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MadKnight: why do u close p if u opened h1

MadKnight: fix your html

stacked: lmao

stacked: he lives life on the edge

stacked: i dont have that much xp with making bot ai, where should i start

MadKnight: stacked

Default avatar.png cpchenpi: helloeveryone

MadKnight: hihi

Default avatar.png cpchenpi: how to solve the ascii art

terminal-bash: doing a bitwise clash, and this makes no sense to me in python.

Default avatar.png Adnmaster: hi

struct: hello

Default avatar.png Adnmaster: these coding challenges are awesome

Nerchio: which ones

KobeL: Streaming some clash of code over at feel free to hop in and join

cegprakash: hey icecream17 and Crog plz promote me

cegprakash: I'm only 0.25 away from silver boss

cegprakash: plz resubmit icecream17 I have good win rate against u

cegprakash: once I get promoted if u resubmit may be u can also get promoted because I won't be there on ur way

aCat: lol :D

aCat: collaborative bossfighting

Uljahn: so your goal is bottom gold :smirk:

Nerchio: gold is a respectful league :p

Uljahn: ye, for a newb like me :smiley:

cegprakash: Uljahn push me

cegprakash: you can

Default avatar.png K4Mx: how is decided who makes the first turn in Onitama bots pvp battles ?

Default avatar.png K4Mx: or its indirect pvp ? ie who score the best vs CPU (and i will be disappointed)

Default avatar.png K4Mx: bc its pve in the nd xD

Default avatar.png K4Mx: bc its pve in the end xD

MSmits: K4Mx the bots are on the leaderboard, when you submit, you play battles against them and go up the leaderboard if your bot is any good

MSmits: the boss is just to have a bot to practice against and to act as a gatekeeper for the highest league

MSmits: the first turn is random in the case of onitama

Default avatar.png K4Mx: can i pick a specific vs bot , ie my friends bot

MSmits: but can be different in other games

MSmits: to practice against yes, once you have submitted and your friend is in the same or lower league

Default avatar.png K4Mx: thank you

MSmits: np, onitama is not the easiest game to start with though, be aware of that

Default avatar.png K4Mx: it appeals really much to me though

MSmits: ultimate tic tac toe might be easier, it starts with regular tic tac toe up to bronze league

MSmits: sure, thats important too

Default avatar.png K4Mx: its fine ill grind my head on onitama

MSmits: kk

Default avatar.png K4Mx: :grin:

Nerchio: i programmed a bot for ghost in a cell and it is playing in a way i don't even recognize it

Nerchio: xD

AntiSquid: it is taking over

Nerchio: it can't even take over bronze

Nerchio: so im not sure about that xD

Default avatar.png K4Mx: omg my bot is alive

Default avatar.png K4Mx: i love this website and commiunity xD

Default avatar.png K4Mx: *first move dance*

AntiSquid: the bug took over your bot

Default avatar.png CapoDiTuttiCapi: i hate shortest mode

Default avatar.png CapoDiTuttiCapi: is there a method to always play fastest mode?

Uljahn: yes if not shortest: leave()

Uljahn: or fastest

ashelkov: my fav is shortest :)

ashelkov: and reverse

wlesavo: leave=[0,1][!fastest|shortest]

AntiSquid: if len([fun:]) > 0:


Default avatar.png CapoDiTuttiCapi: :)))))

AntiSquid: can't play :/

Default avatar.png CapoDiTuttiCapi: is there some way to access the history of matches played to see your evolution?

cegprakash: yes

cegprakash: click on Last battles on the left side

thanos11: hi..

MSmits: :ok_hand:

MSmits: thats me snapping my fingers thanos style

MSmits: hi

Crypticsy: hey, how do you do list.pop() in clojure?

eulerscheZahl: oh, MSmits already got me :/

eulerscheZahl: congrats

MSmits: thanks, code is mostly done. Just working on eval

ZarthaxX: got you where?

MSmits: onitama

ZarthaxX: lets see that lb mhm

MSmits: nice thing about onitama is that games are short. Makes it easy to tune constants :)

MSmits: I might write a tuner program that can do it locally, if I feel like it

MSmits: but I would have to copy your board generation code eulerscheZahl, not sure how much work that is

MSmits: well actually just your card generation code

MSmits: thats all that is different between games

eulerscheZahl: very little code

eulerscheZahl: 16 different cards i think

eulerscheZahl: take 5 by random

MSmits: some exceptions right

eulerscheZahl: a few combinations are excluded as easily solvable

MSmits: yea

MSmits: this bot is bascially the same as my oware bot

MSmits: just way worse eval atm

MSmits: oware is extremely tuned

eulerscheZahl: map generation

MSmits: great thanks

eulerscheZahl: and the blacklist

MSmits: gith still having issues


eulerscheZahl: working fine for me but they report an incident

MSmits: now it works again

eulerscheZahl: lots of red in the monitoring for such a big website

MSmits: yeah

eulerscheZahl: i would expect such a graph from the CG chat but not github

MSmits: they're probably being targeted

MSmits: or coding is something that happens more during corona crisis

eulerscheZahl: maybe 2 years ago there was a major downtime too with a corrupted database. they wrote a detailed blogpost about what went wrong

eulerscheZahl: but this time i just see that it's resolved without explanations what happened

eulerscheZahl: btw you can now have unlimited contributors on your private repos (used to be 3 for free accounts)

MSmits: I never had a contributor including myself :)

MSmits: I just post playgrounds

MSmits: but I like that stuff cna be private now

MSmits: wow look at this one


MSmits: see how fast it's solved

MSmits: seems like an exception though, probably low branching

eulerscheZahl: indeed

eulerscheZahl: and here i screwed up, looking at your output

MSmits: lol yea... its possible. I am not 100% sure that I have no bugs

MSmits: but since I am the one that won... not sure

eulerscheZahl: when you decide that you will lose, do you still try to play as good as you can and hope for a weak opponent?

eulerscheZahl: as in your replay the losing player didn't even try i think

MSmits: I choose the node that has the most visits. Meaning it takes the node that took longest to solve as a loss

Astrobytes: Same as your Oware bot

MSmits: that increases the likelyhood the opponent didnt solve the win

MSmits: yes

MSmits: about the other replay, i dunno, maybe it really didnt have an option.

MSmits: my eval is not card based, just position based

MSmits: a better eval would take the actual cards into account

MSmits: and possibly also the positons of students and masters

MSmits: i mean not just the self-positions

MSmits: but the positions compared to others

MSmits: but lower difficulty would be to take cards into account

MSmits: it's not bad to be on the left side, if the cards all give you moves to the right... for example

MSmits: not sure how sophisticated the other bots are, but I get the feeling the search-type is far less important than the quality of the eval

eulerscheZahl: or just having cards with many legal moves

MSmits: oh, right yes

MSmits: I am also not sure if positions should take all cards into account or just the cards you have

MSmits: because you can use those cards only once and then the opponent will have them

eulerscheZahl: maybe a mix of both

MSmits: possibly, can do both, put a constant in there and see what happens when you tune

MSmits: but I am just going to finish tuning my current simple eval, then it can be a baseline later

MSmits: while I am doing that, I was thinking of coding a STC bot

MSmits: the biggest challenge for that one seems to be a fast sim

MSmits: I was thinking a uint16_t bitboard per color, floodfill for checking combos

MSmits: a rotated bitboard though, falling to the left, so uint16_t[6] per color

MSmits: to the right that is

MSmits: then when stuff disappears, i can shift right in some way... not sure if it is worth it. Seems really complicated

eulerscheZahl: at some point performance doesn't even matter than much at STC i think

eulerscheZahl: you need lots of sims. but when you reach them, more doesn't help much anymore

eulerscheZahl: at least for what i'm doing (i mostly ignore my opponent)

MSmits: there are many games where that is true yeah

eulerscheZahl: if you want to play different opponent attack scenarios, you'll need more sims i think

MSmits: I see

MSmits: cool thing about this is that part of the code can be reused for tulips and daisies

MSmits: though you need 4 in a row there

eulerscheZahl: did they redesign the IDE leaderboard?

eulerscheZahl: avatars are much bigger

MSmits: not sure, lemme refresh

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: nice

wlesavo: oh, mb thats why it was laggy today

reCurse: I don't see any difference...

pb4: MSmits : STC is "bitboardable" if you want to try

reCurse: Everything is bitboardable if you're creative enough and don't care about perf

pb4: Jeff06 did it

pb4: His perf were respectable at the time of the contest

reCurse: I was giving motivation to MSbits

MSmits: :)

MSmits: it's a bit of an obsession

eulerscheZahl: a bit :D

reCurse: I see what you did there

MSmits: :grin:

reCurse: One day you'll be worthy of the challenge

reCurse: CSB in bitboards

MSmits: ehh lol, not quite that masochistic

MSmits: do you ever use bitboard reCurse? I thought you did on ice and fire

reCurse: I did

MSmits: and on some boardgames i wont mention

reCurse: Uh?

reCurse: No bitboard on uttt

MSmits: the u-word

MSmits: oh?

MSmits: thats original

reCurse: Is it

MSmits: most top players have it

reCurse: Why

MSmits: no idea, tunnel vision?

reCurse: Just kidding I have bitboards

MSmits: lol

reCurse: Well I did go through a number of versions...

MSmits: same

MSmits: actually i have 3 systems in my live bot not counting the input system

MSmits: binary, ternay and something to compact my state representation for opening books

MSmits: got a little out of hand there

reCurse: You have exceeded your allotted quota for discussing the topic: UTTT

MSmits: agreed :)

MSmits: darkhorse will not be happy

MSmits: just passed him in onitama... but its probably a random fluke, his bot is still stronger

darkhorse64: I said no more coding before next contest

MSmits: oh, did not get the memo. I will stop coding now then

MSmits: will just tune constants :P

MSmits: i wonder if you have anything fancy in your eval besides position based scores

MSmits: like card based stuff

reCurse: You have exceeded your allotted quota for discussing the topic: coding

MSmits: bah

reCurse: :P

MSmits: are you going to throw traffic lights at me soon?

**reCurse takes notes

darkhorse64: for now position based scores but it's clearly not enough

MSmits: same as me then. It helps a lot though

MSmits: when i implemented a first version of that, it had 85% vs my version that just counted knights

darkhorse64: A vanilla MCTS would rank at eulerscheZahl place

MSmits: yes

MSmits: it did

MSmits: I was almost the same rating as euler, with counting knights

eulerscheZahl: i have a position scoring but not sure if it's any good

eulerscheZahl: maybe i'm scoring the wrong things

MSmits: it's probably good, but you're also using C#

MSmits: performance matters here

eulerscheZahl: illedan still much higher than me

MSmits: hmm thats true

eulerscheZahl: but i admit i didn't tune for performance

eulerscheZahl: for me it was more about coding the game than actually playing ti

eulerscheZahl: it

MSmits: yeah, that is a victory in and of itself, it's a great addition

AntiSquid: need multi of the week with xp reward for participation

MSmits: mmh how to define participation?

eulerscheZahl: we have enough multis to almost fill a year with it

eulerscheZahl: legend

darkhorse64: Do 25 XP really matter ?

MSmits: sometimes a small incentive gets people to try a multi

reCurse: All I see is wasted potential of CG to host smaller events

MSmits: You mean contests

eulerscheZahl: i noticed player count got up when it was the puzzle of the week

reCurse: Doesn't have to be contest

AntiSquid: even just submitting, get some activity up, more xp if rank increases / promotion / etc why not

MSmits: you're right, it is half wasted. A game can be a contest and then a multi

MSmits: well however you define contest

reCurse: The concept of mini-contest is unexplored

MSmits: like br2k was

reCurse: Could have been done with minimum resources I think

reCurse: oh well

eulerscheZahl: onitama doesn't have depth for a full contest i think. but for a weekend it would be fine

MSmits: yeah

eulerscheZahl: and we get more and more contributions like that

MSmits: it's not easy to estimate a good length for a contest it seems

reCurse: It's not about length at all

reCurse: If you can have puzzle of the week

reCurse: You can have challenge of the week

reCurse: No leagues

reCurse: No rerun

MSmits: I totally agree

reCurse: But achievement/mention of top 3 somewhere

reCurse: Or XP bonus for top 50

reCurse: Who knows

reCurse: Tons of options

MSmits: did someone make this suggestion?

MSmits: I mean apart from here

reCurse: I don't care about making suggestions that are any more complex than ~1 LOC :P

reCurse: They don't get done

MSmits: -1 LOC?

AntiSquid: focusing too much on difficulty of the game, i mean we had a puzzle of the week where all you had to do was output cube of a number or something equally easy, forgot what it was

reCurse: tilde 1

reCurse: Stupid font

MSmits: ok but what is LOC?

reCurse: line of code

MSmits: oh ok

eulerscheZahl: i can see the tilde

darkhorse64: +1

MSmits: btw darkhorse64, i am not using transposition tables

MSmits: dont wanna waste your time trying. It was too slow. I think rehashing timed me out

MSmits: it works on yavalath because you expand 60 hexes and expansion happens a lot less

MSmits: well it arguably works, it wasnt great

eulerscheZahl: compared to having few move options in onitama?

MSmits: yes

MSmits: so many more expansions

MSmits: even though it has a ton of repeated states

MSmits: so TT should work... it didnt for me

AntiSquid: showing confidence in darkhorse's abilities: i failed so you better not waste your time little bugger

MSmits: haha thats not what i mean

MSmits: I meant, I spent the time writing a crazy 64 bit state representation

MSmits: it's not worth it without TT

MSmits: well once you have it, it's fine

MSmits: but the debugging is insane

MSmits: you need to use pext and pdep just to know where you master is

eulerscheZahl: board.Players[MY_ID].Master.Cell i have some indirection too

MSmits: I think maybe it would be cool to have it for a minimax, because with minimax you can just do TT up to depth 6 or so

MSmits: with mcts i save the tree between turns, too complex

MSmits: eulerscheZahl ah ok, i am not sure how that compares with speed of pext and pdep

MSmits: they are multiple instructions

MSmits: inline uint32_t GetMasterPosition(uint32_t playerBoard, int masterIndex) { return __builtin_ctz(_pdep_u32(1 << masterIndex, playerBoard)); }

MSmits: the index tells you which of the 5 bits on the boards is a master, so it's between 0 and 4

eulerscheZahl: so you have 25 bits with up to 5 1's and another 3 bit to tell the master?

MSmits: yes

eulerscheZahl: but do that twice and you can't store the cards anymore

MSmits: i can

MSmits: there are 30 card states

MSmits: thats 5 bit

eulerscheZahl: ah, so you have the cards in play as a global variable i guess (you like globals)

eulerscheZahl: and just store the index in each board

MSmits: yep

eulerscheZahl: the permutation*

MSmits: thats what i do, you have to be a bit careful about the fact that 0,1,2,3,4 is the same as 1, 0, 2, 4, 3

eulerscheZahl: i know

eulerscheZahl: you talked about it earlier

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: I can talk about this stuff forever :P

eulerscheZahl: 2 is the middle card then?

MSmits: the 3rd in the list is yes

darkhorse64: Is this just for weekend challenges, to what extremities will you go for the next context ? Bitboarding all pacman


MSmits: i don't know darkhorse64, I always fear not having enough time to code some extreme state representation

MSmits: you need time to come up with good pruning heuristics, strategy, tune constants etc.

MSmits: you cant take till 2nd friday just to get a working bot

darkhorse64: That's why I like the relaxing aspect of multi. Need a month to get Legend ? No worries

MSmits: time is a resource in a 10 day contest for me. Not for euler I think.

MSmits: i agree darkhorse64

eulerscheZahl: i'm usually running out of ideas before the end :D

eulerscheZahl: or motivation

eulerscheZahl: or both

MSmits: thats what i mean, I am fighting against the clock. The worst thing for me is not ending lower than usual, it is having untried ideas when the deadline hits

Nerchio: what you guys playing?

MSmits: onitama right now


Nerchio: silver in ghost in a cell hehe

eulerscheZahl: i guess you don't need hits how to improve you

eulerscheZahl: yet*

eulerscheZahl: hm, wanted to type "yet", but "you" makes sense as well

Scarfield: i dont think he needs "hits" either ;)

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: i should just type random letters, makes no difference anyways

Nerchio: its hard to make progress i think but i make it little by little

eulerscheZahl: compare the first turns, which factories we conquer

Nerchio: ye hehe

Nerchio: i know

Nerchio: the 0 factories are kinda useless but i need some logic to capture them too

eulerscheZahl: they can help for upgrading

eulerscheZahl: but not in the early game

Nerchio: i just move between factories length <=4 usually so idk on some maps i might be closed if i dont take 0 factories

eulerscheZahl: ther's nothing wrong with taking them

eulerscheZahl: just a matter of priorization

Nerchio: and you need some logic for smaller maps

Nerchio: where taking 10cyborg neutral factory can kill you

eulerscheZahl: the game is not that simple

Nerchio: I can see

Default avatar.png IAmNoob: HI!

jacek: good evening

AntiSquid: good morning

idkhow2codee: hi

jrke: good night for me

jrke: hey can anybody tell me how to reduce reponse time of programme in cpp

jacek: optimize it *.*

dbdr: new leaderboard design :O

AntiSquid: where

Nerchio: where

Nerchio: :D

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 where

Automaton2000: what is the main problem is that it is a string

AntiSquid: stop your string output dbdr

dbdr: ?

dbdr: IDE/Leaderboard

AntiSquid: ugh

AntiSquid: i don't like it :D

cegprakash: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays me from kicking butt. Just reached Gold League.

Nerchio: gz!

cegprakash: did anyone saw who pushed me

AntiSquid: oh

AntiSquid: lame

AntiSquid: i thought you wrekced boss

eulerscheZahl: i know that text

eulerscheZahl: you can twitter it now

AntiSquid: shouldn't have wrote that last line ceg

cegprakash: it's okay

cegprakash: all is fair in promotion

AntiSquid: if only i had a twitter

cegprakash: okay to park the bot at #2

cegprakash: and wait for ppl to push

cegprakash: no shame in that

cegprakash: I won't stop here though

cegprakash: 60+ ppl in legend

cegprakash: means I can also do it

Nerchio: gold is the hardest but i hope you can do it :p

eulerscheZahl: a lot of people are over 2 meters tall. yet i see now way how i could do it

eulerscheZahl: your reasoning is invalid ceg

cegprakash: remember that I'm top #20 in one of the challenges

cegprakash: what was it called..

cegprakash: it's a grid game

cegprakash: u draw lines and block opponents

eulerscheZahl: great escape?

cegprakash: to reach other side

cegprakash: yes

cegprakash: I was in top #20

cegprakash: I didn't do the conteset

cegprakash: I joined multiplayer

cegprakash: and I learnt that 3 wall thing

eulerscheZahl: i know, you told everyone on the chat

AntiSquid: over 500 space travelers, so you should also do it cegprakash

cegprakash: and added a counter strat

ZarthaxX: lol

ZarthaxX: you are saying that as you are top20 in one multi u can get legend here?

cegprakash: keep trolling

cegprakash: while I wreck u all

ZarthaxX: u are trolling

ZarthaxX: lmao

eulerscheZahl: go play codejam

AntiSquid: ^

jacek: or clash

AntiSquid: x

Zenoscave: y

Zenoscave: z

cegprakash: I want this 500 xp

eulerscheZahl: did you do the 4 player CSB?

eulerscheZahl: that's easier 500xp

cegprakash: non eulerscheZahl

Zenoscave: BR 2048?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: CSB

AntiSquid: 4 player CSB? link?

Zenoscave: there's a four player csb?


AntiSquid: flour *

eulerscheZahl: click "play"

jacek: unathrozied

Zenoscave: unauthorized

cegprakash: Please contact

AntiSquid: lol MadSnowflake_b78b is first in that multi


AntiSquid: i mean MadKnight

Zenoscave: same

cegprakash: same

eulerscheZahl: damn, why? :(

AntiSquid: actually nvm, MadSnowflake_b78b kinda same user name anyway

eulerscheZahl: they fixed it i can still access as i submitted before i guess

dbdr: yeah, I can access it too

AntiSquid: i can access it :p

jacek: so no easy 500xp?

Zenoscave: was that AntiSquid's version that got taken down?

AntiSquid: what? no

AntiSquid: i had no csb version wtf

Zenoscave: what game did you release that they hid

eulerscheZahl: pacman

AntiSquid: pacman

Zenoscave: nice lol

AntiSquid: probably without the power ups in the cover image

cegprakash: 4 players everyone controlling 1 car?

cegprakash: or 2 cars?

AntiSquid: i am sure the contest will have power ups

MadKnight: lol they changed leaderboard design ?

AntiSquid: ya

Zenoscave: Heya MadKnight

cegprakash: link the contest

Zenoscave: how's your bot

AntiSquid: i don't like it, do you MadKnight ?

AntiSquid: Zenoscave he is 1st in 4 player CSB lol

AntiSquid: he achieved the dream

MadKnight: yea this new design looks weird

Zenoscave: Nice gz

AntiSquid: he transcended the heavens

cegprakash: for god sake someone show me the game

MadKnight: let's hire Automaton2000 as a designer

Automaton2000: but if you go to the leaderboard

AntiSquid: i am #19 with D on the 4 player CSB leaderboad btw, proves the efficiency of the language

aCat: Is it possible to create clickable link in the puzzle description?

aCat: simply use html tag?

aCat: "classic in-out puzzle"

eulerscheZahl: only in SDK contributions

aCat: ah, ok, thx euler

eulerscheZahl: so you have to add a viewer now ;)

aCat: nay, not my puzzle

aCat: I'm reviewing

aCat: but my own will bo up I hope soon :P

eulerscheZahl: in-out puzzle? multiplayer?

aCat: I wanted to make some simple optimization ones

eulerscheZahl: cool

aCat: simple, don't get too much excited

eulerscheZahl: worth approving then?

aCat: based on some labtasks from the AI course

aCat: your magnificent frogginess will decide ;p

dbdr: how can optimization be simple?

eulerscheZahl: can we find the optimal score?

dbdr: either you can achieve the optimal, and it's kind of pointless

cegprakash: why am I watching Join the PAC spring video on loop

cegprakash: am I going to win it

Zenoscave: no

eulerscheZahl: no

dbdr: or you can't and it's not simple

Zenoscave: Winning would mean you'd have to read the instructions

aCat: ok, you will not jum over the language performacne

eulerscheZahl: if you can solve it, make it a puzzle and demand a certain score

eulerscheZahl: like bush fires or however it is called

aCat: I was also considering this approach


aCat: woo - I LOVE this - people actually are doing in-out puzzles with graphics !!!

aCat: These ones should be more visible on the site

eulerscheZahl: i totally agree

aCat: the same as original CG puzzles

dbdr: those are rare, but indeed nice

eulerscheZahl: completely lost among all the other games

aCat: they blend n too much and be honest - level of design is much different


BenjaminUrquhart: imagine making artwork this post made by the guy who converted a font to png files to use because I'm dumb

eulerscheZahl: there was another one...


eulerscheZahl: and one more :thinking:


aCat: they are created as "solo game" ?

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

aCat: actually I wanted to ask this question a few days ago

aCat: ;]

aCat: ok

eulerscheZahl: almost forgot my own contribution now :D

aCat: I will do something, definitely

Nerchio: how do you go about writing one of these?

aCat: when I finally remember how to show that damn graphics

struct: Nerchio you need to use codingame SDK

eulerscheZahl: takes a while, start with the documentation:

aCat: bleh, takes some blood

BenjaminUrquhart: pro tip: don't keep creating sprites cause the viewer will crash if you do

struct: once you get used to it, it gets easier

eulerscheZahl: as you know java but not the SDK, plan 1 weekend to get something simple like tic tac toe working

eulerscheZahl: when you are into it, you can do it in 1 afternoon

eulerscheZahl: BenjaminUrquhart exactly, was there too :D

aCat: oph my, I still remember the pain optimizing number of sprites in LOCM

struct: After I understood it I made very simple Connect 4 in 1:30 hours

eulerscheZahl: the SDK got a lot better here aCat

eulerscheZahl: vindinium used around 1.5GB RAM for a single match on a large map

eulerscheZahl: now it's around 100MB i think

aCat: I don't remember connect 4 as multi game?

struct: not to mention that it used to crash every timne

struct: I never released it aCat


aCat: why?

struct: Its stuck as a demo

struct: Connect 4 is solved

aCat: I really think all the classic stuff like, checkers, breakthrough etc should be here

eulerscheZahl: you can still download the code

eulerscheZahl: checkers and breakthrough are!

dbdr: why not change SIZE = 4 to SIZE = 5?


aCat: I know - that's why I'm mentioning them


aCat: It's great they are

BenjaminUrquhart: oh lol

eulerscheZahl: connect 5?

jacek: oh

struct: Could also be connect N

aCat: I know you guys think in categories solved/not

dbdr: yeah

aCat: but these are great tasks for students

dbdr: slightly larger so it's not solved

eulerscheZahl: more prone to ties i suppose

eulerscheZahl: i don't know of course

aCat: and not ass complicated as normal multi

aCat: *as

aCat: lol


struct: Maybe there should be one more cattegory

struct: Like Training multiplayers

struct: or practice*

eulerscheZahl: take connect4, add a default bot and turn it into a puzzle. beat the boss on some initial states, tie on others

BenjaminUrquhart: that's called wood league /s

dbdr: ultimate connect 4

struct: Turn limits :(

jacek: or connect4, but connect3 is losing

eulerscheZahl: on a hex board

dbdr: each piece is a conect 4 game

BenjaminUrquhart: every circle is a connect 4 game

AntiSquid: normal ass multi

dbdr: or mix games for more fun

dbdr: ttt in connect 4, and connect 4 in ttt

aCat: that's another issue that I suppose when there are anough players in the game more leagues should be opened

AntiSquid: connect 4 with rotation

BenjaminUrquhart: leagues in breakthrough when

dbdr: connect 4 with velocity and friction and collisions

AntiSquid: ultimate ocean of code for more fun

BenjaminUrquhart: bumper car c4

eulerscheZahl: sadly community multiplayers aren't that popular anyways. you don't really need leagues

dbdr: some are

jacek: but brakthrough has over 145

aCat: yeh i know

aCat: that's sad :(

eulerscheZahl: vindinium with 268 is the most popular i think

AntiSquid: ya

aCat: If I will push students for some games I can double the playerbase :D

aCat: for the less popular ones

AntiSquid: but vindinium was popular before CG

struct: Paper soccer

aCat: checkers also lol

jacek: :3

eulerscheZahl: yes and the first community multiplayer

aCat: I lake this current game

eulerscheZahl: now there are so many that it's hard to be seen

aCat: *like

AntiSquid: the old way of splitting CG original and community stuff was better imo

eulerscheZahl: which current game?

AntiSquid: why hide the origin @_@

dbdr: I just started to look at Tulips and Daisies

struct: Im still thinking if I should port Code Vs Reborn or not

eulerscheZahl: you don't even need a total split. maybe split at first but with a chance for some worthy contributions to promote to the official area

eulerscheZahl: like that forest fire that's in a similar quality as official puzzles

AntiSquid: struct the answer is yes

AntiSquid: but only if we can have pokeman characters

eulerscheZahl: isn't that the STC variant?

AntiSquid: otherwise it deserves a downvote

eulerscheZahl: i would say "yes" if there wasn't STC already

struct: Yes, the one where it needs to add to 10

AntiSquid: port code samurai :D


struct: val won

struct: nice

AntiSquid: even better port Fighting game Ai:

AntiSquid: website if you need the sourcecode

aCat: actuall

aCat: maybe not port direct

aCat: but I suppose something in this still will be cool contest game

aCat: and definitely doable

tobk: I just noticed that i CotC the actions for the individual ships of the silver boss are shown in the viewer, but only for the boss and no other player. how does it do that?

AntiSquid: msg ?

eulerscheZahl: print a message

eulerscheZahl: check the output of the boss in the console

tobk: oh, right, you can append any message to the action

tobk: does not say so in the statement, though


eulerscheZahl: mean statemetn

tobk: works perfectly, thanks

AntiSquid: oh samurai ai code runs every year

AntiSquid: and it looks much better than battlecode

eulerscheZahl: but has a long running time, i prefer short contests :scream:

AntiSquid: how long is it ? didn't check

eulerscheZahl: it also has prizes, about 400 euro for the winner

idkhow2codee: week?

eulerscheZahl: 2 months testing, 2 months contest it seems

BenjaminUrquhart: ew

eulerscheZahl: RAIC extreme

dbdr: oh :(

AntiSquid: so kinda like halite

aCat: that's beautiful

eulerscheZahl: yeah, that's why we have a conway multi pending now :(

dbdr: nice idea

jacek: battle of game of life?

eulerscheZahl: yes

AntiSquid: wow interesting

dbdr: I don't have the knowledge to understand that one

aCat: ok, I gave second approval on

dbdr: laughed at 2295 :D

dbdr: need to read

AntiSquid: well a starter is just flour and water and yeast, you could have yeast added or leave it out so yeast that circulates through the air gets in

aCat: c'mon you can filter contributions on puzzles/clash not a multi, bleh

dbdr: how likely / fast is that?

eulerscheZahl: because the filter is older than the SDK

aCat: haha :D

eulerscheZahl: another cool contribution

AntiSquid: well gathering "wild" yeast can be slow

eulerscheZahl: but he wanted an optim and it's a puzzle :(

eulerscheZahl: so it seems he lost interest

AntiSquid: can't even download :p

eulerscheZahl: correct

aCat: yeah I had similar idea once

aCat: It was partially coded

eulerscheZahl: and now aCat joined a clash and left us

aCat: Ididn't ;p

eulerscheZahl: main page said something else

aCat: I have something so ugly I have no idea how to make it

aCat: how you have notification that i entered the clas?

eulerscheZahl: upload faster, screenshot tool...

eulerscheZahl: there's some nonsense going on on the homepage

eulerscheZahl: showing you the next clash and who's in

aCat: but that dind'm mean I'm here talking with you :P

eulerscheZahl: but a clash is about speed i'm sure you lost now

aCat: 1) it's about size

jacek: i think im gonna invite someone to clash

struct: not always

aCat: 2) noone did anything

aCat: 3) ot's damn nicola mathematical stuff

eulerscheZahl: you did that yesterday already jacek

AntiSquid: it's about having a solution DB ready

aCat: i have no idea how to solve it

jacek: eulerscheZahl and you declined :(

eulerscheZahl: i ignored

aCat: 4) actually i'm not clashing but douing achievement hunting lol ;p

aCat: 434 to go ;p

eulerscheZahl: :D

aCat: or sth like that

AntiSquid: i got top 100 in clash just by instantly quitting for the achievement

aCat: fasetest 0% is still best 0% !

eulerscheZahl: fastest to reach 0%

eulerscheZahl: and aCat was faster than me

AntiSquid: and probably shortest 0% too ?

aCat: damn

aCat: and I forgot i'm doing shortest:D:D

aCat: I have the fastest 0% 273 chars

aCat: ^^'

struct: 500 clashes for achievement

struct: danb

struct: damn

AntiSquid: work on your multi aCat, don't you care about the community?

Nerchio: omg

Nerchio: i was debugging my bot looking at the enemy for the past 1 0minutes

aCat: ok, ok, i will do something

aCat: got my promise

aCat: some day

aCat: :D

struct: port Starcraft Nerchi o

AntiSquid: autochess / mortal combat / volleyball

struct: also cs go since it was leaked


eulerscheZahl: blobby volley

AntiSquid: just port dead or alive beach volleyball ezpz

eulerscheZahl: why is there always so annoying music in sports summaries on youtube?

AntiSquid: it's to emphasize on the suspence

eulerscheZahl: we have sports commentators for that

AntiSquid: ya i like when they stutter and say something like "uh ah ... ogh <unintelligible>"


Nerchio: hehe i started meeting darkhose64 and leonjean in silver

dbdr: a rather predictable lb

eulerscheZahl: there are more familiar players waiting for you to be unlocked

Nerchio: i will not stop until i am destroying your bot :D

dbdr: famous last wods

dbdr: *words

eulerscheZahl: i should work on my upgrade behaviour, it's broken

AntiSquid: obviously D is not in release mode or you'd get rekt hard dbdr

Default avatar.png JBM: lol

dbdr: obviously

dbdr: it's all about perf at this point

muy31: i have a question about mars lander...

muy31: does the units seconds correspond to actual time or turns

muy31: like 1 turn = 1 second,

muy31: or i need to use system time?

Nerchio: so many people who got legend in ooc are in silver ghost in the cell :p

Nerchio: they didnt like that?

Zenoscave: It was difficult to leave silver

struct: They are completely different games too

Nerchio: i know i find ghost in a cell much harder so far..

Nerchio: 2d grid feels very natural to me

Nerchio: and this not so much

Nerchio: zenos you are gold+ in ghost in a cell?

Zenoscave: anyone do simu in legend ?

Zenoscave: and yes nerchio

Nerchio: i like the new leaderboard

Nerchio: i mean i dont see much change but its ok ;p

MSmits: ghost in the cell is not exactly harder

MSmits: you just need a different skillset

MSmits: people are good at different things

MSmits: Zenoscave illedan has a GA I think

MSmits: for GITC

MSmits: also everyone has a simulation in some way, but not everyone has a search

MSmits: people confuse sim and search. Sim is just simulating what is going to happen if you do "X". Pretty sure even the heuristics bots have some form of that. Search is making it systematic, more complete and more calculation intensive

Nerchio: someone said that ghost in a cell has too many possibilities to do a real GA i think

Nerchio: not sure

Nerchio: you played it msmits?

MSmits: yeah, i just have a heuristic bot that wasnt particularly good

MSmits: but got to gold with it

MSmits: this was a long time ago thoguh

MSmits: when i was on cg for maybe a month or two

Nerchio: I wasn't sure if i like ghost in the cell but right now i kind of enjoy it

Nerchio: i hope i will like pacman too

icecream17: ooh. just took a look at ghost in the cell - looks awesome

AntiSquid: watch the anime, it's even better

MSmits: weeb

AntiSquid: ghost in the shell stand alone complex

Nerchio: anime :nerd:

AntiSquid: i mean if you can't enjoy a story because of the format, then you have issues imo, you raise barriers you shouldn't have to deal with

AntiSquid: there's the live action movie but it's nowhere as good:

Nerchio: cant enjoy something i didnt see :upside_down:

icecream17: js question: How do I refer to the "me" in the "total" function:


CodinBotChatRelay: _creepersbane#2074: ?

CodinBotChatRelay: _creepersbane#2074: oh my gosh this thing still works

AntiSquid: you mean this? icecream17


BenjaminUrquhart: you can indeed do

BenjaminUrquhart: also that's one thicc link

BenjaminUrquhart: console.log( // { factories: [], bots: [], total: [Function: total] }

AntiSquid: right inner should be able to know about outer

cegprakash: icecream17 did u promote me overnight

icecream17: You were still at 2 last time I checked. But then in the morning you were gone from the leaderboard mysteriously.

cegprakash: haha

cegprakash: definitely Crog

cegprakash: if not you

cegprakash: he is #3 now

cegprakash: he is also improving

cegprakash: almost there

AntiSquid: maybe someone already promoted to gold ?

cegprakash: AntiSquid I may not go to legend

cegprakash: but I'll definitely rekt you

AntiSquid: that's what life is all about is it?

cegprakash: yes

cegprakash: u blame it on the life then

cegprakash: after I rekt u

AntiSquid: the galaxy is astounded

AntiSquid: lol i don't care about your life

AntiSquid: beating a bugged bot isn't something to brag about

cegprakash: I like gold and legend leagues beccause I don't have to read problem statements anymore

AntiSquid: do you ever read them?

cegprakash: just the 3 lines

cegprakash: about the change

cegprakash: not full statement

cegprakash: usually when I promote I just play a game with boss

cegprakash: and assume what the new skill is doing

cegprakash: and start coding

AntiSquid: did i hurt your feelings really really badly?

cegprakash: not now

cegprakash: not yet

cegprakash: you are the one angry on me

cegprakash: i love u

cegprakash: i love wrecking u

AntiSquid: gay

icecream17: There should be a "find obscure bugs" contest. Or "send obscure bugs". Whoever's bug is the hardest to figure out wins....

cegprakash: what about the dev who makes bugs that are hard to figure

cegprakash: do they get a prize? if so I'm up

cegprakash: whatever I write is very hard to debug definitely

cegprakash: I'm just implementing a damage map AntiSquid

cegprakash: after that I plan to add self trackking

cegprakash: once I add these I rekt you

AntiSquid: dude you sounds mildly retarded

cegprakash: why

cegprakash: what's the use of all the coding without bragging

AntiSquid: first of all i don't care

AntiSquid: stop pinging me

cegprakash: lolz

cegprakash: okay

cegprakash: I go ez on u

AntiSquid: do what you want, reach legend if you can

icecream17: How do you change your settings again (like fontsize of ide code)

icecream17: Oh yeah! Promote to wood2 (ghost in the cell)

cegprakash: why not continue OOC icecream17

cegprakash: u are so close to promote


cegprakash: turn 43 u have bug

cegprakash: it's better to go into the choke point instead of using SURFACE

icecream17: Oops.. an Error Occured

cegprakash: I send screenshot where u bug

icecream17: Also, "available" only contains spaces with... hey wait a minute!

icecream17: I could add another array of spaces that are deadends...


cegprakash: next turn u use SURFACE and charge TORPEDO

cegprakash: but better move is going south

cegprakash: and ur firing accuracy seem to be bad as well

cegprakash: these two fixes should take u gold

PeaceMoreZ: Isn't the 'smallest code' clash slightly unfair?

Default avatar.png theroot99: hello, how can i know how is start first in the last challeng?

cegprakash: you choose it

cegprakash: upto you

cegprakash: you can print any position in the board and u spawn there theroot99

cegprakash: I think this was done so that game is not symmetrical as well as fair for both players

Default avatar.png theroot99: i think randomly ?

cegprakash: random is good enough

cegprakash: until Bronze

cegprakash: where u need to add 1 extra condition

cegprakash: for now just don't spawn on an island or u die instantly

barberk2206: Where can I go on this website to learn Java?

MSmits: this website assumes you know java, or at least the basics. You go here to practice coding, not learn a language

barberk2206: Oh okay thanks

MSmits: np, and gn :)

barberk2206: gn :)

ZarthaxX: 1 less CG user

ZarthaxX: gj MSmits :)

icecream17: wait... what? *dun dun*

icecream17: I pushed someone above the boss in ghost in the cell wood2

icecream17: 2nd place? Sigh

MadKnight: hey hey icecream17

icecream17: hi

MadKnight: show your replay

MadKnight: are u still in wood2 ?

icecream17: yes


icecream17: not a very good replay...


MadKnight: which one is your new code ?

icecream17: both

MadKnight: why do they play so differently ?

icecream17: Not really. Just attack when numBots - otherNumBots > 40

icecream17: They always send 7 somehow

icecream17: When get factory owned by "noone" just send a third of NumBots

icecream17: Oops, a third is for attacking. I menat a seventh.

MadKnight: > numBots - otherNumBots > 40 nonono u need to learn to protect your factories first so that enemy can't take them over then attack with all your free troops

icecream17: send all troops but protect.... okay

MadKnight: all free* troops

MadKnight: free troops are those that are not used to repel current attacks

MadKnight: for example if u got 10 troops coming towards your factory then u gotta make sure your factory has 10 troops by the time they come

MadKnight: if u got more than 10 then use all of them

MadKnight: except for the 10

MadKnight: also account for troops in nearest enemy factories

icecream17: Oh. I'll just subtract the total, but divide by 1.1 only.

MadKnight: what is that magic numbe

MadKnight: r

MadKnight: is that like 3vel in CSB ?

icecream17: I divide by 3 (originally) so that I don't send all of my troops.

icecream17: What is 3vel?

MadKnight: magic formula that gets u to gold

MadKnight: ezpz gold

MostComplicatedUsername: Na

MostComplicatedUsername: Well yeah

stacked: 3vel?

MostComplicatedUsername: But it's not the best

MadKnight: MostComplicatedMagicFormul

MadKnight: a

MadKnight: stacked are u interested ?

MostComplicatedUsername: You should change it depending on location

icecream17: oooh. But I never made it to gold before so....

stacked: yea, but im really a noob

MadKnight: gogogo gold

MadKnight: u can do -3vel stacked

MadKnight: u too icecream17

stacked: whats that mean?

icecream17: idk

stacked: idek what that is

MadKnight: subtract 3 velocities from checkpoint

stacked: ohhh

icecream17: huh? velocities?

MadKnight: it's like speed but a vector

MadKnight: directional speed

icecream17: Oh. My bronze csb code doesn't calculate that yet.

icecream17: Only in middle school math so I don't understnad

MadKnight: it's easy just divide distance by time but in 2d

MadKnight: 2d distance by time

MadKnight: distance vector

MadKnight: movement vector

icecream17: I know distance, but how direction?

icecream17: Oh.

MostComplicatedUsername: what you do it

MostComplicatedUsername: is*

stacked: it's like an x and y lol

icecream17: My CSB code is just a couple ifs. That's it.

MostComplicatedUsername: print (f'{targetx - 3 * velX} {targety - 3 * velY} {throttle}')

MostComplicatedUsername: THats what you do ^

stacked: this man out here giving code

stacked: lol

icecream17: X - prevX = velX

icecream17: Python is better than js at code golf. JS uses console.log() instead of print

MadKnight: Automaton2000 ban MostComplicatedUsername

Automaton2000: have to go to the top

icecream17: Automaton2000 I didn't know you were in A* Craft!

Automaton2000: are you doing atm marchete?

icecream17: Huh? Atm marchete?

MostComplicatedUsername: atm = at the moment

MostComplicatedUsername: (or) automatic teller machine

MadKnight: or AuToMaton

MadKnight: icecream17 are u doing the -3vel now ?

icecream17: no still on ghost in the cell

MadKnight: try -3vel

MadKnight: real quick

MostComplicatedUsername: Automaton2000 ban MadKnight

Automaton2000: so you have to do in the first place?

MostComplicatedUsername: No you have to do it Automaton2000

Automaton2000: my rank is going to be like this

icecream17: auTOMATOn2000 how do you type so fast

Automaton2000: do you like it so far

MadKnight: are u a tomato Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: what happens in the same order

icecream17: 3 * vel is harder than it seems...

icecream17: done!

icecream17: Seems like I should worry much less about going too fast

icecream17: Submit. Original placing: 14450

icecream17: Progress: 16% But first place =O

icecream17: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cegprakash: wow

cegprakash: what did u fix

cegprakash: OOC?

cegprakash: oh CSB

cegprakash: u seem to do all at once

icecream17: CSB, MadKnight said to do target - 3 * velocity

cegprakash: yes

cegprakash: he invented that magic formula

cegprakash: that takes to gold

cegprakash: 1 liner

icecream17: Oh. Well, I have 5 codingame tabs. But also a few more tabs of other stuff, like 20 or something

icecream17: (Responded to previous comment)

icecream17: I can't believe.... I hope I discover something like that during pacman

icecream17: I pushed someone above the boss too. This one liner is soooo awesome

icecream17: Oof. Person I pushed didn't get promoted. The ratings are 24.81, 17.71, 17.71, 17.68

icecream17: Yay! It finished! What!? Promotion in 49 minutes!?

MadKnight: a lot of people came up with the same formula during contest cegprakash

icecream17: gn everyone. wonder whos awake at this time.

emigr2k1: It's 9:40 pm in Mexico/NA