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izik1: beauty

Zenoscave: what is that izik1

izik1: See the image for the shape that a torp can fire given some obstacles?

izik1: That's that, but I did the logic without any kind of queue

izik1: Which is nice for me

Zenoscave: how'd you do it?

izik1: layering

Zenoscave: nice

izik1: I stared at ascii art of diamonds for a while

izik1: the neighbor check is nice too

izik1: because bitmask

Scarfield: that seems like something you should not have shared during the contest :p im maybe gonna steal it, nice idea!

izik1: Honestly, I'd be shocked if nobody else came up with it

izik1: I'm not even sure if it's the most efficient way

eulerscheZahl: i just cache which cells are in range of each other at turn 0. so i don't see a need to optimize for speed using bitmasks

izik1: So you just make a LUT for every possible torp position?

eulerscheZahl: a LUT?

izik1: Look up Table

eulerscheZahl: cell => int[,] dist to other cells

eulerscheZahl: and dist <= 4 means that i can shoot

izik1: What about walls?

eulerscheZahl: dist is a BFS

izik1: ah

izik1: Don't you still need to find which cells are <= 4?

eulerscheZahl: yes, i have to compare the dist to 4. but i'm far away from the 50ms, so why should i bother?

Scarfield: for each cell he stores a table of the distances (found with BFS) for all of the cells, as i understand

izik1: yeah, but you still need to floodfill or whatever for checking distance, if you're using it for prediction

eulerscheZahl: ?

izik1: if you want to use opponent torps to check where opponent is

Scarfield: not if you did it beforehand, the distances are stored

izik1: yeah, but the _mask_ isn't

eulerscheZahl: i have a List<Cell> with possible opponent candidates

izik1: we're going from >= 4 to true/false

eulerscheZahl: then i do: candidates.Where( c => c.CurrentPosition.InTorpedoRange(explosion))

izik1: I mean, I guess you could just use the comparision

eulerscheZahl: of course i could cache it as a boolean instead of dist to gain a bit of speed

izik1: Honestly, I think I'm going to make a lookup table for all cells at the start, since it's only 2*15^2 = 450 bytes of storage if stored optimally, 512 if not

eulerscheZahl: but so far it really doesn't matter

izik1: yeah...

Scarfield: any idea how many has started searching for OoC yet?

izik1: bleh, I need to fix my bundler

izik1: so that it doesn't bundle tests lol

Scarfield: or searching in OoC *

izik1: oof, #2 by 0.34 points

eulerscheZahl: so you can already smell the mines

izik1: I'm hoping to get into bronze without using anything but torps lol

izik1: and a really sucky movement algo

izik1: and a super advanced opponent tracker, of course

wlesavo: finally reasonable 44% against ko vi

eulerscheZahl: your tracking can't be super advanced before bronze (when you have to track mines)

Marchete: any recommendation of strategy for the game?

Marchete: I'm not into it

Marchete: but if I someday have some time

eulerscheZahl: bruteforce opponent positions, heuristic movements i think

izik1: euler: I can back in time even if there are no mines to track

izik1: and _technically_ I _can_ track mines

Marchete: is bitmaps noticeable?

eulerscheZahl: no idea, i don't use them

Marchete: or I can go to simpler structures

Marchete: ok

izik1: I find the bitmap to be the simpler structure, but that's probably just me

Marchete: vector<>, arrays and stuff then

eulerscheZahl: for some players constantly doing SILENCE i struggle and have to prune a bit

eulerscheZahl: usually not needed

Marchete: a lot of players in the game

izik1: just 2, but you don't know where they are

eulerscheZahl: be one of them

izik1: oh, that's what you're talking about

eulerscheZahl: 1245 players so far

Marchete: I'm not really in the mood

Marchete: butr maybe later

eulerscheZahl: 1244 if i don't count illedan + illestream as 2

Marchete: it seems there are many non C++ in top10

Marchete: cool

izik1: 1243 if you don't count me because I suck .-.

eulerscheZahl: is it the leagues you dislike Marchete?

Marchete: that too


Marchete: coding a cripple bot to have bronze

eulerscheZahl: i voted for a CHEAT command to instantly win in wood

izik1: I don't really cripple my bot :v

izik1: I mean, I'm intentionally not implementing some things that I could

izik1: but why would I waste dev time on a bot that I'll scrap?

Marchete: I dislike do it in parts

izik1: mm

Marchete: doing

k4ng0u: So wanted to check top ai bots path detection... Apprarently kovi can go up to 50-60k paths, I personnally timeout at 5k...

eulerscheZahl: i start pruning at 1k :D

eulerscheZahl: i guess i could go a little higher - also depends on the path length covered

eulerscheZahl: but you found a way to beat some players, submit time :D

izik1: Ah, gotta track their life now, ran into a situation where they hit themselves with torp

k4ng0u: I am getting nowhere with this one :P with a lot of fake accounts maybe I can lock down some players in the lower ranks :sweat_smile:

eulerscheZahl: do the silence for the first few turns, then play for real if the opponent doesn't want to crash

Marchete: what happens with silence on wood?

Marchete: it does something?

eulerscheZahl: yes, in wood1 it does

Marchete: I mean, bronze bot can work the same on wood?

eulerscheZahl: no

Marchete: or it will WAIT instead?

Marchete: or crash?

eulerscheZahl: crash

Marchete: yay

Marchete: so cooldowns tweaks

eulerscheZahl: but the contest will be pushed directly into the multiplayer area

eulerscheZahl: with all contestants

eulerscheZahl: no more saving wood code just for promotion

eulerscheZahl: no more missing top players

Marchete: that's great

Marchete: with 20 days I'll do the same top players did in 3 :D

eulerscheZahl: and you have these 20 days :)

Marchete: yeah, 3 days worth of good coders :D

izik1: Hey, that's gotta be like 30 days of me

izik1: :p

eulerscheZahl: Marchete might not be the fastest but when he got into it, he's constantly beating me

eulerscheZahl: same goes for smits

izik1: _sigh_, the one downside of bitmaps is that I keep accidentally masking out the wrong extra bit

izik1: I should just make a `MAP_ROW_MASK` const

izik1: so that I stop doing that

Marchete: because you just get bored and stop working on it

izik1: I'm a derp, I wrote a thing to predict opponent health and _totally_ forgot to account for my own torps

izik1: lol, okay, so I need to make my spawning slightly less naive too I guess

izik1: Like, seriously

dbdr: the player 2 advantage

izik1: tfw I make my bot better but get a worse rank and lose more ;-;

AntiSquid: there's player advantage for this game?

izik1: Yeah, if you both spawn trapped player 2 wins

izik1: See both of those replays

dbdr: otherwise, I think small player 1 advantage

dbdr: you can shoot once earlier

AntiSquid: isn't p2 at advantage, they are the first to get enemy movement as input?

izik1: I think the general case should be a wash then?

dbdr: another factor, true

izik1: p1 gets extra charge, p2 gets input

izik1: p1 gets better map control

dbdr: but p1 at turn 3 has again more info

izik1: but not as much as p2 has at turn 4 :p

eulerscheZahl: izik1 08:19AM "and a super advanced opponent tracker, of course"

forgot to account for my own torps

dbdr: well, 1 info from p2 move, that's symmetrical, but also his info from his previous action

eulerscheZahl: hm, not that advanced after all? ;)

dbdr: so I still vote for p1

izik1: lol

izik1: Call it a bug in the advanced opponent tracker :p

AntiSquid: are the bots at the top constantly improving or just shuffling the ladder?

Csipcsirip: yesterday I subbmitted a 2days old rank6 code and it ended up at rank15

Zpooks: Is someone able to provide a hint or pointer to how I should approach "roaming" (which I guess is my current plan) for Ocean of code?

Zpooks: I can pathfind to something i know where it is, but not sure how to apply it when the enemy isnt yet located and I need to just roam around.

izik1: Think tron or snake in that case

izik1: (you don't want to hit yourself, or force yourself to surface)

Zpooks: Alright, i'll start there. Thanks :)

izik1: Not that I actually do that lol, I have the stupidest movement possible

izik1: Hopefully about to graduate wood on my tracker alone

Zpooks: Haven't progressed past Cpt. Levine yet haha

Quidome: In the leader board some have a green dot on the picture what does that mean?

AntiSquid: premium membership

wlesavo: guys, when i use cg enhancer sometimes i lose all comments and ranks in submit history, why would that be?

Uljahn: AntiSquid: coronavirus infected

dbdr: Quidome: green dot = online

Quidome: Ah, thnxs :)

izik1: Now you too can spy on the fact that I never shut my computer down :p

izik1: Oh, it's 2 in the morning, I should probably sleep after this submit finishes going through

izik1: fixed _another_ bug with my tracker, I keep getting coordinate spaces mixed up, since I have like... at least 3 to keep track of sometimes

Zpooks: I don't see how that could *ever* happen :upside_down:

daffie: in coders strike back does anyone know the acceleration value or can it be calculated knowing the friction value??

AntiSquid: Quidome already sent you a private message before dbdr, just didn't want to go offtopic in here

izik1: Hmm, tomorrow I'll try time travel, if that doesn't get me out of wood, I'll give up on only torps / bad movement / good tracking and throw in some silence

Default avatar.png Revhack: Hello all, I'm new here

Tunga: Greetings fellas

Tunga: Welcome Revhack

Default avatar.png Revhack: Where are you from?

Tunga: If you hover on my avatar

Tunga: Turkey

Default avatar.png Revhack: Ouh cool, I'm from Indonesia

Tunga: Nice to hear that

Tunga: This is a practice website for coding and also competitive ai bot matches also happening here

Tunga: How old are you Revhack

Default avatar.png yfprojects: If go to /home you cn see some puzzle suggestions Revhack

AntiSquid: Revhack you need an avatar

Default avatar.png yfprojects: AntiSquid for what?

AntiSquid: to avoid confusion

Tunga: AntiSquid are you a staff on codinggame or just a regular user

Tunga: Damn internet is so slow, everyone using it instead going out :p

Uljahn: staff has [CG] in their nicks

Tunga: Nice info

Tunga: Thanks Uljahn!

struct: Its not your internet, its chat

Tunga: I was talking about my internet :(

struct: But chat is slow too

struct: sometimes you type and message only goes after n secoinds

AntiSquid: i would have put codingame in my bio if that was the case Tunga

Tunga: You are right struct

Tunga: I dont know that, that is why I asked AntiSquid

Tunga: I like this place, it is alive

Tunga: Damn hackerrank was empty and sad. This chat feature is brilliant idea along with discord

Quidome: Yes, just hit silver, full rebuild from python to java :D, I am happy Without using Silence and Mines ...

aangairbender: Quidome top2 player Nagrarok doenst use silence btw

aangairbender: and sonar

Quidome: Really... Cool

Evedel: Keep this language/league interpolation, the legend one is pure C, right?

struct: I dont think I understand

AntiSquid: Evedel there's a python bot on #6

Quidome: Top players all use heavy mine strategies so it looks.

Quidome: Got to focus on that :D

AntiSquid: probably

Evedel: Yep, that was more like a joke. I'm pretty comfortable with python too, especially when there is more heuristic then have number-crunching

Evedel: heavy

Default avatar.png jrke: heavyyy:joy:

AntiSquid: i would have expected this to give an error: TORPEDO 10 4 | | MOVE N TORPEDO

AntiSquid: but it's perfectly valid it seems

struct: yes

struct: but before it created a tooltip

struct: doesnt create anymore

struct: even ||||||||||||||||||||||MOVE N TORPEDO is valid

emh: pb4 you there? got just over a million BFS per 50ms with new method :D

AntiSquid: and it's still not enough for #1 place?

struct: wtf

struct: are you doing emh?

struct: I undertand if you dont want to reveal

struct: but are you going to talk about it after contest ends?

emh: well my submission is still C#

emh: don't have any bot logic in my C++ yet

emh: just BFSes heheheheh and bit grids

pb4: Yes I'm here

pb4: That's fast :D

emh: pb4 should I share the secret sauce with everyone? I already described it a bit in chat here yesterday but maybe it was not specific enough hehe

AntiSquid: are you going to swap to c++ for 2 mil bfs?

pb4: Your call emh :)

emh: AntiSquid the 1 mill is C++

pb4: I don't think it matters much in this contest

struct: I am interested, but I can wait until contest ends

struct: AntiSquid if he switched from C# to C++ it would be 10 times faster

pb4: If you're motivated by a small write-up I'm sure many people will be interested

pb4: You can show the various possibilities you tried in the write-up

AntiSquid: struct then he should switch to D, someone said it's 10 times faster than C++

emh: well, basically it's just 2 lines from which you can deduce the rest. I can give the 2 lines now and maybe writeup later

emh: we use 4 64 bit as before, but fill them with bits using these 2 lines:

emh: intIndex = (x % 2) + ((y % 2) * 2);

       bitIndex = ((y / 2) * WP / 2) + (x / 2);

AntiSquid: 'we'

emh: I

emh: hehe

emh: well me and pb4 and probably others too use 4 x 64 bits

emh: and WP is 16

emh: any questions?

emh: if the indices of the 4 64 bit ints are 0,1,2 and 3, then the bits on the board are placed into them as follows:


emh: you can see that 0s and 3 have only 1s and 2s as neighbours and vice versa. that halves the amount of work done on each neighbour expansion. furthermore for half of the neighbours the indices are the same for a cell and its neighbour when you go from black to white or vice versa. this eliminates half the bit shifts

emh: 0s and 3s are white and 1s and 2s are black. just like a chess board

wlesavo: one could get a phd on this :slight_smile:

emh: hehe

Zpooks: What exactly does this solve, emh? As a genuine question, i don't get it

wlesavo: bremh first search

Zpooks: Huh, thats pretty cool

Illedan: Nice emh

heesu77: hello

emh: thx Illedan

Insta-x: is this BFS for the contest?

Insta-x: or it is for other problem?

emh: it can be used for contest although it is probably overkill

emh: premature optimization hehe

Insta-x: so you create this for other problems?

Insta-x: but 1 mil BFS in 50 ms, thats so fast, good job

emh: thanks :) I created it for contest but was thinking it can be used for smash the code maybe also

emh: not sure about that though

struct: and its a big distnace bfs

struct: the origin is always 7 7 emh?

Insta-x: 1 mil BFS, if i have that power, i still dont know what im going to do with it in this contest :joy:

Insta-x: smash contest?

Insta-x: is there any description of the contest?

struct: smash the code is a multi


Insta-x: oo, ok thx

Insta-x: i thought smash the code is the name for the next contest

darkhorse64: emh, what you describe is a kind of parallel BFS where you compute all neighbours in a given direction. How do you handle the fact that search stops at different times ?

emh: struct I only tried with origin 7 7 but should work for any, just that you need to know if it starts on black or white. and if multiple starts all must be same color

emh: darkhorse64 I just check when there is no difference between previous cells and expanded

Insta-x: if c++ could do 1 mil in 50 ms, how many python could do in 50 ms? i just want to know how slow python is compared to c++

struct: hard to tell Insta-x

struct: I would say less than 100k

Insta-x: about 10-20 times slower?

darkhorse64: I am to busy debugging my tracker to give it a serious thought. Let's hope you'll share your secret weapon in a playground. Otherwise, we know it can be done ...

darkhorse64: *too*

struct: probably 20x Insta-x

struct: but hard to tell

struct: also C++ doesnt run with release flags on

struct: So it is even faster

Insta-x: flags?


Insta-x: ok thx

struct: On release -O3 is enabled

Default avatar.png Bastett: This is weird. I seem to be timing out... I put a timer across some code and am losinng 88ms just reading the input from stdin

SmokingJoe: does anyone here can help me out with merging *cs files to on single ?

SmokingJoe: one *

Illedan: SmokingJoe

SmokingJoe: great, exactly what i was looking for <3

dbdr: Bastett you need to start your timer after the (first) input

dbdr: we need a FAQ on the wiki :)

Default avatar.png JBM: if only we had a wiki

dbdr: :P

Default avatar.png JBM: also why does thor keep going E

Illedan: Thor?

dbdr: Illedan it's reserved to levels 40+

Illedan: ?

dbdr: that's why you don't know what Thor is

Illedan: ^^

Default avatar.png JBM: but mayby you do know why my pod keeps circling the checkpoint instead of finishing first

dbdr: did you change leagues recently?

dbdr: wait...

dbdr: never mind

Default avatar.png JBM: lol

dbdr: JBM, it looks as if your goal was to be above dwarfie ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: which multi?

elderlybeginner: Is sonar useful in the contest?

Default avatar.png JBM: if you want it to be

Default avatar.png JBM: which generalizes to "yes" after two rounds of noticing you have an opponent to whom the same rules apply

pb4: sonar : depends who you ask...

struct: if it costed less

struct: maybe

pb4: Look at kovi : doesn't use it. Look at siman : uses it all the time. Look at Nagrarok : doesn't use it. Look at me : use it a lot

pb4: Does it cost that much ?

pb4: For less than the cost of silence you largely mitigate a silence

cocoche007: Hi all! When I want to submit my subscription to OOC : ""(#-1) : "internal error"." "

cocoche007: Any idea?

emh: hmm.. getting from 1-1.35 mill. so varies by 35%. I wonder why. is server park heterogeneous?

struct: not always same machine

Quidome: Can you switch from AI when playing your code?

Quidome: In Silver you get the default AI which is not so usefull :)

Default avatar.png yfprojects: There is delete button

Quidome: I see that now, but what happens, can I add another one?

Quidome: The Bronze Boss would be OK

dbdr: pb4 sonar can only cut positions in 2 (yes or no), so it's far from mitigating silence, isn't it?

dbdr: Quickdome: yes, click on it to add someone. you be the bronze boss, or another player

dbdr: *could be

Quidome: O, wow, that is really nice. Thnxs!

pb4: dbdr : silence is already self-mitigating after a few moves

pb4: Though I do agree with your argument :)

pb4: emh : // system("cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep \"model name\" | head -1 >&2");

 // system("cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep \"cpu MHz\" | head -1 >&2");

pb4: at the beginning of main

struct: seems like that there are at least 3#

emh: found Haswell 2.2GHz and 2.4GHz

struct: model name : Intel Core Processor (Haswell, no TSX) cpu MHz : 2992.968

emh: ah there found that one as well

emh: the 2.4 GHz one is the one that gives 1.3 mill. the other give 1 mill

struct: how much does the 3 give?

emh: 1 mill strangely

emh: so the 2.4 is faster than the 3.0

emh: 200g of chocolate down. now for some black tea. maybe I should do something useful soon instead of bit fiddling hehe

reCurse: It's not

reCurse: Each type has its own variance

reCurse: I'm assuming depending on VM server load maybe

reCurse: But from my testing the 3.0 ghz is always the fastest one

reCurse: incl. regular and AVX code

AntiSquid: are you joining the contest reCurse ?

Default avatar.png JBM: sure he is

Default avatar.png JBM: oops too soon

reCurse: I'm roleplaying this contest

reCurse: You'll have to figure this out

Default avatar.png JBM: i got the easy position: can't be contradicted

reCurse: ?

Default avatar.png JBM: either you show your AI at contest end -5s

Default avatar.png JBM: or you don't because you haven't convinced yourself it scored top 3

reCurse: So your position is "either you do or either you don't" :clap:

Default avatar.png JBM: my position is: you're working on it

AntiSquid: lol

Default avatar.png JBM: so, in a word, yes

eulerscheZahl: my position is that reCurse isn't playing the contest

reCurse: So you can be contradicted

Default avatar.png JBM: that's a braver one

eulerscheZahl: i will stick to it until he submits to prove me wrong

AntiSquid: roleplaying = alt, that's how i understood it

reCurse: No

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah but i don't know his alt

reCurse: Roleplaying as in I'm taking the role of a sub during this contest

Astrobytes: (aka hiding)

reCurse: You know I'm here but you don't know what I'm doing

AntiSquid: fascinating

reCurse: I know right

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png JBM: well, *I* know XD

Default avatar.png JBM: according to my position on the subject

reCurse: Based on completely arbitrary stuff

reCurse: You think you know me :P

Default avatar.png JBM: and you haven't proved me wrong yet

reCurse: Why would I?

Default avatar.png JBM: so... maybe i do

reCurse: I made it clear I have zero intention of saying what I do

reCurse: Frankly because it's a bit annoying to have this pressure

Default avatar.png JBM: yup, I read you the first time

Default avatar.png JBM: what pressure?

Default avatar.png JBM: from your POV, you're only 50% playing

reCurse: I'm just speaking from experience

Default avatar.png JBM: oh

AntiSquid: SILENCE N 0

reCurse: ^ This guy gets it

Default avatar.png JBM: i thought we established S was the way to not go

reCurse: Arguing about the direction of a zero vector?

reCurse: Sounds like my cup of tea

Default avatar.png JBM: well that's what the stream chat concluded anyway

reCurse: Oh I missed your stream

Default avatar.png JBM: it's on youtube if *really* you're into that

Default avatar.png JBM: there's some canadian guy making overpraising comments there, it feels really uncanny

AntiSquid: someone was doing a bot with some probabilities and trying to beat wood2 with that over more than 1 stream, he was still stuck last i checked

reCurse: ouch

Default avatar.png JBM: uh-oh

Default avatar.png JBM: that was my evolution plan

dbdr: JBM, I at least understood the irrefutability of your position :)

Default avatar.png JBM: that's nice of you dbdr

Default avatar.png JBM: but I think they all did ;)

dbdr: reCurse did not seem to

Default avatar.png JBM: rp

dbdr: maybe he's pretending :D

Default avatar.png JBM: (or sincere annoyance, i dunno)

reCurse: ? I agree that "Either you do or you don't" is irrefutable

Default avatar.png JBM: but irrefutability is the name od *this* ga;e

dbdr: no, his position is that you do work on it

dbdr: and you can't prove that you don't

reCurse: Oh I see

dbdr: well, I guess a 24/7 stream could :)

Default avatar.png JBM: edTv

reCurse: I thought there was more substance to it

reCurse: Oh well

reCurse: Boring

eulerscheZahl: and today: errichto stream

Default avatar.png JBM: oh, that one has potential ^^

eulerscheZahl: we could watch so many stream that we don't have time to compete ourselves anymore

eulerscheZahl: watched him a bit at xmas rush, was disappointed

eulerscheZahl: he explains everything in detail and didn't make much progress

Default avatar.png JBM: oh

Default avatar.png JBM: ok i'

eulerscheZahl: also didn't go for the sim-based approach, while it was obvious to do so for xmas rush

Default avatar.png JBM: 'll wait for the feedback then

Astrobytes: Think he did CalM too

Default avatar.png JBM: i did neither contest nor multi on XR

eulerscheZahl: maybe, didn't watch

Default avatar.png JBM: no idea what it's about

eulerscheZahl: do you know "Das verrückte Labyrinth"?

eulerscheZahl: German board game

Default avatar.png JBM: oh

Default avatar.png JBM: i *have* it

eulerscheZahl: then you know the contest

Default avatar.png JBM: that's the one

Default avatar.png JBM: ok i did know the contest

Default avatar.png JBM: didn't associate it with "XR"

eulerscheZahl: a little modified for parallel movements, but still heavily based on the board game

dbdr: das verrücXte LabyRinth

dbdr: ezpz

Default avatar.png JBM: the board game was all about getting the last one

Default avatar.png JBM: nothing else really mattered

Default avatar.png JBM: so... huge minmax?

eulerscheZahl: in the contest each player had 12 tasks to complete

eulerscheZahl: minimax is hard with parallel movement

Default avatar.png JBM: ah, the extended version :D

eulerscheZahl: and high branching, as you can push and move to other cells

eulerscheZahl: i went for some kind of nash equilibrium to predict and counter the opponent, minimax was too pessimistic

Default avatar.png JBM: and for OOC?

eulerscheZahl: like: if i do A and opponent does B, i lose if I do C and he does D, i lose too so I do E, that doesn't block B or D

Default avatar.png Bastett: Boom. Bronze league :D

eulerscheZahl: OOC seems a bad fit for minimax too

Default avatar.png JBM: gg

eulerscheZahl: congrats

tempux: i have like 1000 lines of code in python but I think I should migrate to C++. I can't go very deep, too many timeouts

Default avatar.png Bastett: is it hubris to resubmit the same bot and hope for the best?

Default avatar.png JBM: not on cg

eulerscheZahl: too many uncertainties, you don't even know the torpedo cooldown of your opponent

Default avatar.png JBM: you can bound it

Default avatar.png JBM: but yeah, there's a risk of it being pessimistic

dbdr: eulerscheZahl isn't Nash equil when the stable strategy is probabilistic?

AntiSquid: any idea what time errichto's stream is?

eulerscheZahl: yeah, both players agree on an action that won't harm any of them too much

Default avatar.png JBM: there's a counter on his twitch

Default avatar.png JBM: I recall 1800, but not so sure

AntiSquid: oh

Default avatar.png JBM: oh wait

dbdr: no, I mean you do A with p=04 and B with p=0.6

Default avatar.png JBM: that's like pretty soon

AntiSquid: 15 mins from now


Default avatar.png JBM: well, go check the homepage

dbdr: that's the game theoretic solution. not sure if you can base a bot on that

eulerscheZahl: yeah, in 15min

eulerscheZahl: it helped me to predict and counter where minimax failed

eulerscheZahl: if the opponent has 2 possible ways to get the item and both have a counter that might work depending on the opponent action, i tried to prevent it at least

eulerscheZahl: my minimax was like "he will get the item anyways, i'll do something else"

eulerscheZahl: so i still can't be sure that i will block the opponent but at least increase my chances

AntiSquid: gave up on XR for now, was at #2 a few times lol just needed a push

dbdr: yeah. but then you should chose randomly which one you block

eulerscheZahl: #2 in gold?

AntiSquid: yes

dbdr: otherwise he could predict it, at least theoretically

dbdr: and do the other move

Csipcsirip: I'm trying some kind of mcts. after a round the next player has a virtual command to choose of his possible states. if it would work it'd very cool

eulerscheZahl: i implemented it as some kind of markov chain, giving probabilities for each possible opponent action

eulerscheZahl: so, back to my braindead bot of the current contest

eulerscheZahl: whoops :D

Csipcsirip: nice "kill"

eulerscheZahl: i should debug that one

eulerscheZahl: i killed one of the players at least


tempux: silence w 5 :))

dbdr: eulerscheZahl is there a known bug about taking damage when you shoot and move into the damage zone later?

eulerscheZahl: no there was a week ago but fixed

eulerscheZahl: any new bug?

dbdr: ok. Stilgart seems to think it still happens, but no replay yet

kovi: cheat code

dbdr: to damage yourself? :D

kovi: silence w 5

dbdr: -> mess up with opponent's predictions

dbdr: could be worth one life :)

eulerscheZahl: submit time

AntiSquid: you surface, but they get correct prediction afaik

AntiSquid: i mean correct command

kovi: invalid command is not shown

eulerscheZahl: my bugfix wins the game at frame 137 for the replay above already

AntiSquid: all you need to do is type here your current rank every 5% of your submit

reCurse: Ah yes, the cegprakesh technique

eulerscheZahl: sorry, the progress doesn't update often enough anymore

eulerscheZahl: CG made the ranking update laggy

reCurse: Yeah what's up with that

AntiSquid: stream started - movie time

eulerscheZahl: i'm not in a mood for coding anyways, so why not...

eulerscheZahl: he's at 52% profile completion, I have 80 :trophy:

icecream17: oh sorry everyone, silence is not teleport

AntiSquid: he mnetioned sudoku > obv a sudoku algo will win this game then! :D

izik1: Huh, I got into bronze over night

izik1: neat

MadKnight: gj izik1

MadKnight: izipizik

izik1: \o MadKnight

MadKnight: how's your izipizi legend ?

izik1: ? csb?

izik1: Haven't been around :/ Probably needs some love

MadKnight: no i mean your contest

izik1: oh

AntiSquid: there's no legend yet madao

MadKnight: but it will be

AntiSquid: where's your bot?

izik1: It sucks honestly, I intentionally didn't implement a lot of stuff to see if I could get to bronze without silence/mines/etc

izik1: well, mines didn't exist :v

izik1: So, all I have is torps a good enemy tracker and really bad movement

AntiSquid: lol he deleted the statement

eulerscheZahl: no, just the bot outputs and spawned on an island without realizing

MadKnight: lol u could spawn on an island ?

eulerscheZahl: yes, but it will make you lose

izik1: I'm really good at not spawning on islands, I'm really bad at not spawning in tiny corners

AntiSquid: madao why you don't do contests anymore?

MadKnight: not this one u mean?

MadKnight: i kind of didn't like this game

wlesavo: always exited about new ways to kill yourself

AntiSquid: generally

eulerscheZahl: what was your last contest MadKnight? xmas rush?

AntiSquid: you always submit some bronze /. silver bot

eulerscheZahl: i don't count 500-ish ranks as playing

AntiSquid: bits!! :o

eulerscheZahl: catch-it-all header common among codeforces users

icecream17: the only way to improve my bot is to rewrite whole sections of code

AntiSquid: JUST DO IT!

Uljahn: just do your TODO

elderlybeginner: what's your strategy for locating opponent in the contest?

ZarthaxX: random shooting

blasterpoard: bruteforce

ZarthaxX: until you hit him

ZarthaxX: :bird:

wlesavo: banch of heuristics

elderlybeginner: random doesn't let me get out of wood1

ZarthaxX: was kidding

wlesavo: random with tracking

ZarthaxX: bruteforce it

AntiSquid: silence until they time out, then you find out where they were

elderlybeginner: I didin't :)

ZarthaxX: start with all possible locations for enemy elderlybeginner

ZarthaxX: and then when he does an aciton, do that aciton for all his possible locations

ZarthaxX: eventually you will discard a lot and you will have some idea of where he can be

wlesavo: yeah, silence N 0 is a way to bronze

ZarthaxX: AntiSquid lol

elderlybeginner: ZarthaxX, thats a lot of coordinates to copy each time opponent moves

wlesavo: enemy elderlybeginner

blasterpoard: elderlybeginner it might be somewhat challenging in python

AntiSquid: 'infidel' elderlybeginner

ZarthaxX: elderlybeginner initially 225 is the cap until he starts doing silence , but well if you are in python for example it's bad

AntiSquid: there's a python on #6, no excuses !

AntiSquid: get #7

wlesavo: got my fair 40% against kovi

wlesavo: but im up to something

elderlybeginner: do you suggest tracking every movement of opponent and excluding positions due to island collision and so on?

blasterpoard: exactly

elderlybeginner: that's a bit of comutation, and then there is a silence

elderlybeginner: computation

Uljahn: you can ignore silence in wood1

elderlybeginner: calculating only the last turn is probably not enough, to cut possibilities fast enough

elderlybeginner: you have to calculate whole track of an opponent starting from the first round, right?

wlesavo: that would help, but even moderate tracking without considering whole path is ok

elderlybeginner: maybe drawing a path of an opponent and then bitwise xor or and on map

Uljahn: yep, in python you can easily do a rolling window with numpy

elderlybeginner: did you see my nick? not that level yet :)

wlesavo: >xor on map that similar to what im doing

Uljahn: i'm using bitwise and for path checks

Counterbalance: you don't need the path; just update the possible locations each turn, like this:


icecream17: i did possible locations but I can't think of any other way to improve tracking

eulerscheZahl: do you handle explosions in your tracking?

eulerscheZahl: you shoot somewhere and hit the opponent => opponent in explosion

eulerscheZahl: or not there if you don't hit

icecream17: torpedo, silence, and mine on both sides

eulerscheZahl: then you are done tracking i guess

icecream17: well, not opponent mine, but that's..... also hard

elderlybeginner: Counterbalance, yep, I was thinking about exact the same solution and also about drawing path and xor. I see there is no shortcuts and there is no easy way

icecream17: and no, i'm not done, other people show "27" and mine shows "29 possible"....

eulerscheZahl: replay?

Counterbalance: once you narrow it down to 1 possible location, you can backtrack previous turns to find the path so you know which cells the opponent has visited, but that's a later optimisation

Counterbalance: dinnertime, bbl

icecream17: i'm in the middle of rewriting my code, so i can't

eulerscheZahl: do you keep the full path or only the current cell icecream17?

wlesavo: icecream17 thats barely meaningful

wlesavo: most like your bottleneck womewhere else

wlesavo: damn my typing is bad

icecream17: [rightNow, [where opponent silenced], 'string of NSEW opponent did']

icecream17: instead of [possible starting position]

icecream17: and "main string for all position of NSEW"

icecream17: wlesavo i need ideas

eulerscheZahl: the storage as a string alone is something most of us probably do differently

eulerscheZahl: do you check that the opponent doesn't cut the own path?

icecream17: Only in silence, otherwise I assume the opponent doesn't do it because otherwise "Lives -1"

icecream17: But wait....

eulerscheZahl: there is some move history you don't completely know because of silence

eulerscheZahl: but the movements disallow some positions as it would result in a cycle

wlesavo: icecream17 selftracking, minimization of information given by your actions, mine tracking

icecream17: If silence I add the appropiate amount of N,S,E,orW to a specific possibleOpp

icecream17: wlesavo, I take 28ms so self tracking may be hard

icecream17: Back then I used to have many for loops, but now I combined them into one

izik1: what language?

icecream17: js

izik1: hmm

wlesavo: icecream17 you possibly need to prune better, 28 seems a lot

izik1: I'm still at 0 in debug mode rust .-.

izik1: Which clearly means that I'm not using information

izik1: But yeah, 28 seems like a lot

icecream17: Turn=0 -> 1ms, Turn = 1-> 113ms 5 for loops... many hoisted functions and 18 variables, so not that much considering

izik1: speaking of major refactors, I'm going to have to do that with paths probably

izik1: Hmm, 18 variables doesn't sound like that many, unless you're like... Changing all of them in a tight loop?

icecream17: Rest of turns = 1 for loop, other smaller for loops, functions "within() [torpedoing]", "trig() [mine and trigger]", "handleOpponent()", and quite a few calls to "avail()". And no....

icecream17: variables are ...inputs, time, width, height, myId, board, path, torpedoed, exploded, prevOppLives, turn, sameDir[], noShoot, mines[], water[], possCharges[], type[], Iserror[], available[], land[], nextboard[], possibleOpp[], availOpp[] in turn 0.

izik1: Iserror?

icecream17: And other variables, gone[], first[], x, y, myLife,oppLife, tC sC mC, opponentOrders, otherm, random, m, evil, t, w, charge.

icecream17: Iserror = "Ugh, the random bug where 0 possibleOpp positions....."

izik1: That's a pretty bad bug

izik1: I get it too sometimes

icecream17: It's pretty helpful, discovered many more bugs with that.

k4ng0u: better be pessimistic than have 0 poss opp position :P I guess this happens when he inflicts damage to himself or you triggered a mine and a torpedo at teh same turn?

icecream17: The array = [false, turn]

izik1: It happens if you don't track them correctly, before I implemented stuff to do with silence, I'd get that bug if they silenced (because it just didn't change any state in my tracker)

icecream17: k4ng0u, no I don't consider the position if two things happen....

izik1: them self torping and you torping can cause it

icecream17: Maybe that's why my tracking is worse than others

izik1: or really any other way of confusing your tracker

k4ng0u: what is land?

icecream17: No, inside the handleOpponent() there's more variables move, surface, torped, ohno, order, theybomb, and previously mentioned torpedoed and exploded, which handle all cases

icecream17: land = spaces tht are land

icecream17: ohno = silence, torped = opponent, torpedo = you, theybomb and exploded = they, you

icecream17: *torpedo -> torpedoed

k4ng0u: what i like to do with discrete games like this is to compute for each cells all their neighbouring accessible cells in the first turn. Then you only have to loop on those possible cells during the rest of the game instead of checking each 4 possibilities each time

izik1: Honestly, checking "any neighbor" is just 3 array accesses

izik1: for me

izik1: and some bitshifts


icecream17: Someone takes the total damage for each square and checks like that. That seems much faster and better. Checking any neighbor is done by logic. Checking if neighbor=water is done by avail(x, y)

icecream17: k4ng0u, I coded that but I commented it out because I felt too lazy to change my code...

k4ng0u: icecream17 no pain no gain :p

izik1: The pain I'm about to go through... _sighs_

icecream17: I wish there was more time

izik1: more than 50 ms?

icecream17: more than 19D 14H

izik1: oh

izik1: I mean, I started 10 days late and I don't really feel pressed for time yet

icecream17: I always procrastinate in school so I divide the number of days by 10.

izik1: I'm pretty sure one of your days is around the same value as mine, and I only divide the number of days by 2 :v

icecream17: Huh. I wonder what :v would look lie in real life

Default avatar.png jrke: which is the shortest launguage

icecream17: Befunge?

icecream17: Or maybe that language with colors and pixels...

icecream17: what's that called?

Default avatar.png Raptor0816: Has anyone completed Shadows of the Knight?

ZarthaxX: y

Default avatar.png Raptor0816: I am failing on the last test case lol

Default avatar.png Raptor0816: Trying to figure out if there is anything different or tricky about it

dbdr: kovi, wow, looks like you broke away above the rest

Beerus: how can you save your code except from play button

icecream17: ctrl+enter lol. save milliseconds

kovi: we need to wait for resubmit at least

kovi: i had some lucky seq each day

dbdr: :)

kovi: oh, nice submit btw dbdr!

dbdr: thanks

dbdr: back in top 3 :)

dbdr: aaaaand, it's gone

wlesavo: :slight_smile:

kovi: sorry

dbdr: np :)

icecream17: Okay, I rewrote my code but there's a lot of bugs

MadKnight: Automaton2000 how to catch bugs ?

Automaton2000: i got it to work for me

MadKnight: Automaton2000 just get yourself an Uljahn

Automaton2000: i don't even try to get as close as possible to get a t-shirt

kovi: ok, its really working

Default avatar.png jrke:

Default avatar.png jrke: come fast

Default avatar.png jrke: 30 s

eulerscheZahl: i like your southpark reference dbdr

dbdr: :+1:

icecream17: you know what, i give up, i'm not path tracing

eulerscheZahl: so, kovi destroying us again?

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

kovi: 19 days to go...

kovi: it might be close to a legend submit though

eulerscheZahl: in legend already

eulerscheZahl: in the last marathon legend was about 50 players on the start

eulerscheZahl: longer contest -> lower ranked boss

dbdr: what?

dbdr: boss was about #15 at opening in locam

eulerscheZahl: i'm pretty sure it was lower

dbdr: how many at the end?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Automaton2000 I would compete just for prices too!

Automaton2000: yeah that's what i wanted to ask that

eulerscheZahl: with the reasoning of already having pretty advanced bots

dbdr: with one week to improve, that would be a huge legend at the end...

eulerscheZahl: 88 in legend

eulerscheZahl: and it's reasonable to take a lower ranked boss on a marathon

dbdr: yeah

dbdr: are you use only 40 made it to legend after opening?

eulerscheZahl: can you rephrase that?

dbdr: I'm surprised it was 50 at opening and 88 one week later

AntiSquid: for local play of the game is there a gamerunner.stop() ? i don't know how to run multiple batches Q_Q

dbdr: 10 days even, 2 week-ends

eulerscheZahl: at some point a player won't get better, skill cap for that specific person reached

dbdr: true

dbdr: they just have more time for spam submits ;)

kovi: and push others into legend :)

dbdr: only get you a certain way

eulerscheZahl: the league size also depends on the type of game

eulerscheZahl: heuristic contests have larger legend leagues than sim based, when you take a boss around #15 in both cases

eulerscheZahl: mean max being the extreme for sim based

dbdr: ╰─➤ grep TODO **/*.rs|wc -l 18

eulerscheZahl: 18 files

dbdr: 18 TODOs

eulerscheZahl: oh :D

eulerscheZahl: you don't have to do them though

eulerscheZahl: get some rest

eulerscheZahl: rest > rust

dbdr: that's just in code, I have a separate list too

dbdr: :D

kovi: my todo list is at the start/end of code

kovi: (besides the incode ones)

Illedan: All my code is Todo :P

dbdr: often I write code, and this I can make it better later, or need to check something but don't want to interrupt

dbdr: in that case the TODO is at that point in code

dbdr: //TODO optimize winning chances

Stilgart: eulerscheZahl: thanks for the great fun

Nagatwin: kovi do you have the perfect handle of the opponen't actions ?

Nagatwin: I mean, including his triggers


Nagatwin: :D

kovi: ggwp

Nagatwin: I have the same count of paths:endpoints as you

Nagatwin: but I time-out more often :(

kovi: dbdr on top!

Nagatwin: So I have to prune the paths sometimes in order to be able to answer

dbdr: for one refresh ;)

eulerscheZahl: Stilgart you solved it :o nice!

ZarthaxX: what?

eulerscheZahl: click the replay above ZarthaxX

Stilgart: eulerscheZahl: well, only 33%

eulerscheZahl: a good start

Stilgart: I agree

wlesavo: also wanted to do the spaze maze, but contest happened

ZarthaxX: holy f

Stilgart: now is the time to find a good heuristic for my A*

wlesavo: litteraly was next on my list :slight_smile:

PandarinDev: go

icecream17: what do I do against silence spam hmmm.....

eulerscheZahl: a killing torpedo

eulerscheZahl: works against any type of submarine if placed well

Nagatwin: Sounds like your STB strat

Nagatwin: STC*

eulerscheZahl: STC has no torpedoes :(

Nagatwin: like "bury him under skulls"

eulerscheZahl: yeah, show no mercy

Stilgart: torpedo is the new skull row

Nagatwin: Keep pushing Euler <3

eulerscheZahl: dbdr on stream

Default avatar.png LoganGunn: hi

icecream17: Everyone's silencing 0 or 4, ergo, silence 3

dbdr: kovi, errichto analyzed our game live on twitch you won of course :)

kovi: yeah, i saw :)

dbdr: :D

dbdr: you did get lucky right?

dbdr: at least to get that critical hit

kovi: yeah, but there were many mines

dbdr: so?

dbdr: I mean you were ahead, no question

dbdr: lol my sub: matches 1 to 16: looking good! 17 to 21: wait...

Errichto: it seems that kovi knew exactly where red is ;p

wlesavo: dbdred

Tunga: What is the optimization ranking for?

dbdr: I read that as dbdr-ed, wlesavo :D

dbdr: you got dbdr-ed

dbdr: Tunga: optimization puzzles


wlesavo: dbdr well this was half intended, double pun, although would work better if you would've won :slight_smile:+

dbdr: indeed

dbdr: need to work on it ;)

Tunga: Thanks fellas

eulerscheZahl: or if the question was "who red is" instead of "where"

wlesavo: to dbdreckt everybody

eulerscheZahl: who is red? dbdred!

Default avatar.png JBM: red's dead

eulerscheZahl: on the ground of the ocean

wlesavo: eulerscheZahl where would you place your current bot at the end of marathon

eulerscheZahl: 50-60

eulerscheZahl: hard to tell, these long contests are rare

dbdr: that high?

eulerscheZahl: yes, that high

eulerscheZahl: i'm high af

dbdr: :D

dbdr: good for you

wlesavo: hm, that is really kinda high

eulerscheZahl: usually a contest ends after 10 days

dbdr: we can actually try in on the last sunday

eulerscheZahl: so we don't have much experience

dbdr: submit some old bots

eulerscheZahl: remind me of the date we wanted to check

eulerscheZahl: contest ends on a monday, 10am


AntiSquid: yellow didn't understand what's going on Automaton2000

Automaton2000: you have more than 6

Stilgart: best inefficiency ever

BenjaminUrquhart: but hey, it works

Stilgart: well, 33% -> 36%... somewhat disappointing actually

dbdr: Stilgart you needed a contest to start working on it?

dbdr: the power of procrastination ;)

dbdr: what next, bender 4 next week?

Stilgart: nope, i needed an idea

Stilgart: it was not as good as expected but at least I solved it at 40% now

Stilgart: 20 more submits to go :D

dbdr: is that submit spam?

Stilgart: ThomasNicoullaud showed me the way

Stilgart: seriously... 43% ?!

BenjaminUrquhart: this is why I never got around to validating space jam

BenjaminUrquhart: oh it's space maze

BenjaminUrquhart: I swear it was space jam at some point

BenjaminUrquhart: ok time to finally do new ocean strat

Stilgart: there were two puzzles at some point

BenjaminUrquhart: hm

Tunga: I just joined the Ocean of Code and this is thrilling for me

BenjaminUrquhart: :thumbsup:

dbdr: yay, a case for higher order function monomorphization

BenjaminUrquhart: what?

Tunga: Controlling bot thing is a complex yet joyful

Tunga: I like the idea

Tunga: Do I have to submit my code in any time?

JFB: Yes

Tunga: When ?

JFB: Any time

Asterixk: this contest ends in 19 days. just make sure you submit before that

Asterixk: check top left corner

Zenoscave: Does anyone have a brutaltester compliant ooc ref

sirsatan: hi, how does silence work ?

sirsatan: if i do SILENCE N 4 that i will teleport 4 cell north in one turn orr next four turn ?

Astrobytes: 1

sirsatan: really ?

Astrobytes: Yep.

sirsatan: do you have any replay to confirm ? that mean i write correct funcion but i change it

Astrobytes: sirsatan

Astrobytes: (just a quick example, frame 14-15)

Astrobytes: 13-15

sirsatan: wow great example

Astrobytes: Well I just stuck the code in so it will crash


sirsatan: thank you sir Astrobytes

Default avatar.png JeffSioufi: hello world!

Astrobytes: no probs sirsatan

icecream17: I realize something - you can figure out more about the opponents position when the opponent triggers a mine

dbdr: wlesavo #1

wlesavo: lol while two top players are resubmiting

wlesavo: 2 days old submit :slight_smile:

dbdr: :D

Zenoscave: I made a brutal tester version of ooc

Zenoscave: Finally Local testing can start

AntiSquid: congratz on #1 in python wlesavo

AntiSquid: that's special

dbdr: not to be confused with python #1

wlesavo: well i screenshooted that, while kovis resubmit not finished :smiley:

Zenoscave: lol dbdr

wlesavo: back to normal :wink:

Zenoscave: Nearly top 10!!!! This is the best I've ever done

dbdr: gz Zenoscave!

Zenoscave: thanks!

Archibaldo: is silver the highest rank right now? I am talking about ranks that include players ofc

darkhorse64: Gold league opens in three days

sirsatan: can I do SILENCE N 0 ?

darkhorse64: Yes

MSmits: mmh if you cast a uint32_t* to a uint64_t* will the pointer still point to the same memory location?

MSmits: I wonder if it may shift by 32 bit in a 32 bit system or something

pb4: yes

MSmits: 64 bit system i mean

MSmits: so it never shifts?

MSmits: I wanted to xor a 32 bit array together to get a hash, I figured if i cast it to 64 bit first, I dont have to xor so much and can use a 64 bit hash key

emh: MSmits can also use unions. or memcpy (usually optimized out).

emh: for small values I mean

MSmits: yeah i used those before

MSmits: unions are a bit inconvenient to use imho... but I could be using them wrong

MSmits: also if my 32 bit array has 15 elements, it doesnt fit perfectly in a 64 bit array

MSmits: so union is a bit annoying there

icecream17: Weird, for some reason the bottom right corner disappears from the ocean.....

MSmits: finally, proof the earth is flat!!!

icecream17: ?

Astrobytes: heh heh

MSmits: icecream17 that's the place where the Earth ends...

Counterbalance: y = 0 ; y < HEIGHT - 1; y ++ ?

icecream17: at space?

Counterbalance: Nah the earth doesn't end. It just goes round and round.

MSmits: like the wheels

icecream17: Counterbalance, it happened at move 43

MSmits: on the :bus:

Astrobytes: go round and round

Asterixk: you broke the ocean?

Astrobytes: allll daaaay loooong

MSmits: Astrobytes getting into it now

icecream17: it dissappeared 2 moves after the opponent lost a life, which is the best i got and probably misleading

struct: another portuguesse

struct: Im 1st on OOC from portugal

struct: im the only one though

Asterixk: yoo struct

struct: hi

Astrobytes: Hell yeah MSmits, I used to make up loads of verses for that for my nephews :D

Asterixk: lol gz

struct: Im not really playing it yet though

Counterbalance: you're last in your country, struct?

struct: yes :(

MSmits: cool Astrobytes

Asterixk: so you'r the one who took my 1st place in contests fro portugal

Counterbalance: i'm tempted to un-nerf my bot to get to silver but I'm so close...

struct: And Im not very active on contests

struct: I'm a bit of a slow coder

Asterixk: me too lazy af. was more active during college.

Astrobytes: *I'm a bit of an account deleter

Astrobytes: :P

MSmits: why is your bot nerfed Counterbalance?


MSmits: you trying to give other players a chance?

Astrobytes: Hiding MSmits :D

struct: Im not sure about it, the game type just isnt for me

Counterbalance: just checking if the basics are working good before adding more commands

MSmits: Csipcsirip lol... just floodfill your start locations :P

MSmits: Counterbalance I am still doing that :)

Csipcsirip: idk what happened here :p

MSmits: rank 148 silver now... not using any mines still

Counterbalance: wow what a map

struct: lol

icecream17: Everyone does the corners or the middle, but doing the sides are just as effective

MSmits: as a start location? I think most do random

icecream17: really?

Counterbalance: i do random with a fixed seed

Counterbalance: so it's always the same position

icecream17: that game was amazing

MSmits: me too Counterbalance

icecream17: var variable ..later... "Error: undefined"

struct: There might be better options than random

icecream17: i wonder... expert rules is just the source code. is there anything important? hmm

struct: What do you mean?

struct: Ah I see what you mean now

struct: Is just the referee, so the rules in code

icecream17: oh ok

Counterbalance: 0.4 under boss at 2.. fixed horrible bugs.. resubmit probably wont come close to that, as usual

Default avatar.png TheAtomicBreakfastInSpace_7c6f: k

Default avatar.png TheAtomicBreakfastInSpace_7c6f: :persevere

Default avatar.png TheAtomicBreakfastInSpace_7c6f: :grimacing:

Counterbalance: :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png D1WhoWins: yeh

Counterbalance: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::logic_error'

 what():  TRACKING BUG

Default avatar.png D1WhoWins: :rage:

Counterbalance: :scream:

Malterin: :flag_cp:

Default avatar.png qamykaze: hello

Asterixk: found ya struct, bottom wood1


MostComplicatedUsername: Nixerrr forgetting to reset trail after surfacing?

ToshiTuringMachine: i have a question. first turn 1 sec only to output the starting position?

MostComplicatedUsername: Yes

MostComplicatedUsername: And the move

MostComplicatedUsername: So 2 output lines first turn

ToshiTuringMachine: and move? i don't get it

ToshiTuringMachine: first player 1 choses position... second player 2 .. after player 1 has 50 ms to move

ToshiTuringMachine: however it times out in dart after first 700ms so I have no clue

Default avatar.png D1WhoWins: nextCheckpointAngle and nextCheckpointDist both show up as nil in the error stream when I use them.

ToshiTuringMachine: in what league are you TheAtomicBreakfastInSpace_7c6f

Default avatar.png D1WhoWins: I'm in Wood 2 League, it just told me I can use them

ToshiTuringMachine: ah yes i think i remember

ToshiTuringMachine: sometimes it will output nil, just ignore it

Default avatar.png D1WhoWins: k thx

ToshiTuringMachine: next turn it will be ok

MostComplicatedUsername: ToshiTuringMachine Turn1: Player 1 choose starting positions AND move Player 2 chooses starting position and move

ToshiTuringMachine: oh now i see

ToshiTuringMachine: thank you