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thibpat: hello! I'm continuing to improve my negamax implementation for the Twixt-PP challenge (last week's challenge of the week):

Default avatar.png LoGos: I didn't realize draw was possible in Bandas D:

Default avatar.png LoGos: for anyone interested:

Quidome: nice :) LoGos

HunnyBear: sigh. really wish CL was an option

Default avatar.png sahilbansal17:

Default avatar.png sahilbansal17: Anyone wants to join, be quick!

Default avatar.png sahilbansal17:

Uljahn: stop spamming



AntiSquid: stop posting clash of code link in chat or i start banning

dbdr: hey Quidome!

dbdr: looks like you are progressing :)

CoderHarshu: Hello

Illedan: Hi

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Hey coderHarshu

mark7: Hi

Quidome: No progression at all dbdr, only a resubmit from the old version after a broken one :(

dbdr: oh OK

Adnmaster: im trying horse racing duals it passes all of them except one and i tested it myself there is nothing wrong can someone pls help

CoderHarshu: New in competitive programming! any suggestions for beginners ?

Adnmaster: you can try python

Adnmaster: and look up hackerrank in google

CoderHarshu: i have done Python basics

Adnmaster: oh

Adnmaster: they ask hard quest,ons in code of clash

CoderHarshu: and solving problems at Hackerearth and Hackerrank

Adnmaster: you can try code royale, if thats too hard, you can try code golf

CoderHarshu: i am able to solve the problem but the i take too much time!

Adnmaster: then you have to go into a lot of clash of cde battles until you get faster

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: CoderHarshu, I`m a beginner too, found it best to start with bot programming CSB

CoderHarshu: Whats that ? WINWINWINWIN

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Bot programming: coders strike back

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: and its just 3 WIN s :D

CoderHarshu: ok bro

MSmits: better yet, type win + tab

MSmits: this is a functionality to calculate the optimal number of wins

CoderHarshu: thats awsome thanks buddy MSmits

MSmits: you're welcome :P

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: :D Msmits

CoderHarshu: WINWINWIN

CoderHarshu: :grinning:

dbdr: wow, submits seem slow right now

mark7: Of which contest? is there a contest going on?

AntiSquid: no

dbdr: in multis

AntiSquid: what multi are you playing now dbdr?

dbdr: Tulips

eulerscheZahl: some of us aren't competing for prizes it seems

eulerscheZahl: meanwhile i still try to win that $0 :P

darkhorse64: nor for xp

AntiSquid: if you win it, how do you verify if they gave you the money euler ?

eulerscheZahl: i'll ask about payment process in the forum

MSmits: this means re curse cant compete you know, Canada has an overly strict gambling law.. cash prizes are a big no no

MSmits: unless they cleared it with the government

dbdr: as if it was luck...

MSmits: darkhorse64 look at my last cg bench. Onitama is crazy rps


MSmits: poor tric trac if i submit this :P

Salted: MSmits, that's not at all true. I've won competitions here in Canada that pay cash prices.

dbdr: opponent selection is random?

MSmits: yeah government sanctioned afaik, i was told this

eulerscheZahl: impressive winrate

dbdr: not the same number of matches...

MSmits: yeah it's random

Salted: I live in Canada and can tell you it's not true

MSmits: ok

Default avatar.png LoGos: MSmits did you have any problems with CGBenchmark recently?

MSmits: no, but i would like to know how to force equal match count in cg bench

MSmits: do you know how dbdr?

dbdr: yes, edit the source ;)

MSmits: hah nvm, i am not compiling anything java

dbdr: or wrirte a similar tool yourself, it's not very hard

MSmits: not for you :)

dbdr: write it in python

MSmits: I'm not that good at that sort of thing

dbdr: look at eulerscheZahl's script for logging in and playing a match

MSmits: But i can if I need to i suppose

dbdr: that's about 10 lines of python

Salted: The best part about contests in Canada is you pay no taxes on any winnings. The prize provider must pay the taxes and you get the full amount.

MSmits: yeah euler showed me before

dbdr: the rest is pretty simple logic

MSmits: thats nice Salted

eulerscheZahl: python :rocket:

dbdr: go through the opponents, add up the results

MSmits: I just wrote a minesweeper bot in python as par t of an assignment

eulerscheZahl: what's the winrate?

eulerscheZahl: as sometimes you can't be sure

MSmits: 80%, the first moves aren't guaranteed

MSmits: so you might click on a bomb

MSmits: first move

eulerscheZahl: even end moves sometimes

MSmits: yes, sometimes

MSmits: but very rarely in this case

dbdr: you can get 100% winrate at minesweeper

MSmits: the assignment asked us to also take into account subsets

Salted: MSmits, the first move should always be save in minesweeper. It only computes the board after the first move.

MSmits: i know Salted

Salted: safe*

dbdr: just make your bot read the memory of the referee to know where the bombs are

MSmits: but this is a ghetto minesweeper

MSmits: not full implementation like the microsoft version

MSmits: I only wrote the bot, not the game

eulerscheZahl: we need a minesweeper on CG

eulerscheZahl: and spam submit till you pass

MSmits: would be fun

MSmits: is there a puzzle?

eulerscheZahl: yes

MSmits: minesweeper puzzle?

MSmits: ah cool


darkhorse64: MSmits: this version is not yet submitted ? I have made some tiny improvements, mostly reliability. It shows a bit in the leaderboard. trictrac is now my preferred victim

eulerscheZahl: but not an interactive one

ZarthaxX: test your python code now smito lol

MSmits: have to convert a lot of it

MSmits: not feeling the urge atm, but its cool

Default avatar.png LoGos: how do tools like CGBench work? Do they launch codingame in headless mode and play in ide?

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Do you top coders ever use python?

MSmits: LoGos yeah

darkhorse64: Always C++, except for golf

MSmits: WINWINWIN also yeah, not me, but some

eulerscheZahl: just sending the requests

MSmits: sometimes fast coding is more important than fast code

MSmits: then python is great

eulerscheZahl: bit REST API for the CG website, makes it easy to script

eulerscheZahl: big*

Salted: I always wonder how much of a code library the top people draw from. They always code in the same thing for every competition.

Default avatar.png LoGos: MSmits thanks. CGB is not working for me so it seems like I need to write similar script.

MSmits: well you can't use separate files, so you copy paste a lot of old code

MSmits: but it depends on the game. If it is a fairly simple game you can just copy paste a minimax or mcts and adjust it

MSmits: LoGos which version?

MSmits: also, i had some weird errors with cg bench too

MSmits: if you for example, work in VS and just try to use the C++ file from there and load it in CG bench it may bug out because of the encoding

MSmits: I have to make a new c++ text file, copy the whole bot into it, then run cg bench

Default avatar.png LoGos: MSits the latest one. I'm getting NullPointerException just after retrieving cookies and sesion info. It happens both on Linux and Windows. I also created brand new account to test but the same thing happens

MSmits: very likely your file is just set up wrong

MSmits: your json

MSmits: careful sharing this btw

MSmits: because of accoutn info. Let me share mine


dbdr: NullPointerException should not happen regardless of your config

dbdr: report a bug :)

MSmits: might be older version of cg bench ?

dbdr: nice password MSmits ;)

MSmits: yes, just enter, no characters

MSmits: noone will guess this

Default avatar.png LoGos: thanks MSmits! dbdr ok, will do if it realy is a bug

dbdr: NPE is a bug, no question

RoboStac: msmits - you can have the same matches against each opponent by having one opponent and multiple code sections (they can all be the same file). It does give you separate reports per opponent / play all against opponent 1 before moving on though

MSmits: ahh thanks RoboStac

dbdr: 306 results found for «Score - Computing» in CSB

dbdr: I guess that's a promotion wave

dbdr: yeah, almost all are rank 27K and 28K

dbdr: oh, 356 now, growing :(

Default avatar.png LoGos: MSmits its working now :grinning: Thanks! Looks like the yaml file is the problem. dbdr I'll send report

Default avatar.png jslo:

Default avatar.png jslo: am i doing something stupid here

Default avatar.png jslo: am i doing something dumb here

Default avatar.png jslo: ?

Default avatar.png jslo: it's the Defibrillator problem

Default avatar.png jslo: it's pretty easy

Default avatar.png jslo: not sure what's wrong

RoboStac: why are you trying to read a file (and from a windows file path)?

Default avatar.png FlashLoremIpsumFromHell_6454: hello

MSmits: I also know jslo is upstairs

MSmits: wife quarantined you huh

RoboStac: also when using java you have to call your class Solution

eulerscheZahl: RIP CSB, classic :D

dbdr: RIP CG for 2 hours

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: Why?


eulerscheZahl: play topcoder

eulerscheZahl: siman is playing too

dbdr: it's OK, I can play CG offline :)

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: Are you german?

eulerscheZahl: he's 1st right now

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: euler zahl?

eulerscheZahl: yes, i am german

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: :)

Default avatar.png JBM: how on earth did you guess

Default avatar.png ryuzaki22: m form india plez teach me how to put logic

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: Zahl

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: on ger,man means number

dbdr: the toad

Default avatar.png JBM: impressive

eulerscheZahl: your profile says that you are from Romania but attend a german school

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: german*

Default avatar.png JBM: you won't be nood for long

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: Born in romania

Default avatar.png JBM: *noob

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: i will:)

dbdr: noob fail JBM :D

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: :)

Default avatar.png JBM: indeed dbdr :->

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: :P

Default avatar.png JBM: nood boom

eulerscheZahl: nood sounds like something that i would spell nude

Default avatar.png JBM: how unfoog

dbdr: nood soup

Default avatar.png JBM: shit, site's down by now :(

dbdr: what did you want to do?

Default avatar.png jslo: @roboStac i'll transfer it over to codinGame after i get done writing it in netbeans

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: Hate this

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: i was making a problem

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: and site stopped

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: all gone

Default avatar.png jslo: i don't like writing the code online lol

Default avatar.png jslo: that's why i write the solutions local

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: I was designing a problem

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: Making tests and so on

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: no solving

Default avatar.png jslo: rip

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: :rage:

Default avatar.png jslo: your

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: Yes:(

Default avatar.png jslo: problem

Default avatar.png jslo: get bodied

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: :()

Default avatar.png jslo: :laughing:

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: :(

Default avatar.png jslo: help me noob

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: With?

Default avatar.png jslo:

AntiSquid: submits are slow, servers burning i guess dbdr

Default avatar.png jslo: it's not giving me correct distances

Default avatar.png jslo: it's easy

Default avatar.png jslo: i must've done something dumb

Default avatar.png jslo: i'll transfer it over to the server when i'm done

Default avatar.png jslo: that's why i'm using a file

AntiSquid: get some avatars guys, you look like a bunch of new accounts that just came in to spam emotes, was about to ban a few :/

Default avatar.png jslo: don't ban me

AntiSquid: i won't

Default avatar.png jslo: :open_mouth:

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: :)

Default avatar.png jslo: :sob:

wlesavo: AntiSquid oh, i was worried it is just me

eulerscheZahl: but don't ban JBM :scream:

AntiSquid: get avatars to avoid the confusion is all i am saying

AntiSquid: JBM easier to avoid banning higher level

eulerscheZahl: so you check the user level before ban?

Default avatar.png JBM: what did I do *this* time?

eulerscheZahl: not set an avatar

Default avatar.png JBM: that's not illegal

AntiSquid: yes, doubt anyone makes new account copies 5 million puzzles and then spams chat, i check both

Default avatar.png jslo: i got one

eulerscheZahl: a skeleton

Default avatar.png jslo: skullOmania

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: You are like an Admin?

Default avatar.png jslo: better recognize

AntiSquid: no

AntiSquid: just chat mod

Default avatar.png jslo: :muscle:

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: :)

AntiSquid: admins are the staff

Default avatar.png jslo: noob, you see any issues

Adnmaster: so youre like the admin of the chat?

AntiSquid: no

Default avatar.png jslo: admin of the admin of the chat?

AntiSquid: :/

wlesavo: AntiAdmin

Default avatar.png jslo: lol

Default avatar.png jslo: AntiSquid != admin

Default avatar.png JBM: defined by what he's not

MadKnight: NotSoMuchOfAnAdmin

AntiSquid: i just can't administrate shit here

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: jslo I am sorry I dont see any issues, I dont know Java but i loocked at Pythegorean Throem

MadKnight: NotSoMuchOfAnAdminSquid

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: and i havent seen problems

Default avatar.png jslo: cool

Default avatar.png jslo: it's a super easy program

Default avatar.png jslo: not sure why i'm getting the issue

AntiSquid: if i was a chat admin i could demote madao to a regular user for example

Default avatar.png jslo: i'll use a different forumla

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: Youre formula is good

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: try at Math.cos

Default avatar.png jslo: antiSquid.demoteAbility = flase

Default avatar.png jslo: false

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: to multiply with -1

Default avatar.png jslo: whoops i messed up that joke

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: :)

Default avatar.png jslo: ok

Default avatar.png jslo:

Default avatar.png jslo: see

Default avatar.png jslo: it looks good

Default avatar.png jslo: that's the debug sutff

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: works?

Default avatar.png jslo: stuff

Default avatar.png jslo: nah

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: :(

Default avatar.png jslo: same answer

Default avatar.png jslo: ah i'll figure it out

Default avatar.png jslo: lemme use a different formula

Adnmaster: is anyone here 12 years old?

Default avatar.png jslo: wtf

Default avatar.png jslo: creep

AntiSquid: me

Adnmaster: hehe

Default avatar.png jslo: lol

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: me 13

Default avatar.png jslo: i'm dead

Default avatar.png jslo: i'm 9

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: :)

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: sure

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: i am 5

Default avatar.png jslo: I'm just a genius

Default avatar.png jslo: lol

Default avatar.png jslo: thanks noob

Default avatar.png jslo: for taking a look

Default avatar.png jslo: have a nice day

AntiSquid: 12 mars years old

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: Thx

Default avatar.png jslo: haha

Default avatar.png jslo: nerds

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: yo u too

Default avatar.png jslo: 4 sho

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: Ready finaly with the exercite]

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: I go play some clash's :)

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: I have a question

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: can you see youre problems in a clash?

AntiSquid: i am not a problem in clash

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: ?

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: what do you mean

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: I dont understand

AntiSquid: your*

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: I have now avatar

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: But for a reason dont see it

Default avatar.png jslo: i figured it out

Default avatar.png jslo: lol

Default avatar.png jslo: i made a typo

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: can i see it now?

Default avatar.png jslo:

jslo: it's fine now

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: its preaty the same

jslo: yeah it was one typo

jslo: i put lat where i should've put lon

jslo: RIP

jslo: i had it done like 30 minutes ago

jslo: fm

dbdr: jacek, working on your uTTT?

jacek: just trying lucky resubmit

jacek: but i had some weird timeouts a while ago

dbdr: :D

dbdr: oh nice, tomatoes has a rust bot at #28

dbdr: feels strange to see 6 rust bots in legend, and none is mine

wlesavo: i gave an honest try to get uttt legend in python

dbdr: that's a challenge!

dbdr: there is one

struct: how far did you get?

struct: one with 0.03 score :p

wlesavo: maybe ill come back to it, i had 0 depth eval on ~280 gold, but failed to improve it, other algos i tried got screwed on performance

MSmits: you kinda need mcts or similar

dbdr: the python bot in legend prints as a command "GOAL LEVEL 30"

wlesavo: i know i need that, but couldn't make it work on reasonably ok depth

struct: You can try c++ :)

struct: or rust

MSmits: I dont think python can make legend

MSmits: whats in there has not been promoted in python i am guessing

dbdr: well, someone did

MSmits: cant you change language?

dbdr: or they changed language afterwards?

struct: How do you know db?

struct: They can change yeah

struct: There is also D on legend

struct: also broken bot

wlesavo: lol

dbdr: they certainly didn't get to legend by printing "GOAL LEVEL 30" :D

MSmits: marchete has the most impressive language with an inferior performance language

AntiSquid: pro D players

MSmits: impressive rank that is

MSmits: not easy to get that high in C#

AntiSquid: spanish?

MSmits: haha

dbdr: :D

dbdr: Dutch is harder I think

MSmits: dbdr pretty nice too in java

dbdr: with minimax

MSmits: though you should translate it to rust

wlesavo: i dunno, my 0 depth eval version did quite well for like 5ms time spent, that gave me hope

dbdr: do we know what Marchete uses?

MSmits: prolly mcts

AntiSquid: hungarian is probably the hardest in europe, along with finnish

dbdr: I should yes. you're not afraid? ;)

AntiSquid: to learn the language? kinda

MSmits: hmm

MSmits: not sure dbdr, i dont know how good you are at these things, you dont try very often

dbdr: facing your fears is a often a good idea AntiSquid ;)

AntiSquid: then i will learn the chinese alphabet

dbdr: I tried pretty hard at uTTT, I was even first at one point, even with Java, which obvously does not help

dbdr: but rust will be better for sure, and I learnt a lot since too

MSmits: I am really really interested in your eval though

MSmits: I am thinking of trying an early playout termination version for uttt

MSmits: just out of interest

MSmits: because it works so well in other games

Default avatar.png ELPADRE: guys thor exercise is giving me a headache

MSmits: then you're holding the hammer wrong

MSmits: you'll get lots of accidents that way

wlesavo: dbdr how long ago that was?

dbdr: I love this about CG

Default avatar.png ELPADRE: can't get the angles ?

AntiSquid: finally above rank 500 in UTG, damn hate this game ... and my bugged bot

dbdr: wlesavo I wrote my uTTT bot in Java 2 years ago wlesavo

Default avatar.png ELPADRE:

MSmits: ELPADRE you have to track positions yourself

MSmits: you know how you moved

AntiSquid: why do yo uneed ankles in thor puzzle?

AntiSquid: angles *

MSmits: you only get initial position

MSmits: then you need to update it yourself

wlesavo: dbdr and how long ago you started learning rust?

coednoob: i'm trying to code a neural network algorithm for flappy bird because i'm bored :laughing:

dbdr: (I had to resubmit it 6 month ago to fix a timeout issue after a CG update, but no change otherwise)

MSmits: coednoob use NEAT framework

dbdr: 1.3 years :)

AntiSquid: codenoob do one for oware abapa

eulerscheZahl: russian AI cup, wasn't it?

dbdr: in January, for RAIC last year

eulerscheZahl: codeball

dbdr: xactly

dbdr: was one month, and I cared less about it than a CG one, so a good occasion to try something new

jrke: hey anyone of you know how to code in kali linux

MSmits: coednoob

dbdr: I don't regret it :)

AntiSquid: "wlesavo I wrote my uTTT bot in Java 2 years ago wlesavo" you wrote wlesavo twice (sorry for nitpicking)

eulerscheZahl: jrke not a question of the operating system. what language do you want to use?

wlesavo: AntiSquid you wrote wlesavo 3 times

eulerscheZahl: install a compiler/interpreter for it and start coding

eulerscheZahl: maybe an IDE too

MSmits: lol

dbdr: lol wlesavo :D

eulerscheZahl: wlesavo

AntiSquid: lol wlesavo

wlesavo: lol

wlesavo: (for symmetry)

coednoob: omg i clicked on the link and it was so loud! didn't know my anime music was up so high :laughing:

AntiSquid: your natural pattern matching is quite good

dbdr: true, lol is a palindrome wlesavo :)

AntiSquid: coednoob beware the anime haters in this chat, but don't worry too much we need more good people like you

jacek: huh

coednoob: if there are any anime haters i will use my death note and vanquish them.

MSmits: weebs

coednoob: what

MSmits: i dunno, its a new word i learned

AntiSquid: it's mainly MSmits and AutomatonNN that hate anime

coednoob: oh i thought you called my name.

AutomatonNN: { ,JulL anyone else has a problem with the list of "the last test" then when you get confused you w

MSmits: no no, AntiSquid keeps sharing anime stuff and then I call him a weeb. It's a thing

AntiSquid: but weeb stands for wannabe ...

MSmits: really?

MSmits: it's not anime related?

coednoob: no it stands for weaboo

MSmits: o

AntiSquid: i don't want to be jap lol

AntiSquid: and i am not obsessed with their culture

MSmits: except marrying anime dolls

coednoob: .

AntiSquid: in fact i don't even want to live there as a regular citizen

coednoob: why dolls.

MSmits: they do that

coednoob: why not body pillows.

MSmits: hmm not sure

MSmits: ask AntiSquid

AntiSquid: maybe if i was rich, but even then there are better places

MSmits: Sweden?

AntiSquid: MSmits

MSmits: ahh ok

AntiSquid: i am not even an otaku

MSmits: I will call you Sweeb then

MSmits: you wish you were Swedish

coednoob: wait.

coednoob: squid

coednoob: you remind me of squidward,which i remembered something really weird about spongebob.

coednoob: wanna hear it :grinning:

AntiSquid: i don't watch spongebob

MSmits: coednoob no spoilers

MSmits: AntiSquid hasn't watched it yet

coednoob: its not spoilers

coednoob: the main characters in spongebob represent the seven deadly sins.

coednoob: and in the qanime

coednoob: dammit.

AntiSquid: coednoob

coednoob: i mean the bible kind.

coednoob: imma change my background real quick

MSmits: spongebob is in the bible?

coednoob: no let me explain

AntiSquid: spongebob memes are everywhere and they reference everything

AntiSquid: what's the appeal ?

MSmits: if you learn spongebob, you learn everything

coednoob: the seven deadly sins are sloth,envy,lust,greed,gluttony,wrath,and pride

coednoob: patrick is sloth

coednoob: plankton is envy

eulerscheZahl: crabs = greed

AntiSquid: i don't know the characters :/

coednoob: spongebob is lust

AntiSquid: i just know the sponge

coednoob: mr.crabs is greed

MSmits: coednoob, I am pretty sure you can apply similar logic to the smurfs. Maybe you can do a smurf version for AntiSquid

coednoob: um.

coednoob: i can do anime version.

MSmits: smurfs is animated

MSmits: good enough

coednoob: dont you.

coednoob: ever.

coednoob: say.

coednoob: that.

struct: What should I change on UI


AntiSquid: tell MSmits to change avatar @coednoob

coednoob: ok

coednoob: change it to this


AntiSquid: why not just one character?

coednoob: why one when you can have all.

coednoob: i have the power of UA

coednoob: with this picture.

AntiSquid: hey the next contest which starts on the 7th of May is probably sponsored by bandai namco

MSmits: why?

coednoob: who just straight up forgot to sleep last night.

MSmits: i mean how do you know

coednoob: if yes raise your hand

AntiSquid: guessing

MSmits: mmh

coednoob: :raising_hand:

MSmits: maybe sponsed by the bill & melinda gates foundation to stop corona spread

struct: well they own the rights to pacman

struct: ITs anniversary

MSmits: I didn't sleep much last night, wanted to find a bug in my minesweeper

coednoob: and funeral is a life graduation.

AntiSquid: they have a promo, pacman 2 championship edition is free to download on steam

AntiSquid: they have a contest running around the same time (well before cg contest starts)

MSmits: hmm

coednoob: you holding you breath is just a life timer.when you breath it resets.

coednoob: and also.

MSmits: not jumping off a bridge is a life timer also, every time you decide not to, it resets

coednoob: air could have the life immunity but we grow immune to that as we get older.and them get fully immune and die,

eulerscheZahl: you submitted onitama at 4am MSmits. your sleep cycle is so completely broken :D

MSmits: heh, well my wife is sick (not corona) so that got me a bit more irregular. But I am always irregular when I am not teaching

MSmits: it's 2 week may vacation

coednoob: damn.

eulerscheZahl: will schools open again after that?

coednoob: no

coednoob: next year.

MSmits: well they will open the way they were before, teaching by google meet

eulerscheZahl: was for MSmits

eulerscheZahl: i see

coednoob: my school is dumb.

MSmits: but the exam candidates get to do some final tests (not the actual national exam). To get a fair chance at getting their diploma

eulerscheZahl: here in germany school slowly starts again

coednoob: they gave a code genius an online assignment.

MSmits: yea they do here also, but just primary schools

AntiSquid: i don't follow the news but i hear there are less covid patients

coednoob: no

AntiSquid: yes

MSmits: AntiSquid it's different in each country

MSmits: in some places they are smart and in other places they are stupid. But regardless of brains, it may go away with better weather and come back again later

AntiSquid: a second wave would be annoying though

MSmits: or a third

AntiSquid: or a 3rd / 4th / whatever

MSmits: yes

MSmits: it will happen according to most scientists

coednoob: 3,090,844 total

coednoob: a second wave.

MSmits: and it will be better and worse. better because some will have immunity, worse because it will come together with the flu

eulerscheZahl: we are 0.5% done already

AntiSquid: until we are all immune like bats?

coednoob: its not bats

Default avatar.png TheNoLifeKing: y'all, is codingame failing? i can't play the test cases

coednoob: its from a research facility is Wuhan.

MSmits: conspiracy theory... not factual

AntiSquid: ya probably

coednoob: they conduct experiments with viruses like that

Default avatar.png AnielloBaldi: Hi there

AntiSquid: nothing to do with conspiracies lol

coednoob: a bat could have easily flew in and out.

MSmits: viruses came out of those wildlife markets before. It's well documented

coednoob: spread it to its family

AntiSquid: someone spilled a bucket, floor got wet, that's not a conspiracy

coednoob: one bat gets eaten by a snake.

coednoob: chinese people eat snakes.

coednoob: thats how it started.

coednoob: thats what i think at least.

MSmits: the world doesn't work that way. You can't just pick an explanation on the basis of it sounding good.

dbdr: you can. it just does not make it true ;)

MSmits: if you're going against the general consensus explanation, you better have some data to prove it

MSmits: right dbdr

AntiSquid: yes must synchronize with the crowd and homogenize thoughts

MSmits: no need, you can do your own research

eulerscheZahl: i heard you can get quite far without using actual data

MSmits: but if you dont, you need to trust scientists

eulerscheZahl: even become president

coednoob: MoNkEy SoCkS

coednoob: i mean banana,my autocorrect is weird.

AntiSquid: ok then UK should aim for herd immunity

coednoob: there is a person who could possibly contain immunity from viruses and age.

coednoob: a scientist injected himself with 3.5 million year old bacteria,which usually bacteria would easily die out,but this one was immune,so it would be impossible for them to get it.

MSmits: if vaccines and medicines dont exist, then herd immunity is all you have. Which includes of course protecting the weak and only letting the people who can handle it get sich

MSmits: sick that is... also do this slowly over time because of hospital capacity

MSmits: also known as social distancing...which is what most countries have been doing

AntiSquid: ah you don't know the background story

coednoob: wanna see something cool.

AntiSquid: it was more about "lockdown bad, it prevents herd immunity" basically

MSmits: the background is probably Boris Johnson saying and doing stupid sht?

AntiSquid: it was a scientist MSmits

MSmits: ahh ok


MSmits: methinks he left one variable out of the equation with his statements

MSmits: also don't trust any one scientist. Trust scientific consensus.It's not perfect but better than trusting a random scientist and way better than trusting any old conspiracy

coednoob: thats only a fragment of it

AntiSquid: there's a new model of how the moon is formed, before it's discovery you must believe the one model to be true, the next day you must align your belief

AntiSquid: was formed *

coednoob: wait what.

coednoob: what did i miss...

AntiSquid: draw your own conclusions

MSmits: AntiSquid for this we only have computer models. There are several ways it could have happened and all we can say is that some ways are more likely than others. There is very little actual evidence

MSmits: this is because the earth was mostly molten when it happened

AntiSquid: ya but that one computer model was most accurate when it was discovered

MSmits: Not all science is the same, there are things we are sure of and things that are just likely and consistent with what we know

dbdr: never sure 100%


MSmits: well sure as in we did the same experiment a million times with the same result each time

dbdr: could be luck ;)

MSmits: but 100% is a weird thing

MSmits: sure

coednoob: ok lets drop the scientific stuff i havent slept in 5 days and i am losing brain cells.

MSmits: let's say we are sure within floating point accuracy limits

dbdr: could be the laws of physics change very very slowly and we haven't been around long enough to notice it

AntiSquid: if you do the same thing multiple times and expect different results, then what does that say?

coednoob: did you see the link i put

MSmits: then we can still be sure about what the physics is like now

MSmits: also that is a possibility some people put into their models :)

dbdr: yes. within boundaries. like newtonian physics was pretty sure

AntiSquid: ok nvm, derailing, point was draw your own conclusions ... don't have to choose between herd mentality and random fantasies

MSmits: within the realm of experimentation newtonian physics was very accurate

MSmits: and still is i guess

dbdr: exactly

MSmits: you always need to be careful about your claims in science

MSmits: AntiSquid I think everyone agrees with your point :P

coednoob: ok no more science.

MSmits: except coednoob

AntiSquid: mesentery has a consciousness of its own -

MSmits: whats that

dbdr: yes, that's actually a problem in public debate. a scientist will be very careful what they say. an anti-science will just say whatever sounds good to them

dbdr: it gives them an advantage

MSmits: yup


coednoob: look at that.

dbdr: especially in a short time span

coednoob: what.

coednoob: you talking short spans.

coednoob: nothing is shorter than my attention span ..

dbdr: why do you press play if it's on repeat?

coednoob: what.

AntiSquid: restart the song 10 seconds in ?

coednoob: what.

coednoob: naruto is gay.

coednoob: why does nobody have anything to say about that..

coednoob: do you agree?

MSmits: you're starting to morph into a troll

Uljahn: Automaton2000: kick the noob

Automaton2000: and there is no real reason

dbdr: bc nobody cares

coednoob: what

coednoob: im talking facts.naruto kissed sasuke.

MSmits: careful, AntiSquid is a mod

ZarthaxX: MSmits surprised you gave talk to him from the start

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

MSmits: yeah, i am tired

MSmits: I respond more to trolls when I am tired

ZarthaxX: he already showed as one

ZarthaxX: ah i see

ZarthaxX: recreate your brain ;)

coednoob: who

coednoob: what.

MSmits: I'll go to bed early

dbdr: follow the toad

MSmits: good idea

coednoob: what toad.

AntiSquid: coednoob you're spamming a lot the what, i get it you are excited and you like the chat, but please be considerate of others

coednoob: ok

Uljahn: also raise up your level, do more puzzles, because lvl3 is for trolls

coednoob: well im too busy watching anime.

coednoob: ok fine ill do more puzzles

jacek: or invite toads to clash

coednoob: ok please explain what or who toad is im super confused

AntiSquid: he is trying to teach you how to troll on codingame in a more obscure way

coednoob: why would i waste time trolling,the only reason im here is because i want to talk to people.

coednoob: and i dont feel like sticking 500 toothpicks into a Styrofoam cup.

coednoob: ok imma go.bye

jacek: oO

MSmits: troll's just want love

YannT: deploy patented teacher's authoritah

YannT: (shit last message was more than half an hour ago :o )

aCat: you, you have reflexes ;p

aCat: chat is surprisingly quiet

YannT: not that surprising, there's no contest going on :p

aCat: bleh, yesterday was lots of weird talks

struct: I want to change the UI, anyone has any suggestions?


aCat: Its for Yavalath?

struct: Yinsh

aCat: damn, I'm not up to date

AntiSquid: what do you want to change it to and what's wrong with the current UI ?

struct: I dont think its appealing at all

AntiSquid: it's not :thinking:

Astrobytes: Well change it to something appealing

struct: The ui is different from their board, because I think its very hard to understand it


AntiSquid: i like this color better

AntiSquid: lol oops

aCat: :D

Astrobytes: URL of the year

Astrobytes: I like the original board struct, but I'm weird

struct: I like it too,.but might be a bit harder to understand

c0cainee: :tangerine:

BloodyTurtles: when did they change the ide to monaco?

Astrobytes: Monday

stacked: i prefer text editor better

Astrobytes: I sometimes use the CG IDE for puzzles or small edits, otherwise I use VS. The change to monaco is very welcome regardless.

Default avatar.png JBM: all i noticed is that now i sometimes have to press enter twice instead of once to go to the next line

Default avatar.png JBM: because braindead autocomplete

Default avatar.png JBM: i hate it already

Astrobytes: I don't care for the autocomplete but I like the highlighting and zoom

Astrobytes: And the minimap

Default avatar.png angelcabrera: hmm

BloodyTurtles: same

BloodyTurtles: the autocomplete is a bit broken

BloodyTurtles: it never suggest anything when I need it

Astrobytes: Can't have it all right? :)

struct: depends on language too

struct: on some it does a decent job

BloodyTurtles: shouldn't it work out of the box?

Astrobytes: The C++ is... the python isn't awful, but not great

BloodyTurtles: for me, c++ is totally useless now

BloodyTurtles: it loads for a few seconds

BloodyTurtles: and by then, i already typed it out

BloodyTurtles: and it suggests all these weird internal stuff

Astrobytes: I usually know what I'm gonna write anyway if it's a quick edit, otherwise I'm using VS :shrug:

BloodyTurtles: is a weighted mcts a thing?

BloodyTurtles: like returning a number from a whoWin method

Astrobytes: The value returned from your playout weights the nodes?

Astrobytes: It's kind of the point of it

BloodyTurtles: the value used to back propagate

Astrobytes: Yes you backpropagate the result

BloodyTurtles: thanks

c0cainee: To those who share their code when the game ends, thank you. :heart:

animeWeeb: is anybody here still?

animeWeeb: i guess not.

Default avatar.png KiwiTae: nop

Default avatar.png KiwiTae: BloodyTurtles use VisualAssist that plugin is a bomb on VS