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Default avatar.png stalynPunk: hi

aangairbender: hello

aangairbender: but you have reading of elevator_floor and elevator_position

aangairbender: you could store that and use

SolForecast: I can't seem to call it. It only gives out error that it simply doesnt exist

aangairbender: i would create an array outside that for loop and append pairs of elevator_floor and elevator_pos to that arrat

aangairbender: and then use it in my game cycle

aangairbender: game loop*

SolForecast: @-@

aangairbender: because everything creating inside for disappears outside for loop

aangairbender: it is called variable scope

SolForecast: I honestly have no idea how python array works yet honestly-


aangairbender: btw that can be googled

aangairbender: i am not good with python, but basic idea to store that elevator data to some global variable

SolForecast: wait So array is just, a queue or something?

aangairbender: yep

aangairbender: kinda list

SolForecast: fair enough. I'll give that a try

aangairbender: good luck

MadKnight: hihi

AntiSquid: hello

MadKnight: say hello Automaton2000

Automaton2000: how could i make a new state

AntiSquid: say hello MadKnight

MadKnight: i did already AntiSquid cmon just scroll up

AntiSquid: just joking MadKnight, how are you?

AntiSquid: i saw russia is clearing up supermarket shelves too

MadKnight: not that much

Crypticsy: hey! @MadKnight

MadKnight: hihihi Crypticsy

Crypticsy: what's up?

Crypticsy: how are you doing?

MadKnight: nice nice

MadKnight: there is a contest going, Crypticsy

MadKnight: don't u play it ?

Crypticsy: hmm i have assignments :( but i was trying to solve this one medium level puzzle

Crypticsy: spamming the play all testcases button for 5 mins now

Crypticsy: it won't let me, says someone is already using the tester

Default avatar.png Emir56: compiler on c++ not working am I the only one?

Crypticsy: me too

IceLake: me too

MadKnight: lol

Default avatar.png Emir56: the hell is happening

Crypticsy: yeah what's happening?

IceLake: loading forever...

Default avatar.png Emir56: clash of code needs seperate categories for every lang

Default avatar.png Emir56: hate being beaten by python on every shortest challenge

Crypticsy: finally working wow

emh: high load on servers? submissions seem very slow

emh: in OOC

AntiSquid: someone spamming submits 100%

AntiSquid: or IDE games

AntiSquid: my code stil lworks fine in the IDE, i didn't touch it in a while

dbdr: yes emh. I reported it on discord to @Staff

Crypticsy: @illedan are you online, can i ask you a question?

AntiSquid: that is a question!

Default avatar.png jrke: corona 21 days lockdown in india

Scarfield: that was actually 2 questions already, be careful, only one left

Crypticsy: XD hahahaha

Crypticsy: my bad

Scarfield: :)

AntiSquid: i can't imagine this lockdown going on for too long, it's just not feasible jrke

AntiSquid: especially in india

AntiSquid: it won't work

emh: dbdr ok

Crypticsy: idk how nepal has only 3 cases so far

Crypticsy: i am still so skeptical about the government

AntiSquid: not many people go there, not many people got tested, tests take a long time

Default avatar.png jrke: i am bored in just 1 day

AntiSquid: do ocean of code

Illedan: What is the question?

AntiSquid: he asked 2 questions, the daily limit is 1, he needs to come back on Friday

Default avatar.png jrke: is corona in harvard

Crypticsy: time moves quick in quarantine

AntiSquid: i think Illedan is on annual leave on Friday, come back Monday Crypticsy

Crypticsy: i seriously don't understand the logic behind coming on monday but sure

AntiSquid: Crypticsy seriously just ask your question @_@

Crypticsy: i did on private

emh: 87k now but not improving much

emh: 2700 lines

Illedan: that much code?

emh: yes

Illedan: wow

emh: just adding more and more special cases hehe

emh: and some generic stuff

emh: I finally replaced bool[width, height] with BitArrays

blasterpoard: that sounds like you'll have to restart from scratch in silver

emh: and actually just now I made the assumption that submarine can cross a SILENCE move, so that there is less combinatorial growth to check for

emh: blasterpoard yes probably

blasterpoard: im at 700 lines, only 100 of that being the actual bot logic

AntiSquid: do i need a particular JDK to run CG stuff locally?

wlesavo: emh wow impressing, do you have much code for local debug?

AntiSquid: are we flexing the character count?

kovi: char count * ranking

AntiSquid: so i need to comment in a wiki article and crash submit bot for maximum point count? :thinking:

wlesavo: is Automaton2000 called that due to its code length? :thinking:

Automaton2000: if u get a new button in the ide

muy31: good morning!

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Good afternoon!

Default avatar.png T-Rone: good night! haha

Default avatar.png anid: If I make my repositories on github private, can others see them?

Default avatar.png bombohead: this is fame not clout

Default avatar.png bombohead: idek what thats about what your mouth

Default avatar.png anid: There is no clear explanation on github for this doubt

tonowak: anid unless they are invited, nobody (not from github) can see it

Default avatar.png DianaRaie: good night

Default avatar.png DianaRaie: good afternoon :wink:

Default avatar.png anid: thanks tonowak

kingofnumbers: why sometimes in leaderboard I can see "last battles" of remaining players and sometimes not?

Default avatar.png anid: Lol lucky win

Default avatar.png anid:

emh: wlesavo nope

Uljahn: kingofnumbers: last battles are in full leaderboard

kingofnumbers: yes, in this exact link

kingofnumbers: sometimes it shows me last battles links of players

kingofnumbers: sometimes not

kingofnumbers: now it doesn't show

Uljahn: it may be affected by your browser's width and page scale

Uljahn: ye, it's width

kingofnumbers: true

kingofnumbers: thanks for help

Default avatar.png cookiejar: hi

Default avatar.png cookiejar: how can i test my code in power of thor?

MadKnight: just hit Play

Default avatar.png cookiejar: it doesn't pop up

MadKnight: and what happens?

MadKnight: show screenshot

Default avatar.png cookiejar: its empty with no thor xD

MadKnight: just show screenshot

Default avatar.png yfprojects: You can upload it here:

Default avatar.png yfprojects: cookiejar

MadKnight: u can screenshot a part of screen with win+shift+s

MadKnight: on win10

MadKnight: hey yfprojects how's your ocean of code ?

Default avatar.png cookiejar: how do i paste it here

MadKnight: just a link

MadKnight: paste it on imgur, it will generate u a link

Default avatar.png yfprojects:

Default avatar.png cookiejar: can u just tell me ho to test my code , its the only problem i have

Default avatar.png cookiejar: there is no test buton

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Blue

MadKnight: is there Play button ?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: bottom, right of the screen

Default avatar.png cookiejar: play all testcases and submit

MadKnight: we don't know why it is not there, we need to see screenshot to tell

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Yes: The play testcases one! cookiejar

Default avatar.png cookiejar:

MadKnight: no, we need all below this

Default avatar.png yfprojects: The play testcases button, cookiejar

Uljahn: 1355 x 389 pixels :thinking:

Default avatar.png cookiejar:

MadKnight: u need to click one of testcaes

MadKnight: just click it

MadKnight: click "Straight line"

Default avatar.png yfprojects: To OceanOFCode MadKnight: Its in progress i would say. I have written down how I want to do it and I am currently refreshing my java knowledge.

MadKnight: yfprojects why are u not switching over to C# ?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Because I ont know how to code C#

Default avatar.png yfprojects: :grimacing:

MadKnight: but c# is just like java

MadKnight: but with cool features

MadKnight: u sure do know how to code c#

Default avatar.png yfprojects: I will look into it!

PJA: how do u calculate the time your bot takes every turn?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: time after output minus time after input

PJA: ok

PJA: ty

PJA: and why do people print it with MSG ?

Default avatar.png cookiejar: i can't belive i did it :o

Default avatar.png yfprojects: :clap:

Default avatar.png yfprojects: MadKnight: So c# is faster then java? Or what are the advantages? Nd how fast is c# compared to c++?

Default avatar.png cookiejar: i thiught c# is allmost java O.o

Default avatar.png cookiejar: thought*

MadKnight: с++ is still faster but c# is faster than java

MadKnight: yfprojects also c# has some cool features

Default avatar.png DianaRaie: I did it

Default avatar.png yfprojects: what? MadKnight

MadKnight: cool features


Default avatar.png Philbot: which java should i install ?

MadKnight: c#

Default avatar.png Philbot: jdk ? se ?

eulerscheZahl: openjdk

Default avatar.png Philbot: what version

MadKnight: what are u gonna use it for ?

eulerscheZahl: latest

MadKnight: for CG ?

Default avatar.png Philbot: i need it to run some browser apps

Default avatar.png Philbot: and for cg too

MadKnight: so as a web-server ?

eulerscheZahl: java applets?

Default avatar.png Philbot: i use windows, not linux

Default avatar.png Philbot: yes that stuff i think

eulerscheZahl: servers or applets? applets are dead. if your browser still supports them, get a new browser

blasterpoard: I finally found a way to prune the opponent's paths in OoC...

blasterpoard: it sounds incredibly stupid, but it works and I can track silence-only bots in <5 ms

blasterpoard: without sonar

Illedan: Nice

Illedan: Keep it secret ;)

Illedan: Anyone got a seed with very few islands?

blasterpoard: struct posted seed=-430391657

ZarthaxX: that 4978131516406146000?

ZarthaxX: -452707936478065980

ZarthaxX: less than that?

Illedan: -430391657 is good

Illedan: ty

ZarthaxX: ok

ZarthaxX: lol Illedan

ZarthaxX: what a gam

ZarthaxX: e

PJA: silence just add to much possible paths

blasterpoard: this one is better

blasterpoard: my time per turn goes up to 25ms on that seed ^^

Illedan: :D

Illedan: I needed it for my Unit tests as I don't want to bother with crashing into random islands :P

blasterpoard: even turning on sonar doesn't help on that seed

Default avatar.png yfprojects: @blasterpoard Illedan Are that modified bots that don't shoot? Or is that your strategy?

LoganStewart016: coders stike back is hard

blasterpoard: yfprojects that's just testing my bot's enemy tracking

blasterpoard: it used to crash when there were too many possibilities

kingofnumbers: blasterpoard, what do you use to measure the running time of your code ?

kingofnumbers: I tried to google some methods

kingofnumbers: but they were inaccurate for 50 ms

eulerscheZahl: chrono

blasterpoard: kingofnumbers

kingofnumbers: I tried this

kingofnumbers: but it looks like not accurate really

kingofnumbers: sometimes it gives me more than 50ms

eulerscheZahl: when do you start the timer? before or after reading the input?

blasterpoard: start timing after reading 1st input

kingofnumbers: without getting timeout

kingofnumbers: before reading

kingofnumbers: in first line of while loop

eulerscheZahl: you are measuring the time for the referee and opponent too that way

kingofnumbers: oh yes, true!

kingofnumbers: but even if I do that

eulerscheZahl: almost everyone of us failed here before ;)

kingofnumbers: I think the timer will still count the time where my program was idle

kingofnumbers: right ?

kingofnumbers: I mean because of operating system thing

kingofnumbers: which distribute the processor on multiple processes

eulerscheZahl: that core is all yours during your turn

kingofnumbers: cool

kingofnumbers: then it should work

kingofnumbers: I'll try

eulerscheZahl: it's as close as you can get

kingofnumbers: so much is the error of this method?

kingofnumbers: less than 1 ms ?

eulerscheZahl: i recommend not to use the full 50ms, i usually go for 40-45ms

eulerscheZahl: but i don't check after every simulation step

eulerscheZahl: as too frequent time checks are expensive too

kingofnumbers: ok, thanks

Default avatar.png jrke: 438,879 people affected by corona

Default avatar.png jrke: :slight_frown:

eulerscheZahl: you mean infected? it affects all of us in some way

phaberthur: lol im so bad at ocean of code

dbdr: will there be more games per submit later? gold+?

dbdr: is mirror planned?

eulerscheZahl: there are always more game for higher leagues

eulerscheZahl: i don't know anything about mirror matches

eulerscheZahl: there is a small difference by who gets to move first

eulerscheZahl: not sure if big enough for CG to do mirrors

dbdr: yeah, not sure yet if it's super important

dbdr: but 1-0 wins are common

dbdr: so it might be

phaberthur: can anyone share there code for ocean of codes im not good coder

eulerscheZahl: then start the discussion on another platform (discord/forum)

dbdr: right now it's 10+80 matches per submit

eulerscheZahl: it's a contest, i highly discourage anyone from sharing code

dbdr: I think it doubles at some point

phaberthur: lol ok

dbdr: even forbidden

dbdr: it's a hard contest for beginners

dbdr: even wood 2 boss is hard. ah, I don't know about now

phaberthur: this is my first time coding i dont know anything to be honest

eulerscheZahl: will probably be replaced again, still too strong

eulerscheZahl: then the contest might not be the best place to start, try some puzzles in the practice section

dbdr: it's not bad like this, slowly nerfing

dbdr: bronze with 1k players can be hell

phaberthur: i dont understand the puzzles

eulerscheZahl: yes i guess new wood bosses on silver opening, i don't know for sure either

dbdr: contest is harder than the puzzles

phaberthur: i need more begginner material

eulerscheZahl: then CG might even be the wrong platform, they expect some basic knowledge

phaberthur: aww i like this website but i guess ill just have to come back to it someday once ive learned how to code :disappointed:

dbdr: same code finished #9 first (bad-ish start) then #2

dbdr: so yes, more matches will be needed :)

phaberthur: nice

phaberthur: my code is long and just lots of console.log moving directions

phaberthur: but, if im correct, shouldnt there be a way to code in for the torpedo to avoid the islands and its trail without having to tell it exact directions?

AntiSquid: you could still do CG if you manage to learn on the go

dbdr: you just tell what point to reach. the torpedo finds the best way, if it's possible

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Do you mean torpedo or submarine?

phaberthur: submarine

Default avatar.png yfprojects: You have to write your own pathfinding algorithm

phaberthur: lol i just used the pre wrote algorithm and added some move directions thats probably why i cant win

Swagboy: phaberthur Few people win in a contest!

phaberthur: lol i know

phaberthur: bye everyone, im going to go and find a better coding website for teaching

phaberthur: have a nice day

Swagboy: Enjoy phaberthur!

Default avatar.png jrke: can you tell me which is the best language to learn

Default avatar.png jrke: :thinking:

pmor: languages have the +'s and -'s. If you're starting out, I would suggest python, c# or java.

Albeast: I would advertise python as it is quite generic

ToshiTuringMachine: java is easy but useless

pmor: and the language wars begin.....

ToshiTuringMachine: if you want to win contests, do c++

Default avatar.png jrke: i am leaning c++ is it worth learning it

pmor: c++ is more difficult. With that complexity comes speed which is why it's used a lot in competitions.

Uljahn: languages are just tools, it's wise to use appropriate tools for the job

pmor: ^

AntiSquid: ^

Zenoscave: v

Zenoscave: v

Zenoscave: >

Zenoscave: <

Zenoscave: a

Zenoscave: b

Zenoscave: a

Zenoscave: b

Uljahn: iddqd

AntiSquid: ban

Zenoscave: sorry no ban pls

AntiSquid: someone make ZarthaxX mod

Zenoscave: Oh god we would all be banned

ZarthaxX: yes , specially you

Zenoscave: Hiya zarthie

ZarthaxX: pew pew zeno

Zenoscave: PEW PEW

ZarthaxX: going for top?

Zenoscave: top ten at least

ZarthaxX: gud gud

ZarthaxX: keep going

Zenoscave: you should too

Zenoscave: :+1:

ZarthaxX: doing that

Default avatar.png jrke: which is the easiest language

Uljahn: basic

Zenoscave: Python has easy syntax. It is a little harder than basic (VB.NET) but is slightly more usuable in industry

Csipcsirip: basically it is the most basic language

Zenoscave: ^

pmor: MS is sunlighting it though

Zenoscave: sunlighting?

pmor: not making future updates

Zenoscave: ah

pmor: I used the wrong word...meant sunsetting

AntiSquid: i would say python is def the easiest

Tunga: Hey

Astrobytes: 'def', I see what you did there

Tunga: Global rating is about compete tab and level is about practice?

Uljahn: ye

Uljahn: you also get XP in compete for promotions in leagues

Uljahn: i mean in ai bot programming

Tunga: Got it, thanks

Glenn: I mean there is literally a leaderboard in this case showing 4 different langauges in the top 10 so...

Default avatar.png yfprojects: ^ Yes, its about the bot, not about the language

Glenn: I wonder if anyone could even write code in which the difference in execution speed would manifest as a ranking difference. I very highly doubt anyone can optimize to that level in 30 days when it's hard enough to do that in benchmark tests.

Glenn: This whole X is faster than Y thing is silly.

daffie: most of the people here aren't real people they're all bots

Glenn: I mean I'm a bot too so...

Tunga: You roll an existence question here daffie

pmor: If you know what you're doing and how to profile, it's not hard.

Glenn: If it's not hard, why aren't you in the top 10? :)

daffie: I just mean do the code clash sometimes and later find out I was playing against bots it says on their profile

pmor: :P

Tunga: Glenn, why are you obsessed with rank?

daffie: they write their own code and everything

Tunga: Some bots are better than us in coding?

Glenn: Better than me, yeah. lol

Tunga: I ll rool and cry in my room, alone. Thanks corona btw

daffie: corona virus is keeping me on edge, can't tell if I have it or don't have it

Glenn: If you can't tell, you probably don't have it.

daffie: but I have been super tired, breathing feels heavier but not difficult, I've noticed a small ~99.6 temperature when I take it sometimes other times it's normal

daffie: I don't wanna be paranoid about it but then I think like would rather take it serious than end up dying because I think I don't have it. I guess I'll find out soon

Default avatar.png yfprojects: i heard that there is a limited amount of Code Clashes, so maybe these bots just have a solution made by a human for every clash

dbdr: daffie the most important thing you can do is to avoid contact with others as much as possible

daffie: yea I am I never leave the house and have social anxiety anyway so it is business as usual

dbdr: :)

Tunga: When I started in an international automotive company as a junior and I saw that some codes types codes, it amazes me

Tunga: Now it gets worse, some people type some code which is better than me in competitive area

Default avatar.png Jonpix: How detect islands in ocean of code please? Feel like I'm missing something massive her e

AntiSquid: x marks the sport

AntiSquid: spot

eulerscheZahl: you get the map at the beginning of the game

Default avatar.png Jonpix: Okay got it now :D

wlesavo: hehe, got to top10

dbdr: gz wlesavo!

eulerscheZahl: now all you have to do is to defend that rank for 25 days

dbdr: ezpz

wlesavo: yeah, i know that it wont be for long, but still means something to me

dbdr: s/defend/improve/

eulerscheZahl: take a screenshot

wlesavo: i already took screenshoot defeating dbdr :slight_smile:

dbdr: :D

Illedan: :diploma:

Illedan: :diplom:

Illedan: :(

dbdr: honoured that it means somethin to you :)

dbdr: :medal:

wlesavo: Illedan did you downgraded your bot to silence spamer?

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: Testing purposes

Illedan: But I had to stop and fix referee instead :(

wlesavo: thought so, due to that bug?

Illedan: A few things

Illedan: and to keep my sanity at bay

Illedan: So I rewrote everything today and added a whole bunch of unit tests :P

BenjaminUrquhart: who do bronze people test against

eulerscheZahl: if he breaks it again, you are allowed to use :wrench:

eulerscheZahl: other bronze people

eulerscheZahl: and the default AI

Illedan: That is if I break it without unit tests :P

Illedan: xD

ToshiTuringMachine: hi

Illedan: hi

eulerscheZahl: hi

dbdr: the bronze boss: mchl12

emh: can't believe how many bugs my code has

wlesavo: mchl12 have some interesting bug typing SURFACE | SURFACE | SURFACE | SURFACE | SURFACE | at first turn eventually

eulerscheZahl: maybe it's on purpose to find some map easier?

wlesavo: or is it even a bug

wlesavo: eulerscheZahl in cost of a timeout?

dbdr: what, he prints several SURFACE, or...?

mchl12: yeah, I may have some bugs with surfacing

wlesavo: yeah, this is a single output

mchl12: They should be fixed though

BenjaminUrquhart: doesn't seem to stop you mchl12 :)

wlesavo: so that a few times runing the code in ide

dbdr: SURFACE is level += 1, so several can send you flying in the sky

mchl12: not in my submission of course

BenjaminUrquhart: wlesavo nice timeout

wlesavo: hm, thx

BenjaminUrquhart: aaand I found another tracking bug brb

wlesavo: BenjaminUrquhart oh, this probably was in previous submit, fixed that already

BenjaminUrquhart: what's the longest game so far

BenjaminUrquhart: ah ok

eulerscheZahl: that replay has a score but no rank for wlesavo -> not the current arena version

BenjaminUrquhart: "obsolete" I see

eulerscheZahl: the arena version has a number there

wlesavo: eulerscheZahl thx, nice to know

dbdr: eulerscheZahl, is you replay reproduce tool still online?

wlesavo: i just recognized this bug, not sending sector id at surfacing while selftracking, fixed that just before the last submit

BenjaminUrquhart: another selftracker, nice

wlesavo: well it kindof effective

eulerscheZahl: sure dbdr

dbdr: found it

eulerscheZahl: me too :D

dbdr: just needs the replay id or it says not found

eulerscheZahl: true, i should change that one day :D

dbdr: unrelated: are you making assumptions in your tracking?

eulerscheZahl: also it loads for several seconds sometimes

eulerscheZahl: no

Illedan: Why make assumptions?

eulerscheZahl: assumption: the code finishes in 50ms

Illedan: Better add probability

dbdr: I think that's heroku being slow on startup

eulerscheZahl: correct

eulerscheZahl: my herokuapp is shut down after 30min of inactivity

eulerscheZahl: a django project btw

eulerscheZahl: tried at pythonanywhere before

eulerscheZahl: but the free version only has a whitelist web servers to request

eulerscheZahl: codingame not being one of them

wlesavo: Illedan i think dbdr means prioretize some candidates over the other, for example when opponent jumps prioretize the longest possible dirrection or smth like that

Illedan: In checking the path?

Illedan: To prune faster?

wlesavo: no in decision making

dbdr: I meant prune "unlikely" options

dbdr: for whatever criteria

YannT: Illedan: think I found an exploit

YannT: gonna send you replay in PM

Illedan: :+1:

YannT: :grin:

kingofnumbers: please tell me the exploit

kingofnumbers: you make me very curious now

kingofnumbers: :(

Illedan: Spamming mines are imba

kingofnumbers: just kidding :D

Illedan: They also cause too much pollution

struct: so, not really an exploit?

AntiSquid: more pollution than silence?

AntiSquid: torpedos killing mines was a good counter

struct: maybe

struct: hard to tell without actually testing

struct: It could also make mines useless

kingofnumbers: not really, you can't always shoot torpedos

kingofnumbers: as this reveals your position

struct: yes but with 1 torpedo you could destroy at best case 9 mines

kingofnumbers: but you would probably don't want to walk in all these 9

kingofnumbers: maybe you are only interested in walking in only 3 cells

AntiSquid: if the opponent place 9 mines next to each other they shouldn't expect an easy win, don't put all eggs in one basket :D

kingofnumbers: if you are walking in striaght line

mchl12: kingofnumbers, you also cannot always trigger mines, this also reveals yourup position

kingofnumbers: even though I don't see how can triggering mines help revealing position

kingofnumbers: but still it doesn't contradict what I was saying

struct: it helps by checking previous paths

kingofnumbers: if only you know the id of the mine that was trigger I would agree

kingofnumbers: but you don't know which mine was triggered

struct: you know the x and y

kingofnumbers: if I know my opponent throw mines at turns 50 100 and 150

kingofnumbers: and then I know trigger (4,5)

kingofnumbers: I can't know he was in (4,5) at turn 50 or 100 or 150

Scarfield: you have his path directions

kingofnumbers: but if the opponent throw only 1 mine then trigger it

kingofnumbers: then I agree

mchl12: correct, but you can exclude all the paths that never pass (4,5) on turns 50 100 or 150

kingofnumbers: it reveals position

struct: It helps

AntiSquid: if the opponent input command was MINE N instead of just MINE how much would that change?

struct: If you save all possible paths, states

kingofnumbers: mchl12 and what if my opponent was spamming mines (which seems it will be the meta of the game )

mchl12: Then it is still possible to deduce some information

struct: ^

Illedan: Make sure you gain more information than they gain :)

eulerscheZahl: but i do a full reset of all paths on surface

eulerscheZahl: that way i lose the mine history

struct: what about states?

mchl12: Well, just don't do a full reset ;)

eulerscheZahl: my state: tired, getting ready for bed

phaberthur: :sleeping:

pb4: You guys change your actions if they'll reveal your position to the opponent ?

mchl12: Yes, all of them

AntiSquid: nice 2 point lead

phaberthur: lol yall so smart

pb4: Seems hard to implement :/

AntiSquid: ofc phaberthur, thanks for noticing

phaberthur: anytime

phaberthur: lol

mchl12: My wr vs egaetan isn't even that high, I think I just perform better versus the other high-ranked players.

phaberthur: my code consists of whatever the original code is

mchl12: I have like <50% vs egaetan I thhink

AntiSquid: RPS

phaberthur: how to make my submarine go to location on grid?

AntiSquid: MOVE and then N S W E

phaberthur: what about coordinates?

AntiSquid: it's one cell at a time

phaberthur: oof

AntiSquid: so to move up: MOVE N

phaberthur: yeah but so many different maps how do i know what to do

kingofnumbers: phaberthur, what language do you use?

phaberthur: javascript

phaberthur: its what i want to learn

kingofnumbers: do you know dfs, bfs?

AntiSquid: phaberthur watch some streams regarding this contest, i am sure it will help you:

AntiSquid: not sure if any of the streamers got out of wood2 yet though

phaberthur: tbh idk any i just want to learn javascript so its what i use

kingofnumbers: phaberthur, this contest is not a good choice to learn programming languages

phaberthur: lol

AntiSquid: only learn javascript ?

AntiSquid: what do you want to use it for?

phaberthur: bro i dont even know javascript

AntiSquid: kingofnumbers but that's what i did

AntiSquid: python first used in contest, same with java, same with c++ :p

phaberthur: what is the easiest

AntiSquid: how else do you learn unless you're forced to?

AntiSquid: python imo phaberthur

phaberthur: ok

phaberthur: i think i like java better though and it is most common used

phaberthur: javascript i mean

AntiSquid: depends on the website

AntiSquid: do you want to create websites btw? what's your motivation to learn javascript ?

phaberthur: idk i just think it makes most sence

AntiSquid: try out

AntiSquid: its main focus is javascript

phaberthur: is the initial coding good or should i change everything?

AntiSquid: that's like an existential question

mchl12: If you mean the provided code for contests, it works for getting the input. You probably still need to save most of it into variables though.

phaberthur: ok

phaberthur: i think im gonna take a break from competing and just practice lol

struct: its a better choice if you are just starting

phaberthur: lol second day to code

AntiSquid: no, that's the wrong attitude, better man up and get 1st place in the contest! ask AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the problem with the same score as the opponent on the left of t

phaberthur: even easy is confusing

AntiSquid: a lot of tracking to do, yes

phaberthur: coding is hard to learn

phaberthur: :sad:

phaberthur: :cry:

AntiSquid: tough life

phaberthur: lol

phaberthur: i found out why we havent landed on mars yet LOL

Default avatar.png icecream17: hmmm... i wonder what happens in a tie. a tie would be amazing.

phaberthur: lol

Default avatar.png icecream17: After 3 days im finally 28th in wood2!

phaberthur: im 342 in wood 2

Default avatar.png icecream17: oh what's happenning?

phaberthur: idk how to code at all

Default avatar.png icecream17: did you know you can delete the boss to battle other players?

phaberthur: lol no, it wouldnt matter like i said i cant code so i would still lose

phaberthur: i cant even land on mars and this is an easy level

phaberthur: finally i did it yay

Scarfield: :muscle:

Quidome: How is the silence part working especially the meaning of: (not visiting already visited cells or islands)

Scarfield: you cannot end on or go over a cells previously visited, without surfacing first

Aviolezt: lol

Quidome: aha, so normal movement rules, only faster :)

Scarfield: yup :)

Default avatar.png icecream17: i'm on wood2, but from what i've heard silence is like secret teleportation

phaberthur: ive never even heard of silence

Default avatar.png icecream17: silence is for when you beat wood2. and my comment was too late and looks out of order

phaberthur: ok

Default avatar.png icecream17: you can travel up to 4 blocks or something in 1 turn and your opponent doesn't wknow where

Quidome: sonar doesnt look that usefull at first sight...

AntiSquid: silence = skip wood1

Default avatar.png icecream17: oh yeah, phaberthur, in the first few minutes you could use the starting code and beat wood2. lucky

phaberthur: cool

Uljahn: bosses were broken then

egaetan: mchl12

egaetan: yes you are under 50%

egaetan: but i'm under 50% vs you too

egaetan: one of us should resubmit

AntiSquid: might be 10% draws

egaetan: limit of games we can retrieve through leaderboard

egaetan: i've got 23 games/ mchl12 only 11

muy31: when opponent uses sonar do they get where I am on the turn I learn they use sonar or the turn right before

mchl12: The result of sonar is determined on the moment you use it

muy31: i am not the one using sonar

muy31: my opponent is

tonowak: yes

muy31: what does he see?

tonowak: it works in the same way

aCat: the state on the moment he used it

muy31: do i know that he has used sonar the moment he uses sonar, or do i kow the turn after?

Default avatar.png Hup: I'm attempting the temperatures puzzle and I have a question: Do I need to write code that will perform all test cases or do I need to re-write per test case?

Default avatar.png Hup: Hello

muy31: don't bruteforce

muy31: write one that will work no matter the testcase

muy31: *hard code i meant

mchl12: Someone uses sonar on a sector, the result is determined the moment they use it. It becomes 'Y' if the opponent is in the sector and 'N' if the opponent is not in the sector. The next turn they will get to see what the result was.

phaberthur: this is so hard the code is so long

muy31: So: A) opponent uses SONAR B) I see SONAR in opponentOrders C) opponent gets result?

muy31: b, not sunglasses

mchl12: i like the sunglasses

mchl12: this order is correct

muy31: so when I see SONAR in opponentOrders, have I yet moved from the position I was when the opponent used SONAR/

muy31: ?

tonowak: Someone uses sonar on a sector, the result is determined the moment they use it. It becomes 'Y' if the opponent is in the sector and 'N' if the opponent is not in the sector. The next turn they will get to see what the result was.

muy31: bruh

mchl12: No, you haven't moved yet when you see SONAR in opponentOrders.

muy31: okay thx I think that makes sense

tonowak: no problem, glad I was helpful

muy31: ...

tonowak: :P

mchl12: tonowak is always so helpful <3

tonowak: though if you say what you didn't understand in the rule definitions, maybe it would be possible to change it to make it more understandable

muy31: yeah

muy31: but i understood it, but i couln'd visualize it

muy31: at this moment

muy31: oh yeah what league does POWER come in to play?

muy31: so far it does nothing

muy31: nvm

tonowak: what is POWER?

tonowak: ok

muy31: that was dumb

muy31: charge

muy31: that is charge

muy31: they should just call it charge

tonowak: it isn't called at all

AntiSquid: didn't bother reading the statement, but i thought that's what they use, "charge"

muy31: no they use "power"

tonowak: no they don't

muy31: MOVE direction POWER


tonowak: they never named the "charge" thing. They mentioned it *charges* a *power*

AntiSquid: ah yes

tonowak: a power is torpedo/sonar

AntiSquid: so they call it power then :D

muy31: yeah it was dumb question

muy31: my bad

AntiSquid: they could use charge instead

muy31: they could

mchl12: using POWER causes your submarine to take 1 less damage from all sources for 1 turn

AntiSquid: or they're undecided whether power or charge is best

tonowak: AntiSquid they don't call it power. Nor charge. They never named it in the description. It charges a power. That's the only thing they say

muy31: it is both!

muy31: dun dun dun

AntiSquid: MOVE direction POWER => they do call it power -.-

AntiSquid: it's in the statement

AntiSquid: they caps it, because it's a keyword

tonowak: do you write MOVE N POWER or MOVE N TORPEDO?

tonowak: torpedo is a power

AntiSquid: it's how the statement is generally formatted, caps = keyword

AntiSquid: ya i get what you are saying, but for the statement it works like that

muy31: ... exiting the scene

muy31: i was never here

tonowak: everything that is capitalized you hardcode it in the output, but not POWER. That's an exception, that's why it does not mean it is called power

tonowak: though, I also get what you are saying

muy31: therefore we agree

muy31: the end

tonowak: kind of...

muy31: sorry for wasting your time

tonowak: :P

muy31: :'

muy31: :)

muy31: how did i screw that up?

AntiSquid: tonowak i was sure i've seen something similar in another game, could be i have false memories and these guys didn't stick to the usual way of formatting

Astrobytes: It was also a prototype from some time ago I believe, and was rushed out in 2 days so... bound to be an inconsistency or 2

AntiSquid: didn't make any improvements for a day, dropped 60 ranks

AntiSquid: people are getting serious !

tonowak: yeah, I dropped from first place to 15h, by doing nothing for three days :(

AntiSquid: :thumbsup:

tonowak: though I'm starting to finally include the mines in my code. I completely ignored them, both from my side and my opponent's side

mchl12: including mines in my bot put it from 8th to 1st, the impact is pretty big

tonowak: mchl12 do you try to evade the mines?

Illedan: Any high ranked players in ooc around?

ZarthaxX: ask tommorrow

ZarthaxX: :P

Illedan: :P

Illedan: I just need someone to submit in Bronze in this version. So that I can track bugs before I release it.

pb4: Illedan ?

pb4: What do you need ?

pb4: submitted in leagues 3 and 4

AntiSquid: submit can only be in 1 league at a time

Default avatar.png PYB: why the hell are some problems so goddam complicated

Default avatar.png PYB: 15 minutes is not long enough for some of them

Default avatar.png PYB: tired of this shit

Default avatar.png icecream17: 15 minutes?

Astrobytes: try the contest, you got 25 days :P

Default avatar.png icecream17: 7th place, fixed 2 bugs....

AntiSquid: and 2500 times the headache

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png PYB: clash of code is 15

Default avatar.png PYB: some problems are interesting, but demand A LOT of code, hence why 15 minutes isnt in some case

Default avatar.png PYB: just frustrating

Astrobytes: "Fix it, ezpz" ™

Default avatar.png PYB: ?

Astrobytes: Sorry. "Fix it" "ezpz", CG memes

Astrobytes: ask MadKnight

YannT: Illedan: submited too

YannT: all of the markers on the replay are ridiculous :o

struct: What do you mean?

YannT: new versions has a marker on every action apparently

YannT: it's unreadable :(


Default avatar.png icecream17: Wow. I charged for the third time and moved forward.

Default avatar.png icecream17: Then my opponent shot me and moved justt enough so that I couldn't shoot back.

Default avatar.png icecream17: Because of a coincidental wall.

Zenoscave: eulerscheZahl are you on?

chinH27: hello BSoD

Default avatar.png icecream17:

chinH27: virus?

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: hi

chinH27: hello

Default avatar.png jiniiii: hi

Default avatar.png HMu0510: hi

Default avatar.png Gooddae: ni hao

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: my problem help

Default avatar.png Gooddae: whats it?

Default avatar.png Gooddae: sorry but im nobb

Default avatar.png Gooddae: noob*

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: what?

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: 나영어 못해요

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: 살려줘요

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: 코딩어려워요

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: sorry

Default avatar.png Gooddae: i cant speak korean

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: i told you Fuck Off Gooddae

Default avatar.png Gooddae: oh my

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: Dont speak chinese

Default avatar.png Gooddae: ni cao ni ma

Default avatar.png Gooddae: si bu si ma

Zenoscave: Can I ask all of you one thing?

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: ok

Default avatar.png Gooddae: you can but im a beginner

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: Shut up

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: talk

Default avatar.png syoon: gongbu haja

chinH27: speak english please

Default avatar.png Gooddae: syoon jjin dda

Default avatar.png syoon: ?

Default avatar.png jiniiii: syoon is real

Default avatar.png syoon: ????

Zenoscave: why do you all act so childish. What does it get you other than to look like fools

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: 헐 한국인이네 누구냐?

Default avatar.png syoon: 준원이형?

Zenoscave: seriously I don't understand

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: 한국인끼리 니하오 ㅇㅈㄹ

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: 개념 탑재 플리즈

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: ㅇㅋ?

Default avatar.png jiniiii: 웅

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: 아니 굿대

Default avatar.png Gooddae: ??

Zenoscave: #general_ko

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: zenoscabve sorry

chinH27: o español hablen

Default avatar.png syoon: syoon is real = 찐승윤?

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: 굿대 모른척 오졌죠?

Default avatar.png HMu0510: 왜이렇게 화가많으세요 ㄷ

Default avatar.png Gooddae: speak korean

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: 찐따라고 쓴 시점부터 한국인인거 판명났는데

Default avatar.png Gooddae: what?

Default avatar.png Gooddae: 아니 왜케 공격적이세요 ㅋㅋ

Default avatar.png Gooddae: 죄송합니다..

Default avatar.png Gooddae: 제가 잘못했어요

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: 아니 왤케 개념이 없으세요

Default avatar.png Gooddae: 한국인이 ni hao 하면 ㅇㅈㄹ 박아도돼요?

Zenoscave: I don't think you actually speak Korean

Zenoscave: you keep repeating the same illiterate nonsense over and over

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: 외국인이 동양인 비하하는줄알았죠

Default avatar.png syoon: sorry

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: We seriously speak Korean

Zenoscave: Ok cool. do it on a different channel then

Zenoscave: #general_kr

Default avatar.png syoon: ok. have a nice day

Default avatar.png Gooddae: 수다떤거 미안하지만 아무한테나 ㅇㅈㄹ박는 본인부터 신경쓰세요

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: h

Default avatar.png icecream17: So close! 3rd place...

Default avatar.png icecream17: YAS!

Zenoscave: What game/league?

Zenoscave: gz

Default avatar.png icecream17: Wood 2 of ocean of code

Zenoscave: nice

Default avatar.png icecream17: I don't exactly know what I should do for sonar and silence.

Zenoscave: work on tracking the other players possible possitions first

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: 혹시 굿대 아카데미 사람?

Default avatar.png icecream17: Huh. I didn't do anything but my place updated to 40/129

Zenoscave: Wood1 is fairly easy compared to wood 2

Zenoscave: for some reason

Default avatar.png icecream17: i was in the contest from the start though...

Zenoscave: Well have you done many contests before?

Default avatar.png icecream17: no

Zenoscave: many of these players have, so they know the tricks and tips to get high quick

Zenoscave: is this your first contest?

Default avatar.png icecream17: yes

Zenoscave: even making it out of wood 2 (and soon wood 1 ;) ) is an accomplishment. Challenge against yourself not others. it tends to be more fun that way

Default avatar.png icecream17: ok

Default avatar.png icecream17: so up, down, left, right only? [silence]

Zenoscave: yes. but up to 4 moves away

Zenoscave: but all up or all dow, etc.

Default avatar.png carnato: launch

Default avatar.png carnato: bsdk