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eulerscheZahl: mostly G-Rom

Zenoscave: Well thank you G-Rom then

Zenoscave: I like it a lot

MostComplicatedUsername: G-Rom???

MostComplicatedUsername: Confused

eulerscheZahl: CG staff

dbdr: you guys speaking too early, I was confused why i did not get a log for day. I split at 4m UTC :D

eulerscheZahl: 4 milli or 4 millions?

dbdr: 4am, sry

Zenoscave: lol

dbdr: I guessed that's a quiet time on the chat

eulerscheZahl: it was

dbdr: probably not during contests :D

eulerscheZahl: before the contest

dbdr: I woke up earlier than normal, wonder why ;)

eulerscheZahl: still very few in bronze

dbdr: yes, it's unusual right?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Waffle3z: I got out of wood by spamming torpedos to eliminate potential enemy positions

dbdr: well, it's a marathon, better than too easy

eulerscheZahl: wood should be easy, otherwise higher bosses are the same strength as for lower leagues or really strong

eulerscheZahl: let's see how this works out

MostComplicatedUsername: If my opponent surfaces, how will I know where they are?

eulerscheZahl: read the statement

Waffle3z: it tells you what sector they're in, like SURFACE 3

eulerscheZahl: the table ;)

MostComplicatedUsername: Ohhhhh I didn't see that

MostComplicatedUsername: I was looking at the "Game input" section

Waffle3z: which actions can be done simultaneously? can I do everything at the same time if they're all charged?

eulerscheZahl: oh, i messed up a space on SONAR in the table

eulerscheZahl: i'm not sure on SURFACE tbh

eulerscheZahl: the rest can be done in parallel

Waffle3z: what about MOVE N 1|SILENCE N 4

eulerscheZahl: test it

Waffle3z: can I drop a mine and trigger it in the same turn?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: as stated

Waffle3z: just says you can't trigger more than one mine at once

eulerscheZahl: oh, it's not :/

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Waffle3z: would be a cool 4 damage in 1 turn if I could torpedo somebody, drop a mine on them and blow it up all at once

Waffle3z: even better if they're trapped and need to surface

dbdr: instakill

eulerscheZahl: RAIC intensifies

stormKx18: cool a new contest, thanks eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: my part was the smallest actually

dbdr: listed fist

dbdr: oh, is it random?

dbdr: saw Illeda first before

eulerscheZahl: alphabetical order

eulerscheZahl: e, G, I


eulerscheZahl: how often do you plan to index?

dbdr: hum, pretty sure Illedan was first yesterday

eulerscheZahl: nope

eulerscheZahl: i like the agent ID in that table

dbdr: :smiling_imp:

dbdr: I normally do once a day, but I just hacked the code to support a challenge

dbdr: how often do you suggest?

eulerscheZahl: shrugs

eulerscheZahl: time to start a bot for me

dbdr: for one month, once a day is not day

dbdr: *not bad

eulerscheZahl: depends on your intention

dbdr: yes, you look weird in wood1 with NA rank ;)

eulerscheZahl: SaiksyApo promoted me

dbdr: I know

dbdr: mostly intention is to have the historical data, probably do a nice graph at some point

eulerscheZahl: so not finding hiders who occasionally submit

eulerscheZahl: then it's fine

eulerscheZahl: on the other hand: when i leave the tab open, it's a request every minute or so so traffic wise it's acceptable to do it more often

dbdr: well, I have something fancy do deal with submits in progress

dbdr: so I don't add noise to the data

dbdr: so it's a few requests, not one. but still light in for sure

dbdr: WTIT was so quick to get to bronze

dbdr: but his bot is broken :(

dbdr: can't think he's hiding

dbdr: way too early to make sense

dbdr: he just goes north until he crashes :D

Waffle3z: sounds like wood 2 boss

dbdr: you got in before it was fixed?

Waffle3z: yes

dbdr: the real one was hard

Waffle3z: sounds hard, wood 1 was hard

dbdr: when I passed it, I got to the top of wood 1 immediately

Waffle3z: wood 2 is just wood 1 without sonar? so a bit easier but still all that logic is required to beat it

Waffle3z: I mean without silence

eulerscheZahl: without SONAR *and* SILENCE

eulerscheZahl: but the boss doesn't use SONAR

dbdr: no silence for sure. I don't know if it's the same boss code

eulerscheZahl: same boss code

eulerscheZahl: checks cooldown and ignores skills with -1

eulerscheZahl: otherwise charges 1 skill randomly

dbdr: clean

Waffle3z: just tracking the possible positions by simulating the moves from every possible spawn was my first step, but wood 1 boss uses silence so I immediately had to go the next step and add more possible positions every time they silence

eulerscheZahl: for the boss SILENCE is always 1 cell but real players might do different

Waffle3z: yeah it's also good for fast travel, I just wonder if it can be combined with MOVE to go even faster

eulerscheZahl: test it, i don't know

dbdr: read the source, luke

Waffle3z: can I charge the torpedo from 2 to 3 and then fire it in the same turn, like MOVE N TORPEDO|TORPEDO 0 0

eulerscheZahl: yes

Waffle3z: SILENCE E 1|MOVE E did work

Waffle3z: pro gamer move: charge SILENCE immediately after using it

Waffle3z: MOVE N|MOVE N does not work

Waffle3z: that would have been fun

Default avatar.png anid: @eulerscheZahl are you allowed to participate?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Waffle3z: the creators' insider info advantage probably goes away pretty early

eulerscheZahl: i have an "advantage" of 2 days, which isn't a real advantage as i didn't even find time to write a bot

eulerscheZahl: and we are still tracking bugs and reading the chat during the contest, so it's actually a disadvantage

Default avatar.png anid: I just started, what does sonar result actually give?

eulerscheZahl: true or false you can guess, if the opponent is in a sector of your choice

Default avatar.png anid: So it checks which sector?

dbdr: reading the chat might be an advantage :)

eulerscheZahl: it checks, it it is in a sector or not

eulerscheZahl: it won't tell you the right sector out of 9 possible

dbdr: unless you use the secret "SONAR ?" command

eulerscheZahl: the boss is mean, he just killed me :/

reCurse: sayori please stop inviting me to clash

reCurse: I won't ever play that

dbdr: reCurse how do you like the game?

sayori: but i refuse

reCurse: You've spammed me like 50 invites in the past 2 weeks

reCurse: Please stop

sayori: okayokay i am sorry

reCurse: Thanks

sayori: i wont do that again

eulerscheZahl: i hate that "feature" of invites

sayori: why

eulerscheZahl: there is no "unsubscribe" or however to should be called

reCurse: dbdr I get the feeling the game will get stale

reCurse: Either that or I have a hard time motivating myself on CG anymore

reCurse: Not saying it's a bad game though

Waffle3z: why are you always at the top of the invite list

reCurse: But I'm pretty sure it will end up just like utg

dbdr: has some similarities with UTG in that guessing opponent moves is crucial

dbdr: meaning?

eulerscheZahl: i think it's a better for for a marathon than locam was but still a little too long for my taste

eulerscheZahl: better fit for*

reCurse: Don't want to diss locam but

reCurse: I think any other game would be better suited for a marathon

reCurse: Guessing games mean a very volatile meta

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: no dominant search, more like RPS

reCurse: So do I feel like plugging holes for a month straight

eulerscheZahl: which can be exhausting if you play it for 4 weeks

dbdr: locam was august. it was nice doing it casually

eulerscheZahl: unrelated: i just checked my profile settings to see if i can block CoC invites what does "METTRE A JOUR" mean and why is it in French?

reCurse: Update

reCurse: And because localization is hard

eulerscheZahl: clicking it reloaded the page, RIP chat history

Waffle3z: MSG for the player on the right is off the screen

eulerscheZahl: -> Illedan

Waffle3z: silence makes the submarine stretched, look at the sizes at the end

eulerscheZahl: known issue

Default avatar.png anid: Is MOVE N TORPEDO | TORPEDO X Y allowed?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Default avatar.png anid: Can you get hurt by your own torpedoes?

dbdr: yes

Uljahn: is reading the rules allowed?

Default avatar.png anid: Comp has a small screen only half of each sentence of the rules is visible

dbdr: anid maybe you can read it easier here:

Default avatar.png anid: thanks

Default avatar.png gopigopi096: can anyone give solutoin

eulerscheZahl: solution for what?

AntiSquid: to life

jthemphill: smitsimax is just MCTS with two trees, where you need to combine two nodes together to get one game state, useful for simultaneous decision games... right?

AntiSquid: ya something like that

jthemphill: cool

eulerscheZahl: and noone outside of CG will understand that word

jthemphill: we should write a wikipedia article about it

jthemphill: nose goes

AntiSquid: problem is the algo already exists under a different name

AntiSquid: you can't just rename it .

jthemphill: but... the other name is "CadiaPlayer: A Simulation-Based General Game Player"

AntiSquid: smitsi is CG slang

AntiSquid: i think you can also call it decoupled mcts


jthemphill: sure, we can go with that

jthemphill: and then link the smitsimax article

AntiSquid: that mentions some simultaneous mcts variants

jthemphill: neat, bookmarking

Nixerrr: afaik, it isn't the exact same thing as decoupled MCTS

AntiSquid: i have the feeling you're biased towards naming it smitsimax because you first familiarized yourself with that name

Nixerrr: I'm not super familiar with either, but I know that ms is often too humble about his own achievements

Nixerrr: so it's probably different and novel enough to at least merit its own name

AntiSquid: well then again a lot of papers present something as new but there's only a small difference being presented ...

Nixerrr: AntiSquid just noticed you're a mod now :O

AntiSquid: ya w/e

AntiSquid: kids started dodging chat a lot more now it seems

Nixerrr: :ok_hand:

AntiSquid: ah and with schools being closed there will be even less "e-vandalism"

Nixerrr: Could be, yeah

jthemphill: CG always seemed pretty high-quality, though i guess maybe that's just because of the mods

AntiSquid: no

jthemphill: k

Nixerrr: :smile_cat:

AntiSquid: except for Madao imo

jthemphill: :grimacing:

**Nixerrr is googline Captain Sonar Tactics Guide

Nixerrr: *googling

eulerscheZahl: did you sleep last night Nixerrr?

Nixerrr: I did :( I'm such a loser

eulerscheZahl: and you got an easy promotion with the broken boss

eulerscheZahl: i still have no idea how that could happen

Nixerrr: Haha yeah, that was a nice surprise

dbdr: you missed the achivement feeling of beating it ;)

dbdr: was far from trivial

AntiSquid: which boss was broken?

eulerscheZahl: at least he got the XP

eulerscheZahl: all bosses

AntiSquid: oh .

eulerscheZahl: we had a test contribution, worked fine

Nixerrr: I do feel bad for beating wood 2 without reading the statement

eulerscheZahl: somehow the contest had a different boss code

AntiSquid: val growth finally promoted

eulerscheZahl: strong player, i had no doubts that he will make it

AntiSquid: the issue was he was stuck above the boss not below ... no matter how strong the bug still got him

eulerscheZahl: ?

eulerscheZahl: broken leaderboard?

AntiSquid: there was a bug with promotion

eulerscheZahl: interesting

eulerscheZahl: that would suck on a sprint :D

AntiSquid: he was at 42 points, boss at 40

**dbdr recalls locam sprint

AntiSquid: stuck like that for a long time

eulerscheZahl: #jp chat is boring

dbdr: are you trying random country codes? :D

dbdr: anything to avoid improving your bot?

AntiSquid: no chat till legend

AntiSquid: how are you Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: you'd need to have a higher score

eulerscheZahl: oh, i have an opponent tracker now

AntiSquid: so who made the bosses if you are in wood ?

eulerscheZahl: G-Rom started long ago

eulerscheZahl: i pepped them up a bit

eulerscheZahl: like using torpedoes without being 100% sure about the opponent position

eulerscheZahl: educated guessing, there are only a few possible candidates after a few turns

jacek: happy Caturday

eulerscheZahl: lockdown, every day is caturday now

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Don't you do homeoffice?

AntiSquid: work from home?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Are you asking me? @AntiSquid

Default avatar.png T-Rone: hello everyone

AntiSquid: was asking Automaton2000

Automaton2000: now i just need to be in the input

Uljahn: if opponent_orders == "SUMMON Automaton2000": print('Panic!')

Automaton2000: so i changed it to

AntiSquid: Call of Automaton2000

Automaton2000: can you be sure astrobytes, you have the same score

MSmits: how do you guys determine where to move? I don't have much trouble to write an opponent tracker, but movement logic is diffeent

MSmits: different

eulerscheZahl: go where you haven't been before or you will lose

eulerscheZahl: i think it's too early for that question

MSmits: hmm ok, well that's as far as I got also :P

eulerscheZahl: later on you will try to obfuscate your own position

MSmits: I really do things in a different order i guess

MSmits: I spent hours getting all bitboards ready and write an opponent tracker, but my bot cant move yet :P

eulerscheZahl: bitboards again, i'm not surprised :D

MSmits: do you have an array of integers for map? Or an array of cell objects?

eulerscheZahl: public static Cell[,] Grid;

MSmits: ahh ok


eulerscheZahl: but i'm more on the OOP side than optimizing for performance

MSmits: honestly, I am not optimizing performance. I don't think I'll need it much

MSmits: If you work with the bits all day, doing anything else becomes awkward

MSmits: uint16_t islands[15] = { 0 }; uint16_t invertedIslands[15] = { 0 }; uint16_t visited[15] = { 0 }; uint16_t oppMap[15] = { 0 };

eulerscheZahl: as you can't see me right now: i'm facepalming despite corona

MSmits: lol

MSmits: we have emotes, no need to risk your health :)

eulerscheZahl: i'm not scared by the virus at all

AntiSquid: the entire thing is a bit exaggerated .

MSmits: me neither, just careful, also, use common sense. It's not in your home and if it is, it is in you first

eulerscheZahl: i'm young and healthy, will knock me out for a week or 2 maybe, not a huge deal

Schneewittchen: Can we win a set of toilet paper in this contest?

AntiSquid: imo if it was as serious as the drama in the news wants to make you believe, then millions would have died in china, 100% sure

MSmits: thats highly likely but not certain eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: highly likely is enough

AntiSquid: and there's no way they would have covered up millions of deaths in china .

eulerscheZahl: it's not certain that i survive crossing the street either

MSmits: AntiSquid the problem is mostly the humanitarian crisis at the hospitals

AntiSquid: ya some nutter might drive into the sidewalk

MSmits: you cant even hospitalize 0,1% of the population

MSmits: the fatality rate is much less important than the crisis at the hospitals

AntiSquid: even at the hospital it's nowhere near as dramatic as they make it out to be

MSmits: maybe in the uk

MSmits: in Italy many died because they couldnt even get help

MSmits: thats why they have a higher fatality rate than China does

AntiSquid: it takes 3 days to get test results in UK btw

MSmits: dont forget that China worked hard at containing it

MSmits: if they hadnt, millions *would* be dead

AntiSquid: there might be thousands of "silent carriers"

MSmits: millions

MSmits: maybe in UK, about 100k or more right now

AntiSquid: 100% doubt it MSmits, the gov tried to keep it silent for at least a month in china

MSmits: I am guessing 100k here too

MSmits: AntiSquid look at the graphs though, the asian countries that used heavy measures were far more succesful than we were

AntiSquid: also china is opening up everything, only worries are the foreigners going to china or people returning

MSmits: makes sense

MSmits: it's been a long time for them though

MSmits: first case in december

MSmits: basically you only need to do two things, make sure you have the hospital capability and protect the elderly/weak

dbdr: the thing is, even if we are healthy and not at risk, not getting infected helps other people who are at risk

MSmits: unless you take it too far dbdr

dbdr: sure, anything can be taken too far

MSmits: if noone gets infected, the people who are at risk, will be at risk for years

AntiSquid: covid afaik is from the same family as SARS and MERS .

dbdr: e.g. stopping to breathe is taking it too far ;)

MSmits: yes AntiSquid

MSmits: a corona virus

AntiSquid: it's still low on the scale of deadliness

dbdr: I think that risk is not very high right now

dbdr: given the speed of spread

MSmits: again, the fatality rate is not the issue, people focus on that too much

MSmits: it's the fact that many people end up in hospital being held in coma and using a respirator

MSmits: multiple weeks

MSmits: they cant have thousands like that

dbdr: exactly

Default avatar.png yfprojects: do you know which effect OOP has on the performance in python or java?

AntiSquid: overall there's shit ton of panic and most people don't understand what's going on, everyone just assumes shit ... you hear crap like "you maybe had covid actually and not the flu" from medical staff that are far from being virologists

eulerscheZahl: python alone has a negative effect on performance, no matter if OOP or not

eulerscheZahl: in Java everything is OOP, no main function outside of a class

dbdr: AntiSquid: "maybe" is correct

dbdr: ask Italy if it's overestimated

Default avatar.png yfprojects: But in java you can have one or many classes

dbdr: but panic is not useful. just taking it seriously

AntiSquid: hard to write down the tone and the context of the entire conversation .

eulerscheZahl: but ofc primitives are faster than classes with lots of dereferencing

eulerscheZahl: Board.Grid.Cell[x][y] is slower than a more direct access

MSmits: AntiSquid if you dont get pneumonia, corona is pretty much like a bad cold or a flu, or even a weak cold in some cases

Default avatar.png yfprojects: So I should program in Java instead of Python? @eulerscheZahl

Uljahn: python has numpy

eulerscheZahl: C# or C++ if I really need the speed

eulerscheZahl: C# for convenience

AntiSquid: w/e all i see is a bad movie plot: Toilet-Paper-Zombie-Apocalypse

dbdr: Rust for both :innocent:

eulerscheZahl: it's called mummy then

MSmits: haha yeah

MSmits: the mummy apocalypse

MSmits: to be fair, i dont think the egyptians used toilet paper :P

eulerscheZahl: papyrus?

AntiSquid: there's hand sanitizer at every door / entrance ... didn't take long to almost run out. the one at the main entrance was completely empty when i arrived at the hospital, people were basically touching the same surface to squeeze out some sanitizer not getting anything out .

AntiSquid: that just spreads germs more efficiently

MSmits: ye, people dont think about that

MSmits: i would like some sanitizer, just to use after leaving the train station

MSmits: I dont even mean just because of corona :P

AntiSquid: well they could easily afford that in england considering how much they charge ... geez

MSmits: well they dont make much money now

eulerscheZahl: charge TORPEDO

MSmits: :fearful:

eulerscheZahl: don't worry, i have to do it 3 times

MSmits: oh

eulerscheZahl: and my tracker is incomplete, so i will likely miss you

MSmits: btw, I havent played a full game yet, my bot is still crashing, but it seems to me, the possible locations for the opponent at the start is very large, but as the game goes on, you'll usually have a small area he might be in right'/

MSmits: ?

MSmits: surface only lights up 1 sector

MSmits: and silence takes time to charge

eulerscheZahl: yes, but with silence it still goes up

AntiSquid: ya bit annoying to take into consideration everything and start over every turn eliminating impossible positions

eulerscheZahl: and you have to plan your path to be able to attack when you found your opponent

MSmits: AntiSquid it's not what I am worried about, my update function should just handle that automatically, but actually knowing what to do with the information is a different problem

AntiSquid: a lot of CR vibes here

MSmits: eulerscheZahl if you plan to attack him, you also better be sure he can't attack you back, considering you need to get close

MSmits: could also just stay back as far as possible

MSmits: and let him come

MSmits: it's a symmetrical game after all

AntiSquid: back in CR there was also a lot of stuff to keep track of, funny they released the games at the same time

MSmits: yeah it's weird

eulerscheZahl: not 100% symmetrical

eulerscheZahl: when the opponent hasn't loaded a torpedo yet

eulerscheZahl: mines can be interesting too

dbdr: 1,295 CodinGamers have registered to this contest

MSmits: hmm you know when he has a torpedo, thats true

dbdr: 254 submitted

dbdr: is this typical?

AntiSquid: guess they are stuck

eulerscheZahl: yes but usually a contest is announced long before

MSmits: submitted is too early to tell

MSmits: I havent submitted

dbdr: stuck where?

AntiSquid: in the IDE

MSmits: stuck on getting a working bot

dbdr: :D

eulerscheZahl: so it still surprised me that there is such a gap between registered and submitted

MSmits: it's the easiest contest

MSmits: not

dbdr: help! I'm stuck in an IDE

AntiSquid: i expect many don't submit until they have a win vs boss

MSmits: thats true, thats what i do

dbdr: depends how many people don't submit until they beat the boss

dbdr: right, and this boss is hard

MSmits: also people might just read the e-mail from codingame, then register, read the statement and go to bed

AntiSquid: a lot to take in imo

Default avatar.png yfprojects: MSmits thats exactly what i have done

MSmits: I know, you left your webcam on.

MSmits: which reminds me, I still need to do my internet security homework :(

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Which webcam?

AntiSquid: wow extra security guards hired to "combat" stockpilers :D

AntiSquid: in supermarkets

MSmits: I was kidding yfprojects :P

Default avatar.png yfprojects: I know, because i don't have a webcam

MSmits: sometimes they are hard to see

MSmits: part of your laptop

AntiSquid: hoarders are mental patients basically

MSmits: ye

Illedan: HI

Default avatar.png yfprojects: i don't use my laptop and i have taped the cam of it anyways .

MSmits: is it white tape?

MSmits: that would explain the whitish stuff I had to remove to get a clear image

AntiSquid: you can get web cam cover:

MSmits: i wonder how many people that buy that also stick one on their microwave

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Its white but my laptop is closed. But nice try! :slight_smile:

AntiSquid: yfprojects i think the joke was a bit creepier than you think . hint : he had to remove some stuff on his end ...

lvlzyro: you know because of that virus thing we have to stay home and this place is great to spend time.

lvlzyro: so have fun!

eulerscheZahl: that virus thing is the reason for the contest

MSmits: err AntiSquid, I didnt even think of that :P

AntiSquid: then what were you thinking of removing? lol .

MSmits: I was suggesting the white tape on his camera was partially transparent and I could digitally remove it

MSmits: but now that I think of it, dirty minds like yours would be more likely to interpret it differently :P

MSmits: as would probably every student of mine that happens to be on chat right now =/

**MSmits needs to be more careful

AntiSquid: ya ok whatever, shift the blame on someone else

Default avatar.png yfprojects: You are lucky, I didnt think of that

MSmits: good

MSmits: would be good to floodfill movement right?

MSmits: to make sure you dont get stuck in a corner?

MSmits: tron-style

eulerscheZahl: but that makes you easier to be tracked

MSmits: well I dont mean tron style depth 18

MSmits: just to make sure you can still go to every unvisited place after moving

Default avatar.png Slash-Dev: I think the next checkpoint angle is broken. I get 1494 or 7509 values.

MSmits: I think your code is broken

MSmits: probably you just promoted and you need to reset your code to the new league

MSmits: make a copy, reset code, put relevant code back in

MSmits: but keep the input code of the new league

Default avatar.png Slash-Dev: Oh indeed. Sorry about that...

eulerscheZahl: always the same parts that users are struggling with the change in the input format makes CSB a bad tutorial

MSmits: it is

MSmits: you're right

JavaMan: Hello World

JFB: Hello JavaMan

AntiSquid: :thinking: that's where Java got its name

eulerscheZahl: and corona happened because of the new contest?

JFB: After 1st week of home officeI just put the third laptop on the wall above my desk. And I can keep my legs on the desk seeing 3 screens at once :-)


JFB: Time to sturt the contest :-)

WildSmilodon: Hey guys, I'm making my multiplayer game and after deploying on CodinGame, I can't make images appear in the statement. I prepared the statement_en.html in the config folder and added png's there

WildSmilodon: Simply adding them in plain html doesnt work, since when deployed one sees "" for my image "costs.png".

WildSmilodon: From the example game skeleton it seems one should use "/fileservlet?id=", but how do I get the id's for my images? Thanks for your help.

eulerscheZahl: you need an external source like imgur

eulerscheZahl: or your github repo where you host the code

WildSmilodon: oh, ok, cool. Thanks!

eulerscheZahl: it's possible to get the ids but on a new upload they may change and again when the game gets approved, not sure

eulerscheZahl: maybe use github and not imgur some users complained about imgur being blocked at their working place

eulerscheZahl: and they seem bored at the job :D

WildSmilodon: I will use github, I will put the game source files there anyway.

JFB: Question not connected with CG. What staf do you use for conferenece? I know MS Team, Zoom. For example you have talk with 4+ peopses, discuss presentations and other visual stuff, it will be good to see faces. And people are on very different level of computer skills

eulerscheZahl: we use curcuit at work but that totally doesn't mean that i recommend it

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Skype and MSTeam, I suppose

WildSmilodon: MS Teams is what I use to give lectures these days. It works great, even with 80+ students listening

eulerscheZahl: we'll probably switch to skype for business

emh: hah.. I seeded rng statically for reproducability, so always starting at same point. should seed based on map I guess

JFB: Do google have such service or not?

WildSmilodon: Yes, google has "meet"

Illedan: I'm seeding on map emh. Got crazy before doing that :P

emh: hehe :)

dbdr: emh yes, otherwise people can target you specifically

Illedan: Now they might target his seed :o

dbdr: makes them waste more time

dbdr: if they find, change the method in 5 seconds

Illedan: heh

ShanYouMuXi: I got my first first place in clash of code:joy:

JFB: So: team, skype, zoom, meet. I have used skype and zoom (once) only. WildSmilodon - in team do students can ask ypu questions (speak to you)? Do yo see their faces? And do they see each other ?

Lks10: congrats

WildSmilodon: Yes, they can talk, use chat or use whiteboard

WildSmilodon: But, when you have this many, I ask them to turn off their mikes and use chat

Default avatar.png Rd211: ayy got 8th place in ocean of code

JFB: Rd211 - great

JFB: congratulations

JFB: WildSmilodon - and what is the cost?

WildSmilodon: You see faces of only 4 people, the ones the most recently spoke

WildSmilodon: Cost? Don't really know, we have a full Microsoft suit at our University.

JFB: OK. And only students can use it? For example you can not invite guest for one of your presentations?

WildSmilodon: Yes, you can have guests. But I am not sure, how are they limited. Didn't try it yet, but there is an option. Students have to use their university login to acces MS teams.

JFB: OK. Thanks :-)

emh: ooo Illedan resubmit

emh: is it a lot stronger?

Illedan: Nah

Illedan: I added mines

eulerscheZahl: illedan ignoring the growing TODO list of bugs

Illedan: but forgot to use the information learned from the mines

Illedan: :D

emh: ah cool. I don't have mines yet

Illedan: I have set of a few hours later to fix all that eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: i still don't know how the statement works regarding the 4th league :(

Illedan: :/

Lks10: Can you trigger a mine on the turn you place it?

Illedan: No

Illedan: I just try to avoid killing myself :thinking:

Illedan: I should try*

Lks10: hitting yourself to confuse the opponent's hp tracking is a great strat, trust me

Illedan: Not yet

Illedan: Late Legend, yes

eulerscheZahl: that can easily be tracked, you know where the opponent shoots

eulerscheZahl: my tracker should already cover it i think

Default avatar.png yfprojects: If you explode a mine, you give a lot of information to your opponent

eulerscheZahl: for torpedoes too

eulerscheZahl: a little less, but still

blasterpoard: everything you di gives a lot of information to the opponent

blasterpoard: *do

JFB: It is lack of one command: gently asking of opponent to kill yourself ;-)

AntiSquid: what if opponent has same starting position as you Lks10

Default avatar.png Rd211: what type of distance was the firing range of the torpedo?

eulerscheZahl: 4

eulerscheZahl: BFS

Default avatar.png Rd211: oh bfs ok thanks

karliso: "This allows the torpedo's path to contain corners and go around islands, but not through them." I have not seen islands in replays where this matters.

Lks10: if you inflict the selfdamage with a mine it gets a lot harder to track. Although taking 1 damage to try and mislead your opponent might not be worth it

Schneewittchen: @karliso what about following situation:

blasterpoard: Lks10 doesn't the opponent see your hp?

AntiSquid: oh yeah it's in the input

AntiSquid: :D

karliso: Schneewittchen , path lenght is 5 and I don't see such islands as you draw in replays.

AntiSquid: he is basically saying you could be on opposing sides of the same landstrip


Default avatar.png yfprojects: What about blocking a hole areaa with mines, so the opponent cant reach you? Has anyone thought of that?

eulerscheZahl: Schneewittchen they can - by shooting 1 short and hitting with the explosion

karliso: Ahh, so path lenght in water can be more than 4?

blasterpoard: no

Lks10: you could use Silence to dash through minefield

Schneewittchen: @karliso Then imagine the "2" one step further right :D

karliso: Schneewittchen you mean left? And even then I don't see such islands - they are all at least 2 x 2.

Default avatar.png yfprojects: @Lks10 That's right but the bot has to think of that


dbdr: et voilà, a new leader :D

eulerscheZahl: happy now?

AntiSquid: but what if there is an underwater tunnel ? /s

Default avatar.png yfprojects: You might think about adding nuclear missiles @eulerscheZahl

Schneewittchen: :D

Default avatar.png yfprojects: They would need a lot of charging but it would be worth it

karliso: eulerscheZahl , so path lenght in water can be more than 4?

eulerscheZahl: no, torpedoes can move 4 cells

eulerscheZahl: but only move in water

eulerscheZahl: you can get a dist of 5 or 6 with the explosion range

eulerscheZahl: as you don't have to hit your target directly to damage it

karliso: I don'g get how your example is relevant - it seems like 1 can't hurt 2 in your example, no?

eulerscheZahl: correct

eulerscheZahl: because you were discussion about the island size

eulerscheZahl: so i made a larger island

karliso: I think I misunderstood what what was meant by "This allows the torpedo's path to contain corners and go around islands, but not through them."

karliso: I thought phrasing "go around islands" meant that something like this was allowed:

karliso: .1...... .xxxxxxx .2......

eulerscheZahl: in this case 1 and 2 can shoot each other

karliso: Yea, but I was confused as I didn't see such islands.

eulerscheZahl: ah

AntiSquid: 2xx .xx ..1

eulerscheZahl: but here it doesn't even matter if the torpedo stays in the water or takes a shortcut over the island

AntiSquid: well that's what the wording "going around" implies

JFB: And it is allowed, is not it?

Schneewittchen: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

AntiSquid: you might have to pay a fine depending on which countries waters you do it on

MadKnight: youtube and netflix are gonna decrease vid quality for the next 30 days

Schneewittchen: Generation potato incoming

AntiSquid: where did you read that MadKnight

JFB: So probably they switch off 4k. I use projector and it is not important for me do it is 4k or even 1k

dbdr: eulerscheZahl getting close to bronze?

Default avatar.png MatesCZ1234: Where i can switch to external ide?

JFB: And I still remember 1st movie on color TV set my father both (it was 2n color TV set in my village). Resolution of any YouTube video is much better that it was this TV set resolution :-)

JFB: So in case Netflix will really switch off 4k - I will laugh loudly at anyone who will complain about it

MSmits: not too loud, or the looters will hear it

AntiSquid: are the wood bosses gonna be nerfed like during kutulu contest?


MadKnight: AntiSquid

AntiSquid: because that was very annoying imo

eulerscheZahl: dbdr my last submit was closer

AntiSquid: then more of a reason to not bother with netflix

AntiSquid: but my wife pays for it, so i can't cancel it

eulerscheZahl: the referee sending my failed torpedoes of my opponent is my biggest weakness right now

eulerscheZahl: as i assume they worked

MSmits: cant you check their life?

eulerscheZahl: i do

MSmits: so what's the problem then?

eulerscheZahl: opponent shoots torpedo at 3 7 => opponent is close to that cell

JFB: So you will tell your grandchildren that there was such a terrible epidemic that youtube was only in 1k resolution. And the children will ask how anyone managed to survive it.

eulerscheZahl: but that torpedo is fake news

MSmits: yes

MSmits: why would it be fake news?

eulerscheZahl: it's a bug in the referee and i won't code around it

eulerscheZahl: just wait till it gets fixed

MSmits: oh you can fire a fake torpedo?

dbdr: is the bug documented?

dbdr: forum?

eulerscheZahl: i think no

Illedan: Someone got a replay with that bug?

Illedan: And a frame?

AntiSquid: JFB i would tell my grandkids there's was a Human Locust Epidemic, the shelves where mindlessley emptied even if the products were poor quality

AntiSquid: were *

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 fix all my spelling mistakes

Automaton2000: i guess you could use it for a day now

JFB: Really? For now my biggest problem with shoping was that it was only 3% milk and not my usual 2% milk

eulerscheZahl: any wrong torpedo target will do to reproduce Illedan

Illedan: I tried

Illedan: Didnt see

Illedan: :/

eulerscheZahl: give me a second...

Illedan: Send it on Discord

eulerscheZahl: huh, now i can't reproduce it either?

AntiSquid: but you have the replay in browser history?

eulerscheZahl: no

AntiSquid: life is cruel

dbdr: if it's important, it will be reproduced again

eulerscheZahl: true

eulerscheZahl: or i was stupid and the bug was on my side

emh: yay 1st

eulerscheZahl: i hate it when i watch a replay and then league promotion makes me lost it

eulerscheZahl: lose*

eulerscheZahl: congrats emh

eulerscheZahl: and of course the vikings are leading in a sea battle contest

emh: thx. hehe

eulerscheZahl: i'm coming for ya

emh: oh wow. shortlived pleasure then hehe

eulerscheZahl: directly from wood

Tiramon: yay first win against cpt levine

eulerscheZahl: wait till you see captain Iglo

Tiramon: btw who is levine, googled yesterday and didn't find any levine with nautic background

blasterpoard: btw why are the bosses catpains, not captains?

AntiSquid: is it pirate theme for boss names?

Tiramon: iglo is not a pirate ..

Tiramon: but yes its ctp and not cpt

Tiramon: oops

AntiSquid: OOPS


Tiramon: or they meant computer to plate ... but that would still be strange

eulerscheZahl: from our boss brainstorming

eulerscheZahl: 30 min before the contest: we need boss names

AntiSquid: so final boss is captain planet?

Tiramon: oh family guy .. that explains why i dont know him

Tiramon: ok looks good for beating levine

tutubalin: What about Red October? :)

JFB: :-)

Tiramon: red october is the submarine not the cpt

dbdr: nice eulerscheZahl

Tiramon: but yes cpt ramius would be nice

eulerscheZahl: i got captain Nemo from jules verne on my list

AntiSquid: is not all cartoon captains?

eulerscheZahl: i don't think we have all names yet

Tiramon: nemo and ramius are bot nice names for boses

Tiramon: damn 0.73 behind levine

Tiramon: still hoping on Dridriun submit to push me up ;)

eulerscheZahl: i really liked cpt iglo :D

emh: ahh Illedan took 1st again

Tiramon: yes iglo i snice for one of the lower leages


eulerscheZahl: on the list dbdr

JFB: Who is capitan iglo?



Tiramon: is iglo a german only thing?

eulerscheZahl: yes :(


eulerscheZahl: oh, that AntiSquid link isn't german

dbdr: no no, igloo frozen food was in france too

eulerscheZahl: monkey island, nice

dbdr: undead pirate

dbdr: sounds like a gold boss :D

eulerscheZahl: what about nemo?

AntiSquid: they sell it here too

eulerscheZahl: or Ulysses?

AntiSquid: Captain Haddock from Tintin's adventures

Tiramon: oh yes haddock nice

JFB: Not exactly, in poland too:

JFB: So iglo was in poland too - simply I do not watch TV for years

eulerscheZahl: to commercial i liked is from 1998

Default avatar.png Morthyr: and in Hungary too:

Tiramon: ok ok not german only

MSmits: umm why does it say pedofilii in JFB's link

eulerscheZahl: because it's a foot lovers website?

MSmits: or... ?

JFB: :-) becouse I found the link in witch they discuss do this commercial connected to slaves and pedofiles :-)

eulerscheZahl: witch :D

tutubalin: "Does the advertisement of Fish Sticks Captain Iglo refer to slavery / pedophilia?"

MSmits: and fishsticks?

eulerscheZahl: 4x C# in top5

AntiSquid: well spotted MSmits

MSmits: thanks AntiSquid

blasterpoard: eulerscheZahl that's only because C++ people take their time

tutubalin: I've just noticed that the second player lives on a yellow submarine.

eulerscheZahl: i have no doubt about that blasterpoard it's always like that

Scarfield: xD

MSmits: yet you two always end up doing well anyway. Usually top 10, sometimes top 20, right?

eulerscheZahl: not if i break my bot on purpose :D

MSmits: dont do that :P

MSmits: dont tell me you have to do it because you contributed??

MSmits: that doesnt matter in a month long contest

eulerscheZahl: no, i'm allowed to participate for real

JFB: exactly

MSmits: kk

eulerscheZahl: and i will

eulerscheZahl: to answer your question above: at Wondev Woman i failed to reach top20 (and even top50) even though i tried. not counting sprints

MSmits: ah ok, but I wasn't around then, so that doesn't count

eulerscheZahl: it counts even more then, no smits to stop me

MSmits: :) This time it might be different. But I always worry at the start I guess

MSmits: you've beaten me a few times

AntiSquid: the passion of the msmits

AntiSquid: what a movie title

eulerscheZahl: 50-50 maybe

MSmits: what is going on in that squid head of yours ? :P

AntiSquid: you said you got a beating

AntiSquid: so i remember that movie


MSmits: oh, i didn't see it

AntiSquid: which was a really bad movie

MSmits: probably won't see it then

AntiSquid: nothing to see, it's a guy getting beaten up basically

phamnuwen: I remember a lot of crying in the audience, not much of the film itself

MSmits: is this why ricky gervais makes fun of mel gibson's antisemitism at the golden globes?

dbdr: yes

MSmits: well... we know who Mel blames

pb4: Hi

MSmits: he's back!

eulerscheZahl: hi

dbdr: hey pb4!


pb4: I'm back, and being tempted by that Ocean of code contest :)

MSmits: as you should be

pb4: I was lucky to come read the forum and find the "bugs" topic :)

JFB: Great :-)

eulerscheZahl: there was a newletter about it

eulerscheZahl: check your emails

pb4: I don't get those

eulerscheZahl: ah, you unsubscribed

pb4: nope

MSmits: spam

AntiSquid: email full

pb4: Used a temporary email with limited number of forwared emails

MSmits: it was really hard to get that stuff past the spam filter

pb4: turns out my account hasn't been that temporary after all :D

eulerscheZahl: you lost a tshirt link that way MSmits

MSmits: yes

pb4: and I didn't bother to increase the email count yet

AntiSquid: so i guessed correctly! yes!

eulerscheZahl: i also used my spam address when creating an account here

dbdr: sorry eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: meh

dbdr: 7 to 12 in 0.12 pts :)

tobk: in OoC, can all actions be combined, or are some mutually exclusive?

tobk: I guess "MOVE N | SILENCE E 1" would not make sense, but can you e.g. TORPEDO and SONAR in the same turn?

eulerscheZahl: you can combine move and silence too i'm not sure if it was intended that way

tobk: interesting. will try and see what happens :-)

Default avatar.png taschfin: im virgin

MSmits: the company?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: MSmits thats a type of person. just translate it

MSmits: I know :P Anyone have a map with a hole somewhere, like the one Scarfield shared? I could use it to test my floodfill

AntiSquid: taschfin that's fine, so is AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: what is the main problem?

AntiSquid: no problem

MSmits: no need to get touchy AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: add a parameter in the same turn so i can probably come back to the code and i don't know how to emp

Scarfield: it was SeebOmega that shared it iirc

MSmits: oh ok

AntiSquid: what map


AntiSquid: haha

Scarfield: well he was safe from torps and mines xD

AntiSquid: seen a few, but i never randomly got placed there

AntiSquid: there

AntiSquid: ah chat scroll

MSmits: thanks Scarfield

Scarfield: np

tobk: I just got a random play (in IDE) where the opp was trapped in a 1x1 field surrounded by land and border on all sides...

MSmits: share :)


MSmits: another one :)

AntiSquid: well rekt ?

dbdr: they are pretty rare I think, and even rarer to pick that spot randomly

MSmits: yay, flood works!!!

MSmits: my sub still can't move, but I can floodfill my bitboards :P

dbdr: this guys has his priorities straight ;)

MSmits: yeah!

MSmits: hmm so I should make a random seed based on the map?

dbdr: I do a fixed seed based on the map

MSmits: yes, thats what I mean

MSmits: so just use the island features somehow

dbdr: yeah

dbdr: coordinatss of land

AntiSquid: how do you keep track of the opponent's move pattern?

AntiSquid: i try to expand a 2d vector but not sure this is very efficient

eulerscheZahl: List<Path> with Path = List<Cell>

eulerscheZahl: because knowing the final position isn't enough, as the path can't contain the same cell twice

AntiSquid: i guess a list means less headaches

Illedan: Hi

AntiSquid: hi

MSmits: what you can do for a bitboard is use a uint32_t[30] start in the middle and just apply the moves. then when you need to shift the pattern to match

MSmits: because the bitboard is 4xlarger, starting in the middle means you can go anywhere

MSmits: that's what I planned on doing anyway. It's probably not that easy to code

MSmits: but avoids having to do vectors and loops

Petras: Coders of the Caribbean 2.0 contest? :ooo

MSmits: seems very different

eulerscheZahl: hi Petras

MSmits: it has water in common

eulerscheZahl: much more fog of war

Petras: It's my first time watching the replay :D just seemed similar

eulerscheZahl: you don't know where the opponent is

eulerscheZahl: only "opponent just moved north"

dbdr: heisenberg uncertainty

eulerscheZahl: or torpedo fired at 3 5

Petras: interesting, I'm guessing you also don't know the starting pos of the enemy. This contest is going to last for a month, right?

Hjax: yes on both things

Petras: Nice

BenjaminUrquhart: alright I have risen from my slumbers, time to do enemy tracking

Default avatar.png SebastianK: "At the beginning of the game, you'll receive a map (15x15 cells) that indicates the position of islands."

Default avatar.png SebastianK: which const is that? :)

BenjaminUrquhart: the first loop in teh stub

Default avatar.png SebastianK: got it ;)

BenjaminUrquhart: ok

Default avatar.png SebastianK: ty

BenjaminUrquhart: :thumbs_up:

BenjaminUrquhart: lame

Default avatar.png SebastianK: i know ;P

BenjaminUrquhart: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png SebastianK: been a while since i code :)

Default avatar.png yfprojects: @MSmits what do you do with the silence command?

eulerscheZahl: dbdr when did you switch to prince of persia 2?

dbdr: this afternoon. ocean themed

eulerscheZahl: but only that short sequence

dbdr: yeah

eulerscheZahl: then you are on the beach and have to walk on all but 1 tile

eulerscheZahl: and into the cave

dbdr: you know your classics :+1:

eulerscheZahl: but never got far in part 2 :(

eulerscheZahl: was hard

Nixerrr: That PoP2 intro :heart_eyes:

Nixerrr: I guess I got killed so often immediately that I saw the intro a billion times lol

Nixerrr: Yeah but I didn't play too much of part 2 either

eulerscheZahl: part 1 had that guy just standing there and waiting for you to attack

eulerscheZahl: that part was mean

Nixerrr: Alright, let's see if I'm able to finish reading the contest statement this time :muscle:

Default avatar.png SebastianK: :joy:

MSmits: yfprojects i dont do anything yet

MSmits: first guess would be to floodfill your possible positions 4 times

MSmits: the opponent possible positions that is

tonowak: what are the rules of silence for visited cells? I have trouble interpreting "move 0 to 4 cells in a given direction (not visiting already visited cells or islands)". Does it mean that I can move to any of 16 possible cells, if it is on the grid, it isn't and island and it is not visited? What about the cells on the path? Do they have to be valid, non-visited? Do they become visited?

eulerscheZahl: 17 cells

eulerscheZahl: the whole path has to be clear

eulerscheZahl: and all cells on that silent path will become visited

MSmits: oh, so it is a straight line?

MSmits: interesting

MSmits: not floodfilling then

eulerscheZahl: coding without knowing the full rules again?

MSmits: no, i did read it, but got confused

MSmits: the torpedo is floodfilled

eulerscheZahl: and silent not in your league

MSmits: well... also, i am not in a league where you can... right

tonowak: 17 cells? but the cell I'm currently on is already visited, so I can't silence on it?

MSmits: you can move 0 cells

Nixerrr: Is Bronze the final ruleset?

eulerscheZahl: yes

MSmits: yes

MSmits: it usually is

MSmits: csb is an exceptio

Nixerrr: :ok_hand:

eulerscheZahl: or codebusters

struct: final rules


eulerscheZahl: code4life contest

struct: oh wait

struct: maybe its not updated if they changed anything

eulerscheZahl: light IDE?

struct: no euler

struct: its from SDK

struct: localhost statement

Default avatar.png yfprojects: Are you able to move diagonally with the silence command?

Waffle3z: SILENCE W 4|MOVE N 1

Waffle3z: not MOVE N 1 but like MOVE N SILENCE or something

Waffle3z: MOVE N SILENCE|SILENCE W 4 also works if silence has a cooldown of 1

Waffle3z: not like directly only with the silence command though, you have to move 0-4 in one direction

Default avatar.png yfprojects: So there are 17 possible cells you can move to after surfacing. But otherwise there are only 13 possible cells

eulerscheZahl: why SURFACE now?

Waffle3z: there are 13 cells you can be in after doing SILENCE

struct: its more

Waffle3z: you can also do a MOVE in the same turn to end up in one of 37 positions

eulerscheZahl: wait, 13 is correct then (not crossing old path)

Default avatar.png yfprojects: only on your first turn or after surfacing

struct: ah

eulerscheZahl: but why do you even bother counting?

Waffle3z: 13 isn't correct actually since one of them would involve going backwards

struct: you dont need to move 4 units

struct: do you?

Waffle3z: SILENCE N 3 works

Nixerrr: Yay, I read the statement :smiley_cat:

Default avatar.png yfprojects: @Waffle3z you can also stay on your cell

Nixerrr: Let's get down to coding boiz

Nixerrr: No sleep till legend

Waffle3z: I wonder if SILENCE N -4 works

Waffle3z: Invalid silence distance

domak: Hi, I'm on wood2 and when I submit, I can play only 20 matches and then it stops. Does anybody has the same problem?

eulerscheZahl: does it say 100%?

domak: no

eulerscheZahl: looking at the leaderboard, your submit finished

eulerscheZahl: only showing 18 battles there :confused:

domak: yes

domak: I'm resubmitting now

eulerscheZahl: sometimes the leaderboard is a little laggy when it comes to updating

domak: I'm going to check the progress

domak: yes but since this morning it's always the same

domak: not much than 20 matches

JavaMan: konnichiwa

domak: now it dispaly 50% progress, 30 matches but a lot of matches are not finished yet

domak: 93% for 40 matches

domak: but a lot are not finished

domak: and if I click again in the "last battles" tab, I have only 21 matches

Default avatar.png yfprojects: i got 183 in the same league, but i submitted yesterday. :confused:

MSmits: lol just won my first match in IDE. The boss blew himself up

Illedan: :clap:

MSmits: I was surprised i won because I dont fire torpedos yet

Waffle3z: I'm surfacing too much, time to bring out my tron code

MSmits: I already did that. that's where I got the floodfill :)

Hjax: i feel slightly disadvantaged having never wrote a tron thingy before

Illedan: You can read the post mortems

kingofnumbers: can someone explain

kingofnumbers: OCEAN OF CODE

kingofnumbers: I thought the next contest will start in 7th May

kingofnumbers: what happened?

Yasser: :/

struct: its a comunity contest

struct: was only announced yesterday

struct: the next contest will still happen

wlesavo: this is simply a different contest crafted by comunity

kingofnumbers: aha

kingofnumbers: thanks for explaining

kingofnumbers: but it's really surprising

kingofnumbers: I was checking the website every 2-3 days

kingofnumbers: and suddenly there's a running contest

reCurse: It was sudden like the pandemic

MindControler: MOVE N TORPEDO | TORPEDO 3 5 What's the difference in these commands?

kingofnumbers: is there any forum here for official announcements and discussion about current and future contests?

MindControler: With the torpedo part?

reCurse: There was nothing announced prior to the email

eulerscheZahl: MOVE loads the torpedo

eulerscheZahl: TORPEDO 3 5 fires it

kingofnumbers: aha

MindControler: So it charges the power?

eulerscheZahl: yes

kingofnumbers: I'm not even following my email messages :D

Default avatar.png yfprojects: @MSmits are you even signed up?

MSmits: hjax... tron just uses simple floodfill. The reason I had to steal it from there is because with bitboards, floodfill can be a "bit" more complicated

MSmits: yfprojects yes, but i havent submitted yet

MSmits: I'm always slow with contests. Well slow in general, but you normally don't notice :)

wlesavo: tron was the next thingy on my list, i guess it ok to do it after

Hjax: im being pretty slow too

Waffle3z: everyone who isn't in 1st place is just being slow

Hjax: i think i made most of my progress in the last 2 days of UTF

Hjax: UTG8

Hjax: wow typing is hard

Waffle3z: UTF-8

MSmits: hmm so you can move and then torpedo

MSmits: or torpedo and then move

MSmits: or move, then silence, then torpedo

MSmits: just in case, you want to be agressive :)

eulerscheZahl: nah, move, torpedo, silence

eulerscheZahl: hit and run

Illedan: Hmm, that worked

eulerscheZahl: what worked? your submit?

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: I lose more vs worse players xD

eulerscheZahl: my mine placing bot is timing out as soon as the opponent uses too much SILENCE

eulerscheZahl: harder to prune opponent locations

Ajanx112: I didn't get the move with power part. Does MOVE dir TORPEDO consume 1 torpido to move into a direction that doesn't make sense

MSmits: it charges torpedo

struct: it gives 1 charge

MSmits: dont consume torpedo's it's not advisable

Scarfield: reduces torpedo cooldown by 1

Illedan: I see we really need to increase that max rounds :D

wlesavo: trying to shoot over island gives out of range error, not very convincing

eulerscheZahl: 600

Ajanx112: ohh the cooldown... Thx

eulerscheZahl: what's wrong with it wlesavo?

MSmits: wlesavo you can shoot around corners

wlesavo: eulerscheZahl i mean its not out of range it just not incorrect in my undersstanding

MSmits: it is

MSmits: the range is 4 cells

wlesavo: just incorrect *

Scarfield: its not manhattan range, its path range

MSmits: you can shoot around island

MSmits: so if it gives an error, it is simply more than 4 cells away

struct: ... here a priest knew he had corona

struct: and kept going to church

struct: wtf

wlesavo: oh sorry then, just got it

MSmits: thats what the priest said

struct: Am I the only one that still has problems with this page


MSmits: loads for me

struct: the functions load too?

eulerscheZahl: yes

MSmits: yup

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


MSmits: your browser detected you're doing too much avx. It's trying to protect your sanity

struct: I tried all browsers

struct: Ill try linux

struct: brb

eulerscheZahl: try porn mode, maybe you have script blockers

Ajanx112: Huh that was an overwhelming challenge for my level. Do you have any fun2code suggestions for the easier bot coding challenges?

eulerscheZahl: tron, checkers

eulerscheZahl: breakthrough

Waffle3z: oware

struct: I get this error in js

struct: Uncaught ReferenceError: perf2_js is not defined

struct: do you also have it?

MSmits: Ajanx112 probably uttt

struct: oh well

Illedan: Let me know if there is anything ugly in the UI or other bugs in the game. Will work on those now.

Uljahn: struct: ye, got the same error

struct: Its funny that not even on my phone

struct: the site works

eulerscheZahl: my name isn't fully shown in the replays

eulerscheZahl: eulersche...

Illedan: What browser struct?

Uljahn: im on ff74

struct: I tried chromium, chrome firefox

struct: but does the stuff load to you Uljahn?

Illedan: shows on my machine eulerscheZahl? :P

eulerscheZahl: you must be kidding

Illedan: Look at discord..


eulerscheZahl: hm, is that the offline runner?

Uljahn: struct: nah just undefinedundefined

Illedan: no

Illedan: online

struct: ok so we have same problem

eulerscheZahl: weird

eulerscheZahl: quick poll: who sees my full nick, who without Zahl?

struct: I see full

Scarfield: full

struct: but wait

struct: wait

struct: this is fun

struct: on 1920 monitor

struct: I see full

struct: on 4k

struct: i dont see full

Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

eulerscheZahl: i have a 2560x1440 screen

struct: ah wait

struct: its browser

Illedan: I'll try to move the name a little and give it some more max space :P

struct: chromium I see full name

struct: on firefox not

Default avatar.png yfprojects: In Chrome I see your full name

eulerscheZahl: turned out to be a font issue

struct: easy fix

eulerscheZahl: setting the font to Arial manually should solve it

struct: I think on intel page

struct: is encoding issue

struct: text encoding

struct: or not

struct: I need to close chat to start coding

struct: if anything is needed ping

eulerscheZahl: that's an invite for ping trolling struct

Illedan: Fix your code eulerscheZahl :P

eulerscheZahl: why?

eulerscheZahl: i like it at 23

Illedan: :D

Illedan: Norway at top!

struct: :(

eulerscheZahl: you have a 1, i have both of the next 2 digits

Illedan: lol

Illedan: emh, Mazelcop, field3, LH + others I'm about to reduce tooltips on the line. Is it enough to only see reduced life?

Illedan: Or invalid commands.

emh: hmm?

Mazelcop: fine for me

Illedan: The dots on the line are kinda, too many

Illedan: The viewer line

emh: ah I see

struct: remove red bar :p

emh: well I am using it

Mazelcop: too many silences :)

Illedan: I can remove some of them, but which are less important?

struct: Command not found

Illedan: That one is gone :P

struct: nice

eulerscheZahl: I'm about to reduce tooltips on the line. Is it enough to only see reduced life? yes

struct: When does it go live?

struct: monday?

eulerscheZahl: should we nerf the bosses?

struct: I havent tried but from what I read, yes

Waffle3z: maybe just add some more wood tiers?

eulerscheZahl: no

struct: no

AntiSquid: wow, found some kitchen roll in the shop, a ray of hope AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: why do you think it will give me a contest in the contest?

Default avatar.png yfprojects: I wouldnt nerf the bosses

struct: does wood 1 boss fire?

AntiSquid: oh please don't nerf bosses. it's really annoying

eulerscheZahl: all bosses use torpedoes

eulerscheZahl: and track the opponent

Waffle3z: it's a hard but necessary first step to beat those bosses

eulerscheZahl: but with a small bronze league, upper leagues will be even smaller

Illedan: Still 1 week left

AntiSquid: BUT once someone puts in the effort to beat the bosses it's really annoying they get nerfed, it was stupid back in kutulu contest

eulerscheZahl: resulting in 5 players in legend, if we keep the usual fractions

struct: wood leagues are meant to be an introduction

struct: imo

AntiSquid: 5 legend players initially is ok imo

struct: and not require lot of effort to get beaten

eulerscheZahl: it was justified in kutulu and you get the next higher league

struct: but this is my opinion

eulerscheZahl: boss was just moved 1 league higher

struct: I think you should not get into real coding into you get all rules

eulerscheZahl: yes, also my opinion (and probably CG too) wood = introduce rules

Waffle3z: we're still less than a day into the contest, maybe it will grow a bit

eulerscheZahl: but not block from getting the final rules

struct: ^

Waffle3z: wood 2 boss could maybe just never fire if it's too hard

emh: how do I get proper C# exceptions?

emh: all of them report on line 0

Illedan: proper?

Illedan: You do any fancy stuff to run your code?

emh: nope

AntiSquid: like mister proper?

eulerscheZahl: Unhandled Exception: System.Exception: Exception of type 'System.Exception' was thrown. at Solution+Board.PrintInput on line 393 at Solution.Main on line 29

eulerscheZahl: just tried

emh: Unhandled Exception: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at Player+<Main>c__AnonStorey0.<>m__1 on line 0 at Player.Main on line 0

eulerscheZahl: in lambda?

emh: maybe

emh: got lots of lambdas hehe

AntiSquid: why not give people who want full rules the option to promote? :/

AntiSquid: to bronze

Illedan: Linq ftw?

Illedan: Damn, you getting close

AntiSquid: like the -fuck-wood command someone suggested

eulerscheZahl: you have some strange anonymous types emh?

eulerscheZahl: doing something fancy for sure

tonowak: if the opponent uses a sonar, does it show as SONAR 4, or SONAR4? (in the rules it is written SONAR4)

Illedan: SONAR 4

Illedan: misses a space

eulerscheZahl: will be corrected with the next update

tonowak: ok, ty

eulerscheZahl: already fixed locally

struct: is the torpedo thing also fixed?

eulerscheZahl: couldn't reproduce

Illedan: I can't reproduce.

struct: are we talking about the same thing?

struct: The torpedo bait

Illedan: Out of range fire?

struct: you wont fire

struct: but enemy gets the command that you fired there

struct: thats my issue


eulerscheZahl: even copied it on our discord

struct: ok

Illedan: And I tried. Didn't happen

struct: let me try reproduce

struct: I might be mistaken but ill see


struct: seed=-7227965566646282200

struct: put you against you in ide

struct: with that code

struct: ah

struct: wait

**struct hides

emh: eulerscheZahl yes it was because of a lambda, converted to normal function and got normal exception

struct: doesnt work you right

eulerscheZahl: 3 prints?

eulerscheZahl: Standard Error Stream: MOVE N

struct: yes

struct: I read the below

struct: my bad

struct: sorry :(

eulerscheZahl: ok, ticket closed

Illedan: Was no bug right?

struct: yes

Illedan: No problem

Illedan: Keep trying to break it ;)

struct: Im still trying to double boat

struct: but no success

Illedan: ?!

struct: double submarine*

eulerscheZahl: now i need to find a good emoji to mark it as solved without action

eulerscheZahl: 2 submarines would be a huge advantage :D

struct: :expressionless:

Illedan: Would be hell :P

Illedan: WW all over

Illedan: but worse

Waffle3z: wonder how to balance silence and mines

Waffle3z: if you know where I am you can avoid my mines

Illedan: Not totally. As there will be 4 possible MINE locations

struct: and mine range is also quite big

Illedan: ?

struct: it doesnt only hit you if you are on top of mine

struct: does it

struct: ?

Illedan: Same damage range as torpedo

struct: its a square of 9 cells

eulerscheZahl: another UI poll: do you get these too?

tonowak: I don't

struct: no

Lachrymosa: this competition looks like a doozy lol

Illedan: I don't eulerscheZahl :/

eulerscheZahl: don't teach me new vocabulary Lachrymosa, i'm here to have fun

Lachrymosa: is doozy new vocab >.>

struct: never heard of it

Lachrymosa: Or have I historically been didactic?

Lachrymosa: Good job eulerscheZahl Illedan and G-Rom this competition is making me set my goal low at bronze lol

JavaMan: Hello World

struct: hi

Lachrymosa: eulerscheZahl Es war der Hammer would be a similar usage of Doozy :3

Default avatar.png yfprojects: i think its informal or local English. You probably dont mean boozy or woozy.

Default avatar.png SebastianK: noone better than ctp. Levine ? ;)

Default avatar.png SebastianK: ahh not full leaderboard ;) damn it

eulerscheZahl: your next enemy will be captain iglo but Levine from Family Guy first

Lachrymosa: in the beginning when both players declare their starting locations is there a way to read that in? Or is it just observer gee-wiz?

Scarfield: there is not, would be a boring game if the case ;)

Lachrymosa: oky :p

Default avatar.png lNitsua: anyone good at C?

Default avatar.png lNitsua:

Default avatar.png lNitsua: I've got this recursive function, and it gets to the point where it calls itself, and then just stops, none of my debu lines get called after that, and it doesn't reach the end of the function

Default avatar.png lNitsua: The compiler gives 0 errors

k4ng0u: anyone knows what Captain Levine refers to?

tonowak: have you tried to run it locally or only on CG servers?

Default avatar.png lNitsua: only on CG

tonowak: try it locally

Default avatar.png lNitsua: I don't have a C compiler on this computer

AntiSquid: it's a drag queen story hour with kids character k4ng0u

tonowak: maybe the time limit kills your program?

Default avatar.png lNitsua: I thought so but I have a error stream saying when it restarts the function and when it ends. after the first call it doesn't do it again

Default avatar.png lNitsua: it compiles on an online compiler

tonowak: give it a valid input in the online compiler so that the function executes

eulerscheZahl: k4ng0u

AntiSquid: gonna watch some netflix, check the quality "improvements"

eulerscheZahl: connection or content quality?

struct: i think he means image quality

eulerscheZahl: did he get a new screen?

struct: I think they reduced it a bit due to coronavirus

struct: So it doesnt spend so much bandwitch

eulerscheZahl: ah

struct: But I think you can still set the quality you want

struct: not sure

eulerscheZahl: that's why i have an offline archive

AntiSquid: found something that debates whether ghosts have feelings like we do .

struct: "Netflix and YouTube are reducing streaming quality for 30 days"

struct: "The company is cutting its bit rate for streams by 25 percent for 30 days."

Waffle3z: how can youtube do that when I can just turn the quality back up to normal?

struct: the 25% is for netflix

struct: not youtube

Lachrymosa: maybe for all of the embedded streams and things that have disabled settings controls?

struct: dont know how it is for youtube

struct: "YouTube has taken a similar approach - for the next 30 days, video content on the platform will only be available in standard definition."

struct: Dont know how this is ture

struct: true*

struct: but ok

struct: I can still watch in 1080

Waffle3z: 1080 is the new standard

struct: even 4k avaialle

struct: available*

Waffle3z: 4k is the newer standard

AntiSquid: idk wtf i am watching lol, this ghost show is really weird, claiming cheese is haunted by ghost

struct: 8k works

inoryy: definition stays, bitrate is reduced

AntiSquid: "Extra Ordinary" - maybe it's an odd comedy

Waffle3z: so youtube is just throttling itself?

inoryy: it's not a huge hit to quality but helps a lot with the servers

struct: it also helps peoples

ClosetAI: lost to a guy using sonar lmao

AntiSquid: is this a new firefox functionality or did i install some add-on, i can pop out any videos playing and resize the image to any dimension ... plus it stays on top of other applications

ClosetAI: but have 100% drawrate againts first place

ThunderbirdOne: AntiSquid that's a browser feature

ThunderbirdOne: you could enable the beta for a couple of years now

AntiSquid: lol damn. didn't know :/

AntiSquid: really useful though

dbdr: emh did you break something?

dbdr: or did the level just increase a lot?

emh: dbdr I am trying mines

emh: so yes broke something hehe

dbdr: ok :)

dbdr: but eulerscheZahl, Mazelcop, ...

dbdr: several people that were near the top are much lower now

Mazelcop: I'm trying new stuff

eulerscheZahl: i think i broke it, can submit the old

dbdr: as you wish, was just curious

emh: dbdr this submit looks better

muy31: what's the strategy to Captain Sonar?

muy31: what is even the point?

muy31: is it just like: whoever has more health wins

muy31: ?

ThunderbirdOne: time to get out of wood 2 i suppose...

muy31: you would be correct

muy31: i just logged on

muy31: Anyway, is there a reason I would choose to start at one location over another

muy31: That's what I meant by strategy...

Hjax: are the actions separated by "|" or by " | "?

Hjax: (with spaces)

Waffle3z: |

Hjax: the examples in the spec have spaces

Hjax: which is why i was confused

Illedan: without space

Hjax: thanks

Hjax: i could have just checked myself, but im lazy :D

dbdr: yes ,nice emh

Illedan: Damn

emh: feels good to go to bed as number one hehe. good night

Scarfield: :muscle: wp

struct: bug?


Scarfield: what have you done now? xD

Default avatar.png Itayayay: which weapons are available in before silver?

Default avatar.png Itayayay: Devices*

struct: surface torpedo sonar silence and mine

Default avatar.png Itayayay: so everything?

struct: yes

Scarfield: mines are from bronze, and bronze has all the rules "unlocked"

Scarfield: silver opens 27/3

wlesavo: damn, getting some random timeout, even though everything works perfectly fine locally

wlesavo: while trying to floodfill from points around board edges hm

tonowak: you could try adding a piece of code that tells you how much time you spent per turn. Maybe the timeout is because of the time limit

wlesavo: its not even printing message before the function call

wlesavo: and the message in function

Scarfield: maybe you floodfill from a land cell, with land all around, and caught in infinity loop?

wlesavo: and everything works when i comment the function itself

wlesavo: nop

wlesavo: checked that

Default avatar.png Itayayay: Ugh I hate how the source code is UI+logic combined

Default avatar.png Itayayay: No offense, its a cool game

Scarfield: first turn timeout?

wlesavo: ok, found it, somehow 1 line from input missesin this case

wlesavo: wow

Astrobytes: Todays pearl of wisdom: + is not the same as -


ThunderbirdOne: depends astrobytes!

ThunderbirdOne: + = --

wlesavo: im braine damaged or smth

Astrobytes: lol. I spent 30 minutes on this bug, fixed a whole bunch of others and then spotted this

wlesavo: but one line from input just dont want to come to me

ThunderbirdOne: haha

ThunderbirdOne: unit test your code

wlesavo: and it depends on some strange function

wlesavo: localy everything works

wlesavo: thats the problem

wlesavo: damn

ThunderbirdOne: sounds like a timeout thing

ThunderbirdOne: perhaps


wlesavo: last line just gone missing, and im timing out because i wait for it

ThunderbirdOne: oh oops

wlesavo: but if i decrease count, im still missing the line

Uljahn: how are you outputing the message inside the function?

wlesavo: for i in range(14):

Uljahn: try something like this file=sys.stderr, flush=True

wlesavo: with range 14 im getting only 13 lines

wlesavo: its even stranger

Uljahn: also put the first print after the input

Uljahn: there is some strange interconnection of inputs and debug frames

wlesavo: ok flush is really helpful

wlesavo: thx a lot

wlesavo: i was started to think that im going crazy

Uljahn: yw

eulerscheZahl: helps on the toilet too

wlesavo: eulerscheZahl i will try that some day

JFB: eulerscheZahl - when I move and fire torpedo - do torpedo's path is from my position before or after move?

Default avatar.png SebastianK: depends what you do first i guess

struct: after

struct: actions are made in order

struct: you output

JFB: so move + fire is different that fire + move?

wlesavo: yeap

wlesavo: also you can charge after shooting

JFB: great - thanks :-)

MSmits: Standard Output Stream:

tonowak: maybe you print some weird stuff before this command and the referee picks it as the next command

MSmits: I will try to find the weird stuff then

AntiSquid: AutomatonNN can help

AutomatonNN: 0 at least this was a joke that i added a bug in the code

JFB: Maybe space is not space but only looks as space?

MSmits: maybe...

MSmits: but now the boss does it too

MSmits: Game Summary: Command not found: TORPEDO 0 0

MSmits: thats Boss 1

oshea: If my opponent fires a torpedo at an invalid location (like too far from their position) will I still see that in the summary of their actions?

JFB: Internal error. Please contact with a screenshot and a copy of your code. Thanks.

eulerscheZahl: hm, i got the internal error too

AntiSquid: can't find the article, there was something about dark matter / empty space being made out of a particle that is made of 6 bosons

AntiSquid: :/

MSmits: keep looking! I wanna read that

AntiSquid: i am not sure whether it was on or another random site

PatrickMcGinnisII: Timeout shows up on play bar, but doesn't show on game information like games normally do

JFB: oshea - I have checked - in case of non valid opponent TORPEDO - you will see no TORPEDO command

oshea: perfect. thank you JFB!

ThunderbirdOne: so, this cooldown...

ThunderbirdOne: is that equal to required charge?

Illedan: JFB, did you get internal error multiple times?

ThunderbirdOne: so, if the cooldown is 0, it's fully charged?

Uljahn: ye

ThunderbirdOne: okay

ThunderbirdOne: kind of weird that the game talks of charges, but then hands you cooldowns... anyway :p

Uljahn: it's not a cooldown in common sense because it doesn't depend on time

Astrobytes: But the general concept is the same

Astrobytes: oof, laggy much

Default avatar.png xmy: is it possible to torpedo move charge torpedo and silence?

JFB: Illedan - it is deterministic. 2 my bots only walking and firing

Illedan: Thx, will try to find it


Illedan: Do you have the code that produced it?

MSmits: just says player 0 and 1, nothing happens JFB

JFB: Yes

Illedan: What league?

Uljahn: 133 frames of nothing :smiley:

eulerscheZahl: check discord Illedan

JFB: Wood 2

eulerscheZahl: the python code I shared there does the same, Internal error, that message when i open the replay in a new tab

Waffle3z: my rank is going all over the place went from 10th to 16th and back to 10th and I haven't submitted anything new

MSmits: yay promoted to wood 1

MSmits: by shooting like a maniac

JFB: Creasy shooters always win :-)

Default avatar.png xmy:

Default avatar.png xmy: both sides keeps using silence

Default avatar.png xmy: and i didnt implement the way to determine where they are using torpedo

Waffle3z: sounds like that's next

dbdr: Waffle3z yeah, looks like the upper-mid bronze is pretty flat

AntiSquid: rednecks with guns are dangerous

Waffle3z: tried playing against the wood 2 boss and lost. also it placed a mine and then tried to trigger it and failed

Waffle3z: it did MINE S|MOVE S TORPEDO|TRIGGER 1 1 and apparently that's not valid

Illedan: cant trigger on same round

Waffle3z: the wood 2 boss tried to

Illedan: That bot is n00b :)

Zenoscave: n000000b

Waffle3z: I wonder where it would place in bronze

Zenoscave: Very bottom

fsferrara: Hello! Which one should I learn... Kotlin or Typescript?

Zenoscave: Yes

Zenoscave: both are good languages to learn especially if you intend to use them in industry

AntiSquid: kotlin, not typescript fsferrara

Waffle3z: pretty sure the wood 1 and wood 2 bosses are exactly the same, silence and mine are just not available in wood 2

Waffle3z: I'm playing against the wood 2 boss in bronze and it's using silence and mines and it's beating me

Illedan: All bosses are the same code

AntiSquid: in the JS world things phase in and out, i think kotlin is more long term than TS

Zenoscave: That's a very good point Anti

Zenoscave: also been a while but. PEWPEW

ThunderbirdOne: yeah, I've only seen TS really take off in Angular

ThunderbirdOne: lots of js devs have gone back to vanilla js

Default avatar.png Itayayay: if I understand correctly a one turn can have move, surface, and torpedo in one turn?

tonowak: yes, in any order

Default avatar.png TheIronBrocolli_2d0a: hi I wanna ask about why this doesn't Work

Default avatar.png TheIronBrocolli_2d0a: if light_x > initial_tx:


Default avatar.png Itayayay: cool cheers

Default avatar.png TheIronBrocolli_2d0a: light_x =31

Default avatar.png TheIronBrocolli_2d0a: initial_tx=5

tonowak: maybe it is necessary to flush the output?

PatrickMcGinnisII: omg, internal

Default avatar.png TheIronBrocolli_2d0a: ?

Uljahn: TheIronBrocolli_2d0a: do you update Thor's position afterwards?

Default avatar.png TheIronBrocolli_2d0a: excuseme, my english is not that good, can you explain

Uljahn: use the hints tab on the left

Default avatar.png TheIronBrocolli_2d0a: thx

ThunderbirdOne: btw, for those of you who haven't got it running yet

ThunderbirdOne: join Folding@Home

Illedan: PatrickMcGinnisII, wood2?

Default avatar.png TheIronBrocolli_2d0a: what is it


PatrickMcGinnisII: yes Illedan, I've been getting timeouts on some simple flood fill and path finding algorithms. Not sure why, could be the php upgrade the happenned since tron battle...I'm revising all my map operations.

Illedan: The game engine crashes?

Illedan: Or your code?

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh, i did get one internal error...but none since

PatrickMcGinnisII: I got weird timeouts for no apparent reason as well

Astrobytes: ThunderbirdOne what's that lovely Fatal error at the bottom of the foldingathome page

ThunderbirdOne: no idea Astrobytes

PatrickMcGinnisII: i changed code a bit and haven't seen it since

ThunderbirdOne: all i know is that your processing power helps them fold proteins

PatrickMcGinnisII: but not my code...very strange

ThunderbirdOne: and thus cure diseases

Astrobytes: ThunderbirdOne fills me with confidence

Astrobytes: Yeah I know about protein folding, I specialised in cell biology :P

ThunderbirdOne: aha

ThunderbirdOne: so you must know about Folding@Home?

Astrobytes: I do yeah

ThunderbirdOne: :p

Astrobytes: Not running it currently though

Illedan: Ok PatrickMcGinnisII. We have a few rapports about it. And can't reproduce in higher leagues or offline with new fixes on other stuff. Will hopefully be fixed tomorrow

Astrobytes: Illedan stop French-ing, *reports

Astrobytes: :P

Default avatar.png DimitarK: Does anyone know if Legends of Code & Magic's game input will still include "W" for Ward if the creature had ward but used it?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Ok, I need opinions: I've been helping out a son of a friend (the son is 26) and he moved in to my spare room 2 weeks ago. He got on a train for South Florida yesterday to visit... now should i let him come back? considering the stupid crisis going on?

Illedan: huh? :P

Default avatar.png TheIronBrocolli_2d0a: I'm new ,obviously, can you explain : what is Folding@House, how can I get better at this

Illedan: French?

Astrobytes: rapport

Astrobytes: "We have a few rapports about it"

Illedan: haha

PatrickMcGinnisII: The wood2 boss got better since yesterday

PatrickMcGinnisII: Not gonna resubmit til i get the next phase of bot running perfect

PatrickMcGinnisII: Any opinions about the dude coming back from south florida?

Astrobytes: @PatrickMcGinnisII Depends on possible exposure risk

PatrickMcGinnisII: he's not careful...and he got on a train and probably will be returning that way

Default avatar.png TheIronBrocolli_2d0a: Excuse me I know Im kind of disturbing bu I just searched that golding at home a little and, did you realy work on this... I mean It is impossable hard??

Default avatar.png TheIronBrocolli_2d0a: folding*

Astrobytes: You could easily get on a train and not catch anything, it's a coin-toss right now PatrickMcGinnisII. If you let him back, he should really isolate for minimum 7 and ideally 14 days

ThunderbirdOne: I did not work on Folding@Home TheIronBrocolli_2d0a

ThunderbirdOne: i'm just promoting it, since it's a good cause

Astrobytes: TheIronBrocolli_2d0a I don't and have not worked on it either

Default avatar.png TheIronBrocolli_2d0a: ok

PatrickMcGinnisII: if that's the case he should isolate where he is and get his dad to drive him back

Default avatar.png TheIronBrocolli_2d0a: just asked

krokerx: Hello

Astrobytes: But protein folding is a computationally heavy task

PatrickMcGinnisII: tx for the input Astrobytes

Astrobytes: To put it mildly

ThunderbirdOne: absolutely

Astrobytes: No worries @PatrickMcGinnisII, stay safe man

ThunderbirdOne: just checking to see if i got this right... I can surface, and then move right?

krokerx: Hello here. I didn't get if this is a discord channel or not.

ThunderbirdOne: this is a seperate chat

ThunderbirdOne: but there is also a discord channel

krokerx: thanks!

Default avatar.png icecream17: Help.... I still can't get past Wood 2.... should I restart?

Astrobytes: icecream17 Hey it's your code, do what you feel is right

PatrickMcGinnisII: All my submitted bot does is do valid moves, charge and toss torpedos at loc y +3 and its 30th in wood2... so i'm thinking you have to monitor enemy sub to pass boss

Illedan: Correct

Default avatar.png icecream17: hey what is the best way to find what's wrong with your code

Illedan: Unit test, debug, print messages, take a 5 min break

GetSchwifty: icecream17 if all else fails, explain it to a rubber duck - in dumb terms

AntiSquid: if (all) else fails

compile ERROR

Default avatar.png Rd211: any way to tell if your program timed out or just outputed something wrong?

PatrickMcGinnisII: what's the best way to pattern match the moves of your enemy without checking all 225 squares?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Rd211 the timeout with show as a colored line on your play bar... it doesn't show in the game information box like most games do

PatrickMcGinnisII: with=will

Illedan: Just check all squares, faster than you might think :)

Default avatar.png xmy: checked all squares

Default avatar.png icecream17: Okay I think my handleOpponent() is not working....

Default avatar.png xmy: with python

Default avatar.png xmy: good enough

Default avatar.png Rd211: you can like store some information beforehand

Waffle3z: I only check the squares they could have gone to since their last move

Default avatar.png Rd211: yeah ^

Default avatar.png icecream17: i did that too... it's not working so i'm gonna try again

Default avatar.png icecream17: luckily in jaascript the max array length is 4,294,967,295

Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Illedan: Tracking myself instead of enemy for so long

PatrickMcGinnisII: It's interesting how other bots get really good results

ThunderbirdOne: right so far i'm moving and surfacing when i need

ThunderbirdOne: now to track the boss...

AntiSquid: big brother watching himself

ThunderbirdOne: also need to optimise my movement :p

ThunderbirdOne: i get stuck way too often

PatrickMcGinnisII: i made a separate map that rules out any deadend squares on turn 0

ThunderbirdOne: ah smart

ThunderbirdOne: that's actually simpler than doing a BFS like thing

Illedan: deadend squares might save you a SURFACE in the very late game :P

ThunderbirdOne: yeah

Waffle3z: they're good spawn points

Astrobytes: don't have much of a choice in PHP eh Patrick :P

PatrickMcGinnisII: there are a few different move handlers

Waffle3z: not this one though

PatrickMcGinnisII: I got one of those yesterday, pretty funny

ThunderbirdOne: I currently just pick random locations as spawns lol :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: I just hope my next submit works out

ThunderbirdOne: maybe i shoud start shooting random torpedoes :p

AntiSquid: idk how i managed to timeout in c++ without doing much, added the pragma even . restarted . slowly, but i still think i need the same approach sort off, maybe overdoing some shit

PatrickMcGinnisII: it looks like wood 2 boss loves to start at 0,13

Default avatar.png icecream17: turns out i only needed to add 1 line of code


PatrickMcGinnisII: i got my commands order wrong, looks like you can torpedo | move N torpedo, does it allow you to shoot faster?

Waffle3z: MOVE N TORPEDO|TORPEDO X Y charges first

PatrickMcGinnisII: looks like if you torp first you can shoot closer without getting splash dmg considering current position only that is

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm, this thing gets more complex the longer u look at it

PatrickMcGinnisII: too much work, gotta get some bbq

Waffle3z: if you torpedo next to yourself and then move, you shouldn't take damage, but if you move away first then you should be fine if the target is still in range

PatrickMcGinnisII: i talk to much

AntiSquid: nah

Waffle3z: I mean you should take damage

Waffle3z: if you torpedo next to yourself you should take damage even if you move afterwards in the same turn

Waffle3z: if you're 5 away from some spot, you can move first and then torpedo in the same turn

Waffle3z: or if you're 4 away, you can shoot and then silence away so they can't hit back

AntiSquid: PatrickMcGinnisII

AntiSquid: also why no avatar PatrickMcGinnisII ?

AntiSquid: any avatar

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm, shoudl be a tree of life

PatrickMcGinnisII: tx Waffle3z

AntiSquid: the DNA tree of life ? :p

PatrickMcGinnisII: i gtg, yall sick some shi* ps

PatrickMcGinnisII: celtic tree

AntiSquid: with a celtic tiger stuck on a branch ? :p

Default avatar.png Rd211: is moving as hard to predict and just placing mines a viable strategy? :sweat_smile:

PatrickMcGinnisII: definitely not a squidy in a tree

Waffle3z: mines still have to be triggered, so you need to know where they are to trigger the mine

AntiSquid: Rd211 no shouldn't be, just use a list or a vector to keep track of enemy moves and then compare that to the map, see where it's possible for the movement pattern to actually work

AntiSquid: basically just a comparison

Default avatar.png Rd211: yea i know i already have that, i was thinking of other strategies more like relying on the time

Default avatar.png Rd211: maybe i will implement a mine strategy and switch between them when i have more life and just run

Default avatar.png icecream17: Hey wait! You can just add up the totoal opponent moves and then eliminate that way

AntiSquid: ya .

Uljahn: sort of a rolling window?

Illedan: :D

Default avatar.png icecream17: Possible Opponent Spaces at Start: 197

Default avatar.png icecream17: Possible Opponent Spaces at End: 242

Default avatar.png icecream17: yess....

Waffle3z: if you always move then you can make mines 33% faster

Illedan: Should probably do 2 actions at once :thinking:

Default avatar.png xmy: what are 197 and 242?

Schneewittchen: @Illedan He said and was back on top again.

Illedan: :P

Illedan: Too low lead

Illedan: Now it's fine. Had a bug :)

Default avatar.png icecream17: Sigh. "10 2"[0] = '1' not '10'

Default avatar.png xmy: do you guys have a path finding algorithum?

Default avatar.png xmy: i uses random

Default avatar.png xmy: use*

Default avatar.png icecream17: No. I just take the first possible move (that won't get me stuck in 1 width positions)

Illedan: No path finding

Waffle3z: I just avoid dead ends and if I come to a choice where I have to choose to enter a disjoint region, I choose the larger one

Waffle3z: hamiltonian path would be better but harder to compute, also not possible in some cases

Waffle3z: that's just for minimizing surfaces, it might be better to avoid or pursue the opponent rather than just maximize space

Scarfield: i dont think hamiltonian path necessarily would help, might be too easy to track from where you could have come from, and hence where you are ?

Waffle3z: strategy prediction turns this into rock paper scissors

barbora: yay, finally out of wood 2

Illedan: gratz

inoryy: is this the hardest W2 boss in history of contests or am I missing some obvious strat

Default avatar.png icecream17: i've been on it for 2 days

Scarfield: you missed the window of oppotunity of 5 minutes, where the boss was bugged :p

inoryy: lol

struct: I agree inoryy

Scarfield: but yea, the wood bosses are too hard imo as well

inoryy: did not expect I 'd have to start doing bayesian inference to get out of W2 but I've ran out of the low hanging fruit ideas

struct: I think wood boss 2 should not shot

Illedan: Think we will nerf it om Monday :P

inoryy: but I have work on Monday :(

Default avatar.png icecream17: me too

Illedan: Show them CG and they will understand

inoryy: lol

Illedan: I'll ask if we can nerf them tomorrow

Default avatar.png icecream17: 1. Do the first move in 1ms

Default avatar.png icecream17: 2. Timeout!

Default avatar.png icecream17: nooo another bug

Default avatar.png icecream17: YAS! I Finally Beat the officer for the first time on move 200 by one life. I can submit....

Scarfield: time for an icecream :muscle:

Default avatar.png icecream17: 181st! There's a number saying: 25.10

Scarfield: that is your score, thats what the leaderboard is sorted after

Default avatar.png icecream17: The boss is at 39.30 ....

Scarfield: yeaa, as ille said, the bosses will be nerfed, if we are lucky, they will already do it tomorrow :)

Default avatar.png icecream17: Internal error. Please contact with a screenshot and a copy of your code. Thanks.

Default avatar.png icecream17: What....

Illedan: Just try again. Should be fixed tomorrow, though we didn't really manage to track the cause :(

Default avatar.png icecream17: ill email anyway

Illedan: :+1:

Illedan: Hopefully they can send us the stacktrace

Default avatar.png icecream17: To anyone part of the team, my code is bad. Warned.

Scarfield: xD

Illedan: haha

Default avatar.png icecream17: Uh oh.... it's reproducible. Same thing happens when trying again.

Default avatar.png icecream17: Oh what, 3rd times a charm

Default avatar.png icecream17: Hey, I just realized that if the opponent torpedoes we know more about where the opponent is

Illedan: :)

Default avatar.png icecream17: What? I torpedoed myself??? I programmed it specifically not to do that....

Scarfield: Friendly fire !

Default avatar.png icecream17: No, literally on the same square I was on.

Scarfield: thats a bad strategy :p

Default avatar.png icecream17: I dont know how other people make such good comments

Scarfield: its late, and im seriously starting to procrastinate

RanN42: can someone help me for a sec with weird python error i just started ocean of code and i think math isnt importing...

Scarfield: i can try, but havent used Python for quite a while though

RanN42: ok thanks

Default avatar.png xmy: im using python

Default avatar.png xmy: didnt see any error

RanN42: ye fixed it :)

Default avatar.png tmyang: this is fun

Default avatar.png icecream17: [ ] == [ ] --> false

Default avatar.png icecream17: Can we charge on the turn you fire a torpedo?

Scarfield: yes, both before (if cooldown is 1) and after shooting

Scarfield: at least i think so, havent tried to charge after shooting yet

Default avatar.png icecream17: I got "Unknown Exception: No enum constant" couldn't see the rest.

Illedan: Means you tried to do MOVE with a wrong direction

Illedan: What was your output that round?

Default avatar.png icecream17: Oh .... MOVE STORPEDO :expressionless:

Default avatar.png icecream17: Ok try again

Default avatar.png TheZouave: Hey, is there something wrong with the ANEO sponsored puzzle?

Default avatar.png icecream17: Probably not but you can share it here.

pb4: "Silence requires 6 charge actions to load. This allows you to move 0 to 4 cells in a given"

pb4: I assume you meant 1 to 4 ?

Illedan: No, 0-4

pb4: 0 would mean you stay in the same place

Illedan: Correct

pb4: ohhh, you can move + silence

Illedan: You don't need to move

Illedan: you can do SILENCE N 0 as the only action 1 round

pb4: If you don't move, Silence N 0 means you stay in place

Illedan: Yeah

pb4: stay in place = visit a cell you already visited

pb4: = loss ?

Illedan: No, it's a valid action

Illedan: As you don't really visit a cell again if you never move away?

Default avatar.png TheZouave: So on the ANEO puzzle, test 2, it wants 36 km/h but that gets to the light at the 90-100 second duration block.

pb4: Ok thanks

Default avatar.png TheZouave: At 50 km/h, you get there at the 60-70 second block

Default avatar.png TheZouave: So I don't understand how 36 could possibly be the right answer as the light changes every 10 seconds

Default avatar.png icecream17: idk, need to check....

Default avatar.png icecream17: but lights start green and distance is in m not km

pb4: Haven't read the referee but I'll shamelessly ask the question since you're here Illedan :D

Default avatar.png TheZouave: You could either get there in the 60-70 second block or the 70-80 second block, because there is only one light

Illedan: haha, ofc :D

pb4: if I trigger in a place where I didn't place a mine

pb4: --> invalid action --> loss ?

Scarfield: iirc there are some speed limits, but too late for me to check that now sorry

Illedan: Not losing, but enemy will not get that message

Illedan: Flagged as invalid command

pb4: Ok

Illedan: and if it was your only command, you will automatically Surface

pb4: So I can treat the list of opponentOrders as a list of valid orders

Illedan: yes

Illedan: Would be crazy otherwise :P

pb4: Yes :=

Illedan: And you will not get the MSG they send. As it is not a valid command

pb4: Just checking : I can move then mine, or mine then move

pb4: both are valid, and the result is (obvisouly) different

Illedan: yes

Illedan: you can MOVE N MINE;MINE N

Default avatar.png icecream17: km/h to m/s I can't do math... sorry zouave i'm going back to Ocean of code....

Illedan: To charge the mine power

Illedan: and use it

Illedan: if you had 2

pb4: ok

Default avatar.png TheZouave: okay, do you know who I need to talk to about this issue

pb4: cooldown in the stub == charge in the referee ?

Illedan: ye

Default avatar.png TheZouave: because i think the "right" answer is actually wrong

Scarfield: TheZouave is there a speedlimit that you are not considering?

Default avatar.png TheZouave: speedlimit is 50

Default avatar.png TheZouave: getting answer is 50

Default avatar.png TheZouave: says answer is 36

Scarfield: you will maybe be inside the traffic stop during its shift to red?

Scarfield: can remember this puzzle, and on my way to bed

Scarfield: cant *

Default avatar.png TheZouave: night man

Default avatar.png TheZouave: lights seem to be points

Default avatar.png TheZouave: as does my vehicle

Scarfield: no idea then, but i guess you should assume there is no issue with the puzzle, its old

Default avatar.png TheZouave: time to break out the paper then

pb4: Illedan : how much better do you think bots can be ? compare to your current bot for example

Illedan: A whole lot better

Illedan: This is a react bot

Illedan: no idea about any future

pb4: Does it track the opponent ?

Illedan: yes

Illedan: and itself

Default avatar.png lNitsua: I'm pretty trash at C and memory management, but I'm trying to practice with this game. my bot keeps crashing with a basic recursive function, and I think it's because of memory stuff

Default avatar.png lNitsua:

pb4: wut ?

pb4: itself ?

pb4: oh you mean to know how much information it gave to the opponent

Illedan: I need to track myself so that I know what the opponent might know

Default avatar.png icecream17: i thought you meant it's self improving.....

Illedan: And make it harder for the enemy

Default avatar.png lNitsua: I'm pretty sure the function explorenorth crashes when it calls itself on the third loop

pb4: yup

pb4: I won't be easy to implement that cleanly...

Illedan: indeed

Illedan: and I think we need multiple algorithms to perform very good :P

Illedan: *searches

Illedan: And with 299 rounds on each player form tomorrow the games changes

pb4: I'll soon regret not having played Tron :D

Illedan: haha

Default avatar.png TheZouave: Well as soon as I broke out the paper the problem was obvious

Illedan: I don't even track the opponent power yet, making me unaware of when he can shoot me..


pb4: You didn't know his position when he went over your mines ?

Illedan: No, he used Silence

Illedan: I could try

pb4: yeah, missed that silence

Illedan: But I found keeping them for later as better. As I can trigger a whole bunch at once. To narrow it down much faster when i'm ready

Illedan: Can only trigger 1 every round, but faster at least

pb4: "The map is split in 9 sectors, which contain 25 cells each (5x5 blocks of cells). The top left sector is 1. The bottom right sector is 9."

pb4: where are the other sectors ? :D

pb4: 123 456 789 ?

Illedan: ye


pb4: int getSector(int x, int y) { return 1 + x % 3 + y / 3; }

pb4: ?

pb4: thanks

Lachrymosa: SECTOR! god my brain has been calling them nondrants...

GetSchwifty: i'm always confused on how to measure my turn time

inoryy: lol spend an hour implementing bayesian inference, and it's immediately useless in the next league

GetSchwifty: as of what point should i start counting?

Default avatar.png xmy: wait

Default avatar.png xmy: you can use silence after move

Illedan: Why so inoryy?

Default avatar.png xmy: and you can use only torpedo and no move

inoryy: silence breaks most of the logic

Illedan: :)

Default avatar.png xmy: true

inoryy: also why give direction for move but not for silence? :(

pb4: If I surface in 2 2 (sector 1) then move east (sector 2)

Default avatar.png xmy: im thinking of running a whole game on every turn

Default avatar.png xmy: and eliminate all the outcomes that doesnt fit

pb4: The sector that will be given to the opponent is sector 1, when I surfaced ?

Default avatar.png xmy: yes

Default avatar.png xmy: to pb4

pb4: Thanks

Illedan: 4 2* Sectors are 5 wide

pb4: :thumbsup:

inoryy: actually nvm a dumb fix seems to at least partially makes it work again

Default avatar.png icecream17: Okay, when I torpedo, and next move the opponent has lost health (Wood 2), can I conclude that the opponent is within range of the torpedo?

Default avatar.png xmy: no

Default avatar.png xmy: there are following possiblities

Default avatar.png xmy: it surfaced

Default avatar.png xmy: it fired itself

Default avatar.png xmy: its mine exploded itself(not in wood 2)

Default avatar.png xmy: your mine exploded itself(not in wood 2)

Default avatar.png icecream17: ok got it

pb4: Illedan : if the opponents doesn't output anything, does the referee provide me with the "SURFACE "commande in the list of actions ?

Illedan: Yes

pb4: or do I have to add it myself ?

Illedan: surface it added yeah

pb4: thanks

inoryy: lol promoted like half of top10 :D

Illedan: Yourself too?

inoryy: probably yeah

inoryy: 5pt above boss

inoryy: with one simple fix (bosses hate it)

Default avatar.png xmy: got frustrated over how much code i now have to tweak

Default avatar.png xmy: quitting

Default avatar.png xmy: bye

inoryy: difficulty curve is a bit whack because you need opponent position inference to get out of W2 but then W1 is basically a few tweaks on top and off you go

struct: inory y what advice would you give if someone wants to stat learning NN?

inoryy: you mean courses or which ML fields to try or..?

Default avatar.png icecream17: Ugh...

struct: both if you have suggestioons

inoryy: or for courses, for fields I'd probably stay away from DRL at first unless you really want to use it for some specific thing

struct: thanks I will save links and take a look tomorrow

struct: Im a bit tired to start today

struct: but saw you here so had to ask :)

inoryy: computer vision is cheaper to start with but with NLP you can get the flashy results like talktotransformer

inoryy: yeah no problem, always happy to help :)

Default avatar.png icecream17: Help (javascript)

Default avatar.png icecream17: var arr = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] var beta = arr; beta.push(1) console.log(arr);

Default avatar.png icecream17: When beta changes to [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6], arr also changes to [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]. How do I stop this

Scarfield: i dont know java, but its probably making a pointer to the array for the var beta, so changes in arr will appear in beta and vice versa

Default avatar.png icecream17: java is ...super differnet from javascript. but that's probably true

struct: var beta = arr.slice();

Default avatar.png icecream17: wow thanks!

Illedan: I'm off. bye

Scarfield: yea m2, gn

struct: gn

Default avatar.png icecream17: submit 2....

Default avatar.png icecream17: 172 -> 114

Default avatar.png TheZouave: is there a way to enable breakpoints?

emh: good morning :)

Lachrymosa: how is ctp. Levine so aware of my position, he shoots right on me within only 3 moves of mine?

Waffle3z: replay?

Waffle3z: could just be a lucky guess

Lachrymosa: already passed it up

Lachrymosa: like every time he hits me dead on XD


Waffle3z: after you're hit once yeah it knows where you are unless you silence

Lachrymosa: ah cause he can see proximity of hit by dmg dealt?

Lachrymosa: 2 vs 1

Waffle3z: yes

Waffle3z: and if it is 1, then that eliminates that particular cell because if you were there it would have been 2

Lachrymosa: so far i have no "find the enemy" stuff, just me pathing about

Waffle3z: I think you need to fight back to beat it

Lachrymosa: I do tend to head straight for the enemy though, i just need to implement some findage

Lachrymosa: yea, clearly charging at it and doing nothing isnt working :p

Lachrymosa: I think i found out that ctp levine assumes I start at 0,0 until more data is provided

Hjax: captain levine seems to blow himself up

Default avatar.png lNitsua: somehow my code started believing in a round earth

Lachrymosa: fall off the edge like god intended

Waffle3z: now I'm tracking what my opponent knows about where I am. up to 470 lines of code now

Waffle3z: and now I need to actually do something with that information

Lachrymosa: im at 118~ and all i do is move around without crashing lol