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Default avatar.png jlfu10: hello

Default avatar.png rwilson: :) Hello jifu10

Default avatar.png jlfu10: hihihihi

Default avatar.png navin89098909890: h

Default avatar.png navin89098909890: h

Default avatar.png navin89098909890: h

Default avatar.png navin89098909890: h

Default avatar.png navin89098909890: h

Default avatar.png navin89098909890: h

eulerscheZahl: Zenoscave most legend players are deterministic

eulerscheZahl: and illedan pushed me down all the way yesterday :(

Default avatar.png jlfu10:

eulerscheZahl: no

Default avatar.png jlfu10: ok

ZarthaxX: toad awake already??

aCat: hi, euler what's so eraly ?

aCat: :D

codecodecodecodecodecode: why i can not use SURFACE in Wood 2 league

chucknorris: hi anyone using zobrist hash ?

aCat: hmm, In W2 you should

aCat: remember that comands have to bye separated by | codecodecodecodecodecode

Default avatar.png rwilson: chucknorris you suspect zobrist hasihing might help with OOC ? i'm slightly doubtful ....

Default avatar.png rwilson: ;) good thought though. some optimizations i've been looking at are KINDA OF in that directinon .. not sure if others have done so

chucknorris: I use it already. but I think I it wrong. I hash everything, visited cell, hp, etc. I'm not sure if the move left, right and move right left should result in the same hash in this case

Default avatar.png rwilson: the reasone i'd have slight doubts.. is that a 'position' in OOC isn't quite the same as in something like chess or go .. the position of OOC is not the full state of things...

chucknorris: I keep track of path and mine positions too

eulerscheZahl: why early aCat? 6:30 am when i wrote that. 7am now after breakfast

dbdr: sun is up :)

eulerscheZahl: exactly

aCat: heh

eulerscheZahl: the early toad catches the fly

Default avatar.png rwilson: chucknorris ... it does sound like you've taken most of the extra into account... ;) perhaps compatriots in legend league migth be willing to chat with you at some point on it.. ( for me , i'd be doing the same as you roughly if i did .. position, prior moves, current health,etc..

aCat: damn I download AIStar source and try to run it but cannot compile cause of codingame dependancies...;/

dbdr: what's AIStart aCat?

dbdr: AIStar

aCat: the old Magus optimization CG competition

dbdr: some words are hard to type, too close to those hardcoded in the fingers :D

aCat: I want to make some optim puzzle so I needed a background

dbdr: A*Craft?

aCat: damn

aCat: :D

aCat: yep, messed the name

dbdr: np :)

dbdr: I thought it was some kind of meta AI framework

eulerscheZahl: your own optim game? will it be on CG when you are done?

eulerscheZahl: i somehow ended up on alibaba when i searched for AIStar

dbdr: :D

dbdr: aCat's skillful in distracting players by throwing made up names we need to search for

aCat: small exercise for AI students

aCat: that's my strategy ! :D

eulerscheZahl: i give this 5 out of 7 deathstars

aCat: I give configuring SDK 8 out of 7 deathstars

aCat: reimported maven projects, have CG in external libraries

aCat: cannot resolve symbol ...

aCat: jay it's working

aCat: 3rd try on euler's bender puzzle

eulerscheZahl: it was never supposed to be hard to get 100% correctness :(

eulerscheZahl: but congrats on solving it now

eulerscheZahl: i know that some players struggled with it

Default avatar.png SabertheLost: Lol, my broken DFS that only moves and uses silence got promted to silver league :)

kovi: bender4 is harder than it seems

eulerscheZahl: space maze is way harder

codecodecodecodecodecode: what MOVE direction POWER for ?

Zenoscave: Power is what ability you charge

Nerchio: aCat

aCat: ke?

Nerchio: why are you so many from university of wroclaw

Nerchio: you have a group or same class?

aCat: we made this contest as a bonus list for AI classes

Default avatar.png Q12: How i get the input about nextCheckpointAngle in the game Coders Strike Back ?

Default avatar.png Q12: they say in the game that i can use this var but they didnt give me input on him

Default avatar.png Q12: can you help me please?

tutubalin: i remember there was a site where i can see graph of my stading in contest

tutubalin: is it still alive? can you give me a link?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Hello

Default avatar.png yfprojects: @Q12 In which league?

Default avatar.png Q12: Wood 2 League

Default avatar.png yfprojects: In which language?

Default avatar.png Q12: c#

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Line 27

Default avatar.png Q12: i dont understand

Default avatar.png Q12: Do you mean to this?// Edit this line to output the target position

Default avatar.png yfprojects: What about you just send a screenshot or copy-paste your code into chat?!

Default avatar.png Q12: Ok

Default avatar.png Q12:

Default avatar.png Q12: thank you yfprojects

Default avatar.png yfprojects:

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Thats how it should be in Bronze.

Default avatar.png yfprojects: But there shouldn't be that many differences.

AntiSquid: tutubalin i am not sure if you mean Azkellas graph website, or you mean dbdr tools

struct: Q12 you still here?

Default avatar.png Q12: yes

struct: you figured it out yet?

Default avatar.png Q12: You helped me a lot thank you

Default avatar.png Q12: yes

struct: Nice, at that league you needed to press reset my code

struct: so it gives you the inputs

Default avatar.png Q12: ahh

tutubalin: AntiSquid i don't remember which one, but i could choose contest, my name and see chart of my place

tutubalin: dbdr doesn't load

Default avatar.png yfprojects:

Default avatar.png yfprojects: This one?

Default avatar.png Q12: but i stiil dont understand why they didnt give me "thrust". Should they?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: dbdr's tool doesn't load for me too.

tutubalin: yfprojects can i see my graph on magusgeek?

tutubalin: i mean not just the current standing, but history of it

dbdr: I think the one with the graph was from a french guy, don't remember the url, but this stopped being updated a few months ago I think

dbdr: eulerscheZahl sent the url yesterday

tutubalin: ok, thanks

tutubalin: but basically what i need is to see the history of my standing. i submitted a new version of my bot and i forgot to see how previous version performed.

dbdr: tutubalin you might be able to dig the history from

dbdr: it's updated once every night

struct: dbd ive taken a look

struct: and is not very simple to create the website and navigate

Nerchio: hey guys

Nerchio: you can't place and trigger a mine in the same turn

Nerchio: means you can't do both actions in the same turn, or it is about that mine you've placed?

YannT: you can't trigger a mine you've just placed

YannT: you can trigger another and put a mine

AntiSquid: how do i better visualize, multiple paths :/

AntiSquid: i mean paths that include silence

AntiSquid: kinda hard to tell i keep track of all / eliminate all

Nerchio: yea it's hard to debug :(

Valdemar: AntiSquid i use pseudographics

Valdemar: right in stderr

Valdemar: It looks like this, '*' mine position, 'x' enemy possible position, '^' island


AntiSquid: yes i do something similar, but was wondering about a way to visualize all visited cell paths along with all silences :D

Valdemar: I guess pseudographics is not an option here

blasterpoard: Valdemar that doesn't look too well if mines can be almost everywhere

Valdemar: blasterpoard I use positions where mines were placed instead and print only those with high probability

blasterpoard: Valdemar try this game, aroung frame 105

blasterpoard: it should look messy

Valdemar: i cannot play game from ide, but it will print nothing, because all those mines positions is uncertain

YannT: why do you do a turn with just "SURFACE" blasterpoard :p

blasterpoard: YannT I already told you my bot is bad

blasterpoard: it does some things really well and some other things really badly

YannT: just surfacing as an entire turn should maybe not even be considered

blasterpoard: but I'm proud that there's an emergent behavior that makes it fill a rectangle at the beginning of the game

YannT: yes that's good moving :)

Valdemar: you print future movements blasterpoard?

blasterpoard: Valdemar kinda

YannT: I prefer to think of it as the bot screaming


Valdemar: I try to figure out better movement system, it looks like bruteforce doesn't go well

Valdemar: it can reach only depth 4-5

blasterpoard: I like that when it's about to surface, it soemtimes goes "WEWEWE..."

YannT: :D

blasterpoard: I won't comment much on my depth, only that it's more than max message length

blasterpoard: so I only print the first 20

YannT: I'm still not sure how useful that actually is tho

blasterpoard: it's useful in some situations

blasterpoard: and very dependant on how I evaluate the paths

blasterpoard: current eval is basically tron

blasterpoard: with some mine avoidance

Valdemar: do you use some tricks to speedup floodfill calculations?

blasterpoard: Valdemar what floodfill? there is no floodfill

Valdemar: you said about tron eval, it doesn't contains floodfill?

blasterpoard: I have enough depth that I don't care about how many squares are reachable xD

blasterpoard: so I just take the length of the path

Illedan: -.-

YannT: ahah

blasterpoard: frame 152 is bad as well

Illedan: Maybe, not sure how many possible positions you can be at

Illedan: And you are not deterministic -.-

YannT: probably doesn't know where you are exactly otherwise yeah it's bad

blasterpoard: Illedan 1 position, you hit me with your prevoius torpedo

Illedan: wt

Illedan: f

Illedan: thx

blasterpoard: the legend bots are so bad and people complain about strong gold boss...

Illedan: yeah

Illedan: I know

Illedan: But I guess that will change during the comming week

blasterpoard: it's just a really good game that can keep us busy for a month (thx)

YannT: we all do silly mistakes yeah

YannT: some more than others (me :D )

Illedan: :D

Illedan: I have 1 version on CG and a fully reworked one offline, which doesn't work fully yet. Losing my sanity over modifying code with different styles xD

blasterpoard: I'm writing a combat sim finally, to replace my "if (averageDmg>0.75) shoot()"

YannT: I love it, combat sim

YannT: sounds very starship troopers :D


YannT: (it shiould shout that in MSG actually)

kovi: on my list, but only achievable when "one vs. one"

YannT: or minmax style

blasterpoard: depends on what kind of sim it is

YannT: take the worst possible outcome based on his different possible paths

blasterpoard: why worst?

YannT: minimax

blasterpoard: the opponent couldn't have known whcih path to choose 20 turns ago to max his chances now

YannT: no but you minmax against all his possible positions

YannT: so you consider the worst one for you

blasterpoard: why would I consider the worst position, if my opponent can't choose it?

blasterpoard: that would be way too pessimistic

YannT: because you don't know where he is, so you've got to assume he's where it's the worst for you out of the possible positions?

blasterpoard: ok, so you can kill your opponent in 9 positions (3x3 square), or you think he's 1 square away from range

blasterpoard: because the last option is worst, you save the torpedo

blasterpoard: and die

blasterpoard: if he's close

blasterpoard: sounds really smart

YannT: good point you probably maybe wanna remove outlyers when considering positions

blasterpoard: nah, you just don't want that kind of minimax

YannT: maybe you're right and that's why I never got that to work :)

YannT: I actually coded it and then trashed it all

YannT: could never get it to work decently

pb4: it *can* work

pb4: tricky though

YannT: didn't manage to get anything good out of it, but I'm sure it's still a good way to go

YannT: just needs someone smarter than me to get an eval that works

Illedan: :thinking:

MatthiasDepuydt: ea

jrke: corona

jrke: have you guys heard about meteorite coming on 29th April,2020 near Earth or May hit Earth

tutubalin: "near Earth" in journalist's slang means "farther than Moon"

Uljahn: and "may hit Earth" means 0.01% probability

dbdr: 0.01% would be huge actually

jrke: do you know dinasour also ended when a virus killing them and a meteorite hitted a earth

jrke: and same at this time corona andf meteorite

jrke: is this end of world?

Uljahn: do you know the contest ends in 7d20h?

jrke: yes

AntiSquid: news always dramatize things

AntiSquid: the headlines will be "we were 1 inch away from disaster"

AntiSquid: jrke so your conclusion is that the ancient advanced civilization from legends were actually dino-people civilizations?

dbdr: 1 (light) second from disaster

jrke: yes

AntiSquid: bet dino people were cool

jrke: dinosours ended in the same situations like now

jrke: as they were suffering from virus

jrke: now its corona

jrke: and a meteorite ended them

jrke: now same which is coming towards earth

Valdemar: why bother with world end in 15 days, when there is contest running which ends in 8 days?

AntiSquid: so true

AntiSquid: better 1st in this life time, don't wait to reincarnate jrke

jrke: ok

AntiSquid: when legend?

eulerscheZahl: it opened on Friday, join whenever you want

jrke: can u tell me a easy bot programming puzzle on codingame except coders strike back

wlesavo: depends on your commitment, there is no easy ones if you really commit to it

wlesavo: and almost every puzzle is easy to reach bronze

blasterpoard: jrke CSB isn't easy; just gold is CSB is the same as bronze in other multis, because it is a tutorial

eulerscheZahl: the descent is easy

jrke: ok

jrke: i already completed it anyother puzzle

kovi: once again i have no idea what helps between top4

Illedan: And I have no idea what is my best code anymore :shrug:

Illedan: Guess it is because of spagetti + randomness

Illedan: Hard to really know unless I start to benchmark a lot

blasterpoard: this will be even worse guesswork than UTG

blasterpoard: I guess in a couple of days everyone will fight near-optimally and we'll wonder about what path to take

jrke: guys just 30 sseconds before there was earthquake in india

Illedan: I'm happy as long as everyone had a great journey :D

jrke: i feel it live

jrke: guys just 30 sseconds before there was earthquake in india

AntiSquid: only here for the CP

jrke: i was in clash of code and same time earthquake

wlesavo: Illedan it was a great first contest for me, not that hard on search algos and not sim really based, so i could actually make it to legend, never said a proper thx for making it to you guys :slight_smile:

kovi: still kudos for have python in top20

jrke: guys any body of you felt earthquake right now

dbdr: the only interpreted language in legend

Nerchio: jrke no we are not in india ;p

AntiSquid: no jrke, but i am a bit far away

jrke: its not confirmed the epicentre

jrke: maybe any other country

AntiSquid: well at least you are well

AntiSquid: any good safe way to iterate over an array and add / remove members, i know weird question but still ...

AntiSquid: i mean vector, not array

blasterpoard: AntiSquid use vectors as little as possible

AntiSquid: storing possibilities on a path split

blasterpoard: the only way kinda-efficient way is to just remember what you want to add/remove and then adding it all at once

struct: But maybe CSB is one of the easiest to reach legend

struct: Oh chat scroll

AntiSquid: ya it is

jrke: epicentre was my district

Default avatar.png yfprojects: jrke I think you are overreacting a little bit.

AntiSquid: don't think so, imagine the earthquake was stronger, we wouldn't even know why he went offline

wlesavo: yfprophets

Default avatar.png yfprojects: ???

Default avatar.png yfprojects: I thought he was okay?

wlesavo: nwm, just though it was funny in context of these meteors talks

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Yeah, but these arent my talks :grinning:

wlesavo: well you sure do look like you know smth about it :wink:

Default avatar.png yfprojects: probably as much as you, i havent heard about this meteor before jrke told us

Default avatar.png yfprojects:

Default avatar.png yfprojects: That's what jrke was talking about

AntiSquid: i read it here first:

AntiSquid: it says "safely pass earth"

wlesavo: lol, nice poll trump vs meteor

struct: "It will miss by just 0.038 astronomical units."

struct: These articles

struct: That equals over 5 Million kilometers

Default avatar.png yfprojects: :confused:

struct: 14 times the distance to the moon

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Its special, but not dangerous for us

AntiSquid: i would be surprised if Biden doesn't win this time, he has dementia

eulerscheZahl: i was hoping for bernie :(

Default avatar.png yfprojects: AntiSquid was has his dementia to do with him winning?

wlesavo: i guess any one appart from biden would be actually interesting to watch

wlesavo: yfprojects he means that americans like to vote for somebody with mental health problems lately

Default avatar.png yfprojects: I see

Default avatar.png yfprojects: but dont they prefer the leading one in this discipline?

AntiSquid: hillary wasn't sane either, which is why the country is so divided

AntiSquid: ever worked with dementia patients yfprojects ?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: My grandpa had it

AntiSquid: had ?

AntiSquid: my condolences

wlesavo: yfprojects same

Astrobytes: Mine has it. Not easy atm since he's on lockdown for 12 weeks

Default avatar.png yfprojects: thank you

Default avatar.png yfprojects: alone Astrobytes

Default avatar.png yfprojects: ?

Astrobytes: Other than his carers 4 x a day, yep

Astrobytes: I've been talking to him from the garden most days though

AntiSquid: US doesn't have sane presidents, Obama sounded sane, he still went on to carpet bomb other countries

Astrobytes: That *is* sanity for a lto of people, unfortunately.

Astrobytes: *lot

Default avatar.png Neostis: hello bro

MadKnight: say hello to your new bro, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: please please don't try to understand the problem with that is

MadKnight: u scared Automaton2000

Automaton2000: if it works, it works

eulerscheZahl: he even bombed himself to the Nobel price for peace

eulerscheZahl: i'm only late by 1h

pb4: siman :fearful:

eulerscheZahl: it's just 3 points :D

eulerscheZahl: well, almost 4 now

pb4: -_-

Default avatar.png yupo...: hey

struct: damn

kovi: wow

Default avatar.png yupo...: can anyone tell me how to play this game

AntiSquid: yes

AntiSquid: watch the streams here yupo...

AntiSquid: it helps

AntiSquid: ah nvm

AntiSquid: wait i meant these streams:

Default avatar.png yupo...: thanks

Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: why does no1 talkk in COC chat

AntiSquid: ask in COC chat

Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: lul

AntiSquid: why don't you play the contest instead?

AntiSquid: i am sure you will learn a lot more from it than from playing COC

eulerscheZahl: there are some bots in clash of code, when no real players want to join

eulerscheZahl: and these bots never talk (nor publish their solutions after the clash)

AntiSquid: do you iterate over all possible move combinations and pick the best? random search ?

eulerscheZahl: me? no, stupid heuristics

JFB: Small question about OoC Referee. Unfortunatelly I have very slow laptop - and use Python - so my bot is rather slow. I changed TurnMaxTime - and it give me more time in each turn. But I receive java.lang.RuntimeException: Total game duration too long (>30000ms) error

eulerscheZahl: and i'm totally not happy with it

eulerscheZahl: JFB that's due to the codingame SDK

JFB: I understund

eulerscheZahl: there is a check that the bots don't exceed 30s/game (sum of all bots)

eulerscheZahl: so, what's your question then?

eulerscheZahl: how to get rid of it?

JFB: I'm looking in API doc for change of this parametr

Default avatar.png tensorflw: I'm new here with some python experience. Is there a way to look at other peoples solutions to learn that way?

eulerscheZahl: reflection be an option. or modify the maven repo and don't import the official one

AntiSquid: after you solved the puzzle you can go to history and there are solutions of others

eulerscheZahl: tensorflw solve a puzzle first. then you have access to solutions in that language

AntiSquid: but only for languages you solved

Default avatar.png tensorflw: great thanks

JFB: eulerscheZahl - so it is no function similar to setTurnMaxTime?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: the SDK is meant for deploying games on the website, not for local testing

JFB: OK. Thanx

eulerscheZahl: i cursed about it multiple times too

ZarthaxX: toad u meant stupid heuristics for your ooc bot?

JFB: ZarthaxX - I think that eulerscheZahl think that each heuristic not giving him #1 is stupid ;-)

ZarthaxX: i was gonna say lol

ZarthaxX: he hates his bot a lot

eulerscheZahl: i do

eulerscheZahl: nothing clever in it

ZarthaxX: it got legend with heuristics, let it be

ZarthaxX: it's a good boi

Default avatar.png DanTheMan832: what is heuristic?

JFB: a lot of ifs :-)

ZarthaxX: spaghetti amount

wlesavo: my bot would definetly won the stupid heuristic competition

ZarthaxX: lol

JFB: :-)

Counterbalance: JFB if you want to patch the engine, look at engine/core/src/main/java/com/codingame/gameengine/core/ around line 546, private void addTurnTime


JFB: Thank Counterbalance - I will look. Unfortunatelly I do not know Maven - so probably I have first to understund the way Maven works :-)

Counterbalance: you only have to install it, and then in the directory where you checked out the repo you run 'mvn install' - not too hard :)

AntiSquid: wonder if my steadyclock is accurate, it shows 1 ms but i do a lot of calculations O_O

JFB: I understund. But I only install repo with OoC - and Maven get all dependancies. So change in GameManager is very easy - but I'm not sure WHERE is really (probably not on my disk)

Counterbalance: No, you'd have to 'git clone'

JFB: OK - but where is the place I inform Maven to use my clone - not CodinGame

JFB: ?

JFB: So I have to understund Maven to know how to inform it to use my clone

Counterbalance: you do that by specifing a version number for the dependency in the referee.

Counterbalance: if you 'mvn install' in the engine, it will build and copy the files to ~/.m2/repository/....

JFB: So I can simply change in ~/.m2/repository ?

Counterbalance: Not exactly. Did you build the referee yourself using maven?

JFB: Yes

Counterbalance: ok, in the pom.xml in the referee, there's a dependency for the game engine

Counterbalance: oh even better, near the top there's a <gameengine.version> tag.

Counterbalance: 3.13.0. Change that to master-SNAPSHOT

Counterbalance: maven will then use that version from ~/.m2/repository

JFB: OK - thanks - I will check :-)

Counterbalance: you'll need to apply this patch to the CG game engine for it to build:


Counterbalance: Here's the steps for your reference:

blasterpoard: ..I just managed to optimise my OOC fight sim enough to not timeout, then I looked at its results...

blasterpoard: "SURFACE SILENCE E 3 SILENCE S 4 TORPEDO 10 10"

ZarthaxX: lol

Illedan: Nice, ninja strat

ZarthaxX: sacrifice bugs for speed

ZarthaxX: :)

Illedan: glad we have charges on each skill and not mana

Default avatar.png yfprojects: I found it using Eclipse @Counterbalance and JFB

blasterpoard: I guess the branching factor was a bit too high, that's why it was timing out

Illedan: :D

Illedan: Silence + silence :boom:

JFB: Counterbalance - thank you - now I understund how it works - my clone of gameengine write to ~/.m2 - and my clone of OoC read from ~/.m2 :-) It is logical :-)

Counterbalance: yup!

Zenoscave: so close to legend

Zenoscave: I can taste it

Illedan: Don't do it. Legend is just scary

Zenoscave: but top 20...

MadKnight: but scary...

ZarthaxX: i think you are pretty far zeno

MadKnight: yea fix it

Zenoscave: true like 4 elo below

ZarthaxX: darkhorse was below boss and now he is 26

ZarthaxX: so... yeah lol

Zenoscave: What's this I hear about a fight sim?

darkhorse64: Trying to improve my bot ...

Default avatar.png tensorflw: Question for you guys. i'm doing the "Onboarding" challenge. Does the print statement "shoot" the enemies?

ZarthaxX: darkhorse64 wasnt my point, just that being close to boss doesnt mean you are close

Default avatar.png tensorflw:

Zenoscave: yes tensorflw

ZarthaxX: i know you are resubmitting

Default avatar.png tensorflw: Is that the case for must games?

Default avatar.png tensorflw: most*

Zenoscave: all

Default avatar.png tensorflw: Thanks!

darkhorse64: Completely true. The gap is very large skillwise

Default avatar.png tensorflw: This is one of the coolest ways to polish coding skills. Amazing site.

ZarthaxX: it is

AntiSquid: when gold MadKnight ?

MadKnight: :gold:

MadKnight: Automaton2000 why didn't they add this emoji ?

Automaton2000: i think if you have a little bit

AntiSquid: ya MadKnight you don't have any gold at all

MadKnight: yea i only have the :legend:

solistice: Hi all, I have a small question: I'm making a simulator for a Card Game, and I am now trying to decide if I should use 1 Game State and apply / undo each action, or copy the game state for different branches of the simulation

solistice: I can't really find good information regarding this because I don't know what to search for

solistice: Or is there maybe a third possibility that I'm forgetting?

ZarthaxX: the undo thing

ZarthaxX: may be possible or not

ZarthaxX: depending on what actions do to a gamestate

ZarthaxX: if they make you lose information completely it may be hard to do an undo

solistice: I'm pretty sure I can do the undo, I could track the lost information I'm pretty sure, but I feel like, for minimax with a certain depth this would work, but if I go the routes of other methods, I don't think applying and undoing might be possible at all

tobk: or both undo and occasionally copy. apply/undo in normal game, but make a copy before e.g. doing some monte-carlo-style random playouts for the AI player (if you have one), this way you do not have to undo the entire playout

solistice: and I wanna make sure before I commit to one

solistice: that actually makes a lot of sense, tobk

solistice: it was MCTS indeed that I was thinking of,, undoing everything would be so slow

solistice: I guess I'll have to deep copy each object tho, is there information online about best practices to do this? Maybe data structures to use instead of normal lists?

JFB: Or allocate array of States one time. Nest copy your state to each State in the array (it can be fast). And after this do different changes in each State in the array. It is solution when undo is impossible or very expensive

JFB: Counterbalance - than you one more time - your solution works and more important - I understund it and can now myself change what I want :-)

Counterbalance: You're welcome, JFB! :)

kovi: so random, but somehow now its top5 with yannt

YannT: I made improvements yesterday :)

YannT: it benched well locally but needed a lot of matches to make a difference

YannT: siman clearly has the best bot I think right now... the chain pushing kinda makes him come down sometimes but other than that he's pretty dominant :p

jft63: clearly yes Siman is the best at the moment :)

eulerscheZahl: good news Illedan

wlesavo: nice nagra

Illedan: :tada:

Illedan: :dance:

Illedan: :rocket:

Illedan: \o/

eulerscheZahl: oh, 23 in legend now

eulerscheZahl: your boss failed wlesavo

Illedan: Fix it!

ZarthaxX: lol only 1 toad

eulerscheZahl: i'm a shark now

ZarthaxX: sharktoad

smeagol: Hi

smeagol: Mad: where's your AI ?

smeagol: Siman: please, I want you AI.

MostComplicatedUsername: I've given up on the contest

MostComplicatedUsername: I still have no way of tracking my opponent unless I accidentally hit them with my torpedo

darkhorse64: Look at Illedan's stream, he gives some hints how to detect your opponent

MostComplicatedUsername: On twitch? Or discord?


MostComplicatedUsername: Okay thx

darkhorse64: Bear in mind it's just a beginning

AntiSquid: a SharkNado

AntiSquid: and yes that's movie #6

JFB: Is it real??? Really?

kovi: azert nem vezet olyan siman

AntiSquid: hogy vagy

Astrobytes: Egészségedre!

AntiSquid: i actually know those two words Astrobytes !

Astrobytes: I know the one I posted too!

Astrobytes: Also, Borz

AntiSquid: is that a polish word?

AntiSquid: borsh ?

Astrobytes: No, it's Hungarian for badger

aangairbender: it's ukrainian food xD

Nerchio: barszcz?

AntiSquid: i know some swear words, but won't type them since i don't know the correct spelling :p

AntiSquid: i guess it's that one Nerchio

AntiSquid: tons of polish people in UK

Counterbalance: "You can't place and trigger a mine in the same turn." - does this also apply for 2 different mines?

Nerchio: to the same mine

Counterbalance: thanks

YannT: siman il me déglingue complétement

YannT: wrong chan

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: Could I use Dijkstra for pathfinding?

Nerchio: you can use anything you want really

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: What kind of graph is the map?

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: weighted or unweighted?

pb4: JasonTruter : depends how you want to model it

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: I think it would be regarded as weighted since each nodes edges are the same

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: and not weighted

Astrobytes: Well, your weights could be perceived threat levels, suspected enemy locations

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: Ah true

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: I guess that would be more advanced

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: Thanks for that information, really mind blowing :)

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: Currently learning BFS and unweighted graphs vs Dijkstra weighted

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: To try find shortest path to a node, atleast I can get some decent path finding

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: Hopefully this should get me to bronze

Default avatar.png Turch: Why can't we code in LISP?

Astrobytes: Cool JasonTruter, glad ya learning :) Pathfinding algos defo help on a lot of CG multis (and puzzles)

FrankR: JasonTruter: you may also want to look at the FloydWarshall algorithm. Since the map is fixed, you can precompute all paths in advance

AntiSquid: set up locally Turch

Astrobytes: Turch, because it's not supported on the CG platform

Default avatar.png Turch: It was a cheap joke :slight_smile:

Default avatar.png Turch: Still learning the ropes of this - it's pretty fun!

AntiSquid: but you can code in lisp if you download the game from the repo

Default avatar.png Turch: Interesting

AntiSquid: locally in any language

Nerchio: I swear next competition i am setting up locally if its possible

AntiSquid: you can do it now

Nerchio: its such a pain to test your build on site with small changes

AntiSquid: there's a week left, most contests are 1 week anyway

Nerchio: yea but i am top~70 gold and i am running out of ideas how to improve

AntiSquid: and if you need help / advice to set up locally just ask

AntiSquid: nice rank

Default avatar.png Turch: I'm surprised if nobody has exploited bugs yet

Astrobytes: Those kind of bugs were fixed a few weeks ago Turch

Default avatar.png Turch: Ah, gotcha, guess it's a race between developers and players in a way

Astrobytes: The devs are also playing ;)

kovi: pb4: at least wait out one submit round

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: How would I store all the nodes that were visited in the shortest path once I arrive at the destination node?

pb4: Testing a new feature with huge coeff to see if it seems to work

pb4: Now with a more sensible coefficient to see if it's good

pb4: this one will finish normally :)

kovi: you dont test locally?

pb4: what do you call test locally ?

kovi: huge coeff to see if it does something

pb4: yes

Default avatar.png Turch: For Coders Strike Back, do you BOOST for one frame, or can you hold it?

MadKnight: u can't hold it

Default avatar.png Turch: Gotcha, thanks. Effect kept happening offscreen for me, so I wasn't certain.

AntiSquid: you fight offscreen you die offscreen !

kovi: pretty balanced

AntiSquid: someone got pushed

pb4: so pb4 > kovi > siman > pb4 ?

kovi: yeah

kovi: and im still not good vs. joli and yannt

pb4: I was good vs yannt

pb4: Not anymore :(

YannT: if you guys ever figure out what makes anyone good or not against someone else, let me know :p

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: Realized after everything it was probably better to work with a vector than a map

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: now I need to work with entries in the map for iteration

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: jeez :expressionless: lesson learnt

YannT: told you :p

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: lol was learning :) But had to understand why

pb4: beginner JasonTruter ?

Default avatar.png JasonTruter: yes pb4

AntiSquid: lol what's wrong with a map ?

Swagboy: I guess it's with spares positions you need to iter it for just a few cells

Swagboy: But it's a trade-off

Swagboy: ça grimpe doucement :|

Astrobytes: Ce n'est pas anglais Swagboy, ban :P

Swagboy: Haha maldito, lo siento

Astrobytes: hahahaa

alchemsti: Is there a pointer for running it locally? Agreed, it's super-painful trying to iterate on the page

NormantasStankevicius: when you need a double sided Queue

NormantasStankevicius: but C# queue is only one sided

NormantasStankevicius: so you have to add a 900line file

NormantasStankevicius: That supports queus

NormantasStankevicius: wait, is that even allowed?

Nerchio: can i see what was someone's last submit?

Nerchio: when*

Astrobytes: Nerchio hover your mouse over their score in the lb

Nerchio: ty

Astrobytes: np

Nerchio: feels bad when some people didn't touch their bot for 6 days and i spent like 30 hours working on it

Nerchio: and we are in the same spot :D

Astrobytes: Welcome to CG contests :D

Nerchio: but it's my first contest so i don't feel too bad

Default avatar.png Rd211: Normantas you can use a linkedlist if cache doesnt bother you

Astrobytes: Top 100 gold first contest is pretty good, you still have a week so just keep at it ;)

Nerchio: yeah i have 2 ideas to implement

Nerchio: scatter shot and poke shot

Nerchio: poke is shoot and run so they can't retaliate and scatter shot is just pick better spots to shoot so i cover more possible spots enemy can be

Astrobytes: Seems sensible

NormantasStankevicius: Rd211 That is what was I thinking

NormantasStankevicius: I reached Silver with relitevely simple path finding algorithm

NormantasStankevicius: and people here were posting flood fill

NormantasStankevicius: so I looked into it

NormantasStankevicius: and my guide was basically saying use queues, but small amount of reasearch said it's similar to linked lists

NormantasStankevicius: well, either way, it's 1am, and I will log off for now. Tomorrow I will implement queue and floodfill I was working on.

Default avatar.png Rd211: but you dont need deque for floodfill

NormantasStankevicius: perhaps

NormantasStankevicius: I sat down on my code for an hour

NormantasStankevicius: refactoring a bit

NormantasStankevicius: and working on floodfill

NormantasStankevicius: It's easter and I am tired

Astrobytes: It's just a queue, you'll see tomorrow when you're less tired ;)

NormantasStankevicius: I hope

Astrobytes: get some rest :)

NormantasStankevicius: I got to silver with a pathfinding algo, that doesn't go to 1block dead ends and a just walks up fully north, one block left, fully down and repeat

NormantasStankevicius: and a bit of torpedoes

Nerchio: see you tomorrow guys :D

Astrobytes: gn Nerchio

Astrobytes: NormantasStankevicius go and sleep, you'll be thankful for it tomorrow!

Astrobytes: And keep a notepad by your bed in case you get any ideas

NormantasStankevicius: I won't I will watch some anime

NormantasStankevicius: Don't worry

Astrobytes: Well, whatever relaxes you :)

NormantasStankevicius: I have like 11things I can work on

NormantasStankevicius: Better torpedoes, Improve Silence, add mine deployment, detect enemies from his torpedo shot, from my torpedo shot, implement radars, floodfilling, how to deal with silence (this one I have 0 idea), what is BFS and how it works? improved spawn, better pathfinding, not hit myself with torpedoes

KANEKI: bro wtf

KANEKI: just realized most ppl here are bots

KANEKI: not real ppl

KANEKI: in the clash of code game

KANEKI: flash

NormantasStankevicius: and how Nerchio said, I might add the shoot and run

NormantasStankevicius: yeah

NormantasStankevicius: Kaneki

Scarfield: no bots here right, Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: i am not sure how much time are you using a search algo

KANEKI: nah i just looked at the leaderboard

Astrobytes: NormantasStankevicius torpedo pathing is BFS, you can floodfill with BFS, this could help you pathfind

KANEKI: and sorted by

KANEKI: most clashes

KANEKI: first 20 are all bots

KANEKI: didnt bother to check rest

KANEKI: 12**

Astrobytes: KANEKI in clashes if there is no human opponent, the CG platform adds bots as opponents

KANEKI: oh shit

NormantasStankevicius: yeah, because it would take too long to find a fight

AntiSquid: KANEKI clashes don't do much, just play the contest instead

Astrobytes: That's why they played the most clashes

NormantasStankevicius: but aren't the bots coded by other people? just CG gives the API and allows them?

AntiSquid: also at least playing the contest you have some topic in common with the others in chat

Astrobytes: Not the clash bots no

KANEKI: no wonder they didnt respond

KANEKI: when i called them out

KANEKI: for having so many clashes played

KANEKI: i was wondering how it was even posisble

AntiSquid: give it few years and they will respond after a new upgrade


NormantasStankevicius: I feel clash just improved how fast you can bash out a simple function

Astrobytes: KANEKI I think there's an article about it on the CG blog somewhere

NormantasStankevicius: but for competitive programming

NormantasStankevicius: it doesn't cut

KANEKI: now that i know they're bots

KANEKI: im not addicted anymore

KANEKI: wont be*

AntiSquid: i don't fancy clashes at all, if i wanna take 30 minutes to contemplate on how to create a simple array then i don't want an annoying timer to tell me i am too slow

KANEKI: are u from the UK

KANEKI: nvm u are

AntiSquid: why?! @_@

Astrobytes: KANEKI puzzles, contests and the multis are where it's at imo

KANEKI: because no one says "fancy"

KANEKI: besides people uk ppl

AntiSquid: oh

AntiSquid: that's discrimination

Astrobytes: lol :D That's on point

KANEKI: whats multis

Astrobytes: 'fancy' in that context at least

AntiSquid: quite sure some american tourists say "fancy"

KANEKI: nah thats in diff context

Ifthel: Fancy that

KANEKI: acc most ppl ik dont use that word

KANEKI: ^ thats uk usage

Astrobytes: Bot programming and optimization games KANEKI, usually past contests

KANEKI: "i dont fancy that"

NormantasStankevicius: Also

AntiSquid: uk suburb jargon

KANEKI: most ppl say

NormantasStankevicius: How is the University of Wroclaw so high?

KANEKI: i dont find that fancy

Ifthel: I've never heard anyone say that

KANEKI: yea cos no one really says fancy

AntiSquid: they have strong competitors / more participants? i have no idea how that rank is calculated NormantasStankevicius

KANEKI: i havent heard that word in a million years

AntiSquid: wow

Ifthel: I'm making it my mission to use fancy as often as possible now

AntiSquid: how was the world a million years ago?

Astrobytes: They live among us AntiSquid

KANEKI: There was no AntiSquid

KANEKI: So life was good

AntiSquid: any squids walking on land?


KANEKI: Yeah, they used to climb trees.

KANEKI: Have families

KANEKI: My best friend then was a squid

KANEKI: anwyays i have a exam thats worth 50% of my final grade tmrw


AntiSquid: funny because i watched some documentary that tried to predict what wild life might evolve into, and it included squids on land and climbing trees

KANEKI: and a big project thats also due (worth 22%)

KANEKI: lmaoo

KANEKI: anwyays pce

AntiSquid: isn't school closed?

Astrobytes: Well good luck KANEKI

KANEKI: Online Exam

KANEKI: Everything is online

AntiSquid: why waste time on clash when you have exam?


AntiSquid: don't you value your time?

KANEKI: just a couple of games

KANEKI: nw, i got google

KANEKI: during the exam

KANEKI: as its online


Astrobytes: Then you will gain nothing from your exam

AntiSquid: do they actually teach anything school ? saying you will use google to pass the exam sounds like the exam actually requires you to study first

AntiSquid: school should focus more on preparing people for life imo :/

Astrobytes: Learning is still important but yes, it should

AntiSquid: of course, learning would be involved

Astrobytes: How are you supposed to apply your 'skills' in the real world with next-to-no knowledge of it?

Astrobytes: Massively overlooked issue

AntiSquid: yes

AntiSquid: it's like you're completely detached from the real world

Astrobytes: Agreed. Same in most uni's too

AntiSquid: what are universities bad too?

Astrobytes: In terms of the detachment thing

AntiSquid: oh right

AntiSquid: for a moment i forgot

AntiSquid: people study there for years and apparently they still need to build up work experience once they're done

Astrobytes: Yes. But can't because they mostly have no experience.

Zenoscave: Any legend OOC players on chat?

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 is a legend, he told us

Astrobytes: "seeking graduate C# dev with 15+ years of FORTRAN experience"

Automaton2000: that doesn't mean that i can learn how to use boost

Zenoscave: whoa

Zenoscave: you got to legend w/o boost huh

AntiSquid: aren't the agencies to blame for those kind of job adverts Astrobytes ? :D

Astrobytes: Yeah mostly AntiSquid :D

AntiSquid: i find the recruitment agencies are filled with terribly stupid and clueless people

ZarthaxX: Zenoscave u are alone

Zenoscave: nuuuuuu

ZarthaxX: legend gates wont let u get it

Zenoscave: wep wep

ZarthaxX: im sorry

ZarthaxX: pew pew

Astrobytes: Oftentimes the HR dept of the companies are also totally misinterpreting the lead's requests too :D

Zenoscave: pew pew ZarthaxX

ZarthaxX: mah man zeno

Astrobytes: TardaxX!

ZarthaxX: working hard on that legend

ZarthaxX: Tastro (=?

ZarthaxX: did corona abandon your body already?

Astrobytes: AstroTard

ZarthaxX: lmao

ZarthaxX: i forgot

Astrobytes: Actually just getting better now

ZarthaxX: thanks for the reminder

ZarthaxX: noice

ZarthaxX: and your mom?

Astrobytes: Yup, same

AntiSquid: some hospital staff died, they weren't wearing masks :(

Astrobytes: All good here for now, just need to build strength up again

Astrobytes: All good with you ZarthaxX?

Astrobytes: AntiSquid the PPE situation is ridiculous

AntiSquid: is your polar bear fat still at the healthy ratio ZarthaxX ?

ZarthaxX: ye im gud but uni is being savage with ppl

ZarthaxX: AntiSquid i think so

ZarthaxX: lockdown didnt affect my health :P

Astrobytes: In terms of distancing ZarthaxX? Or are they just shooting everyone who coughs? :P

ZarthaxX: LOL

ZarthaxX: no

ZarthaxX: uni will start tomorrow

ZarthaxX: but they limited the amount of ppl for each subject

ZarthaxX: so they did a random shufle with python they even showedthe code lol

ZarthaxX: and they took out a lot of ppl

Astrobytes: You're still gonna physically be in classrooms?

ZarthaxX: and there are cases where those ppl got taken out of all their submjects

Astrobytes: Why not online?

ZarthaxX: subjects

Ifthel: They showed the code? Any possibility to change your last name?

Astrobytes: Wow, that doesn't see mright

ZarthaxX: so they will lose the csemester

Astrobytes: *seem right

ZarthaxX: so that's the problem

ZarthaxX: we are gonna have virtual classes

Astrobytes: That's fucking crazy

ZarthaxX: but for some reason they limited the # of ppl

ZarthaxX: yeah

AntiSquid: ZarthaxX i wanted to show you a video i saw the other day, but can't find it

AntiSquid: so i show you this one instead:

AntiSquid: it's about polar bear x grizzly hybrid

ZarthaxX: content

AntiSquid: i mean seriously interesting, polar bears and grizzlies get along alright

ZarthaxX: okey..

AntiSquid: and the hybrids seem slightly smarter than their parents

Uljahn: fancy bears

AntiSquid: is your gf as savage as a grizzly ZarthaxX?

Astrobytes: "When he caught up to the bear, he shot and killed it" :/

AntiSquid: ya, lame

AntiSquid: the other video i saw didn't have any bear killings in it, just hybrids

AntiSquid: something about possible contribution of hybrids to evolution

ZarthaxX: depends squido

ZarthaxX: not with me lol but with others she is .D

Astrobytes: not gonna watch the whole thing but I presume the interbreeding is due to polar bears migrating in search of better living conditions due to climate change

AntiSquid: see ZarthaxX? you'll get smart kids then, she's a keeper

AntiSquid: yes Astrobytes

ZarthaxX: lol i hope

ZarthaxX: we are dumpin the dumb ones

AntiSquid: but the initial video i watched was more about evolution than forced migration

Astrobytes: Forced migration impacts on evolution

AntiSquid: hm it does

AntiSquid: there was a coyote x wolf hybrid bit too

AntiSquid: supposedly they're smarter and eat about anything

Astrobytes: We're still discovering these hybrids

Astrobytes: And they're still appearing

AntiSquid: not if some nutjobs shoot them first

Astrobytes: Yes, indeed

Astrobytes: Shoot me a link if you find the original vid AntiSquid

AntiSquid: sure

Astrobytes: I'm out for tonight, see ya's tomorrow

AntiSquid: gn8

ZarthaxX: cya astro!

Zenoscave: nn

blasterpoard: my bot is finally learning to fight... hidden version wins most games under 100 turns (but only because they always spawn close to each other and then fight)

Zenoscave: nice blasterpoard

Zenoscave: do you only sim fights if you know their location?

blasterpoard: Zenoscave if there are <25 locations possible

Zenoscave: that's cool

Zenoscave: MCTS or MM?

Zenoscave: I'd love to read a PM after the contest

Default avatar.png PortalBot: learning to fight? what do you use? :p

Zenoscave: nothing yet

Scarfield: nice action combo for the win :muscle:

blasterpoard: oof... neither MCTS nor MM

Zenoscave: I have no sim yet

Default avatar.png PortalBot: neural network?

Zenoscave: Might do plain MC the next couple days

blasterpoard: PortalBot no, just fixed depth and pruning

ZarthaxX: so u treat separately fighting and moving blaster? damn

Zenoscave: I suspect many top bots do by now

ZarthaxX: dont get how u sim a fight with many possible spots

blasterpoard: ZarthaxX actually you don't need to sim that much

blasterpoard: you can prune most options at depth 1 as inferior

ZarthaxX: okey

ZarthaxX: but you are fighting against every possible spot?

blasterpoard: yes

ZarthaxX: ah just to manage probabilities

ZarthaxX: of whats best overall

Famout: HA! OK, amused, somehow I got raised a rank in Ocean of code by doing nothing.

Famout: Was in wood 1 after submitting, rank 50. Now in Bronze at rank 36.

Phil-Reck: That's great Famount

Famout: I don't even shoot, I just pathfind.

Famout: Guess I should shoot though and see if I can't reach gold.

Neon_Tuts: <Hello World />