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eulerscheZahl: dbdr is awake good morning

dbdr: moin

eulerscheZahl: i reported the stdout of the viewer 1 or 2 days ago, but the forum is probably the better place here

dbdr: well, gives another chance :)

eulerscheZahl: a draw with 6-6 lives

dbdr: a public bug/feature tracker would be nice

dbdr: with voting

dbdr: or maybe it would become chaos? :D

dbdr: yeah, playing it safe :D

eulerscheZahl: yeah you can filter the forum by category, but no easy view with status and all + bugs are reported at different locations

dbdr: exactly

dbdr: would be fun to see "oldest issue still open" :D

eulerscheZahl: sometimes i even see tiny bugs that aren't relevant enough for me to report

eulerscheZahl: like that button recently, if your language is set to English

dbdr: Mettre à jour

eulerscheZahl: one should update that translation

dbdr: it's an expression in english too, same as "déjà-vu"

eulerscheZahl: i know deja vu

dbdr: or schadenfreude

dbdr: or kindergarten

dbdr: "english"

eulerscheZahl: ok, call me uneducated then :D

dbdr: actually I was messing with you, mettre à jour is not used, afaik

dbdr: just reminded me of the cases where they use foreign words/expresions

dbdr: I wonder if their whole interface is in french first

eulerscheZahl: and now french users are forced to read english for the contest

dbdr: and english is just a translation. seems dangerous

eulerscheZahl: did you see any complains or translation questions on the fr chat?

dbdr: non

eulerscheZahl: the CG interface was Fr first

elderlybeginner: What's the simple strategy for moving uboot in ocean of code?

eulerscheZahl: yes see that by looking at the API

eulerscheZahl: 1 = fr, 2 = en

dbdr: oh, it's U-boats? :D

dbdr: elderlybeginner for moving, just remember where you have already been

elderlybeginner: yea, Uboat :grin:

eulerscheZahl: how do you call a piece pf bakery swimming under the water?

eulerscheZahl: an U-Brot

dbdr: move to one of the four cells where you haven't been

dbdr: :grin:

elderlybeginner: yea, any simple algoritm for efficient choosing a path?

dbdr: ah, it's U-Boot originally?

dbdr: is Boot a german word?

eulerscheZahl: U-Boot is the german word, Boot = boat

eulerscheZahl: and Brot = bread

dbdr: elderlybeginner what I said does not need a complex path finding

dbdr: just looking at the next cell

eulerscheZahl: see, Fr was first

dbdr: if you want better, look up floodfill

elderlybeginner: that's not enough, getting in corners and surfacing too much

dbdr: OK, but that's one game

dbdr: right, then I would say floodfill

dbdr: I knew about Brot :D

Nixerrr: Cool nick elderlybeginner

Nixerrr: And lol euler at u-brot

elderlybeginner: i was looking into snake algoritms, and longest path or hamilton seems over power

dbdr: I think I learned Schiff, not Boot

dbdr: sounds more german

eulerscheZahl: elderlybeginner another way: file:///home/eulerschezahl/Pictures/tronExtend.png

eulerscheZahl: Schiff = ship, a Boot is smaller

dbdr: file:// link

eulerscheZahl: damn

eulerscheZahl: when drag and drop to imgur fails


dbdr: oh, that's your local user name? that's long

Nixerrr: I like German rye brot

eulerscheZahl: you see an orange path (me)

elderlybeginner: probably, it works on your comp. :joy:

eulerscheZahl: i extend the horizontal line first (just going in 1 direction)

dbdr: I instinctly used the < > arrows on that imgur to change the turns :D

eulerscheZahl: then add a loop on the orange extension as soon as i can (green)

eulerscheZahl: and extend the green in blue and so on

eulerscheZahl: that's a good filling heuristic i think but not that great for the contest, easy to track

elderlybeginner: @euler: what algorithm is this?

eulerscheZahl: don't think that it has a name, came up with it myself

dbdr: but going up is the wrong choice there

dbdr: down has more space

eulerscheZahl: the orange at the top left is the final position

eulerscheZahl: i didn't finish drawing it

dbdr: the eulerfill

dbdr: ah ok. the bad choice was made ealier, but then the map was different

eulerscheZahl: i don't see a bad choice

dbdr: OOC is simpler, opponent does not affect your path

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: would be fun to lose without knowing that the opponent has been there

dbdr: the space on the left border was bigger

PatrickMcGinnisII: I internal errored only when eulerscheZahl shows up

dbdr: it's wrong, knowing what we know now

elderlybeginner: you were using it for tron, I guess, you try to get some space for yourself and survive as long as possible in that space

dbdr: probably as not wrong at the time

eulerscheZahl: game error or some 504 request?

eulerscheZahl: but the contest will get an update today

PatrickMcGinnisII: Internal game error

eulerscheZahl: i know why

eulerscheZahl: we started with a prototype, not tested that well

PatrickMcGinnisII: I mispelled a variable name, fixed internal error

eulerscheZahl: a bug made the BFS for torpedo range check slow

eulerscheZahl: huh?

eulerscheZahl: code please

dbdr: [2020-03-23T00:30:01Z INFO recorder] Challenge: ocean-of-code [2020-03-23T02:30:18Z WARN recorder] Waited to stabilization for more than 7200s, giving up [2020-03-23T02:30:19Z INFO recorder] Multi: tower-dereference [2020-03-23T02:30:19Z INFO recorder] Multi: onitama

eulerscheZahl: 2h without stable ranking

dbdr: I added a fail safe for when a single submit is suck for more than 2 hours

dbdr: but for one player. I think you misunderstood yesterday

PatrickMcGinnisII: so i can submit?

eulerscheZahl: that's the referee bug:

dbdr: it does not need a moment with no submit in progress

PatrickMcGinnisII: i added like 250 lines of code to hopefully get above wood

eulerscheZahl: if you shoot outside of the map, you can mape the game crash

eulerscheZahl: doesn't crash offline i tested before the contest, worked fine

PatrickMcGinnisII: ahh that mighta been it

PatrickMcGinnisII: torpedo 4 -1

eulerscheZahl: but on the server it exceeds a time limit

PatrickMcGinnisII: since variable was wrong

PatrickMcGinnisII: it still tries to use a 0 instead

dbdr: CG has another bug then. they should detect a referee crash

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm gonna sub, i tired

PatrickMcGinnisII: don't care if i make it

eulerscheZahl: they make the referee crash just like players, when the time is exceeded

dbdr: but they don't handle it well it seems

eulerscheZahl: but it seems they don't (always?) count the match then

eulerscheZahl: right

dbdr: they also keep waiting for it to finish :D

dbdr: oh, the referee was going into an endless loop?

eulerscheZahl: and you can't trust the quality of a referee especially now, that we can upload games without having a contest

eulerscheZahl: not endless

eulerscheZahl: but 4s for a BFS to see that the target is out of range

dbdr: definitely. every component should expect the others to fail

dbdr: chaos monkey :)

eulerscheZahl: if (next cell is free) {

  put next cell in queue
  mark old cell as visited

eulerscheZahl: that takes some iterations to mark everything as visited

Zenoscave: eulerscheZahl did you expect or suspect there would be many ties?

eulerscheZahl: i had no expectations

eulerscheZahl: but the turn limit will be increased to 600

Zenoscave: :+1:

dbdr: hm, what would be the consequence to say that in case of tie, player 2 wins?

eulerscheZahl: why?

dbdr: or add extra time first ;)

Zenoscave: and angry recurs_e

dbdr: to avoid draws. like in soccer

eulerscheZahl: sudden death

dbdr: yeah :)

eulerscheZahl: set both lives to 1

eulerscheZahl: and add more islands randomly

dbdr: if there are too many draws, ranking will be more imprecise

dbdr: evil, but random is not good

dbdr: if it's deterministic though...

dbdr: global cooling, sea levels drops

dbdr: or the water boils

dbdr: Zenoscave it might be unbalanced the other way

dbdr: too early to tell

PatrickMcGinnisII: 7 battles still spinning, stuck at 35th in wood2, oh well

dbdr: isn't it caused by wrong commands?

dbdr: you could avoid those...

Zenoscave: wrong commands cause timeouts on engine?

dbdr: I think so, will be fixed today

dbdr: the bug eulerscheZahl linked to

eulerscheZahl: but you might get unlucky and face an opponent doing the bad command?

Zenoscave: What is the ranking that results from it? 0/0?

dbdr: ah, yes. esp in wood

dbdr: could be a situation where even emh could not get out of wood 2 :D

Zenoscave: That would be scary

dbdr: need to create alts with correct outputs to increase your chances

dbdr: and opponents doing the opposite

dbdr: say to keep reCurse in wood 2 ;)

PatrickMcGinnisII: 25 wins, 9 losses, 7 spinning...stuck at 42nd in wood2

eulerscheZahl: the 4th game result beside win, loss, draw

dbdr: :D

dbdr: CG logic is quaternary

dbdr: hm, it's snowing

dbdr: 2 days ago it was 20C

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, gn guys

kovi: where is it snowing?

dbdr: Budapest

dbdr: just a few flakes, not a lot, but still

dbdr: might depend which district :)

kovi: yeah. sun is shining for now. but there were heavy clouds half an hour ago


dbdr: I have sun and snow :)

Nixerrr: I'm not seeing any snow :O

Nixerrr: 8th district

eulerscheZahl: you could host a coding hub

dbdr: the magyar connection takes over the chat

eulerscheZahl: wait, bad timing :(

dbdr: yeah

eulerscheZahl: do you know each other in person?

kovi: nope

dbdr: nope

Nixerrr: nope

dbdr: nem

kovi: wood 1. gah, silence stops my detection

eulerscheZahl: you just promoted?

kovi: yeah

eulerscheZahl: it's still possible :)

kovi: probably. just not as simply as before

eulerscheZahl: did you need resubmits because of stuck games?

dbdr: wood promotions have never been easy. except the first 5 minutes :D

eulerscheZahl: i blame CG for using the wrong boss code :(

Nixerrr: :rage:

dbdr: put the blame on CGame, boys

Scarfield: Blame Canada

Nixerrr: Why Canada?

eulerscheZahl: southpark reference?

Nixerrr: Ah not a fan

Scarfield: from south park yes

Scarfield: but. but. its the best :D

dbdr: mine is

Scarfield: lol my grandfather often mentions Rita Hayworth

dbdr: TIL Scarfield is my grandson

Nixerrr: :joy_cat:

eulerscheZahl: don't quote me dbdr i got an email

dbdr: fix your settings

dbdr: lol, with bad russian dubbing at the end

eulerscheZahl: on the topic of your post: right now, i don't see how

dbdr: worse than dubbing, how is this called? a single person dubs the whole film

eulerscheZahl: i can set a higher limit for the 2nd turn at the cost of having less turns in total

Scarfield: commentary?

Nixerrr: voiceover? not sure, but we used to have

dbdr: I was not blaming the game, just saying it's unfortunate

eulerscheZahl: ah, ok

dbdr: end of the video

Nixerrr: used to have Star Wars with Russian voiceover

dbdr: sounds fun

eulerscheZahl: i struggled with that some times too

Nixerrr: I didn't understand a word but it was still a lot of fun as a kid

dbdr: with no emotions in the voice

Nixerrr: haha yeah

Scarfield: yea its voice over :)

Nixerrr: "I'm your father." "No."

eulerscheZahl: e.g. vox codei 2: get the move patters first then the solver only has 100ms, not 1s

dbdr: "I'm your grandfather"

Scarfield: xD

Nixerrr: no u

dbdr: we are each other's grandfathers

Nixerrr: mind -> blown

Nixerrr: That would be a great twist in an SF movie

Nixerrr: If it didn't involve incest

Scarfield: its kinda in Back to the Future

dbdr: since Adam and Eve, it's always been incest

dbdr: just at low percentage

Nixerrr: Heinlein's "All You Zombies" anyone?

Nixerrr: Cool short story with time paradoxes from the Golden Age of science fiction

dbdr: whose gradfather are you Nixerrr? ;)

Scarfield: doesnt ring a bell, but have been thinking about rewatching the old planet of the apes, great movies iirc :)

Nixerrr: Yet to be revealed

eulerscheZahl: they were on the earth the whole time :scream:

Nixerrr: Hope someone decent. Would hate have asshole offsprings

eulerscheZahl: Nixerrr jr jr

Nixerrr: *hat to have

Nixerrr: *hate to have

Nixerrr: Haha yeah

emh: good morning :)

egaetan: grrr

emh: no nightly submits? don't see much new battles. but still no 1 yay hehe :)

Default avatar.png sean12: good evening from nz

emh: hi egaetan

egaetan: good morning

eulerscheZahl: the contest is a full month long, no need to rush

egaetan: eulerscheZahl what else ?

eulerscheZahl: procrastinate

emh: nah. one-up the slow turtling Terrans by a zergling rush :)

dbdr: do you know the story of The Turtle and the Toad

emh: is it anything similar to the Hare and The Turtle?

dbdr: yes, CG marathon version

emh: oh hehe. yes I don't suppose I will have the stamina to follow through whole compo

emh: let alone come up with good new ideas

emh: but that's why I'm enjoying my time in the sunshine now

eulerscheZahl: get some vitamin D

emh: oh thx eulerscheZahl forgot to take my vitamins this morning actually

emh: 2 multivitamins, 1 vitamin D, 1 magnesium

eulerscheZahl: your body can generate vitamin D in the sunlight

eulerscheZahl: just show some skin


eulerscheZahl: but the further you are in the north, the harder it gets

eulerscheZahl: in german fary tales the rabbit has to race against a hedgehog

emh: egaetan thanks for pushing me up. tonowak was eerily close

egaetan: :p

emh: and dbdr thanks too :)

dbdr: np

tonowak: Hello. I see I'm still in top5 :) gg emh

emh: gg :)


dbdr: uboats barely interracted

dbdr: it will be changed to 600 turns right? today?

emh: oh I heard 300. so 300 per player then? thought it was 150 per player. but not sure

dbdr: in any case that should mean fewer draws :)

eulerscheZahl: we wanted to update the game yesterday already, have to wait for CG. pretty sure it will be changed today

dbdr: how many turns?

eulerscheZahl: 3 times as many

dbdr: nice

emh: wooow

eulerscheZahl: right now there's another bug: player 1 has an extra turn

dbdr: :D

eulerscheZahl: starting and ending the game

eulerscheZahl: will be fixed too

dbdr: off by one errors are hard

eulerscheZahl: and frame count will further increase, don't be confused

eulerscheZahl: splitting chained actions into multiple frames

dbdr: oh, each step separate?

eulerscheZahl: yes

dbdr: yeah, that will be much clearer

dbdr: very nice

emh: will that affect our code? our it's just visual?

emh: *or

dbdr: visual I think

egaetan: it will affect Illedan firing like a xxxx at the end of the game

dbdr: obviously more turns can affect strategy

dbdr: should not break the code

emh: now is the time to regret not using a constant for total number of turns :p

emh: well, I think I used it only 3 places

emh: and can search/replace

dbdr: I even use WIDTH and HEIGHT :D

emh: I used width and height from input

emh: but was in a hurry when adding some code so didn't add constant for number of turns hehe

AntiSquid: hey when is the push to bronze happening ?

dbdr: I use: assert_eq!(, WIDTH);

AntiSquid: it's kinda annoying i can submit a bot that beats boss 100% but can't reach it and don't feel like making specific changes just to promote

emh: dbdr wow that's conservative

dbdr: well, I have to read it

dbdr: might as well do something with it :)

dbdr: but better to have constants

eulerscheZahl: i use Width and Height too but torpedo range is hardcoded

eulerscheZahl: but only used at a single place, as a function

AntiSquid: hardcoded in what way?

dbdr: use 4 in the ode

eulerscheZahl: internal bool InTorpedoRange(Cell cell)

           return Dist(cell) <= 4;

AntiSquid: does that always work?

eulerscheZahl: dist uses BFS dist

eulerscheZahl: cached at turn 1

AntiSquid: adding to todo list

eulerscheZahl: will be part of the new statement on update:

eulerscheZahl: asked too many times

dbdr: nice

dbdr: the other FAQ is "can my torpedos hurt me"

eulerscheZahl: me, maybe i should add that too

dbdr: A torpedo requires 3 charge actions to be ready. When fully charged, the torpedo can be fired at an arbitrary water position within a range of 4 cells. This allows the torpedo's path to contain corners and go around islands, but not through them. The damage of the explosion is 2 on the cell itself and 1 and all neighbors (including diagonal ones).

eulerscheZahl: i don't say that it does *not* hurt yourself

dbdr: "A torpedo can hurt the submarine of its owner" ?

eulerscheZahl: and then the same again for mines i guess

dbdr: yes, though beginners only deal with torps :)

eulerscheZahl: " You can also damage yourself with a torpedo."

dbdr: wow, lots of snow now

eulerscheZahl: should be enough to add

eulerscheZahl: code word for cocaine?

dbdr: :no_mouth:

dbdr: I mean, who does a contest without snow?

dbdr: need the energy boost

Scarfield: let it snow let it snow

emh: I'm using resharper in visual studio on old laptop. such delay on input. resharper is slow

kovi: if the ocean freeze, it will be harder to surface

dbdr: lol

dbdr: you got the snow now kovi?

kovi: yeah

dbdr: ok, i'm not crazy

Nixerrr: Yeah I got it too now

dbdr: :relieved:

Nixerrr: Still could be a collective hallucination

dbdr: caused by too much OOC

Scarfield: feeling warm is the last stage of hypothermia

dbdr: feeling frustrated is the last stage before promotion

dbdr: hm, previous submit ended at #26. resub same code => #12

dbdr: 12 is more consistent with my previous rank, will say the 1st one was the outlier :)

Schneewittchen: Is it just for me only or do you others also see this squishy squashy submarine thingy

eulerscheZahl: see what?

emh: stretching

Nixerrr: The enlarged smarines?

dbdr: there are display bugs with silence I think

eulerscheZahl: will be fixed soon

emh: does CGSpunk work with contest?

emh: want to get me some stderr

eulerscheZahl: it stopped working years ago

AntiSquid: it broke down completely last i checked

emh: oohhh ok

eulerscheZahl: google CG enhancer but functionality is a little different

AntiSquid: quite laggy that one even on new pc :p

eulerscheZahl: and breaks puzzle IDEs

dbdr: eulerscheZahl you have 1K lead in general now. thanks to UTG multi?

eulerscheZahl: yes

dbdr: I also took away from the AntiSquid danger :)

eulerscheZahl: royale got points too, but some players didn't

dbdr: I missed the day when it was counted. was not today

eulerscheZahl: wait, i think he got the points just not displayed

eulerscheZahl: i gained about 500 points over royale

eulerscheZahl: and i played cultist wars recently

dbdr: not displayed? :O

eulerscheZahl: check the multiplayer points section

dbdr: yes, I mean that's strange

eulerscheZahl: but if you sum it up, he gets the points

dbdr: CG backend code seems to have a lot of corner cases

eulerscheZahl: once they managed to break the opponent selection, you could not add a player but only for the old games without bosses (BTTC, PR2)

AntiSquid: dbdr idk ... was intending to pass you with XR, but i failed to even get legend for now :p

dbdr: AntiSquid bring it on


dbdr: lol, that second commit message

AntiSquid: i need to do XR and CR now :/

dbdr: messed it up when I did it manually

dbdr: and OOC

Nixerrr: Hey where's MK? Was he banned or just inactive?

AntiSquid: self isolating from chat due to CSB memes pandemic

dbdr: :D

Nixerrr: Haha ok

Nixerrr: Not that I miss him, just curious

dbdr: Nixerrr do you think there will be lockdown soon in Hungary?

dbdr: schools still open? wtf?

Nixerrr: Schools have been closed for 2 weeks

Nixerrr: Do you really live in Budapest? :D

dbdr: ah, was reading old news

dbdr: I do, but I don't go to school

AntiSquid: they pull junior doctors one year earlier from uni to support at the hospitals

AntiSquid: in UK

Nixerrr: Yeah, more severe measures are coming soon

dbdr: and I read more international news, not hungarian ones

AntiSquid: guess you get quicker on the job xp

Nixerrr: Gotcha'

dbdr: my company decided work from home for everyone, but I think it's voluntary

dbdr: 2 weeks ago I think. clever people

AntiSquid: hey just stay positive? china is fine . they recovered

Nixerrr: My wife's company switched to remote last week

dbdr: govt needs to step up

dbdr: once the situation actually looks bad it's way too late

Nixerrr: They need to do more tests imo

AntiSquid: but tests take a long time :/

Nixerrr: There are too many death cases compared to the verified infections

Nixerrr: Numbers don't add up compared to neighboring countries

dbdr: most people won't have symptoms

AntiSquid: not every country does quick tests like US

dbdr: and you can't test everyone

dbdr: so I think distancing is the way to go

AntiSquid: there are people with 0 symptoms ...

dbdr: if you start early, it can be less extreme

Nixerrr: I listened to a good podcast by experts, they said you can start too early with the extreme measures

Nixerrr: Timing is delicate and no one really knows what's going to work in the long run

dbdr: yeah, not too extreme


Nixerrr: In case anyone wants to hear more of COVID-19 :D

AntiSquid: idk

AntiSquid: i hear it every day

AntiSquid: every single day, no way around it

dbdr: probably a good idea the contest was not plagueinc :)

AntiSquid: i played it back when it was 100% free

AntiSquid: beat hard level, not sure how much it changed

AntiSquid: dbdr do you also think contest got delayed because it was basically plague inc port? :D

Illedan: Contest did not get delayed?

AntiSquid: the official one

Illedan: It's still on the contest page if you use the Arrows to navigate to the next..

dbdr: was supposed to be march

dbdr: no idea why

Nixerrr: Code4Life would be a good fit too :mask: :thermometer_face:

Illedan: :P

dbdr: Code4YourLife

AntiSquid: the one in may might not be the one meant for march ...

Nixerrr: It's the Illuminati's doing

Nixerrr: They pulled the March contest

emh: jq -r '.frames[] | .stderr' frames.json

emh: command to get stderr from JSON

dbdr: command line power :)

AntiSquid: :o

Illedan: gratz on keeping 1st emh. I see you stayed up until 2 :o

emh: Illedan thanks and yes :L)

emh: * :)

egaetan: gratz emh

emh: thx :)

emh: time to try dotTrace

AntiSquid: JBM haskell stream? :o

Lks10: haskell stream would be kinda spicy

Default avatar.png pde-bakk: hello world

Lks10: hiya

dbdr: hi Lks10. haskell stream will continue

Lks10: its in 12 hours right??

Default avatar.png JBM: yes it will

Default avatar.png JBM: show must go on

Illedan: :tada:

dbdr: ruin haskell ranking => mission accomplished ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: my pleasure

Lks10: I have a lot of respect for making a bot in haskell

Default avatar.png JBM: why's that?

Default avatar.png JBM: it's not harder than any other general-purpose language

dbdr: probably easier when you are fluent

dbdr: higher level

Lks10: The people at my uni disagree that haskell isn't harder than other lanuages.

AntiSquid: will it be a purely functional bot?

Default avatar.png JBM: AntiSquid: for which meaning of purely functional?

Illedan: Game is updated now

Illedan: I love your PADDING message emh :D

JFB: Illedan - what new?

Illedan: Multiple frames for multiple actions Message in bottom for what action was done. Other color on sonar Less tooltips

Illedan: A bugfix for crashing Orange text shows

Illedan: And 300 frames for each player

JFB: Looks nice

AntiSquid: Illedan is there a new wood boss coming in? or at least resubmit? there's a bottleneck in wood,

Illedan: New boss too

Illedan: It now uses SURFACE on the first turn and every 50 turns

emh: who dares to submit?

emh: with new rules

Illedan: :scream:

Illedan: The more the merrier

Illedan: To get crashes or errors earlier

Illedan: plz

emh: Illedan thanks for padding comment :)

Illedan: And no more Wierd shaped subs :facepalm:

AntiSquid: ya the issue is i think that although wood boss is now weaker, you can't reach it if you don't beat everyone before that

egaetan: 300 frames each ?

Illedan: yeah

egaetan: 600 frames total ?

Illedan: 599

JFB: Max

Illedan: As both players uses round 1 at once

Illedan: and earlier the first player had first and last round :P

JFB: Illedan Default player == Wood Boss?

Illedan: ye

Illedan: All bosses have the same code

emh: I guess mines will be much more important with long games

Illedan: Most games ended before 200 anyway

JFB: It is possible to use in silver boss from bronse, and so on?

Illedan: haha :P

JFB: So default in each league from bos of previous on?

JFB: *boss of previous one

Illedan: Nah, for Silver and up we will pick a player

JFB: Yes, I know

AntiSquid: i think it's still same old wood boss

JFB: But it is possible to make such change ?

Illedan: Not for us

JFB: Or it is impossible because Default boss is on github?

Illedan: AntiSquid, it's the same. But uses Surface. Making it much easier to track

dbdr: nice, things happens with careful players now :)

Illedan: Default is on github yeah


JFB: and is only one for each league and have to be?

Illedan: Default is the same in every league

Illedan: As you should rather play against a player :P

JFB: I think it will be nice to have boss of previous league in each league, but if it is diffcul ...

tutubalin: After update I don't see Pink player marks on timeline

AntiSquid: wish i promoted when boss was broken lol

dbdr: I resubbed, way fewer draws :)

Illedan: tutubalin, marks are reduced

Illedan: They spammed too much

Illedan: Now you only see when lives are lost

Illedan: Hope it is enough

emh: ok submitted. praying. hehe

dbdr: 0-0 draw with egaetan :)

tutubalin: what about having different colors for actions and life lost?

Illedan: The viewer didn't like all those tooltips. Got slow :/

Illedan: Let us know on the forum or discord if you want it back and we will see what we can do about it :)

tutubalin: then what about Options? sometimes it's good to see actions even for the cost of some slowness

Illedan: I don't think we can opt it in :thinking:

Illedan: I'll investigate

dbdr: coordinates tooltips are still there, which is good

Illedan: Might break everything to add an option

egaetan: Illedan & emh subitting why didn't i check before submitting too

LH: I really like the changes so far. Also having a lot of fun with the contest :grinning:

735487: sorry guys but I really dislike updates for contest. for me more important was to see on a timeline when i shot then now who lost a life

Lks10: you can scroll through replay and check bottom of the screen or torpedo commands

Lks10: *for

Illedan: The best way for me to track a replay is the scroll it fast and look at the CHARGES

Illedan: amurushkin, let me know what you think on the Forum and we might add some back if people wants it

Illedan: Might be it was better

Uljahn: could be helpful to add to a tooltip a cause of why life has been lost like surface/torpedo/mine

Illedan: Easy to fix, but let us know

emh: phew

emh: still in my place

egaetan: grrr

JFB: emv - start surface every 50 mmoves as default boss ;-)

emh: JFB might be an idea to think about surfacing when there is little navigation room. but don't have a specific idea for a strategy

735487: I will try to use it more but at the moment i missed the points when i was shoot a torpedo. was helpfull to me before

Illedan: Thanks for the feedback. I'll bring it up for discussion :)

emh: ahh Bronze is getting too crowded. rush to Silver

emh: hmm.. I guess one of next steps for me would be action search. to plan multiple actions over multiple turns.. but it's a lot of restructuring and not sure how much impact it will have given that we have to wait for charges anyway

emh: a little finesse in maneuvering in torpedo fights I guess could give some advantage

Default avatar.png Gelucu: what are you guys talking about ?

egaetan: Ocean of code

Default avatar.png Gelucu: it already started ^_^ ... i didn't know

Default avatar.png Gelucu: thanks

Default avatar.png Gelucu: <3

LaFayette: Silver is open already?

emh: nope

emh: wish it was

735487: Uljahn have a good idea to show the reason why someone lost hp. like Player lost a life by (torpedo, mine, surface)

Illedan: Added it to our todo :)

emh: ok time for a shower

egaetan: open one window of your submarine

Default avatar.png SarthakSS: hey, when should i use Boost in Coders Strike Back?

Uljahn: when you find it appropriate

Tiramon: imho it's not really important, i use it in first round to get up to speed

Default avatar.png SarthakSS: thats what i'm asking, what could be an ideal approach?

Uljahn: at the first turn or when the distance is large enough

Tiramon: not right before a 180° turn

Uljahn: yep

Tiramon: or any bigger turn needed

Tiramon: and yes distance ist also impoortant if you are rotated to the target , but it is only 100 pixel away .. might not be the best idea

Secundus: can you shoot a torpedo at a cell next to you?

mchl12: Secundus Yes! You can even shoot a torpedo right where you currently are.

darkhorse64: Yes, you can shoot yourself

egaetan: is that really a good idea ?

Secundus: if the opponent is there, then maybe.

Illedan: Shooting yourself is very strong

Lks10: ^

Illedan: But you need to do it right.

Illedan: And that is a Legend level tactic

wlesavo: you can fake your position by shooting yourself simultaneously with your opponent action i guess

Secundus: you overthink it, im bad at this and im just trying to hit the opponent, no matter the cost. xD

Lks10: I respect that

Default avatar.png OmidSafari: hi

Default avatar.png OmidSafari: how ar u?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Hi

Default avatar.png yfprojects: @wlesavo Dont you think that bot programmers wont fall to that trick?

wlesavo: yfprojects it could be effective against some bots, shouldn't be effective in general, but who knows

AntiSquid: you get opponent hp as input, how does shooting yourself help?

emh: Illedan looks like a good submit. what changed?

Illedan: Just added a ninja hack to use Silence for longer distances if I'm in trouble

emh: oh ok

Default avatar.png yfprojects: @Illedan why do you think shooting yourself is sttrong?

Illedan: If the opponent shot a Torpedo or Triggered a mine and your potential positions contains those and you firing at the nearly the same location. He can't know for sure where you were. But it's very hard to perform it correctly. As all the parameters must be correct :P

egaetan: lol

Default avatar.png yfprojects: I see. You are right, its quite powerfull.

dbdr: next meta: set things up to make your opponent shoot themselves

Illedan: xD

dbdr: basically push them to suicide

Illedan: Shot at yourself, drop a mine, use surface, Silence away.

dbdr: this is going to be fun

Illedan: Sending MSG to them to make the bot depressed? :P

dbdr: MSG Automaton2000 is better than you

Automaton2000: eulerschezahl do you have in mind?

AntiSquid: is kostyantynsuschyk in wood1 stuck ?

dbdr: AntiSquid: yes, for 2 days :/

Illedan: He needs to resubmit with the fix of the crashing bug.

dbdr: referee timeout and CG does not handle it well it seems

dbdr: CG should also fix the bug on their side

Illedan: Yeah, should rather do something with the replay :(

uop: coronavirus

MadKnight: Automaton2000nus

Automaton2000: no, i don't like the idea of a good way to learn

MadKnight: do u only accept the bad way to learn, Automaton2000nus ?

Automaton2000: i have 1 or 2 ?

MadKnight: what's your rank dbdr ?

MadKnight: did u change your avatar just for this contest dbdr ?

dbdr: #10

dbdr: yes, I often do

dbdr: will you write a bot MadKnight?

MadKnight: yea probably

dbdr: gogogo

tonowak: had anyone some luck with running the referee? I did mvn package, but the resulting jar has "no main manifest attribute". (I don't know a thing about Java)

Schneewittchen: Same problem here

Schneewittchen: You are not alone

tonowak: probably the src/test/java/ isn't being included in the pom?

Schneewittchen: I think the whole gameEngine-part is missing, but I dont know if this IS requiered

Schneewittchen: Like in

tonowak: I think you are right (but with my Java knowledge, I can only guess)

wlesavo: you need to import it as marven project into eclipse

blasterpoard: imho making your own referee is worth it in a month-long contest

blasterpoard: if only to make selfplay faster

wlesavo: basically here is all you need to run it, although a custom simulation would be much more effective

Torist: fu

tonowak: but then, how do I make a custom simulation? I need to work with piping the input/output?

tonowak: do I have to use eclipse/intellij to setup the referee? Can I do it with the commandline (linux)?

blasterpoard: tonowak just include it in your bot

tonowak: yeah but then I have to use its function instead of stdin/stdout, right?

blasterpoard: yes, and use an #ifdef to decide whether it selfplays or takes input from stdin

tonowak: that's ugly, I'm sure there is a better way :P

dbdr: tonowak it's always possible on the command line

blasterpoard: tonowak I typically have something likethis in my bot:


dbdr: Illedan allow the bots vote to decide if they want the Actions in the timeline

blasterpoard: makes it a bit less ugly

Illedan: Might be a good idea. But you might want to view the enemy commands too :thinking:

dbdr: I was kind of joking. but who knows :)

dbdr: that's why I said vote. if both agree, print both

dbdr: or if one wants it, print both

Illedan: I guess that would have to be an extra action :P

dbdr: or a special message

Illedan: Or I can check if the MSG ever contains that request

dbdr: hacking the API

Illedan: :P

tonowak: blasterpoard I see. Though, I'm still searching a way to run this official referee...

dbdr: when the API is frozen, abuse the existing one to do new things

Illedan: I'll give you a command to let you control the Linux box

Illedan: Did you add bots in the tonowak?

dbdr: :smiling_imp:

tonowak: my problem is the "no main manifest attribute"

Illedan: :shrug:

dbdr: MSG SUDO rm /tmp/

tonowak: so probably the test/ is not included through the mvn package command?

Illedan: It is part of the project

dbdr: tonowak I think you need to get the classpath and call the class you want

Illedan: src/main/test/java/main

dbdr: no expect the jar to have it

dbdr: to have the main in the manifest I mean

tonowak: I think I understand what you mean, but I'm a noob in the Java world

tonowak: what I did to this point:

emh: in 174 replays I got 406 SILENCE with 1 length, 336 with 0 length, 42 with 4 length, 26 with 3 length and 24 with 2 length by opponents

emh: command:

emh: grep -v '^$' stdin/* | fgrep -v PADDING | grep -o 'SILENCE [NEWS] [0-9]' | cut -f3 -d" " | sort | uniq -c | sort -g

dbdr: tonowak right. i'm suggesting not to use java -jar

jacek: kree java!

dbdr: but java Main

Illedan: nice emh

dbdr: and you need export CLASSPATH=...

emh: and NORTH is twice as popular as the 3 other directions hehe

dbdr: tonowak

Illedan: :D

emh: although that is because people generally use N with 0

dbdr: interesting emh

dbdr: can you graph this stat over time? ;)

emh: hehe.. too much work

dbdr: I expect >1 to gorw a bit

dbdr: jk

Illedan: Same

Illedan: I think many are hardcoded now

Illedan: 1 instead of move

dbdr: :innocent:

Illedan: Boss does that ;)

Illedan: And me :D

dbdr: guilty as charged

blasterpoard: trying to figure out the other bots is useless until gold

dbdr: but fun

Illedan: Meh, still want to have fun now

sanfarans: how exactly is the score calculated?

sanfarans: I mean leaderboards

blasterpoard: sanfarans a questionable version of TrueSkill

dbdr: what do you question about it?

blasterpoard: games only being triggered by submits, mostly

sanfarans: blasterpoard thanks!

dbdr: right. that's mitigated contests because of the rerun

blasterpoard: it can still inflate a boss's rating quite a bit

dbdr: yeah. boss don't matter in legend :)

dbdr: on the other hand players have the advantage of variance

dbdr: it's enough to be above the boss at one point in time

dbdr: so it's good that boss is inflated, or too many people would get in by sheer luck

blasterpoard: I just hope that bosses will be strong, because I don't want a huge gold/legend a couple of days after it opens

Illedan: Most people stuck in Wood anyhow :D

blasterpoard: including me :)

Illedan: I guess you have a monster anytime soon

ZarthaxX: did you make hard wood bosses illo?

wlesavo: wood 1 is easy though

AntiSquid: only noobs in wood

blasterpoard: not soon xD

blasterpoard: eventually

dbdr: track for strong bosses has been good so far in OOC

wlesavo: Illedan do you simulate your opponent tracking you?

Illedan: Ofc

sanfarans: how many turns can there be in a single game?

blasterpoard: rn I'm trying to find a good way to evaluate how much information an action gives to the other player...

wlesavo: also Illedan, how draws are decided?

Illedan: If both players end the game with an equal amount of life

Tiramon: not sure if max turns are implemented

Illedan: 599 sanfarans

Tiramon: Have more lifes than your enemy after 200 frames.

wlesavo: Illedan so you trigger gameManager.draw?

emh: Illedan what do you do with informatiom about how enemy tracks you? I don't even track that

Tiramon: it is implemented

Illedan: But there can be more frames as we add frames

emh: do you silence or escape?

Illedan: I use it to know when to silence

emh: ah ok

sanfarans: how is a frame defined? whats the diffrence between turn and frame?

Illedan: Or how to much to reduce information given

Illedan: *how to move

blasterpoard: is it worth to silence after placing a mine at the start of the game?

Illedan: Depends..

blasterpoard: because idk what might be more worth it in the early game than a mine that can't be easily located

Illedan: We'll see when I start tracking mines

Schneewittchen: Its basically the same if you silence and place a mine or move and place a mine. You can delete the paths later and come up with the "real" positions of the mines

**MSmits cries

Schneewittchen: *if your opponent

MSmits: I want a boss that doesn't silence.

MSmits: to test code against

MSmits: wood bosses got nerfed, but I never even got the chance to fight boss of wood 1 :(

Lks10: nagrarok doesn't silence

ZarthaxX: they got nerfed?

Illedan: Slightly

MSmits: an update just happened

ZarthaxX: oh sad

MSmits: silence is a pretty difficult ability to test your tracking against

MSmits: I want to make sure other stuff is working first

MSmits: anyone have a reasonably good bot that doesnt silence?

barbora: try default AI

MSmits: it silences doesnt it?

ZarthaxX: use your own bot MSmits

Lks10: Nagrarok is in 20th place and he doesn't use silence MSmits

barbora: not very often

barbora: at least in the games I tried

MSmits: I guess I could change my own bot to be more useful for testing

MSmits: or use nagraro

cegprakash: how are you all

MSmits: +k

MSmits: thanks

cegprakash: ijust logged in to check if ppl are active during quarantine

ZarthaxX: there is a contest cegprakash

cegprakash: just saw.. Ocean of Code right?

ZarthaxX: 7ye

ZarthaxX: 1 month

cegprakash: how is it? fun? am I too late?

ZarthaxX: no

ZarthaxX: you got 27 days left

ZarthaxX: it's cool

cegprakash: okay I'll start tonight :)

AntiSquid: don't like it, but want the CP

cegprakash: good to spend the lockdown on CG

MSmits: we dont have a real lockdown here

AntiSquid: you have a purge instead

MSmits: we are just *suggested* to keep distance and schools and bars closed

AntiSquid: AutomatonNN taking part in the purge

AutomatonNN: tbf

MSmits: I would prefer they keep it that way and instead of a lockdown, mortar shell the beaches to remove the disease vectors

Lks10: spicy

ZarthaxX: lockdown here

MSmits: I have a tiny house and no fitness equipment, I need walks

AntiSquid: do squats

AntiSquid: leg stretching etc

MSmits: also chronic knee issues

MSmits: i'm just really annoyed that a lockdown may happen just because of dumbasses

MSmits: if everyone lived like me, there wouldn't even be a corona virus :P

Lks10: at the very least we can poop for another 10 years

AntiSquid: got a 3rd phantom foot and feel pain in it?

MSmits: not that one AntiSquid

AntiSquid: hm this was supposed to be an improvement @_@ i blame your phantom limb for distracting

MSmits: :confused:

AntiSquid: it's ok MSmits i have an extra phantom head

Tiramon: i know what you mean MSmits, happy we got by now only a 'no contact rule' or however it would be called in english and afaik it at least reduced the people outside

MSmits: but not enough

MSmits: we need :rocket: :beach:

Tiramon: more than i expected ;)

AntiSquid: silence changes everything @_@

MSmits: yeah

AntiSquid: and my messy code doesn't help in that regard

AntiSquid: but still figuring shit out

MSmits: still no toilet paper?

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: not that one .

AntiSquid: excuse my vocabulary

ZarthaxX: lol you missed squido comment on toilet paper testerday

ZarthaxX: :rofl:

MSmits: what'd he say

AntiSquid: even i forgot what i said

MSmits: maybe it's in your phantom head

AntiSquid: don't make stuff up ZarthaxX


ZarthaxX: sure :)

AntiSquid: true though

MSmits: ah that defeats the purpose you know. You're supposed to clean your behind

MSmits: Good warning AntiSquid

AntiSquid: damn silence gives me headaches , how do i track it Q_Q

ZarthaxX: he also said this line, which si genius

ZarthaxX: AntiSquid 11:59AM ya hard to flush that amount of nonsense down the toilet

cegprakash: MSmits the only physical activity I do is football and that's ruined now

AntiSquid: push ups

cegprakash: MSmits

MSmits: very informative cegprakash

ZarthaxX: what a god lol

AntiSquid: use latex gloves for the "cleaning" hand

ZarthaxX: Illedan does wood2 boss track enemy?

cegprakash: that's what we do in India normally :D ZarthaxX

ZarthaxX: for real??'

ZarthaxX: do you have that bath too?

ZarthaxX: bathroom

AntiSquid: all bosses track enemy

ZarthaxX: confirmed?

cegprakash: yes no one uses tissues at toilet apart from the 0.01% population

AntiSquid: they aren't easy bosses

ZarthaxX: oh

cegprakash: we use tissues in the offices to clean tables though

ZarthaxX: is it coz toilet paper costs a lot there or to save the planet

AntiSquid: uhm . ok

ZarthaxX: AntiSquid are you kidding or for real?

AntiSquid: for real lol

ZarthaxX: aight

AntiSquid: why do you think there are so many in wood

AntiSquid: lol

ZarthaxX: we joke a lot, cant believe you easily :P

ZarthaxX: yeah now makes sense

AntiSquid: that boss tracks you down and wrecks the crap out of you @_@

ZarthaxX: yeah i noticed lmao

Uljahn: also shoots itself

AntiSquid: got to bronze but going further means more pain

Uljahn: gj squiddo

ZarthaxX: shoots himself? lol

AntiSquid: to make it easier

AntiSquid: also surfaces first turn

AntiSquid: so you can track it easier

AntiSquid: but the tracking bit is the hardest

ZarthaxX: i see

Uljahn: you can make harder for him to track you by staying away from islands and map borders

MSmits: I beat him just by tracking him well and shooting torpedo's whenever I can

Uljahn: i still need to implement shoot+move vs move+shoot choice

MSmits: me too

AntiSquid: i forgot about that order complicating things

wlesavo: well in wood that order does not mattered much

MSmits: true

MSmits: just write some tracking code that takes into account islands and map borders and shoot at a random cell the boss might be at

MSmits: thats all i did

MSmits: skipped wood 1 with that code as well

AntiSquid: i am in bronze though

egaetan: ooops emh

Illedan: -.-

wlesavo: MSmits same

egaetan: :D

Illedan: Oh, pb4 has joined too :)

pb4: damn game is hard -_-

pb4: Not the kind I'm any good at

MSmits: pb4 do it like me. Focus less on beating the opponent, but try to write a first class tracking program

MSmits: enjoy the coding challenge instead

sanfarans: how to import someone to my testing screen?

Default avatar.png JBM: pay him the big $$$

pb4: "pb4 do it like me. Focus less on beating the opponent, but try to write a first class tracking program"

pb4: exactly my approach :)

ZarthaxX: MSmits you said first class becuase the indian guy said that lol

Default avatar.png JBM: that's always my aproach

pb4: problem is, you need to get to bronze to test that program :o)

Default avatar.png JBM: that's why i seldom complete contests

eulerscheZahl: :wave:

sanfarans: I mean it's possible to import people from last battles screen, but not from leaderboards

ZarthaxX: hi toad

sanfarans: and I do not have people I want to import in my last battles

Default avatar.png Insta-x: what is the highest league available now in ocean of code?

eulerscheZahl: bronze

sanfarans: bronze

Default avatar.png Insta-x: ok thx

egaetan: Schneewittchen please dont feed Illedan

eulerscheZahl: see

Default avatar.png Insta-x: thx

Default avatar.png Insta-x: i just got to bronze lol

Default avatar.png Insta-x: any tips?

MSmits: ZarthaxX well spotted

eulerscheZahl: use mines

MSmits: very bery well

tonowak: sanfarans you can delete a player and add another in the IDE

Default avatar.png Insta-x: owh yeah, we got mines, thx

tonowak: nope, don't use mines

AntiSquid: aha, another dirty MSmits joke

sanfarans: tonowak thanks, pretty epic

735487: how you guys select the best initial placement?

tonowak: random

eulerscheZahl: here's a test map for selection:

MSmits: AntiSquid there's no such thing, my jokes are very bery clean, first class experience

eulerscheZahl: i don't see a clear right spot, but some wrong places

tonowak: oh god... that can happen?

Schneewittchen: @egaetan i would try to :D

egaetan: :D danke

j0: is there anybody who is using c++

AntiSquid: no

tonowak: j0 check the detailed leaderboard

Schneewittchen: Blitzkrieg!

AntiSquid: nobody ever uses that

Default avatar.png Insta-x: i know some c++

AntiSquid: VBA is where it's at

Default avatar.png Insta-x: but i use python for this contest

j0: how do you search a pair in a vector

AntiSquid: huh

j0: not u

Default avatar.png Insta-x: binser?

j0: it uses int only

Default avatar.png Insta-x: i never used pair in c++

j0: so what

tonowak: j0 just a for loop

735487: eulerscheZahl: so and what the best place there?

j0: txs tonowak

eulerscheZahl: eulerscheZahl 04:02PM i don't see a clear right spot, but some wrong places


Default avatar.png Lieven_Luyckx: whre can I find puzzles i previously completed?

Default avatar.png Lieven_Luyckx: where*

735487: so it is ok if mine choose better then wrong places ))

Default avatar.png Insta-x: just want to ask, is MOVE | TORPEDO different with TORPEDO | MOVE?

735487: yes

eulerscheZahl: go to the main page Lieven_Luyckx clieck your user level at the left

Default avatar.png Insta-x: ok thx

MindControler: Insta-x u shoot first then move, u move than shoot

Skril: Hello :-) There might be a bug with mine damage (or maybe I misunderstood the rules ;-))

Default avatar.png Insta-x: ok thx

MindControler: Ur range changes

Skril: It seems subs are hurt when moving next to a mine, after mine trigger (but on the same round)

Default avatar.png Insta-x: so if we move first, we can shoot further?

Skril: e.g. on frame 234

struct: you seem right

MindControler: That seems like glitch

eulerscheZahl: interesting replay Skril

kingofnumbers: are the organizers allowed to participate? :D

eulerscheZahl: yes

struct: yes

MindControler: It shouldnt work like that, right?

kingofnumbers: is it the same for all future games too?

eulerscheZahl: looks like a bug to me Skril, investigating

Uljahn: are you going to create one?

Skril: thanks :-)

eulerscheZahl: kingofnumbers usually creators can't compete but Illedan and me started 2 days before the official release. no real advantage.

Illedan: Thx Skril

darkhorse64: I have seen replays where the opponent does a single SILENCE direction 0, which results in a no move and not dying. Can we SILENCE also through blocked squares ?

Default avatar.png Insta-x: we cant silence through island or our path. at least that is what written on the official rule of captain sonar

struct: no darkhorse64

Default avatar.png Insta-x: the real game i meant

struct: you cant go over squares that were visited before

struct: even with silence

AntiSquid: i thought silent submarines can walk on land

darkhorse64: Only those that have legs

darkhorse64: I know that since I was a child

eulerscheZahl: poll on tooltips for the contest:

struct: #fr

Default avatar.png JBM: Password:

Scarfield: guest

Default avatar.png JBM: oh nice it only displays *****

Default avatar.png JBM: i didn't know xmpp could do that

Scarfield: of course, since its my "real" password :p

dbdr: ujfdklt

dbdr: does it work for my password too?

Default avatar.png JBM: depends

Default avatar.png JBM: was your password *******?

dbdr: no! so it works!

eulerscheZahl: caution, dbdr saves chat history now

Scarfield: not my password, but an Archer reference though

dbdr: Automaton2000 saves it too

Default avatar.png JBM: it's only saved as **** as well! what a great feature!

Automaton2000: that's the referee bug:

dbdr: :D

struct: good Automaton2000

Schneewittchen: :D

Automaton2000: do we have to go through the whole tree

eulerscheZahl: :D

Schneewittchen: what

Tiramon: ok testcases for normal movement - done testcase for silence - tbd

eulerscheZahl: you said something about graphics iirc

MindControler: U want to make at least not random placement, because this can happen

Scarfield: also this:

MindControler: Wow

Default avatar.png Insta-x: why the ai surface at the start of the game? is it a good strategy?

struct: its just to help you

struct: to give you a better chance to win

MindControler: He cant move

Default avatar.png Insta-x: oo i see

Scarfield: no, it gives away its position sector

MindControler: Oh ai

Default avatar.png Insta-x: no he can move, he surface at the first turn

MindControler: Is just stupid

MindControler: Its almost random

Default avatar.png Insta-x: is it just me or the ai in the bronze could track too?

Tiramon: MindControler being locked between ilands can only result in draw or win ... can be worse

Scarfield: sure the wood bosses where tough, but they got nerfed sometime today

eulerscheZahl: the bosses and default AI are tracking you Insta-x

Default avatar.png Insta-x: oo, ok

eulerscheZahl: nerf = they surface every 50 turns now

Scarfield: the default AI also shoots itself, i havent seen that as much before today? maybe just a lucky match

eulerscheZahl: always happened

Default avatar.png Insta-x: is there a complete list of the nerf?

eulerscheZahl: i was aware of that before the contest start but decided to keep it


eulerscheZahl: the bosses aren't public, so there is no list. but it's only the surface every 50 turns

Default avatar.png Insta-x: ok thx

eulerscheZahl: apart from that the boss is unchanged

Scarfield: i didnt even get to shoot at him :p

eulerscheZahl: i hate it when this happens

Scarfield: havent seen that before

eulerscheZahl: hm, maybe if i turn off the hardware acceleration? :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: i have that quite often

Illedan: Never seen that :/

eulerscheZahl: not limited to the current contest for me

eulerscheZahl: btw we have a close race on the tooltips but a winner

eulerscheZahl: Life reduced and actions (without MOVE)

PatrickMcGinnisII: give me updates on the COV-19 from your country, my peeps here locally are VERY curious

Tiramon: hm silence works as planed ... why does my bot not track my enemy correctly ...

tonowak: that's ugly :P

PatrickMcGinnisII: is mcdonalds closing in uk?

Astrobytes: yep

Astrobytes: All non-essential businesses/shops are set to close

eulerscheZahl: oh, the UK is taking actions now?

Astrobytes: I believe we'll be under full lockdown in a few days, since nobody takes the social distancing enough seriously

Astrobytes: *well, a lot of people

Default avatar.png Insta-x: In Indonesia, we students were told to stay and study at home

PatrickMcGinnisII: Next county over (Orlando,Fl.) is under curfew ... National Guard is positioning for fulll lockdown

Default avatar.png Insta-x: so.. Online schools

Scarfield: In DK the police gives fines of about 200Eur if they catch people gathering in crowds

AntiSquid: UK it's 1000 for those who show symptoms and don't self isolate

AntiSquid: well with the exception of shopping apparently

Default avatar.png Insta-x: is there any penalty if we submit the code too many times?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Insta-x just schools?

AntiSquid: yes there is Insta-x

AntiSquid: you have to fill out a captcha at some point

AntiSquid: and it gets more and more irritating

Default avatar.png Insta-x: i dont rlly know, but i think the offices are still open. so workers still go to work

AntiSquid: and the number of images you need to identify keeps increasing

Default avatar.png Insta-x: ok, so how many is to many?

AntiSquid: so just take a few short breaks inbetween to avoid the annoyance

AntiSquid: idk, i forgot

AntiSquid: but i tend to sometimes keep spamming submits

Default avatar.png Insta-x: so the penalty is only the captcha?

AntiSquid: but that's about it, you're just forced to do captcha

Default avatar.png Insta-x: ok thx, good info haha

AntiSquid: not a laughing matter, it's punishing enough ... very distracting too

Default avatar.png Insta-x: cuz i want to submit and im afraid i have submitted too many times today

AntiSquid: just pace your submits

Default avatar.png Insta-x: hmm, yeah, sometimes captcha is annoying

Default avatar.png Insta-x: ok thx

AntiSquid: don't make too many consecutive ones and you should be fine

AntiSquid: for example if you keep submitting while it's incomplete, at < 100% then you are very likely to get it

Default avatar.png Insta-x: ok

Tiramon: eulerscheZahl is it on purpose that islands can seperate 2 players so they can't reach each other?

Tiramon: it can only result in a draw/suicide

Default avatar.png Insta-x: if islands can seperate 2 players, then the one with more open spaces win

Illedan: Yeah

Default avatar.png Insta-x: ii think

struct: Is it possible to happen though?

struct: I mean spliting map in big regions


eulerscheZahl: not 50-50

eulerscheZahl: at least i haven't seen it yet

eulerscheZahl: in theory it might even be possible

Default avatar.png jrke: have anybody done ocean of complete

Waffle3z: 2,546 CodinGamers have registered to this contest

eulerscheZahl: but only 600 something playing

Waffle3z: and only 100 something beat the boss

Default avatar.png jrke: nice stats

eulerscheZahl: silver will be tiny that way

Nixerrr: When does silver open?

sanfarans: 3/27

Nixerrr: :ok_hand:

sanfarans: to access that info just click at the league name at the top of the creen

sanfarans: screen*

Nixerrr: Ah ok, thanks

Default avatar.png shutwe: anybody playing code and magic?

eulerscheZahl: not yet, we have a new marathon

Nixerrr: I feel like an old dude. Had to google "to nerf"

wlesavo: so how old are you?

eulerscheZahl: i learned that word on CG too

eulerscheZahl: at botg i think

Nixerrr: Ok I feel a little better now

Nixerrr: wlesavo not as old as elderlybeginner but probably older than most peeps here

Astrobytes: :older_man:

Nixerrr: Except for Astrobytes he's old too

Nixerrr: :D

Astrobytes: :D

emh: ohhhhh so that's how it is. I take a short nap and I'm 4th now??? gz egaetan Illedan ValGrowth

emh: I for one welcome our new submarine overlords

Scarfield: more like underlords :)

emh: hehe yes

egaetan: Welcome back emh

emh: thank you

AntiSquid: frame 23->24 , how the hell did he move like that? 4 W and 1 N LOL

AntiSquid: ah nvm

AntiSquid: i see now

AntiSquid: geez

Illedan: Bug in the viewer. Will be fixed in the next update, which is pending.

AntiSquid: the branching factor is ridiculous

egaetan: ridiculous low or high ?

Default avatar.png dror1212: can you move and silence move on the same turn?

AntiSquid: high with silence

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Its lower than times 13

AntiSquid: yes you can dror1212

Default avatar.png yfprojects: and it has a limit

AntiSquid: i don't get your point, are you trying to argue something regarding the branching factor?

AntiSquid: yfprojects

Default avatar.png yfprojects: i am just asking if thats too high for you, if we have th same basis

AntiSquid: what basis do you have? for what?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: basis of information

Default avatar.png yfprojects: or do you say that different in English?

AntiSquid: alright, i don't understand what you are on about, so i'll just leave it be

Default avatar.png yfprojects: yeah, lets leave it be.

AntiSquid: let it be * , my bad Q_Q

dbdr: frame 192, why does schnee lose a point?

dbdr: her move west is after the trigger

Default avatar.png yfprojects: thats a bug

Default avatar.png yfprojects: It was already mentioned several times.

dbdr: yes? sorry, did not hear about it

Default avatar.png yfprojects: and it will be fixed soon

dbdr: found after this morning updates I suppose

Default avatar.png yfprojects: I am not sure. eulerscheZahl said it is connected to the prototype

AntiSquid: ya dbdr it was already mentioned wtf

dbdr: AntiSquid kick??

AntiSquid: ya looks like a troll to m

dbdr: why??

dbdr: last messages look completely serious

AntiSquid: look at the chat lol

AntiSquid: ya apart from that

struct: who got kicked?

Nixerrr: anti thinks yf is trolling

struct: I dont see any trolling

Illedan: dbdr, that bug is fixed here:

Illedan: Sorry for the inconvenience

dbdr: oh, cool

dbdr: did not see a fix on github

Illedan: We have a private one

dbdr: np, bugs happen

dbdr: you expect it updated tomorrow?

ZarthaxX: we wasnt trolling lol

Illedan: I'm hoping they can fix now. But I'm not in charge :(

ZarthaxX: he*

Nixerrr: Freudian slip ZarthaxX?

dbdr: yeah, would be nice

ZarthaxX: hi nixo

ZarthaxX: freudian wat?

dbdr: underwear

Nixerrr: :smile_cat:

ZarthaxX: why is taht question

dbdr: gonna get kicked too :no_mouth:

ZarthaxX: frist thing you say to me si taht

ZarthaxX: someone ban this dude

dbdr: :innocent:

Nixerrr: When is ZarthaxX gonna be made mod?

Astrobytes: lol that was funny dbdr

Nixerrr: It's due

ZarthaxX: lol

Astrobytes: Zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarthington

ZarthaxX: LMAO

ZarthaxX: hi astro

Astrobytes: how are ya

ZarthaxX: gud , locked in house, you?

Astrobytes: Yeah same

ZarthaxX: your queen may have covid

dbdr: Illedan by the way, there is a small display bug: life points get removed early sometimes, is it known?

Astrobytes: Good, I'm a republican

ZarthaxX: lol

Astrobytes: (not in the USA way)

ZarthaxX: it's scary how it gets to those places

Astrobytes: What places? The Queen's lungs? :D

ZarthaxX: LOL

ZarthaxX: no but yes

Nixerrr: She meets a lot of peeps

dbdr: there was a story about the queen's underwear

Astrobytes: My mum got sick yesterday, worse than me

ZarthaxX: yeah but this shows how everyone is connected to the other through moving etc

dbdr: you will think I'm obssessed :D

struct: :(

ZarthaxX: dbdr you like the queen i see

Astrobytes: FFS dbdr :D

ZarthaxX: a bit old for ya

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes does she have corona?

ZarthaxX: or did you have

Astrobytes: ZarthaxX Donno, nobody is testing unless you're in hospital. And yeah, well we've both had all symptoms

AntiSquid: ok ZarthaxX, sorry, thought you and your alt were trolling

Astrobytes: Self-isolating for almost 2 weeks now for me

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes problems with breathing=?

ZarthaxX: fuck man, hope you and your mom go over it

ZarthaxX: besides if it is or nto covid

Astrobytes: My mum more so than me ZarthaxX, I think I'm recovering

ZarthaxX: AntiSquid i have many alts, that wasnt one :)

ZarthaxX: fuck :(

ZarthaxX: gotta hate thsoe chinese

reCurse: ...

emh: ah deep sea crustaceans for supper. fished by my father. not from sub. but seems fitting :)

reCurse: Don't be bigoted

Astrobytes: And I had to get an old schoolfriend (who I haven't seen for 20 years) to drop some food into my Grandad, since we have nobody to feed him now

Astrobytes: Yeah ZarthaxX, fix your racism

Illedan: Yeah, I know dbdr. The UI and the game logic was mixed together and I regret not fixing that at once when I got the code :P So some UI changes happens at once on your turn and then the move sequentially

ZarthaxX: i said that just because it started there

ZarthaxX: dont hate them really

ZarthaxX: sorry reCurse

dbdr: Illedan yeah, that's it

AntiSquid: a lot of innocent chinese died and it fucked up their economy too

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes that's a shitty situation :(

ZarthaxX: yeah well it's a hate against their government

Astrobytes: ZarthaxX, yeah, I'm not the only person in this kind of situation sadly

ZarthaxX: i have my grandma with us, we have to be cautious

ZarthaxX: annoying to clean everything without knowing where that virus is

MSmits: hmm there's a lot to hate about the Chinese government, but the way they handled this crisis actually reduced the problem

ZarthaxX: not in the start

AntiSquid: a doctor had to die, or was it two?

MSmits: of course there's also the million people in concentration camps and women being sterilized to perform genocide. I'd worry about that first

ZarthaxX: the first doctor that knew about the virus died

eulerscheZahl: story for conspiracy theories you start

MSmits: if you're referring to what I just said, it's not a conspiracy theory

MSmits: quite well documented

Nixerrr: I thin

eulerscheZahl: not what i meant

Astrobytes: Yes MSmits, I fully agree

Nixerrr: *I think he said that Zart

MSmits: ah ok

ZarthaxX: that appeared somewhere

ZarthaxX: it's not a big conspiracy theory jsut a death lol

eulerscheZahl: but i'm sure you can write a conspiracy theory around it

MSmits: whats weird is that this doctor died when it's super rare for people to die at that age

ZarthaxX: ok forget it lol

MSmits: from corona that is

MSmits: our youngest is now 55 I think

ZarthaxX: there are cases of young ppl dying..

MSmits: not here yet

struct: soon china reads this chat and takes CG down and no contest for anyone

ZarthaxX: lol

MSmits: they can do it if they want to

ZarthaxX: ok back to contest

ZarthaxX: forget covid

ZarthaxX: we are safe here

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl where is the contest pic from?

struct: paint

ZarthaxX: :I

eulerscheZahl: shutterstock


ZarthaxX: nice

struct: wrong one maybe


MSmits: struct has the right one

ZarthaxX: yeah it was below the other one

eulerscheZahl: right, linked the wrong image

eulerscheZahl: that was also a candidate

reCurse: You picked the right one

eulerscheZahl: not my choice but i totally agree

Astrobytes: That one would have infuriated Maddy and Squid, and probably caused a Discord flame war, and potentially a blog article from Thibaud :P

MSmits: why?

reCurse: Hmm

reCurse: Is it too late to change my opinion now

reCurse: Can't say no to free entertainment

Astrobytes: :D

struct: feminism MSmits

eulerscheZahl: only if inoryy joins the fight

MSmits: why is it feminisn if the sailors hired a stripper for the sub

MSmits: also, why is it feminism if the captain is a girl

MSmits: shoulda led with that

reCurse: Oh maybe we can still get a trainwreck :popcorn:

MSmits: lol

AntiSquid: what do you mean Astrobytes

MSmits: :train:

Astrobytes: lol eulerscheZahl

AntiSquid: i don't see why i'd get angry at that picture

MSmits: maybe think about it a little longer. Don't dismiss it just yet AntiSquid

AntiSquid: kinda prefer that one actually, but maybe others wouldn't like it

Astrobytes: :D

AntiSquid: but i like that one better MSmits @_@

MSmits: yeah i dont mind either way

MSmits: is it like 60s style?

MSmits: looks pretty old style

AntiSquid: i also don't see the relation to feminism in that one

reCurse: There's always a relation

reCurse: You just don't try hard enough

AntiSquid: and i mean the extremist ones at least

Nixerrr: I could find multiple angles

MSmits: feminism is poorly defined these days

reCurse: You can start with buzzwords like objectification and patriarchy, the rest should write itself

AntiSquid: nah i think feminists would hate that pic since it looks like what they suspect to be a "stereotypical woman"

reCurse: There you go

MSmits: whats a stereotypical woman anyway

reCurse: I knew you could do it

AntiSquid: one that doesn't make men look the other way MSmits

MSmits: which way were they looking before?

Waffle3z: stereotypical looking women can't operate parascopes?

PatrickMcGinnisII: "The Hunt for good Man meat"

Nixerrr: parascope? :O

reCurse: It's something to stay hidden from scopes

Waffle3z: periscope

reCurse: Learn english

AntiSquid: alright, how about the cover gets changed to that and then we get an opinion poll from some feminism elite members?

Nixerrr: beyond scope

reCurse: Change the cover to that, post a link to it and wondev woman to jezebel and we're guaranteed to hit 10k participants

emh: lexical scope, lexi belle scope

Astrobytes: lol, nice to kick the wasp nest once in a while :P

reCurse: They will provide the explanations

Astrobytes: lol reCurse

Astrobytes: thanks emh, had to google what a "lexi belle" was... least I wasn't at work :P

emh: hehe :)

emh: my sub is nsfw. not safe for water

eulerscheZahl: i remember that NSFW CSB version

eulerscheZahl: you can't unsee it

emh: hehe nice

Nixerrr: Huh? I knew everythin had a porn version, but even CSB?

Astrobytes: lol forgot about that

emh: Nixerrr

Astrobytes: oh lol, it's still erm... 'up'

AntiSquid: dude . don't post it here

ZarthaxX: wtf.

Nixerrr: Oh my


emh: AntiSquid oh sorry

Astrobytes: Don't even have to click it. As euler says, it cannot be unseen

struct: omfg

struct: he pasted it

struct: AutomatonNN clear chat

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the replay of my bot as often as enemy and movement stay and the

Nixerrr: The Captain America shields are a nice touch

AntiSquid: kick him AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: "I always have to improve my bot"

struct: that replay doesnt work

Tiramon: yay tracking now works incl. silence

eulerscheZahl: that bot just pinged me again :/

eulerscheZahl: better don't look up what you just missed Tiramon

Tiramon: ... ok ...

eulerscheZahl: congrats on your tracking

AntiSquid: ya congrats

Tiramon: next step using my torpedos to reduce possibilities even further

AntiSquid: didn't add enemy torpedoes yet into the prediction

Tiramon: i can handle enemy move, torpedo, surface and silence now

Tiramon: and fire my torpedo when i exactly know his location and he is in range

AntiSquid: oh i have life change and torpedoes separated

AntiSquid: tiramon did you submit yet?

eulerscheZahl: try shooting when the opponent possibly is in range and then deduct if he was

AntiSquid: ya ^

Tiramon: just now submited with working tracking

AntiSquid: fully working tracking? :o

Tiramon: that's the next step eulerscheZahl, but i don't wan't to shot to early because it will also show where i am

eulerscheZahl: test vs pb without shooting and sonar

eulerscheZahl: i fail the pb test :D

Tiramon: why pb?


Default avatar.png dror1212: Tiramon you can see it in two ways, what if you do hit? you will know as well where the enemy is +-

eulerscheZahl: state count exploding

kovi: :)

Tiramon: if there are to many possible locations i have a very low chance of hitting him

AntiSquid: pb's bot is bugged

Tiramon: and i can only reduce the amount by 9 locations

struct: I dont think is bugged

struct: I think its intended

AntiSquid: no it's bugged

AntiSquid: and wasn't talking about what you were referring to

egaetan: Schneewittchen ++

Schneewittchen: ;)

Schneewittchen: Mines incoming

AntiSquid: a win vs egaetan in the IDE, gonna celebrate

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 bring out the firework

Automaton2000: may i see your point

AntiSquid: there is none

Tiramon: sur ei should test with pb? he just crashed in a island in my game

eulerscheZahl: try my seed

Astrobytes: ewww that's a bit forward euler

Astrobytes: :P

eulerscheZahl: game just got an update

AntiSquid: what sort of update?

Tiramon: oh is that the big amount of path you were talking about?

eulerscheZahl: yes, i'm timing out with my tracking

Tiramon: have to disable my state serializer for this game ;)

AntiSquid: #19 and timing out, idk doing very well for someone who times out

egaetan: Schneewittchen mine detection or just putting eveywhere ?

eulerscheZahl: no, i disabled sonar and stuff in that match

Tiramon: Enemy Path 5743 .. ok i know what you were talking about ;)

eulerscheZahl: which drastically reduces the size

eulerscheZahl: i die at frame 72

eulerscheZahl: and you?

Tiramon: i timeout in 76

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Schneewittchen: @egaetan Just putting everywhere :D

dbdr: eulerscheZahl the update was right now, with the action order fix?

pb4: 76 isn't bad :)


AntiSquid: i win


pb4: AntiSquid : with tracking ?

Tiramon: ok so this is the seed and bot to improve performance? ;)

AntiSquid: yes

mchl12: dbdr, are you saying that the mines are fixed?

pb4: In how many places can I be in the end ? with how many different paths ?

dbdr: I'm asking

AntiSquid: 4

mchl12: ah, I see

pb4: 4 places where I can be ?

AntiSquid: yes

pb4: I have a different count :/

pb4: 60 here

AntiSquid: i might still have plenty bugs, but 100% 60 would be too high once i fix them

Tiramon: oh found another peek in that replay Enemy Path 9790

eulerscheZahl: dbdr 08:57PM eulerscheZahl the update was right now, with the action order fix? yes

ygricks: how to use sonar ? wood 2, I still don't understand how to find the eneny

dbdr: great, thanks!

eulerscheZahl: and reload UI changed for colorblind users

dbdr: let's see...

eulerscheZahl: and credit to illedan

eulerscheZahl: how broke it before :imp:

ZarthaxX: ygricks no sonar in wood2

dbdr: thanks Illedan!

ZarthaxX: it's in wood1

eulerscheZahl: who*

dbdr: :D

eulerscheZahl: those who work much cause many bugs

eulerscheZahl: i don't make bugs

PatrickMcGinnisII: ygricks enemy move history is a good indication, second is detecting direct and indirect hits, then maybe surface sector, then maybe enemy torped in his range (or did he?)

Astrobytes: "reload UI changed for colorblind users" - thank you very much!

mchl12: Thanks for the update, although I can no longer blame the game for losing a match.

Tiramon: so one of pb's silence multiplies the amount of possible path by around 10 .. so the frame i timeout it would result in around 50k possible path ... omg

ygricks: thanks, at start I thought it will be easier, big thanks

Tiramon: damn 928 possible path for 15 end locations ...

dbdr: hello silence my old friend

eulerscheZahl: it's darkness, quote your dexter right

dbdr: dexter?

kovi: this a sound of darkness

dbdr: it's simon and garfunkel

AntiSquid: i just wonder why i don't time out from the sheer amount of for loops

dbdr: what is dexter?

Astrobytes: Cartoon dbdr

AntiSquid: dexter from breaking bad?

Astrobytes: Oh wait, the serial killer Dexter?

Astrobytes: I only know it from S & G

Tiramon: hm i could reduce the amount of path on surface ... which would be an improvment ... but pb doesn't surface before i timeout ;)

Waffle3z: what's the pb test? did I pass?

AntiSquid: hax

eulerscheZahl: you failed to start the test

eulerscheZahl: seed=2159784252580095740


Tiramon: still failed to start

AntiSquid: use the "magic" seed


Zenoscave: did I pass?

AntiSquid: yes

AntiSquid: but i win in 87 ! :p

eulerscheZahl: you probably failed, if the output is the possible states


dbdr: 87 as well

Zenoscave: What is this test

AntiSquid: idk

struct: the test is to see possible states

AntiSquid: some euler test

eulerscheZahl: high branching

struct: to calculate

struct: not just play the code

AntiSquid: you need to take the test to get euler stamp of approval

dbdr: 200 players in bronze

eulerscheZahl: so few

Waffle3z: currently failing the egaetan test

dbdr: quality not quantity

kovi: 201 soon

eulerscheZahl: you?

AntiSquid: barely 700 joined

kovi: it seems

eulerscheZahl: it's your 1st contest Waffle3z :o

AntiSquid: what's the egaetan test?

eulerscheZahl: were you a member already at utg?

Waffle3z: no

Waffle3z: somebody showed me clash of code and I beat it and there was never a contest since

eulerscheZahl: do you like it so far?

kovi: almost flowless run

Zenoscave: Do you pass if you get it in 87 ? I don't get this test

eulerscheZahl: not just the game, the community + crowded chat and all

kovi: flawless

AntiSquid: zeno it's about winning without timing out from predicting the opponent's possible locations

AntiSquid: that's all

AntiSquid: was just randomly bragging with the 87, ignore it

Waffle3z: yeah I was doing bot stuff and adventofcode before I found this

Zenoscave: ohhhhh ok

Waffle3z: this contest is hard, I wonder how small further leagues are going to be since it feels like it already slowed down

struct: euler run test against him on this seed

struct: seed=6419651854651190300

tonowak: I really like the idea of this pb test :P

tonowak: eulerscheZahl why aren't you higher in the leaderboard?

AntiSquid: best test for me is increasing win % vs egaetan


Waffle3z: egaetan broke my tracking by directly shooting himself with a torpedo, I somehow end up with 0 possible locations

struct: new candidate

eulerscheZahl: right now i'm not playing tonowak

eulerscheZahl: 4 weeks is too long for my taste

eulerscheZahl: i'll join later

tonowak: ok :P

eulerscheZahl: my arena bot is just half a day of writing a tracker and a bit of logic to use it

eulerscheZahl: i use random to decide what to charge

Zenoscave: my tracker must be missing something

eulerscheZahl: do you consider all possibilities on SILENCE? 0-4 move length

Zenoscave: yes

Zenoscave: should I filter them better

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: you have less possible paths than i would expect

AntiSquid: maybe it's about tracking the entirety of the paths?

dbdr: depends if you count paths or positions

kovi: hmm

kovi: how can you do 0 cell silence?

Waffle3z: SILENCE N 0

kovi: i mean than you visit the same cell you are on

Tiramon: only with a path you can be sure of the results of a silence

Zenoscave: Oh you count each full path?

egaetan: AntiSquid ? Waffle3z ?

dbdr: not moving is not a visit

AntiSquid: yes?

AntiSquid: how may i help ?

kovi: but you did visit it last turn

eulerscheZahl: yes Zenoscave

kovi: am i missing something?

eulerscheZahl: that's why it's exploding in size

Tiramon: my peak is Enemy Path 9790 in frame 61

Zenoscave: Will fix now

dbdr: kovi it's just a definition

AntiSquid: i think it's like shooting torpedo and not moving kovi

dbdr: if you say there it's a single visit

dbdr: stay there

kovi: oh, ok. i c

Waffle3z: looks like I forgot to remove mines from my grid of mine positions after I trigger them

dbdr: reusable mines

Waffle3z: tried to trigger the same mine twice and ended up with 0 possible positions after it didn't hit the second time

egaetan: what is this pb4 test ?

Waffle3z: play against pb4, who only uses silence, and don't crash

struct: seed=6419651854651190300

Tiramon: tracing all path against him on seed=2159784252580095740

struct: or the other that euler posted before

struct: I think the 641 has more paths

egaetan: pb4 craches long before me

egaetan: is ther any special seed ?

struct: one of those

dbdr: nice promotion kovi

eulerscheZahl: and don't SONAR or attack

Waffle3z: I only track positions and not whole paths so I don't time out

kovi: thx dbdr

eulerscheZahl: but your tracking is less accurate Waffle3z

Tiramon: at least i timeout earlier on that seed struct ;)

eulerscheZahl: same Tiramon

Waffle3z: what am I missing

Tiramon: frame 61

egaetan: seed 2159784252580095740

eulerscheZahl: frame 58

eulerscheZahl: egaetan no mines

Waffle3z: oh by recording paths I can deduce some visited cells and rule out silence branches

Tiramon: but you will timeout sometimes ;)

egaetan: eulerscheZahl should i fire torped on him ?

struct: no

struct: dont use anything that helps tracking him

eulerscheZahl: be peaceful, just observe

AntiSquid: lol annoying test, forgot to turn on torpedoes after i turned them off :D

Tiramon: no sonar no torpedo or mine

AntiSquid: i checked every all my tracking code, quite sure i do nothing wrong, i still win, but i don't save massive chains of path trees

Illedan: :wave:

egaetan: he timeout at turn 87 ? on seed=2159784252580095740

eulerscheZahl: hardcoded movements

AntiSquid: same ^

eulerscheZahl: if you reach 87, you win

eulerscheZahl: 124k paths

Tiramon: ok ... i think i found a solution to to better

Illedan: I guess he uses his bot for testing

struct: the objective is for you to timeout, by calculating all his paths

pb4: I can hardcode further if you want

Illedan: :D

struct: pb4 hardcode for this seed maybe? seed=6419651854651190300

struct: or if you find a better one

egaetan: eulerscheZahl does somebody really has the 124k path ?

eulerscheZahl: yes

pb4: struct : I timeout on your seed :(

Illedan: tracking yourself?

pb4: tracking the hardcoded pb4 on the leaderboard

Illedan: aha

eulerscheZahl: where am i? i accidentally replaced the inputs from the referee

pb4: How far do you all go on struct's seed seed=6419651854651190300 ?

eulerscheZahl: 58

struct: Tiramo n said 61

Illedan: 58 what?

struct: until turn 58 Illedan

dbdr: 87

eulerscheZahl: 58 till timeout

kovi: 93

Illedan: When you can kill him?

pb4: nice dbdr !

eulerscheZahl: no mines, torpedoes, sonar

AntiSquid: winning the egaetan test: (you time out just to let you know, would appreciate if you return the favor)

Illedan: 102?

egaetan: thx AntiSquid, i already know, around 1/40 game i timout on first turn :(

eulerscheZahl: you don't track full paths Illedan

eulerscheZahl: your bot doesn't qualify for the test

Illedan: Oh, until you timeout

Illedan: :D

Illedan: Not pb4

AntiSquid: you used sonar ! supposed not to

eulerscheZahl: you are supposed to analyze all possible locations with history

pb4: dbdr : how many possible enemy positions at the end of the test ? (both seeds)

Tiramon: ok so i optimized my tracking, but i timout earlier ... damn

AntiSquid: maybe precise tracking is a trap and not the answer?

eulerscheZahl: Illedan also blew up mines

egaetan: seed 6419651854651190300 .. 300 too

egaetan: 58

AntiSquid: how can opponent's TRIGGER command be useful to gain info?

eulerscheZahl: placed a mine there in the past

AntiSquid: so that's where you need full path ?

eulerscheZahl: and right now the opponent is or is not in the blast range

Waffle3z: so much information, so little time and space to fully integrate it all

eulerscheZahl: full path is needed because of not crossing the own path

eulerscheZahl: you can't silence through your own path, so that reduces options

AntiSquid: :thinking:

AntiSquid: hardest game on CG?

Default avatar.png OmidSafari: hi

Default avatar.png OmidSafari: how ar u?

AntiSquid: amazing, thanks for asking

emh: I'm looking for a magic torpedo. easy to code. easy to win. who can help?

AntiSquid: and how are you sir? OmidSafari

tonowak: good, and you?

Astrobytes: emh Lexi Belle

Default avatar.png OmidSafari: thanks a lot

emh: Astrobytes ok thx I will submerge her

tonowak: I somehow cannot run the struct seed on the pb4 test. It shows me a different map, even though I put the seed in the "manual" box

stormKx18: eulerscheZahl - it would be nice to be able to destroy enemy mines with a torpedo


Astrobytes: :D

stormKx18: frame 150

j0: can u guys give me a hint how to track an opponent

Illedan: that is very game breaking :P

eulerscheZahl: it was a design choice not to trigger mines by torpedoes or other mines

egaetan: tonowak weird

eulerscheZahl: following the rules of the original game

tonowak: or maybe you guys showed replays with another seed

Tiramon: did you click 'replay in same conditions' tonowak that happened to me

eulerscheZahl: same conditions undoes whatever you did

tonowak: could someone show a replay of a map with this seed? I would then know if something is wrong

egaetan: seed=6419651854651190300

egaetan: eulerscheZahl how many path before turn 58 ?

tonowak: I get a different map. Even though I just refreshed the page (thus, there was no "replay in same condition" button)

Tiramon: hm my result of locations differs from the one egaeton just posted ...

eulerscheZahl: egaetan check my output

eulerscheZahl: it's final nodes and total paths

eulerscheZahl: not in that order

Tiramon: oh no just watched wrong frame ...

pb4: same value for me

Illedan: Breaking my bot now if anyone wants to grab the latest working before it's gone :P

Tiramon: for me it's 59 not 58

egaetan: eulerscheZahl i have different numbers

eulerscheZahl: we have you in the latest battles Illedan

eulerscheZahl: can grab from there

Illedan: Alright, only moving + silence submitted.

pb4: what numbers egaetan ?

pb4: Illedan : why ?

egaetan: number of path at end of turn turn 57

Illedan: I'm working on a new bot. And I need this one to test with

Illedan: And I keep losing focus because I'm ranked too high..

eulerscheZahl: :D

Illedan: Better to stay all the way down here

Tiramon: poor Illedan ;)

eulerscheZahl: that's how i learned linux

tonowak: could someone explain to me how to get this map? I'm doing the following steps: select pb4 from the players as player2, click on options, manual and paste the struct seed. Then play my code. I get a different map than you guys get

eulerscheZahl: step 1: delete windows

Illedan: tonowak, you need to enable expert mode

pb4: tonowak : seems correct :/

Illedan: Go to settings

tonowak: ???

Illedan: and click MODE

Illedan: Then go to options above the players

tonowak: I have EXPERT selected

Illedan: and swap the seed

struct: paste what you are pasting in IDE here


tonowak: 6419651854651190300

pb4: do you write seed=xxxxxxxx ?

pb4: or just xxxxx ?

struct: seed=6419651854651190300

tonowak: huh

struct: must be that

pb4: You need seed=xxxxx

tonowak: that's... stupid

tonowak: thanks!

struct: in some games, you can put more stuff than the seed

tonowak: yeah, it works now! :D

eulerscheZahl: in theory you can pass more options if the referee supports it

struct: thats why you need to mention

eulerscheZahl: e.g. the map size for vindinium

struct: 10 pods for CSB

Tiramon: eulerscheZahl i didn't get more frames than you i just had my own silence still activated

eulerscheZahl: silence is allowed

eulerscheZahl: oh, frame != turn

Tiramon: right

eulerscheZahl: i silence too :o

Tiramon: hm i silence and move in the same turn ...

eulerscheZahl: ah, i only do 1 at a time

egaetan: so how many is the correct number at turn 57 ?

eulerscheZahl: for my bot silence = move with string replace

egaetan: eulerscheZahl we start differing at turn 30

eulerscheZahl: pb gets my numbers too

egaetan: you've got 41/2064 i've got 41/2024

eulerscheZahl: maybe you find duplicates there

eulerscheZahl: which i somehow miss

egaetan: i deduplicate yes

egaetan: should be taht

eulerscheZahl: i should too but maybe i bugged it

tonowak: I have the same numbers as eulerscheZahl

stormKx18: I think the mine-torpedo interactions are not clear in that rule book, other forums show that a torpedo should remove the mine


pb4: eulerscheZahl : you do miss some duplicates

pb4: but it's faster (in my case) not to deduplicate -_-

Tiramon: i got the same numbers as you do egaetan

egaetan: thx Tiramon deduplication win !

eulerscheZahl: i already hash my paths while extending

eulerscheZahl: zobrist style

eulerscheZahl: may future me curse about it

egaetan: my better deduplication doesn't help with turn 58

pb4: 41/2024 with deduplication too

egaetan: :D

pb4: but deduplication is basically just as long as the full search -_-

tonowak: though is deduplication better? You lose info that some paths are more probable than others

egaetan: 49/2671 at turn 57

egaetan: tonowak i don't loose informations

Tiramon: and with that silence it should grow to something above 20k path

tonowak: ok, so you store how many duplicates there are?

pb4: same egaetan

tonowak: then that's indeed better :P

tonowak: though potentially, how much info could you compress? More than 2x?

eulerscheZahl: not storing amount of duplicates

tonowak: did anyone survive turn 86?

Hjax: what are we talking about?

tonowak: the pb4 test

Hjax: whats that

tonowak: scroll up

Tiramon: ok no chance to survive frame 58 it takes me 45ms for that silence in fram e44

Hjax: you guys are trying to calculate the number of possibilities?

Hjax: for some position in OoC?

AntiSquid: without timeout

emh: eulerscheZahl

Astrobytes: don't click that, there'll be penile submarines and everything

tonowak: I'm timing out at 86, but at 85 I'm spending 0 milliseconds. Something is weird...

AntiSquid: BAN

Hjax: whats the point of calculating the entire path and all of the variations?

tonowak: prediction of enemy place

ZarthaxX: Astrobytes hAHAHAHA

AntiSquid: flexing the code Hjax

struct: RIP all tests

ZarthaxX: good one

struct: I have new seed

struct: seed=1366069953

Hjax: yeah but you dont need to enumerate all possible enemy paths

Hjax: to track your opponent

tonowak: yeah but you can

Hjax: is there a benefit?

tonowak: yes. Better enemy place prediction

Hjax: over just shifting around their possible locations and removing the illegal ones each frame?

AntiSquid: it helps a bit with elimination of possible positions i think

Tiramon: yes you can calculate where he didn't walk on silence because path can't cross

Hjax: oooooooooooooooooh that was the bit i was missing Tiramon

struct: Tiramon how far on seed=1366069953

Hjax: i now understand why its useful

tonowak: struct I'm timing out at 72

Illedan: 140th without attacking :)

struct: im running the map generator offline to create worst map possible

AntiSquid: some new leaderboard challenge lol?

Hjax: seems like i have a lot of catching up to do

Hjax: im still in wood XD, been lazy

Tiramon: ok guess i'm happy that with deduplication i still get to 58 and got valid results

tonowak: Illedan but do you have full prediction?

Illedan: Not at all

AntiSquid: ya didn't want to waste time fixing my pediction in wood so i added a tiny bit of "strategy"

Illedan: Hence I'm submitting a bot without attacking. To fix my prediction

Hjax: my prediction is not very complete right now

stormKx18: Illedan -> rule book page number 6 states that mines should be destrouyed by a torpedo

Hjax: it doesnt take into account silence or torpedos at all

Illedan: Hmm stormKx18, I see it doesn't blow the mine. Just destroys it.

Hjax: so you guys are forking your predictions whenever the enemy uses silence and updating them separately?

stormKx18: but in the current implementation, mines are not destroyed

AntiSquid: should i care if enemy uses sonar ?

Illedan: Correct.

egaetan: tonowak what are your result on 6419651854651190300 ?

tonowak: you mean turns?

struct: egaetan try this one seed=1366069953

Illedan: I think making torpedos destroy mines is a very game changing change.

tonowak: I get 117979 paths on turn 86 on this seed egaetan

mchl12: An enemy using sonar tells you nothing about their position, but if you are tracking what the opponent knows about your position, you might want pay attention to their sonar.

stormKx18: at least remove the mines, I think is a good idea to counter the bots that spam mines

egaetan: ouch tonowak i cant follow you on this

tonowak: egaetan you mean number of turns?

egaetan: numbers of turns and paths

Hjax: is tracking all of their possible paths even that useful? with 100k paths you probably know very little about where your opponent is

Illedan: Sorry stormKx18. I can't do that kind of change now.

tonowak: well, I coded it in C++, and it is pretty well optimized

egaetan: mines are not a problem

blasterpoard: it wouldn't even be a good idea - removing a mine would give away your position

tonowak: Hjax in this situation it isn't

tonowak: but normally the number of paths is not bigger than... 100?

Illedan: true blasterpoard. And I would have to change the input scheme :scream:

YannT: Illedan: I have a weird thing on the first turn I can't make sense of

egaetan: i reach 2000 - 3000 sometimes tonowak

Illedan: Show me YannT?

Default avatar.png PapaNaxos: my output matches the expect output but codingame says "Expected: Nothing" ??

YannT: reading the opponent order (which is "NA" on that turn) takes like 30ms

YannT: out of 50ms, that's a lot

Illedan: Start you timer after the first input?

YannT: yep

YannT: I do get a timeout sometimes because of it

YannT: and only on the first turn

YannT: Finished turn in 56ms

YannT: other turns I'm always under 5ms

YannT: it's specifically the "NA" input too, reading the rest before that is 0ms

YannT: but that one is 30ms :/

Illedan: Can you create a minimal proff in some language and send me on Discord?

Illedan: I'll verify or deny it :)

YannT: should be possible from the stub easy enough yeah

Illedan: Thx

struct: Ok last seed

struct: seed=51993548

struct: Now this one should be the less islands you can get lol

Illedan: Did you find one where the map is split in 2?

struct: pb4 you might want to try on this one

struct: Nah illedan

struct: But I can try and run it offline

Illedan: seed=1 is far worse..

YannT: [TIME] Before reading orders: 0ms [TIME] Order read: 25ms [TIME] After reading orders: 26ms

pb4: even with deduplication there are 27k paths at frame 72


YannT: minimal reproduce

tonowak: YannT the referee doesn't measure your time from the moment it gave all the output?

struct: in that seed?

YannT: I just measured the time before and after that particular input read anyway

YannT: it comes to 20ms

YannT: out of 50ms that's a bunch

tonowak: without deduplication I have 57083 on frame 72

Illedan: what lang is this? :P

YannT: Kotlin :p

Illedan: ahh

Illedan: Thought it was java

YannT: close enough!

tonowak: YannT I think that you have 50ms after the referee gave you the whole turn input

YannT: no from first input read

YannT: which is where I started the timer

YannT: anyway you can see it comes in before the read at 0ms, and 20ms after read

Illedan: yeah, but you are counting enemy player and referee time too?

YannT: no matter when you start, it arrives at that read at 0ms and comes out of it at 20ms

YannT: so the operation took 20ms

YannT: doesn't really matter when you start or no I'm measuring that specific line :p

tonowak: YannT try something like this: before the end of while loop, sleep for 45 ms

tonowak: and see if the bot times out in the IDE

tonowak: that would answer if those spent 20ms are included in the time limit

YannT: they are, I sometimes timeout

tonowak: have you tried exactly this?

YannT: I wasn't screwing around with timers everywhere for sport :p

tonowak: until you give me the code that indeed times out in such way, I won't believe you :P

YannT: trust me lots of testing went into narrowing this down ;)à


Illedan: This gives 0ms and 0 ms..

emh: ooo I start my timer after input read

emh: didn't seem to have problems with 45ms in that

YannT: first input read yeah

emh: last for me

YannT: Illedan: hm can't argue with that

stormKx18: Illedan-> thanks for your feedback, the game is great :)

YannT: oh shit found the problem

YannT: it's the split

tonowak: what's wrong with the split?

YannT: must be some JVM thing that it loads on the first split call

Illedan: :P

Tiramon: opponentOrders.split("\\|");

YannT: you put the split call you get +20ms on the first call, it must be classloading something or other

tonowak: so Illedan I should start my timer in the first int that I scan, not after the last one?

struct: Illedan does this count? seed=1764530081

Illedan: after the first you scan yeah

Illedan: I think

struct: if you want I do better

Illedan: It's part of the framework

tonowak: ty. Good to know

Tiramon: YannT use split("\\|")

Illedan: But just read and do work after :P

Tiramon: else it will split down in singel characters

Illedan: struct, thx :D

Illedan: I love that one :D

YannT: Illedan: fixed it, I made some junk split call before giving the start position so those extra 20ms fall into the 1s delay

YannT: it is a classloading thing

Illedan: Good stuff

tonowak: that's a nice seed you got there struct

Uljahn: #justwarmupthings

struct: Im just using referee

struct: with a few changes

struct: generate infinite maps until requirement is met :)

YannT: Tiramon: nah it works, it's classloading that takes some extra time

struct: seed=-1881372996

struct: You might enjoy this one better

Illedan: damn

Illedan: even gotta think for this one

tonowak: so the consequence of the pb4 test is that it won't be possible to do a full deduction on mines, right?

Illedan: I guess you can do assumptions

Illedan: But pb4 didn't use 3 rounds now and then to generate mine charges

Illedan: But if the opponent is hard on the Silence. You can simply use some torpedos and narrow it much faster down

tonowak: hmm is it a good strategy though?

Illedan: We'll see

tonowak: won't the sonar be better in this particular situation?

Illedan: It's day 4. Haven't done a phd on the game yet :P

egaetan: you expose yourself with torpedos

egaetan: sonar should be lot better

Waffle3z: how long to contests usually last? this one is long?

Illedan: 10 days normally

Illedan: Sonar is better, but Torpedo might get you lucky

Illedan: And if torpedo hit, you can narrow it even more down

egaetan: sonar is sooooooo long to charge

Illedan: :P

tonowak: this strategy could go very bad against a hide & hit&run strategy

tonowak: the torpedo one

Hjax: i bet its loading its regex engine

Hjax: @YannT

YannT: yeah it has to be something like that

Spifflejedi: hi,

YannT: no you're not

YannT: think of it as taking several turns in a row

YannT: first boom, then move after boom

YannT: same for everything

YannT: (except loading systems by moving btw)

Spifflejedi: ok then I have a issue in the mng of my coordinates ^^

tonowak: yeah, and that's why you can first move and charge a torpedo, then fire the (just now) loaded torpedo on the same turn

YannT: no that doesn't work actually

YannT: I tried it

tonowak: then check my bot :P

YannT: for me it just removed my torpedo cooldown but no fire

YannT: I took it to mean that was invalid

tonowak: then you did something wrong. It is clearly working for me

Tiramon: propably just invalid target

Tiramon: i also do that

Tiramon: ah better tracking and better targeting ... this is a much nicer rank

egaetan: ehh i don't do that!

tonowak: really egaetan? :O

egaetan: no never

Tiramon: then don't start doing

egaetan: if (maxnb * thresholdShoot > here.size() && torpedoCooldown == 0 && maxP != null) {

tonowak: I should better not say anything on the chat :P

egaetan: i consider torpedo only when cooldown is at 0

egaetan: I would have found it one day or another

YannT: are you suuuuure it works to say MOVE first, charge torpedo to 3/3 and then fire it in one turn?

egaetan: so another todo

tonowak: yes YannT

YannT: ahh lets do that for everyyyything then!

struct: help

Spifflejedi: hehe

struct: now Im stuck looking for seeds

struct: seed=655556558

tonowak: ooh that's a nice seed

tonowak: theoretically, what is the minimum number of island cells?

tonowak: 6?

struct: idk

struct: Im checking

tonowak: it is 2

struct: you think?

tonowak: yeah. The "create random islands", even though it fires at least 5 times, potentially it could lit only one cell in the results table

tonowak: oh, and if it would be x=14 y=0 then the "increase the island tiles" would do nothing

tonowak: so the answer is "1"

tonowak: with a chance of... 1/(26 * 15^10)

YannT: tonowak: oh yeah that works :)

AntiSquid: ZarthaxX joined the game :o

tonowak: so you would have to generate, on average, around 10^13 - 10^14 seeds

tonowak: I don't think it is computationally feasible

tonowak: so on average, it is not possible to get only 1 island tile

tonowak: but 2 island tiles should be practically possible

tonowak: maybe there is a way to reverse-engineer the seed? But I don't know how the Java rand works

Illedan: :P

egaetan: i known someone who knows

tonowak: yes?

Illedan: Just copy the referee, remove the map gen and upload a private contribution...@

struct: trying to find a map with 4 islands

egaetan: tonowak

tonowak: egatean that was some interesting read :P reminds me on how some are able to hack peoples' hashing algorithms on codeforces

AntiSquid: how many times did you have to rewrite your bots?

struct: !!!!

struct: 4 islands

JFB: seed=2974831157920180200

struct: seed=-430391657

tonowak: nice struct

Zenoscave: play against egaetan on that map

AntiSquid: how many different things can you chain ?

AntiSquid: in output

Zenoscave: one of each

tonowak: all of them

AntiSquid: ok

GetSchwifty: wait, you can move after using silence?

tonowak: yes

Zenoscave: yup

GetSchwifty: fml

AntiSquid: yes lots of odd combinations in whichever order you want

AntiSquid: confused what to do next with the overwhelming possibilities

GetSchwifty: don't forget MSG

AntiSquid: msg always at the end no ?:p


GetSchwifty: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

GetSchwifty: i accept the challenge, fireworks on last move

GetSchwifty: engage all systems

Zenoscave: you can only do one of each lol not multiple triggers

struct: and cant trigger the mine you just placed

Zenoscave: that too

struct: cant seem to find a map with < 4 islands :(

tonowak: struct yeah the probability for x islands is exponential

harshch000: can bots use multiple threads now?

Zenoscave: not that i think harshch000

AntiSquid: hi harshch000 forgot you even exist, how are you?

harshch000: Hey I'm good, first time on this website for a while- bored during quarantine so thought I would play this challenge

harshch000: how is ocean of code

harshch000: is it fun

Zenoscave: very

AntiSquid: super complicated

AntiSquid: hardest game on CG imo

harshch000: hmm that's fun

AntiSquid: so depends if that's what you enjoy then it's 100% fun

Zenoscave: Harder than BitRunner ? ;)

harshch000: What kind of hard? Lots of data/input and hard to model or just hard to simulate or hard to do AI for?

Zenoscave: Hard to do AI for. incomplete info

harshch000: is the ref code available?

Zenoscave: yes

AntiSquid: zeno bit runner has complete info no?


Zenoscave: I was only joking.

Zenoscave: I agree with your assessment AntiSquid

harshch000: ok thx

harshch000: glad it's a month

Zenoscave: same

YannT: #18 with all the fixes <o/

YannT: but I don't do mines

YannT: everybody does mines

Zenoscave: mines are hard to time with other charging

YannT: I can see everybody's resolved it by just not doing sonar

YannT: or very little

Zenoscave: Yes

Zenoscave: no sonar unless all else is full here

YannT: but if you mine spam it never gonna be full

Zenoscave: ;)

YannT: tomorrow I'm gonna sonar less and mine stuff up

YannT: also maybe stop dashing head first into corners

YannT: life goals

Zenoscave: Oh that reminded me of a fix i needed. thanks

YannT: I have a floodfill for moving around in a semi decent manner but I basically silence away at random and screw myself more often than not :p

struct: 200 million maps and none with <= 3 islands :(

Zenoscave: 200 million!!!!!

Default avatar.png KarolisZilevicius: zdarova

AntiSquid: hello ?

YannT: you mean 3 landmasses or 3 island squares

AntiSquid: italy 6k deaths O_O

Zenoscave: 18th :P

AntiSquid: gratz zeno

Zenoscave: errr 19th

Zenoscave: thx

AntiSquid: apart from predicting opponent what do you have?

Zenoscave: reducing their predictions of me

Zenoscave: that's the big one

AntiSquid: ha

AntiSquid: and you have a strategy too ? lure / trap / attack / run / self-isolate ?

Zenoscave: not really

struct: 1000mill no 3 island

struct: I quit

AntiSquid: you pressed play my code 1000mil times?

struct: ofc

struct: and I counted every island

Zenoscave: whoa

struct: im running it localy

struct: its around 1 mill maps each 2 to 3 sec

Zenoscave: you spent like 45 min running that?

Zenoscave: why?

Astrobytes: He's avoiding writing his bot

Astrobytes: So he can delete the day before it ends

Astrobytes: :P

struct: I have mixed feelings about the game

struct: havent started yet

Astrobytes: I didn't get much done today for virus reasons, but I quite like it. It's challenging

AntiSquid: after all the struggle i realize i need a different approach, was it worth it? maybe if i learned something in the long run

struct: I was gonna start

struct: But c++ and strings

struct: meh

Default avatar.png kbrock: every iteration you have a "structure" that is your current move. what are people using?

Default avatar.png kbrock: I thought an array of rounds you play as the first, but then I thought rounds that you skip. Now I'm wondering if I should store the number of rounds that I play (relative) - any suggestions?

MostComplicatedUsername: I still haven't gotten around to creating the bo

MostComplicatedUsername: t

MostComplicatedUsername: Too lazy

Default avatar.png icecream17: hmm. a function takes 37ms and combined with the other stuff can timeout. what do i do?

BenjaminUrquhart: make it not take so long

Soonies: lul

MostComplicatedUsername: If the other stuff makes it timeout, something's wrong

MostComplicatedUsername: :)

MostComplicatedUsername: What's wrong with the font for ocean of code?

MostComplicatedUsername: I can't read it

Soonies: i personnaly recommend Comic Sans ms :)

MostComplicatedUsername: I recommend times new roman

MostComplicatedUsername: It's the easiest to read

Default avatar.png icecream17: Oh no. 2672ms

Default avatar.png icecream17: The only difference is code after it...

Default avatar.png icecream17: Time to reredelete my code.

Flyingkid: profile it and optimize

Flyingkid: you could copy input and run locally and see what's slow

Waffle3z: Illedan disappeared from the leaderboard

struct: he said that he would

struct: he is starting from start I think