: sup im new

pde-bakk: thats what he wants isnt it?

BenWo: welcome UndisclosedPandaFTW_dc3a

muy31: sunksuperset370 save it somehow

pde-bakk: make a struct, a class, an array or whatever you want to save every pac and pellet you get

andr: any hints to beating bronze?

muy31: ^

sunksuperset370: but the variables are saved as const x and y in both loops

thethiny: @andr yes, beat the boss :P

muy31: resave it

sunksuperset370: if i push them the array will be pushed not the whole variable

sunksuperset370: but how

NinjaDoggy: @andr don't worry about opponent, just focus on tracking pellets and eating them :)

andr: @thethiny thanks that was super helpful :D

sunksuperset370: do i resave it

sunksuperset370: how

muy31: var array = [];

pde-bakk: beating bronze isnt easy dude, its not really supposed to. but I managed to do it without using the combat system, and just focusing on pathfinding

sunksuperset370: ?

seronis: @andr never step into a cell direction beside an NPC your type cant eat

muy31: For loop stuff...

sunksuperset370: how does that

andr: @NinjaDoggy do you mean I shouldn't waste moves on SWITCHing?

sunksuperset370: work

muy31: const x; const y;

NinjaDoggy: yep, just speed whenever you can

muy31: array.push(x);

NinjaDoggy: and eat as many pellets as you can

NinjaDoggy: i got like 5 points above the boss doing that

sunksuperset370: ok enter in private chat

andr: Huh

sunksuperset370: muy31

MonZtaDeluxe: NinJaDoggy what league are you in?

pde-bakk: yeah same but i still think that killing other units gives you more map control and that simportant @ninjadoggy

NinjaDoggy: silver... of course

llllllllll: does anyone know how can I register my company? e.g. I work at Bosch, but our company is not registered, so it shows no logo, etc

NinjaDoggy: i agree, but as far as beating bronze goes

MonZtaDeluxe: and you got into silver with only speeding and eating pellets?

NinjaDoggy: that's all that really matters

MonZtaDeluxe: not attacking?

NinjaDoggy: yep

pde-bakk: yeah okay, agreed then

pde-bakk: i mean, your pacs shouldnt suicide either but okay

MonZtaDeluxe: wow :/ i think i do something wrong

AntiSquid: nice rank doggy

NinjaDoggy: thanks :D

andr: @seronis didn't quite understand your point about not stepping in, tell me more pls

NinjaDoggy: jumped like 3k ranks today XD

AntiSquid: tons of motivation right there

eulerscheZahl: usually that would result in a negative ranking

NinjaDoggy: :P

NinjaDoggy: true

seronis: @andr however your pathfinding works it needs to be able to tell if you are trying to step into the cell directly beside other enemies. because that means in the same turn they can enter that cell. So never do that unless your type eats theirs

AntiSquid: meanwhile i just fumble around with the high res clock check how fast my stuff is

andr: @seronis ah thanks makes sense

AntiSquid: still at 0.2 ms per turn

NinjaDoggy: yea but honestly... don't bother with enemy pacs till silver

NinjaDoggy: focus on making your own pacs not run into each other

AntiSquid: maybe i should use the time

NinjaDoggy: and attempt to distribute them across the map better

seronis: and if you are ALREADY next to an enemy, who can already eat you, switch to what eats them so they suicide on attack

andr: @NinjaDoggy yea them bumping into each other is annoying, any hints on that?

AntiSquid: i didn't even distribute them properly yet

seronis: you shouldnt attack. its not reliable. but defender can always win

NinjaDoggy: many ways to do it... personally i did 2 things

AntiSquid: not always

seronis: always

andr: @seronis tried that defense thing, works like 30% of the time :D

seronis: because attacker cant choose a new type AND move at same time

NinjaDoggy: 1: have my simulation account for bumping and not allowing that

AntiSquid: lol don't get so dramatic, also no

NinjaDoggy: and 2:giving a negative bonus for having pacmen close to each other

NinjaDoggy: in my eval

NinjaDoggy: which also helps with distributing them across the map

NinjaDoggy: combat is overrated unless you can trap kill i think

NinjaDoggy: they can just run away from you and if you chase you don't collect anything while they do

AntiSquid: maybe i need to rewrite, anything i change in my eval results in rank loss (or maybe ladder is just random)

NinjaDoggy: yea... local maxes suck :(

Doju: Do you guys think it's better to just write a bunch of sloppy code

Doju: to get more functionality in

Doju: or should i try to polish my existing things

AntiSquid: i have a bunch of sloppy code doju

llllllllll: depend

llllllllll: s

AntiSquid: does that answer your question?

NinjaDoggy: lol

Peudoki: I'm doing bunch of sloppy code

BenjaminUrquhart: if you don't have sloppy code during a contest you're not trying hard enough

NinjaDoggy: you should make your code modular

AntiSquid: sloppy code is meta

Doju: antisquid ok so very polished code it is

NinjaDoggy: so you can modify one part without messing up everything else

llllllllll: sloppy code > all

Doju: :D

NinjaDoggy: but in each part, make it sloppy :D

BenWo: sloppy code > unfinished code

thethiny: as I said earlier: if x == 1:

 x = 1

thethiny: part of my code

llllllllll: ^ big true

Doju: hahah

AntiSquid: why thethiny why ?

BenWo: lol

thethiny: just to be sure

Doju: rofl

NinjaDoggy: make extra sure x = 1

llllllllll: you can never be certain enough

VicHofs: @thethiny brilliant.

Doju: i think you need to do this:

AntiSquid: do a bitwise check too thethiny

Default avatar.png vmakaev: The system here doesn't support multiple files, or am I missing something obvious?

andr: @NinjaDoggywhat do you do when the pac can't see any pellets around?

thethiny: hmm interesting, bitwise is better

Doju: if x == 1:

 for i in range(10):
   x = 1

llllllllll: add some comments like "if x is one, then x is one"

NinjaDoggy: @andr that's the most important part to getting out of bronze

thethiny: omg Doju that's even better!

llllllllll: and do some typechecking

NinjaDoggy: track what pellets exist/don't

cegprakash: Hjax too many ppl coming into Silver quickly

NinjaDoggy: assume a pellet exists until you see that it doesn't


VicHofs: if x=1:

VicHofs: while True:

VicHofs: x==1

AntiSquid: true cegprakash, go back to bronze

VicHofs: dfinitely gna work swer

NinjaDoggy: :rofl:

Doju: thetiny nice, so that's what you're spending your time on

thethiny: yes XD

VicHofs: do Halo next @thethiny

Doju: if i use my ability

andr: @NinjaDoggy thanks, gonna ask some more later :D

Doju: is the cooldown on the next round 10 or 9?

NinjaDoggy: who cares... just use it when up :P

VicHofs: personally idk

NinjaDoggy: are you really going to plan ability usage XD

thethiny: 9

thethiny: we tested it out


VicHofs: im gonna find this server

Doju: NinjaDoggy no, i'm just improving one bit of my code

VicHofs: and say mean things

Doju: VicHofs still working with strings?

VicHofs: yes :(

Doju: seriously you need to compile that function

Doju: no not compile

VicHofs: might try and change it

Doju: i mean profile

VicHofs: but bro am I lazy

VicHofs: profile how

Doju: i'll send you some input

Doju: you can make a generator

andr: what language are you using?

Doju: and run your code locally

VicHofs: I'm confused what

VicHofs: andr u mean me?

Doju: actually no

andr: @VicHofs ye you

Doju: just make the input yourself

andr: @VicHofs cant imagine a runtime so slow

VicHofs: p to the y to the thon @andr

Doju: aka print out all the input you get from the game and copy that into your own locally running code

VicHofs: @same here mate

andr: @VicHofs oh wow something fishy there

Doju: then you can compile it

VicHofs: yeah ik

Doju: why do i keep saying compile

Doju: profile

VicHofs: @Doju idk if that's even worth doing at this point lol

thethiny: Why use Class when you can have unlimited Dictionaries

Doju: yes it is

thethiny: :^)

cegprakash: NinjaDoggy lolol

Doju: otherwise you're gonna spend ages trying to make meaningless improvements to the speed

Doju: i profiled my thing and found out that i was running a function n too many times

Doju: and guess what?

Doju: that function was also running n times

Doju: or looping n times*

Doju: and n was the number of cells

BenWo: well you were thorough at least

thethiny: when people ask me why do I use python for competitions? I reply with: if 10 > x > 0:

 print("X in range 10 to 0")

Doju: that doesnt work lol

thethiny: try it

Default avatar.png Gogs: python is wonky :)

VicHofs: that's that one snake right

thethiny: in this competition it's width > x >= 0

Doju: ohh thats what you mean lol

thethiny: yes

Doju: okay yeah

thethiny: lol

Doju: is that not in every language?

thethiny: nop

VicHofs: I have that going too lol

cegprakash: that's syntax error

thethiny: it's not syntax error in python

VicHofs: nah it aint

thethiny: and that's the best thing about it

cegprakash: that's bad then

thethiny: why bad?

cegprakash: if it works

VicHofs: wym

cegprakash: coz what if all 3 are of diff types

thethiny: that's your fault, not python

VicHofs: lmao

VicHofs: faxx

thethiny: also python can handle types easily

cegprakash: > 4 > 7.2

thethiny: another example

cegprakash: this can return true

thethiny: c++: if (x == x2 && y == y2)

thethiny: python: if (x, y) == (y, y2):

cegprakash: no I use p == p2

thethiny: I meant x2 y2*

Doju: okay, you guys say wonky code is goood in a competition

Doju: wonky code it is

cegprakash: I've a Point class

cegprakash: with == comparator

VicHofs: python king

thethiny: yes but python has it by default

thethiny: saves you time to overload operators

cegprakash: but u can't do p == p2

thethiny: u can

VicHofs: u mean override?

thethiny: def __eq__

cegprakash: u have to do px, py == p2x, p2y

thethiny: no

Default avatar.png HKG: you can overload operators in C++ too

VicHofs: gee guys this is taking yall nowhere

cegprakash: VicHofs right

cegprakash: I go continue my TODOs

thethiny: class Point(self):

cegprakash: python can be good to build something quickly but python runs too slow I wouldn't recommend

thethiny: yes

thethiny: but my code is running in 2-3ms so I won't mind

cegprakash: lol

cegprakash: fine then

VicHofs: 2-3?

thethiny: yeah

cegprakash: every ms is important for me

VicHofs: what kind of sorcery is this

cegprakash: I run 10000 iffs in every 1 ms

VicHofs: are you doing pathfinding?

MattSOrme: same, most of my code runs in a couple ms, its only my search that takes the rest of the time

Astrobytes: cegprakash not everyone is using a search

cegprakash: it doesn't have to be a search to use lot of iffs

thethiny: @VicHofs yes

cegprakash: minimax with pruning is lot off iffs too

VicHofs: wtf how bro

Astrobytes: I meant your importance of every ms

Hjax: minimax is a search too

VicHofs: BFS?

thethiny: max depth of 5 @VicHofs

cegprakash: I'm now working on removing my iffs

Astrobytes: *ifs

Default avatar.png HKG: hope you optimalized your datastructed for cpu caching

VicHofs: oh so you're ending it prematurely when no results are found?

Default avatar.png HKG: optimized*

thethiny: yes as well

VicHofs: oh ok

Default avatar.png HKG: data scructures*

VicHofs: gotcha

Doju: i seriously need to put in some kind of probabilities

VicHofs: mine runs for longer in essence makes more sense lol

BenWo: I've had that in the back of my mind Doju but really don't know if it'll be very consequential

Bastett: I'm going crazy. My pellet tracker isn't clearing visibly empty spaces on the board. Yet all my tests pass. Hoping I don't have a bad assumption somewhere

Doju: BenWo look at this

Doju: argh

Doju: that's just painful to watch

Adnmaster: guys im new in bronze any strategies?

thethiny: @Bastett make sure your x+1 and these are right

thethiny: @Doju why do you print BFS, you mean that you're moving?

BenWo: sure

BenWo: but if your 2nd pac hadn't died it would be an easy win

AntiSquid: iffs = Illicit Financial Flows @Astrobytes

AntiSquid: IFFs *

thethiny: iff means if and only if

Doju: thethiny i'm looking for the next cell basically using bfs

Doju: well precalculated bfs but still

thethiny: @Doju I know but why are you printing it

Astrobytes: IFF = Interchangeable File Format

thethiny: that too

Astrobytes: *Interchange

thethiny: YIFF = I don't wanna explain

Astrobytes: And yes, I'm old

Doju: thethiny well i mean why not print it if it lets me know what's going on?

AntiSquid: there we go again, i make a change, i test it, it goes really well, i submit and then i get annoying random losses and feel like reverting to old code

AntiSquid: annoying

thethiny: @Doju I know, I'm just asking if BFS means that youre moving or if it means that youre using BFS in this turn, then DFS later

MonZtaDeluxe: i don't remember his name but to that guy who told me to ignore everything else and just eat pellets: thank you very much amigo

VicHofs: lmao

VicHofs: yo the weirdest thing

Doju: thethiny i'm using bfs every turn

llllllllll: what is this Hungarian dominance on the leaderboards

VicHofs: y'all who were here a while ago

AntiSquid: MonZtaDeluxe it was NinjaDoggy

Doju: if it returns nothing i fallback to random

Bastett: BFS -> Breadth First Search

MonZtaDeluxe: ah yeah - exactly - thank you

VicHofs: is that sometimes I don't time out at all

Doju: then it says random

VicHofs: But sometimes it does

VicHofs: like wtf

Doju: i just climbed 150 ranks by giving just a little more priority to super pellets

Bastett: Huh. I am clearing the empty cells correctly, but something is putting them back in.

AntiSquid: people dropped about 150 ranks since yesterday (those that didn't improve enough anyway)

MattSOrme: nice doju. Almost reaching silver then?

Doju: MattSOrme pretty soon if i not just put in not suiciding

Doju: or even not going for the same pellet probably

BenWo: submitting

MattSOrme: Bastett, are you updating a copy?

BenWo: :-/

THEASIAN: :grin:

Doju: actually i wanna test upping the super pellet priority just a bit more

Bastett: MattSorme we'll find out as I debug I guess :)

Bastett: I must have a bad bitmask calculation somewhere I suppose

Bastett: I don't appear to be reinitializing the arrays

Default avatar.png ijc90: whatup?

Default avatar.png ijc90: i just got to silver and i got NO IDEA what to optimize

Default avatar.png ijc90: it seems like others do almost the same but just win

Default avatar.png ijc90: :-P

cegprakash: lol

cegprakash: no

Default avatar.png ijc90: what are your strategies?

Dav1dS: im curious, is anyone doing pathfinding in either js or python?

thethiny: python yes

Default avatar.png ijc90: im doing BFS to calculate distance

cegprakash: ijc90 check euler's bot

Default avatar.png ijc90: on python

cegprakash: all bots are diff from each other ijc90

Dav1dS: i tried astar to calculate distance and it timed out

Dav1dS: in both python and js

VicHofs: A* is gonna take too long

VicHofs: stick with BFS

Doju: how come?

Doju: it's faster than the bfs that everybody is using

llllllllll: I use a* and it works fine

Doju: if you're going to a single target

llllllllll: (python)

Dav1dS: so BFS would be better for this sort of map?

thethiny: when you have too many walls

thethiny: A* is slower

Doju: oh relaly?

VicHofs: I'd say so anyway

Doju: okay

thethiny: I tried both

thethiny: with A* it was 3.2s

thethiny: with DFS it was 2.8

thethiny: BFS*

Doju: but yes Dav1dS BFS is fine and it returns a perfect result

Hjax: bfsing between all combinations of points at the start of the game and storing the results in an array is pretty convenient

Hjax: you have a whole second, even python should be able to manage that

BenWo: bronze 25 :D

llllllllll: I do the same, yeah

Astrobytes: And if you do what hjax said you can use the distance as an admissable heuristic for your A* if you wish to use it for further pathfinding

Default avatar.png ijc90: i do BFS and i limit interactions to "N" so i can calculate on real time

Default avatar.png ijc90: but precalculating everything makes sense!

cegprakash: AntiSquid climbing up in SIlver

Hjax: that 1000 ms is basically pure gold

Hjax: precompute everything you can

Hjax: because 50 ms is not a lot for a turn

Default avatar.png HKG: are there any IDE plugins for this site?

Bastett: Hmm, maybe sight range isn't what I thought it was

Default avatar.png HKG: I'd rather use my own IDE instead of the bult in one. ;_:

Hjax: i just copy paste my code from my IDE HKG

Astrobytes: Look for CGSync and CGLocal in the forum HKG

Bastett: no, documentation is clear, sight lines are infinite in cardinal directions

Bastett: hmm

Hjax: you cant see through walls Bastett

BenWo: silver :smile:

Astrobytes: gz BenWo

Bastett: Hjax nah this isn't a wall problem

Bastett: it's probably a bitmask off-by-one

BenWo: thx

Bastett: bitmask is correct... man

THEASIAN: damndang yall so much smarter than me

VicHofs: welcome to the club @THEASIAN


muy31: i dk how i promoted, but i did

Astrobytes: gj muy31

Doju: I have a bunch of ideas but implementing them will lead to variable optimization hell

thethiny: tell me about it T_T

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: woop woop

Default avatar.png Derthek: and they dont guarantee success :D

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Finally figures out making them loop the edges when following pellets

Doju: Derthek yeah and that

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Now just need to make them stop eternally headbutting if they meet each other

Bastett: Ah hah. The removal and masking is good... but it thinks there are visible pellets when there are not

andr: My each "improvement" drops me 100 rank places, wtf :D

Doju: Although as a temporary imporvement i think it's time that i dig my old flood fill function back out of its grave and do pathfinding with pacs as obstacles

Default avatar.png Derthek: +1

thethiny: I have in the same scope: x, _x, __x. I need a better naming scheme haha

Maliamnon: 13 in bronze, c'mon!

Maliamnon: :)

Bastett: Dur. Visible pellets are new each turn. Clear the fsking array.

Default avatar.png Derthek: Doju, do you have a good reference for flood fill? never heard of it (:

cegprakash: come on Maliamnon

cegprakash: if someone is at #13 in Bronze I would just suggest resubmit

cegprakash: :D

Maliamnon: 9th now, 65% of battles done

Doju: Derthek i'm not really sure if that's what it's called but i'm basically doing this but instead of a single specified end point i have a set of criteria

Default avatar.png Derthek: thanks

cegprakash: I was at rank 26 at 87% and got promoted

cegprakash: with only 70 games anything is possible

Astrobytes: Derthek check out

AntiSquid: thanks for announcement cegprakash

AntiSquid: but what does climbing mean ?

thethiny: I put you as CEO of trolling

AntiSquid: sorry for demanding clarity

muy31: if i advance 100 places, ill be the best at Java

muy31: BET

thethiny: in silver?

muy31: yaah

thethiny: nice

AntiSquid: you can advance 100 places and then drop back 100 places with same bot muy31

AntiSquid: doesn't mean anything

thethiny: I was 86 in bronze now I'm 227 without submits

thethiny: :D

thethiny: people stop submitting

muy31: ssh, no one cares about the technicalities

AntiSquid: wow ... that's just stupid

AntiSquid: ssh ? muy31 what are you trying to do

muy31: advance ofc

BenWo: rank 600 silver I still see people insta-timeout

MonZtaDeluxe: guys DFS is for distance between 2 positions, right?

Doju: BFS

Doju: for that

Default avatar.png Colios13: yeah cuz of the dead pac

MonZtaDeluxe: i would use BFS rather for looking "what's around me"

Default avatar.png Colios13: Someone still have a mahattan in silver?

thethiny: Guys don't forget that multiline coding is possible

cegprakash: lol Colios13 I would be surprised

thethiny: guys how many people are there in silver rn?

Doju: MonZtaDeluxe depth-first doesn't always give you the shortest path

cegprakash: 744 and climbing fast thethiny

thethiny: woah, thanks

thethiny: 745 now?

thethiny: cuz I just got up 1 rank

MonZtaDeluxe: Doju i know, but in every recursion step i check the path distance

Default avatar.png Colios13: Me i have cegprakash but wanted to know if someone have a better manhattan than me

MonZtaDeluxe: i take always the min

Doju: alright, you do you

MonZtaDeluxe: shortest path is usually dijkstra i guess

cegprakash: better manhattan is actual walking distance

MonZtaDeluxe: i think i should switch to dijkstra for shortest path

cegprakash: Colios13 use actual walking distance

MonZtaDeluxe: between 2 points

Bastett: Right. Rewriting my class based data structure into an array of unsigned ints has improved performance massively

Bastett: depth search goes deeper now before timing out

Doju: MonZtaDeluxe well sure anything works i guess

AntiSquid: thethiny when i look at my ranking results i am calling bullshit, but he never answers the phone

cegprakash: MonZtaDeluxe plz don't use dijkstra it's not a weighted graph it's an unweighted graph plz use BFS

thethiny: nice

MonZtaDeluxe: ok sorry dijkstra is wrong

Bastett: but my pacs are morons. So I've broken the search algorithm in the rewrite

Astrobytes: made me laugh AntiSquid

MonZtaDeluxe: my problem is i already have BFS for checking my environment

Bastett: job for tomorrow

MonZtaDeluxe: i can also use BFS for checking the distance between two points?

Doju: just do what everyone does and check the distance from every cell to every other cell during the first move

Astrobytes: Yes MonZtaDeluxe

Doju: except if you want to care about the pacs

Doju: then that wont help you

MonZtaDeluxe: i currently assume that pacs are like walls

Doju: sure then do bfs on a per turn basis

Default avatar.png Colios13: Yes i know i should use BFS but i just wanted to know if it's possible to do much better than this with manhattan it's more like a challenge

cegprakash: BFS tutorial as many ppl keep pinging me :

Astrobytes: The tutorials from Amit on are absolutely foolproof tbh, they even have interactive examples

MonZtaDeluxe: okay i see how i can check distance now with BFS - there's also a "frontier" and stuff - didn't consider that

MonZtaDeluxe: thanks

cegprakash: MonZtaDeluxe BFS = level order traversal.. suppose u start bfs from Point A and u reach Point B in 4th level then the distance between point A to point B is 4

MonZtaDeluxe: Yep i just have seen that - thank you!

MonZtaDeluxe: is already implemented

MattSOrme: hmm. got a weird one where i have a list of 3 positions, but when i iterate over it, only 2 are being picked up :/

MattSOrme: neighbours 3 ['6,3', '4,3', '5,2'] here 6,3 here 5,2

cegprakash: Is it possible to see throw an enemy pac?

Astrobytes: Check the ref cegprakash, it shouldn't be (logically) but check the ref anyway

muy31: honestly, i think they should have made the wood 2 boss better

muy31: so that bronxe wouldnt be so packed

cegprakash: disagree..

cegprakash: wood2 is all about moving all the pacs

cegprakash: it's a drastic change already

cegprakash: from wood1

muy31: really, i submitted my wood 1 code and immediately promoted to bronze

Flyingkid: that's good

muy31: i meant wood 1

Astrobytes: muy31 Bronze is just so packed since we have more participants than usual

Flyingkid: thats where the fun begins

muy31: they should make wood 1 boss better

Flyingkid: full rules are bronze league (mostly)

cegprakash: Astrobytes here is the code

cegprakash: but I can't understand it

cegprakash: it's so hacky

cegprakash: in problem statement it says "The line of sight of the pacs is blocked by the walls."

cegprakash: so I'm assuming it's not blocked by other pacmen

Astrobytes: Hmm, I'm a bit high off these pain meds but it looks like that yeah

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: What is dfs that people keep talking about? I'm using manhattan distance at the moment and have seen people talking about dfs as what to replace that with

thethiny: "pain meds" ;)

Astrobytes: I'd have to read through it a bit more carefully tho, which I'm not really able to right now :/

thethiny: @AlexRSS basically instead of getting distance, you get the points you have to step on

thethiny: distance from 0,0 to 0, 4 is 4

Astrobytes: In fact, I'm gonna go watch a movie or something. Can't code. Gn all

thethiny: DFS from 0,0 to 0,4 is 0,0 0,1 0,2 0,3 0,4

Doju: night

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Right

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: I get you

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: And doing that you can check along the way for issues like collisions or other pacs

thethiny: yes

thethiny: you give them a score

thethiny: and then you return the path with the highest score

tonowak: can someone help me with understanding how the movement resolution/collisions work?

muy31: shortest distance to your choice

muy31: first shortest distance

tonowak: like, how can cancelling create new collisions?

tonowak: and how to implement collision resolution?

muy31: if a pac is behind another

muy31: when the one in the front collides

Maliamnon: Silver! :)

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Thanks muy :-)

thethiny: wd Maliamnon!

muy31: Crossing paths or landing on the same cell as another pac will cause a collision to occur. This is how collisions are resolved:

thethiny: 32bal 3ndi bs a3ref 5alle9

tonowak: ok muy31, I see. Yes, I know the rules, but that is not really clear to me how to implement those rules in my bot ;)

thethiny: you don't

thethiny: these are implemented

muy31: honestly, you dont need to worry about collisions too much, just avoid them w/ your own pacs

muy31: are you trying to use minamax or something

tonowak: yes, I'm writing a sim

muy31: i don't recommend cause timeout

tonowak: I still want to try ;)

muy31: euler tried to implement Monte Carlo and said it screwed everything up

tonowak: that's interesting. How it screwed up?

muy31: ask him, i dont know the details

NinjaDoggy: cuz euler bad :P

muy31: but if Monte didn't work minamax probably wouldnt either

tonowak: I'm not going for minimax, I'm also going for some form of specialized monte

NinjaDoggy: monte would work

NinjaDoggy: euler bad :P

muy31: well good luck ig but it is a lot of calculations don't you think>

tonowak: ok, so how would the pseudocode of movement resolution look like?

muy31: you want the rules or something

MonZtaDeluxe: actually i'm think about -> why no floodfill for distance? :/

tonowak: next_turn_pacs = pacs.move_all() if next_turn_pacs.pac[i].position == pacs.pac[j].position:



tonowak: though, that doesn't check if a cancelling can create another cancelling...

muy31: just recheck if the new x's and y's are duplicates of another

thethiny: the best thing about python is using the variable's name as a string

thethiny: 😍

muy31: pac's x's and y's

muy31: keep checking until no more duplicates are found

tonowak: of another older, yes?

muy31: yes

muy31: or of all

muy31: then if speed, once more for each speeding pac

tonowak: ok, so when I detect one collision, then I should order the pacs to just not move, and repeat while there is a collision, yes?

muy31: yes i believe that's right

tonowak: hmm but something about the order of collisions is wrong

tonowak: like, what if three pacs are trying to go into one cell?

muy31: is it possible to look at the chat from yesterday?

tonowak: I cancel two of them

muy31: they all bounce

muy31: back

OlgaVDB: hi guys, are anyone else's pacs moving slowly when debugging? I see blue ones moving with normal speed (with occasional boost) and mine look like they're "frozen"...

tonowak: alright, the pseudocode I gave doesn't include this :(

muy31: i had a replay once with some weird cool collisions, but i didnt save it anywhere

muy31: it would have been useful to you

tonowak: I'll ask for a pseudocode on discord

muy31: BenWo do you remember?

thethiny: guys don't u hate rush coding :D

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Just got into bronze. How is the line of sight thing actually implemented?

Default avatar.png duckquackduck: if any pacman is using speed boost, and others are not, then it will look like some pacs are moving slowly @OlgaVDB

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: My old code which is feeding commands for pellets out of the pacs line of sight doesn't crash immediately as expected, just after 30 turns or so

barbora: you can check the referee to see how the collisions are resolved

Caled: (

BenWo: sorry what muy31? been debugging

tonowak: barbora I checked and the code is not readable

MattSOrme: im debugging so much more than coding tonight, its upsetting

muy31: do you remember that one replay w/ the collisions that you explained

muy31: from yesterday or so

BenWo: ohhh

muy31: yeah it could be useful to tonowak

njaber: found it

BenWo: let me look at my history, was that a replay of your bot?

muy31: yeah

muy31: against kellthazar i think

njaber: It's the one I just sent

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Ahh wait figured it out I think

njaber: Wait

njaber: no

njaber: I thought it was this one

muy31: njaber no it has me in it

OlgaVDB: well, they move normally in the beginning and then after 10 moves or so visibly slow down

njaber: Wasn't this the one we were talking about yesterday?

Default avatar.png AlexRSS: Am I right that if Pac 1 can see a pellet, then Pac 2 can have a command to navigate to that pellet?

tonowak: oh god, there is really a lot of weird collisions going on in this replay

njaber: You can have a command to move anywhere, even if you don't see there

MattSOrme: Been playing the same match over for the last hour+ :(

thethiny: my pac 3 went into sicko mode

njaber: I manage to deduce what I think are the collision rules Yesterday, if you have a question don't hesitate to ask

BenWo: found it >

BenWo: from frame 28

muy31: how did you find it anyway?

muy31: History?

BenWo: yeah just my browser history

tonowak: thanks for the replays! BenWo njaber

BenWo: I opened about 20 replays from around that time, lol

muy31: lol

tonowak: njaber yeah I'm trying to write a movement resolution, but I'm having a hard time understanding how to code the given rules

njaber: From my understanding the resolution goes in this order :

njaber: What, why is the beginning of the message both in the message and the pastebin?

BenWo: makes it easier to read

njaber: I should correct myself on step 3

tonowak: "incopatible" in step 3, you mean any pacs on the same cell?

njaber: 3) If 2 OR more pacs ... move them all back

njaber: Only pacs of the same team or of the same type

njaber: all moving back from a single set 3 happens at once

BenWo: pacs can't occupy the same cell, except if one can eat the other

DollarAkshay: I think I might break topp 100 with just lazily changing heuristic numbers

DollarAkshay: XD \

DollarAkshay: :trophy: :100:

tonowak: I see. I think I understand. You wrote it in a really clear way, that should be in rules. Thanks njaber!

njaber: np

thethiny: @njaber yes that's exactly how I perceive the rules

AntiSquid: it's doable DollarAkshay

njaber: The part that isn't really clear in the rules are setp 2 and the fact that step 3 works even with 3 or more pacs (ex: 1 red scissors, 1 red rock, 1 blue rock)

Doju: Question:

njaber: I think what I wrote as step 2 is what's this is supposed to mean : "a pac can't cross the path of a stronger pac: it will be blocked"

BenWo: finally found my bug, had to do with the new "DEAD" type of course

Doju: i have a list of Pac instances. If i want to access a specific one by id

Doju: do i have to loop through the entire list and check its id and see if it matches or is there a smart way to do that?

DollarAkshay: Rank 107 :P Need a boost guys

BenWo: Doju - I put them in a dict just so I could find them easily

BenWo: pac_list[pac_id] = Pac(input())

Doju: BenWo that's what i had 10 minutes ago but i decided to instead make the dict have keys for my pacs and enemy pacs

Doju: and i dont wanna bother with stacking dicts

BenWo: i have one dict for my pacs, one for enemies

Doju: fair enough

Doju: but anyways your response sounded like there is no smart way to do it

Doju: so i'm just gonna do it the naive way

BenWo: I'm not exactly an arbiter of python knowledge, lol

njaber: Wait wat, the error output gets cropped after a certain number of turns? I have the the same number of lines each turn but after frame 98 of my game only the first few dozens of lines are printed (always the same amount for each turn after 98, that seems strange to me

DollarAkshay: I guess its based on number of characters then

DollarAkshay: One of your lines must have a lot of characters

njaber: The number of charaters doesn't chage between turns either

njaber: I print the map as charaters

njaber: so the number of charaters is always the same

DollarAkshay: Send the replay file

njaber: I don't think logs are shown in a replay are they?

BenWo: they are

DollarAkshay: I think they are

cegprakash: MCTS at what depth guys

cegprakash: :O

DollarAkshay: I tried running min-max for all my pacs. I was not able to go beyond depth 1 on python XD

Doju: lmao


cegprakash: lmao

avdg: not sure if I will continue on my bot or not for now

avdg: this contest is just temporary and other stuff has more impact long term :p

cegprakash: njaber we can't see ur error streams. And yes there is a limit. I've faced this before

njaber: I can see the error stream when I watch the replay tho

njaber: and what's strange is the limit seems to change after a certain number of turns

cegprakash: avdg there are stuffs important than CG?

DollarAkshay: I just verified. The error stream shows up in replays

cegprakash: no njaber the limit is for each player.. not each turn

cegprakash: u can't DollarAkshay if it's someone else's replay

njaber: I meant per player per turn, but if you mean a limit for the whole game, my error output still continues to display, jsut less lines then before that point

cegprakash: anyone can decode my eval with what I print on error console.

cegprakash: :D

cegprakash: thanks that it's hidden

DollarAkshay: Can you see my logs in this repaly :

DollarAkshay: ?

njaber: They'd just need to remove error outputs from non-IDE matches

cegprakash: no DollarAkshay

njaber: Nope can't see

DollarAkshay: Oh nevermind

DollarAkshay: My bad

cegprakash: my win rate has went down to 42% as I parked my bot for a long time

cegprakash: lol

cegprakash: and it has played 386 games already

cegprakash: :D

cegprakash: I think ones in the middle of the ladder gets lot of matches

njaber: Basically I have :

Clagus: guys, is it possible to perform BFS for all possible cell pairs in the 500ms of the first turn?

Doju: Clagus eeasily

BobLaserShark: Yes

Clagus: damn... I think I need that

thethiny: guys when you say BFS for all pairs

njaber: Clagus I do it in 13ms

Clagus: O_o

thethiny: do you mean from my dest to pel, or from pel to pel

cegprakash: njaber lot of spoiler lolz

DollarAkshay: Whaat no i dont think its possible from all cells

njaber: cegprakash yeah I know, I do'nt really care XD

cegprakash: Clagus I do that in 1 ms

DollarAkshay: You wont have enough computation for other stuff

Doju: there was someone who did it in the order of microseconds

Clagus: ;_;

njaber: DollarAkshay not each turn, but at the start of the game

Doju: something ridiculous like 60 or something with some stupid fast optimizations

DollarAkshay: BPS from each cell ? :O

DollarAkshay: BFS*

Doju: yeah

DollarAkshay: Damn I should do that then

Clagus: it's like 90k pairs

avdg: cegprakash yes :p

avdg: did patched uglify (now terser in the past)

avdg: people liked that

avdg: *(now terser) in the past

avdg: though there is some work there too that I like to do

avdg: but it's for something else

DollarAkshay: 104 :P

cegprakash: 35x17x35x17=354025/1000000000 = 0.000354025

DollarAkshay: Need a boost guys :P

cegprakash: so mine runs in like 0.3 ms

cegprakash: which is < 1 ms

avdg: but for my ai, I probably have to rewrite my bfs logic, which is now implemented as 2 overlapping bfs and is slightly broken

Clagus: cegprakash but only for !wall

cegprakash: yes can be faster than 0.3

avdg: (aka can be tuned better, and some disconnect between different logics, like few pieces having their own life without coordinating)

DollarAkshay: Yes Rank 98 :D

BenWo: didn't expect this.... frame 55

thethiny: Frame 55

cegprakash: thethiny more like :

thethiny: exactly

BenWo: LOL

WillNess: @Slyracoon23

cegprakash: njaber u track opponent positions?

njaber: Yes

thethiny: every step or sometimes?

njaber: Always

thethiny: and how accurate are you

njaber: been working on that for 3 days

thethiny: woah

thethiny: I only track big pellets

thethiny: if they're gone

thethiny: then


cegprakash: lol

cegprakash: u don't have to track big pellets thethiny it's already given in input in every turn

thethiny: I track if they're gone I mean

njaber: I don't always know where he is but most of the times there is a pretty small range, I still need to integrate a few infos tho, like collisions with my pacs along a corner, eaten pacs, and pellets which were taken, I only take pellets which weren't taken into account rn, but all these should be pertty easy to add now that I have the core algorithm

cegprakash: with what I see in ur logs njaber I think it's not worthy to implement it lolz

thethiny: For me I think tracking enemies is not worth it

thethiny: if enemy distance is < 2 then I either run away or eat it

njaber: I know what I want to do with it, and I know it's worth for what I want to use it for, not gonna spoil that tho

thethiny: okay then

thethiny: good luck :D

cegprakash: wow

Clagus: I wish there would be option to see the battle with fog of war enabled

njaber: Yes

Kellthazar: I always check the path between the last and current enemy as "explored"

DollarAkshay: Prett cool option

njaber: Kellthazar all possible paths? or just shortest path?

Clagus: ^

Kellthazar: The shortest one...

thethiny: if all paths then all grid

thethiny: lol

Clagus: I guess that could work for higher leagues :D

Doju: what do you mean by last and current enemy?

njaber: Not always accurate then, I'm tryign to get it as accurate as I can with the given info

Clagus: las and current position of bot with id I would assume

Kellthazar: last and current position of an enemy I mean

thethiny: I'm sure you track frame 1 correctly though ;)

njaber: I'm happy with its speed for now, but I think there are a few optimizations I could do still

Doju: waaaaaiiiitt

cegprakash: omg big spoiler Kellthazar but thanks and it's risky

Doju: you can see their id!?

thethiny: yes

njaber: Yes

Doju: oh that's a smart play

Doju: and it's a pretty valid one

Clagus: if you can see them :D

njaber: My algorithm would never work if I didn't see ids

Doju: huh, that's interesting

Doju: also i need to go to bed

cegprakash: I just want to see njaber wreck eulerscheZahl's bot

Doju: an hour ago i was ike

Doju: like:

Clagus: 1 question, so you guys say its viable to do Dijkstra at the start of the game

Doju: "I'll just implement this adaptive pathfinding real quick before bed"

cegprakash: no Clagus

cegprakash: BFS

Clagus: to get all distances between all pairs?

cegprakash: yes Clagus

thethiny: why, can someone please explain

thethiny: I still haven't found a use for it

Doju: then i stumbled on a million bug and a few function rewrites and here we are an hour later with no real improvements

Clagus: isn't Dijkstra an example of BFS? :P

cegprakash: u can do that with bfs in 0.0003 secs

Doju: million bugs*

cegprakash: yes dijkstra = BFS + heap

DollarAkshay: BFS is a special case for Diskstra

cegprakash: in BFS u don't need a heap

DollarAkshay: Where all edges have equal weight

Clagus: oh ok

Clagus: oh right right

njaber: cegprakash it may happen once I implement the actual move descision algorithm, I got a neat idea in mind

cegprakash: :D

cegprakash: looking forward for ur implementation

cegprakash: and seeing the replay

cegprakash: so that I can counter it

cegprakash: if not at least steal it

cegprakash: :D

Kellthazar: Yeah, but, it's risky, but I think is helpful for my heuristc. :D

Doju: or actually i did improve something: added recognizing the enemies, but that's it

Doju: anyways cya everybody

Kellthazar: One thing I added now...

thethiny: I added 2 with 2 and I got 4

Kellthazar: "real" distance to a cell

cegprakash: lol finally

Kellthazar: considering the pac velocity

njaber: cegprakash I doubt it's gonna be easy to reverse engineer without any hint so countering/stealing would probably be pretty hard. I think my algorithm will look very AI like and it will be hard to udnerstand what the descisions behind it actually entail

cegprakash: someone asked if there are ppl in SIlver using manhattan

njaber: Tho I don't plan on doing any AI

cegprakash: but u actually did exist

cegprakash: :D

Kellthazar: My last submit drop my rank a lot... lol

thethiny: why would manhattan be bad

Kellthazar: Still calculating though...

cegprakash: thethiny because there can be walls in between

cegprakash: so mahattan is not the real walkable distance

thethiny: I understand

thethiny: but if you only move by 1

thethiny: then manhattan would suffice

thethiny: because if there's a wall

MonZtaDeluxe: actually i'm thinking about scraping my bot and switching to sim

thethiny: manhattan would give 2

thethiny: not 1

cegprakash: u have to use some distance

cegprakash: wait what

MSmits: manhattan targeting is better than targeting a random pellet

cegprakash: manhattan will give 2 when there is a wall? it should give Infinity

MSmits: bfs targeting is better than manhattan targeting

Clagus: manhattan got me to bronze but not much further :P

MSmits: cooperative search between pacs is better than bfd targeting

MSmits: bfs that is

thethiny: @cegprakash it would give 2 if a wall is between you and the pellet

cegprakash: which is wrong

cegprakash: A#B

cegprakash: should not return 2

cegprakash: it should return INF

MSmits: of course it should, it's manhattan distance :)

MSmits: not real travelled distance

MSmits: 2 is correct

cegprakash: okay but it's wrong

cegprakash: we need real distance

MSmits: it's not the real distance, but its not wrong

thethiny: I'm not saying it's right, I'm saying it's correct

thethiny: 2 is correct but not right

njaber: And I'm here saying it's left

Cappefra: it's a right implementation of the manhattan distance, it's a wrong representation of reality

MSmits: it's a great way to get out of wood is what i tis

Cappefra: you're just saying the same thing with different words :D

Cappefra: yeah exactly

MSmits: I used BFS to get out of wood

njaber: agreed

MSmits: but I did not need to have done that

Kellthazar: Cooperative search...

cegprakash: not sure what I should write. I don't know who is right and what is correct I'll be right back

Cappefra: Same

MSmits: yes Kellthazar, consider all your pacs at once instead of letting each pac do his own thing

Cappefra: btw MSmits I just changed my entire AI's brain to try and implement my first ever Monte Carlo

Kellthazar: Really nice approach...

MSmits: thats great

MSmits: this is also the first time i am doing this MC thing

Kellthazar: Time to do a big refactor I guess...

thethiny: I scrapped my bot entirely now let's start from scratch

Cappefra: any tips? It's still a bit stupid and I can't really do many iterations before timeout

MSmits: how many

thethiny: 1 too many

Cappefra: I'm doing it cooperatively, meaning it's one monte carlo for all pacs and not one for each

MSmits: yes

njaber: A simple cooperative search is assigning each pellet to the closest pac, and then each pac chooses the closes from the list of peallets given to it

MSmits: but how many iterations do you get and how deep do you get on each iteration

Cappefra: and I can make around 50 cycles of depth 5 (so distance 10 if with speed)

MSmits: 50 is not good

Cappefra: without considering enemies

MSmits: is this in 50 ms?

Cappefra: yeah

MSmits: I get between 30-100k

MSmits: depending on the map

Cappefra: wait

Kellthazar: Anyone tried a neural network training + GA solution, on its not case?

Cappefra: wot

Default avatar.png gh2oost: Does anyone know why c# stopwatch can incorrectly measure?

Cappefra: 100k?

MSmits: to deph 8 also

Cappefra: wtf

MSmits: yes, on a simple map

Neon_Tuts: hi

MSmits: c++ helps, but thats only a factor of 3-5

Cappefra: ok wtf am I doing wrong lol

MSmits: so you're doign something wrong indeed

MSmits: there's many things it can be

Cappefra: yeah that's a 10^3 factor

MSmits: a thing that helped me a lot is not creating lists of neighbors

MSmits: during the simulation

MSmits: I already have the lists for each cell

MSmits: and i just loop over them

Hjax: i get like 25k iterations at depth 8 with 2 pacs, less with more pacs

Cappefra: yeah not a bad idea, I can use the 1000 ms for that

Hjax: and yeah i precompute neighbors

Cappefra: are you guys doing it recursively though?

Cappefra: recursion might slow me down

MSmits: why would we?

Hjax: no? why would you do that

MSmits: the whole idea about monte carlo is that you pick random moves

MSmits: no need to use recursion for it

MSmits: in fact, i was going to do beamsearch first and it was too complicated. Mostly because it included recursion

Cappefra: Ok the way I implemented this idea was calling this randomization function recursively on the new chosen position

Kellthazar: So everyone in high rank is using Monte Carlo?

Hjax: no

MSmits: no idea

MSmits: some are

Hjax: my current bot (rank 110) isnt, my monte carlo bot isnt uploaded yet, nor is it finished

MSmits: euler said he started with it and then stopped, which is weird since he always does MC when I don't

Hjax: although i may replace monte carlo with a different search soon

Cappefra: Ok I'll have to think about this and change it tomorrow evening

Hjax: monte carlo was just the quickest search to write

MSmits: I'm definitely not replacing it

Cappefra: I have to wake up in 6 hours

MSmits: I like it a lot

MSmits: it's easy to modify and fast

MSmits: i have a bunch of low hanging fruit to do instead... like Hjax killing me

MonZtaDeluxe: lel wtf "hey guys may i join you? :D:D"

Hjax: lol

Cappefra: btw I'm doing hungarian algorithm for the first assignment pacs -> superpellet

Cappefra: if anyone wants to try that

Hjax: dont lose to my silly heuristic bot

cegprakash: what depth do ppl usually do in UTTT using MCTS MSmits

MSmits: cegprakash the idea about mcts is that depth is variable. Different branches of the tree go to different depth

MSmits: some branches will be 5 deep when others are 20

cegprakash: why not maxflow Cappefra

thethiny: I haven't won a single battle for days now, therefore I can't submit a new bot

Default avatar.png **gh2oost smth

thethiny: I wanna sleep 😭

cegprakash: whats the deepest you'll go and how do u decide depth if the game doesn't ends MSmits

DollarAkshay: I used MCTS for UTT

Alshock: The quantit we use to assess mcts efficiency is more the number of rollouts than the depth of the tree

Default avatar.png gh2oost: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

DollarAkshay: I can tell you . One sec

reCurse: It's also a terrible metric and should stop being used

MSmits: cegprakash you dont decide depth, it just increases until the game is solved or the calculation time is up

MSmits: its impossible to give you a depth really

Alshock: @reCurse If there's a much better one I want it

cegprakash: do we do it like a BFS until timeout?

cegprakash: because dfs can timeout on some stupid path

MSmits: ow come on dont ping re curse just after someone brings up uttt

MSmits: thats just cruel

reCurse: I started

Alshock: wut? I was answering

MSmits: oh ok, sorry missed that, tired

MSmits: 1 am here, needz my sleep

Alshock: same ^^

MSmits: Alshock about measuring rollouts, it works as a metric when everyone is more or less doing the same thing

DollarAkshay: I was

MSmits: but when people are modifying their search in all sorts of creative ways, it loses meaning

Alshock: I must be too stupid to find creative ways to tweak a mcts

MSmits: they are game specific mostly

cegprakash: MonZtaDeluxe

Alshock: well your multiple agents is an example I guess?

DollarAkshay: I am exploring about 135k Nodes on Turn 2 in MCTS ( 100 ms)

MSmits: for example, in some games its a good idea to do a simulation from each child in a single rollout

MSmits: that makes rollouts a lot more expensive

cegprakash: DollarAkshay is it a BFS?

sunksuperset370: hello

sunksuperset370: again

Alshock: I don't agree, that makes N rollouts for just 1 selection

sunksuperset370: cegprakash

DollarAkshay: No no its not a bfs

Alshock: You can't count that as just 1

DollarAkshay: You search which ever node has the best cost

sunksuperset370: its me again

MSmits: if you count it as multiple, then your rollouts get cheaper

cegprakash: then u might timeout on some stupid path and waste a lot of time

MSmits: because selection is expensive

sunksuperset370: so had a big queston

MSmits: and you're doing it only once

MSmits: for maybe 10 rollouts

sunksuperset370: what to we get if we win the contest

cegprakash: after every 10 nodes u see if this is a okay path

DollarAkshay: WOW MSmits is rank #1 on UTT :O

Alshock: Oh so that's not just my selection that's no good, its cost is not supposed to always be neglectible?

DollarAkshay: Nice

sunksuperset370: h bhai

sunksuperset370: he bhai

Alshock: yeah I'm a real noob for that kind of algorithms sry x)

sunksuperset370: what do we get if we win the contest

MSmits: thanks yeah, for about a month or twonow. I dont think anyone resubmitted though

DollarAkshay: @sunksuperset370 Samsung Monitor

sunksuperset370: wait really

DollarAkshay: Yes

sunksuperset370: are you sure

lifetimeLearner007: what is UTT by the way?

sunksuperset370: yourn't not playing with me

Alshock: ultimate tic tac toe

cegprakash: it's UTTT not UTT

DollarAkshay: Curved LED Monitor

sunksuperset370: oooooook

MSmits: yes, without the Toe you can't win

njaber: sunksuperset370 bottom of the page

sunksuperset370: thannnkksss

DollarAkshay: No T-shirts this time ?

sunksuperset370: thanks

MSmits: DollarAkshay I think there will be

Alshock: @DollarAkshay i think you can ask them to keep the screen and send you a T-shirt instead

cegprakash: lot of goodies promised DollarAkshay

MSmits: it's pretty standard

cegprakash: for country and school rankings

MSmits: company i think

MSmits: not country

cegprakash: top 100 companies will get goodies right?

DollarAkshay: They used to give T-Shirts for top 10 before

MSmits: doubt that it will be top 100

Alshock: top 1000 players get curved screens right? :P

DollarAkshay: Dude Top 100 is waaaay too many companies

MSmits: anyway, I gotta get some sleep, hf :)

cegprakash: but lets just say they give goodies for all top 100 so that it reaches codingames' ears :D

Alshock: GN

cegprakash: but I've to get into top 100 for that first

cegprakash: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

DollarAkshay: Imagine if I created a company and invited all the top players

njaber: gn

DollarAkshay: XD

DollarAkshay: Easy goodies

cegprakash: DollarAkshay that would be illegal

cegprakash: and disqualification

Alshock: unless you actually hire them?

cegprakash: why is astronomia playing for the past 1 hour on my headphones

DollarAkshay: Sure ill hire them Salary : % of profit Profit = 0$ XD

BenWo: lol

BenWo: lucrative

DollarAkshay: Expected Work hours = 0

njaber: cegprakash you too XD?

DollarAkshay: Probably opened taht link someone sent i chat

njaber: yup

njaber: I wasn't listening to the coconut song before that so honestly it's an upgrade XD

njaber: was *

mrawson: quite surprised - got thru first 2 rounds simply targetting close pellets.reckon that's going to get harder!

DollarAkshay: I added emoji's to my Output Message based on the score difference :P

Alshock: You're a genius, why did google not contact you yet

cegprakash: nice feature DollarAkshay

DollarAkshay: XD

cegprakash: why is ur name prefix Dollar? u earn in Dollars?

cegprakash: I thought u earn in Rupees

thethiny: RaCiSt

DollarAkshay: LMAO IDK its just an old user name

DollarAkshay: Just stuck with it

cegprakash: DollarAkshay:

cegprakash: I missed to see ur sad smiley

cegprakash: when I rekt u at the end

DollarAkshay: haha

sunksuperset370: how do we split arrays from a variable that is declared to extract information from loops

cegprakash: share the ascii value for DollarAkshay will be useful for my bot

cegprakash: for those smileys

DollarAkshay: if enemyScore == 0 or selfScore > 1.4 * enemyScore:

DollarAkshay: if enemyScore == 0 or selfScore > 1.4 * enemyScore:

cegprakash: use diff >= 3 diff <=3

DollarAkshay: Ehh this copy paste is bugged

cegprakash: should work better DollarAkshay

Alshock: @sunksuperset370 which language ?

sunksuperset370: javascript

Alshock: well string.split(separator) ? Unless I misunderstood the question

cegprakash: use -_- only when scores are equal

sunksuperset370: alshock

Alshock: sunksuperset370

sunksuperset370: can we talk in private

sunksuperset370: like you /join my name

Alshock: now that sounds hot

sunksuperset370: no

sunksuperset370: not that

DollarAkshay: Sliding into DM's

sunksuperset370: tyep

sunksuperset370: just type /join sunksuperset370

DollarAkshay: Any interesting replays ?

Maverun: wtf it mean when it said 5526 alone for Temperatures puzzle?

DollarAkshay: @Maverun Sorry I dont understand what you are trying to say

DollarAkshay: Which testcase are you failing ?

Kathrin: sounds like a test case with only one value, namely 5526


DollarAkshay: @Maverun try this test case 1 5526

DollarAkshay: Answer should be 5526

cegprakash: this website gives live world population numbers lol :

cegprakash: may be Thanos was right

Maverun: how do i create test case?

DollarAkshay: Choose Custop

DollarAkshay: Custom*

DollarAkshay: Found it ?

Maverun: ah I am supposed to be in expert mode for custom gotcha


cegprakash: ^ For you Maverun

Maverun: what.. is that?

DollarAkshay: LOL cegprakash XD hes not even asking about Spring Challenge

Maverun: ah i see, I see my prob, Thanks...

DollarAkshay: No Problem

cegprakash: oh no I gave away my simulation testcases

AntiSquid: now you misguided him so he won't get out of bronze

Alshock: good job

cegprakash: somebody said unittests and I wanted to brag

cegprakash: because I spent time to build testcases

cegprakash: :D

AntiSquid: i test if 0 == 0 too

Alshock: 'member kids, to test is to doubt

Kathrin: You see me impressed, that you write tests for the simu. I skip that professional but boring attitude for more surprising bugs

Alshock: Idk how orwell phrased it, infinitive or ing?

Alshock: @Kathrin then our codes never fail to surprise, that's the real chill of programming xD

DollarAkshay: MSmits your bot beats me by a huge margin. I always end up chasing your stupid pacs.


DollarAkshay: The rage emoji only comes when I face you as an opponent

DollarAkshay: XD

cegprakash: wait u chase pacs :O now u gave away what u do with ur tracking lol

AntiSquid: he is offline

Alshock: never chase unless some heuristic or simu told you that it's a good idea in this specific case

Alshock: he went to bed about 15 minutes ago

DollarAkshay: Yeah I have a score for killing an enemy pacman.

DollarAkshay: Should probably not bother with enemies that have speed ability on them

AntiSquid: his "stupid pacs", do you think msmits will let you get away with bad mouthing his pacs ? DollarAkshay

Alshock: those emojis tho

Alshock: the best invention ever

DollarAkshay: TY. I would like my Samsung Curved LED monitor now

AntiSquid: replace the emojis with your avatar

cegprakash: I have bookmarked DollarAkshay's smiley code

cegprakash: will add that feature later

Alshock: You only need three sheets of papers with emojis and I can trick you into thinking that your whole wall is a flat screen

AntiSquid: uhm is there a list of emojis i can pick from?

AntiSquid: not sure what's available

njaber: all Unicodes I guess


AntiSquid: ?

AntiSquid: ok thx

DollarAkshay: Yeah both are good

njaber: The coffin emoji for when you kill a pac tho

AntiSquid: alright i got a really annoying idea for emojis

sunksuperset370: how does the time out work

sunksuperset370: this is confusing

njaber: timeout happens when your code has a crash, or when it doesn't output it's moves in 50ms

AlluringChair: does anybody know if pacs can see through the teleports? It only says that they have visioin in straight line, so i'm assuming they can

njaber: they can

AlluringChair: thanks

AntiSquid: not all emojis work for me

njaber: Tell me the coffin works : (

DollarAkshay: Make sure you save your file as UTF-8

BenjaminUrquhart: just don't use non-ascii chars /s

AntiSquid: well i wanted to output like 5 and rotate them, but i guess i don't shift the string properly

AntiSquid: maybe i will add them into an array, shift the array every round and join it when i output

AntiSquid: this is more important than the contest afterall

njaber: yeah, seems like some of the emojis aren't supported by whichever font CG is using

ShlOk: hi

berries: anybody have any reccomendations for videos or websites i could use to better understand heuristics and bfs

cegprakash: after a great performance optimisation I get same no. of sims

cegprakash: or lesser

cegprakash: wuuut

pmor: you didn't optimize the critical path

cegprakash: critical path?

sunksuperset370: anybody know how to do things in the wood 1 league

pmor: critical path is the codepath that takes the most time

cegprakash: okay all my current sims are valid sims

cegprakash: that makes sense actually

cegprakash: or not

cegprakash: may be what u said

pmor: are you able to identify functions are taking the most time

cegprakash: I didn't measure each action :D

cegprakash: but I'm optimizing collision now

pmor: msvc has a decent profiler

cegprakash: I use visual studio code

cegprakash: u mean that?

thethiny: yes

cegprakash: how do I use it

pmor: visual studio 2019

pmor: not sure if code has one


pmor: also, which language are you using?

cegprakash: I am using microsoft VS 2017

cegprakash: c++

pmor: 2017 has it too

pmor: its under Debug->Performance Profiler

pmor: Though theres little reason not to use vs2019

thethiny: guys how do you pick what pellet to go to next?

thethiny: I know you're picking the clsoest one

thethiny: but if you're doing BFS you need an endpoint

thethiny: what's the endpoint?

pmor: Before I rewrote my bot for bronze, I just chose the closest pellet with the highest value.

thethiny: and then?

thethiny: currently this isn't satisfactory for me as I have tons of disconnected paths

Default avatar.png tester3: hi

pmor: that was it. it got me through the wood leagues

Durkin: MInes just adding up the total points (or 1/2 credit for non-confirmed points) on a path to a square, and dividing by distance

Durkin: choose from top given that

thethiny: thanks

Kellthazar: Im changing my strategy... After all the big pellets gone, Im using the pellets only for control if the cell was explored or not.

cegprakash: how do I clear the profiler results before the breakpoint

Kellthazar: Im tuning my heuristc to prioritize unexplored areas or paths.

thethiny: I'm doing this now

pmor: that's not how to profile....

thethiny: and I got from 196 to 925

pmor: don't use breakpoints, run in release

pmor: do the Cpu Usage profiler

pmor: you want the profiler to collect as many datapoints as it can on its run

pmor: if you sit at a breakpoint, it will get a lot of datapoints AT that breakpoint

pmor: Best to have a loop of your code that runs for like 5-10 seconds

pmor: That should show you your hot paths. And then you can start diving down into the callstack to see what lines of code are taking the most time.

cegprakash: I made profiler work

cegprakash: it found the place where I spend too much time

pmor: Next step is to figure out why and fix it :)


cegprakash: looks like my eval is too slow

pmor: you can click into that function and msvc will show you which lines were hit the most

cegprakash: how

cegprakash: I don't see anything like that

pmor: in the function name column, to the right theres a little arrow with lines of code

pmor: click on that

cegprakash: I can't find it

cegprakash: I'm happy with function level

Default avatar.png tester3: Hi from Hawaii


cegprakash: thethiny u don't need an endpoint

cegprakash: just BFS to all pellets

cegprakash: and store difference to all pellets

cegprakash: and choose the pellet with minimum of these distances

cegprakash: u run BFS to find the pellet not otherway around

pmor: for wood league I didn't even do that...I would just iterate over all the pellets and get their manhattan distance

thethiny: @cegprakash I really don't understand it

pmor: bronze i'm having to do bfs though

thethiny: I tried to but I fail

cegprakash: thethiny say u start BFS from ur current pacman position

cegprakash: lets call this point A

thethiny: sure

cegprakash: u run a BFS until queue becomes empty

thethiny: how do I run BFS without endpoint?

cegprakash: now u have distance from ur pacman to every position in the map

cegprakash: u don't need an end point for BFS

cegprakash: u only need the root

cegprakash: just like a DFS

thethiny: so I just need to visit the adjacent cells?

thethiny: no endpoint?

cegprakash: yes

cegprakash: just visit all adjancent cells until u visit all cells

thethiny: okay makes sense

thethiny: then okay I get the distances to all pellets

cegprakash: and never visit a cell more than once

cegprakash: yes

thethiny: don;t I have to do this every turn?

cegprakash: no

thethiny: why not?

thethiny: my position changes

cegprakash: u can precompute this at turn 1

cegprakash: u can have something like dist[x1][y1][x2][y2] on turn 1

thethiny: okay and then I just go to the shortest distance from point A at turn 1, right?

cegprakash: and this distance array never is going to change through the game

cegprakash: no matter where the pacman is

thethiny: I lost track

cegprakash: see

thethiny: after I finished the BFS, now I have an array of all distances

thethiny: what's next?

cegprakash: once u get the board


cegprakash: something like this

thethiny: okay?

cegprakash: now u can compute distance from every point to every other point

cegprakash: u don't need any pacman position here

thethiny: ahaaa

cegprakash: u can store these distances in a 4D array

thethiny: and since I've done this

thethiny: all I need is to index it by where I am rn

cegprakash: yes

thethiny: since I have this info already

cegprakash: refer this

cegprakash: that's all

cegprakash: makes sense?

thethiny: does that mean I have to do BFS from every point?

cegprakash: yes

cegprakash: that's right

thethiny: I thought that would be computationally expensive

cegprakash: that still runs in 0.0003 seconds

thethiny: wuttt

cegprakash: yes

cegprakash: u can measure it

pmor: it is, but first turn you're given 1s

cegprakash: if u don't believe me

thethiny: this is a huge game changer then

cegprakash: it is

thethiny: there's still 1 issue though

cegprakash: collisions?

thethiny: I will send you a replay if you don't mind

cegprakash: send

thethiny: frames 26 +

Default avatar.png MattP34: has anyone had issues with timing out with python on an input line?

Default avatar.png MattP34: mine is timing out getting the info for the last pellet

cegprakash: thethiny pellets are not on ur vision?

pmor: I'm out - @cegprakash - good luck on turbocharging your scoring function

cegprakash: sure pmor thanks gn

thethiny: it is trying to go to the closest pellet then once it moves it changes its mind

thethiny: because the closest pellet changes

Default avatar.png MattP34: here is the code:

Default avatar.png MattP34: for i in range(visible_pellet_count):

       x, y, value = [int(j) for j in input().split()]
       nodes[x][y].value = value

thethiny: nodex[y][x].value

cegprakash: thethiny u are using manhattan that's why it's not working

thethiny: not [x][y]

cegprakash: with BFS distance this will be fixed

cegprakash: closest pellet will be always the one u are moving towards

cegprakash: so don't worry

thethiny: okay

thethiny: I will try that

thethiny: thank you very much

Default avatar.png MattP34: the issue I get is the console only print i to visible_pellet_count - 2

Default avatar.png MattP34: so if there are 9 pellets it only does the print statement 8 times

Default avatar.png MattP34: and it happens on random moves not every time

cegprakash: MattP34 click reset code

cegprakash: and try with default code

cegprakash: it should work fine

Default avatar.png tester3: hello world

cegprakash: and then fix slowly from there MattP34

sunksuperset370: console.log(Hello World);

sunksuperset370: lol

sunksuperset370: this is how you say hello world in javascript

SurajMishra2209: reset -_-

SurajMishra2209: rank 746

Ikhadem: how do you show decision above the pac heads in that animation frame?

berries: are they coding the boss bots to make them better

berries: cuz it seems like its getting harder to beat it

kdhakal: how do i change the direction?

kdhakal: i know about " " and "#" but how do I check them?

Kellthazar: Change direction?

Kellthazar: Of the pac?

Kellthazar: Ikhadem any string appended to the command will be displayed

Kellthazar: SPEE 1 <MSG>

Kellthazar: MOVE 1 13 2 <MSG>

Kellthazar: etc...

kdhakal: Kellthazar yes of the pac. how do I check for walls?

Kellthazar: kdhakal, hmmm... you can ignore them

Kellthazar: I mean, the pacs only see the "walkable" cells...

Kellthazar: If you tell it to go to a point, the game engine will take care of the movement for you.

kdhakal: my pac is stopping in the corner:disappointed:

Ikhadem: thanks

Kellthazar: Well, in this case, you can check if the pac is in the same place for more than one turn.

Kellthazar: and tell him to try to go to another direction

kdhakal: could you explain that in code plz

Kellthazar: your pacman could be an object, and have two properties: currentPosition, lastPosition

Kellthazar: even the currentDirection that he'is going

Kellthazar: if currentPosition == lastPosition

Kellthazar: try another direction

kdhakal: thanks I'll try that

Kellthazar: But this is not the best approach to take this problem... :)

Kellthazar: you receive the grid layout on the begining...

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: the best approach to the problem is to avoid it happening :wink:

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: i say in agreement, having still not implemented any proper pathfinding myself

Pranab: help any1. how to find if a pac is dead?

Default avatar.png SamuelTheBad: assuming you're in bronze, you'll have to use the fact you don't receive an input line for a dead pac

Pranab: okay thanks

Dav1dS: wow! I added some basic collision detection and avoidance and my rank jumped 200 points

thethiny: is there a way to hide the IDE?

AlexArb: (about the "get a better job" form)¿in which country is OK to ask for a Minimum annual salary of over 20k USD? Mine is 2.7k and can't complain lol