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Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Has anyone got their codinpoints for ocean of code as a multi?

AntiSquid: doesn't show up for me

Default avatar.png abhay_RAJ: hello

Default avatar.png cthoughtz: Hello

Neoncamouflage: Hello

Default avatar.png cthoughtz: I am trying to figure out this problem in kotlin. I am preparing for an interview and I am not use to these algorithms to be honest.

Default avatar.png cthoughtz: I have been struggling with it all night.

Default avatar.png cthoughtz: Has anywone done The Descent in kotlin?

MadKnight: there is solution given in hints

AntiSquid: hello

Quidome: good morning

Quidome: I am doing the Bender-Episode 1 and only the first testcase fails on submit does anyone has the testcase for me

AntiSquid: click setting on the left and then expert mode and then i think you can look at the individual test cases in the IDE ?

AntiSquid: b

AntiSquid: ah i see now, at the bottom click the 3 lines and you can then see individual test cases

Uljahn: i guess he means validators

AntiSquid: :/

AntiSquid: but he said test cases so ...

Uljahn: "on submit"

Quidome: Yes, the validation cases

Quidome: the first one

Quidome: :D

AntiSquid: Uljahn will help you

Quidome: :thumbsup:

Uljahn: :confused:

Uljahn: i'll help you if you're on python

Uljahn: also this could be helpful

Quidome: thnxs :)

Quidome: I am on Rust

Quidome: Everything works except the first validator. So that's in this case hard to find

AntiSquid: but how can you fail on that one when everything else works?

AntiSquid: validator says "Simple moves" so i guess you are searching for an obstacle or try to avoid an obstacle that doesn't exist

Default avatar.png pol34: Hi! do someone know if there is a game using python and SQL ??

aCat: what do you mean?

aCat: you can use any available language for your solution

Uljahn: afaik there is no sql-oriented puzzles for python on codingame, but you can practice numpy and pandas

Default avatar.png pol34: Okay thank you!

Mentalist: This chat is active!

AntiSquid: why sql pol34 ?

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Hi, I am using a random element in my codingame sponsored puzzle, is it fair if I spam submit to get a higher score?

AntiSquid: if you click the searchbar at the top of the site and type in SQL you can see links to some playgrounds, but to practice SQL you should try a different site

AntiSquid: WINWINWIN is it fair when others do it?

Default avatar.png HotSausageOfPower_223f: Because I wanted to practice a little..

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: :(

AntiSquid: WINWINWIN spam submits like everyone else lol

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: was going to, now will stay at 1284 points :(

AntiSquid: pol34 then try diff site, lots out there

Default avatar.png HotSausageOfPower_223f: yes i will do it thank you !

Crypticsy: hey! umm can you guys give me feedback on my puzzle?


aCat: I will try to do this later today

aCat: Seems interesting, although i would vote for medium

Default avatar.png TheNinjaGiant_da40: hi

MSmits: anyone on who wrote a Onitama bot?

Scarfield: nope, but got "vanilla" SmitsiMax to work for CSB yesterday :)

MSmits: great! Including the blocker?

MSmits: that seems to be the hard part for people

Scarfield: only the search itself so far, no pruning, optmisation or blocker eval yet

MSmits: ahh ok, well good progress

Scarfield: has the font in the IDE been changed?

MSmits: no idea, it's a just a place where i paste my code

MSmits: about Onitama, I was just wondering if anyone else thought it is weird that the card moves dy is defined as positive upwards

darkhorse64: MSmits: I wrote one

MSmits: so did you run into that issue?

MSmits: I was stuck for a while until I realized I had to negate my y coord

MSmits: my dy i mean

darkhorse64: sec. reading my code

MSmits: yay my moves work and my card state transitions too. I got past the 64 bit state insanity bugs :)

MSmits: now the rest of the bot

MSmits: at least it seems to work. I didnt get to test capturing and winning yet

MSmits: I just did this test:


darkhorse64: Actually, I do not have this problem because I wrote a table for all possible moves for all cards in the game. I do not use the inputs except for the cardId

MSmits: ohh I do read the cardid

MSmits: I create this table too, but on the first update

MSmits: i mean i do read the dx and dy

MSmits: it's just weird because anything else in CG has y increasing downwards

MSmits: when i first got to CG I was confused the other way around. For example with Thor

darkhorse64: Same. OpenGL has its origin bottom left

Scarfield: yea i just started using row,col instead of x,y

MSmits: ahh, for me it was just coming from basic math x, y graphs

MSmits: ohh that row col thing uttt has is also super confusing

MSmits: i keep reading it wrong

darkhorse64: Yes. Math also is bottom left

MSmits: my expansion function is over 100 lines for onitama :P

darkhorse64: In my first ever CG contest, I mixed x,y and top, bottom for a few hours. The bot was somewhat "working" nevertheless

MSmits: not sure if it is because of my weird state representation or because the game is complicated

Scarfield: the angle being measured positive in the opposite direction in CSB messed with me though, forgot to convert my result from the search back, until i noticed my pods where simply turning in the wrong direction

MSmits: lol

darkhorse64: expansion like expand in MCTS ?

MSmits: yeah that happens to everyone Scarfield

MSmits: darkhorse64 yes

MSmits: well mostly just move generation

MSmits: which is what expansion is

MSmits: if you'd have a minimax, you'd be doing this too

MSmits: the thing is, you have 2 cards, 2 types and some exceptions for capturing and winning

MSmits: but probably I also have some extra lines to compress and decompress the state into and out of the uint64_t

darkhorse64: I did bitboarding but used more space. My hand is stored outside the bitboard. My code is simple and quite short

MSmits: yeah, I might end up paying for this choice. Not sure what the speed of it will be


MSmits: yes but thats play movre

MSmits: how do you know what moves are available?

MSmits: thats where most of my code is


MSmits: very similar to mine, but I have the master and the cardstate in there too

MSmits: it's a few extra operations

MSmits: the only real reason for it is hashing. I want to be able to have an easy time testing transpositions

MSmits: with a few dead knights, you're talking about maybe a million possible states total, many unreachable, so transpositions should happen

Hovsep: Hi,why is there only 15 people online ?

MSmits: in worldchat Hovsep

Hovsep: I thought it was a wellknown website

MSmits: it is

MSmits: there are other channels

MSmits: #fr

MSmits: also some talk on discord

Hovsep: Same persons as in world

MSmits: it's a bit fragmented

Hovsep: I see

darkhorse64: We have just finished a contest also everyone is exhausted

MSmits: also, you can work on cG related stuff without even being online

MSmits: thousands of people were in that contest

MSmits: the amount of players doing CG in between contests is much smaller

Hovsep: Oh I didn't know that

MSmits: also, people who do CG may be online 1-2 hrs a day, different timezones etc.

Hovsep: Thank's for your precise answer

MSmits: :)

darkhorse64: What I don't get is how you manage your hand with 5 bits

MSmits: allright

MSmits: so you have 5 cards right

MSmits: there's 5 ways to pick the first card

MSmits: there;s 4 ways to pick the second

MSmits: all states happen twice

MSmits: so 10 ways for the first player to have a set of cards

MSmits: then there's 3 ways to pick the rest of the cards (because the center card is the variable)

MSmits: so 3 * 10 = 30 cardstates

MSmits: 30 < 5 bit

MSmits: well you need 5 bit obviously

MSmits: but you could have fit 32 cardstates if you wanted to

MSmits: actually I have 2 leftover bits, so i could fit 128 :)

darkhorse64: OK. I need to think about it because I thought there were many more arrangements. I have to go back to my real work

MSmits: there are many more arrangements, but many are equivalent

MSmits: it doesnt matter if a card is your first or your second

MSmits: as long as you can use it

MSmits: allright, go workie :)

MSmits: I'll go try and move some wizards and knights

MSmits: will be a while before it works completely

darkhorse64: You have the moves, the mcts,. WHat's missing ?

Hovsep: Do you guys have a good IA fight challenge to advice ?

Hovsep: Except Coders Strike Back

darkhorse64: Do you like board games ?

Hovsep: Yes

Hovsep: But i'd prefer something else than a board game ia

Hovsep: if possible

MSmits: darkhorse64 the mcts is different yet again. Every of my games does stuff differently with playerIndices and signs. So i always run into bugs

MSmits: also i need a good eval

darkhorse64: Go for Yavalath. It's a nice game on its own and interesting to code

darkhorse64: Fantastic bits if you like qquidditch

Hovsep: I'm a beginner, is it something where i can learn new things ?

MSmits: that's an oddly specific hobby :P

MSmits: Hovsep board games are the easiest to start with I think if you want to do real computation heavy tree searches

MSmits: if you're just looking to build an AI with heuristics, code a la mode would be cool

MSmits: btw, dont do yavalath if you're beginner

MSmits: even though it is a great game

darkhorse64: I rehash my mcts on and on. Of course, the game interface changes each time depending on move generation and win/lose conditions but it does not vary too much. So it goes fast for me

Hovsep: Legends of Code and magic is it good for a beginner ?

MSmits: yeah I know, but somehow I dont manage this darkhorse64. The problem is also, that the input is different for each game. Somehow I build on this input and my mcts ends up being different

Hovsep: I know the language C

MSmits: Hovsep it's not good for beginner i would say

Hovsep: hahah

MSmits: takes a lot of code to even get started

Hovsep: It seems like Codingame is for real experimented programmers

MSmits: not really

MSmits: coding bots is

MSmits: but you can also solve puzzles

MSmits: also there are some exceptions, we have many multis, some do a really good job of helping you get started

Cappefra: go into the "practice" session and start with the easy ones

Cappefra: tbh it's more about being good at algorithms rather than coding per se

MSmits: to do CG, you basically need to understand your language is all

Hovsep: Ok thank you, i'll practice in easy

MSmits: but C might be a bit hard in and of itself, because it is not exactly coder-friendly

MSmits: old language

MSmits: better to start with python, java, C# etc.

Hovsep: yea but i really like it, i'll try another language after mastering completly the C

Cappefra: that'll take a while hahaha

MSmits: kk, just dont get frustrated and quit because of the language. C# can be a lot of fun and you can do easy puzzles in 10-15 mins each once you get used to them

MSmits: but not in C i think

MSmits: CG can be a lot of fun I mean

MSmits: well C# too :P

MSmits: C++ could be a good choice for you too Hovsep, it's basically C with classes, but also many other things. But even C++ is much harder to use for this than the languages i mentioned

Hovsep: I'm learning C++,C# and Java at school but i did'nt practice a lot

Uljahn: Hovsep: you can read the forum topics (feedback and strategy) to learn new algorithms or just get some hints on most multis, also you can look at community solutions after you finished a puzzle

MSmits: ahh ok

MSmits: might wanna try C#, you will learn it quickly

auguluk: hey

MSmits: also Visual studio is an awesome C# IDE

Hovsep: Ok thank you guys forthe help

MSmits: just for the IDE, the language is great

auguluk: I aggre

MSmits: np

Hovsep: Yea i have it MSmits

MSmits: cool

andichin: hello guys

MSmits: hbi

MSmits: hi also

AntiSquid: rust is new meta, auto timeout if opponent wants to optimize vs your bot


AntiSquid: mark7 don't post clash links here

cegprakash: how to view only console and game and hide the code on the right side

cegprakash: it's better to view the console on right and game on left

AntiSquid: you could get CG enhancer and edit it to your liking i guess

AntiSquid: actually cg enhancer has that by default, nevermind, cegprakash


Last turn my bot uses surface in order to move away from enemy

cegprakash: bad random

cegprakash: i'll add this to my mutate condition

cegprakash: lets see if it fixes

eulerscheZahl: is that still silver?

eulerscheZahl: are are moving along the edge. be the snail in the center to remain hidden longer

eulerscheZahl: and your mine triggers seem random to be, do you even have the slightest chance to hit your opponent?

Default avatar.png MartijnH: Cryptic question; cause i do not want to spoil anything.. Did anyone here solve the "ss_con" statemachine? do you remember; did they make a mistake with regards tot the natural form??

eulerscheZahl: i only solved ss_n, rs_n, ss_f, gs_m, ss_m :/

Default avatar.png MartijnH: too bad.. I think you could solve rs_colv aswell.. easier than gs_m

Cappefra: shadows of the night 2 is a real bitch

Default avatar.png MartijnH: Cappefra.. is that a cryptic answer?

Default avatar.png MartijnH: aha.. I see. I will try that one after this

Cappefra: I can't go over 75% atm, and I even know why but implementing the right solution requires a bunch of refactoring

Default avatar.png MartijnH: did you solve ss_con?

Cappefra: what is that?

Default avatar.png MartijnH: i think its called puzzle breach

Cappefra: oh ok no I haven't tried it, shadows of the night 2 is my first very hard

Default avatar.png MartijnH: can I enroll another.. without losing the current progress?

Cappefra: yeah it saves your code when you "play all tests"

Cappefra: then you can change language, solve any other puzzle, whatever. That combination of puzzle+language is saved

Default avatar.png MartijnH: ok thx.. good to know

Default avatar.png K4Mx: how to share code with friends ? is it directly online ?

jacek: huh? try pastebin or something

Default avatar.png K4Mx: ah so the online platform does not suport sharing code ?

Default avatar.png K4Mx: multi edit and save ie

MSmits: K4Mx CG is a social platform, but all contests, puzzles, etc. are supposed to be solo-coded

Default avatar.png K4Mx: alright thx

MSmits: you can share ideas, maybe the occasional function, but you're not supposed to share full code

MSmits: if you want to code together on something, I recommend

Default avatar.png K4Mx: ah ok but we kinda fell in love with codingame xD

MSmits: it's great

MSmits: btw

MSmits: what you can do is

MSmits: fight clashes and turn code sharing on, they'll see your code after the battle

Default avatar.png K4Mx: you mean vs friends

MSmits: yeah

Default avatar.png K4Mx: nice ok

mark7: MSmits up for a clash?

MSmits: well my random move bot is finally working

MSmits: eh no I dont clash. but write an UTTT bot, get to legend and fight me there

Default avatar.png K4Mx: its clash of code right ?

MSmits: yes

Default avatar.png K4Mx: ok thx

eulerscheZahl: just invite him

MSmits: euler look it's working


MSmits: it still plays stupid but i worked out all the crazy bit-bugs

eulerscheZahl: it's alive!

eulerscheZahl: producing valid moves

MSmits: yeah!

eulerscheZahl: and even killing his boss with yours

MSmits: well thats a lucky win, boss wins more :)

MSmits: my master tends to go out there and suicide

eulerscheZahl: did you notice that the image above the endscreen changes depending on the outcome?

MSmits: btw, a sizable fraction of syntax bugs in this bot was me writing wizard and master interchangably and getting confused

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: and the student knights

MSmits: i call them knights and masters now

MSmits: not very consistent

MSmits: but what did you mean with the image

eulerscheZahl: blue wins

MSmits: oh thats variable. Nice touch

MSmits: btw, I also got confused when you made the y-coord increase upwards

MSmits: i mean its on the visual representation, but i am so used to Y going down that I did not notice it

eulerscheZahl: to match the chessboard image i stole from checkers

MSmits: yeah it's fine, it just got me stuck for a while

eulerscheZahl: me too

MSmits: easily fixed with a minus sign

MSmits: well thats a relief, that you did it to yourself also :P

eulerscheZahl: seemed so easy to code the game

eulerscheZahl: but i repeatedly screwed up

MSmits: the card orientation seems the hardest

eulerscheZahl: yes

MSmits: my turn update function is 150 lines :P

MSmits: just reading the input and figuring out what the new gamestate is

eulerscheZahl: my hole bot is only 3x your input reading

MSmits: it's because I have only 30 card states. I get rid of the duplicate ones (aka, having card 0 and 1 or having card 1 and 0)

MSmits: my card ordering is fixed so I need several loops to figure out how my cardstate system corresponds to the input

eulerscheZahl: :D

MSmits: well once the search is running the problem is gone, but conversions are often tricky

MSmits: I use 3 coordinate systems for uttt

MSmits: in the same bot

MSmits: 4 if you count the input system

eulerscheZahl: you should try mean max. you can apply polar coords on it

MSmits: haha yeah

MSmits: that's cool

Default avatar.png K4Mx: cannot use the middle card ?

MSmits: do people do that?

eulerscheZahl: they were planned as the official input but CG vetoed it

MSmits: K4Mx nope

eulerscheZahl: but you will get it after your action

Default avatar.png K4Mx: wow this is hard as fuck but cool challenge

Default avatar.png K4Mx: can you pick it or its random ?

MSmits: what do you mean pick it?

MSmits: pick what?

Default avatar.png K4Mx: this versus game

MSmits: oh

MSmits: there are many multiplayer arenas

MSmits: you can do what you like

eulerscheZahl: 43 arenas

Default avatar.png K4Mx: ah so you can versus in bot programing too ?

MSmits: yes, but it is asynchronous

Default avatar.png K4Mx: not only pve

Default avatar.png K4Mx: ok thx good to know

MSmits: no it is mostly pvp

MSmits: you play against bots players submitted before

Default avatar.png K4Mx: ok i want my friend bot

MSmits: but there is a pve boss in the lower leagues, all except the highest league

eulerscheZahl: and in 2 weeks we have a contest again with about 2000 players competing

MSmits: yea

Default avatar.png K4Mx: we dont have the skills for that

mark7: Spring Challenge

Default avatar.png K4Mx: = )

MSmits: sometimes the contests dont require much skill to get started

eulerscheZahl: there are some really strong players but also a lot of beginners competing

jacek: cards were hard in onitama. and confusing, given for the other player they are upsie down

MSmits: but you wont rank high of course

mark7: Yes,

ZarthaxX: has someone ever used avx here? D:

ZarthaxX: robostac ?

MSmits: several

Default avatar.png K4Mx: so challenge are known beforehand context ?

eulerscheZahl: did robo even submit there?

MSmits: I used it once, it worked, but i did not get an improvement

ZarthaxX: its not about improvement tho

MSmits: robo uses it, marchete, re curse

MSmits: probably a lot more

Default avatar.png K4Mx: context*

ZarthaxX: my code compiled with -mavx2 flag crashes

eulerscheZahl: the theme is known K4Mx: pacman

Default avatar.png K4Mx: contest*

eulerscheZahl: but not the game

ZarthaxX: it's super weird

MSmits: hmm

eulerscheZahl: watch the video, that's all we know

ZarthaxX: its not using avx stuff

MSmits: #pragma GCC optimize("Ofast","unroll-loops", "omit-frame-pointer", "inline")

  1. pragma GCC option("arch=native", "tune=native", "no-zero-upper")
  2. pragma GCC target("rdrnd", "popcnt", "avx", "bmi2")

MSmits: every bot of mine has this

ZarthaxX: like it crashes at some dynamic allocation part

ZarthaxX: that makes it compile with avx?

ZarthaxX: right i will add a target flaxc and check with a debugger

Default avatar.png K4Mx: unknown challenge ok thx

MSmits: yeah, well it worked anyway

ZarthaxX: hope that works

Default avatar.png K4Mx: only educated guess possible xD

eulerscheZahl: definitely not enough to start coding now ;)

MSmits: K4Mx btw, you may have to try several multiplayer arenas before you find one thats easy enough to get started in

Default avatar.png K4Mx: onitama appeals to me but maybe its too hard yes

MSmits: they vary greatly in skill requirement to get started

MSmits: onitama is moderate

Default avatar.png K4Mx: also we are not devs

eulerscheZahl: you can try connect4:

Default avatar.png K4Mx: and learning language

MSmits: I am not a dev either, but I coded a lot

linjoehan: NUMBER SHIFTING has 500 levels ?

Default avatar.png K4Mx: tried clojure but to collab we will pick another

eulerscheZahl: it has 1000 levels

eulerscheZahl: but top players agreed on a tie

Default avatar.png K4Mx: no sorry connec4 is boring = )

Default avatar.png K4Mx: id rather grind on moderate

MSmits: K4Mx btw, if you really want to collab on a low level league of a multi, it's not so bad. Just remember that if you get good you're not supposed to share code

jacek: :o

linjoehan: huh agreed on a tie? so there are more levels but they don't want to chase it?

Default avatar.png K4Mx: i see, samurai hide their skills xD

MSmits: also, dont submit the code twice

MSmits: if you collab and you both submit, it might flag you as cheating

wlesavo: they shouldve solve another one not to confuse people :slight_smile:

MSmits: i mean twice on different accounts

eulerscheZahl: submit under 2 accounts is what MSmits means

wlesavo: but on the other hand round number

MSmits: yes

eulerscheZahl: i'm slow

jacek: yes

eulerscheZahl: wlesavo i'm not sure anymore if you asked for it too:

eulerscheZahl: oh, bad link. not even the beginning

wlesavo: eulerscheZahl oh, thx, i did

eulerscheZahl: no mark7 i won't clash with you

mark7: haha, come on

eulerscheZahl: sorry, i can't code

eulerscheZahl: just here for chatting

MSmits: mark7 don't pick on the newbies

mark7: eulerscheZahl MSmits You both are legends, IM a NOOB

MSmits: I'm a guru, not a legend

mark7: Okay GURUJI

mark7: :joy:

jacek: senpai~

MSmits: :)

MSmits: taking a break before I try to fix the mcts part of my code

eulerscheZahl: you have a typo in minimax

MSmits: lol

wlesavo: mctmits

jacek: mcts in onitama? w00t/

MSmits: why not?

jacek: i guess everything can be done with mcts if youre brave enough

MSmits: doesnt darkhorse use mcts?

MSmits: I also think kar liso doesnt know minimax very well... or at least I think that is what he said

MSmits: so he might be doing mcts as well

eulerscheZahl: by his message i would say it's a minimax

eulerscheZahl: he prints a depth

MSmits: hm ok

MSmits: makes sense

eulerscheZahl: but sure, try MCTS

MSmits: what features makes you think minimax is better btw?

jacek: why it says both are defeated?

jacek: well im using minimax. im 3rd so the eval is at least not crap

MSmits: no, i mean. what part of the game makes you feel like minimax might be better than mcts. Even if you're not sure. I am just curious

eulerscheZahl: because it's a tie and i was too lazy for a good message

eulerscheZahl: maybe it's just that i understand minimax better

MSmits: you use it often

jacek: maybe i see cheese board i think minimax

MSmits: personally I think you can use mcts anywhere you can use minimax as long as you can get enough rollouts. Minimax eval can also be used on mcts

MSmits: makes sense jacek

MSmits: btw my checkers bot is also a mcts. All it does is count pieces

MSmits: as an eval

MSmits: otherwise it would do better I think

MSmits: i was thinking of starting with a knight count as eval for onitama

MSmits: and add stuff later

MSmits: no idea what

eulerscheZahl: do you weight men and kings differently at least?

MSmits: I think a bit

MSmits: or maybe double

MSmits: not sure

jacek: well they found mcts is quite suitable for checkers

jacek: given the forced moves

MSmits: I lost motivation when it was time to get a good eval

MSmits: ahh ok

MSmits: well even on chess, doest Alpha zero use mcts characteristics?

MSmits: doesnt

MSmits: except without the random i guess

jacek: yes, but also strong NN for eval. mcts was poor for chess before alpha zero

MSmits: yeah eval seems to factor in.

MSmits: weird that you cant use those minimax evals for a mcts bot in chess

MSmits: maybe it just doesnt get enough rollouts

MSmits: might not be accurate enough

MSmits: nn eval is very accurate

pb4: I'm not a specialist for those evals

pb4: but there's an important requirement for a MCTS eval that is absolutely not a requirement for minimax

MSmits: guidance?

pb4: for MCTS it must make sense to add and average two evaluations

andichin: ur mom has big gei lol

MSmits: ah right

pb4: for minimax, you don't care

MSmits: thats why mcts does badly on trappy games

pb4: You just need a proper ordering

MSmits: where 1 move is good and all the rest is crap

jacek: eeyup

MSmits: still wondering how onitama fits into this though

MSmits: the fact that it is very nearly solvable should also factor in

MSmits: there's at most 10^12 available gamestates in an onitama game

MSmits: similar to oware

MSmits: checkers is like 10^20 or more

wlesavo: pb4 hey, wanted to ask you, when approximately you came up with 8th version of ooc bot, gold or early legend?

pb4: somewhere mid gold

wlesavo: thx

pb4: Why that question ?

pb4: Other versions were minor improvements on the immovable references like egaetan and mchl12

wlesavo: just some retrospective

wlesavo: immovable?

eulerscheZahl: non submitting

reCurse: immutable :)

eulerscheZahl: :D

reCurse: Ah I missed the const reference opportunity

reCurse: Oh well

pb4: :D

darkhorse64: my bot is an mcts with an eval

pb4: immobile

pb4: well you got the point :D

MSmits: thought so darkhorse64, do you random rollout or just immediately eval after expansion like i do in oware?

reCurse: Random rollout never works on any sensible game

reCurse: Wait that worked for go

reCurse: Nevermind

reCurse: Though it was heavy rollouts

wlesavo: heavy means using heuristics for moves?

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: in yavalath it means not considering insta-loss moves, always taking insta-win moves and some others

jacek: welp for new game i make mechanics

jacek: i have already mcts and minimax 'frameworks' done

jacek: and just see which one is better

jacek: obviously mcts is better than minimax without any eval

MSmits: sounds smart, but there are are some features that may change the balance later

MSmits: like in those rare cases where transpositions are good

MSmits: you might favor minimax more then

jacek: then i compare simple eval with mcts, then fine-tunes mcts, then fine-tune eval etc.

MSmits: ah ok

darkhorse64: 1 depth rollouts

MSmits: like in oware

jacek: having good eval should be easy to incorporate in mcts, but mostly i have worse results than fine-tuned minimax

MSmits: both algorithms have a bit of a learning curve though, you could be moderate with one and expert with the other

MSmits: I am definitely better with mcts

MSmits: i dont mean their vanilla versions obviously

MSmits: i mean all the little things you can do to make them better

jacek: well i was lately mastering minimax. it is not only eval, but also search extentions, pruning

jacek: in chess null-move heuristic, in other games something else

MSmits: yes quiescence search

MSmits: and such

MSmits: killer move

MSmits: null move has issues doesn't it

MSmits: it breaks the tree a bit

jacek: you trade some accuracy with deeper tree

MSmits: yeah, but that "some accuracy" is pretty horrifying to me

MSmits: you cant even run a solver anymore

MSmits: i believe that it improves bots, i just dont like it :0

reCurse: Says the inventor of smitsimax

MSmits: well i would never use that on a boardgame. These physics games arent solvable anyway :)

MSmits: smitsimax is just my way of creating some kind of order in the chaos of games like that.

MSmits: I much prefer board games

reCurse: You're still trading for accuracy in horrible ways

reCurse: Besides didn't you use smitsimax in XR

MSmits: oh yeah, but I am somehow more accepting of that fact with a game like that

MSmits: and it horrified me (read my PM :P)

MSmits: taking a break for real now. ttyl

icecream17: I just typed " [input] )". Is this long chained thing acceptable...?

eulerscheZahl: twixt-pp?

eulerscheZahl: btw jacek i still wait for you submit in this game

Zenoscave: eulerscheZahl Illedan I never thanked you for your game

Zenoscave: thank you

eulerscheZahl: don't worry, i don't keep track on who does

eulerscheZahl: and my contribution was the smallest among the 3 creators named

Zenoscave: Ah yes And G-Rom thank you as well

Zenoscave: I tend to forge the third sadly

eulerscheZahl: and i enjoyed the contest too, so my motivation was partially egositic

Zenoscave: egositic?

AntiSquid: weird, ocean of code multi points don't show up for me when i click on my ranking

eulerscheZahl: selfish

Zenoscave: egoistic

eulerscheZahl: oh, a typo

Zenoscave: Still no points Anti?

eulerscheZahl: didn't notice

AntiSquid: no

eulerscheZahl: but you forgot the t at "forget" :P

Zenoscave: I thought you just knew an english word I didn't. I wouldn't be surprised

AntiSquid: but seems like others have it

Zenoscave: I got mine

eulerscheZahl: i'm good at making up new words that sound like english

Zenoscave: it's a good skill. Shakespear also had the skill

eulerscheZahl: oh, you are still submitting any improvements?

Zenoscave: Small ones.

Zenoscave: I have a statistics class I am using OOC for

eulerscheZahl: as a student or tutor?

stacked: how do you do the one where you replace the 0 with -

Zenoscave: Seeing if sacrificing accuracy for timeout prevention is worthwhile in legend. Student

stacked: the bot does it in 11 chars in bash

stacked: i was thinking read sed s/0/-/g

Zenoscave: tr 0 -

eulerscheZahl: how long till your graduation?

stacked: but how about the N

stacked: @Zenoscave

Zenoscave: read;tr 0 -

stacked: ohhhhh

stacked: thanks

Zenoscave: i graduate in December. just finishing small classes i put off now

eulerscheZahl: the end is near

Zenoscave: Very

darkhorse64: eulerscheZahl: play a game in the IDE for OOC points

eulerscheZahl: you get the points darkhorse64

eulerscheZahl: just not shown on your profile

Zenoscave: AntiSquid see above

darkhorse64: Yes, only after playing a game in the IDE

eulerscheZahl: same for crystal rush

dbdr: AntiSquid just play one OOC game in the IDE

dbdr: and it will show up

eulerscheZahl: i did that yesterday already btw ;)

eulerscheZahl: you pinged the wrong player darkhorse64

Zenoscave: lol

darkhorse64: oops

AntiSquid: you need to do it the day before eh ?

eulerscheZahl: i missed a joke telling someone else that it wasn't me :(

dbdr: no it's immediate AntiSquid

AntiSquid: like instant noodles :o

eulerscheZahl: like a CSB submit

Zenoscave: lol CSB

Default avatar.png CacheCoherence: yo how do you fill the job application form again? It popped up a while ago

Default avatar.png CacheCoherence: or rather the job notice thingy

Zenoscave: it shows up when you increase in level I believe

MadKnight: they're mostly french

Zenoscave: I may be wrong

Default avatar.png CacheCoherence: Oh so theres no way to do it again?

AntiSquid: you can go to any page on CG and click GET A JOB at the top to fillin your details

Default avatar.png CacheCoherence: Thanks! AntiSquid

AntiSquid: but you also need a unique avatar that doesn't scare people when they test against you in the IDE CacheCoherence

Zenoscave: who is that directed at for the scary pic?

AntiSquid: also anime avatars have +5% chance at job offers

Default avatar.png CacheCoherence: AntiSquid will make sure to have onePunch Man

AntiSquid: awesome

Default avatar.png CacheCoherence: have y'all got any offers lol

AntiSquid: look this guy has one punch man and got a job at CGI because of it

Zenoscave: no but I'm not in France and Like MK said most offers are french

AntiSquid: i am sure they might expand in a decade or so

Default avatar.png CacheCoherence: AntiSquid surely the avatar got him the 200 rank

AntiSquid: yes

AntiSquid: increased win rate

Default avatar.png CacheCoherence: + hax from the devs

Illedan: You've won a CodinGame t-shirt!


AntiSquid: :tada:

Default avatar.png CacheCoherence: :tada"

Default avatar.png CacheCoherence: :tada:

AntiSquid: still no avatar and you fail a tada emote in chat, your job opportunities seem to be diminishing

eulerscheZahl: you have enough CG tshirts already Illedan

eulerscheZahl: is it still the glitched cube or did they fix it?

Default avatar.png CacheCoherence: damn i have failed

Default avatar.png CacheCoherence: No diss AntiSquid but is that a cow's close up as your avatar?

eulerscheZahl: and there's no emoji in the subject? no :) ? what about :tshirt: ?

AntiSquid: yes, we all live in a cow's close up

eulerscheZahl: :shirt:

Default avatar.png CacheCoherence: :milk:

AntiSquid: CacheCoherence here's more details about the cow's close up we live in

Default avatar.png CacheCoherence: Damn that sure looks 'milky'

Default avatar.png CacheCoherence: ba dum tisss

Default avatar.png CacheCoherence: F

Illedan: Yeah, I'm getting the cube

Illedan: Got a cube the last time for my stream, but I do no longer fit M :(

eulerscheZahl: they award tshirts for streaming?

eulerscheZahl: and the cube still has the glitch with 2 areas merged?

Illedan: hmm, never seen that glitch

Illedan: They did last time

tobk: how can I adapt the turn time in the offline OoC? I thought my laptop is new, but still turns seems to take longer than on CG

tobk: in fact I found the 50ms and changed it to 100ms, but now I get an exception about the game as a whole taking to long...

eulerscheZahl: reflection or modify the SDK itself

eulerscheZahl: or reduce the number of total turns

eulerscheZahl: the SDK was never meant for offline testing of our bots. and there are some limits which are hard to get around

eulerscheZahl: there's also a limit for replay size in total and per turn

eulerscheZahl: and game summary per turn

eulerscheZahl: and what not

tobk: right, there was a number of maximum turns, thanks for the tip

Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: Where do we find the OOC top player post=mortems

AntiSquid: on the forum

AntiSquid: search feedback and strategy ocean of code


Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: thanks

Zenoscave: With DFS would you evaluate the score after the depth is finished only or at each step?

Nerchio: i dont know :(

Uljahn: isn't the score discounted?

Zenoscave: uljahn you mean decay?

Uljahn: ye

Zenoscave: I'll try that

Nerchio: zenos you still working on ooc?

Zenoscave: yup

jacek: thats so last week

Nerchio: cool i need a break from that haha :D

Zenoscave: jacek I want a top bot. I think i can get close

Nerchio: does anyone know if you can send a bomb from factory to factory without direct connection

Nerchio: in ghost in a cell

icecream17: How do you replace something with "enter" wqhen find and replace?

jacek: :o

icecream17: chat updated? i was taking a long time...

icecream17: it

Nerchio: y it lags


icecream17: oops

AntiSquid: you mean new line?

icecream17: yeah

AntiSquid: no idea how to do that in the IDE

icecream17: ugh =(

AntiSquid: you can do it offline though if you use another program to read your bot file and edit it that way :p

Nerchio: omg wleslavo is everywhere to hunt me

Nerchio: even in bronze ghost in the cell :(

Nerchio: haunt*

AntiSquid: shouldn't talk so much about it in chat :p

icecream17: hmm... what's the correct way to pronounce wleslavo? (my brain keeps swtiching the l and a)

Nerchio: also i realised how good ooc contest was for my brain i mean

Nerchio: I understood the way of the game

AntiSquid: doubt there's a correct way for most usernames icecream17

Nerchio: meanwhile i am kind of lost in ghost in the cell xD

AntiSquid: ya they usually require different approach

Nerchio: i think my simple bot that got to bronze somehow was better than what i am doing right now ;p

MSmits: I sucked at ghost in the cell. I got to high silver and then somehow, months later, I made gold by being pushed

Nerchio: yea its hard for me as well

Nerchio: but i will try

Nerchio: ooc felt like an easy game compared to this haha

MSmits: I like the game mechanics, but I am not great at writing a bot for it. But it has been a while, maybe I;d do better now

icecream17: AUGH! I give up on this weeks puzzle.

Astrobytes: It's not a puzzle, it's a multi

Nerchio: what are you playing icecream

Astrobytes: Twixt-PP

Astrobytes: "Puzzle of the Week"

Nerchio: idk that one

icecream17: I wish I could make my own thing...

AntiSquid: but you can !!!

Default avatar.png test__:

MSmits: darkhorse64 what is your onitama rollout count?

Default avatar.png test__: any idea ?

MSmits: looks like my onitama mcts is working. 82 games in wood 2, all won, no crashes. But the eval is very bad still, so probably won't get ranked high

Illedan: Nice, enough for wood 1?

Astrobytes: That's the one with the masters and shrines?

Illedan: y

MSmits: well i didnt lose a single game, so yeah. It's doing the wood 1 submission now

MSmits: I like it, but will have to think hard on an eval

Astrobytes: Very bitboard-y looking

MSmits: ye, crammed full state into a uint64_t :P

Astrobytes: Of course :D

Illedan: :P

Illedan: even positions too :thinking:

MSmits: all

Illedan: And live/dead?

Default avatar.png test__: can someone help with clash of code

Default avatar.png test__: ?

MSmits: full game state, everything you can think of

Astrobytes: Maniac :D

Illedan: -.-


Astrobytes: looks like most of your MCTS nodes

Astrobytes: :D

MSmits: ny oware one is the same

MSmits: except i call it board I think

MSmits: instead of state

Astrobytes: Y thought it looked familiar

MSmits: they are both very narrowly fitting in 64 bit. It;s cool

Astrobytes: I assume this not an early termination one?

MSmits: it is for now

MSmits: not sure what I should be doing

Astrobytes: Oh interesting.

MSmits: the early termination is easiest to code so i start with it

MSmits: no sim = les work

Astrobytes: Ah, yes that may change

Astrobytes: True

Default avatar.png test__: can you please help to understand this clash of code

MSmits: I may have screwed up my mcts scores. All my values are 0

Default avatar.png test__:

Uljahn: test__: good puzzle, just've solved it

MSmits: it wins due to solving :P

Astrobytes: That damn solver :D

MSmits: when it wins that is

Default avatar.png test__: Uljahn any aidea

MSmits: it's ranked about 12 in wood 1, not very good

Astrobytes: I was gonna start Tulips and Daisies tonight but slipped a disc doing my grandads garden so can't concentrate due to painkillers

MSmits: a disc?

Default avatar.png test__: Uljahn whats the solution i'm loosing my mind

Astrobytes: Lower back issue

MSmits: oh, crap

Uljahn: first number is the number of ints in input, then sum the rest and multiply by one of those ints

Uljahn: ezpz

Astrobytes: Yeah, pretty crap

MSmits: this goes away with rest though?

Astrobytes: Yeahhh, rest when really bad but have to keep moving, hence the painkillers

MSmits: ah yeah

Astrobytes: I'll live, had it before

MSmits: have to be extra careful because hospitals arent much help now

Astrobytes: Don't worry, I'm not remotely near hospitalisation :D

Astrobytes: Just f'ing painful!

MSmits: ahh ok, well that sucks

Astrobytes: Anyway. Quite like the tulips and daisies multi idea, another weird TTT variant

Astrobytes: But makes sense.

struct: Looks hard

MSmits: is it TTT though? It seems a bit like STC

MSmits: whole areas being cleared

Astrobytes: Bit of both

struct: Way harder than STC

MSmits: why is it harder?

struct: more moves

Astrobytes: Areas are only cleared if they meet the 4+ in a row criteria

MSmits: right

MadKnight: hey hey struct have u found Snef ?

Astrobytes: So if you got 4 up, 4 across and 2 on diagonal you only clear the up and across

struct: yes, but I will talk with him later

MSmits: oh ok, so multiple 4 in a row at once, but nothing else

Astrobytes: yeah

MSmits: interesting

Astrobytes: 4+

MSmits: right

Astrobytes: More gold for more in a row, fibonacci-based scoring

MSmits: zombie based?

struct: Arent adjacent cleared aswell?

Astrobytes: lol

struct: "if the number of adjacent flowers in this direction is larger or equal to 4, all adjacent flowers in this direction are harvested."

Astrobytes: Yes struct, I think I explained that

Astrobytes: 4+ going right, 4+ going up, both cleared

Astrobytes: If there are 2 in say the top right diagonal, they are not cleared, only the one that is shared with the others

struct: ok, I understood the rules wrong

struct: I was thinking it would also clear the neighbors

struct: Like it clears stones on STC

Astrobytes: only if they form a line of 4+ in each cardinal

Astrobytes: *not cardinal, ordinal

VincentBab: hey thank you MSmits i finally got to legend ;)

MSmits: yay! grats

Astrobytes: gz Vincent

darkhorse64: MSmits: don't know if it's really meaningfull. Anyway, I got 200k per 50ms

MSmits: is that root visits>

darkhorse64: Yes

MSmits: ah ok, i meant full rollouts

MSmits: but yeah it is hard to compare

MSmits: i dont have a simulation now and a really simple eval. I get somewhere between 200 and 350k root visits

MSmits: full rollouts about 30-50k

MSmits: trying to get transpositions working now. It times out sometimes

darkhorse64: I do not have full rollouts and the way I expand is also peculiar. Let'say I eval 200k positions

MSmits: ah ok, it's not that far from what I have, so thats good

struct: MSmit Ill try send you csb code tomorrow, ill comment some stuff so its easier to understand

MSmits: thats great struct

MSmits: darkhorse64 I am measuring how often transpositions occur

MSmits: they occur a lot

MSmits: if i just record states and dont do anything else (so i dont link them) and then count how often I have a repeated state, then 40% of states during the game are repeated

MSmits: but of course that varies

MSmits: this is huge, by comparison: UTTT has 0,1 - 0,2%

MSmits: so I will for sure use them. Just have to make this stop timing out :)

Default avatar.png DualPhoe: hello guys

struct: hi

darkhorse64: Interesting statistics. This validates your tiny board

darkhorse64: The leaderboard is on fire. Just when I wanted to get a break between two contests

Astrobytes: still AVX-Smitsi'ing your CSB struct?

struct: I havent started yet

struct: I stoppped once i ifinished the sim

Astrobytes: Oh OK

MSmits: darkhorse64 I am not trying to draw you back into onitama, just picking your brain, dont feel pushed :)

MSmits: you need something dramatic to beat karlis o anyway


darkhorse64: I was 2nd this morning, now 5th

MSmits: yes but this is random I think

emigr2k1: why you ignore me

MSmits: hi emigr2k1 :P

emigr2k1: hi

Astrobytes: HI emigr2k1 HOW ARE YOU

Astrobytes: Alright, gn everyone, damn painkillers making me sleepy

MSmits: gn Astrobytes

struct: gn

Default avatar.png romrd468: what algorithm should I learn for coders strike back?

struct: GA or Smitsimax


struct: There was a time that Minimax was used

struct: now top is dominated by NN

emigr2k1: I was using rust for coc but it's very annoying. Right now I'm trying ruby even though I'm not familiar with the language. Should I use another language like python?

struct: Just choose one that you are familiar with

emigr2k1: I only use rust

struct: rust and python are good choices

struct: There are differences from Rust on IDE and on Arena

struct: arena runs on release

struct: ide doesnt

cegprakash: is there a good seed to use?

cegprakash: or can I use 42?

cegprakash: in my srand

cegprakash: oh no

cegprakash: the ladder is cruel


cegprakash: in my final 40 games out off the 100 games I lost only 3 games

cegprakash: means my bot is so strong against top guys

AntiSquid: so did you promote ??

cegprakash: no

cegprakash: that's why ladder cruel

cegprakash: may be unlucky submit

cegprakash: I am right now very scared of enemy mines and that's forcing me to use a lot of surfaces

cegprakash: is this okay for a silver b ot?

cegprakash: I mean to get to gold

YannT: shouldn't need to even worry about mines in silver

YannT: silver boss doesn't avoid them, as long as you lay and detonate mines you should promote easy

cegprakash: no there are a lot of bunch of bots that use mines in silver

cegprakash: without adding mines tracking it's tough to even get into top 50

YannT: in silver?

cegprakash: yes

cegprakash: there are 545 bots in silver now

cegprakash: and about 100 bots use mines

YannT: I think I only did mine tracking/laying in gold

YannT: but it was maybe a different beast during the contest

cegprakash: yeah

cegprakash: I have a solid win rate on cgstats > 65%

YannT: still I saw the silver boss, iit has no mine avoidance

YannT: should be easy enough

cegprakash: but my rank is not climbing

cegprakash: should I remove my mine avoidance too? I get scared of mines and get into trouble myself

YannT: I would say so

YannT: focus on pathing, torpedo and laying/triggering mines

YannT: it really should be enough

YannT: again, the silver boss doesn't avoid them

cegprakash: mm.. my submission is at 46%.. If I don't promote I resubmit without mine detection

YannT: hang on I'll watch your replays

icecream17: Wow. I got pushed from 75th and 22nd in Ooc

icecream17: *to

cegprakash: improved or decreased?

cegprakash: ppl pushed you up?

icecream17: y

YannT: cegprakash: few pointers: you are too liberal with your torpedoes, me more sure before you fire, same with your mines, and also, you don't lay enough mines

AntiSquid: if you have overall decent bot you should be able to promote

cegprakash: replay link?

YannT: less silence, more mines, torpedo/trigger when more sure you'll hit somethiing :)

cegprakash: I can explain

YannT: I watched a few

cegprakash: I'm very liberal with mine trigger agreed

cegprakash: but torpedo I'm not liberal at all

YannT: you have an iinsane miss rate with your torpedoes too

YannT: it's actually not good

cegprakash: oh yes

YannT: my final bot has like a 90% requirement to consider firing

YannT: I'll miss like once iin a blue moon

cegprakash: I see I reduced my 75% condition to 50%

cegprakash: I'll change it back to 75%

cegprakash: and see what happens

cegprakash: *70%

YannT: my condition was "you hit every ennemy position except one"

YannT: for mine & torpedo

cegprakash: that's too greedy :O

cegprakash: jealous

Default avatar.png Qi-cosmic: hi guys

YannT: less torpedo and less silence = more charges for mining

YannT: = easy gold :)

YannT: you don't gain anything by missing a torpedoo, in fact you lose stealth and charges

YannT: it's actually reallly bad

cegprakash: agreed

YannT: same for missing triggers btw, but in gold that shouldn't be a factor

YannT: I went from silver to legend with a 100% torpedo requirement actually

cegprakash: :O

cegprakash: this means ur tracking so so perfect

YannT: I only relaxed it in legend because ennemy bots maximize properly their stealth and value having an outlyer position

cegprakash: I have loopholes in my tracking

like when I use both torpedo and a trigger, I do not know which one hit the enemy so I ignore those turns

YannT: ah, you could consider both blast zones though

cegprakash: also when me and opponent uses torpedo in same turn, it's difficult for me to track enemy life because he sometimes self damages

YannT: just remove positions that aren't in either instead of none?

blasterpoard: having tracking without bugs is strictly required in OoC

YannT: I made an executive decision to ignore self damage actually

YannT: it's an approximation, but was never really a problem

cegprakash: if opponent does a self damage that can screw ur prediction bad

cegprakash: and cost a game

YannT: oh yeah

YannT: happens once in every 1000 game

cegprakash: but it seems to be worth it? :O oh

YannT: typically bots will only self damage for finisher moves

YannT: that's been my experience anyway

YannT: it is actually bad for a bot to fire a self damage torpedo, because of retaliation the next turn

YannT: so they don't do it

YannT: torpedo is a tradeoff between giving away your position and doing damage... self damage make that tradeoff bad in nearly every situation

Nerchio: if you do a damage map you can avoid most problems with damage calculation

cegprakash: yeah damage map would be my next addition if this can't promote me

YannT: I made an actual decision to assume that bots don't self damage

cegprakash: I resubmitted assuming bots never self damage

cegprakash: lets see

YannT: allows me to exclude more positions and is true 99.9% of the time

YannT: in 0.01% of the time, that's a guaranteed loss, but it doesn't matter :)

wlesavo: i liked pbs approach with double tracker

YannT: oh yeah!

YannT: wish I thought of that actually

YannT: so many assumptions I didn't wanna make because too risky :(

wlesavo: yeah

cegprakash: the problem with this strat YannT

YannT: no self damage is the only one I actually allowed

cegprakash: I lose to someone who only uses silence

YannT: you detonate mines too liberally I told you

YannT: just mine the fuck out of everything

YannT: chain silence doesn't work

YannT: they will be detected

blasterpoard: if your tracking was good, you'd find him

YannT: and you'll have mines everywhere

cegprakash: alright I go harsh with my mines lets see what happens

cegprakash: like I used to place mines anywhere.. but now I only place it where I suspect enemy can be

YannT: that's bad, you use mines to claim territory

YannT: either he goes on them and gets exploded, or he doesn't and he'll lose by surface

cegprakash: capture territory?

YannT: watch some legend replays ;)

cegprakash: my bot is suffering after removing self damage

cegprakash: may be many silver bots still do self damage?

cegprakash: like the boss at turn 203

cegprakash: because of that I get into 0 enemy possibilities

cegprakash: and lose the game from there

cegprakash: 0 enemy positions*

cegprakash: I have a code to reset the enemy map when possibilities to 1 for work around.. may be I can add that

cegprakash: I have it commented

MadKnight: hey cegprakash

MadKnight: YannT

MadKnight: how's it going ?

MadKnight: your bot

cegprakash: mine stuck in top silver MadKnight

MadKnight: An error occurred (#UNAUTHORIZED): "You must be the owner to share this replay". Please contact

MadKnight: stop playing in weird link cegprakash

MadKnight: what's your current IDE link ?

cegprakash: YannT do u use surface + silence to move away from enemy?

YannT: no

YannT: surface to avoid mines

MadKnight: cegprakash why is your replay link broken? fix it

YannT: siilence to avoid mines & enemy

YannT: both is overkiill

cegprakash: 1 sec MadKnight


MadKnight: still broken

MadKnight: what's your current IDE address cegprakash ?

cegprakash: IDE address?

MadKnight: page address

MadKnight: link

MadKnight: f6


MadKnight: and u play vs boss ?

cegprakash: yes

MadKnight: so why am i getting "You must be the owner to share this replay"


MadKnight: fix your replays cegprakash


cegprakash: I give u from my last battlels

MadKnight: works now

icecream17: Amazing! You place down 1 mine only

cegprakash: I made very strict torpedo like you have (if I can cover all possible points -1 at least) and more mines

cegprakash: looks better

cegprakash: and I am no more scared of enemy mines


cegprakash: hope this promotes me

cegprakash: already top 20 at 18%

cegprakash: leaderboard not updating

cegprakash: some bug?

cegprakash: updated now

cegprakash: stuck at #2

cegprakash: I'll park my bot here

cegprakash: I resubmit with a small improvement

cegprakash: lets see

icecream17: Huh. It looks like the French flag kinda blends in in the leaderboard

icecream17: 12% progress. 9th place =O

icecream17: 27% progress 7th place Ah, im stuck.

icecream17: 4th place. Interestingly I win all the games against the boss. Probably push people up.

NeroSiar: hey

icecream17: hi

icecream17: 5 wins against boss. 100th game lost. come on!

icecream17: Sigh 5 - 1 is still really good. gn

Default avatar.png sibi:

MostComplicatedUsername: Nice next contest in only 14 days!

Default avatar.png iluminnarecoder:

lets play