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Default avatar.png chanheki: Hey guys

Default avatar.png Saturnnetowl: how do you lucid dream

jacek: question the reality once in a while

GroutchKeu: o/

Default avatar.png Saturnnetowl: ok

derjack: :upside_down:

Default avatar.png hejamandajiri:

Default avatar.png hejamandajiri: I'm sorry wrong place

derjack: :rage:

derjack: another french feature puzzle :thinking:

Westicles: zut alors

Westicles: At this point I think it is some kind of subtle civil disobedience

Default avatar.png JGXIANG: :grinning:

struct: so optimization with sharing?

derjack: oh its an optim. is this first featured optim?

struct: maybe I think there was a potw optim

struct: where you just had to submit

struct: but I dont think it was an event

derjack: 2048 was potw

struct: yeah but it was before events I think

struct: I'm not sure

derjack: eeyup

Crosility: Oooh, a new puzzle

wlesavo: i think NS and SR were potw also, before the events

wlesavo: wait, best solution revealed for an optim? thats doesnt feel right

5DN1L: [CG]Thibaud what do you think?

derjack: Automaton2000 what do you think?

Automaton2000: hey, does anyone know how to continue

struct: I don't dislike sharing solutions.

derjack: optim is competition

struct: I would share any of my bots

derjack: feature bot programming would also reveal best bot?

struct: But I would not share it with every1

wlesavo: well it is ok to share, but share publicly is just ruining the game for everyone who will be plaing it after the event

Crosility: Maybe it won't be here after?

Crosility: Or will be tweaked?

Razovsky: hi, can someone give me the parameters of testcase 9 of this puzzle


Razovsky: somehow i don't validate it, i don't understand

5DN1L: same as test 9 except second input

derjack: oh, eulers site is down

Razovsky: thx all

Default avatar.png salvation2022: Brothers, how can we make this web page Chinese?

Razovsky: what

derjack: add opening books

Default avatar.png salvation2022: CodinGame how to Chinese web page?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: language is based on your location

struct: You can't

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I'm stuck with french and I don't llke it

struct: only French and english

5DN1L: Aldoggen you can change the language in settings


wlesavo: and in the bottom of the main page

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I meant french in the chat, but if codingame only supports english and french, maybe everyone has that chat?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: in that case I'll stop mentioning it :p

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: thanks for the help though!

5DN1L: you can /leave fr

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: :o

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: "You cannot leave this channel."

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: lmao

5DN1L: oh

5DN1L: never heard of that before :joy:

5DN1L: should i try /leave world ?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: if it doesn't work with fr I doubt it will with world

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: lemme see

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: nope

derjack: you cant leave france? :scream:

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: welp, guess I'm also stuck in france now

5DN1L: and in your settings page is English or French selected?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: english

5DN1L: how interesting

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: so the website itself is in english

5DN1L: i wonder if some people face the same issue as you

5DN1L: never heard of such an issue before

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: probably everyone in belgium

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: maybe everyone in canada

Default avatar.png salvation2022: How to set Chinese in the home page

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I mean, for about half the people in belgium it's not an issue, since they speak french

5DN1L: salvation2022, just like how you translate other webpages

5DN1L: no settings here

vincent_manuceau: hello all o/ thank you 5DN1L for your comment on my contrib it was very nice of you !

Default avatar.png salvation2022: I can't, family

5DN1L: np vincent_manuceau

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: yo vincent

vincent_manuceau: yo ^^

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: @5DN1L you're doing an incredible job with the contributions, I always see you pop up over there, with a lot of nice suggestions

5DN1L: well I try my best :)

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I can tell :)

5DN1L: upvote my comments if you like them :stuck_out_tongue:

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: true that :)

5DN1L: heehee

Darleanow: Hello !!

struct: hi

Darleanow: guys i have a new clash !!

Darleanow: I hope it will be better than the previous one x)

Darleanow: How r u struct ?

struct: I'm alright, still a bit tired from the contest

Darleanow: this was too hard imo xDD


Darleanow: here it is if some ppl are interested to check it out

Darleanow: which league have u reached so far struct ?

struct: I didnt make it past gold

Darleanow: ow :/

Darleanow: u'll do better next one !

~Gambit~: @struct I only managed to reach silver. i used mostly conditions. can u give some advice on how to approach card type contest. what kind of algo i should use

struct: ~Gambit~ you could check the forum postmortems, I used brute force depth 1


struct: You can check there what top players used

~Gambit~: ah ok. thnx

struct: I tried all possible actions from move up to release

struct: but at last day I decided to prune some actions and my bot dd better

struct: still was not enough for legend

~Gambit~: need to improve myself for the next contest

struct: play some bot programming games

struct: to practice

struct: It should help

~Gambit~: yeah i started. currently doing tic-tac-toe one

derjack: :+1:

derjack: struct do you have a replay when top player use prio task with bonus card?

struct: no, I was just trolling you

struct: it might not be important at all

derjack: phew

struct: Was it too much work to add?

derjack: dunno i didnt bother

derjack: but maybe ill try adding my last action to inputs

Darleanow: making my ad:

Darleanow: if some people could upvote/downvote depending on how it is :))

Crosility: Idea is nice, wording is rough, commented a possible improvement.

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: +1 that

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I'm commenting too

Westicles: I really don't want to do this tennis puzzle. Somebody tell me I can skip it

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: of course you can

Westicles: many thanks

derjack: no you cannot

Westicles: :rage:

Darleanow: thanks guys

Default avatar.png iGalixtic: yoo

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: yo

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: @Darleanow make sure to put a little more effort in your texts before you ask for feedback. You can do it, I know you can :)

Darleanow: i'm sorry my english isn't really good :/

AstaWisdom: yo

AstaWisdom: Anyone Tried this Block the spreading fire?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: @Darleanow I'm glad to help with language mistakes, but you can make your structure much clearer. Let me add something to my comment

Darleanow: i'm doing what you told me to do !!

Darleanow: and modified a bit my code :)

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I'll look at it in a minute :)

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I think you still need to look at line 1 of the input section, and at the tests.

Gangbi34567: hi guys

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: yo

Gangbi34567: yo whats up bro

Darleanow: but i added the n=0 case , and tried to clearify it

Darleanow: isnt it good ?:o

Crosility: Line 1: a number 'n' strings - or something. I upvoted however, IDE test was fine, matched new description.

Crosility: It's easily enough to understand, and functions properly.

Darleanow: nice !

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: @Darleanow oh, I'll refresh the page in a minute. still writing.

Darleanow: aight man !

Crosility: Thanks for contributing content Darleanow :]

Crosility: I hope someday to as well.

Darleanow: Thanks man ! :)

Darleanow: Of course that you can, if i can, you can !

Crosility: I'd moderator CoC approve, but, need 50 CoC standoffs.

Crosility: Nowhere near that yet though.

Default avatar.png HenroLST: dang, how become mod?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: it's not really moderator, more like trusted user

Default avatar.png HenroLST: ah

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: and as Crosility said, 50 clash of code completions suffices

Darleanow: fixed what u've said Aldoggen

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I'll look at it

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: "Write a program that swaps upper or lowercase for a letter if it's ASCII value is even" do you mean if it's in an even position?

vincent_manuceau: Hello guys here is the next Mooo CoC please approve if you like !

Crosility: Sorry, yes Aldoggen, correct. Just the descriptor in the site states moderator. You achieve moderator (for approval means) status once you've done 50 CoC according to the quest tree.

Default avatar.png crass: anyone know if I can practice clash of code games by myself untimed?

Default avatar.png HenroLST: you could do puzzles instead, not sure if you can do coc untimed unless you go in a game, grab the problem and some test cases, then work on your own time

Default avatar.png crass: thanks

Default avatar.png HenroLST: np

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: Gabi>Jürg

Default avatar.png GNye22: Hey does anyone know what incrementing an empty list in python does?

Default avatar.png GNye22: ex: l = [] l+=1

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: wow, good question

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: can always try it out

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I think it stays an empty list

Default avatar.png GNye22: is there a blank ide on the site? or do I have to go into an activity

Default avatar.png GNye22: And it obviously does something cuz this guy used it to count sequences

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: you can search python compiler online in your favourite search engine

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: Gabi>>>>>>>>

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: l = [] l += 1 gives me an error

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: you sure that's python code?

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: gabi<Jürg

Default avatar.png GNye22:

Default avatar.png GNye22: ughhh pastebins are still broken???

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: apparently yep

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: copy paste it in private chat?

Default avatar.png GNye22: here: this is the source code:

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: guys who do you more prefer gabi or jürg

Default avatar.png GNye22: We take a sequence of characters and determine if its decreasing or increasing

Default avatar.png GNye22: and as soon as the sequence changes, we print the length of each sequence

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: I say Gabi>Jürg

Default avatar.png GNye22: so for example Cable = 2-2-1

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: GUYS

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: Gabi or Jürg

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: decide

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: your mom

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: ok let me look at the pastebin

Urutar: ThomasGottschalk, what are you talking about? Is it coding related?

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: Yes they Gabi and Jürg are professional coders and I wanna know who the people think is better

Urutar: Without more data to go on, that would be an entirely uninformed decision.

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: GNye22 I found it

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: he's adding a tuple to r

lifetimeLearner007: n=32; print(n/(-n&n) why is this same as n=32; while(n%2==0)n/=2; print(n); ?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: on lines 16 and 19 right?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: there's a comma behind the 1 and 0

eulerscheZahl: -n&n: gets the last bit that's 1 in binary

Default avatar.png Loris_z30: hey gregory

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: Hoi Loris

eulerscheZahl: e.g. binary 1100101000 becomes 1000

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: Loris Gabi or Jürg

Default avatar.png Loris_z30: what is a for schlaufe

eulerscheZahl: every bit before is set to 0

Default avatar.png Loris_z30: i think gabi

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: Same

Default avatar.png Loris_z30: you?

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: Gabi Goat

Default avatar.png Loris_z30: no goat is jacko

Uljahn: pls no flood here

eulerscheZahl: if you need more input, switch to private message lifetimeLearner007 chat is getting too spammy here

Default avatar.png GNye22: Ok, im kind of new to python, so I thought tuples were like key,value pairs. So how does r+=1 add a tuple?

Default avatar.png Loris_z30: ou sorry

Default avatar.png Loris_z30: please dont hit me

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: there's a comma behind the integer literal

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: it's r += 1,

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: the comma acts as syntactic sugar

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: Loris and I we are gay do you guys support and accept us

Urutar: Neat :O

Default avatar.png Loris_z30: ThomasGottschalk thats not coding relevant

Urutar: ThomasGottschalk, this is not at all coding related. Noone minds anyones orientation, but that does NOT belong here.

Urutar: You can either chat privately, in a channel or coding related stuff here.

Default avatar.png Loris_z30: Urutar:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: that's arguably a feature that's more annoying than useful, but it becomes useful when you do things like x,y = y,x. this switches the values of x and y

Default avatar.png Loris_z30: cap

Default avatar.png GNye22: @Aldoggen ok, I'm still kinda confused

Urutar: Neat things in python :)

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: just think of "1," as shorthand for tuple(1)

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: it's a bit too much for me

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I'd rather have type safety

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: oh god I was inconsistent with using quotes

Default avatar.png GNye22: Ok, I guess it makes sense for now

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: aand tuple(1) gives syntax errors. tuple expects an iterable

Default avatar.png GNye22: I'm stepping through in the compiler

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: so I guess tuple([1])

Uljahn: or just (1,)

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: well yeah :)

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: GNye22 in the case of "r += 1,", it's just the same as "r.append(1)".

Default avatar.png ccxyuan: 蝙蝠侠那关怎么过的,我只过了前三个

derjack: those opening books eh

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I'm tempted to install chinese support for my keyboard and just go ham with facerolling on it

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: nobody would know I didn't speak chinese, except that one guy

Astrobytes: Optim as weekly event? Revealing best solutions? ;o

Astrobytes: :o

eulerscheZahl: just randomly paste parts of the initial message

eulerscheZahl: wait, let me check

eulerscheZahl: the fire

eulerscheZahl: i haven't even coded that one yet

Astrobytes: nothing serious here either

eulerscheZahl: i think it can be done as a flow algo to get an outline of where to cut. which you can then shrink

eulerscheZahl: flow algo like i did on topcoder for the christmas elves

Astrobytes: Yes that seems a plausible approach

Astrobytes: Just make sure you hardcode it if you get a 'best solution' :P

eulerscheZahl: will they really reveal it?

derjack: wait till onitama will be featured event and best bot revealed

eulerscheZahl: i mean i see it. but might be just bad UI

Astrobytes: I suspect not, but it does still have the dates on the puzzle landing page

Astrobytes: yeah

wlesavo: i think this was not supposed to happen, but i hope it will be adressed at some point, I know in previous events you could see the different solutions even if you didn't solve the task, so not only the best solution is revealed but basically all of them

eulerscheZahl: maybe we should warn CG and make sure it doesn't happen?

eulerscheZahl: nah :popcorn:

Westicles: there's no way to publish on an optim

wlesavo: tibo was pinged here, but i think someone should mention it on discord

Astrobytes: You never know... that publish button might just do something this time...

eulerscheZahl: he once mentioned that chat pings don't work for him

eulerscheZahl: might be the [ ] in the name

Westicles: only published solutions show

eulerscheZahl: my publish button broke some months ago anyways

wlesavo: Westicles oh right, that can save the situation

eulerscheZahl: it's just not publishing anymore

Westicles: 9/10 french now :P

Default avatar.png GNye22: Anyone know how clash of code score is calculated? it says you gain min(N,5000)^((N-c+1)/N), so by my calculations coming in first of a group of 8 should increase your score by 8, but it doesn't?

Default avatar.png chocolatecake: fjtwy

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: so after doing a game of CoC, your ranking (C) changes. then the score gets updated with the new C

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: N is the total number of players that have a rank in CoC

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: if this doesn't solve your problem we both need to be more clear

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: oh, I can add that the formula you pasted is (as I interpret it) the total amount of score you get. not the score that gets added

Default avatar.png GNye22: Ok, that makes sense, but for example right now my score is 18.16, but I placed first last game so wouldn't my score become 80 then based off of what you just said?

Default avatar.png GNye22: or is it calculated as an average between all your games?

Westicles: that formula calculates your CP. leaderboard rank has nothing to do with that

eulerscheZahl: TrueSkill to update scores after each single clash

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: you getting placed first in your last game changes your place in the ranking of all players that played CoC. getting first doesn't mean you get to let C = 1.

eulerscheZahl: in short winning gains you points and getting last costs you points. but it also depends on the rank of your opponents how much you gain

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I mean getting first in ONE game doesn't mean you get to set C = 1. if you're first globally, then of course C = 1

eulerscheZahl: the CP only updates once a day

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I guess your confusion comes from the fact that there are kinds of rankings. each CoC has a ranking, where you can be 1/8 for example. CoC as a whole also has a ranking, and there you're currently 1892nd

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: and so C = 1892

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: that C goes into the formula you pasted, i.e. min(N,5000)^((N-c+1)/N) or whatever, and that formula determines the CoC part of your score

Default avatar.png GNye22: oohhhhhhh ok that makes sense now

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: glad I could be part of your aha-erlebnis :)

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: and once you get the coding points (from the formula) from CoC and the other things on codingame, you add them. that gives the total amount of coding points, which determines your global codingame rank (13286th for you)

Default avatar.png Nikanameu: does anyone have an offline training environment for mad pod racing?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: probably

Default avatar.png Nikanameu: one to share with me

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: oof, don't know that one. maybe if you ask nicely.

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I'm trolling btw

Crosility: Have you read the post mortem links?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: ore there post mortems for those too?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: are*

Crosility: 3 of them, full blog write-ups, to help people design good code for mad pod racing.

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: wow

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: I'll have to take a look at that when I want to rank up my bot again lol

Crosility: I think that + some runs in IDE should be sufficient. Instead of trying to recreate the environment outside of CodinGame.

Default avatar.png Nikanameu: so i need to make my own ok

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: maybe someone in chat is willing to give you his, but currently there aren't many people online

Crosility: Completed my puzzle for the day.

Crosility: Enjoy friends.

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: which one?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: gratz :)

Crosility: Lumen, Easy Category.

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: coll one :)

Default avatar.png FlyingCow: could people review my clash ?

eulerscheZahl: that's an easy one, even by clash standards

wlesavo: make it a valid convex polygon :smiley:

wlesavo: i think for a polygon the condition is basically the same, but the cheking for it will be a bit more complex

wlesavo: and you can even make a stress test for n^2 solutions to timeout :slight_smile:

Crosility: I tested your clash, don't have anything to comment officially. I gave it an upvote. But, it's on the easy side.

Crosility: @ FlyingCow

Razovsky: Westicles explain yourself


Razovsky: XD

Westicles: A puzzle for the modern age :P

Razovsky: "the future is now old man" XD

Urutar: What, no solutions? Oh no, whatever should we do XD

Razovsky: "i kissed a girl and i liked it" :notes:

jacek: is this like

Razovsky: nah jacek this one is serious

Razovsky: helped me a lot

Razovsky: in real life (simulations) situations

wlesavo: Westicles i think the statement should be "without his TOTAL odds of catching monkeypox"

wlesavo: or smth like that

Razovsky: and btw it seems simple, but i dont get why i don't get it right

Razovsky: oh

Razovsky: probabilities

Razovsky: ayaa

Westicles: total as opposed to what?

wlesavo: Westicles opposed to just kiss the girls with the possibility of catching pos less than 40%

Westicles: but that would just be all of them

Razovsky: hey dude

Razovsky: how do u calculate ur proba to get monkeypox ?

Razovsky: p(girl 1) + p(girl 2) ?

Westicles: no

Razovsky: p(girl 1) * p(girl 2) ?

wlesavo: i know, but thats how ive read the statement, and i think i wont be alone in this

Razovsky: or*

wlesavo: well may be im wrong and that should be obvious, idk

eulerscheZahl: does google want to catch santa now?

Urutar: Hah, got it :D

Razovsky: huh

Razovsky: i dont get it

Razovsky: what is the trick Westicles huh ?

BugKiller_328: I tried connect 4 bot with minimax

BugKiller_328: I can't even do depth with 5.

BugKiller_328: I'm getting timeout.

BugKiller_328: I can only do depth with 4

Westicles: Razovsky, do you know basketball? think of the odds of a 70% shooter missing both shots

eulerscheZahl: did you try alpha-beta pruning BugKiller_328?

BugKiller_328: yes. I did pruning

BugKiller_328: maybe my code is bad?

eulerscheZahl: how do you check for the winner?

BugKiller_328: for loop, ArrayList etc.

BugKiller_328: I'm checking winner with 4 for loop

eulerscheZahl: all possible rows on the whole board? or just at the newly places position?

Razovsky: oh

BugKiller_328: all possible rows :(

Razovsky: thx Westicle

Razovsky: thx Westicles

Razovsky: i forgot the (1-not catched) parte

struct: BugKiller_328 bitboards?

Razovsky: okay ! thx Westicles, im just stupid, maths are too far

struct: also how many states do you reach in total with depth 5?

BugKiller_328: no, just tried with 2 dimension array

Westicles: Razovsky, no problem, when I had it as a clash everyone said I needed to explain how that works

jacek: BugKiller_328 c++?

BugKiller_328: Java

jacek: iterative deepening?

BugKiller_328: no

jacek: there you go

eulerscheZahl: duplicate state detection?

BugKiller_328: just minimax with alpha-beta pruning

BugKiller_328: I don't know about iterative deepening yet.

eulerscheZahl: you search to depth X. then if you still have time you start over again to depth X+1

jacek: are you creating new objects over and over again?

BugKiller_328: YES :(

jacek: :scream:

BugKiller_328: :joy:

BugKiller_328: to keep the board state

BugKiller_328: in recursive for minimax,

BugKiller_328: you change board for test, but move it back after that?

jacek: yes. you copy it everytime?

BugKiller_328: yes copy 2 dimension array to make new array

BugKiller_328: every recursive call

jacek: well with bitboards this may be not much difference between copying and changing

BugKiller_328: :nerd:

struct: you should undo move

struct: on connect it should be simple

jacek: so makeMove and undoMove on the same board

struct: also check

struct: if you know c++

struct: It has TT, and iterative deepening

BugKiller_328: yeah, I know c++

jacek: hmm isola, looks a little bit like amazons?

struct: a bit different but I think the goal is similar

BugKiller_328: even I have many for loop to check winner

struct: this is how I check for a win

struct: or used to check


struct: ...


struct: I think you should try what jacek suggested

struct: of undoMove

struct: it should help, but I don't know java at all

jacek: you can try visualvm to see what functions take most time

struct: To start with bitboards I would probably recommend another game

Westicles: I can never tell if nicola is just messing with me or not

struct: But I don't know if java is good with them or not

struct: What happened Westicles?

Westicles: Every puzzle he picks some simple thing and writes in the forum he doesn't understand, then 1 stars me

Westicles: I think it is just a running gag :P

jacek: nicola eh

jacek: or tesla

eulerscheZahl: pinging fr, eh?

Westicles: we all have our appointed roles

Darleanow: if someone missed it, here it is :) :

struct: I don't think you have to post it multiple times per day, it takes time for stuff to get approved

Darleanow: oops

Darleanow: sorry !

struct: It's fine

eulerscheZahl: how about addressing the feedback of your other contribution first?

eulerscheZahl: whenever people get pushy and beg for approvals, something deep inside me wants to refuse

SUS12345: ...

Darleanow: I couldn't make my original idea into something worth it or either interesting, that's why i moved on ! :)

Ayza: 2 months still waiting for my contribution to get approved :slight_smile:

Ayza: gotta be patient

eulerscheZahl: this one was waiting for half a year

Ayza: looks like it was worth it

jacek: only 5 actions :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: it was waiting for so long because i had early access to create games but the platform wasn't ready to approve them at the point ;)

eulerscheZahl: oh dear. don't do it jacek

jacek: :imp:

jacek: n-player q-learning, that would be interesting

Default avatar.png Mr_FaZ3a: hey guys plz what's this error? EOFError: EOF when reading a line

eulerscheZahl: sounds like you want to read from stdin but there's nothing left to read

Default avatar.png Mr_FaZ3a: while not b:

       message = input()
       b = 0 < len(message)-1 < 100

Default avatar.png Mr_FaZ3a: this is the error block

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Which language is that?

Default avatar.png Mr_FaZ3a: python

eulerscheZahl: undoubtedly C#, regardless of what you want to do with it

xGuGu: C# :heart_eyes:

BrunoFelthes: this optimization event give points to the contests ranking?

waterproofsodium: hi eulerscheZahl did you get foobar?

eulerscheZahl: what?

eulerscheZahl: no idea bruno

waterproofsodium: there's that google foobar challgenge that pops up when you rely too much on google search for good coding ;)

eulerscheZahl: oh, i've heard about that

waterproofsodium: I got past the first 2 levels :D

eulerscheZahl: do i need to login to get it? i always use google without signing in

eulerscheZahl: except if i really need it, like for codejam

waterproofsodium: I think not. I was not logged in, but I was logged in prevoiusly

waterproofsodium: if you get it you can log in on that site

eulerscheZahl: sounds like i'm coding the wrong things to get foobar

waterproofsodium: I will try to solve it

waterproofsodium: haha it's weird yeah. I usually don't code python but I think I triggered it due to a python search

eulerscheZahl: good luck with it. i'm really curious how the questions look like (but keep it to yourself, don't spoil it)

waterproofsodium: thank you

waterproofsodium: if you ever want to see one let me know

eulerscheZahl: will do

eulerscheZahl: i think you also get an invite code to share with someone else when you pass

waterproofsodium: what I heard I get an invite code once past a certain level

waterproofsodium: do you want an invite? :)

eulerscheZahl: no, already too busy as it is

waterproofsodium: haha cheers

waterproofsodium: I'm still waiting for that person here that completed it and got a job offer

eulerscheZahl: do you do it for the job or just for fun?

waterproofsodium: it would not be justified just for fun for me either

waterproofsodium: sure if I manage to crack it I'll be happy about it even if no job

PatrickMcGinnisII: is there a UTF-8 for a half space character?

eulerscheZahl: google it?


eulerscheZahl: word1 word2 (normal space) word1 word2 (short space)

eulerscheZahl: i recommend it for units like "I'm 184 cm tall"

PatrickMcGinnisII: ahh, i found FF00 for half space in UTF16, but wasn't sure about UTF8

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm, 0xE2 0x80 0x89 ... ok, sry for opening can of worms

Default avatar.png Wishbone: If a character exists in Unicode, it has a representation in UTF-8.

PatrickMcGinnisII: was thinking it would be easier to output a hexmap with half space offsets

Default avatar.png Wishbone: If you ever need to generate data that has to be read by other systems outside your control, PLEASE avoid those kinds of non-standard characters.

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm looks like CG converts to full space ... "\xe2\x80\x89" same as " "

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Otherwise you risk making someone very angry downstream from you.

jacek: oh my

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Source: I'm an integration specialist ;-)

PatrickMcGinnisII: "\xff\x00" => "�"

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Yes, that's what happens. U+FFFD.

eulerscheZahl: great job PatrickMcGinnisII

eulerscheZahl: my favorite is still ̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤

jacek: what was that unicode that broke the chat?

jacek: Automaton2000 can you tell us

Automaton2000: since you can only award tacos once per day

Westicles: oh boy

jacek: hmm doesnt work here

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Oh dear...


Default avatar.png Wishbone: eulerscheZahl, well done.

derjack: oh it works in firefox

eulerscheZahl: what browser did you use before?

Westicles: heh heh, 2 1-stars

jacek: chromium

eulerscheZahl: i have chromium too

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Hey, it stopped.

eulerscheZahl: for your girl kissing Westicles?

Westicles: yes, they debated its finer qualities on #fr

eulerscheZahl: i'd really like to see who voted how

eulerscheZahl: but all i could find is who upvoted the contribution

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Westicles, I did that one just now. FYI, I gave it 4 stars.

Westicles: thanks Wishbone

j4at: Automaton2000 how can i solve the event puzzle ?

Automaton2000: when i tried to make it

j4at: makes sense thank you

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Westicles, It wasn't to be nice, I thought the problem was interesting. Even if the way it was framed was somewhat questionable ;-)

eulerscheZahl: 1 star is harsh. but you know they are biased when it comes to you

Default avatar.png Wishbone: I have no clue who he is, so no bias here :-D

eulerscheZahl: e.g. i was wondering if it's 0 or 1 indexed. and then BAAM, i actually found it in the input description. a rare event

Default avatar.png Wishbone: ...who would choose to make it 1-indexed? That would have provoked a 1-star rating from me :-D

eulerscheZahl: and my math failed me, wrong answer

Default avatar.png Wishbone: My math was correct, I just forgot to... Ah, sorry, that might be a spoiler.

eulerscheZahl: integer division, all probabilities are 0. facepalm

eulerscheZahl: solved

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Ah, that's an easy mistake to make. And easy to fix as well.

Westicles: :tada:

eulerscheZahl: took me less than 5min => it's a clash

jacek: so 1-star?

eulerscheZahl: i rarely vote at al

eulerscheZahl: l

Westicles: it was a clash at first, but everybody said the math was too hard

eulerscheZahl: double prob = 1; foreach (double k in kisses) {

   prob *= 1-k;
   if (prob < 0.6) break;

PatrickMcGinnisII: sorting is too hard for clash

Westicles: oh, and that clams guy went off about SJW stuff

Default avatar.png Wishbone: The math is pretty easy, I think. It may depend on what sort of education one has had though.

eulerscheZahl: true. i graduated school. clear advantage

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Hehe, not all schools in every part of the world are the same ;-)

PatrickMcGinnisII: my old ass signed up for a data mining class ... prof. gonna hate me

eulerscheZahl: not even in the same school

eulerscheZahl: at my place we have to choose 2 subjects, that are taught in more depth

PatrickMcGinnisII: they all insist on using MS access, i hate them

eulerscheZahl: you can pick pretty much anything, even art or sports

eulerscheZahl: mine were math and latin

eulerscheZahl: access? are you out of your mind?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: MS Access? Does that still exist?

Astrobytes: DAta mining or data theft? :P

PatrickMcGinnisII: A master in business I-tech apparently requires that you use stuff that you never use in RL

jacek: reinforcement learning?

Default avatar.png Wishbone: PatrickMcGinnisII: Ah, that is unfortunately a widespread phenomenon.

PatrickMcGinnisII: didn't have data mining back in the day, we barely used COBOL

Default avatar.png Wishbone: I'm grateful that I never had to deal with COBOL. The horror stories I've heard...

**PatrickMcGinnisII is too old for himself

PatrickMcGinnisII: A bank I had dealings with, updated their system w/ an Amiga dialup to FIDOnet ... because apparently they couldn't do the math w/o a VAX... omg I will shutup

Default avatar.png Wishbone: Ahhh, FIDOnet. Those were the days...

drawde: Is anyone familiar with training up a bot using 'Alphazero' like approach? I'm interested in what strategies people employ for choosing moves during evaluation while learning. I'm trying to strike a balance between strong play and exploring distinct gamestates, but having some trouble coming up with an effective strategy.

Default avatar.png Wishbone: I went to a LAN party once for the points of the node on the BBS I used for it. That was my first real "meeting people IRL that you met online" experience.

jacek: drawde have you seen

drawde: yea

jacek: personally i choose final moves with softmax with small temp so best moves are not always chosen

PatrickMcGinnisII: at FSU there was a pascal program named CONFER on the mainframe, we would get together often and drink 'til we were ill. BBS dialups were long distance phone calls for me prior to that, muchless anything else.

jacek: also i have some randomization during UCB selection where i multiply eval part by random [0.9; 1.1]. (i train only value network, not policy network)

drawde: do you use a cutoff where you always choose the 'best' or always choose from a distribution?

drawde: like xth move of the game

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm guessing the error_logs are capable of pushing UTF codes wihthin the json, but not pulling them

jacek: always from distribution

drawde: ok thanks

Westicles: long distance? didn't you have your Cap'n Crunch whistle?

Default avatar.png demon123d: hi

PatrickMcGinnisII: can't get Unicode to do what I want in php, i keep trying tho

PatrickMcGinnisII: at least not in the ide

PatrickMcGinnisII: we used our decoder rings

PatrickMcGinnisII: and snail mail

Westicles: be sure to drink your ovaltine

**PatrickMcGinnisII is not that old

j4at: Jacek will you participate in the event ?

jacek: the fire puzzle?

jacek: nah

j4at: okay :)

jacek: so you have some chance

j4at: true lol

j4at: How would you got about solving it if you were to participate? large discrete action space.

jacek: probably graph theory


j4at: no NN ? jacek

jacek: do i need to use NN for everything? :c

j4at: yes

jacek: im too dumb for variable size inputs

j4at: well, its a hard problem which makes it interesting :)

jacek: :upside_down:

jacek: 903 score :tada:

struct: can you see others solution by just submiting jacek?

j4at: no

jacek: no?

struct: ah only on 6th of july

struct: you are able to vote for the best

struct: so you should be able to see them

struct: on that date

Astrobytes: lets hope not

struct: I tried your 0.9,1.1 thing jacek

struct: on normal mcts

jacek: normal? as with random playouts?

struct: well on the selection

jacek: i mean, its not ept?

struct: yeah on c4

struct: just to see if it made any difference

jacek: did it?

struct: no

jacek: :neutral_face:

j4at: How do you deal with variable input/output jacek ?

struct: he doesnt

jacek: i dont

j4at: hehe

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: jacek 10:10ᴾᴹ "im too dumb for variable size inputs"

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: sorry if that was inappropriate

jacek: :neutral_face:

j4at: I either use attention or a "tree", rnns are very bad

jacek: tree?

j4at: Well i'm bad at explaining


j4at: Will do the same but in 2 dimensions

j4at: so takes 4 inputs merge them together

j4at: and get the next input

j4at: using the same layers for all of them

jacek: mhm

j4at: It works with whatever number of dimensions which is pretty good

j4at: and good at generalizing

j4at: I actually used for my search race

j4at: because there is variable number of checkpoints

jacek: what are your inputs for search race?

jacek: i always use next1 and next2

struct: Why not just feed 2 next

j4at: the more the better

j4at: I use all checkpoints

struct: so you have 24 checkpoints as input as max'

struct: *?

j4at: 8 because they repeat

j4at: I have another input for that

ael-bekk: hwo is reCurse

ael-bekk: who

struct: one of the strongest players on cg

jacek: why is reCurse

j4at: Its my alt

j4at: jk :p

struct: jacek beat his NN on SR, you are our only hope to bring him back

j4at: I will destroy both of them :p

j4at: I always keep my neural networks dynamic to the max even if they perform worst because they should able to solve whatever problem you give them.

ael-bekk: if reCurse came he'll beat all of us

Default avatar.png HenroLST: what is reCurse

Lisa-Has-Ideas: My puzzle has 5 hours to go. I've gotten a ton of likes, but no approvals. Who's Level 20+, and wants to Approve it ?? (Yes I'm pathetically pleading!!)



ael-bekk: this is him

Default avatar.png HenroLST: Dang he's even retired

ael-bekk: he is the 1st in many codingame contests

Default avatar.png HenroLST: what's his main language?

ael-bekk: c++

Default avatar.png HenroLST: Dang

ael-bekk: he is the first in 10 contests :open_mouth:

Default avatar.png HenroLST: ...My man's just built different

struct: 10 contests?

struct: I think thats wrong

struct: multiplayers are not contests, there is a big difference

ael-bekk: i missed i want to say he is the first in 10 bot programing

BugKiller_328: hi, for connect-4 I"m using 2 dimension array for board

BugKiller_328: in this case, what is best way to check for win for my last play

BugKiller_328: instead of looping all

BugKiller_328: for check win

struct: check where the piece landed

struct: and check adjacent cells

struct: in 4/8 directions

BugKiller_328: yes. but for example horizontal check

BugKiller_328: my last place peice

BugKiller_328: can be first or second , thrid, or 4th

BugKiller_328: in the conneced 4

BugKiller_328: so I don't know how to implement easily

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: loop in both sides and add how far you got

jacek: easiest would be check from lastX-3 to lastX+3 etc.

BugKiller_328: any sample code for it?

jacek: just like you loop all 2d

BugKiller_328: so that I can try to understand

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: so let's say you put the last piece as the second from right, then you find one to the right and two to the left. add it and you get 3 additional pieces for a total of 4

jacek: except the begin and end is -3, +3

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: lol my first submission for cyborg uprising destroyed wood 3 and wood 2

Darleanow: most of bot games start really slow

Darleanow: but once gold it not the same x)

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: yeah, that's where it starts

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: guess I'll have to code my way through bronze and silver first

Default avatar.png Mr_FaZ3a: how to see the solution of a puzzle ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Mr_FaZ3a solve it and see others in your lang. solutions, or get a high enough level to view the contribution

PatrickMcGinnisII: and then u see the contributors solution in his/her lang.

Default avatar.png Mr_FaZ3a: how to gain contribution?

Default avatar.png Mr_FaZ3a: playing clash?

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: yes, and solving puzzles

PatrickMcGinnisII: not sure when u can see contributions ... hmm, clash, not the xpert on that

PatrickMcGinnisII: not an expert on much, gtg, glhf

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: ah thought he meant levels

PatrickMcGinnisII: someone had a searchable page for clashes...last i looked there were over 700 of them, dunno if solutions were therre or not

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: you can probably use the search bar in the main page if you know the name


PatrickMcGinnisII: get lvl 12 or so, i think u can view's been so long ago

Default avatar.png Mr_FaZ3a: the puzzles name is unary

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: just the puzzle or code golf?

PatrickMcGinnisII: euler's page ran out of points or something last month, so dunno what's up with it

Default avatar.png Mr_FaZ3a: @Aldoggen it's the puzzle name

Default avatar.png Mr_FaZ3a: unary

PatrickMcGinnisII: gtg

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: Mr_FaZ3a I'll help you find a solution. let's go to private chat (look at the top of chat)

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: cya!

Lisa-Has-Ideas: My puzzle has 3 hours to go. I've gotten a ton of likes, but only 1 Approvals. Who's Level 20+, and wants to Approve it ?? (Yes I'm pathetically pleading!!)


waterproofsodium: 3 hours what a marathon

Default avatar.png HenroLST: sheesh

waterproofsodium: hi henro

Default avatar.png HenroLST: whats up waterproofsodium, long time no see :sweat_smile:

waterproofsodium: :)

Darleanow: any c++ masters here ?

waterproofsodium: I like we're now working on algorithms to eliminate forest fires

Default avatar.png HenroLST: conservation for the win

kingbojo: eeer

Lisa-Has-Ideas: This perhaps??

Lisa-Has-Ideas: Geez, nevermind... I think I tried to reply to someone from hours ago. Ignore me.

Default avatar.png HenroLST: hi

Default avatar.png lysemar: Hi

Default avatar.png Aldoggen: yo

iggy12345: @struct do you know, in othello, is the gameboard always the same size, or does it change?

Astrobytes: same size iggy12345

Darleanow: yo, is bullshit wtf

Darleanow: i'm measuring avg depth horizontally and vertically

Darleanow: sum them up and divide by 2, and then multiply by width by length

Darleanow: working for the first two's but not for the rest..

Default avatar.png hejamandajiri:

Default avatar.png hejamandajiri: dammit wrong place

Default avatar.png hejamandajiri: sorry guys

Westicles: Darleanow heh heh

Darleanow: Westicles i hate you.

Darleanow: x)

Westicles: It was originally supposed to be a clash...

Darleanow: BRUH ?

Darleanow: nobody was gon solve it this fast

Darleanow: oh maybe smaller pools

Darleanow: for example a corner which is

Darleanow: ZZ ZA

Darleanow: for the a volume, you check z[0][1] and z[1][0] right ?

Westicles: just pour water everywhere and let it flow out


Darleanow: wait look (my code isnt organised), but it is simple


Darleanow: okay wait, this one's better for your eyes


Darleanow: I'm basically doing avg of horizontal/vertical lines of the pool

Darleanow: OH WAIT

Darleanow: if i have

Darleanow: ZZZZBZ


Darleanow: ZZZZZZ

Darleanow: obviously it will empty itself to b right ?

Darleanow: so max volume would be length*wdith*1(difference between a and b)


Westicles: don't think your approach will work on the crazy ones

Darleanow: okay, sorry for spam, i get the idea, this isn't easy xD

Darleanow: yeah, it worked for first/second ones

Westicles: if it makes you feel better, all of #fr hated it :P

Darleanow: IT DOESNT

Darleanow: french people on CG are impressive, their bots are better than me in clashes xD

Darleanow: i mean, a lot of people in here are impressive

Westicles: just fill water up to Z, then do a while and check if water can flow out of one of the adjacent cells until it stops

struct: I can't solve any puzzle made by westicle s

Darleanow: this guy is scary :o

Darleanow: thanks for the tips Westicles ! I'll try to solve it :)

Westicles: You can solve Probability for Dummies if it is ever approved

Westicles: good luck Darleanow!

Darleanow: i'm not getting any sleep until i've got 100% there x)

Darleanow: thanks mate !