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cegprakash: hi all

cegprakash: Paper Soccer Stream is about to start! I'll be using GAimax and try to reach top 10

Default avatar.png iduel: guys

Default avatar.png iduel: where can i build planes for free?

ZarthaxX: wtf

dbdr: get hired by Airbus. Not only will you build airplanes for free, they will even pay you for it

struct: lol

Default avatar.png iduel: haha, thanks for the idea

WINWINWIN: Player can't move on already drawn line as well the pitch's lines.

WINWINWIN: Jacek I dont understand this rule of paper soccer

WINWINWIN: To move along a line, it has to be on a line, in which case it would have bouced

Default avatar.png _D_: I wonder if Mime-type is bugged for c++... Large dataset seems to fail even with a pretty optimized solution..

tomatoes: I doubt it need any special optimization

jrke: any body can tell what is wrong in my this python code i m new to python arrays


jacek: WINWINWIN hmm?

Default avatar.png iduel: guys i know little Java but im getting confused some times so i was thinking if i changed to C++, or python because it is beginner-friendly (and i have a background on python) so should i change ? and try to learn it or should i continue on java?

jacek: C++ beginner friendly? w00t?

Default avatar.png iduel: i mean since python have some similar features

jacek: if you know python, switch to python

Default avatar.png iduel: i didnt mean c++ i didnt edit that part

jacek: unless you care for performance

Default avatar.png _D_: anyone care to analyze my c++ code for mime-type? still wondering if this thing is bugged :P

Default avatar.png iduel: i learned both python and Java at school but i want to know which one should i pick for game Dev

Quidome: It depends largely on what you want to do as game developer

Quidome: and of course a personal taste

jacek: i think for gamedev java or C# would be more suitable. i find python good for prototyping

jacek: unity3d is C# i believe

Quidome: If you need speed, c,C++ or rust

jacek: for gamedev, actually pick game engine or framework

Default avatar.png iduel: so it depends where i will write my code, i mean if it was on unity i need to use C#, etc...

Default avatar.png iduel: ?

jacek: generally yes

jacek: java and C# are quite similar and popular so learning one would cover most needs

Default avatar.png iduel: ok thanks

Default avatar.png iduel: alot

jacek: javascript would be also popular if youre into web gamedev

Default avatar.png iduel: does anyone here know a site or an app to learn from scratch? for free if possible.

cegprakash: hey jacek I reached top 17 in paper soccer

cegprakash: I'll stream again post lunch to try to reach top 10

cegprakash: nice game but hard to start

jacek: yeah. nice

cegprakash: 200 ms is amazing

cegprakash: :D

jacek: at this point just making valid moves would get you to high

cegprakash: I'm already doing that

cegprakash: that's why I'm #17

jacek: :+1:

cegprakash: I didn't add any algo

cegprakash: not yet

cegprakash: :D

cegprakash: just valid move towards the goal

cegprakash: and that's #17

cegprakash: I was shocked


cegprakash: u killed me ez

cegprakash: I was so close in scoring twice

cegprakash: and u countered

jacek: i played that game many times in school

cegprakash: oh

cegprakash: haha

cegprakash: so u know the strats :D

jacek: pro players easily escape that

WINWINWIN: Saw the replay, amazing last move

WINWINWIN: Nice jacek 100% winrate!

Illedan: 12225 :tada:

jacek: good for you

cegprakash: is the timeout issue fixed?

cegprakash: I see u are #14 :o

cegprakash: Illedan


cegprakash: looks like I have some bug on this test

Talchane: Hi

Talchane: Can someone tell me how to go up in the ranking ?

eulerscheZahl: anything here helps you to improve your ranking. puzzles only affect your level, not the rank

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: puzzles outputs are different from what I get on my own PC. I quit solving them.

cegprakash: why is my search race car have starting trouble

cegprakash: and the zoom size has bug on search race

cegprakash: can't see console output on search race

cegprakash: I had to zoom out my browser to see logs

cegprakash: at turn 0 input says the angle is 298

cegprakash: Illedan are u there..

Talchane: Puzzles give XP, not ranking :/

Uljahn: Talchane: go to your profile page and click question marks to see more details

cegprakash: when I use

velDiff.x = cos(car.angle * PI / 180)

cegprakash: should my car angle be -180 to 180 or 0 to 360?

AntiSquid: AutomatonNN ?

AutomatonNN: Rusty bot is a multi

Default avatar.png hem123: anyone any tricks on creating absolute values from vx and vy without using 4 if statements?

tomatoes: abs(vx)?

Default avatar.png hem123: I mean how can I create like an angle from VX/VY in a more elaborate way. So outcomes in range 0,360

Default avatar.png hem123: i no calculate the angle and then see what quartile it is moving too, based on that I add 90,180 or 270

AntiSquid: not sure what you mean, i would search on google for stackoverflow answers on that

AntiSquid: managed to find everything regarding angles there

Uljahn: use atan2

cegprakash: is it possible to minimize problem statement in search race?

tomatoes: then only if's :thinking:

tomatoes: if a < 0 then 360-a else a

cegprakash: I want to see console output

tomatoes: or something like this

Uljahn: cegprakash: yes, it's possible with css userstyles


Default avatar.png hem123: atan works perfect

Uljahn: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png hem123: atan2* thanks

AntiSquid: get an avatar to show your appreciation

cegprakash: tomatoes u sure?

cegprakash: if angle < 0 I'm doing 360+angle

cegprakash: why should it be 360-angle

tomatoes: not sure


cegprakash: that last lap <3

struct: its the same thing

Default avatar.png hem123: it should + given that you have a negative number, but same thing

struct: 360 + angle == 360 - (-angle)

cegprakash: struct

cegprakash: I use cos(car.angle * PI / 180)

cegprakash: so if angle > 360 or < 0 do I have to take a modulus

cegprakash: or let it be

struct: why modulus?

struct: just use a if

cegprakash: yeah I use if


cegprakash: is this correct?

struct: no

struct: shouldnt it be angle >= 360?

Uljahn: i guess for sin and cos there is no difference for +-360, they are periodical, no?

AntiSquid: yes

cegprakash: in java Illedan doesn't do that

cegprakash: double newAngle = Math.toDegrees(this.angle) + angle;

cegprakash: sorry




cegprakash: looks like it doesn't matter


cegprakash: just fixed the Tokyo drift

cegprakash: :D

Hossein_Sharifi: Hi

AntiSquid: hi


Default avatar.png Burak05: which games are good for a newbie? any suggestions?

AntiSquid: what kind of game do you like?

Default avatar.png Burak05: i like strategy games

cegprakash: BOTG

AntiSquid: code royale

AntiSquid: botg is moba

Default avatar.png Burak05: thank you very much

AntiSquid: PR1 / PR2 is more of a strategy game

cegprakash: do u like football Burak05

cegprakash: if so try Fantastic Bits!

Default avatar.png Burak05: yes i do cegprakash

Default avatar.png Burak05: thank you

struct: There are plenty of choices

wlesavo: pr is fun

cegprakash: I had to use 20 ms limit Illedan even 25 ms timeouts for me

AntiSquid: maybe multis should have a game genre tag

AntiSquid: i am not sure what is what myself

AntiSquid: what is twixt-pp supposed to be ?


struct: scroll to variants

AntiSquid: i am gonna use the hyperlink instead!

WINWINWIN: For Code of Kutulu, how do the wanderers move?

WINWINWIN: they move random or to closest explorer?

tomatoes: closest

WINWINWIN: thanks tomatoes

AntiSquid: it's a bit random when 2 explorers are same distance away

AntiSquid: see referee for details

WINWINWIN: Ok, so distance is the only thing they evaluate based on

AntiSquid: it has some weird priority

WINWINWIN: Ok, will check the referee

WINWINWIN: Code of Kutulu is pretty different, there is quite a bit of cooperation

WINWINWIN: interesting to attemp

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: test 4 and 5 of a puzzle say TRY AGAIN, I just submit it, then in the next panel, it gives me green tick on test 4 and 5. lol

cegprakash: You have reached the maximum of submissions in a row. Please try again in a few minutes.

cegprakash: oh no

jacek: :scream:

struct: next port has pentagons not hexes :scream:

jacek: what is this abomination

struct: Another board game :/

jacek: pentalah?

cegprakash: #16 on search race <3

struct: go #!

struct: #1

cegprakash: #1 is NN I think

cegprakash: :D

cegprakash: :'(

wlesavo: #1 is hardcode

Illedan: You can do it!

Illedan: My search uses 18 ms at avreage to find the best it uses :thinking:

WINWINWIN: Any idea why MOVE 1 1 is effective in CoK?

Astrobytes: Wood?

WINWINWIN: Yes, just started

WINWINWIN: submitted and moved to #35

Astrobytes: That's why it's effective ;)


cegprakash: my recent fix :

WINWINWIN: I dont know how to minimax, but some of the paper soccer replays are amazing

WINWINWIN: cegprakash the way it does the 1 -- 7 is amazing :D

AntiSquid: there's already hardcode on search race? weren't there extra test cases added to prevent that? :p

cegprakash: WINWINWIN it's only a depth of 5

cegprakash: some ppl do have trajectory precomputed on turn 1 :P


Default avatar.png JBM: fix it

cegprakash: my fav map is Tokyo drift <3

cegprakash: this map :

cegprakash: AntiSquid u have 1000 milliseconds to construct a trajectory

cegprakash: it's precomputing not hardcoding

struct: What do you mean it not hardcoding?

wlesavo: AntiSquid neu mann said his bot is pure hardcode

cegprakash: when I try to move 0.1 turn my bot doesn't work

cegprakash: not sure why

wlesavo: i was thinking if it would be a good idea to make validators on SR just slightly random, so that cp would spawn at 10-20 dist from original spot. shouldn't introduce much randomness and would punish hardcoding quite a lot


cegprakash: this works only with increments = 1

cegprakash: I want it to work for increments = 0.2

Illedan: 10 pixels is enough to make submits useless in the very top wlesavo

wlesavo: Illedan what about 1-2?

wlesavo: not sure if it would make any difference though

Illedan: Would still have a few turns difference from the best to the worst setup..

Scarfield: could done for some reason be int and not float ceg?

cegprakash: no Scarfield


cegprakash: this is my bot's behavior with increments 0.2

cegprakash: so weird

cegprakash: increments 1 works smooth

Illedan: why 0.2?

cegprakash: to cross more than 1 checkpoint in a turn

cegprakash: instead of calculating collision time I can do 0.2 increments

cegprakash: right?

Illedan: No idea, didn't try


cegprakash: short code

cegprakash: but doesn't work

cegprakash: wait it works now :o

cegprakash: I probably have some bug in this



cegprakash: I like to drift when I finish the race

cegprakash: <3

Illedan: What depth are you using?

cegprakash: just 5 for now

Illedan: What time on Longest?

cegprakash: 372

cegprakash: 370.31 to be exact

Illedan: 342 for me

cegprakash: oh wow

Illedan: I have a depth of 12

cegprakash: :O

cegprakash: my bot acts like a drunkard

cegprakash: if I go 12

cegprakash: luls

cegprakash: let me try

Illedan: daym I fail badly on Hold The line :o

cegprakash: u need angle in ur eval

Snef: cegprakash don't think so

Scarfield: depth 12 :o how many nodes do you have, or are you doing GA?

cegprakash: for hold the line needed

Snef: cegprakash don't think so

Illedan: SA

Scarfield: noice, even though im slightly insulted you scrapped my amazing code :p

Illedan: haha

Illedan: It was great help, thx

Scarfield: np :)

cegprakash: I'm only 3 points away from my 1 rank above guy

cegprakash: so I need to try to get to top 15

Scarfield: still havent tried SA, isnt it very close to GA, but with "less mutation" over time?

cegprakash: wow increased 180 poitns

cegprakash: #15

Illedan: GA is about keeping a popuplation. SA is about climbing better

cegprakash: I increased to depth 6

Scarfield: :muscle:

Scarfield: ok, gotta have a look at it some day :)

Illedan: Why wait?

struct: How many sims average'

Illedan: 8k

cegprakash: what only 8K?

struct: 8*depth?

cegprakash: u have some aggressive pruning

Illedan: 8k x depth yeah

Illedan: 216k sims

cegprakash: I have 30K sims on search and 30K on mutation counting 60K easily

cegprakash: u don't multiply depth

cegprakash: to ur sims

Scarfield: hmm true, but procrastination is also nice :p

struct: ceg

struct: 1 depth = 1 sim

cegprakash: wait what :O

struct: 1 move = 1 sim

cegprakash: then mulitply my 60K * 6

cegprakash: 360K

struct: Sure

Scarfield: ffc (For F**K Ceg) :p

Snef: what are you doing struct ? starting sr ?

struct: nah, I dont feel like coding AI atm

Scarfield: only true AI?

struct: I enjoy more creating the games than AI tbh

struct: Most of the times i just write the game engine and quit

struct: But i cant take a pic of what im workign on

Scarfield: sure :)


struct: Who can guess?

cegprakash: submission limit again :\

AntiSquid: shogi

AntiSquid: struct

Illedan: Chess struct?

struct: anti got it

struct: Its 9 x 9 illedan

AntiSquid: and no black squares also

struct: Have you ever played it antisquid?

eulerscheZahl: what's the ETA for shogi? 1 year?

struct: :'(

Astrobytes: 1 year and 2 account deletions

Illedan: You gotta pump those numbers

AntiSquid: yes, but what are you going to use for pieces struct ? :D

Illedan: Did you get tshirt on kotlin eulerscheZahl?

eulerscheZahl: not this time

AntiSquid: i also played chinese chess, which i find easier btw

Illedan: :(

eulerscheZahl: 110th i think

Illedan: Of how many?

eulerscheZahl: 1000 maybe

Astrobytes: Top 100 got shirts?

eulerscheZahl: top50 + 50 random

Astrobytes: Ah ok

struct: More japanese people here antisquid

AntiSquid: i only got my prize money for LOCM2 today :D

eulerscheZahl: on the forum someone said that there are users creating alts and solving the same problem over and over again. making sure the solutions is different enough not to be detected

eulerscheZahl: can't tell how much truth there is in this claim

Illedan: To claim for tshirts?

struct: ^

struct: my ETA is more than 1 day less than 10 years


struct: first answer is what I thought straight away

AntiSquid: here's what some use as alternative pieces for shogi, looks kinda strange with chess pieces :D


eulerscheZahl: first answer?

struct: Anti I still dont know what Ill do for pieces

struct: "JetBrains promotes this contest in social media/kotlin blog/ADs etc so it's expected that much people outside of CP community will participate in it."

eulerscheZahl: that sounds very plausible to me

struct: But im sure that im gonna allow for original pieces

eulerscheZahl: observed the same during the last kotlin heroes. and nothing wrong with that

AntiSquid: you could do what you did for yinsh, use config to swap style of pieces :D

struct: yeah

eulerscheZahl: A5 on your first link looks like a butt

struct: Seems like Val growth has been active

struct: I thought he only came for contests

eulerscheZahl: he also played Tron before OoC popped up as a surprise

struct: He got legend on UTTT yesterday

cegprakash: what's ur score on Hold the line Illedan

eulerscheZahl: i see, he twittered it

struct: why do they go from 9 - 1 left - right

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

AntiSquid: wdym?

AntiSquid: pawns?


struct: The board its like it starts from right to left

struct: instead of left to right

AntiSquid: probably has to do with how they read in japan

AntiSquid: even their front cover of books is at the back

struct: they read from right to left?


AntiSquid: think this explains everything

AntiSquid: all the oddities

struct: Thanks

cegprakash: my search race submissions blocked for past 30 mins

cegprakash: how long is the cooldown

struct: 1 hour?

cegprakash: damn

AntiSquid: i suggest going outside and taking a deep breath

WINWINWIN: :) not allowed now AntiSquid

AntiSquid: he could stick his head out the window no?

AntiSquid: funny though WINWINWIN, seeing all the riots on murica, people not keeping social distance


AntiSquid: and then some morons in London protest same thing, but it has nothing to do with UK lol

WINWINWIN: I dont get America`s reaction in some ways, the gun sales went up??

struct: tbf america isnt handling this well

AntiSquid: it's murica

struct: They keep using force

struct: I have read some news and its preety disturbing

WINWINWIN: School opening online isnt that great either, there is too much of a focus on practicals and not possible to do them now

cegprakash: been 1 hr

cegprakash: I can't submit

cegprakash: this is pain

cegprakash: CG mercy on me

struct: Maybe it's more time

struct: I dont know

cegprakash: never happened to me like this

cegprakash: 1 hour ban is pain

struct: Well how many times did you submit?

AntiSquid: ceg play something else meanwhile?

struct: 20+?

AntiSquid: why the rush

cegprakash: because I removed the drift on the last checkpoint

cegprakash: :(

cegprakash: need to check

LelouchVC2: Who wants to validate my CoC contribution <3 :)


LelouchVC2: Damn, alright

AntiSquid: is it too late to say no? LelouchVC2

LelouchVC2: Never too late to break my heart :(

AntiSquid: ok, well hope you're safe

LelouchVC2: As safe as one can be :3

Default avatar.png ManeatingTaxidermist_f364: landing

LelouchVC2: Crash landing

cegprakash: it's been 2 hrs

cegprakash: and I still can't submit

cegprakash: Too fast You have reached the maximum of submissions in a row. Please try again in a few minutes

WINWINWIN: "Few minutes"


Illedan: Come back tomorrow :P

jacek: banned?

Illedan: If you spam too much and keep on spamming. You are blocked for a veeeery long time.

WINWINWIN: I dont understand how lvl 5 and 7 guys have been able to approve this puzzle


struct: Its clashes

WINWINWIN: I am not able to approve / reject it

struct: you dont have enough clashes

Astrobytes: I believe you have to do greater than x clashes

WINWINWIN: Ah, no then :P

jacek: you need to invite more people into clashes

AntiSquid: thibpat wants to do a contest on CG

AntiSquid: sounds like a good idea i guess

AntiSquid: something CG should try doing imo :p

eulerscheZahl: he plans to promote an existing game

AntiSquid: yea

eulerscheZahl: "If you’ve already played on this multiplayer, your rank will be your current rank minus the rank before the start of the contest."

wlesavo: so if you top1 legend you only can go negative thibpat rank

Astrobytes: Yeah, we've always been saying we should have multi of the month. Good on him, nice to see someone taking the initiative. Yeah the rank thing is a bit strange.

eulerscheZahl: so if i'm at #100 before and #101 after, i'm at #1 in the thibpat ranking?

Astrobytes: It would appear so

eulerscheZahl: at least it's a reasonable google form: just asking for the username. no email address or alike

wlesavo: but #1 is not good

wlesavo: probably

AntiSquid: :D

AntiSquid: where can you see the participants?

Astrobytes: If he wants to 'even the playing field' I suppose he should have some kind of handicap system based on current rank

AntiSquid: i registered AutomatonNN so don't bother doing it too

AutomatonNN: with a new one

wlesavo: hypersonic is so fun, but i think ill get legend without the rewrite i had in mind, and after that im sure ill completely lose motivation

wlesavo: climbing was fun though

eulerscheZahl: let's stalk him: he won't choose a game that he played before. so we can exclude the last 3 contests and twixt. rest still open :D

wlesavo: xD

Astrobytes: lol

AntiSquid: there's one more game he streamed i think, not sure though euler


eulerscheZahl: maybe under a different account?

AntiSquid: oh not much then

AntiSquid: maybe i confused him with ceg's stream

AntiSquid: hope it's an unpopular community puzzle then :p

wlesavo: yinsh :slight_smile:

jacek: ps

AntiSquid: shots fired

AntiSquid: struct

struct: :'(

AntiSquid: i could give you ideas for more popular game though :p

wlesavo: i meant yavalath :slight_smile:

struct: Maybe I can make shogi in time

wlesavo: CSB?

eulerscheZahl: i guess a game with a lower player count would qualify best

struct: Going for Yavalath might a bit harsh

wlesavo: game of life would be cool contest to have

struct: Top bots are quite strong

AntiSquid: struct, it's about how much your rank increases

eulerscheZahl: so you need a new game till june 5, struct

struct: Shogi?

struct: or too hard?

eulerscheZahl: and persuade thibpat that it's better than whatever he had in mind

AntiSquid: you don't know what he is going to pick struct

wlesavo: resubmit broken bot to every multi>submit an actual bot on contest, ezpz

AntiSquid: can't demote though :D

AntiSquid: register an alt and have solutions ready lol

wlesavo: hope for no league game :slight_smile:

AntiSquid: oh wait, you can actually improve all bots on all multis, wait for contest to start before you submit!

eulerscheZahl: then you don't want to play codebusters

eulerscheZahl: new rules till legend

struct: ok time to finish shogi need my 250xp + n * 15

wlesavo: really? wow, gave up on them after hitting gold so didnt even noticed

eulerscheZahl: n*15?

struct: upvote

eulerscheZahl: upvote is 10

AntiSquid: have shogi and chinese chess ready :D

AntiSquid: /s

struct: oh right

eulerscheZahl: moderating a contribution used to be 15

eulerscheZahl: now it's 0

AntiSquid: i like chinese chess btw:

struct: My only problem is that its only 30 sec games :(

AntiSquid: had it on terminator console, learned the rules the really hard way, by trial and error :D

eulerscheZahl: then you need another game. hurry up!

struct: too much pressure

struct: Ill release it next year

eulerscheZahl: delete?

AntiSquid: chinese chess struct

AntiSquid: i think games would be shorter there

struct: games on shogi are not very long

struct: Max moves on competitive was 285 I think

eulerscheZahl: but our bots can be dump at some point

AntiSquid: euler, if he deletes that's basically cheating in the contest since he has no rank in any game!!

AntiSquid: delete after contest

eulerscheZahl: "contest"

AntiSquid: well for fun

struct: What to do :( so many choices

struct: I could release Tzaar I have it ready

jacek: tzaar looks like yinsh :?

struct: They are both from gipf

Astrobytes: All those games are playable on the same board jacek

Astrobytes: Well, I think all of them are

AntiSquid: reject all hexagon games

AntiSquid: troll vs castles isn't released btw

AntiSquid: and that go game might get released next week too

AntiSquid: so don't stress too much struct

Astrobytes: Where did the Conway one go?

AntiSquid: no idea

Astrobytes: Was just a WIP?

struct: I think yes

AntiSquid: guy said he is gonna improve it and it disappeared after contest

Astrobytes: Hope he brings it back, looked alright

eulerscheZahl: i still don't see the point of the troll vs castle game

Astrobytes: Throw stones at things.

eulerscheZahl: as in: i don't see a strategic way that's significantly different from just printing random

Astrobytes: Yeah... perhaps with more maps something would emerge

Astrobytes: Perhaps not

eulerscheZahl: i don't see any strategical way to approach this game

AntiSquid: more maps? the only variable for maps is road length

eulerscheZahl: and stone count

Astrobytes: They're related

AntiSquid: imo it's close to fishy adventures in simplicity

AntiSquid: wait maybe fishy adventures is the contest ! :o

Astrobytes: With additional features it might be more interesting though

Astrobytes: It's still an early WIP after all

MostComplicatedUsername: Troll vs castle?

Astrobytes: Yep

MostComplicatedUsername: Found it

MostComplicatedUsername: Looks interesting

AntiSquid: it only has memes at the moment

MostComplicatedUsername: Throwing numbers?

AntiSquid: throw maths at troll, make troll smart

Astrobytes: *troll-y phrases/memes

AntiSquid: those stones

MostComplicatedUsername: YEah I saw lol

Default avatar.png masrour]: bonjour

AntiSquid: Non

MostComplicatedUsername: I wish I could see the number of stones the opponent throws

AntiSquid: you keep track and deduct prev turn from current turn

MostComplicatedUsername: I mean the number they're throwing this turn

MostComplicatedUsername: So I can throw one higher

MostComplicatedUsername: But that would be too easy

AntiSquid: that's not possible simultaneous turns

MostComplicatedUsername: Yeah

Zenoscave: woohoo still 2nd

Zenoscave: JBM I like the troll messages

Zenoscave: "fix it"

MostComplicatedUsername: You're firs

MostComplicatedUsername: t

Zenoscave: nice!!!! just saw

MostComplicatedUsername: I'm consistently beating p_b_4 but Im not even on the leaderboard :'(

Zenoscave: lo

Zenoscave: lol

MostComplicatedUsername: I'm 23rd...

MostComplicatedUsername: *sniff sniff*

Zenoscave: pb beats me 80% of the time

Zenoscave: I just have a really robust bot for most others

MostComplicatedUsername: I just keep making him run out of stones

MostComplicatedUsername: lol "I code with notepad"

Zenoscave: 114/7/11 W/L/T

MostComplicatedUsername: I agree

MostComplicatedUsername: Wise words

MostComplicatedUsername: Also, what does that mean?

Zenoscave: 114 wins 7 losses and 11 ties

Zenoscave: I'm tooting my own horn

Zenoscave: not necessary but i am happy

Astrobytes: As we say round my way in Scotland - "Nuhin like blawin yer ain trumpet."

Zenoscave: lol

LouysPatriceBessette: Anyone knows how to turn the suggestions off in the IDE?

Astrobytes: You can't I'm afraid

Astrobytes: You can stop it automatically accepting on pressing 'Enter' in Settings on the left, but can't turn it off currently.

MostComplicatedUsername: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: how do i do the same thing

MostComplicatedUsername: Idk how Automaton2000

Automaton2000: this is on the way

Default avatar.png JBM: Zenoscave: thank you

Default avatar.png JBM: Zenoscave: please contribute some too! :D

Zenoscave: I am still thinking of one

Astrobytes: Braindump a whole load of them and post on the contribution page ;)

Zenoscave: contribution page?


MostComplicatedUsername: Comments

Zenoscave: I might submit a new TvC bot. just worried i'll drop

MostComplicatedUsername: Test it on an alt first

Zenoscave: It's a minor change and would probably be top 10, don't want to smurf that high

Default avatar.png JBM: hey Zenoscave since you're top3 your opinion counts more to me:

Default avatar.png JBM: do we want to try and compress multiple matches against the same opponent in a single game?

Alshock: the lifepoints system?

Default avatar.png JBM: that's an implementation detail

Default avatar.png JBM: but yes

Default avatar.png MusaBrt: hi guys

Zenoscave: I would say, multiple matches would work if there was a wider variety of maps

Zenoscave: pb is right. there's too few maps

Zenoscave: for that goal at least

Default avatar.png JBM: that's a trivial fix

Alshock: how can you say it's trivial? Have you thought of all the wonderful assets you'll need to scale to longer maps? :P

Astrobytes: I agree on map variety and the match compression (fwiw, I'm not in a worthy placement :P )

Astrobytes: I believe it would add interest, especially for those otherwise uninterested

Zenoscave: definitely

struct: What if there are 10 maps at once

Default avatar.png JBM: that's superlegend league

Default avatar.png JBM: quantum matches

Astrobytes: Shush struct and get back to working on Tzgtyrwz or whatever it is :P

struct: Tzaar?

Zenoscave: tzaar?

struct: Tzaar is finished but never released

Astrobytes: Yeah

Zenoscave: is yinsh finished?

struct: yes

Astrobytes: Yes Zenoscave!

Default avatar.png JBM: i personally am not too convinced multiple matches per game would really improve much

Amrhossam: what are you talking about today

Astrobytes: And struct made an excellent job of it

Default avatar.png JBM: but maybe the ranking top has insight i don't

Zenoscave: Ok i will have to play

Astrobytes: JBM, you can try it out - that's what WIP stage is for after all

Amrhossam: guys what is something that is used to make chat apps?

Default avatar.png JBM: that's another thing i'm not too confident around

Amrhossam: is web development is it called sockets ?

Default avatar.png JBM: what happens to the rankings if i add/remove leagues?

struct: When you add league the boss of that league will submit

Astrobytes: I thiiiiiink they fixed that issue, before it used to reset, but I believe it leaves rankings untouched now

struct: once that submit finishes all players above get promoted

Astrobytes: It's on the discord somewhere

struct: and resubmit

Default avatar.png JBM: and people stay in the league they were in?

Default avatar.png JBM: what if I remove one?

Astrobytes: dammit, where's euler when you need him

struct: I dont know

Zenoscave: Automaton2000 get euler

Automaton2000: is there someway i can get more

Default avatar.png JBM: the sdk shouldn't be so dependent on a third-party

Default avatar.png JBM: so raci^Whelpful may he be

Zenoscave: Automaton2000 the need for euler is strong

Automaton2000: it happens to me too

Astrobytes: lol JBM :)

Default avatar.png JBM: ikr

Astrobytes: Hmm, seems the only thing I can find is related to optim games.

Astrobytes: Changing code or validators no longer clears the leaderboard

Astrobytes: Not sure on multi

trictrac: hello all, last time struct you ask me for a game : what do you think about hanabi --> cooperative game. Is that possible on CG ? how to evaluate bot ?

Astrobytes: Ooof. You think that would work well on CG?

Astrobytes: Interesting game for sure, never seen it before.

Zenoscave: Like Code ala mode style co=op?

trictrac: It's the same principle than calm

Astrobytes: But are you able to ignore the other players as most did in CalM?

Zenoscave: boardgames are structs realm

Astrobytes: *successfully ignore

struct: I will check it trictrac

trictrac: cool

AntiSquid: i suggested hanabi before, nobody listened trictrac

AntiSquid: i played it IRL, not sure it's as fun as a CG game though

AntiSquid: i mean IRL you can give the weirdest possible hints

Astrobytes: It looks possible, worth a shot I guess

AntiSquid: well it's like OOC and CalM :D

AntiSquid: combined

Astrobytes: Hey I didn't say I wanted to play it :P

Astrobytes: irl game looks fun though

struct: So I should do like a team of N

struct: vs another team of N

struct: and who gets best score win?

struct: Oh i guess thats what he meant when said it was hard to eval

Astrobytes: Team score + MVP bonus? Just guessing

Astrobytes: Donno how to eval MVP but...

Snef: Astrobytes i think you can only say who won and who lost

Astrobytes: Not even with who was best with hints and stuff?

Snef: well you can do ranking mybad

Snef: so that mvp for the team who lost can still be ahead of the worst of the winning team

Astrobytes: Yeah

Astrobytes: Just think aloud btw, I've never actually played it

Astrobytes: *thinking

Default avatar.png ktotam: Onitama bugged?

AntiSquid: there is only 1 team in hanabi struct

Astrobytes: MVP it is then

jacek: onitama? why

struct: I know there is only 1 team

struct: but I to score it can be trick it

Default avatar.png ktotam: pass doesnt work, command like "15 PASS" is correct?

struct: So I could do two teams

struct: and which one has better score wins

AntiSquid: well max score is 25 per game so imo give max score if people know how to cooperate and comunicate ?

darkhorse64: You can only pass if you have no other choice

AntiSquid: otherwise they get a fraction

AntiSquid: or does the ladder not allow this?

struct: it doesnt allow

AntiSquid: lame

struct: I guess ill continue Shogi

jacek: ktotam you can only pass if there is no valid move

AntiSquid: but then you probably end up with 6-8 players per game ?

struct: Yeah AntiSquid

AntiSquid: coop optimization doesn't work does it lol

struct: no

Default avatar.png ktotam: jacek ok, ty

Astrobytes: It's a 2 player+ game

Astrobytes: So you don't need a huge team I guess

AntiSquid: hm 2 to 5 apparently

AntiSquid: played it as 5 so w/e

AntiSquid: 2v2 then :p

Astrobytes: Is it fun?

AntiSquid: well it's funny when people try to give hints without giving exact info

Astrobytes: lol

AntiSquid: you're not allowed to tell the card someone is holding

LelouchVC2: "imagine trying to hold a candle without your hands!"

Astrobytes: Yeah I saw that

AntiSquid: and then people start debating if the hint was too much of a spoiler or not

LelouchVC2: And slowly resent each other

Astrobytes: hahaha, I can imagine how this plays out

AntiSquid: and then you end up with weird jokes

LelouchVC2: I confuse between u two all the time astrobytes and antisquid

LelouchVC2: like the same person to me

struct: Also on community multies you dont have mirrored matches

struct: so it wouldnt be totally fair

AntiSquid: and in real life people don't have good card tacking / memory like bots, so there's disapointment when someone fails to remember what was played and what not

Astrobytes: Idk how that's possible LelouchVC2

AntiSquid: probably avatars too similar

Scarfield: AntiBytes

Astrobytes: lol AntiSquid

Astrobytes: AntiScarf

AntiSquid: the pointy eared cat super cluster

Scarfield: AstroSquid has a nice ring to it though :)

LelouchVC2: lmao!

Astrobytes: True, so does Squidfield

Scarfield: Barffield *

LelouchVC2: Idk about that one

Astrobytes: Didn't she sing a song?

Astrobytes: Oh that was Whigfield

AntiSquid: no, hypster motorbiker in space driving without helmet is hopefully shot down by aliens! :p

Scarfield: would make for a good avatar

Astrobytes: AstroScarf


struct: Tzaar is at top 5

struct: I wonder if I should release it :p

AntiSquid: struct do alpinist

LelouchVC2: Anyone seeing these protestors

Scarfield: should give my avatar a scarf some day

Astrobytes: Board games so damn expensive these days, tf for CG :P

AntiSquid: maybe that's not the name ? :thinking:

struct: yeah cant find it

Astrobytes: He means Allpenis struct

Astrobytes: Not from here LelouchVC2, but I've been checking the news yeah

struct: also im not really a fan of games that have rng

BenjaminUrquhart: spaghetti

Astrobytes: penne?

AntiSquid: struct it was on this website, not sure about the title anymore:

AntiSquid: more shit if you need inspiration:

AntiSquid: honestly you could just combine / change rules and make your own version

AntiSquid: found the game struct:

struct: Why dont we have battleship?

AntiSquid: could roll same dice for both players

Astrobytes: Because you haven't made it struct

Astrobytes: Very rng AntiSquid, not sure it would be any fun on CG

struct: Ok for next month

struct: I must make 1 game per week

struct: or delete

Astrobytes: Here we go again :D

struct: lets flood multies

AntiSquid: then do Pazaak

Astrobytes: tf is that?

struct: Im so bad at shogi :(

struct: Its ridicolous


AntiSquid: why does that matter struct? you just need to implement the rules correctly? do you need source material for the rules or what

Astrobytes: jeez

AntiSquid: if it's too hard just do chinese chess, i promise it's fun

struct: Its not hard, I just wanted to try a few games

struct: I like how hard it is

struct: I keep forgetting that opponent can place the pieces that he captured on the board

Astrobytes: Star Trek bat'leth battles, with actual Klingon language, on a 3D chessboard

struct: Also playing vs 10 depth both as a begginer is not nice :(

struct: 10 depth bot*

LelouchVC2: shogi

jacek: peanut butter

AntiSquid: katsu curry

IamTheSmix: hello everyone

LelouchVC2: I hate this IDE so much

LelouchVC2: I made this if statement:

if(N += K > K)

LelouchVC2: and it's telling me this will always be true, against all logic and reason

Default avatar.png TheNinjaRobot_85: if ((N += K) > K)

Astrobytes: You're evaluating K and K

LelouchVC2: Don't correct me god damn it

Astrobytes: Don't ask for help then :shrug:

LelouchVC2: :o

LelouchVC2: woulld have been first place if i didn't accidently type in a character in my code that made it not compile right before submitting ;-;

Astrobytes: keep operator precedence in mind in future

LelouchVC2: That's not the issue

LelouchVC2: I wanted it to be that way in order to kill 2 birds with 1 stone

LelouchVC2: for shortest round

ganond0rf: Hi

Default avatar.png Nmurphy: hello

Daher: Hey guys how my opponent is chosen in bot fighting? in the spring challenge

iGabyTM: what do I do on

iGabyTM: Im really confused lol

ZapBeeblebrox: did you check the hint yet?

iGabyTM: ofc not smh ..

iGabyTM: ty

Default avatar.png Alex-dns: whats up boys

Kinlei: and girls >:(