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eulerscheZahl: will you MadKnight?

eulerscheZahl: always telling others to play but skipping them yourself

MadKnight: yea maybe ye for this one

eulerscheZahl: we don't even remember if you are a strong player

struct: He needs physics contest

MadKnight: cmon struct

struct: yes?

MadKnight: cmon

MadKnight: are u now gonna reference everything to csb ?

struct: Its the game you seem to enjoy the most

MadKnight: no it was the first game where i tried to use simu

MadKnight: and i wanted more people to train my GA against

MadKnight: no need to make a thing out of that

KiwiTae: I might , just got injured so my season is off, more time for coding

KiwiTae: MadKnight i would try using Kotlin >,< might not get out of woodi , still struggling with it

MadKnight: improve your kotlin skills faster

LelouchVC2: Improve your c++ skills

thibpat: I'm streaming my progress on Twixt-PP, yesterday we optimized the code and were able to increase the depth of the negamax... without seeing an improvement in our strategy. So today it's time to focus on a better evaluation function

KiwiTae: MadKnight im trying to fix my xboxone code first >,<

KiwiTae: m getting trolled by sharedptr

MadKnight: xboxone code ?

MadKnight: what is that code KiwiTae ?

MadKnight: and why are u getting trolled by sharedptr

KiwiTae: MadKnight xboxlive sdk for UE4 hehe

KiwiTae: cause I am tracking an issue theres like stuff happening on xboxlive that i dont get how and i think its because i dont reset some ptrs

MadKnight: nice nice KiwiTae

MadKnight: did u fix it KiwiTae ?


Nerchio: radar range in crystal rush is like torpedo in ooc?

Illedan: ye

Illedan: but you don't need bfs since there are no islands..

MSmits: ahh so bfs is island-specific

MSmits: gonna use that for my AI class :P

Illedan: :P

Illedan: OoC for midterms?

Astrobytes: Hi

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN:

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Can the owner of this repository please remove this? there are too many java bots that function similarly

Astrobytes: Copy-pasters gonna copy-paste :/

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: :( I`m stuck in silver and was going through top guys replays

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: 20 draws!

Shakib.M83: Hello

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Hi

Shakib.M83: I'm Shakib

wlesavo: WINWINWIN by posting the link you will probably make it worse

Shakib.M83: what's your name?

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Sorry :(

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: in gold yet wlesavo?

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: worst thing about that link is that he has some how gotten a hold of magus, pb4 and ranarama1s codes!

wlesavo: no, pushed a boss to far, and one more guy to gold :slight_smile: some improvemnts though, maybe ill finally make it

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: :)

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: I gave up on heuristics, not getting anywhere

wlesavo: id gave up on my bot rather than on heuristics :slight_smile:

Nerchio: crystal rush description is very confusing

Nerchio: entityCount says about entities currently visible to you and then they say that 2: one of your buried radars

Nerchio: so i can see enemy radars or not/

blasterpoard: you can't

blasterpoard: only your radars

Nerchio: so i can only see a hole not whats inside then

blasterpoard: yes

Nerchio: ok ty

blasterpoard: a big part of the bot is trying to figure out what the opponent actually did

RoboStac: the other big part is trying to make it look like you did something when you didn't

Nerchio: so far i am in silver i just made my robots mine efficiently

Nerchio: and i started blowing up on mines against silver opponents

blasterpoard: have you encountered the mine walls yet?

blasterpoard: or is that gold

Nerchio: not yet

Nerchio: people trying to do chain explosions? :D

blasterpoard: this stuff

blasterpoard: usually at x=1

Nerchio: so i can't see opponent bots either if they are not in radar range?

blasterpoard: you can see them, but not their inventory

Nerchio: kk

Nerchio: the description could be more clear :p

blasterpoard: to get to legend, you only need to place some mines at the start of the game, be extremely paranoid about opponent's mines, and then "protect" ore by pretending you put a mine on it

Nerchio: so initially there is no 'hole' on ore before you mine it or put something on it

blasterpoard: yes

Nerchio: ah so it makes sense to mine couple of ores before actually returning anything to just to make holes

Nerchio: but people in silver probably still ignore that :D

blasterpoard: no, just wait 1 turn at spawn, and then go dig a cell that has 2+ore

blasterpoard: opponent can't dig it, because there could be a mine

Nerchio: got it

blasterpoard: so you collect it later

Nerchio: but wait to undig a mine you need to kill your bot?

blasterpoard: no, there is actually no mine on that square

blasterpoard: you just make the opponent think there is one

Nerchio: ah ok :p

Illedan: If you want to code it easier, just always get a radar when you can. And place it on a 2+ ore if you dont need more vision. Then fetch radar ores at the end

MSmits: tricksy

blasterpoard: except there are many bots that think you pick up radar whenever you can, and then they assume the squares they dug are safe to dig

Illedan: w00t

Illedan: :rocket:

Illedan: top 10 now MSmits

Nerchio: where?

Illedan: FB gold

MSmits: gj Illedan

Illedan: Still 2 points below the boss at 60 % :(

MSmits: ah well, you'll get there

Illedan: Yeah, now I just need to find that 1 eval param to tweak :P

Illedan: 7-2 vs the boss is promising though

wlesavo: i was above the silver boss but got a heavy lose streak, damn

wlesavo: 0.04 points below :expressionless:

wlesavo: WINWINWIN can you submit a couple of times to get a game against me? :smiley:

MSmits: yay finally finished last assignment for my class:

MSmits: crossword puzzle generator works

wlesavo: now you need to write a solver

MSmits: nah, now I need to check out the stuff they omitted from the class due to time restrictions. Because it is about learning and neural networks

wlesavo: i remember some things like that in '00s you type some known letters and a programm filters its dictionary based on the input

MSmits: oh

MSmits: not sure what kind of assignments this has

wlesavo: ok, finaly, easy FB gold

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: How`d u do it wlesavo? is a heuristic enough?

MadKnight: hey MSmits i kind of got afkw

MadKnight: after i asked

MadKnight: what did u say again MSmits ?


dbdr: wlesavo you promoted?

MadKnight: oh no Automaton2000 it's a trap!

Automaton2000: u need a ga for csb

MadKnight: that's right Automaton2000 but i'm talking about the link Automaton2000 - don't click it Automaton2000 u're gonna end yourself in a clash

Automaton2000: if i worked on it for a couple of months ago

MadKnight: end up getting in a clash*

MadKnight: when is the contest starting Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: how would i do that

MadKnight: what's the exact date Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: its time to do it in 1 line

eulerscheZahl: the topcoder website is weird, greeting me with some new rubbish every day when it fails to load

MadKnight: today's the last day of april Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i'm looking at my code and it looks like a good way to learn


Astrobytes: lol wtf

eulerscheZahl: sometimes it just gets stuck in an infinite login loop

Illedan: What is that eulerscheZahl?

eulerscheZahl: showing me the login page, logging me in, loading the page again until infinity

FireFeathers: hi

Astrobytes: Strange

eulerscheZahl: topcoder had an optim contest recently Illedan

Illedan: :O

Illedan: How long lasting?

Illedan: done?

FireFeathers: thats what she said


eulerscheZahl: done, 7 days

eulerscheZahl: you rotate a subsquare

MadKnight: they've been hacked Automaton2000 don't believe eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: and try to arrange the numbers that way

Automaton2000: like if you have a lot of my time

wlesavo: WINWINWIN yes, apparently, just choosed a version that is good against boss, not sure it was best one overall, but pushed boss quite low

Illedan: :(

Illedan: looks fun

Illedan: did you join?

eulerscheZahl: was fun even if i failed in the end

eulerscheZahl: 16th before rerun with more testsets

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Yeah boss is at its lowest

wlesavo: dbdr yes, but have to wait for 2 hours

eulerscheZahl: psyho is the clear winner

eulerscheZahl: the one you might know from halite

Illedan: k

dbdr: well done! take a break ;)

Illedan: Let me know next time there is something fun happening in the world :D

eulerscheZahl: ok, i will

eulerscheZahl: and if i'm not sure if it is?

dbdr: Illedan there's something fun happening in the world right now

eulerscheZahl: like i won't join there

Illedan: Optim or bot only :P

Illedan: With prizes and a timer

dbdr: so specific

Illedan: :)

eulerscheZahl: the first prize was $0 for the squares rotation

Illedan: I never win anyway

Illedan: sooo, just a timer is enough

Illedan: xD


eulerscheZahl: what's that counting to?

dbdr: guess

eulerscheZahl: no idea. 24h after CG contest start?

dbdr: but could be anything, Illedan just wanted a timer to have fun

wlesavo: lol

eulerscheZahl: so, what is it?

dbdr: doesn't the contest start on a friday as usual?

eulerscheZahl: no

dbdr: :O

eulerscheZahl: fail

dbdr: heresy!

eulerscheZahl: 11 days this time

eulerscheZahl: they even did it wrong in the trailer

dbdr: :D

wlesavo: thats a marketing, 11 days sounds weird :slight_smile:

eulerscheZahl: coding contest sounds weird

wlesavo: hm, thats also true

dbdr: property testing is awesome!

dbdr: my world just changed :)

wlesavo: what do you use it for?

dbdr: automatically finding the minimal input that makes a test fail

dbdr: or if it does not find, having some reasonable confidence that your code passes the test because it has been tested on thousands of random inputs

wlesavo: i mean what problem?

dbdr: right now?

wlesavo: yes

dbdr: testing my model of twixt-pp :)

wlesavo: hm, sounds interesting

eulerscheZahl: i do that random testing in codejam-like problems sometimes

wlesavo: i wanted to do something simmilar

eulerscheZahl: when my code crashes on submit of if i have a bruteforce solver (too slow) and a faster one with wrong answer

dbdr: does is also finds the minimal example?

eulerscheZahl: codejam 1C this weekend btw

eulerscheZahl: not sure if minimal but i try to generate small testcases of course

eulerscheZahl: try an input with 5 numbers to hope for crashes before increasing to 100

dbdr: the idea here is it tries to find any input that fails, then it starts to simplify that input while keeping the failure

wlesavo: wow

dbdr: there is a nice basic example here:

eulerscheZahl: i see. interesting approach

dbdr: and it can work with any type

eulerscheZahl: makes it easier to trace the source of the failing

eulerscheZahl: but you need a way to detect the failure ofc

dbdr: you can say pairs of integers in a certain range, etc

dbdr: but here I had to define a Tree structure

dbdr: and the system automatically understands it, and will see if a subtree also makes the test fail

dbdr: it fells like magic :)

dbdr: indeed. you still need to write the test

dbdr: it helps it you have debug assertions in your code, then you can already get feedback if they ever fail

dbdr: now I was not testing that I get a specific answer, just that a certain property is true at the end, which should always be true

wlesavo: how you generaly handling input() in unit test? wraping input in function and paching that function or there is more simple way?

dbdr: I already knew it can be false, but the case I had had 250 recursive calls into my function, so would be fun to debug... :D

Default avatar.png Nullergoj: that is the way to do it

Default avatar.png Nullergoj: Creating an adapter class

dbdr: after making a model of my function calls, the system found a case for me with only 3 calls :)

eulerscheZahl: in some languages the recursion limit would have killed you at that point already

dbdr: wlesavo I would not use input() inside a test. I would pass the input to the test as a parameter

dbdr: it was not 250 deep

dbdr: it was 250 calls in total, in in out in in out out in ... etc

eulerscheZahl: oh

dbdr: a single parent call

dbdr: the function being minimax, and modifying my state recursively

wlesavo: hm, nice

IjustKilledutoo: hello

IAmNoob: hi

Shakib.M83: Hi

IAmNoob: is anyone here at coders strike Back?

eulerscheZahl: MadKnight your job

MadKnight: why is it my job to help newcomers

MadKnight: eulerscheZahl u're better at that

MadKnight: help him

IAmNoob: :)

IAmNoob: dont worry

MadKnight: IAmNoob eulerscheZahl can help u but he's too shy

MadKnight: ask him quietly

eulerscheZahl: nah, i'm depressed as being the cause of headache

IAmNoob: no thx

MadKnight: the toad gets scared of loud sounds

darkhorse64: MadKnight: it's your job to say the magic formula

MadKnight: eulerscheZahl while u're depressed u can still help noobs

reCurse: MK not jumping at the opportunity of saying -3*vel and GA?

reCurse: Who's depressed now? :P

reCurse: You doing ok?

MadKnight: u haven't been there when i told that but

MadKnight: eulerscheZahl remembers

MadKnight: don't make a big deal out of that, CSB was just my first game where i used simus to make a bot and i practiced this approach a lot and i wanted more players to come to rekt them with my new approach, but now my bot is even better and rekting some noobs is boring

MadKnight: also MSmits and me want to make a really nice techio tutorial on NNs

MadKnight: so i'm waiting for MSmits to fiinsh with his teaching stuff to have time for our tutorial

Astrobytes: Who will carry the CSB torch now?

MadKnight: i know that a fancy MM bot will rek any few-if'ed bot, what's the big deal, Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: thats what i am doing the same thing

MSmits: wait... I agreed on this already MadKnight?

MSmits: I thought I only said I was going to look into machine learning over the summer :P

MSmits: not that it's not interesting. I like the idea of a good tutorial

IjustKilledutoo: hello plz give me a follow to do pair

MSmits: huh?

eulerscheZahl: who's utoo and why i he dead?

IAmNoob: Yessss!!!!

IAmNoob: i got top 1

eulerscheZahl: yes, you even that the 1 at the first and last digit of your rank

IAmNoob: ?

AntiSquid: what is the last digit of your rank IAmNoob ?

IAmNoob: 7

Astrobytes: Rank not level

IAmNoob: 1

IAmNoob: sry

AntiSquid: debug successful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

IAmNoob: do anyone know topological sort?

IAmNoob: ?

IAmNoob: if yes can they clear a thing

dbdr: Astrobytes, you're pulling the top3 down in Tulips by losing against us :D

Astrobytes: I know dbdr, sorry :P

dbdr: no worries :)

dbdr: logically, you're pulling the top 2 down more

Astrobytes: My 'improvements' were nothing of the kinda apparently

Astrobytes: *kind

dbdr: kinda improvement

Default avatar.png LoGos: IAmNoob what is this thing?

Astrobytes: kinda failing more like

Astrobytes: oh, that's why. Woops

**Astrobytes is an idiot

IAmNoob: topologycal sort?

Default avatar.png LoGos: I know topological sort. What's the thing to clear?

IAmNoob: isent there a more efficient way to do it

Default avatar.png LoGos: the most efficient way is O(n) if we speak about time complexity.

IAmNoob: of topological sort?

Default avatar.png LoGos: yeah. Are you using your own algorithm or did you google it?

eulerscheZahl: O(nodes+edges) actually

Default avatar.png LoGos: yeah, I just wanted to correct myself

Default avatar.png LoGos: what would even n refer to

eulerscheZahl: a natural number

Default avatar.png LoGos: nvm

IAmNoob: thx

IAmNoob: how can you defeat the boss

IAmNoob: i defeated

IAmNoob: him

IAmNoob: is it not a glitch?

IAmNoob: is there not a glitch

IAmNoob: i am still the 10 000'th

IAmNoob: please someone

Nerchio: did you use submit.

IAmNoob: yes

IAmNoob: sure

IAmNoob: in the editor

IAmNoob: i killed boss

IAmNoob: (defeated)]

IAmNoob: i hope at the end of precessing i will be at least in top 10

IAmNoob: processing*

IAmNoob: if you kill the boss you are upper in the top?

AntiSquid: click leaderboard

IAmNoob: ok

AntiSquid: the search for your name

IAmNoob: ok

IAmNoob: 12 793'th

AntiSquid: if your rank is < 1 then improve your bot

IAmNoob: it is way bigger

IAmNoob: but in the editor i killed the boss

Uljahn: it doesn't matter much

AntiSquid: dude are you serious?

IAmNoob: I?

IAmNoob: yes

AntiSquid: get rank 1 . be above the boss

IAmNoob: cant get rank 1

IAmNoob: i would not be #1

AntiSquid: then tough life

IAmNoob: because is someone that has more

Uljahn: look through your last battles and learn from your losses

IAmNoob: I havent really lost

eulerscheZahl: you must have lost if you aren't 1st

IAmNoob: i won 1 with the person X and than lost with the person X

AntiSquid: ba ce plm ii cu tine? stii cei aia clasament?

IAmNoob: Da:)

AntiSquid: si atunci ?

IAmNoob: Is locu' 100000

IAmNoob: habar n-am

AntiSquid: daca nu esti primu nu te califici

IAmNoob: stiu:(

IAmNoob: dar zice ca daca bati bossul

IAmNoob: l-am batut

AntiSquid: si atunci ce dracu tot intrebi

eulerscheZahl: stop making up new words AntiSquid

IAmNoob: dar nu si pe #1

dbdr: TIL AntiSquid speaks romanian :)

IAmNoob: :)

AntiSquid: da o data din noroc

eulerscheZahl: he is from there afaik

IAmNoob: mereu

AntiSquid: submit bot again.

dbdr: TIL AntiSquid is romanian

eulerscheZahl: his name is Sergiu

IAmNoob: daca dau in editor si si in meci dar pentru ca am pierdut multe nu ma pune peste bot

AntiSquid: if you can't beat all bots before that then you can't reach boss

AntiSquid: was never a secret dbdr

eulerscheZahl: but he speaks German too

IAmNoob: I too

IAmNoob: deutsch sprechen

AntiSquid: besides you were following me on github

dbdr: I'm just ignorant then :)

dbdr: i am?

AntiSquid: the old referee repo at least

IAmNoob: I dont know guys but thx for the help

eulerscheZahl: "solution to poorly explained puzzle" :D

eulerscheZahl: and calling it

AntiSquid: ya got angry, sry

AntiSquid: should i remove it?

IAmNoob: me?

IAmNoob: sry

IAmNoob: nothing

eulerscheZahl: nah, i don't care

eulerscheZahl: i'm more amused about it

AntiSquid: not you IAmNoob, talking about a repo

IAmNoob: yes

eulerscheZahl: also the else: "shitty puzzle"

IAmNoob: undestood

IAmNoob: understood

dbdr: well, it's a spoiler

AntiSquid: ok whatever removed

eulerscheZahl: just tried the new online editor when I close the autocomplete suggestions with escape, i can't type anymore. is that me (addon maybe) or a common issue=

eulerscheZahl: ?

Astrobytes: Doesn't happen for me

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Hi, I`m trying to use visual studio for C#, which template do I use so that I can run my code?

reCurse: Console application

eulerscheZahl: Console Application

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: i blame the chat lag

Astrobytes: He who lags least, laughs last.

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: thanks

reCurse: Shouldn't he laugh first

reCurse: That makes no sense

Astrobytes: no. He gets the last laugh

reCurse: Implying someone would laugh before him

Astrobytes: As he was first.

Astrobytes: euler was annoyed by the fact he came second in the er 'lag race', therefore you have the last laugh.

reCurse: whoosh

eulerscheZahl: stop messing with our brains

Default avatar.png Beautiful_Potato: guys is there any way that I can solve the problem after the end of clash?

Astrobytes: In gaming terms, if your opponent lags out and you win - who has the last laugh?

MSmits: me

MSmits: I'm lagging at all of you

eulerscheZahl: only if you remember the statement so you can search for it Beautiful_Potato

MSmits: I just did q-learning playing Nim,

MSmits: it's cool

MSmits: just a small assignment that was part of my class but they left it out due to time restrictions

Default avatar.png Beautiful_Potato: it was a reverse problem

eulerscheZahl: do you remember inputs or outputs?

Default avatar.png Beautiful_Potato: hm

Default avatar.png Beautiful_Potato: only the first one

eulerscheZahl: are you willing to share it?

Default avatar.png Beautiful_Potato: my code?

Astrobytes: The input that you remember

Default avatar.png Beautiful_Potato: oh

Default avatar.png Beautiful_Potato: 2 C 15.999 O 12.011 CO2

Default avatar.png Beautiful_Potato: output: 44.009

Default avatar.png trycoder: hi


reCurse: What a beast

reCurse: or... frog

Default avatar.png Beautiful_Potato: ayy. thanks a lot

eulerscheZahl: nah, just searched for CO2 here

eulerscheZahl: after the decimal number resulted in a crash for whatever reason :D

reCurse: I mean that still includes the part where you did that

stacked: is max thrust 100

stacked: can u go negative thrust

reCurse: It's 100 until legend

reCurse: And no you can't

stacked: thanks

eulerscheZahl: and BOOST is 650 i think

stacked: i feel like i need to slow down when hitting a hard angle

stacked: ok

stacked: thanks guys

reCurse: Now I can't help but think it might be a better game with negative thrust :/

stacked: lol

stacked: you could do cool tricks

stacked: to advance do you need to beat all other AI's in the league?

reCurse: You need to bet the top 10 convincingly

reCurse: *beat

stacked: what does that mean?

reCurse: There's no hard rule

reCurse: You need to finish your submit with a score higher than the boss

reCurse: But it's not just beating the boss but also the top AIs of that league

stacked: ey i made it to bronze

stacked: this is fun

stacked: i feel like it will get a lot harder

reCurse: It does

stacked: :((

reCurse: People have spent months if not years on that game

stacked: does this game go out of cycle?

stacked: or is it always here

reCurse: No it's permanent

stacked: ok

Default avatar.png fvla: Which game would you recommend starting with?

LborV: mars lender

reCurse: Ask 100 different people you'll get 100 answers

stacked: why are some games so short

stacked: like 3 ticks

stacked: and its over

AntiSquid: what type of game do you like fvla ?

reCurse: Probably because y our bot crashes

reCurse: Or takes too long

stacked: oh im a dumbass

stacked: lol

AntiSquid: you can click on each one at a time and see the replay, see if it looks appealing

Default avatar.png fvla: i'm a big RTS player, been trying out Code Royale as a result

AntiSquid: code royale

stacked: ooh

stacked: whats that

AntiSquid: oh ok nvm didn't read full sentence

AntiSquid: plantinum rift, crystal rush fvla ?

Default avatar.png fvla: i'll check out platinum rift too

AntiSquid: (sort of)

Default avatar.png fvla: coders strike back was also interesting

Default avatar.png fvla: but i wanted to ask about how steering works first

stacked: you dont steer

IfIHadATail: so I don't know if people remember but there was an email sent out during the Ocean of Code challenge about people streaming it. does anyone remember the name of the person that was doing it in Java?

AntiSquid: we still wait for a starcraft 2 bot contest fvla

Default avatar.png fvla: lmao, that would be the best

Default avatar.png fvla: but also kind of broken

AntiSquid: ikr

Default avatar.png fvla: you can steer in coders strike back by changing the destination point...

stacked: oh shit

stacked: holy

Default avatar.png fvla: ...but i don't have access to the game source

stacked: thats genius

Astrobytes: IfIHadATail Vadim Savin (from the discord streaming channel)

Default avatar.png fvla: so i don't know whether 90 degrees 5 pixels or 90 degrees 500 pixels makes a difference

Default avatar.png fvla: does it?

stacked: i dont think so

IfIHadATail: awesome! thanks you so much and I totally forgot that channel existed lol Thanks!!

stacked: x and y exist for direction solely i thjink

Astrobytes: No worries

reCurse: It makes a difference in the sense that you don't get as much precision over the angle if it's close

Default avatar.png fvla: ah, i see

Default avatar.png fvla: that's the only difference

reCurse: Not that it matters that much

Default avatar.png fvla: that makes sense

Default avatar.png fvla: so 1 pixel away would suck

stacked: smart

Default avatar.png fvla: i tried a clash of code

reCurse: It wouldn't suck if you could give a fraction of unit

reCurse: Then it would be as precise as you'd want

Default avatar.png fvla: yeah, that would be nice

reCurse: But it's integer so the closer the less precision

Default avatar.png fvla: it was a shortest code contest, and nobody but me submitted a working answer

Default avatar.png fvla: are most clashes like this?

stacked: no

stacked: unless ur with bots

Default avatar.png fvla: they were 5 other non-bots

stacked: or unles the problem is hard

AntiSquid: those are clashes, contests are longer thankfully

Default avatar.png fvla: bronze league in coders strike back is so restricting

stacked: y

Default avatar.png fvla: it annoys me that i have to infer certain information (e.g. waypoint locations) that will be available via input in higher leagues

stacked: what is a waypoing

stacked: t

reCurse: Yeah it's a known issue, that's why it didn't happen again with newer games

reCurse: But can't change without breaking thousands of bots

Default avatar.png fvla: oof

Default avatar.png fvla: oh well

stacked: whatst a waypoint?

Astrobytes: Checkpoint

Default avatar.png fvla: checkpoint, rather

stacked: oh like a list of all checkpoints?

Default avatar.png fvla: okay, time to break out of bronze league

stacked: fvla wanna play

stacked: clash

Default avatar.png fvla: sure

Default avatar.png fvla: i knew it, speed is my weakest point

Default avatar.png romrd468: lol in csb my bot now go's after 2 checkpoints at the same time and somehow makes it through them

Default avatar.png romrd468: why does my pods apparently have 2 nextId's

Default avatar.png romrd468: so 1 can equal 1 and 2 at the same time in my code...

Default avatar.png romrd468: next id is listed in output and somehow its flickering

Default avatar.png romrd468: Its fairly entertaining but I do not like it

Uljahn: then fix your code, it's definitely a bug in it

Default avatar.png romrd468: But I am having an issue on inputs so I guess I will need to start over

Uljahn: silver bots don't work with gold inputs

Uljahn: the only way is to use "restore default code" button

Default avatar.png romrd468: I am in gold

reCurse: Yeah you have to redo inputs in gold

AntiSquid: best multi for beginners, redo bot in gold

Default avatar.png romrd468: What is the normal range for vx and vy?

Default avatar.png fvla: go into debug mode to find out :)

Default avatar.png romrd468: am trying to make my own vx and vy and I need to know the bounds because of special cases are a pain

reCurse: Roughly sqrt(vx*vx+vy*vy) <= 1885

Default avatar.png romrd468: thanks

Default avatar.png romrd468: so the normal way of using vx or vy is what equation?

reCurse: ?

Norange: r u using c++?

Default avatar.png romrd468: python

Norange: oh

Default avatar.png romrd468: and vx*3 is what I heard and it just seems wrong

Astrobytes: Think about what that does

Default avatar.png romrd468: I dont know what operators to place before it

Default avatar.png romrd468: I can understand vx*3


Nerchio: insane guy :)

Astrobytes: Well think about what you have to output, and relate that to your velocity

eulerscheZahl: no more GitC?

eulerscheZahl: there are other bots that build a whole line of mines

eulerscheZahl: to kill everyone in a chain explosion

Nerchio: i know but this one was funny

Nerchio: 1 bot left :p

Nerchio: hehe yeah right now i just try to get legend in whatever i play

Nerchio: not really aiming for high places

Nerchio: i will focus on high places in 'live' competitions i think

eulerscheZahl: you got a great timing to start playing CG then

Nerchio: CG?

BenjaminUrquhart: my bot is an example of the mine trap


eulerscheZahl: CG = codingame

BenjaminUrquhart: it worked really well for all of a day during the contest

Nerchio: ah ye :)

Nerchio: nice mine trap Benjamin

eulerscheZahl: but then bots started avoiding your traps

Nerchio: i am in silver atm so can't deal with it yet

Nerchio: i turned off my mines actually

Nerchio: because i was using them on ore

Nerchio: but that's kind of a waste

BenjaminUrquhart: the only reason I use mines is so I can avoid having to redo collection :P

BenjaminUrquhart: take down the enemy with me

eulerscheZahl: next level is to act like placing a mine on ore

eulerscheZahl: while you aren't actually

BenjaminUrquhart: I do that but badly

eulerscheZahl: but the opponent will think you did. so you can pick it up in the late game

Nerchio: hmm i actually have no idea how to predict mine/radar/just a hole

Nerchio: yet*

eulerscheZahl: you can track if the opponent waited a turn on the baseline

eulerscheZahl: that's a potential mine but you can't be sure

Nerchio: ah ye that's nice

Nerchio: unfortunately i think the description for the contest is not the best

Nerchio: so i struggled with that a little :p

eulerscheZahl: what do you miss?

eulerscheZahl: i think i barely read it, as most was known before the contest already

eulerscheZahl: thanks to BenjaminUrquhart leaking it

Nerchio: i think right now its already quite clear

Nerchio: but it says

BenjaminUrquhart: eulerscheZahl don't make me find the spring challenge ones

Nerchio: entityCount for the amount of robots, radars and traps currently visible to you.

eulerscheZahl: CG learned from their mistakes

Nerchio: and then you can't really see opponent traps or radars

eulerscheZahl: replays are private by default now

BenjaminUrquhart: nice

AntiSquid: well we all know it's pacman anyway

BenjaminUrquhart: hush

AntiSquid: don't hush me, there's a giant cover image of pacman :/

eulerscheZahl: another way to track: each item has an ID

eulerscheZahl: so you can observe your own radar IDs

BenjaminUrquhart: oh yeah that thing

Nerchio: omg

Nerchio: that sounds like cheating :D

eulerscheZahl: and if you get 2 consecutive numbers, no opponent mine :P

BenjaminUrquhart: but effort

Nerchio: they should random the IDs then

eulerscheZahl: i mentioned that on the chat during the contest, later #2 said it's useless

Nerchio: to avoid coding the numbers

eulerscheZahl: then changed his mind, saying it helped a lot

AntiSquid: that's not fixed yet?

eulerscheZahl: it's part of the game, isn't it?

Nerchio: it's a game outside of a game i'd say

BenjaminUrquhart: metagaming

AntiSquid: it's basically a bug

eulerscheZahl: at least only few players realized it and used it to their advantage

AntiSquid: it was in chat all week, not everyone bothered

Nerchio: doesn't seem that hard to core

Nerchio: code*

eulerscheZahl: and if you want to dig a potential ore cell, do so while an opponent is next to it

Nerchio: hmm silver is harder than I imagined

eulerscheZahl: either you trade 1:1 or you have ore

Nerchio: ye i thought about this already

Nerchio: not implemented yet :p

Nerchio: silver so far is hard because if my first radar is worse than opponents i can get behind and lose from then on

eulerscheZahl: different first radar is what got me to legend in the contest

BenjaminUrquhart: I got lucky with silver cause almost nobody could deal with the mine traps at that time, so I got high enough to promote :upside_down:

Default avatar.png PortalBot: but wait just because replays are random does that really mean you can't request the data of the replay?

BenjaminUrquhart: huh?

Default avatar.png PortalBot: i mean private

eulerscheZahl: and bombing in legend is much less than in gold (and i'm bad at avoiding), so it even was mid-legend

BenjaminUrquhart: pretty sure it either 404s or 403s

eulerscheZahl: yes, 403

BenjaminUrquhart: Oups An error occurred (#UNAUTHORIZED): "You are not authorised to view replay 456243893".

BenjaminUrquhart: but it still gives me the 404 page

ZarthaxX: stop breaking everything apple

BenjaminUrquhart: [object Object]

AntiSquid: apple died when steve jobs died

AntiSquid: change my mind

eulerscheZahl: oh, it's even a 200 OK actually

reCurse: Apple is just a company with good marketing

reCurse: Change my mind

eulerscheZahl: >>> r <Response [200]> >>> r.json() {'error': {'code': 'UNAUTHORIZED', 'message': 'You are not authorised to view replay 456243893'}}

BenjaminUrquhart: ah yes 200

eulerscheZahl: apple = overpriced hardware and hipster software

reCurse: Made possible by....

eulerscheZahl: but still selling a lot, so they have great marketing for sure

eulerscheZahl: same goes for supreme

Astrobytes: People were too busy ragging on MS to notice Apple slithering in

Astrobytes: And Apple products are proof of style over substance.

AntiSquid: one of the first videos about apple i've seen was an old video about jobs talking about beautiful font ...

AntiSquid: the devil being in the details

Default avatar.png romrd468: will it always be Id == 1 at the start of a CSB match?

reCurse: Yes

struct: which id?

struct: chcekpoint?

struct: pod?

reCurse: There's only one id in csb

struct: ah true

IfIHadATail: using codingame sync how do I get it to auto upload without having to press "Force Upload" everytime?

reCurse: Did you install both app and extension?

IfIHadATail: yeah it all works but just wont auto sync

reCurse: OS? Chrome ver?

reCurse: Works fine for me

struct: Which options do you have turned on?

IfIHadATail: win 10, Google Chrome is up to date Version 81.0.4044

reCurse: Same here...


reCurse: Try rebooting :upside_down:

IfIHadATail: I reloaded chrome and Intellij multiple times already are you saying to just reboot the whole comp?

reCurse: Maybe. I am out of suggestions sorry.

reCurse: I'm guessing it doesn't receive file system notifications for some reason

struct: y

Uljahn: reboot the universe, Automaton2000

Nerchio: i ctrl+c ctrl+v with intellij much faster :s

Nerchio: but I didnt try syncing

Automaton2000: the problem is not that useful

Astrobytes: Autolag2000

icecream17: in JS I just named my function class "Object" and it worked....

Lekato: :grin:

IfIHadATail: so, yeah, Restarting my computer fix everything :embarrassed: lol thank you guys for your time : )

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: question. How do I create a new dictionary in the iDE? I've tried every combination of declarations I can find and each time it tells me that "Dictionary" is not declared.

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: Same problem as with HashTable

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: *same problem with HashTable

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: Doing the MIME Type puzzle

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: Example: Dim dictExtTypes As Dictionary(Of string, string)()

AntiSquid: well either you do it wrong and should google it or it's a bug and should report it, maybe on forums or maybe on discord chat

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: Didn't read my post huh? Got about 2 words into it or what?

Astrobytes: ThaddeusQ3 1. I suggest you chill out and fix your attitude a little 2. You forgot to do something

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: I presumed that I forgot to do something. Telling me "go to google" when it clearly says in my inquiry that I've been searching is a pretty harsh middle finger.

Astrobytes: Welp. I googled and I know what you haven't done.

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: I'm reaching out for *help*

Astrobytes: Where would you find the definition of Dictionary?

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: Been to here

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3:

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3:

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3:

Astrobytes: Think in simpler terms

Astrobytes: Look at the top of your code. See anything?

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: So I need to include a library or something similiar

Astrobytes: Do you normally develop in VB.Net?

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: no. learning. I normally program PLC's in ladder logic and am trying to expand my skillset.

Astrobytes: Right, in the .NET world you have to import what you need

Astrobytes: So you'll import whatever you need from whichever namespace it's located in

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: ok. That's the kind of help I was looking for. Thank you.

Default avatar.png Terrain2: Hello

Astrobytes: So go check out the namespaces and whatnot, get familiar

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: I know a little about them some from years ago in school. Did some C++ stuff.

Astrobytes: In the .NET case it's a bit more Java-like.

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: hmm...that doesn't help me much

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: don't know much about java

Astrobytes: Just making the distinction between this and the C++ you remember

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: ah! there we go.

Thanks and I apologize for my crassness before. It actually felt like I was being told off.

Astrobytes: Look up VB.NET namespaces and importing them, you'll find what you need quickly

Astrobytes: lol, don't worry

Astrobytes: Oh you got it, cool.

AntiSquid: didn't mean to come across like i am showing you the middle finger ThaddeusQ3, but it's pretty much one of the two options

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: what does the red text mean? Is that a PM?

AntiSquid: no, just mention

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: how to do?

AntiSquid: everyone can see it

Astrobytes: Just type the person's name

AntiSquid: just write user's name you want to mention

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: Antisquid Test

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: @Antisquid Test

AntiSquid: ya i see it red, but i could be lying right? :p

Astrobytes: Also, if you type the first few letters then press Tab it will autocomplete

Astrobytes: Just check it autocompletes correctly :P

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: Astrobytes This is another test

Astrobytes: Test OK

Astrobytes: ThaddeusQ3

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: kk. Thanks

AntiSquid: progressing in a multi with more players is still more rewarding in CP

Astrobytes: He's just practising VB AntiSquid

AntiSquid: top of gold XR just 1200 CP, #110 in gold crystal rush 2.2k CP and i have like a page of TODOs or stuff to try out ...

AntiSquid: just rambling about my bots Astrobytes

Astrobytes: Oh I get you

Astrobytes: Still no XR legend?

AntiSquid: no

AntiSquid: i get pushed down actually

AntiSquid: it's like people only improved to push me down @_@

Astrobytes: lol, always feels like that

AntiSquid: i didn't touch XR for over a month now

Astrobytes: Well, still time before the contest

AntiSquid: but it's kinda true for xr, i mean i was close to promo and then few peeps suddenly feel like submitting and they submit strong bots that drop me, nothing experimental that promotes me so yes it does feel that way

Astrobytes: XR gold is not fun

AntiSquid: i need to optimize it

AntiSquid: it's very slow

AntiSquid: and i don't make full use of the time

Astrobytes: Mines is a disgrace. How it's 60th is miraculous. I ca barely read the code.

Astrobytes: *can

AntiSquid: i rewrote mine after ooc

AntiSquid: and then copied a few bits in from the old one see what to keep / discard

AntiSquid: old one was rank 550 in gold :D

Nerchio: silver bot in crystal rush

Nerchio: so good

Nerchio: should be illegal

AntiSquid: well game is very random so from what i remember to promote i had to do on tactic back then and then switch to different strategy in gold

AntiSquid: but if gold and silver were merged and a recalc took place there would be heavy shuffle

AntiSquid: quite sure top 200 silver and bottom 200 gold are very similar if not same in strength, all about right strategy for the bots you encounter

Nerchio: probably true

Nerchio: i guess i will try to force myself to gold with some submits i am doing quite consistent atm

Default avatar.png romrd468: is oversteering or understeering better in CSB

icecream17: like, turning or speed?

Default avatar.png romrd468: like closer targets or farther

Default avatar.png romrd468: close print or farther print?

icecream17: sorry, my brain interpreted that as (go closer to targets or farther).... idk what you mean....

AntiSquid: it's more like you can keep tweaking the variables, submit, see results and repeat

Default avatar.png romrd468: should I have more or less velocity

AntiSquid: yes

Default avatar.png romrd468: Should I have precision steering or should I have speed steering

AntiSquid: that's what tweaking implies, more or less, keep trying @_@

icecream17: both? figure out how to speed by turning faster?

Default avatar.png romrd468: How can I tell my pod to go fast and slow?

AntiSquid: be like water my friend

reCurse: Fast: thrust 100

reCurse: Slow: thrust 0

reCurse: Really slow: shield

Default avatar.png Terrain2: hey so google is allowed, right?

reCurse: In what context

Default avatar.png Terrain2: clash of code

icecream17: as long as it's not suspicious and learning

reCurse: It's unenforceable so sure

Default avatar.png romrd468: currently my steering is at .01 is that precision enough?

AntiSquid: uhm :thinking: well screw clash, so yes ?

reCurse: Steering at .01 means nothing

reCurse: It's as if I ask you whether my win constant at 7 is good

AntiSquid: it's good 7 lucky number

AntiSquid: so people claim

Astrobytes: It's good. But only if x == 1337

icecream17: go at "checkpoint x squared" mod "numApples".

Default avatar.png romrd468: haha I just created gandolf code

AntiSquid: was about to say i prefer 13, but your number is better in this context Astrobytes

Astrobytes: 7 is a lucky number AntiSquid? It's my birthday and I'm practically cursed I'm so unlucky :D

Default avatar.png romrd468: you shall not pass!

AntiSquid: Astrobytes not sure how you are unlucky, but 7 being lucky is a common urban myth

Astrobytes: Oh my whole family is cursed, you wouldn't believe half of it. But nevermind that, what about the 7? Never heard that before

AntiSquid: romrd468 get an avatar

Astrobytes: *anime avatar

reCurse: Never heard of lucky 7s?

Astrobytes: Only in the context of fruit machines/bandits

AntiSquid: why does the jackpot machine have a 7 on a the rolls ?

AntiSquid: even outside that

Default avatar.png romrd468: I times my vx by 3.14 and it went in circles

reCurse: Sounds like a question for google

Astrobytes: It's religious. Next.

Default avatar.png romrd468: how close can you get to zero while still having an impact?

AntiSquid: In many cultures around the world, seven is considered a lucky number. ... Some people believe it is, but this belief may simply stem from the positive things often associated with the number. Like most beliefs associated with the concept of luck, superstition plays a large role in perpetuating the belief.

AntiSquid: copied from google

Astrobytes: Yes, it all stems from religious texts. Like I said. Next

AntiSquid: there's some biblical arguments in the results, tried to keep it neutral in that regard

Astrobytes: romrd468 why are you multiplying your velocity by pi?

MSmits: to go in circles. He just said that

MSmits: sigh

Astrobytes: No that's the result. his intention is unclear MSmits :P

AntiSquid: ya Astrobytes he just said that!

MSmits: o

reCurse: Because it sounds fancier to multiply vel by pi than 3.

Astrobytes: Shuddup AntiSquid :P

AntiSquid: i actually tried pi too

AntiSquid: it's good he understand he needs to try random stuff if he just wants to make things magically happen

Astrobytes: I spent ages on steering behaviours and shit, even made a little offline visualiser, got to gold, then discovered the trick. That's why I warn people off of the shortcut.

reCurse: I thought it was my secret :(

MSmits: wanna hear something really funny

AntiSquid: this was back when i started and gradually made some improvements, was always suggested to add the -3vel no matter what, although it was in there already -.-

AntiSquid: a certain madao kept telling me to add it, forgot he told me and told me again

reCurse: madsnowflake

Astrobytes: hehe

AntiSquid: still trying to ban Automaton2020

MSmits: so remember how I've been fitting onitama for like a week, prolly thousands of cg bench games

Astrobytes: MSmits tell us your funny something

Astrobytes: o

MSmits: i got a pretty good bot now

MSmits: but

Astrobytes: And you threw away all your benchmarks?

MSmits: i got really spikey results

MSmits: for constants

AntiSquid: and how do you adjust vars? still the old fashion way?

MSmits: like one ideal value and if i go right next to it, its 10% worse

Default avatar.png romrd468: I have 3 difference CSB bots I am combining

MSmits: yes, but this is something else AntiSquid

MSmits: i found out the reason why my constants are so sensitive

MSmits: for a game thats quite random with the 300k card combinations

Astrobytes: Because they are wrong?

MSmits: no

AntiSquid: using polymerization romrd468

AntiSquid: use *

MSmits: because all of my thousands of games were done with the same 5 cards :P

MSmits: I have just been swapping games on those cards, both sides

Astrobytes: You knob :D

MSmits: but it never saw the other 10 cards

MSmits: but got nr 1 with that so thats cool :p\

Astrobytes: Jeez

AntiSquid: that's like getting #1 for perfecting a bot for 1 seed

MSmits: compare these two:



MSmits: look at the difference in how strong the bot seems to be

MSmits: see how badly i overfitted for this seed

MSmits: yes AntiSquid, that is it exactly

AntiSquid: ok

MSmits: so on the seed i am 80% + and on the cg stats i am around 50-60

MSmits: even my exploration parameter would drop my winrate from 80% to 70% if i made it go from 1.21 to 1.20

Astrobytes: Epic


Default avatar.png romrd468: anyone notice that in CSB going to bots like the top left corner?

MSmits: so I am going to have to start over :P

MSmits: with this as a base I guess

Astrobytes: lol, pretty specific

MSmits: I'm also going to have to bring back the 4 eval features i discarded as useless. They may have been useless only for this seed

Astrobytes: hehehehe

MSmits: well this is what i get for only playing games with no random like oware and uttt

Astrobytes: Every day's a school day Mr Bits

MSmits: yep

MSmits: btw, i finished the harvard cs 50

Default avatar.png romrd468: madknight gave me bad advice go figure

AntiSquid: :o

AntiSquid: shots fired

Astrobytes: What was the bad advice he gave you romrd468?

Default avatar.png romrd468: He said to use the vel*3 and it made my code worse

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: maybe your code is bugged

MSmits: well you had pi before

MSmits: pi > 3

Astrobytes: hehe, like I said earlier, please try to understand what that does

MSmits: romrd468 are you in gold?

Default avatar.png romrd468: yeah

AntiSquid: the idea is to always use full velocity and then target an area before the next check point so you turn much faster to get ready for next checkpoint romrd468

MSmits: then it's time to either A) go to a different game or B) learn how to write search algorithms

AntiSquid: full speed i mean

MSmits: the sunglasses dude is a B

Astrobytes: heh

reCurse: I've heard a rumor some people got to legend without search

AntiSquid: that's me

reCurse: So definitely a rumor

MSmits: sure that may be possible, but why bother, you're just hitting the same kind of ceiling a little higher

Default avatar.png romrd468: I had a glitch which made me go after 2 checkpoints at once and somehow I still went through both

Astrobytes: hahaha

AntiSquid: i used vel*2.98 !!

AntiSquid: obv the real legend constant

AntiSquid: and had a blocker

MSmits: which did -3 vel on his runner?

AntiSquid: idk, i forgot

Astrobytes: I just #include <Madeleine>

Astrobytes: and then call MK::FixIt()

AntiSquid: MSmits didn't like CSB, just did random submits for legend to then try something else, madao was nagging in chat all day and pinging everyone new

Astrobytes: woops, and don't forget to set MK::EZPZ to true;

Astrobytes: *.

AntiSquid: there was more, constant promotion of inoryy starter bot ... and how the other guy got top 50 with it, got really irritating at some point

AntiSquid: "write a simu, how is your simu?"

MSmits: AntiSquid I don't like it much either. I only kept going cuz it went so well, succes motivates. I really dont want to go back to it though

reCurse: Most satisfying game to watch though, maybe only second to FB

MSmits: i like to watch onitama :)

Default avatar.png romrd468: Angle to vector program initialized

MSmits: probably should have watched my cg bench games though :flushed:

Default avatar.png romrd468: if same target drop a nuclear bomb on their pod

reCurse: ecks dee

Astrobytes: CSB with weaponry would certainly be... interesting

MSmits: that's mario kart

MSmits: and

MSmits: yes please :)

AntiSquid: romrd468 why don't you try mini max? there are grenades

AntiSquid: mean max multi meant

AntiSquid: kinda sleepy

Astrobytes: Magic algos create new game features

Astrobytes: :P

MSmits: magic algos?

MSmits: locam?

Astrobytes: no, Squid's magic mini max that creates grenades

Default avatar.png romrd468: I can throw your pods off screen XD

reCurse: ecks dee

Astrobytes: lel

Nerchio: crystal rush gold hard earned xD

Default avatar.png romrd468: strategy = one ram while using shield two is boost after to make sure they dead

Astrobytes: grats Nerchio

MSmits: gj Nerchio

AntiSquid: hard coded and then just a bit more hard coding and legend !

AntiSquid: gj

Nerchio: not much hard coding so far :p

AntiSquid: no fixed radar placement ?

Nerchio: ok that i have :D

Nerchio: but nothing except that

Astrobytes: Still can't bring myself to paly that game again

Astrobytes: Or play it

MSmits: same

MSmits: I couldnt even finish the contest

MSmits: only time i ever dropped out during

AntiSquid: you would have dropped out of ooc if it were 1 week

MSmits: hmm

MSmits: i might have made different decisions

Astrobytes: It started at what could be described as a 'difficult' time in my life, plus I didn't really like it

AntiSquid: actually i wanted to drop out of ooc day 1, right there in wood2 :D

MSmits: i didnt hate ooc

MSmits: wasnt the most fun contest ever, but it was ok

MSmits: for me that is

Astrobytes: I liked OOC more, but in a relative to 'Crystal Rush' way

reCurse: I'd like a break on fog of war

reCurse: Possibly forever

Astrobytes: Yeeeep

MSmits: you mean you want a game with full knowledge?

AntiSquid: on hidden information

AntiSquid: not fond of it and ooc i dislike the most

MSmits: i think its different in ooc because the hidden information is the whole game. In most other games it's just a small feature of it like in utg or wondev woman

Astrobytes: Compared to UTG?

reCurse: Probability stuff with CG's architecture is straight up masochism

AntiSquid: yes

MSmits: why

MSmits: what do you need for probability stuff?

AntiSquid: one of the reasons is the character limit

reCurse: Better sampling

AntiSquid: ooc and UTG are screaming at you to do some sort of statistics

Astrobytes: But you need more games, and that's just never gonna happen

Amirabbas: hello i got a question about the privite clash of code .... if i play on match with my friends can we play again or should we generate new link to share.? friends arent here right now i want to know

MSmits: true i did use a bit of statistics for ooc, but the biggest part of the code is tracking and managing states

AntiSquid: wondev woman didn't seem that bad to me, but it was my first contest ... right now i think ooc is #1 worst game, and utg #2 worst

MSmits: i think every clash is a new link

MSmits: Amirabbas

MSmits: what did you like most AntiSquid?

Amirabbas: thanks there anymone here to join just to try...just skip the test

reCurse: Trick question: nothing

AntiSquid: kutulu

Astrobytes: Code Royale was my firs AntiSquid and it seemed fun at the time, I hate it with every cell in my body now

MSmits: i liked it too

MSmits: i am trying to think of one i liked more

MSmits: I think code royale doesnt count for me because it was my first... big thrill

AntiSquid: lol why not ?

MSmits: well looking at it objectively it was far from the best contest

blasterpoard: huh? I though kutulu was kinda bad

MSmits: I enjoyed it a lot though

AntiSquid: ya well opinions

blasterpoard: waaaay too simple if you realize what's important in that game

Amirabbas: id be happy if anyone just join and then skip the test dont anser just to test if i can remach

MSmits: every game is equally hard blasterpoard, everything thats easy for you is also easy for the opponents

AntiSquid: well someone was saying it's too complicated with too many things to take into account

MSmits: well 4p is always hard to write a search for

blasterpoard: MSmits well, I have a #5 if/else bot on the leaderboard

Astrobytes: Don't spam those clash links in chat please Amirabbas, people will join your clash if you make it and they want to clash

MSmits: blasterpoard that might be a sign that its hard, not that it's easy :)

AntiSquid: how many things do you precompute blasterpoard ?

MSmits: if it's hard to write a search, then people use heuristics

blasterpoard: AntiSquid line of sight and distance between all pairs of squares

MSmits: me too

Amirabbas: i undrestand i just want to test smh no playing...i want to see if we can have a remach in privite once

blasterpoard: also number of turns for a slasher to reach a square by rushing then moving

MSmits: same

MSmits: btw some of these things are pretty hard to do in the calc time available if you use C#

MSmits: have to be careful about optimizing your BFS and such

blasterpoard: my bot is not optimized at all

MSmits: it;s also probably c++ :P

blasterpoard: and I didn't have optimization pragmas during the contest

AntiSquid: ok so doesn't this come down to preferences then? if you like to extract lots of hidden info then that's your kinda game no?

MSmits: yeah

Astrobytes: For sure

MSmits: i prefer full knowledge, but I was ok with it in ooc

Astrobytes: There's a bunch of games on here for most tastes I reckon

MSmits: oh, strangely enough i liked code a la mode :)

Astrobytes: Just the last 2 contests have been heavy on the missing info

MSmits: just people not taking my plate... that I hated

Astrobytes: F that cooking game

AntiSquid: code a la mode was about reading brainless coworker

MSmits: ye, i assumed brains

AntiSquid: will he save the food from burning? bot always worked better when i guessed NO

blasterpoard: UTG high legend was mostly rock/paper/scissors because of the fog of war

MSmits: it's right there! You're next to the damn window, pick up the dam plate!!!

AntiSquid: so what's the best game on cg blasterpoard ?

Astrobytes: *what's your favourite game

blasterpoard: AntiSquid idk... the same I liked the most so far was, to my surprise, halite 3

blasterpoard: *game

Astrobytes: On CG tho

MSmits: on CG\

blasterpoard: I know, that's why I wrote the "idk"


MSmits: pick one

AntiSquid: cg being inferior to halite 3 :thinking:

Astrobytes: OK, exluding Halite 3

reCurse: There's no bad answer, except for c4l of course

Astrobytes: *Excluding

**MSmits hopes blasterpoard says uttt

blasterpoard: no, I tried uttt, and I got bored

**Astrobytes thinks MSmits is attempting to troll reCurse

MSmits: :innocent:

MSmits: blasterpoard do you enjoy board games at all?

MSmits: or does it have to be a more complex simulated game?

MSmits: if so, do you prefer one with physics or a grid based one

blasterpoard: I don't like it when all I can do is a search algo

MSmits: how about ghost in the cell

MSmits: search does work somewhat, but not that well, most use heuristics, but not all

blasterpoard: I used to not like physics, but now I don't really mind, after dealing with the worst physics iof all the games

blasterpoard: ( AntiSquid knows what I'm talking about )

AntiSquid: you mean worst randomness i think

MSmits: Raic?

AntiSquid: oh wow wait that was worse

AntiSquid: but no

blasterpoard: MSmits I'll PM you

MSmits: kk

AntiSquid: imagine RaiC except bullets can randomly go through walls

reCurse: I want a name and/or URL

AntiSquid: or randomly blow your opponent off the map

Astrobytes: wtf

MSmits: super smash brothers

Astrobytes: Name and shame or forever be damned

icecream17: YES! My blocker is... sort of working!

Illedan: blasterpoard, what game? :P

MSmits: icecream the blocker is supposed to do more than be a goal post

reCurse: I forgot how slow csb is before legend

Nerchio: when will we get more info about spring challenge

MSmits: in 6 days, 17 hrs 2 mins and 48 seconds

MSmits: 44

Nerchio: no more teasers?: p

Nerchio: sounds like bad promotion xD

MSmits: ah well maybe a few hrs before, or a day, but nothing that is helpful

reCurse: It's pac man with powers, what more do you want :P

AntiSquid: maybe an email with a screenshot from thibaud

MSmits: a selfie?

AntiSquid: 1-2 hours before contest

MSmits: look at me being happy knowing the game while you're all waiting

AntiSquid: yes MSmits, his webcam pic next to the game viewer

icecream17: if you go into the console....

MSmits: aha

icecream17: and type "codingame"...

icecream17: codingame.session has "codinGamer" but even more interesting an empty array "newFeatures" hmm

reCurse: h4x0r

icecream17: What if you do... codingame.session.codinGamer.xp = Infinity

MSmits: allright getting some sleep, gn

Nerchio: cya

Astrobytes: nn

AntiSquid: gn8

AntiSquid: nice you're halfway through gold

Nerchio: who

AntiSquid: you

Nerchio: hehe ye thats actually the first commit

Nerchio: i didn't program since then

Nerchio: lots of stuff to fix for sure

Nerchio: i added the basic trap prediction like you(?) i think said

Nerchio: where you assume they took the trap if they were 1 turn at spawn

AntiSquid: no idea what i said anymore tbh

Nerchio: could be someone else that said this though xD

AntiSquid: ya

Nerchio: maybe cpt blasterpoard

AntiSquid: ctp *

Astrobytes: AT least 3 people mentioned it from what I saw in today's/tonight' chat

Astrobytes: And I wasn't here the whole time :P

struct: mentioned what?

Astrobytes: Yinsh struct, Yinsh

Astrobytes: (I'm joking)

blasterpoard: Nerchio how about bots who pick up the mine, leave 1st column, return there without digging, and then go place it?

Astrobytes: Trap prediction in UTG struct

Astrobytes: Remember that game? :P

struct: Never heard of it

struct: Is it still here?

Astrobytes: Yeah, Crystal Rush now

Nerchio: blasterpoard at the moment I coded really general trap prediction I didn't play with nuances

Nerchio: main goal so far was to get as much ore as possible without losing bots

Nerchio: otherwise i would stay in silver forever

Nerchio: but at some point i will probably add 'tricks' to my bot as well

Nerchio: so its not so easy to predict my traps

blasterpoard: don't focus on that

blasterpoard: just don't lose bots and make stashes

Nerchio: i think losing 1 turn here and there for each bot is not the biggest deal and can throw off a lot of people on my way to legend

Nerchio: didn't work with stashes yet, do you mean gatherin ore to 1 spot and collecting it later?

blasterpoard: yes

blasterpoard: btw your mine detection isn't that good

blasterpoard: or do you only try to not dig them up?

blasterpoard: that's not enough

Nerchio: yeah so far ye

Nerchio: you blew it up yeah?

blasterpoard: yes

Nerchio: my bots shouldn't mine this

blasterpoard: blowing up mines intentionally is very common in gold, even more so in legend

Nerchio: yeah i have some small code as well

Nerchio: if i have the chance i will blow it up 1 for 2+

AntiSquid: doesn't that take more time? your bot spends a turn placing the ore into stash, later on another bot spends 1 turn digging it out

blasterpoard: you don't really have to do it, just don't lose 2 bors for 1

blasterpoard: AntiSquid you increase opponent's travel time a lot

Nerchio: yeah i will see how often it happens in gold

struct: a lot

Nerchio: how do you increase opponents travel time because of stashes?

Illedan: TravelTime++;

Nerchio: stopEnemyBot=true

reCurse: opponent->TravelTime++;

reCurse: Illenoob

AntiSquid: place construction site signs around your digging area :p

reCurse: Hmm, Illedanoob works better

Illedan: noobCurse

blasterpoard: Nerchio the opponent has to travel far to collect ore in the late game; you can just collect the stashes

Nerchio: yea but you're not collecting as well?

Illedan: Not: opponent->++TravelTime; reCurse?

blasterpoard: Nerchio I do collect it eventually

struct: ++opponent->TravelTime

struct: ;

blasterpoard: but I get more of the ore closer to the 1st column

blasterpoard: so I travel less

Astrobytes: Noobedan

Nerchio: that's probably more of legend tactics :p

blasterpoard: no, that's high gold

Astrobytes: reNoob

blasterpoard: high legend is trying to figure out what can you mine safely

AntiSquid: opponent->operator[](i)->TravelTime++;

Nerchio: i will probably start with splitting my bots against mines looks like it happens quite often in gold

Default avatar.png tecnosam: print("Hello World")

blasterpoard: here's a replay against squid; notice how far to the right he has to go to get ore

Default avatar.png Your_Lord_And_Savior: OOOF

Default avatar.png Your_Lord_And_Savior: :rage:

AntiSquid: ya i am horrible at collecting ore on top of that

Astrobytes: if (screwed) goto IncrementOpponentTravelTime;

blasterpoard: I just needed to find a bot that doesn't explode in first 20 turns and doesn't make stashes

Nerchio: :D

reCurse: I approve of antisquid getting rekt

AntiSquid: ^ i thought it's a compliment to not explode in first 20 turns

blasterpoard: just had to play 1 more game against you

blasterpoard: and you explode as well

Nerchio: blasterpoard dunking on golds :(

AntiSquid: i thought i fixed that :/

Nerchio: that's probably the first thing i will try to fix

AntiSquid: it thinks it does a good trade for some reason

Astrobytes: #include <Madeleine> AntiSquid

AntiSquid: ah nvm blaster dug that

AntiSquid: my bot used to be very suicidal

blasterpoard: Nerchio yes, not exploding is quite important

Astrobytes: "not exploding is quite important" - words to live by

reCurse: Unless it's exploding your enemies

Astrobytes: Of course. Context is king

Astrobytes: *everything. Fixed my sexism.

reCurse: Check your privilege

blasterpoard: I'm surprised by how often it happens agianst gold bots, considering that I only do it if I randomly happen to be nxt to a mine that happens to be next to 2+ opponent's bots

Astrobytes: triggered

blasterpoard: (maybe 1+, I don't remember)

Nerchio: probably because it requires quite a big more logic

Nerchio: you can say DIG not being close to a dig and it will take you there

Nerchio: but now you need to predict if 2 of your bots will be close to each other

blasterpoard: that's why the move command is there

Nerchio: i know but as i said it requires a lot more logic :D

Nerchio: because now I need not only to check where my bots will end up but also where is a good spot for them to move

Nerchio: that's not a problem ofcourse just saying it's much easier in this game to code a base bode without logic like this

AntiSquid: my bot places a lot of mines and it doesn't do any man spreading

Nerchio: lol

Nerchio: code + bot = bode


blasterpoard: good bot

Astrobytes: lol

AntiSquid: was a joke, i don't keep them apart, high chance they land next to a bomb together

Astrobytes: Anyway, I'm out. Good night, dobru noc, bonne nuit, noapte buna

blasterpoard: the biggest bug in my bot is that I don't avoid having 2+ bots aroung my non-mined stashes

Nerchio: yeah hehe


Nerchio: i exploded antisquid too :D

AntiSquid: do i really need to fix that next? don't feel like it :p

Nerchio: probably helps with consistency

Nerchio: losing 2 bots for 1 is pretty much auto-loss

Nerchio: ok i go to bed cya guys

Default avatar.png Farma12: hi

icecream17: my blocker is much better i think submit

Default avatar.png RedMutant_adfb: hi

Phantom4skin: helllo

Neon_Tuts: hi

Default avatar.png sean_choi: download swimgrader!

Default avatar.png **Muffle9 slaps sean_choi around a bit with a large fishbot

Default avatar.png Muffle9: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png **Muffle9 hi

TrentT: ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ) Please don't throw the furniture