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KiwiTae: >>,<

Default avatar.png romrd468: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png **romrd468 slaps MadKnight around a bit with a large fishbot

MadKnight: romrd468 mad, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: you don't have to look into that

aCat: hmm, the contest will actually end monday morning?

reCurse: As usual

aCat: You know that actually I'm rarely active on this platform :>?

aCat: However when I am active I make a lot of fuss around ;p

aCat: I skipped a few contests before OoC

aCat: but thanks for the answer ;p

Default avatar.png Lakshman_kishore: hello world!!!

Default avatar.png Lakshman_kishore: hahahahahhahahaha

Jarmo_van_de_Seijp: gDAt

Jarmo_van_de_Seijp: gDay

Arnav-S: Can anyone help me figure out what we have to do in Reverse Engineering CodinGame puzzle, i solved it but my how do i get to a better rank??

MadKnight: collect the score points

MadKnight: ez

Arnav-S: I dont understand

Arnav-S: what do you mean collect?

Arnav-S: how do i improve my rank in that particular puzzle

MadKnight: PM

AntiSquid: check forums Arnav if you want spoilers, puzzle is about figuring out how to play the game

Nagatwin: Hey

Nagatwin: Ani advice of resource for code vs zombie ?

Nagatwin: got a full random search, would like to improve

struct: What score do you get Nagatwin?

Nagatwin: 190k

struct: I think you need lucky submit

Nagatwin: 170 sometimes, depends on the submit

struct: I think top is hardcoded

struct: at least mine is

Nagatwin: How do you hardcode ?

struct: There is one validator that you get over 400k points

struct: Validators are "leaked"

Nagatwin: hm

Nagatwin: Okay thanks

dbdr: Nagatwin

Nagatwin: Thanks

Nagatwin: dbdr :D

dbdr: it should be fair

BeeGee: Is there a shortcut to play the custom testcase?

struct: I just run the sim offline

struct: I just read the coordinates one time in my code anyways

struct: after that I update the game state depending on my output

MSmits: just invited all my last year CS class students to join in the contest. Many of them have finished all tests, so I hope at least 1 or 2 will join

MSmits: I should ask my colleague to invite the other students as well

struct: the more the merrier

MSmits: we have over 100 total CS students so it should be possible ot get 3 in a team. Not sure

struct: Prizes might be announced tomorrow

MSmits: ah cool, dont really care about the prizes though.

MSmits: if there is no prize i will participate just as seriously

struct: Yeah, for me it doesnt matter too, I have no skill to fight for them

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Same here struct :)

MSmits: which is odd. You are obviously a great coder,

MSmits: not sure what you think you're lacking

MSmits: maybe just need practice

struct: Maybe, sometimes I tend to rush stuff too

MSmits: well there is a time limit

struct: You are doing bitboard on STC right?

MSmits: yeah, i know it works, but i dont know if it is fast

MSmits: the flood fill might be a bit slow

struct: how does the board look like?

MSmits: uint16_t[6]

MSmits: for each color

MSmits: and one for all colors combined

MSmits: and one for skulls

MSmits: one uint16_t is a column

struct: ah

MSmits: because it;s 12 high

struct: so 6 6

MSmits: the whole board is uint16[42]

Astrobytes: One for skulls?

MSmits: yes

struct: 7*6

MSmits: right

struct: Why one for skulls?

struct: and one for colors?

struct: colors combined*

MSmits: you need to floodfill it per color

MSmits: colors combined is just to know what will fall

MSmits: if red disappears, the other colors fall too

MSmits: so you need a full board to know where the holes were made

MSmits: skulls also disappear. I floodfill a color, then i floodfill it 1 more cell to disappear adjacent skulls

MSmits: i need the skull board for that

Default avatar.png LoGos: STC - Smash the Code?

MSmits: yes

Astrobytes: Oh I thought you meant just 1 uint16_t

Default avatar.png LoGos: thanks

Astrobytes: lol, that explains that :D

MSmits: nope, it's a full board per color :)

Astrobytes: For the skulls I meant

MSmits: yeah

Astrobytes: A board of them makes more sense, I need another coffee clearly

MSmits: yup

MSmits: here: :coffee:

Astrobytes: Thanks :P

MSmits: well I need to get 1 million sims to see if it's worth it

MSmits: it might not be

Astrobytes: only one way to find out

MSmits: yep

darkhorse64: For those afraid of bitboarding, you can get by with a simple 2D array. It may be slower but it's plenty fast enough

MSmits: it might be faster

MSmits: I have to do a lot of ops to make it work and also some conditions

darkhorse64: Don't know and did not try. I did not reach the 1 M sims but I reach Legend

MSmits: cool

MSmits: do you eval connected colors?

MSmits: like 2 or 3 of the same color adjacent?

MSmits: or just score?

struct: You also want to eval the column

MSmits: what do you mean struct?

struct: Place in middle is better

darkhorse64: I wrote a GA to find the best combo. Wood to Gold with it. I have a construction score: 2 connected < 3 connected. That values constructs with potential

MSmits: hm ok

AntiSquid: oh MSmits planning to top the school leaderboard ? :p

MSmits: how about 4 connected with a hole in it?

darkhorse64: I have also a score for columns

MSmits: AntiSquid not gonna happen, i just want my school on there

MSmits: We should do ok if I do ok

struct: These are my numbers

darkhorse64: I did not score holes. The gold boss is very hard


struct: F = floodfills

MSmits: nice struct

struct: You dont want games to get so long too

struct: That was just to get a general idea

struct: I post moterm, rank 1 says he had around 1.4mill

struct: sims

MSmits: struct do you just have an array of objects?

MSmits: an object is a cell?

MSmits: cell can be empty, red, blue, skull etc.

struct: int8_t grid[HEIGHT][WIDTH];

eulerscheZahl: the gold boss is definitely beatable

struct: The number is the color

MSmits: ahh I see

struct: I also have these int8_t columnsHeight[WIDTH] = { 0 };

   int8_t placedColors[COLORS] = { 0 };

eulerscheZahl: i offer grid[WIDTH][HEIGHT+2]

eulerscheZahl: oh, you have that too

Default avatar.png LoGos: Sorry to interfere. Any tips on how to tune parameters (hyperparameters?) ? I'm currently doing grid search but I'm not sure it's the best use of time.

MSmits: why + 2

darkhorse64: Once I understood why I was losing, yes

struct: So you have like a lookup table for legal moves MSmits

struct: I have Lookup **ptr = &lookupTable[0];

eulerscheZahl: and colors on the board to know if we can skip a BFS

MSmits: I dont have much of anything yet, just been working on my "apply move" function

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: In botters of the galaxy

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: if this error comes

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Can't attack unit of id: 24

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: does it mean that the unit is behind a bush?

AntiSquid: maybe it died when you try to attack

eulerscheZahl: or is it yours?

MSmits: LoGos I just mess around with cg benchmark and excel or sometimes a local test if it is worth playing my bot against itself

AntiSquid: show replay :/

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN:

AntiSquid: frame ?

Default avatar.png LoGos: MSmits thanks for the reply. I currently have a python script that changes my c++ code and runs CGBench on it

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: 45

MSmits: LoGos that works

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: This time the err was cant attack unit of id : 32

struct: There is some more stuff I do too

struct: I might go back to STC after contest

struct: I simulate all possible states for enemy until certain depth

struct: and store best score

AntiSquid: hover your mouse over the units WINWINWIN

struct: for each depth

AntiSquid: there is no id 32 alive

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Hmm, it died before I could reach it, thanks AntiSquid

struct: at depth 3 is 10648 moves at worst case

struct: So I think its worth

MSmits: yeah might be

struct: The problem is that the game is decided too early imo

struct: You make 1 wrong move and you lose

AntiSquid: you can attack your own units if they are low on health btw WINWINWIN

MSmits: thats true for both players struct.

MSmits: should factor into your bot

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Hmm, not really working on gaining gold for now

struct: Yeah, I guess this happens in many multies

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Mostly following blitzprog`s PM

struct: Now that I think, it also happens on Yavalath

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: attack the entity closest to my tower from as far as possible

MSmits: it does struct

struct: Game is decided in under how many moves?

struct: 6?

MSmits: if noone makes a mistake 61

MSmits: but bots make mistakes

MSmits: then its over fast

MSmits: yay my colleague said he would join the contest

MSmits: and invited his students as well

MSmits: hope we get a few

MSmits: I worry it may be too hard a game, but we'll see

struct: Time to see some dutch flags at the top

Default avatar.png Craytek: please help me,i am beginner

struct: What do you need help with?

Default avatar.png Craytek: как исправить код

Default avatar.png Craytek: я не могу понять

AntiSquid: #ru

struct: Im also a beginner in russian sorry

Default avatar.png Craytek: console . log ( nextCheckpointY + ' ' + nextCheckpointY + '50' );

Default avatar.png Craytek: please help me

AntiSquid: at least he didn't link to a whale sound audio

struct: you need to change the first nextCheckpointY to nextCheckpointX

AntiSquid: you need to read

Default avatar.png Craytek: I make it

Default avatar.png Craytek: I make

Default avatar.png Craytek: this

AntiSquid: good

Default avatar.png Craytek: thank you very much

Cristal25: salut ca va??

Nhisoyr: Hi, could anyone help me optimizing a C# code for a challenge?

IAmNoob: hello

IAmNoob: i guess i can try

IAmNoob: i am a c++ dev

Nhisoyr: thank you :)

IAmNoob: can you give me a link?

Default avatar.png Craytek: Кто может обьяснить:Где лучше разрабатывать?Я лично разроботчик JavaScript.

IAmNoob: пачему не

IAmNoob: but not now

Default avatar.png Craytek: ok

metahom: Craytek, type /join #ru to talk on russian

Default avatar.png Craytek: ок

AntiSquid: actually you can just click the #ru

AntiSquid: that's why i wrote in chat

IAmNoob: a bite*:) of help

IAmNoob: anyone

IAmNoob: my console

IAmNoob: just glitched

IAmNoob: in Coders Strike Back

IAmNoob: The game functions but i dont see anything else than a black screen

IAmNoob: but it updates and in the "Game information A...." it updates

Astrobytes: Yeah, just reload the page

IAmNoob: ok

IAmNoob: thx

Default avatar.png Dan4Life: Hi

IAmNoob: hi

IAmNoob: can i help you?

IAmNoob: ok

Default avatar.png WibuTapCode: Doanh

AntiSquid: hello new people

AntiSquid: get an avatar or you will anger Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i use the same code

IAmNoob: ?

IAmNoob: :)

AntiSquid: wasn't talking to you IAmNoob

IAmNoob: it was a joke

AntiSquid: ?

IAmNoob: not, ok

IAmNoob: sry

AntiSquid: was a joke too

IAmNoob: :)

MadKnight: stop joking in anger from people without avatars Automaton2000

Automaton2000: but what if i make it so much

AntiSquid: ?

AntiSquid: :)

MadKnight: u just created a new meme IAmNoob

IAmNoob: :)

AntiSquid: maybe you can also come up with fun avatar ideas for new people

IAmNoob: I?

AntiSquid: you earned a new avatar recommendation:

Default avatar.png Craytek: who can help me in puzzle Skynet Revolution-episode 1

MadKnight: what's the problem ?

IAmNoob: AntiSquid thx :)

IAmNoob: i'll use it

Default avatar.png Craytek: I don't understand what i will doing\

MadKnight: cut links

Default avatar.png VincentYam: same here - is there anywhere I can look for the solution?

Default avatar.png Craytek: ok

Default avatar.png Craytek: help me

AntiSquid: yes but it requires an avatar VincentYam

Default avatar.png VincentYam: What is an avatar...and how do you get one?

AntiSquid: a profile picture

AntiSquid: any image

Default avatar.png VincentYam: oh thanks so much - so like once I put a profile image I can see the solution?

Default avatar.png VincentYam: let me go get that now

IAmNoob: :)

reCurse: And he deleted his account. Well played

jacek: again?

MadKnight: anyone good with c# project references? i'm having trouble linking projects to each other

AntiSquid: maybe he should ask from his main next time about shared solutions?

reCurse: MadKnight what's the issue

MadKnight: i'm trying to use OpenTK in my xamarin project

MadKnight: the only way i found to add it to the project is from nuger, i found this OpenTK.NetStandard which works on 2.1

MadKnight: but by default it created project with 2.0 so i had to switch to 2.1

MadKnight: but now my android project doesn't wanna import 2.1 project

reCurse: Ok xamarin is off limits for me

reCurse: Maybe it only supports up to a certain version of .net standard

jacek: xamarin? for android?

MadKnight: i'm doing References (of android project) -> Add reference -> Projects -> (my NetCore 2.1 project)

MadKnight: then i Build

MadKnight: and it says it could not find netstandard2.0/MyProject.dll

MadKnight: why is it trying to find 2.0 ?

reCurse: Because I assume your android project is using 2.0?

MadKnight: project uses 2.1 now and builds into netstandard2.1/

MadKnight: can't find anything related to core version in android project settings

reCurse: Then maybe it's bound to 2.0

MadKnight: sad

PatrickMcGinnisII: default dir setting?

MadKnight: okay it says it maybe uses 2.1 since android 10

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok lets see if i can level up

MadKnight: oh, i managed to install an older version of openTK on 2,0

PatrickMcGinnisII: whoop, lvl 31

MadKnight: gj PatrickMcGinnisII

MadKnight: are u doing puzzles ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: was doing tulips and daisies, got bored...yup did a puzz

MadKnight: > Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Community\MSBuild\Xamarin\Android\Xamarin.Android.Common.targets(1793,2): warning XA1009: OpenTK 0.9.3 is Obsolete. Please upgrade to OpenTK 1.0

MadKnight: No way to resolve conflict between "mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089" and "mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7cec85d7bea7798e". Choosing "mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089" arbitrarily.

MadKnight: i just added this OpenTK.NetStandard

PatrickMcGinnisII: ouch, wish i could help

PatrickMcGinnisII: i gtg tho. G/L.

MadKnight: cya

MadKnight: Could not load type of field 'MainView.vertices' (7) due to: Could not load file or assembly 'OpenTK, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=bad199fe84eb3df4' or one of its dependencies

wlesavo: wow, there is an 2048 based puzzle, ive wrote autoit bot for it, basically the first bot i tried to make, quite bad obviously. i think it would be a fun optim if one able to overcome turn limitation

eulerscheZahl: i thought about it as well

eulerscheZahl: but i see no way with the given limits

eulerscheZahl: you can create a minesweeper puzzle. and spam submit until you pass the validators

struct: How long are 2048 games usually?

eulerscheZahl: several thousand turns

struct: Limit for optimization and normal puzzles is 30 sec too?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: 600 turns

dbdr: offline it?

MadKnight: where does nuget install packages? where can i find the .dll ?

eulerscheZahl: part of the game is that you don't know where the spawns happen

MadKnight: u can make 3x3 2048 struct

eulerscheZahl: just that 2048 would be an impossible number then

MadKnight: yea

Scarfield: more like 64 then :)

dbdr: what if you had a seed and could predict the spawns? would it be trivial then?

eulerscheZahl: yeah, that's an option

eulerscheZahl: you can even still play it online. just ask for the next 10 actions or so

struct: 6k frames :D

eulerscheZahl: we've seem around 2k at xmas rush already

eulerscheZahl: code of the ring is limited to 10k

struct: o.o

jacek: 2048 eh? found interesting papers about it

eulerscheZahl: and should be easy to implement if we accept that we have to give a seed for spawning

Scarfield: some people apperently play 2048 to get as low a score as possible

eulerscheZahl: on the other hand the unknown spawn is part of the challenge. assume the worst and prepare for it

jacek: how would one go about bitboards for gomoku

jacek: 15x15 doesnt fit in int64 :c

dbdr: maybe we could specify that the spawn will be the worse possible :)

eulerscheZahl: i saw such a tetris game

eulerscheZahl: always tries to block you as good as possible

jacek: i saw tetris with only s and z

dbdr: evil tetris, sth name like that I think


inoryy: isn't that just normal tetris


Tahir79: Hi

Tahir79: i have just joined this platform

Tahir79: and i would like to know more about this community can anyone help me out with this?

inoryy: what do you want to know

Tahir79: well, a few of the things but most importantly how can i improve my skills?

dbdr: practice!

Default avatar.png fvla: man, hatetris really hates me, could only clear 5 lines

Default avatar.png fvla: very nice profile picture, dbdr

dbdr: thanks :)

Default avatar.png fvla: i completed prince of persia dos for the first time a couple weeks ago

reCurse: Thanks I hate it

Default avatar.png fvla: these dos classics are really something

dbdr: it had the best animations ever made when it was released I think

dbdr: by one guy, using his little brother as a guide :D

Default avatar.png fvla: yep

Default avatar.png fvla: I also played Another World 20th Anniversary Edition

Default avatar.png fvla: Another World used that same technique...with aliens in space

Default avatar.png fvla: Even when they're short, they can be so good

Default avatar.png fvla: ...I'm having trouble on Mars Lander Episode 2

Amrhossam: what is the number next to my lvl when i hover on my avatar

Amrhossam: 19341 ST

Amrhossam: what does that mean

Default avatar.png fvla: It means you're higher ranked than 19,340 other codingamers

Default avatar.png fvla: ah, i finally solved mars lander episode 2

struct: it means he is lower ranked doesnt it :thinking:

LelouchVC2: Nah, 1st place sucks

607: как дела, вафлы ?

Uljahn: wow rude

AntiSquid: 607 click #ru and chat there in russian, thanks

inoryy: why would you do that to us, AntiSquid

Uljahn: :imp:

AntiSquid: who is us and do what?

Uljahn: US of ru

LelouchVC2: United States of Russia

AntiSquid: what have i done?

jacek: cccp?

inoryy: send some spammer kid to ru

AntiSquid: he's new and just wants to make friends

LelouchVC2: AntiSquid is my friend? :o

AntiSquid: not what i said

LelouchVC2: A man can dream

LelouchVC2: Python and their constant 1 liners ;-;

AntiSquid: store your answers locally so you have them ready for next time

struct: Isn't that cheating?

AntiSquid: reusing your answers?

AntiSquid: actually what are you on about? clash is filled with people who submit perfect answer in under 10 seconds :/

Uljahn: would you prefer abusing clashes instead of playing csb, Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: can you please share your code

Astrobytes: Well, he was on topic at least

Astrobytes: (Auto. 2000 that is)

AntiSquid: he asked nicely :p

Astrobytes: JBM I cannot unsee, or indead un-hear, that 'performance'. I should stay out of #fr, really

Default avatar.png JBM: lol

Astrobytes: *indeed

Default avatar.png JBM: that was the point

Default avatar.png JBM: le cringe

Astrobytes: Beyond le cringe

Default avatar.png JBM: truly painful

Default avatar.png JBM: poor girl

Astrobytes: Excruciating

AntiSquid: ok not gonna watch then, i wanna sleep well tonight

Default avatar.png JBM: drink more

Astrobytes: SQuido's teetotal

Default avatar.png JBM: well... stay far from youtube links then

Astrobytes: Haha

Astrobytes: How the hell did you find that one anyway JBM?

Default avatar.png JBM: it's a long story

Astrobytes: I see

Default avatar.png JBM: it started this afternoon with dbdr telling his bot intently crashed when his opponent SWAPped at Twixt

Default avatar.png JBM: which got me to tell i was going to write a swap-then-wait bot

Default avatar.png JBM: when i came back from whatever, he'd fixed that

Default avatar.png JBM: so i whined

Default avatar.png JBM: with lyrics that rhymed with a well-known french tune

Default avatar.png JBM: that inspired me to start working on an actual song

Default avatar.png JBM: and we got to exchange our best recollections of programming-oriented performances

Default avatar.png JBM: the all-time favorite "write in go" (take the fall 2014 edition and no other)

Default avatar.png JBM: the "god wrote in lisp"

Default avatar.png JBM: and then... the F flat performance was part of the fall 2019 playlist

Astrobytes: Alright, very well explained

Default avatar.png JBM: well it *is* a long story

Astrobytes: Kinda wish I'd been around in #fr for that earlier

Default avatar.png JBM: lol

**Astrobytes grabs beer and opens youtube

Default avatar.png JBM: i had to shut the vocals, i can't concentrate on code when i'm laughing because of the parody lyrics

**Illedan is wondering what is worth watching on youtube

Default avatar.png JBM: the "write in go" one is really very good, if you haven't seen it yet

Default avatar.png JBM: that presentation in the background...

Astrobytes: I shall check it out

Default avatar.png JBM: apart from that, i've got 12 hours of haskell coding to suggest :P

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: Leave me alone, I'm still only FP-curious

Default avatar.png JBM: gotta start somewhere

Default avatar.png JBM: as far as it may

Astrobytes: the interlude bit is the best

LelouchVC2: Prompt: Code this complex math equation

LelouchVC2: Python Programmers: Oh, there's a function for that

Default avatar.png JBM: can't leave complex stuff to the user in python!

LelouchVC2: </3

Astrobytes: :fire:

LelouchVC2: Racist jokes in style yet?

Astrobytes: Eh?

LelouchVC2: Guess not

BenjaminUrquhart: :thinking:

ztonaz: no one on clash of codes?

KiwiTae: ztonaz | let MadKnight introduce u to bot programming

ztonaz: ?

LelouchVC2: This site is mostly for programming bots

LelouchVC2: clashes seem to be a side thing

Default avatar.png MarwariTheHorse: In which 10% of competitors just paste code they already wrote :expressionless:

LelouchVC2: I've never actually gotten the same prompt twice

LelouchVC2: Maybe I haven't played enough

LelouchVC2: getting tired of passing all the tests and getting less than 100% when I submit :)

BenjaminUrquhart: have you tried

BenjaminUrquhart: um

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

LelouchVC2: Nah, I haven't tried

yassineH: quick javascript question..

yassineH: it the pipeline operator not included in codingame??? bc i cant seem to make it work...

yassineH: |> is the pipeline operator

yassineH: nevermind, it says "No support" for all browsers in MDN