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jwpapi: I’m rank 1 at wood 1 league, how do I rank up?

antiwonto: [auto] Hey jwpapi, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

Default avatar.png noidealol: hello guys I just recently had an interest of learning how to code but to my surprise it's so hard! it's like alien language haha This is not for me.

jwpapi: noidealol you probably try too much of a challenge, this website is not for absolute beginners

Default avatar.png miobyte: who can give me salt?

5DN1L: What is salt?

5DN1L: Automaton2000 do you know salt?

Automaton2000: as you can see the code that is

Default avatar.png miobyte: what is salt stack?

5DN1L: This?

waterproofsodium: gm

antiwonto: [auto] Hey waterproofsodium, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 49 tacos

skelesans: hello :)

Nerchio: give me taco

Nerchio: :rage:

j4at: :taco: Nerchio

antiwonto: [auto] j4at has awarded Nerchio 2 tacos. Nerchio now has 3 taco. j4at now has 11 taco

Nerchio: :yum:

jacek: :taco: Nerchio

antiwonto: [auto] jacek has awarded Nerchio 4 tacos. Nerchio now has 7 taco. jacek now has 48 taco

Nerchio: I will be rich soon

skelesans: :money_with_wings:

Default avatar.png putibuzu: Hello :)

Leeward: taco

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Leeward, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 4 tacos


Default avatar.png putibuzu: Hi

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: it's funny when you submit the puzzle and some tests fail without letting you to at least see the error ...

jacek: some tests are invisible to prevent hardcoding

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: cause you might hardcode them! it don't make sense.

jacek: !

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: as i said

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: you didnt read carefully

jacek: :nerd:

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: it's ok. too hard for you.

Uljahn: you can enable custom testcases in the settings on the left (mode -> expert)

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: it is.

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: and i covered some cases too by custom mode, yet no progress when submitting.

Uljahn: which puzzle?

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: nevermind

jacek: i cant find it

iamsofia_rless: hy

Default avatar.png ArianPunk: found the issue in forum.

jacek: :tada:

emh: I want to optimize a lookup table for a matrix. how can I use symmetry of reversing columns and/or rows to divide the table by around 4 (so that it takes less than 1 second to init lookup table)?

emh: I tried to maintain the invariant that first row should be less than last row and first row should be less than reversed first row

emh: maybe I should think about first column and last column instead

emh: my first invariant worked for around 10M out of 11M matrices

emh: well.. I don't know that for sure, but at least the ones that didn't hit unitialized matrices

jacek: 10M matrices? oO

emh: out of 1<<24. I want to Smash the Code with 3x4 row (where row is 6 cols) connected component lookups

emh: I know how to connect the 3 lookups fast

emh: just the problem is to init the table fast enough. I could use 3 rows for 18 bit and 4 lookups instead to simplify

emh: or maybe I should use a partial cache instead of initializing the whole table up front

emh: I'm able to do 23 bits in 950 ms or so, that's why the last bit is annoying me haha

jacek: try 23.5 bits

emh: hehe

emh: could just loop as far as I get in 1 second and do the rest dynamically

emh: that would be 23.5 I guess

jacek: afaik msits does his endbook tables in 1st turn in 1 second and few turns after

emh: ahh ok, but then search suffers for it

emh: maybe a good search is not so important for first few turns

jacek: or ask him. i bet he can do everything in O(1)

emh: hehe

Default avatar.png mrsridhar: hi

Default avatar.png Akashic: hi

jk_java: looking for approvers on a music CoC game


Astrobytes: spelling mistake in your stub text 'trasnposed', other than that looks good. Won't approve as I don't clash

Astrobytes: be patient and approvals will come

geppoz: I know, question already asked 1000 times, but:

geppoz: first THROW then GIVE? or viceversa?

Default avatar.png putibuzu: first throw, then give

struct: throw -> give -> and then you get the card

geppoz: ty

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: Im the real one

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: Are there any girls here

Astrobytes: Many. Now go away.

Crosility: .. I'm sure there are. But it just feels creepy to ask.

struct: thomas behave

Default avatar.png Violinie: :joy: is this a dating site?

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: Im a girl too

Crosility: I kinda think of the people here as a collection of like minded brains, not.. "what are you made of"

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: can someone help me with level 1

Default avatar.png Kanawanagasaki: hmm, codingame still use C# 8.0

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: Mad Pod Racing

struct: follow the tutorial

Default avatar.png Violinie: hint: read the code carefully

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: ok ok thanks

jacek: Y Y or X Y :thinking;


Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: I cant doi level 1

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: its already advanced

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: Can someone help me with Mod Pod Racing

Crosility: Then back up, do some simpler puzzles.

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: KO

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: ok

Crosility: At greater levels, there's a lot more complexity. If you aren't getting stage 1, you should definitely get some foundational understanding.

Default avatar.png Violinie: I'm stuck too :grimacing::sweat_smile: where are easire ones?

Crosility: Algorithms Tree

Crosility: Horse Racing Duals, MarsLander, Power of Thor, The Descent..

Crosility: To name a few.

Default avatar.png Violinie: I'll try it (again), thanks

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: Hey Violinie

Crosility: Keep trying, if still struggling, under Activities tab at the top there's a "Learn" Section.

Crosility: If you sort by popular, lot of intro/beginner guides in your language of choice.

Default avatar.png Violinie: Great! Thank you :yellow_heart:

Crosility: No problem.

geppoz: desk 0 and desk7 are considered near in terms of GIVE ?

therealbeef: yes

geppoz: ty

DomiKo: so I can't calculate how many cards are on board? or can I?

struct: you can

struct: sum of all cards

struct: from 0-7 5-sum

DaNinja: 5 - all your cards - all opp cards

Astrobytes: it's that question again struct :D

DomiKo: ehhh

struct: I should have automated it

Astrobytes: heh heh

DomiKo: do it!

struct: for bonus is 36 - sum and 100 - sum for tech

DomiKo: thx

DomiKo: I'm just starting to read eveything ehhh

Astrobytes: plenty time DomiKo, also at least the bugs are all fixed now

struct: I dont remember how to add commands to antiwonto

DomiKo: Yeah, I've waited for that

struct: Are you going to commit to the contest now DomiKo?

struct: or you still don't have time?

DomiKo: I'm going to

struct: gl

Astrobytes: that's the spirit!

DomiKo: I need some time for preparation for internship, but I believe I have plenty left

DomiKo: But that game looks hard to make something more than if-else

Astrobytes: Priorities DomiKo, priorities! :P

DomiKo: :sweat_smile:

struct: Some people at the top have sim

DomiKo: a little of sim?

struct: last time I saw msmits he was bruteforcing all moves

struct: + playing a few more

DomiKo: that make sense

DomiKo: I will try exactly the same

DomiKo: should be easy to debug for 5th app

Astrobytes: or just output first given move until silver ... :P

struct: and some moves are easily pruned

MSmits: yeah, me and euler do the same, just eval differs

DomiKo: Astrobytes that's what I did :D

struct: Like you dont want to automate cards that you alredy have 2 off

Astrobytes: lol :D

eulerscheZahl: hi

struct: you dont want to train if you cant draw

struct: hi

Astrobytes: hi

MSmits: hi

struct: and a few more stuff

struct: that should be obvious

DomiKo: a lot of ifs to write

struct: I only have 187 ifs

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: EinsAchSiebeeen

struct: But I have repeated code atm

Astrobytes: 71 ifs here

struct: MSmits I have one question for you, when you do coding do you draw all cards, or you draw 1 card and create a state for each?

struct: If you don't want to reveal it's okay

struct: No pressure, :hammer:

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: 76 if. close to astro

eulerscheZahl: and i solved my timeouts i think

struct: nice

MSmits: draw all cards?

MSmits: you can only draw 1 card

eulerscheZahl: zobrist hashing

struct: so you draw 1 and create a state for each of them?

struct: I tried to draw all, I knew it was a bad idea, my sates exploded

struct: :D

eulerscheZahl: but for now i don't compute incremental hashes, so it's quite expensive

MSmits: i use a recursive algorithm, like minimax

MSmits: i dont create states

MSmits: i modify

Astrobytes: a dfs

Astrobytes: ?

MSmits: yeah dfs

eulerscheZahl: :D

MSmits: backpropagating the result

DomiKo: good old dfs

struct: Yeah but coding draws 1 card

MSmits: it does

MSmits: and then it's on to the next phase

eulerscheZahl: better known as single-player minimax to some

struct: But which card do you draw?

Astrobytes: :D

MSmits: i loop over all possibilities

struct: ah ok

struct: Thanks


MSmits: ah doesnt work

MSmits: sec

MSmits: for (int i = 0; i < singles.size(); i++) {

MSmits: hand[singles[i].card]++; draw[singles[i].card]--;

MSmits: totalProbability += singles[i].probability * Play<normal>(p + 2, false, depth + 1, 0);

MSmits: you figure it out

struct: Yeah, I understood it, thanks

MSmits: it's a loop over all possible cards

MSmits: and then i go deeper into the tree and weigh each result by probability

MSmits: drawing 1 card means probability is easier

MSmits: drawing 2 cards is more complicated, you dont want to split this into 2 phases

MSmits: combining them into 1 probability of a cardpair is much cheaper

struct: yeah

Astrobytes: isn't it eulers job to leak ideas? :D

Tien118: hi

struct: hi

DomiKo: hi

Default avatar.png ThomasGottschalk: hi

StevenV: Invalid paste id, perhaps it expired?

eulerscheZahl: i don't have ideas to leak currently

Astrobytes: Smits has got your back, all good

DomiKo: I have ideas on how to steal ideas :D GUI now helps with that :D

eulerscheZahl: opening book for the first few turns

darkhorse64: euler is watertight

Astrobytes: It's that famous German engineering!

MSmits: it's not much of a leak really

MSmits: i already said before you need to try all possibilities and weigh by probability

Astrobytes: nah I know, just poking fun while we still have a chat

MSmits: ahh ok

DomiKo: "still have a chat" :sob:

struct: probabilities, I need to email a cat to get algos that do well with that

eulerscheZahl: you are pulling us down

MSmits: I'll share a lot of math after the contest. I have more probability stuff like this. It's mostly common sense though, I don't use fancy stuff

darkhorse64: meanwhile, discord CG rooms are really quiet.

MSmits: you can work a lot of probability calculus out on your own with a pen and paper without needing a math class

DomiKo: discord CG rooms?

eulerscheZahl: i gave up linking other contests there, little to no response

Astrobytes: the CG discord DomiKo

Default avatar.png Kowskaner: I cant even solve the Easy practise. I feel so dumb

DomiKo: I thought they made some special rooms

darkhorse64: that's wat I said

Astrobytes: and the other Special CG Discord Room is for post-chat removal

darkhorse64: that's what I said

darkhorse64: oops

eulerscheZahl: that's what she said

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: sorry, jacek isn't here

DomiKo: someone had to do that

jacek: but i am

Astrobytes: then shame on you

Astrobytes: for not outputting your normal responses

darkhorse64: Could we write a jacek2000 ?

Astrobytes: it would have to be a discord bot

Astrobytes: (and be careful what you wish for!)

Default avatar.png miobyte: do u have salt?

struct: plain text over here

Astrobytes: we have salt by the kilo here

MSmits: jacek are you training us like a nn?

struct: no MSmits

struct: dont give him ideas

MSmits: sorry

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png putibuzu: :D

jacek: :D

Default avatar.png putibuzu: funny thing: I just realized that each player only draws 4 cards per turn, thought for some reason it was 5 :sweat_smile: luckily I didn't hardcode it (too much) :D

geppoz: at start 4

geppoz: but along the game that can become 5 or more

Default avatar.png putibuzu: true

geppoz: permanent skill ARCHI

jacek: so permanent

darkhorse64: permanent until release

Default avatar.png miobyte: is there anyone knows k8s?

Default avatar.png putibuzu: initially I thought the game had a bug and I spent 1+ hours reading the ref and trying to spot the "bug" :D :cry: :D

Default avatar.png borrel: there are bugs for sure

Default avatar.png borrel: a bit mio

struct: I don't think there are more bugs

struct: maybe the viewer can be confusing

struct: But I haven't found anything else

Default avatar.png putibuzu: me neither

Default avatar.png borrel: thats good to hear

Default avatar.png borrel: :)

Default avatar.png putibuzu: but I agree the viewer could be better

Astrobytes: it looks pretty at least. though it's better with the scrollbar app tooltips

darkhorse64: There a minor ones: possible moves do not show trade bonus/skill, pile are not shown cleared in the outputs

darkhorse64: piles

Default avatar.png putibuzu: wdym pile are not shown?

Astrobytes: fix those ankles

darkhorse64: For instance, when the discard or draw pile is emptied, it does not appear in the inputs

Default avatar.png putibuzu: Ah yes

Default avatar.png putibuzu: but that is intentional from what I understand

Default avatar.png putibuzu: not sure why the dev wants it that way though :thinking:

darkhorse64: Yes, but I think it's bad practice. Implicit behaviour always leads to problems

Default avatar.png putibuzu: true

Astrobytes: afk

struct: Maybe he went over the limit of how many inputs he could send in total

struct: But it's unlikely

struct: I think the limit for sdk is around 100k?

Default avatar.png putibuzu: no idea :sweat_smile:

darkhorse64: In this particular case, I was under the assumption that the whole state was published and did not clear my piles until I saw that my card counts were sometimes wrong. I moved 25 ranks higher in the top 100

darkhorse64: when it was fixed

darkhorse64: true, i should have read the statement more carefully and use more defensive programming

eulerscheZahl: while i didn't make the same bug in my code, it surprised me as well that some input is missing

eulerscheZahl: for me it was just null and i crashed

struct: for me it was never a problem tbh

struct: I didnt even notice it

jacek: neither did i

darkhorse64: All in all, it's a very nice job from [SG] guys. The artist is also outstanding

struct: Yeah

struct: The bugs were fixed pretty quickly

Default avatar.png GNye22: Is there a way to do clash of code with a single language? As in, all players must utilize the same language? Cuz it's almost impossible to beat people using Python when I'm using Java

struct: GNye22 only on private clashes, but sometimes there are clash events where everyone has to use the same language

Default avatar.png GNye22: ah ok, thanks

j4at: boblob is beating everyone with C :p

pedrosorio: GNye22 start using Python

Default avatar.png putibuzu: Agreed darkhorse64. I'm having so much fun with this :)

struct: jacek what was the max number of moves?

jacek: 198 for referee

struct: thanks

jacek: without TASK_PRIORITIZATION n 8

jacek: so 206?

MSmits: yeah have to add 8

struct: thanks

MSmits: what do you want to do with that information?

MSmits: I haven't needed that

jacek: reserve()?

MSmits: dunno what to use it for. I guess for a policy network to get the number of output nodes

jacek: :thinking:

jacek: you sometimes have weird ideas

MSmits: i do

struct: You caught me MSmits

MSmits: :)

Default avatar.png putibuzu: on the NN topic: is someone training or working on an eval NN+ search?

geppoz: what did you mean with "TASK_PRIORITIZATION n 8" ?

MSmits: if they are, they will keep it secret

geppoz: you cannot swap with bonus?

MSmits: geppoz the input doesnt give all possible actions

MSmits: swapping with bonus is not included

MSmits: but possible

geppoz: ok ty

Default avatar.png putibuzu: MSmits hmm ok, I sometimes forget this is a serious competition :D

Default avatar.png putibuzu: I'm very curious about the PMs then :D

geppoz: and also swapping bonus with n ?

MSmits: all 9 cards with all 9 cards yes

MSmits: excluding TD

geppoz: ok ty

emh: arghh.. somewhere in my code there is a 64 bit operation lurking among the 128 bit ones. chops my components at the 64 bit boundary. I want to find it. but how.. just read and read and read I guess

Default avatar.png putibuzu: refresh my memory please: CG starts timing my bot after all inputs have been accepted by my bot right?

struct: no

struct: after 1st input

darkhorse64: after the first read

Default avatar.png putibuzu: oh ok thanks

Default avatar.png putibuzu: what happens if I have computationally intensive code before the first read? :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png putibuzu: timeouts I guess?

darkhorse64: untested by me

struct: you will use time anyways

struct: and you cant really measure that time

Default avatar.png putibuzu: ok thanks

struct: because the process is frozen

Default avatar.png putibuzu: I guess that is why my bot is timing out right now

Default avatar.png putibuzu: What is good practice to time the bot? start the timer after the first read, then read everything and do computations afterwards?

struct: yes

Default avatar.png putibuzu: Ok great thank you very much :)

Default avatar.png putibuzu: Let's see if I can make my bot work :sweat_smile:

eulerscheZahl: new strategy: collect training+coding cards. immediately pass them on to your opponent and hope for timeouts

Default avatar.png putibuzu: :D

darkhorse64: stuff your opponent

kovi: i like that eulerscheZahl

struct: this makes me remember of pb4 test on ooc

therealbeef: training + coding + task prio

Default avatar.png putibuzu: yeah task prio branches heavily :D

geppoz: I think there is a missing input

geppoz: the "play_count"

geppoz: in player informations, when phase is "PLAY_CARD"

darkhorse64: implement a counter that you clear on move

Default avatar.png putibuzu: in principal you can deduce it from preceding actions

geppoz: y, ofc, but since it seems there is the assumption that all state is given...

darkhorse64: wrong assumption

geppoz: :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: can u cont_int a bonus skill card?

Astrobytes: Yes

Default avatar.png Naak11: how does this chat work?

Astrobytes: People type, and people type responses. Like a conversation

PatrickMcGinnisII: tx Astrobytes

Astrobytes: np

Default avatar.png Naak11: wow, i hadnt realised tht

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: xmpp

Astrobytes: but don't get too attached to it

Default avatar.png Naak11: why?

Astrobytes: it's being removed later this month

Hadd2: won't happen if we riot

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: the French spirit! :D

Hadd2: devs don't try us

Default avatar.png Naak11: why is it being removed?

struct: Got an interesting error in c++

Default avatar.png putibuzu: they should make it a challenge: develop the best CG chat, easier to maintain, more mod tools etc etc community and CG will vote on the winner

struct: Never saw it before

Astrobytes: costly to maintain/replace, outdated, that kind of thing

struct: /usr/bin/ld: /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/11/../../../x86_64-linux-gnu/Scrt1.o: in function `_start': (.text+0x20): undefined reference to `main' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

struct: this in cg

Astrobytes: linker error, weird

struct: only happened once

Astrobytes: did it happen quickly after the previous play?

struct: I guess it can be that

Astrobytes: only thing I can think of rn

struct: thanks, I'll report if it happens often

Astrobytes: it's an odd one for sure

struct: to me it's irrelevant, but if it happens to a top player if might matter

Astrobytes: indeed. afk again

jacek: :iphone: :door:

TINOUAINANI: hi, guys, I have a question, is there a way to know which 2 cards TRAINING will give you from draws ? or it's completely random?

eulerscheZahl: random

TINOUAINANI: no specific seed in their source code?

jacek: you can manually give seed

jacek: options under ide

jacek: and well, knowing seed would be cheating eh

eulerscheZahl: still some unknown, what the opponent did

TINOUAINANI: how do they generate their seed?

eulerscheZahl: CG magic in the backend

TINOUAINANI: ok thanks guys

jacek: they use nuclear waste decay

struct: seed += 1

TINOUAINANI: another question, what's happened if the draws empty and you used TRAINING?

MSmits: you get nuthin'

MSmits: well discard would be reshuffled first

struct: unless you have cards in the discard pile

TINOUAINANI: ok thanks

TINOUAINANI: so if it's empty you get two cards from discard?

struct: if the discard has enough cards

struct: yes


MSmits: better to put it like this: When your draw it empty, the referee puts your entire discard pile into your draw pile and then draws from your draw pile. It's also worth nothing that cards in your played pile stay there until the next turn

TINOUAINANI: so I should put all discard in the draw pile before I draw two cards from it? what about if there is just one card in the draw pile do I need to get the second card from discard pile or just one that I find in the draw pile ?

MSmits: you get the one from draw, then empty the discard into the draw and then get one from there

MSmits: thats what the referee does

TINOUAINANI: ok thanks MSmits

MSmits: np

MSmits: if I download the referee and I use skeleton main, will all the bug fixes be in there?

jacek: yes they are in master

MSmits: master?


MSmits: yeah i am there, but there is a test folder. I am just wondering if that is something separate that did not get the fixes

jacek: who cares about test

jacek: but it got bugfixes as well

pedrosorio: Msmits what do you mean something separate? The test folder contains unit tests

MSmits: oh ok

MSmits: skeleton main is in test

MSmits: thats what i use for running games locally

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm, back up to about rank 250. Still haven't gotten all the possible commands tightened up

PatrickMcGinnisII: er working

PatrickMcGinnisII: i got one replay where i was starved down to 1 card

PatrickMcGinnisII: holy hell

MSmits: that takes effort

struct: Skeleton main will run the the referee

struct: I think thats how it works

MSmits: ah ok

eulerscheZahl: i've built a brutaltester version of the referee

MSmits: nice

eulerscheZahl: but my param tuning failed me

MSmits: mine gave me some improvement, but not a lot

eulerscheZahl: right, wanted to create a bug report at brutaltester. doesn't compile anymore

MSmits: oh

struct: what do you mean doesnt compile?

eulerscheZahl: wait, wrong

eulerscheZahl: new log4j version throws a runtime exception

PatrickMcGinnisII: any1 got the ref link handy?

eulerscheZahl: but still compiles

eulerscheZahl: the green box with starter kits right at the top of the statement

eulerscheZahl: PatrickMcGinnisII


PatrickMcGinnisII: tx

eulerscheZahl: don't undermine my educational attempts struct

struct: lol

PatrickMcGinnisII: that helped rules.bigApplicationsCount = 12;

PatrickMcGinnisII: starting to see trend in early game v. mid game, and of course endgame

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm 1.6B ways of choosing 12 out of 28 possible

jacek: making opening book?

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh, non repeating

jacek: i think its 30421755

PatrickMcGinnisII: 30421755

PatrickMcGinnisII: beat me to it

PatrickMcGinnisII: a bunch of symmetry but the play card abilities break it up

PatrickMcGinnisII: game is becoming more interesting as you get into it, but the burden of 'entry' is high

PatrickMcGinnisII: offset by random command to keep it interesting, w/o it ... who would play...smh

eulerscheZahl: for the first few turns the application pool doesn't really matter. you have to collect boni first

Astrobytes: "boni" :D Always coming with that Latin

jacek: boni?

PatrickMcGinnisII: mia culpa es phallus

Astrobytes: correct Latin plural of bonus jacek

jacek: quidquid Latine dictum sit, altum videtur

PatrickMcGinnisII: back to Monty Python... dingus

PatrickMcGinnisII: so profound

eulerscheZahl: wow jacek, that's so deep

eulerscheZahl: how would you say instead of "boni", astro?

jacek: -That. - She

DomiKo: XD

Astrobytes: bonuses is more acceptable these days in English euler, though boni is correct Latin

eulerscheZahl: as long as boni isn't wrong in english, i'll stick to it

eulerscheZahl: 1 visum, 2 visa or 1 visa, 2 visas?

jacek: this is proper english too

Astrobytes: 1 visa

PatrickMcGinnisII: no wonder technical_debt is so high, always forcing your boni in it

eulerscheZahl: but not even 2 visae? that's sad spell check already tells me i'm in the wrong here

Astrobytes: and bonuses is technically more correct than boni, since we're using English and not Latin

jacek: :rage:

MSmits: If you're using bonussen it is even more correct because it is Dutch

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: mutemus!

MSmits: a mute mus?

Astrobytes: We'll all just speak Latin regardless of language now then

eulerscheZahl: "let's change that"

MSmits: o

eulerscheZahl: in German we say Boni btw

PatrickMcGinnisII: 5dn_l is the Muter

Astrobytes: you can tell by the mut part that it's something to do with actively changing

Astrobytes: e.g. mutation

Astrobytes: or mutate

eulerscheZahl: mutare

Astrobytes: yes

eulerscheZahl: mus = we

struct: I'm lost

Astrobytes: would you like directions in Latin?

PatrickMcGinnisII: :coffee:

struct: Never heard about Latin

eulerscheZahl: this card game gives me a hard time

struct: What's so hard about it?

jacek: :no_mouth:

Astrobytes: The boni presumably

Astrobytes: :door: I left

eulerscheZahl: the eval

struct: oh my

struct: I havent reached that part yet

eulerscheZahl: clueless

struct: Please don't scare me

eulerscheZahl: i might even do some if-else for parts of the game

eulerscheZahl: hard to make the eval work in early and late game

Illedan: Word

struct: just have an eval per turn

PatrickMcGinnisII: ^

struct: As you can see I'm an expert on writing evals

eulerscheZahl: topcoder marathon should be up at this point but i can't find it

eulerscheZahl: bad timing anyways, i'll stay on CG

struct: Usually my eval is bool hasPlayerWon(int player)

eulerscheZahl: i have a feeling that google translate failed me

Marathon Match 137 scheduled to start from 6/22 26:00

Illedan: In 6 hours

Astrobytes: 26 o'clock

eulerscheZahl: at 26 o.

eulerscheZahl: that

Nerchio: it starts today and tomorrow at the same time

Astrobytes: like your parcel euler, omnipresent and time-travelling

eulerscheZahl: oh wait, it's tuesday

Nerchio: is it?

Astrobytes: until tomorrow, yes

eulerscheZahl: the parcel didn't glitch to me yet

Astrobytes: hehehe

struct: I only know there is 5 days and 14 hours remaining, no idea what day it is

Astrobytes: :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: trying to stay in top half of silver b4 gold opens... how long until it does, ne1 know?

eulerscheZahl: monday morning for those with a healthy sleep schedule

struct: in 20 hours patrick

jacek: tomorrow

eulerscheZahl: top 50% won't be enough for gold presumably

eulerscheZahl: i predict 150 to gold

jacek: just print second action

jacek: and third action for legend

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: if there are no 3 actions? wrap around, modulo?

struct: If everyone does 3 I probably can get rank 1

Astrobytes: 150-200 for gold, hopefully the lesser, since it's a smaller silver league

jacek: silver is too crouded

jacek: crowded even

eulerscheZahl: but i don't want a hardcore legend promotion

eulerscheZahl: my bot sucks

struct: last time it was like 2k silver

struct: or something

struct: on day 1 of silver

Astrobytes: something like that yeah

eulerscheZahl: last time we didn't have 50% stuck in wood

Astrobytes: how many currently? (can't be ar$ed to look)

eulerscheZahl: 680-ish in wood

eulerscheZahl: 750 in bronze/silver

struct: good thing I made it on day 1

Astrobytes: lol

struct: I probably would have quit

PatrickMcGinnisII: I didn't have to play cards to get in silver

PatrickMcGinnisII: just didn't have to make dumb moves

Astrobytes: nah you would have done something last minute struct

PatrickMcGinnisII: basically avoid opponent +/- 1

struct: I dont even know what my bot does yet

struct: and I dont want to know

Astrobytes: hahaha, as long as it works right

jacek: me neither

jacek: i question reality everyday since the contest started

Astrobytes: because you're still playing it?

Illedan: Give me a number to test?

Astrobytes: 42

jacek: 42069

eulerscheZahl: pi

jacek: 8008135

jacek: 2137

Illedan: Big numbers :thinking:

Illedan: Searching 42 moves ahead might break things

Astrobytes: pi x a lot

eulerscheZahl: i see what you did there. except 2137, i don't get that

Astrobytes: 2137 is lost on me

jacek: its quite polished thing

Nerchio: i submit my day1 code lets see where it ends

Illedan: hm, 42 didn't crash

Illedan: :O

eulerscheZahl: 73: 21st prime. and 37 is the 12th

struct: Do I need a syncedBeam like I did for SC21?

Astrobytes: Illedan :D

eulerscheZahl: that's something to consider. not knowing your next hand is painful though

Astrobytes: the numbers 21 and 37 mean much more: it is the time of death of the Polish Pope John Paul II

Astrobytes: ^ 2137

eulerscheZahl: the last german pope is still alive

Nerchio: its a meme in poland buts I am from Poland and I don't quite get it

Astrobytes: I don't know why it's memeworthy

jacek: then are you really a pole

Nerchio: maybe not idk would have to check birth certificate

eulerscheZahl: and investigated again, as he supposedly hepled to cover catholic activities

struct: why is my code not working if (0) ...

Illedan: Thx Astrobytes

Astrobytes: lol euler, all the other ones were just better at it

Astrobytes: np Illedan

Illedan: 42 made me realise 3 was too small. 8 was better ^^

Astrobytes: glad I could help :P

Illedan: Maybe breaking top 10 :eyes:

eulerscheZahl: catholic activities in regards to children. but let's get back to other numbers

Illedan: *100

Illedan: :(

Astrobytes: eulerscheZahl: yes, my statement still applies

eulerscheZahl: the user i reported 1 or 2 days ago got deleted btw. i think you missed it, jacek saw it

Astrobytes: I missed this I think yes

jacek: i saw many things

struct: poor jacek

Illedan: draw vs emh :tada:

Astrobytes: nice :)

Illedan: With 10

Illedan: :P

Illedan: On submit

Miki09: lol hardcoded first 4 moves pushed me up 200 places :-D

Illedan: First 4 moves?!

struct: like a book?

Miki09: go to 4, than 5 than 6 than 7

Miki09: every time I do this

Illedan: :/

Nerchio: insane strat

Illedan: Don't reveal that now

Miki09: ok

Illedan: :P

Astrobytes: lol

Nerchio: Illedan your submit is 1 position near my day1 bot

struct: what if the opponent goes to 6 Miki09?

struct: what do you do?

Miki09: nothing

Miki09: I have to work on that

Illedan: Nerchio, my day1 bot is top 50

struct: my day1 bot is silver

struct: There are many copies of it

Nerchio: i submitted day 1 to see that I am sane and going into the right direction lol

Illedan: I never look back :D

Nerchio: but it pretty much knew how to play player1 only

Nerchio: i like how codingame asks me if I want to submit without testing my code and I click yes every time, i test in production

Astrobytes: It is the CG Way

Suenodk: Haha testing in production nice :grin:

Miki09: place #193, enough for today :-)

Miki09: gn everyone

Astrobytes: gn Miki09

struct: gn

Suenodk: that's high! Gn :)

Nerchio: the amount of games played in a submit is really nice

struct: How many is it?

struct: 200?

eulerscheZahl: 2*90 i think

MSmits: man this is the creepiest thing ever. I just found out my windows connected to my work account since yesterday and it started controlling some settings

MSmits: compiled bots started getting deleted because they were untrusted exe files

Astrobytes: :scream:

MSmits: had to disconnect it

MSmits: but sheesh

Astrobytes: Yeah... keep that disconnected

MSmits: I don't know what i did to connect it

Astrobytes: do you VPN into your work system using that one?

MSmits: nope

MSmits: I do use one-drive to synchronize some files

struct: o.o

Astrobytes: and you were worried about smartphones!

MSmits: The other day they turned on one-drive on my work laptop. I had some private files on there (some cpp files and such) and they just started synchronizing the entire my documents folder, instead of letting me decide which folders (how it was before)

MSmits: lots of colleagues had their private files synchronized to the cloud

Astrobytes: d'oh!

MSmits: it's not like we were not allowed to have some private files on there, it was specifically allowed to have some limited private usage

MSmits: doesn't mean they can just force us to put it in the cloud...

Astrobytes: Yeah but it shouldn't come with consequences like that

MSmits: and now this crap.... pisses me off

MSmits: I'm thinking of going outside my school system entirely. Feels safer to me

Astrobytes: backed up? Your deleted bot exes I mean

Astrobytes: and yeah, you're not wrong

MSmits: ahh they are not important really. I can just recompile. It's just kind of annoying when my brutaltester version crashes because there is no bot

Astrobytes: ever so slightly yes

jacek: good thing they didnt delete oware database

MSmits: i have that backed up a few times :)

jacek: humanity treasure

MSmits: indeed

Astrobytes: I'm surprised you haven't memorised it by now :D

Astrobytes: Or haaaaave youuuu

MSmits: 98 GB of pure binary code... sure, here goes:.....

MSmits: 101010111010111...

struct: you are joking but today I saw a video of a guy that wanted to be chess world champion, by training just 1 month

Astrobytes: damn right! :D

struct: his plan was to memorize all chess positions

Astrobytes: wtf

jacek: plot twist: its chess960

Astrobytes: and how far did he get with that particular endeavour?

MSmits: did he understand what it meant to say "all chess positions" ?

struct: I don't think so

MSmits: btw, it's not enough to memorize all chess positions

MSmits: that's like a map with keys and no values

struct: ofc he would eval them aswell

MSmits: ahh i see

struct: his idea was to play like a computer


struct: Not worth the time

PatrickMcGinnisII: one of my hosts that i pay, shutdown a couple websites that i run my own encrypted text files as data storage (customer email addys mostly) ... host identified txt files as malware and they wouldn't turn the sites back on til i deleted them...I was so pissed. still pissed.

Astrobytes: oh haha, I watched part of that video years back

MSmits: thats annoying PatrickMcGinnisII

Astrobytes: as long as they're not 'text files' that decompress a load of powershell when opened and then hide in your registry to do Bad Things :P

MSmits: what a dumb guy, he could have at least used a professional chess engine

struct: I can't take it seriously

struct: This probably must be satire or something

MSmits: maybe

Astrobytes: I don't think he expected to win tbh

Astrobytes: or to get very far

eulerscheZahl: i see a youtube link. did you do your homework already and watch Hasan Minhaj?

struct: not yet euler

Astrobytes: oh the game dev thing, yes I did

Astrobytes: I had seen just over half of it apparently

Psyho: it was probably asked like 20 times already, but how do people run the games locally?

Psyho: i.e. what's the easiest way of running the tester locally

eulerscheZahl: single-threaded: you clone the referee and insert your bot into the main class

jacek: double click on .exe file


eulerscheZahl: for multi-threading there is a tool called brutaltester. but you have to adjust the referee. i can share a pre-built jar of referee+game engine if you want

MSmits: that would be great eulerscheZahl

MSmits: i dont have the multi variant, just single


MSmits: thanks

struct: thanks

struct: here is the brutaltester link

eulerscheZahl: execute it with something like java -jar cg-brutaltester.jar -r "java -jar GreenCircle.jar" -p1 "dotnet SocieteGenerale2022.dll" -p2 "dotnet SocieteGenerale2022.dll" -n 100 -t 8 -s

eulerscheZahl: i added the brutaltester to the upload

MSmits: 1.0.0 is latest?

eulerscheZahl: i built from source yesterday

MSmits: no i meant the link struct shared

eulerscheZahl: java -jar cg-brutaltester.jar -r "java -jar GreenCircle.jar -s" -p1 "dotnet SocieteGenerale2022.dll" -p2 "dotnet SocieteGenerale2022.dll" -n 1 to run a single game with local server

eulerscheZahl: will be available at http://localhost:8888/test.html

eulerscheZahl: i increased the timeout from 50ms to 150ms and enforce bronze+ rules. if you don't like those changes, you have to compile your own referee

Astrobytes: with blackjack, and hookers

MSmits: oh you added the brutaltester jar too, nice service

eulerscheZahl: as i mentioned ;)

eulerscheZahl: oh, maybe it was a bad idea. GPL and i didn't upload the license file

Astrobytes: shhh

eulerscheZahl: let's hope Magus won't sue me other this :D

Astrobytes: lol, I think he'll be understanding of the situation

jacek: they will fight

Psyho: late thanks!

MSmits: eulerscheZahl does your brutaltester give 1 second on first turn?

eulerscheZahl: of course

MSmits: weird, crashes for me

eulerscheZahl: you can't even disable that i think

MSmits: yeah i didnt think so either

eulerscheZahl: did you run the 2nd command i shared? with 1 game and server mode

eulerscheZahl: can so see the replay on that localhost site?

MSmits: ok will try sec

MSmits: tried: java -jar cg-brutaltester.jar -r "java -jar GreenCircle.jar -s" -p1 "1.exe" -p2 "2.exe" -n 1

MSmits: crashes

MSmits: maybe i should not do it from a bat file and use a cmd window

eulerscheZahl: "crashes" - as accurate of an error message as some of my colleagues

MSmits: yeah that worked

eulerscheZahl: yay

MSmits: i think i should have added a line to my bat file to prevent it from stopping


MSmits: i was wrong, didnt work

MSmits: it gave the typical endgame result, but it does that on an error too i guess

eulerscheZahl: you can ignore that message

eulerscheZahl: http://localhost:8888/test.html

eulerscheZahl: does that show anything?

eulerscheZahl: i didn't bother to investigate about the log4j message as the rest is still working fine

MSmits: no, but i have an idea

MSmits: what i fi have my own brutaltester running on my system

MSmits: (I do)

eulerscheZahl: did you add it to your PATH variable?

MSmits: it says another process is using codingame assets

MSmits: HUD.json

MSmits: i will wait till my other process is gone

eulerscheZahl: sounds like another instance running

MSmits: yeah could be that.

eulerscheZahl: i'm off for today

Astrobytes: gn euler

eulerscheZahl: after helping the guy who's already 2-3 score points ahead of me

eulerscheZahl: i always make the same mistakes

struct: gn

struct: gn

MSmits: hehe sorry euler, i'll figure it out no worries :)

MSmits: you go do some more tuning

MSmits: or gn even

JamesWrank: Hey guys I've been stuck at first place in wood ligue 1 for ages. Not sure what to do ? ^^

Astrobytes: Get to Bronze. That might help :P

JamesWrank: Yeah okay but how ? :D

Astrobytes: Are you far from the boss points-wise?

jacek: thats in DLC, pay $$$

JamesWrank: not sure how you check that

JamesWrank: boss was at 3rd place for a while

Astrobytes: open the Leaderboard from the button on the left

jacek: what game

JamesWrank: Oh okay from that leaderboard I'm 3 points away from the boss

jacek: you need to be better than him ~

MSmits: btw... i realized something today. I thought we didn't have the full information on our opponent because we can't see his hand

JamesWrank: Mhh right I thought my script was enough as I was winning like 95% of the fights

MSmits: but we do. He has no hand

Astrobytes: Yeah. I was gonna say if it was a little bit you might be pushed but you're gonna have to improve a little

JamesWrank: Alrighty, I'll do that tomorrow :)

MSmits: there's no fog at all in this game, just random

JamesWrank: GN people

MSmits: gn

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: hello

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: :grin:

struct: The training makes it a bit harder MSmits you were right

struct: hi

MSmits: Yeah

Default avatar.png putibuzu: hmm MSmits we still don't know what opponent played

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: sorry if innterupting

MSmits: does it matter putibuzu?

Default avatar.png putibuzu: yes, I think it does

MSmits: if you know the full state, what does the past matter?

MSmits: his full turn is done, you know his score, his automated, all his cards, etc.

kovi: you dont know his hand

Default avatar.png putibuzu: Well, all I know is what deck in total the opponent has but not where his cards are

Default avatar.png putibuzu: exactly

MSmits: you do

MSmits: his hand is empty

MSmits: his turn is done

MSmits: everything is discarded

MSmits: so you know everything

Default avatar.png putibuzu: only his hand and played cards

Default avatar.png putibuzu: are discarded

struct: You know the cards opponent played?

MSmits: yes, so everything is discarded

Default avatar.png putibuzu: the deck is not fully shuffled

MSmits: which means you know the full state

struct: ah i missunderstood

MSmits: what does it matter what he had in hand during his turn, it is no longer there when his turn starts

Default avatar.png putibuzu: not sure if I understand what you mean MSmits

MSmits: let me rephrase. you know the exact location of every one if his cards

pedrosorio: Msmits, you don't know which cards are on the opponents (draw, discard) piles

MSmits: you get this as input



pedrosorio: opponent_cards = draw+discard, no?

Default avatar.png putibuzu: but if you knew what he had in hand, and his discard and draw pile before his turn you would be able to compute probabilities of his next hand (i.e. his next ) turn and then you could easier predict what he does

MSmits: opponent_cards is everything he has

MSmits: and since everthing is in the same place, you know where it is

pedrosorio: Msmits, draw and discard are different piles

MSmits: ohh, right your discard is not shuffled into your draw pile

Default avatar.png putibuzu: true, but you don't know where those cards are, i.e. some are in discard, some are in draw, but where exactly you don't know

MSmits: now i see my error

MSmits: this only happens when draw is empty

Astrobytes: only when draw is empty

Default avatar.png putibuzu: yeah

MSmits: yes thanks

MSmits: this cleared up a misconception for me.

Default avatar.png putibuzu: I would love to have that additional info btw, like in a real boardgame. seeing what the opponent did

MSmits: yeah, i think it would be good to have it, this game does not need randomness and fog both

Default avatar.png putibuzu: agreed

Default avatar.png putibuzu: btw in my simulation the opponent works exactly as you described

Default avatar.png putibuzu: take all cards and draw some at the start of turn randomly

MSmits: take all cards?

struct: all opponent cards

struct: I guess

MSmits: ohh

Default avatar.png putibuzu: exactly

MSmits: yes

MSmits: i tried this but doesnt do much fo rme

struct: What about mcts but he has all cards in hand?

Default avatar.png putibuzu: hmm I'll see if I finally manage to submit :sweat_smile:

struct: maybe he would end up playing too well

Astrobytes: i'm not optimistic about that approach tbh

Astrobytes: I could be wrong

Default avatar.png putibuzu: yes, I'm hoping to find out :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png putibuzu: otherwise I don't know how to track opponent's cards properly

MSmits: if he has all cards in hand he can probably just finish any app with bonus cards and stuff

Default avatar.png putibuzu: I mean the only things difficult are additional draws

pedrosorio: 50ms is very short, simulating the opponent may just not be that useful in this contest

MSmits: you mean 2 out of draw pile and then another 2 from discard?

MSmits: additional draws?

Default avatar.png putibuzu: ah no TRAINING and CODING actions

MSmits: oh i got those working

Default avatar.png putibuzu: they mess with the opponent tracking

MSmits: ah yes for opponent thats a lost cause

Default avatar.png putibuzu: unfortunately yes

Default avatar.png putibuzu: all other actions can be tracked perfectly right?

MSmits: aside from the fact that most of the time you have no idea what he has in hand

Default avatar.png putibuzu: sure :D

MSmits: i mean you dont even know the possibilities

Default avatar.png putibuzu: difficult game, this is

MSmits: yeah i guess it is

CASPER_000: You have to find the sum of the first x powers of a number n starting from 0. You will find that this puzzle will be easier if you know the trick

CASPER_000: any explaintiont

struct: My code is a mess for this one

CASPER_000: any explainetion

MSmits: most of my code is reasonable except my eval stuff, that's starting to get worse and worse

MSmits: a lot of stuff with parameter = 0 i am afraid to delete

geppoz: CASPER_000 there is a math formula for that

CASPER_000: ok what is it?


geppoz: the finite equivalent of the infinite one that leads to 1/(1-x)

Default avatar.png putibuzu: the eval gets messy so easily :D one starts adding stuff here and there and suddenly there are 100 free parameters :sweat_smile:

MSmits: ye

MSmits: the last few submits, every time i had an improvement it wasnt because of a new parameter i think

MSmits: mostly because i found a bug and fixed it :P

Default avatar.png putibuzu: :D

Default avatar.png putibuzu: during spring challenge 2021 I had a buggy arena, which always said 100 % winrate for the first bot and I was always putting my new version first, so I thought every change I made was incredible

Default avatar.png putibuzu: then I wondered how I was not #1 :D

MSmits: heh sounds familiar

Default avatar.png putibuzu: found out during the last hour or so :D

MSmits: ouch

Default avatar.png putibuzu: that's why people always say tests are important I guess :D

MSmits: yeah

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: you want to be friends

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: :smile::sweat_smile:

MSmits: Astrobytes i figured it out. Now when you log into One-drive it has a little checkbox that asks if you want your organization to manage your computer

Astrobytes: MSmits: ahhhh that would explain it

MSmits: not sure if i checked it or if i already automatically logged in when they added the checkmark in an update (and set it to default to checked)

Astrobytes: Nonetheless nefarious.

MSmits: yeah it s

MSmits: is

PatrickMcGinnisII: i disable Onedrive in startup

PatrickMcGinnisII: so it can never sync

struct: This is why I still use windows 98

Astrobytes: 98? Noob. 95 is where it's at.

struct: I heard that one is not supported anymore

PatrickMcGinnisII: yall r whack, NT

PatrickMcGinnisII: heh

struct: :(

PatrickMcGinnisII: old argument, like 20 yrs ago

Astrobytes: NT workstation 4.0 was the greatest

Astrobytes: (seriously)

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm hearing WIN11 noise

PatrickMcGinnisII: Win 8.1 uses the NT kernel... the kernel was the best in the day

Astrobytes: Yup.

PatrickMcGinnisII: nt came on 4 3.1" floppies, lol

PatrickMcGinnisII: 4MB OS imagine that

struct: I get like 10k moves on 2nd round, is this normal MSmits?

struct: with all possible combinations

PatrickMcGinnisII: people on YT bitching about encrypted HD issues

Astrobytes: malware-encrypted?

PatrickMcGinnisII: WIN11 bitching about bitlocker

Astrobytes: oh bitlocker

PatrickMcGinnisII: i gotta stop watching YT

PatrickMcGinnisII: and MS, they might geet mad and brick my pcs

MSmits: 10k moves ??

MSmits: struct do you mean on move selection?

struct: I just got lke 4Million on one...

MSmits: also do you allow infinite training/coding depth?

struct: no

MSmits: how much depth/

struct: 1 depth so until release

struct: from move to release

MSmits: i mean

struct: all moves, like move 0-8

MSmits: how many played cards max

struct: no limit

MSmits: ahh ok, i do 3 max currently

struct: ah

MSmits: i can do better if i optimize

struct: i guess I can try that

MSmits: but i also use some tricks

MSmits: i'll give you one

Astrobytes: you might be repeating states too with that many

MSmits: for cards that are not training or coding, make a playing order

MSmits: reset the order on draw

MSmits: so for example, you can make an order so that you are never allowed to play architecutre after review

MSmits: this prevents the situation where you have a state where you first play review and then arch and a state where you play arch, then review

struct: oh

struct: I guess that can happen in my code atm

MSmits: zobrist can do this too, but i dont like using it

Astrobytes: that's what I was getting at with repeating states

struct: ah

MSmits: just make sure to only fix orders for cards where the play order doesnt matter

MSmits: and reset the order after a draw

Astrobytes: makes sense

MSmits: yeah, you have to be real careful not to prune too much with the repeating states

MSmits: if repeating states contain random, they are not truly repeating

Astrobytes: naturally

Michael_Howard: Is Task Prioritization really rarely useful to play, or am I just doing something wrong? :thinking:

MSmits: it can be really powerful

MSmits: especially if you need 1 specific card to finish the last app

struct: well limiting draws put me from 4M to 20k

struct: or something

MSmits: remember, if you use task prio, it is still your card, it just goes back in your deck

MSmits: you only really lose the traded card

struct: yeah

Michael_Howard: I expected it would be powerful on last turn, but it never seems to be. I can't figure out why.

MSmits: should be useful in some situations on last turn

MSmits: the thing is, last turns are selections out of many possible turns that could have happened due to draw

MSmits: oftentimes you are lucky enough on a last turn that you dont need prio to make it better

MSmits: you should test it differently

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm still trying to debug detecting a release beforre a potential release phase... yall r so far ahead


MSmits: look at earlier turns that werent a last turn and ask yourself, if i had a prio now, would i have won

struct: Here I timeout bcause I have like 19 cards on draw pile

struct: I think ill need to go back to the drawing board for this one

MSmits: training can only ever make you branch 55x max

MSmits: per played training card

MSmits: usually it is less

struct: 55?

MSmits: yes

struct: why 55?

MSmits: you take 2 cards out of 10

struct: ah ok

struct: I forgot training is not coding

MSmits: 2 the same * 10 + 9 + 8 + 7... + 2 + 1

Astrobytes: don't do that irl

MSmits: I'm being pushed hard, 4th now, but so many people submitting i guess

MSmits: so i am not actually 4th

Astrobytes: doesn't matter much at this point

Astrobytes: "high up" is enough til gold

MSmits: well it gives me confidence i will get legend, that is the most important goal for me

Astrobytes: True, depending how much more time you have to spend that is sensible

MSmits: yeah, i have a lot of time left. Not sure if my boss agrees but he doesnt have to know i put all my work off till monday

Astrobytes: I like your style :sunglasses:

MSmits: this is the first contest in like 2 yrs i played very seriously

Astrobytes: I noticed

Astrobytes: :D

kovi: the only boss you need to care is the gold one

MSmits: yeah kovi

Astrobytes: May I ask why? The probabilities thing?

MSmits: they are usually terrifying

Astrobytes: last question @MSmits

MSmits: i do like the probabilities thing, but i already decided beforehand i was going to do this seriously

Astrobytes: Nice. I'm glad about that

MSmits: It started when i had a pretty annoying cold last week and i just kept working day and night to make sure i had no work last weekend

MSmits: even though ifelt sick, so thats motivation

Astrobytes: And dedication

MSmits: yeah, i didnt get much notice on the contest

MSmits: otherwise i would have prepared sooner

Astrobytes: I had 6 days I think, I have no idea when it was put up on events page

MSmits: me neither, not long anyways

Astrobytes: was thanks to 5DN1L that I saw it

Astrobytes: woops, didn't mean to ping

MSmits: havent seen 5DN1 L

jacek: but did you see Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i could look at the leaderboard

Astrobytes: I logged in after a few weeks, literally right on time as he posted the events page link

Astrobytes: (5D, not that bot)

PatrickMcGinnisII: MSmits you bot goes straight to cont_int to automate bonus, and then skips releases to avoid debt...did you setup a debt ceiling? holy crap

MSmits: i dont know, i make eval and fit parameters. My bot figures out the rest

MSmits: i did have a debt ceiling i think, dont want to have more than 2 TD debt on release

MSmits: but i changed it to 3 or 4 and it had no effect on the bot

MSmits: eval prevents those releases

MSmits: i havent watched a game in days PatrickMcGinnisII :P

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm using cont_int on bonus cards... it is so necessary for endgame

MSmits: yeah i guess so, if you see good bots do this

PatrickMcGinnisII: But i don't skip any releases and get debt piled on

MSmits: i see

PatrickMcGinnisII: prettu much i geet 3 releases very fast

MSmits: it would not surprise me if my bot does not do that cont_int thing if it has to give a card to get there

PatrickMcGinnisII: then last two r slow af

pedrosorio: MSmits how do you fit params for eval? Local tournaments between your bot variants?

MSmits: pedrosorio yeah nothing complicated

MSmits: i was going to do something more complicated, but my bot changes too fast and i spend most time quickly testing changes

MSmits: maybe last weekend i will do something like this

MSmits: smarter param fitting

MSmits: but i doubt i will have the time

jacek: smrter grid search?

pedrosorio: jacek simulated annealing where temperature decreases to 0 as end of contest approaches

MSmits: yeah there are many methods

Astrobytes: lol pedrosorio

jacek: GA!

antiwonto: [auto] 'GA' was defined as ' Genetic Algorithm '

Illedan: Damn play limit -.-

struct: Damn brain limit -.-

struct: Illedan are you testing localy?

Illedan: Just in IDE

struct: euler pasted here in chat referee for brutaltester

Michael_Howard: Is it better to continuous integrate a bonus or a skill card?

Astrobytes: the former in a lot of cases it seems

Illedan: Depends on the skill card vs applications left

Illedan: Early game => Bonus

PatrickMcGinnisII: no wonder i'm not detecting releasable apps, I'm not counting automated, ARGH!

Astrobytes: again?

Astrobytes: that's twice you've done that!

Illedan: Almost top 50 :tada:

Astrobytes: grats Illedan

Illedan: I had a fat big TODO in my Throw sim

Illedan: xD

struct: My bot is not normal

Illedan: Wonder where that comes from

Illedan: :smirk:

struct: ah ok

struct: Its just user that is dumb

struct: my bot is fine

jacek: he copied his NN into the bot

Astrobytes: pebcac!

struct: I was evaling only Continuous integration cards

struct: and was wondering why my bot chose to go to 3 instead of 5

Astrobytes: hehe nice

struct: I forgot you can get a card from 5 with card 3


struct: my blue bot doesnt even eval score

struct: lol

struct: and managed to win because it was the first action

Astrobytes: does the first action thing still work?

struct: no but since it was release phase

Astrobytes: ah

struct: my move gen gives release actions before wait

struct: so since the score was the same it prints the 1st

Astrobytes: I see

Illedan: Lol, emh automated 3 Code_review xD

struct: Finally I destroyed jacek

struct: in one game

struct: I can delete now

Astrobytes: eh, even I did that earlier

geppoz: I suppose never automate more than 2 of same card

Illedan: Maybe in Legend geppoz

Illedan: When you want to automate a card so that you wont use a draw on a card you don't need

Illedan: But emh is not checking that

Illedan: no way

struct: and maybe you dont want to automate if its not in apps

Illedan: True too

geppoz: there are opposite requirement :D

geppoz: automate what it is more in apps VS automate what it is not in apps

Astrobytes: "room for further improvement" ;)

struct: I just want to make little progress at a time

struct: as long as I see progress im happy

Astrobytes: worked for me since last night

struct: This is why I only submit after adding 1k lines

struct: But my todo list keeps getting bigger and bigger

Illedan: Can I have some todos? I'm out

struct: its mostly simple stuff, the one that requires the most work atm for me is the states exploding

struct: due to cards drawn

struct: and I have the problem where I can have alot of repeated states

Astrobytes: TODO: get 1st place

struct: also I need to write an eval

emh: Illedan hehe

struct: but I leave that to last days

Illedan: ^^

Illedan: New IF incomming

emh: nahh I've been working on StC all day

Astrobytes: if (not_winning) win();

Illedan: stc?!

antiwonto: [auto] 'stc' was defined as ' Smash The Code '

Astrobytes: ^ :o

Illedan: ok?

Illedan: csb?

PatrickMcGinnisII: :taco: Astrobytes

antiwonto: [auto] 'CSB' was defined as ' Coders Strikes Back (aka Mad Pod Racing) '

antiwonto: [auto] PatrickMcGinnisII has awarded Astrobytes 10 tacos. Astrobytes now has 66 taco. PatrickMcGinnisII now has 60 taco

Astrobytes: BotG

emh: even with a 24 bit lookup table it was slower than bit bfs, so I wasted the whole day

Astrobytes: Hah :P

struct: emh and I have the same problem with STC

struct: We optimize but never make a working bot

emh: true true hehe

Astrobytes: are you STILL doing that one struct?!

struct: no

Astrobytes: surely you've been at it longer than emh

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: im doing mad pod racing

struct: I went to try and avx CSB instead

struct: i got 600k sims only

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: what are yall doing

struct: by avxing collisions

Astrobytes: oh right, you mentioned that

struct: was expecting 1M

struct: but meh

Astrobytes: not bad though

struct: ill go back to it later once contest ends

Astrobytes: that smitsi?

struct: no, just random search

emh: my last contest submit was 1 day ago

struct: but I didnt submit since i want to try smits

Astrobytes: 600k ain't bad

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: are you doing clash of code

struct: emh come back to the contest

Astrobytes: No KINGKRINKLES124

struct: STC can wait

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: sorry

emh: I don't have a lot of ideas for new ifs

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: didnt mean to make mad

struct: What about less ifs?

emh: you mean CMPXCHG?

Astrobytes: Or old ifs :sunglasses:

Default avatar.png KINGKRINKLES124: :disappointed:

pedrosorio: Astrobytes what is smitsi?

struct: Smitsimax

Astrobytes: aka UCT Forest


MSmits: on my profile. Some ucb1 based search I came up with for multi agent games with not too many agents that weakly interact. Yeah uct forest

MSmits: i do not use it in this game

MSmits: just to be clear

Illedan: Whaaat?!

struct: ok i know what to use now

MSmits: i don't lie :P

struct: me neither, I just dont always tell the truth

Astrobytes: *you are economical with the truth

Astrobytes: truth when necessary, troll otherwise

MSmits: lol

Astrobytes: a true art form imo

struct: MSmits I think I understood what you meant on the order of actions to not repeat

struct: So lets say I play action 2[daily routine]

struct: Ok its a bit messy to explain

struct: let me see if I can come up with an example

MSmits: yeah it is difficult to explain

struct: ok if I play 4[architecture]study, in theory I already tried all actions before it

struct: so when I do move gen I only do after 4 right?

struct: something like this

struct: 4 being architecture

struct: and before being task and daily

struct: as long as they dont draw a card

MSmits: yeah

struct: thanks

Astrobytes: wahey, one win vs emh :P

MSmits: i did this by passing a parameter "int order" down the dfs recursion, i only allow moves of the same order or higher. The order resets to 0 on draw

emh: hehe

struct: oh that makes it easier I guess

struct: instead of doing it on move gen

struct: smart

MSmits: i did this before on locam i think. To much greater extent. You can look at my PM

MSmits: it's a long time ago though

struct: your PM is ancient by now

Astrobytes: struct think of it like using moves from a transposition table or iterative deepening ab

struct: if it doesn't include the word NN

MSmits: it doesn't :)

MSmits: yeah, i came up with this because i didn't know how to hash stuff :)

Astrobytes: ie. you know the previous moves from before so just check what's available at this current depth

struct: I see astro, I think I got it

struct: oh

Astrobytes: lol MSmits

struct: Im generating moves everytime

struct: every state

Astrobytes: I do love your inventiveness

struct: maybe thats not optimal

MSmits: yeah why learn something new that's easy when you can invent something yourself that's much more complicated

Astrobytes: it's the scientific way! :D

Astrobytes: at least you don't have to argue about grants, funding and ownership too :P

Astrobytes: *Additional funding

MSmits: yeah, I'm glad I have never had to do that

MSmits: got into teaching quckly enough to avoid

Astrobytes: likewise, job came up before research opportunities :D

Default avatar.png ruessin: does this website have mock assessments with 2-4 problems?

struct: Sounds like certificates

Default avatar.png ruessin: i guess algorithmic certificates, if they exist. not looking to test knowledge of different languages

struct: Then I guess the answer is no, but there are plenty of puzzles I guess

Default avatar.png ruessin: ok cool

geppoz: question: you have to output every single action?

geppoz: I mean if i already have MOVE+GIVE

geppoz: can I output 2 rows in one turn?

struct: bad idea

geppoz: or I need to wait new inputs?

struct: wait for new inputs

PiterYeh: nope, it's one action per output

geppoz: (experimentally seems not)

geppoz: ok

struct: in theory it works

struct: but you will still get the inputs

geppoz: no, it doesnt

struct: So it will go out of sync

Astrobytes: Output for One Game Turn 1 line containing one of the following actions depending on the game phase:

geppoz: Line 1: gamePhase the name of the current game phase. It can be MOVE, RELEASE

geppoz: :D

geppoz: where are THROW_CARD, GIVE_CARD?

Astrobytes: they failed at that part

Crosility: Howdy! :D

struct: hi

Crosility: How's things going? Everyone still focused on the contest?

Nerchio: no i am here to read the chat

Crosility: (Seriously? Or sarcastically?)

Psyho: It turned out the less I submit the higher I'm on the ranking so I stopped submitting

Nerchio: I like the chat but not that much let's just say that

struct: lol

struct: Crosility I think most are focused on the contest

Astrobytes: RAIC is happening

Crosility: Haha, okay Nerchio. I agree struct. That's what I was thinking. The contest isn't bad or anything. Just not my thing. Card games. And a "I don't know what to do - random() out" combined - made it so I quit submitting at bronze.

Astrobytes: 7th July start

Crosility: RAIC? (Royal Architectural Institute of Canada?)

Nerchio: Astrobytes i saw that, might participate

Astrobytes: No, hahaha

Nerchio: depends on the game

Astrobytes: Nerchio: yeah same

Astrobytes: Crosility: Russian AI Cup


Crosility: Thanks, my google results weren't giving me any context. Haha!

Astrobytes: lol, the acronyms never end

struct: Duck as been on rank 1 for a long time

Astrobytes: very Duck-type contest, showed up first day too

struct: Maybe I should submit

Astrobytes: #1 or quit

struct: I woudln't even start :p

Crosility: Haha.

PatrickMcGinnisII: an app releasr can use shoddy skills from a card that isn't required?

struct: yes

MSmits: yeah, but i dont think you should ever do that

struct: ever?

MSmits: i mean it means over half your skills are shoddy

MSmits: > 4

struct: ah right

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, that is why my prog is calculating the debt wrong

geppoz: well you cannot know from which hand card the release takes his shoddy

MSmits: thats also very bad

MSmits: actually no it isnt

MSmits: it's all discarded anyway

geppoz: you can only know how many shoddy are needed, then it takes it from any

struct: Is it worth ever to use cards if they wont give you anything?

MSmits: yeah it doesnt matter, the only thing that matters is how many shoddy you are using

geppoz: exactly

MSmits: struct nah, just the 2 skill type cards + bonus imho

struct: Imagine using refactoring but you have no Tech debt in hand?

MSmits: it does nothing

struct: what is that?

struct: 2 kill type cards?

struct: skill*

MSmits: for the app

MSmits: i misunderstood you

MSmits: about the refactor, no there is no reason to play it for nothing

struct: I see

PatrickMcGinnisII: I prioritize releases...if it can't be released it's still in the a debt is staying at say 3, when it could be played with 5. When phase happens, its still at 3, dumb me, thought u had to have at least 1 card in hand of each type that is needed

struct: I do the same for multiple

MSmits: it's gonna go in your played and will be discarded at the end

struct: I dont play training if I cant draw any card

struct: It makes no difference I guess

MSmits: good, it;s useless

struct: Since they are all discarded

MSmits: ye

struct: Lots of small things I need to work on

struct: Closing chat, ping me if its neded

Nerchio: i hate losing to the bots that end up with 20 debt at the end of the game xd

MSmits: going to bed

MSmits: ignore me if i snore

Astrobytes: lol gn

PatrickMcGinnisII: :head_bandage:

Crosility: Sigh, when compiler thinks you're doing one thing, but you're doing another. So it throws an IDE red squiggly error. But it's perfectly legal. <.<

Crosility: And compiles, and functions flawlessly.

Astrobytes: c#?

Crosility: Basic C.

Crosility: clang is an annoying "error checker".


Crosility: If curious

Astrobytes: ahhh I thought you meant the online IDE

Astrobytes: (CG IDE)

Crosility: No, it is. It's what they use here.

Crosility: They use Visual Studio with clang instead of GCC. for C.

Crosility: Fields must have a constant size: 'variable length array in structure' extension will never be supportedclang(typecheck_field_variable_size)

Crosility: All I'm doing is using a previous declared variable, to determine size of array in a structure. Nothing dynamic. Lol.

Astrobytes: If you can keep reproducing that you should make a report or pull request on the Monaco repo

Astrobytes: or the clang, or both

Crosility: I believe, from what I say, it's been fixed for a couple years now.

Astrobytes: huh

Crosility: I am under the suspicion CodinGame is just using a outdated version.

Astrobytes: It was updated fairly recently since they made and had accepted a couple of PRs to the Monaco repo

Astrobytes: *fairly*

struct: so you think they are using msvc for intellisene?

Crosility: (sec, actually verifying against their wiki)

Astrobytes: VSCode, ie. Monaco

Astrobytes: and yeah, gcc not clang

Crosility: Then .. interesting I get clang-based error reporting.

Crosility: I'm seeing that too.

Crosility: As it's not been an issue for GCC.

Astrobytes: Peculiar

Crosility: If you wanna reproduce. it's happening at as low as a level as this :

Crosility: int w = 5;

   struct TEST {
       char line[w];
   } test[5];

Crosility: struct TEST throws a IDE error/warning for "line", due to variable array size.

Crosility: Though, it's definitely defined before test[] is created.

struct: #define w 5

   struct TEST {
       char line[w];
   } test[5];

struct: This was your error

struct: error: variably modified ‘line’ at file scope

struct: If you want to look it up

Crosility: For future reference, where did you get that error? (Since I'm compiling fine)

struct: I ran it locally

struct: the c++ and C error messages are broken on cg

Astrobytes: and it's gcc

Astrobytes: #ifdef __GNUC__ //GCC printf("GCC\n");

  1. endif

struct: but the messages also appears on cg

struct: when you compile

Astrobytes: the only alternative to #define is enum I think (good catch btw struct)

Crosility: Interesting. It's weird, because functionally, it works. But it's throwing a "code-sense" error/IDE, not any compiler errors. But, looking up what you said, yes, I'm using a variable to define size of array in a struct.

struct: I was getting compile error

struct: both locally and on cg ide

Crosility: That's weird you are - but I'm not?

struct: or are you use c++?

Crosility: Nope, just C.

struct: on C it doesnt compile for me

struct: int w = 5; struct TEST {

   char line[w];

} test[5];

struct: this code just to be sure

struct: we are on the same page

Crosility: Perfect.

Nerchio: nice submit MSmits you trashed my bot :sob:

Astrobytes: yeah, doesn't compile my end either

struct: Nerchio it's time for revenge

Nerchio: Still glad that I managed to break into top20 again, time to sleep

Nerchio: cya tomorrow

Astrobytes: aha he didn't really go to bed

struct: gn

Astrobytes: gn Nerchio

struct: Maybe he got up, I sure did yesterday to write stuff on paper

Astrobytes: I did the same, but it was to remember to buy ginger and garlic today that I wrote down :P


Crosility: These pastebins continue to fail.

Crosility: int w = 5;

   struct TEST {
       char line[w];
   } test[5];

Crosility: test[0].line[0] = 'a';

   fprintf(stderr, "%c\n", test[0].line[0]);

Crosility: Standard Output Stream:

struct: pastebin is broken

Crosility: Output > a

struct: locally or on cg?

Crosility: CG, bout to run locally.

Crosility: So, I use code::blocks with GCC. Don't hate. But, no error.. either.

struct: paste the full code on pastebin

Crosility: Copy+paste code, new project.


struct: oh

struct: I thought all the time that the struct was outside main

Crosility: No, sorry. Because then, yes, that would be outside of scope declaration.

Astrobytes: I still get an error

struct: not if the struct is inside the main astro

Astrobytes: got it

struct: Anyways I don't know why intelisense doesnt like it

Crosility: So, now on the same page. See what I mean?

struct: Yes

Astrobytes: yeah, Monaco bug

Crosility: Weird. Well, now.. is the editor color-changing in Codingame broken?

Crosility: (Tried setting the squiggly line color coding to something less.. well, eye-sore inducing)

struct: no idea tbh, i dont really use the cg ide

Astrobytes: never actually tried tbh, I only use it for short puzzles or param tweaks

struct: I run locally and use CG local

Crosility: CG local?...

Astrobytes: IDE-browser bridge


Crosility: Thanks struct, lmao. I wonder if IDE's other than Visual Studio is supported.

Default avatar.png jbiz: anyone else think comparing code length is a bit unfair on clash of code, considering it's comparing different languages?

struct: you can use any ide Crosility you cant run anything locally

struct: it just so you dont have to copy paste the code

Astrobytes: it just uses the file that you specify

Astrobytes: and you can let it update based on changes or based on your consent

pedrosorio: jbiz you can use any language you want, use short languages for shortest challenges

Astrobytes: ^ this all day

Astrobytes: Right tool for the right job

struct: Master ruby and you will never lose a shortest clash again

struct: unless someone uses bash or perl

struct: But mastering bash and perl is much harder

Default avatar.png jbiz: yeah but I prefer to write in c#. I mean I can, and have written in python, but I have to look stuff up because I don't use it that often. C# however just generally has longer syntax.

Crosility: Aw, perfect. Once I progress into some harder puzzles. I'll be 100% looking to start doing it off-site. @jbiz, totally agree. I'm a C main. It's not even a competition. I'm the loser if I do size comparisons.

Astrobytes: I wouldn't say perl is harder, stranger maybe

struct: Its one of the goals jbiz to make you look up stuff

pedrosorio: jbiz learn a concise language or accept you're going to lose on the shortest challenges, that's the way it goes

struct: you can use this cheat sheet I guess


struct: Anyways its time for me to go back to coding

Crosility: This CGLocal is awesome, reading the page. I can just dump c files (or whatever file) I tested locally to the game.

Astrobytes: yep

Astrobytes: I use that or just copy paste from VS/whatever I'm using

Crosility: (Non compiled, obviously), but hey, this is way better than continuously finding/editing Visual Studio and browser tweaks.

Crosility: --> Just so you know, in a few hours, I've added like 3 bookmarks from you guys giving incredible help. Thank you.

Astrobytes: you can send compiled too but don't do that in a contest, whatever you do

Astrobytes: yeah, chat's real useful. Shame it's going discord only

Default avatar.png Whoever_: Hi

Crosility: Discord isn't bad-per say. Just this "small chat-right next to the thing you're doing" is very helpful.

Astrobytes: Yes, easier to give direct help in context of the issue etc

Astrobytes: And nice for shooting the sht / talking random stuff

Astrobytes: lots of peeps can't/won't use discord though, so we're gonna lose a lot of good people

Crosility: I wish I enjoyed this site as much as I do now, 4-5 years ago, when I initially joined.

Astrobytes: yeah, I joined in 2015, didn't realise there were contests until 2018 lol

Crosility: Haha. I don't remember anything about the site. But I KNOW it wasn't as user/beginner friendly before.

Crosility: The slow-roll in quest system. To sorta "reintroduce"/set pacing.

Astrobytes: Yeah it was a right old mess way back, before the quest map it was not the best navigation-wise but better-than-before, quest map and a few other tweaks seem to work for most people

elderlybeginner: What's your general strategy for Green Circle?

Crosility: Watch other people talk about it :joy:

Astrobytes: Right now I can't say I have anything specific tbh elderlybeginner

struct: elderlybeginner some people bruteforce all combinations

struct: some people have heuristics

Crosility: Well, again, it may have not been the solution I was looking for/expecting. But it's a million times better and will probably implement tomorrow. (The external IDE). Thank you again. Off for now. :]

Astrobytes: Nice one Crosility :) See ya later!

struct: cya

Astrobytes: elderlybeginner: release as many apps as you can, don't get too much tech debt otherwise

Astrobytes: about as general as I can get

Astrobytes: currently my bot is doing the equivalent of automating technical debt :rofl:

struct: Im going now for my V4

elderlybeginner: I have a few ifs right now and I wonder if I even want to continue that contest

Astrobytes: submit time?

Astrobytes: elderlybeginner: go as far as the ifs will take you

Astrobytes: it's kind of a love/hate contest in terms of if you like it or not I guess

elderlybeginner: yep, certainly not in my type

struct: its hard at the beggining but it gets better

struct: you just need to understand the rules

Default avatar.png KingWhitfield2011: can somebody help me with how to play green circle

struct: It's a very hard game KINGKRINKLES124

Default avatar.png KingWhitfield2011: yeah

Default avatar.png KingWhitfield2011: i dont really know how to play it

Astrobytes: there are easier games/puzzles

Default avatar.png KingWhitfield2011: OK.thanks for your help

struct: its not very beginner friendly imo

struct: If you dont have experience in other multis you will struggle a lot here

Astrobytes: Yeah, definitely not

Westicles: don't listen to them KingWhitfield2011, they just don't want you to win their phone

elderlybeginner: the rules are overwhelming and that's what's opposite to great contest. I prefer simple rules and deep strategy

Default avatar.png KingWhitfield2011: :laughing:

Default avatar.png KingWhitfield2011: you are funny elderlybeginner

Default avatar.png KingWhitfield2011: and Westicles

Astrobytes: elderlybeginner: since it's kind of an 'unofficial' sponsored contest I feel that's okay

Astrobytes: But the statement is fairly horrifying

PatrickMcGinnisII: lost 70 ranks on the last sumbit, competition getting stiffer

Default avatar.png KingWhitfield2011: that sucks

PatrickMcGinnisII: my full move sim is bugged

Astrobytes: PatrickMcGinnisII: getting stiffer? That's what she said

PatrickMcGinnisII: back to latin IC. ;)

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png KingWhitfield2011: :laughing::thumbsup:

Astrobytes: anyway, my continued presence in the coding environment is doing me no favours, keep getting to 128-138 or miles below with every change. more bugfixing tomorrow. gn all

Default avatar.png KingWhitfield2011: gn

PatrickMcGinnisII: nite

bobth: Have You Guys Heard Of The Hit Game Among Us?

Default avatar.png KingWhitfield2011: not again

PatrickMcGinnisII: my 15 yr old used to play it

Default avatar.png KingWhitfield2011: its good

Default avatar.png KingWhitfield2011: i hate the people who get you out even when they did it

Westicles: hard to tell the game name with all caps

bobth: lmao

Westicles: My new puzzle doesn't have any 1-stars, very unusual. Maybe wait another day

Westicles: Maybe the power is out in france or something

Default avatar.png KingWhitfield2011: you r in france

j4at: Lets make among us like game in codingame :o

AbrahamJLR: Can someone guide me to transform an exercise that recently came out in clashofcode and I managed to finish in an inefficient way in my opinion?

I'm trying to avoid using the while loop and get the result by a formula, but I haven't been able to figure it out yet.

Default avatar.png KingWhitfield2011: group project

bobth: j4at yooo ill make a CoC

j4at: nice, I'm talking about bot programming tho. 8 players among us game. That will be very sick.

bobth: oh oh

bobth: I'll still make one anyways

j4at: good luck :)

bobth: rhanks

bobth: t

Default avatar.png KingWhitfield2011: can you do team projects'

Salyx: hello

Default avatar.png C0c0: Hi

Salyx: hi Coco

struct: hi

Default avatar.png jbiz: is there any way to choose which type of clash of code game you play? Ie. Shortest

AbrahamJLR: Just in private rooms.

Default avatar.png Glyptod0n: moving to desk 0 while opponent is on desk 7 count as "on a desk next to the opponent" right

Default avatar.png jbiz: so, i got to the milestone "reach top 1000 players"...

Default avatar.png jbiz: umm, is that even possible?

Default avatar.png jbiz: looks like there's a billion players on here

Default avatar.png jbiz: how long's it gonna take me? a million years?

Default avatar.png jbiz: i can't access the other milestones without doing this one :/

Westicles: clash rank decays if you stop playing. you are probably competing with 4k people and 7/8 of them are 11 year-olds

Default avatar.png jbiz: right o

Default avatar.png jbiz: is it the rank under "crafter"? if so i'm 13,215th

Default avatar.png jbiz: so i've a ways to go

Westicles: that's contest rank, you are talking about the clash achievement?

Default avatar.png dickhead3: can someone teach me how to code

antiwonto: [auto] hey dickhead3 looking for some intro tutorials on programming? This isn't the place probably. Try , 'The Coding Train' on youtube, or first levels in