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Default avatar.png JavaMan: sad

miszu: that's why I said goodbye to java and hello to c++ for challenges here

miszu: but C++ is a kind of friend you want to be friend with but he doesn't want to.

miszu: throwing errors and core dumps

Z_Doctor: I doubt c++ actually makes code shorter :smirk:

miszu: depends what you need for. I use it for bot competition now

miszu: it is just I am facing with lots of errors due to the language rules

Th1nhNg0: i love this site <3

Ducknaro: guys

Ducknaro: can you send me an pdf to learn python

Ducknaro: ?

JavaMan: any japanese here?

MSmits: do you want them to be?


MSmits: only 27,130 Japanese accounts


toctou: :relaxed:

Default avatar.png Qurtin: まあまあ

Default avatar.png Qurtin: 日本人じゃないけどちょと分れます

Ducknaro: guys

Ducknaro: ?

Ducknaro: nothing

Default avatar.png NobodyA: hi guys

Default avatar.png NobodyA: any newbies here?

JavaMan: one here

Mehroz: hello

Default avatar.png NobodyA: lol same :D

AntiSquid: hi i am new

Default avatar.png NobodyA: anyone teach me ASCII Art?

Mehroz: what is it?

Default avatar.png NobodyA: a task?

jang888: hi

Default avatar.png NobodyA: hello

jang888: do u know minecraft

Default avatar.png NobodyA: i do but i dont play it

Default avatar.png NobodyA: anyone here play tanki online?

jang888: :kissing:

jang888: tanki?

Default avatar.png NobodyA: yeah

jang888: what was it?

Default avatar.png NobodyA: nvm

Default avatar.png NobodyA: pls any professionals help me with ASCII Art

Uljahn: just skip it, solve puzzles you can handle then come back

AntiSquid: you're out of luck, everyone here is unprofessional NobodyA

Default avatar.png NobodyA: srsly lol

Default avatar.png NobodyA: how do u type red words

AntiSquid: zrzly

AntiSquid: hax

Default avatar.png NobodyA: :O

Default avatar.png NobodyA: dats a pro

Uljahn: just read the chat help: People will receive notifications when you mention their nickname in the chat, and see those messages displayed in purple

Uljahn: NobodyA

Default avatar.png NobodyA: oh

Default avatar.png NobodyA: thx

Default avatar.png NobodyA: AntiSquid dont fool me

Uljahn: those who don't read help deserve to be fooled :)

Default avatar.png NobodyA: :rage:

Default avatar.png NobodyA: im just a newbie who didnt know that theres a help button

toctou: i go to write a program in open gl console) crossplatform)

toctou: render text)

AntiSquid: lol)

toctou: yes i want, this code in opengl console


struct: Hello

AntiSquid: hi)

Pegasus7: hello

jang888: i am ...

jang888: iron man

Default avatar.png NobodyA: YEET i finally did ASCII Art

MadKnight: when did AntiSquid become a russian ?

MadKnight: oh, toctou turned him into a russian

MSmits: uhm, are Russians like the Borg?

MSmits: Rusistance is futile!

MadKnight: russians are like lol)

MadKnight: hi)

AntiSquid: idk wdym)

MadKnight: AntiSquid)

AntiSquid: MadKnight)

AntiSquid: privet

MadKnight: privet AntiSquid how's your nothing?)

AntiSquid: training a model that can predict how many russians it takes to drink 10 kegs of vodka or more

AntiSquid: Madao)

MadKnight: just a few syniaks

MadKnight: hey Uljahn how do u spell синяки in eng ?

Uljahn: drunkards?

MadKnight: yea or just a single cast of a russian movie about war

MadKnight: these characters drink so much vodka it feels like drunkards won the war

MadKnight: or that drunkards wrote the script

AntiSquid: THEY DID

AntiSquid: LOL

AntiSquid: those movies are 100% realistic

AntiSquid: everyone else died of frost bites trying to invade russia

MadKnight: in those movies germans died because they were too kind to kill

MSmits: being drunk doesnt protect you from hypothermia though

MSmits: just from frostbite to your extremities

MSmits: but it's actually worse that way. Any cold that will cause frostbite, will kill you if you're drunk enough

MSmits: because your entire body cools instead of mostly your fingers and toes

MadKnight: only generals were drunkardies in those movies

MSmits: ah ok

AntiSquid: MadKnight i guess that's one of the few lies, but german sholdiers did get depressed from what they were doing

AntiSquid: soldiers *

MadKnight: just too kind, not too depressed AntiSquid

MSmits: not as depressed as their victims probably :P

MadKnight: they were like "but they're people! are u sure we need to shoot them? even if they're attacking us right now?"

AntiSquid: it still affected them mentally MSmits, it's weird but some committed suicide

AntiSquid: also germans were using their allies as cannon fodder, so probably it wasn't germans shooting at them at that time

MSmits: not surprising

MSmits: war is not a happy time

Uljahn: also not all troops were the same so it's easy to cherry-pick some trained volunteers or newbee conscriptors depending on your goal, that's what propaganda usually do

AntiSquid: anyways drunkards did win the war and if those generals weren't drunk af as the movies show then i would be extremely surprised

AntiSquid: what multi are you doing MSmits ?

AntiSquid: do you start new multi while fitting params?

MSmits: I do AntiSquid. I am finishing up langtons ant with fitting, was also still fitting oware. Doing some test grading and homework, but if I get that done any time soon I will try to code an Onitama bot

jang888: fortnite end game

AntiSquid: make a fortnite multi jang888

jang888: ...

struct: ezpz

AntiSquid: jang888

jang888: 3.13.0 is amzing

JavaMan: konbanwa

jang888: admin pls fix this bug

jang888: i was competle task 100 % but when i sumited it say my task was 0%

jang888: *compelte

MadKnight: jang888 what puzzle ?

MadKnight: did u hardcode solution ?

jang888: yes

MadKnight: that's not how u solve puzzles jang888

MadKnight: u can't hardcode anything

MadKnight: hardcoding != solving

jang888: ok i get it

jang888: thank

AntiSquid: jang888, ignore him, you asked for admin, he is not admin, Automaton2000 is

Automaton2000: but i'm lazy and use my notepad a lot....

AntiSquid: see?

jang888: really?

AntiSquid: ask him

AntiSquid: anything

jang888: i get it already

TheVoodooDev: helo

wlesavo: damn, finally finished labirint

MSmits: grats

MSmits: I remember having problems with it too

wlesavo: thx

wlesavo: spaghetty code though

MSmits: doesnt matter

struct: I finished setting up WSL and Visual studio

struct: Now I can code on Visual studio

struct: and dont have to use linux

eulerscheZahl: :(

eulerscheZahl: it's a privilege to be able to use it

AntiSquid: lol struct

struct: Its nothing against linux

struct: But I just like VS too much

AntiSquid: i prefer vsc so w/e

MSmits: it's nice when you're used to an inferior product. Will feel so much better when you switch to VS AntiSquid :)

AntiSquid: it's no inferior

AntiSquid: it's highly customizable

MSmits: yeah, I tried it for a bit, too much work

MSmits: stuff doesnt run

AntiSquid: compare fair phone to regular phone

MSmits: then you need to figure out how

phamnuwen: VS one and only killer feature is the debugger for C++ imo

MSmits: I dont have a smartphone AntiSquid

MSmits: phamnuwen, you can also use C#. It is even more awesome for that

AntiSquid: i still think the analogy helps

AntiSquid: you carry a laptop around with you, so ya maybe you don't need the phone

phamnuwen: MSmits will keep that in mind if I try C#, thanks

MSmits: not because I carry a laptop AntiSquid

MSmits: mainly because I dont want to talk to people :P

AntiSquid: there's phone blocker for that

phamnuwen: *he told cg chat*

AntiSquid: block any number

MSmits: sure, you can block all communications

MSmits: but then its not really a phone anymore now is it

eulerscheZahl: buy a phone, block the features of it

MSmits: phamnuwen, outside of CG I know very few people that will talk to me about coding

AntiSquid: and if you don't want to talk to anyone at a given moment, just disable calls and tell people later you had no signal

MSmits: at every given moment in my case

phamnuwen: haha

MSmits: I'm basically a hermit teacher that only talks about coding when he's not working :P

MSmits: and i like it that way :)

Marchete: closet coder

MSmits: sure

MSmits: I ain't coming out

MSmits: btw I noticed langtons ant still has the bug

MSmits: someone should fix it

AntiSquid: what bug

MSmits: RedStrike abuses it, though he'd be nr 1 without that

MSmits: when the ant hits the edge of the map in game 1, the ant freezes in game 2

MSmits: so if you're ahead when you freeze it in game 1, you win the game

eulerscheZahl: oh, that didn't get fixed?

MSmits: nope

AntiSquid: lol


eulerscheZahl: langton can even be edited by anyone with lvl 29+ if we can't get M_C to correct it

MSmits: I dont want to take the risk messing it up, havent done a contribution before

MSmits: but basically, reset the freeze code at the start of every game

MSmits: should be easy

MSmits: shouldnt break any bots that abuse it

MSmits: except they will lose some games

eulerscheZahl: there's a download button to have a look at the code and see how easy it is

MSmits: because they are trying to abuse it

MSmits: mmh i dont see the button

Astrobytes: Hit 'Details'


eulerscheZahl: oh right, that new bug which CG added on friday

MSmits: oh right

Astrobytes: Yeah lol

eulerscheZahl: i have a feeling like it's always Friday when they decide to break stuff

Astrobytes: Doesn't everyone push to the live server on Fridays? :P

MSmits: there's a lot of French in the referee

eulerscheZahl: only if you go on holidays after

Astrobytes: :D

MSmits: comment: On fait avancer la fourmi

MSmits: I now know what an ant is in French

Astrobytes: Just think 'fourmi' and formic acid

eulerscheZahl: i read it as "for me"

eulerscheZahl: or "four me"? :frog: :frog: :frog: :frog:

Astrobytes: Ants produce formic acid you see

Astrobytes: that would be 'pour moi' or 'quatre de moi' euler

MSmits: hard to find a bug in a language I dont code in and a language I dont speak :P

MSmits: i did find where it says the ant goes out of the grid, but i dont see any action being taken

eulerscheZahl: you know C#, so you can read Java

struct: Also you can't understand other's people code

eulerscheZahl: that's the main problem

MSmits: it's a problem, but the main problem is all the French variable names and comments

eulerscheZahl: obfuscation

MSmits: yeah :)

eulerscheZahl: but it seems like Astrobytes speaks some French?

struct: you guys write your vars on your language?

MSmits: no... English

phamnuwen: no

Default avatar.png icecream17: YES!!! FINALLY!!!! (ignore this)

eulerscheZahl: i name my vars in English

Astrobytes: Non. Mon aéroglisseur est plein d'anguilles.

MSmits: i know what that means

eulerscheZahl: "No. My hovercraft is full of eels."?

MSmits: you just said: My smell is bad, being an Englishman

eulerscheZahl: either you write nonsense or deepl is broken

Astrobytes: euler is correct. Monty Python reference

MSmits: ow

Astrobytes: The Hungarian phrasebook

phamnuwen: Does the Monty Python stuff translate well into french?

Astrobytes: Anyway, my French is a bit iffy these days

Astrobytes: not sure tbh phamnuwen, I would imagine not

struct: Do you need help with french?

phamnuwen: MSmits might need some assistance, maybe you could translate the variables and comments from here:

MSmits: I found it I think

MSmits: private boolean[] touche_bord=new boolean[]{false,false};

MSmits: this one gets set to true when the ant goes off grid


dbdr: that page is broken for me, CG's javascript crashes apparently

eulerscheZahl: click "details" at the top

eulerscheZahl: known problem, since Friday

dbdr: oh, details work, thanks

MSmits: I know what to do to fix it eulerscheZahl, what do I do now, to avoid breaking anything

dbdr: the referee is not on github?

eulerscheZahl: set up a local project (i use IntelliJ, but you can also use eclipse, command line, ...)

dbdr: that's more usable than the download

eulerscheZahl: not on github

MSmits: sounds complicated eulerscheZahl :(

MSmits: can I not just tell one of you what to change

MSmits: i've never made a java project

eulerscheZahl: yes, tell M_C :D

dbdr: github is nicer to casually browse the code, and also possible to fork and PR

MSmits: don't think he's active

MSmits: or he would have fixed it before

MSmits: redstrike was discussing it months ago

eulerscheZahl: send him a private message via forum, that triggers an email

MSmits: ahh ok

MSmits: good idea

eulerscheZahl: no response within a few days => we fix it without M_C

MSmits: ok

eulerscheZahl: a question of politeness, i wouldn't like any of you to modify my contributions without telling me either ;)

MSmits: of course not

AntiSquid: oh maybe i should undo that edit then

dbdr: "src/test/java/"

dbdr: :thinking:


MSmits: good?

eulerscheZahl: add that replay

MSmits: ah yes of course.

dbdr: no tests it seems :(

MSmits: I sent him the message. It's weird noone bothered before

struct: Now don't find the bug in Yavalath

MSmits: there is no bug :)

dbdr: maybe everyone thought "someone should do it" ;)

MSmits: yeah I suppose

Astrobytes: someone did in the forum thread for it, a few people I believe

MSmits: ah ok, but the creator might not read that. Good idea by euler to do a PM -> mail

Astrobytes: Yep, much better

Default avatar.png paolo_lsg: does anyone know what single possibility means in Defibrillators?

eulerscheZahl: text search didn't find "single possibility", give more context

Default avatar.png paolo_lsg: that was it. :( when testing Defibrillators in only got 75% i missed the first one which only says "Single Possibility". i don't see a way to get more details from it.

eulerscheZahl: ah, it's the name of the first validator

eulerscheZahl: share your code (paste it here)

eulerscheZahl: my guess: radians/degrees conversion

Default avatar.png paolo_lsg: everything? hmm

Default avatar.png paolo_lsg:

Default avatar.png paolo_lsg: oh cool, it just creates a link for the code

eulerscheZahl: you didn't use the formula given in the description?

Default avatar.png paolo_lsg: no. i tried using the formula at first, but it didn't work for Complete file and Complete file 2. that's why i had to look for another formula.

eulerscheZahl: the given formula works as expected

eulerscheZahl: if you take another one, you might get slightly different results, thus a red validator

eulerscheZahl: revert to the other formula and spot the bug

Default avatar.png paolo_lsg: alright, i'll try it again. thanks

Default avatar.png paolo_lsg: changed the formula to use the one given. it's working now. i probably just made a mistake before. but, i'm still stuck at single possibility. :(

eulerscheZahl: would you mind sharing the code again?


eulerscheZahl: hm, i get the same distances up to 10 or more decimal digits :thinking:

paolo_lsg: oh ok. thanks. i'll look into precision.

eulerscheZahl: i'm saying i have no idea why it's not working

eulerscheZahl: not a precision problem

paolo_lsg: i'm sniffing through the forums now. thanks for helping me. i'm new here.

struct: Your code has a problem when having only 1 city

paolo_lsg: well that was a big d'oh. just set N to 1. mine wasn't working because i had a Console Error Log which looks for the 2nd entry in my list. its all good now.

JFB: paolo_lsg - I solved this puzle years ago so I do not remember exactly. But I have impresion that it was problem with ';' in one of adresses. So sometimes it was more fields after ';' parsing. So my solution get lat, lon from last and 2nd from the end fields

JFB: I see that you get from last fields too. So it is not the problem. But you check do it is less than 5 fields and skip such lines. Try to comment out this line - maybe they are lines with less then 5 fields?

paolo_lsg: yeah. thanks everyone. i was getting the last one. i deleted my other console logs for debugging and its working now. :D

AntiSquid: no problem paolo_lsg

MSmits: well I'm off work for 3 weeks...

MSmits: they just decided to close the schools after all

struct: Should I even round values on turn end of CSB

reCurse: I don't get off that easy, still need to work remote

struct: since they dont seem to do it in the referee?

MSmits: i do too reCurse, but it's a lot less work than normally

reCurse: They do round

struct: MSmits but no classes via computer?

MSmits: yeah, I'll produce some stuff and answer questions

MSmits: but it's still a lot less work

struct: Ok, I guess the leaked referee is not the one they are using

MSmits: also, normally I commute 2 hrs a day

struct: Does the same apply to angles recurs e?

reCurse: No

reCurse: They give you round angles but still use the real one

struct: Thanks

struct: Easy to keep track

reCurse: It's very difficult to get 100% simulation unless you use doubles

reCurse: But then your perf sucks

reCurse: Did CG just add security check to replays :o

struct: Why do you think that?

struct: about replays

reCurse: Unauthorized access error

struct: Maybe replays from validators?

MSmits: did this happen on a batch reCurse

MSmits: cg bench?

reCurse: Replays from play button only work if you're logged in

reCurse: Wasn't like that before

struct: I think you needed to press share for it to become public

reCurse: No

reCurse: I 100% confirm that didn't work

reCurse: Now it does though

MSmits: share just makes a link

MSmits: afaik

reCurse: I think they added security check

reCurse: So share might disable that now

struct: The link is made on play

MSmits: oh cool

MSmits: thats how it should work

reCurse: I guess

reCurse: A bit annoying tho but we

reCurse: w/e

MadKnight: did u read that link MSmits ?

MadKnight: did u at least start ?

reCurse: Yay I fixed my exploitation resistant training

dbdr: reCurse so what's the verdict? replays only accessible if you are logged in, or...?

JFB: MSmits - in my country they will oficially close school from Monday - but it looks that, seeing what is going on in Italy, schools stopped from Friday at least. I was not sure do it is good move - becouse at the start it was grands too loof for childres becouse parent went to work

reCurse: For the play button, only if you're logged in

reCurse: Probably nothing for public games like submits

dbdr: OK

MSmits: same here JFB, on monday

MSmits: MadKnight, i only looked at the link. too much Russian and I don't like google translated text. Not even gonna try that

JFB: But now it looks that more and more people it knowing that is better to work remotly or get leave from works to look for children. And I think that is possible, in worst case scenario, to convert schools into temporary hospitals

MSmits: i liked the pics and got the gist of what it was about

reCurse: 80% against old version, 89% against smits but only 65% against robo

reCurse: Oh well can't win them all

MSmits: still oware reCurse?

Default avatar.png Omnium: is Spain they are converting hotels into hospitals

reCurse: Yeah...

reCurse: The really annoying thing with ML is any bug is really just adding noise

reCurse: So everything still works

reCurse: But less well

MSmits: dont worry too much about the winrate vs me.... it's gonna change at some point. But I won't submit spam you just to bring you down if i happen to be 50% + I only try for nr1 if i can stay there even when others submit

MadKnight: MSmits but the pics are in en

JFB: Omnium - in Spain they have a lot of hotels -

reCurse: Well I don't exactly have that many benchmarks

reCurse: Take what I have :P

reCurse: I'm more interested into being less exploitattive

reCurse: So more stable

struct: Just ask MSmits for the code

struct: Then you can run more

reCurse: I think the new training has proved itself

MSmits: well the thing is, your nn is likely going to be much better vs rank 4 and down than mine is, even if mine beats you over 50% at some point. That has been my experience since the start for both you and Robo, the NN's are more versatile against different bots

reCurse: Maybe more versatile but also exploitable

reCurse: Hopefully I fixed the latter

MSmits: I would win 80% and you would win 95% is what i mean

reCurse: Yeah I know

MSmits: kk

reCurse: Wish I had more insight on that

MSmits: I had too much of that. I am not looking forward to doing much more fitting, it's not a lot of fun. I only persisted because I had a lot of success with it... but for small gains its not worth it

MadKnight: MSmits just look at the pics, they're informative and in en

MSmits: they are MadKnight, but I am not currently learning. When I try to learn about a subject I go all out. Not just look at some pics. We established I will do this over the summer :)

MSmits: gonna go get some food while it's quiet in the supermarket.

MSmits: ttyl

AntiSquid: the kung fu trainer sent an email about doing classes over skype instead of attending in person

Scarfield: Dont try to break the board he is holding!

AntiSquid: i never seen anyone break stuff . it's just the usual kung fu dance you can watch on youtube btw, you learn a pattern, i just do it to keep fit

Scarfield: i prefere eating heavy cookies

Astrobytes: I follow a strict Kung Pao regimen

Scarfield: For CSB how is the velocities changed when a collision has less then 120 impulse?

MadKnight: it just sets impulse to 120

MadKnight: and applies 120 impulse on bounce

Scarfield: i have tried to extend the vel vector, and adding the needed vel change along the contact angle, but neither seems to be correct

MadKnight: it actually applies 2 impulses - first to stop pods, second to bounce them

MadKnight: u gotta set second to 120


MadKnight: yea that's how u set it

eulerscheZahl: reCurse 05:49PM I think they added security check

optim validators are protected now, that's quite new (2 weeks maybe)

Scarfield: okay, so it extends the after collision vector right?

struct: I think he means other thing

eulerscheZahl: MSmits congrats to your gained spare time

Scarfield: along its own length

struct: He is saying that replays that are generated once you press play my code

struct: are not public anymore

dbdr: inb4 massive MSmits gains :)

reCurse: Crap I should have gotten around to those ML validators before then

struct: Don't know if sarcasm or not :thinking:

reCurse: It's not, ML validators are not the same as tests

AntiSquid: validators protected? did they change them at least + resub everything?

reCurse: More of a side effect of added security on replays

AntiSquid: ah you can't share IDE replays anymore? :/

reCurse: You need to click the share button now I think

reCurse: Didn't test

AntiSquid: IDE replay

struct: Is that new replay or old?

AntiSquid: new

AntiSquid: well i crashed coz editing stuff

AntiSquid: messy old code

eulerscheZahl: i downloaded the marslander validators in the past, but never progressed any further

eulerscheZahl: didn't even filter for mars lander replays, so that's all kind of other stuff with similar replay ID

eulerscheZahl: RIP CG sponsored contest validators, i never downloaded them

AntiSquid: didn't someone say those always change?

AntiSquid: or that there's some randomness in there

eulerscheZahl: no

AntiSquid: something like this:

eulerscheZahl: only for bulls and cows

eulerscheZahl: psst, we don't talk about the reverse game

AntiSquid: then i missunderstood the game

eulerscheZahl: back when schubc reached #1, he generated about 15k testcases

eulerscheZahl: and passed every single one of them

eulerscheZahl: test = predict AI movements for given board

reCurse: Thanks euler

AntiSquid: 15k @_@

eulerscheZahl: so it's pretty deterministic

AntiSquid: anyways wonder why they never released the pacman game

eulerscheZahl: maybe some company hackathon, no idea

eulerscheZahl: probably never planned to be visible, just by accident

eulerscheZahl: and there was a captain sonar game, looked pretty finished too

eulerscheZahl: broken now (pixi.js update)

AntiSquid: cg_ lizard avatar guy wanted to make a contest out of it

eulerscheZahl: CG Rom?

reCurse: Oh it's not your contrib?

eulerscheZahl: out of the captain sonar?

AntiSquid: yes

eulerscheZahl: jupoulton uploaded the pacman

eulerscheZahl: accidentally as public for a few minutes

AntiSquid: no reCurse, i sniped it, was only briefly available

eulerscheZahl: i completely missed it, but squiddy downloaded the zip

eulerscheZahl: (thanks for that)

reCurse: Looks kinda neat


Ducknaro: guys

struct: Thanks

struct: Just what I needed

struct: A CoC


Ducknaro: guys

Astrobytes: Ducknaro could you please stop spamming CoC invites in the chat?

MadKnight: AntiSquid saves the chat

jacek: yeah, invite euler to coc, not us

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

**MSmits ducks

Default avatar.png FlyingCube_b2fc: Hello

struct: hi

Default avatar.png FlyingCube_b2fc: I'm starting learn javascript

MSmits: sorry to hear that :(

MSmits: hope you feel better soon

Default avatar.png FlyingCube_b2fc: Why?

MSmits: I'm just messing with you.

MSmits: JS is not the nicest language to work with

struct: at least he doesnt have to deal with avx

struct: going crazy

AntiSquid: FlyingCube_b2fc just use whatever you enjoy

AntiSquid: this place won't help you learn the most important features of JS though, since you won't need them here

struct: Cant that be said for most of languages?

AntiSquid: yes

Default avatar.png MrKrakus: I only try new method learn JS

Default avatar.png MrKrakus: Because, I take part on course

Default avatar.png MrKrakus: On the udemy

Default avatar.png MrKrakus: And today, I

AntiSquid: omg

AntiSquid: wtf

AntiSquid: why udemy ?

Default avatar.png MrKrakus: I watch youtuber

AntiSquid: but it's filled with crap

Default avatar.png MrKrakus: And he was there course

AntiSquid: are you paying too?

Default avatar.png MrKrakus: Yes

Default avatar.png MrKrakus: Not to much]

Default avatar.png MrKrakus: How you learning?

Default avatar.png Omnium: you learn by doing

AntiSquid: NOT UDEMY

Default avatar.png Omnium: you have a crusade against them?

AntiSquid: no

AntiSquid: they're crap

AntiSquid: and he is paying lol

Default avatar.png Omnium: hvent tried. just doing things while uni

AntiSquid: when there's ample free alternatives and even better paid alternatives if you really want to pay

MSmits: mmh so my boss nominated me to be an ict specialist to help my colleagues teach from home :P

Default avatar.png Omnium: home is awesome. I prefer doing online uni than going there

MSmits: and I go to work tomorrow after all, probably dealing with this

AntiSquid: you'll make a great patsy if shit hits the fan

struct: Im gonna ditch cache for now

struct: ón collisions

MSmits: nah it's just helping out, no responsibility other than trying your best

struct: its not very important on csb anyways

MSmits: also shit hitting the fan is a different virus

Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: Astrobytes knows this, he is a specialist

eulerscheZahl: noro virus

struct: omfg

struct: What a nice bug

MSmits: thats one yeah

struct: I cant even copy paste

eulerscheZahl: my grandma brought it to her retirement castle when she got there

MSmits: that may have killed some people =/

eulerscheZahl: a few days later everyone had to stay in their own room

Astrobytes: You have castles for the elderly in DE?

eulerscheZahl: no, i'm not a native speaker and remembered that name from the simpsons

eulerscheZahl: Abe lives there

Astrobytes: ofc, haha yes indeed he does

eulerscheZahl: so, how should i call it?

MSmits: home

Astrobytes: Just retirement home

eulerscheZahl: teach me new vocabulary

MSmits: retirement home

eulerscheZahl: ok

Astrobytes: I liked the Simpsons reference though

eulerscheZahl: to some degree that's how i learned English

eulerscheZahl: by watching TV

MSmits: same

Astrobytes: Yup, I know a lot of people who did that

MSmits: my daughter watches every dvd in English, French and Dutch.. dunno why

Astrobytes: Ever watched the Simpsons in French? That's some trip

MSmits: she just decides she knows it in one language and picks a different one

eulerscheZahl: but she also sings in Chinese

Astrobytes: That's awesome though MSmits

MSmits: yeah there was a time where she would just use chinese words

eulerscheZahl: i don't speak French at all so i didn't watch the Simpsons in Fr

MSmits: from ni hao kai lan

Astrobytes: When I was last in France I watched it, from the theme tune to the end I was like WTF

MSmits: is it different from other French stuff?

eulerscheZahl: bad dubbing? voices totally different?

struct: Portuguese don't really dub stuff

MSmits: we dont either

struct: at least pt-pt

struct: pt-br dub a lot

Astrobytes: The voices, yes, they were hilarious

eulerscheZahl: in the german version they tried to get the voices as close as possible to the original

struct: I can't watch dubed movies

AntiSquid: MSmits does she use the correct intonation? :p

AntiSquid: that's the key to actually speaking propoer "chinese"

MSmits: i know for English, not sure if her Chinese was

MSmits: probably not

eulerscheZahl: someone recorded the TV :/ but shows German Homer

eulerscheZahl: sadly he died a few years ago

Astrobytes: not bad!

Astrobytes: Actually some of the French voices are OK I guess

Astrobytes: I mean, Marge sounds like she was just sent from Hell or something

eulerscheZahl: the big guy at 0:54 (frederic taytum?) has the voice of a child

AntiSquid: Marge = chain smoker Bart = very girly

Astrobytes: Drederick yeah lol, didn't quite capture his 'essence'

Astrobytes: Lisa sounds OK

eulerscheZahl: it's usual that kids are spoken by women

eulerscheZahl: bart = nancy cartwrite in the US version

eulerscheZahl: scientologist iirc

Astrobytes: Homer OK at points, Wiggum terrible, Milhouse not bad

eulerscheZahl: wiggum too deep

eulerscheZahl: should swap with frederic

eulerscheZahl: not good but better that way

Astrobytes: Yeah

AntiSquid: is that show still running?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: but i stopped watching it

eulerscheZahl: not funny anymore

eulerscheZahl: i didn't even remember the plot 30min after i watched it

Astrobytes: They just recycle old stuff. I gave up on it years ago now

eulerscheZahl: same

Astrobytes: It had a great run though

AntiSquid: and futurama?

eulerscheZahl: cancelled

eulerscheZahl: twice

AntiSquid: i didn't like the newer episodes, forgot why

eulerscheZahl: i liked the new ones too

Astrobytes: I don't think they made any bad Futurama episodes tbh

eulerscheZahl: worst simpsons episode (at least before i stopped watching): All Singing, All Dancing

eulerscheZahl: for Futurama i don't remember a no-go

eulerscheZahl: the dog waiting for Fry made me sad

Astrobytes: That was a clip show right? Of all the songs

eulerscheZahl: yes

struct: x = 13872 and y = -5067, while pod is at 5620 2598

struct: close enough

Astrobytes: Yeah that was pretty crap

miszu: QQ, what system is running the C++? Is it a 64 bit one?

eulerscheZahl: yes

miszu: thanks

eulerscheZahl: i don't think that CG has any 32bit CPUs

miszu: just sanity check, I am using a pool so thinking should I use pointer or a number to represent the index. pointer size is bigger than int32 size


eulerscheZahl: "Your program is compiled and run in a Linux environment on a 64bit multi-core architecture."

Astrobytes: beat me to it... again

eulerscheZahl: but you only have a single core for your process

Astrobytes: even though we get pthread

miszu: I don't think multithreading would help muchhere

eulerscheZahl: others tried, not worth the effort

dbdr: wow, eulerscheZahl #2 in optim, gg

eulerscheZahl: huh?

eulerscheZahl: must be bulls and cows


eulerscheZahl: i didn't even realize

eulerscheZahl: got 304 as well

miszu: I am 3 269 xD

eulerscheZahl: my best offline was 290

dbdr: yeah, though it cannot be that many points yet

struct: should be CvZ

eulerscheZahl: last time i checked, i was 3 or 4 points below marchete only played the bulls after

eulerscheZahl: and still very close

dbdr: ah yes, if you were that close...

dbdr: by the way, when you did A*C offline, did you ever get to #1?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: for 10min maybe, then Neumann got me back

dbdr: lol

kovi: hardcoders...

eulerscheZahl: my real score should be around 10.6k

eulerscheZahl: had a discussion with neumann how easy it is to hardcode, he said that it's still an achievement

dbdr: offline is real :)

eulerscheZahl: i told him that i can easily get the validators and become #1

dbdr: because Neumann used a much hard method, right?

dbdr: but once you have the validators, it's still hard to optimize

eulerscheZahl: the point is: only 3 or 4 players are playing offline, so it's an unfair comparison

Neumann: Those damn hardcoders .. grrrr .. They even gather and organize competitions dedicated to hardcoding. They call it hashcode. What a bunch of losers

eulerscheZahl: :D

Neumann: I'd rather spam my rng-based search and hope for a lucky hi-score

Neumann: LUL

kovi: well, true

Neumann: :)

kovi: cg system is not proper for optim

eulerscheZahl: i'm fine with hardcoding, when everyone gets the validators (same chances for everyone)

Neumann: I agree on the "unfair" factor tho

eulerscheZahl: i heavily agree with kovi

dbdr: well, NS is pretty fair

Neumann: lol

eulerscheZahl: topcoder: validators during the contest

eulerscheZahl: then a huge rerun with other testcases for final standings

eulerscheZahl: only takes 2 weeks to get the final results :rolling_eyes:

kovi: ns. yeah, it is hardcode for everyone

kovi: topcoder - but it is still a time limited contest. with a single final run

eulerscheZahl: the most fair solution: regular resubmit with new testcases but that would require a lot of CPU time, completely unreasonable for CG

Neumann: We're having this discussion every 3 weeks for 2 years now

eulerscheZahl: so hardcoding would be acceptable IMO (see hashcode), if the validators were more accessible

dbdr: I think 50% of CG CPU is spent on CSB alone :D

eulerscheZahl: i just silently accept that CG and optim don't fit well

eulerscheZahl: can be fun solving the puzzles, but i don't play for a "fair" ranking, however that should be defined

dbdr: it's also fun to find the ways to go around the system

dbdr: e.g. what we did on CGfunge

eulerscheZahl: i never thought about unicode to load large numbers

dbdr: that's similar to what goes on in computer security, in a simple way

Default avatar.png yalcinberkay: This site is awesome

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

struct: :'(


Astrobytes: Devraj please don't spam CoC invites in the chat, thank you

Devraj: poop

Devraj: sock

BenjaminUrquhart: sock

MSmits: no... he meant poopsock

MSmits: it's an insult I think ?

struct: Is not today Im gonna finish csb

struct: Tomorrow Ill give it another go

MSmits: sleep helps

MSmits: mmh I am still thinking about an onitama board representation

struct: what do you mean?

MSmits: like a bitboard

MSmits: I can see several ways to put it in 64 bit, with the cards separate

MSmits: but has to be fast to apply the moves

struct: ah I got confused and thought it was oware

MSmits: nah

MSmits: it's gonna be my next multi I think

MSmits: onitama I mean

struct: I dont know what to choose

struct: so many games

MSmits: choose what seems fun

struct: I still need to finish Yinsh

Astrobytes: Before Yinsh finishes you struct ;)

struct: Is just the move generator

struct: I cant recall how to do it

AntiSquid: yinish ?

AntiSquid: is it a game you are making struct?

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 ping Tobou

Automaton2000: but it is quite a bit

Astrobytes: AntiSquid yeah

AntiSquid: struct the move generation doesn't seem that hard but i don't see why you need to do it, it looks quite big


Default avatar.png AguliRojo: I dont get those games, everytime when i want to set viariables to not avoid fail conditions, it just doesnt compile

Default avatar.png AguliRojo: i added current x and current y and added them on while loop , it decides to not compile on whgile loop

BenjaminUrquhart: which puzzle?

BenjaminUrquhart: and code please

Default avatar.png AguliRojo:

Default avatar.png AguliRojo: Power of Thor

Astrobytes: while (true || x <39 || y <17)

BenjaminUrquhart: always true

AntiSquid: while(1) then

Default avatar.png JBM: always true is good no?

Default avatar.png JBM: who wants to live in a world of lies?

Default avatar.png AguliRojo: oh , its one & instead of two :open_mouth:

BenjaminUrquhart: what

Astrobytes: huh?

Astrobytes: And lol JBM

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: i tend to use the first turn

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah we all do

Astrobytes: AguliRojo Get rid of this: || x <39 || y <17

AntiSquid: just use while(1)

Default avatar.png AguliRojo: Yeah i did right of the bat

AntiSquid: yeah

Default avatar.png AguliRojo: replaced with and statement

AntiSquid: with bitwise and ?

Astrobytes: No, leave it as while(true)

Default avatar.png AguliRojo: but didnt realised i had to add to change variable on every move

BenjaminUrquhart: the classic thor mistake

BenjaminUrquhart: not updating coords

Astrobytes: It's enough to give anyone a Thor head . . .

Default avatar.png AguliRojo: True , maintaining code must be a pain

BenjaminUrquhart: more like


Default avatar.png AguliRojo: Thank you Thor seems much easier than Legends of Code and Magic to start off

BenjaminUrquhart: one off more like 2 off everywhere

BenjaminUrquhart: because it is

Astrobytes: AguliRojo DEFINITELY start with the easy puzzles before you attempt something in the Bot Programming section

AntiSquid: just do CSB AguliRojo

Astrobytes: MadSquid

AntiSquid: or do Oware

Default avatar.png AguliRojo: CSB? it shows me bunch of users

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

AntiSquid: ya the dark csb army

AntiSquid: of doom

AntiSquid: legend of code and magic is hard because of draft


Default avatar.png AguliRojo: I couldnt even start in any laguage, documentation gets me

AntiSquid: try one of those

BenjaminUrquhart: docs are boring

AntiSquid: those are simple compared to the rest

Default avatar.png AguliRojo: I dont know where to find those , are they under Learn tab?

Astrobytes: RATM? Rage Against The Manual?

Astrobytes: @BenjaminUrquhart

AntiSquid: just click the link to "find" them

AntiSquid: this one is also one of the easier ones imo :

AntiSquid: easy to get shit going i mean

Default avatar.png AguliRojo: Thank you ill check them for sure. I missed coding at university.

struct: AutomatonNN help please

AutomatonNN: I am a noob

MadKnight: he's a noob struct don't ask him

BenjaminUrquhart: so, my code runs fine in CG but segfaults locally

BenjaminUrquhart: I feel like this is a problem

BenjaminUrquhart: oh I found the problem

BenjaminUrquhart: totally didn't forget to initialize a variable

BenjaminUrquhart: and infinite recursion in certain cases

CacaToilette: join clash of code or i suicide myself

Default avatar.png InvisibleScone_fce8: Hi

Default avatar.png RustyTraveller_2bb5: there needs to be a virgin vs chad game

Ydrialz: hey peepz, do you also encounter a problem with submitting your reports ?

ThePythonian: When you try to join Clash of Code but no ones on

EquinoxWhale: Clash games aren't starting for me ;________;

ThePythonian: Lol

ThePythonian: Just keeps looping

dst: +1

daffie: why no games available

Default avatar.png CIV: guys got any js for gold league game of drones ?

Z_Doctor: You guys mean clash?

Default avatar.png CIV: stuck in silver

daffie: strikje back


daffie: earlier I was sitting at 2nd and defeated the boss several times but never advanced either

daffie: not sure if it's my end or not