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Danyosate: it's the order of the input, really stupid

Danyosate: u have to deal with the order manually

Elioh: anyone here good at both python and java ?

eulerscheZahl: just ask your question and find out if we are good enough

Elioh: hahahaha true

Elioh: i am studying java for an entrance exam into a company :p

Elioh: wanted to see if anyone has any tips for the switch between the languages

Uljahn: i don't know java very well but often can rewrite java to python just by deleting "unnecessary" things :smiley:

eulerscheZahl: but deleting is easier than adding to go in the opposite direction :P

amurushkin: I think i see somewhere like a tips to rewrite the code between languages but the best way on my opinion is to know the both

Uljahn: sure thing

Elioh: yeah im gonna start practicing it from 0

Elioh: thanks guys !

Default avatar.png Nik10: all the best sumukola

Default avatar.png sumukola: kundi

Default avatar.png Nik10: report

Default avatar.png sumukola: niimmavan tullu

Default avatar.png sumukola: bayag tunni idtin

Default avatar.png Nik10: please bro talk in english

Default avatar.png sumukola: exit agle loude

Default avatar.png Nik10: nakt

Default avatar.png sumukola: amel bhaya bildeba


kovi: was there any change in BandC validators?

kovi: few days ago the first few submissions of my new code gave 2x304. but since i rarely get below 310

Default avatar.png anid: Have any of you guys written IOI?

dbdr: kovi: I don't know

dbdr: wlesavo: are you there?

wlesavo: here

wlesavo: hi

dbdr: hi!

dbdr: see kovi's question above

wlesavo: no, didnt change a thing

wlesavo: would do so without discussing here anyway

wlesavo: wouldnt*

wlesavo: kovi i guess this is why dbdr was wondering if you are doing anything fancy :slight_smile:

dbdr: wlesavo why aren't you at 100%? ;)

wlesavo: because im bad at programming :slight_smile:

dbdr: good enough to make contributions

wlesavo: im getting a lot of fan recently on hard and very hard puzzles but cant optimize BC

dbdr: but yeah, that's different skills

dbdr: definitely harder in python

dbdr: you must know Java, that would be much faster

wlesavo: yeah, i tried to vectorize my code with numpy, but still cant generate initial pool fast enough

dbdr: top 9 is C/C++/Rust

dbdr: then Python and Ruby :D

wlesavo: i think what we really should do is decide the tie between 2-3-4 :slight_smile:

dbdr: I think CG is doing the right thing: display ranked by submit time, but equal CPs

dbdr: that said, good if someone improves :)

wlesavo: well that makes sense

dbdr: for years it was the (wrong) opposite: random ranking changing over time and which gave different CPs :D

dbdr: I guess they could still improve. Print:

dbdr: 2 " " 5

dbdr: instead of:

wlesavo: oh really? it was random?

dbdr: yeah. I think they just used sort on the score

wlesavo: as for me ill probably stick to some suboptimal strategy and will be happy with just 100% :slight_smile:

dbdr: I'm not even sure how to do it suboptimally

dbdr: do you?

wlesavo: yeah, after finding all digits you can just swap 2 of them and see if this increases bulls count, smth like that, or eulers rotating tail strategy

dbdr: some, some kind of hill cimbing should work

dbdr: climbing

wlesavo: also when you definitely know 4 digits you can implement same strategy as before

dbdr: generate all combinations?

wlesavo: yeah

dbdr: right. won't work with N=10 :D

wlesavo: that works for me in 50 ms for length 6

dbdr: yay for exponentials :)

wlesavo: cant get below 10s for L=10 though

dbdr: N = 10 => 3265920 possible guesses found in 153.6ms

wlesavo: well i could count all bulls in every permutation in around 1s, but thats was with a method which couldnt keep track for the guesses itself, just some kind of index

wlesavo: dbdr what do you use to generate guesses? standard tools, couple of loops or something really different?

dbdr: a recursive function that fills a vector

Default avatar.png ThienPhu: hello idol

wlesavo: seems slow for python, hm

wlesavo: easy to implement though

R4ID3N: hi guys.. keep safe

R4ID3N: wear mask always

ASC_alpha: thanks for the tip


kovi: dbdr, do you still have chat logger/search site?

kovi: cg chat

dbdr: yes


kovi: thx

qlorg: Hi guys

jang888: Hello

Default avatar.png manc: hey

Default avatar.png Insta-x: hello

WJL2020: hello

Default avatar.png WaRiOrOfCoDe: konichiwa

ASC_alpha: hi

struct: Hello

struct: Is this page not working for anyone else


MadKnight: what u mean by not working

struct: The page loads, but it doesnt load the functions

Default avatar.png WaRiOrOfCoDe: its working

struct: This happens to me


struct: It happens to me in all browser

struct: even on mobile

Wyseh: When I go on it I see a list of functions

struct: wtf

struct: why doesnt it load for me :(

Wyseh: it's weird, btw i'm using opera

Wyseh: Worked on chrome as well

struct: I get javascript error

struct: hmm

qlorg: Hi guys

struct: hi

ScottyTeey: Hi guys!

struct: hi

ScottyTeey: Name is Scot, i am a Junior developer and i am looking forward to go through this journey with you

Uljahn: it's dangerous to go alone! take Automaton2000 with you

Automaton2000: i am a bit confused

m1.late: ok

Default avatar.png TheUndyingCocktail_5429: yo

Default avatar.png TheUndyingCocktail_5429: i am cool

MadKnight: Automaton2000 is the cool one here

Automaton2000: oh you mean the overly pretentious description on the menu to make the code so i can write it

Default avatar.png Philbot: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: is that a bad idea?

m1.late: just an amazing coder


Default avatar.png rtm_chimz: yo

Default avatar.png rtm_chimz: m l


Default avatar.png rtm_chimz: my code is not working

Default avatar.png rtm_chimz: big head

MTG1: shhh



m1.late: i hit lvl 15!

struct: grats

qlorg: Hi

Default avatar.png Iuseqingreen: hi everyone)

Default avatar.png The-White-Fang: hey, so i'm a little lost on this puzzle if someone could explain or guide me to the right direction, I'll be really thankful

struct: Trying all combos is not enough?=

Scarfield: You can add/subtract/multiply and or divide the numbers given, to try and reach the expected result, what are you in doubt of The-White-Fang?

Scarfield: Output Line 1: POSSIBLE or IMPOSSIBLE whether the operation is possible or not Line 2: min distance from result if the expected result is impossible to obtain or minimal number of operations if the expected result is possible to achieve

Scarfield: Msmits; for the smitsi UCB calc, is the scale parameter really necessary? wouldnt it be enough to fit the exploration parameter according to the range of ones score range?

struct: He doesnt use the it anymore

Scarfield: yea thought i remembered that is what he mentioned he changed, but i cant remember what he does instead :p

struct: He didnt exactly say

struct: but he also said that he can share it

Scarfield: it seems to me, that fitting the exploration param would yield the same?

struct: I think so

struct: but in some games you might need to ajust it depending on turn

struct: Also depends on eval

struct: on CSB it would make no sence to not change exploration parameter

Scarfield: noice ty, hopefully i can start testing the search tomorrow :) hows your smitsi going?

struct: just starting now

Scarfield: gl :muscle:

struct: also I need to ask him

struct: if he has different exploration parameter

struct: based on pod

Scarfield: hmm didnt think of that, could be the blocker would benefit from exploring more/less. Good idea :)

Scarfield: I will try without assigning a role for the pods initially, and hopefully the roles will emerge from the search, but its possibly a bad idea

struct: I think it should

struct: Never asked m smits

MSmits: i dont

MSmits: but it's not a bad idea.... there are many things I never tried

Scarfield: i suppose it matters more if there are other pods close to one of your pods. If one of your pods has both enemy pods close, it would probably benefit from more exploration

MSmits: hard to define "closé". If your search has a depth of 7, anything could be close at some point

Scarfield: well, the more likely a collision is, the less certain the search is i mean

Scarfield: btw, cant you neglect the scaleParam and instead fit the explorationParam for the range of your eval score MSmits?

Scarfield: in smitsi that is

MSmits: of course, I said this twice on chat over the last few days :P

MSmits: rambled on about it for half an hour one time :P

MSmits: I dont have a scale parameter anymore

Scarfield: I have been raiding in Escape from Tarkov way too much lately :p

MSmits: it's too slow

struct: do you have different exploration param per pod

struct: ?

MSmits: I thought I put this in my article. Didnt do a rewrite, just a comment

MSmits: no

Scarfield: 2 sec

MSmits: both pods will have a similar score range

MSmits: so i didnt bother to fit them separately

MSmits: btw, you can also have pods share a single node

MSmits: then you'd have 10-20 moves on expansion

MSmits: if you prune properly that is

struct: but does your exploration param change throughout the game?

Scarfield: hmm i dont see any comment about it, but you mention Robo suggested a random rollout

MSmits: i dont use that way, but I've heard it being used before

MSmits: my version uses a random rollout, to make sure each rollout goes to depth 7

MSmits: the first few expansions it doesnt go deep enough otherwise

MSmits: it barely matters though

MSmits: without the random rollout it performed almost the same

MSmits: struct, it does not change

Scarfield: "NOTE: I have changed my CSB bot to no longer use the lowestscore/highestscore normalization method as it was kind of heavy. It makes sense to start with something like this though."

struct: ok so i have no clue what you do

MSmits: yes, it makes sense because you then dont need to fit it in a reasonable range

struct: but wait

Scarfield: ah you did, just scrolled to the part i needed, read it a few times by now :)

struct: So its in your eval

MSmits: without scaling, your exploration param could be anything

MSmits: will be very hard to guess a good value without scaling

struct: I cant use Magu s eval on CSB for runner

MSmits: not sure what that is

struct: and not change exploration param if I dont have the scale

MSmits: you dont need scale

struct: return checked*50000 - this.distance(this.checkpoint());

MSmits: ok do it like this

MSmits: pick any exploration param

MSmits: finish bot

MSmits: out put the first child nodes you can choose as moves

MSmits: if they have all visits on 1 node, your exp par is too small

MSmits: if all nodes have the same amount of visits, your exp par is too large

MSmits: get somewhere between those extremes and do a proper fit later

struct: But example

struct: on magu s eval

struct: the further the game goes

struct: the bigger is the score

MSmits: doesnt matter

MSmits: ok, you've played uttt right?

MSmits: I an use it as an example

struct: yes

MSmits: can

MSmits: what are you loss and win scores

MSmits: -1 and 1?

MSmits: or 0 and 1?

MSmits: I need to know to give an example

struct: let me check

struct: cant recall

MSmits: doesnt matter

MSmits: just pick one

MSmits: no need to go check

struct: -1 1

MSmits: ok

MSmits: so

MSmits: what will happen to your bot if you changed that to

MSmits: 12456 and 12458

Scarfield: My thinking was:

MSmits: for loss and win

struct: if i didint change exploration?

MSmits: well maybe not quite that large due to floating point precision, but say you have 123 and 125

MSmits: yes struct

MSmits: if you kept exploration the same

struct: i guess it would explore a lot more?

MSmits: nope

MSmits: it will play exactly the same

MSmits: the differences in average score between two child nodes will be the same

MSmits: a child that always wins has 125

MSmits: a child that always loses has 123

MSmits: so the value term in UCB1 has the same difference

MSmits: between the two children

MSmits: so selection is unaffected

struct: I see

MSmits: so you see now why it matters not that you use magus eval?

struct: But what does exploration param do then?

MSmits: the fact that you are late in the game is a score bonus for every node

struct: allow to explore more?

MSmits: it affects the ratio between the value term and the exploration term

MSmits: i should say value term differences

MSmits: the spread

MSmits: with a larger exploration parameter, visits begin to matter more

MSmits: let me do another example

MSmits: ok so you have -1 and +1 for uttt

MSmits: what would change about your bot if you changed that to -100 and +100

Scarfield: its a balance value, to make your terms in perfect balance, as all things should be...

MSmits: and you made your exploration parameter 10x as high

MSmits: 100x sorry

MSmits: say it was 1.3 before, it is now 130

MSmits: -100 loss, +100 win, 130 exploration parameter

MSmits: it would be exactly the same bot

Scarfield: isnt it the range of the score, more than the score "value" ?

MSmits: exactly

MSmits: the range of scores among the children

Scarfield: noice, i think i got it :D

MSmits: it pays to really look mathematically at the ucb1 formula

struct: Ok I need to test this

Scarfield: yea, and realise that its comparing the different UCBs and not only one UCB result that matters

MSmits: ok so do two things. 1) Multiply loss score, win score and exp param by the same amount

MSmits: and 2) add a fixed score to both loss and win and keep exp par the same

MSmits: both those two experiments should do nothing

MSmits: right Scarfield

struct: Multiply by what?

MSmits: a positive number

MSmits: say, 10

MSmits: so win = 10, loss = 10, exp param is 10x what it was

MSmits: loss = -10

kingofnumbers: MSmits I see that you are very active on this chat :D

Scarfield: in completely different news: i searched for your article earlier, and one of the google results was something like "Jimmy Smits: IMAX ... " xD

MSmits: kingofnumbers you see correctly :)

MSmits: lol

kingofnumbers: what's the reason?

struct: my exploration param is 1 in UTTT

MSmits: that i am active?

struct: why do I even have it

struct: lol

AntiSquid: actually MSmits has 6 siblings, that's why kingofnumbers

Scarfield: xD

MSmits: yes we use UCB1 to pick who has chat duty

kingofnumbers: yes, that you're active

kingofnumbers: a messaged in red means it's private?

MSmits: well I like talking about this stuff I suppose

MSmits: no

MSmits: it means they talk to you

AntiSquid: red = hot

MSmits: type msm and press tab

Scarfield: kingofnumbers it means your name was mentioned

kingofnumbers: MSmits hello

MSmits: the name will finish and it will ping

MSmits: yeah like that

kingofnumbers: so if first word is nickname it will appear red?

MSmits: no, any word

MSmits: lool: kingofnumbers

MSmits: look

MSmits: it always works

AntiSquid: it will also send a loud and annoying ping to the user you mention and alert them you are demanding an immediate response

kingofnumbers: so if my nickname in the message it will appear red?

MSmits: you can also ping Automaton2000

Automaton2000: there was a lot more than i do

MSmits: to you yes kingofnumbers

kingofnumbers: were you guys talking about reinforcement learning stuff?

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 i'm thinking to kick you so you can self-isolate

Automaton2000: but i wanted to test it

MSmits: kingofnumbers nope

MSmits: just the ucb1 formula used in mcts and other things

MSmits: but people talk about machine learning here often

kingofnumbers: aha

kingofnumbers: what is mcts ?

Scarfield: monte carlo tree search


kingofnumbers: cool

MSmits: used often in AI for board games

MSmits: sometimes combined with machine learning

kingofnumbers: I think this is very relevant to reinforcement learning

MSmits: sure yes

MSmits: I need to grade tests =/

MSmits: One problem with working solely from home is that you can always work

MSmits: have to know when to decide to relax and do something else

struct: cant you just keep your usual work schedule

MSmits: I think i should work on my Onitama bot now

MSmits: I didnt have much of a schedule to begin with, but over half the work i did at my school and i graded tests in the train

MSmits: both those things are different now. Need to find a new balance

eulerscheZahl: onitama sounds good

MSmits: yeah, I figured out how to code a bitboard. It's all in my head. Now I need to type it up

MSmits: and cause lots of bugs

kingofnumbers: MSmits are you active in competitive programming like codeforces etc?

MSmits: not like codeforces

eulerscheZahl: not writing a simple bot first and extend it slowly (eval changes might be faster without bitboards) you do all at once :D

kingofnumbers: so only AI stuff?

eulerscheZahl: faster to implement i mean

eulerscheZahl: he's not on codeforces

MSmits: it's not that much harder to do a bitboard since I am used to it now, but i got stuck on 1 thing

MSmits: I always start like this: I do one expansion (of the root) and apply a random child move, remember the tree between turns

MSmits: thats the perfect test of the sim

MSmits: and the bitboard is confined to the sim

MSmits: so if that works, then it's all fine

MSmits: i said that wrong, i mean i expand once, print the result after the move and check if its the same as the actual game state

MSmits: do it for a whole game, every turn

MSmits: the rest of the bot is not much work, i just steal it from a different mcts bot

MSmits: kingofnumbers yeah, we have many multiplayer arena's and sometimes we have a 10 day contest

darkhorse64: MSmits: I feel like you are reading my code over my shoulder

MSmits: you and I do almost the same thing I think.

MSmits: some small differences

darkhorse64: You hacker !

MSmits: what you said about your idea for onitama was also in my head

AntiSquid: he also reads your love letters, he posted them in chat the other day

MSmits: i just couldnt figure out how to do the cards

MSmits: lol AntiSquid

darkhorse64: I still need to code the lookup for card moves. Despite the lockup, I have been very busy lately

MSmits: yeah the lockup keeps me busier than I thought it would also

MSmits: i bet we'll both kick trictrac off nr 1

MSmits: well down to 3 I mean

MSmits: from what I read you're going to do the exact same bot I am

MSmits: I am thinking about eval vs random rollouts though

MSmits: seems there are few features you can use for early playout termination

MSmits: also games will be shorter so..

eulerscheZahl: trictrac and jacek are both pretty strong

MSmits: yes, but I can beat them both with sheer arrogance and overconfidence

darkhorse64: That's the goal. It will be true only if Onitama is not a trap game

AntiSquid: what do you mean by trap ?

MSmits: narrow lines of play that lead to a different result than the average result from nearby branches

MSmits: so an "average" game state does not apply

darkhorse64: typing too fast for me. +1

MSmits: and you can't value nodes properly

struct: by trap he means yavalath

darkhorse64: Very good example where the random rollouts leads nowhere

MSmits: might be true for onitama also

MSmits: however, early playout termination should have no weaknesses compared to minimax should it?

MSmits: you just need a good eval

MSmits: like minimax

MSmits: not that that is easy

MSmits: all I can think of is number of live warriors

MSmits: maybe nearness of master to opponent shrine, but with weird card jumps that could be meaningless

MSmits: help us out here eulerscheZahl :)

MSmits: pretty sure you thought this through

eulerscheZahl: closeness of your units

MSmits: is it good to have them close?

eulerscheZahl: if 1 gets captured, you can fight back

MSmits: do you look at the cards for this?

darkhorse64: Another feature is number of possible moves

eulerscheZahl: personally i don't but my bot is bad

MSmits: could just be performance, or did you c++ this?

darkhorse64: If a piece is close to the rim, it has less freedom

eulerscheZahl: number of possible moves is a good one i think

eulerscheZahl: (i don't do it)

MSmits: i would say threatened squares

MSmits: which is almost the same as movement freedom

MSmits: except you count two pieces threatening the same square as 1

eulerscheZahl: protected units

MSmits: plenty of ideas to try

MSmits: give me a week to get this to work though. As you said, i do it all at once

darkhorse64: First reach 1 M sims, after we can talk

MSmits: 1M... euler didnt give us a 1s start

darkhorse64: Really ?

eulerscheZahl: you always have 1s

MSmits: really !?

eulerscheZahl: i can't even do anything to prevent it, if i want

MSmits: ohh

eulerscheZahl: setup time for slower languages

MSmits: thats good to know

eulerscheZahl: some really need it there isn't a single game on CG without that 1s

MSmits: ok

eulerscheZahl: so i was too lazy to explicitly mention it

MSmits: makes sense

MSmits: about the 1s I mean, not you being lazy

struct: but can you make it 2 sec?

darkhorse64: Great, compute the game to the end. That makes me think that some cards decks lead to a forced win. That's another good test to run

MSmits: trictrac did that

MSmits: euler blacklisted card combos that were easily solvable

MSmits: eulerscheZahl, could you expand the blacklist further if I happen to solve more?

darkhorse64: Don't tell !

karliso: onitama has 1s for 1st move?

MSmits: yes

MSmits: darkhorse64 there are 300k + combos

eulerscheZahl: there was a post on boardgame geeks about the blacklist too

MSmits: oh

eulerscheZahl: some games can be solved in 6 turns (these are excluded)

MSmits: but what if one can be solved in 10?

eulerscheZahl: seems that there are no further solved games with up to 8 turns

eulerscheZahl: or even 10, i don't remember

MSmits: ah ok

darkhorse64: I mean check a few blacklisted combos against your engine as a test

MSmits: well if someone did good research on this, i dont have to

AntiSquid: karliso what's your secret sauce?

karliso: Ask MSmits a lot of questions.

MSmits: he did do that :)

MSmits: and now I am nr 2 uttt

AntiSquid: brain draining MSmits :thinking:

MSmits: it's amazing how fast karliso learns

AntiSquid: using MSmits as open book :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: i think it was

struct: before I work on my smitsi

struct: I must work on my MCTS performance

struct: need to be fast

AntiSquid: why?

eulerscheZahl: afaik i use the USA version (with the smallest amount of easy wins)

AntiSquid: there's no rush

MSmits: the strength of onitama is the random card-start

struct: if I did avx sim

struct: now I need mcts that matches

MSmits: 300k+ makes it impossible to add an opening book

eulerscheZahl: i know :)

MSmits: so it doesnt matter if people can solve it locally

MSmits: I can probably find many combinations i can solve locally, but not in 1s

MSmits: if i do, i will let you know

eulerscheZahl: i was very well aware of how hard it will be to add an opening book, when i decided to create the game :imp:

MSmits: yeah, it's good

MSmits: I dont need all games to be book-able

MSmits: I can only run 1 meta mcts at once :)

struct: how many cores you use?

MSmits: just 1, i have a quad core pc, but I want to be able to do other stuff on it

MSmits: I sometimes ran two meta mcts

MSmits: but I paused yavalath

darkhorse64: Change the priority

MSmits: It would make a lot of sense to do one for oware and checkers

MSmits: but checkers doesnt motivate me and oware.... meh at some point maybe

MSmits: for breakthrough it is almost impossible I think

MSmits: you can make an openin book that is really good vs yourself, but if you play against someone who uses a different strategy it becomes useless

Default avatar.png Ciomegu: hory shit I am a terrible programmer

Default avatar.png icecream17: It's 3:14 pm, awesome

Default avatar.png didyme: Ciomegu, I say the same thing about every hour

AntiSquid: Ciomegu no need to brag about it

struct: Automaton2000 how are you?

Automaton2000: you are still in the same order

elderlybeginner: any hints for puzzle of the week?

Default avatar.png JBM: what *is* the puzzle of the week?

Uljahn: brute force it, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: and if it's a problem with it

elderlybeginner: found in in notifications

Uljahn: JBM just solve all the puzzles and one of them should be it :smiley:

elderlybeginner: what's Automation2000? :grin:

Uljahn: you mean Automaton2000? :wink:

Automaton2000: u need to pass the validators

Scarfield: Automaton is a chat bot

Uljahn: also use tab to autocomplete long nicks

Scarfield: In the puzzle you need to see if you can reach the target result with doing the allowed operations (+, -, *, /) on the given numbers

elderlybeginner: yep, any other strategy for that puzzle beside brute force?

Scarfield: if you can, output possible, and the number of operations needed, if not, output impossible, and the difference between the target number, and the closests number you can reach - so as mentioned, bruteforce is the way

Uljahn: doing brute force in python could lead to timeouts though

Scarfield: hmm, dont think so, but have only read the description, havent looked at it more than that

Uljahn: me too

Scarfield: isnt there a full second available for puzzles?

elderlybeginner: there are 14 numbers available, 6 places, then you have combination 6 out of 14, and additional combination or permutation for operators. It seems to me that it makes a lot of computing

Default avatar.png JBM: Uljahn: already did :(

Scarfield: oh there is a constraint i didnt notice, there is only a few possible numbers you can get as input, not all from 1 to 100, so there might be some strategy from that, also the target is less than 1000, so that also limits a lot

struct: some puzles even get more time

struct: based on language

struct: I think one has 5 sec for javascript

struct: you can brutte force that puzzle in javascript

struct: but not on c++

struct: Dont know if this applies to all puzzles

elderlybeginner: second example looks like there is a cue in it, however I cannot see it :shrugging_man:

Scarfield: with one number you can do 4 operations with any of the remaining 5. 4 * 5 = 20. Then 4 operations with that result with the remaining 4 numbers, and so on.. Then if the result can be reached without using up all numbers given, you need to start with all six, which should mean: (4*5)*(4*4)*(4*3)*(4*2)*(4*1)*6 = 737.280 permutations

Scarfield: that should be doable in python i think :)

struct: hmmm

struct: depends on time I guess

elderlybeginner: this does not include operations on results of the first operations

Scarfield: yes, thats why the parenthases are multiplied as well

struct: also the number wont be that big

struct: since if negative

struct: you can ignore

struct: at least is what I understood from the quick read

Scarfield: Only subtractions resulting in a positive number are considered. Only divisions resulting in an integer are considered. yea there is some constraints on that as well

elderlybeginner: it should be combination in parenthasis then, (C(6,2))

elderlybeginner: or permutation if the numbers can be repeated - no info about that

Scarfield: that actually isnt mentioned, but it seems implied that one number can only be used once

Scarfield: if numbers can be repeated it should be (4*6)^6 which i doubt

Default avatar.png NoiselessKnight_28b2: where did the challenge go

Default avatar.png NoiselessKnight_28b2: can someone link?

struct: it is in 50 days

Default avatar.png NoiselessKnight_28b2: the weekly puzzle


Default avatar.png NoiselessKnight_28b2: thx

Default avatar.png jiniiii: hi

Default avatar.png HMu0510: hi

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousCube_4a5a: hi~

Default avatar.png NoiselessKnight_28b2: hi

Default avatar.png icecream17: hi

Default avatar.png NoiselessKnight_28b2: anyone know why all the validators for this weeks puzzle pass except for the last one? Anyone solve this?

Default avatar.png syoon: it's bug

Default avatar.png icecream17: weeks puzzle is hard. i'm still trying to figure out how not to use too much brute force

Default avatar.png icecream17: but with only 27 lines of code a heap already ran out of memory