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thibpat: I'm streaming my progress on Ocean Of Code on

Default avatar.png yfprojects: @AntiSquid I meant this one:

Quidome: Huh, does pacman already exists?

Quidome: in codingame?

Uljahn: does Automaton2000 already exist on CG?

Automaton2000: i don't see it on the forum

AntiSquid: oh hi yfprojects


Default avatar.png **yfprojects greets AntiSquid

mark7: Hello!

AntiSquid: what is the point of myID variable in the input?

mark7: If you are first or second

mark7: But it doesnt matter much

AntiSquid: you get NA first turn as opponent message if you are first

Ifthel: Grasping at straws, but it lets you plan around being first or second when you pick your starting position.

AntiSquid: ok, now to figure out when that matters :thinking:

wlesavo: AntiSquid i use it to alternate fixed seed in self play

Default avatar.png Acem1: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png Acem1: /me

Default avatar.png **Acem1 slaps around a bit with a large fishbot

JFB: wlesavo - good point

chucknorris: can you please stop recking me pb 4:(

pb4: chucknorris let's make a deal. Get jolindien to stop wrecking me, and i'll stop for you :)

chucknorris: sounds like a fair deal :D

MJSS: Chucknorris making a deal? WHAT?

2571540: I want a deal too

AntiSquid: ya chucknorris should wreck them all

AntiSquid: by 10 points difference ofc

wlesavo: lol now thats a tactic

pb4: what frame ?

Nagatwin: im doing the same wlesavo

Nagatwin: the end pb4

pb4: oh wlesavo's surface to go back ?

wlesavo: pb4 i mean surronding by mines

pb4: haha

pb4: I was thinking the surface made perfect sense

pb4: From the torpedo point of view

pb4: if you go forward, you get hit by a torpedo for 2 HP

Default avatar.png Battat: hey, does someone know if the "force-field" of the pods is determined by the speed/thrust also?

wlesavo: i would like to go back but i have a mine in my knee

Nerchio: I can do move -> silence -> shoot in 1 turn?

Nagatwin: yes

pb4: Battat : ""force field"" increases mass by 10x

Nagatwin: Everytime I open the IDE a different date shows up for the legend leage, I have to refresh cache to get the right date :/

[CG]Thibaud: weird

wlesavo: not every time but sometimes happens to me too

Noobmaster69: Hello world

aCat: Hello Noobmaster69

amurushkin: is it legal to create a company team like "RUCHAT"?

MadKnight: #ruchat

MadKnight: #amurushkin

Nerchio: is there any way to simulate X games against someone and see the results

MadKnight: simulate ?

MadKnight: how much is X ?

Nerchio: idk 5?

Nerchio: just want to see how I am doing against AI in like 10 games instead of waiting for 10 to finish

MadKnight: u can download AI binary and run as many games as u want in local

MadKnight: if they give u their binary

MadKnight: u will even be able to run 1000 games in parallel on GPU

MadKnight: CG servers are really busy playing other players games they can't run lots of games for u that quickly

MadKnight: Nerchio in what language do u code ?

Nerchio: java

MadKnight: oh, u will probably have to rewrite in C to run on GPU

Nerchio: it's fine i will do without it i guess :D

MadKnight: are u sure? u can test like 1000 games in seconds

MadKnight: u can make multiple versions of your own bot to fight against each other

Nerchio: yea it's my first competition I don't need to go that far

aCat: No you definitely don't

MadKnight: will u go that far on your second competition ?

Nerchio: maybe, we will see :)

MadKnight: what's your current approach for this game ?

MadKnight: what does your bot do ?

Nerchio: it survives more than 10 turns that's a success

MadKnight: that's nice

MadKnight: u wanna try an easier competition first ?

Nerchio: don't worry I am in silver soon it's not that bad ^^

MadKnight: nice

MadKnight: hey aCat and how's your bot ?

aCat: somewhat silver python approach

Nerchio: my bot semi-well tracks the enemy and shoots =/ how sophisticated

aCat: and I'm rewriting everyting and making new one in C#

aCat: as it grows bigger and I need some proper ordering in code

Piemert: 900 lines of javascript mess here :x

Nerchio: what league are you in?

Piemert: gold, rank 92

Nerchio: that's not bad in my eyes i am in bronze :D

Nerchio: and ranking up to silver has been a pain the last 2 days

Piemert: my script is probably not the most elegant, but I can't see anyone get into gold with just a few lines of code ;)

Nerchio: i have 650 in java so far

Default avatar.png Floryan: im at almost 800 in java

Piemert: I'm not sure why I didn't pick typescript.

AntiSquid: more like depends on the user, of course you should have picked tpyescript if that's what you use at work

AntiSquid: 800 lines c++ btw :p

kovi: wow, huge lead pb4

pb4: I think it's a lucky streak

pb4: repushing the same AI to check

pb4: but I did like seeing this :D

Nerchio: so you can shoot around the corners but not through islands yeah?

pb4: Yes

pb4: but the blast can go through islands

Nerchio: any easy way to check line of sight that can't go through islands? :D

2571540: Do a bfs from your position

wlesavo: pb4 do you consider a space control aspects already?

pb4: Nope, and I won't

wlesavo: ok, just thinking about it, but probably wont either

pb4: space control involves long term planning, which I have no way to introduce. I'm current only planning on the very short term

wlesavo: same

wlesavo: wonder if anyone will get to it

2571540: I tried a bit

2571540: But short term does most of the job on top10

wlesavo: at least for now

Nerchio: it's so satisfying to see your bot do the job :D

Nerchio: i got promoted to silver hell yeah :D

Riyuk: gg Nerchio!

chucknorris: I'm sure long term area control planning will be a thing in the final top10

Default avatar.png yfprojects: chucknorris what do you use to keep you path this compact?

chucknorris: bitmap

Default avatar.png yfprojects: thats very expressive!

Nagatwin: "this" compact ?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: why?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: his path seems very compact in comparison to other top players

chucknorris: ahh okay. I'm not trying to keep it compatc btw. I try to maximize my available space, the count of locations where the enemy will think I am and few other things

AntiSquid: just got a letter with Boris' signature to stay at home ... wonder how many millions they spent to send these letters out to everyone

infinitetundra: Boris', as in life of boris?

Nagatwin: Zoning might be a good strat actually


Nagatwin: I guess it does not work that much on low gold

AntiSquid: as in "belonging to", left the s out since it's s's at the end otherwise

Default avatar.png yfprojects: In the FAQs is says that my program is run on a multi-core architecture.

Default avatar.png yfprojects: So am I able to use these cores?

Nagatwin: Never tried using multi_core programs but I think you can try

Nagatwin: my simu has no respect of others when it can win (last 5 frames)

AntiSquid: ready for approval if anyone is interested:

wlesavo: contest is out lol

Nagatwin: AntiSquid what's that ?

Nagatwin: next contest ?

AntiSquid: no, just old multi

AntiSquid: never got published

Nagatwin: oh

Nagatwin: isn't next contest Pacman too ?

wlesavo: i guess we can train on this one :slight_smile:

wlesavo: perfect timing btw

AntiSquid: it's not going to be this game

Nagatwin: Yeah I hope so would be unfair :p

aCat: Looks great!

aCat: I would like to see source later. Is there only one level?

AntiSquid: i will upload referee later

aCat: oh, there is download button :D

AntiSquid: one level

AntiSquid: will add more levels later if people request it i guess

aCat: but sorry for now - ooc-focused ;]

wlesavo: AntiSquid did you deleted it?

AntiSquid: Thibaud said he doesn't want it shared

AntiSquid: first he said sure, so i thought it's ok, but i guess they might want to release it officially for pacman celebration?

AntiSquid: along with the real contest maybe?

wlesavo: oh, i see

Nagatwin: :'(

wlesavo: too bad i was not fast enough to see the grapichs

darkhorse64: I was, hehe

blasterpoard: wlesavo

wlesavo: wow, thx

[CG]Thibaud: sorry guys :(

AntiSquid: lol i got too eager to share it also

darkhorse64: IP problem or is it just temporary ? Not that we are starved atm

[CG]Thibaud: we've got an issue. We're looking into it

Default avatar.png andrei00001111: I have a problem. I've received a mesage that said I was promoted to the Bronze League, but I didn't actually get promoted. Any ideaa how to resolve this?

Default avatar.png joeltonyf: Is the codingame multiplayer working?

Default avatar.png andrei00001111: Oh, the gaame is Coders Strike Back.I have no idea is thge multiplayer is working. I've found this site 2 or 3 days ago

Zac__likes_fortnite: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png mat_cloud: :pig:

Nagatwin: Too bad AntiSquid I was up for that training :D

Nerchio: if somebody saw my code i feel like they should ban me from coding for the rest of my life

MadKnight: don't worry Automaton2000 seen worse codes

Automaton2000: i watched a lot of draws

MadKnight: if u get banned from coding how will u improve your code Nerchio ?

Nerchio: I guess I won't it will forever be a silver bot

MadKnight: u wanna try another contest ?

MadKnight: an easier one


MadKnight: practice is practice, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: why are u not playing csb

MadKnight: exactly Automaton2000

Automaton2000: you need to play against me

MadKnight: then write a bot Automaton2000

Automaton2000: wonder if i can figure out how to write a ga

Nagatwin: Hahhaaa

Nagatwin: Mk and csb is some kind of a love story

MadKnight: Nagatwin teach Automaton2000 to write a GA so Nerchio could play vs him

Automaton2000: that makes it more complicated

MadKnight: Nagatwin u got another easier contest for a guy ?

Nagatwin: Csb is not that easy

AntiSquid: omg CSB spam again

MadKnight: just use -3vel and u're golkd

Nagatwin: :D

MadKnight: AntiSquid join us

AntiSquid: there are far easier games on CG

MadKnight: Nagatwin maybe u just don't like vectors ?

Nagatwin: haven't found that 3vel yet stuck in silver xD

MadKnight: AntiSquid your dota isn't easier

AntiSquid: nerchio better play code a la mode it's more fun

Nagatwin: dota ? :o

AntiSquid: it's more fun than CSB MadCarpet_7f43

MadKnight: yea there is dota on CG

AntiSquid: MadKnight

Nagatwin: MadCarpet :D

MadKnight: don't be a mad carpet Automaton2000

Automaton2000: you can do it as a win

Nagatwin: gota find this one

Nagatwin: dota find this one*

AntiSquid: Nagatwin

Nagatwin: looks cool

Nagatwin: gotta try someday

Nagatwin: still lacks jungle camps

MadKnight: fix your dota AntiSquid

AntiSquid: it has camps Nagatwin

AntiSquid: they spawn later during the game

AntiSquid: see the (brown thingies) groots at the top

MadKnight: can u camp a camp spawner Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: trying to make my bot a little bit :p

AntiSquid: and the top down view wasn't our idea, we just had to go with it nagster

AntiSquid: lol i keep pinging the wrong people, sorry folks

Nagatwin: I'll try this one mb bewteen pacman and ooc

Nagatwin: what are the PM strats like ?

AntiSquid: no trees, just bushes

Nagatwin: bush search algorithms ,

Nagatwin: ?

Nagatwin: next level data structure

AntiSquid: heuristics i think

AntiSquid: there are some sims

Nagatwin: I kinda like heuristics

AntiSquid: do you mean in regards to gameplay or algorithms?

MadKnight: yea most are heur

Nagatwin: Both if you know :D

AntiSquid: because there are lots of different weird tactics when it comes to gameplay

AntiSquid: don't think it's that well explored yet

Nagatwin: Is this contest old ?

AntiSquid: 2017 ? not sure anymore

AntiSquid: or 2018 ?

Nerchio: should i refactor my 800 lines of code it will take like 1 hour at least or just leave my bot in silver forever :D

AntiSquid: Nerchio i have 800 lines of ugly C++, stop worrying so much about it and rewrite if you have to, i am rewriting right now since i really need cleaner code and different structure

Nagatwin: I had to rewrite 1500 lines for this context to revert the way my bottom structure was working :'(

Nagatwin: Was worth it, learned a lot

elsinnombre2d2: what a codes xD

elsinnombre2d2: i only have 500 lines

Nagatwin: I like verbosity and having pretty debug functions

Nagatwin: probably 30% of it is mostly useless

elsinnombre2d2: that explain it

Nagatwin: But saves time for debug


elsinnombre2d2: is there any way of watch the best codes when the competition ends?

eulerscheZahl: no. just read text descriptions

Nagatwin: No (un?)fortunately the code others do it not shared

elsinnombre2d2: sad

Nagatwin: you only have acces to the posts some publish describing their strat

eulerscheZahl: example for the previous contest:

Nagatwin: I still wish there would be more code sharing / reviewing on this website

Nagatwin: It's easy to discover algorithms & stuff here but hard to have some feedback to improve

eulerscheZahl: the game still continues. no fixed deadline with glory and possible prizes to win. when someone shares a top bot. many will read it and probably learn something from it

eulerscheZahl: but a few just copy-paste it into the arena, ruining the fun for those who still want to play the game

eulerscheZahl: the 3rd placed hypersonic contest bot is on github. with the consequence of having almost 100 bots saying "SAYONARA" when they die

Nagatwin: eulerscheZahl do you mind giving the link in pm ?

AntiSquid: kinda considering to share my data structure for OOC though, i wonder if there's a simpler way to build this thing

Nagatwin: Antisquid I'm up to this kind of things too. I did 4 different structure, each one having different up/downsides

eulerscheZahl: i changed my representation too Path from List<Cell> to bool[]

AntiSquid: ^ ugh i wonder how you manage to cope with just that ... would have tought vector<Cell> would be best

eulerscheZahl: bool[] is faster to check if a cell is already visited

eulerscheZahl: and an extra var to store the current position (which used to be the last entry of the list)

Nagatwin: arrays save class allocation time + make garbage collector's job easier I guess

Nerchio: i use boolean[][] and int[][] but i am beginner

eulerscheZahl: and for C# a 1D array is significantly faster than 2D (at least on Mono, which CG still uses)

eulerscheZahl: for .net core I didn't measure a difference iirc

Quidome: I think the rating system is somewhat broken. When you resubmit you drop 30 places (after initial submit matches), 12 hours later you climb gradually 30 places. This is really strange

Quidome: (with teh same version)

Nerchio: I thought ever submit drops you to the end of your league :D

Quidome: yeah that is true, but after the recalc you shot roughly be at the same spot

Quidome: and that is not the case

Quidome: And i suspect it is only happening when you somewhere at the end of the list

Quidome: at least in the last 50% part

AntiSquid: yes there are better ways to sort out ranking

Nagatwin: 2 submits may have bad/good luck and vary a lot

Nerchio: so if i get to 100% of battles i won't get recalculated anymore?

AntiSquid: just hope the last submit is the best :p

Quidome: Yes, but it is always this same pattern for me. Submit, wait 12 hours and then i am back

eulerscheZahl: i observe such behavior when there's something fundamentally wrong with my bot (e.g. occasionally crashing)

eulerscheZahl: otherwise my ranking is mostly stable on resubmit usually

AntiSquid: also you can drop way below your real rank if stronger bots keep being submitted

Quidome: Hm that is interesting

AntiSquid: if weaker ones get submitted you get pushed up

Quidome: @antisquid, true, but that is not the issue here

Nagatwin: eulerscheZahl On top20 this is true, but below 50 the last battles have a big influence on where you end up

eulerscheZahl: hm.. i rarely play in that regions :innocent:

Nagatwin: Haha

Quidome: @eulerscheZahl, this fundamentally wrong remark is interesting

AntiSquid: part of the issue imo, if you submit when a stronger bot is climbing you occasionally fight it and get dropped while submit is still not even finished

AntiSquid: Quidome

Quidome: Yes, but here are the numbers.

Quidome: I am at 130, then I resubmit and after the complete resubmit i am at 160. Wait for 12 hours and back at 130

eulerscheZahl: the fundamentally wrong part makes you lose vs all kinds of bots, even lower ranked ones

eulerscheZahl: when you wait long enough after your submit, you mostly play against those in your region, which are pushing you up slowly

Quidome: Yes, but how will this result in a grudual climb?

eulerscheZahl: race condition or do i still have to explain it?

dbdr: AntiSquid why would strong people submitting affect you more than the people around you?

AntiSquid: you lose more dbdr

eulerscheZahl: because you are the special snowflake

Nagatwin: dbdr when a stong one submits, he crushes you with low elo

Quidome: YOu play against yout region, how is that workoing?

Nagatwin: so you basically loose 1-5 more battles depending on your luck

dbdr: you lose more than what? than the people around you? then you deserve to go down

Quidome: How is it working anyway? I assumed a resubmit plays evryone on the list

eulerscheZahl: others submit and play against similar ranked bots most of the time (including your bot with a fundamental bug that makes you lose 10% of the games for whatever reason)

AntiSquid: ah missread, well dbdr it's random, sometimes you don't lose, since you dodge, but depends on luck i guess

dbdr: definitely there is noise

eulerscheZahl: but in 90% you play well and win most of the matches. so you just need more games to climb in ranks than you should need without the fundamental bug

dbdr: I agree with eulerscheZahl, an unstable rank for your bot does not necessarily the ranking system is broken

Quidome: Aha, that is interesting

dbdr: it can be you play well against some kind of bots and badly against others

dbdr: the solution is to improve your bot ;)

Quidome: The thing is there is something going wrong sometimes. So your analysis works on my case

eulerscheZahl: that too. and when the rock to your scissors keeps submitting all the time, your rock will sink like a stone

dbdr: but it's easier to complain about the system ;)

AntiSquid: and also i mentioned both situations, including the time when weaker ones submit and you get to climb

dbdr: as well as everyone else?

AntiSquid: but really you can't be sure if you really are above or below player x

dbdr: everyone goes up? :D

Quidome: I am not complaining, I am a happy camper. Just trying to understand

AntiSquid: dbdr randomly

AntiSquid: some get more bad match ups some better

dbdr: right

inoryy: dbdr say you're top50 and resubmit at the same time as top5, you end up meeting around top100. first, there's double the chances of playing (since you and him request a game from the same region), second, when you lose it will affect your much more than somebody who's already stabilized. so you can randomly crash 100 ranks and then have to re-climb.

dbdr: it will affect it less

AntiSquid: you can 30 spots today, drop 60 tomorrow, but nobody really improved

dbdr: because the system knows that player is not yet placed with certainty

chucknorris: with a fresh submit your sigma will be bigger and wont affect less your opponents points

inoryy: xD

dbdr: the main problem is the ranking does not display the variance, just keeps it internal

AntiSquid: hard to see since you expect everyone improved, but after resubmit you might end up at 30+ spots above what you should be and you wonder ...

chucknorris: will*

dbdr: so we easily misinterpret what we are shown

inoryy: that's not how it works, dbdr

dbdr: not saying the system is perfect. but it's better than many people think

eulerscheZahl: :popcorn:

dbdr: it is, I read the TS paper

inoryy: I also did and have bsc in stats

Default avatar.png redet-G: hello

Default avatar.png redet-G: world

AntiSquid: did you play on halite? it's a good example of a more accurate leaderboard

dbdr: good. so you agree it's hard to reason when you are shown avg - var only, no?

Quidome: Thnxs for the discussion guys! Really helpfull :)

inoryy: sure, but it doesn't invalidate my explanation

Quidome: I will go back, fixing bugs :P

inoryy: double the chances of meeting and much wider sigma swing on a loss

dbdr: you are saying losing against someone with a high variance makes you go down more?

dbdr: that sounds backwards to me

AntiSquid: this was supposed to be a quick random mention, not a fulfledged debate, it's not that great and there are some better ways already out there. that's all i wanted to say

inoryy: your sigma is high as well, it jumps wildly on losses

dbdr: yes, but that's just sigma

dbdr: and we interpret it as going down

inoryy: just do a resubmit and track your progress, every loss in the first ~30-40 games will drop you like crazy

dbdr: because that's wha CG shows, but it's not

dbdr: yes, your rank, not your hidden avg

**dbdr afk

inoryy: your mean drops because your sigma is high....

Default avatar.png geouwu: getting gold league is a good thing right

Default avatar.png geouwu: i started using this app a few hours ago

Nagatwin: yes it is

dbdr: no, your mean - sigma drops because sigma is high :)

dbdr: well, both actually

dbdr: there, everyone's right! :D

Nagatwin: the mean could go higher with a high sigma too

AntiSquid: company leaderboard is an interesting way to motivate colleagues to join eh ?

Nagatwin: yeah

Nagatwin: Im noo sure my startup colleagues are too technical but thats for sure a good way to motivate

Nagatwin: not*

AntiSquid: so University of Wroclaw is the best?

JFB: I think that it is a lot of aCat's students. Probably he will give them points in egzams or simply result of the contest will be egzam's score

AntiSquid: is there a pretty way to split strings by character in C++ ? nothing looks elegant when compared to what other languages have


tranculent: I'm not sure if we can ask questions in regards to the Ocean of Code challenge but how did you get all the 4 cells around (x,y)? I've implemented it but I am using 4 loops which I don't think is very optimal.

Nerchio: just check (x-1, y) (x+1,y) (x, y+1) (x, y-1)

Nerchio: :p

JFB: In my representation each cell is a bit in 256 bit number.

elsinnombre2d2: why do u use this representation?

AntiSquid: i use dir array tranculent

Nerchio: in theory you can surface -> move -> torpedo -> sonar -> silence -> mine in 1 turn? :D

AntiSquid: i find it convenient tranculent

JFB: Nerchio - not nly in teorey - in practice too

elsinnombre2d2: a good approach could be to use silence after use torpedo

tranculent: thank you AntiSquid, that will definitely help (y)

Nerchio: why elsin?

elsinnombre2d2: he

elsinnombre2d2: coz when u shoot is easy to know where u are

Nerchio: i guess they can pinpoint your location more

JFB: Becouse torpedo inform about your position - and silence will mask your position

JFB: Addionally you can faster fun from your opponent and you will add time to recharge torpedo

JFB: If you lunch torpedo you think that you are neer you opponent. So afer torpedo you are without torpedo neer your opponent - it not looks as good for you is not it?

JFB: ;-)

Nerchio: smart guy :D

Nerchio: I just hope my opponents can't track and i am free to do whatever i like

JFB: In silver and for sur - in gold - it is not valid assumption that ypur opponent can not track

Nerchio: yea i know i am in silver

elsinnombre2d2: im trakcing the opp since bronze, with a very good accurate

Nerchio: I still hope my opponent is bad at tracking :D

elsinnombre2d2: the silence is the best tool to avoid that

elsinnombre2d2: its not really hard to track the opponent

Nerchio: when i tried to do perfect tracking which accounts every possible silence location it takes too much time for me

JFB: Using only sillence is enoug to promote to gold. But it is only enough to be aroud the end of gold.

JFB: ~160

JFB: Maybe !180

JFB: Track + silence = #180 in gold (only)

KANEKI: yeoooo

JFB: You have to add mines at least to better position

KANEKI: If you have N buckets, and the distance between them is D, and each time you move the buckets you split S water for units of water

KANEKI: How do you find the total spill

KANEKI: Assume n/2 buckets are filled

JFB: Add each spill ? ;-)

KANEKI: If odd, round down

KANEKI: So what would be the eq

JFB: Why to move bucket? If it is no move = spill is 0 - :-)

KANEKI: You have to move buckets

KANEKI: Only time spill is 0 is if N is zero

KANEKI: which is the number of buckets

KANEKI: Or if its 1 because only n//2 is filled

KANEKI: How would you find the total spill, help

JFB: So final result is all woter in only 1 bucket?

JFB: You explained starting point (N buckery, N/2 filled with woter) but you do not explained the final result

JFB: Without knowing the goal - it is not possible to answer your question (what will be total spill)

Nerchio: do you guys use sonar?

Nerchio: if you have superb tracking it's probably not that useful

eulerscheZahl: when the opponent makes clever use of surface, it still helps

eulerscheZahl: but currently my sonar is deactivated

AntiSquid: probably sonar is good if you want to track everything and reduce the possible paths Nerchio

pb4: sonar is good to find the opponent early

Noobmaster69: Anyone here interested in Tron battle?

Noobmaster69: The bot programming game

TERMINATE: mashiron noob

MadKnight: Noobmaster69 u wanna rekt somebody ?

Noobmaster69: Haha

kovi: is there a define for c++ to differentiate between ide and submission?

Noobmaster69: Yeah I wanna reck Thor

pb4: kovi no idea

chucknorris: some1 told that there is a debugger attached to the ide environment kovi

chucknorris: my code is much slower in the ide

pb4: oh ?

eulerscheZahl: but afaik there is no way to check in code if you are in the IDE or arena

eulerscheZahl: except if you code in Rust

kovi: thx

JFB: I just checked NDEBUG - it is not set in IDE and in submition too

JFB: In some environmend NDEBUG is set in release - but not in CG it looks

pb4: kovi : why would you want to detect if you're in ide or submission ?

Illedan: I guess you can crash yourself in the IDE to prevent others from benching against you :P

kovi: actually dbdr does that

kovi: pb4 - debug messages

Illedan: he timeouts?

kovi: hmm, i havent checked

kovi: could be

RoboStac: probably not intentionally, thats just how rust works on cg

dbdr: kovi not on purpose...

Illedan: Maybe it's possible to run an IDE match in Release mode, just not in the UI? Anyone knows?

kovi: i c

dbdr: the way I know it to send a compiled binary

kovi: uh, so heuristical game

dbdr: no, in the arena ist's fast

dbdr: it's

eulerscheZahl: don't let the binary be your final submit. that can cause a disqualification

dbdr: I know

pb4: ^

dbdr: I never submit a binary

eulerscheZahl: pb4 knows...

dbdr: that's why it times out for you in the ide :(

eulerscheZahl: was Thales soccer, wasn't it?

pb4: Yup

dbdr: that one had prizes too, no?

pb4: It was more a reflex than anything else -_-

eulerscheZahl: it had prizes

Illedan: Would you get a prize? :P

pb4: sending a binary doesn't improve performance

pb4: actually in some cases it reduced it

eulerscheZahl: robo won a bicycle i think but then got the money instead

pb4: (vindinium)

dbdr: fix your compiler ;)

eulerscheZahl: or was that decathlon? too many contests

RoboStac: it was decathalon, but that was the soccer one

dbdr: pb4 why do you do it then?

eulerscheZahl: thales was the CSB2 then?

RoboStac: the ctf one I guess?

eulerscheZahl: yes

pb4: for NN dbdr

dbdr: ah, for the data?

AntiSquid: the weights i guess

eulerscheZahl: i don't like to call it CTF, as i connotate that with finding security issues in a system

pb4: I spent a lot of time on CSB so the process of "run the script, put on CG" is a bit ingrained in my fingers :D

dbdr: capture the flag is a phisical game you can play outdoors, originally ;)

pb4: The script is really convenient, it already puts the binary data in your "copy/paste buffer"

eulerscheZahl: running my build script merging multiple code files into one for submitting is even part of my project settings

eulerscheZahl: so i can understand that you didn't really think about it

dbdr: I do the same

Nagatwin: pb4 for NN do you have a preferred way of embedding weights ?

dbdr: # generate file cat file | xclip -selection c

pb4: yup, that's it :)

dbdr: in bash the script

Nagatwin: Apart bins :p

pb4: Nagatwin : directly within the compiled binary

Nagatwin: pb4 and when you should not upload compiled bins ?

eulerscheZahl: hm, sounds conventient... but when i'm debugging i don't want to replace my clipboard

pb4: constexpr array<float, 1000000> weights = {0.21231,0.23213, 0.3213...}

dbdr: eulerscheZahl use a clipboard history manager

Default avatar.png namaska: Can you help me with my problem into my code ?

eulerscheZahl: i never heard about it but now i need it

dbdr: you 8definitely* need it

dbdr: incredibly convenient

pb4: never heard about it either

dbdr: I use Parcellite

pb4: on which os ?

Nagatwin: pb4 don't you reach the maximum file size ?

eulerscheZahl: linux

eulerscheZahl: let me apt install it quickly

pb4: nagatwin : yes you're still limited, but you can pack much more

pb4: 1 float in text = mabe 9 characters

eulerscheZahl: installed, how to use it?

dbdr: it sits on my taskbar

pb4: 1 float in binary = 32 bits, so only 4 characters

dbdr: let's see how I start it

eulerscheZahl: i have no taskbar

Nagatwin: Yeah

dbdr: probably in login script

pb4: there is also some regularity

pb4: most floats are around 1

AntiSquid: idk, it's quite limited, how many floats do you get in total pb4 ?

dbdr: i3wm

eulerscheZahl: status bar

eulerscheZahl: i3status

dbdr: that one

pb4: so you can zip the weights and they'll be reduced even more

pb4: AntiSquid : I don't remember but quite a bit

AntiSquid: yes that's what i mean, quite a bit, isn't it too easy to exceed the limit?

pb4: 15k floats is relatively easy to pack

pb4: You can also use less precision on your floats

dbdr: eulerscheZahl I have exec parcellite in ~/.config/i3/config

pb4: keep only 18 bits for example

pb4: etc...

AntiSquid: how low would you go on the decimal count for weights

eulerscheZahl: ok, got it running already

eulerscheZahl: thanks

pb4: many techniques to store more

dbdr: pb4 what kind of network sizes do you typically use?

pb4: AntiSquid I've gone as low as only 12 bits per float and didn't see any adverse effect

dbdr: oh, 15k weights?

eulerscheZahl: from the man page: Hotkeys

       The available hotkey modifiers are <Ctrl>, <Alt> <Shift>, <Release>, <Meta>, <Super>, <Hyper>, <Mod[1-5]>

eulerscheZahl: i don't know half of those keys

dbdr: :D

wlesavo: <Super> <Hyper> <Release>

dbdr: sounds naughty

eulerscheZahl: man page from 2011 either poorly maintained or it works that well that it doesn't need any updates

eulerscheZahl: i'll hope for the latter

dbdr: works fine for me

AntiSquid: "man page" :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: for me too, so far

eulerscheZahl: haven't tested much

eulerscheZahl: do you want a woman page AntiSquid?

AntiSquid: you called it that twice :D

eulerscheZahl: 2 women pages

AntiSquid: must be a really manly page

dbdr: if you don't know how to use it: man man

eulerscheZahl: i never thought about entering that command. but now it makes sense that it exists

dbdr: gcc gcc.c

dbdr: half the fun in CS is self-referential stuff :)

eulerscheZahl: we need a quine puzzle in an esoteric language here on CG

pb4: when is legend by the way ?

struct: friday

kovi: yay, lucky rolls for me

pb4: nice all green

dbdr: all green?

AntiSquid: all tests ok ?

pb4: he has >50% against everyone

dbdr: ah :)

Default avatar.png duckquackduck: what kind of pathing algorithm does the Silver boss use? It is sooo smooth

AntiSquid: in ocean of code?

Default avatar.png duckquackduck: yes

eulerscheZahl: no idea, it's a user who was selected as a boss

eulerscheZahl: so only that user and CG staff can tell

dbdr: wasn't it inoryy?

Default avatar.png duckquackduck: ah I see. Its very nice though

eulerscheZahl: inoryy = bronze boss

eulerscheZahl: silver is Risen i think

inoryy: oh what

eulerscheZahl: you are the bronze boss

inoryy: how did I miss that

wlesavo: lol

eulerscheZahl: roll back to your old bot from bronze opening and test yourself

Default avatar.png skal: rip

dbdr: and your path is smooth :)

eulerscheZahl: bronze players optimize against your bot and then destroy you in silver :D

inoryy: it all makes sense now

dbdr: rip

dbdr: oh, so it's quite bad to be boss gold too then?

eulerscheZahl: i think so

eulerscheZahl: i hope i won't be the boss :P

dbdr: never heard that theory b4

dbdr: but it makes sense

eulerscheZahl: especially in a rock paper scissors game

dbdr: make sure to be higher or lower ;)

dbdr: of the unknown rank

eulerscheZahl: for a sim heavy game like mean max i would care less

wlesavo: make them to optimize against a different version and then destroy everybody

Quidome: @R4N4R4M4, i am debugging my opponent trace and using your debug messages. At some point you have a different answer and I think I am right but not sure of course, interested in a debugging session?

inoryy: haha

eulerscheZahl: Quidome try another bot that prints stats too. to see if it's you or r4

Quidome: hm, can do that, but that will be a differnet match :)

dbdr: inoryy nice. I was thinking, game is ot symmetrical, they should diverge

eulerscheZahl: of course it will be a different match

Quidome: :P


eulerscheZahl: my numbers don#t match with r4

Quidome: Aha, thnxs a lot

eulerscheZahl: i print me tracking the opponent first and then the opponent tracking me

eulerscheZahl: paths + cells

eulerscheZahl: (current cells)

Quidome: cool, going to try yours then :)

eulerscheZahl: zenoscave is printing stats too (or was the last time i checked at least)

Quidome: great, thnxs

R4N4R4M4: Hi everybody

Quidome: Hi

R4N4R4M4: Quidome, my detection is not really good, I'm working on it

Quidome: Aha, ok, thnx

eulerscheZahl: mystery solved

R4N4R4M4: Because I'm using heuristics and not simu

Quidome: I will put in stats myself for comparison

Default avatar.png kusrabyzarc: Sorry, but can you check it, please:

eulerscheZahl: my tracking is finished (including mine explosions that reduce candidates for previously visited cells)

eulerscheZahl: so if you get discrepancies, there is a bug in one of our bots

eulerscheZahl: if it's me, i'd like to know about it ;)

R4N4R4M4: eulerscheZahl, it is a great contest you made, and a tough one :D

Quidome: OK i am going to look into it now

eulerscheZahl: yeah, which "I" made :smirk:

eulerscheZahl: but i like it too

eulerscheZahl: my part was the smallest of the 3 users mentioned

blasterpoard: kusrabyzarc the statement is unclear and gramatically incorrect

blasterpoard: imho it shouldn't be approved in its current state :(

eulerscheZahl: and now write the same on #ru

Quidome: mine explosions for previous visited cells...

Quidome: Didn't thought of that yet

Quidome: hm, more to do :D

Default avatar.png Octothorpe: hi

kovi: hmm, maybe not so lucky rolls this time

Nerchio: wait

Nerchio: can yo do silence with 0 range?

Nerchio: "This allows you to move 0 to 4" omg :D

aCat: yep

aCat: thats a dirty trick

Nerchio: i just found this out and i am in silver

aCat: cause you ignore that you visited this square

kovi: i player silence n 0 till silver

Nerchio: i am changing my structure and my bot doesnt track silence yet but it tracked the enemy properly because silence 0

Nerchio: haha

Nerchio: so it's like waiting a turn for your bot?

Nerchio: i know enemy sees it different but for you

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: is it possible to drop a mine and trigger it in the same turn?

mark7: NO

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: thx

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: and surface and move in the same?

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: ?

eulerscheZahl: why would we need both commands then? they are not the same

mark7: Yes

aCat: why no?

aCat: you can't place mine and trigger

mark7: NO you can't place mine and trigger same mine

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: cause i tried dropping a mine and trigger it in the same turn but it doesnt work even it seems ok

eulerscheZahl: why "why no?"?

aCat: I mean it makes sense - place and fire

aCat: bu :(

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: yes but not allowed by the referee

mark7: aCat DEIZ21 Please read decription

eulerscheZahl: because rules disallow it, that's why

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: already done

eulerscheZahl: rules of the original game disallow it too i think

eulerscheZahl: "You can't place and trigger a mine in the same turn."

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: i didnt see any thing speaking about triggering the same mine in the same tunr

mark7: eulerscheZahl can you post replay of our bots?

aCat: OK, there is in triger description !


Default avatar.png DEIZ21: ok my bad

mark7: And maybe some advice too.. :grin:

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: what advice?

mark7: How to improve

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: so tell me :)

mark7: As now i can successfully track my possiblities in opponent and opponent possibilites

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: yes it s on my agenda

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: cutting paths with mines too

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: not implemented yet

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: i lost 30 rank in 2 days

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: so i need to improve

eulerscheZahl: do you try to avoid my mines mark7?

Default avatar.png JBM: hey eZ you still around?

eulerscheZahl: i think you don't

Default avatar.png JBM: what's match end condition wrt winner decision?

Default avatar.png JBM: i had the following two in mind

mark7: Yes Kind of but its not working ... Main problem with my bot is path finding :-(

Default avatar.png JBM: A brings B to 0, then triggers mine and falls to -1

Default avatar.png JBM: what's the match outcome?

eulerscheZahl: 2nd question: do you have a killer move when you can enforce a victory?

eulerscheZahl: that helps quite a bit

mark7: no..

mark7: Like optracked, or silencing to go near opponent?

eulerscheZahl: see how i win in the first game. i don't even know exactly where you are. but i know that i win

mark7: eulerscheZahl No I dont have that

mark7: Added in todo list to implement

eulerscheZahl: add it. that's my advice

eulerscheZahl: low hanging fruits

mark7: Hehe!


eulerscheZahl: dude...

eulerscheZahl: it's a contest, don't share code

pb4: brb, let me put this into my code :D

mark7: Its already mess

mark7: pb4 it wont help you much :-)

pb4: "JBM 21H09 A brings B to 0, then triggers mine and falls to -1 what's the match outcome? "

pb4: A wins

pb4: game stops as soon as one player is down to 0

Default avatar.png JBM: kthx

Default avatar.png JBM: i recqll their was some kinf od ambiguity as to how turns split, but i can't get it back

Default avatar.png JBM: that's way too many typos, lemme try again

Default avatar.png JBM: i recall their was some kind of ambiguity as to how turns split, but i can't get it back

mark7: Silver #2 Timesout as soon as I use Silence , Still at 2 position

eulerscheZahl: then that bot is doing something else much better than you are

Default avatar.png redet-G: join me

eulerscheZahl: no

mark7: Maybe only timesout when I use silence as first powerup

mark7: bewating #3

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: mark7 see this

Default avatar.png DEIZ21:

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: your bot knew where mine was it moved and charged torpedo but didnt fired

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: you need to fix this

YannT: yo kovi, back in the game :)

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: frame 240

mark7: DEIZ21 Submitted another bot try that

Illedan: Is the top real? Or does it feel random?

Illedan: (ranks)

kovi: real with uncertainty of 3-5

chucknorris: +- 1 point

kovi: yesterday i was around 5, no around 2

Illedan: Same code?

wlesavo: i liked pb4's submit today

MadKnight: hey Illedan do setters in c# return value ?

MadKnight: do they return value or they call getter ?

eulerscheZahl: yesterday he did it on his own

eulerscheZahl: had a broken bot this morning

Illedan: Setters do not return

kovi: nah, i had promising improvement. i submit multiple times to be sure

Illedan: aiit

wlesavo: no i mean when he was 2 points above top#2

Illedan: Looking forward to legend

Illedan: more game

MadKnight: so u can't do var x = obj.Prop = 3; ?

Illedan: s

Illedan: Sure, if it has a getter

MadKnight: so it just calls getter ?

MadKnight: and it doesn't reuse value passed to setter ?

eulerscheZahl: you can have a property with getter and setter

eulerscheZahl: a setter doesn't have to call anything as it doesn't return a value

MadKnight: but will it use Prop's getter ?


MadKnight: oh

kovi: 35.59

kovi: now that is lucky rolls

struct: is the luck on the enemy you get?

struct: or on the maps?

pb4: wlesavo : I repushed the same code right after that, was #5

wlesavo: pb4 yeah, but was nice for a sec :slight_smile:

Default avatar.png JBM: pb4: were your answers to me "statement says so" or "referee says so"?

pb4: None of the above

pb4: Referee author says so

pb4: :D

Default avatar.png JBM: could be mistaken

Default avatar.png JBM: wouldn't be a first

pb4: right. Since I do not intend to stand on a mine and trigger it when I've won, I decided not to investigate more

Default avatar.png JBM: sounds qbout right

Default avatar.png JBM: $% ^&* knd layoutsb

Default avatar.png JBM: (*kbd layouts)

dbdr: referee checks victory condition after every frame

Default avatar.png JBM: that's a better argument

Default avatar.png JBM: not that i know what a frame means, but i can kinda infer

struct: 1 frame = 1 action

struct: MOVE N TORPEDO | TORPEDO x y | SILENCE N 0 should be 3 frames

Default avatar.png JBM: That's better

Default avatar.png JBM: you guys rock

dbdr: :guitar:

Default avatar.png JBM:

dbdr: I did wonder if you could surface, get to 0, and still kill your opponent to get a draw :D

dbdr: my conlusion was that you can't

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: guys what s better than fluidfill for this bot?

Default avatar.png JBM: (ahmerdecestpaslebon)

Default avatar.png JBM: like, anything

Default avatar.png JBM: maybe this one

Default avatar.png JBM: tea much better

Default avatar.png JBM: *yea

dbdr: alternative rickroll?

Default avatar.png JBM: so much better 'an a rr

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: what can i implement instead of fluidfill?

dbdr: DEIZ21 I was top 10 with a floodfill

ZarthaxX: not only a floodfill i guess dbdr lol

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: cool but i think i'm found verry offen du to my movement

ZarthaxX: also some search mixed

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: exact Zart

Default avatar.png JBM: the word on the streen right here today was hamiltonian paths

Default avatar.png JBM: *st

ZarthaxX: what?

ZarthaxX: hamiltonian paths for this?

dbdr: that won't take care of being discovered, will it?

dbdr: actually makes it "easier"

dbdr: theoretically

ZarthaxX: tru

ZarthaxX: dbdr doing search or wont talk? :P

dbdr: I'm doing some kind of search, yes

ZarthaxX: i see

ZarthaxX: tried smth but possible sequences of actions exploded

mark7: When you make a move do you only calculate one move ahead or how many move ahead?

dbdr: you could always go the way of recurse in his locam stream, MC

dbdr: or prune

ZarthaxX: oh.. tru

ZarthaxX: i can check that, thought it would miss key moves

Default avatar.png JBM: anything predictable makes it more likely to be discovered

Default avatar.png JBM: just have enough alternatives and pick at (unpredictable) random

ZarthaxX: lol the way to go JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: one of'em

reCurse: What did I do

dbdr: locam stream

Default avatar.png JBM: the bitstream stuff?

Default avatar.png JBM: man, i still hear about that now

reCurse: No he actually talks about MC

dbdr: yeah, but not that

reCurse: Which is the part no one actually remembers

reCurse: So I'm surprised

dbdr: crazy right?

Default avatar.png JBM: who knew

dbdr: wow, I found the winner of the contest


dbdr: frame 322

wlesavo: if he would also surface and triggered that turn i would agree

dbdr: ah true, not complete

dbdr: who'll take the challenge?

Default avatar.png JBM: just do it

dbdr: it's more impressive if it happens without planning it

inoryy: what am I looking at there, the fakeout trigger?

dbdr: bonus points for 4 damage and victory on the turn

Default avatar.png JBM: who are we to decide that

dbdr: all powers used in a single turn

Illedan: This is why we dissalowed triggering on the same turn as dropping a mine :P

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: :D

Default avatar.png JBM: well, move's not really a power is it

Default avatar.png JBM: didi say say anything sensible recently? carry on

icecream17: well, the only way to charge is by moving

Astrobytes: On the rum again JBM? :D

Default avatar.png JBM: not tonight, thx for asking

Astrobytes: :P

Default avatar.png JBM: well not right now anyway

Default avatar.png JBM: sharing :beers: with the good folks on #Fr

Astrobytes: Santé

Default avatar.png JBM: noice

Default avatar.png JBM: how are you even allowed to do that

Astrobytes: What, use a French word in World?

Default avatar.png JBM: shame on you

Default avatar.png JBM: you should see the CM when we dare use some anglicism on #Fr

Astrobytes: Yeah I've dropped a few English words in #Fr once in a while, it's such a French response :D

Astrobytes: *words/phrases

Default avatar.png JBM: naw, you're way below the threshold

Zenoscave: Do you guys look ahead more than one move for mine avoidance?

Zenoscave: or path finding even

ghassen: the further u see the better, usually

Astrobytes: JBM has anyone ever used "possiblement" in #Fr? :D

Default avatar.png JBM: nope

Default avatar.png JBM: we say "eventuellement" for that

Default avatar.png JBM: one of the greatest source of en/fr confusion ever

Astrobytes: lol, good. No I know, it's just a lot of my French colleagues back when I was in London used to confuse their relatives on the phone by using it

Astrobytes: Too Anglicised you see

Default avatar.png JBM: eventually, actually

Default avatar.png JBM: top false friends

Astrobytes: Possibly

Default avatar.png JBM: possibly isn't really in french

Astrobytes: Yes, that's the point

Default avatar.png JBM: yup

Astrobytes: "possiblement" "huh?" "PUTAIN. Fucking English"

Astrobytes: Frequently heard phone conversations

Astrobytes: Never mix with the English speakers. It will ruin you.

Default avatar.png JBM: Never

aCat: Name it boring game:P

Astrobytes: That was... yep. Boring :D

aCat: Shhh its all has it purpouse

Astrobytes: One of these accounts for the students? Or just testing?

aCat: Testing

aCat: I'm tweaking LOCm account so I can train to track exact one thing

Astrobytes: Shocking aCat. 2 accounts. Naughty cat.

struct: !ban

Astrobytes: :D

aCat: It was accidentally!

aCat: really

Astrobytes: hehehe

aCat: believe this cat, this cat is an honest programmer

Jlivingstonsg: I have join codingame because I found a DOS game called BlockOut from 1989 that we played and today you can play it in your browser. But I have still not found a version that can register points on a global database so that is what I plan to do. Does anybody here know about BlockOut? Its a 3D Tetris

aCat: LOCM acc was made for the stream purposes - I just now fiound the way to use it

Astrobytes: Yeah I know, all good :D

struct: Jlivingstonsg I just checked

Astrobytes: Jlivingstonsg have you seen the codingame SDK for creating games?

struct: The problem for me with games like tetris on CG

struct: is that on tetris pieces start moving after some time

struct: For example on 1vs1 tetris

struct: you can place 3 pieces and enemy 0

Jlivingstonsg: I will check SDK later

struct: here is link if you want to save

Jlivingstonsg: Google: blockout online and try one in your browser

struct: Do you want to make it a solo player game?

struct: single*

Astrobytes: I know it, not sure if it would be a viable game for CG purposes but do feel free to try

Jlivingstonsg: I am just here to practice coding. If it is possible to code BlockOut here then I will have a go at it here.

Astrobytes: struct, how's your OoC?

struct: Im not doing it astro

Astrobytes: Not feeling it?

struct: yeah

Default avatar.png JBM: afraid are you

struct: Im just not good at these types of games

struct: So I dont even try

Astrobytes: I'm not massively into it myself but I'm gonna try a bit now I'm feeling better

Astrobytes: Spent some time refactoring so at least I got rid of the mess and can do something!

struct: what league are you in atm»

Astrobytes: Silver

icecream17: MESSAAAAGE! :smile:

Default avatar.png JBM: well get crack'n

Astrobytes: Didn't submit for a couple of days until tonight, and gained 150+ places

Astrobytes: yes icecream17 :D

Jlivingstonsg: Its quite fun. I work as math and physics teacher on high level and I always challenge students on schools in BlockOut/Out of control and they have no chance. I am 56 now and have score over 100.000 points and kids today that play games all the time can often never get over 20000 points. I thouught kids today were professional gamers but in spatial thinking they really suck.... :)

Default avatar.png JBM: what points?

Astrobytes: JBM BlockOut (3d tetris)

Default avatar.png JBM: oh wow

Default avatar.png JBM: that's, like, Old

Astrobytes: Yup

Default avatar.png JBM: i loved that game

Astrobytes: Think it's doable with the CG SDK?

Default avatar.png JBM: nope

struct: too much work

Default avatar.png JBM: too 2d-centric

JFB: Jlivingstonsg :-) At least sb older that me (I'm 55)

Astrobytes: That's what I thought too

Astrobytes: Ah, I feel so young now at 38

struct: And I feel like is under impression that here you code games

struct: :p

Astrobytes: That too struct

Default avatar.png JBM: naw, nobody writes those

Default avatar.png JBM: they just come out of the ther

Default avatar.png JBM: *ether

Default avatar.png JBM: come ON kbd, what's with ya tonight

Astrobytes: PEBKAC

Astrobytes: :P

Default avatar.png JBM: trying to push it lower

Default avatar.png JBM: but it comes back biting me

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: Astrobytes refactoring is never bad thiing; i just finished refactoring my code and guess what?! i found a bunsh of ugly stupid bugs, i fixed them and submited. i didnt add any new feature and guess what? i gained 50+ in rank from 135 to 82 for naw

Default avatar.png JBM: err... lol

Default avatar.png JBM: refactoring can totally be bad thing

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: true

Default avatar.png JBM: one anecdote doesn't a rule make

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: actually i began yesterday

Astrobytes: absolutely

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: bad went in bad direction and was tired

Astrobytes: But I spent 2 days and tested everything

Default avatar.png JBM: you could also have introduced a new bug

Default avatar.png JBM: that happened to cancel one of the old ones

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: so i restarted fresh today and kept it simple

Default avatar.png JBM: no generalization holds

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: no reason to make complexe things

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah, no ruls there

Default avatar.png JBM: show me your code and/or stream, i'll tell ya

Default avatar.png JBM: Astrobytes: same for you ;p

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: i was upset telling my self poeple are adding new stuff and features and i'm loosing my time on refactoring

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: but as i said it was totally worth it

Astrobytes: I would be deeply ashamed to code on stream lol Might sell you it for 5 euro though :P

Default avatar.png JBM: why the shame?

Default avatar.png JBM: everybody's got to learn fro; everybody

Astrobytes: DEIZ21 I've been ill so taken me some time to do it, but definitely worth the effort

Astrobytes: Would be a very long stream JBM :D

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: exact

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: typing like ..

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: a dumb

Default avatar.png JBM: that's the fun of it

Default avatar.png JBM: i still got no idea how twitch thinks 626 people watched my stuff

Default avatar.png JBM: probably not paying enough

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: jbm search for illedan

Default avatar.png JBM: why?

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: he streamed the basic things

Default avatar.png JBM: i listened to it

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: he type quicker than i could speak :D

Default avatar.png JBM: was too seesharpy for me

Astrobytes: lol

Default avatar.png JBM: nope that'd be errichto

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: me too

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: thx for the creator of pause/play :p

Default avatar.png JBM: then again errichto didn't go that high

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: who?

struct: he only coded for a few hours though

Default avatar.png JBM: illedan moreso, but twas too long for me to listen to the whole of it

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: errichto

Astrobytes: I can type quick, but as a biologist streaming programming I'd feel like an impostor, frankly

struct: his youtube channel is getting quite big

Default avatar.png JBM: wouldn't be

Default avatar.png JBM: * not that many real "this is all i cna do" programmer people exist anyway

Default avatar.png JBM: * rankings matter a helluva lot more

Default avatar.png JBM: gtg spk to ya tomorrow

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: guys i need a more efficient way to move

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: now i m using fluidfill

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: any idea?

Astrobytes: gn JBM

Astrobytes: I'm still using floodfill DEIZ21

Astrobytes: But you're gold right?

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: yeh

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: they told me there is a better way

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: but didnt indcate any thing

Astrobytes: I'd be looking at moving either away from or towards the enemy, based on your tracking

Astrobytes: So, generating possible paths

Astrobytes: (for the enemy)

Astrobytes: And moving based on that

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: how do you type with red

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: cant mention any person here

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: how the hell

Astrobytes: DEIZ21 Type the whole username, or the first few letters + TAB

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: Astrobytes ah that was th tab the missing thing

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: doesnt work

Astrobytes: That worked

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: ah

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: ok work only for the person?

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: not stupid

Astrobytes: It's only red if someone tags your nick

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: k thx

Astrobytes: no worries :)

AntiSquid: look at SuperNit's messages :D

AntiSquid: silly

Astrobytes: Quoting Portal no?

kovi: 36.74

struct: Seems the margin is getting higher

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: how adding 3 chars in the code could make u loose 100 in ranking :p

struct: What are these chars?

Default avatar.png DEIZ21: d>3

icecream17: ugh. this random person in 438th somehow always exploits obscure hard to find bugs in my code

icecream17: yes! I used cg sync! should've pressed that obvious button earlier