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Zenoscave: Neon_Tuts please don't post clash invites in chat

Zenoscave: people will join if they please

Neon_Tuts: Ok

Neon_Tuts: Sorry

Zenoscave: no worries

Neon_Tuts: :)

Famout: It's silly, being drafted into silver makes me feel the need to actually improve my bot in Ocean.

eulerscheZahl: Zenoscave still trying, you are close :o

Zenoscave: Not close enough

eulerscheZahl: oh, boss at 30

Zenoscave: ~1.5 below

eulerscheZahl: 1.39

Zenoscave: right

eulerscheZahl: and my polar bear is even lower

Zenoscave: yeah

Zenoscave: he was doing good for a whil

Zenoscave: while

ZarthaxX: i was below boss once lol

ZarthaxX: ppl started to smash me

ZarthaxX: :c

Zenoscave: lol nice work

eulerscheZahl: you are below the boss all the time

ZarthaxX: i meant like

ZarthaxX: second

ZarthaxX: funny shark

Zenoscave: second below boss so third?

ZarthaxX: ??????????????????

ZarthaxX: 2nd in gold

ZarthaxX: sheez

Zenoscave: are you YoB

eulerscheZahl: if you pass the 2nd on the ladder, what's your rank then?

ZarthaxX: tob?

ZarthaxX: yob?

ZarthaxX: wat

Zenoscave: yob o

ZarthaxX: oh guys just stop

ZarthaxX: im dying here

eulerscheZahl: so warm?

ZarthaxX: :/

ZarthaxX: the f

Zenoscave: because polar bear

eulerscheZahl: oh, it's getting winter for you soon

Zenoscave: think I'll get bumped this far away?

eulerscheZahl: possible

eulerscheZahl: if you don't notably improve, just wait

Zenoscave: gah I will wait then

eulerscheZahl: i know it's hard to wait and do nothing

ZarthaxX: u wont get it

eulerscheZahl: you have to believe

Zenoscave: probably not. I am forever gold

ZarthaxX: i was below and got down 9 positions

ZarthaxX: this shit is actually impossible

ZarthaxX: it's already f cold here eulerscheZahl

ZarthaxX: :C

ZarthaxX: corona is gonna be happy with that

ZarthaxX: btw Zenoscave

ZarthaxX: same code that once reached 2nd , ended like 40

ZarthaxX: soooooo :)

Zenoscave: Just gonna break my dreams huh

ZarthaxX: ye

ZarthaxX: i want you to suffer

ZarthaxX: like i am

ZarthaxX: well u have been suffering more

ZarthaxX: so im sorry

Zenoscave: Thanks

ZarthaxX: this game is savage

ZarthaxX: :(

eulerscheZahl: let's just wait for pacman

Riyuk: don't hate the game, hate the players :D

ZarthaxX: i hate u

ZarthaxX: :c

ZarthaxX: kidding

ZarthaxX: love u

ZarthaxX: im sorry corona is getting me

eulerscheZahl: you were like this before

Riyuk: :apple:

Zenoscave: you were always this way

Zenoscave: beat me euler

eulerscheZahl: not in terms of eloquence

Neon_Tuts: Hello world whats going n?

Neon_Tuts: *on

eulerscheZahl: a contest

Neon_Tuts: :)

eulerscheZahl: time to move into my office PC 1 off, PC 2 on... see you

Zenoscave: ttyl

Zenoscave: new submit ZarthaxX?

ZarthaxX: yeah

ZarthaxX: had 14 wins in arow at start

ZarthaxX: was fun

ZarthaxX: andd back down

Famout: Feels weird to bring out recursion, don't use it nearly enough in normal coding.

Zenoscave: I see

ZarthaxX: this is impossible

ZarthaxX: :c

Zenoscave: you're gonna bump me right zarhtie?

Riyuk: Doesn't look so :open_mouth:

ZarthaxX: mhm

ZarthaxX: i will try to get to top

ZarthaxX: funny thing is when i got top before i beated boss 4 time

ZarthaxX: out of 5

ZarthaxX: :/

Zenoscave: my best was 8/16

ZarthaxX: that's cool

Zenoscave: this was 2/6

ZarthaxX: dont u feel its kind of random

ZarthaxX: like nokidding

ZarthaxX: i know that if u have a good bot u prob win

ZarthaxX: but

ZarthaxX: having a submit reach like 5

ZarthaxX: and then 40

ZarthaxX: is weird

Zenoscave: the deviation is pretty high

ZarthaxX: yeah the trueskill fails in this one

Zenoscave: I think you're in range to possibly face me

Zenoscave: bump incomming please!

ZarthaxX: i killed boss once

ZarthaxX: maybe helps

ZarthaxX: and lost

ZarthaxX: :c

ZarthaxX: im sorry

ZarthaxX: gave u one

ZarthaxX: :)

Zenoscave: you lost to me too ;)

ZarthaxX: and fed the other dude

ZarthaxX: sheez

ZarthaxX: the top is so rough

ZarthaxX: i fed the boss

ZarthaxX: want a resubmit?

Zenoscave: up to you my friend

ZarthaxX: i will change some tiny things

ZarthaxX: mhm

Zenoscave: you may feed boss more. but i'm going to bed now. hopefully i wake up in legend

Zenoscave: gn

Zenoscave: was 1.39 below. now 1.38

ZarthaxX: aight

ZarthaxX: gn zeno

ZarthaxX: hope u get it once and for all

ZarthaxX: :D

Zenoscave: thx :+1:

Default avatar.png manc:

AntiSquid: zeno again at #2

AntiSquid: that must feel annoying

dbdr: size(legend) == 42

dbdr: definitely closed now ;)

AntiSquid: zeno will promote

AntiSquid: and there will be more

thibpat: :wave: we're live for more Ocean of Code progress

AntiSquid: go get legend thibpat

AntiSquid: :D

dbdr: not on stream ;)

AntiSquid: yes on stream, good luck thibpat

dbdr: that would be chaotic

lhm: I thought streaming gold+ code was forbidden? Anyways, good luck for legend thibpat !

AntiSquid: he doesn't read my comment and i am cheering for him :(

dbdr: it is lhm

AntiSquid: lhm he is not far from top 50 in gold

dbdr: not sure if it's a formal rule, but defnitely expected not to do it

AntiSquid: no formal rule

dbdr: culture also matters

struct: how many hours did he stream? 24+?

lhm: AntiSquid yes I know he is not that far from Legend, i'm actually really cheering for him ;)

AntiSquid: well personally i wouldn't stream past bronze, silver max

AntiSquid: but now it's top 100 gold already

AntiSquid: since the "damage" is done, i rather see him go top 10 legend :P

dbdr: I guess if it's really long, it would be unlikely that many people would watch everything ad copy the whole code *correctly*

AntiSquid: you don't need to copy, looks like weird spaghetti code

AntiSquid: you can improve your own bot based on it

dbdr: I think that might be fine

dbdr: takes a lot of time to watch, you don't know in advance if it will be worth it

lhm: Yes, just take the ideas behind his code and do a beter version of it in C++ :3

AntiSquid: maybe i should fix my threshholds based on his

dbdr: if he's not taking the 50ms, using C++ will give you nothing

lhm: dbdr Well you know it is worth now and you can still watch the entire run cant you?

struct: 17 hours

dbdr: true. if there is enough time left ;)

lhm: It might if I try to improve it

AntiSquid: go at 1.5 speed

AntiSquid: or maybe 2x ? he doesn't change too much too fast

dbdr: write software to capture the screen and extract the source code ;)

AntiSquid: don't need to write

AntiSquid: just print screen and OCR it

dbdr: that's only one page

dbdr: software needs to glue it together

AntiSquid: uhm, lol waste of time

dbdr: sure :)

lhm: fun project tho

AntiSquid: i don't know his strategy but going through the video is probably better you know what he is doing

AntiSquid: which might save you time and just improve based what he does succesfully

dbdr: sure, but often everything is connected

dbdr: best values of constants will depend on details of your code behaviour

AntiSquid: do you want a bot same strength as his or better?

dbdr: I don't need to answer that ;)

AntiSquid: it was a rhetoric question and addressed at nobody in particular

dbdr: I know :)

struct: Ok Im gonna stream

struct: Legend or delet

AntiSquid: oh he has an interesting charge sequence, that looks useful :p

AntiSquid: mine isn't "fine-tuned"

dbdr: silencing before torpedo?

struct: Are there situations where its better?

struct: Besides kill

AntiSquid: annoy opponent with timeouts?

dbdr: I do that, but I did not optimize

struct: you wont timeout with silence torpedo

struct: maybe if the enemy uses D

AntiSquid: gold boss not random anymore?

AntiSquid: still random for me :/

AntiSquid: 50% to win on specific seed

Riyuk: Going to gold finally :smile:

Riyuk: Where is AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: dbdr was in a contest at the beginning of the contest

dbdr: thanks for the ping AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: what do you mean by "don't understand the problem?"

pb4: hey

pb4: anybody has a seed with lakes in it ?

pb4: ideally 3 to test stuff

pb4: struct I'm sure you have that in store :D

IjustKilledutoo: hello, how is everybody

Uljahn: pb4: seed=9051324 seed=-1425933

pb4: thanks !

pb4: Uljahn : my lake detector is officially better than me xD

pb4: I counted 3 lakes on your first seed

pb4: lake detector told me there are 4

pb4: double checked and found the small one in the center :D

Uljahn: :)

kovi: any reason to use lakes? other than starting in biggest one?

pb4: starting in the biggest one

pb4: don't have that yet

Illedan: Assume the opponent is in your lake.. Else you can't kill him anyway

Illedan: And find him faster

pb4: oh didn't think about this one :)

MichaelPu: nice

MichaelPu: though aren't lakes rare enough to be negligable?

pb4: are there many "lake seeds" by the way ?

Illedan: Not many with lakes of this size afaik

JanisSerzants: What's incorrect here MOVE E MINE | SONAR 1 ??

wlesavo: probably smth else

tobk: Is there a way to enter a game seed in the online IDE? I remember something like "game options" next to the opponent selection, but can't find it now.

wlesavo: tobk settings mode expert

JanisSerzants: TOBK you can sync with IDE press settgins and Use an external code editor

tobk: right, thanks!

Neon_Tuts: Hello Everyone :wave:

dbdr: Illedan: not stricly true, the blast can reach another lake through a corner :)

Famout: JanisSerzants guessing you mean that as two separate inputs and not just one?

Famout: Oh, I see what you meant, sorry, misread.

AntiSquid: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Nerchio: sup antisquid

Nerchio: work or bot

NormantasStankevicius: I love silence spam

**Famout is guilty of it

NormantasStankevicius: my predictions jump from 80 to 14000

NormantasStankevicius: and code brakes down

Famout: I also don't use any of my guns soooo

Famout: Getting drafted into Silver via a pacifist run felt like cheating so actually learning to read my foes inputs now.

NormantasStankevicius: I just woke up

Famout: Can't wake up

NormantasStankevicius: and instantly started to work on code

NormantasStankevicius: I am addicted

OncePromise: :grin:

**Famout is annoyed by parsing strings

Default avatar.png anid: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png SpaceCastle: Game use attack annoying strings parsing.

It's very effective.

RavenKZP: *Wake me up inside*

OncePromise: The purpose of a program is to find the number closest to 0 from a set of numbers. If no number is input, output 0. How to write the code of output 0 without any number input


tobk: if n == 0 .... else ... ?

OncePromise: This is the source code. Please modify and add new code on it

OncePromise: I've run it. It doesn't seem to work

tobk: sure it does, depends on what you put in the ... though

Riyuk: wow almost 60 places gain, just by changing a little thing

aCat: yay, no more timeouts :D

AWice: zzzzzzzzz clash code

Riyuk: New submit Illedan :D

JanisSerzants: I guess torpedos are stronger than mines

NormantasStankevicius: yeah, kinda

aCat: not exacty

NormantasStankevicius: it really depends tho

aCat: torpedos are problematic cause you reveal your position

NormantasStankevicius: yeah

NormantasStankevicius: that is why it's kinda

aCat: so be careful with them ;-)

NormantasStankevicius: if you torpedo, you have to have a getaway path (Silence)

NormantasStankevicius: is the best idea

JanisSerzants: how can a bloody bot predict where I am?

NormantasStankevicius: math

JanisSerzants: after 10 moves you can tell I am 6 2, don't think so

NormantasStankevicius: your spawn

JanisSerzants: so maybe starting top left is bad idea

Nerchio: maybe someone is cheating :O

NormantasStankevicius: :O

NormantasStankevicius: Scripting?

NormantasStankevicius: is someone scripting in my game? ohhh my gosh!

NormantasStankevicius: starting top left is not that good

NormantasStankevicius: if you move to the other corner

NormantasStankevicius: like top left to bot left

NormantasStankevicius: or top left to top right

NormantasStankevicius: what league are you Janis?

JanisSerzants: Javascript

NormantasStankevicius: league

NormantasStankevicius: not language

NormantasStankevicius: silver, wood?

JanisSerzants: phh 😀 Bronze

NormantasStankevicius: bronze?

NormantasStankevicius: ok, I am in silver

NormantasStankevicius: try to move in a circullar path

NormantasStankevicius: less locations

NormantasStankevicius: that the bot can track you

NormantasStankevicius: You can get to silver with just clever pathing

NormantasStankevicius: not out of silver tho, I am stuck

Nerchio: forever silver :cry:

NormantasStankevicius: yeah

NormantasStankevicius: I didn't want to implement silence counter

NormantasStankevicius: but I had to

NormantasStankevicius: so I worked till 2am and did it

NormantasStankevicius: now optimizing and reworking some of my code

Nerchio: nerd

NormantasStankevicius: hey, u gold

NormantasStankevicius: ;<

Nerchio: i sat a couple of times until 3 am np

NormantasStankevicius: uptop man

NormantasStankevicius: bad sleep schedules is the new norm...

gaha: how do you counter silence?

gaha: i mean, what is silence counter for you

Famout: Pathing alone got me to silver, was very silly.

NormantasStankevicius: yeah

NormantasStankevicius: when I look back, it was basically the same

Famout: Hopefully tell you once I know myself Gaha!

Famout: Hoping to touch gold once I get guns online.

NormantasStankevicius: somewhat same

NormantasStankevicius: my pathing

NormantasStankevicius: due to that

NormantasStankevicius: I had to rework a lot of my code

Famout: First things first, and honestly most importantly, gotta track my foe.

Famout: I was lucky? My pathing, once it "worked" was suboptimal, and I wanted to tighten it down... but was solid enough to reach silver so leaving it alone for now!

NormantasStankevicius: I did optimize my path

NormantasStankevicius: but not much difference

Famout: It's a real hackjob of A* pathfinding, only to find the longest path, and it's weights isn't even good at that.

NormantasStankevicius: I feel like notmany people in bronze added proper location prediction

Famout: I already fear Silence, I think I know how to work around it, but still vastly complicates things.

Famout: I got rough sudo code layout done, but since it involves some light recursion it's gonna be fun to make proper.

Famout: I also missed the fact more then one command can be given a round, so parsing for many commands is the current task.

NormantasStankevicius: yeah, I had a simillar thing

NormantasStankevicius: that was holding me back in wood

NormantasStankevicius: fixed that

NormantasStankevicius: I climbed

NormantasStankevicius: 600spots

Famout: Thankfully I didn't even touch it and my boat just floated on it's own all this way.

Famout: I did something right... and/or bribed people at codingame somehow.

NormantasStankevicius: I think it's the ladder ;)... it's so annoying to implement silence counter (but kinda must),

NormantasStankevicius: now I have to rewrite a good portion of my code

Famout: I'm going in the deep end, and hoping gold doesn't add anything extra since Silver didn't

NormantasStankevicius: it shouldn't

NormantasStankevicius: as much as I know, only wood adds new stuff

Nerchio: if u have mines u have everything

NormantasStankevicius: most of the time

Famout: I could have sworn some of the other things added stuff all the way past gold?

Famout: I still need to fix my pod racer....

Famout: Still, nice to know I don't need to keep things too flexible.

NormantasStankevicius: no there are some games/bot programming that add up to legend I think

NormantasStankevicius: but I am not that experienced in CGs, tho my classmates are

Famout: Yea, that's right, I got a broken pod racer at legend rank.

Famout: Huh, ego boost there, looks like 97k submissions for CSB, and I'm at 805... broken bot, but still, yay me.


tobk: what's all this about pathing? I just do a quick floodfill to see which moves lead to deadends, which is far from optimal, and still in most games I never have to surface

AntiSquid: so what do you do vs mines?

Famout: At the moment? Die....

AntiSquid: tobk

tobk: not too much. have basic mine tracking, but just try to avoid those cells

mark7: Hello

AntiSquid: 1 boss win :o

Famout: Woo!

Famout: Wood 1 is also pretty easy, just having a working boat moves you along plenty.

NormantasStankevicius: When you are about to leave silver

NormantasStankevicius: watching your placements is like you are watching horseracing with a bet on it

NormantasStankevicius: You are invested

Famout: I mean, ATM I am invested in getting this parser to work correctly so I can track every move.

Default avatar.png C0deLoGgEr: join my clash !!

Famout: Time for sleep, got most parsing working, able to take someone using every command on a turn and still save it.

ZarthaxX: zenoscave sorry

Nerchio: what did u do :D

NormantasStankevicius: Silver 33/540

NormantasStankevicius: I can taste gold

ZarthaxX: not helping him get legend yesterday

ZarthaxX: now it's impossible

Nerchio: why its impossible?

ZarthaxX: top getting super annoying

AntiSquid: NormantasStankevicius that means nothing

Famout: It means progress.

NormantasStankevicius: ^

Riyuk: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

NormantasStankevicius: same :(

Hyslach653: hi i need help with the power of thor game. Anyone here has solved it using JS?

Crypticsy: Hey can someone help me figure out how the wire T-P become S-O in the puzzle " Enigma - 3 rotors without plugboard"?

Crypticsy: Hyslach653 sure

Default avatar.png Ustorix: haha i am also doing power of thor in c

Hyslach653: i'm stuck on lvl 3

Hyslach653: how can i share my code with you?

Crypticsy: do you mean easy angles?

Hyslach653: yess that one


Crypticsy: here

Crypticsy: you can create a paste and send it

Hyslach653: On my way!!

Crypticsy: or message me, which ever is convenient to you

Hyslach653: thank you so much! im pasting it


Nerchio: damn i hate and love staring at a code for 2 hours just to see there was a typo in the end

Hyslach653: i'm trying to get it right but i have been 2 days trying to get it right, beginner here :)

eulerscheZahl: you don't need a direction variable when you have directionX and directionY (which you print in the end)

Hyslach653: yeah i was just trying things

Hyslach653: clearly that doesn't work

ZarthaxX: hi zen

ZarthaxX: zenoscave

Crypticsy: Hey can someone help me figure out how the wire T-P become S-O in the puzzle " Enigma - 3 rotors without plugboard"?

Crypticsy: XD i am still waiting for someone to look it up

ZarthaxX: neverdone it srry

AntiSquid: ZarthaxX getting close

ZarthaxX: meh

ZarthaxX: not gonna make it

ZarthaxX: this game just makes u sad

AntiSquid: when did you start playing it?

ZarthaxX: 2 daysafter it started

AntiSquid: ya it's annoying

ZarthaxX: left for a week ,from gold to legend

ZarthaxX: didnt do much each day as its too much time

ZarthaxX: it sucks your life out lol

AntiSquid: yes

ZarthaxX: also, this doesnt make sense for me

ZarthaxX: went to sleeep 8

ZarthaxX: now im 2nd

AntiSquid: some promoted

ZarthaxX: who?

ZarthaxX: i didnt see any

AntiSquid: idk

AntiSquid: are you sure?

ZarthaxX: of ppl promoting?

AntiSquid: look ZarthaxX :o

ZarthaxX: i remember a 42

ZarthaxX: yeah i saw

ZarthaxX: still dont give a f lol

eulerscheZahl: 42 in legend, wa like that 12h ago too

ZarthaxX: right so no new

AntiSquid: hm then people changed their bots

AntiSquid: "fixing" bugs

ZarthaxX: argentina friendo was last legend i think

AntiSquid: your sensei

eulerscheZahl: beating you again

ZarthaxX: yeah my sensei

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl u remember last contest

ZarthaxX: dont u know him? lol

ZarthaxX: u cant compare

AntiSquid: i didn't like the last one either :/

ZarthaxX: oh p´rtomoted

ZarthaxX: nice

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: told you

ZarthaxX: mehwas luck

AntiSquid: skill

Illedan: Lucky skill?

AntiSquid: patience skill

AntiSquid: wait for push at the right time

ZarthaxX: or maybe dont have any strong ideas to even dare to submit

ZarthaxX: thanks zenoscave <3

AntiSquid: now that the fat bear is out of the way you can promote too Zenoscave

AntiSquid: ZarthaxX here's a parting gift:

Skril: gg ZarthaxX :-)

ZarthaxX: thanks :)

ZarthaxX: AntiSquid wtf :P

wlesavo: lol nice

RavenKZP: can I TRIGGER multiple torpedoes at once?

wlesavo: no

RavenKZP: sad

Illedan: You can trigger mines, not torpedos. And you can only do 1 of each command every round

AntiSquid: you can also trigger people

RavenKZP: yh yes i mean mines not torpedos :P

RavenKZP: AntiSquid I know how to trigger multiple people at once

AntiSquid: you get time out if you trigger more than one at a time

Nerchio: coming to the top boys maybe i will push someone

Nerchio: xD

AntiSquid: Just do it! Don't let your dreams be dreams

Nerchio: zenos owning me

ZarthaxX: lol

ZarthaxX: push zeno

ZarthaxX: he needs a rest

Nerchio: he is #4 so probably not

ZarthaxX: and boss?

Nerchio: didnt have games vs boss yet

ZarthaxX: what score

Nerchio: i made my bot a little more consistent so my submits should be better nowe we will see

Nerchio: this one didnt quite work

Nerchio: i don't win games vs boulet

Nerchio: ever

Boulet: :D

Boulet: ty

Boulet: helps me so much Nerchio

Nerchio: ocaml

Nerchio: wtf

Boulet: java let me laugh

Nerchio: boost nr2 incoming

Crypticsy: XD has anyone done or read "Enigma - 3 rotors without plugboard"?

Nerchio: 54/72 matches won not bad ;o

tobk: why are you always doing "silence 0"? I mean I understand that (a) some bots might not even be aware that that's possible (but probably not in gold anymore) and (b) it takes away the risk of silencing full-speed into some bad situation

tobk: but if you _always_ do silence 0, isn't that kind of predictable?

Nerchio: me?

tobk: no, zarthax and antisquid in their replay, but heard it from others, too

wlesavo: tobk thats easier, i punish for silence 0, because even in gold its quite common

wlesavo: in legend i mean

tobk: sure, every once in a while, my bot silence-3s into a dead-end, but if all the top-bots do silence 0, it kind of gives away their posiiton like not silencing at all...

wlesavo: you can silence into mine field, thats much worse

tobk: hm, maybe I should just try it, let's see where it takes me from gold-80, but it feels kind of dumb...

wlesavo: you can sometimes do other lengths

wlesavo: in early game preferably

tobk: what I do: get my "preferred" direction for a regular move, then silence a random amount (including 0) in that direction.

ZarthaxX: and trap yourself :c

tobk: yes, sometimes :-P

Nerchio: thats why predicting state of the map after the silence is important

tobk: but again, if you ALWAYS do silence 0, and so many others, too, then maybe I should just ignore the opponent's silence and see where that gets me :-P

tobk: (or maybe just put a higher weight/probability on that position; currently I'm just having a set of possible positions, but no probabilities)

tomatoes: i rand 0 1 in preferred direction

Nerchio: my submits so far look like

ZarthaxX: try tobk

ZarthaxX: spam submit

Nerchio: get unlucky first few matches then crawl through the middle of the gold to end around top10 xd

tobk: I will, but not now. technically stil at work :-)

Nerchio: i just beat you tobk u can watch that

Nerchio: xD

YannT: 128 matches vs. kovi today

YannT: man there isn't enough bandwith on the internet for your pushing :)

Illedan: haha

Nerchio: btw matches are not being played unless someone pushes or?

Illedan: Correct

ZarthaxX: matches generateon submits

kovi: yeah, cg servers are doing better today yesterday i gave up after 2-3 submits

Nerchio: kk i will keep spamming submits then

ZarthaxX: u are gonna get a captcha

Nerchio: just need to get lucky in 60% of the games

tobk: Nerchio Hm, your bots beats mine pretty consistently, 5 out of 5. But I'm still 8 ranks ahead :-P

[CG]Thibaud: :fear:

YannT: kovi: I'm pretty sure you're a big factor in wether the servers are doing well :p

Nerchio: tobk i am top15 gold but i keep spamming submits

Nerchio: hoping one will get through

kovi: yannt, seriously it was the other way around :)

tobk: oh, you did just resubmit. didn't see that in the opponent selection

Nerchio: yeah

tobk: good luck then. off to more work for now.

Nerchio: i won 35 out of 38 last matches

Nerchio: idk this game you can work on your bot a lot but in the end some luck is required

Nerchio: top3 guys are really close to the boss

Nerchio: i will push someone at some point for sure xD

Boulet: Nerchio: u see you can win against me :D

Nerchio: 1 game sick.

Nerchio: idk breaking through without having 70% win ratio against top guys seems really tough

blasterpoard: I wonder why top gold meta is much more silence-heavy than legend meta

NormantasStankevicius: uhmmm, what is a quick formula to calculate sector from my cordinates?

MadKnight: /3 ?

blasterpoard: int sector() const {

       return 1 + (y / 5) * 3 + x / 5;

NormantasStankevicius: thanks

NormantasStankevicius: I was having issues for some reason

blasterpoard: make sure to use integer division

NormantasStankevicius: I was

NormantasStankevicius: I had a very similar formula

NormantasStankevicius: maybe the same

Nerchio: i hate that i am losing to lechuck in submits and have more than 50% in practice games ;p

NormantasStankevicius: but idk

NormantasStankevicius: I had issues

MadKnight: how many practice games did u play Nerchio ?

blasterpoard: if less than 1000, it's not a good sample size

MadKnight: especially if just 5

Nerchio: ofc not 5 xd

MadKnight: how many ?

Nerchio: 6

MadKnight: ez

MadKnight: u need 7

Nerchio: the games at the top go way too slow need to submit :D

kovi: results are different with everyone resubmit

Riyuk: definitely, changes the league's result everytime

Default avatar.png IsraelGever: any1 knows how to resize the Console output window? im getting crazy

gaha: in CG ide? you can only Expand it

gaha: afaik

NormantasStankevicius: 2.2score diff between Silver boss and 2nd place

NormantasStankevicius: yikes

Nerchio: i will have nightmares about lechuck

blasterpoard: he's just protecting you from the hell that is legend

Nerchio: i would be glad with my bot rotting in legend

Illedan: Yeah, I would like to go back down

AntiSquid: at least you won't end up under a ventilator

idkhow2codee: hi, if I use torpedo command after move than can I target cells in range 5 from init pos in the same direction ?

AntiSquid: no

AntiSquid: wait

AntiSquid: you worded it weird

idkhow2codee: xd

AntiSquid: range 4 from wherever you are at the moment you fire

AntiSquid: simple as that

Nerchio: if you silence and move you can hit a target 10sqm away for 1hp

YannT: has siman gone into hiding? :D

idkhow2codee: I mean if I move E and fire in the same turn then can I fire my_pos _x + 5 ?

AntiSquid: oh right last weekend, there should be more bots coming out of hiding

eulerscheZahl: nah, only on monday

Scarfield: actually 11 squares away, since the blast goes both up/down and sides

idkhow2codee: oh nvm so I can move only after torpedo

AntiSquid: what

Scarfield: actions can be done in every order you want to

idkhow2codee: oh k maybe smth wrong with code xd

AntiSquid: fix it

idkhow2codee: I will thanks

JanisSerzants: if you try to shoot above the island, you get kill instantly?

Scarfield: yes, you can only target water cells

JanisSerzants: i mean you target water, but between me and my target (water) has island

gaha: read the instructions about how torpedo distance is calculated

gaha: it's actually "traveling-like" distance

gaha: anyway, out of range torpedo does not kill you

JanisSerzants: imagine i'm on 1 1, i want to shoow to 1 3, but 1 2 is island, will this be game over?

gaha: No

gaha: As I said

gaha: You will even hit the target, since the distance is 4

idkhow2codee: so there is some path finding algorithm involved in using torpedo

ZarthaxX: yeah

ZarthaxX: bfs depth 4 is enough for that

idkhow2codee: but what what if I would be in closed group of cells e.g 1x3 I've been once in such board

idkhow2codee: but that's very rare

idkhow2codee: and if ur bot sucks like mine

Scarfield: have you read about floodfill? its an algorithm for that kind of thing

Scarfield: the bucket tool in Paint uses it for instance

ZarthaxX: lol

ZarthaxX: great example scarfo

Default avatar.png cohr: codeforces >>

eulerscheZahl: codejam

eulerscheZahl: in 3 days

Default avatar.png cohr: kick start in 2 days

eulerscheZahl: meh

Scarfield: noo, the qualification is already over :'(

ZarthaxX: lol

NormantasStankevicius: hmmmm, how to spam silence less?

ZarthaxX: spam it only when in danger of getting hit?

NormantasStankevicius: well

NormantasStankevicius: I run the same predictions for myself

NormantasStankevicius: as enemy

ZarthaxX: and?

struct: grats on legend ZarthaxX

NormantasStankevicius: I tried using silence

NormantasStankevicius: when my predictions reach a certain point

NormantasStankevicius: like 30predictions where I could be

NormantasStankevicius: I guess I'll need to do a lot more code

ZarthaxX: thanks struct/tob

ZarthaxX: tobo

Nerchio: damn gold is so funny

ZarthaxX: zenoscave pushed me hard

ZarthaxX: :P

Nerchio: people ending in top10 then in top 50

ZarthaxX: its not funny at all

Nerchio: right now i see borisZ who was at the top very often then i saw him at top40 now submitting top 5

ZarthaxX: lol

YannT: I swear one day I'mma look at cg and kovi will not be currently pushing and I'll get worried about him

JFB: :-)

blasterpoard: I have trouble deciding which version is best because the rating depends mostly on whether kovi is submitting or not

JFB: Maybe he has bot for pushing :-)

YannT: for the last week your ranking has pretty much been your winrate vs. kovi :p

eulerscheZahl: is that how i got back to top20 now?

blasterpoard: 26% 9 / 25 / 0

blasterpoard: without kovi, I'm in top5

YannT: 41 / 51 / 1

YannT: it's going down though because he put me at my 500 matches limit

YannT: in reality I probably player him >200 times

kovi: my rank depends on everyone else pushing (except jolindien who still owns me hard)

YannT: I don't even know how you can possibly estimate how good anything is by chain pushing like this

YannT: you realize the 150 matches of a push is not a good indicator right? :p

eulerscheZahl: oh, a new multiplayer game. when did that happen?

kovi: yannt, that is why i push so many, avg. of 3 :)

eulerscheZahl: and submit spamming affects the ranking of others. and thus your rank on the next submit, as it depends on the score of other players

YannT: why don't you use cgbench with fixed agentIds that would be a more valuable indicator :p

JFB: Maybe kovi do not look on the rank - but calculate winrate with other playsers - each one separatelly

YannT: a run of 150 matches, on this game, has a 10-20% variance with fixed agentIds, on ladder with other people pushing etc probably more

YannT: actually if I get a 10-20% variance on a run with fixed top5 agentIds on cgbench, it's probably worse on ladder

YannT: basically doesn't tell you anything

eulerscheZahl: but playing 150 games by submit is faster than with CG-benchmark

AntiSquid: another multi wow

eulerscheZahl: yeah, with huge branching

AntiSquid: someone make a plants vs zombies multi while we are at it

eulerscheZahl: no idea how we shall keep track and play all of them

eulerscheZahl: 6 multis on my TODO now (counting coders of the realm as 1)

YannT: it's faster but (at least on this game) not extremelmy relevant

YannT: "letting it sit" is a better metric by far

YannT: unless kovi's having day, because then that too is not very precise :p

dbdr: we need to create an alternative leaderboard

dbdr: that's insensitive to submit spam :)

dbdr: and to match order

dbdr: I think someone even did that for a past contest

dbdr: when the result of the rerun was debatable

YannT: you could basically do the entire run with random people in the league, and only at the end of all matches update everyone's scores accordingly

YannT: but it would be less gamey :)

eulerscheZahl: bad mode with a less rock paper scissors game

eulerscheZahl: i remember each vs each at RAIC, a lot of matches in codeball were useless because you could tell the winner before

dbdr: you could take the matches that CG decided to run, and find the ranking that best predicts the results taken together, regardless of order

reCurse: The leaderboard is too unstable for that to work

reCurse: Too many submissions per player, which one is relevant

dbdr: you do that for the last submission

dbdr: each submission has its own value

dbdr: since it's different code

reCurse: The value is always relative

dbdr: sure

reCurse: If tons of people are submitting all the time, you lose any hope at good references

kovi: yes

AntiSquid: imagine a multi where you basically need to optimize a leaderboard :o

dbdr: and imagine the leaderboard of that multi

reCurse: The only "real" solution is continuous games and we know that won't happen

AntiSquid: 2k frustrated players?

dbdr: reCurse: that does not fix everything if match order matters

reCurse: It does not fix everything but takes you much closer to reality

AntiSquid: indeed

reCurse: You control the entire scheduling

reCurse: Instead of users whim

dbdr: not more matches for new submits?

YannT: new submits could start at current score

reCurse: No, you need to maintain enough weight between close players that don't submit


reCurse: You could think of an optimization where you remember and reuse the winrate past X matchups for old submissions

reCurse: But if you don't maintain relations between everyone close the leaderboard becomes fucked up

reCurse: Like every leaderboard at CG

reCurse: Exhibit A: Top 4 at CSB

reCurse: Resetting sigma and not mu would also do wonders to get more juice out of submits

reCurse: But anyway wasting time on stuff that's never happening

dbdr: you can implement it yourself ;)

reCurse: Sure, give me access to their repo

dbdr: you can schedule your own matches

dbdr: no need to

dbdr: you have the agentIds

reCurse: Then I'll need 20 alt accounts to have decent speed

dbdr: ah, true

reCurse: Hope CG doesn't kill me

dbdr: :D

dbdr: crowdsource it

reCurse: Like I'd trust anyone here

dbdr: no need to trust

reCurse: To not mess with the results :p

dbdr: they send the gameIds

reCurse: Ah, clever

reCurse: brb

dbdr: you need to tell them the seed too

AntiSquid: guess who's back

eulerscheZahl: i can run the same game multiple times until i'm happy with the result

dbdr: hence the seed, but true it's not enough with stochstic bots

Nerchio: whats the oldest multi you can still play?

dbdr: when if you need to respond withing 30 seconds

dbdr: cannot run it more than once

dbdr: you could not respond if you don't like the result

AntiSquid: Nerchio Tron

dbdr: but then the master could decide you are not reliable and stop using you

AntiSquid: Nerchio you can see old contest games here:

Nerchio: can't play them?

AntiSquid: you can

AntiSquid: they are in the multi section now

icecream17: I've discovered something weird...

icecream17: on turn 14 the space '14 14' disappears

icecream17: always on turn 14

eulerscheZahl: can you elaborate on that?

wlesavo: number magic

icecream17: the bottom right corner disappears in turn "14" (frame 31 or so) every time

eulerscheZahl: display bug?

icecream17: In an array called "available"

icecream17: No, my code

eulerscheZahl: bot bug

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: make it happen at specific time of the day too

Marcose: Has anyone used tornadofx with kotlin?

Nerchio: let's goooooo

Nerchio: making chaos in gold again

AntiSquid: vandalize the boss Nerchio

Nerchio: bot PLS

Nerchio: U CAN DO IT

Nerchio: just some luck vs lechuck

AntiSquid: you getting rekt by the boss though

AntiSquid: maybe you should just leave the bot on #2 after this

Nerchio: i cursed myself

Nerchio: again

ZarthaxX: swag promoted

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: but he's feeding the boss

Nerchio: comeback?.

Nerchio: nope

AntiSquid: yobo has most fitting avatar for #2

Nerchio: xd

Nerchio: 1 point is quite a lot

Nerchio: do i keep submitting

AntiSquid: no

ZarthaxX: 1 point?

AntiSquid: boss beats yu up too often

ZarthaxX: i was like 3 below yesterday

ZarthaxX: and i got pushed

ZarthaxX: lol

AntiSquid: you only roll for lower rank

AntiSquid: ya just do a ZarthaxX

ZarthaxX: what squid is kind of tru tho if u feed boss

ZarthaxX: its never ending

AntiSquid: hibernate until legend

ZarthaxX: and top ppl will hate u

ZarthaxX: ye just do that

Nerchio: i feel like they should do

Nerchio: eventual auto-game vs boss for top10 people

Nerchio: or something

Nerchio: like once in a while 1 game vs boss

Nerchio: instead you need to wait for people submitting

ZarthaxX: the spam is big anyway

ZarthaxX: u gotta see last day submits

ZarthaxX: :)

AntiSquid: ya and the server lag

Nerchio: 4 wins in a row vs submitting tomatoes

Nerchio: feels good

Nerchio: ok i guess i will leave my bot be for now, might resubmit later if needed

Zenoscave: zarthaxx...

Zenoscave: you dirty toe-eyed cabbage.

AntiSquid: make passata out of him Nerchio

Astrobytes: pml, insult of the year Zeno

Zenoscave: pml?

Astrobytes: pissing myself laughing

Zenoscave: ah

AntiSquid: piss my life

Zenoscave: he beat me to legend

Zenoscave: :/

Astrobytes: Yeah I saw lol

Zenoscave: I'm missing something

AntiSquid: while doing nothing Zenoscave

Scarfield: you got him with a head pew

AntiSquid: he wasn't doing anything !

Zenoscave: Will a legend player show me a match that would be a good hint

Nerchio: you can watch legend games

ZarthaxX: mhm

ZarthaxX: Zenoscave

ZarthaxX: thanks

AntiSquid: the god damn clapping gets irritating

Zenoscave: There's so many. Just wondering if there's a good strat im missing

ZarthaxX: wat

ZarthaxX: hi Zenoscave

ZarthaxX: im so sorry

ZarthaxX: :C

Zenoscave: hi Zenoscave

ZarthaxX: lol

idkhow2codee: can I silence through islands?

Zenoscave: I am Z<tab>

Nerchio: no

struct: no

ZarthaxX: lmao

ZarthaxX: still love me right?

Zenoscave: yeah

ZarthaxX: literally beated u almost every game ,lucky push

ZarthaxX: oh well

AntiSquid: well rekt

cegprakash: anyone want to team up with me?

cegprakash: for sprint challenge

cegprakash: spring challenge

cegprakash: C++

struct: Is it even allowed?

cegprakash: it's not a team event?

cegprakash: I read somewhere it's team event

AntiSquid: even if you were the best player in the world i still wouldn't want to team up with you ceg, nothing personal though

Nerchio: wow thats rude :(

eulerscheZahl: that sounds very personal

AntiSquid: no, assertive

eulerscheZahl: Zenoscave 09:01PM I am Z<tab>

test: ZarthaxX

Scarfield: "But i said no offense"

Zenoscave: It depends on when you enter chat euler

eulerscheZahl: i know

ZarthaxX: lol AntiSquid savage

eulerscheZahl: yeah, ban!

AntiSquid: was a polite no

struct: polite?

AntiSquid: wordy ?

eulerscheZahl: you love ceg as much as i love a now inactive user

struct: :thinking:

ZarthaxX: i forgot his name

ZarthaxX: indian boi

struct: aniruhp?

ZarthaxX: that one

struct: or something like that

AntiSquid: cybercamlemonade?

ZarthaxX: LOL

cegprakash: is someone trolling an Indian?

cegprakash: I'm here for the rescue

AntiSquid: no, because he might just be a migrant

Astrobytes: cegprakash where have you been?

cegprakash: my email says " For the Spring Challenge, we have assigned you by default to your company, else to your school. If you don't have any team yet, you can still join one. Here's mine:"

cegprakash: so I thought it's a team event

struct: Thats spring challenge

struct: not OOC

eulerscheZahl: "I agree that it’s difficult to reach the top rankings of the solo leaderboard, but in a team, there’s everything to play for. "

AntiSquid: check the leaderboard for the current contest cegprakash

eulerscheZahl: thanks for reminding my that my colleagues don't want to play, Thibaud

AntiSquid: doing more "work" outside work

ZarthaxX: same with uni friendos

struct: euler you can team with some people from CG I guess

eulerscheZahl: for this?

FrankR: eulerscheZahl: we wouldn't mind you on our team.. and we're hiring :)

cegprakash: oh only 37 universities took part in OOC

cegprakash: is it possible for a 1 man team?

eulerscheZahl: in Ulm, um Ulm und um Ulm herum

struct: no euler I mean for Spring challenge

cegprakash: I'll submit a dummy bot in OOC

FrankR: München oder Meersburg ginge auch ;-)

eulerscheZahl: what are you working on? projects? technology stack?

FrankR: consultancy.. so it depends on the client projects a lot

eulerscheZahl: found your website

FrankR: oh gosh.. we haven't hidden it enough.. I'll let our marketing know, thanks

struct: 2.3 points diff

cegprakash: if I start OOC today how far can I go

struct: rank 1

eulerscheZahl: :rofl:

AntiSquid: you are your own limit

ZarthaxX: rank1 wood

ZarthaxX: lmao

FrankR: eulerscheZahl: also tech stacks vary widely.. from bare metal embedded C projects all the way up to the cloud

Astrobytes: Why did you not start already ceg, that's why I asked where have you been?

AntiSquid: away from the pain and suffering, Astrobytes

Astrobytes: lol AntiSquid

AntiSquid: he was hiding coz contest too hurd

Astrobytes: lol, no ceg, and no Madeleine either

AntiSquid: madao would have played if the subs had velocity, not his fault

Astrobytes: hahaha

Nerchio: 0.43 pts behind boss xd

struct: Nerchio just wait

struct: someone will push you

Astrobytes: ^^

Nerchio: no i will submit now!

ZarthaxX: no u wont lmao

AntiSquid: bad idea Nerchio, better wait for 0.01 diff

Astrobytes: For your sake I hope that was a joke Nerchio :D

Nerchio: its all zenos fault btw

Nerchio: he beat me 8 times in that submit

Neumann: Nerchio, are you the famous SC2 player ?

eulerscheZahl: once i resubmitted with 0.01 below the gold boss, took me days to promote

Nerchio: Neumann i might have played some sc2 ;d

Neumann: Is that a yes ? Arthur ?

Astrobytes: Oh shit, *that* Nerchio?


Nerchio: damn i got discovered

Neumann: I don't believe you

eulerscheZahl: why do you ask then?

struct: ^

ZarthaxX: lol

Nerchio: my bot beats yours isn't that enough of a proof

Neumann: Irrelevant

ZarthaxX: weird answer

struct: go 1vs1 starcraft

eulerscheZahl: wikipedia tells me that Nerchio has a twitch account. do you want him to stream CG as a proof?

ZarthaxX: tomatoes promoting him?

tomatoes: a bit

Nerchio: i am 1-1 in his submit

AntiSquid: struct, on blizz game chat it would be : "1on1 noob?"

struct: sorry havent played

Astrobytes: *1v1 noob

AntiSquid: any argument ends up with someone asking that

idkhow2codee: show us ur polish language skills xd

Nerchio: czesc

idkhow2codee: xd

idkhow2codee: k I belief u

Neumann: Are you still sponsored by Redbull ?

Nerchio: no

Neumann: Then why you still got Redbull assets on your twitter account

Neumann: Liar

RavenKZP: żółć - it's polish :D

AntiSquid: i've been to Torun

AntiSquid: nice city

Nerchio: its just a picture ;p

Nerchio: tomatoes good submit xD

tomatoes: boss 30 again :no_mouth:

Nerchio: well just gotta wait

AntiSquid: well fed

Nerchio: trictrac smashing into top5

Nerchio: took my points

AntiSquid: a true friend gives points

AntiSquid: thanks for the points

Nerchio: time to resubmit

tobk: how often did you submit so far, in total?

Nerchio: i have 250 submits over a week or something

Nerchio: 215 submits

Zenoscave: 1,273...

struct: wtf

tomatoes: 112

tobk: 39 :-D

Nerchio: zenos i see you coming with a submit at 30% and then u stop :D

Zenoscave: I lose too many low rank to pass

Nerchio: i had same

Nerchio: but last few submits were pretty consistent in getting to top15 at least

tobk: including 2 to test only silence 0-1 and only silence 0, did not really make a difference in rank for me

AntiSquid: top 50 isn't low rank you snob

Nerchio: xD

Zenoscave: but top 200 is

Zenoscave: ...

Nerchio: but yea good start in a submit bumps you quickly to the top

Zenoscave: I'm not discrediting anyone's code. I just know I can't pass legend if I fail too many beginning matches

SaadEdynn: khoti rah w7lna wlah ma3rfna ki ndiro liha

Zenoscave: that's nice


Astrobytes: KobeL you should announce what you are streaming, and there is a 'Streaming' channel on the discord, or you can post in the forum

KobeL: Sure thing! Will do from now on

Astrobytes: :)

AntiSquid: ah clash

AntiSquid: or something like: WARNING: it's clash of code

KobeL: Currently doing some clashed indeed, might work on my stream setup or some puzzles later

Astrobytes: KobeL, remember to post what you are streaming (clash,puzzles, contest) in the discord channel or you'll lose viewers

KobeL: Edited

Nerchio: zenos bombing top10 over and over again :D

Zenoscave: Yeah :/

Nerchio: its what i did for most of the day before

Nerchio: will do it tomorrow as well if i fall down

Zenoscave: really dense top 10

Nerchio: im afraid its only going to get worse as time goes by

NormantasStankevicius: ^ same

AntiSquid: it usually does Nerchio

Default avatar.png Amrhossam: does this help really getting a job ?

Illedan: To some degree

Default avatar.png Amrhossam: but it's all about algorithms

Default avatar.png Amrhossam: companies care about building stuff not memorizing algorithms

Illedan: Hence to some degree

Default avatar.png Amrhossam: i'm a mechanical engineer after all

NormantasStankevicius: Employers enjoy enthusiasm

NormantasStankevicius: If you participate in these kind of events, codejams work on your own on some passion stuff

NormantasStankevicius: it will sho

NormantasStankevicius: w

NormantasStankevicius: to employers that you are passionate about what you are doing, and hence it means you might work better

NormantasStankevicius: because you might look like a hard worker with a desire, not a worker who is living for a living

-words of a Unity and ex-amazon hiring specialist, I talked at Unity offices in my town

Nerchio: zenos are u feeding the boss

Zenoscave: 2/3 losses

Zenoscave: only 1 win

Nerchio: my bot loses to you 65% of the games i think

Nerchio: go legend so i can rest in peace

Zenoscave: I'm trying

Illedan: Very close now zeno

Zenoscave: this is my best bot so far for sure

Zenoscave: But i feed boss too much

Nerchio: you won 7 games in a row vs me :P

Zenoscave: 72 wins 25 losses 4 ties

AntiSquid: lies, he wants to be the gatekeeper to legend

Nerchio: bot 30.5 :(

Zenoscave: I had 1/5 against boss....

Zenoscave: err 1/6

Nerchio: you are second so i guess camp time? :P

Zenoscave: not until I figure out why i lose terribly to boss

wlesavo: because it is so good? :slight_smile:

Zenoscave: true

AntiSquid: what's the secret to your shenanigans wlesavo?

Astrobytes: They'd no longer be shenanigans if he told ye squiddy

MSmits: hi guys

Astrobytes: Oh hey man, you good?

MSmits: been away for a bit, busy with work on uttt. But now I am back to try and get a respectable rank before end of contest. Hopefully legend (?)

darkhorse64: no sleep til legend ?

MSmits: work and uttt i was gonna say

Astrobytes: How did UTTT go?

darkhorse64: play onitama. I am waiting for you. Or push me to legen

MSmits: rank 1 again

darkhorse64: d

Astrobytes: gg

MSmits: darkhorse64 will do onitama between the two contests

MSmits: but i'm taking it easy

wlesavo: MSmits nice

Illedan: Welcome back

MSmits: thanks :)

MSmits: i coded some mine avoidance today

cegprakash: in OOC is Silence = Jump?

cegprakash: I'm on wood1

MSmits: it's working, but it's no miracle cure

Illedan: This game sure as hell has no silver bullet

Illedan: Who makes stuff like this :(

MSmits: it really doesn't. I'm guessing it's lots of little tweaks and such

icecream17: silence = move N * 4

Astrobytes: cegprakash it's moving between 0 - 4 cells without telling your opponent where you moved

MSmits: I kinda thought it was gonna be like that. I do like the game, but I don't like to spend 4 weeks on trial and error

Illedan: Yeah, I did chill some during it

Illedan: Regretting now

Illedan: :P

Illedan: Too much I wanna do

Illedan: and then work I need to do too

wlesavo: AntiSquid in fact only the stuff that i considered necessary, in a sence that i thought everybody would do that at some point, but i guess there are couple of shenanigans as well

MSmits: I think i coded 5 days total or something

Astrobytes: At least it goes straight to multi after

MSmits: It's hard to not get drawn away by these majestic board games :)

Illedan: New one today

MSmits: even uttt

MSmits: which?

Illedan: New multi

Astrobytes: Daisies and something

MSmits: sounds very masculine

MSmits: tulips and daisies

Astrobytes: Tulips and Daisies

Illedan: Pure bitboard optimization fun :P

MSmits: yet, you did it in C#

Astrobytes: Hey, "Tulips From Amsterdam" MSmits :P

MSmits: yeah i was gonna say, I'm dutch, automatic tulip expert

Illedan: Maybe I should try C++ :O

Zenoscave: I might rewrite my bot in C++ after contest

MSmits: I dont see you use that... have you coded c++ before?

Illedan: Nope :D

Illedan: Might as well try it some day

Zenoscave: It's a very different beast from C#

Astrobytes: I hope the momentum will keep going after contest

Illedan: or learn to code with unsafe :thinking:

MSmits: you'll learn it faster than I did. Just pick a multi for which you coded a small bot with not too much of the Linq magic and such and convert that to c++

MSmits: I recommend uttt or similar

MSmits: or do rust or something, be original

Zenoscave: I might try and make a LINQ++ header library

MSmits: I might have done a different language if i had to choose now

Zenoscave: SFINAE style and all

MSmits: c++ is nuts sometimes. Earlier I accidentally mistlaid a parentheses and it just compiled and ran... just not very well. It was like Setpath(x,y), z; instead of Setpath(x,y,z); c++ is nuts

Zenoscave: Ah yes compound statements

Zenoscave: those are the worst

MSmits: the annoying thing is that the Setpath function was overloaded

MSmits: so both ways were ok and apparently the ,z didn't bother it

Zenoscave: Oh man that is pretty unlucky

MSmits: yeah

Scarfield: shouldnt it fail because you call it with too many arguments?

MSmits: no it was overloaded

MSmits: both were ok

MSmits: I was calling the one with 2 arguments, but i meant to call the one with 3

MSmits: and all i did was misplace a parentheses

Scarfield: aah :/

MSmits: in any sane language that would give a syntax error and it costs you like 2 seconds

MSmits: The only thing i like about c++ is the speed.

MSmits: That's why I would maybe like to learn a different, more modern fast language

Scarfield: D++ will soon be available :p

Astrobytes: You could check for things like that but it would be more coding

MSmits: yeah I am sure a more competent coder would not spend too much time fixing my mistakes

Nerchio: i feel like all coders say that

Zenoscave: especially the really competent ones

Zenoscave: ;)

Zenoscave: MSmits you're what rank in uttt?

MSmits: :)

Astrobytes: 1

Astrobytes: and +1

MSmits: that's more raw talent and obsession :P

cegprakash: Astrobytes if I do Move N TORPEDO from 5,5 and I use silence where do I go?

Zenoscave: Ceg read the instructions

Scarfield: xD

Astrobytes: cegprakash it depends

cegprakash: oh I can specify that as well

cegprakash: sick

Astrobytes: Zenoscave classic ceg :D

Zenoscave: exactly

Scarfield: you still refuse to read the statements i see :D

Illedan: The contest is not to reverse engineer the rules -.-

Astrobytes: No contest is the same without ceg appearing and demanding to know the rules before reading the statement :D

cegprakash: Illedan I joined the party late.. but I did join

MSmits: I read the statement very well and I still somehow understood it to say that Surface teleports you across the map

Astrobytes: Welcome at last cegprakash!

Astrobytes: LOL forgot about your Tardis submarines MSmits

MSmits: I coded 600+ lines before I figured out it didn't teleport. I watch too few games

AntiSquid: still have a crappy mine tracker, maybe i should have focused on improving something else :/

Astrobytes: All good, I found a bug today that I do believe I have to do a rewrite for

MSmits: how do you track mines, if you dont mind sharing

AntiSquid: that's like the worst bit of the contest

MSmits: oh also, is it the tracking of the positions of the mines or the code to avoid them?

AntiSquid: mine per path? same as everyone else?

MSmits: but why is it crappy?

Illedan: that is 2 different problems MSmits

MSmits: yeah i know

AntiSquid: doesn't get me far

Illedan: tracking is the hard part

MSmits: mmh, depends... i had to think less for the tracking than for the avoidance

AntiSquid: you have a tracker too MSmits no?

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: only today coded the avoidance

MSmits: i had a tracker a week ago

AntiSquid: ya without tracker i get about rank 40 - 50, with tracker i get stuck at 70 - 80

MSmits: mmh but that is weird. How would mine tracking make you get a different rank

AntiSquid: so it's crap right?

MSmits: it's just more information

AntiSquid: because bot reacts differently

MSmits: are you sure it isnt the way you deal with the information thats wrong?

MSmits: not the tracking/.

AntiSquid: the tracking can't be 100% accurate either way

MSmits: depends on what you consider accurate. I track positions from where mines were laid. That is accurate. You just dont know where they put them

MSmits: left, right, up, down

Swagboy: Same MSmits, avoidance is more tricky as you need to anticipate opponent probability of triggering

MSmits: I dont even do that. I assume they can see me, currently

cegprakash: do I lose a life if I use SONAR when it's on cooldown?

Illedan: no

MSmits: not a life

MSmits: either it fails or you lose, not sure

Illedan: but self tracking makes you crash

MSmits: huh

Swagboy: it fails, you might lose your charge

Swagboy: But you don't lose I think, like wrong trigger/torpedo

MSmits: anyone else get confused by the orders. I keep reading MOVE E TORPEDO as the sub launching a torpedo

Illedan: MSmits, when you track yourself you look at your own prints, and if it failed. You can't know. As someone didn't add that as part of the input

cegprakash: oh I see my bot always picks my grid to use sonar

MSmits: Illedan I'm not sure what you mean by self tracking?

MSmits: do you mean using your own orders on your own tracking mechanism you also use for the oppponent?

tomatoes: yes. to know how much opponent knows

Scarfield: you know what you are going to output, so also what opponent will know

MSmits: ok makes sense, but why does Illedan says this makes you crash and what is lacking in the input?

Zenoscave: opponent view tracking is important. It makes you crash if you don't bound the possible size. timeouts

MSmits: ah... well isn't this just effectively doubling your calc time?

Illedan: If you track yourself and assume you do invalid commands, you are suddenly out of possible locations

Scarfield: incorrect output is not given as input, only performed actions comes as input

MSmits: ahhhh Illedan I get it now

MSmits: so don't do invalid commands :P

Zenoscave: I forgot about that

Illedan: Yeah, as past tense Illedan forgot about adding it as inputs :(

Astrobytes: Well, it is what it is

MSmits: I don't see the problem. If someone is that far into his bot that he makes a self tracker, why would he still be doing invalid commands?

Scarfield: that would just make people output stuff to mess with other bots i suppose

Illedan: There is this thing called bugs, you might have heard of it? :P

MSmits: yes, but that's their bugs, not yours :P


cegprakash: what's happening

cegprakash: I don't understand

cegprakash: why I don't get any sonar

Astrobytes: You lost ceg

Zenoscave: 5 Codinbucks says Ceg didn't read the rules

Scarfield: xD

icecream17: MOVE N SONAR

Illedan: You tried to torpedo something you could NOT

tomatoes: charge it first

Zenoscave: You ran out of lives

wlesavo: lol


wlesavo: nice sonar btw

Astrobytes: I wouldn't bet a single Codincent against that Zenoscave :D

wlesavo: well at least opponent got your sector, so it kinda like sonar

MSmits: well it works 50%

MSmits: right i was gonna say that

Illedan: cegprakash, I think your MinMax values having free space too much..

MSmits: at least someone can see him :)

cegprakash: I am printing extra endl

cegprakash: every turn

cegprakash: shit

Zenoscave: XD

MSmits: :poop:

Zenoscave: I hate when that happens

Astrobytes: Why does the jobby emoji look surprised?

Illedan: jobby?

Astrobytes: Woops, showing my Scottishness, the poop

MSmits: think he means mr turd


cegprakash: there is something wrong with sonar cooldown

cegprakash: I never get sonar cooldown

cegprakash: the charge is always 0

MSmits: you need to charge it...


Zenoscave: on MOVE the last word is what you choose to charge

MSmits: moves you east and charges sonar

Scarfield: or read the statement, it would go faster, than stumbling on problems and asking chat ;)


cegprakash: I used to print MOVE E TORPEDO

cegprakash: instead of TORPEDO i now print SONAR?

MSmits: yes

Zenoscave: If you want to charge sonar yes

Zenoscave: resource allocation

Zenoscave: Astrobytes has the best one

cegprakash: I can't charge both?

Illedan: Someone actually used time to write the statement -.-

AntiSquid: i can't make my own rules?

Illedan: Sure

cegprakash: "charges a power of your choice. When you move, you must respect the following rules:"

cegprakash: oh

cegprakash: I'll respect

Astrobytes: cegprakash honestly mate you'd save a fuckload of time just by reading

icecream17: you can charge both.... just takes a few more turns....

Illedan: shh, let him read

MSmits: mostly our time though :P

cegprakash: oh no now what do I charge

Astrobytes: MSmits not wrong man :D

cegprakash: to get out off wood

AntiSquid: if you charge torpedo and silence you get super combo charge bonus and have a free trigger charge

Astrobytes: You're mobile ceg

Illedan: torpedo > silence > sonar

MSmits: our time would be better spent discussing the surprisedness of mr turd

Astrobytes: *Your

Astrobytes: I agree MSmits * Mr Jobby

Zenoscave: Jobby the hut

Astrobytes: t

Default avatar.png Turch: Hey, I beat Boss 3 in Wood 1 League for Coders Strike Back, but I'm not advancing to the next league - am I missing something?

Astrobytes: And yeah, I like that

MSmits: Dr Dung

Zenoscave: There's a time wait Turch

Astrobytes: The wee beige jobby

Default avatar.png Turch: Ah okay, good to know, thanks.

Zenoscave: I probably shouldn't open that link should I Astro

Astrobytes: Billy Connolly, good Scottish standup comedian Zeno

Zenoscave: Ok Will look

AntiSquid: AutomatonNN this better be an improvement T_T

AutomatonNN: can i just translate a strategy to create a contest to the contest so i can see the game for the con

AntiSquid: test

Scarfield: icles

AntiSquid: contesticles? :thinking

Default avatar.png Turch: Am I wasting my time by trying to determine an absolute angle of my racer in Coders Strike Back?

Default avatar.png Turch: This isn't something that I just get later on with an 'angle' parameter, right?

Scarfield: yes, you will get it later

Default avatar.png Turch: Alright, maybe I should just wait. Here I was saving the last three x's and y's so I could determine my rough angle with arctan, lol.

Astrobytes: Did you watch it Zenoscave?

AntiSquid: watch it Zenoscave, Astrobytes will ask you questions later to make sure you watched it

Astrobytes: lol no Iwon't

Astrobytes: *I won't

Zenoscave: No i'm focusing on bot tuning

Zenoscave: Send it to me in PM and I'll look later

Astrobytes: Meh, fuck that, just google Scottish comedians and jobby

Zenoscave: ok :+1:

Nerchio: so many times i've fallen for

Nerchio: that north is lower y than south

Zenoscave: Are you doing that now?

Nerchio: no just every time i touch code for north/south i need to think about it

Nerchio: and many times i make a mistake

Zenoscave: I feel. thats why I abstract it into deltas and never use directions in client code

Zenoscave: So anytime i look at directions i do foreach (offset in Direrctions) { ... }

Nerchio: i changed my strategy a little bit now need some lucky commit to see if it works

Nerchio: in this submit i lost to a guy who shoots a random rocket on round 3 in an open map

Nerchio: ^.-

Zenoscave: good luck Nerchio!

AntiSquid: Zenoscave so close :D

AntiSquid: like many others before

Zenoscave: I can feel it this time...

Default avatar.png Turch: So what's the general strategy for dealing with collision in Coders Strike Back?

AntiSquid: press back button and go play something else

Default avatar.png Turch: lmao

Default avatar.png Turch: Good point, I guess

AntiSquid: and if you don't believe me just look at the numbers

Nerchio: lol

AntiSquid: there's no way 90k people are still playing it

Default avatar.png Turch: I really feel like the circumstances are bound too much by randomness to 'solve' it

AntiSquid: Turch no strategy, just math

AntiSquid: check distance between their middle point

Nerchio: zenos im coming to push you

Nerchio: maybe :p

AntiSquid: and compare to sum of radius

AntiSquid: done

Zenoscave: let's hope!

Default avatar.png Turch: Short of programming your racer to take circles around the points.

AntiSquid: you need to to take much into consideration the shap

AntiSquid: shape

AntiSquid: just the distance between points

AntiSquid: but seriously, i rather play this contest than CSB

Default avatar.png Turch: Yeah I'm measuring my dist to theirs.

Default avatar.png Turch: Just not sure if I should be avoiding or ramming them

Default avatar.png Turch: And often it depends on the circumstances of whom gets a headstart

AntiSquid: so if the sum of radius is too close to distance value then it's a collision

Default avatar.png Turch: Right.

Nerchio: maybe i should turn off my silence 4 kills me a little too much

AntiSquid: usually anywy

Zenoscave: silence 4?

Nerchio: yeah

Default avatar.png Turch: I can understand avoiding collision, but that doesn't help me win

Default avatar.png Turch: lol

Default avatar.png Turch: I can avoid collision the whole way, but that doesn't mean much if I can't get ahead

Nerchio: hulk smash

Zenoscave: on boss??

Nerchio: on everyone around top10

Zenoscave: Nice!

Nerchio: but i have only 20 matches left

Zenoscave: wait... I'm around top 10

AntiSquid: you sometimes need to collide Turch watch replays

Nerchio: i am 0-4 vs jbl this submit

AntiSquid: if opponent is ahead and there is a sharp turn you don't slow down as much as you should and try to collide with him so you bounce off and move towards next checkpoint

Nerchio: woops

Zenoscave: no...

Zenoscave: oops

Default avatar.png Turch: Believe me, AntiSquid. I have a tackle function.

Zenoscave: Now beat the boss!!!!

Default avatar.png Turch: I think I just can't get ahead to start, because I usually make up my distance on the goodness of my turns

Nerchio: i swear hitting submit is like gambling

Nerchio: so addicting lol

Zenoscave: It really is

Default avatar.png Turch: I also have my boost set to boost at third time I encounter a distance greater than ones I've encountered before - that way I aim for the best case scenario

Zenoscave: THANK YOU

Nerchio: you got in?

Zenoscave: Still calculating

Nerchio: i beat boss once and lost twice to you xD

Zenoscave: miight be enough but it's definitely close

Default avatar.png Turch: Maybe I'll just move on. My brain is too small for CSB

Zenoscave: 3rd loss!

Nerchio: i finished submit

AntiSquid: ok now submit again

mlomb: looks promising zenoscave!

Zenoscave: well hold on.

Zenoscave: I think so!!!!!

Nerchio: the ranking is pretty dumb

AntiSquid: play a game of chicken: the one who is first to stop submit spamming will lose

Zenoscave: only 0.32 below

Nerchio: i won 70% of the matches against all the top guys

Default avatar.png Turch: Anyway, thanks for the help, AntiSquid

Nerchio: and i placed top6

AntiSquid: fair

Nerchio: people with killshots from across the map in the middle of gold are scary

Nerchio: xD

Zenoscave: new submit?

Nerchio: yea but bad start so not going far probably

AntiSquid: lol they have fatality checks and are mid gold

Dav1dS: this guy is streaming coding clashes and challenges

Nerchio: yea there is many people in mid gold with finishers already

Zenoscave: We know Dav1dS he has sent the link before

AntiSquid: which is why i don't want to watch him Dav1dS

Nerchio: im here to code a bot not watching coding clashes

Zenoscave: submit looks good Nerchio! Any changes?

Nerchio: no

AntiSquid: anti zeno modifications

Nerchio: i dont change anything anymore today

Nerchio: just spam submit a couple of times and i go to bed

Zenoscave: lol

Zenoscave: let's hope pro zeno mods

Nerchio: maybe i can turn on some more random shooting

Nerchio: should be good vs you

Nerchio: xD

Zenoscave: Random shooting?

Nerchio: ye atm my bot is pretty passive

Nerchio: its more consistent in mid gold

Zenoscave: Mine is wildly random in mid/low gold

AntiSquid: i am going, still need to work tomorrow

Zenoscave: gn AntiSquid!

Nerchio: bye

Nerchio: rip around 20 i think

Zenoscave: yeah?

Zenoscave: bad RNG?

Nerchio: i guess

Nerchio: it's hard to get through people who shoot even though there is 25 possibilities on the map where i can be

Nerchio: and hit me for 2 ;p

Zenoscave: yeah that is pretty tough

ZarthaxX: that's called skill

Nerchio: was a good submit until i run into 25 crashes

Nerchio: funny it got to top50

Zenoscave: timeouts why?

Nerchio: i changed my mine code which resulted in me accessing -1 in array

Nerchio: was a good start of the submit sad :D

Zenoscave: well fix it ;)

Nerchio: i did

KobeL: Streaming coding clashes still, if anyone is interested in watching or joining:

Zenoscave: Not really KobeL

Zenoscave: CoC is not really all that popular

KobeL: I know but there's still people that like doing it :D

KiwiTae: :joy:

KiwiTae: Zenoscave pewpew

Zenoscave: pew pew

Zenoscave: Hi kiwi

KiwiTae: seting up my custom ue4 engine lol got some time to spare >,<

KiwiTae: whats up o/

Zenoscave: Do the contest

KiwiTae: I am in wood :D

Zenoscave: nice!

KiwiTae: was hard to get there

KiwiTae: pressed join took me a week

KiwiTae: hehe

Zenoscave: It's a long contest. been going for almost 4 weeks

icecream17: Don't know why... but somehow the first possibleOpp position is almost always the actual position by turn 50

KiwiTae: yeaa just saw it was still on

KiwiTae: awesome way to spend lockdown i guess

Zenoscave: Yeah it's been a great time spender

Nerchio: zenos pushed maybe? xD

Zenoscave: YUP!!!!!!!!

Zenoscave: was above boss by less than 0.01

Nerchio: gz :p

Zenoscave: thanks!

Nerchio: should be easier without you xD

vbplaya: Why does the "Top 100 schools" only show 37?



ZarthaxX: go sleep now

MadKnight: hey hey ZarthaxX

MadKnight: vbplaya maybe there are only 37 ?

MadKnight: Zenoscave still there ?

Dav1dS: can anyone give me a hint on coders strike back bronze rank level 4 (aka boss 4)

KiwiTae: Dav1dS whats your strategy so far?

KiwiTae: MadKnight o/ hey