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thibpat: Hello :wave: I'm streaming Ocean of Code, we've reached the gold league yesterday, time to prepare for the next one!

aCat: hi, congratz on gold - have fun ;-)

wlesavo: 2nd PHP in legend, huh

Default avatar.png humair: hi

ssda: is this a good strategy? when someone dmg you by 1 you dmg your self by 1

ssda: if they did not such thing expect such thing there bot will lose for sure

metahom: ssda, may be for silver

metahom: not for gold league

ssda: oh I see

ssda: I am in still in silver :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

metahom: why spend time on features you won't need in future? there are many usefful things you can improve

ssda: I'm fixing my bot

ssda: found a bug when the enemy bot shot him self

ssda: my bot gone crazy

metahom: yea, thats a common case

Cappefra: I'm going crazy with my movement

Cappefra: I want to use the 1000 ms at the beginning to explore the grid and decide a path but I don't really know how

YannT: my eval is being a tough negociator, won't listen to reason :p

fluxtransistor: I guess that with optimised enough code and a low level language you can really analyse the possible moves

Uljahn: thibpat: isn't it too much for a stream during the ongoing contest?

struct: What rank is he atm?

wlesavo: фкщгтв 100

wlesavo: around 100

wlesavo: with quite primitive movement strategy actualy

YannT: oh, siman is pushing a bit...

YannT: W:19 / L:62 -_-

fluxtransistor: What is the beat algorithm for finding the minimum distance between two cells (avoiding islands)?

fluxtransistor: *best

kovi: i like simans current version better

YannT: I don't like any siman versions they all kick my ass

struct: you can use bfs fluxtransistor

E_pur_si_muove: Hello, in Silver league the test bot issues the following command: "SILENCE N 0 | MOVE W SILENCE | | MSG 0 7 or 39", but the game according to the engine "Not enough charges of SILENCE"

E_pur_si_muove: why is it not a bug? why there's no exception raised due to this invalid command?

Illedan: Got a replay?

E_pur_si_muove: this happens for me in every test game

Illedan: Share a link then?

E_pur_si_muove: Just checked the game engine source and it's not an exception case, just a simple message.

E_pur_si_muove: I think it's not nice. :(

Illedan: Yeah, you have to handle it in your own bot to update your states

Illedan: But the opponent is not getting the silence

Illedan: only valid commands.

E_pur_si_muove: you're right. just saw the Game summary, and not checked the inputs. sorry! :(

RavenKZP: Guys...:

RavenKZP: 30 -> i use SILENCE but my bot do SURFACE...

RavenKZP: it is normal?

Nerchio: find a bug in your code ;P

RavenKZP: i know the bug

RavenKZP: it is i want to use silence when it isn't charged

E_pur_si_muove: but there's no more command issues => no command = surface

RavenKZP: ok so it's normal

RavenKZP: anyway my mind was blown for it :D

kovi: nice submit btw illedan

Default avatar.png bamilan: mars

Default avatar.png bamilan: sry accidental message

Illedan: Thx, got pushed a lot

aaronshenhao: Anyone know the equivalent of itertools.groupby() which groups all similar elements, not just adjacent ones?

tobk: aaronshenhao Use a dict (manually), or just sort by the same key function first

aaronshenhao: I see, thanks. I guess that would be simple too. Mathematica has a groupBy function too, except it groups all similar elements, not just adjacent ones.

Default avatar.png RMuskovets: anyone want to play with my bot?

Default avatar.png TheNoLifeKing: i struggled with 1D spreadsheet for far too long because of an issue i didn't fix when i copy pasted code that i was using twice. Made a loop, replaced the variable, fixed the issue. Was mad, now im relieved.

Default avatar.png TheNoLifeKing: RMuskovets, im interested lol

Default avatar.png RMuskovets: ok

Default avatar.png TheNoLifeKing: where am i going to do so? what does it do?

Default avatar.png RMuskovets: "Players" in the IDE

Default avatar.png RMuskovets: TheNoLifeKing but unfortunately looks like we cant play together

Default avatar.png TheNoLifeKing: im trying and failing to figure this out lol

tobk: you can't play against arbitrary bots, only your same league and some below

Default avatar.png RMuskovets: and my own bot too :)

tobk: yes, your own bot us usually in the same league as your own bot

Nerchio: lel

Default avatar.png TheNoLifeKing: i have no idea how to even get to "players in the IDE". im not to familiar with anything but practice and clashes

Default avatar.png TheNoLifeKing: sorry

Default avatar.png RMuskovets: oh, I was talking about ocean of code

fluxtransistor: It's the 'Ocean of Code' challenge

Default avatar.png TheNoLifeKing: i dont know if ill be able to test your bot, sorry. what languages do you code in?

fluxtransistor: You have to have a competing bot to do that

Default avatar.png TheNoLifeKing: ah, i see. guess i can go try it out

fluxtransistor: It is a contest where you devise your algorithm to win a 'battle' with another bot

fluxtransistor: You cannot see the others' code

Nerchio: 100k characters is the limit?

Default avatar.png TheNoLifeKing: immediately backing out of that

Default avatar.png TheNoLifeKing: still an open question tho: what languages do you guys code in? i spent entirely too long trying to fix my 1D spreadsheet code and i was hoping someone would review my code.

Default avatar.png RMuskovets: i do python3

Default avatar.png TheNoLifeKing: Ah, i use c#

Default avatar.png RMuskovets: ik c# too :smile:

Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: Does silence add to your visited squares?

E_pur_si_muove: yes. like a move, but silently

Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: All of the squares you pass?

E_pur_si_muove: yes

Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: thanks

Default avatar.png TheNoLifeKing: has anyone completed 1D Spreadsheet in c# and is willing to review my code? i put way more time into it than i should have and would greatly appreciate it

Default avatar.png RMuskovets: What is "torpedo cooldown"?

fluxtransistor: It is the number of recharges required before being able to torpedo.

Default avatar.png RMuskovets: Thanks

dbdr: TheNoLifeKing if you have solved it you can view other people's solutions

Default avatar.png MiguelGomezDiaz: anybody has done Enigma machine game?

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Can anyone reccomend a good link to learn about BFS and DFS?

fluxtransistor: Python?

Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: yes python

fluxtransistor: Look here for bfs:


Default avatar.png WINWINWIN: Thanks guys

Cappefra: lechuck is pretty hardcore

wlesavo: pretty hardcode

Cappefra: ba dum tsch! :D

idkhow2codee: I have just played clash of code and got insane problem where I was supposed to calculate area of polygon given number of vertices and their coordinates wtf

fluxtransistor: which mode?

idkhow2codee: fast

fluxtransistor: ouch

idkhow2codee: xd

idkhow2codee: nobody did

Cappefra: fast mode is bad for that one haha

Cappefra: not that 15 minutes can't be enough, but the pressure...!

Default avatar.png Q12: if i create Reverse mode in CLASH OF CODE do I need to put something in the Statement?

fluxtransistor: I don't think so

aaronshenhao: Why does list(map(set, 2dGrid)) not working in my Python console (unhashable type)? I did it in a clash and it works.

aaronshenhao: Not only worked, but had a super strange bug, which is why I'm trying it after.

Default avatar.png RMuskovets: So, it should create a set from each 2dGrid. The error probably says that in 2dGrid you have an unhashable type

Default avatar.png RMuskovets: Like list

aaronshenhao: Yes, it does, and I don't know what that means. I expect [set1, set2, set3] in the final result, which worked in a clash.

Default avatar.png RMuskovets: Sets work only with hashable types

aaronshenhao: Could you elaborate what that means? In the clash I got something like [{'-', '.'}, {'-'}, {'.'}, {'.', '-'}]

aaronshenhao: But in my console I get that error when I copy pasted the code

aaronshenhao: And the weird bug I was getting was that when I did list(map(...)) twice, the list would become empty.

tobk: what is 2dGrid? a list of lists of hashable things?

Default avatar.png RMuskovets: if it is a list of lists then it's items are lists and they're not hashable

tobk: RMuskovets a list of lists would be fine, as the `set` operation is applied to each element, i.e. turing the inner lists to sets. it's the type of elements inside the inner lists that might be the problem

aaronshenhao: 2D grid was something like [["-", "."], ["-","-"]]. Was an N*N grid.

aaronshenhao: Ok found the issue, there is an extraneous set of []. Now to the bug

aaronshenhao: For a = list(map(set, 2dgrid)), if I do list(a) it is fine. but if I do list(a) again it outputs an empty list.

aaronshenhao: By extraneous set of brackets I meant it was doing list(set, [2dlist]) instead.

tobk: then `a` is the result if `map(...)`, not of `list(map(...))`

aaronshenhao: Yes, you are right. I did a typo. I didn't know list() modifies the map?

aaronshenhao: Thought it just took the map, and outputted a list without doing anything to the map

tobk: it does not modify it, but exhaust it. in Python 3, map is an iterator, i.e. it processes the elements as needed and then discards them

aaronshenhao: Ah I see, that makes sense now. Thank you very much!

AntiSquid: getting timeouts from my own silences :D

AntiSquid: when i try to track them i mean

Radewoosh: @errichto Gimmie link

AntiSquid: oh he's doing clash :o

dbdr: AntiSquid self spamming? :D

struct: who is doing clashes?

struct: errich to?

AntiSquid: was doing struct

struct: ah ok

AntiSquid: dbdr 93894 paths and then i try to compute the silence :D

struct: thanks

AntiSquid: it's on a map without many islands

dbdr: true, that changes the possibilities quite a lot

Nerchio: how do you guys handle mines since 1 mine action = 4 mines?

struct: he is getting quite big

nicknobody: how do you do interval in python


nicknobody: thank you so much!!


Default avatar.png Q12:

Default avatar.png Q12: Please help me to approved the game

eulerscheZahl: what makes your contribution so special that you think it needs approval?

nicknobody: we will help you

nicknobody: what do you need

Nagatwin: Q12 Test2 is wrong I guess :)

eulerscheZahl: sum of all numbers up to 20: 210 sum of all primes up to 20: 328

Nagatwin: haha

eulerscheZahl: there is a C# solution provided, but it doesn't even compile

eulerscheZahl: i thought CG checks for that?

Default avatar.png Q12: eulerscheZahl I hope you meant well, and actually tried to help. I think it adds to Clash of code and makes it more fun to play. I don't know if it special or not but it is my first try, I can only get better from this point

struct: They used to check IIRC

Default avatar.png Q12: nicknobody Thank you! I need three approvals so my program will get to be used

eulerscheZahl: these clash of code puzzles just look interchangeable to me. that's nothing bad for clashes, the more the better. just not my cup of tea

Default avatar.png Q12: Ok. than you/

eulerscheZahl: e.g. we have 53 community contributions with a "prime" somewhere in the statement or comments

struct: How many contributions in total?

eulerscheZahl: 974 in my DB

eulerscheZahl: which is a little outdated i think

eulerscheZahl: and i plead guilty of contributing to the 53 with CGFunge Prime

eulerscheZahl: the contest ranking feels so random was 2nd from the bottom when i checked this morning

eulerscheZahl: now i'm in the middle

AntiSquid: legend is less random than gold

eulerscheZahl: i'm happy that i don't have to deal with gold anymore

AntiSquid: + random boss :D

eulerscheZahl: well known

eulerscheZahl: blame sailsy or wlesavo

AntiSquid: was just underlining how fun it is

wlesavo: well it fits :slight_smile:

eulerscheZahl: a gold boss isn't supposed to be fun

struct: I think the current boss fits well

struct: 32 legend atm

wlesavo: i meant random fits random, but yeah, really sorry that happened

Nerchio: i have 2000 lines in gold xd

eulerscheZahl: 1356 here

Nerchio: it's random because there is a point in the game where you don't know if you are walking on a minefield or not

eulerscheZahl: i think my personal highscore is 1583 lines for mean max

tobk: just wondering: why does there has to be a boss at all? I mean, in the end you have to win most games to even be eligible to play against the boss, and even then you can lose all the boss games and still be promoted.

struct: So short

Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: Any1 got any tips to avoid trapping myself in a corer and having to surface?

tobk: in the end, you get promoted if your score is higher than some threshold, which ATM is the score of the boss, but why not just use some fixed threshold?

eulerscheZahl: to get a stable reference tobk

struct: My longest are CSB and FB, both unfinished

struct: with 2k+ each

eulerscheZahl: keep an eye on the score of top players while league size increases

eulerscheZahl: the more players, the higher the top score. so setting a fixed score (say 30) for promotion will not keep the difficulty as constant as a boss

tobk: hm, I guess if there were no boss, the current top player would win all the games (assuming perfect "a beats b" ordering), then would be promoted, then the second-best would win all games, and so on. okay, convinced.

Nerchio: I wouldn't be surprised if some legend guys if dropped to the gold would have problems coming back :p

Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: could some1 give me some tips for avoiding trapping myself in a corner and having to surface

ssda: finally in gold

AntiSquid: finally a major improvement :')

Nerchio: use alghoritms

Nerchio: like flood fill for example

AntiSquid: or maybe just randomness

ssda: god I will stop done was a long week

AntiSquid: get legend ssda

AntiSquid: neverending fun

ssda: AntiSquid ahh I'm a bit tired

AntiSquid: ya me too

AntiSquid: i kinda try hard to find motivation to change my code

ssda: AntiSquid fine I try to reach it I have ideas to start with

eulerscheZahl: the contest is too long to keep up with the motication

AntiSquid: no that's not the issue for me

ssda: me too my code style is shit but I am learning

AntiSquid: i think it needed the 1 month

AntiSquid: i just never really liked it, sorry

aCat: bleh - next time please someone kick my ass to strat coding right from the start :(

aCat: I started after 2 weeks

aCat: and now I have more todos than time

AntiSquid: i will gladly do it acat, any time, for fre

aCat: :*

aCat: Appriciate that - I'll keep your word then

aCat: *Appriciate

ssda: I started last weekend

ssda: let see what gold bot can do

aCat: sadly quite a lot

ssda: wow crash me

ssda: no dmg to him

ssda: :joy:

ssda: does the code for the bot change when I'm in IDE?

ssda: Gold bot I mean

eulerscheZahl: the boss? no

eulerscheZahl: but the boss is random

AntiSquid: i beat it on very rare occasions

Nerchio: antisquid tell me how to handle removing mines when enemy triggers them

Nerchio: ideally i would like to remove more than 1 that can't be there anymore but how :(

AntiSquid: i don't do that yet

Valdemar: mines[y][x] = false should be enough Nerchio

Nerchio: lel mineMap[y][x] = false is my code

Nerchio: xD

AntiSquid: ah i do have an array of possible positions, but i don't do any real mine handling for the opponent

Nerchio: but i want to remove 3 other mines as well

ssda: eulerscheZahl I mean on the IDE when you first enter gold will it change?

ssda: and sorry for late response my windows crashed

Valdemar: Nerchio maybe store player positions instead of mines positions would be better

ssda: & I believe it was origin store

eulerscheZahl: the default opponent is the boss unless you are in legend

eulerscheZahl: and the gold boss is random

ssda: ahh I see

ssda: thanks

Nerchio: i tried it valdemar but i don't see an easy way there

Nerchio: since when you trigger [y][x] in theory 1 mine can be connected to more than 1

AntiSquid: wait thibpat at 100 or so in gold, still streamin his code? wtf

Nerchio: more than 1 position

Valdemar: Nerchio I store mine map for every possible enemy state

Nerchio: me too

Nerchio: but when they put mine you need to add 4 to the map

Valdemar: no, I add only position from which mine can be placed

Valdemar: when trigger comes, you need to check 4 adjacent tile in each minemap

Nerchio: ok and 2 are 'true' so what then :p

Nerchio: you don't know which one to pick

Valdemar: then you need to split that state to several, and remove 1 mine in each of them

Valdemar: but i just ignore that case, it seems to be rare

Nerchio: so 2 maps then? mine map and position of "mine" action map

Valdemar: no, just duplicate state

Valdemar: if you ask about mine handling by map of possible placing positions, it can be generated on the fly

Nerchio: i am too dumb for this one maybe :P

Nerchio: zenoscave i crashed your bot xD

ZarthaxX: crushed*

ZarthaxX: or crashed :thinking:

Nerchio: crashed

ssda: crushed*

Nerchio: timeout

ssda: oh right

ZarthaxX: depends

ssda: hhhhhhhhhhhhh

ssda: lol

ZarthaxX: yeah lol

Nerchio: i am not sure what to fix anymore

BenjaminUrquhart: I gave up on this a week ago, I can't stay focused

ssda: Nerchio do not worry I'm dumper than you my bot do not know anything about enemy mine

icecream17: what? then how do you always beat me with like, 5 or 6 lives?

ssda: whom me?

icecream17: yeah.

icecream17: but wait, do you move up to gold?

ssda: yeah

ssda: just 10 min or somthing

ssda: this is what I want to know some info are much less important than other

Levvis: how to print

ssda: I hope there will something after the competition of how should we have done it

ssda: Levvis depend on the Lang

Levvis: does this website cover scratch

ssda: i do not think so

Levvis: how unfortunate

ssda: you won't write long complex code with scratch

Levvis: yes

ssda: so why bother :joy:

Levvis: because scratch is good

ssda: for teaching I think

ssda: I have never used it

Levvis: think they used it for google

ssda: where?

Levvis: the search engine

ssda: no way

Levvis: yeah

ssda: how old this lang is even

Levvis: idk

ssda: I just google it

ssda: the first prototype was in 2002 so no way

Levvis: definitely was

ssda: idk give any proof

Levvis: tim berners lee

ssda: what is this

Levvis: the guy who made the world wide web

ssda: how does that relate

ssda: and where is the proof

Levvis: just google it

ssda: google what

ssda: I'm sleepy now

ssda: will go after sometime

Levvis: uh ok

ssda: sorry

Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: @Levvis I swear Ive seen u on YT

Levvis: where

Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: @Levvis something about dreming in code

Levvis: i just stole the kids face as a profile picture

Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: oh lol

Levvis: I should probably change it

Zenoscave: bah right below gold boss

Default avatar.png jules1: do i just have to wait for all the battles to complete in these competitions

Default avatar.png jules1: to move to the next league (potentially)

RavenKZP: yup

Default avatar.png jules1: ah ok

eulerscheZahl: you are close to your first legend Zenoscave

Zenoscave: very very close

Zenoscave: possible bump or should i focus on resubmit?

Nerchio: it's gold resubmit is risky xD

eulerscheZahl: submit if notable improvement

Zenoscave: ok

Zenoscave: So not 1000 more submits got it

ZarthaxX: oh first legend

ZarthaxX: :O

ZarthaxX: nice zeno

Zenoscave: possibly still not sure yet

eulerscheZahl: my promotion improvement: disable mine avoidance when moving. then i turned it back on

eulerscheZahl: ZarthaxX you troll

ZarthaxX: i wasnt trolling

ZarthaxX: i meant like it would be his first one

ZarthaxX: lol

ZarthaxX: jus worded it wrong

ZarthaxX: just*

eulerscheZahl: ah

ZarthaxX: disable mine avoidance for promotion? the fuck lol

Zenoscave: what do you mean disable when moving?

eulerscheZahl: i have a danger map to avoid traps

eulerscheZahl: so i did: dangerMap = null

eulerscheZahl: submit, legend

eulerscheZahl: then turned it back on, was better in legend with it

Zenoscave: huh.

eulerscheZahl: dont ask

ZarthaxX: that's so wrong

ZarthaxX: LOL

Zenoscave: I'll do some benchmarking

eulerscheZahl: maybe it was a lucky submit

ZarthaxX: i would think it was

eulerscheZahl: but 7-2 vs the boss

eulerscheZahl: and 8-1 in legend

eulerscheZahl: before i turned it back on

Zenoscave: does he mine much?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: and my paranoid bot surfaces too often

Zenoscave: surface and retreat. I should add that

eulerscheZahl: hard to find the right balance

Zenoscave: can you move after surface?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Zenoscave: huh

Zenoscave: the more you know

eulerscheZahl: i think that's even disallowed in the original game

eulerscheZahl: oh, then you don't have the killer move either i guess

eulerscheZahl: that's your legend improvement

Zenoscave: I do have killer but it was awful

wlesavo: well with surface its much more effective

eulerscheZahl: Zenoscave

eulerscheZahl: my bot can even combine that with mine explosions so i can be sure to win without knowing the exact location of the opponent

Nerchio: when you submit too much the system punishes you? :D

struct: no

struct: maybe

struct: Indirectly

metahom: no but your conscience is

metahom: maybe the system too, dunno

eulerscheZahl: when you submit too much, you will get captchas and when you keep spamming, you can get blocked from submitting for up to 6h

eulerscheZahl: same for playing games in the IDE: if you play too many, there's a temporary disabling

Zenoscave: I hit that for sure

eulerscheZahl: submit 4 times in a row without even waiting for the results. 4th is captcha. (i had a randomized solver for an optim problem)

Default avatar.png tensorflw:



AntiSquid: Nerchio when you submit too much you get rewarded with a fun CG minigame



AntiSquid: gg zeno :p

Zenoscave: I lose random low games

AntiSquid: ya, see my bot msg if you need to debug

wlesavo: is it still printing muda muda? :grinning:

Zenoscave: yes -_-

AntiSquid: and top 100 is the new low eh?

Zenoscave: it is

RavenKZP: AntiSquid my MSGs are better for debug :P

AntiSquid: nice :D

AntiSquid: now you're ready for gold RavenKZP

RavenKZP: on my way

RavenKZP: i need to create some bugs because before removing them i was on silver 44 and after fix i go to 136 :D

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: bugs are only good until you need to improve

AntiSquid: i rewrote my bot

RavenKZP: i guess they add some chaos to behavior and make it less predictable

AntiSquid: need to watch stream for heuristics now, thib pat got to mid of gold

AntiSquid: they only get you so far RavenKZP, precision is still needed :/

Default avatar.png leegamer42:

AntiSquid: leegamer42 please don't post the clash invite links in chat

Default avatar.png leegamer42: ok

AntiSquid: if players enjoy clash they will come and play it

Default avatar.png leegamer42: but it says that i should share the url on the right panel

Default avatar.png leegamer42: the website itself says it

Default avatar.png leegamer42: ??

AntiSquid: if everyone keeps doing that chat gets flooded with clash links

Zenoscave: it means share it in private chats

Default avatar.png leegamer42: so make correction in the website

Default avatar.png leegamer42: oh okay

Default avatar.png leegamer42: must have read it wrong

Zenoscave: not in public. never said anything about where to share

Default avatar.png leegamer42: ya it is missleading in a way

Zenoscave: not really, you just made an assumption

Default avatar.png leegamer42: it says to share with frnds, now one person can mentally think of this as a friendly place

Default avatar.png leegamer42: or you guys as friend

AntiSquid: chill mate

AntiSquid: you get plenty people that play clash

Zenoscave: there are thousands of users on this site if everyone shared their clashes it would get crowded in chat is all

Default avatar.png leegamer42: ya i get that

AntiSquid: many don't like clash btw

Default avatar.png leegamer42: it is fun

Default avatar.png leegamer42: but yea its easy

eulerscheZahl: then use the invite feature

AntiSquid: well someone better make a bot that spams clash chats with contest invites

AntiSquid: because it's more fun than clash

Enknable: Automaton2000 likes clash, right?

Automaton2000: i can give you some pointers

Zenoscave: pointer 1. don't invite people to clash

Enknable: Automaton2000 loves pointers too!

Automaton2000: it was just a bug

Zenoscave: what was Automaton2000

Automaton2000: it's just a list of moves

fluxtransistor: pointer * pointer2

Enknable: what about AutomatonNN? You like pointers?

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is the most important part of the code for the same testcase

Zenoscave: typedef struct { struct * struct} Struct;

struct: :(

Enknable: lol

Ramdeath: Any difference fire torpedo | move or move | fire torpedo?

Zenoscave: slight change in possible paths ramdeath

Zenoscave: also range of attack

Ramdeath: so i can first move then torpedo?

Zenoscave: yes

fluxtransistor: Is there a way to find out the response time of your code in the IDE?

Ramdeath: tnx Zenoscave

Zenoscave: using a clock in the code and printing error messages fluxtransistor

Zenoscave: yw

fluxtransistor: thanks

Ramdeath: Zenoscave one question: SILENCE always last command?

struct: any order

aaronshenhao: If python can use timeit too

Zenoscave: you can do any order but it is usually best to silence early I think

idkhow2codee: why?

Zenoscave: masks moves better I think

idkhow2codee: nvm

Zenoscave: Early in the game i mean.

Zenoscave: I silence last at end of turn

Zenoscave: might have been confusing there

RavenKZP: wait so i can use MOVE and then SILENCE in same command?

Zenoscave: yes

RavenKZP: :fearful:

Zenoscave: ;)

Ramdeath: "MOVE E MINE | SILENCE N 0 | TORPEDO 3 3 | TRIGGER 2 2 | SONAR 5 | MSG text"

Ramdeath: like this

Zenoscave: yup

RavenKZP: ctrl+a -> del -> submit

Ramdeath: :D

RavenKZP: all i have to say

RavenKZP: man i was live in a lie

ZarthaxX: Zenoscave legend today?

AntiSquid: ctrl+z RavenKZP

Zenoscave: maybe ZarthaxX

Zenoscave: if i'm verrrry lucky

ZarthaxX: u deserve this one

ZarthaxX: :)

ZarthaxX: also you are tryharding with many days left

ZarthaxX: i believe un u

fluxtransistor: So I'm timing my program in python and if I start the timer the line before the first input() call and end it just before the last one, it gives me about 4 - 8 ms

Zenoscave: thanks

fluxtransistor: But if I start the timer the line before the first input(), it is somewhere between 2000-4000 ms?!

aaronshenhao: That's because you have to wait for the input() :P

fluxtransistor: * first text should be after the input call

fluxtransistor: Yes, but does it count towards my time

fluxtransistor: ?

aaronshenhao: Yea, you're just taking the time on the clock

Zenoscave: you can't get exact.

fluxtransistor: I'm using perf_counter(), giving ms accuracy

Default avatar.png payroll-beats: Did anybody here solve the ASCII art

aaronshenhao: Which one

fluxtransistor: and 4 or 4000 ms is a difference

Zenoscave: but the time start can't be exact

aaronshenhao: input() is for user input?

fluxtransistor: It is for input by the referee

fluxtransistor: This specific one only gives my_id, width and height

fluxtransistor: So no waiting for the enemy bot

fluxtransistor: Any ideas?

aaronshenhao: Why do I keep getting a gazillion capchas

aaronshenhao: captcha*

Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: How can you handle silence in relation to tracking the enemy?

AntiSquid: wrecking boss more often :o

Nerchio: top60 gold is a nightmar

AntiSquid: can't be that bad imo, i still have lots of room for improvement

Default avatar.png SecondStriker: Can any one please tell me how to change difficulty for clash of code private clash?

AntiSquid: actually i agree with you nerchio, these guys are putting up too much resistance and make it annoying to reach legend @_@

WhiteGlove: is anyone currently doing the morse puzzle?

AntiSquid: chuck norris or bruce lee?

WhiteGlove: The Resistance

tobk: aw, come on, is there any bot that is NOT random? getting a timeout in some games, tried 5 different opponents, send to IDE, no problem.

WhiteGlove: chuck norris I still have it to complete

wlesavo: Go in legendo, nice

mlomb: tobk I feel you

eulerscheZahl: tobk most bots in legend are deterministic

eulerscheZahl: join us :)

tobk: I'm trying, but that's not easy with all those random non-reproducible bots in Gold ... :-P

idkhow2codee: guys how to get any debug output from my bot?

tobk: what, how to print it or how to see it? if the latter, when in the IDE or in a replay?

jacek: print to stderr


idkhow2codee: It doesn't print

idkhow2codee: row doesn't print*

idkhow2codee: is it because of for loop or smth?

jacek: it should be printed

jacek: unless loop isnt inovked at all

Zenoscave: are you showing debug messages?

Zenoscave: theres a little drop down that has check boxes that can disable it

idkhow2codee: yes

idkhow2codee: if I try outside of for loop scope then it prints lol

Zenoscave: what is MAP_HEIGHT set to?

idkhow2codee: 15

ZarthaxX: 3 quadrillions

Zenoscave: interesting

idkhow2codee: xd

idkhow2codee: k I'll try to fix it on my own thanks anyway

AntiSquid: so close yeshhh, soon to wreck the boss @_@

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: WhiteGlove i did it

wlesavo: AntiSquid what he even did to you, pls dont rekt him

AntiSquid: blocking my way

AntiSquid: at the very least hope to be above kh ao and the rest of the TS guys

WhiteGlove: @DEIZ21 nice!

WhiteGlove: I'm trying another approach

WhiteGlove: I will convert first the dictionary and then check if its the same as the morse code given

Fangel: et dieu inventa le sonar !

AntiSquid: et Dieu a vu que c'était mauvais @Fangel

kovi: grat fangel

Fangel: thx kovi

AntiSquid: did you really reach legend thanks to sonar?

Zenoscave: Turns out I was doing sonar from opponents off by one move and removing my actual position from the opponent view of my possible paths

ZarthaxX: LOL

Zenoscave: oops

fluxtransistor: If I instantly get -1 hp after giving valid starting coordinates, is it a timeout?

fluxtransistor: also congratulations for legend

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: sure

Chewie2k: What Maths does bank robbers use?

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: so either your program take too much time or your program crashed

fluxtransistor: there is no stderr output

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: investigate

fluxtransistor: I'm trying to... if I try print a line in the main loop just before opponent_orders = input().split() it works

fluxtransistor: but after that it doesn't

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: check your inputstream, i would say your program is waiting for an input forever

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: got it?

fluxtransistor: The input is given by the 'referee'

fluxtransistor: And I have not changed the input lines ;(

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: the only thing i see in the instruction = input().split() i is that input() is waiting for data

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: so go check how u initialized the input reader

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: donct panic

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: just give the time it deserve you ll find it

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: ;)

Zenoscave: gg Anti ;P

Nerchio: zenos legend?

Zenoscave: No. but close

Nerchio: :(

Illedan: What rank is the boss now?

Zenoscave: 28.28

Zenoscave: I do decent-ish against all but dolmen

ZarthaxX: he will leave soon

Zenoscave: 10% wins against him

Zenoscave: might bump him

ZarthaxX: so close D:

Zenoscave: nvm lost to boss last match

Nerchio: i feel like floodfill movement strategy is not very good

muy31: this question might be really late to ask, but why would I place a mine one way over another?

Nerchio: need to take control of certain areas of the map and use them

Nerchio: will have to rewrite movement tomorrow :p

Zenoscave: Should Resumbit? I have 60% wR against top 20 and dolmen promoted

Zenoscave: resubmit.

ZarthaxX: doit

Zenoscave: 40 Wins 30 losses against top 20. perhaps worth it

icecream17: i'm gonna delete this whole function - probably a bad idea

dolmen1234: hey thanks Zenoscave :)

Zenoscave: yw :)

AntiSquid: idk which game zeno, i submit spam, trying to find best version and trying to cure these bloody bugs

AntiSquid: referring to your gg

Zenoscave: It was a while ago

Zenoscave: I don't have a replay

AntiSquid: i have some stupid bug where the bot just surfaces for no reason :/

Zenoscave: strange

wlesavo: nice dolmen

Illedan: Daym, legend getting crowded

Nerchio: good submit brings me to ~35spot in gold xd lol

Nerchio: and i didnt change anything before i was ~80

RavenKZP: random algorithms :D

kovi: yeah, clibming became slower

struct: Many bots on same skill level?

Illedan: Mostly reactive bots, making it feel random

kovi: what is a reactive bot?

Illedan: Only reacting to the current state

Illedan: Not thinking ahead

Astrobytes: reflex agent, reacts to current environment only]#

Astrobytes: -]#

AntiSquid: q-learning algo results into a reflex bot - AutomatonNN change my mind

AutomatonNN: aggressive is the reason why i can't see them

Zenoscave: SARSA stands for what?

Astrobytes: Silly assholes request silly answers :P :D

AntiSquid: a virus? /s

Zenoscave: state action reward state action

Zenoscave: q-learning is two states not one

Zenoscave: nice silly answer Astrobytes?

Zenoscave: * ;)

AntiSquid: all a bunch of lice

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png Muffle9: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png Muffle9: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png Muffle9: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png **Muffle9 slaps AntiSquid around a bit with a large fishbot

Astrobytes: ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

Default avatar.png **Muffle9 slaps Astrobytes around a bit with a large fishbot

**AntiSquid bans Muffle9

icecream17: there's a term for that:

Default avatar.png Muffle9: sw2p

Default avatar.png Muffle9: \

icecream17: sw2p?

Default avatar.png jules1: anybody know of any fun alternatives to Clash of code? doesnt necessarily have to be on this site

icecream17: tic tac toe *grow*

AntiSquid: contest jules1

Zenoscave: contests

Default avatar.png Muffle9: sorry just slapped my keyboard

AntiSquid: although i don't like this one, it's 10000000000 times better than clash

Astrobytes: Amen

Astrobytes: (used in a non-religious sense I may add)

muy31: (╯°д°)╯︵/(.□ . \)

icecream17: Zenoscave, AntiSquid, Astrobytes, all compound usernames

Zenoscave: Icecream17 is too

Astrobytes: beat me to it

Zenoscave: ;)

icecream17: does it really count though?

Astrobytes: ...

Zenoscave: is ice and cream two separate ideas?

icecream17: I don't know....

icecream17: didn't really think much about my username until now.

icecream17: but wait, a computer might split it into "icec" and "ream"

Zenoscave: same with ant and isquid

Zenoscave: doesn't make yours not the same

Nerchio: when this even started?

icecream17: i see (your example though...)

Astrobytes: Right, time to watch a movie and chill. Gn everyone

Zenoscave: gn

Zenoscave: gl hfg

ThePythonian: Gn person from a completley different timezone

icecream17: 05:21 PM

Nerchio: 00;21 am

icecream17: wow

AntiSquid: 23:30

AntiSquid: i am lost, what changes did i even make, which ones were the best, what is the meaning of life Automaton2000

Automaton2000: but i don't know why

Cappefra: how can I make my ocean of code bot play against a specific player?

struct: If he is in same league or below yes

Cappefra: yeah but how?

struct: press settings on left

struct: and enable expert settings

Cappefra: oh cool, thanks!

Nerchio: what do you guys use for movement?

Cappefra: feet

Nerchio: in ocean of code xd

Cappefra: dehihiho

Cappefra: I don't think there's a name for whatever I do

Nerchio: i feel like i need to change my movement to move further i usually die when i walk into a bad spot

Cappefra: I spawn in the largest rectangle and I move towards the most unvisited area

Cappefra: I recognize only the easiest deadlocks, meaning if they're straight in my direction and monodirectional

Cappefra: I want to change it to avoid enemy minefields... haven't really thought of how tho

Nerchio: i feel like going into the corner of the map so around let's say 2 square from the edge

Nerchio: is giving away map control

icecream17: Map control? I haven't even thought about that....

Cappefra: yeah at first I was moving only one direction until I couldn't, then I would perform a u-turn and keep going like that, but I noticed I gave away my position way too early on

Nerchio: I thought about it too late, after my 2000 line code became a giant mess

Nerchio: i actually have trouble with bots like this Cappefra ;p

Nerchio: if you move like that and use silence often enough its not so easy

Nerchio: i feel like my bot sometimes gives away his position much faster in certain patterns

Cappefra: Well what I do now is pretty much the same but my "one-way" movement is restricted to a randint

Cappefra: so it looks kinda the same as before but it keeps me a bit more hidden

Nerchio: imagine this

Nerchio: a bot that starts from 0,0 and goes to 14,14 covering every square in between

Nerchio: and places mine and silence

Nerchio: IF you let him get to the end

ZarthaxX: that may be impossible tho

Nerchio: then you're in big trouble since the whole map is mines

Nerchio: i kno

icecream17: =O I have an idea! A whole ROW of mines

Nerchio: 0,0 and 14,14 is is just an example

Nerchio: obviously you need to make it work for different maps

Cappefra: how do you track enemy mines btw?

struct: I think the biggest thing is to stay the loingest undetected possible

struct: I have seen anyone doing a row of mines

Nerchio: another possibility is like someone said

Nerchio: you start from the middle you make a row of mines and you just keep on 1 side of the map

Nerchio: you calculate which one is bigger

Cappefra: yeah I feel like that's probably the most effective way

Nerchio: so he comes to you and he dies

Cappefra: I think most top 10 do pretty much exactly that

Cappefra: from what I've seen

Nerchio: my random bot dies in stupid ways too much

Nerchio: not consistent enough for legend

Cappefra: you're high gold though

Nerchio: i was top 30 and top120 with the same code pretty much

Cappefra: I watch my games and I don't really know what to improve to get from my position to yours

Nerchio: I ironed out all the edge cases so it's more consistent but probably will rewrite movement

Cappefra: which is 260 ranks

Nerchio: well some kind of mine tracking is useful in gold i think

Cappefra: do you win against lechuck?

Nerchio: sometimes yeah

Cappefra: yeah mine tracking is on my todo for sure

Cappefra: I think I would enjoy this more if there was no silence

Cappefra: I hate silence hahaha

blasterpoard: Cappefra you get totally destroyed by mines, even if I use almost no silences

Cappefra: yeah I'm not tracking them at all atm, it wasn't necessary for silver and I just made gold today

Nerchio: i wonder why many people in legend use silence 4

blasterpoard: Nerchio because when you torpedo, you want to maximize the average damage - that means, you hit distances 0-3

Nerchio: makes sense didn't think about that

Nerchio: last square has only 2

Nerchio: maybe it's time i brought back my silence code

Nerchio: i commented it out and made silence N 0 every time :D

Nerchio: i will see how my bot does with silence 4 every time

Default avatar.png mviudes: hi every one

struct: hi

Nerchio: capperfra i beat you with silence 4 ;D

Cappefra: hahaha

Cappefra: that's cause my bot is particularly strong against always-0 players

Cappefra: I have a separate tracking that hypothesizes tje opponent does that and ignores silence

Nerchio: omg

Nerchio: i don't like people who shoot silence n 0 :D

Cappefra: I can't tell you how strong that was in silver

Cappefra: even the captain did that

Nerchio: I lost so many matches where i shoot and silence and the guy just responds with direct shot for silence n0

Nerchio: like really

Nerchio: i could be in many other spots :D

blasterpoard: but shooting there hits most squares ^^

Cappefra: right? I'm especially pissed when it happens after I silence 4

Cappefra: blaster do you backtrace the enemy's visited positions?

blasterpoard: Cappefra what do you mena by that?

blasterpoard: *mean

Nerchio: see you tomorrow guys

Cappefra: like when you have its position you can trace its past moves since its last surface and you know exactly where it's been

blasterpoard: of course

blasterpoard: how would I track mines otherwise?

Cappefra: and then for every mine action you have 4 possible mines?

blasterpoard: no

blasterpoard: it works a bit diffferently, but you're on the right track

Cappefra: yeah I'll have to think about it a bit tomorrow

Cappefra: thanks!

blasterpoard: making it work without timing out is a bit tricky

blasterpoard: <1 ms now, though

Cappefra: cool!

AntiSquid: rank frozen on ladder :/

daffie: we're still having the annual code contest in a few days right?

daffie: derp it is april nvm

AntiSquid: annual ?

icecream17: what will the spring challenge be like?

AntiSquid: you'd have to ask the creators

icecream17: oh... i mean, is it like a regular contest?

AntiSquid: apparently

AntiSquid: how are you icecream17 ?

icecream17: ok. have some at home learning to do. also i'm restarting a whole function


AntiSquid: don't post clash links here

AntiSquid: please

Famout: o_o wut.. this pathfinding bot I made in wood 2 is now advanced to silver...

Famout: I haven't had time to update it, and I just keep advancing....

Famout: ...It isn't even a good pathfinding bot either, sub-optimal... but good enough apparently?

Famout: I guess what I am saying is if you wanna feel good about your code, make a simple bot for the OoC!

RavenKZP: sometimes good pathfinding is best way to win :)

icecream17: What? 10851 possible squares?

MostComplicatedUsername: DIVIDING BY 0

MostComplicatedUsername: Aha!

MostComplicatedUsername: Im a genius

icecream17: In regular math 0 / 0 - undefined... but in the coding world it's NaN

Famout: Is there any place to see what changes in the leagues besides what they highlight?

MostComplicatedUsername: Well

MostComplicatedUsername: 0/0 = all numbers

MostComplicatedUsername: Anything else/0 = infinity

icecream17: Is 0/0 positive? lol

Famout: And negative too...

ZarthaxX: Zenoscave

ZarthaxX: did u resubmit

AntiSquid: did you improve ZarthaxX?

ZarthaxX: nop

ZarthaxX: why

icecream17: amazing. i lose because i can't put a mine anywhere.

icecream17: submit good night. hope i do better than 477th