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HuyCuto: this game is eazy

tutubalin: Waffle3z I also track it. One usefull thing is to decide should you use Silence and Torpedo. If opponent doesn't know well where you are, using Silence is not required and using Torpedo will reveal you.

eulerscheZahl: Hjax 04:05AM captain levine seems to blow himself up

yes, wood bosses shouldn't be perfect

eulerscheZahl: still a bit too strong

Waffle3z: wood boss is pretty good in bronze, wonder where it would place

Waffle3z: it knows how to use mines

eulerscheZahl: i know, i coded that part of the boss :D

eulerscheZahl: i guess i could submit the default AI in bronze

eulerscheZahl: ok, let's see submitted

Waffle3z: you copied it into your bot?

eulerscheZahl: i replaced my bot by the boss

eulerscheZahl: @ Lachrymosa wondering why the boss "knows" where you are: the boss has a list of possible positino of yours and targets the first valid one. you start in the corner and stay at the edge, so that heuristic is 100% correct in your case :D

eulerscheZahl: actually the spawn in the corner is enough

MSmits: crap i skipped wood 1

MSmits: never got to code silence and sonar :(

Waffle3z: you get to skip straight into mines

MSmits: this is what I get for coding too good a wood 2 bot.


MSmits: Euler why do i wake up to the sound of you blowing yourself up :P

eulerscheZahl: because i replaced my bot by the default AI to see how it ranks

eulerscheZahl: read 10 messages above

MSmits: ahhhh

MSmits: well i just woke up :P

eulerscheZahl: you are early

MSmits: yeah

eulerscheZahl: so am i

MSmits: you're just you

MSmits: isnt this your normal time

eulerscheZahl: the early toad catches the fly

MSmits: true

Waffle3z: looks like 75th

MSmits: is the default AI the boss code?

eulerscheZahl: not that good at all

eulerscheZahl: yes

Waffle3z: so better than 11 others in bronze

eulerscheZahl: bot with higher league rules

eulerscheZahl: so it places mines now

MSmits: ah I see

eulerscheZahl: which the wood bosses couldn't

MSmits: I woke up knowing how to code bitboards for silence, but I need to work on my i-sec homework first :(

eulerscheZahl: what's it about?

MSmits: I have to do a ddos attack. DNS reflection

MSmits: amplification and such

MSmits: if the server gets slow later, you know why

MSmits: jk, it's a mininet simulation :P


dbdr: KostyantynSushchyk: Last submit 3/21/20 4:32 PM

dbdr: 92%

dbdr: in submit for 16 hours :/

eulerscheZahl: hm, that's not supposed to happen

eulerscheZahl: game 24 is stuck

eulerscheZahl: when you open the last battles

dbdr: what's the best way to report such issues?

dbdr: I think other people reported issues with stuck submits

eulerscheZahl: discord staff ping or forum probably forum if it's not too urgent and affecting everyone

eulerscheZahl: i guess a reca condition

dbdr: recar condition :D

eulerscheZahl: A gets match vs B, but B submits at the same time

eulerscheZahl: and no match for A then

eulerscheZahl: race condition*

eulerscheZahl: my fingers don't always type what the voice in my head tells them

dbdr: yeah, sth like that. or a timeout that's not detected for some reason

dbdr: TIL eulerscheZahl hears voices in his head ;)

dbdr: the problem is my recorder waits for a started submit to finish to avoid the noise of partial submits

dbdr: domino effect of failing systems

eulerscheZahl: your design choice is questionable in hindsight

eulerscheZahl: there was another site by adrien that indexes more often and allows to filter pending


dbdr: submits are not supposed to last 16 hours...

eulerscheZahl: wrong

dbdr: so in his system a person in pending submit is either recorded wrongly, or ignored for that time

dbdr: they are supposed to? a single submit?

eulerscheZahl: check the lederboard if you don't believe me

eulerscheZahl: :P

dbdr: I think it's better to record a correct ranking for everyone each time

dbdr: I don't require there to be no pending at the same time

dbdr: I track each player separately

eulerscheZahl: true, some stronger users with a pending submit can be ranked below me temporarily

eulerscheZahl: making my ranking on your snapshot wrong as well

dbdr: so my system is guaranteed to finish in the time for a single submit to finish

dbdr: e.g. say 30 minutes max. in bad cases

eulerscheZahl: and if a player spams submits and never waits for one run to finish?

dbdr: I would need to check. yes maybe that would break it

dbdr: if someone submits permanently

dbdr: and does not go to sleep, or scripts it ;)

dbdr: but I would count that as malice

dbdr: I guess in such case they would deserve to be ignored

dbdr: and their agentIDs to be made public

eulerscheZahl: sinan submitted a lot at code of ice and fire

dbdr: a lot is fine if it's not 24/24 without a single one finishing, as far as that tool is concerned

eulerscheZahl: i should stop trapping myself hunting an imaginary opponent

Nixerrr: Loving the visuals :heart_eyes:

eulerscheZahl: not much to see yet, wrote that in 10min :D

Nixerrr: I mean it's nice to see the algo in action

eulerscheZahl: but i got my replay downloader running, as a single board state isn't enough for my full history of opponent actions

eulerscheZahl: that makes it easier to reproduce offline

dbdr: nice!

eulerscheZahl: 1 month contest, will save me time on the long run


Nixerrr: Clever toad

dbdr: there's also

dbdr: my match 3 is also stuck :D

inoryy: congrats on #1 eulerscheZahl!

eulerscheZahl: ?

eulerscheZahl: oh, global ranking thanks

eulerscheZahl: they changed the formula, i don't feel like i deserve it

AntiSquid: #1 most active

inoryy: #1 clash of code fan

dbdr: it's because of all the invites he gets

AntiSquid: dbdr new avatar? :o

dbdr: still PoP

dbdr: just by the ocean

AntiSquid: AutomatonNN get a robot drowning in the sea avatar

AutomatonNN: what is the main problem?

Nixerrr: So the automatons are still around :rolling_eyes:

AntiSquid: well hm a month long contest, maybe i will change mine too to some ocean related stuff, if the lockdown finishes this year i might be able to have some holidays at the sea :/

AntiSquid: are you doing the contest Nixerrr

Nixerrr: Yup

eulerscheZahl: no sleep till legend

Nixerrr: Exactly

Nixerrr: Can't go to the gym and might be made redundant soonish

Nixerrr: So got time on my hands

AntiSquid: kinda horrible situation

AntiSquid: lucky to still be working from home at least

dbdr: Nixerrr what's your job?

Nixerrr: I work in social media but one of the main clients of the agency is an oil giant. And they are about to introduce serious budget cuts and might drop our agency

dbdr: and oil prices just tanked

ThunderbirdOne: yeah, the entire marketing budget is usually the first one to get cut

Nixerrr: At least I don't need to worry about my mortgage until the end of the year :D

ThunderbirdOne: oh?

eulerscheZahl: did they pay in advance?

Nixerrr: Mortgages are being frozen till the end off 2020

ThunderbirdOne: nice

Nixerrr: *end of

ThunderbirdOne: I feel like software and IT is one of the few industries where the impact of the virus is rather small

Nixerrr: Depends I guess and a lot of companies are definitely benefiting from it

ThunderbirdOne: there are always companies benefitting from shitty situations :p

Nixerrr: True

eulerscheZahl: like car insurances when you stay at home, you can't have an accident

Marchete: original prince of persia was never on the sea

dbdr: that's PoP 2

dbdr: yes, was strrange, first time outdoors even

Marchete: I played a lot the original, a very nice game

dbdr: same

Marchete: I don't remember that 2nd part :D

dbdr: obviously :)

dbdr: played the 1st more as well

Marchete: when you fight against yourself, clever ideas

Marchete: all in 64KB :D

dbdr: yeah, and awesome animations for the hardware

eulerscheZahl: i managed to fight vs Jaffar in part 1 but then ran out of time

eulerscheZahl: i sucked at that game

emh: the sonar result is from previous turn right? so if opponent moves from zone 1 to zone 2 right after the turn you scan you will get Y in zone 1 and opponent will be in zone 2 on that turn?

eulerscheZahl: read the statement

Schneewittchen: yap

eulerscheZahl: This is in respect to the time of issuing the command, not after the opponent moved.

emh: yes I read it

emh: but was still not quite sure

eulerscheZahl: i thought i was accurate enough :cry:

pb4: You were

emh: maybe my natural language parsing skills are not up to par hehe

AntiSquid: make POP multi dbdr

AntiSquid: you have few months time now

dbdr: I thought about it. or optim

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Do you guys keep track of how much information the opponent has about your position?

eulerscheZahl: the fighting part? or the jumping around?

dbdr: still contest in may no?

eulerscheZahl: yes

dbdr: so not much free time...

eulerscheZahl: yfprojects i don't but i should

dbdr: not defined yet

AntiSquid: i think a jumping around game like mario or POP for opti section would be nice

dbdr: the concept is as advanced as "a PoP themed CG-something would be nice"

AntiSquid: sort of like speed running

eulerscheZahl: as a side scroller?

AntiSquid: whichever

Default avatar.png yfprojects: @eulerscheZahl But that doubles the amount of information processing

dbdr: real PoP is side scroller, no? or platform? not sure about the terminology

AntiSquid: can be all on one screen too

dbdr: rooms can be thought as levels

AntiSquid: see mario maker for crazy ideas

dbdr: might be interesting, a multi where each league uses a different room. probably not recommended

eulerscheZahl: i know yfprojects already timing out when i replace torpedoes by mines :(

AntiSquid: pow(2,CSB)

AntiSquid: well you can also have random maps, like kutulu

AntiSquid: like bender 4 *

Marchete: I'd say platform

Marchete: if I recall PoP haven't scrool

Marchete: scroll

eulerscheZahl: PoP has different rooms

eulerscheZahl: no scrolling

Illedan: Hi

dbdr: hey

dbdr: small idea: would be helpful if the sonar animation had a different color based on who is doing it

Illedan: Alright

Illedan: thx

Illedan: Looked much better :D

Illedan: Will push it later

dbdr: thanks! :+1:

queue: :cat:

queue: :pillow:

queue: :cat:

queue: :dog:

Default avatar.png isumit19: Hey!! I am new here :D

queue: :laugh:

Default avatar.png isumit19: :\

queue: Me too

dbdr: hi isumit19

Default avatar.png isumit19: HEYY

queue: How you doing

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Do you use the Minimax-Algo?

eulerscheZahl: opponent state too unclear and a lot of possible actions, thus minimax seems to be a bad idea to me

Default avatar.png isumit19: I m back

MindControler: If enemy uses silence 0, he doesnt move?

eulerscheZahl: correct

Default avatar.png yfprojects: yes

MindControler: Thanks

Default avatar.png kusrabyzarc: @shaswat986 mb duel?

Default avatar.png kusrabyzarc: misklik dude

dandrian: hey, torpedo range 4 means it can reach within 9x9 rectangle with you in center? Or it can just travel 4 cells?

Schneewittchen: On a free map it would be manhatten dist

Schneewittchen: So at max 2 diagonal

dandrian: Thanks

tonowak: torpedo range 4 is measured in floodfill / bfs distance

tonowak: right?

inoryy: so... expectimax or mcts? :)

darkhorse64: if forest

darkhorse64: with bfs flowers

inoryy: nice

ThunderbirdOne: yup, same here

AntiSquid: about 500 submits for 2000 registered folks

AntiSquid: and it came out yesterday :thinking:

emh: 56 submits are mine hehe. so I have >10% of submits?

AntiSquid: you have 56 alts?

emh: no just submitted 56 times

AntiSquid: ok i meant 500 bots on the leaderboard

emh: ah I see

ThunderbirdOne: so far i only submitted;.. twice?

TomerBG: How do you calc which sector the cell is on?

dbdr: TomerBG check the player

dbdr: the sectors are drawn on it

dbdr: 123 456 789

dbdr: squares of 5x5

TomerBG: Thanks

inoryy: how do you submit 56 times in a day

eulerscheZahl: write a script


Schneewittchen: :D

ThunderbirdOne: lol

RanN42: can someone help me with just the idea of how can i do this - loop over each possible path from my x and y, to a x and y that is 4 or less cells away from me?

ThunderbirdOne: you can actually do this with a nested for loop

darkhorse64: 3 submits for now. Did not try very hard. Boss is quite hard. I thought I could get by for Wood2 with improved motion but actually the boss is tracking you. So, I am writing tracking code and I'll fire torpedoes

RanN42: i mean loop over every possible x and y that is 4 cells away

inoryy: RanN42 build a distance matrix on first turn with something like floyd-warshall

inoryy: game grid is static

ThunderbirdOne: you can just start a nested for loop... starting at x-4, y-4... and go to x + 4, y + 4

RanN42: ok let me google it :joy:

ThunderbirdOne: use manhattan distance + island map to skip useless coordinates

darkhorse64: Learn breadth first search.

RanN42: ok thanks

Default avatar.png Rd211: quick question doesnt the second have an advantage over the first player?

Default avatar.png Rd211: second player*

Default avatar.png Rd211: i mean you could like dont move during the first round and thus make it even i guess

dandrian: how can you not move?

Schneewittchen: SILENCE N 0 for example

eulerscheZahl: or any other action that isn't MOVE

eulerscheZahl: shooting a torpedo, triggering a mine, ...

AntiSquid: no wonder the contest is a month long

inoryy: shooting a torpedo will give info

eulerscheZahl: correct

eulerscheZahl: even a mine placement can (no island in that direction)

Default avatar.png Rd211: well if i dont move i lose one point each time i dont move

AntiSquid: they can't get any info if the bot crashes :)

inoryy: only way to win

dandrian: oh, I thought move action is mandatory

Default avatar.png Rd211: because i am on a square i have been on

Default avatar.png leojean890: move action is not mandatory but is useful because enables to load powers;)

Default avatar.png Rd211: if you dont move you lose one point actually

dandrian: what if opponent is trying to shoot outside torpedo range? will I still receive coordinates it's shooting at?

Default avatar.png Rd211: because you like surface i guess

MindControler: I can move and silence and the same turn right?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: yes

Default avatar.png yfprojects: @dandrian Its not intended but there was a bug


Default avatar.png yfprojects: @Rd211 You are wrong.

MindControler: Why do i die?

MindControler: @dandrian u shouldnt receive it

Default avatar.png yfprojects: its a bug I think. There is an error in the referee

MindControler: I mean i shouldnt crash

MindControler: Right?

MindControler: 0 cells to island = not moving?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Ask eulerscheZahl or Illedan.

AntiSquid: uhm wtf there are too few games for wood ...

Default avatar.png yfprojects: @MindControler What do you output in the last turn?

MindControler: SILENCE 0 N

MindControler: This kills me

Default avatar.png yfprojects: SILENCE N 0 is right

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Its the other way around

Illedan: Yes

MindControler: Oh yea wait

MindControler: No

MindControler: This is my output: MSG 2(1) | MOVE N SILENCE | SILENCE 0 N

MindControler: First i move N because i can

Illedan: Which is wrong


Default avatar.png yfprojects: Which is both wrong

MindControler: Illedan if i do silence 0 i cant crash to island, right?

Illedan: You crash because you send an invalid command

MindControler: But the silence command is invalid

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Both is invalid I think

MindControler: Nope

MindControler: If i comment silence stuff i live

Illedan: Because you wrote it wrong.

Illedan: It needs to have direction first

Illedan: then distance

MindControler: Oh

MindControler: My bad

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Its SILENCE N 0

MindControler: Thanks

Illedan: ....

Uljahn: also no spaces around |

MindControler: It works Uljahn

MindControler: It looks nicer to me

Illedan: Yeah, values are trimmed Uljahn

Uljahn: aah indeed

Default avatar.png Rd211: @yfprojects

AntiSquid: too few games in bloody wood .

eulerscheZahl: nerf the boss, then wood will become smaller!

emh: hmm still have bugs in enemy tracking.. sometimes getting 0 possible positions left. I just clear opponent orders then and start over hehe

eulerscheZahl: i had that a lot as well

dbdr: that's a cheap way to test

eulerscheZahl: but getting optimistic that it's right now

dbdr: do you handle mines eulerscheZahl?

eulerscheZahl: explosions, not placements

dbdr: the two are linked, no?

eulerscheZahl: so i don't clean up on old positions

eulerscheZahl: mine explosions deal damage

eulerscheZahl: or not, depending on the opponent location

dbdr: ah, those that deal damage only?

eulerscheZahl: but i don't say "it exploded there, enemy was there in the past"

dbdr: right, that's the hard part I think

eulerscheZahl: yes

AntiSquid: it won't become smaller if you don't have enough games to even reach the boss

Default avatar.png ForgottenLongcoat_eb40: hi

Default avatar.png ForgottenLongcoat_eb40: mrkmw3r3r

Default avatar.png ForgottenLongcoat_eb40: index.code._php_SaSDc./?/

eulerscheZahl: MSmits still collecting these maps?

AntiSquid: gotta have underwear with maps like that on

eulerscheZahl: 10 losses in a row

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png yfprojects: If you fail to give a valid action, do you loose or do you surface?

Illedan: surface

Illedan: unless it's very unvalid

Illedan: Opponent will only get your valid actions as input

eulerscheZahl: like a timeout the amount of opponent states is exploding

eulerscheZahl: :(

Illedan: :P

Illedan: You keep all paths?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Illedan: I should start doing that too. To try and track mines

Schneewittchen: Keep them as Bitsets of coverage not the actual paths

eulerscheZahl: check my debug message: paths, current cells

Illedan: aha

eulerscheZahl: that's only a constant improvement

eulerscheZahl: not sure if performance tuning alone helps here

Schneewittchen: You dont want to know there paths but their covered area

eulerscheZahl: for mine placements i want to know the path

Lks10: Silence spamming was a mistake

Schneewittchen: mhhhhh

Illedan: You break euler with it though :D

dbdr: Illedan would it be possible to have a few more chars for display?

AntiSquid: if anyone wants a bigger dead end corner map:

MadKnight: hey hey guys how's the contest going ?

AntiSquid: fix your bot MadKnight

MadKnight: but it's working

Schneewittchen: @Illedan And also it seams that the output of the right player is cut by the display border

eulerscheZahl: will be fixed as soon as CG redeploys Schneewittchen

dbdr: eulerscheZahl defeaned byb the silence ;)

eulerscheZahl: if have multiple of those in my last submit, still ranked higher than before

eulerscheZahl: maybe i should sonar instead of torpedo in my first few turns

eulerscheZahl: explores faster and reveals less about myself

Lks10: sonar spam gang

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Does the main class in java always have to be called Player?

eulerscheZahl: yes

MadKnight: can't u just try renaming it yfprojects ?

MadKnight: eulerscheZahl but why Player?

dbdr: CG decided

Default avatar.png yfprojects: I tried it. I t has to be Player

eulerscheZahl: why do you always have to be called MadKnight? noone knows

dbdr: sometimes Maddie

eulerscheZahl: Madeleine

dbdr: Madelzwei

dbdr: :facepalm:

dbdr: :meta:

Eclipse_Storm: Is it possible to directly compete agains a friend's AI in Ocean of Code (just for fun, to see whose is better :P)

dbdr: 🤦‍♂️

dbdr: Eclipse_Storm in the IDE yes

dbdr: click on Delete below the avatar of your opponet

dbdr: then you can choose

Eclipse_Storm: Ooooh great thank you very much

Default avatar.png OmidSafari: hi

Default avatar.png Spurious: hi

Default avatar.png OmidSafari: I sole one of practices can u vote?

Default avatar.png OmidSafari: solve

Default avatar.png jrke: have anybody finished ocean of codes

eulerscheZahl: you can't "finish" it

egaetan: even if Illedan is yet close to it

eulerscheZahl: will get beaten

Default avatar.png yfprojects: eulerscheZahl if you have the best possible bot, i would consider it as finished

dbdr: nah, that does not get into legend

inoryy: not with that attitude

emh: welcome to Bronze MSmits. saw you in Last Battles. been here long? :)

Default avatar.png PYB: hello

Default avatar.png PYB: so in the challenges where we have to write code in as few chars as possible.... the C guys have no chance

MadKnight: yea

MadKnight: unless everyone writes in C

MadKnight: or if u're in a clash alone

MadKnight: can u start a clash alone, Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: you can just have an array of ints

MadKnight: will u win because u will be first or will u lose because u're the last one ?

MadKnight: Automaton2000 ?

eulerscheZahl: there are worse golfing languages than C

Automaton2000: thought it was a bug

Default avatar.png maras: Can I hit myself with my torpedo in the Ocean of Code?

eulerscheZahl: yes

MadKnight: probably

emh: you can also do rocket jump to get the quad damage

Illedan: egaetan, this if spagetti should be fairly easy to beat once someone tries to search a little bit :)

egaetan: Some of us will

egaetan: between kids and work from home

emh: damnit.. why buggy code is always better than new code in contests :p

eulerscheZahl: tell your kids to do your work, 2 problems solved at once

egaetan: eulerscheZahl i should try

egaetan: i hope they wont have to deal with Jira

eulerscheZahl: oh dear

inoryy: kids unfair advantage confirmed

eulerscheZahl: do you have time (and motivation) for the contest inoryy?

eulerscheZahl: i know that you started your new job recently

eulerscheZahl: but corona changes a lot of statements on time schedules

ZarthaxX: yes it does :P

ZarthaxX: no uni till april 13th , amazing times

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: do you have to stay at home too ZarthaxX?

inoryy: eulerscheZahl contest looks fun (gj!), I'll try to tinker every now and then, but my work schedule is basically unchanged by WFH

Illedan: :rocket:

ZarthaxX: hi toad, nice spontaneous contest

egaetan: gg Illedan

ZarthaxX: yes, im in quarantine till 31th march

Illedan: :)

ZarthaxX: i think i have no excuse for this contest

Default avatar.png a76a44: Hi guys, What does "not visiting already visited cells or islands" mean for the SILENCE instruction ?

wlesavo: damn, almost got to wood 1 on first submit

eulerscheZahl: a76a44 basically the same limitation as for MOVEs

eulerscheZahl: don't move on or through islands

eulerscheZahl: and don't intersect with your own path

pb4: Just for the sake of ease of parsing, is it possible to add spaces around the pipe character ?

Illedan: yes

inoryy: but when do I get to visit an island


Illedan: It is trimmed

eulerscheZahl: do you mean your output or the referee input pb4?

pb4: I mean in the things we receive from the referee

eulerscheZahl: that would possibly break existing bots of other contestants

pb4: Not a big deal if you don't want though :)

Illedan: yeah

eulerscheZahl: sorry, nope

Illedan: Too breaking :P

pb4: Ok

pb4: damn

Illedan: I guess you can add it yourself?

inoryy: should've been semicolon

Illedan: string.replace("|", " | ")

eulerscheZahl: string parsing in C++ is no fun even less in C

pb4: I'll need to find a way to do it properly

emh: can you torpedo and throw mine and trigger mine at same turn? for 4 dmg?

pb4: I like that Illedan !

pb4: thanks :)

Illedan: No emh

Illedan: You can't trigger a mine placed this round

emh: oh ok

Illedan: We dissalowed it for that reason :P

eulerscheZahl: but you can trigger and old mine and torpedo at the same time

Illedan: As you can save all stats, then suddenly do 4 damage and silence away

emh: yes I saw that in a game

emh: torpedo + old mine i mean

Illedan: yeah, that works

dbdr: critical hit

pb4: @Illedan : string.replace doesn't work that way :'(

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl you have to stay at home?

dbdr: pb4, you can write very top bots but not parse a string?

eulerscheZahl: Illedan doesn't know C++ very well

eulerscheZahl: i'm allowed to leave my house for basic needs ZarthaxX buying food, going for a walk alone, going to work

ZarthaxX: we are allowed for the food thing

eulerscheZahl: meeting with friends is strictly forbidden here and will cost a massive fine

dbdr: oh, you go to work?

inoryy: wait what you're not working from home, eulerscheZahl?

dbdr: why not work from home?

ZarthaxX: i see

pb4: dbdr : looks this way... Let's see if I can still write top bots xD

eulerscheZahl: i'm not even sure about the work part

eulerscheZahl: lockdown happened on friday evening here in bavaria

dbdr: pb4 I don't doubt it :)

ZarthaxX: dbdr your profile pics looks very similar, what game is that

eulerscheZahl: we don't even have a regulation for germany as a total

dbdr: Prince of Persia 2

inoryy: ZarthaxX the youngster

ZarthaxX: thanks inoryy

Azkellas: Can't you use std::getline with '|' as a delimiter pb4?

emh: nice submit. first 13 battles wins. then euler hehe

ZarthaxX: wait, you called me youngster ? :thinking:

inoryy: haha yes :D

eulerscheZahl: and i didn't timeout vs you emh? amazing!

pb4: Azkellas : that's what I'm looking at at the moment, but I need both space and | as delimiters

dbdr: maybe he was too old to play at that time? ;)

ZarthaxX: lol :rofl:

pb4: guess it's going to be a two-step read then...

ZarthaxX: that's another option yeah

ZarthaxX: googled the youngster and was like this is not a game lol

emh: euler hehe

inoryy: rofl

eulerscheZahl: i got several timeouts in my last submit

eulerscheZahl: SILENCE gives me headache

ZarthaxX: eulerscheZahl is the situation in your place bad or not many cases ?

emh: I'm armed against timeouts with stopwatch now

emh: just clearing the opponent directives on timeout

eulerscheZahl: no idea ZarthaxX i don't follow the media

ZarthaxX: aight :P

Azkellas: first delimits by '|' to get actions, then by ' ' to parse them (I haven't tried ooc yet, might be wrong)

eulerscheZahl: call me a jerk, i don't care too much atm

ZarthaxX: as long as you dont ruin it it's ok..

inoryy: not the best situation to be indifferent about, it's not politics..

ZarthaxX: yeah global concern, it's scary

eulerscheZahl: regarding politics i have an opinion

pb4: how does getline behave when there is no | character ? it stops at the first of "end of file or |" ?

eulerscheZahl: i'm more scared by global warming and such, than corona

dbdr: you won't spread covid19 that way

AntiSquid: i just look at this regarding cases:

inoryy: eulerscheZahl see if you were to follow it you'd know that corona is actually much scarier / deadlier

AntiSquid: italy nearly 5k

ZarthaxX: italy is so bad :(

dbdr: agree with eulerscheZahl, climage change is much more serious

inoryy: only reason we're not all dead rn is because countries and citizens reacted agressively

dbdr: problem is people are bad at caring about long term issues

Azkellas: until eof if not |

AntiSquid: i follow it and all i see is media trying to promote panic

emh: maybe corona fever will lead to global warming

Azkellas: if no*

inoryy: it's not more serious lol

inoryy: no action with climate change = we'll have a bad time in 20-30 years

ZarthaxX: yeah corona is a problem rn lol

eulerscheZahl: a really bad one

inoryy: no action with corona = 15% of population would be dead

dbdr: and almost impossible to stop then

inoryy: by next year

AntiSquid: i bet most people wouldn't die from corona .

dbdr: you illustrate my point innory

dbdr: climate consequences will be worse, it's pretty clear if you check the science

dbdr: but further in time from now

inoryy: no

inoryy: if we take apples to apples corona is worse.

AntiSquid: if it were a serious virus we would be screwed though . testing is done way too slow

inoryy: inaction vs inaction

Neumann: CGBenchmark 1.1.1 available with a bugfix regarding random enemy selection

eulerscheZahl: Neumann bringing us back to relevant topics :D

inoryy: only reason it didn't overrun china is because they put half a billion ppl on lockdown when there were only like 200 cases, not even mortality just infections

eulerscheZahl: that's much faster than the European reaction

dbdr: many people become immune to the virus, after being sick good luck getting immune to heat waves and floods

inoryy: many but not all, including young ppl

AntiSquid: it doesn't matter how fast they put them in quarantine it's nowhere near an apocalyptic bad horror movie virus

dbdr: sure, many people will die, I agree it's very serious

inoryy: soon 1k ppl will be dying every day in italy

AntiSquid: lots of countries fail at quarantining people or have low standards of hygiene or don't really care as much and they didn't get wiped out .

inoryy: purely from corona

dbdr: things like this:

eulerscheZahl: i know i'll trigger some users even more now: right now we have overpopulation, hard enough to grow food for everyone

dbdr: entire regions unlivable

inoryy: that's under strict lockdown

eulerscheZahl: and you describe some dying as the end of the world

AntiSquid: idk, the reaction to corona might trigger the end though, everything goes downhill from the overreaction

dbdr: it's people don't realize the consequences of climate change. exactly like corina in the beginning. it takes time when something has not been experienced before

dbdr: AntiSquid true, things like that are possible

inoryy: again, compare apples to apples

Neumann: the end of what ?

AntiSquid: i don't see any campaigns about driving less or driving more environment friendly cars . just eat less meat lol

Astrobytes: Fact of the matter is, *most* people don't give a flying fk about anything other than themselves until it directly affects them.

AntiSquid: the end of the human world as it is, because the world won't end without 90% of the population

Default avatar.png Vicoool: for ocean of code, does anybody know if there will be more leagues eventually?

Astrobytes: yes

Illedan: Vicoool, click on Bronze League above the IDE

Default avatar.png Vicoool: Oh thanks I didn't see that :P

inoryy: neither scenario are world-ending for that matter. if you seriously think over 100mil ppl dead in a year is less bad than couple of inhabitable continents in like 50 years idk what else to say, let's argee to disagree

AntiSquid: people can repopulate

inoryy: actually scratch that, would've been closer to 500mil

JFB: emh - et least from morning. My bot was promoted at 2 AM, sb pushed me, and MSmits bot was near my - so I assume that sb pushed few bots ...

inoryy: plus of course ravaged economy, etc

dbdr: "couple of inhabitable continents", no big deal?

AntiSquid: landmass is harder to terraform, actually we barely do anything about the deserts and we dream about terraforming mars

emh: ok JFB :)

inoryy: again, compared to 500mil dead in a year, yes it's not a big deal to me

JHBonarius: question about OoC: can torpedos move diagonally?


inoryy: if you think it's about not taking climate change seriously then I regularly donate to orgs, support local activists, sold my car ~5 years ago and bike everywhere, try to eat less meat and so on

dbdr: that's great!

AntiSquid: yes, won't change much

inoryy: it's a huge issue but cmon you can't be serious saying it's worse than ~5 WW2's worth of deaths

eulerscheZahl: JHBonarius

JFB: In Itally 87% deaths are persons >= 70 year olds

eulerscheZahl: would have died in a few years

AntiSquid: isn't the death toll 100% if the climate change gets bad ?

eulerscheZahl: to be fair, medics had to decide whom to save

dbdr: especially for older people

egaetan: emh sorry

Default avatar.png PrivateClownOfPower_1c0d: Is there any angular based application development job here?

dbdr: tens of thousands of people died of a heat wave in france. in 2016

inoryy: for the last time, I'm talking about comparing apples to apples, inaction vs inaction

emh: egaetan :p

inoryy: alright it's going nowhere, I'm out :D

dbdr: :)

eulerscheZahl: thank you

AntiSquid: bye

JFB: pandemic is somethin different - it is exponetial so it is not easy to predict final result

dbdr: true. climate change is also exponential because of feedback loops. only in slow motion

dbdr: but super hard to impact

AntiSquid: ya and what will happen to the countries where people simply don't care as much or have poor standards of hygiene? do you expect any of them to be devoid of people by the end of this event?

AntiSquid: i bet india will still be fine and crowded .

JFB: AntiSquid - even in Italy deth % is around 10%. In very elderly population.

JFB: So poor countries has a lot of young peples

AntiSquid: a lot of elderly smokers

JFB: I expect that in the worst scenario - in 2 years population will be bigger that current

JFB: even in the worst case scenario

JFB: so this pandemic is not zombie appocalypse

Ajanx112: i am a simple man i see shortest mode i switch to python

AntiSquid: it is, toilet paper eating zombies

Ajanx112: oops sory wrong chat

inoryy: never said it is, at least stop with the strawman

JFB: AntiSquid - really you have problem with toilet paper?

AntiSquid: yes lol

eulerscheZahl: inoryy you were out

AntiSquid: you think i am joking/?

AntiSquid: UK went mental

inoryy: you can't predict "worst case scenario" because it's already nowhere near that

eulerscheZahl: in Germany toilet paper is sold out too

AntiSquid: i use kitchen rolls, which i barely found in one shop

dbdr: use the daily mail ;)

dbdr: in one word

eulerscheZahl: or the daily herold, or sun they are pretty cheap and finally useful

AntiSquid: it leaves a dark stain on the ass from the bullshit they print

AntiSquid: dbdr

JFB: I have bidet so it is not my problem ;-)

JHBonarius: plus they clog up the toilet

AntiSquid: ya

AntiSquid: hard to flush that amount of nonsense down the toilet

JFB: What nonsense?

JHBonarius: bidet FTW. when I lived in india I had a shower with my toilet...


eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: is that a parody or real?

dbdr: I highly recommend the whole channel

dbdr: it's sad that we are not sure anymore

JFB: Flattering the curve is not joke. It is real think. Probably only one we can do now

dbdr: sure. it's using irony to convey important messages

dbdr: quite like John Oliver

AntiSquid: too bad they will ring the hospital non-stop demanding to speak to some medical staff so they know what their mom had for breakfast

inoryy: the reason we're nowhere near "worst case scenario" is that thankfully ppl in charge did take it seriously, some more than others. the reason we are in this situation in the first place is because most normal ppl weren't taking it seriously...

inoryy: maybe if ppl actually followed the news and self-isolated like 3 weeks ago we wouldn't be in this mess

dbdr: goverments could have decided isolation 3 weeks ago

inoryy: yeah so what you need a big man to tell you what to do?

dbdr: it's not effective if only a few people do it

AntiSquid: some people don't show symptoms

inoryy: more effective than not doing anything

dbdr: it cannot be 95% of the population unless it's the law

JFB: inoryy - I think that it depend of the country. I think that in my people do much better that I expected. Of course they are exceptions - but our goverment is much bigger problem.

inoryy: can't comment on Poland but here in UK even now most aren't taking it as seriously because "hurr durr the sun bullshit"

dbdr: yeah, crap press seems to be esp strong in UK

dbdr: is the sun et al still bullshitting about covid?

inoryy: if you don't care about elderly then consider how many young ppl will lose their jobs now because ppl preferred to meme about how akthually climate is worse rather than think with their head and self-isolate asap

dbdr: they could go the other way, the excitement of the apocalypse would sell too. at least that would help more

dbdr: inoryy I think everyone cares about the elderly. it was in the context of "what is worse", which is a sad place to me in the first place

inoryy: some ppl literally said they don't care above

Astrobytes: No, in the UK, for one, many people don't care about the elderly. The "I'm alright Jack" mentality.

Default avatar.png ktaeah69: Yeh its stupid, those same people will care when they lose loved ones or when they themselves die from it

egaetan: emh i think previous version was better, don't you want to rollback ?

Illedan: :P

inoryy: and in the context of "what is worse" you're still not getting that you're comparing 30+ years of inaction wrt. climate change vs very swift and agressive measures on unseen scale

eulerscheZahl: Illedan how is your colleague doing so far?

emh: egaetan hehehe

Illedan: didnt submit yet

Illedan: emh, chill :O

Default avatar.png ktaeah69: anyone solving this problem with python?

AntiSquid: "THIS"

Default avatar.png ktaeah69: "Short accounts make long friends"

emh: Illedan was close hehe

Illedan: 75% win vs me

emh: wow nice

emh: it still says 95% battles done. wonder what happened to the last 5%

Illedan: you beat me on resub

emh: ah there it settled

emh: hmm.. so should I resub? :p

dbdr: Norway is good at subs it seems

emh: or find something to fix

JFB: I think that discusion what is worse is at least strange. It looks as "divide and conquer" strategy. Both things need something to do. And sometimes solutions can help with both.

dbdr: must be the long coast

eulerscheZahl: the viking anchestors, as i pointed out yesterday

dbdr: viking submarines? :D

Default avatar.png ktaeah69: I was trying to do it by finding factors of the Result with % operator and trying to reduce the Result to 0 using + - / * in python

AntiSquid: wow . that was a really dumb bug

dbdr: AntiSquid: :popcorn:

JFB: dbdr - yeas vikings used submarines, dyo do not know it?

AntiSquid: why did i even do that kind of bug

dbdr: TIL

JFB: :-)

AntiSquid: vikings used whales as submarines, it's in the bible

eulerscheZahl: ktaeah69 this is a general chat, not about a specific puzzle or clash

Uljahn: ktaeah69: do you use itertools.combinations and do you add results to set? that's how i solved it in python

JFB: AntiSquid - so it is well documentes :-)

dbdr: AntiSquid :D

JFB: Uljahn - you discuss about OoC?

Default avatar.png ktaeah69: @Uljahn will look into this, thanks!

Uljahn: JFB: puzzle of the week

Default avatar.png kostis14: hey guys, sorry for the beginner question, is it possible to find a clash and practice on it?? i didn't make it in time but i want to try it out more

Uljahn: no, but there is a limited amount of clashes so they repeat

JFB: Uljahn - Ok, simply it looks stange for me in OoC context :-)

Default avatar.png kostis14: oh okay, thank you!

eulerscheZahl: have fun kostis14

emh: Illedan nope.. not this resub. seems worse a bit. changed a search parameter from 40 to 100. now will try 10000 and brace for timeout cancels hehe

Illedan: :D

Illedan: Pushing me down at least :(

emh: ok 5th with this one

emh: now let try 20


Default avatar.png kostis14: @eulerscheZahl thank you so much!

emh: oh no Illedan you resubmitted! scary changes? :)

Illedan: No they seem worse

Illedan: Scary to me :P

Illedan: I'm really struggling with Nagrarok :/

Illedan: And you crush me :(

tonowak: let's say that I want to debug a runtime error that happens in the endgame. I would like to run my code through gdb. Of course, that is not possible on the CG servers, so I have to run my bot locally. Running through the referee isn't an option here, right? Because the gdb wouldn't run on the player. Do I have any way to do this, excluding implementing my own referee and compiling with it my two bots to a single file?

Valdemar: You can dump all input from your strategy, copy it to txt file and run strategy from ide using that file. Disable all logs, except those with input prints and just copy from console output. If you print to stderr you need only remove excess strings with system messages and turn indicies

Valdemar: "running from ide" i mean desktop one

tonowak: that's a solution I was looking for! thank you :D

eulerscheZahl: i write all the inputs given to my program straight to stderr

eulerscheZahl: then i have a script to download a replay and extract only the stderr, writing it to a file

eulerscheZahl: then i pipe the file to the stdin of my local bot (which is deterministic, so i can reproduce every step)

eulerscheZahl: that's how i can debug a specific situation

tonowak: that's a nice, well-thought method :P I'll try to code this solution, thanks

eulerscheZahl: the replay download will take some time, if you've never done it before

eulerscheZahl: and have no experience with web requests

eulerscheZahl: but it's a marathon contest, so you have some time \o/

tonowak: I guess then it is possible to write some GUI options to my bot, so it can visualize some more stuff?


eulerscheZahl: yes ;)

tonowak: :O nice! do you have another code that makes the visualization (and parsing of input), or are you doing it mainly from the bot?

eulerscheZahl: part of my bot, with

  1. if DEBUG

eulerscheZahl: so i only execute that part offline

tonowak: okay, that's the way I had in mind

tonowak: well, now I'm confident that my idea to make such a visualizer would be something worth coding :D

emh: eulerscheZahl nice :D

tonowak: eulerscheZahl, do you have any nice way for running two bots locally against each other? I suppose that I can somehow run the referee from github, with a wrapper that automates the process, right? Is there a smarter way?

JFB: eulerscheZahl - I do not uderstand why "SILENCE" reduce number of possible opponent positions in your visualisation ....

eulerscheZahl: tonowak clone the official referee

eulerscheZahl: then edit the in the test folder

eulerscheZahl: to use your bots

tonowak: ok, ty, I'll try that!

Schneewittchen: @JFB Many possibilities can be crossed out due to the path restrictions

eulerscheZahl: JFB my visualization is incomplete

eulerscheZahl: regarding my own actions like torpedo

AntiSquid: how many different things are there to take into account for enemy position? :D

JFB: Schneewittchen - I understund but SILENCE alone can not reduce possiblities - one of possible moves is no move so it is not possible to reduce posiible moves.

emh: anyone doing opponent silence prediction?

emh: guessing which way he took

emh: I'm doing some kind of search

Waffle3z: I don't make any assumptions, I just track what is possible

JFB: eulerscheZahl - OK, it is clear - torpedos and scan can reduce of course, thanks

JFB: *sonar

emh: I was thinking maybe it's possible Markov chain or something to assume

Schneewittchen: @JFB ya thats true

Lks10: You could check which Silence direction gives the opponent the most movement space

emh: hmm.. I think it's better to exploit somehow the fact that most people create contiguous areas

emh: block style

JFB: emh - I just plan to implement "fork". It is max 13 moves so it is x13 (usually much less)

emh: JFB yes it's basically what I do. but then you get fork forks 13 * 13 etc. so I limit fork forks to 20

JFB: You can add probabilities to each "fork"

JFB: For now for me is only teory - I do not see SILENCE (or maybe hear SILENCE ;-) )

emh: enjoy the silence. sound of silence

JFB: :-) I will

Lks10: surface -> silence -> surface -> move. 2hp is a small price to pay for a high value silence

JFB: In case when you have > 2 points ;-)

struct: you can surface 2 times?

emh: huh? what makes it high value? what's the surface for?

emh: to get rid of trail?

JFB: reset path

Lks10: yeah, silence can go in more directions if you surface before it

emh: but surface also reveals your sector

emh: and if you do a long silence and surface in 2 different sectors that gives analysis potential

JFB: OK. So you have 17 possibilities but inorm your opponent about your sector and lost 2 hp

Lks10: amazing right?

emh: uhh... hmm. I don't get it hehe. or it's joke?

JFB: emh - even this some sector is value information

Lks10: It's like half a joke

emh: I exploit most information about enemy position. just don't handle enemy mines

JHBonarius: OoC is quite complex! so many things to do simultaneously. no easy seach tree

JFB: True

emh: I don't even have a tree. I just fork lists hehe

emh: adding to them. growing them

Lks10: There are also quite some different playstyles going around, im curious how the meta is gonna evolve

emh: it's great game

JHBonarius: it should be possible to do some pattern matching on the enemy trail thus far... no

JHBonarius: no?

AntiSquid: come back in a month and you'll know

Lks10: im gonna stay here for a month to play the game

JHBonarius: I have limited time. it's already a miracle that I started

emh: JHBonarius yes I started doing 3x3 cell Markov chains to direction, but stopped implementing because it was only half-baked idea

Lks10: you can try pattern matching. You can also track every possible position the opponent can spawn in and eliminate positions as you go

JFB: I hope that it is really scisor/paper/rock type game - for month contest it is ideal type

Waffle3z: I keep a 2d array of everywhere the opponent can be and update it every time they move

Waffle3z: if they silence then every position branches out by 4 in every direction

emh: Waffle3z same.. but keeping lists of trails that led there as well

Waffle3z: that would give you better information about mines

emh: whoah 1736 lines already

emh: and got rid of most duplicate code

emh: 57k

emh: over halfway to full

tonowak: Internal error. Please contact with a screenshot and a copy of your code. Thanks.

Waffle3z: only at 500. but you're using C#, that's pretty verbose isn't it

tonowak: what do I do?

emh: Waffle3z a bit. can be

emh: tonowak probably an incorrect command. did you remember to add all parameters? separated with spaces? command separated by pipe?

emh: tonowak or do as it says hehe

NOURIBENZ: please how to run the github project locally?!

NOURIBENZ: i need help

NOURIBENZ: :innocent:

emh: NOURIBENZ euler mentioned there is something in the test folder. edit or something


eulerscheZahl: step 1: download the project


eulerscheZahl: step 2: edit

eulerscheZahl: example how to add a C# bot:

eulerscheZahl: emh 05:56PM whoah 1736 lines already

what are you doing?!

eulerscheZahl: i'm below 500 and i even have that visualizer in my bot

emh: wooow

AntiSquid: WET code

eulerscheZahl: on the other hand your bot plays stronger

emh: I'm not doing very fancy stuff. but there are quite some ifs and whens hehe

eulerscheZahl: when?

emh: nah..

emh: just a bell and whistle to the sentence

eulerscheZahl: dont use C#9 before the official release

emh: hehe

Illedan: emh, not in Norway these days? As you went to bed very early yesterday :P

emh: Illedan I'm in Norway. just slept little night before

emh: today woke up at 03:30 though

Illedan: wow

Default avatar.png DefinitiveKev: Hi - only signed up to the site yesterday, I've got a semi-working usually-losing bot for Oceans Of Code. What happens when I press Submit - does that lock it in, or can I change it later, or ...?

Illedan: You can change it during the next 28 days

eulerscheZahl: click and find out

Default avatar.png DefinitiveKev: TY.

eulerscheZahl: there is a limit if you submit every 2 or 3 minutes but nothing you will hit as a normal user

Default avatar.png DefinitiveKev: Yeah, I was just concerned that it'd be permanent.

eulerscheZahl: the longest block for submit spamming is 6h, don't worry and hit the yellow button ;)

Default avatar.png DefinitiveKev: How much effort do people generally put into these things? I seem to be ranking #179 out of 303 in the lowest league with my initial attempt (which is basically a random walk and random fire). I wasn't expecting this version to do well, naturally, but I wonder how good the best bots are. Do people train ANNs on them and the like?

TheLegendaryPotato: Hello World

TheLegendaryPotato: Im a potato

emh: 200 lines data structures, 100 lines BFS, 300 lines opponent tracking, 1000 lines Main, 100 other

eulerscheZahl: there are neural networks in some games but not for this contest i bet, choose the right tool for the right problem

AntiSquid: tone down your expectations Kev1

eulerscheZahl: there are some really skilled players trying hard to win

eulerscheZahl: but also lots of casual coders who just want to have some fun

AntiSquid: wood2 doesn't have strong bots

Default avatar.png DefinitiveKev: Strong enough to beat a random walk, at least ;)

eulerscheZahl: that's not hard

AntiSquid: they are all planks

AntiSquid: drift wood

AntiSquid: drift wood vs rafts

emh: there.. saved a 100 lines. was just commented out and deprecated

dbdr: 🤦

eulerscheZahl: delete it

Default avatar.png dror1212: "Silence requires 6 charge actions to load" - should I do something or it's happening automaticly?

emh: yes can safely delete. because have git. hehe

emh: locally

eulerscheZahl: dror1212 you should do something

eulerscheZahl: MOVE <direction> <chargeAction>

UsernameAsterix: LM

eulerscheZahl: e.g. MOVE N SILENCE

eulerscheZahl: or you charge a torpedo instead: MOVE N TORPEDO

Default avatar.png dror1212: oh got it now, thanks

MindControler: eulerscheZahl , G-Rom and Illedan thanks for contest, was getting really bored during quarantine

eulerscheZahl: :)

eulerscheZahl: my part was the smallest

MindControler: Well I appreciate it anyways, I think we dont give enough merits 2 u

eulerscheZahl: i have fun with the contest myself, so it's partially egoistic motivation :D

MindControler: If everyone is having fun and enjoying it, then there's nothing wrong with 'egoistic' motivation

emh: of main 100 lines vars and input, 100 lines opponent action parsing, 200-250 lines dir and silence choosing, 100 lines, 200 lines torpedo target choosing, 50 lines sonar choosing, 100 lines for mines and triggering and rest for output I guess

emh: skimmed it quickly. so might not be entirely accurate hehe

PJA: I get a Timeout but cant see my output

struct: because the output comes after the timeout

MindControler: PJA it might happen because your bot doesnt output in time, or doesnt output at all

struct: and is never reached

emh: not sure what I should code now. just waiting for the competition. guess I'll start better opponent prediction at some point, but it'll be advanced and will probably fail hehe

PJA: but even if I try printing to stderr in the very start of the loop

Illedan: I've been waiting the whole day to start from scratch on some real code :P

emh: waiting?

Illedan: Procastinating with trying more random spagetti

emh: ah hehe

struct: I start tomorrow

emh: and now you started?

struct: but already have some ideas

Illedan: Not yet

Illedan: :D

Illedan: I have some papers with plans and ideas

Waffle3z: I don't know what to do besides try to tune which thing to charge and how to balance silence and mine

emh: Waffle3z do you sonar?

Waffle3z: yes

emh: maybe can try sonaring the most number of enemy valid positions

Waffle3z: if I don't know which sector you're in and you have more than 9 possible locations then I sonar

PJA: I get a timeout and even if I try printing to stderr in the very start of the loop I cant see any output

Waffle3z: I already sonar the sector with the most possible locations

emh: oki

emh: heh.. did 3 matches against Waffle3z in IDE and lost all. 4th one win

Illedan: I'll be on discord if anyone need anything. I'm off to write better code. bye

Waffle3z: are you doing any sort of pursuit/evasion or do you just space fill

emh: both pursuit and evasion

emh: and default movement is... well shouldn't say because people might target it :p

emh: Waffle3z I see you are doing long stretches across the map. makes you easier to detect

emh: there are not so many places those long stretches will fit

AntiSquid: manspreading

emh: hehe

MadKnight: but is there Automaton2000spreading ?

Automaton2000: there are many ways to do this

MadKnight: how to spread an Automaton2000, Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: where is that in the forum

Waffle3z: I was thinking of prioritizing directions that eliminate the fewest possible locations, I wonder if just a single-depth search would help with that

emh: I check if I split the map by BFS

emh: in that case choose the largest part

Waffle3z: I have that from tron

emh: I was thinking about doing a bunch of random DFSes and choosing the longest one

emh: but have another heuristic that is simple and works now

Waffle3z: all it's good for is minimizing surfaces anyway, at this point rounds typically end before either side surfaces once

emh: yup

emh: I saw my bot doing some blunders though

emh: sometimes

emh: painting itself into a corner

emh: but not often

emh: oooo egaetan submitting

egaetan: emh no worry

Default avatar.png DefinitiveKev: How do people usually VCS this - just copy/paste code between editor and browser, or is there something smarter?

egaetan: i still have some timeouts...

emh: Kev1 there is an extension. but I prefer copy paste

Default avatar.png DefinitiveKev: Ta.

ZarthaxX: CG-Sync Kev1

AntiSquid: how's life ZarthaxX ?

ZarthaxX: corona like

ZarthaxX: im good, relaxed, quarantined

ZarthaxX: doing some work

MindControler: If enemy uses sonar, I get it like this 'SONAR 4'?

ZarthaxX: you squido=?

MindControler: Or 'SONAR4'?

AntiSquid: idk

AntiSquid: i am alive

AntiSquid: is all

AntiSquid: i gonna work from home

Waffle3z: what was oceanofcode based on?

AntiSquid: captain sonar

ZarthaxX: work from home?

ZarthaxX: as a chef?

AntiSquid: no

ZarthaxX: u coder now?

AntiSquid: change jobs twice now .. no, not coder, barely even software support lol

ZarthaxX: lol

ZarthaxX: it's something to start with tho

ZarthaxX: gz!

tonowak: MindControler SONAR 4

Neumann: CGBenchmark updated again ... timeout detection fix

eulerscheZahl: to detect referee timeouts now

eulerscheZahl: MindControler "SONAR 4", statement is wrong

eulerscheZahl: waiting for CG to update it

MindControler: Thanks

AntiSquid: can you torpedo the land next to you or create a blast around the corner of an island?

struct: it cant be in the island itself

AntiSquid: so nobody taking a sunbath can be harmed

eulerscheZahl: blast is always a square around the center of the explosion, blasterpoard can confirm

AntiSquid: ya ok but you can't bomb the beach itself

blasterpoard: it took me 10 minutes to realize that the beep I heard was actually a CG chat ping eulerscheZahl

dbdr: chat pings audibly? :O

blasterpoard: if you have "enable alerts" checked in chat settings

blasterpoard: I think

blasterpoard: btw why would I confirm anything, I have definitely not written a sim yet

sudomakeinstall2: is it possible to do move and silence together?

eulerscheZahl: sure dbdr

sudomakeinstall2: this diagonal jump is silence + move?

eulerscheZahl: and i think only if you get pinged while the CG chat is not your active tab

eulerscheZahl: it's possible to combine both sudomakeinstall2

emh: tried new starting position strategy: in middle of biggest free rectangle. didn't pan out. instead of random position with free sides

eulerscheZahl: i'm procrastenating

eulerscheZahl: contest duration only affects when i will stop doing so

egaetan: mmh that's not fair

eulerscheZahl: you tied vs Illedan

dbdr: seletion bias

eulerscheZahl: for those wondering:

Schneewittchen: emh on the fly

egaetan: emh please push me up !?

egaetan: not this way!

emh: egaetan oops

egaetan: fair enough

egaetan: Ouch

eulerscheZahl: you go down like a submarine

egaetan: lol

egaetan: emh that wasn't nice

emh: egaetan I should buy u a sub then at subway ;)

eulerscheZahl: they have gift cards

eulerscheZahl: not sure if they are open these days though

Lks10: im in Egae's screenshot :D

eulerscheZahl: you are losing in that screenshot

Lks10: no im on the side in the leaderboard

PJA: can I move and use silence at the same turn?

struct: yes

egaetan: o/ Lks10 yes you are !

struct: moves are applied in order you output

struct: so you can also silence and then move

PJA: so i can use torpedo and then move into the torpedo's zone?

struct: the torpedo explodes before

PJA: without getting hit

struct: then you move

PJA: wow

PJA: ok

struct: think on it like multiple turns

struct: you torpedo

struct: and then move

struct: after you can even silence

struct: and mine

Lks10: you can even do a move command, which charges a special attack and then use that special attack

PJA: and the input of the enemy's orders is by order

PJA: ?

Lks10: yes

struct: yes, so you can keep track

emh: hmm.. lemme submit a small change. 10 -> 20. torpedo thingy

PJA: ok ty

egaetan: 10 -20 otrpedo thingy ?! what could that mean ?

karliso: Do both "MOVE N TORPEDO | TORPEDO 0 0" and "TORPEDO 0 0 | MOVE N TORPEDO" charge torpedo?

Lks10: the first one doesn't charge torpedo if torpedo is already fully charged

Illedan: Yeah, the first one only if you miss a charge though

emh: egaetan number of possible enemy positions before firing (in first torpedo if)

egaetan: you shoot even if you don't know ?

Illedan: You have 20? :P I'm at 5 on that counter

emh: yes. try to cover as many cells as possible to either hit or eliminate possible positions

egaetan: i'm at 3

emh: not sure 20 will work better than 10 yet though

emh: and I have some conditions where I fire more or less randomly also

Illedan: I do that in the end of the game :P if (yolomode) ...

egaetan: i don't have an end game mode

emh: Illedan I saw you also explode all mines at end of the game. I don't do that yet

egaetan: you trigger mines too ?

tonowak: Illedan why you don't move when you trigger mines?

Illedan: My bot can't do 2 things at one very well :D

Illedan: *once

Illedan: I have 2 situations where I have ninja hacked an if in there to do 1 more thing

tonowak: really? :P

Illedan: Yeah..

Illedan: My Think method returns a string, instead of an IEnumerable of action. Which would have been far better :D

Illedan: I'll try to fix that and see if it is better

egaetan: 2 situations Illedan ? I only found one

Illedan: Move + torpedo if I target myself Mine + move and recharge MINE

egaetan: mine + move AND recharge, that's clever

egaetan: but i like the no move too

Illedan: Yeah, moving gives me less rounds

Illedan: earlier surface or more visible

Illedan: Lets try

Illedan: :D

egaetan: oops

Illedan: whops, I timeout sometimes :D

eulerscheZahl: who doesn't?

egaetan: i do timeout too

Illedan: Because of that change I get a nullpointer :P

Illedan: Aha, surfacing

eulerscheZahl: lame, my timeouts are real timeouts

Illedan: 10 straight wins :rocket:

Illedan: Just waiting for emh hell

Illedan: And I won :tada:

Illedan: 19 wins and euler :(

eulerscheZahl: you lost to the toad instead

Illedan: Wierd map we had

emh: Illedan ooooo

emh: what did you change?

struct: gg

Illedan: I tried to do more than 1 action at a time :P

emh: your are just at start of battles and 1st already

emh: ohhhh

emh: hehehe

PatrickMcGinnisII: fracking hunt for red october takes a little coding

Illedan: Naive approach

eulerscheZahl: still losing to me half your games :D

Illedan: But it worked out :shrug:

Illedan: I'll go back to my search now

struct: can you mine trigger on same turn?

struct: I guess you can

eulerscheZahl: no

struct: no

struct: :(

tonowak: Illedan I'm winning against you quite frequently :P

emh: ok resubmitting. now support firing torpedo before as well as after move

Illedan: Yeah tonowak, because you cheat :P

tonowak: do I?

eulerscheZahl: "You can't place and trigger a mine in the same turn." check the updated and not yet published statement struct

struct: ah ok

struct: ill wait

eulerscheZahl: seems that we will have to wait till tomorrow

struct: Im starting tomorrow

tonowak: how do I cheat? :P by the way, how do I tag people in this chat? Just by writing someone's name?

Illedan: Yeah, I assue Silence can only go 1 or 0 steps :D xD You got 4 and I have to reset

AntiSquid: maniana maniana say all lazy folks

kovi: hello

Illedan: Hi

tonowak: :O I got third place

kovi: wow, new contest

tonowak: I'm now above you, Illedan

Illedan: I changed it

Illedan: And resub

Illedan: I now accept all silence distances

Illedan: :(

Illedan: bye bye accuracy

tonowak: :P

Illedan: Oooh, I'll add a counter and increase my threshold if I observe such nonesense :)

dbdr: isn't that more accurate Illedan?

dbdr: all distances = no assumptions

dbdr: or do you mean sth else?

Illedan: No, because 90 % of players use 1 or 0. Means I have more accurate detection ;)

tonowak: how do I get better and better place after my submission got fully judged? second place, above eulerscheZahl

sudomakeinstall2: how to get this channel on the discord app?

dbdr: right, depends how you define it

Hjax: hes making an assumption about his opponents behavior in order to track much more accurately when hes right

emh: Illedan how do you observe the nonsense?

Hjax: i supposed if theres no legal positions for his opponent

Illedan: If I have to reset my possible positions => increase it

Hjax: you know your assumption failed

dbdr: and inacurate when he's not :)

eulerscheZahl: tonowak others are still submitting and losing against you that affects your score as well

dbdr: I think 0 and 1 is just easier to code

dbdr: so more used for now, but will probably change

Illedan: Yeah, I didn't bother checking with Silence yet :P

tonowak: first place! :O

eulerscheZahl: Illedan submitting

eulerscheZahl: emh too

tonowak: a, okay :(

eulerscheZahl: take a screenshot!

dbdr: top 4 please resubmit too ;)

Hjax: meanwhile im still in wood league, i need to be less slow

struct: nice intel page works again :D

Illedan: You have about 2 min ;)

dbdr: we can take turns making screenshots ;)

Illedan: Just change the html :P

dbdr: I did that once on a newspaper to improve the headline :D

Illedan: xD

eulerscheZahl: changing the HTML of print media

Illedan: Thx for all the elo egaetan :)

egaetan: Illedan you are a black sheep, no ?

Illedan: :P

eulerscheZahl: that's μ not elo

Illedan: ah

Illedan: elo is the different it jumps on results?

eulerscheZahl: ELO only supports 2 player games

eulerscheZahl: would be fine here, but CG has 4 player games as well

eulerscheZahl: so they use Trueskill

eulerscheZahl: and you see the μ on the leaderboard

eulerscheZahl: they don't show the sigma as users might get confused

Illedan: Aiit. Don't even know how to write that letter on my keyboard :/

emh: 3rd

dbdr: mu - sigma actually

dbdr: that's what's displayed

eulerscheZahl: mini RAIC shows both values

dbdr: that's cool!

eulerscheZahl: right, minus sigma for confidence

dbdr: that's why you tend to go up at the end of submits

dbdr: sigma diminishes

Illedan: I feel I go down later in submits

eulerscheZahl: mu + sigma

Illedan: :clap: egaetan. Something new?

eulerscheZahl: wow, a big lead

dbdr: they should show it on a 2d graph, with the confidence interval

egaetan: Illedan for sure

egaetan: Illedan stop

dbdr: mu - sigma .. mu .. mu + sigma

Illedan: :)

dbdr: wow, gz egaetan!

egaetan: it hurts you know


Illedan: Nice mine placement :D

Illedan: Making the great wall of OOC

emh: hehe

emh: yup nice mine placement

egaetan: Why did i did SURFACE turn 133 !?

kovi: no action?

dbdr: both placed a lot of mines, barely used them

Schneewittchen: Because there was a lack of mines in the field.

dbdr: ended all a torpedo fight

dbdr: what a waste. noobs ;)

Illedan: :(

egaetan: i surface to avoid a potential mine, that's dumb

Illedan: Oh, you track enemy mines? :O

dbdr: CG player is messed up, shows all stdout as if it came from red

dbdr: but prints both red and orange on every turn

dbdr: in a sequential game

dbdr: :thinking:

egaetan: Illedan yes

Illedan: I should start doing that soon, as more follow on the mine game :(

egaetan: that's a nightmare, but i only print one instruction per turn

smeagol: c'est l'occasion pour finir 1 ere

eulerscheZahl: wow, that's a large lake

eulerscheZahl: english please smeagol

eulerscheZahl: that one is even bigger i should code something about that

smeagol: Hi eulersche

eulerscheZahl: hi

Illedan: Wow, that's a big one

smeagol: I 'm sorry

Illedan: I'll keep that to test

dbdr: the mine can even reach the sea from the lake

eulerscheZahl: you mean the blast?

emh: fixed a bug. still 3rd

dbdr: yes

tonowak: had anyone had some luck with implementing hit & run/silence?

egaetan: Illedan again !?

Illedan: Hm, nah just lucky.

Illedan: I'm trying to use silence only when there is > X number of possible spots to move to

egaetan: i do that

egaetan: but my X is not scientificly proved

Illedan: Is anything else in your code proved scientifically? :P

eulerscheZahl: the addition of 2 numbers

eulerscheZahl: posX + moveX = newPosX

Illedan: :clap:

Schneewittchen: :thinking:

emh: doing heavy refactoring for multiple org^^^ hrrg I mean action support. will probably break lots

Illedan: Looking forward to 300 rounds tomorrow

sudomakeinstall2: how to get this channel on discord app?

eulerscheZahl: you don't, this chat is XMPP

sudomakeinstall2: ok thanks

emh: Illedan it will be 300?

Illedan: Yes

eulerscheZahl: 1 place + 299 move turns

tonowak: again in top5 :D

egaetan: 300 turns ? i think nerf the mines ?

Default avatar.png OmidSafari: hi

tonowak: hi

Default avatar.png OmidSafari: how ar u?

tonowak: good. And you?

Default avatar.png OmidSafari: fine thanks

Default avatar.png OmidSafari: what is DISCORD?

tonowak: an alternative, app-based chat

tonowak: though this chat is more active

Default avatar.png sanfarans: czesc Tomek, pamietam cie z oia (ang. what a beautiful day)

Default avatar.png OmidSafari: HOW long u ar in Coding game?

tonowak: o kurczę (eng. indeed)

JFB: :-)

emh: first 10 battles win. nice. refactor troubles over? :)

tonowak: sanfarans I would say something more, but it is an english chat

ZarthaxX: go to a private chat or to your channel lang

emh: 1st. yay :)

Default avatar.png sanfarans: tonowak ikr

egaetan: gg emh

AntiSquid: if you type non english without avatar = ban @_@

emh: gg egaetan

Default avatar.png sanfarans: uhhh pls no

AntiSquid: just get an avatar then

Default avatar.png sanfarans: oh ok

JFB: AntiSquid - easy - it is creative he use non english to creative translation :-)

AntiSquid: yes and i use creative ways to make people upload an avatar

muy31: question... in ocean of code, say you found exactly where your opponent is

muy31: What is the strategy you then want to employ to kill it

muy31: defeat it i mean

Uljahn: hit and run

muy31: you just move toward it?

muy31: and drop weapons

muy31: or something

Default avatar.png sanfarans: here you go

sanfarans: its beanos

tonowak: and what can you do to reduce his health? only torpedoes (I'm assuming you are in wood league)

muy31: i mean yeeah

muy31: just started

Uljahn: you can just try to stay longer underwater

Schneewittchen: back on track

muy31: well thanks

egaetan: gg Schneewittchen

emh: oh no dropped to 2nd..

emh: egaetan grrr!

egaetan: pfouuuu emh next time maybe

sanfarans: is it possible to drop leagues?

AntiSquid: no

sanfarans: ok thanks, kinda epic

Uljahn: jeez, 28 days of 1st place switches

AntiSquid: unless you make new account or delete your current one and then recreate it

AntiSquid: can beat boss in IDE, gg bottleneck ladder

MostComplicatedUsername: How do I save my code without submitting it?

Uljahn: press play

MostComplicatedUsername: ok

AntiSquid: in windows media player

MostComplicatedUsername: :/

muy31: haha

Uljahn: "play my code" button saves your last code

emh: ok trying again

egaetan: noooo

AntiSquid: ladder shuffle is normal

emh: who is this newcomer AnEsotericMan?

AntiSquid: don't bother looking at it until the last day

AntiSquid: an esoteric man i guess

Default avatar.png AnEsotericMan: It's true

emh: AnEsotericMan are you an alt? why so sudden? why y u no surprise us?

Default avatar.png AnEsotericMan: Not an alt, just haven't done any challenges here before, really

emh: ohh

egaetan: Hi AnEsotericMan

AntiSquid: he is the highest python, why would it be an alt :p

emh: snakes on a plane. that high?

Default avatar.png AnEsotericMan: only spot you may have seen me before is in Halite 3 I ended 37th as ColinWHart

emh: ok I hardly played Halite

Default avatar.png AnEsotericMan: The real question is how much better my both will do once I use silence and mines

JFB: 37th is good result

emh: AnEsotericMan how many lines?

JFB: Say - 33

Uljahn: numpy tricks?

Default avatar.png AnEsotericMan: Looks like 537 right now, including reasonable spacing and sparse comments

AntiSquid: python one liner code golf duh

egaetan: emh vs Illedan are you playing in team ?

emh: AnEsotericMan wow unfair. me and my 1800 lines spent hard work on this game. everyone with their half-k lines.. buuuhuuu

emh: egaetan hehe no

Default avatar.png AnEsotericMan: Python has some advantages if you're judging by linecount, yeah

egaetan: 950 loc in Java

emh: looks like this submit not gonna cut it either

sanfarans: wtf my wood2 code got me promoted to bronze

sanfarans: i havent even tried playing with new toys

Schneewittchen: 1441 java with javaDoc of course ^^

Uljahn: im 20th with 230 LoCs and a very low effort bot, so quality drops pretty fast outside of top-10 :smirk:

emh: Schneewittchen finally someone else who's got a big chunk of lines hehe

emh: Uljahn unfair! 230! unheard of

Default avatar.png icecream17: 0 possibleOpp positions?

egaetan: Schneewittchen with Javadoc really !?

emh: egaetan thanks to you amma have to sleep in 2nd place tonight... :(

egaetan: it depends, at wich time do you go to bed tonight ?

emh: hey 3rd viking icecuber

emh: egaetan I don't think I can code much more tonight.. so probably soon

Schneewittchen: @egatan Noo just kiddin :D But will soon be necessary if the pile of spaghetti code keeps piling up.

Schneewittchen: And maybe adding sonar, mines and delete the movement from wood 2 :thinking:

egaetan: maybe... adding mines help

egaetan: sonar i dont know yet

egaetan: emh you are not sleeping ?

Schneewittchen: would probably help to prevent the timeouts because of the 100000 paths

egaetan: i timeout long before 100k

Schneewittchen: yea around 5k :D

egaetan: me too

Schneewittchen: silence ...

Schneewittchen: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

emh: egaetan not yet

PJA: if both me and the enemy fired a torpedo and the enemy lost hp, is there a why that I can know what damaged the emeny?

egaetan: you was first again some seconds ago emh

egaetan: and third and back snd

emh: ohh :)

tonowak: PJA the referee doesn't output such info

tonowak: though it might be possible to dedude it

PJA: how?

tonowak: I am able to, kind of :) but I won't tell it

egaetan: PJA you can't

Uljahn: it means the enemy is near one of two cells so you need additional info from previous turns i guess

struct: you can guess

struct: buty cant be certain 100%

struct: at least in all cases

egaetan: but the ennemy firing in his shoes should be dumb enough to loose anyway

Uljahn: true

PJA: ty all

tonowak: emh you dropped

Default avatar.png JBM: stream kinda starting now, sorry for the delay

emh: ok resubmit

Schneewittchen: but can he score > 40?

egaetan: tonowak gg

tonowak: thanks :D

WeberJulian: does this mean that you can purposefully shoot yourself if you see that the enemy fired a torpedo so that the enemy thinks you're somewhere else ?

emh: JBM late night streaming? hmm

tonowak: WeberJulian possibly, yes, if the enemy does indeed have such logic

egaetan: tonowak what are the numbers in your msg ?

egaetan: JBM ->

tonowak: just some random stuff :)

Schneewittchen: second the opp positions i would guess

egaetan: hmmm

Schneewittchen: *hitted 2*

egaetan: tonowak MOVE E SILENCE | TORPEDO 11 0 | SILENCE E 3 | MSG 0 3 5 that's unfair

tonowak: egaetan why is that unfair? :P

egaetan: move + torpedo + silence

JFB: Hit end run

JFB: *end

WeberJulian: but you can't MOVE ans SILENCE at the same time can you ?

JFB: Why not?

WeberJulian: Someone told me on an another channel that SILENCE was already a move action

Schneewittchen: Oh wait ... what

egaetan: Illedan, emh, Elfuego submitting...

tonowak: it is not true, you can do any action you want, but only once per turn. So move & silence is find

egaetan: how to have a stable leaderboard

JFB: I think that you can do this same command twice. MOVE & SILENCE are different commands

JFB: *can not do

emh: resubmitting. had a sonar disabling bug. just wanted to invest less in sonar towards end of game

egaetan: it just so unfair, nobody does that

JFB: tomorrow most will do

JFB: egaetan - submarine is unfair from definition

Default avatar.png icecream17: Wood 2 boss has only 4 lives, finally...

emh: icecream17 wrong link. it's for your IDE. you should share a replay

Default avatar.png icecream17:

Illedan: Hm, nice. top 10 has equal amounts of Norwegians and French :) Gotta be a first

sanfarans: when will there be more leagues?

Illedan: 3/27/20

Illedan: Click on the League marker above the Viewer

tonowak: you can click on the "bronze league" text on the top

sanfarans: ok thanks

emh: ok once more. narrower torpedo range. 5

emh: enemy positions

emh: instead of 10

egaetan: Torpedo range 10 do you mean silence + torpedo ?

emh: no no

emh: just how many positions of enemy there can be

JFB: 10? Rather 9? or even 8

egaetan: what do you mean emh ?

tonowak: JFB does that make such a difference?

emh: how certain of enemy position before firing

egaetan: you tried 20 was worst ?

Schneewittchen: 25 :thinking:

egaetan: do you mean 5% or 1/5 ?

JFB: tonowak - it depends :-)

JFB: Siply - silendce + no torpedo == #30

RanN42: what does time out means in ocean of code?

RanN42: after 10 turns it just times out...

emh: egaetan 1/5

emh: seems like 1/10 was better

egaetan: sure of position or sure to hit ?

emh: maybe

Default avatar.png icecream17: comment a portion of the code and get the ms

tonowak: RanN42 that means a runtime error or that you used more than 50 milliseconds on a turn

struct: RanN42 it means you didint output in time

Illedan: Huge difference if you manage to reduce locations before the enemy uses Silence though

emh: just the number of possible enemy positions is 5

emh: or less

struct: maybe you have infinite loop?

RanN42: oh ok

egaetan: emh i've the same with 3 only

egaetan: i don't like to fire free

egaetan: i trigger mine free

RanN42: is there any way to know what action takes most of the turn time?

tonowak: yes. You can google how to measure time in code

RanN42: oh ok thx

tonowak: though remember that you could also have a runtime error

RanN42: no i dont get any error its just on the round my torpedo is ready im doing a lot of calculation to find best spot and the round times out

tonowak: hmm the same bot now got 5th place instead of 1st. Is that normal behavior?

Illedan: Too few games

Illedan: Random maps

Illedan: And random starting position

Illedan: as we don't yet to swapped games

Schneewittchen: Have u planned swapped games?

Illedan: I hope we can do it in Legend and in the rerun

tonowak: ok, ty. Then I guess I'll go to sleep. I hope I'll stay in top10 tomorrow morning :P

Illedan: Promise nothing ^^

egaetan: tonowak gg & gn

tonowak: gn

Illedan: gn

Default avatar.png icecream17: Yes! I tied against the Wood 2 bot!!!

Default avatar.png icecream17:

egaetan: already 3go to bed ! tonowak

Illedan: Damn random loses vs > 100 -.-

egaetan: don't blame yourself

Zenoscave: What is the current meta?

Zenoscave: I just finished my base framework

Zenoscave: might need to look at some good replays

egaetan: hide yourself

RanN42: its so weird in a random round the ocean of code just time out even before it start to execute any code in the game loop, not even first line get executed and it doesnt have any reason to time out. :(

Default avatar.png icecream17: just comment out specfic functions

RanN42: ok

Default avatar.png icecream17: make a variable and show the ms

Default avatar.png icecream17: the round is probably not random, there's an exception or situation which your code fails or something

RanN42: ok found out that if i comment the torpedo code it not crash but if i dont it crashes at random round and doesnt even do the stuff before for some reason

Default avatar.png icecream17: interesting [no comment]

RoboStac: are you using python?

RanN42: yes

RoboStac: make sure you put flush=True in all your debug prints

RoboStac: or they get buffered

RoboStac: and you have no idea where you actually got to

RanN42: how like this? print("", flush=True)

RoboStac: yeah

RanN42: ok i will keep debugging that

Uljahn: print("debug", file=sys.stderr, flush=True)

ZarthaxX: what is this error...


Uljahn: no direction for move

ZarthaxX: aight

ZarthaxX: lol

Illedan: Robo joining ooc?

RoboStac: probably later

RoboStac: not started yet

Schneewittchen: Say bye to the crown if he has joined :D

emh: resubmitted. more enemy chasing. explode mines near end.

Illedan: I wont keep that crown for long anyway

Illedan: But I'll try :)

muy31: do you have to move in ocean of code

muy31: too lazy to check

emh: muy31 yes. unless you do silence 0

emh: or another action

emh: to replace

muy31: how did you turn that text red?

Illedan: How is that sleep doing emh? :P

emh: Illedan sleep? whaaat? hehehee

Illedan: :D

struct: muy31 if he types your name it shows red for you

muy31: oh damn

muy31: i didnt know

struct: also you should get a ping sound

muy31: yeah

Illedan: Damn, so close

egaetan: go to sleep Illedan

struct: a bit

Illedan: I have my 1 hour old code that won this version of you 9-1 egaetan :P

Zenoscave: PEW PEW ZarthaxX

egaetan: :(

Default avatar.png Tinyphoenix: hi

Illedan: I'll go to sleep if it stops 1st :D

egaetan: I hope it's the one i play aginst in ide

Illedan: heh

struct: dbdr you there?

dbdr: yes

dbdr: struct?

struct: sorry

struct: I was trying to be sure

struct: on rust

struct: if I put rust bot that is arena on IDE

struct: it plays the code in "release" right

dbdr: I don't think so

dbdr: people get timeouts with bots that don't in the arena

egaetan: Illedan grrrr

Illedan: What did I do? :P

Illedan: Pushing failed submits :(

egaetan: gn

Illedan: Casually eating all of emhs' mines -.-

Illedan: gn

emh: gn Illedan

Default avatar.png OmidSafari: hi

sudomakeinstall2: SILENCE W 1 SONAR|TORPEDO 10 5

sudomakeinstall2: is this illegal?

Zenoscave: yes

Zenoscave: SILENCE only takes direction and distance

Zenoscave: no charge

sudomakeinstall2: oh thanks

Zenoscave: :+1:

Default avatar.png jiniiii: hi

Default avatar.png HMu0510: hi

Default avatar.png MassiveRobot_1b90: bye

struct: euler or Illedan here?

Zenoscave: no

Zenoscave: just me

struct: damn :(

struct: I think its a little bug

Zenoscave: What can I help with ;)

struct: but im not sure

Zenoscave: I can't help with that

struct: SILENCE dir 0

struct: works

struct: is that supposed ?

Zenoscave: Yes

struct: ah right

Zenoscave: you can move 0 spaces with silence

struct: it says 00 to 4 cells

struct: 0*

Zenoscave: lol


Schneewittchen: @tonowak is the master of cell deforming

Schneewittchen: Bug or feature?

stormKx18: does anybody knows if you can destroy enemy mines with a torpedo?

Schneewittchen: I think you cant do that

stormKx18: ok, I will try it, thanks

emh: crossed 2k lines

Default avatar.png PYB: so quick question

Schneewittchen: How is your tracking going?

Default avatar.png PYB: why can we click on "launch clash" prior to the timer finishing?

Default avatar.png PYB: why would a clash start before all players had a chance to join?

Schneewittchen: @PYB Can you always start or only as the host?

Default avatar.png PYB: well everytime I click to join a new clash, some people join, and if I click on "lauch clash" it starts right away. It doens't wait for the time

Default avatar.png PYB: timer

Default avatar.png PYB: I dont know the concept of host

Schneewittchen: If you are the first player in the clash I would suggest that you are the host

Default avatar.png PYB: ahhh ok

Beerus: i didn't saw an announcement for contest

Beerus: i think the next one was on Mau

Beerus: May

Default avatar.png PYB: @Schneewittchen THanks

Astrobytes: Beerus yeah there was an email, it's an 'emergency contest' :D Everyone's on lockdown/quarantine so CG and some community members decided there should be a contest in the downtime

Beerus: that's awesome

Beerus: thank you

Zenoscave: I fixed something and I'm not sure what

Zenoscave: My bot just jumped to ~35th

Default avatar.png icecream17: how do you floodfill

PatrickMcGinnisII: your pew pew , pew pewed

Zenoscave: BFS is enough for this game

Zenoscave: I think

Default avatar.png Gooddae: hi guys

Zenoscave: thx PatrickMcGinnisII

PatrickMcGinnisII: I flood fill with a stack, but I'm using a 2 dim array. If you use OOP tile nodes, there's plenty of BFS examples

Zenoscave: Why stack with 2D?

Zenoscave: some advantage?

PatrickMcGinnisII: non-recursive

Zenoscave: ah true

PatrickMcGinnisII: u can do a couple different ways, but if input is a grid array with valid/invalid set (map). And a to x,y from x1,y1 it's pretty easy just to set a parent direction. You can grab the last value for the first move on path, or grab the entire path inverting N to S, E to W, etc. ok, way too much info

Zenoscave: I just use a neighborhood function

Zenoscave: with a regular queue

struct: ill just use my STC function

Zenoscave: We're doomed struct wins

struct: I pasted it here before

PatrickMcGinnisII: what does STC stand for?

struct: smash the code

Zenoscave: smash the code

struct: I run like millions of floodfills per turn sometimes

PatrickMcGinnisII: well i did pretty good floodfilling in tron

PatrickMcGinnisII: same basic method

Zenoscave: Have you tried that with avx struct?

Hjax: how do peoples flood fills deal with dead ends?

struct: no, I only tried avx on CSB

struct: what do you mean Hjax?

Hjax: like, if you make a U shape

Hjax: and your sub goes into the middle of it

Hjax: well crap, we are stuck, guess we have to surface

PatrickMcGinnisII: did you github the stc struct?

Zenoscave: floodfill from each possible move and choose the one that leaves most room is all I do

Hjax: just knowing the amount of space doesnt mean the submarine can path through the whole area

struct: No Patrick I just shared the floodfill function here

PatrickMcGinnisII: oic

Hjax: Zenoscave yeah thats probably "good enough" buts its not optimal

Zenoscave: depth 1 works fine Hjax not so much with depth 0

Zenoscave: Too much else with the game to worry

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: hey man~

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: i need help

Hjax: maybe im worrying about something too unimportant to matter

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: please

PatrickMcGinnisII: hjax well u can use a voroni method to weight the 4 possible moves each turn to maximize movable area

PatrickMcGinnisII: but i haven't done it yet

Zenoscave: I believe so Hjax. just avoid surfacing somewhat but silence is much more important

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: everybodt

Zenoscave: who are you talking to TheoreticalScone_afaa

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: everybody

PatrickMcGinnisII: i haven't done it, because I want to attack more. that kind of decision should be done on turn 0

Zenoscave: 60% winrate against egaetan in local

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: put your hadns up!!!

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: sorry

Zenoscave: I don't have any hadns

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: no hands?

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: true?

Zenoscave: no I have hands

PatrickMcGinnisII: they are pew pews

Zenoscave: pew pew

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: i want

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: solve this problem

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: help me please

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: firend

PatrickMcGinnisII: send TP, lol

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: what's mean TP?

Zenoscave: toilet paper

Scarfield: apparently the most important thing to have during quratine

PatrickMcGinnisII: I coded for beer in college

emh: town portal

Zenoscave: true emh

PatrickMcGinnisII: ooooh a Diablo enthusiast

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: hmm

Default avatar.png stabdard: 有中文就太棒了

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: hey

emh: in the desolates wastes of Orinoc. maybe there you will find an answer

Zenoscave: 14/20 wins against egaetan

Zenoscave: just need to fix some small bugs

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok AoM i guess

Zenoscave: Hero Siege is fun too

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: hello

Zenoscave: really crappy off brand Moba

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: 안녕하세요

Default avatar.png syoon: cheese crust

PatrickMcGinnisII: what is asia waking up now?

emh: Zenoscave I'm above egaetan. test against me :)

Zenoscave: Ok will do

Default avatar.png syoon: thx

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: where are you from ?

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: hey

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: korea

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: answer me

emh: actually I ended up numero uno! :D

Default avatar.png syoon: 왜 갑자기 영어씀

emh: finally I can get some sleep then hehe

Zenoscave: gratz emh

Zenoscave: I'm comming for ya

emh: thx :)

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: hey

emh: better go now then before you coming hehe

Default avatar.png stabdard: korea is beautiful

emh: good night

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: everyone

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: solve this problem plz

Default avatar.png JeonHyun9: sibal

Zenoscave: gn

Scarfield: gn

Default avatar.png Gooddae: hey crazy korean

Zenoscave: 5/5 against you emh

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Default avatar.png Gooddae: get off

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: shut up[

Zenoscave: W/L i mean

Default avatar.png JeonHyun9: moonje jot gat ne

Scarfield: stop spamming

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: oh

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: my god

Default avatar.png Gooddae: get out COIVD-19 guys

emh: Zenoscave ah ok.. so you will be threat I guess?

Default avatar.png JeonHyun9: sorry

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: What The Hell

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: corona

Zenoscave: If I fix this bug... and find it first

Default avatar.png TheoreticalScone_afaa: you will get corona

Default avatar.png Gooddae: i love pari ji sung

Default avatar.png Gooddae: not you guys

Zenoscave: MODS

Scarfield: you have been fast getting to the top zeno? :muscle:

Default avatar.png Gooddae: park*

Zenoscave: yeah was ~80 an hour ago

Default avatar.png Gooddae: i love heung-min Son

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: Fuck off Good bae

Default avatar.png Gooddae: not bae

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: Yeag Gooddae

Default avatar.png Gooddae: sorry

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: Ok

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: Dont say that

Default avatar.png Gooddae: im noob

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: We are not COVID guys

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: Got it?>

Default avatar.png Gooddae: where r u from?

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: Korea

Default avatar.png Gooddae: oh god..

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: Got it?

Default avatar.png Gooddae: Moon Jane alright?

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: Yeah

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: I dont wanna apply anymore

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: I am busy

Default avatar.png Gooddae: okay, do your job

Default avatar.png icecream17: hmmm timeout

Default avatar.png CJDawson: halp

Default avatar.png icecream17: what happened?

Default avatar.png CJDawson: I tried to learn C

Default avatar.png icecream17: I only know 1 language....

Default avatar.png CJDawson: What's that?

Default avatar.png icecream17: javascript

Default avatar.png CJDawson: k

Default avatar.png CJDawson: I only know Python, C# and Java

stormKx18: icecream - maybe in that turn your code did not send an output

Default avatar.png icecream17: it does eventually... but it takes too long in the 6th or 8th move

Default avatar.png icecream17: so timeout and i lose

sanfarans: any idea why can my opponentOrders string cin empty?

sanfarans: I do cin.ignore() before getline

sanfarans: C++


Scarfield: this is how my default code looks like for reading that part of input, you have the same?

sanfarans: yup pretty much

sanfarans: my variables are global though

Scarfield: no idea then :(

sanfarans: thanks for effort :)

Scarfield: small effort, but no problem :p