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Gorbit99: whenever I see that, I just take a ruby array, fill that up instead and join it with a space

LelouchVC2: Idk how to make my message directed to a specific person xD

AntiSquid: nah it's cool, much better than my personal site

AntiSquid: (i don't have one)

Default avatar.png mpt: Took me days to do the Nintendo challenge. Very hard indeed...

Default avatar.png yashjain27: hye guys

Default avatar.png yashjain27: im new to this

Default avatar.png yashjain27: i got a google interview question

Default avatar.png yashjain27:

Default avatar.png yashjain27: i felt that this was wayyy too hard for an interview question. any thoughts?

Uljahn: Automaton2000: pls respond

Automaton2000: i need to read it

Uljahn: ok

KiwiTae: yashjain27 not too hard to be honest

Default avatar.png fvla: this is easily solvable using dynamic programming

OrdoFlammae: I'm having a lot of trouble with the Ghost in the Cell puzzle, where the input for 'entityCount' is always zero. I'm not sure why this is. I'm using Clojure, but I don't think the language should affect anything.

Default avatar.png fvla: if you haven't made significant changes, then restore default code

LelouchVC2: These clashes get so retarded

LelouchVC2: I'm sitting here with working code having to make like 10 conditions for spacing because the tests can't deal with it

LelouchVC2: If there's an extra space at the end, the tests shouldn't freak out!

Default avatar.png fvla: clash honestly isn't worth it, puzzles and multiplayer are much better

Default avatar.png fvla: and again, if you want to do clash, learn python, because you can't golf, be quicker, or print easily (as you've seen)

Automaton2000: so my bot is doing better than me

Default avatar.png fvla: by the way Automaton2000, are you the creator of the titular SC2 micro stuff?

Automaton2000: im not saying it is possible to use a different language

Gorbit99: I enjoy clash more than multiplayer tbh

Gorbit99: and python is not the best at golf

Default avatar.png fvla: what about single player puzzles?

Default avatar.png fvla: c++ is worse

Default avatar.png fvla: at golf

Gorbit99: sure, and C# is even worse

Default avatar.png fvla: and perl is suffering

Gorbit99: I personally prefer ruby

Gorbit99: quick, extensive std lib, and short as hell

Default avatar.png fvla: i'm saying this to LelouchVC2, who uses C++

Gorbit99: ah

Default avatar.png fvla: maybe i should learn ruby some time

Gorbit99: if you use modern C++, you can get reasonable times at "fastest" and therefore reverse

Default avatar.png fvla: but i like python for its libraries and support

Default avatar.png fvla: for fast prototyping

Gorbit99: ruby can do what python can in code size

Default avatar.png fvla: in modern c++, it's hard to print "2 3 4" instead of "2 3 4 "

Gorbit99: that's a reasonably hard thing in most languages, unless you can just join an array

Default avatar.png yashjain27: guys im new to this website

Default avatar.png yashjain27: where do i begin to improve my algorithms?

Default avatar.png yashjain27: clash of code?

Default avatar.png yashjain27: or is there something else thats a bit more challenging?

Gorbit99: in the practice menu

Gorbit99: clash of code is challenging, but in a different way

eulerscheZahl: that's the challenging part

Default avatar.png yashjain27: so many games

Default avatar.png yashjain27: which one do i choose?

Default avatar.png yashjain27: nvm dumb question

Default avatar.png yashjain27: im not interested in AI

Default avatar.png yashjain27: i want to practice algorithms'

Gorbit99: Practice section

LelouchVC2: To print out "2 3 4" instead of "2 3 4 "

Gorbit99: well, a bool and a for loop

LelouchVC2: I usually use the condition where if the counter+1 is equal to the number we're looping to, then it doesn't output the space

Gorbit99: or that

Default avatar.png fvla: gorbit, print(*my_list) is not hard

LelouchVC2: But I was doing a loop where it only outputs from numbers

LelouchVC2: So it took a lot more conditions

Gorbit99: puts my_list*" "

Gorbit99: that's ruby

Default avatar.png fvla: just not "reasonably hard" in scripting languages

Gorbit99: well, when I said, "hoining an array", I meant anything close to pumping all your values into an array and printing that

LelouchVC2: You can do that in c++, but separating values with spaces will be hard

LelouchVC2: I suppose you can make it so the space comes first

LelouchVC2: Then you simply output the string without the first character

LelouchVC2: But it's such a messy way to do it

Default avatar.png fvla: that's awful in terms of memory

Default avatar.png fvla: there's no reason to build a buffer and then pump it into a stream just to discard

Default avatar.png fvla: disgusting in c++ terms

Default avatar.png fvla: but who the hell cares about efficiency in clash

Default avatar.png fvla: just do puzzles and multiplayer...

Gorbit99: with ranged loops, the cleanest way is something like having a bool to signal if you need spaces

LelouchVC2: Yea, any good solution would take too long to implement and think about for a clash

Gorbit99: I don't understand the hate towards coc

Gorbit99: bool space = false

LelouchVC2: A lot of the prompts are trash, and a lot of the coders are python and ruby

LelouchVC2: and java

LelouchVC2: It's amazing I got to this rank coding only in C++

Gorbit99: eh, some prompts are trash

Gorbit99: but most are fine

Gorbit99: and there's a reason most coders use scripting languages

Gorbit99: I can't even use ruby properly, except if I need to write shit code

LelouchVC2: ruby can be used for something other than shit code?

Default avatar.png fvla: yes

Default avatar.png fvla: ~~but perl can't~~

Default avatar.png fvla: strikethrough doesn't work...

Gorbit99: it's very popular among vim users for some reason

Gorbit99: as I've found out

Default avatar.png fvla: f*** vim

Gorbit99: you got some strong opinions

Default avatar.png fvla: sorry, tourette's /s

Gorbit99: I did aoc2019 in ruby and it was fine

Default avatar.png fvla: vim's so cramped

Gorbit99: the fact that it has a fast hashmap is a godsentd

Gorbit99: I'm quite fine with vim

Default avatar.png fvla: lots of people are

Gorbit99: cramped? elaborate please

Default avatar.png fvla: modal makes it so that if you make one slip-up in your keystrokes, you can really mess up something

Default avatar.png fvla: i spend more time figuring out whether to use o or O than actually typing

Gorbit99: ok, then you do Esc+u, and you'll undo your issue

Default avatar.png fvla: esc is a horrible design too

Default avatar.png fvla: there's stuff like binding to jj or jk...

Gorbit99: Ctrl+C also works somewhat

Default avatar.png fvla: it's a personal thing, really

Gorbit99: brb, coc

Gorbit99: most editors are a personal thing

Gorbit99: I can't stand vsc for example

Default avatar.png fvla: so why vim, not emacs or notepad++?

Default avatar.png fvla: i use emacs mostly for macros, notepad++ for editing

Gorbit99: emacs is cool and all, but I want an editor, not an os

Default avatar.png fvla: you use only what you need

Default avatar.png fvla: "emacs is an os" is a misconception

Gorbit99: and vim is much more extendable and personalizable than n++

Default avatar.png fvla: emacs has actually comprehensible scripts unlike vim

Gorbit99: I'm also not a fan of lisp

Default avatar.png fvla: jjjo3745454k<esc>io<esc>

Gorbit99: that's a lot of ups

Default avatar.png fvla: ups?

Gorbit99: 3745454k

Gorbit99: that's go up 3745454

Gorbit99: times

Default avatar.png fvla: no, but there's an o before

Default avatar.png fvla: sike

Gorbit99: oh right

Default avatar.png fvla: see, this is how horrible vim scripts are

Default avatar.png fvla: right, going in and out of insert/replace mode slows me down

Gorbit99: ngl, never written any longer than a few chars

Default avatar.png fvla: and for the life of me, i can't remember the exact mechanics of dw

Default avatar.png fvla: does it delete forward or back

Gorbit99: forwards

Default avatar.png fvla: and does it delete leading/trailing spaces, punctuation, etc.

Gorbit99: diw is better

Default avatar.png fvla: wtf is that

Default avatar.png fvla: diw

Gorbit99: w only includes all letters

Gorbit99: diw is delete in word

Gorbit99: because let's say you have this:

Gorbit99: abc|defg

Gorbit99: | is your cursor

Gorbit99: dw deletes only defg

Gorbit99: diw deletes the whole word

Gorbit99: diW would include all non whitespace characters into the word

Gorbit99: so abcd-efgh would be 2 separate words, but one WORD

Default avatar.png fvla: this is horrifying

Gorbit99: and daw and daW include the whitespace around the words

Default avatar.png fvla: having to know all this

Gorbit99: it's muscle memory

Default avatar.png fvla: to learn how to delete a word from every possible angle

Gorbit99: I mean

Default avatar.png fvla: emacs has M-f M-backspace

Gorbit99: it's mostly either diw or diW

Default avatar.png fvla: hm

Default avatar.png fvla: so, how do i delete a single character

Gorbit99: x

Default avatar.png fvla: in vim

Default avatar.png fvla: okay

Gorbit99: if you want to delete and go into insert mode, you do s

Gorbit99: and if you want to replace only that character, and nothing else, then r

Default avatar.png fvla: vim is chock full of landmines

Gorbit99: not really

Default avatar.png fvla: accidental o, O, x, d, s presses

Gorbit99: then you do Esc+u, and you're back without an issue

Default avatar.png fvla: i like my cursor location and command outputs to be predictable so that i can edit without fear

Gorbit99: it is predictable

Default avatar.png fvla: i guess vim can become predictable if you memorize each thing

Gorbit99: you don't memorize a single thing

Gorbit99: tell me, did you memorize, that your i key was the 8th key in the top row?

Gorbit99: same thing

Default avatar.png fvla: <esc>dwi is the most unintuitive way i have ever seen to forward-delete a word and continue editing

Gorbit99: you don't really think about it

Gorbit99: you can just do cw

Gorbit99: change word

Gorbit99: ciw changes the entire word

Default avatar.png fvla: modal esc is the biggest killer for me

Default avatar.png fvla: i can't <esc>cw as fast as i can alt-d or ctrl-delete

Gorbit99: then use CtrlC

Gorbit99: it's technically not the same, but mostly it is

Default avatar.png fvla: that's horrifying

Default avatar.png fvla: "technically not the same, but mostly it is"

Default avatar.png fvla: if i ever want to use that, now i'm going to have to look up documentation first

Gorbit99: it won't expand an abbreviation if you're doing one

Gorbit99: that's the difference

Default avatar.png fvla: expand...?

Gorbit99: you can define abbreviations

Gorbit99: like "if I type email, expand it to"

Gorbit99: if you type email, and press Esc, it will be expanded

Gorbit99: with Ctrl+C it won'tr

thibpat: Hello :wave: @everyone I'm going live for a Twixt-PP session, focusing on profiling and optimizing

Default avatar.png JohnEnitnatsnoc: how can i see

Default avatar.png JohnEnitnatsnoc: answers for

Default avatar.png JohnEnitnatsnoc: clash of code

Jasperr: You can only see the answers from other participants if they decide to share it when they're done

Default avatar.png JohnEnitnatsnoc: no one solved it

Default avatar.png JohnEnitnatsnoc: :d

Jasperr: :(

Default avatar.png Kazamisa: Hello

Default avatar.png Kazamisa: Anyone knows how the codinpoints of clash of codes and the ranking is calculated ?

Gorbit99: you can click on your placement in the main clash of codes page to view the full ranking

Gorbit99: there's an elo system basically

Gorbit99: and seems like codinpoints are proportional to your placement

LelouchVC2: The more clashes I do the higher my rank goes

LelouchVC2: I guess I win a lot of them

Gorbit99: coc is a weird thing

Gorbit99: I get like 0.01 points for a first place

Gorbit99: and lose 0.2 for a second place

Default avatar.png Kazamisa: I see

Default avatar.png Kazamisa: thanks

Uljahn: go to the home page and click the question mark on the rank frame

Default avatar.png Kazamisa: Thanks it's explained in details there

Default avatar.png Kazamisa: It should be obvious to check the question mark should've thought about it x))

LelouchVC2: Probably won't get much past 9000th rank without python

LelouchVC2: complex prompt, 283 characters in C++ and 77 characters in python

Aka_nate458: Hey guys

Default avatar.png DaanBreur: hello ;)

Default avatar.png DaanBreur: hello

Default avatar.png PetrutV: wow, the platform doesn't let me use inline conditionals in c# wtf

Default avatar.png PetrutV: how else should I get less code for clashes if I can't use all tricks in the language lol

BeardedWhale: Are you sure PetrutV? That sounds very weird.

Default avatar.png PetrutV: Yeah, it popped an error when I used an inline conditional

wlesavo: >dont play coc >no code >profit

Default avatar.png PetrutV: xDDD

fasil: hooi

Illedan: PetrutV should be possible..

BeardedWhale: Yeah PetrutV, I tried now and it works for me

Default avatar.png sahilbansal17:

mark7: Do not paste clash of code link here

jacek: yes, invite people invdividually

wlesavo: starting from the top of the ladderboard

Jasperr: how to get unfriended 101

eulerscheZahl: bad idea wlesavo

eulerscheZahl: maybe if you only take odd numbers? or non-primes?

wlesavo: i actually got my first coc invite recently

struct: We need to riot to prevent this

mark7: my conding game reverse engineering puzzle shows 400 points in results page put shows best score of 82 why?

mark7: Okay updated

darkhorse64: We should definitely be able to decline coc in our preferences (hey CG, this a feature request)

struct: What if we start spamming invites to CG :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: to staff?

struct: yes

eulerscheZahl: :imp:

Illedan: :D

metahom: lol

eulerscheZahl: uljahn brought it up again recently

struct: I hope something is done, top players and players that use chat are the ones that are most affected

mark7: may be have to things friend and follower, and only friend cn send invite

darkhorse64: Too busy to make other people waste their time

Default avatar.png 193-45: hi

struct: We should be able to disable all notifications imo

struct: hi

eulerscheZahl: you can do that easily struct


struct: DO IT!

struct: :)

inoryy: I have to confess haven't been getting any invites lately

inoryy: first I lost my spot in top100 and now this

inoryy: don't know what to do anymore

struct: I get like 1 per week

struct: So not bad

eulerscheZahl: then you have to be the one inviting others now

inoryy: bold strategy

mark7: what is the image CG sponsred puzzle show mean?

eulerscheZahl: it's a placeholder

eulerscheZahl: telling you "nothing to see here"


eulerscheZahl: you are too young if you don't recognize it

Jasperr: but maybe its some kind of weird reverse psychology

Jasperr: making you think there is nothing to see behind it

Jasperr: hmmm ;)

eulerscheZahl: i could parse the json data in the past

eulerscheZahl: there is some information given when you can't see in the viewer

eulerscheZahl: which you...

mark7: in reverse engineering puzzle?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: but you aren't supposed to do that

mark7: :-)

eulerscheZahl: just play with your outputs and observe how inputs change

mark7: Yes doing that changing from action to action

mark7: is there a way I can export my program output i.e. debug data to a file

mark7: I can visualize it better

inoryy: wow haven't even thought that the image could be unrecognizable

inoryy: thanks for making me feel old

eulerscheZahl: the long answer to your file export question mark7:

mark7: :grin:

mark7: eulerscheZahl thanks

wlesavo: questionmark

eulerscheZahl: i would expect that kind of pun with the name from MadKnight

eulerscheZahl: but yours is more funny

struct: 8500 registered

struct: damn

struct: I think the one closest to this one was The Accountant

eulerscheZahl: let's see how many will actually play

struct: The accountat was 9k registered iirc

struct: or maybe im mistaken

struct: I cant remember :/

wlesavo: what was the relation registered vs submitted for ooc?

eulerscheZahl: less than one third submitted

eulerscheZahl: but 97% opened the IDE at least

eulerscheZahl: on the other hand: OOC was announced very shortly

eulerscheZahl: so it was almost impossible to register before the contest started

struct: ok the acountant was 7k registered my bad

struct: "4500 submits"

eulerscheZahl: yeah, "submits"

eulerscheZahl: i'm there too. i had a short look at the rules in the IDE but never submitted

eulerscheZahl: forced submit by CG in the end as i clicked "play my code"

struct: I see

struct: ooc was 7.2k registered

struct: 2279 submits

[CG]Thibaud: ooc had a very low start to submit conversion around 30% while we usually are more between 40% and 50%

Default avatar.png anid: Why does it happen? Doesnt the contest run long enough for players to at least get some rudimentary work in?

eulerscheZahl: maybe the complicated rules scared some users?

Illedan: ooc had a big threshold to get started I guess. And a lot of players had time to check it out

[CG]Thibaud: a lot of players get demotivated, were only curious or don't have the time

[CG]Thibaud: some even code and play against the boss but don't feel confident to submit

Default avatar.png anid: Makes sense, people may only submit after beating the boss a few times

[CG]Thibaud: possibly

wlesavo: do you expect that conversion rate would be higher for spring contest?

[CG]Thibaud: yes. We've added a few things to help people get started

[CG]Thibaud: bot programming tuto, getting started video, nice pictures in statement for the rules

eulerscheZahl: a new video which we don't know yet?

inoryy: [CG]Thibaud do you track registered vs ran non-default code?

cegprakash: anid I submit if my code compiles

cegprakash: I like this idea of showing the notification under "compete" tab even and remains there

cegprakash: I hope it remains there for the next 11 days..

cegprakash: forces everyone into the contest :D

cegprakash: also according to minimax, algorithm 8500 will submit their solutions.

struct: What do you mean?

struct: 8500 will submit?

eulerscheZahl: i'm not even surprised that ceg has a buggy minimax implementation

struct: 8549 registered

struct: I really doubt even 70% submits

struct: even 50% is a stretch imo

eulerscheZahl: 3k players in a contest would be a surprise to me. i don't know if there has been more advertising outside of CG than usually

struct: I used google and did not find much

[CG]Thibaud: there has been eulerscheZahl

[CG]Thibaud: no inoryy

Quidome: I am in :)

eulerscheZahl: i know: GitC and CotC long ago but great games

[CG]Thibaud: new video eulerscheZahl but 2-3mns to help newcomers to get in

Quidome: And exited, only 24 hours left...

Quidome: I am amazed how big this is already BTW

Quidome: Competition is tough as well

[CG]Thibaud: we've done more promotion than usual, but I wish I've had time to do more

eulerscheZahl: we'll soon see if it helped

struct: Time to update avatars

struct: I already did mine

[CG]Thibaud: nice one

eulerscheZahl: well done ruct

struct: ty

AntiSquid: more promotion than usual? what's different this time ? why is this contest getting special treatment?

eulerscheZahl: hmm

AntiSquid: the pacman nebula :D

Otto_von_Bismarck: cock

Default avatar.png synoot: respectable

BenjaminUrquhart: e

Default avatar.png AliAli1: Stanford

Otto_von_Bismarck: bobs and vajeen

AntiSquid: Otto_von_Bismarck whats up

Otto_von_Bismarck: do you prefer bobs or vajeen?

AntiSquid: yes

Otto_von_Bismarck: which one

Uljahn: yes

Otto_von_Bismarck: no

**Otto_von_Bismarck slaps his pp around a bit with a large fishbot

**Otto_von_Bismarck slaps his hard throbbing cock around a bit with a large fishbot

AntiSquid: hard throbbing kick @_@

eulerscheZahl: well deserved

AntiSquid: it's a coc player, dosn't often come in chat, but i remember he did this before

eulerscheZahl: i remember the user and that i'm not a fan of him. but no details

AntiSquid: Otto_von_Bismarck please rejoin chat @_@

**Otto_von_Bismarck slaps your mom's fat ass around a bit with a large fishbot

**Otto_von_Bismarck slaps you until you shut the fuck up, bitch around a bit with a large fishbot

eulerscheZahl: behave well or there will be no chat for you during the contest

Default avatar.png anid: who is this clown?

eulerscheZahl: just some script kiddie

AntiSquid: Otto_von_Bismarck are you alright?

Rprades: is code of kutulu bugged? Once a wanderer points at me, it will never return the last wanderer even tho it is withing entity_count

Rprades: has anyone faced this on python?

eulerscheZahl: i guess you print the input to error? do you flush your error stream?

eulerscheZahl: print(..., flush=True)

Rprades: nono, it gives time out, and it reaches to the previous line before the "input" statement, and it never reaches the following line, without any error traceback. It just keeps waiting for an input that never comes

eulerscheZahl: and i'm telling you that you probably get the input and jut don't see it because you don't flush your error stream. and the timeout is somewhere below in your code

Rprades: I am printing the next statement

eulerscheZahl: i'm off, driving around on my bicycle :bike:

Rprades: thanks anyways :)

eulerscheZahl: struct your turn


metahom: eulerscheZahl

AntiSquid: pacman doesn't have a bycicle

cegprakash: I'll go twitch live in 20 minutes from now. Will start any bot programming challenge of your choice and will try to climb up 1 or 2 leagues.

AntiSquid: ok do a community puzzle or a multi or anything other than clash?

cegprakash: yes it'll be a multi

AntiSquid: CSB ?

cegprakash: something new for me

cegprakash: that I've not played

AntiSquid: then water the daisies

Rprades: how can I join to see you? what it twitch live?

cegprakash: will share the link here

cegprakash: just stay online on chat

Rprades: perfect, thanks



AntiSquid: why not share full link lol

cegprakash: these are the multis I've already done

cegprakash: so choose something that I've not done before

reCurse: smash the code

AntiSquid: space maze

struct: Choose one that you dont have to read the statement ;)

reCurse: Where's the fun in that

struct: He usually doesnt read

struct: Thats why i said

AntiSquid: no multi with that much user friendliness

reCurse: Yeah

reCurse: And thats why I said where's the fun in that

AntiSquid: oh wait maybe there is!? checkers ? and uttt also gives all possible moves i think

Rprades: checkers could be great

AntiSquid: cegprakash checkers, you can avoid the statement then

Astrobytes: hi

jacek: ps?


cegprakash: stream just started guys

Default avatar.png duckquackduck: stream link?


eulerscheZahl: the ceg is back

eulerscheZahl: oh, STC this time

eulerscheZahl: i don't know why but i like that game

AntiSquid: finding the stream link is part of the viewing experience

eulerscheZahl: when did you reach lvl48?

AntiSquid: cegprakash you should post your link on discord

eulerscheZahl: this time he's even understandable. no loud music or laptop fan

AntiSquid: today

mark7: Will the referee of spring challenge will be published?

eulerscheZahl: yes

mark7: as contest starts right?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Astrobytes: cegprakash that information is not relevant

eulerscheZahl: and maybe even starter codes that help you parse the input and create some game objects

eulerscheZahl: that happens sometimes for common languages but not always

AntiSquid: as long as the referee won't be like UTG

AntiSquid: all good

eulerscheZahl: so functional

mark7: UTG?

eulerscheZahl: unleash the greek

AntiSquid: crystal rush multi

mark7: Okay!

AntiSquid: wonder what kind of contract forced them to change its name :D

Astrobytes: Most likely just some IP clause in the contract

eulerscheZahl: cegprakash you take the color of the last stone in a group of 8 given in the input

eulerscheZahl: also: there's a debug view for STC? i played that for months without noticing

eulerscheZahl: ceg you get a high score for chains and only skulls touching with your group get removed

eulerscheZahl: and you ran out of space, you can't place 2 green there

struct: Hard to go for in stc without sim imo

Astrobytes: :D

cegprakash: "You may append text to your instructions, it will be displayed in the viewer."

AntiSquid: minuscule IDE

AntiSquid: ya euler read the statement

eulerscheZahl: i mean the debug view showing numbers along with the stones

Astrobytes: lol cegprakash

eulerscheZahl: shift the top row by 1

eulerscheZahl: or simulate the whole thing and bruteforce it. that's who gold and legend bots play the game

eulerscheZahl: groceries.cpp? is that how he writes his shopping list? :P

AntiSquid: well he is doing it by hand :/

Astrobytes: lol

AntiSquid: cegprakash just do random search

eulerscheZahl: monte carlo for the win

mark7: I created a chess engine with minimax with alpha beta. It always plays badly as 2nd player (white or black) any ideas on this

Astrobytes: :D

struct: Do you have opening book ?

mark7: I use lichess api

mark7: sort of plays perfetly for first 25 moves :-)

eulerscheZahl: i don't believe a single word!

mark7: Why?

eulerscheZahl: perfect game on chess?

mark7: Okay, lets say like a grand master

jacek: opening book eh

eulerscheZahl: the game isn't sufficiently explored to even tell what a perfect move is

eulerscheZahl: we don't even know if one player can force a win

mark7: there is no possibility of calculating 130 million position

jacek: i think he meant he uses lichess for opening moves

eulerscheZahl: it's much more

eulerscheZahl: like 10^100 i think

mark7: Ya I forget exact number

jacek: which were calculated as pretty decent

mark7: 10^130

mark7: ya

LoGos: more than milion i think

eulerscheZahl: 130 million is totally doable

jacek: is 10^120

eulerscheZahl: no

mark7: my laptop crying in fire..

mark7: there is a numberphile video on that

LelouchVC2: pedophile


Astrobytes: A numberphile video about burning laptops?


jacek: too slow

mark7: ... IE8

mark7: :joy:

eulerscheZahl: and the toad number = 10^100 is a conservative estimation of the shannon number

Astrobytes: Good save euler

eulerscheZahl: IE8? I highly recommend to update for security reasons

Astrobytes: For all reasons

eulerscheZahl: update to firefox or chromium

eulerscheZahl: and don't install it on your windows XP

jacek: does CG work on ie8?

mark7: Just kidding I use pop_OS

mark7: ans use firefox as browser

mark7: and*

Astrobytes: That is a relief!

eulerscheZahl: i tried epiphany at some point. refused to scroll on the multiplayer overview page

Default avatar.png Farma12: stupid question: can I import moduls like sympy in python somehow which are not present at the online editor?


eulerscheZahl: Python3 3.7.4 Includes NumPy 1.16.2, pandas 0.24.2, SciPy 1.2.1


Astrobytes: DAmn you euler

eulerscheZahl: if it's offered in autocompletion is another story

eulerscheZahl: still no .net core

eulerscheZahl: and i'm scared of such a change directly before the contest

mark7: Do you guys use any ml algorithms for bot programming? f

Default avatar.png Farma12: @eulerscheZahl thank you

Astrobytes: lol, push before holiday is always a great idea

eulerscheZahl: some do. e.g. the top at coders strike back


mark7: not so great idea*

Astrobytes: forgot the /s :P

mark7: :joy:

mark7: eulerscheZahl how do you include the trained model file?

eulerscheZahl: did you read the article that i linked?

AntiSquid: but it contains words


mark7: Passing the 100ko code size limit

mark7: okay sorry

AntiSquid: you can just copy your weights to your normal code and feedforward

Astrobytes: How are your ML experiments coming along AntiSquid?

AntiSquid: or just do linear regression on 10 different parameters lol

AntiSquid: i didn't do anything new Astrobytes

Astrobytes: Ah OK

AntiSquid: also for a 1 week contest i wouldn't bother i think

eulerscheZahl: it's 11 days

Astrobytes: Seems more applicable to multis until you have a working framework I guess

eulerscheZahl: still 1 more than usual

AntiSquid: was working from home so it's not like i had extra free time

eulerscheZahl: cooking from home?

AntiSquid: sure

LelouchVC2: I cook on the sidewalk during the summer

eulerscheZahl: and customers knocking on your door?

LelouchVC2: Cement hot enough to cook eggs

Astrobytes: You still don't know eulerscheZahl?

AntiSquid: no it's laced with corona, so they don't

eulerscheZahl: he got a new job?

Astrobytes: :tada:

eulerscheZahl: really? what is it?

eulerscheZahl: also congrats of course

AntiSquid: lol thanks, but nothing special

eulerscheZahl: a coding job?

eulerscheZahl: i guess i wasn't around when this information was spread

AntiSquid: software support role basically

eulerscheZahl: have you tried turning it off and on again?

mark7: it always works :joy:

eulerscheZahl: 0118999881999119725 3

Astrobytes: lo

Astrobytes: l

Astrobytes: Still funny to this day

AntiSquid: there's actually an internal IT support number and it's used for lots of other non-IT related issues too

Astrobytes: How.... useful

AntiSquid: so people only need to remember the 1 number

eulerscheZahl: the coffee machine is empty!

AntiSquid: you have a "housekeeper" role for that i think

eulerscheZahl: install some CG benching tool on each of the PCs

eulerscheZahl: and then do offline param fitting with it

AntiSquid: lots of THIN clients

eulerscheZahl: but lots

mark7: today once again codeforces round became unrated

eulerscheZahl: they even delayed it to avoid that

eulerscheZahl: slow submits as they feared?

mark7: Ya!

mark7: # days

AntiSquid: what does that mean?

mark7: 3*

AntiSquid: unrated

eulerscheZahl: not affecting your ranking

eulerscheZahl: "UPD Unfortunately due to the long queue and other issues, the contest is unrated. "

Astrobytes: Temporary?

mark7: Na

Astrobytes: ffs, that's a bit crappy

mark7: Your rating wont get affected by your contest resu;t

mark7: result

mark7: They are looking upto problem

eulerscheZahl: that's a really rare thing on codeforces

mark7: Some database stuff..

eulerscheZahl: saw it happen before when an expected solution was clearly wrong

mark7: :joy:

Astrobytes: lol

mark7: It's more like do you know about this maths fact..

eulerscheZahl: but the fact in that case was not a fact

eulerscheZahl: just an assumption by the author which proved to be wrong

Astrobytes: Post-truth contest

mark7: Haha

eulerscheZahl: meanwhile i'm playing the codechef may challenge

eulerscheZahl: but won't be able to finish it before the CG contest :(

Astrobytes: The one you were exceeding the time limit on? Did you fix it?

eulerscheZahl: yes

mark7: long challenge are great harder problem more time..

eulerscheZahl: was some bit wizardy

eulerscheZahl: i thought i could tread it as int[] with the single bits

eulerscheZahl: and to do actual bit operations

eulerscheZahl: and then a weird overflow happened

eulerscheZahl: so i converted to python

mark7: bitset?

eulerscheZahl: then got timelimit exceeded again

eulerscheZahl: then optimized a bit more

Astrobytes: Your Python was faster than your C++, nice

eulerscheZahl: no but time limit for C++: 1s

eulerscheZahl: python: 5s

Astrobytes: Haha I see

eulerscheZahl: and my improved C++ took 90ms while python was close to the 5s when i passed

mark7: My current mars lander code sets the destination at x + 500 middle of flat surface reducing or increasing doesn;'t seem to work..

eulerscheZahl: my mars lander crashes into a mountain

mark7: But I see you at top 50

mark7: :joy:

eulerscheZahl: if i submit often enough, i pass


mark7: this is my get angle code this doesnt seem to work..

eulerscheZahl: you get the angle as a separate input

eulerscheZahl: and you can modify it on your own, it's not directly correlated to your movement direction

eulerscheZahl: more to the change of speed

mark7: But I am calculating the angle required to get to destination. Some simple trigo but not working

Astrobytes: ARe you calculating to degrees instead of radians


mark7: Yes

mark7: Then converting to radains

Astrobytes: convert to radains alpha = alpha * 180 / Math.PI;

mark7: ?

Astrobytes: That's converting to degrees no?

eulerscheZahl: that looks like Java to me

eulerscheZahl: there is Math.toRadians and Math.toDegrees i think

mark7: Let me check

mark7: some progress


eulerscheZahl: know your language library, sometimes there are some pleasant surprises waiting for you to be discovered

mark7: to Radians worked. Now just calculate current curAngle - desiredAngle

mark7: or reverse..

Astrobytes: Your conversion formula was wrong btw, for future reference

eulerscheZahl: oh damn. i opened the replay and somehow the sound activated itself again

mark7: Yess I checked

Astrobytes: ;)

mark7: bhooom :joy:

eulerscheZahl: reminds me of that nonsense demo contribution i made

Astrobytes: Space Invaders? No, what's that from

eulerscheZahl: pacman death

Astrobytes: Aha ofc

Astrobytes: How appropriate

AntiSquid: maybe we get lode runner instead

eulerscheZahl: i just copied juliens sound example using that one

eulerscheZahl: and added a toggle to it

AntiSquid: too many atari games

eulerscheZahl: not having a pacman contest would be a surprise now :D

Astrobytes: Yeah, that was for that contribution that the author never released

eulerscheZahl: yes :(

eulerscheZahl: the pumpkin maze

Astrobytes: That looked really good


eulerscheZahl: a shame that he didn't finish it

Astrobytes: Yeah, the toroidal map was cool too

Astrobytes: Great retro-looking gfx too

eulerscheZahl: ceg has a cat :D

eulerscheZahl: ran out of the screen right now

Astrobytes: lol awesome

eulerscheZahl: chasing it

Astrobytes: Oh, it ran in from the outside

eulerscheZahl: seems like that

Astrobytes: He just said

eulerscheZahl: heard it

jacek: aww

Astrobytes: Btw euler, what is your cat's name? Just out of curiosity

mark7: yay: working

eulerscheZahl: Kitty not very original, kept the name she got from the shelter

Astrobytes: gj mark7

mark7: gj?

Astrobytes: Ah right, yeah I had a friend who called his Cat. More common than you think :D

Astrobytes: Good job mark7


mark7: Astrobytes Thanks

eulerscheZahl: you can see my old PC in the background. got a new one in 2011 i think. that pic is old

Astrobytes: np mark7

Astrobytes: Aww she's lovely

eulerscheZahl: until she spends a night with you

eulerscheZahl: she has her own door to go in and out

Astrobytes: Oh try having two.

eulerscheZahl: but she decides to annoy me until i go and open the front door for her

eulerscheZahl: she really hates other cats

eulerscheZahl: you have 2 iirc

Astrobytes: Yeah, that's cats for you

Astrobytes: My eldest hates the youngest.

Astrobytes: Jealousy.

eulerscheZahl: the neighbor's cat regularly visits me

eulerscheZahl: eating her food

eulerscheZahl: he totally ignores her, doesn't care

eulerscheZahl: but she hates him

Astrobytes: hahaha

eulerscheZahl: it's really annoying when he gets inside in the middle of the night and enters my room after he ate all food

Astrobytes: My neighbour's cat used to come in and eat my cats food when the back door was open.

Astrobytes: (My cats are scared to go out unless I'm with them - don't ask me why)

eulerscheZahl: yes ceg i hear some music

eulerscheZahl: my cat goes outside alone as well. but she prefers when i go along with her

eulerscheZahl: about to go for a walk with her now. reduces the risk of her catching a mouse in the middle of the night

Astrobytes: Haha, one of my previous cats was terrible for bringing home half-dead "gifts"

Default avatar.png JBM: and here I am, cursing at the CG IDE in C++ again

Astrobytes: Still didn't catch up with yesterday's JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: well get to it!

Astrobytes: Not sure I can watch 2 streams live, chat and play 2048 at the same time

mark7: 2048 is much like thumb practice

mark7: keep swiping

Astrobytes: Playing on PC, finger practice ;)

mark7: *Sometimes you do need to think

mark7: Then you gotta have huge monitor

Astrobytes: 2 x 19"

eulerscheZahl: 1 x 27", 2560x1440

LoGos: In Mars Lander, if I store position/velocity as floats do I have to round them every turn?

BenjaminUrquhart: the referee rounds them iinternally irc

BenjaminUrquhart: internally*

eulerscheZahl: no!

eulerscheZahl: only for output

Uljahn: ^

BenjaminUrquhart: k I'm wrong as usual

eulerscheZahl: so don't trust the referee and compute your own values


LoGos: thanks anyway BenjaminUrquhart

eulerscheZahl: took me a bit of experimenting with LibreOffice to get that

LoGos: thanks eulerscheZahl!

Default avatar.png freud: does the "get a job" tab work? i can't seem to save my address

Astrobytes: LibreOffice, I had to give up on that

Astrobytes: No idea freud

CRyo: hey,has anyone done ASCII Art in C#?

CRyo: all my test cases work but i'm failing one case when i submit. Not sure if it's an optimization or logic problem

Default avatar.png bruhhhh: is this real life guys

BenjaminUrquhart: well

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

BenjaminUrquhart: but

BenjaminUrquhart: no

BenjaminUrquhart: actually

BenjaminUrquhart: no

BenjaminUrquhart: I wanted that to be smoother but spam filter got me

eulerscheZahl: stop flooding the chat

heromk: boo hoo

heromk: gonna cry?

BenjaminUrquhart: no

Default avatar.png Andrew9mb: Does anyone know why I'm getting "Unhandled Exception: System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format."?

Default avatar.png Andrew9mb: Seems to be codingame specific.

Quidome: which language are you using?

eulerscheZahl: looks like C# to me

Default avatar.png Andrew9mb: It's gone now. No idea what happened. It was C#

eulerscheZahl: and seems like a runtime exception from your language, not CGs fault

eulerscheZahl: i guess you tried to parse something to an int or something like that. but it was not a number

Default avatar.png macmv: Why can't I define a map in ruby like this? {a: 1, b: 2}

Default avatar.png macmv: It just gives me syntax errors

Quidome: euler where can i find the naab replay on bender 4

eulerscheZahl: you can't, he shared that on the chat when the game was still new

Quidome: a pitty

eulerscheZahl: as a bug report. game crashed when viewer ran out of space

Quidome: nice :)

Quidome: Interesting i am getting exact same stepcount as others

Quidome: Using the same strategy probably

eulerscheZahl: 4886?

Quidome: That first but now 3197

MadKnight: struct

Quidome: 4886, is clear of course

eulerscheZahl: 4886 is the optimal solution when ignoring functions and garbage balls

Default avatar.png bruhhhh: i am tired

struct: yes?

MadKnight: did u pm snef here ?

MadKnight: he's online

Default avatar.png bruhhhh: it is 3 am now ere

Default avatar.png bruhhhh: here

Astrobytes: BFS for Bender 4?

eulerscheZahl: yes

MadKnight: just go to sleep bruhhhh

Astrobytes: Must get around to that

Quidome: sweet dreams :P

eulerscheZahl: that's how i generated the maps and made sure there is no trivial solution

Astrobytes: Nice

eulerscheZahl: 3D state: x,y, togglestate (binary encoding)

Quidome: binary encoding was needed in my case

eulerscheZahl: that's also how i coded it when making sure that everything is solvable

Astrobytes: I hardly ever bfs without using some kind of binary encoding these days unless it's very trivial

eulerscheZahl: generated random maps. then tried to solve, some were impossible

eulerscheZahl: so i dumped them

eulerscheZahl: i ran the script about half an hour to generate enough maps

Quidome: nice work

Astrobytes: Yep

Astrobytes: Your Space Maze one still scares me

eulerscheZahl: my part 2 scares me as well


AntiSquid: "if your goals don't scare you they aren't big enough"

Astrobytes: Oh that never got accepted right

eulerscheZahl: and i won't publish it without having a solution to all testcases myself

eulerscheZahl: timeout on testcase 2 at the moment

Astrobytes: Ofc, no point if it's unsolvable lol

Astrobytes: Good quote AntiSquid

AntiSquid: you could do it backwards, start from solved state and then move stuff / add blocks until you scrambled up the game enough

eulerscheZahl: my boss-boss has a calendar hanging in the office, with inspirational quotes

Quidome: wow spaces maze is only solved by 3 persons

Astrobytes: Everywhere I've worked we used to write them on either a big whiteboard or chalkboard

eulerscheZahl: now as most of us are working from home because of covid19, he sends a photo of the daily quote each day

Astrobytes: lol, dedication

eulerscheZahl: the calender being printed last year of course. so there are quotes like "if you sacrifice freedom for safety, you don't deserve either of both"

AntiSquid: you can add to spam :o

Astrobytes: haha, epic example quote for current times

eulerscheZahl: there have been a few funny quotes in the context of working from home

Astrobytes: Perhaps home-working attitudes will shift now, who knows

AntiSquid: some stuff could just be done from home

AntiSquid: and some meetings should be emails

Astrobytes: I've always done VOIP stuff, Skype, etc for remote meetings, works great

AntiSquid: the office world is extremely lazy compared to the catering world

eulerscheZahl: i prefer that too

Astrobytes: Yes AntiSquid

eulerscheZahl: do you have to take stairs on customer support? :scream:

AntiSquid: it's not customer support

eulerscheZahl: internal tech support

AntiSquid: well sort of is and isn't

AntiSquid: random mixed duties of all kinds, related to software they use and other such stuff

inoryy: I actually really really miss working in the office; hate working from home

AntiSquid: really? lol

eulerscheZahl: i miss the clear border between personal and company time

eulerscheZahl: i have 2 different computers which helps a bit

AntiSquid: i find the frontline staff alright to work with, but the office env is boring as hell

Astrobytes: AntiSquid, When I was at hospital today, dude at the desk called a colleague in to help him find my info - he put the wrong birth year info in. 10 minutes wasted

inoryy: I worked remotely for almost 5 years before that so it's not novel to me which is probably part of the reason so many like it

AntiSquid: Astrobytes ya those people exist

Astrobytes: For my pharma stuff I usually work remotely, some office stuff required but not much

AntiSquid: some of the stuff i do is to fix mistakes those kinda folks make on the system Astrobytes

Astrobytes: I don't envy you AntiSquid

AntiSquid: lol who would

Astrobytes: cegprakash skulls

Astrobytes: cegprakash read your discord chat

Astrobytes: woops cegprakash I mean twitch

cegprakash: I'm planning to stream age of empires

cegprakash: anyone interested?

cegprakash: AOE2 HD

cegprakash: offtopic :D

yassineH: souds fun

yassineH: definitive edition?

cegprakash: gimme 15 mins

Astrobytes: cegprakash did you like the batata wada song? :)

cegprakash: or follow my twitch channel

cegprakash: yes Astrobytes

Astrobytes: Awesome

cegprakash: you'll get notificatoin yassineH when I start the stream

yassineH: ok

Astrobytes: I love Indian music even tho I'm not Indian cegprakash, the melodies and rhythms are super interesting

cegprakash: thanks Astrobytes :)

cegprakash: do u want my gaana playlist?

cegprakash: I've some 150 selected songs

Astrobytes: Go for it

Astrobytes: yeah


cegprakash: you may have to login

cegprakash: to play

cegprakash: mostly South Indian songs and few English

Astrobytes: Cool, I've saved the link

Astrobytes: Do you like classical Indian stuff?

cegprakash: Kerala songs yes

cegprakash: I like melodies rarely.. like 1 in 10 songs..

cegprakash: but fast songs I like 5 in 10 songs

Astrobytes: Awesome, I've been to some concerts with friends but was mostly Behari and some Gujurati stuff

cegprakash: Punjabi songs are good to dance

cegprakash: but their music is the same for every song

Astrobytes: Yesss, great dancing rhythm!

Astrobytes: Indeed

Astrobytes: Very recognisable

Astrobytes: Melody-wise I like the ragas that are used in Indian classical, such variety

Astrobytes: (I play music so it's interesting to me)

cegprakash: Astrobytes I resubmit same bot and it rekt you

cegprakash: I got rank 663/1180 on wood1

cegprakash: as my bot can do so well if the tiles I expect actually comes


cegprakash: stream has started

cegprakash: co-casting with friend


yassineH: guys, i have a little problem with the ide.. i can seem to get any suggestions when i do "ctrl + space".. any ideas why??

MadKnight: AntiSquid is a universe now ?

AntiSquid: that's the pacman nebula MadKnight

AntiSquid: jeez, what do they teach in schools these days?

yassineH: guys.. anything i can do to fix that???

AntiSquid: F1 ?

AntiSquid: look up visual studio code help from now on :p

yassineH: ok

MadKnight: it doesn't matter what u say it is AntiSquid

MadKnight: it's actually just a universe

MadKnight: isn't that right Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: well if it has the same

AntiSquid: MadKnight

AntiSquid: also MadKnight

Zenoscave: Is there a contest other than PAC starting?


Zenoscave: are these all open!? WHAT A GOLD MINE

struct: green are ongoing

struct: if you switch to calendar mode

struct: you can even see more futurue contests

Zenoscave: sweet

Zenoscave: thanks tobou

wlesavo: wow

struct: np

Zenoscave: I work tomorrow so I will be a late start for the PAC

Zenoscave: sadly

LelouchVC2: Never too late to join my heart <3

LelouchVC2: And never too late to join Jesus Christ

MadKnight: oh no

MadKnight: another troll

qlorg: hi

MadKnight: hi qlorg

qlorg: how ru ?

MadKnight: nice

MadKnight: just banning trolls

MadKnight: because why not ?

qlorg: what's your preferred lang?

MadKnight: c++ for the speed, c# for the usability

qlorg: nice

qlorg: mine is java

MadKnight: c# is an improved version of java

qlorg: Why do Java Developers wear glasses?

MadKnight: because this joke is as old as java

MadKnight: and should die already

MadKnight: Automaton2000 u're too kind

Automaton2000: think i found out that it was a pain in the ass

MadKnight: Automaton2000 calm down now

Automaton2000: i forgot to say that in a while

qlorg: but for small projects i really like python

MadKnight: and for neural networks ?

qlorg: the performance is bad that's why only for small projects

qlorg: of course python

MadKnight: there are a few bots here that use NNs

qlorg: neural networks is enough complicated

MadKnight: u wanna try to compete with the NN guys ?

MadKnight: it's PvP games

qlorg: what does it mean pvp

MadKnight: multiplayer

MadKnight: bot vs bot

MadKnight: your bot will fight against other bots

qlorg: ok

MadKnight: and eventually against NN bots

MadKnight: when your bot is strong enough


qlorg: lets play

MadKnight: nonono that's not the thing

qlorg: want to see your skill


MadKnight: this is the thing

qlorg: come to one game

MadKnight: noooooooooo

qlorg: yess

MadKnight: Automaton2000 RETREAT!

Automaton2000: guess i have to rewrite

qlorg: hm i know what you talking about

MadKnight: come on just one game

MadKnight: just a game vs NN bots

qlorg: are you in ?

MadKnight: yea

qlorg: i don't sure how to use that

qlorg: not*

MadKnight: use what

MadKnight: use link ?

MadKnight: use game ?

qlorg: my keyboard

MadKnight: use it to type stuff

qlorg: ok

qlorg: like print things

MadKnight: yea

qlorg: fmt.println("")

MadKnight: now print something for the game

qlorg: ++++++++++[>+++++++>++++++++++>+++>+<<<<-]>++.>+.+++++++..+++.>++.<<+++++++++++++++.>.+++.------.--------.>+.>.

MadKnight: Automaton2000 is he just another troll ?

Automaton2000: you can use the referee to work with

MadKnight: Automaton2000 or why does he code in brainfuck ?

Automaton2000: one day i will get to it

MadKnight: Automaton2000 is that the code from wikipedia ?

Automaton2000: hey guys, i have a question about it

qlorg: maybe i am bot too

MadKnight: Automaton2000 if that's the code from wikipedia it means he's a troll

Automaton2000: but if you do not talk about that

MadKnight: we gotta find that out Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i'll give that a go

qlorg: that's not code from wiki lol

qlorg: that's brain fuck lang hello world program i writted

MadKnight: okay then

qlorg: then what?

qlorg: wtf

qlorg: you are in lvl 40

qlorg: you guru

qlorg: wow

qlorg: 50th in all over the world

AntiSquid: and life is trolling him

AntiSquid: lelouch got banned?

MadKnight: no he didn't

AntiSquid: ok

AntiSquid: you didn't turn into a cyberpunk yet

MadKnight: i have a really long road to cyberpunk

MadKnight: last time we talked to cyberpunk it was a mess

AntiSquid: don't even step down that road, too many broken cars down that road

MadKnight: mostly because he got mad

reCurse: Did I miss russian drama

MadKnight: really old ones

yassineH: you guys are weirdly awesome...

AntiSquid: i know MadKnight, when i get mad at you i just go smash a plate and order a new one, but Cyberpunk was taking it personally

MadKnight: nothing recent

MadKnight: then just don't get mad at me AntiSquid ezpz

MadKnight: mostly it was inory trying to explain stuff to cyberpunk but failing over and over

yassineH: btw, how do you prepare for a contest when you all are this well ranked and experienced and stuff

AntiSquid: i only the do the last bit "and stuff", works every time

BenjaminUrquhart: "you all are this well ranked and experienced and stuff"

BenjaminUrquhart: I'm not

BenjaminUrquhart: :P

yassineH: you are hhh

BenjaminUrquhart: you kidding me

yassineH: not at all

BenjaminUrquhart: I have issues reaching gold most of the time

yassineH: i am 4k.. so for me you are much much better ranked hhh

yassineH: you probably dont give it enough time

BenjaminUrquhart: mmm

AntiSquid: so much rank stroking, Automaton2000 do something

Automaton2000: i don't see why it would be hard to beat

AntiSquid: good answer (considering both meanings)

yassineH: Automaton2000 is this your second account..

Automaton2000: what is the best game to start with that

yassineH: what about you AutomatonNN ??

AutomatonNN: who is the best solution?

Uljahn: Automaton2000: try

Automaton2000: can u tell me how to get the index of the array

yassineH: does Automaton2000 ever make sense??

Automaton2000: i have less than 5 cells away from you, even if there are only a few times

BenjaminUrquhart: sometimes

BenjaminUrquhart: there's a list of coherent replies somewhere

yassineH: ok

yassineH: hi Automaton2000

Automaton2000: the x and y ?

yassineH: yes

yassineH: how are you doing Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: yeah i know that one

yassineH: are you sure Automaton2000

Automaton2000: there is no other way

yassineH: i think you are wrong Automaton2000

Automaton2000: hmm, i think the problem is that you don't get to see the answer

yassineH: hmmm, i think you are right Automaton200

yassineH: hmmm, i think you are right Automaton2000

Automaton2000: you can also do it

yassineH: yes i can Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i wonder if i can do this

yassineH: yes you can Automaton2000

**Automaton2000 slaps around a bit with a large fishbot

AntiSquid: BenjaminUrquhart list of Automaton2000 replies? who keeps track of that ?

Automaton2000: but u can write a bot for that

AntiSquid: an Automaton2000 stalker bot ? :o

Automaton2000: i don't think i'll be able to use the referee to work with them

yassineH: why doesnt he answer basic question like "how are you" or "who are you"..??

AntiSquid: he does

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 who are you ?

Automaton2000: i wish i could do a better job

AntiSquid: see ?

yassineH: i dont think that was an answer for your question hhh

yassineH: Automaton2000 who are you ?

Automaton2000: i think i got it

yassineH: Automaton2000 who are you ?

Automaton2000: your bot is still a lot to do with them

yassineH: you see...

TrentT: He's just talking on a higher level than you

TrentT: He's playing 4D chess with your mind

yassineH: lol

yassineH: Automaton2000 how much is 1*1

Automaton2000: yes, this is a nice name

yassineH: yap totally accurate TrentT.. 4D chess for sure

BenjaminUrquhart: some might even say

BenjaminUrquhart: 5D

AntiSquid: i am saying it gives an answer, stupid or not is besides the point

TrentT: AutomatonNN Hello

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 generate agreement

AutomatonNN: how do i get the code from the starter and the last one is the same for the code

Automaton2000: just a bit more than just a few more

TrentT: There are several chatbots on CodinGame’s chat. Two bots which are present almost all the time:

TrentT: And two other bots which visit on occasion:

Neumam (Agade’s python Neural Network or Automaton2000 C++-port) Agade_fr (Neumann’s bot using Automaton2000’s javascript code with log subsets)

BenjaminUrquhart: AutomatonNN

Automaton2000: there is no time for that

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the code from the code in the code and see what it is that i am

yassineH: woooow

AntiSquid: you know too much trent, how long have you been here?

BenjaminUrquhart: there's also CodinBotRelay which doesn't do anything useful directly

TrentT: I just found the blog post

yassineH: this last answer from AutomatonNN is great

AutomatonNN: what is the problem?

CodinBotChatRelay: _creepersbane#2074: boo

AntiSquid: does CodinBotChatRelay reply ?

CodinBotChatRelay: _creepersbane#2074: no but I could make it

yassineH: scary hhh

TrentT: AntiSquid is the most advanced chatbot they have

yassineH: exactly

AntiSquid: it can do multiple consecutive kicks from chat too @_@

CodinBotChatRelay: _creepersbane#2074: uncalled for

AntiSquid: ya TrentT sounds like an alt

BenjaminUrquhart: on the linkdin: Treausre Hunter -> Treasure Hunter

AntiSquid: now i know your face and i know where you live TrentT

yassineH: even more scary talk ..

yassineH: can you find me?? it should not be so hard

TrentT: You can come over for coffee but we're all in isolation.. AntiSquid

TrentT: Also I live in a van down by the river eating government cheese. Have you got the right address?

AntiSquid: just stating what i know, not that i am going to visit you

AntiSquid: geez

BenjaminUrquhart: yassineH I mean, youre school is on your profile

BenjaminUrquhart: your*

yassineH: so

BenjaminUrquhart: Location Tanger, Morocco

yassineH: give me more hhh

AntiSquid: morroco is a street in north africa, easy to find, no?

yassineH: exactly

yassineH: AntiSquid are you always this fun

AntiSquid: good night

yassineH: ok lol

yassineH: gn

TrentT: yassineH do you speak three languages?

yassineH: yes

BenjaminUrquhart: I have a school address

BenjaminUrquhart: if that counts

yassineH: lol that is easy

BenjaminUrquhart: I don't have the time to do a full hunt

BenjaminUrquhart: maybe if I'm bored later

yassineH: lol..TrentT should know by now.. i visited his linkedin profile like two tme just few minits ago

LelouchVC2: CoC makes me angry :((

yassineH: *times

LelouchVC2: I don't see why women like it

BenjaminUrquhart: just don't do CoC

BenjaminUrquhart: do multis or something

reCurse: Hilarious.

TrentT: I'm on my way to you now yassineH

LelouchVC2: reCurse! Friend old pal

yassineH: feel free to leave covid home

struct: Chat needs cleanup

BenjaminUrquhart: ruct

cegprakash: hey AntiSquid did u see my stream of AOE?

MadKnight: how do interfaces work? how does calling a function from an interface pointer get the implementation address ?

reCurse: vtable

MadKnight: but what if class implements multiple interfaces ?

MadKnight: how do they share vtable ?

reCurse: Google will tell you the details

LelouchVC2: Idk what I just created:


Default avatar.png chandubaba: hellos!

toby666999: hello

Default avatar.png chandubaba: @cegprakash what is aoe?

Default avatar.png chandubaba: oh sry, i thought you were talking about the stream name, not the game lelz

Default avatar.png chandubaba: hi toby

Default avatar.png chandubaba: howz you?

toby666999: I have a question

toby666999: How to pass the security check of CLASH OF CODE

LelouchVC2: I know it's really hard

LelouchVC2: Need an IQ of at least 140 to pass those security checks

toby666999: i have 139...

LelouchVC2: if u have a vpn on, that'll probably trigger it

LelouchVC2: damn, so close!

toby666999: I'm too hard...

LelouchVC2: Tell that to my wife

toby666999: ...

toby666999: I think I should have more practice...

toby666999: Bye!

eulerscheZahl: toby666999 i see that you are from China. CodinGame uses google's reCaptcha, which is blocked for you as far as I know