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eulerscheZahl: the award for the best pond still goes to recurs e, followed by Tobou

eulerscheZahl: not the one i was looking for

eulerscheZahl: ah, that one!

eulerscheZahl: and

eulerscheZahl: 5 lakes

Zenoscave: oops. no battling in lakes

skotz: wow

eulerscheZahl: Swagboy 01:43AM I can break any code with one character


eulerscheZahl: ok, you can still add one. impressive anyways

Zenoscave: mame has some cool quines

eulerscheZahl: oh, that's even the same user. I knew about this one too, just didn't recognize the author

cegprakash: last battles is crashing

eulerscheZahl: fix it

metahom: omg. 0.15 pts to boss

metahom: do I wait? do I resubmit?

dbdr: which boss?

metahom: gold one

dbdr: I would wait

metahom: ok, thx

kovi: wait for push

kovi: sorry for late/scroll

eulerscheZahl: yes, you wait. your winrate against the boss isn't good enough to spam him down

metahom: yea, that makes sence. I need 2 games from anyone whosubmits to gols

metahom: gold*

metahom: thanks guys

dbdr: I broke my bot by removing spaces in the code :D

eulerscheZahl: that's why i suddenly get so many wins against you

eulerscheZahl: did you convert to python?

dbdr: sed 's/ {/{/g'

dbdr: blindly

dbdr: except that the positioning is print("{} {}", x, y);

dbdr: :D

eulerscheZahl: oh :D

cegprakash: phew

cegprakash: Bronze

kovi: :)

kovi: gratz ceg

eulerscheZahl: now you spawn at 127

dbdr: exactly

cegprakash: now what do mines do

cegprakash: I don't want to read statement

dbdr: as wondering where I left a debugging print on stdout by accident

dbdr: *was

struct: I think the statement is a require to understand the rules

dbdr: legend is too big

struct: But I guess you can keep asking in chat

eulerscheZahl: reading the statement is an entry barrier to play bronze

AntiSquid: last battles don't load anymore for me from the leaderboard

eulerscheZahl: changes are even in green

struct: perks of joining late

eulerscheZahl: buy premium AntiSquid

eulerscheZahl: works for me

eulerscheZahl: even though a bot has 359 battles in the history, yet it says progress: 5%

eulerscheZahl: 361 now

dbdr: the 7K match submit :D

dbdr: if it ever finishes

eulerscheZahl: it might show *my* progress on someone elses battles

dbdr: makes total sense

eulerscheZahl: got increased to 15%, no matter which player battles i open

dbdr: very self-centered

eulerscheZahl: is that something for your discord bugs channel? :D

dbdr: I saw it as mostly for emergencies

dbdr: so I would say forum

dbdr: but you're free ;)

eulerscheZahl: i see the forum for more serious cases. this one is a minor bug i don't really care about

dbdr: /dev/null then :)

dbdr: winrate increased as I moved up the lb

dbdr: let's see how long that trend continues ;)

AntiSquid: maybe you only have half-member package euler? otherwise you'd see the other 95%

dbdr: better to struggle against bottom and do well against middle than the opposite, I think :)

eulerscheZahl: so i actually have the 5% member package then?

dbdr: wow, Fangel #5 in python

Default avatar.png elusivecodes: Is it just me or does Python always win the Shortest code clashes?

eulerscheZahl: just you

eulerscheZahl: ruby and bash can beat python

AntiSquid: or "basic membership" whatever they call it

eulerscheZahl: perl too

AntiSquid: it's just you there was someone in chat moaning ruby users are basically cheating

eulerscheZahl: so you are doing CPU heavy operations dbdr?

eulerscheZahl: oh, i missed that ruby chat

dbdr: partially

eulerscheZahl: but always easier to complain about others using technology to their advantage than to learn it yourself

dbdr: why are you asking eulerscheZahl?

eulerscheZahl: because you mentioned a python bot at the top

eulerscheZahl: for a heuristic only bot it wouldn't matter

dbdr: right

dbdr: there is also a correlation, most top players use fast languages

eulerscheZahl: exactly

eulerscheZahl: top player => C++, not only c++ => top player

AntiSquid: why doesn't this give an error? torpedo = {-1.-1.-9999,-1}

dbdr: isn't there plenty of C++ in bronze?

struct: language?

AntiSquid: imo there should be more python bots in gold since it's easier to code

struct: I dont think that makes a lot of sence

AntiSquid: but at least it makes sense

dbdr: it does, esp if you have limited time

AntiSquid: there's a lot more you need to write just to get started with this contest

struct: Most of the time isnt about language difficulty

AntiSquid: struct c++ wood1 ! i think you stopped since there's an awful lot more to write up just to get started, but hey i could be wrong

kovi: dbdr came out of hiding?

dbdr: not hiding, i was working on a new feature :)

dbdr: might be lucky right now

eulerscheZahl: hungarians united again

dbdr: it's too early to come out of hiding

dbdr: for those doing that

dbdr: same code finished #12, but that started 5/5 and spent half the time in bottom

dbdr: this one started 9/10

eulerscheZahl: do you mean 9/1 or 5/10 maybe?

dbdr: right, not being consistent :D

dbdr: 5/10 and 9/10

dbdr: clearer

kovi: owned me hard, hence screwed my analyze by submit strat

dbdr: you're only #2? ;)

kovi: you also messed up others, joli #1, pb #3

dbdr: you mean bc I lose badly against them?

kovi: oh, hmm....not sure why then

metahom: weeeeee

eulerscheZahl: congrats

eulerscheZahl: waiting was a good idea

metahom: thanks for advices

metahom: thanks

eulerscheZahl: oh, another c# bot that will beat me :(

dbdr: gz metahom!

dbdr: you can still switch languages ;)

kovi: gratz

metahom: thanks, dbdr

eulerscheZahl: dummy submit in D

metahom: I guess I will not, eulerscheZahl

AntiSquid: you'll have the entire D community come over to praise you

eulerscheZahl: still timing out kovi?

eulerscheZahl: AntiSquid both of them? :o

kovi: i blame dbdr, he became more resilient and now i timeout

cegprakash: wait.. now I've to detonate mines in bronze?

cegprakash: is mines necessary in bronze

Nerchio: ;o 8 new people in legend since yesterday

cegprakash: I got to bronze by using only Move and SONAR

cegprakash: and torpedo ofc

dbdr: the real challenge is to go legend using only SURFACE

Quidome: :D

eulerscheZahl: :D

AntiSquid: :D

cegprakash: i don't want challenge

cegprakash: I want promotion

dbdr: look at you URL. it's a challenge

dbdr: *your

vbplaya: I've made it to Silver only using torpedo and silence. Just got promoted

Default avatar.png lxnn: Hi, I was wondering: is there any kind of easy way to overlay a heat-map on the game, for debugging and analysis purposes?

Default avatar.png lxnn: Or is it even possible at all?

kovi: i like the idea of debug layer

eulerscheZahl: on the codingame website: no

eulerscheZahl: you can clone the official repo and add whatever you want. but that will only work offline

eulerscheZahl: RAIC had that kind of visual debugging, i highly appreciated it

Nerchio: damn i got pushed from ~20 to ~35 :pp

Default avatar.png lxnn: Ok thanks, I'll have to brush up on my Java :sweat_smile:

ThomasNicoullaud: \o

eulerscheZahl: hello chat

Nerchio: :no_mouth:

AntiSquid: free?

eulerscheZahl: dobby is freeeee


Nerchio: btw you guys chrome or something else

Nerchio: i swear it eats so much cpu

eulerscheZahl: chromium

AntiSquid: firefox

eulerscheZahl: the CG website takes a lot of RAM

eulerscheZahl: but it got better with the SDK games aleady

eulerscheZahl: once i had to hold a presentation about game theory at a university class. decided CG would be a good idea to visualize (tron game for minimax)

eulerscheZahl: was the 2nd to hold a presentation that day, opened the replay before

eulerscheZahl: when it was my turn, the laptop was completely frozen, had to reboot with everyone waiting for me

Nerchio: :D

Nerchio: feelsbad

NormantasStankevicius: eulerscheZahl that sounds somewhat like a shitty nightmare

AntiSquid: could have recorded the video ?

Riyuk: Live demos effect

AntiSquid: should have done backflips while waiting for it to load

eulerscheZahl: tutors said something like "i bet it's a Windows" (was a Linux)

AntiSquid: do people still meet with their university colleagues?

eulerscheZahl: i haven't seen any of them after i graduated

Nerchio: so you find yourself in a middle of a minefield

Nerchio: how do you escape xD

eulerscheZahl: either you have silence charged and run for your life or you die

cegprakash: is using mines required in bronze or silver?

cegprakash: I see bronze boss doesn't use mines

cegprakash: I want to get into silver

eulerscheZahl: it's your free decision what to use

YannT: either I found an actual improvement or I had a very lucky push :)

kovi: not lucky vs. me

YannT: jesus I didn't see that

YannT: I'm so bad vs. top3

pb4: Improve against kovi please

wlesavo: i have 50% against top 2-4 this submit and then 1-10 against kovi

kovi: top2 is really close now

wlesavo: oh, wrong stats, not counting siman

NormantasStankevicius: I was just placed 2nd

NormantasStankevicius: in silver, I kinda want to somewhat cry xd

MSmits: people time out so much in this contest still, even in legend

MSmits: it's pretty weird

MSmits: if I do a test on cg bench I get 10% timeouts

MSmits: from other people

MSmits: I guess it depends on the balance between mines and silence. I probably cause people to timeout more than average

MSmits: or not... it's weird either way

MSmits: Yannt, I think if you chain submit, you can push me into top 10 :P

MSmits: my winrate vs you is very high somehow. Maybe timeouts :)

YannT: yes I'm pretty vulnerable to chain silencing ;)

YannT: I have a thing for that, but depending on how it falls I might still timeout

MSmits: well I am not actually chain silencing, I just selftrack and if your cellcount gets below a certain value, I silence

YannT: yes, a.k.a chain silencing :p

MSmits: well ok :P

YannT: doing that will inflate your path count dramatically

MSmits: yeah it seems so

MSmits: thats why i timeouted myself a lot before, until i fixed it :)

YannT: but I've elected not to bother with it because the top bots don't do that, it's bad in the grand scheme of thiings against any bot that doesn't timeout :p

MSmits: it's just a constant in my case. I try different values, this is what I end up with more or less

YannT: the trick is to silence when actually needed, not just to prop up your positions count when it doesn't matter ;)


MSmits: this is not chain silence is it? Look at the mines i placed

MSmits: iguess at the end it is

MSmits: but thats because I covered the map pretty well already

MSmits: in that area

MSmits: my bot doesnt like to put mines that overlap so if the game is long it ends up silencing a lot

YannT: you're way under my timeout threshold here too, I shouldn't timeout

YannT: but I guess GC is going to do its thing whenever it feels like it anyway :p

MSmits: hmm ok

MSmits: oh right, kotlin

MSmits: I have almost everything object pooled

MSmits: you can do this in kotlin too I'm sure

YannT: I wish you could disable the GC

MSmits: no garbage then

YannT: it's actually pointless it just collects a gazillion tiny objects

YannT: I don't know how much heap you've got on CG but my guess is it's enough to just hold everything in memory

MSmits: Node nodes[NODE_MAX];

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: so do that, make a global array

MSmits: put nodes, paths, states, or whatever in them

MSmits: and use those objects

YannT: yeah I did that on UTTT

MSmits: on uttt it wont work well

MSmits: unless you do c++

YannT: it does work well

MSmits: how many objects?

MSmits: above 2 million, C# gave out

MSmits: I do 25 million in C++

YannT: private const val MAX_STATES = 1500000

MSmits: thats peanuts

MSmits: i use 25 milion twice in a game of uttt in c++

MSmits: probably 30-40 million nodes during the whole game

MSmits: you cant do that with a language that forces you to initialize your objects

MSmits: it means writing 700 mb of memory

MSmits: took me a while to figure that out for C#, i kept getting weird errors

MSmits: but for this game (ooc) you can easily initialize the objects. You dont need very many

YannT: yes I could probably do that but to me it's a non issue, the top bots don't time me out

YannT: I'm more concerned about my disposition towards trying to collect ennemy mines like pokemons

MSmits: gotta catch em all

MSmits: I'm done coding for this for now. The only thing I can think of is a minimax for combat, but I dont feel like another day of frantic heavy coding

MSmits: just trying to fit some constants

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Guys in top 3 are constant but order is changing constantly xD

MSmits: had to say now with people submitting so much

MSmits: seems pb 4 is pretty much in the lead

AntiSquid: indeed maybe after contest it's easier to gain clarity

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Yeah, does anyone AI hide here?

MSmits: you mean by looking at the final leaderboard ? :P

AntiSquid: but this might be the advantage of having so many multis, one of them got to be quiet

MSmits: WINWINWIN it sometimes happens yes, but it's not the main way we do things

MSmits: many are quiet AntiSquid, go uttt :)

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: So no-one would suddenly pop up to the top?

MSmits: It can happen

pb4: WINWINWIN : how would we know beforehand ?

MSmits: he means from earlier contest

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Meant, has it happened before

MSmits: the answer is yes, I think on average one good player does it per contest

MSmits: but they dont always end up top 5

eulerscheZahl: but sometimes they come out of nowhere and win

MSmits: yep

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Wow

MSmits: it's not illegal, but most of us dont like it, because if everyone did it, the excitement would be gone

pb4: ^

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Yeah, it kind of kills the competition

pb4: not the competition, the fun

MSmits: The one or two times I have been near the top I held back 1 or 2 improvements until I saw people passing me

MSmits: in the end its all on the leaderboard because I need it

eulerscheZahl: i like the RAIC platform more on that: every game you play is public and you can play against every version of each player

eulerscheZahl: so of course you can hide your bot and submit last second

eulerscheZahl: but it's not that 1-sided advantage of A testing against B but B not even knowing about A

MSmits: yeah thats a weak part of CG's system

AntiSquid: i go by CG points usually MSmits

AntiSquid: need to re-do crystal rush next

MSmits: you mean cp?

MSmits: oh to decide which multi to do

MSmits: I want to finish onitama first

MSmits: maybe then breakthrough, or some multi that gives a lot of cp

Luxer: how to make binary searching in 2 dimensions?

MSmits: stc seems ok, still need to think more on tge and back to the code is easy cp

MSmits: do it separately Luxer

AntiSquid: you mean shadow of the knight puzzle luxer?

MSmits: for batman

Luxer: yes

MSmits: keep pushing me guys

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: lol MSmits, only the guys that timeout against u are submitting?

MSmits: not sure

MSmits: some lucky streak maybe

AntiSquid: give me your luck

MSmits: where are you at in gold now AntiSquid ?

AntiSquid: random rank

AntiSquid: #11 - #70 to be absolutely accurate and precise

MSmits: really? It was never *that* random for me

AntiSquid: final rank will be down to luck no doubt

MSmits: when I was near top gold, I was #2-#12 or so

MSmits: maybe the margin widens when you go down

AntiSquid: well i don't cover the mine tracking very well to be honest

AntiSquid: so when i get it right i get good rank ?

MSmits: if you still have time to code it, i have no problems explaining it

MSmits: but i use bitboard

MSmits: not sure if that would help

AntiSquid: i even eliminate paths based on where mines were triggered

AntiSquid: there might be a bug somewhere but too many paths to analyze

MSmits: yeah thats essential

MSmits: oh you time out?

AntiSquid: no

AntiSquid: just can't debug

MSmits: ah yeah.... well I completely suck at debugging myself. I just reread the same code dozens of times until I get lucky and see the bug

AntiSquid: takes too long to debug anyway i mean and sometimes i end up breaking stuff more

AntiSquid: i have a very complicated structure which is part of the issue

wlesavo: fix it?

AntiSquid: i opted for easy to move stuff around route instead of readability :p

wlesavo: 20 more hours

MSmits: AntiSquid I know the feeling. My structure isnt complicated but for some reason I went with a weird recursion instead of a loop

Nerchio: zenos needs to fix his finishing shots xD

AntiSquid: nah, i rather add new bugs wlesavo

MSmits: so i have a list of opponent orders and feed them into a recursive function that handles them 1 by 1

MSmits: with an increasing index

MSmits: so basically it's just a loop :P

MSmits: dunno how that happened

AntiSquid: you could rewrite no?

dbdr: MSmits "for some reason I went with a weird recursion instead of a loop"

dbdr: rings a bell :D

MSmits: yes i know I did it before :P

dbdr: seems you are made for LISP :)

MSmits: yea maybe

dbdr: in LISP recursion is more natural than loops

AntiSquid: here some fun syntax my bot has MSmits: mapp[tx][ty].ending[p][idx]->mines->operator[](k)->x

wlesavo: top5 went to full resub mode

MSmits: nice AntiSquid

AntiSquid: more fun to play with pointers than the actual game

wlesavo: do you charge the pointer before using it?

YannT: player.findTorpedo()?.apply { player.torpedo(this) }

AntiSquid: no, it costs life points instead wlesavo

YannT: kotlin has fun syntax too sometimes

YannT: find torpedo? TORPEDO THIS!

MSmits: my most complicated and bug vulnerable lines look like this:

MSmits: if (posX < 14 && ((blocked[posY] & (1 << (14 - (posX + 1)))) == 0))

wlesavo: AntiSquid oh, i see, i believe you decrease your mental health as well

MSmits: HS is the only game where I used pointers to pointers

MSmits: never touching that code again

AntiSquid: nah it's fun

MSmits: makes my head hurt

MSmits: bitboards dont anymore, but pointers to pointers are wicked magic

AntiSquid: easy to mess up

MSmits: yes

AntiSquid: too often something points to the exact same address :D

AntiSquid: and when i delete one thing i cleaned up half of my tracking

MSmits: stuff like that happens yea

MSmits: I also like how you can recast pointers to different types and such and the compiler optimizations starts optimizing stuff out that is actually still needed

MSmits: because you are doing stuff the compiler assumes you would never do

wlesavo: i wonder if illedan will make his rewrite in time

Default avatar.png duckquackduck: "An error occurred (#314): "Submitted code is too big". Please contact"

Does this mean I need to reduce my number of lines?

dbdr: oh, Illedan is rewriting?

MSmits: not exactly

MSmits: you need to reduce the number of characters

MSmits: you can also rename some big variables

MSmits: but gz on coding so much :)

Default avatar.png duckquackduck: ok thanks, I have lot of commented code, removing that should help, right?

MSmits: yeah

Default avatar.png duckquackduck: thanks :)

MSmits: better to keep a diary in a separate

MSmits: file

wlesavo: dbdr he said he have a complete different version, dunno the fate of this rewrite though

dbdr: his current bot is from last night

dbdr: but might just be a repush of the same

cegprakash: I just added some nice check. But I clear enemy history of movements whenever he uses a silence

cegprakash: I now fire only if enemy target is a possible position for enemy

MSmits: i wouldnt clear history unless you really need to because of state explosion

cegprakash: what do I do when he uses silence

cegprakash: ignore?

MSmits: you create a new state for each position he can go to

cegprakash: that's too many

MSmits: so it's a giant state multiplier, could easily make your number of states go x10

MSmits: but then it quickly drops down over the next few turns, it only becomes a problem when he chain silences

MSmits: then you write a pruning function

MSmits: to prune states and lower the amount

MSmits: it's easier to do with a bitboard, the pruning is

MSmits: take all the states, get some kind of map with a key based on position

MSmits: loop over states

MSmits: check if the key exists, if so, combine their separate histories and make it 1 state

MSmits: if not, add the state to the map

MSmits: you'll get at most 200 states or so after pruning

cegprakash: impossible

MSmits: make sure you only use common cells for the histories, if one state has a cell in history and the other doesnt, clear it out

cegprakash: there are more than 300 states

MSmits: not after pruning

MSmits: there are max 225 cells so...

cegprakash: but the final answer is 225 cells yes

MSmits: the difficulty is with mines

MSmits: but usually when they mine, i dont get chain silence problems


MSmits: it sure is AntiSquid

AntiSquid: was a reply to the 300 states

MSmits: oww ok

MSmits: i thought you were going for a last minute dash for legend

MSmits: and just shared the sentiment

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: uhm gave up in wood2

AntiSquid: dunno how even got here

MSmits: what is your usual rank on contests?

AntiSquid: random

AntiSquid: depends on time

AntiSquid: or not

cegprakash: my history remover for silence is in top 30.. I'll remove sonar and try if it improves my bot

MSmits: if i look at your contest history, this is maybe your best result isnt it?

AntiSquid: no

MSmits: maybe looking wrong

AntiSquid: how can this be the best?

MSmits: oh wait

MSmits: i was looking at cp lol

MSmits: not rank

AntiSquid: kutulu was my best

AntiSquid: i think

MSmits: yes

MSmits: and code a la mode second best

eulerscheZahl: and wondev woman at 3

AntiSquid: but i honestly didn't have that much for kutulu and didn't have a pathfinding, which is weird i got where i did

MSmits: its a bit hard to compare fairly, because the participant count matters and also eulerscheZahl always says people improved in the last few years

MSmits: so this might still be the best achievement

MSmits: with so many participants

AntiSquid: then ooc is my best result? most complicated game

cegprakash: MSmits what u said sounds like a BFS

cegprakash: that should work?

MSmits: you mean the pruning cegprakash?

AntiSquid: rank / complication

cegprakash: yes

MSmits: it only shares the hash function

MSmits: with bfs

MSmits: other than that it is different

MSmits: you just keep 1 state for every possible cell and you combine the histories

cegprakash: I can clear the history after an enemy surface

MSmits: if you want to track mines properly, you also need to combine mine-history, thats painful

cegprakash: this way no point is repeated

MSmits: ah, i dont clear on surface either

MSmits: AntiSquid not sure if complication is a fair way to assess your achievement, because your opponents have the same complication as you

cegprakash: at any depth I, I can't have more than 225 points

MSmits: so its'both an advantage and a disadvantage

kovi: pb4, what is this magic? now i have 25% vs. you

cegprakash: say if there are 500 turns in the game, I'll have to calculate 500*225 points

cegprakash: but I only need the last level

cegprakash: last turn*

MSmits: ah... well its because you dont use a bitboard that you get into problems on long games cegprakash

MSmits: you probably have some huge path object ?

cegprakash: what is a bitboard

cegprakash: yes I have a string MSmits

MSmits: ouch

MSmits: strings are slow

MSmits: let me show you the bitboard



MSmits: thats the entire state

MSmits: includes history also

MSmits: well a visited cells map that is

MSmits: and a "mines were laid from" map

YannT: I use int[16] (the last int is position) :p

MSmits: that works

cegprakash: why 16 bits?

cegprakash: shouldn't it be 15*15 = 225 bits

MSmits: 15 bits is a row

YannT: no, an array of 16 32 bits ints

MSmits: there is no uint15_t

MSmits: so i cant use it :p

MSmits: thats why i need to do things like this:


MSmits: I the "LEFT_EDGE" is to remove the unused bit

cegprakash: u do something like a matrix multipication MSmits?

MSmits: no thats not it

MSmits: its just shifting maps

MSmits: for example, to place a blast area on a map I get this:


MSmits: and then i shift it to the right position

YannT: why do you need to shift the bitboard tho?

MSmits: just said that above :)

MSmits: also this:


MSmits: i shift sectors too

YannT: ah I see

cegprakash: u don't know enemy's start position or current position I don't know how can u make a map like this

cegprakash: u can only ignore the impossibilities

MSmits: you make a map for each possible cell, I start a state for each possible position

MSmits: visited map is empty

MSmits: mine map is empty

MSmits: (except for start cell btw, that is on the visited map ofcv)

MSmits: i even have 64 bit blast map


MSmits: this is to record damage

MSmits: because center cell gets 2 damage

MSmits: I shift that too, but i shift it 4x as much

MSmits: (because 4 bit per 1 cell)

cegprakash: hey

cegprakash: I don't understand all this theory shit

MSmits: this sort of thing is fun for me. After all that stuff was done, the game became less fun and i lost motivation

cegprakash: say enemy moves NEWS

cegprakash: what does ur map have

cegprakash: it should basically have all points

MSmits: it has 4 new set bits on the visited

cegprakash: right?

Default avatar.png Grudo: i saw people write on game screen, how to do that?

cegprakash: in case of no islands

MSmits: yes, it has 4 bits set on visited and the position (x, y) will have changed

MSmits: Grudo if it is ooc, then with MSG, check the statement

cegprakash: now lets say it's a 3x3 grid for simplicity instead of 15x15..

cegprakash: enemy moves NE

cegprakash: now what does ur map have

MSmits: well i will have 9 states at first, because i dont know where he starts

MSmits: but because he moved N and E some will be removed

MSmits: top row

MSmits: and left column

MSmits: so there will be 4 states left

MSmits: say i pick the one where he started bottom left


MSmits: he will then be in the middle at 1,1

eulerscheZahl: Grudo "game screen"? like ?

MSmits: so the visited map will be

MSmits: 000 110 100

MSmits: for that state

MSmits: and the positon is 1,1

MSmits: it might also be at 2,1

MSmits: with visited:

MSmits: 000 011 010

MSmits: or at 2,0

MSmits: with visited:

MSmits: 011 010 000

MSmits: you get the idea


cegprakash: sorry start positions

MSmits: yes

MSmits: thats why there are 4 possible states, after those moves

MSmits: the int x, int y in my state is the current position

cegprakash: end positions will be 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 0

MSmits: correct

cegprakash: is this what ur map will have?

MSmits: no

cegprakash: these end positions

MSmits: my map 1 just 1 state

cegprakash: but I want these

MSmits: a visited map

MSmits: ahhh

cegprakash: I want 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 0

MSmits: then what you do is, you loop over all states, get the position and add it to a amp

MSmits: map

MSmits: uint16_t[15] oppMap = { 0}

for (int i = 0; i < activeCount; i++)

   AddPos(oppMap, states[i].x, states[i].y);

MSmits: easy :)

cegprakash: in a 500 turn game, 83 silences can be used. But there can be atmost 6 surfaces

cegprakash: because there are only 6 lives

MSmits: right

cegprakash: so I'm thinking of going with BFS with surface clear history

cegprakash: for now

cegprakash: that should work for bronze right?

MSmits: do what you can manage

cegprakash: yeah I don't understand what u say now.. and time is short

MSmits: no idea what works for bronze, but you shouldnt need black magic to get to silver


MSmits: right, that is indeed what you need for most logic

MSmits: been trying CG bench tests vs darkhorse, euler, blaster, yannt and robo.

MSmits: [200 games] [31 crash(es)]

MSmits: none of those crashes are mine

Famout: So what happens when the timer is up, all code is lost and the contest vanishes?

YannT: MSmits: got to wonder how much of your rank is actually due to your timeouting opponent bots ;)

MSmits: some of it, for sure

MSmits: but hey, anything I do to them, I do to myself. Selftracking is symmetrical :)

MSmits: Famout code doesnt vanish

MSmits: it becomes a multiplayer arena

MSmits: you can continue to play

MSmits: before this would take months before the arena was activated

MSmits: supposedly it is faster now

Famout: Neat, kinda turns into something like CSB then?

MSmits: csb was a contest also yes

Quidome: Are all the leages recomputed at the end or only legend?

andichin: hello guys

MSmits: legend I think, but only top 100 of legend

MSmits: not 100% sure of this

Quidome: How is this with hiding or camping do you expect a lot of them surfacing the coming hours?

MSmits: no, not a lot

MSmits: at most 1 or 2, maybe 0

Famout: Interesting, and good to know! Got a solid framework here, but now that I finally figured out how I am adding in tracking for my foe, I was worried I wouldn't have a chance to refine offense.

MSmits: some will be promoted out of gold ofc

Quidome: Aha, ok, better

MSmits: and some might be very good when they come out

YannT: on this, I can't imagine someone managed to successfully hide a killer bot

MSmits: but that is not necessarily hiding

YannT: benching is so irregular

Quidome: what is benching?

YannT: they would have to try stuff on the ladder to be successful

YannT: running matches offline

MSmits: ch benchmark is a tool where you can run IDE games automatically

MSmits: its not offline

MSmits: just scripted

MSmits: unless you mean brutaltester

YannT: offline in that you don't submit your bot

MSmits: which you definitely should not do for this game

MSmits: ahh ok

Quidome: It feels as bad sportmanship though

YannT: it is

MSmits: thats pretty much it

MSmits: it's not cheating, but it is bad sportmanship

Quidome: ok thnxs for the info

YannT: and on this particular game, I don't think it will work too because you can't really have reliable testing without submitting

Quidome: it will not affect me but was just curious

MSmits: well if you really want to, you can make a very large cg bench

MSmits: with 10 players in there or something

Quidome: hm, some google neural network approach would work I think

MSmits: a submit in itself is not accurate either

MSmits: Quidome maybe, but it's not your typical game because of the information aspect.

MSmits: sure you can use machine learning for one part of the game

MSmits: the logic when you have some probabilities that came out of your tracking system

MSmits: you can feed those to a NN

YannT: it's very slow tho

YannT: I think one condition for successfull hiding is that brutaltester can get relevant results (not the case with this game)

MSmits: yea I think so

YannT: it's the only tool that will let you have enough statistics to do everything offline

MSmits: well it, or similar

YannT: cgbench is nice but too slow to do everything with

YannT: yeah or similar

MSmits: you're better off writing your own arena of course

MSmits: if you have the time

MSmits: brutaltester is quite slow

MSmits: sometimes I even let bots use eachothers resources when i write an arena

cegprakash: MSmits I'm using set<Poiint> to remove duplicates hope it won't timeout

cegprakash: :D

MSmits: good luck ceg

MSmits: for my uttt meta mcts I actually have 1 bot that plays itself and uses a single tree to select moves

MSmits: so p1 uses the tree to select a move, then p2 uses the same tree to select its move etc.

MSmits: saves some resources

MSmits: esp. memory

cegprakash: should I clear enemy tail when he uses silence?

MSmits: tail?

cegprakash: his past moves

Quidome: trail

Quidome: yes

MSmits: I don't

cegprakash: that's why u are legend #20

cegprakash: :D

MSmits: but again, i use a fast system for this

MSmits: well my real rank is 30 prolly

MSmits: i'm a bit pushed up

Quidome: clearing can save you states i think

cegprakash: yeah Quidome is legend too.. I'm gonna respect him. and gonna try that

cegprakash: :D

MSmits: it does, but it also makes your tracking worse. It just depends on what your bot can handle

cegprakash: because I don't know other options

cegprakash: lul

Quidome: Aha, yes I have a seperate mine probability field :)

MSmits: Quidome is gold ceg

Quidome: yep

cegprakash: oh

MSmits: which tbh is not that easy to get into also, this is some heavy competition because it last a month

MSmits: you dont get into gold with a quick bot

cegprakash: not even cegprakash?

MSmits: well people who talk about themselves in the 3rd person can do anything really

Quidome: 00:19:35:31

Quidome: well I am out of here, good luck to you all for now

MSmits: bye Quidome

AntiSquid: finally triggered the captcha minigame

AntiSquid: was totally missing it

AntiSquid: my life is pain without

MSmits: yes, you need the confirmation of not being a robot

Nurutomo: before i wasnt

Nurutomo: it*

MSmits: ah

Default avatar.png gaspadorius: what does silence do?

Default avatar.png gaspadorius: or sonar?

MSmits: for a moment there I thought you were goign to tell us you transplanted your mind into a machine Nurutomo

AntiSquid: it prevents heroes from casting spells

MSmits: villains too

Default avatar.png gaspadorius: ty

AntiSquid: wrong game nvm

AntiSquid: was joking gaspadorius but the answer is in the statement, one must read it to unlock its knowledge

MSmits: gnawlesh is powwah

eulerscheZahl: robo up to 23 again, was around 50 this morning. didn't submit for 2 days. i don't understand the ranking

MSmits: if you dont, then noone does

eulerscheZahl: and i felt like locam was random

MSmits: that was similarly random though

MSmits: you were just ranked a little bit higher

MSmits: well +10 or so

AntiSquid: i feel like this is the worst, but then i only vaguley remember the previous ones

eulerscheZahl: i was top20? when? (took a nap)

eulerscheZahl: or is +10 = 36 then?

MSmits: in locam you were top 20 most of the time and very unlucky on the last day

eulerscheZahl: ah

eulerscheZahl: i thought you were talking about OOC

MSmits: I was saying ooc and locam had the same random spread, but your random spread in ooc + 10 = your random spread in locam

MSmits: just everything 10 higher

eulerscheZahl: ah, now i get it

MSmits: wouldnt say you did worse here though, it's like 3x more participants

MSmits: started working on onitama

MSmits: done with occ

MSmits: ooc

MSmits: still running some cg bench but it's mostly lists of you, yannt and darkhorse timing out :P

MSmits: not that helpful

eulerscheZahl: i'm not surprised as i have my own timeout stats

eulerscheZahl: i had 4 timeouts in the last submit that i analyzed

eulerscheZahl: and always silence spam related

eulerscheZahl: i still don't know if or when i should use sonar

eulerscheZahl: any suggestion?

eulerscheZahl: and i'm not happy with my own silence usage (when+where)

cegprakash: check my IDE code eulerscheZahl

cegprakash: before I subit

cegprakash: it has lot of sonars used

eulerscheZahl: i don't think that your bot is a good reference

cegprakash: I only sonar when the information from the sonar is useful to fire the enemy

cegprakash: it looks obvious but it'sn ot

eulerscheZahl: hm, that even sounds somewhat promising

AntiSquid: how do you decide it's useful ?

cegprakash: useful in the next immediate turn

cegprakash: to be more precise

eulerscheZahl: my current attempts were just reducing the amount of possible candidates. but if i just sonar too early, it reduces those candidates that would eliminate on their own in a few turns

AntiSquid: i guess it's maybe good if you have 2 groups of paths

wlesavo: eulerscheZahl i charge and use sonar only if there more then two sectors, it can be late some times, i.e to the time sonar chrged there is only one sector, but i found it to be more appropriate

cegprakash: how do I escape from pond? is it possible to silence out off a pond?

eulerscheZahl: you don't spawn in a pond

AntiSquid: same as escaping from a fountain

AntiSquid: don't jump in there

AntiSquid: i meant well

wlesavo: lol, i had to google pond

eulerscheZahl: lake

cegprakash: I did spawn in pond in many maps eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: that that's what to change

eulerscheZahl: find the biggest lake and spawn there

eulerscheZahl: BFS

cegprakash: oh

cegprakash: we are the ones chosing the spawn

cegprakash: I forgot that

cegprakash: lolol

NormantasStankevicius: xd

AntiSquid: lololol

eulerscheZahl: AntiSquid finish him!

AntiSquid: who ?

kovi: he cant he is on another lake

eulerscheZahl: :D


cegprakash: my spawn algo s**ks

Badzio69k: Can you give me a hint to 1D bush fire?

eulerscheZahl: even with infinite recursion possible

eulerscheZahl: there's a greedy solution Badzio69k

wlesavo: im kinda glad the contest is over in a day, because i wont have to feel bad for not working on my code, which was the case for almost two weeks now

eulerscheZahl: always make sure that you extinguish the first fire and as many behind as possible with a single action

eulerscheZahl: that sounds depressing wlesavo

AntiSquid: sounds like he is trying to rub it in

eulerscheZahl: for locam i skipped the first 2 weeks on purpose to avoid such a situation

Default avatar.png Grudo: cegprakash our last 4 duels results 2/2 :D

wlesavo: euler i want to improove it, but have not much motivation neither really good ideas, and its kinda hanging back on my mind even though i tried couple of other multis and codejam problems in the mean time

wlesavo: i think ill read some pms for good ideas afterwards

wlesavo: dont know if i deserve to write one though :slight_smile:

AntiSquid: you clearly don't /s

darkhorse64: wlesavo: after making so many people suffer on top gold, we deserve a PM

AntiSquid: ya

eulerscheZahl: check old forum threads, lots of post mortems

eulerscheZahl: even players stuck in silver write them sometimes

AntiSquid: even some posts from wood players complaining they got stuck lol

eulerscheZahl: to be fair top players usually get the most upvotes on their analysis

eulerscheZahl: there are different types of post mortems:

wlesavo: AntiSquid lol

eulerscheZahl: 1. the analysis and description of the algo to solve the problem

eulerscheZahl: 2. the story teller. "i was right below the boss when i went to bed but still not promoted the next day"

darkhorse64: Your contrib matters because your bot is Python based and necessarily don't rely only on heavy computations. There should be some smartness in it

eulerscheZahl: 3. the angry user complaining that the rules are bad

eulerscheZahl: of course you can combine these types

AntiSquid: ya imagine your approach got taken and adapted into a faster language wlesavo

eulerscheZahl: my post mortem will probably just be some statistics this time as i really don't know what else to write

eulerscheZahl: track opponent: check heuristic bot: check

wlesavo: stats would be awesome

kovi: 4. latecomer....others have covered all the basic features, so here are some minor ideas/improvements

AntiSquid: so how to achieve good story teller status in post mortem?

eulerscheZahl: read unihedron or the user whos nick i forgot or ranarama

AntiSquid: i like the pictures some post

AntiSquid: kodel or whatever his name is

eulerscheZahl: blitz prog

eulerscheZahl: (the story teller)

AntiSquid: i need to post a picture too :D

AntiSquid: hand drawn in paint

eulerscheZahl: sharing an animation is on my TODO as well

kovi: duh, pb4 resubmit....just when i was getting closer with so many other submissions it is hard to tell the status anyway

eulerscheZahl: easy way to collect some upvotes :D

darkhorse64: How do you see the size of your bot in the IDE ?

AntiSquid: i only check locally

eulerscheZahl: 54.6 kB

cegprakash: how many lines of code eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: 1439

AntiSquid: 46kb O_O

eulerscheZahl: but that includes some debug code and map drawing

AntiSquid: O__O

-ac: Hello Hello, May I ask is anyone meet CGInterview question about memory leak here ?)???

darkhorse64: 2k, 50ko

wlesavo: eulerscheZahl that animation of your local visualiser would totally make sence

MSmits: eulerscheZahl sorry was gone. I use silence when the selftracking count drops below some value and when silence itself increases the selftracking count by some minimal value. Sonar is only used when nothing else is allowed to be used

eulerscheZahl: that animation will be past of my short post mortem

eulerscheZahl: sounds like we have the same sonar usage

MSmits: yeah, i often see it charge by 3 points during a game, never finishing

MSmits: btw, i just set my torpedo threshold to some lower value in cg bench so it more easily starts shooting and you never time out then euler

eulerscheZahl: because that simplifies my tracking

MSmits: yeah

eulerscheZahl: why are you even benching against me?

MSmits: i dunno, i just picked 5 people spread out over the board

MSmits: i dont know these other fellas

MSmits: also picked robo, darkhorse etc.

eulerscheZahl: my winrate vs top and bottom players doesn't even differ that much

eulerscheZahl: i have a hard time at the beginning of my submits

MSmits: i just need a baseline to see if any of these changes in constants do anything

MSmits: but they dont do much =/

MSmits: either that or I guessed them all right at the start

MSmits: I often dont get much benefit out of parameter fitting. Only in oware did it help me a lot. Other games it didnt reall

Nerchio: i think you usually need a couple of submits to actually see a difference ;p

AntiSquid: lol ^

eulerscheZahl: he's playing lots of games in the IDE (automated)

AntiSquid: a lifetime might not be enough with this game

MSmits: true

darkhorse64: Mines should destructible

dbdr: arg, timeouting at turn 1

darkhorse64: *be*

dbdr: I suppose it's compilation timeout?

dbdr: pb4 had that problem, right?

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: why are there so many resubmits on the last day?

darkhorse64: wait for the last hours. It will be frantic

eulerscheZahl: darkhorse64 in the original game they are, we screwed up but didn't want to change it mid-contest :(

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: xD

kovi: might be interesting to see in multi

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: What happens to the code after contest?

kovi: (to add some new flavour and not collection of postemortem copypastes)

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: do I have to save a copy?

darkhorse64: I know that and I cannot blame you. The lesson is that any power shoud have its counter

eulerscheZahl: will break a lot of bots of players that will never return :(

Swagboy: What was the way to destroy them in original concept ?

eulerscheZahl: silence is the counter to mines

eulerscheZahl: and surface as a last ressort

eulerscheZahl: shoot them

AntiSquid: would have been more fun

AntiSquid: you detect enemy in between his own mines, shoot randomly explode everything

Swagboy: Oh funny to shoot them

Swagboy: Were there chain explosion also haha ?

MSmits: lots of frames then

AntiSquid: but if you lay a mine you also need to move away from them then

darkhorse64: In the original, you destroy mines but they don't do damages, I believe

AntiSquid: otherwise it's worth to take a random shot every time enemy lays a mine

AntiSquid: everyone needs to change their bot if the game changes

eulerscheZahl: no chain explosions

Swagboy: :(

cegprakash: I just added spawn location fix

eulerscheZahl: that was a mistake in the last russian AI cup: you could explode mines by shooting them (not just remove but trigger)

cegprakash: also fixed a bug where I only shoot exactly on enemy position I can shoot his neighbors as well

darkhorse64: Chain explosions with so little information on mine layout would make the game random

eulerscheZahl: so people got as close to the opponent as possible and then did a kamikaze

wlesavo: yeah, i dont wanna touch my mine tracking ever again, imagine mine tracking would change completely

eulerscheZahl: they deal more damage to the opponent than the other way, so they win

eulerscheZahl: wlesavo as you are russian: did you ever play russian AI cup?

AntiSquid: imo that was one of the few redeeming things about RAIC, but they done the change mid contest i think

cegprakash: what am I doing wrong

cegprakash: got rekt in 40 turns

eulerscheZahl: the meta just got completely dull because of this

eulerscheZahl: and yes, was introduced mid contest, at the end of beta mode

wlesavo: euler not really, i basically started programming last year or so, i had some background but not competitive, this year on CG i wrote more then my whole life i believe

eulerscheZahl: ceg :D

eulerscheZahl: i boss made a lucky guess about your position

eulerscheZahl: the boss*

eulerscheZahl: wow impressive wlesavo :o

cegprakash: I hate lucky

cegprakash: when I die

eulerscheZahl: let me know if it gets too personal: do you work? or are you a student?

cegprakash: me?

cegprakash: I work

eulerscheZahl: not you

eulerscheZahl: i know that you work. and that you studied at CEG

wlesavo: its fine :slight_smile: i finished phd in condensed matter, thinking about switching to programming but not completely sure yet to what area of it

eulerscheZahl: and that your name is prakash

wlesavo: got my phd in november'19

cegprakash: I want to implement anti lucky strat

cegprakash: counter lucky

cegprakash: can someone help

eulerscheZahl: fresh enough to congratulate you

AntiSquid: condensed matter?

AntiSquid: what are the job prospects for that?

eulerscheZahl: that's a very technical wikipedia article, i might even switch to German to understand what it's about

darkhorse64: cegprakash: implementing a proper tracking system will help you survive lucky strikes

wlesavo: thx, not an easy way for sure, experimental physics in russia is almost dead, but i even got 2 papers in scientific reports, quite lucky for the state science in russia is right now

cegprakash: darkhorse64 u mean like run away from enemy?

AntiSquid: is it only solid matter wlesavo ?

eulerscheZahl: solid+liquid

AntiSquid: google gave a definition mentioning solid

Astrobytes: Condensed matter covers more than just solid

wlesavo: AntiSquid worldwide actually it is ok, basically its a very general area, including quantum computers and spintronics and stuff like that

AntiSquid: ya was first thinking about quantum computer chips when i read that because of the complicated process they use to build them

AntiSquid: but where do you apply ?

AntiSquid: what do YOU want to do?

wlesavo: its an area of physics that studies mostly ordered states of the matter, there are magnetism and low temperatures involved, and most of progress the technology made last 50 years is basically condensed matter physic

Astrobytes: Exciting field to work in

AntiSquid: cold fusion, zero friction dunno what you aim for :p

AntiSquid: what happened to podkletnov anyway ?

wlesavo: as for me i dont really want to do that anymore, it was fun while it lasted

AntiSquid: but you just graduated lol

wlesavo: basically i worked in the field for 7 years

AntiSquid: good you didn't go for a doctor's degree ?

wlesavo: the process of graduation was not that fast as it could be :slight_smile:

AntiSquid: i mean they study 10 years +

wlesavo: i did

Astrobytes: You have limited options after that, usually the only thing to do is stay in academia - research. Not for everyone. Most people I know with PhDs no longer work in research.

wlesavo: phd that is

AntiSquid: i mean actual doctor

wlesavo: i studied like for 11 years, most of which worked in a lab

wlesavo: Astrobytes same, most people i know who even leaved russia no longer work in research

AntiSquid: what would you do instead

AntiSquid: also with the lockdown not much to pick from anyway

wlesavo: programming i guess, there are other possibilities, but this i really enjoy

eulerscheZahl: it won't be like that forever

eulerscheZahl: i mean the lockdown

AntiSquid: ofc not, just a long time

eulerscheZahl: not the joy of coding

wlesavo: lol

AntiSquid: make android games slap some ads on it and publish

eulerscheZahl: but i fear that it will take a while too. saw an estimation for germany: if we want to keep the curve flat enough not to overload hospitals, we have to keep going for about a year

MSmits: corona makes me use all my free time for coding, as opposed to what i did before.... use all my free time for coding

AntiSquid: UK plans to go for 2022 i think

AntiSquid: and continue brexit plans :D

MSmits: well... the effect of brexit on the UK economy may as well be negligible compared to what this virus does

wlesavo: i just like the idea that i can make stuff happen with just a computer, opposed to highly consumable experimental devices, and im not smart enough for theoretical work

AntiSquid: if no lockdown would mean extra brexit with cream and cherry on top they'd go for it starting now

eulerscheZahl: and you can easily distribute your work, make it available for others

Astrobytes: Yeah AntiSquid, "the coronavirus crisis shows how important it is to break regulatory alignment with the EU" was a quote that chilled me somewhat

MSmits: it makes no sense either

AntiSquid: it's a religion

Astrobytes: Fanaticism at the very least yes

MSmits: if there's something wrong with EU regulations, then try to change that

Astrobytes: No, they want the whole race-to-the-bottom stuff, deregulation, more power for corporations

wlesavo: euler, true, also community and easy to understand docs/litterature, opposed to academic papers

AntiSquid: not all laws are the same anyway

MSmits: that would mean that all but 1 are redundant

AntiSquid: so virus is perfect for that Astrobytes

Astrobytes: Yes

eulerscheZahl: the virus helps to obfuscate the harm caused by Brexit

Astrobytes: Can be used as a partial smokescreen yes

Astrobytes: Utterly sickening imo.

AntiSquid: but brexit needs to be dee-liver-d

AntiSquid: astro are you still doing contest at all?

AntiSquid: nvm i see now

Astrobytes: Some half-hearted submits. I fcked up my bot, then reverted back to a bugged old version and trying to salvage what I can

AntiSquid: thought you quit it for good

AntiSquid: my best bot is 6 version before the latest :/

Astrobytes: I might rewrite it after the contest

Astrobytes: But there's loads of games :/

AntiSquid: ya

AntiSquid: is this the most exciting one?

Astrobytes: This was a good game, annoying, but good. Donno about exciting

eulerscheZahl: takes some time to set up

eulerscheZahl: parse opponent actions, write a tracker

eulerscheZahl: only then you can concentrate on actually playing the game

Astrobytes: With hindsight, I should have started once I'd recovered from the virus, as that's when I messed up a lot

AntiSquid: imagine you want to also write a sim :p

Swagboy: Realized yesterday that my tracker wasn't optimal

eulerscheZahl: and now i give you an extra idea to use self-tracking to track your opponent

eulerscheZahl: when the opponent knows where you are and doesn't trigger a mine, it's because there is no mine

AntiSquid: 400 people in gold ... the submits should be run within a smaller range not the entire league

Swagboy: Sure, I wanted to implement a belief updating also

Swagboy: His best move would be to go N, he goes S so he is likely not there

eulerscheZahl: good point, at least for some situations

eulerscheZahl: no self-trapping

Swagboy: Yes for example

Swagboy: Or torpedo, like for mines

eulerscheZahl: but too much effort to code all of that

eulerscheZahl: i'll just wait for pacman

Swagboy: Hehe, not sure I'll go for another in less than a month

AntiSquid: still fishy it got taken down

AntiSquid: expecting pacman game .

eulerscheZahl: yeah, the reaction surprised me too

eulerscheZahl: i even PMed thibaud about your contribution earlier. he said it's not the contest

Swagboy: What has got taken down?

eulerscheZahl: but why did he take it offline then? :thinking:

AntiSquid: you told me

eulerscheZahl: squiddy found a game on pending contributions

eulerscheZahl: a pacman multiplayer by julien from CG staff

AntiSquid: my only guess is maybe they got paid to make it but there is an issue with the contract or didn't receive the pay? something like the contract with crystal rush ??

eulerscheZahl: offline shortly after

Swagboy: Hmm ok

eulerscheZahl: but squiddy downloaded the game and made a reupload as a private draft

AntiSquid: was sat there for 2 years or so i think

eulerscheZahl: it was a pacman game and we have a pacman contest soon

eulerscheZahl: not 2 years. community contributions are only a thing for a bit more than 1 year

AntiSquid: but i didn't make it public

AntiSquid: just shared link

Swagboy: Find it a bit disappointing to know so precisely the theme one month before

eulerscheZahl: feb 19th 2019 (maybe i downloaded the squiddy contribution)

AntiSquid: well you have a cover picture, what else do you expect ?

AntiSquid: and the name in the title ?

AntiSquid: definitely uploaded earlier than that

eulerscheZahl: feb 11th, failed to remember when switching virtual screens

AntiSquid: how's your codejam btw?

Swagboy: It'll most likely be close to the pacman game, hence you already know what the game will look like

eulerscheZahl: starts in 90min

Swagboy: Not like if it was some random contest name

AntiSquid: maybe you are the ghost and you need to catch pacmans!

Astrobytes: Pac to the Code

AntiSquid: Ghostman

Astrobytes: Coders Strike Pac!

Swagboy: Haha right, interesting

eulerscheZahl: so far i didn't even read all the rules. no way for you to check but i don't plan to get an advantage on this

MSmits: Pacalath!

eulerscheZahl: and it's 1 year old, lots of rules changes or redesigns might have happened

Astrobytes: Yavaman

AntiSquid: might be a slight difference in this game

eulerscheZahl: ultimate pacman

MSmits: Pacthrough

Astrobytes: Pacwoman

MSmits: that's just mrs. pacman

eulerscheZahl: the great pacman

AntiSquid: Fudge Packers of the Galaxy

Astrobytes: ffs

kovi: mr and mrs pacman

Astrobytes: Pacman & Friends

AntiSquid: Russian Pacman AI cup

eulerscheZahl: pacman4life

eulerscheZahl: packers (instead of checkers)

AntiSquid: Call of Pacman

MSmits: Pac Norris

AntiSquid: MPacmits

wlesavo: winrarman

MSmits: now we're derailing :P

AntiSquid: you derailed it

MSmits: meh ok

MSmits: I was supposed to do DnD today

MSmits: DM got sick

AntiSquid: hope it's a tiny caricature like the one in your avatar running away from the ghosts with its hands stretched forward

MSmits: that sounds cool AntiSquid

wlesavo: MSmits bad roll?

MSmits: someone did suggest he should roll higher on his disease check

MSmits: first question everyone asks is, is it corona? But of course noone can know this

MSmits: only when you've been sick for a while and actually get tested

MSmits: I wonder what the chances are now, to get corona as opposed to other viruses. The less infectious viruses should mostly die out now shouldnt they? With the social distancing

MSmits: so if you get sick now, there's not much chance of having gotten those

MSmits: ordinary flu and such

MSmits: Astrobytes will know this

Astrobytes: Hey I'm no epidemiologist

Febrin: Somebody has an idea what could caused that my game loop did 2 iterations in one round?

kovi: you write end of line

kovi: maybe

MSmits: allright, me neither, was just wondering :)

Febrin: Oh yea I think it is for sure in this spaghetti mess

Default avatar.png abhay_RAJ: any american?

Astrobytes: But MSmits, since the coronavirus infection rate is likely to be *much* higher than currently known, it is more likely to get it yes. And the seasonal 'flu's and such are dying out now anyway.

MSmits: right

MSmits: but apart from it being seasonal, it should die out even faster

MSmits: and any other virus should die out faster as well

Astrobytes: Increased distancing and more diligence wrt hygiene should decrease transmission of many yes, depends on the environment

cegprakash: is it a tie if nobody dies? say opponent has 4 lives and I have 2 lives

Astrobytes: He wins

Astrobytes: If you both have equal lives, it's a tie

eulerscheZahl: "Victory Conditions Have more lifes than your enemy at the end of the game."

wlesavo: hm, i though the timer of contest became red to match the league color, and only now noticed that it is slightly more intensive, so its color in fact indicating remaining time

Astrobytes: Come on euler, you don't expect ceg to have read that do you? :D

eulerscheZahl: it will start blinking the last 6h

eulerscheZahl: actually i do: RTFM

eulerscheZahl: zarthaxx stop hiding

ZarthaxX: wish i was

ZarthaxX: i just dont understand this game

eulerscheZahl: RTFM

ZarthaxX: LOL

ZarthaxX: what does it have to do

eulerscheZahl: torpedo = bad. except if you shoot it. then torpedo=good

wlesavo: except if you shoot it in yourself

eulerscheZahl: no spoilers!

cegprakash: I am just submitting my enemyTracker and enemy avoidance

Astrobytes: Thank you for the update ceg

eulerscheZahl: just get ready for codejam in 1h

ZarthaxX: thanks for the advice eulerscheZahl

ZarthaxX: didnt thought of that

eulerscheZahl: wasn't even for you :D

ZarthaxX: the torpedo thing

cegprakash: I only replace my move with silence for now. I don't know how to use silence with multiple steps

cegprakash: like when and why

eulerscheZahl: to kill

cegprakash: i currently run away from enemy

eulerscheZahl: check the ending ceg

eulerscheZahl: that's how to use silence to your advantage

cegprakash: I see mines

Astrobytes: lol, sneaky

eulerscheZahl: last frame

cegprakash: wow

cegprakash: the killing blow

eulerscheZahl: you should add this to your bot

eulerscheZahl: sometimes you don't even have to know the exact location to go for the kill

ZarthaxX: why a replay smacking me

ZarthaxX: smack ceg

ZarthaxX: ;(

eulerscheZahl: was the first i could find where this worked

eulerscheZahl: last battles, you submitted

ZarthaxX: i see

ZarthaxX: :P

eulerscheZahl: and i can't find ceg, below top1000

eulerscheZahl: getting some food before codejam, see you

ZarthaxX: cya

cegprakash: rank #15 60%

AntiSquid: please don't

Astrobytes: we'll have 16 hours of this you know

AntiSquid: no we won't

Astrobytes: ceg doesn't sleep on the last day of contest

cegprakash: do mines dominate legend league?

cegprakash: plz show me a replay that's good at mining

cegprakash: plz

pb4: cegprakash : no

cegprakash: oh

cegprakash: I saw eulerscheZahl use a lot of mines

pb4: Legend league : per game you'll lose 0.5 lives from mines, 3 from torpedoes, 1.5 from surface

pb4: Obviously this means you need to avoid mines, so yes, they are hugely important

dbdr: pb4: did you completely solve your compilation timeout issues?

pb4: as I said, removed a bunch of code and functionnalities and pragmas

pb4: and yes those went away

pb4: but any feature i add needs to replace an old one :(

dbdr: cool. I wonder if server load might fluctuate and affect those

dbdr: yeah, that sucks

cegprakash: I'm doing a binary search to find which turn my bot bugged it's tracking

icecream17: Red timer... 56th....

cegprakash: what.. SILENCE 0 is allowed?

cegprakash: :O

cegprakash: I can use that

icecream17: No, people shoot at the silence 0 anyway

icecream17: (Well, actually, I silenced 0 for quite awhile)

icecream17: Why did I say this information? (Sigh. Nevermind)

tobk: weird, sometimes just out of the blue my bot is timeouting. no error message, so I guess it's a "real" timeout, but my regular execution time by turn is well below 50ms... :confused:

dbdr: tobk does it happen on turn 1?

tobk: no, but often early in the game

dbdr: what language?

tobk: Python. e.g. here:

dbdr: then I don't know

dbdr: sometimes it's a good idea to print something short early on to make sure the bot is running at all

dbdr: but more relevant for turn 1 and 2

tobk: do you mean for debugging, or to make sure the bot does not timeout?

tobk: (e.g. print some no-op MSG; but i'd have to terminate it with a newline, so how would that work?)

dbdr: 70% of the top 20 is in submit right now :D

dbdr: I meant to print to sys.tderr

dbdr: sometimes the bot does not even start because it's a CG error

dbdr: if you see your message, you ruled that out

MSmits: ohh, i should submit too then

tobk: yeah, I do lots of debug-output already, but none of that shown in the last offending turn, not even stuff that should have been completed well before timeouting

dbdr: gogogo MSmits :)

dbdr: join the party

MSmits: it's on!

dbdr: \o/

dbdr: good start ;)

MSmits: typo :P

dbdr: hm?

MSmits: changed a constant, made a typo

MSmits: 1,0f

dbdr: ah yes, not a real win

dbdr: you ignored the warning dialog from CG I see :D

MSmits: whats that

dbdr: "You did not test your code..."

MSmits: oh right, yeah

eulerscheZahl: i ignore that too :D

MSmits: new constant not looking good so far

eulerscheZahl: but usually i compile it offline at least

MSmits: I'm beeting creapy rabbit at least

MSmits: creepy

ZarthaxX: creepy rabbit lmao

wlesavo: tobk you sure its not related to placing mine around a board edge?

dbdr: that should say something else than timeout

dbdr: if the referee rejects it

wlesavo: you can also use flush = true to see if its a real timeout

eulerscheZahl: creepy rabbit = nagraro k

dbdr: why?

MSmits: no it's this guy:


tobk: wlesavo Pretty sure. If it was some weird edge-case, it should be reproducible at least.

eulerscheZahl: oh :D

wlesavo: hm

eulerscheZahl: i thought you said that nagra looks like a bunny in the small viewer

MSmits: nah

MSmits: this guy is creepy because you only see he is creepy when you focus on the little pic

eulerscheZahl: 10min to codejam

MSmits: at first you think, ahhh cute bunny, then you zoom in, it's like WTH

wlesavo: i finally got an idea for improvement, just 10 min before codejam :slight_smile: i guess there is still a night

eulerscheZahl: and my cat just entered the room

eulerscheZahl: why now? :/

dbdr: 16 hours wlesavo

dbdr: not even flashing yet

eulerscheZahl: the last 6h will be intense UI-wise

wlesavo: probably wont have time tommorow, so its night or never

dbdr: flash is like 6 hours?

kovi: pb4 has solid lead...

dbdr: *last

eulerscheZahl: yes

dbdr: kovi are you sure it's solid?

kovi: well, his winrate is decisive vs. me

wlesavo: i think this one thing can actually make a difference, although obivously it can make it worse as always

eulerscheZahl: but losing to val growth

Nerchio: i can't work on my bot anymore i burned out on this challenge ;p

ZarthaxX: wanna play chess Nerchio

ZarthaxX: kidding

ZarthaxX: lets go outside and workout.. oh wait

Nerchio: lol

Nerchio: i am not bad at chess actually but also got bored with it :D

ZarthaxX: i dont like it mmh

Nerchio: when you get slightly good memorizing openings is too important :p

icecream17: A huge bug! What a miracle

Astrobytes: Try Chess960/Fischer Random, more about playing chess than openings

icecream17: theres Crazyhouse....

Nerchio: when i am programming a lot i find that mental exercises outside are exhausting more than fun so no chess

icecream17: hmm... what fun game uses no mental excersize....

Astrobytes: Yes, true for me sometimes too Nerchio

tobk: is there something better than "time.time()" in Python? seems not to be very precise...

Nerchio: msmits timeout again xD

MSmits: not on my current submit. I made a mistake earlier

tobk: or put differently:if the output is correct, then just reading the input per turn already takes 20-50ms... and sometimes the bot takes longer than 50ms without timeouting

icecream17: I wonder if the website starts the 50ms timeout timer before the code starts, or just after?

Febrin: I just realised i have random timeouts too, (I'm using time.time())

Febrin: And sometimes It says that my move lasted 3ms which is impossible

tobk: ah, wait, I guess I'm including the Opp's runtime in my timing...

tobk: I set the "start" time for the turn right at the top of the game loop, before reading the first input. guess I should put it just after the first input instead

Astrobytes: tobk make sure you start the timer immediately after you read the first input

tobk: exactly :-D

Astrobytes: :D

tobk: yes, now the readouts make a lot more sense. no more 30ms for input parsing.

Astrobytes: lol

tobk: (my bot does not do any "until time permits" stuff, but it was kind of confusing anyway)

MadKnight: who is Automaton2020 and who made him ?

TidyMaze: it's actually Magus pretending to be a bot

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: 'pretending' ?

MadKnight: 2020, not 2000 TidyMaze

icecream17: Hey, Automaton2000, is that true?

Automaton2000: i feel like there's a lot to me

TidyMaze: I have no idea MadKnight but I like the Mechanical Turk profile picture

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 created it so he stops getting pinged 24/7

Automaton2000: it depends on how you define it

icecream17: Great examples

Automaton2000: on this, i can't imagine someone managed to successfully hide a killer bot

icecream17: Hey... I just noticed something....

icecream17: auTOMATOn2000 XD

Automaton2000: i have a question for you

Quidome: automaton2000 is a chatbot????

Automaton2000: i should be able to find it

icecream17: in my for loop.... i = -13???

AntiSquid: Quidome no, read above tidymace already said it's magus playing as a bot in chat, that's why he isn't on the leaderboard, can't do both, no time

cegprakash: You have been promoted to Silver League of "Ocean of Code"!

You win +100XP

cegprakash: codejam is hard


Badzio69k: can you tell me what is wrong with it?

Badzio69k: It is bank Robbers quest

NormantasStankevicius: hellyeah! added a tracking function

NormantasStankevicius: on opponent mine trigger

NormantasStankevicius: he had like 30places

NormantasStankevicius: 1 mine made into 1

cegprakash: can I get a replay against a legend player plz

cegprakash: in ocean of code

cegprakash: I've reached silver.. I want to aim legend to reach gold

Febrin: You can watch them in leaderboard

cegprakash: me vs legend guy

NormantasStankevicius: cegprakash took me a week to get out of silver, that place is a meat grinder

Febrin: You can't play vs legend

Febrin: Try to beat 1st bot first

Idleless: @Badzio69k The problem is that there are more vaults than robbers so at least one robber will have to crack more than one vault and his time will be the sum of the vaults he cracks.

cegprakash: I already beat silver boss

Febrin: Okay, so try gold one then

pb4: cegprakash

cegprakash: interesting radars

cegprakash: sonars*

cegprakash: but u have bugs with ur mine trigger

cegprakash: should I try random combination of moves?

cegprakash: for now I always do Torpedo + Move/Silence

cegprakash: no mines and no sonars

cegprakash: it's time for me to do GA

cegprakash: ceGA

Default avatar.png Grudo:

Default avatar.png Grudo: why i lost on last move?

cegprakash: checking

**eulerscheZahl is back

Counterbalance: timeout

Default avatar.png Grudo: oh i forgot about timeouts...

Astrobytes: How was codejame eulerscheZahl?

Astrobytes: *codejame

Astrobytes: *CODEJAM

eulerscheZahl: 58 out of 100 points

eulerscheZahl: should be enough

eulerscheZahl: still going 30min

cegprakash: eulerscheZahl I reached Silver

eulerscheZahl: cegprakash you forgot codejam

cegprakash: no

cegprakash: I gave up

eulerscheZahl: oh

cegprakash: tough probs

cegprakash: couldn't even solve 1st

eulerscheZahl: i liked them

cegprakash: so closed

cegprakash: my code gave WA for the smallest input

cegprakash: :')

cegprakash: I did bfs

eulerscheZahl: even if i didn't solve the large case for B and C

eulerscheZahl: so now you think you can do a better BFS on CG?

cegprakash: no first problem

eulerscheZahl: there's a nice trick (as usually)

eulerscheZahl: i'd love to tell you but have to wait 30 min

cegprakash: yes

cegprakash: I know something exists in the line of bitmask or something

cegprakash: but f**k it

cegprakash: lets do CG

cegprakash: get Gold

cegprakash: I've reached Silver

eulerscheZahl: do you have the killer move i showed you?

cegprakash: just going to Add GA

eulerscheZahl: 14h before the end?

cegprakash: and simulation

eulerscheZahl: bad idea

AntiSquid: go cegprakash get legend

AntiSquid: don't listen to haters

cegprakash: u are the only hater I have AntiSquid

AntiSquid: add GA, sim and linear regression

AntiSquid: i don't hate you

Riyuk: :joy:

cegprakash: I don't know linear regression

AntiSquid: JUST DO IT!

MSmits: just draw a straight line that properly goes through a bunch of points

MSmits: minimize the distance of the points to this line

Astrobytes: ^

Astrobytes: InstaLegend

Default avatar.png wolf-555: yes

pb4: bugs with my mine triggers ? Care to explain ? :)

cegprakash: what are the points and lines though

cegprakash: :D

cegprakash: line could be enemy possible positions

cegprakash: sorry points

eulerscheZahl: you need a troll detector cegprakash

cegprakash: and in the line I throw a torpedo?

Astrobytes: :joy:

eulerscheZahl: you are lucky, i still have one that i could sell you

cegprakash: sell what

cegprakash: a joke?

tobk: just realized that my code for this contest is twice as long as any other of my contest or MP code so far... guess it's about time it's over

cegprakash: how many LOC tobk

cegprakash: I'm only half the size of what I wrote for other contests. May be I'm too far from legend or gold

tobk: 520 in Python (guess that's still very low compared with others)

Nerchio: wtf

Nerchio: i have 2700

tobk: see?

tobk: :-D

cegprakash: 965 so far

cegprakash: I am

cegprakash: in 3 days

Nerchio: cant read input in java without 500 lines

cegprakash: lol Nerchio

AntiSquid: 1000

cegprakash: you useBufferedReader Nerchio?

Default avatar.png wolf-555: how would someone make an arcsin function with python?

Nerchio: no

AntiSquid: wolf-555

Astrobytes: lmgtfy opportunity missed squidster


AntiSquid: too much effort

Astrobytes: :D



Riyuk: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: also good: "anagram"

Ajanx112: Hey guys, is there a way to make the coding windows' font a bit larger?

eulerscheZahl: ctrl + comma

Ajanx112: Omg thx

eulerscheZahl: full hotkey list:

eulerscheZahl: cegprakash as codejam is over now: i used a BFS for the last problem. to bruteforce the easy version

cegprakash: u mean first problem?

cegprakash: I only read first problem

cegprakash: the stick jumping

eulerscheZahl: last problem, the card stack

cegprakash: I din read that

eulerscheZahl: the pogo had to do with binary representation, true

eulerscheZahl: but not really a bitmask

AntiSquid: how long was codejam?

AntiSquid: nvm found

cegprakash: it's not a bfs eulerscheZahl?

eulerscheZahl: you try to find a sum of numbers adding up to abs(x)+abs(y)

AntiSquid: so i had to qualify on 3rd of april to participate today?

eulerscheZahl: that always works, if x+y is odd

eulerscheZahl: yes AntiSquid. good luck next year

AntiSquid: lol

ZarthaxX: did u pass toad'

AntiSquid: ZarthaxX did you play?

ZarthaxX: nope

ZarthaxX: dont feeling it

ZarthaxX: not

AntiSquid: woah wtf, you said it requires thinking

eulerscheZahl: yes ZarthaxX, #680

ZarthaxX: niceee

ZarthaxX: was it easy? lol

ZarthaxX: AntiSquid which i lack :)

eulerscheZahl: i was quite relaxed. didn't try too hard on those i couldn't solve :P

AntiSquid: how comes you wait about a month for next round?

ZarthaxX: isnt there round 1 C yet?

AntiSquid: i meant this:

AntiSquid: there's a big gap between rounds

ZarthaxX: 1c ye

eulerscheZahl: 1C in 12 days

eulerscheZahl: you don't eat all chocolate from your xmas calendar on a single day either AntiSquid, do you?

eulerscheZahl: so codejam shall last for months

AntiSquid: i never buy a calendar

eulerscheZahl: me neither. but my mom always did when i was young

AntiSquid: would probably eat it in one day

MostComplicatedUsername: eat it?

MostComplicatedUsername: oh chocolate

MostComplicatedUsername: not calendar

wlesavo: >the pogo had to do with binary representation, true thought of that but could not make it in time, went with a simple brute forse and still screwed up somewhere

Default avatar.png wolf-555: does this game have bots?

AntiSquid: which one

MSmits: there's many games here wolf-555, most have bots yes

MSmits: that's the point

Default avatar.png wolf-555: @AntiSquid COC

Default avatar.png wolf-555: okay

MSmits: oh coc

MSmits: thats a bit different

MSmits: the bots arent actual bots, they are just copying a players earlier solution

MSmits: so you're still playing against a player, but asynchronously

ZarthaxX: *smart bots*

Default avatar.png wolf-555: uh cool

MSmits: the bots exist to fill up the roster so you can play

Default avatar.png sharkdog: Is there any leaderboard system for coc?

MSmits: that said, I have never done a coc, so correct me if i am wrong

Default avatar.png sharkdog: Or is it jsut fo fun?

MSmits: there is a leaderboard


wlesavo: >I have never done a coc thats what she said

Default avatar.png sharkdog: I see thanks

MSmits: :p

Counterbalance: wslavo I tried really hard not to say anything ;)

AntiSquid: :')

MostComplicatedUsername: Msmits you've never done CoC??

MSmits: no

dbdr: same :)

Zenoscave: I've done so many cocs

MSmits: I did a short puzzle race with euler once, but it was a regular medium class puzzle

Zenoscave: ranked #1 at a point

MSmits: Zenoscave is the cocmaster

Counterbalance: no-one's going to mention the D

wlesavo: puzzle race sounds fun

MSmits: it was just to prove he is faster :)

MSmits: he is :)

Zenoscave: lol he's the puzzle master

wlesavo: puzzle racer

MSmits: he used to be twice as fast as I am, It's probably closer to 70% faster now

MostComplicatedUsername: um

MSmits: I got a bit better

MSmits: not that we did any good measurement, but just judging from what I have seen

Astrobytes: Are we still talking about cocs?

MSmits: lol

Astrobytes: :P

AntiSquid: you could always race here MSmits:

MostComplicatedUsername: Sigh

MostComplicatedUsername: Children

AntiSquid: woah!

AntiSquid: and how old are you darling?

ZarthaxX: 80

Zenoscave: I turn 25 in june

reCurse: Just looked up the D zealots for fun

reCurse: They solved 6 and 4 puzzles respectively

reCurse: :clap:

Zenoscave: yikes

MostComplicatedUsername: 17

Astrobytes: And zero multis/contests I presume

Zenoscave: any bots?

MostComplicatedUsername: Why?

AntiSquid: for real zeno? i doubt it

Zenoscave: Truly I turn 25 in June

AntiSquid: well MostComplicatedUsername because you called everyone children

MostComplicatedUsername: You're acting like children

AntiSquid: well lead by example then

Zenoscave: you're acting like childish adults (a.k.a software devs)

Astrobytes: As adults, that is our right

Zenoscave: ftfy

AntiSquid: if you think about it carefully everyone is the child of their parents MostComplicatedUsername

Zenoscave: ^truth

Counterbalance: adults are just children with a lot of experience

Zenoscave: AntiSquid what do you doubt?

AntiSquid: so just a bunch of elderly kids here

Astrobytes: Oi, less of the elderly

AntiSquid: i thought you were older zeno, that's all

Default avatar.png wolf-555: what are some good games for a noob like myself

Zenoscave: CSB

AntiSquid: vindinium

ZarthaxX: lol no way vindi

cegprakash: wuut

AntiSquid: play anything but CSB

cegprakash: eulerscheZahl that's awesome

Astrobytes: Yava... no

AntiSquid: ok kutulu then, it has auto pathing

Zenoscave: wolf-555 what style of games do you like?

MSmits: and monsters

wlesavo: dont play with coc, enything else is fine

eulerscheZahl: cegprakash what's awesome?

eulerscheZahl: wolf-555 try checkers, it has really simple rules

Default avatar.png wolf-555: I like coc, don't know any other games really @Zenoscave

eulerscheZahl: maybe you even know them already

Zenoscave: eulerscheZahl has a good idea


Zenoscave: wolf-555 i say do checkers

Default avatar.png wolf-555: did alot of hackerrank and hackerearth before this

MSmits: or just try the list wolf-555


MSmits: there's all of them

Astrobytes: Or maybe you just prefer the puzzles?

eulerscheZahl: 42 multiplayer games :o

Astrobytes: Nice!

MSmits: yeah. Too much

eulerscheZahl: there are also optimization puzzles

MSmits: but relatively few

MSmits: and like half of them are yours :P

eulerscheZahl: when i joined CG, there were 10 multiplayers and 4 optims

reCurse: In other words you were better off before asking chat

reCurse: :P

Zenoscave: :+1: we helped

Astrobytes: lol

AntiSquid: did you do the bot puzzles on hackrrank? wolf-555

eulerscheZahl: hackerrank has a checkers too

eulerscheZahl: but CG players are stronger i would say. as linjoehan is at the top on hackerrank

AntiSquid: kutulu is like the cleaning bot puzzle, except you need to run away while the other players are being cleaned up by monsters, wolf-555


Default avatar.png wolf-555: I did these paths gold :python, statistics, 30 days. I should finish the problem solving one this week

Zenoscave: hackerrank has bot challenges?

Default avatar.png wolf-555: cool thanks guys

AntiSquid: well ya Zenoscave, but the UI is shit

eulerscheZahl: it has UI for it?

eulerscheZahl: hackerrank multiplayers:

AntiSquid: checkers is under expert category :o

MSmits: makes sense

eulerscheZahl: depending on how hard you try, it can be justified

MSmits: it's not an easy game to code a bot for imho

MSmits: the jumping is pretty complicated

eulerscheZahl: damn, smits 0.03 points above me on the CG checkers

MSmits: thats random though

MSmits: i was below you before

MSmits: i stopped when i was 8th I think

AntiSquid: just admit it's skill, stop being so humble

ZarthaxX: humble smito

MSmits: this time all the skill i used was high performance

MSmits: i didnt even try to get a good eval which is more important

MSmits: didnt feel like it and quit

MSmits: I think it just counts the pieces now

Astrobytes: MSmits I thought you were remote-DnD'ing tonight?

MSmits: DM got a virus

MSmits: was supposed to be during the day btw

Astrobytes: Oh crap, no stand-in?

MSmits: nah

Astrobytes: Ah

MSmits: we'll make a new appointment

Astrobytes: Cool

ZarthaxX: DM?

MSmits: dungeon master

ZarthaxX: thought so

ZarthaxX: the guy that manages all the story of the game?

MSmits: yes

Default avatar.png wolf-555: I like csb, just tried it

ZarthaxX: the most entwertaining one :P

MSmits: well he tries to, then we go our own way and screw it all up

MSmits: it's tradition

Astrobytes: The Dungeon Master keeps all the gimps in the dungeon and... oh wait, wrong Dungeon

MSmits: whats that from?

eulerscheZahl: gimp? the gnu image editing program?

Astrobytes: Not that gimp no

eulerscheZahl: manipulation*

ZarthaxX: lmao

eulerscheZahl: ah, looked it up

Astrobytes: :P

eulerscheZahl: definitely not standard vocabulary you learn in school

MSmits: from what google tells me, i should not click further

lukasg: hey, does a mine have to be in water or can it be on land?

eulerscheZahl: maybe from Southpark, Mr. slave

MSmits: depends lukasg is this a land or sea mine?

Astrobytes: That type of thing, yes

eulerscheZahl: that makes the name of the image program weird to me now

Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: has to be on water

eulerscheZahl: thanks for ruining it

Astrobytes: It was made that way euler lol

eulerscheZahl: someone else already ruined git for me

MSmits: git gud

MSmits: o right, a git, thats something

MSmits: not googling again

Astrobytes: WAsn't that cause Linus is a grumpy git?

eulerscheZahl: linus thorvalds being friendly when naming his programs

eulerscheZahl: "use that, git!"

Astrobytes: Seen Pulp Fiction? It has a gimp.

AntiSquid: in crystal rush it's on land, in ocean of code it's in water

AntiSquid: ezpz

Astrobytes: It will forever be UTG to me

AntiSquid: the utg letters are silent though

AntiSquid: in writing and in speech

Astrobytes: Can I just say Ultra Tedious Game instead? :P

MSmits: I think you offended AntiSquid and he left

AntiSquid: yes i left

Astrobytes: It's impossible to offend the squid

AntiSquid: all you need to do is submit a typescript bot that wreck mine, just for the sake of wrecking my bot with a typescript bot, i find that very offensive

Astrobytes: Ah yeah, fair point

Astrobytes: Forgot about your TS sensitivity

cegprakash: music at full volume when I'm so tired + coding keeps me alive for a while

YannT: siman has gone into overdrive he doesn't let his submits go anymore than 25% before resubmiting :D

eulerscheZahl: he already had a good lead on ice and fire before everyone else came and passed him. now it's happening again

eulerscheZahl: i feel sad for him :(

MSmits: he's in legend though

MSmits: only 60 people

kovi: he is in top5....

MSmits: and that...

AntiSquid: is he upset if he can't get #1 ?

kovi: atm i cant tell the order any more (pb4 and joli is probably most stable)

Astrobytes: I swear he stays awake for days just resubmitting

eulerscheZahl: i think the only chatting i did with him was "hi"

ZarthaxX: LOL

ZarthaxX: u epressed me toad

ZarthaxX: poor sima n

MSmits: depressed?

Astrobytes: His english is not so good he said

ZarthaxX: ye

eulerscheZahl: i see

ZarthaxX: with the sima n story

Astrobytes: And yours too Zar

MSmits: ah ok

eulerscheZahl: kawano wrote nice post mortems. but always in japanese

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes ???

MSmits: I thought maybe epressed was the opposite of depressed


ZarthaxX: i just cant type

Astrobytes: Fix your English Zarthington

ZarthaxX: fix my keyboard astrotardo

Astrobytes: Fix your typing Zarthington

Astrobytes: TARDAX

Astrobytes: :P

ZarthaxX: :c

MSmits: eulerscheZahl that site is like one of jacek's opening books

Astrobytes: hahaha

ZarthaxX: its kawano's blog

ZarthaxX: beast of a player

MSmits: yeah it looks cool

MSmits: wish I could read it

ZarthaxX: translate lol

AntiSquid: google translate works alright

AntiSquid: even for webpages

eulerscheZahl: yes, does a good job for japanese to english

MSmits: oh cool

MSmits: never done that before

eulerscheZahl: that's how i was able to play mini RAIC

Astrobytes: Nice blog


Astrobytes: Didn't know he had one

AntiSquid: looks like he was playing some other contest ?!

eulerscheZahl: kawano is quite active on twitter too

eulerscheZahl: contests and cooking

eulerscheZahl: sushi that is

MSmits: there is some funny translation though

kovi: mass resubmit on top....just when im on winstreak....

Nerchio: from the blog translation

Nerchio: Reflection I didn't understand anything

MSmits: he talks about some kind of pest in his code

Nerchio: lol

Astrobytes: The puyo one AntiSquid?

AntiSquid: but does he slice his fish with a katana?


reCurse: Oh what's that puyo game on his blog

reCurse: Looks nice

eulerscheZahl: it's what STC never was

reCurse: :(

AntiSquid: A game AI contest that was on April 15, 2019 to May 10, 2019. Puyo like a falling object puzzle game.

eulerscheZahl: somehow he got inactive after

eulerscheZahl: still playing on CG but didn't try hard on UTG i think

Astrobytes: And JP only

MSmits: he linked to my playhround

MSmits: I am on a japanese blog!

**MSmits is proud


Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: lol

AntiSquid: maybe you can get an anime wifu now MSmits

MSmits: that's another thing I probably should not google

MSmits: nsfw

AntiSquid: it's ok MSmits that's what friends are for

MSmits: ...

AntiSquid: he says the concept of love is different for each person MSmits

MSmits: sure

MadKnight: does anyone love Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: if i get the error

MSmits: but i dont think his anime doll gave consent

AntiSquid: need an AI that gives consent?

MadKnight: who created this AI ?

Default avatar.png duckquackduck: what collection do you guys use to store all opponent paths? I used HashSet, but then saw there were many ways to come to same cell. Then tried queue, but that had issues with duplicates.

reCurse: That looks fun

reCurse: siman was in there too

AntiSquid: nice, you can chose your pokemon avatar?

reCurse: I guess

reCurse: Seems like they got timebank too

eulerscheZahl: and kera played as well

kovi: and iwashi

reCurse: Finals were played with a live audience it seems? :o

kovi: they also play on tc marathons occasionally

struct: get me full rules and I port

pb4: What is kera and iwashi ?

Astrobytes: *who are

Astrobytes: Some other of our JP players

pb4: I just saw y_kawano too

Astrobytes: and siman

Illedan: JP?

Astrobytes: Japanese

Illedan: ah, k

wlesavo: ok, submiting gold boss for the last time, lets see how it does in current meta

Illedan: did you try earlier?

wlesavo: a week ago

wlesavo: it landed around 12-15

Illedan: Is meta so different now?

wlesavo: i dunno, may be people evolved

wlesavo: hows your rewrite btw?

Illedan: Slooow

Illedan: Just starting now today

wlesavo: do you think you will make it in time?

Illedan: If I can't see progress in the next hour or 2 I'll let it go for the contest and maybe try on the multi

wlesavo: i see

wlesavo: i hope you will see some progress and wont sleep tonight :slight_smile:

Astrobytes: lol

wlesavo: till #1

Illedan: 10 point lead would be nice before going to bed

Astrobytes: Delete account if < #1

ZarthaxX: u mean >

ZarthaxX: :thinking:

Astrobytes: If not #1 delete account

wlesavo: !#1

Astrobytes: I was pseudo-coding it for Tardax here

Astrobytes: :P

Illedan: xD

ZarthaxX: ..

Default avatar.png ouail_amar_ramzi: xd

wlesavo: hm, lechuck is not doing very well for now

struct: this seems like all i can find for rules


Astrobytes: Best be learning Japanese then struct ;) OR speak nicely to one of our JP users

struct: Oh well, they also have 3 min

struct: while CG 15 sec max per player

Astrobytes: The limit is what makes CG versions of games special

AntiSquid: struct it can be translated easy @_@

struct: Its based on sum of pieces number

Nerchio: jolinden 33.5 pt ;o

Nerchio: sic

struct: The sum of the numerical values ​​of two adjacent blocks in the vertical, horizontal, or diagonal directions is 10. Blocks that meet the conditions will disappear.


Astrobytes: (direct google translate from y kawano blog)

Astrobytes: struct

struct: I guess i will read that too

struct: thasnks

Illedan: 30% of legend in submission :o Impossible to conclude with anything now :D

wlesavo: so, gold boss seems to be doing ok against higher players, but almost not being able to climb due to really low wr in 40-60 places, which kinda makes sence, and its placing 40-50

Zenoscave: This is hard to gauge what is working

Zenoscave: legend is a mess

ZarthaxX: yeah :)

Zenoscave: new sub Zarthie?

ZarthaxX: trash submits over and over

ZarthaxX: im close to quitting this it just makes me sad

Illedan: :(

Nerchio: ye i accepted i will be between 20 and 40 probably and thats it :p

Zenoscave: I'm hoping for at least 60

ZarthaxX: at least 60?

Zenoscave: yup

ZarthaxX: we are all fighting for not ending last

ZarthaxX: im gonna be the one anyway

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

Zenoscave: Did you wreck bot?

ZarthaxX: its weirsd

ZarthaxX: submitted my bot that got legend and ended like 28

ZarthaxX: but then dropped to 45

ZarthaxX: so... idk what to think

Nerchio: top people submitting beat you over and over like me as well :p

ZarthaxX: that's a thing right

ZarthaxX: u just endsomewhere

ZarthaxX: and they submit permanently and smack u

Nerchio: y xD

ZarthaxX: its annoying :P

ZarthaxX: doesnt happen often in contests

ZarthaxX: also losing pts to top players that resubmit just when u submit

ZarthaxX: lmao

Nerchio: i have a a laugh when i beat top5 submiters though :D

pb4: wlesavo : how high did you say the legend boss ends up currently ?

wlesavo: 40-50

wlesavo: it does ok on the first 10 estimation games, but then gets reckt

pb4: and the non-bugged-AI-you-had-when-they-picked-the-bugged-legend-boss ?

pb4: I have no idea how much we've improved since legend opening

wlesavo: its not really not bugged, just some different parameters values, didnt test that, dont think it would matter that much

Nerchio: new people in legend? ;p

wlesavo: turn out i did change something that improoved my bot quite significantly, wonder what that was

Swagboy: It might be that you changed your bot without significantly improving it but just modified its general behaviour

Swagboy: And now since every newcomer in legend has specialized his bot against the gold boss, your old bot has troubles

Zenoscave: I definitely optimized to gold boss at first

Zenoscave: rip just lost 8 matches in a row on submit

MSmits: I just improved my bot until it beat gold boss, I did not try to counter it in any specific way

cegprakash: I'm halfway completed through my simulation

cegprakash: just 2 functions left

cegprakash: play and scoring

wlesavo: Swagboy yeah, that for sure can be the case, but i dont think i changed much significantly

jojoisyoyis: download swim grader

Default avatar.png bealose: download swim grader

Swagboy: Ok strange!

jojoisyoyis: u r strange

Default avatar.png bealose: I agree

jojoisyoyis: wrecked boi

MSmits: I want to download it, but no link :(

Default avatar.png bealose: download swimgrader

Default avatar.png bealose: app store

MSmits: dont have a smartphone :(

MSmits: can i download it on my pc?

jojoisyoyis: muy mal

jojoisyoyis: heck no boi

MSmits: lame

Zenoscave: jojoisyoyis what is swim grader

MSmits: it grades your swimming...

Zenoscave: sounds dumb

MSmits: how else are you going to know if you swim gud

Nerchio: download swim grader guys

Nerchio: lol

Nerchio: sounds like a scam

Nerchio: like

Nerchio: downloading more ram from appstore

MSmits: thats real


skotz: just reverted 50 hours worth of changes

skotz: feels bad

cegprakash: why do some games end at 680 turns? is there an upper limit for number of turns

MSmits: yes

MSmits: and it's frames

MSmits: not turns

MSmits: the 680 that is

cegprakash: frames?

MSmits: a frame != turn

MSmits: visual thingy

MSmits: changes in what you see

MSmits: multiple things happen during a turn

MSmits: each is a frame

cegprakash: mm

MSmits: but once again

cegprakash: so better to use more combos then

MSmits: read the statement :)

cegprakash: use the frames for myself

MSmits: sure do that

Astrobytes: Work it into your GA

cegprakash: yes

MSmits: what you can do is place a mine and blow it up the next turn, lots of frames for you

MSmits: think I improved my bot

MSmits: but who knows

Astrobytes: submit or die not knowing

MSmits: I was working on onitama and then i started getting ideas about logic in ordering of actions

MSmits: so i coded some stuff in that regard

cegprakash: no mines or sonar for now

cegprakash: I think about mines and sonar later

cegprakash: silver boss doesn't use mines or sonar

cegprakash: so there should be a way to get to gold without them

Zenoscave: What orderings did you find MSmits? care to share ;)

cegprakash: don't

MSmits: nothing crazy, just torpedo first, move second, or the other way around

MSmits: it's pretty basic

MSmits: i never considered it

YannT: it's lucky that you weren't gonna have time to do the contest today MSmits

Zenoscave: Ive got that luckily

YannT: got bitten by the competitivity bug :D

MSmits: nah, it's more that I don't want to leave good ideas untried. Dont want to have any low-hanging fruit unpicked

MSmits: ordering of moves is a simple thing

YannT: it's actually a cornerstone of what makes my bot work

YannT: just like locam :p

MSmits: yes

MSmits: but it is simple none the less

MSmits: not like tracking or mine avoidance

pb4: what do you call ordering of moves in this case ?

YannT: like maybe don't silence before surface ;)

pb4: do you consider a lot of move combinations ?

pb4: all except some criteria like no silence before surface ?

MSmits: i dont consider many. I had a very simple bot, but now I consider torpedo and trigger both before and after move

MSmits: always silence last

MSmits: sometimes you wanna get out of the way of your own mine triggering

MSmits: and sometimes you can do more torpedo damage if you move first

YannT: move+silence and silence+move don't necessarily let you access the same tiles because of islands ;)

MSmits: my silence always is distance 0 :P

YannT: ah :D

MSmits: i need to code something for that as well i suppose

Swagboy: Haha sly MSmits

MSmits: i just saw kovi hop over a mine

MSmits: like that creepy bunny

pb4: I do that too

MSmits: i wanna code 2 things before bed

MSmits: 1) surface to avoid mine

MSmits: 2) silence mine hopping

dbdr: did you finish that rewrite Illedan?

Illedan: Nope

pb4: MSmits do you consider those two different ? They're the same calculation for me

dbdr: not enough time? :(

MSmits: Then you must have some comprehensive search

MSmits: I have an if forest for logic

Illedan: Not enough motivation :(

MSmits: I spent very little time on getting good logic for orders. Mostly I did the tracking, beamsearch and such

MSmits: coded about a week total

MSmits: happy about that choice. I know what would have happened if i coded all month. I would be maybe 10 ranks higher and not been able to do anything else. This is not a contest i could have been top 5 at i think

Swagboy: Why not.

Swagboy: ?

MSmits: I don't know. The tracking and such clicks with me. But the game logic a bit less

MSmits: strategy

MSmits: like if you played it as a human player, I would not make the right decisions either I think

Swagboy: I see

Swagboy: I'm not sure I would either

MSmits: most of these contests have a strong tactics/strategy aspect to them

MSmits: it's not just brute force optimization, finding the best search type etc.

YannT: actually if you write your bot as a minmax type of thing, there's little actual strategy involved

Swagboy: I really enjoyed the partial information side tho, first time I played such a game

MSmits: yeah, thats my thing YannT, I am not that good at that

MSmits: unless its a simpler game

MSmits: this game is pretty complex

Astrobytes: You just haven't reduced the problem space enough

MSmits: sure, that could be the case

blasterpoard: definitely very complex... I think I can now say that I gave up several days ago

YannT: I have a heuristic for what order combination make sense and should be evaluated, but other than that I don't think I've got much "strategy"

Astrobytes: really blaster? I expected some big submits from you today

MSmits: blasterpoard remember kutulu? That was simple by comparison. The sim was super complex, but the decisions were few

blasterpoard: no submits; I had very good algo for pathfinding, for fighting, for when to surface etc.

blasterpoard: but when I tried to combine them, it just devolved into an ocean of heuristics

MSmits: thats exactly my problem

MSmits: bots like that horrify me

MSmits: so many ifs

blasterpoard: I had a GA to find path... also had eval of each action involving a silence or torpedo

blasterpoard: now try to put those two together

blasterpoard: and also a surface heuristic

blasterpoard: it just got very messy because of different and incompatible types of "evals"

YannT: pathfinding is actually the worst part of my bot and the big thing I could've worked more on to rank better

blasterpoard: MSmits yes, kutulu is a simple game and I think there wasn't that strong competition in that contest

YannT: as it is I just have a depth 4 BFS to evaluate moves

pb4: blasterpoard : silence isn't considered in your pathfinder ?

YannT: so it will happily make decision that lead him straight to a minefield if it's more than 4 moves away :(

blasterpoard: pb4 only for first couple of turns; but my GA can eval how many cells I "am in" in the future turns

kovi: even without submit, blaster reached top5 :)

pb4: I basically launched 144 dijkstra at depth 5 every turn

blasterpoard: I'll drop to 10 or so

cegprakash: rofl

MSmits: blasterpoard the competition seemed pretty strong to me for a 10 day contest, but this is a 30 day contest and it has 3x as many players

cegprakash: dijkstra to chase enemy?

cegprakash: why not BFS

cegprakash: pb4

YannT: why djikstra for pathing pb4? Oo

MSmits: dijkstra takes into account cost

MSmits: bfs does not

pb4: YannT : I absolutely don't care where I go

cegprakash: it's unweighted graph

pb4: I can about avoiding mines

cegprakash: why dijkstra

YannT: ahhh soo you weight mines

YannT: got it

Astrobytes: WEight the mines

MSmits: mine probability damage cegprakash

MSmits: it is stored per cell

pb4: So dijkstra will answer the question "what's the cheapest path to go 5 cells deep"

MSmits: so each cell has a different cost for mine damage

pb4: I do one of those for each movement combination

cegprakash: :O

cegprakash: escape route

MSmits: i do something similar, only i beamsearch it

blasterpoard: my pathfinding GA scores each path based on enemy mines it encounters, reaching places where I want to put a mine, length...

MSmits: weirdly i combine it with a floodfill and a tracking score (to avoid being tracked)

MSmits: all of that in the same beamsearch

YannT: that's kind of what I do as well actually, because I have a depth 4 DFS that will backpropagate the mine chance

MSmits: not sure if thats a good idea

Illedan: I have that too MSmits

YannT: main problem is: depth 4 isn't enough


Illedan: In my 4 depth bfs

MSmits: I go depth 15 for some reason :P

MSmits: it's beamsearch so..

YannT: plenty of situations where I'll take a turn that leads straight into a minefield and/or forced surface if it's 5 moves away :(

Illedan: Yeah, that makes no sense :P

MSmits: well yeah, i should drop it to 10 at the most

blasterpoard: I go depth 15*15, because individuals in my GA are entire maps (imagine there's an arrow on each cell)

blasterpoard: that's why the bot is so good at tron

YannT: MSmits: I combine with floodfill too (not self tracking though)

blasterpoard: until the fight logic breaks it with a bad move

YannT: depth 4 BFS with backprop of a mini eval from mine chance and floodfill

YannT: and that's basically the move score parameter for the actual eval

MSmits: btw pb4 dont share too much, some of these guys wont go to bed till end of contest :)

Swagboy: Hehe

Illedan: True

Zenoscave: It's only 4PM here ;0

Illedan: :scream:

pb4: kovi lucky push or did you actually make a bot that's not weak against me anymore ?

kovi: i have no idea

pb4: I really liked your pushs these last 3 weeks :D

kovi: have been here few hours ago

dbdr: Illedan back in top 10 :thumbsup:

Illedan: Shhhh, don't break my luck

dbdr: :no_mouth:

kovi: you dont need luck here, just after 10 hours

Illedan: That message gave me a huge lose streak :(

Illedan: And the planets are not aligned anymore

dbdr: :(

Zenoscave: Oops

dbdr: 6 out of top 8 in submit

Illedan: Crazy times

dbdr: not counting those further down on their way back

YannT: it's curfew time no one submit until tomorrow morning now

dbdr: only in select countries

Astrobytes: Internet curfew?

YannT: opkay fine just don't kick my out of top20 then, I want that tshirt :p

dbdr: no worries

YannT: :thumbsup:

1998marcom: Q: Is there any way to ask for a complete output of the compiler errors? It gets truncated too early and I can't understand the issue. And I cannot reproduce the error on my PC, because there is no error according to my g++, and I can even run my program locally on the git cloned server.

wlesavo: me too

Zenoscave: How important is sonar?

MSmits: depends on how well you use it i guess. Not sure otherwise

dbdr: you can do without it

Zenoscave: ok

Zenoscave: I'm losing matches a lot in stupid ways and i cant figujre out why

Zenoscave: I think it's mine detection

MSmits: definitely a big deal

MSmits: i dont think I got it right either

MSmits: it works-ish

Zenoscave: Same

dbdr: same

kovi: hmm, maybe its not just luck

dbdr: as YannT said, there is constantly one person 1-2 points above the rest

pb4: big change ?

dbdr: it's just that that person changes every 20 minutes

kovi: no, im just parameter finetuning

kovi: but i know what blaster realized

kovi: some parameters may have more influence, than adding a full algo

kovi: and a loosestreak...val is strong

blasterpoard: meh... I'm not sure anything has any influence

blasterpoard: this exact bot ended at #35 on its first submit

blasterpoard: and it's also been as high as #5

kovi: well, most game is decided on bad luck on some all-out fire

blasterpoard: the crazy variance is mostly why I stopped trying (but it mostly means that my bot breaks a lot)

kovi: but your bot has battle....

kovi: so it must be suffering from the luck of winning the minefield

kovi: (bigger part of the field)

blasterpoard: my bot doesn't have the battle thing I made, because although it won battles, it wanted to battle way too often

kovi: i c

blasterpoard: that's what I spoke about; I have good algos for most of the game, but putting it all together was beyond my abilities

kovi: pity. it looked promising

kovi: i started to implemented battle for 1vs1 chance...but realized that it would be too narrow

Illedan: Just need 2k lines of narrow handling to beat this game :P ANd then you need the generic stuff on top of it

blasterpoard: kovi this is what the bot does with that battle sim turned on

blasterpoard: it works out quite often, but the bot just doesn't climb

MSmits: it's hard to say what would have happened without the battle sim, it may work, but if you would have won without it and it sometimes hurts...

blasterpoard: usually it randomly uses torpedo + silence because it "wins the fight" and loses out on 3 mines

blasterpoard: and trying to make some rules for when to fight just didn't work

MSmits: yeah sounds hard


cegprakash: is this the input format in first 2 turns

cegprakash: feels like 1 line is missing in between to me

cegprakash: positions should come before NAs right

cegprakash: okay my bad

cegprakash: cegbug

cegprakash: used cerr and stringstream instead of using only stringstream

cegprakash: I usually append my cerrs to stringstream

cegprakash: and finally cerrr the stringstream

MostComplicatedUsername: I asked god for a bike, but I know god doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

Uljahn: some atoms moved, no big deal, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: yeah, i need to do

MostComplicatedUsername: Why does breach gotta be so hard?

MostComplicatedUsername: Automaton2000 you have any answers?

Automaton2000: did you mean you dont need to use in real life

cegprakash: submitting my first sim bot

cegprakash: pray for my bot

CyrusTheCurator: -prays-

MostComplicatedUsername: pra- AHHHHH

**MostComplicatedUsername gets incinerated by god

**MostComplicatedUsername regrets stealing the bike

cegprakash: I don't know how to give direction priority in my eval

cegprakash: in case of ties

Default avatar.png lxnn: Is 'SILENCE N 0' considered a valid move when silence isn't fully charged?

cegprakash: yes lukasg

cegprakash: yes lxnn

Default avatar.png lxnn: Oh really

MostComplicatedUsername: Is it possible to silence and move on the same turn?

cegprakash: my simu acts like a drunkard

cegprakash: especially move commands

icecream17: yes

Default avatar.png lxnn: I was wondering why my tracker was doing such a bad job. The bot was spamming silence 0 and I believed it.

Default avatar.png lxnn: without tracking the charge levels to check that the command was valid

VincentBab: hum i dont think you receive the SILENCE order when the opponent SILENCE is not valid

Default avatar.png lxnn: ok thanks, I'll try printing the output and see

icecream17: Imagine this command: "MOVE N TORPEDO | TORPEDO 7 7 | SONAR 5 | SURFACE | TRIGGER 6 4 | MINE S | MSG *wins*"

icecream17: Oh no I forgot the "SILENCE N 4"

VincentBab: whats the point of SURFACE after MOVE & TORPEDO ? ^^

icecream17: Avoid mines? Run away to silence? Bug?

MostComplicatedUsername: No he's trying to do every possible action

icecream17: My record is 5. (But I almost never use sonar... and surface...)

VincentBab: SURFACE | MOVE N TORPEDO | SILENCE N 4 | TORPEDO 7 7 | TRIGGER 7 8 | MSG *u didnt see that one comming huh ?!*

VincentBab: xD

MSmits: I prefer my MSG "FATALITY"


MSmits: it's rare, but it happens. a win vs pb4 on the lb :)

VincentBab: haha you locked him up in the corner with your mines ^^

MSmits: yeah :)

wlesavo: MSmits thats my MSG :slight_smile: gold boss have it as well

MSmits: I know

MSmits: I like it

wlesavo: dam, battle for #1 in python is really close

MSmits: I have absolutely no idea which bot version i wrote is best =/

Swagboy: So is for c++ wlesavo !

icecream17: How long can your messages be?

MadKnight: in OoC ?

MadKnight: how long do u need them ?

icecream17: Not on screen, but as shown in the stdout stream. (Onscreen is enough room, but i'm planning to do something....)

MostComplicatedUsername: oh

MadKnight: std is pretty long

MadKnight: like 1000

MadKnight: why don't u use stderr ?

cegprakash: Tried to fire out of range

MadKnight: fix it ceg

cegprakash: I can't fire when there is an island i between

cegprakash: damn


cegprakash: I love my simu though

cegprakash: oh I'm using manhattan on my distances everywhere

cegprakash: instead of BFS distance

icecream17: Awwww.... this message was too long and didn't work:


VincentBab: LOOL:

MSmits: I do that too

VincentBab: whats the point lol ?

dbdr: did not help euler

skotz: alternative is surface, so might as well dispose of mines

MSmits: you might kill the other guy

dbdr: stay alive longer

MSmits: with some luck

dbdr: also

dbdr: maybe the other one will have to surface and die

VincentBab: ohhhh im stupid, i didn't see he had to surface xD

dbdr: now THAT's a good start :)

VincentBab: maybe i should implement that feature xD

dbdr: VincentBab it's minor but does not hurt

VincentBab: yeah but thats hard to test

dbdr: it's very easy actually

dbdr: if you cannot move and you have one life and you have a mine, trigger it

MSmits: uh, try to trigger the mine you're sitting on last :P

dbdr: yeah, I skipped that part knowingly :D

dbdr: going out with a bang

MSmits: yeah, i just use the same logic for mines i normally do except omit the rule for them having the cause the opponent damage

MSmits: this has got to be one of the worst contests for gauging your bot strength

MSmits: I still have no idea if this is my best version or not

MSmits: I'm somewhere between 25 and 50

dbdr: calling 42 ;)

icecream17: Uh-oh. The timer is flashing

MSmits: heh, hoping for better

MSmits: but sure

icecream17: I'm 44th right now in silver!

dbdr: ranking 42 gives a ecret achievement

dbdr: *secret

MSmits: cool

cegprakash: how do I debug this tracker that bugs at 55th turn

dbdr: flashing since when?

dbdr: 7H 5 minutes? maybe a round number of seconds :)

MSmits: allright, I am going to bed. Tomorrow is my last day teaching before vacation

dbdr: good night!

MSmits: well its not really a day, mor elike an hour :P

MSmits: gn :)

icecream17: Ugh! I keep trying to shoot 4 square down, but there's an island in the way....

tarriel: I hate it when my code base reaches the size limit, it sucks all the fun out of this game

TrentT: What is the size limit?

tarriel: once your code reaches a certain size coding game rejects it

tarriel: At this point in the competition I have a lot of cruft that i don't want to clean up, lots of comments ro remind me of things and aparently I have hit the code limit

skotz: 100kb

skotz: meaningful variable names and comments are overrated anyway :)

tarriel: I 'm not sure what the number is, I just know it won't run when I upload it, so I have to delete comments, remove spaces , rename variables, it sucks the fun out of the game...

TrentT: It makes it more realistic, can't just keep sizing up your EC2 instances..

TrentT: Amazon will be happy with you but your wallet won't

tarriel: hmm but it is a tiny amount in this day and age

tarriel: I end up with a different version in my editor and the game

TrentT: How many lines do you have?

tarriel: 2422

tarriel: not including my tests :)


cegprakash: why is my sim not working so good on arena

cegprakash: works like a charm on IDE

tarriel: whatch some games from your submission, particularly the ones you lose, there will be a bug there somewhere...

reCurse: tarriel the limit is 100k characters fyi

icecream17: Submitting. Good night. Still silver. I hope.

icecream17: Wow. Almost no one submitting. 9:28 PM

reCurse: Majority of contestants are in europe

reCurse: It's 4am there :p

Default avatar.png muslim: why there are no c++ programmers here xd

KrembledKatsuo: i know c++ ..

eulerscheZahl: happy 5am

dbdr: \o eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: you are early too

eulerscheZahl: i had a full month, time for some panic changes

Swagboy: With you on those

Swagboy: funny map

dbdr: eulerscheZahl I'm late :D

eulerscheZahl: oh, wow

dbdr: jolindien has been in submit the whole night too I think :)

jolindien: yeah

jolindien: sorry for spam push

Swagboy: No worries

jolindien: last tunings :)

eulerscheZahl: i only do this when i'm desperate and home for the golden param

eulerscheZahl: and i missed the neumann promotion

reCurse: So I looked up code vs a bit more, was curious

reCurse: Seems defunct now :/ Used to be japan's version of CG apparently

reCurse: Similar games

eulerscheZahl: too bad we only find out about it now that it's too late :(

reCurse: I'm a bit amazed at the production value though

reCurse: Code vs reborn has tons of arts and even music tracks

reCurse: And live audience finals

reCurse: It's a bit over the top

eulerscheZahl: expensive prizes too?

reCurse: No clue

reCurse: I think it was mainly used as a recruitment platform

reCurse: Judging from their old signup page

reCurse: I've been able to dig up the japanese statement of all their games should we ever need more inspiration

eulerscheZahl: how many were there?

reCurse: 6 in total

eulerscheZahl: how often? once a year?

reCurse: Roughly, except there was a few years hiatus between 5.0 and reborn

reCurse: Probably why the codename

reCurse: The next one would have been due for right now too

reCurse: But everything is gone

reCurse: Twitter is deleted

eulerscheZahl: :(

reCurse: Anyway was fun detective work


cegprakash: and it performs too bad

reCurse: Rerun is going to be tight

eulerscheZahl: even for LOCAM it was easier to predict the winner

reCurse: Nah

reCurse: No way

eulerscheZahl: i still bet on a final blasterpoard submit

struct: I bet on pb

reCurse: I'll go with pb3 for the meme :D

Swagboy: Benchmarked against kovi pb4 jolindien

eulerscheZahl: the US starwars toaster

Swagboy: 50.0 55.0 50.0

Swagboy: That's tight

kovi: morning

eulerscheZahl: hi