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thibpat: I'm live streaming my progress on Twixt-PP! We'll focus on the minmax evaluation function to improve and optimize it even more!

cegprakash: for my company to appear in the leaderboard what is the minimum no. of participants needed? I wish my company to be in the leaderboard during spring challenge. I've even asked them to give me less work because I'm representing my company for this contest :P

MadKnight: u got a company now cegprakash ?

cegprakash: I work in 1

LelouchVC2: Rumor has it that when you reach rank 1, you become Bill Gates

LoGos: well well I found a bug in my bandas bot that reached 10th place. Can I now call it a feature?

LelouchVC2: Now you call it a design concept

LoGos: :ok_hand:

darkhorse64: Does it get higher now that you have fixed the bug. If not, it's a feature

LoGos: I'm testing it right now. The bug was bad I think. In my MCTS in UCT formula instead of parent's number of visits I used current best child's number of visits

LoGos: I'm suprised it worked

LelouchVC2: That's me when my code barely passes any clash tests, i submit, and i get 100% score

Default avatar.png braincoder2: how to change the thrust in coders strike back?

LoGos: What league?

LoGos: in silver you just change third value that you print

LoGos: between 0 and 100. That's the thrust

wlesavo: lol, new contribution based on MSmits homework

LoGos: may I have the link?


LoGos: thanks

Arnav-S: I am 1st in Wood 1 League Bot Programming, why am i not getting promoted

struct: you need to wait until submit completes

Arnav-S: ok thanks

Arnav-S: I though it was completed

Arnav-S: But it wasn't

Howdareu: i need help

Howdareu: am stuck on silver

Howdareu: on coders strike back

Howdareu: if u know c# please help


TrentT: Howdareu, is using the shield needed? How are the results without?

Howdareu: depends what i change the thrust to

Howdareu: i have put the thrust on 50

Howdareu: it makes wide turns

Howdareu: if i make it lower

Howdareu: i worry that it will be too slow

AntiSquid: hey Howdareu i like your username

Howdareu: thnx

TrentT: You can have create a list of checkpoints and after you have finished the first lap

TrentT: When the distance to the next checkpoint is less than X, you can start moving towards the next checkpoint.

Howdareu: ok

Howdareu: thnx

toby666999: I have a question How to pass the security check of CLASH OF CODE?

Default avatar.png vivax3794: just complete the captcha?

toby666999: what captcha?

toby666999: I can only see the prompt to complete the security check

toby666999: not captcha

Default avatar.png vivax3794: there should be a captcha, like this:

Uljahn: google captcha is blocked in china i guess

Uljahn: workaround is to use some vpn service

eulerscheZahl: or play less chashes

eulerscheZahl: clashes

reCurse: euler how long does it take you to write a multi on average?

eulerscheZahl: basic logic can be done on an afternoon for a simple game like onitama

eulerscheZahl: the UI is the hard work

reCurse: Did you try using pixi directly

eulerscheZahl: so as a total: 1 week for onitama (beside my daily job)

eulerscheZahl: not on the CG platform

reCurse: Ok

reCurse: What's the turn/time limit again?

eulerscheZahl: 30s for the total game (all players)

eulerscheZahl: and min. 50ms/turn

eulerscheZahl: thus 600 turns in total

reCurse: For all players

eulerscheZahl: that is actions. you can add empty frames or have frames with several players doing something

eulerscheZahl: 300 actions per player in 1 vs 1

reCurse: Ok

Uljahn: im sick of clash invite spam already, btw the thread seems to be relevant although it doesn't look so, pls rate

eulerscheZahl: i did already

Astrobytes: Same

Uljahn: thx

eulerscheZahl: great to see you back after 3 years of absence

Astrobytes: Beat me to it :/

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: meanwhile i hate codechef

Uljahn: i had nothing to say :smirk:

Astrobytes: Hate something specific on codechef or just codechef in general?

reCurse: meanwhile I hate clashers


eulerscheZahl: the last are supposed to be the hardest

Uljahn: yep, clashers are evil with their clash links in the chat

eulerscheZahl: but it seems there are just less testcases for the hard one. and a constant is killing me, not complexity for larger numbers

eulerscheZahl: i even submitted in C++

Astrobytes: Use D

cegprakash: I can stream during spring challenge if you guys wish

cegprakash: if you wish do a slash flip on chat

eulerscheZahl: go there

Astrobytes: A stream where cegprakash asks us what the rules are for 2 hours :D

eulerscheZahl: btw did you lose interest on topcoder cegprakash?

cegprakash: no why

cegprakash: that marathon was tough

eulerscheZahl: codechef even supports D :tada:

cegprakash: i read in forum squaring distance could have given better results

eulerscheZahl: you said even a stupid algo can find good results in the 10s given

cegprakash: send proper discord invite link eulerscheZahl

cegprakash: I don't have access to that channel

BenjaminUrquhart: I do tho

BenjaminUrquhart: it's a publci channel

cegprakash: wittyprakash#3571 this is my discord id

eulerscheZahl: then join it

eulerscheZahl: "join us on dicord"

eulerscheZahl: above the chat

cegprakash: I already have discord

cegprakash: so that link won't work for me

BenjaminUrquhart: did you join the discord server though

eulerscheZahl: it's the CG discord server, join it then go to the streaming channel

aCat: it will it's an invite link

cegprakash: what is server ID

eulerscheZahl: do you see the yellow text above the chat?

BenjaminUrquhart: click the big join us butto nabove web chat

cegprakash: I want a link like :



BenjaminUrquhart: bruh

cegprakash: got in

BenjaminUrquhart: :thumbsup:

eulerscheZahl: now locate the streaming channel

eulerscheZahl: and announce your stream there

eulerscheZahl: use for the time

eulerscheZahl: and date

Uljahn: i think streams past bronze shouldn't be allowed during contests :unamused:

Uljahn: sharing the code is forbidden but streams are not, sad

eulerscheZahl: i have no opinion on them

eulerscheZahl: but i don't watch as i usually consider it boring

reCurse: Like someone would bother with the trouble of retyping the code shown on stream lol

AntiSquid: you can skip through it and get the solution / idea very quickly

reCurse: So forbid chat during contest? :thinking:

AntiSquid: you don't need to retype it ... especially not exactly as it is

AntiSquid: and what if someone does retype? i don't see how that's more of an issue

AntiSquid: few ideas scattered here and there in the chat doesn't give away an entire bot though and streaming top 100 bot for the current leaderboard is just annoying for the participants

reCurse: Well if you're going to compare at least compare right

reCurse: Anyone in top 100 could exactly tell what he's doing

reCurse: That's just as "damaging"

MSmits: it is, so don't :)

reCurse: Whether it's stream or chat makes no difference in content

MSmits: it makes a bit of difference if it is an official CG stream

reCurse: It is the official CG chat

MSmits: you dont want them to encourage it

MSmits: yes, but it's open

MSmits: it's not the same as putting 1 or 2 players up on a stream

reCurse: Were we even talking about official CG stream though?

MSmits: no idea

aCat: top top people usually do not stream at all - they are too busy with real coding

aCat: and ideas are nice to spread around

MSmits: usually

AntiSquid: whether you might consider top 100 little or no effort, the stream gives away too much if it shows how to make a bot to get there

aCat: you remember someone who did?

MSmits: I think they should show how to get out of wood, but nothing beyond that ofc

AntiSquid: either it's a contest or a learning experience where you share all the way

reCurse: I'm willing to bet money it won't make it happen

AntiSquid: Acat well i think there was 1 or 2 legend streams, no idea how much of the actual bot was shared though

aCat: hmm, I sadly missed them then :(

MSmits: I would really prefer if they did do a good stream though, for my students, if I get any joining that is

MSmits: the game might be too hard for them otherwise

MSmits: just to give them the experience of getting out of wood and experiment from then on

AntiSquid: "if they did"

AntiSquid: MSmits imo just direct your students to thibpat who does a simple if-else bot from what i could see

MSmits: never saw his streams. Does he speak clearly?

struct: oh prizes announced

aCat: thibpat is ok

AntiSquid: he posts the links on discord MSmits

MSmits: ah

struct: He speaks clearly yes

MSmits: cool

struct: he is french, but his english is good

AntiSquid: i think he is clear enough and don't think your kids will have difficulties understanding a french accent

aCat: had some lacks in bot-programming knowledge

MSmits: thats nice

MSmits: some contests though, are really hard to write if else bots for

AntiSquid: wait acat, what do yo umean by that?

AntiSquid: didn't he rank higher? why do you say he is lacking :p

darkhorse64: He wrote a top 100 OOC bot

aCat: I mean he does things with simple methods which is great

MSmits: thats pretty good

aCat: eee?

AntiSquid: oh nvm, he ranked lower than you aCat, sorry, my bad, but he still did quite well

aCat: ooc top 100?

aCat: lower than me

darkhorse64: lemme check

AntiSquid: probably top 100 gold ?

aCat: that's actually new codingame grading scale

aCat: ;(

AntiSquid: overall 169

aCat: lower than acat, higher than acat

MSmits: tracking the opponent in ooc is not basic coding, even top gold needed some tracking

AntiSquid: acat 119

aCat: ;(;(

MSmits: simple if else is not enough

AntiSquid: even bottom wood needed some trackig you mean

MSmits: heh yeah, i guess so

aCat: ok - you will learn something about game and coding

aCat: bot not about algos

MSmits: i dont mind that for my students

aCat: mm, evo, mects etc

MSmits: most won't even be able to do oop

aCat: he is not into that

AntiSquid: i got out of wood before the nerf, that was the most ridiculously strong wood boss so far :D

darkhorse64: I did not attend his streams, only Illedan's

aCat: in other cases he is nice as he is very communicative

AntiSquid: wanted to do a quick submit to see full rules, but didn't happen ...

aCat: I attend a few and put my input on a few things

MSmits: is evo = ga?

MSmits: acat?

aCat: yeah

MSmits: ah ok

aCat: I mean evolutionary algorithms is like a more general domain than genetic algorithms

MSmits: btw if anyone cared. I stopped stc for now, bitboard approach was too slow and needs a rewrite. I am doing PR1 now

aCat: and what people here use is mostly formally close to rolling horizon evolution (RHEA)

aCat: :P

reCurse: I kind of want to do a proper sequel to stc

aCat: oh PR1 i wanted to try some day

aCat: still sad PR2 is not in league mode yet

IAmNoob: anyone knows wahts about this new pacman

IAmNoob: thingy

AntiSquid: it's a contest and good morning

AntiSquid: :D

MSmits: pr1 has some haters, but it's mostly because competitively it is a bad game. But just to code a bot for, it is not that bad

MSmits: kinda fun imho

IAmNoob: i knew antisqiud

IAmNoob: but how it will be played

reCurse: PR2 is the only good PR

aCat: So i will be interested in your insights Smits some day ;-)

aCat: reCurse so it's not in league

reCurse: So what

AntiSquid: you want to know all the details before contest starts IAmNoob ? 99% of the participants won't know until it starts, i can bet on that :p

MSmits: reCurse I knew that you felt that way, and I probably will find PR2 to be better also. But I want a legend bot in both :)

aCat: *so why

IAmNoob: :)

IAmNoob: ok

IAmNoob: thx

IAmNoob: you are the 1%?

AntiSquid: no

IAmNoob: ok

reCurse: Will be hard to be legend in no league multi

AntiSquid: i can only guess what the game is, just like everyone else ...

MSmits: true

IAmNoob: yeah

MSmits: legend PR1, top 100 pr2

MSmits: or better in pr-2 if i see more potential

reCurse: It's not bitboard friendly though

reCurse: You should do something else

MSmits: lol, maybe I like the fact that i can't do bitboards on this.

reCurse: Masochism? :o

MSmits: it's mostly that I won;t be thinking all day: "what if i bitboarded this? "

IAmNoob: is it possible to derank

IAmNoob: ?

Default avatar.png JBM: what's derank

IAmNoob: from 9 to 8

IAmNoob: sooori mai inglisch

aCat: no it's not

IAmNoob: ok

IAmNoob: thx

MSmits: also, right before a contest, it is good to brush up on some C# oop... I might need it. All this high-performance bitboard stuff on board games doesnt exactly make you any good in a real contest

Default avatar.png JBM: what does "moving from 9 to 8" mean?

IAmNoob: bruh

Default avatar.png JBM: bruh

reCurse: Really? It helped me in coif

MSmits: yes, that exception crossed my mind

AntiSquid: IAmNoob ignore these low level no-avatar people

pmor: I contemplated using bitboards for OOC...did you see much benefit from using them?

MSmits: but generally it doesnt help

IAmNoob: ok

AntiSquid: you can derank, but you can't get demoted to lower league

MSmits: well i guess it helped in ooc also

AntiSquid: does that make sense?

MSmits: point is, i dont need more bitboard practice right now :P

IAmNoob: 75%

IAmNoob: but this one

reCurse: I thought you saw that less as practice and more as a way of life

IAmNoob: is level 45

IAmNoob: 43*

MSmits: lol

MSmits: true

AntiSquid: IAmNoob it was a joke @_@

IAmNoob: ok:)

IAmNoob: how you type red?

MSmits: like this IAmNoob

AntiSquid: will have to add #joke next time ??

Default avatar.png JBM: you need a higher level IAmNoob

MSmits: yes IAmNoob

IAmNoob: ok ok ok ok

**jacek hmm?

MSmits: IAmNoob

MSmits: type your own name

jacek: YesYouAre

IAmNoob: MSmits

Default avatar.png JBM: be narcissistic IAmNoob

MSmits: thats my name

MSmits: now type your own

IAmNoob: IAmNoob :)))

MSmits: what color is it

AntiSquid: but it won't show up in red .

IAmNoob: white

MSmits: it wont ?

MSmits: damn

MSmits: well that's confusing him more then

AntiSquid: someone else needs to mention you

IAmNoob: You guys are such a troll

AntiSquid: :/

AntiSquid: it wasn't a troll

Default avatar.png JBM: i thought that was you

IAmNoob: #joke

MSmits: IAmNoob, we hope you guessed by now that everyone who mentiones your name shows their text in red

MSmits: mentions

IAmNoob: i got it

MSmits: kk

IAmNoob: thx

MSmits: anyone other questions we can troll you about?

IAmNoob: :)

MSmits: will you be in the contest?

IAmNoob: yes

MSmits: thats cool

IAmNoob: i'll try

MSmits: oh btw. I won't be on chat much, but do PM me if there's any student of mine misbehaving or something

MSmits: or my colleague. I will slap him too

MSmits: :P

IAmNoob: :P

MSmits: usually during contest I try to stay off chat during first 5 days

IAmNoob: ok

IAmNoob: weird

MSmits: i need a lot of time to get a good bot going

MSmits: so i have no time to chat

AntiSquid: and about saturday night, latest, you can see him in chat spamming paragraphs of ideas IAmNoob

MSmits: this is true

IAmNoob: :)

AntiSquid: so that 5 days thing isn't true

MSmits: the second saturday :P

MSmits: well i guess in ooc i shared a bit more. I knew I wasn't going to be top 10 there anyway

MSmits: and didnt have any special tricks to keep hidden

reCurse: But think of all the people you undeservedly gave legend

MSmits: if they got it, they deserved it. That gold boss was hard

AntiSquid: lol ^

AntiSquid: way besides the point

MSmits: when i was doing XR, I didn't share anything. I think at most I said I was using bitboards

MSmits: ow right, another contest with bitboards =/

IAmNoob: i think it will be hard

IAmNoob: tha pac-man bot

MSmits: I have no idea

IAmNoob: with all the phantoms

IAmNoob: ghosts*

MSmits: the art usually tells you very little about what the game will be

IAmNoob: and the fruit eating

IAmNoob: no art

IAmNoob: i think at pac-man

MSmits: it could be a game like streetfighter with pacmans instead of Ken and Ryu

IAmNoob: not at poster

reCurse: Is there seriously any doubt it's not pac man at this point?

AntiSquid: depends MSmits, think about xr kind of a dead giveaway

MSmits: what do you mean AntiSquid?

AntiSquid: the hint was too strong

reCurse: Besides didn't someone find the "secret" playground of pacman? Probably based off that too

AntiSquid: well in pacman it should be even more obvious

reCurse: Too bad I forgot the rules

AntiSquid: well more like it stayed online for 2 years or so

AntiSquid: only zarthaxx submitted there :D

MSmits: who made that

AntiSquid: CG

MSmits: I see

MSmits: if it is pacman derived, there will probably be lots of BFS

MSmits: like kutulu

AntiSquid: ya

IAmNoob: yeah

IAmNoob: Graph theory

MSmits: I wouldn't represent pacman maze as a graph though

MSmits: unless it is really sparse

IAmNoob: yeah

IAmNoob: we'll se

struct: I played a bit of last pac mans just to see what changed

struct: and game has a lot of different stuff

MSmits: what did it have?

struct: jumps

IAmNoob: i havent play pac-man since 1000 years

reCurse: There's looparound in pacman :upside_down:

AntiSquid: do you mean pacman 2 ?

AntiSquid: struct

struct: Bombs that take you to start

IAmNoob: i think the contest will be about the old pacman

struct: It was the onje free on steam

AntiSquid: ghost trains!

struct: yeah

AntiSquid: it's still free until 10th of may afaik

AntiSquid: it has some velocity element also

MSmits: physics?

struct: The game just keeps getting faster

MSmits: oh ok

IAmNoob: thats a thing

AntiSquid: well not just that, if you go in a straight line you keep accelerating

MSmits: how would that work in a turnbased game though

AntiSquid: well if they do it like RAIC ...

MSmits: no idea... raic seemed messy is all i knew

IAmNoob: if there will be in the contst like antisquid says it will be hard

struct: cg wants to be begginer friendly

MSmits: I just saw games euler posted where he was mowing people down

reCurse: Statement comes with a frame data table

AntiSquid: well 3 more days so w/e

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: csb is such an interesting challenge...

reCurse: inb4 people raging

IAmNoob: yeah

MSmits: oh it is interesting. I just like other games more :)

IAmNoob: is there not an option to deselect to auto-opening chat of a clash code?

reCurse: Oh wow they created new notifications to make clash invites even more obnoxious

reCurse: Thanks CG I hate it

AntiSquid: add ?disableChat at the end of your URL IAmNoob

IAmNoob: ok thx

Default avatar.png rmuskovets: edge-case)

LoGos: Hi! I want to practica GA. Which puzzle/contest would you recommend?

darkhorse64: Mars Lander

aCat: Ash vs Zombies is simpler

LoGos: Code vs Zombies?

LoGos: I dont think I am in mood to implement physics for mars lander

darkhorse64: 10 lines of code for me

aCat: its also optim puzzle - engine is really simple

LoGos: if you say so

LoGos: aren't there collisions with rotations?

LoGos: Never actually tried it

darkhorse64: My engine:


aCat: darkhorse64 :*

aCat: physics is my issue ;p

LoGos: :kissing: thanks

darkhorse64: You probably will find it on the forum too

darkhorse64: That's the easiest part

LoGos: I remember why I didn't do it before. How does physics work in these games? Is each turn a single frame? If so how what is a time between these frames?

eulerscheZahl: the code vs zombies engine is a nightmare

MSmits: dt = 1

MSmits: vx = dx

MSmits: ax = dvx

eulerscheZahl: i didn't save the input to reproduce it. but i managed to be on the same Y coordinate as the zombie (ash being the closest target). yet the zombie went 1 down as well, not only to the side

LoGos: MSmits thanks

LoGos: darkhorse64 you too

MSmits: np, for more details, look at the csb referee

MSmits: especially the collisons can be complicated

darkhorse64: One fair advice: start with Mars Lander 1 because it's one dimensional. It can be solved with a one liner but you can also try a GA on it

eulerscheZahl: while True: print("0 3\n0 4")

AntiSquid: is there cvz referee?

reCurse: Invalid output :P

reCurse: Didn't you leak that one too?

eulerscheZahl: then 3 0\n4 0?

reCurse: 2 \n

AntiSquid: no idea

struct: \n

eulerscheZahl: no AntiSquid, you forgot to leak that one

reCurse: Half-dick move

AntiSquid: hm not sure i ever had it, not all refs were available

darkhorse64: My one liner is a bit longer

darkhorse64: but works

AntiSquid: hey if you have it share it instead of calling me a dick

reCurse: I tend to respect agreements :P

reCurse: Sorry

eulerscheZahl: reCurse respects CG

eulerscheZahl: and is a fast typist

struct: How did the leak even happened?

struct: Is this fine to ask?

eulerscheZahl: AntiSquid got the referees for BotG

eulerscheZahl: in the preparation

reCurse: During CCs CG shared a bunch of referees to authors

reCurse: The first thing we asked during MM is if we can make them public

AntiSquid: folder of stuff shared on slack

reCurse: They said no please don't

reCurse: Then AntiSquid did it anyway

reCurse: End of story

eulerscheZahl: :popcorn:

AntiSquid: they never said that to us

reCurse: I guess it's the old "easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission"

AntiSquid: also not sure if it wasn't posted in main chat or just the team chat, if it was in main slack chat then about 50 people should have it and they kept it only for themselves

reCurse: I wasn't on that slack, there was one dedicated for MM

reCurse: Anyway we asked and got denied

reCurse: So I'm not sharing anything because of that

reCurse: Not because "I keep it to myself"

reCurse: And yes cvz is in there

AntiSquid: ya but my team was after yours, anyways no idea how many people got it

MSmits: it's normal now to have a referee for each contest anyway

reCurse: We made the same argument

eulerscheZahl: but that doesn't make old referees public domain

cegprakash: hey

struct: I think its just a matter of respect

cegprakash: I plan to test streaming using clash of code

AntiSquid: from memory i am quite sure i shared everything apart from some puzzle referees (shadow of the knight ? and such)

MSmits: of course eulerscheZahl, I don't mean it's right to leak, I just mean I am not sorry it got leaked

cegprakash: once the washing machine in my room finishes I'll start the stream

eulerscheZahl: agreed

eulerscheZahl: didn't you want to stream the contest?

cegprakash: yes

eulerscheZahl: it hasn't started yet

AntiSquid: if i don't share i am a dick, because i shared i did something wrong, well can't win eh ?

cegprakash: clash of code is for testing purposes

cegprakash: before the stream

Astrobytes: Can't you just sing a song or something instead of CoC cegprakash? ;)

eulerscheZahl: can you invite AntiSquid while streaming?

cegprakash: lol

struct: who would say that uyou are a dick for not sharing?

reCurse: No one

MSmits: I got a good song cegprakash

cegprakash: I can play some nice music

Astrobytes: Here goes Aladdin aagain

MSmits: :P

AntiSquid: i was told it's half dick move for not sharing something i have no idea if i even have struct

reCurse: You understood it the wrong way around

MSmits: is half dick even a real insult?

reCurse: The full move would have been to share everything

AntiSquid: ya ok, did anyone else share it?

reCurse: My mistake is I thought you had the same archive

reCurse: But guess not

AntiSquid: it's not about the insult, it's about what is implied MSmits

MSmits: ahhh

MSmits: size matters?

reCurse: Always

AntiSquid: :/

eulerscheZahl: then a low compression rate format such as zip is better than 7z?

MSmits: dont worry about it AntiSquid... it's history now isnt it, isnt this years ago?

cegprakash: starting now


reCurse: Depends if you're golfing or not

MSmits: Celine Dion is ok too

AntiSquid: MSmits i just asked if there was a cvz referee, that's all, the past wasn't brought up by me

reCurse: No it's not and never has been :p

Default avatar.png HDviews: can't get past loops

Default avatar.png HDviews: fuck es tis

AntiSquid: apparently there is and i can't find it MSmits

MSmits: hmm let me see

struct: cegprakash we can see yes

AntiSquid: well whatever, the test cases are up so, that's better probably ?

struct: The only "hard" part is the movement imo

struct: rest is trivial

Astrobytes: omg he's playing CEline Dion

Astrobytes: We hear you cegprakash!

struct: 3 hours titanic

AntiSquid: cegprakash play panjabi heavy metal or something similar

MSmits: AntiSquid I found a bunch of referees, but no zombies

eulerscheZahl: that's a boring clash problem

MSmits: cegprakash when are you going to sing the titanic song. The mustic has been going on for a while now

MSmits: music

foxbel: hello guys

reCurse: Or do the flute version

foxbel: go maincraft

AntiSquid: mein craft ?

MSmits: lol

reCurse: oh boy

foxbel: :)

eulerscheZahl: is that all free music or will we see a kick from twitch soon?

Astrobytes: GoT OST.... not sure that's PD

AntiSquid: there is no kick for that afaik

AntiSquid: you just get your audio muted for the recorded video

AntiSquid: or parts of the audio

reCurse: Pretty much

reCurse: So doesn't matter if you keep your VOD locally

reCurse: To upload on youtube

eulerscheZahl: and he's not firm of the python syntax

eulerscheZahl: "n1 and n2 have the same number of digits"

eulerscheZahl: ceg not reading the statement once again :D

Astrobytes: hehehehe

struct: ha

AntiSquid: copy paste statement in chat ?

AntiSquid: bit by bit, see what happens

struct: I still remembe this clash

struct: this is sub 15s clash for sure

eulerscheZahl: you are mean struct

eulerscheZahl: saying that 7min into the clash

struct: I mean after 3k clashes or something

struct: Your mind just triggers when you see the answer

struct: I would only see the first 1 or 2 test cases and know the answer if I had done it before

AntiSquid: a | b ?

struct: There were many repeated clashes tat that time

struct: yes antiqsuid

eulerscheZahl: and now he codes an XOR?

eulerscheZahl: read the statement. saves so much trouble

eulerscheZahl: but i'm well entertained

AntiSquid: he should stop recording the chat :/

LelouchVC2: Statement: Code 3 people walking into a nigerian prince's home.

cegprakash: was I any good?

struct: Did he end it?

struct: :(

AntiSquid: the audio is very poor cegprakash, the music is too loud

eulerscheZahl: already over :(

cegprakash: that's what I was asking

AntiSquid: also most streamers don't record chat

eulerscheZahl: helps me to understand your way of thinking and the questions you ask on chat

Astrobytes: You asked if we could hear you :P

cegprakash: if I reduce video volume it should be fine I guess

Astrobytes: But yeah, maybe turn the music down a little bit more

eulerscheZahl: i agree, music is as loud as you are. i find it distracting

AntiSquid: do you need the music cegprakash ?

AntiSquid: maybe speak louder if you have music?

cegprakash: will reduce music during actual stream

cegprakash: just have to reduce volume on youtube

Astrobytes: I could hear ceg just fine, just the music was a bit much

AntiSquid: well the music was as loud as he was

eulerscheZahl: i tend to rage-quit when there is music

cegprakash: I was loud as well?

Astrobytes: You were loud enough is what I mean

cegprakash: I need some good music during stream

Astrobytes: The music should be lower compared to your voice

AntiSquid: ^

Uljahn: keyboard and mouse clicks were loud too

Uljahn: also looks like audio bitrate was low or comression was too high

cegprakash: oh

cegprakash: don't know how to fix that I already reduced noise from my end

AntiSquid: just do more clashes, record them all and only play recordings that you find good? :p

AntiSquid: or stream a puzzle so you can talk about it and have time to read statement ?

Uljahn: large noise reduction could screw audio too

eulerscheZahl: i'm fine if i can hear typing

cegprakash: yeah I type loud and I use the mic in my laptop

cegprakash: don't know how to remove keyboard noice and mouse clicks

cegprakash: *noise

Uljahn: probably impossible in this setup

Astrobytes: Ah it's the laptop mic, you can't do much with that tbh. I don't mind clicks/keyboards

Uljahn: yep, me too

AntiSquid: headset with mic, but personally don't mind the typing

struct: If your card support RTX

struct: There is the audio thing

struct: :)

cegprakash: My headphones mic doesn't work that's why I use laptop mic.. I'm rewatching stream now.. it's saved

Default avatar.png Lopear: Hi

foxbel: Gitler

Default avatar.png Lopear: Hi

LelouchVC2: That moment when you thought a shortest code clash was a fastest clash

eulerscheZahl: did you win by speed?

LelouchVC2: I submitted first, but only realized it was a short code contest when I processed the message I already okayed xD

cegprakash: the music was nice till it was titanic during the stream

cegprakash: when I changed to light of the seven it screwed the stream

Astrobytes: cegprakash I hope you are not using this as an excuse to stream the Titanic soundtrack :D

cegprakash: yeah I will use titanic

cegprakash: or find me such nice cute tracks

LelouchVC2: Take this moment to stream 70s hit music

Astrobytes: lol, I can hardly wait :P

AntiSquid: you can search for royalty free music, people won't know what you like cegprakash

Astrobytes: Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagist, Bloodbath, all nice, soothing, cute music

AntiSquid: i do like 80s and 90s

cegprakash: I actually have a nice playlist I use to dance in my zumba classes :

LelouchVC2: I particularly like drowingpool "bodies"

cegprakash: I can use that

AntiSquid: you should use your cultural advantage and play panjab cegprakash and try to look a bit happier

Astrobytes: Play whatever you want cegprakash, just keep the volume pretty low

eulerscheZahl: can you play this cegprakash?

Quidome: 02:21:42

Astrobytes: lol

cegprakash: AntiSquid I turned of fan so I was sweating

cegprakash: the fan in my room is bit noisy..

cegprakash: yes I'll smile more

cegprakash: I was too serious with clash of code time constraint

Astrobytes: Hey, you were laughing sometimes :)

cegprakash: Jeez eulerscheZahl I thought someone was knocking the door

Quidome: Are the rules of the new contest leaked somwhere :P

cegprakash: I had to pause and resume several times to make sure it's coming from youtube or outside

Astrobytes: lol

struct: No shirts this time?

Astrobytes: Are you gonna do Wood -> Bronze or just Wood cegprakash?

cegprakash: mostly just wood.. I am a slow guy

struct: I was expecting wood -> 1st

cegprakash: yes I'll reach 1st though

AntiSquid: struct maybe it's because of the top 3 schools / companies ?

Astrobytes: On the last day of the contest ;)

cegprakash: just that I'll be slow

cegprakash: can't have a stream that long

struct: I guess, the personalized glass seems like a nice prize too

AntiSquid: i find CG is hard to stream while making it entertaining and CG staff always do it in 2, one writes and the other one types

AntiSquid: i mean one talks the other one types :D

Astrobytes: hehehe

Astrobytes: Was juuuust about to pick you up on that :D

eulerscheZahl: i think i should change my company before the next contest

Astrobytes: Why?

eulerscheZahl: no way to reach any rank there without colleagues competing

AntiSquid: ask for special inscription on the glass if yours wins: "euler carried"

Insufficient: hey guys in case its of interest i'm teaching myself searches for the first time and fyi Kaggle has a minimax tutorial course within its minicourse: 'Intro to Game AI and Reinforcement Learning'

LelouchVC2: Thank you for that time relevant information

AntiSquid: it is

Astrobytes: Insufficient, nice one. If you have any search-related questions you can ask on chat here too, lots of experienced people

Astrobytes: 1st prize - Samsung curved led monitor, I've never used a curved monitor. They any good?

eulerscheZahl: no idea, me answering is like 2 blind talking about the color

eulerscheZahl: but no tshirts :(

eulerscheZahl: my chances to reach top3 are minimal, while top20 is doable

Astrobytes: Speaking of colour, I'm colour-blind and your CG-Funge optim hurts my brain

Astrobytes: I have to put it full screen to be able to read it

eulerscheZahl: so you can't read this?

eulerscheZahl: sorry, didn't consider that when creating CGFunge :(

eulerscheZahl: me and graphics isn't working well

Astrobytes: I can just make it out

Astrobytes: I won't repeat what it says here

MSmits: I was wondering what a color bund is for a while

eulerscheZahl: referee is on github, PRs are welcome ;)

Astrobytes: lol, I'll put it on my TODO list

kovi: i have more problem with stack size

kovi: oh, prizes'

AntiSquid: Astrobytes what kind of color blind?

Astrobytes: red-green

struct: Is Yavalath fine_

struct: ?

LelouchVC2: ouch

Astrobytes: Yavalath is fine yeah

LelouchVC2: I had a color blind friend who'd I constantly ask him what color things were

Astrobytes: Yeah, I used to punch people who did that

AntiSquid: but but you were a chef !? i mean i assume you need good eye for presentation

Astrobytes: I'm colour blind AntiSquid not fucking blind

Astrobytes: :D

struct: Everyone in CG was a chef at some point?

Astrobytes: Not like I was serving purple sauces and shit

eulerscheZahl: i can cook noodles

Default avatar.png chandanagrawal23: join all

Astrobytes: Just me and squiddy afaik struct

AntiSquid: well hard to imagine what the world looks like to a color blind person

Astrobytes: Same as it does for you

reCurse: Aren't there color filters simulating that

eulerscheZahl: easier to imagine than the other way

Astrobytes: Just differentiating some shades of certain colours is a challenge

AntiSquid: it's not the same, when you work in an environment where color is important (imo)

AntiSquid: @reCurse

Astrobytes: Well, I couldn't be an electrician put it that way ;)

Default avatar.png trace..: fuck your self man......

AntiSquid: ok then what

struct: :(

AntiSquid: he didn't answer in time

Astrobytes: AntiSquid I never ever had any issues while cheffing

reCurse: I meant the other way around, to see what it looks like to a color blind person

reCurse: I think that's how they do accessibility

Astrobytes: The best test for accessibility (colour wise) is making sure you have colour-blind people on your testing team

reCurse: Sure but that's not always possible

Astrobytes: True

reCurse: Not to mention you need to cover all 3 or 4 of types

AntiSquid: you might need 2-3 different color palettes ? different color blindness different needs? not sure

MSmits: I remember playing some soccer game on nintendo, some old fifa game, against a color blind person. Easy win

Astrobytes: Some forms of colour-blindness literally mean that people can only see in a strict range of colours. I see all colours, it can just be hard to distinguish between them sometimes, or correctly classify them

AntiSquid: i played console on black and white TV MSmits :D

MSmits: nice

reCurse: I think there's post fx to simulate those so you can design accordingly

eulerscheZahl: there are funny fails with testers not covering all edge cases

LelouchVC2: Yea, he did punch me once

LelouchVC2: All in good fun <3

Astrobytes: The search engine company I worked for back in the day got in several rounds of focus-group type testers, for accessibility + useability

Astrobytes: Was useful.

Astrobytes: Shame they didn't do that when they first launched the site as the bgcolor was #FF6600

Astrobytes: Can't find the old version, but that orange up the top here:

LelouchVC2: If you use Windows, you can make it so your whole screen outputs with a filter for your color blindess

Astrobytes: LelouchVC2 Unless I'm trying to guess a colour it doesn't bother me enough to need a filter ;)

Default avatar.png TheCaptainTraveller_d2b8: Im Not an expert at code :disappointed_relieved:

LelouchVC2: Neither is captain america

MSmits: lol, my first submission in PR-1 and I'm at least getting to silver

MSmits: is it supposed to be this easy?

LoGos: PR?

Jasperr: Platinum Rift

LoGos: thx

AntiSquid: public reputation

MSmits: seems like a fun game to me

Astrobytes: Pull request

MSmits: lots of games vs Zarthax

Astrobytes: Thought you were doing STC MSmits?

MSmits: I timed my bitboard implementation with floodfill and it sucked

MSmits: so have to rewrite it

Astrobytes: Ah ok

MSmits: I preferred to do something that helps me with next contest

MSmits: doing some C#... I practice too little

Astrobytes: Without bitboards?

MSmits: yeah, the PR games have no use for that

MSmits: also I am very inexperienced with multi-agent games

Default avatar.png xDDD: why the descent is so easy?

Astrobytes: wrt your STC rewrite I meant

MSmits: oh

Astrobytes: Or just more efficient floodfill

MSmits: well I'll use a bitboard for somewhat quicker BFS (to store visited cells), but not for the board itself

MSmits: i'll use int8_t

MSmits: like struct said

LelouchVC2: I feel like I deserve a trophy every time I beat a python coder

Astrobytes: Yep. Makes more sense to me for STC

MSmits: haha, just learn python

MSmits: i did it pretty quickly, so can you

Astrobytes: BB seems like overkill

LelouchVC2: <3 thanks. I'll get to it over the summer when my classes are over ;-;

MSmits: well it would have been worth it if the floodfill was fast, but I'm starting to think BB floodfill just sucks in most cases

Astrobytes: You can do it LelouchVC2

LelouchVC2: I'll do it for you daddy :))

Astrobytes: If you can do a fast BB BFS you can do a fast BB floodfill surely MSmits

MSmits: LelouchVC2, the way i did it was i had 30 unsolved easy puzzles over the last summer and I just did them all while I was on vacation, in python

MSmits: no, i dont mean like that Astrobytes

MSmits: i mean parallel floodfill

Astrobytes: Ah gotcha

MSmits: shift all columns and rows to flood many cells at once

LelouchVC2: Oh, that sounds like a nice idea, thanks a lot! I'll do a crash course in a day, then spend the rest solving puzzles with it :))

Astrobytes: Yeah I remember

MSmits: i think the parallel floodfill works great on filling large areas, but it sucks for small ones or long corridors

Astrobytes: That does seem costly if applied to STC

MSmits: it should be ok for tron

MSmits: depending on the situation on the board that is

Astrobytes: Yes, like you were doing for OOC. And would work for Tron - but you're goign to bitboard Tron?!

Astrobytes: I really don't see the need for that

MSmits: I already have a bitboard for tron :P

MSmits: thats what my bot is. Not sure if it sucks because its a bitboard or whatever it is

Astrobytes: If it can be bitboarded, you will bitboard it

Astrobytes: I should know by now

MSmits: I actually did this a long time ago though, I think after kutulu

MSmits: or right before even

MSmits: it's my only live minimax on any leaderboard

MSmits: but it only got gold

Astrobytes: Fix it

MSmits: Platinum Rift - Episode 1

Promotion to Silver League in :

00H 26MN 16SC

Astrobytes: What is that game about again?

MSmits: I'll fix tron eventually

MSmits: oh, it's a risk game basically

MSmits: the board game risk

Astrobytes: Oh right the territory thing

MSmits: I've never done a game like that

Astrobytes: I love Risk

MSmits: I meant a multi agent game, like halite and such

MSmits: many AI's to control at once

MSmits: also basically non-searchable

Astrobytes: Yeah I know what you meant

MSmits: kk... I love risk too btw

Astrobytes: Is it fun?

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: people who complain about it, complain mostly because at the top the game is more about luck with the start

MSmits: but that doesn't mean you can't have fun writing a bot to get there

Astrobytes: Nice. Must do something one day (add to infinite TODO list)

MSmits: yeah, this is actually a faster bot to write

Astrobytes: Come to think of it, not played Risk in ages. Last time was in Sweden a few years ago

MSmits: the thing is that you dont actually have to code the entire game like you would in mean max and fantastic bits

MSmits: and even if you had to, its fairly simple

Astrobytes: Yeah, just predict what you have to and no more

MSmits: right

MSmits: mmh i wonder how high i will get in silver, i beat bronze at 35.85 vs 31.97

Astrobytes: Probably about halfway up depending on number of broken bots, it's quite an old multi right?

MSmits: I am guessing I will get stuck a few places under boss

MSmits: it's an old multi yeah

Astrobytes: halfway up+

MSmits: I dont see broken bots

MSmits: just bad bots

Astrobytes: Oh nice

Astrobytes: They could be broken tho

Astrobytes: Language updates make them timeout at certain turns etc

MSmits: ahh ok

MSmits: yeah maybe

MSmits: just noticed i have timeouts too

Astrobytes: Missed an edge case?

MSmits: it happens when I conquered whole continents


MSmits: I'm pink

MSmits: p2

struct: you mean red right?

MSmits: whatever that color is, sure

AntiSquid: foxtria

MSmits: that's a color?

Astrobytes: It's a very pink-y red depending what angle you look at it on my monitor at least :P

AntiSquid: fuchsia - don't care

MSmits: there's a lot of discussion about color today

struct: Yeah, but there is also pink, thats why i got a bit confused

AntiSquid: too many weird color names

MSmits: I just know maybe 10 color names

MSmits: when people start throwing magenta around, I lose focus

AntiSquid: really irritating, if you don't get the initial lucky roll ro beat all, then you have to slowly climb the ladder and go around ranks which you beat most of the time

MSmits: do you mean PR-1 specifically, or just any multi?

AntiSquid: about any multi with big league

MSmits: ah yes, that's true

Astrobytes: Yeah that's a general case for sure

MSmits: one thing you can do is just make a totally awesome bot. But if you're near your ceiling (for example when you try to beat gold boss), it does suck

AntiSquid: i don't see the point of hanging around rank 300 when the bot final rank will be around 30, min 50

Astrobytes: oh an btw - which one's pink? :P

MSmits: in that replay it is the guy that captured north america

MSmits: that was me anyway, i dont understand why it doesnt show player names

AntiSquid: that's another issue MSmits, you can't compare vs bots in the league above, so it's difficult to guess what improvements are best :/

MSmits: oh it shows at the bottom, silly me

AntiSquid: unless you use cgbench but still

struct: MSmits im getitng confused

MSmits: right, that's annoying

MSmits: what about struct

struct: For me the one who conquered north america is red

Astrobytes: Same

MSmits: yeah i think it is red

MSmits: but i see it as a dark pink

Astrobytes: Yeah but who's actual pink

struct: Karocyt

MSmits: i see that as a light purple

struct: player 4

Astrobytes: Cool, I was right

MSmits: yeah i suck at colors

Astrobytes: (testing my colour blindness)

Astrobytes: Btw, my original question was a Pink Floyd reference

MSmits: i'm not actually color blind to any degree. I just have extreme disinterest in knowing the right names for colors :P

AntiSquid: looks carmine to me

struct: you and your colors

struct: :p

MSmits: yeah AntiSquid, whats up with that

AntiSquid: i just looked up needlessly complicated color names

MSmits: oh ok

Astrobytes: Carmine my ass

MSmits: you should probably have that looked at

Astrobytes: lol

AntiSquid: might be some weird fetish so not sure about seeing a doctor, unless that's also a fetish

Astrobytes: No, that colour is most definitely not carmine

Astrobytes: or cochineal, whatever you wanna call it

struct: HEX #FF1D5C NAME - TONE vivid red

MSmits: thats the color of that replay?

struct: yes for red player

struct: so you

MSmits: ok

MSmits: how do you find that?

MSmits: did you just spend 15 minutes looking at colors?

struct: inspect elemet

MSmits: ah that works

struct: it gives rgb

Astrobytes: looks like pink if you look at your monitor one way, and redder if you look at another angle

Default avatar.png xDDD: :zzz:

struct: I guess it also depends on monitor

MSmits: yeah it might

struct: Some monitors have higher viewer angles

struct: So if from the side it wont lose much accuracy

Astrobytes: My chair is quite high, monitors tilted back

Astrobytes: If I lower the chair I see more red, higher up you see more pink->purply

struct: laptop?

Astrobytes: Depending how close I sit to the desk, which rn is very close due to my back

Astrobytes: No, dual monitors + PC

Astrobytes: It's just the angle + distance

MSmits: yeah looks like i am losing games now. Probably half of silver

MSmits: good guess

Astrobytes: usually the case for the older multis, since bosses are usually boosted somewhat

AntiSquid: it's ok, can't lose them all

MSmits: Basically I simply coded a bot with a somewhat sensible division of pods over continents that then just go for the nearest unowned platinum zone

MSmits: super greedy

MSmits: enough to get from wood2 to silver apparently

Amrhossam: what does the rank mean, if it's a bigger number is it better or when it is a small number

Astrobytes: good start anyway!

struct: small better

MSmits: yeah I'm happy

AntiSquid: it's like on any leaderboard, 1 is at the top Amrhossam

Amrhossam: what are the chances of me getting hired from this website :D

Amrhossam: like in a scale from 0 to 10

AntiSquid: talk to staff directly ?

AntiSquid: and ask them

Default avatar.png xDDD: how to turn off discord bar

Default avatar.png xDDD: ?

Amrhossam: i'm not seeking something formal i'm just chatting

struct: I used ublock

dbdr: MSmits: multiagent is a subjective definition. you can say PR1 is a single agent, you just have multiple actions per turn

dbdr: is every card in locam a separate agent? ;)

Astrobytes: CSB, MeanMax

AntiSquid: do we have any multi agent then?

dbdr: same, single agent, multiple actions

Astrobytes: Yes I'm agreeing dbdr :)

dbdr: I think a real multiagent if if they can't communicate, or limitedly

dbdr: like separate physical robots in the real world

Astrobytes: It's definitely a bit of a confusing term on CG

dbdr: so I would say CG cannot have multiagent by counstruction

dbdr: well, calm might be multi agent, and you only control one of them

dbdr: the other agent is the other player, and you collaborate

Astrobytes: (theoretically)

AntiSquid: but it's not your code on the other agent

dbdr: exactly

Astrobytes: In practice, there was not a great deal of collaboration

dbdr: that's what makes it multiagent

AntiSquid: are you saying that if there are two separate instances of your code run then it's not a multi agent?

dbdr: yes, just some. like I would make a pie because it's needed, not necessarily make the whole order

dbdr: the other might pick it up, or me a piece he prepared

AntiSquid: say your CSB code would be run for each pod individually and you can only output actions for 1 pod

Astrobytes: Please don't remind me of that game dbdr :D

dbdr: two instances of your code could be multiagent if they have limited communication

dbdr: :D

dbdr: I liked calm :)

AntiSquid: well i mean without communication

dbdr: then yes

Astrobytes: I liked it a bit, but not a lot....

dbdr: would be interesting

Astrobytes: Yes, it would be

Default avatar.png Doumaki: "Hello World"

AntiSquid: wait, it's actually possible on CG

dbdr: also you could be allowed to communicate N bits per turn

Default avatar.png Doumaki: i v been dying to do that

dbdr: is it?

AntiSquid: in an odd way

AntiSquid: maybe you still wouldn't consider it multi agent ?

Astrobytes: How so?

dbdr: well, if it's the same program running, you share the same memory

dbdr: if your bot is stateful

AntiSquid: let's say each of your units have their own turn ? they get their own set of inputs regarding the game state

dbdr: right, but they can communicate using global variables

dbdr: or local vars of your main()

dbdr: so that's cheating

dbdr: the sdk would need to start several instances of your bot, and I don't think it supports that

Astrobytes: Or you mean, run as a 4 player but still have two of your own bots? I don'#t think that's possible

dbdr: yes, would need to modify the sdk

Astrobytes: hmm

dbdr: not a lot actually, you can already play against yourself

dbdr: but yeah, scoring would be different

AntiSquid: think in terms of code a la mode ?

dbdr: hm, the referee could handle that part

dbdr: yeah, give the same score to bots of the same player

AntiSquid: the referee can create 2 instances of the same bot vs 2 instances of the same bot

dbdr: but the sdk will use 4 players for a 4 player game, not 2x2

Astrobytes: Oh right, and each instance can have x ID

dbdr: the referee does not start the bots

dbdr: the sdk does

AntiSquid: but in code a la mode you don't keep your globals do you ?

AntiSquid: i forgot

Astrobytes: No but you also don't have two of your own agents

dbdr: you do, it was actually a source of bugs

dbdr: so bots did not reset correctly for their second game

struct: yeah, there is no restart option on sdk

Astrobytes: Hmmm

Amrhossam: who's interested in Computational fluid dynamics

Astrobytes: It doesn't seem feasible to me

Astrobytes: (wrt true multi-agent)

dbdr: maybe with the referee making you play many games, but most are fake ones :D

dbdr: too complicated

dbdr: gotta go, gn

AntiSquid: gn

Astrobytes: gn

MSmits: gotta go too, gn

Astrobytes: gn

struct: gn

Astrobytes: I'm out too, knackered

Astrobytes: gn

struct: gn

AntiSquid: bye

MadKnight: everyone's gn'ing, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: how do i get it

MadKnight: but is anyone still alive here, Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: ok i will try it

LelouchVC2: It's amazing that I'm climbing the ranks through clashes coding in c++

Default avatar.png Rbee: shortest mode makes no sense in CoC if you use anything except python

MadKnight: or ruby

MadKnight: or bash

ThePythonian: Yeah, I never really liked it that much, because it really just encourages spaghetti code

Default avatar.png occanowey: all of coc encourages spaghetti code

cegprakash: hi MadKnight

cegprakash: hi all..

cegprakash: I'm planning to stream bot-programming (random challenge) with a starter (boilerplate) code in CPP. If you're interested flip a table