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Open questions

Those questions don't have a definite answer yet. Come on and share your knowledge!

  • What happens to the players' current league and rankings when an update is pushed? This question applies to all cases: draft, WIP, published; league configuration unchanged, adding leagues, removing leagues.
  • What's a reasonable way to test the package's HTML?
  • Any way to completely bypass PIXI?
  • How I do recreate the totally obnoxious Mars Lander Crash Sound?
Sample contributions with sound and toggle: https://www.codingame.com/contribute/view/45741fc2054c24a43cb6b8f2e9511fb34141
Mars Lander sound: https://www.codingame.com/servlet/fileservlet?id=955564061908
  • Any other SDK subversion I haven't thought of yet?
  • Why can't the game runner detect an agent is crashed faster than waiting for timeout?