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tekki: hi darling

Default avatar.png EmilHuzell: has anyone solved shadows 2 using trilateration?

Default avatar.png TheWaterCooledSkater_cead: i,m a newer and i wangt to make some progress

TransExterminator: poop

5IGI0: oh ! hein voilà

TransExterminator: go on codeforces there are better problems there

5IGI0: hm

5IGI0: give link pls

TransExterminator: im talking to other guy

TransExterminator: just google it

Default avatar.png lotosmui: how i know if the id on the loop is my id?

struct: what game?

Default avatar.png lotosmui: platinum rift

Default avatar.png lotosmui: episode 2

struct: they give you your id

struct: at the start of the game

struct: on first turn

Default avatar.png DavidLC: invite me

Default avatar.png DavidLC: helo

Default avatar.png DavidLC: hello

Ducknaro: guys

Default avatar.png yfprojects: hi

Default avatar.png TwilightLady_79fc: Helo Gaimers are u ready for this fortnite vicroy royel

Default avatar.png SarthakSS: negative

Default avatar.png TwilightLady_79fc: Positive for hiv is what your dad is

Default avatar.png SarthakSS: no shit sherlock

Default avatar.png TwilightLady_79fc: :heart_eyes:

struct: Hello AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: what do you mean by that to me?

Uljahn: AutomatonNN: that means you should invite euler to coc

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to learn to code in the code and the last case will be the same as the

Astrobytes: hahaha

struct: poor euler :(

struct: euler should make a bot that every time AutomatonN N pings him, the bot would ping Magu s

Uljahn: wasn't it Agad e's before?

struct: I think soi

struct: Well just ping both

struct: or ping everyone at #fr

jang888: Will i have band if i hardcode?

struct: you mean ban?

struct: if you mean ban, you wont get banned

struct: But your solution wont pass the validators

struct: Unless you hardcode the validators

wlesavo: i guess there are some puzzles where you can watch the replay from validators, although in these puzzles it is easier to actually solve them then to hardcode

jang888: thank

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

struct: Well sim is finished

struct: Finally

struct: Time to delete :'(

Uljahn: delete what? the acc?

struct: Yes

struct: I said 1 mill sims or delete

eulerscheZahl: how many do you get?

struct: worst case 600k

eulerscheZahl: best case?

struct: best case 2mill

eulerscheZahl: fair enough, for me that counts

eulerscheZahl: you can keep your account for now

eulerscheZahl: but you have to reach UTG legend when it's added

struct: :cold_sweat:

struct: ofc these numbers are without eval

struct: and just random search

Uljahn: with avx?

struct: yes

struct: using floats, not doubles

struct: also my sine and cosine are not equal to normal

struct: They are close enough though


struct: I think euler linked it before

Uljahn: you can cache trigs i guess

Uljahn: when an action space is 0, 200 for thrust you can precalculate all 200*cos(angle) and 200*sin(angle) with angle being int in degrees

dbdr: eulerscheZahl: I dealt with the vanishing avatars

eulerscheZahl: a local copy

dbdr: yeah

eulerscheZahl: and now you have to do the same with pastebins :P


dbdr: meaning I will have the history of everyone's avatars :)

dbdr: yeah, I did it for pastebins already

eulerscheZahl: oh nice

dbdr: not accessible yet, but they are stored

dbdr: do you know how long they stay?

dbdr: oh, you linked to an old one?

eulerscheZahl: 0s worst case

dbdr: wat?

eulerscheZahl: no, i added some newlines

eulerscheZahl: created one

eulerscheZahl: no idea how long the remain

eulerscheZahl: the 0s is when they are broken again

dbdr: ah :D

eulerscheZahl: were you on CG already when we had sad times without emojis?

eulerscheZahl: once they broke too

dbdr: added benefit is the space savings


dbdr: no, I don't remember about emojis


eulerscheZahl: and another benefit: the search results are less cluttered

dbdr: yep :)

dbdr: JFB, if you're there: I set the lang now

dbdr: you can get your automated translation

dbdr: with chrome only by default I think, not FF

eulerscheZahl: wow, great

dbdr: wrote an extension that sets the language based on the page title

Nixerrr: Holy cow, euler is #1. Congrats!

struct: Nixerrr long time no see

Nixerrr: :wave: struct

wlesavo: holy bulls and cows, you gotta be politically correct nowadays :wink:

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: hey Nixerrr!

Nixerrr: Hey hey

Nixerrr: My gym closed so I might return to CG :D

YurkovAS: struct you use avx same? My implementation runs 8 different games in parallel, so you can try 8 different moves at once and evaluate them. This gave a speed up of 5-6x in CSB.

RoboStac: it's great for ga style solutions, a complete pain for mcts based ones (eg smitsi)

struct: yes

eulerscheZahl: thanks Nixerrr (and welcome back) CG changed their ranking formula, that's how i got there

eulerscheZahl: and today i started Cultist Wars :tada:

struct: why do you think is a pain for MCTS RoboStac?

struct: You cant really avx the tree

YurkovAS: RoboStac you current csb bot without avx and 1 mil sim?

struct: is that why?

RoboStac: it's hard to make use of parallel games efficiently

RoboStac: as you need a way to not just generate the same game 8 times from the tree

struct: True, but still possible

struct: I guess the gains will decrease a bit though

RoboStac: my current bot is avx enhanced but not parallel games - just doing all the collision checks at once etc

RoboStac: I had better results with that than parallel games

YurkovAS: RoboStac thanks. I use avx in uct formula and pod end move (round, trunc), but it give very small benefit.

struct: I see, I will try this way though

struct: to see how it goes

struct: Do you load the values YurkovAS?

struct: also I found that if I use avx flags on my none avxed code

struct: I still gain a bit of performance

struct: due to auto vectorization

struct: small boost

struct: 10%-20%

YurkovAS: struct I use sse (not avx): _mm_set_ps and for read - union { __m128 v; float a[4]; }

YurkovAS: struct #pragma GCC target("avx") ?

struct: I used all

struct: #pragma GCC optimize("O3","unroll-loops","omit-frame-pointer","inline")

  1. pragma GCC option("arch=native","tune=native","no-zeroupper")
  2. pragma GCC target("sse,sse2,sse3,ssse3,sse4,popcnt,abm,mmx,avx,avx2,fma")

TransExterminator: hi

struct: hi

AntiSquid: hi

AntiSquid: how is life?

AntiSquid: need to go shopping, wonder if there's anything on the shelves :thinking: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: well you don't have the time yet

TransExterminator: struct are you talking about c

TransExterminator: my favourite

struct: c++

TransExterminator: what about cpp are u talking about

struct: We were talking about AVX

TransExterminator: to do what

struct: to apply it on CSB

struct: coders strike back

TransExterminator: lol

AntiSquid: how's your CSB TransExterminator?

TransExterminator: if only they used clang

AntiSquid: did you fix it?

TransExterminator: fix what

Astrobytes: it

TransExterminator: what

AntiSquid: your CSB bot

AntiSquid: fix it TransExterminator

TransExterminator: im new

AntiSquid: that's the best time to fix it, when you're sitll new

TransExterminator: i signed up yesterday i will check it out

TransExterminator: ok

TransExterminator: where is it

AntiSquid: just do Vindinium instead:

AntiSquid: how's your Vindinium TransExterminator?

TransExterminator: checking it out right now

TransExterminator: its gcc right?

TransExterminator: so i can use bits stdc++

AntiSquid: let us know when you fixed it

TransExterminator: what is fixed

TransExterminator: i win the game?

AntiSquid: get top 10 in Vindinium

TransExterminator: why

AntiSquid: i mean reach Wood 1 first

AntiSquid: then top 10

TransExterminator: like global top 10?

AntiSquid: one step at a time

AntiSquid: top 10 Vindinium

TransExterminator: how do i make my thing mobe

TransExterminator: move

AntiSquid: using directions: NORTH, EASTH, SOUTH, WEAT

AntiSquid: WEST *

TransExterminator: ok

TransExterminator: that move me one forwars?

AntiSquid: but you need to choose correct one each turn!

TransExterminator: how do i know where the enemy is

AntiSquid: one square at a time

AntiSquid: it's given in the inputs

AntiSquid: read the text on the left

AntiSquid: how's your bot?

TransExterminator: its standing there doing nothing

AntiSquid: someone help me give the perfect 5 letter reply?

Astrobytes: Fix it

TransExterminator: ok im doing it

Astrobytes: ezpz

AntiSquid: when Wood 1?

TransExterminator: i just started idk what wood is

struct: :fireworks:

TransExterminator: how do i get my own x and y position

struct: Which game?

struct: Vindinium?

TransExterminator: vindinium

TransExterminator: yeah

struct: I think its given in inputs

TransExterminator: it said x and y is of the entitiy

struct: it gives entitytype

struct: if hero

TransExterminator: OH

struct: I think I fixed or broke something

struct: my sim number increased by quite a bit

Astrobytes: Defo broken :P

ronthecookie: im addicted to the clash now.. 2 days in a row...

Default avatar.png BurakEkincioglu: hey is there anyone now ? , it is my first time, it is very interesting for me :D

TransExterminator: nevermind idk wtf i am supposed to do

TransExterminator: i am going to do clash of cod

struct: Wise choice

Astrobytes: Clash of cod? Fish battling!

struct: Im gonna create a multi called Clash of Code

struct: free advertisement

Astrobytes: Clash of Cod would be better tbh

Nixerrr: I tried cod several times, but never really acquired a taste for it

Nixerrr: Very bland taste and falls apart easily when roasted or fried

Astrobytes: Only if you overcook it

Astrobytes: But bland yes, takes strong flavours well

struct: I havent played it a lot

struct: only have 3k games I think

Nixerrr: Astrobytes Right, I might have overcooked it, true

Nixerrr: Or handled it too much while cooking

struct: Now I need MSmits

struct: Now that I finished sim

Astrobytes: Yeah that would do it Nixerrr Goes well with chorizo if you like that

Nixerrr: Yeah I like chorizo a lot

Astrobytes: When I used to eat that kinda thing I liked a bean + chorizo stew with pan-fried cod

Nixerrr: Not anymore?

Nixerrr: Went vegan?

Astrobytes: Vegetarian these days

Nixerrr: I usually like fish with more character and fat. Had carp the other day, it was great

Astrobytes: Yeah, carp's nice. The oily fish have more flavour usually

Astrobytes: But the more bland white fish like to be paired with strong flavours. Cod is nice in a curry for instance

AntiSquid: why the chorizo? i get it it's much beloved ingredient, but you could just use paprika powder / tomato sauce and some other spices with the cod herbs . lemon . garlic

AntiSquid: also maybe this is a time in life where one might consider begging as a necessity

AntiSquid: begging for toilet paper

Astrobytes: You could also do that yea

Astrobytes: These days I substitute chorizo with smoked paprika

TransExterminator: smoked paprika in soup is very good

TransExterminator: in chili or some thick starch soup

AntiSquid: got the perfect money making idea: giant easter chocoloate egg with a toilet roll inside! i bet it would sell like crazy

5IGI0: oxford '-'

5IGI0: you're a asshole's bourgeois

AntiSquid: there is no middle class

AntiSquid: just the poor commoners, the super piss poor commoners doing drugs and then all the rich classes and above

Uljahn: ah, those pesky russian oligarchs

Default avatar.png romrd468: What is the latest python libraries?

Default avatar.png romrd468: A lot of the ones I was finding online were dead libraries.

struct: What do you mean by dead?

MadKnight: rip

MadKnight: it means when u include them your code outputs F

MadKnight: and then they do nothing

MadKnight: what is the latest py library, Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: not trying to get from bronze to gold

MadKnight: just open github, sort repositories by latest commit date and filter them by py3

MadKnight: ezpz

Default avatar.png romrd468: fudge another list of dead libraries or ones that are not functioning

PatrickMcGinnisII: Uh oh! Your current browser is not supported by CodinGame. You may encounter navigation difficulties. Update your browser with the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome for optimal use.

PatrickMcGinnisII: really?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Happy St, Patricks Day

MadKnight: what's your browser ?

Scarfield: happy green day, surprised google havent changed their logo for today

PatrickMcGinnisII: (64-bit)

struct: what is that?

PatrickMcGinnisII: waterfox

MadKnight: are there earthfox and airfox ?

Astrobytes: *windfox

PatrickMcGinnisII: just a year old

Scarfield: there is a snowfox but not good for browsing

PatrickMcGinnisII: the webmaster tools in waterfox are pretty good

MadKnight: but then the firefox nation started a war...

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok rusky fire bender

Scarfield: but water is super effective against fire

PatrickMcGinnisII: gotta cook corn beef and cabbage before I go to the Bikini contest

PatrickMcGinnisII: laterz

Astrobytes: ...

struct: Chat has been quiet today

MadKnight: struct how's your float hacking ?

struct: haven't started

MadKnight: just set its value manually struct

Scarfield: float hacking?

Scarfield: param fitting?

MadKnight: no he needs to generate random from 0 to 1 without any float operations

MadKnight: he only got bitwise

MadKnight: i told him he can manually set first 9 bits and randomize the other 23

TransExterminator: why do floats lose precision?

Astrobytes: Cause they float. They all float down here.

MSmits: :balloon:

MSmits: :clown:

struct: hello there MSmits

struct: My avx sim is finished for the most part

MSmits: cool

struct: and my account still remains

struct: at least for now

MSmits: why wouldn't it

Astrobytes: Sim count > 1 mil?

struct: in most cases yes

MSmits: awesome

Astrobytes: With eval?

struct: nah

Astrobytes: It still counts no?

struct: without eval I get around worst case 700-800k

struct: best case now I get 2.5mill

struct: after some changes

Astrobytes: Good enough if you ask me

MSmits: yes

struct: this with floats

MSmits: lol Astrobytes, you made me nr 1 oware

struct: by quite a bit

MSmits: nah, that's still within the margin

MSmits: i am guessing Astrobytes chose some params that are somewhat hurtful to re curse

struct: wasnt roy ale that pushed you?

MSmits: yea i just checker

MSmits: royale did it

MSmits: astro pushed all of us equally

MSmits: but royale royally screwed re curse

struct: Im hyped to see his new version

MSmits: you mean the csb?

MSmits: oh re curse

struct: yes

struct: re curse

MSmits: it's not gonna be much different, it's gonna whack everyone, including me, but when I submit a new version it could be different again

MSmits: unless he somehow made himself immune to new params

Astrobytes: My bot did Robo

MSmits: ohh ok

MSmits: so you and royale tag teamed the nns

Astrobytes: Yeah, was a battle royale

MSmits: hehe

Astrobytes: I don't want to see that game for at least another day

struct: also it seems that avx doesnt work very well with trees like smitsimax

MSmits: yeah I am not enjoying it much anymore

MSmits: why not struct

struct: robo says he uses avx only to resolve collisions

struct: I think it can still work

MSmits: but you just said you got millions of sims

struct: havent tried

struct: yes but node selection isnt so straightforward

struct: Ill need like current[pods][8]

MSmits: ah

_Royale: Astrobytes: lol :) yeah I submitted a lot today

MSmits: hey there _Royale

_Royale: hi MSmits!

Astrobytes: _Royale yeah me too lol, you win :D

MSmits: nice to see you all around the community multis

MSmits: you did langtons ant right before me

struct: Where is your yavalath bot?

_Royale: yeah I had a lot of fun on Langtons too

MSmits: i had some annoying bugs, but once it worked, it worked really well right away. At least i didn't have so many params, like in oware

_Royale: and now that we have the lockdown I can spend even more time here ;-)

MSmits: me too i guess, but also need to do a lot of remote-teaching

Astrobytes: I'm actually surprised CG isn't more active right now, I guess everyone has a bunch of crap to deal with though

MSmits: yes, the hunt for toilet paper and all that

Astrobytes: Don't, I gave my supply to my grandad, down to last roll. A vegetarian with 1 toilet roll is not good :D

MSmits: lol

MSmits: that's poop-ist

Astrobytes: I can't be poop-ist to myself

MSmits: mmh ok

Astrobytes: Poopism-by-proxy?

MSmits: I'm just saying, just because they dont eat meat, doesnt mean they dont poop right

Astrobytes: I'm vegetarian

MSmits: oh

MSmits: wait, you gave him all but 1 roll?

Astrobytes: I eat a lot of spicy food

Astrobytes: Yeah, I mean I only had a pack of 4

MSmits: oh ok

MSmits: re curse suggested printing out php code

Astrobytes: All the people in my town are selfish idiots

Astrobytes: *Most of

MSmits: everywhere apparently

Astrobytes: Indeed.

MSmits: we only have appropriate amounts of toilet paper

Astrobytes: I get a pack of 4 every other week

Astrobytes: Sometimes 2 if my sister visits

Astrobytes: :P

MSmits: lol...

Astrobytes: I don't know either. She just gets through it

MSmits: gives you a lot of stress I take it

MSmits: oh ok

MSmits: I thought you had issues out of stress when she visits

Astrobytes: That too lol. You can tell she's visited by the reduction in toilet roll

struct: remember

struct: not all toilet rolls are same size

Astrobytes: She must smoke it or something

MSmits: struct do you mean they get smaller when you use them?

Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: I can tell this is a late night conversation

Astrobytes: Yep, look at the clock :smirk:

MSmits: that too

Astrobytes: But yeah, totally

MSmits: I need help with Onitama :(

struct: How can I explain :/

Astrobytes: About toilet roll size?

struct: yes

Astrobytes: We're just kidding

MSmits: struct isn't

MSmits: this is serious stuff to him

Astrobytes: The toilet rolls when I worked in Corfu were much smaller than here

Astrobytes: What's up with your Onitami MSmits?

Astrobytes: *Onitama

MSmits: I'm a bit stuck on figuring out a good bitboard

MSmits: it's 5x5 so fits easily in 32 bit for either player

MSmits: I could use a cardpattern and shift it to the right cell

MSmits: but I dont know what to do about shifts that go over the edge

struct: so you mean it fits in __mm256i 8 times

struct: __m256i

Astrobytes: I've not played it properly yet but the patterns seem easy enough to work with bitboard-wise?

MSmits: yeah, but that wont be useful to me I think struct

struct: I also dont think you can avx every multi

Astrobytes: You can. But it won't benefit you

MSmits: Astrobytes I thought so too, but say you have a card that moves 2 to the left

MSmits: that could be a shift of two on the bitboard

MSmits: however, what if the origin cell is on the left edge of the board

MSmits: the shift will still happen

MSmits: and then you go to the next row

MSmits: but that's incorrect

Astrobytes: So you need to rotate

MSmits: in bandas this can easily be solved because you shift 1 at a time

MSmits: but not in onitama

Astrobytes: not rotate as in angle

MSmits: rotate wont work

MSmits: you can also move 2 vertical

MSmits: so there will always be a direction in which this happens

Astrobytes: Hm, yes I see

MSmits: and i cant rotate every move, because that defeats the purpose of a bitboard, too expensive

Astrobytes: Yep. Have you tried it without bitboards yet

MSmits: i've been thinking about just having a lookup array

MSmits: just take the card and the cell

MSmits: and lookup the bit pattern

Astrobytes: That sounds logical

MSmits: i try to avoid it when i can, because lookup comes with a price also

MSmits: i dont know how to do it efficiently without a bitboard

Astrobytes: But play it without any bitboards and see if you can see a way to work them in

MSmits: I cant save the state on the nodes then

MSmits: too much data

MSmits: would be completely different bot

MSmits: I'll make it work I think. It's just harder than I thought

MSmits: I got the framework from my checkers/oware bot

Astrobytes: 1. Make slow working bot. 2. Make improvements to other bot based on that. 3. Profit

MSmits: just need moves/eval/input/output

MSmits: i never do that Astrobytes

MSmits: oware hasnt been optimized after it first started working

MSmits: only eval changes

Astrobytes: I know. Sometimes thinking from the ground up lets you see things you might miss

MSmits: but for me, after writing so many bitboards, it's not really that much easier to do it without them

MSmits: i'm used to it

Astrobytes: You'll figure it out

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: I'm just whining

Astrobytes: Better than wheezing

MSmits: true true

MSmits: how are you btw

Astrobytes: Not so bad, just lacking energy, can't stand up for more than 5 minutes, typical 'flu symptoms

Astrobytes: Not any better, not any worse

Astrobytes: You and family all good?

MSmits: it's weird that virus that is more similar to a cold virus has symptoms nearer to a flu

MSmits: yeah we're fine

MSmits: i had to go to work quickly today cuz i forgot to pick up a stack of tests =/ Was 2 1/2 hrs, mostly empty train so it was ok

Astrobytes: It's an interesting little virus that's for sure. Good to hear. Ah, so quiet everywhere you should be gine

struct: you still go to school?

Astrobytes: Or fine

MSmits: i dont exactly "go to " school

MSmits: the building is almost empty

MSmits: i just go in, take my sht and leave

Astrobytes: Use the toilet like everyone else you beast :P

MSmits: oh, that's right, I could have stolen some rolls

MSmits: missed opportunity

MSmits: and, no, I am not using the tests

MSmits: have some respect!

Astrobytes: "i just go in, take my sht and leave"...

MSmits: yea yea

MSmits: students do not like it when they make a test and you take months to grade it

MSmits: I couldnt really leave them there ungraded

Astrobytes: The Phantom Shtter of Old Whatever-Town-It-Is

MSmits: lol

Astrobytes: But yeah, definitely the right thing to do

MSmits: I had a video meeting for my studies todat

MSmits: my teacher invited a teacher from a different school to talk about their coder class

MSmits: really awesome, these young students (12 and up) learn coding 5 hrs a week

Astrobytes: That's awesome

MSmits: by the time they're 18, they know enough to work at an IT company

Astrobytes: The only coding experience we ever got was LOGO programming on a BBC Micro in primary school

struct: MSmits in CSB you use 9 moves right?

MSmits: well that's the norm in my country in most cases

MSmits: struct only 7

MSmits: I did 8 for a while, but 7 worked slightly better

struct: you dont shield angle?

MSmits: oh wait

MSmits: i thought you meant depth

Astrobytes: Kids can learn so much so young, just a question of allocating resources

MSmits: in that case, it is only 5 I think

MSmits: right Astrobytes

struct: only 5?

struct: 200 0, 18 -18

MSmits: yes, maybe 6 sometimes? On average less than 5

struct: you dont have

struct: shield 0 18 -18

MSmits: 3, 5, or 6 it was i think, depending on circumstances

MSmits: no shield no, just first layer

MSmits: so depth 0

MSmits: because I prune many move sequences, the branching is quite low

MSmits: I think many attempts at smitsi in csb fail because people try all moves

MSmits: you cant converge that way

MSmits: a regular turn has 2 types of power (0 or max) and 3 types of angle (-18,0,18), so max 6 moves

MSmits: but because many move combinations make no sense, it is on average much less

MSmits: maybe I should publish my move sequence pruning at some point. it's really effective

MSmits: more proud of that part than anything else in my bot :P

struct: isnt it just if you -18 0

MSmits: no not just that

struct: you wont 18 0 next turn

MSmits: there's more

MSmits: if i do -18 0, i wont allow the following on next turn:

MSmits: 18 0

Astrobytes: tech io tuto incoming

MSmits: 0 0

MSmits: i think also 18 100

Astrobytes: Makes sense

MSmits: i think after -18 0 I only allow -18 100 or -18 0

MSmits: because you do this to take a sharp turn right?

struct: hmm

MSmits: so either you keep turning at 0 power, or you start turning with power because you almost finished the turn

MSmits: let me check it

MSmits: ah yes

YurkovAS: MSmits can you share avg count of mcts nodes (moves)?

MSmits: what i said was correct, just those two moves

MSmits: so some nodes have branching 2

MSmits: what does that mean YurkovAS

MSmits: total nodes in game?

YurkovAS: yes, i'm try to prune moves, but it not give benefit

MSmits: hmm ok

MSmits: I dont save the tree

MSmits: like in mcts, you cant really do that

MSmits: apparently, most turns I use around 50-60k nodes

struct: per pod?

YurkovAS: total or per pod?

MSmits: total

YurkovAS: MSmits thanks!

MSmits: any time

struct: I guess I know why my smitsimax never worked

MSmits: oh, sometimes it goes below 40k

MSmits: probably has to do with collisions

MSmits: expensive sims

MSmits: how is that struct?

struct: I used like 100k nodes

struct: oh wait

MSmits: ah

MSmits: yes, you prune less

struct: I didnt visit the 100k+ obviously

struct: but it expanded to that

MSmits: neither did I

MSmits: i expand to 40-60k

MSmits: but I branch less

MSmits: so i expand less

MSmits: it's easy to converge when you have very little branching

YurkovAS: now i use ~500k nodes. min=200k, max=800k. In my case it play better than: 40-80k

MSmits: wow

MSmits: this is smitsi?

YurkovAS: yes

MSmits: crazy, how much depth?

struct: wtf

struct: how many sims?

YurkovAS: top15 :smiley:

Astrobytes: And this is with AVX on UCT?

YurkovAS: sims ~300k

MSmits: how can you get so many nodes?

MSmits: with the same amount of sims that I get

YurkovAS: i'm recheck now count of nodes

struct: oh my

struct: forget my old number of 100k nodes

struct: I just checked

struct: more like 600k-900k nodes for me

MSmits: is that in a full game or in a turn?

struct: turn

struct: with around 170k sims

MSmits: ok let me check mine then

struct: This is without pruning

struct: and allowing shield every turn

struct: so its like 9 moves per turn at worse

MSmits: yeah it really is 40-60k for me

YurkovAS: avg=600k, min=400k, max=1mil nodes total for 4 pods

struct: that is with pruning YurkovAS?

YurkovAS: sims 300-400k


YurkovAS: no, with pruning play bad. i'm try to find better result

MSmits: maybe your pruning has a bug?

YurkovAS: my bot is bug. when i use ttl=150 vs ttl=75 in brutal tester - they play same. but sims count 2x time more

MSmits: hmm ok

MSmits: I should stop talking about csb, I dont want to be dragged back into it :) Already fighting nn's in oware

MSmits: I think everything above me in csb is a nn

MSmits: except iggy maybe?

struct: I wonder if sims will make a difference

MSmits: they will

Astrobytes: Donno about that one, just saw the leaderboard yesterday after a long while

MSmits: I can go deeper with more sims

MSmits: or explore more

MSmits: either way, it helps

MSmits: also, with avx sim I could defeat that final boss in br2k :)

MSmits: being stuck behind a wood boss is embarassing

Astrobytes: IT's not real wood tho

MSmits: I know

struct: dont make me open yavalath league with undefeatable boss

Astrobytes: Laminated boss

MSmits: what would an undefeatable boss look like?

MSmits: I know one way

struct: Which way?

MSmits: make him always be p1, choose middle hex and disallow swap :P

MSmits: steal I mean

struct: The referee doesnt know if it is the boss that is playing

MSmits: oww

MSmits: well then I got nothing

Astrobytes: Guess it could if you sent it a signal

Astrobytes: :P

MSmits: a secret signal we can also use ?

Astrobytes: Is that possible on CG? I know they did similar things in Halite

struct: Ill send some generated stuff from bot

struct: to referee

struct: referee reads and decodes

struct: if its right its bot

MSmits: Astrobytes yeah it is I think.

MSmits: You just need an agreed upon starting sequence

Astrobytes: Cool

MSmits: however, people would figure it out and then abuse it

MSmits: so say, you wanted to boost me in oware

Astrobytes: Half the fun tho right?

MSmits: you make yourself lose whenever you know it's me

Astrobytes: :P

MSmits: then someone else would pose as me and do the same moves

Astrobytes: Yeah, I guess spoofing isn't so much suited to CG games

MSmits: see i know what that word is because i am in an internet security class

struct: if (MSmit s) winratio = -winratio

Astrobytes: hehehe how long you have left on it?

MSmits: 4 more homeworks

MSmits: I think they delayed this weeks' homework because of corona

Astrobytes: I like your measurement scale

MSmits: yes, so 1 month :)

MSmits: after that I will start an artificial intelligence class

Astrobytes: Yeah, loads of people I know have been delayed at least a week, most a month

MSmits: I was supposed to do media and user interaction

MSmits: but that got cancelled

MSmits: I;m so sad that i get to do AI instead ot hat

MSmits: sooooo sad

Astrobytes: HCI is always good tho

MSmits: yes, but... AI

Astrobytes: Obviously AI too ;)

MSmits: it's like free study credits to me. But still worth it, because it increases my motivation level

MSmits: internet security is so boring to me

MSmits: It's important... but boring

MSmits: interesting, and also.... boring

Astrobytes: lol, I can understand that

MSmits: btw, for oware I am now using a pure sinusoid for kroo param

MSmits: period 11 because you seed 11 spots before you repeat

MSmits: and it goes both negative and positive, so on average the bonus is 0

MSmits: i fit the amplitude and I have a power param to make the sine more spiky if necessary (it's currently at 1 though)

MSmits: i had a growing sine before, giving more bonus for larger seed counts, but I stopped that. i figured I already have a bonus for seedcount, so why pollute the sine with it

Astrobytes: Clever.

Astrobytes: I like that

MSmits: i turn it into a lookup array

MSmits: so i dont have to calc the thing during eval, just a small kroo[]

Astrobytes: Yeah I figured as much

Astrobytes: Would be pretty expensive doing that everytime


MSmits: i had fixed bonuses first, 30+ params, one for every seedcount + pit combo

MSmits: but then turned that into a sine

struct: what do you use to make those graphs

MSmits: orange line was what i used when i first beat the nns

MSmits: just excel struct

Astrobytes: You should do a small paper on this

Astrobytes: Be better than half the other ones out there tbh

MSmits: for oware, yeah I guess so

MSmits: I wouldnt even mind giving stuff away, but I worry ruining the leaderboard

Astrobytes: No need to give anything away directly

MSmits: yeah it's a tough balance

Astrobytes: Or indirectly. Just your findings

MSmits: I also think my bitboard functions are really interesting

MSmits: the seeding + capturing

MSmits: I could double someone's simcount by sharing that

Astrobytes: Implementation as exercise to the reader

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: you know, I really want to just pick 1 game and do a bitboard tutorial at some point

MSmits: yavalath is too complex, uttt too messy

struct: Also on something that is not hex

MSmits: checkers and oware are pretty well suited fo rit

struct: also breakthghrough

MSmits: bandas too

struct: or I can bring Orima

MSmits: i didnt do breakthrough yet

MSmits: a good bitboard tutorial shouldnt just cover adding and removing moves

MSmits: it should also have some pdep / pext usage

Astrobytes: Fair points

Zenoscave: PCR Gold!!!!

MSmits: grats Zenoscave

Zenoscave: no sim yet either

Astrobytes: grats Zeno

Zenoscave: thx thx

MSmits: sim is where the pain begins :)

Zenoscave: That's why I avoided it

MSmits: think about csb, only with pods pooping out other pods

Zenoscave: I hate that idea

MSmits: oh

MSmits: i mean

Zenoscave: It scares me

MSmits: think about csb, only with pods giving birth to other pods

MSmits: that better?

Astrobytes: No.

Zenoscave: not at all

MSmits: ah well I tried

Astrobytes: Worse I think.

Zenoscave: Thanks for the effort

MSmits: :)

MSmits: pcr is much more fun to look at though

MSmits: like onitama is much more fun to look at than checkers

MSmits: time to get going i think, it's late :)

MSmits: gn guys

struct: gn MSmits

Zenoscave: gn

Default avatar.png GuYou: :)

Astrobytes: gn man take care

Default avatar.png jiniiii: hi

Default avatar.png HereticalChildVanDerSwag_75a1: death to america

Default avatar.png jiniiii: i'm korean

Default avatar.png HereticalChildVanDerSwag_75a1: im sorry i dont speak dog eater

MostComplicatedUsername: um

Default avatar.png jiniiii: ha ha

Default avatar.png GuYou: 호호

MostComplicatedUsername: I go to codingame, look at the chat

MostComplicatedUsername: "I don't speak dog eater"

MostComplicatedUsername: What???

Default avatar.png Sporko: for a first impression to that site it's a bad rep for the userbase

MostComplicatedUsername: Not a first impression

Default avatar.png HereticalChildVanDerSwag_75a1: shut up you jew

Default avatar.png syoon: hi

Default avatar.png syoon: hayee

Default avatar.png MassiveRobot_1b90: yee!

MostComplicatedUsername: But you see...

MostComplicatedUsername: I'm not a Jew

Default avatar.png HereticalChildVanDerSwag_75a1: oh

Default avatar.png HereticalChildVanDerSwag_75a1: i apologize for my mischarecterisation

MostComplicatedUsername: Wrong spelling

MostComplicatedUsername: mischaractarization

MostComplicatedUsername: mischaractarisation

MostComplicatedUsername: One of those two ^]

Default avatar.png HMu0510: hey wonjin

Default avatar.png ekawinata123: anyone working on the hunger games puzzle?

Default avatar.png ekawinata123: the answer formatting is so frustrating