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miszu: Hey guys, how do you handle GC issue in java? Sometimes my GC takes 90ms out of the 100ms allocated for my AI to find the best move. Would recycling objects help significantly?

tekki: whati s GC issue AutomatonNN?

AutomatonNN: what do you mean by the same as the project?

tekki: shut up AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: what is the main thing?

miszu: GC is garbage collector

tekki: okmiszu

tekki: but i can't help you :)

miszu: It's alright. It just a bummer you spent so much time coding but the majority of time your running time is spent on GC

Default avatar.png rohit09: :P

jacek: still GC issues? maybe dont create so many objects in a loop

MSmits: miszu use object pools

kamiathe: hi

kamiathe: some have a good antivirus to block pop_ups on windows 10 pls?

AntiSquid: browser pop ups ?

AntiSquid: kamiathe

kamiathe: yep webside sometime redirect me towerd pop-ups which can happen to me anyware

tehsphinx: miszu: you are simply using the wrong language :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EquinoxWhale: kamiathe, you should use an adblocker like ublock origin

kamiathe: yep thx someone tell me the same just now ^^

AntiSquid: ublock origin works on youtube ads too

AntiSquid: which is why it's so good

dbdr: ublock origin :thumbsup:

kamiathe: thx i put this ^^ i'll say if the issue continu

AntiSquid: ya i can tell you now, there's an issue with sites that detect adblock and ask you to disable it, for those sites i use noscript kamiathe, never turn off add block!

Default avatar.png Liawe: How to check the questions of previous competitions?

Uljahn: you mean clashes?

Uljahn: Automaton2000: such competitions wow

AntiSquid: previous competitions are all in the multiplayer game section now

Automaton2000: there is a limit on how many people have done it

AntiSquid: Liawe

Uljahn: AntiSquid: he is lvl 3 so highly likely a coc addict

AntiSquid: another one? we have too many of those here

Uljahn: too bad for them google doesn't provide recaptcha in china

AntiSquid: i wouldn't spend my last days on earth playing coc

Uljahn: but the last one staying could grab all the fame :)

Uljahn: ah, there are official bots though

Uljahn: i'll spend my last days on uttt, how's your XR AntiSquid?

AntiSquid: try to go beyond depth 3 before i give up and use a smitsi or a decoupled mcts

AntiSquid: i mean > depth3 minimax

AntiSquid: but overall, it's shit

AntiSquid: i tried all of the evals on the forums, i don't know why half of them don't work for me at all

AntiSquid: i mean the ones in the xr thread

Uljahn: XR is my next when i'll have enough of uttt in a year or two

AntiSquid: heh

AntiSquid: 1-2 years on uttt?

Uljahn: jk

Pouria2100: c++ is best

Pouria2100: language ever

Pouria2100: better that java , python , c# ...

Pouria2100: you can do every thing that you want

AntiSquid: ya i might finish in 1-2 years at the pace i am going at Uljahn

MSmits: AntiSquid, do you know if your sim is perfect?

MSmits: also which language?

Pouria2100: :laughing:

Pouria2100: i know c++ is best you too?

MSmits: ah i see you're in gold with c++

MSmits: I'm pretty lazy at checking sim, sometimes I find mistakes when I am in top 10 already =/

Pouria2100: wow

Pouria2100: r u kidding?

MSmits: obviously not big mistakes, but still

dbdr: sometimes a faster but incorrect sim is better

MSmits: yes, but then it is by choice

MSmits: my mistakes are accidental :P

dbdr: it can still better :)

MSmits: thats true

MSmits: it's the worst when you find a mistake, fix it and then it performs wors

MSmits: I really hate that

MSmits: is something weird going on with CG or do I have some rare timeout bug again

MSmits: getting on averahe 1-2 crashes per 100 games, but none on local

MSmits: and when I crash my timer sometimes says 45 ms (so within limit) and it still timeouts

MSmits: and sometimes it says 65 ms, which is way beyond the timeout

Pouria2100: MSMITS what is your idea about best language?

MSmits: use the right tool for the job Pouria2100, there is no best

Pouria2100: for big projects

MSmits: I dont do big projects

MSmits: so no idea

Pouria2100: small?

MSmits: depends on what it is

Pouria2100: mathematic

MSmits: if you're solving a puzzle within a coding time limit, python or similar

MSmits: if you need performance, c++ or similar

MSmits: if somewhere in between, then C#, java etc.

Uljahn: btw what sim were you talking about? like both push and moves in XR? because i made some numpy push sim and thinking about implementing pathfinding with bitboards from MSmits's playground

Pouria2100: no that's not right

MSmits: Uljahn i meant the push and move sim. Checking it with unit tests

Pouria2100: and what do mean 'performance'

MadKnight: u can't do properties in c++ Pouria2100

Uljahn: i see, thanks

MSmits: number of calculations per second Pouria2100

MadKnight: and u can't do obj?->x

Pouria2100: :no_mouth:

Pouria2100: but still c++ is best

Pouria2100: some thing u can't do in java

Pouria2100: for example

Pouria2100: operator overloading "using" declarative auto keyword reference variables

MSmits: then use C#

Pouria2100: Pointer arithmetic Real generic programming (templates)

Pouria2100: c# is not useful

MSmits: if you're doing pointer arithmetic, you're probably not in a time limited situation

Pouria2100: for my works

MSmits: in that situation, if you need performance, of course c++ is better

Pouria2100: no time is not limited

MSmits: if you just want to build an app and build it as fast as possible, c++ is a bad choice

Pouria2100: and not fast as possible

Pouria2100: just can do it

MSmits: well I think there are other languages, just as fast as c++

Pouria2100: just be easy to make it

MSmits: rust and such

Pouria2100: :rolling_eyes:

MSmits: they are less bogged down by backward compatibility and compiler difference

Pouria2100: ok tnx

MSmits: because c++ is old

Pouria2100: ????!

Pouria2100: old and perfect

MSmits: but sure, it's super fast and i dont know any other fast language, so i use it

Pouria2100: and not too old

MSmits: but if i knew rust, i might use that instead

Pouria2100: what language you know?

MSmits: I know C#, python and C++ well enough to use. Python least of the 3

Uljahn: if you think c++ can easily solve any problem why are you still lvl 5? :thinking:

MSmits: which is why i still prefer C# over python

MSmits: Uljahn he is spending his time telling us c++ is great, is why :P

Pouria2100: its 2 days ago with this site

MSmits: ahh ok

MSmits: if you're looking for a challenge, go do some arenas

MSmits: if you're just looking to solve some puzzles, then do that

MSmits: some are pretty hard too

Pouria2100: for sure , i think is perfect for chall and puzzle

Pouria2100: (PYTHON)

MSmits: if you're good with c++ it is. But c++ has a very steep learning curve

MSmits: python you just start and you can solve puzzles after an hour, if you've coded before

Pouria2100: :smirk:

MSmits: I was on vacation last summer for a week and because I need less sleep than my wife ooes, I solved 30 puzzles in python during that week

MSmits: never really coded python before that

Pouria2100: ok ko

MSmits: I had to learn it for work

MSmits: CG is a great excuse to learn

MSmits: or better, learnign python is a great excuse to do some puzzles

sasuke.programmer: does anyone know some good websites/ free courses for learning web development/ programming languages?

sasuke.programmer: :slight_smile:

Elioh: yea man

Elioh: freecodecamp


Elioh: w3

AntiSquid: oh ya w3schools is amazing wiki for coding

Elioh: yesss indeed

10100111001: hey :)

10100111001: is there a way to archive files in such a way that they extract to a specific folder

10100111001: irregardless of where you extract them

MadKnight: yea if u manage to make it write absolute path

MadKnight: are u trying to make an installer archive ?

10100111001: how do I do that?

MadKnight: what are u trying to do? an installer?

MadKnight: u need to unpack some dll's ?

10100111001: no. it's an assignment and we're required to archive some files


MadKnight: google is for the weak, Automaton2000

10100111001: then have them extract to /var/www i think

Automaton2000: did you make your own bot

10100111001: ty ty

10100111001: Automaton2000 still lives :O

Automaton2000: if i go to the middle of the night

MadKnight: why wouldn't he, 10100111001 ?

Pouria2100: you mean 10100111001?

Pouria2100: or §

CSharp_Sama: oop



CSharp_Sama: Can you webscrape with Coding game?

CocoThePimp: hi guys what's up here ? What CG are you doing ?

CocoThePimp: Automaton2000 what's uuuup ?

Automaton2000: but it's just a matter of time

Uljahn: Automaton2000: stop wasting your time and use this free pass to CSB gold

Automaton2000: or i don't know why i don't get the same results

Astrobytes: fix your velocity Automaton2000

Automaton2000: how i do it in bash

CSharp_Sama: :joy:

CSharp_Sama: Automaton2000 you're pretty funny

Automaton2000: if i had to do it for us

CocoThePimp: Automaton2000 reboot

Automaton2000: it's not like i know how to code this

daffie: did I miss the contest? I totally remember it being march 8?

Astrobytes: daffie, nah it's delayed

Default avatar.png itay121: how???

daffie: so I'm not crazy and it was march 8 ?

Default avatar.png itay121: hotocoto share your code plz

Astrobytes: Yea, daffie, only 59 days to go

daffie: okay xD thanks

Astrobytes: np

Default avatar.png xhalo: yo