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Default avatar.png thaibien: help me

MadKnight: what's the problem thaibien ?

Riyuk: Hey

Riyuk: @MadKnight you don't sleep :p

MadKnight: i slept at daytime

eulerscheZahl: he's like a dolphine: sleeping with half of his brain

MadKnight: how's your submarine Riyuk ?

Riyuk: Still a lot of things to improve

Riyuk: I need to fix some bugs on my moves in order to get to silver

Riyuk: How's yours?

Riyuk: You're more or less like him @eulerscheZahl :D

eulerscheZahl: i just work up after an 8h sleep

mark7: How to get to gold??:sweat_smile:

eulerscheZahl: rank above the silver boss

Neon_Tuts: I not sleeped at

eulerscheZahl: beat captain Haddok

mark7: That knda hard

Riyuk: You're more like a shark then

Riyuk: PP oO

Zandy156: Silver boss has a few weaknesses.

Zandy156: I don't know about the other bots at that rank though.

mark7: But only beating silver boss is not enough

Zandy156: everyone who's in gold now seems quite strong.

mark7: Right now I analyze every replay in which i lose and trying to improve

Default avatar.png thousandSun: so how exactly do i complete these challenges?

Default avatar.png thousandSun: im new here

Neon_Tuts: Hello World

AnasShami: hello from the other world

Uljahn: hello Automaton2000

Automaton2000: do you go to legend


Riyuk: Going to Silver :raised_hands:

Riyuk: Hola Automaton2000

Automaton2000: no, but you can see what i need to check the referee

MadKnight: gogogo

Th1nhNg0: có ai có gợi ý nào cho "ocean of code" không ?

Th1nhNg0: sorry wrong channel

AntiSquid: ya nobody here speaks vietnamese

Riyuk: You can have some suggestions/Ideas here as well @Th1nhNg0

Cappefra: I'm kind of stuck on skynet 2

Riyuk: That's a valid readon to start Ocean of code :p

Cappefra: I'm already doing it :grinning:

Cappefra: still bronze league but I hope I'm moving up

Nerchio: how do I go about precise tracking like some people do even in bronze? It will probably take twice as many lines of code as I already have :D

Cappefra: yeah that's one of the issues

Nerchio: I feel like I am not advancing any further without adding tracking atm

Cappefra: my code's decent on tracking but not great on movement and decision making

Nerchio: I am only doing some tracking when I hit the enemy and i shoot randomly :P

Cappefra: yeah tracking's important. Work on an external IDE if you're not already doing it

Nerchio: how many lines of code you have in bronze? I know languages can differ a lot :p


Cappefra: wot

Cappefra: anyways, around 1300

Cappefra: with that style you see in the link's snippet

Cappefra: a lot of it is architecture though. I feel like having lots of classes simplifies the algorithm a bunch, so tracking comes easier and all

Nerchio: yea for sure I need to fix my mess before I continue making this more sophisticated

Cappefra: It's my first contest so I underestimated the issues at first, I started coding imperatively until I got to position 800 or so, then I noticed it would become way too messy and I deleted everything and did it OOP

Cappefra: it was worth it though cause I went from 1300 to 680 in one submit

Nerchio: nice i do OOP and I am around 500 but it's a simple bot

Nerchio: my next step will probably double it

Nerchio: I am guessing people keep a list of moves by the enemy and recalculate each round until they find something?

Cappefra: that sounds like a way to do it

Riyuk: You need to track the enemy as much as possible and hit him only when you're more or less sure in order to get to silver

Cappefra: but there's many things you can consider: moves, your hits and your misses, its hits and its misses, its surfaces...

Nerchio: yea i know :S

Nerchio: lots of stuff

Nerchio: that's quite a challenge

Cappefra: yeah but if you study what happens to the map of possible position one can have after a particular move

Cappefra: with a little bit of graph (grid) theory you can get pretty precise

tobk: "If you fail to output a valid action, you will SURFACE in that turn." This should be reworded to "If you fail to provide a movement action (MOVE or SILENCE), ..."

Uljahn: why

tobk: (i.e. if you e.g. TORPEDO or just MSG, you will still surface if you have no way to go)

tobk: at least so it seemed when I just tried

tobk: also meaning you an not delay the SURFACE if you have just one health left...

Uljahn: actions are not just moving and silence but all possible commands besides MSG

Uljahn: "Each turn you must perform at least one action."

tobk: hm, I just tried, but surfaced despite doing "torpedo ..." but without moving

Riyuk: i.e you surface automatically if you don't move or silence ?

Uljahn: check the syntax

Uljahn: i guess you have a bug

tobk: Well, that's what happened when I just tried. Maybe someone else can confirm?

Uljahn: show the replay

tobk: don't have a replay ready right now, and takes a while to reproduce one

Uljahn: your target was out of range

tobk: weird, not it worked. could drop a mine without moving and did not surface.

tobk: okay, forget about it...

Default avatar.png Lily123: hi,

Default avatar.png Lily123: how is it possible to see other's solution and compare it to your's?

Uljahn: solve the puzzle then submit and get 100% correct

Uljahn: then you'll be able to see the community solutions

Uljahn: for that language you solved with

KiwiTae: hows the contest going? :D Uljahn your on it?

Nerchio: for enemy prediction do you guys use a queue for enemy moves and repeat it for every position on the map?

Uljahn: hi Kiwo, im stuck in silver

KiwiTae: Uljahn im in Wood2 hehe

KiwiTae: no time :(

Quidome: @Nerchio, ik keep a trail for every possible starting position, throwing out the ones that are impossible

Quidome: After a silence you can have multiple trails for a single starting position :(

Nerchio: yea but at the start there is so many starting positions so you have like 150 trails? :P

inoryy: maintaining possition masks is more efficient rather than queue

Nerchio: I thought about that but feels like a queue gives you more precise information

inoryy: the position distribution process is markov so you don't need to care about history except for when a mine is triggered and your mask is wrong

codingWhale: When you remember where the enemy has been before, though, and are able to narrow it down enough, isn't that an advantage because you know where the enemy cannot go (because he's already visited some cells)? I feel like it'd help.

Nerchio: I am thinking that way that's why I am leaning towards a queue. In my mind it's much simpler to implement

Nerchio: This is my first competition so I am not sure if at any time you are close to reaching the response time limit?

Ifthel: I'd store both. Keep a mask if you want to know their visited cells but otherwise rely on a mask

Nerchio: I can imagine that for some maps and queue of 20 moves it can get quite long

Ifthel: queue*

inoryy: yes, maintaining a mask that you update on each step is helpful. a full history of actions in addition to that is also helpful. a full list of actions on its own, not so much.

kovi: maintaning a mask is importatn in these days

Riyuk: fore sure @kovi :p

Default avatar.png T-Rone: THE RIVER I i don't understand

Default avatar.png T-Rone: help help me

Quidome: What do you not understand?

Default avatar.png T-Rone: the queue

Quidome: Still not sure whatr you ask

Quidome: Do you understand the problem statement or need help with the solution?

Default avatar.png T-Rone: yes but i can't watch it

Quidome: What do you mean by can't watch it

Default avatar.png T-Rone: the solution

Quidome: You can only see the other solutions after you solved it yourself

Default avatar.png T-Rone: this ,i know ,thank you

Quidome: You don't need a queue to solve it though

Default avatar.png yfprojects: have you seen the teaser for the spring challenge?

Quidome: a simple while loop will do

Quidome: nice teaser right !

Quidome: Can't wait :D

Default avatar.png T-Rone: oh ??

Default avatar.png T-Rone: the loop must be required

Quidome: while the 2 numbers are unqual calculate the new number for the smallest

Quidome: when equal, you found it

Default avatar.png T-Rone: that is right:joy::smiley:

Default avatar.png yfprojects: where is dbdrs chatlog?

Default avatar.png T-Rone: i am going to have dinner ,bye bye ,thank you very much--


Default avatar.png yfprojects: thanks

Nerchio: I think my calculations got so heavy that it lags the browser :D

wlesavo: nice sub chuck

chucknorris: thx. yeah finally some real improvement

chucknorris: but lets wait for pb4's submit, I have terrible winrate vs him usually :p

pb4: don't worry about this one

pb4: I'm trying to fix my abysmal surface code

pb4: I basically self-kill myself a lot of the time by surfacing excessively

chucknorris: yeah thats my main problem too atm... shoots the opponent and then surface without a silence.

pb4: not exactly mine

pb4: see lots of space in front of me

pb4: think that if I surface that's even more space

pb4: --> surface -_-

chucknorris: yeah it's really hard to balance. if you reduce the space coeff than it will go into small cornes too shoot the enemy. and then you'll have to silence in few rounds :p

chucknorris: *surface

pb4: step 116

pb4: rhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

chucknorris: but I think many of us has this problem :p frame 307


pb4: oh that's a nice one :D

pb4: I've disabled all torpedo code to debug

pb4: and I got a win vs euler :D

chucknorris: I'm thinking about feeding the features of the game to a mini eval NN. and have multiple versions of my bots running in a local trueskill system, and keep the parameters of the winner bot :p idk if it'd overfit against itself tho

dbdr: euler is abnormally low no?

dbdr: maybe he has broken sth

chucknorris: running games directly throught the api is considered as cheating ?

Default avatar.png Liftyee: bruh wtf

Default avatar.png Liftyee: also im a noob so don't judge

Nerchio: can I torpedo and silence ?

AntiSquid: Liftyee at least you didn't hit the single square lake :D

AntiSquid: mine doesn't dodge small lakes either no worries Liftyee

mark7: How do you store possible mines? Do you avoid going there?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: AntiSquid didnt you make a pacman multiplayer game?

mark7: I am facing a weird bug. Lets say I triggered a mine, op shoot a torpedo in adjacent cell, so op health decreases by one, but my bot think op life decreased because of mine and My tracking system loses op. How to tackle it. move 85. Number on left is opponent possibilities, no in right is my possibilities.

tobk: mark7 keep track of both mines and torpedos, yours and opponents, and add up the damage for all cells, then compare those to the actual damage inflicted

mark7: Okay means, I should check damage by both possibilities? and only remove possibilities that didnt occur in any situation?

mark7: tobk

chucknorris: read this postmortem. most of us use something like this to locate the enemy


mark7: chucknorris thanks

tobk: let's say you trigger a mine at 3/3, opp sends a torpedo to 4/4 and surfaces, than the cell 3/3 gets 4 damage.

mark7: Okay now I understood

mark7: remove op that has less than = 6 life

mark7: but Now i need to rewrite whole tracking system, bcoz I only store op path

mark7: remove op with 0 lif *

Default avatar.png MichelLaviron: is there a known algorithm for going through as many tiles as possible without surfacing ?

Default avatar.png MichelLaviron: is there a known algorithm for going through as many tiles as possible without surfacing ?

wlesavo: you dont really need one

wlesavo: but google hamiltonian path if you really want to

Default avatar.png MichelLaviron: thank you, i think i will start with that for my first submit :)

shubhamGoswami: join the clash

Nerchio: I worked 6 hours doing tracking i am so bad at this

AntiSquid: shubhamGoswami don't post clash links in chat please @_@

Nerchio: it works now but it breaks if enemy uses too many silence :D

AntiSquid: it's bad enough people get spammed invites

AntiSquid: if anyone likes that stuff they will join it otherwise no need to pester people with it shubhamGoswami

Astrobytes: Yeah he spammed it in 2 discordd channels too

Astrobytes: *discord

AntiSquid: well done Nerchio, now you can get bronze maybe :D

AntiSquid: just add silence in wood 1

Nerchio: I am in bronze :P

AntiSquid: ah

AntiSquid: nvm sorry :p

Nerchio: that's why I needed to do a bigger step since my bot was fairly random

AntiSquid: you could do a cut off, when you have way too many just limit it

Nerchio: and now it tracks quite well

Nerchio: after I added tracking for some reason my bot moves into islands now

Nerchio: #programming

Nerchio: woops

pb4: Can anbody suggest an opponent against which to test who lays mine everywhere ?

pb4: Preferably a weak opponent since I have disabled all evasion code and would like to see long games anyway :D

wlesavo: lol

2571540: Kannely?

2571540: Pb4

pb4: Thanks, exactly what I'm looking for :)

2571540: Sorry for double messages my xmmp app looks buggy

2571540: My code could work too but idk how this version is doing

2571540: I'm trying to increase the map coverage of mines but it's not working as intended

pb4: never is...

pb4: oh

icecream17: so here's a bug i found... whenever i trigger a mine the "explodage" occurs on two places. how would that work....

pb4: Let's add "deterministic" to the specifications...

pb4: weak bot, lays a lot of mines and is deterministic ?

kovi: pb4 without randomize?

pb4: Yes

kovi: maybe if you mine only we can consider it weak(er than normal)

chucknorris: maybe you could alse submit a working version of your bot and comment out trigger, silence and torpedo

2571540: I think Kannely is deterministic, isn't it?

chucknorris: that would be useful for me as well :D

pb4: Would it be weak though ? :japanese_ogre:

pb4: hehe :D

2571540: XD

2571540: It's 100+

chucknorris: :D

pb4: the 100+ one can't torpedo, and doesn't try to stay stealthy

pb4: only torpedoes allowed are for instakills

wlesavo: pb4 if you dont shoot and trigger, probably week enough

pb4: But yes more seriously it would be weak enough :d

wlesavo: and if its not you can be either really proud of your old version or dissapointed in a new one :wink:

Nerchio: I don't get to see what they power up right?

wlesavo: right

Nerchio: so MOVE S SILENCE is MOVE S for me

wlesavo: exactly

Nerchio: thanks

wlesavo: np

Nagatwin: eulerscheZahl

Nagatwin: Zoning + spam silence looks strong against you :D

pb4: Yes it does

2571540: I tried to spam silence when I'm ahead

2571540: Now when it's ahead my ai spams silence until it times out

2571540: I'm not sure I reached my objective

chucknorris: submisson nr806 :D

eulerscheZahl: right now everything is strong against me, i modified the "character" of my bot to make my mine avoidance stats fit closer to top bots

eulerscheZahl: received 1.47 damage by mines per game

pb4: What does that mean ?

pb4: oh

wlesavo: at what cost?

eulerscheZahl: now i'm at 0.49 last time i checked

eulerscheZahl: cost = more surface :D

eulerscheZahl: that's the next TODO

wlesavo: lol

pb4: It's a hard TODO

pb4: at least for me -_-

eulerscheZahl: but i have bar charts in my stats now


pb4: :D

wlesavo: average damage by surfacing would also be a nice stats to learn

chucknorris: avg dmg / surface ?

pb4: avg surface / game

2571540: Xd

2571540: Dmg/surface = 1?

eulerscheZahl: pb4 with 1.54 surface per game

wlesavo: yeah i mean cummulative per game obviously

eulerscheZahl: note: these stats are from yesterday

eulerscheZahl: agent id: 2757348

2571540: I m wonderin what my stats are now xD

eulerscheZahl: the one with these crashes: 446243053 446213878 446096644

eulerscheZahl: (replay IDs)

pb4: Thanks eulerscheZahl, may I re-ask a bit later when I have fixed this ?

eulerscheZahl: not sure how often i should aquire these stats

pb4: heavy for CG servers ?

eulerscheZahl: downloaded 3k replays got blocked temporarily

pb4: haha

eulerscheZahl: server refused my requests

2571540: Haha

eulerscheZahl: Nagatwin i don't have you in my stats

2571540: I don't need those I will do it myself someday

eulerscheZahl: only top15

2571540: Oh

wlesavo: i now want to be in top10 just for the sake of seeing stats on myself at the end of marathon, to bad im probably not gonna make it

2571540: Omw

eulerscheZahl: for the final results i might lower the bar a bit

2571540: I should have my Sim ready by the end of the week :p

eulerscheZahl: but will i get a more pretty UI till that?

icecream17: whoa that data thing looks cool

eulerscheZahl: gets more interesting when you have the comparison to other bots

eulerscheZahl: like some are shooting torpedoes all over, while others hit all the time when they shoot

eulerscheZahl: but do it less often

GingerFan301: Is there still a contest on May 7th? :thinkingface:

GingerFan301: I see that one started Mar 20th, didn't get an email for that one

icecream17: really? i got an email....

eulerscheZahl: yes, there's another contest


eulerscheZahl: i think it's 11 days, even if it say 10 in the video

GingerFan301: Cool thanks

Keyser_D_Soze: epic contest

GingerFan301: and this one is a month?

GingerFan301: How do we like it?

eulerscheZahl: yeah, you missed half of it already

eulerscheZahl: interesting game, has some depth

eulerscheZahl: i don't see a way to simulate the entire game and run a search on it, as you know too little about your opponent

eulerscheZahl: for of war

eulerscheZahl: fog

GingerFan301: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png Envious: yeo gius

Default avatar.png Envious: guys

Default avatar.png Envious: how would you a solve a maze problem

Default avatar.png Envious: you always start from (1,1) and end at (3,3)

Default avatar.png Envious: but there are walls in betn, and you can only go 4 ways: up, down, left ,right

AntiSquid: bfs

Default avatar.png Envious: i have no clue how to do that

chucknorris: I saw siman once charging next to me putting a mine down-> my turn. i had everything on cd. ->his turn. moves away, torpedo, trigger. 3hp down, win. idk if its luck or he go deeper than 2 turns

AntiSquid: Envious

AntiSquid: or maybe this Envious

Default avatar.png Envious: ai ill look into it

Default avatar.png Envious: would i use map() in this case ?

Default avatar.png Envious: i use python btw

AntiSquid: you can use a normal list

AntiSquid: ok i know, python lists aren't normal

2571540: Frog of war

Default avatar.png Envious: damn this looks long

Default avatar.png Envious: this must be leetcode medium

Default avatar.png Envious: and i can only do some of easy on leetcode

AntiSquid: remove comments and empty spaces it's short

Default avatar.png Envious:

Default avatar.png Envious: this one yea>

Default avatar.png Envious: ?

AntiSquid: yes

AntiSquid: scroll down, click python in the tab

Default avatar.png Envious: yeap

Default avatar.png Envious: that looks long

Default avatar.png Envious: 2 ppl submitted 0 so far lol

Default avatar.png Envious: 0%

AntiSquid: what are you solving?

Default avatar.png Envious: it's a clash of code question

Default avatar.png Envious: but i dont care about getting it

Default avatar.png Envious: just wanna learn

AntiSquid: then do normal puzzles

Default avatar.png Envious: those are easier?

wlesavo: just check labirint

AntiSquid: they don't disconnect you from the IDE after 15 minutes

wlesavo: those are much harder

Default avatar.png Envious: ok relax, i dont want something thats harder lol

Default avatar.png Envious: i can barely solve this question

AntiSquid: Envious

Default avatar.png Envious: ok im in it

Default avatar.png Envious: which one do i choose

AntiSquid: just do onboarding, the descent, thor, temperatures

AntiSquid: good start

AntiSquid: then pick randomly

Default avatar.png Envious: aight im doing onboard right now

Default avatar.png Envious: what do you usually coe in

Default avatar.png Envious: code

AntiSquid: python3 is perfectly fine

AntiSquid: use that

Default avatar.png Envious: oh yea but i wanted to what u use

Default avatar.png Envious: onboarding one basically told me the answer lol

AntiSquid: just use python3 least complicated

AntiSquid: and you can use it for anything

Default avatar.png Envious: yah

Default avatar.png Envious: whys when i do

Default avatar.png Envious: a = list(message)

Default avatar.png Envious: nvm

Default avatar.png Envious: lmao yea looks like i have to do those games, these flash qs are hard

Default avatar.png Envious: :/

Default avatar.png Envious: AntiSquid do you know difficulty these questions are in Leetcode

Default avatar.png Envious: what*

AntiSquid: uhm seriously forget leetcode?

Default avatar.png Envious: wdym

AntiSquid: forget leetcode

Default avatar.png Envious: oh ok

Default avatar.png Envious: y

AntiSquid: because it's irrelevant

Default avatar.png Envious: lol ok

eulerscheZahl: i thought about trying a contest there but then i saw that it's in the middle of the night

Astrobytes: leetcode is leetcode, codingame is codingame. There may be some crossover but it's hardly worth constantly comparing them.

AntiSquid: ya 2 hours only

eulerscheZahl: that's not bad, can be a fun format too

eulerscheZahl: but the 3am part is a huge turnoff for me

mark7: Try codeforces then

AntiSquid: there's also codechef

Default avatar.png Envious: yo AntiSquid

mark7: there are many cp sites, hackerrank, hackerearth etc..

Default avatar.png Envious: acc ill try to figure it first

mark7: I can't see ant game information?

mark7: it is just empty

eulerscheZahl: ant game? you mean Langton's ant?

mark7: any *

mark7: that game information window

Default avatar.png Liftyee: click the slider

mark7: I clicked

Default avatar.png Liftyee: slide

eulerscheZahl: play and pause the replay

Default avatar.png Liftyee: tis there anything?

mark7: hard refreshing fixed it

Default avatar.png Liftyee: cool

eulerscheZahl: happens sometimes

mark7: bcos long debug msgs?

Default avatar.png Envious:

Default avatar.png Envious: wth

Default avatar.png Envious: oh it says there

inoryy: I've heard from a few ppl that they used leetcode to prep for interviews which they passed successfully

mark7: leetcode is helpful to prepare for interviews, specially company specific questions

Default avatar.png NotKid: leetcode has interview questions

pincedu17: Hello everyone, i'm trying to override equals (java). It seems that it is not working. Printing error in my equals is never called when using Map::containsKey. Any clues ?

Default avatar.png rwilson: pincedu17 - sounds like you may not have ALSO provided an overridden 'hashCode' method

mark7: Another java problem, HashMap<ArrayList<Point>,ArrayList<Point>>(); not working.

mark7: in the sense, gives null pointer Exception

dbdr: pincedu17 to override, you need to use the same argument type

dbdr: i.e. equals(Object)

dbdr: a good practice is to use the @Override before the method

pincedu17: rwilson might be right, thanks for your reactivity guys

dbdr: that will give you a compilation error if you don't actually override another method

pincedu17: Yeah i had no compilation error, just the containsKey() isn't using my equals

pincedu17: stupid me to miss hashcode x)

dbdr: blame a bad API

mark7: How could I share some code here?

dbdr: juste copy paste it into the chat


mark7: first list in map is for paths, second is for mines in that paths. but I get null in last line

AntiSquid: how long is the spring contest? is it a bot contest?

JFB: 10 days

pincedu17: Hashcode did the trick :)

AntiSquid: it doesn't say 10 days here:

AntiSquid: also looks like pacman

JFB: They say 10 days here:

icecream17: Oooh a bot contest. but so few time

AntiSquid: you have a month until it starts ^

Default avatar.png rwilson: mark7 - the KEY in your MAP doesn't look like it makes sense. Double check what you're trying to do.

AntiSquid: also if it's pacman then it will be super similar to kutulu contest :/

Default avatar.png rwilson: mark7 - If you're trying to build a map of all PATHS available at/from/to a given POINT then you'll want the key to be POINT not ArrayList<Point>

icecream17: kutulu?

mark7: rwilson I am using hashmap to store mines in a given path, ArrayList<Arraylist<point>> to store paths

AntiSquid: icecream17

Default avatar.png rwilson: mark7 - look for PM chat

icecream17: 4 players!?

AntiSquid: yes

JFB: eulerscheZahl - you just like timeouts?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: AntiSquid didnt you make a pacman multi?

AntiSquid: no

struct: I wonder what the contest will be

AntiSquid: this was the multi i made with 2 others yfprojects

Default avatar.png yfprojects: I mean a demo

AntiSquid: that was something a staff uploaded for 5 minutes or so

AntiSquid: member of staff *

Default avatar.png yfprojects: oh, do you still have the link?

eulerscheZahl: of course JFB

eulerscheZahl: i thought using arrays instead of lists would help my performance and reduce timeouts

eulerscheZahl: spoiler: no

Default avatar.png greenthingsjump: -taps mic-

Default avatar.png greenthingsjump: Is this thing on?

AntiSquid: too loud greenthingsjump

Default avatar.png greenthingsjump: -sadly shuffles off stage-

icecream17: I wish the world was simulated, and also we could program in alien....

ItachiEU: When does one get a rank?

Default avatar.png greenthingsjump: If the world was simulated:

dbdr: eulerscheZahl, what are you doing to your poor bot? :/

eulerscheZahl: trying to fix timeouts

eulerscheZahl: my path is a list<cell>

eulerscheZahl: tried bool[] and hashset

eulerscheZahl: both was worse

eulerscheZahl: which confuses me

dbdr: yes, sounds counterintuitive

eulerscheZahl: maybe i screwed up

dbdr: the devil might be in the details

dbdr: yeah

pb4: hey

pb4: sorry for the basic question

pb4: I usually launch python scripts this way : python

pb4: This closes the shell when the script is done

pb4: I'd like to keep the shell open

dbdr: which OS pb4?

pb4: I'm thinking about just writing "python" and then find a way to launch from the python shell

reCurse: Run it from bash?

pb4: linux mint

reCurse: Or whatever command line

Default avatar.png NotKid: How do I increase my rank ?

dbdr: python should not close your shell

reCurse: ^

dbdr: does not make sense

pb4: Then maybe I used the wrong word

dbdr: are you in a terminal?

pb4: when i just write "python" in the terminal

pb4: I can write python code line by line

pb4: I'd like to lauch my script and then still interact with the variables created by the script

mark7: okay

dbdr: right, that's the REPL

dbdr: yes, then you should start python first (the REPL)

dbdr: and load your script

dbdr: ?

AntiSquid: why not use jupyter notebook ?

pb4: thanks :)

pb4: python -i

AntiSquid: or anaconda, it's so stupidly convinient

AntiSquid: same effect as running a script

pb4: I use anaconda

dbdr: I should have lmgtfy'd it :D

AntiSquid: so what's the difference? i don't get it

Nerchio: i don't get it I do counter 0..1..2.. formyself which is 3 power but my weapons load only until 2 xD

pb4: dbdr : I had googled with the wrong words :D

dbdr: yeah, that happens

dbdr: sometimes knowing the keywords is the hardest

mark7: programmer - pro-googler

mark7: :joy:

pb4: AntiSquid : to me anaconda is a big package with many things : python, some libs, spyder, jupyter, etc...

mark7: pb4 you are right

pb4: using anaconda might only mean using the python version that comes bundled with anaconda ?

pb4: (which is my case)

eulerscheZahl: my prof used to say: a programmer always is a librarian too

AntiSquid: yes, but when you run the code in jupyter you can interact with the vars easily

AntiSquid: no it doesn't mean you are stuck to one version

IjustKilledutoo: hello

IjustKilledutoo: how is everybody here

AntiSquid: create a new python environment and use as parameter the version of python you need to use for that new project

AntiSquid: you can have lots of diff environments


AntiSquid: conda create -n myenv python=3.6

AntiSquid: conda activate myenv

ParticleBeam: Now have to remember how to code in C#...

reCurse: I'm surely a corner case but I find jupyter confusing to work with

reCurse: Hard to know what got executed and what didn't

reCurse: Always a mess

kovi: best strategy is not to submit

ThePythonian: Honestly, I've never had such trouble with Jupyter

Astrobytes: The few times I've used it I did find it clunky, maybe just doesn't suit my workflow

AntiSquid: few times!

pb4: My problem with jupyter is the difficulty to launch a bunch of code selectivly

pb4: like, those 5 cells only

pb4: I prefer spyder for this

reCurse: And god forbid you restart

AntiSquid: guess you need an extension for that pb4

AntiSquid: btw how's your bot reCurse ?

JasperV: is there a possibility to create a private leaderboard for clash of code? to do custom clash of codes with a group and have a score with just that group? now every custom clash is individual

eulerscheZahl: there is a slack bot for clash of code i think


Default avatar.png mvgen: ':; =/§%

eulerscheZahl: you can even select the mode there (fastest/shortest/reverse)

Default avatar.png Envious: yeooo

Default avatar.png Envious: i need help

JasperV: very cool.

Default avatar.png Envious: how do you split "00:00" into hours and minumute

Default avatar.png Envious: minute

Default avatar.png Envious: in python

JasperV: we're on ms teams though at the moment :)

JasperV: I'll look into the bot

Default avatar.png Envious: nvm i got it

AntiSquid: Envious

Kukiss: xD

Kukiss: I have a questions too regarding OoC Can I make an action with only Silence?

Default avatar.png Envious: yup np, i solved it thank you though AntiSquid

Kukiss: I thought it is mandatory to make one "MOVE" every turn

jacek: it is :?


Default avatar.png JBM: it isn't

Default avatar.png Envious: is binary or

Default avatar.png Envious: |

Default avatar.png Envious: in python

Kukiss: I just print out opponents' commands and I cannot see any with "MOVE W| SILENCE"

Default avatar.png JBM: it's mandatory to make one "action" per turn

Kukiss: Ok, thanks :)

Default avatar.png Envious: anyone know why when i do :

Default avatar.png Envious: n1 | n2

Default avatar.png Envious: I get a number thats not binary

Default avatar.png Envious: assuming both are integers

mlomb: what do you mean "not binary"

Default avatar.png Envious: oh i think its converting to decimal

Default avatar.png Envious: binary as in 0 or 1

Default avatar.png rwilson: n1 | n2 is binary in terms of the bits.. but the result is still going to be an INT

Default avatar.png Envious: so if i do 0001 and 0110

Default avatar.png Envious: if i want 0111

Default avatar.png Envious: how would i do that

Default avatar.png Envious: assuming first number is n1, second is n2

Default avatar.png Envious: and they're both int

Default avatar.png Envious: actually lets say string

Default avatar.png Envious: so would it be something like:

Default avatar.png Envious: bin(int(n1)|int(n2))

Default avatar.png Envious: but that included "0b" at the front

mlomb: int n1 = 1; // 0001 int n2 = 6; // 0110 int n3 = n1 | n2; // 0111 (7)

Default avatar.png Envious: except it doesnt give 0111

Default avatar.png Envious: it gives 111

Nagatwin: eulerscheZahl gib stats :D

Default avatar.png Envious: a = "".join(bin(int(n_1)|int(n_2))) a.replace("0b","")

eulerscheZahl: stats on what?

eulerscheZahl: your bot?

Default avatar.png Envious: n_1 is first binary number, n_2 is second

Nagatwin: Im in top15 now :D

Default avatar.png Envious: why does that code not work

Nagatwin: joking :p

eulerscheZahl: ah :D

MadKnight: improve your top15 Nagatwin

eulerscheZahl: easy to add you...

Nagatwin: I might drown soon

Nagatwin: could have been a lucky submit

inoryy: what kind of stats are you tracking?


Nagatwin: :D

Default avatar.png rwilson: Envious - a = f'{n3:04b}'

eulerscheZahl: as you see i haven't finished the UI :D

Nagatwin: how is that compared to others ?

Default avatar.png rwilson: Envious , assuming you want 4 bit output based on your question/example.

eulerscheZahl: that's a secret for now, create your own stats :P

eulerscheZahl: that's my way to analyze my bot and compare to others. sorry, i'm in contest mode and that can be an advantage

Nagatwin: haha legit

Default avatar.png JBM: is contest mode allowed for a contest creator? :P

inoryy: I like that you added the avatar

eulerscheZahl: yes, i'm allowed to participate

Default avatar.png JBM: as long as you don't win

Default avatar.png JBM: is there even anything to win

eulerscheZahl: i'm allowed to win

Default avatar.png JBM: whoa

eulerscheZahl: honor for sure

eulerscheZahl: glory

Default avatar.png JBM: how things change

eulerscheZahl: which i already have as a hypnotoad

inoryy: nerd points

Default avatar.png JBM: maybe a bunch of eternal gratitude too

eulerscheZahl: i only knew about the game 2 days before the contest started

eulerscheZahl: not an advantage

Default avatar.png JBM: 2 days' worth of advantage

inoryy: ah so your contribution is the typical paper co-author level :P

Default avatar.png JBM: lol

eulerscheZahl: 2 days that i used to extend an incomplete statement and add tooltips to the viewer

jacek: where is that frog

eulerscheZahl: and made the default AI stronger - but that doesn't help in my argumentation of not having any advantage

Default avatar.png JBM: nobody ever understood what the default ai was there for

Default avatar.png JBM: so that's that

eulerscheZahl: bosses..

eulerscheZahl: same code

Default avatar.png JBM: we call those boss ais

eulerscheZahl: but indeed my contribution was small

eulerscheZahl: wanted to work on the contest during the weekend

eulerscheZahl: and then it started on friday already :D

Default avatar.png JBM: the modesty

florinpop17: watch us play live (and join us if you want)

Default avatar.png JBM: play what?

Astrobytes: CoC I believe

AntiSquid: COC

AntiSquid: JBM they are playing COC

Default avatar.png JBM: oh

Default avatar.png JBM: what a letdown

Astrobytes: With donations...

Default avatar.png JBM: donations?!

Default avatar.png JBM: CoC?!

Default avatar.png JBM: i feel like i'm getting old

Astrobytes: Apparently streaming anything entitles you to ask for donations these days

Default avatar.png JBM: nobody told me!

Default avatar.png JBM: and there i was, doing it for free

Astrobytes: lol, now you know. You'll make millions from streaming Haskell I'm sure.

Default avatar.png JBM: starting... maybe later

AntiSquid: no offense but donating money to a coc player/streamer is really stupid

Astrobytes: I completely agree.

Default avatar.png JBM: i dunno

Default avatar.png JBM: i suppose i've yet to see it to believe it

AntiSquid: the idea behind donations in general is to sort of appreciate/support the entertainment if you see value in it ...

AntiSquid: never donated anything btw

Astrobytes: Nor have I

Astrobytes: But this guy has his donations on screen rn

AntiSquid: there are some useful guideline videos on youtube, they ask to donate on patreon, i wouldn't mind donating for that

AntiSquid: or i would mind donating for something that is actually entertaining on twitch (very rare occurrence)

AntiSquid: wouldn't*

Astrobytes: I just don't like the whole idea. If people wanna donate it's up to them, I won't judge.

Astrobytes: Well, I will. Silently.

AntiSquid: i guess it's like with the ads, some people leave ads on to not affect videos on youtube then some content creators put the advert straight in the video so they get the money

Default avatar.png JBM: a contest creator still around?

Default avatar.png JBM: the converse question to the ambiguous end case doubt i had he other time just popped up in my head

Astrobytes: Add it to the forum thread JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: feeling lazy

Astrobytes: :)

icecream17: Uh... help? my if statement timeouts...

icecream17: Oh I see, nevermind

RockyMullet: Oh god, if I shot a torpedo the same turn an enemy surfaced I though I hit him and totally screwed my data hahaha

Ifthel: Ooh nice, I'll be sure to learn from your mistake

RockyMullet: I fail for the greater good

AntiSquid: i feel like starting over

YannT: in Clojure!

AntiSquid: if you stream clojure to silver

YannT: well I know the theory of this game now so I'd be a stream of me googling and figuring out language things :p

Default avatar.png JBM: i can live with that

AntiSquid: same

Astrobytes: You have to charge 1 euro per 10 minutes

AntiSquid: alternatively implement it in Lisp and run it locally

Default avatar.png JBM: clojure is a lisp

Astrobytes: Tho it ith

AntiSquid: so it's a fair alternative

Nagatwin: is legend opening the 17th ?

AntiSquid: 10th

Nagatwin: rofl

Nagatwin: cache miss rofl

AntiSquid: 1 week of legend

Nagatwin: thanks

AntiSquid: you can click in IDE at the top on your rank and league

Nagatwin: yes i know

AntiSquid: it shows next league opening during contest

Nagatwin: but it showed 17th because of cached info

AntiSquid: ah

Nagatwin: How many players will be going to legend ? 20 or so ?

AntiSquid: 15 ?

AntiSquid: maybe 20, dunno

Nagatwin: Ill tryto keep up

RockyMullet: oh no, inorry passed gold ! I was testing against you :P

RockyMullet: I guess I'll have to be gold too then :triumph:

RockyMullet: well my bug fix got me from 48th silver to 21th, theres hope

inoryy: haha wow I got pushed over the day for ~40th place

inoryy: from*

RockyMullet: so youre telling me there's hope I get pushed too ? :D

RockyMullet: well I lost a lot against you, thats why I was testing against, so I might have pushed you a bit hehe

Zenoscave: whoa top 20 is super dense right now

Astrobytes: So am I, frankly :scream_cat:

icecream17: uh, i pressed a random keyboard thing and now the textcursor is a yellow rectangle

icecream17: Oh, turns out I pressed the "Insert" button. Didn't even know that existed

Astrobytes: ...

icecream17: I wonder what the other keys do....

Astrobytes: I heard the 'any' key is great if you wish to continue

icecream17: :grinning:

icecream17: wow i've never seen the PrtSc key

Nerchio: I just want to advance to silver and I will probably be done, my first competition and my bot became too big mess

Nerchio: on rare occasion it breaks and debugging it is hell since there is so many paths to track

Ifthel: If it's messy, this is a great opportunity to practice code refactoring Nerchio

Nerchio: I am refactoring some along the waybut i would probably have to rewrite this completely to make sense haha

Astrobytes: Still 12 days and a bit left ;)

Illedan: Yeah, too long -.-

Default avatar.png **hhghj hello

**Ifthel hi

elsinnombre2d2: hi, im new here and id like to know if it is possible to do a machine learning approach

elsinnombre2d2: possible= feasible

RockyMullet: most people who try machine learning in here do it offline

RockyMullet: aka reproduce the game outside and train it

RockyMullet: since you cant keep data from game to game

Ifthel: Isn't there a way to get results from online matches?

Uljahn: you can download replays through API, then parse them

elsinnombre2d2: and how they import the ai?

Uljahn: ai?

elsinnombre2d2: Artificial Intelligence

elsinnombre2d2: the model

Uljahn: from __future__ import ai, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: for the sake of it

Uljahn: ide has limit of 100k chars, so you can copy your model's weights

icecream17: nice, turns out my code has all the letters of the alphabet

Swagboy: Hahah noice

MadKnight: hihi Swagboy icecream17

MadKnight: are u guys playing contest ?

Swagboy: Yes yes quite

Swagboy: working on a mcts

MadKnight: how're u gonna use mcts here ?

Swagboy: with branches weighted with probability of game states

Swagboy: But i'm still at the mcts-0 part

icecream17: oh hi yes im playing contest

icecream17: I just found a huge bug, lucky me

icecream17: unlucky me, i lost the first 8 games in a row

Default avatar.png rwilson: icecream17 , but now... can you squish the bug quickly and get your bot doing better ;) ... ( or worse :( sometime )

icecream17: i'm not even sure there's a bug....

icecream17: oh wait nevermind

Swagboy: There was a bug or not then?

icecream17: many many bugs

icecream17: unbelievable

Swagboy: Nice in a way

Swagboy: that leaves room for improvement

RockyMullet: fight of the century

icecream17: lol

TidyMaze: excellent xD

icecream17: I got distracted by many bugs....

icecream17: but I finally figured out why my code was bad!

icecream17: submitting

icecream17: Huh? 186th is "HelpMePlis" and 187th is "HelpMePlz"