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emh: good morning

MSmits: meurning

Poligraph: ok boys

Poligraph: how to code

MSmits: is that rhetorical?

aCat: morning MSmits :-)

MSmits: hi aCat

emh: this game is not so bad after all. it's probabilistic so it's suitable for heuristics. no?

emh: and if you start with the published boss you can use arrays immediately and don't have to worry about long names haha

MSmits: ohh i did that on my own. Did not know i could get it from boss

emh: but then you'd have to do Java

MSmits: it's the first thing i did, before i even understood any of the rules

MSmits: but I agree, it seems cool

MSmits: It is somewhat similar to locam

MSmits: but locam had 2 problems. 1) cards were unbalanced, which killed the complexity of the game, you could just set a card order

kovi: array? i was hesitating on bitmap instantly

MSmits: 2) too much uncertainty

MSmits: i dont know if this game has 1), but it does not have 2)

MSmits: kovi how would you do a bitmap here?

MSmits: bitboard i think you mean

kovi: yes

MSmits: you can have a hand with up to 5 cards of each

MSmits: thats 3 bits times 8

MSmits: if you include bonus its harder

MSmits: but the bits dont necessarily makes things better because you cant shift them

MSmits: it's still just addition

MSmits: so the only advantage i think would be storage. If you foresee having to store millions of gamestates, then yeah

kovi: or calculate quicker

MSmits: not necessarily

MSmits: why would bits be faster here?

MSmits: sure you can subtract an app from a hand in 1 go

MSmits: but you have to check if you're allowed first

MSmits: and that's not doable with bit ops afaik

MSmits: (unless you use 5 bits per card type and use 64 bit state)

MSmits: still hard i think

kovi: i have some ideas

MSmits: I'm going to focus on the search algo and on figuring out a way to fit params which I will inevitably have to do

kovi: i wonder how nn would do in this game

MSmits: I think the question is how hard is it to come up with a working NN

MSmits: the input is weird and has a difficult structure

emh: yayy I'm 29 in Bronze and all I did was change ~10 lines of boss

MSmits: :cry:

MSmits: I worked on it for hours last night and am 31

kovi: hmm, did they already shared github link?

MSmits: I guess most time is spent understanding how the game works

emh: lazy coding ftw

MSmits: yeah, someone will have it kovi


kovi: thx

MSmits: hey, i have a question

MSmits: you can chain multiple coding cards right?

MSmits: which means you can have several play phases

MSmits: is there anyway to know from the current turn input, how many play phases are queued?

MSmits: or do you need to keep track?

MSmits: say you play a coding card. Another play phase happens, but it is only the first of two. So if you sim this phase, you have to know there is another

MSmits: also, you should be able to play infinite coding cards if you have enough in your deck

kovi: i havent checked play_card, but i guess we need to track (use state) ourselves

MSmits: yeah, it seems a bit out of character for this game though since almost everything is given in input

pedrosorio: they don't tell you how many throw phases you have either

pedrosorio: also, afaict they don't tell you which turn it is in the game (?)

MSmits: but you dont need these

MSmits: throw is just at most 1 and only when you passed admin

pedrosorio: the game turn seems pretty relevant

j4at: why is there 4 levels ?

kovi: hmm, turn might be needed

MSmits: not really if all good games stay below 200 phases

MSmits: all you need to know is your opponent score

kovi: are they? (i dont know yet)

MSmits: they are

MSmits: if bots do well and there is no bug (like the training bug) it's usually below or near 100

kovi: but will they? (when we also try to disrupt opponent)

MSmits: yeah, i dont think its possible to disrupt the opponent to a sufficient degree so as to double the length of the game

MSmits: you can influence the cards in the desk, but this just gives your opponent bonus cards

MSmits: and you can block his desk, but this is not a major issue

MSmits: and it's always a temporary block for which you can find workarounds

MSmits: it's really a low interaction game

MSmits: almost an optim, with probabilistic elements

MSmits: oh right and of course you can take his apps, but thats happening now and is not going to change in the future i thnik

aCat: Smits you have 2 discards when going thdough desk

MSmits: sorry i meant the 8 type desks

MSmits: not the admin

aCat: and if you go via desk and enear the opponent - 3 discards in a row ;]

MSmits: i know, dont do that :P

MSmits: train arriving, working for 4 hrs and then back to green circle :)

MSmits: ttyl

aCat: bb

j4at: Iwood 2 is level 1, wood 1 is level 2 bronze is level 3? But there is 4 levels in

j4at: why is that ?

Nerchio: still 1 :upside_down:

j4at: ow

j4at: okay

aCat: :+1:

pedrosorio: task prioritization action failed because I don't have a card which I do have ?

pedrosorio: funny thing is the replay never says what's wrong, just "timed out" (which is unlikely since I print at 35ms):

MSmits: perhaps there was no 6 card in the desk and the error message is bad

pedrosorio: I am keeping track of the cards on the desks, so that is strange but possible, I guess

pedrosorio: I've seen the error a few times. A bit suspicious that it's always complaining about continuous integration not being available.

pedrosorio: on turn 11 lol:

pedrosorio: hand and cards on the board counts in my stderr output as well:

NotSureWhyThisWorks: can someone explain why the game gets stuck in an infinite loop at around turn 64

NotSureWhyThisWorks: I think it must be something to do with the use skill phase, I am just printing RANDOM, but I wouldn't have thought that the game would allow an infinite loop

pedrosorio: as I suspected, there is a bug:

aCat: :+1:

aCat: please raport here or discord

emh: are desk 7 and desk 0 considered to be next to each other?

Illedan: Not in my code

PiterYeh: yes emh

Illedan: They are?

PiterYeh: in my head i'm sure they are, i think i saw that in a replay last night


PiterYeh: turn 9

Rafarafa: does anyone know how the list of possible applications is generated at the start?

j4at: Badly written statement :) reading the source code is the only reasonable way to understand this.

aCat: but the source is complicated mess

eulerscheZahl: so is the statement ;)

eulerscheZahl: and i have a feeling that not all bronze changes are highlighted in green

eulerscheZahl: either that or i missed a lot while reading wood1

Rafarafa: can't read java :(

eulerscheZahl: you should appreciate that it's not Kotlin this time

eulerscheZahl: code royale memories...


aangairbender: isnt Kotlin easy to read? I was doing code-a-la-mode recently, it was nice kotlin

aCat: here is checking distance to opponent

eulerscheZahl: code royale and code a la mode are from the same author

Rafarafa: so I'm getting from the ApplicationFactory file that it just randomly pulls 12 big applications at the start from a preset database of what, 25 or so big applications?

Rafarafa: you never get to work with small applications in bronze?

aCat: 28


eulerscheZahl: even the promotion popup told you that all applications are big

aCat: ids are just indexes in the table


NotSureWhyThisWorks: yeah I couldn't see the highlighted differences in bronze

aCat: you are reading the promotion popup :scream_cat:

eulerscheZahl: sometimes. rarely

aangairbender: Rafarafa I think those are not preset database, but actually just all possible big applications

aangairbender: they just decided to precompute them

aCat: random 12 from preset 28

aCat: ids 0 to 27

aangairbender: yes, 12 applications from all possible big applications (it just happen to be 28 in total)

Rafarafa: I didn't remember the popup :(

Rafarafa: ok thanks everyone

Illedan: Uhm, I do Training and can still do TASK_PRIORITIZATION from my hand, but I just go straight to RELEASE? :/

aangairbender: if no shoddy skill used why not?

MSmits: 28 applications = (8*7) / 2?

MSmits: it picks 12 random from these 28?

emh: is there a way to skip the admin post? I see in replays that sometimes the player jumps past it

MSmits: Illedan task prioritization does require a second card

jacek: wood replays?

aangairbender: 28 applications = C(8, 2) combinations to put 2 skills into 8 buckets

MSmits: perhaps the new cards are not counted as possible cards to play

MSmits: aangairbender yeah that's 8*7/2 :P

aangairbender: MSmits in this case infinite loop would not exist:joy:

MSmits: we really need to study the source to know what really happens

pedrosorio: emh you jump past the admin post if you have <= 2 skill cards, there's no decision to make in that case, you just spend the cards/get the tech debt, no need to request the player for input

MSmits: so many weird things happen

emh: pedrosorio ahhh

eulerscheZahl: not even sure if i want to understand or just copy the source to put it into my sim (which doesn't exist yet)

MSmits: I want to understand and I need the sim to be c++

aangairbender: pedrosorio statements says action will be performed automatically in this case

pedrosorio: yep

MSmits: which is problematic because the viewer isnt that informative

kovi: yeah, rewrite and painful check of compare diff

MSmits: it might have been better to let players do the phases even if there is no choice to be made

eulerscheZahl: i just hope there won't be any significant referee changes/bugfixes

MSmits: i hope there will be, because there's some bad bugs to fix

eulerscheZahl: the bad one, sure

eulerscheZahl: the infinite loop

eulerscheZahl: at a previous contest i ported the referee. then the referee was changed. and again and again

eulerscheZahl: botg

aangairbender: it would be cool to see applications and automated cards in the viewer

MSmits: yeah thats annoying

eulerscheZahl: i still have to understand those concepts from the rules

MSmits: viewer could just have little dots for apps, should not take up too much space

MSmits: which concepts?

eulerscheZahl: what's an automated card?

MSmits: it's a card you can use for finishing apps

eulerscheZahl: or a permanent skill card

MSmits: but not play as a skill

MSmits: permanent skill card is a bonus that stays until next app finish

MSmits: it has separate input

aangairbender: automated card is never discarded, but can be used ONLY for release

eulerscheZahl: can there be multiple automated ones?

aangairbender: yes

MSmits: yeah

eulerscheZahl: of any type?

MSmits: you can use a bonus card for it

MSmits: yes

aangairbender: I am thinking automating bonuses it a good idea

kovi: like nerchio did smartly

MSmits: and Illedan

NotSureWhyThisWorks: does an automated card get removed after a single release?

aangairbender: seems no

eulerscheZahl: do i see automated cards in the viewer?

MSmits: no it doesnt

MSmits: not sure

NotSureWhyThisWorks: so technically you could automate all the cards you need for a release instead of waiting for them to get drawn?

kovi: with CI yes

MSmits: yeah, but this takes time

MSmits: it's also a popular desk

MSmits: so expect opponent to go there

Illedan: Hm, I do anything smartly?

NotSureWhyThisWorks: hmm ok

aangairbender: worker placement mechanics:sunglasses:

MSmits: it's possible in theory Illedan

kovi: sorry Illedan not sure who did it first, just noticed the smart use of many automated bonus

Illedan: Ah

Illedan: So it is better to automate bonuses?

Illedan: :eyes:

aangairbender: it seems so, you can use it for all releases in theory

aangairbender: so huge value

MSmits: should just make bots that do various things and test them

kovi: i let the communinity do that for me :)

MSmits: I don't think this game will have much of a "meta" as opponent influence is limited. It's more about figuring out what works.

aangairbender: I even wanted to do paper copy of this game and play with friends a bit to understand the game better

MSmits: also the bot needs to be flexible to deal with the available apps and the deck you've built uop

MSmits: up

aangairbender: maybe it's worth checking out Samsara board game. maybe best strategies can be applied here

MSmits: depends on how different it is

aangairbender: as it was with contest about potions

eulerscheZahl: will automated cards disappear when i use them to build an app?

aangairbender: they dont disappear

kovi: that is why 2-4 bonus is uber

eulerscheZahl: so with 8 bonus cards in auto, i can just complete one project after another and win?

kovi: it seems

eulerscheZahl: (if the opponent lets me get those 8 cards in the first place)

aangairbender: with 4 bonuses you can complete any of first 4 apps

aangairbender: need to finish without shoddy though

kovi: yes only last need 8

Illedan: MSmits, do you disagree with the screenshot I put on the forum?

eulerscheZahl: that's one of the few rules i got, aangairbender

kovi: it is hard to prevent getting bonus...

Illedan: I should be able to do ArchStudy right?

aangairbender: each player starts with 4 bonuses, I guess just going for CI will be nice strat

MSmits: Illedan i havent seen it, let me look at it

aangairbender: also TRAINING seems good, using that card give more opportunities (unless you need that card for app)

kovi: considering these...meta might evolve

kovi: anti-automated-bonus strat

MSmits: IlledanI have no explanation other than bug

MSmits: would be best if you located the bug in the source

Illedan: I tried

Illedan: Maybe this?

eulerscheZahl: :popcorn: thank god i'm not the creator or tester here. after reading the forum, i predict a busy day

MSmits: canPlayActionCard(activePlayer)

MSmits: that function should contain the bug

aCat: so true euler...

Illedan: They should discard the used card after it is done. For training and Coding it would solve the bugs

Illedan: Ah

TINOUAINANI: Hi, what should I print if I don't want to use the skill card?

aCat: WAIT ?

MSmits: ye

emh: ohh number of initial battles increased to 20?

eulerscheZahl: are there mirrors?

emh: yes seems like

MSmits: mirrors are good

Illedan: Makes sense

TINOUAINANI: in PLAY_CARD phase , i don,t whant to play a card can I ?

MSmits: yes WAIT


MSmits: maybe someone can go to their desk and disturb them to give them a code review card?

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: Hello

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: anybody on here?

MSmits: our motto is: "Why play a game when you can code a bot to do it for you"

MSmits: we have a chessbot arena though

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: oh

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: chess programming is interesting

MSmits: but i am sure some users play chess on

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: yeah

MSmits: i have in the past

jacek: chess programming wiki?

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: so you've quit

MSmits: i just did it casually

MSmits: i didnt consciously quit

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: so you quit it when you were dreaming?

MSmits: no i just stopped without actively making the decision :)

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: why do you speak like that?

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: like you were coding something?

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: "actively making the decision"

aangairbender: politeness

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: ahh

Rafarafa: so how do I make my python class subscriptable? I'm googling a bit the __getitem__ constructor but I can't seem to figure out what to do, any pointers?

aangairbender: I also play sometimes just to spend some time

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: you into cubing? @aangairbender

Illedan: Hmm, we didn't really need mirror match yet :thinking:

aangairbender: what is cubing? Ayushman965

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: solving rubik's cubes blazing fast

aangairbender: Rafarafa python:worried:

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: because you have a pfp of a rubik's cube

aangairbender: nah, just random paint drawing

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: oh

eulerscheZahl: Hundertwasser called that art


aangairbender: it is imo

j4at: Creating a simulation for this will be a pain in the ass. It's also weird that they don't use small applications at all but mention it the statement just to confuse us :)

aangairbender: rather to teach us in wood leageues

aangairbender: with small apps games finished in 10-20 phases

j4at: ow

emh: I hope infinite training bug will be fixed. I lost a bunch of battles to it

BugKiller_328: hi, Can you suggest me bot programming puzzle which is easist for training minimax?

BugKiller_328: purpose of minimax programming traning

MSmits: well ultimate tic tac toe has an easy simulation, but it's difficult to come up witha good evaluation function

MSmits: so if you dont mind using a bad eval function and just want to practice minimax

MSmits: it's fine


aCat: if you make wait on apply action you are skipping release phase?

Illedan: Not using training or coding is better. Because of the bug :(

Illedan: apply aCat?

aCat: nvm - we found the reason ;-)

Illedan: We? Teamwork? :O

Illedan: ^^

wlesavo: the rules with shaddy cards are so obsure, i still cant figure out the whole rules. it seems like releasing an app with shaddy = good is not possible, is that true?

Illedan: Can you rephrase wlesavo?

jacek: you cant release 5th application with shaddy

wlesavo: jacek oooooh

aCat: Zylo is showing me his errors ;p

jacek: BugKiller_328 you can try connect 4

Illedan: Tell him he is stacking too much Technical debt

aCat: he just found out that 5th release cannot use shooddy :P

therealbeef: When you 'play' a card, where does it go? the rules don't tell this

Illedan: Discard pile

therealbeef: thanks

therealbeef: the UI doesn't show all steps, can be confusing to figure out what's going on

aCat: board state is unknown?

aCat: and you cannot actualy reason about it - because of opponent actions hidden?

jacek: in FoW games you can see everything in viewer

therealbeef: which part is unknown (besides oppo's hand)?

aCat: lik e he used daily routine to remove some skill from some table

Illedan: You can just count the cards in all hands to figure what he did

aCat: still seems stupid to not simple give BOARD state

therealbeef: you want even more lines of input? ;)

aCat: useful

aCat: yes

aCat: If i deal with 454 lines I can deal with 454+1

kovi: board state you mean how many cards on desks?

Illedan: Could just add a BOARD line in the card list

aCat: y

Illedan: Which is the count of all remaining cards

kovi: isnt it 5-allother?

Illedan: yes

aCat: but they can go back and forth with TASK_PRIORITIZATION and there are 36 bonus skills

kovi: true. we cant know bonuses

Illedan: You can?

Illedan: 36-allother

kovi: sorry, didnt care about bonus/td till now, they are also tracked

Illedan: What do you think about:

Illedan: Check if the last N actions are coding or train and stop the next one.

Illedan: Just to prevent the loops

Illedan: You can force it with smarter plays, but then you really try

jacek: private void initGameFromState(String state) {

       //TODO: understand what it does and code it if we need it

jacek: oh my

Illedan: :D

MSmits: Illedan i am looking for your bug. This trainride is 30 min. If my wifi holds, i might find it

GroutchKeu: o/

therealbeef: Do desks 0 and 7 count as adjacent?

Illedan: yes

therealbeef: but there's the admin desk in between :-/

MSmits: it's very thin, negligible in width. This is why the admin guy is so cranky and stealing your cards

aCat: :D

therealbeef: When a play let's you draw cards but you have none, you just draw nothing?

wlesavo: so turned out the best way to get bronze is to ask for rules in chat. still a mystery for me why this rule is not in release section

eulerscheZahl: that's when the infinite loop kicks in therealbeef

eulerscheZahl: first replay in forum discussion

Illedan: They are working on a fix

Illedan: Hmm, need to track the amount of actions I have left, once the bugs are fixed

MSmits: Illedan your train bug is being worked on too?

Illedan: No

Illedan: not as I know

MSmits: ok i am searching for it still

MSmits: good excuse to learn the referee

therealbeef: there is a second bug?


Sheeesh---: if i use task_prio... skill does it mean i lose two cards and add one card?

MSmits: yes

MSmits: well not exactly

MSmits: task prio goes in discard, but you trade another card with a card on the board

Sheeesh---: oh i see

Sheeesh---: thanks!

MSmits: if you're not using the task prio that turn for an app, there is not much reason not to use it to swap another card

MSmits: its still your card, part of your deck

therealbeef: Continuous Integration sounds like it would be a permanent skill

Astrobytes: I thought I understood this game when I went to bed last night, now that Iook at it again it feels like I've never seen it before :)

NotSureWhyThisWorks: same

MSmits: Illedan sorry couldnt find it, learned a lot about the referee though. I hope to run into the bug myself once i start using these cards

Illedan: Can't find it either

Mortis_666: hello, i have a question, what does technical debt cards do besides tie breaking?

aangairbender: dont let you draw good gards:joy:

aangairbender: *cards

Illedan: Mortis_666, it is a dummy card you can draw instead of something usefull

Mortis_666: oh but u will get it from using shoddy skills, so it wont actually matters if u use shoddy skills?

Kururugi: it's a surprise tool that will help us later

Mortis_666: 🤔

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: anybody use pygame?

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: here?

Astrobytes: there is a contest currently ongoing, it's doubtful you will get a meaningful reply for such a non-codingame-related question

MSmits: Mortis_666 it does matter. If in future turns you get your hands full of dummy cards you will regret it

Mortis_666: ok thx

TINOUAINANI: there is a bug in CODING and TRAINING ?

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: Check the forum

b0ot: Could someone help me figure out why my code is so slow? Goal: You have two coins with values a,b. How close can you get to a target value:

b0ot: I tried a dynamic programming approach

b0ot: However it doesn't look like my memo is ever used

b0ot: which kind of defeats the gains of dp

b0ot: My code works if the target is small, but if I change that from 100 to 1000 for example

b0ot: it breaks

b0ot: nvm, I'm an idiot... i didn't pass the memo

Astrobytes: rubber duck debugging ftw

b0ot: My updated approach:

Would be curious if anyone had suggestions for improvements

Astrobytes: kinda busy with the contest tbh

Astrobytes: Possibly get a better response on the discord I think

eulerscheZahl: he answered himself already

eulerscheZahl: i was about to suggest the same: add val to memo instead of x,y

Astrobytes: I know, read the following statements

eulerscheZahl: he asked the same on discord?

eulerscheZahl: i still have to start coding for the contest. motivation, where are you? :(

Astrobytes: No, I was suggesting he might get better feedback on the discord

eulerscheZahl: but he doesn't need it anymore. that's what i said

BrunoFelthes: why sometime the card that i draw go to the pile, not to my hand?

Astrobytes: eulerscheZahl:

eulerscheZahl: oops

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: clicked the link, then missed that line

eulerscheZahl: my first thought was a bool[] reachable for lookup

eulerscheZahl: more efficient than the dict with hashing

Astrobytes: As for motivation, this is the last time we will have a contest with the chat

Astrobytes: So you must motivate yourself, for old times sake

eulerscheZahl: or i take a nap first

Astrobytes: Whichever works for you ;)

emh: Astrobytes so sad. will discord be online tho?

Astrobytes: emh yeah it is. Sure, the discord will still be there

emh: ok

Illedan: BrunoFelthes got an example?

Astrobytes: oops, missed your question BrunoFelthes, apologies!

eulerscheZahl: referee with bugs and they are patching java starter code

Astrobytes: easier to fix quickly I guess

eulerscheZahl: oh wait, they did something about the infinite loop too

VizGhar: grumpy euler

BrunoFelthes: i already understood, i is because i passed at the administration poste, and discarted my card, so i buy one card without action... and pass my actions and the card go to the pile

eulerscheZahl: no, not grumpy

struct: hi

Astrobytes: hey struct

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: hey struct!

Default avatar.png Harsh_Chourasiya: Hey


Sheeesh---: turn 9

Sheeesh---: how did i go back without passing the poste ?

struct: you did pass I guess viewer just didnt show it properly

struct: you lost 2 bonus cards

Sheeesh---: oh i see

Sheeesh---: my bad then

struct: but on turn 16-17

struct: opponent passes and it does the same?

struct: its strange

struct: It seems like a bug to me

struct: Opponent goes from table 7 to 0 and doesnt throw cards

Sheeesh---: yup i saw that too

Sheeesh---: she lost 1 bonus card

struct: Yeah but shouldnt it be throw card phase?

struct: Anyone that understands the rules better can confirm if this is a bug or not?

Sheeesh---: actually the bonus card vanished

struct: oh 1 card is gonne from discard pile?

j4at: I'm writing a Green Circle simulation in Python. I'm pretty tired :( anyone else writing a simulation ?

struct: yes i am

j4at: C++ ?

struct: yes

Astrobytes: why python j4at?

j4at: NN :)

Astrobytes: oh for offline purposes

j4at: yep

Astrobytes: was gonna say :)

Astrobytes: good luck!

jacek: just copy paste referee. ezpz.

j4at: ty :)

struct: so if I only have 1 skill type in hand it automatically discards those when I go throw admin?

struct: through*

Default avatar.png putibuzu: yes, it should

Snef: Anyone have a abug with permanent card not showing ?

Default avatar.png putibuzu: but I think there is a bug when it comes to bonus cards, as in the example above (turn 16-17 as you mentioned) only 1 bonus card is discarded

Snef: putibuzu discard is one by one

Default avatar.png asdf1234562456: wow I just discovered this website, this is so cool!

Default avatar.png asdf1234562456: think I'm gonna do one of these every day from now on, I can't believe I didn't find this earlier

Default avatar.png putibuzu: Snef hmm weird I thought it is supposed to discard 2 here

Snef: putibuzu when you do a whole turn ?

Default avatar.png putibuzu: Snef yeah, when you pass the admin desk :thinking:

Default avatar.png putibuzu: probably need to study the Referee a bit better

Snef: You get to throw one card

Snef: but twice

Snef: so two turn for two throw

Default avatar.png putibuzu: aah I see, thank you !

Default avatar.png putibuzu: sorry if I confused someone! :sweat_smile:

AryanTripathi: sup

eulerscheZahl: i like this comment :D

Astrobytes: someone posted that earlier, absolute classic :D

eulerscheZahl: was afk-ing. should get my travelling passport in 4-6 weeks

Astrobytes: oh nice, when are the finals?

eulerscheZahl: you instantly know what for :D nov 15th-18th

eulerscheZahl: The Encore, Boston

eulerscheZahl: hotel/casino. looks expensive

Astrobytes: lol :D No expense spared eh! Nice :D

eulerscheZahl: in the past TCO was in las vegas. they even put up extra security staff to oversee the nerds

eulerscheZahl: worried of card counting or such

Voleur2Poules: coucou les nullos

Astrobytes: hahaha

Astrobytes: "oversee the nerds" :D

Astrobytes: Is it streamed live?

eulerscheZahl: there will be a live-cast i think

eulerscheZahl: rip my anonymity

Astrobytes: Cool, will have to watch that for sure :D

Astrobytes: Well, you could go in disguise. False moustache and hat!

struct: gl euler and have fun

eulerscheZahl: for now there is only this announcement: fast cuts and with zoom lag

Uljahn: "worried of card counting or such" reminded me of

Astrobytes: Nikolay: the least excited person

struct: Yeah I remembered that aswell uljahn

bobth: wat, I just was in two clashes at once and didn't know about one of them

Astrobytes: hahaha yes :D

jacek: so 200 is game phases, not players turns

struct: isnt it the same?

darkhorse64: count move phases for turns

jacek: is it 200 inputs total?

jacek: or more

struct: 200 inputs

Astrobytes: afk

Westicles: Did you guys decide the contest is fun?

emh: yes hehe

emh: after initially thinking it was not

Illedan: I want to buy the boardgame and play it :P

jacek: oO

struct: A bit of a pain to sim but I think its fun

jacek: viewer could be more descriptive

struct: yeah

struct: Do they accept pull requests?

struct: push

struct: or w/e its called

Illedan: yes

struct: Maybe I can add a debug toggle?

Illedan: And break all previous replays? :D

Dapps: debug toggle would be nice

struct: It doesnt break

Illedan: oh

Illedan: Do it anyway

Illedan: show the applications below the admin desk as 2 squares with the color of requirement :D

struct: impossible to fit all the applications

struct: I havent decided if I will do it or not yet, havent even looked at referee

j4at: Why the statement doesn't mention the sizes of the card piles at all :thinking: ?

struct: what card piles?

j4at: bonus / debt

emh: Each of those desks contains 5 skill cards at the beginning of the game.


struct: 36 BONUS skill and 100 Technical Debt cards available on the board.

j4at: Yep, its not in the statement

struct: I guess its only available on bronze

j4at: ow

Illedan: Hmm, what to do with the dance when both player swap on jumping above each other :thinking:

struct: wdym?

Illedan: When both players avoid to stop next to the other

struct: no idea

emh: ohh just realized MOVE can take two parameters

emh: thought it was automatic to get from other desk if it was empty

FrankR: what does it mean for Training and Coding to be able to "play X more card(s) from their hand"? Can you immediately play Training and then another card like Refactoring?

struct: yes I think it means you can play N more cards on that turn

struct: So you could do that yeah

struct: since training allows you to play 1 more card

eulerscheZahl: i checked the referee and can confirm

FrankR: and if you draw another training or coding, you can just keep it going and draw through your deck further?

eulerscheZahl: there is a bug active currently where you can keep training until the game ends

FrankR: I thought all cards you play just go to discard and you reuse them next round?

struct: The bug happens if you use training and have no cards to draw

FrankR: oh.. or did you mean training until turn 200?

eulerscheZahl: yes, you can currently block your opponent from ever playing

Dapps: any word when it will be fixed?

eulerscheZahl: check the forum. they have a fix but not deployed yet

struct: We are out of task prio cards sorry

MSmits: hey, when moving, in what order does move (gain card)/give/throw happen?

FrankR: how does it work? does the played training go immediately into discard, is reshuffled into draw and then drawn? or is discard reshuffled into draw, it draws and the played training is then discarded?

Illedan: move, throw, give, gain

Illedan: I think

MSmits: so you gain the card last?

struct: So I must give before gaining?

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

JohnyDaison: Speaking of Task priority, can someone explain this?

MSmits: time to look at referee again..

Illedan: A bug JohnyDaison, it is fixed. not deployed

Illedan: MSmits

Illedan: Throw first

Illedan: Then give

JohnyDaison: ok, so we're not supposed to play Task prio at all for now, or is there a workaround?

Illedan: Don't do it without CONTINUOUS_INTEGRATION on your hand :D

Illedan: And don't do it on CONTINUOUS_INTEGRATION without 2 of CI in your hand :P

JohnyDaison: you mean _with_?

Illedan: No

Illedan: Copy paste bug

JohnyDaison: so if I had 2 CI, it would work?

struct: so when I move next to opponent the tech cards go to the discard pile?

Illedan: mhm

MSmits: Illedan i saw that but still trying to find where it says you gain the card after throw/give

struct: MSmits from what I undestand from the viewer thats what happens

struct: you throw, give and then gain

MSmits: from viewer sure... i'd like to know from the referee though, just to be sure


struct: check frame 83-84

struct: Moves: 3 GIVE 4 GIVE 8 RANDOM

struct: HAND 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 3

MSmits: looks like it happens at the same time...

Illedan: Oh, the player tooltip contains more info, nice

struct: it just looks

MSmits: ahh but the order does not contain GIVE 5, so i guess you gain last

struct: They should have added empty action frames for some animations

MSmits: yeah

Illedan: ^

Mohebs: hello world

Mohebs: 🀱

AryanTripathi: btw we get 300 or 250 XP for our contribution getting approved?

AryanTripathi: demn so many people online in the chat

Ayza: 250 XP

Tanvir: I'm in the first league(wood 2), what are the usage of the cards which are in DRAW location? As application can only be released using the cards which are in HAND

AryanTripathi: kk

JohnyDaison: your new HAND is drawn from DRAW

AryanTripathi: how to solve happy numbers I m confused

Tanvir: JonyDaison when it happens?

Mortis_666: At the beginning of your turn, your team draws 4 cards at random from their draw pile.

Tanvir: Are the cards in HAND replaced with the DRAW or juses added to the HAND

Tanvir: just*

struct: Can I use task prioritization to remove itself?


MSmits: nooo don't break the game struct

MSmits: I am guessing you can't. If you can, that is a bug

struct: at least it doesnt show in moves

MSmits: makes sense

struct: if you have 2 task prio you can though

MSmits: also makes sense

struct: yes

struct: same for Continuous integration I guess

MSmits: indeed

AryanTripathi: idk what's wrong with my solution

AryanTripathi: I am getting tle everytime

struct: Maybe you are not using the right algo

Ayza: are you talking about this puzzle

AryanTripathi: hmm

AryanTripathi: yep

AryanTripathi: uhm wait a second

AryanTripathi: is it from java coffe cup?

Ayza: yeah

AryanTripathi: then it is the one Im talking bout

AryanTripathi: here is my code


j4at: infinite loop

Ayza: not sure what's going on

Ayza: different from what I did

Ayza: but you're not checking for the infinite cycle

Ayza: or at least not correctly

DaNinja: and you have to output N lines, not just one

j4at: he is not even reading the inputs correctly

Ayza: huh your right the input isnt read

Ayza: only n

emh: submissions are starting to get pretty slow

BrunoFelthes: welcome to the jungle

Default avatar.png GNye22:

Ayza: 10 minutes thinking about what I am doing wrong

Ayza: just had to change toString(s) to s.toString()

thoip2: planté? les runs ne bougent plus

Ayza: love javascript

Default avatar.png GNye22: Has anyone done Death First Search Part 2?

Default avatar.png GNye22: Or have an understanding of some basic BFS?

Default avatar.png GNye22: I'm going through this algorithm in the posted article, but the cost calculation isn't making sense

FrankR: I still don't understand this Task Prioritization.. If I have 3 cards of that type and my opponent 2.. why is it still possible to get one more via task prioritization?

MSmits: maybe you get a bonus card?

MSmits: damnit, i cant find a good opponent to test against. Either they are too strong or they keep doing the training bug

Default avatar.png GNye22: Could someone take a quick peek at this for me and see if I'm just missing something here?

Default avatar.png GNye22: I just am not understanding this line here: if connected_gw[i] > 0 and parent >= 0

     new_cost = cost[cur_node]

Default avatar.png GNye22: I don't understand why the cost would remain the same rather than be cost[cur_node] + 1

Default avatar.png GNye22: article linked here: Looking at the Thinking as the Player section

VizGhar: Hey guys, any news?

Default avatar.png maxlabinch: war in ukraine (it's a good news

Default avatar.png maxlabinch: )

aangairbender: :confused:

Default avatar.png maxlabinch: :innocent:

JohnyDaison: GNye22 that specific line handles the case when you reach the last node before the gateway, so the path is finished, no need to +1, the else below does +1 in every other case

MSmits: If the team goes through the administrative task desk (between the desks 7 and 0), they lose 2 skills cards from their hand (they can choose which ones).

MSmits: Discard or back to board?

aangairbender: back to board

MSmits: ah that's painful

aangairbender: that's helpful I think, no other way to get rid of trash cards (except give or prioritize)

elderlybeginner: amount of input data is overwhelming

Default avatar.png GNye22: JohnyDaison but I'm confused, if you take a look at the graph used in that article, it's trying to calculate shortest turn cost from the source node, but using that algorithm, that specific line would initialize the cost of Node 2 to 1, but the cost of Node 2 should be 2, or am I doing something wrong?

MSmits: aangairbender do you get so many trash cards then? You get to choose which desks you go to right?

JohnyDaison: GNye22 the "cost" is not the distance the robot has to travel, but distance to nearest gateway

Default avatar.png GNye22: ok, so then how is the cost of Node 1 come out to 1?

JohnyDaison: you are running the code?

Default avatar.png GNye22: Because starting with the node vertex, whose cost is 0, node 1 is reachable from the source and is not visited and then because it is not connected to a gateway its cost becomes cost[source] + 1, so its cost would be 1

Default avatar.png GNye22: And no, I'm tracing it on paper cuz its just pseudocode, I'm just not following

Default avatar.png GNye22: Running through that algorithm basically just marked every non-gateway as a cost of 1 and all gateways as a cost of 2 for that specific graph so I'm majorly confused

BrunoFelthes: can I see the applications at the visual interface?

JohnyDaison: GNye22 hm, looking at it again, I'm confused too. Seems like maybe something was omitted in the pseudo code or there is logical error

Default avatar.png GNye22: Ok, at least I'm not crazy haha, I was starting to think I was lmao

BrunoFelthes: Can someone help me? I have 2 bonus cards + 1 skill card. And an applications that costs 4 from on skill, and 4 from the skill from my card, should I be able to release the application?

therealbeef: BrunoFelthes nope, and nope

BrunoFelthes: why? what i'm missing?

eulerscheZahl: if the skill card is one of the required, why not?

eulerscheZahl: no and yes to my understanding

struct: I would say yes?

therealbeef: sorry, nope and yes indeed

struct: since you have 4 good points and 4 bad

Default avatar.png GNye22: Which program are we discussing here ^

struct: Green circle

therealbeef: Irony Circle

MSmits: what is confusing about this game is you don't know what phases just happened

struct: wdym MSmits?

MSmits: even with throwing cards. If you have to throw 2 cards, it's 2 different phases

MSmits: so if you already threw 1 card, there is no way to know from the input you did so

kovi: im just implementing phase que

struct: check previous phase MSmits

MSmits: is that given in input?

struct: no

struct: you are right yes

MSmits: that's what i meant, it's weird

struct: but its easy to work around it

MSmits: yeah it can be worked around, but it's painful when connecting your sim to the real game

BrunoFelthes: it is at the input MSmits

MSmits: the gamephase is

struct: yes bruno but you can distinguish between 1st thor and 2nd

MSmits: but not the previous gamephase

struct: cant*

MSmits: same with training

struct: Since they are both THROW_PHASE

MSmits: i mean coding, the thingy that lets you play 2 cards

aangairbender: you can check amount of cards in your hand maybe

MSmits: you just need to record your previous phase i suppose

MSmits: but that doesnt work when you chain coding cards

aangairbender: yeah that's the easiest way

MSmits: you basically need to record the number of plays left, like in the referee

aangairbender: also if action is performed automatically this doesnt work

struct: yes MSmits

BrunoFelthes: at the turn 80, i have a application with the following requirement: [0,4,0,0,0,0,4,0], why it did not opened the release fase?

JohnyDaison: The fifth App is not allowed to have shoddy skills used for it

BrunoFelthes: hummmmm

BrunoFelthes: ok

MSmits: pfft shoddy coders

therealbeef: Seems they didn't exactly follow the way of working that is advertised in this game

MSmits: what are you referring to therealbeef?

MSmits: (I don't disagree btw)

SonByrne: is this one shorter or longer than the last challenge?

MSmits: same

therealbeef: the game could have benefitted from some more code review, architecture study, daily routines, etc

MSmits: :grin:

[SG]Sebastien: I agree. If you want to review the next version before we ship it, it's here :

struct: games always make it through its normal

struct: I still remember double HULK

eulerscheZahl: tower pull was funnier

jacek: double hulk?

eulerscheZahl: were you around at BotG contest jacek?

jacek: nope. im quite newbie here

eulerscheZahl: you are too young to our community

eulerscheZahl: there was a hero selection in the game. with WAIT for default hero

eulerscheZahl: you could spawn a HULK and then WAIT for another hulk

jacek: is hulk op?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: and ceg was complaining in chat about a guy with 2 hulks at the top of gold. didn't believe him until he shared a replay

eulerscheZahl: hilarious

eulerscheZahl: and you could also move the tower that represents your base with skill effects

Illedan: -.-

jacek: do you have some script for joining multiple java files into one?


[SG]Sebastien: The tower was movable too?

MSmits: jacek i also wasn't there, we are both too young.

jacek: thx

MSmits: I joined almost immediately after though

MSmits: or maybe it was after meanmax

struct: lets not forget that SC 2021 had a massive bug too on day 1

struct: and I tested for it ...

MSmits: did you? Or were you too busy with StC?

struct: I dont remember

struct: I spent so much time on it

struct: hard to say

jacek: bug?

jacek: hex games are perfect

MSmits: indeed


struct: if you had more seeds and crashed your bot you would win

struct: if the scores were the same

IAmTheBestPlayer: hello I am the best player

MSmits: confidence

PatrickMcGinnisII: gotta go to a bday party, but I'm thinking MCTS is best for Green circle... anyone else trying this?

MSmits: PatrickMcGinnisII take into account the fact that there are probabilistic elements. a move does not always lead to the same gamestate

MSmits: so you can't directly connect actions to nodes

MSmits: unless the nodes don't represent gamestates

MSmits: for example, when playing a training card

MSmits: you draw 2 cards, but you dont know which

MSmits: you might think: States not connected to nodes? No opponent interaction? Let's use smitsimax. But the probability thing is like an opponent interacting with your bot, it is an outside influence

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: where are you guys coding this?

jacek: at home

MSmits: in a nuclea bunker

MSmits: +r

PatrickMcGinnisII: yea, I just finished my structures and gamestate stuff. There's so much stuff, I'm not sure what to trim as far as making cloning faster. But if I were able to run 1k sims for each possible move, that sounds like a probability curve could be generated

kovi: i agree msmits, but maybe we can simplify random draw and assign to action groups

BrunoFelthes: i will just add a million if else

MSmits: sure yeah, it just needs some kind of dirty solution

struct: never again

MSmits: or a if else tree, which is in line with the company policy. Save energy

BrunoFelthes: much better than run ten minutes finding a solution

Illedan: Ah, we need to code green?

BrunoFelthes: lets save energy

MSmits: yeah Illedan

Illedan: Should only allow 1 submit during the contest

Scarfield: less computation time should give more points

BrunoFelthes: hauhauhuhuahua

PatrickMcGinnisII: gamestate eval seems kinda simple... number of releases adjusted by remaining required somehow

BrunoFelthes: 1ms each turn

MSmits: ye let's penalize all those python users :)

struct: This is why Im not using a NN for this contest

MSmits: Oh yeah me too

MSmits: Also, I am not a multi-millionaire because they have a high carbon-footprint

PatrickMcGinnisII: gtg, i'll think about the linear algebra involved while eating cake. ;)

MSmits: wait, before you do this

MSmits: there's lots of math about dividing cake fairly between cake eaters

MSmits: don't miss the opportunity

struct: CONTINUOUS_INTEGRATION give the same skills and shoddy right?

struct: as if it was in hand

struct: for release

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: and it stays till end of game

struct: thanks

PatrickMcGinnisII: let them eat cake, i'll eat the icing

PatrickMcGinnisII: :birthday:

MSmits: congrats

Default avatar.png Dream1234:

MSmits: :balloon:

MSmits: (there is no blimp emote :( )

jacek: can we recreate game state from the inputs?

MSmits: no

MSmits: some things are missing

MSmits: opponent hand is secret

MSmits: also you need to keep track of the phase

jacek: :rage:

MSmits: if the previous phase was throw and the current phase is throw you need to throw 1 more card, if the previous phase was not throw and the current one is, you need to throw 2 cards

struct: Ill just ignore opponent

MSmits: well you do need to know his current position

MSmits: and what cards he has in total

MSmits: otherwise you cant sim yourself

struct: I mean Ill act like he cant move

MSmits: there's a better way

MSmits: act like he's not on the board for subsequent rounds

MSmits: otherwise you will bias your search toward dealing with that permanent location he is on

struct: I see

struct: Il ltry

Default avatar.png Dream1234: Hello

struct: I only have coded move gen yet

MSmits: I am working on sim, but it is messy

MSmits: trying without playing cards first

Default avatar.png Dream1234: do people swear or its community freindly

MSmits: dont even know what including training and coding will do

MSmits: those are not mutually exclusive Dream1234

MSmits: I can be friendly, yet swear

MSmits: or be unfriendly and not swear

Default avatar.png Dream1234: okay thx

jacek: bloody hell, why

Default avatar.png Dream1234: language

linjoehan: with chrono how do I add a duration to a timepoint? time_point endtime = starttime + timelimit;

Default avatar.png Dream1234: language bro

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: where in website are you coding this?

Scarfield: c++

Default avatar.png Dream1234: hello

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: hello

MSmits: I am coding in Visual studio

Default avatar.png Ayushman965: how do i join the card game coding contest?



Scarfield: bah

MSmits: Slowfield

linjoehan: std::chrono::duration<double> timelimit (0.090); std::chrono::high_resolution_clock::time_point starttime = std::chrono::high_resolution_clock::now(); std::chrono::high_resolution_clock::time_point endtime = starttime + timelimit;

Scarfield: Greenfield

linjoehan: Sigh that didn't work

Scarfield: dont waste resourses

MSmits: no it needs to go in the IDE linjoehan

Scarfield: xD


MSmits: anyone ever paste his entire bot in the chat?

MSmits: accidentally/

MSmits: I almost did this once or twice when i was in a hurry and the site was slow

linjoehan: anyway how do I do this right

MSmits: I can paste a snippet form my bot

Default avatar.png Dream1234: join my clash:

MSmits: sec

Default avatar.png Dream1234:

antiwonto: [auto] hey Dream1234 dont paste those links here. Use the channel #clash

Default avatar.png Dream1234: okay

Scarfield: i just calc the duration, and when its over some threshold break

Default avatar.png Dream1234: #clash

MSmits: start = std::chrono::high_resolution_clock::now();

MSmits: now = std::chrono::high_resolution_clock::now(); calcTime = std::chrono::duration_cast<std::chrono::microseconds>(now - start).count();

MSmits: this works linjoehan

linjoehan: thats getting the duration I want to add the duration to the starttime

MSmits: hmm i dont know how that works. Never needed that

Default avatar.png Dream1234:

MSmits: why do you need it?

Illedan: Refresh the page everyone

Illedan: new game update

Illedan: to get the new viewer

Illedan: :D

[SG]Sebastien: yup, the new version is here

Default avatar.png Dream1234: okay

linjoehan: I guess I do my timing a little different

MSmits: I see the apps!

Default avatar.png Dream1234: join:

antiwonto: [auto] hey Dream1234 dont paste those links here. Use the channel #clash

linjoehan: I jump out of calculations when now > endtime

struct: nice the tooltips help

Default avatar.png Dream1234: @antiwonto are you admin?

MSmits: you mean to avoid having to calculate a duration many times?

MSmits: that's smart

Default avatar.png Dream1234: lol

MSmits: never considered that

struct: just check the timer every N iterations

struct: thats what I do

MSmits: yeah but you still calculate a duration every time

MSmits: that's wasteful

Default avatar.png Dream1234:

antiwonto: [auto] hey Dream1234 dont paste those links here. Use the channel #clash

Default avatar.png Dream1234:

Default avatar.png Dream1234:

antiwonto: [auto] hey Dream1234 dont paste those links here. Use the channel #clash

antiwonto: [auto] hey Dream1234 dont paste those links here. Use the channel #clash

struct: next one will be a ban

MSmits: antiwonto is spamming too :P:

kovi: lovely tooltips, thx [SG]Sebastien

[SG]Sebastien: you're welcome

struct: only thing missing now imo is empty frames

linjoehan: MSmits I don't calculate it everytime just at the start of my turn I do a ton of if now > endtime

MSmits: yes, that was my point

MSmits: it is smart

MSmits: you avoid calculating durations

MSmits: I recognize your genius

linjoehan: Ah yes "That's the reason I did it)

linjoehan: Now I need to figure how to do it

linjoehan: Ok chrono documentation where are you

AbrahamJLR: Rip, 504 Gateway Time-out error while i'm playing. :'D

emh: me too

MSmits: same

TINOUAINANI: Helllllllppp :joy:

aangairbender: I guess it for everybody

MSmits: at least we can still chat. That is the important part

linjoehan: me too

MSmits: yes you are also an important part

MSmits: without you there would be no checkers

linjoehan: No not that I was me tooing on the 504

jacek: checkers? that tutorial game?


linjoehan: Its a tutorial game now?

MSmits: no jacek = sarcasm

jacek: in other words: jacek = no sarcasm

MSmits: that's meta-sarcasm

Scarfield: no jacek = ?

linjoehan: sarcasm is not allowed in chat, also I never get sarcasm goes over my head everytime

BrunoFelthes: no technical debit is the new meta?

Illedan: There is a meta?

BrunoFelthes: yeah, you are the first you, you are the meta

BrunoFelthes: i will copy you

Illedan: I played a lot of card building board games :P

MSmits: linjoehan this is a good thing. It makes you feel jacek is complimenting you all the time

linjoehan: yeah his #1 in checkers using a NN. that's amazing

MSmits: yep

TINOUAINANI: the application needs are the given by number of cards or number of skills neded ?

jacek: how do you know its NN?

MSmits: we know its jacek

struct: its jacekmax

linjoehan: man I don't know how to read documentation

Westicles: Something is missing... why aren't people as when silver opens over and over like usual?

Westicles: *asking

MSmits: they are too busy reading the statement for the 23rd time

MSmits: or maybe the previous contest wasnt that long ago and many players here are not 1st timers

jacek: by now youd get 2k in bronze

MSmits: game is hard

MSmits: btw, another thing that is missing from input

struct: I should have released backgammon before the contest

struct: so people could practice for this

MSmits: once you're throwing away cards at admin desk, you dont know where your bot is going :)

MSmits: you really need to keep track of a lot of decisions your bot made


struct: I think this is a bug

struct: I release 5th app and game still goes on

MSmits: opponent gets same number of turns

struct: ah

MSmits: i am guessing you are player 1

struct: "The hackathon stops as soon as one team releases its 5th application."

struct: So I guess the statement is wrong?

MSmits: well just poorly worded. It's corrected further down

Scarfield: "When a team has released 5 applications, the game will end once all teams have played the same amount of turns."

struct: ah but then its corrected

struct: I see

struct: A bit confusing sorry

MSmits: this game has a lot of those

MSmits: I remember with ooc the only confusing part was that I thought you could teleport using surface

therealbeef: very agile: working software over documentation

Scarfield: yea the statement is lacking unfortunately, but statements are hard to write when you know how the game works, and dont know what people will question

pedrosorio: "very agile: working software" hmm

MSmits: yeah, i am not criticizing the achievement of making this game, just stating the obvious. I wouldn't be able to pull this off anyway

MSmits: making games is hard as struct said

AdemDj12: is there an event running rn

MSmits: yes

AdemDj12: where i can find it

MSmits: click on events



Default avatar.png Myrky: Hey

Westicles: what a great name

Westicles: University of Kasdi Merbah Ouargla

MSmits: Sounds like you're casting a spell Westicles

Default avatar.png Myrky: Can someone give me a tip on the Body weight is a girl's secret problem?

Default avatar.png Myrky: What`s the math trick?

jacek: / 0

Westicles: you can solve it on a piece of paper with simple formulas

Default avatar.png Myrky: I tried a system of ecuations

Default avatar.png Myrky: But you don`t know the order of the pairs

Westicles: the biggest number is sum of two heaviest, same with smallest, etc. you can logic it out

AdemDj12: omg whats this

Default avatar.png Myrky: ok got

Default avatar.png Myrky: Thank you

Default avatar.png Myrky: That`s what I was missing

MSmits: AdemDj12 are you blown away by the statement of the event?

AdemDj12: yup too much to read specially when my english is on the weak side

Westicles: there's are french version if that helps...

AdemDj12: so the application need some ingrediants to be released am i right

Default avatar.png Myrky: Thank you guys, I did it. You rock

AdemDj12: Westicles why would you assume my french is better than my eng

Westicles: because french is the language of love? :P

MSmits: :heart:

AdemDj12: lol i would love if we could translate statments <3

MSmits: there's chrome addons

MSmits: maybe if you translate it back and forth between several languages it would resolve some of the confusion

AdemDj12: yup but memebers can do better job

pedrosorio: MSmits xD

struct: This contest is hard

jacek: :no_mouth:

MSmits: yes

pedrosorio: so maaaany rules

struct: im already exhausted and its been 1 day

struct: maybe its the heat

AdemDj12: i am confused a bit

pedrosorio: you can feel the competition, buggy code 12h ago ~40th place, drops to 80th over time, fix all the bugs, 40th place again

pedrosorio: AdemDj12 aren't we all

MSmits: he only just read it, which is why he is only confused a bit

pedrosorio: lol

MSmits: it will get worse before it gets better AdemDj12

AdemDj12: every application need one bunch of this things to (


MSmits: you need to turn the wordy stuff into array indices

AdemDj12: i need to move my character in optimal way to complete every app and release it


AdemDj12: right ?!

MSmits: sure thats part of it

AdemDj12: what the card part i am missing

MSmits: you are missing a lot

AdemDj12: whats*

MSmits: i cant explain it in a few sentences

AdemDj12: yup i think

MSmits: try wood first

MSmits: dont worry about cards

AdemDj12: i am in wood

MSmits: i mean playing cards

MSmits: just do the releases

Default avatar.png UndyingDictator_c722: I need a hint on problem Object Insertion

MSmits: move and release

linjoehan: Ah ok solved the timer thin no more timeouts

MSmits: nice

linjoehan: I set the duration as a double and it didnt like I found the alias thingys and used that

struct: oh we get 2 matches now

struct: nice

linjoehan: std::chrono::high_resolution_clock::time_point endtime = starttime + std::chrono::milliseconds(timelimit);

MSmits: I am saving that snippet

linjoehan: I knew you would, right now I got to figure how to not get stuck in draws

jacek: in checkers? impossibru

struct: it is really impossible

struct: I shared end game database here before

linjoehan: lol Im actuall playing checkers again. Some dude sent me a msg to tell me that he is finally ahead of me now I got to gofix the damn thing

jacek: w00t

linjoehan: It is possible for me

linjoehan: I don't save the game history I bet you can tell

jacek: i do. maybe thats why i can escape some draws

Westicles: UndyingDictator_c722, I just used 4 nested loops

linjoehan: Do you have a punish for reaching the same position when you are ahead? jacek

linjoehan: Oh no you would not you use a NN

struct: Here are the endgame db


struct: if you want

jacek: i have transposition table and if i encounter the same position, i just use 0.5 * NN's eval + 0.5 * draw

struct: 102gb

linjoehan: Now how do I get that into my CG code

struct: I think recurse tried to use this

linjoehan: Ah jacek some mathemagic nice

struct: not sure if he succeeded or not

struct: Can you paste the NN's eval jacek?

struct: ty

jacek: its simple: repeated position are meh. if NN thinks its good position, it will avoid it. if its bad, it will be encouraged to draw

jacek: only second layer. you can easily reconstruct the rest


linjoehan: It is simple but simple is often rather pretty and genius

struct: ty, I will now reverse engineer this and make counter book against you

linjoehan: It's only simpole once you've seen the answer

Scarfield: is jacek a simpole?

linjoehan: Does that say that your father played a cello in the band

linjoehan: I think without the timeouts I will pass him again then I don't have to fix the draw thing

linjoehan: I haven't touched this thing in over 2 years it's funny what a little ego can make you do

MSmits: it's even funnier what a large ego can make you do

linjoehan: how big is the database for all of checkers. I know it exists.

MSmits: no it does not

MSmits: there exists an endgame DB of 10 pieces

MSmits: and there exists a partially stored game tree that proves a draw

MSmits: on perfect play

jacek: next step since oware?

MSmits: otherwise you'd need to store around 10^21 states

linjoehan: The dudes that crunched the game to determine that the starting position is a draw, they must have it

MSmits: no

jacek: they weakly solved it

linjoehan: ah it's a perfect play db

MSmits: the genius of their result is that they did not need all of the states

MSmits: it's weakly solved, not strongly solved

MSmits: oware is strongly solved

MSmits: I am trying to weakly solve it

jacek: an interesting read

struct: Even I am able to strongly solve games like TTT

MSmits: kudos :)

jacek: even the guy got convinced into n-tuples

Scarfield: i only managed to solve TT

MSmits: no Toe?

Scarfield: nope, to difficult

MSmits: or no Tic?

Scarfield: actually just TicTic

MSmits: ahh ok

Scarfield: i struggle to get motivated on this contest, you guys enjoy it?

Illedan: Sure

MSmits: kind of yeah, but it's a lot of work

Illedan: I didn't do anything serious yet though

Scarfield: okay, just need to get over the implementation i suppose

MSmits: no sim Illedan?

MSmits: i am working on mine, sort of, but it's a mess

Illedan: Me?

Illedan: haha

struct: Mine is a mess too

Illedan: 300 lines

struct: But I just want a bugless sim for now

Illedan: IF partty

Illedan: Like this:

else if(moves.Contains("TRAINING") && draw != null

MSmits: I am near 500, but it can be refactored into something much smaller probably

struct: 800 lines...

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: im new and i have programed a lego robot with no training

MSmits: do you mean the robot has no training or you don't ?

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: no i have no training

BrunoFelthes: changing from js to java :P

MSmits: and the robot does?

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: it got past a big obstical

MSmits: did it destroy the obstacle?

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: it passed it

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: and the lego robot can also pick up a lego brick and move it to another spot

MSmits: any spot?

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: also the robot have a color sensor and a button that if pressed does an action and it also has a camera and a ultra sonic sensor

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: yes any spot

MSmits: ok

MSmits: sounds cool

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: and it also can make any sound that you want it to

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: and im only just passed 5th grade

MSmits: ahh I see

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: i was told from testing that if i was in a class of 100 kids i would be the smartest one

MSmits: ah, I think most of us here would

linjoehan: how tells you that?

MSmits: except jacek

linjoehan: *who tells you that?

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: i was also getting extra work caus i got my work done way before everyone else

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: my teacher

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: and my mom

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: and my other teacher

MSmits: ahh ok, this site is only right for you if you can do some python coding or some other written language

MSmits: if you've only used coding blocks in lego mindstorms, that might not be enough

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: my teacher thinks that i should become a programmer

MSmits: probably you should yes

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: so im gonna learn more and program more

linjoehan: do you like math?

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: like math?

MSmits: sure, but as i said, if you have no programming experience at all, this site will be too hard. you need to know how to use loops, if/elses, input and output

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: I love math

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: ok

MSmits: if you dont know those yet, you'll learn them in less than a week on a different site

MSmits: not sure which is best

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: ok

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: scratch maybe?

MSmits: just saying, you can learn a lot here, but it's not for complet ebeginners

MSmits: no, scratch is also visual, with coding blocks

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: ye

MSmits: you need real code

linjoehan: Oh no not scratch

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: ok

MSmits: you can experiment with python turtle maybe

MSmits: to start with

MSmits: and then do stuff with the console

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: also for the lego robot i programmed it all by myself

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: no help at all

VizGhar: go for python, easiest if you don't need to know what is going on HW level

MSmits: yeah, i am sure you got the computational thinking/logic down, but you need to learn about written code too, that takes some time

linjoehan: I hate python so much

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: yes i bet it does

MSmits: dont listen to linjoehan

MSmits: python is great

MSmits: but other languages are great too, they just take more time to setup sometimes

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: everyone has their own opinions never judge someone elses opinion just because you dont like it

linjoehan: yeah I guess I hate it because I didn't learn it first

VizGhar: go perl :D

MSmits: NNWWSS go here:

MSmits: import turtle

linjoehan: haha perl

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: ok

MSmits: then turtle.forward(100)

MSmits: look up the documentation

MSmits: and make drawings

MSmits: good place to start

MSmits: but you need a real course after that

MSmits: python starter course

MSmits: on some website

MSmits: brb

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: ok

linjoehan: Is there a decent gamified coding thing for new coders?

linjoehan: Asking for a friend

Default avatar.png NNWWSS: well ima go bye

Default avatar.png BoBot: of course when I changed the code to not moving next to opponent, I did not check that I would not move to the same room where I was....ez bronze now

VizGhar: linjoehan I didn't find such resource (for free). Would like to see one... So I'm working on my own. But I have close to 0 time for that, so it will probably fade away

JohnyDaison: VizGhar do you know about Scratch ?

VizGhar: I know about scratch... but block coding is not enough to teach high schoolers

MSmits: I agree

MSmits: It's not enough for this 5th grader either I think, not for long

MSmits: block coding is only good to introduce computational thinking, so as not to get distracted by syntax

VizGhar: I think breaking point is somewhere between 5-7 grade (switch to normal typing)

MSmits: it depends a lot on the student

Rafarafa: is the default ai in green circle entirely deterministic or it has random moves mixed in?


JohnyDaison: Do you know ?

JohnyDaison: Click on Cheatsheet on the left

emh: when computing cards left in a desk should I take into account automated cards?

MSmits: yea

Illedan: All the input cards summed

emh: ok

struct: Good thing we have tooltips

struct: I though it was 100 tech+ 8

Illedan: 8?

struct: the 8 we start with

struct: 4 + 4 from opponent

Default avatar.png Dream1234: print("hello")

Default avatar.png Dream1234: answer = "Hello"

Default avatar.png Dream1234: if answer == "Hello":

struct: dont spam

Default avatar.png Dream1234: print("Good and you")

Default avatar.png Dream1234: I am not!!

Default avatar.png Dream1234: stop

Default avatar.png Dream1234: hello

Default avatar.png Dream1234: gg

Default avatar.png Dream1234: xd

Default avatar.png Dream1234: lol

Default avatar.png Dream1234: coding for life

struct: next one will be a ban

cegprakash: Green circle! Wood to Bronze! Now Live!

jacek: :tada:

struct: What are you going to code? search?

VizGhar: music too loud :|

Sarzorus: @cegprakash just starting or already bronze?

jacek: wood to bronze: print("RANDOM") [solved]

cegprakash: still in wood2 Sarzorus

Sarzorus: :thumbsup:

jacek: there are 198 distinct actions - am I right?

VizGhar: IDK, but your NN will be huge ;)

jacek: just curious

struct: 198? I think thats wrong jacek

jacek: ok, 198 + RANDOM

jacek: at least that copy pasted referee and its action across thousand random games tell me

struct: 56 possible actions just for "move"

jacek: 28 for release

struct: 64*

struct: for move sorry

VizGhar: 64? MOVE 0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7

BrunoFelthes: MOVE 1 2

BrunoFelthes: MOVE 2 3

VizGhar: ah... ok

VizGhar: cardTypeToTake... Havent reached that point yet :P

MSmits: there's also that card with 2 indices

BrunoFelthes: i never use it



struct: task prio is 9*8

struct: so 72

BrunoFelthes: i use only 2 task prio

jacek: sorted


MSmits: oh yeah, i forgot that daily routine thing

MSmits: that is annoying

struct: is not too bad

jacek: in game or real life

BrunoFelthes: why 28 release?

Illedan: All possible actions?

struct: mod 8

MSmits: no i mean it explodes by brute force :)

MSmits: my

struct: ah

jacek: there are 28 possible applications to randomly choose from

struct: well but you dont have 28 at the start do you?

struct: ah but they are all the same

struct: so id 0 is always equal for each game?

MSmits: yes

MSmits: they have fixed id

MSmits: you can tell from the fact that their numbers go up to 27

jacek: say, hypothetically if someone would train policy net, one would choose all possible moves as output layer. like in chess they use over 5000 nodes

jacek: so in this game, 198 is the output. most of them of course illegal

struct: I see

MSmits: and we are not criminals here

struct: Have you read the game name?

wlesavo: does DAILY_ROUTINE gives reach to both sides from the table, or only forward?

struct: both sides

wlesavo: thx

jacek: actually it can be. since there are only 12 applications, we could artifically give them 0-11 ids

MSmits: for training purposes you want the ids to be fixed

MSmits: all apps can show up in a game

BrunoFelthes: for all games, the apps is always the same?

MSmits: the possible apps to choose 12 from are always numbered the same

MSmits: so number 26 in one game is the same app as number 26 in another game

MSmits: but number 26 is not always part of the game

BrunoFelthes: ok, 12 apps from 26

MSmits: from 28

BrunoFelthes: ok

MSmits: 8*7 / 2

MSmits: because there are 8 different skills

MSmits: and you dont pick 2 of the same type

MSmits: and the reversed order is the same app, so divided by 21

MSmits: 2

MSmits: I sort of have an endgame solver for the last app, but it almost never gets to the last app

VizGhar: I cant imagine how can somebody squish trained net to 100k chars...

MSmits: so not particularly helpful. But it helped me get the sim up and running and debug it

jacek: VizGhar yeah its unimaginable

MSmits: if my bot has a smiley face it solved (ignoring play cards still)

struct: MSmits this is not oware

MSmits: you can still solve it on your turn :)

MSmits: you control everything in your turn, all phases in a row

MSmits: the winning moves can be very bad moves in general. Just counting on the same if-forest for the whole game is not a good idea.

MSmits: like.. you may have to throw good cards away just to get a specific card from a desk, or even a bonus card

MSmits: so I brute forced my final turn

struct: I see

MSmits: but i havent included play_card uet

MSmits: yet

struct: Im still far away from having anything working

struct: But at least my move gen doesnt seem to have any more bugs

MSmits: task prio could get you a winning move also

MSmits: or maybe training or coding

MSmits: possibly training, probably not coding

struct: yeah

kovi: i still dont get it how they do without testing/debugging

struct: Need to search for searches that take into account %

MSmits: when you use that, you dont get a winning move, you get the move with the highest win probability

TINOUAINANI: is there is a bug whene we RELEASE application , i always validit it with less 1 skill or 2 ?

struct: wdym kovi?

MSmits: i think kovi is referring to the fact that testing and debugging is not a desk in the game?

kovi: yes :)

struct: ah lol

MSmits: I am not a professional coder and i got that one :P

struct: Im not a professional either

Rafarafa: so you don't have access to opponent deck

MSmits: of course you are, you work for CG

MSmits: hammering trolls

Rafarafa: you have to keep track of it or sth?

struct: Im a professional chat moderator

wlesavo: btw is there any updates regarding infinite loops bug?

MSmits: i guess so :)

MSmits: isnt it fixed yet?

wlesavo: idk

kovi: afaik fixed

struct: what was the fix?

struct: What happens now if you use training and dont have cards to draw?

kovi: there is a played_cards pile

kovi: which is separate from discard pile

wlesavo: oh thx

MSmits: so you cant play a card twice in the same turn?

kovi: that is what i understand

MSmits: yet another thing to put into the sim

wlesavo: PLAYED_CARDS the cards you played during this turn and that will go to your discard pile at the end of your turn

kovi: i still dont use play

struct: Just make the used cards go into disacard pile MSmits

struct: or isnt it the same thing?

MSmits: yeah, but i could have infinite training in my sim if i am not careful :)

struct: how if the card goes into the discard pile?

MSmits: discard gets resuffled into draw pile

MSmits: even during a turn

struct: o.o

OldJohn: OK so silver (wo opening book!)

MSmits: ?

jacek: hm?

struct: Where is the part that makes discard pile go into the draw pile

struct: I cant find it in the statement

OldJohn: So time to stop for tohight...

MSmits: i found it earlier today, sec

kovi: And their personal discard pile will be reshuffled into the draw pile when it gets empty.

jacek: you dont find many stuff in that statement

jacek: line racing?

OldJohn: No Green Circle

jacek: no silver in green circle oO

OldJohn: Ces cartes seront sa pioche personnelle et sa défausse sera recyclée pour refaire une pioche quand cette dernière sera épuisé

MSmits: ohh i thought you meant in the source struct

OldJohn: So yes Bronze :-)

MSmits: i saw it there earlier

struct: ah ok

struct: so how could the training loop happen?

OldJohn: 3 paragraph of the rules in french

struct: if the draw pile was empty shouldnt it get the cards from discard?

OldJohn: third

MSmits: yeah but the training card will go in there

MSmits: i will draw it again :(


struct: So the exact moment the draw pile gets to 0 cards

Default avatar.png Dream1234: lol hello

struct: then it should get all the cards from discard?

MSmits: yeah

struct: ok thanks

MSmits: np

MSmits: going to take a break

struct: same


TINOUAINANI: at 48 i shold get one dept card

TINOUAINANI: becouse the applecation need 4 from tow deferent skills

TINOUAINANI: i have 4 from one skill and 2 from the ather one plus one bonus card i still need one skill but i didnt get dept card whay ?

Illedan: MSmits, infinity draw is fixed

Illedan: Any cards used go into the PLAYED_CARDS list and you get them back when you are done with your round

cegprakash: holaa!!

cegprakash: promotion to wood1! streaming live!

cegprakash: next step Bronze!

struct: legend or delete

wlesavo: wood to legend submit day 1

struct: close to imposible

MSmits: Illedan you dont get this in your input though right?

Illedan: You do

Illedan: Updated a few hours ago

MSmits: but there is no such card location is there?


MSmits: wouldnt this make us crash?

Illedan: You can read the tooltip on your discard pile


MSmits: whats the difference between the discard pile and the played pile then?

Illedan: You can't draw your played cards

Illedan: So you can only play a card once during a sequence of PLAY_CARD

MSmits: yeah ok, but how do you know whats in your discard pile

Illedan: To prevent infinite loops

MSmits: if you no longer get it as input

Illedan: YOu get it

Illedan: mine was just empty in that input

Illedan: You don't get empty card lists

Illedan: sadly

MSmits: ok, but does this break bots then?

struct: impossible to break my bot with this

Illedan: most people aren't advanced enough yet

MSmits: have to take a look at this tomorrow

kovi: technically it can, but ...

MSmits: it will probably miscount the cards in desks

kovi: yeah

struct: oh right, thanks MSmits

MSmits: it's a good fix though

struct: oh I dont even need to update my code for it

MSmits: just not a pretty one to have to add during the contest. Good thing it has been only 1 day

struct: PLAYED_CARDS dont show in HAND do they?

MSmits: no

MSmits: but if you want to know whether a desk will give you bonus or a normal skill card, you need to know where all the cards are

struct: yeah

struct: that I keep track of

PiterYeh: do you guys actually understand what is going on when watching replays?

MSmits: barely

struct: no

PiterYeh: cool

kovi: with tooltips now it is a bit better

PiterYeh: oh they added the tooltip for apps? nice

kovi: apps, desks

struct: and player I think

kovi: afaik player worked before

PiterYeh: they did

Default avatar.png Edulol-1: I wen humbled

Default avatar.png Edulol-1: went*

kovi: hmm...admin desk is adjacent to trainindesk?

kovi: is this new?

kovi: nvm...user error

jacek: its alright, this is their 1st contest. on 5th contest they cant do shoddy

kovi: hmm, training and coding doesnt seem to work no draw or more play, the game continues with opponent move phase comes

Illedan: Only if you have nothing else to play, but there might be an Action bug

Illedan: I just haven't found it after the update

Illedan: And I couldn't find it while reading the source code

kovi: yes, both cases those were the only skillcard in hand

kovi: (solo skillcard)

Illedan: And if there is nothing usable to play or no RELEASE to be done with the cards picked. Then it would end your turn

kovi: i c. but there were no draws performed

Illedan: I guess it just ends it, if you can't do anything anyway?

kovi: well...technically draw should be done to deplete the draw pile

Illedan: oh

Illedan: it is not done?

Illedan: That is a bug then

emh: did they update with the fix for infinite train/code bug?

Illedan: yes


Illedan: You get the PLAYED_CARDS

Illedan: Which you can't redraw until the next round

emh: ahh ok

struct: im not getting that input what

jk_java: anyone into music?

struct: ah I get it how it works now

struct: PLAYED_CARDS will always have only 1 value set to 1 right?

struct: since you cant play 2 cards in 1 turn

Illedan: wrong

Illedan: You can have 5 TRAINING

Illedan: and play them in sequence

Illedan: PLAYED_CARDS are reset when you move to RELEASE/MOVE phase

struct: ah thanks Illedan

8swaglord24: just checking -- we're not given the current count of skill cards per location, we need to keep track of those ourselves?

kovi: minor issue: there is no sense for p2 last turn if the opponent is already winning by 2

kovi: (having 5:3 or better i mean)

struct: thats a good suggestion

struct: yes 8swaglord24 you need to keep track of it

kovi: lets make it green: save a turn, save the planet

8swaglord24: thank you

darkhorse64: I do not think you can because you can move to a desk and pick a skill from another place

Donotalo: the training skill - it says the team draws 2 cards and play 1 more card from their hand

Donotalo: what does playing a card mean?

Default avatar.png [lazy]Opera: what is AUTOMATED and OPPONENT_AUTOMATED card locations?

Westicles: 3 puzzles with 2 approvals, which will be next?

jacek: frontgammon

AbrahamJLR: Can I start a conversation with someone online by visiting their profile?

jacek: only if they follow you

AbrahamJLR: Rip. Thanks for answering me.

Westicles: through the forum is the best way

Westicles: finally crawled into bronze with first available move

jacek: but RANDOM/WAIT are last ~

PiterYeh: after turn 44, why does it not allow me to play another training? it just skips to the opponent's turn...


Sarzorus: The Turn description doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Does move, use skill, release all happen in order? Do I need to check for which part of the turn I'm on? I keep getting invalid option when I try to release an application on purpose

PiterYeh: Sarzorus when you read game state in the input you're told in which phase you're into

PiterYeh: you can play only some actions depending on which phase you're in

PiterYeh: you can only play release in release phase

Sarzorus: Ah, thanks. I see the variable. It just isn't documented well in the rules

PiterYeh: it takes a bit of trial and error to figure out what's valid when, but at least error messages are helpful

Default avatar.png FADED_C0RE: im not understand the clash of code stuff

Default avatar.png FADED_C0RE: im super new to c++

Default avatar.png FADED_C0RE: but i just cant figure it out at all

PiterYeh: FADED_C0RE, try out some solo puzzles to get started on the platform

Default avatar.png FADED_C0RE: alr thanks

PiterYeh: clas of code is just that but faster

Default avatar.png FADED_C0RE: ah ok

struct: darkhorse64 you can keep track of it I think because you get all the cards that all players have

darkhorse64: When you throw a card, it returns to its place ? Yeah, I did not think of summing all cards.

struct: yes

wlesavo: wait, permanent skills are consumed when used until you release?

wlesavo: thats totally not obvious

struct: Daily and continuous I think

struct: Architecture*

wlesavo: thats explains at least some of my bugs

Illedan: That worked :tada:

struct: nice

struct: still if else?

Illedan: Ofc

Illedan: Doing sim on the side

Illedan: But I'm not sure of the direction I want yet

Illedan: Hmm

Illedan: And some unlucky in the end

struct: Can I use refactoring even if I dont have any tech in my hand?

Illedan: Think it transfers to a wait

Illedan: but it makes no sense

struct: yeah

struct: it ends up being the same result

struct: I guess

Illedan: :P

Illedan: Might save some CPU time, if you could have done application with shoddy, but wasted the card to do it

aCat: hah again the same issue Illedan

aCat: like hey should I make state on bits and go try some search or keep normal arrays and heuristics

Illedan: Normal array with sim

Illedan: Then optimize when needed

aCat: won't be too slow?

Illedan: Nah

aCat: all this array creation ;]

Illedan: Huh?

Illedan: Cache the array

aCat: ok, ok I stated it badly


       public int[] Counts = new int[10];
       public int[] _cachedCounts = new int[10];

aCat: not creation, but more 'writing to space'

aCat: for now I have some visualization

struct: Im also using arrays for now

struct: I just want something working before optimizing

struct: I think im learning

Illedan: Nah, you started too early on Legend or Delete :P

struct: Legend here might be very hard

struct: low player count

Illedan: mhm


Default avatar.png wearelegend: yeah

Default avatar.png wearelegend: dont know what I ll do

Default avatar.png wearelegend: ı didnt understand what ı will write

Illedan: I like that aCat

jacek: now buy the board game

wlesavo: is there any info about will the game be available as multi after or not?

aCat: #if DEBUG static class DebugImage

aCat: all my code has this ;]

Westicles: wlesavo, thib said yes on discord

aCat: wlesavo it will be

aCat: thib confirmed, yep

wlesavo: oh nice

wlesavo: thx

Default avatar.png wearelegend: can you guys advise to me for 0 to learn

Default avatar.png wearelegend: ı have nothing

Default avatar.png wearelegend: but ı want to start it

Default avatar.png wearelegend: ı have time

Default avatar.png Sraiti: just do it

Default avatar.png Sraiti: start

Default avatar.png wearelegend: do what

Default avatar.png Sraiti: with JavaScript

Default avatar.png wearelegend: first java?

aCat: OK, thanks for support Ille I will think about 'not optimizing prematurely

Default avatar.png Sraiti: java will work too

Default avatar.png Sraiti: anything just start

Default avatar.png wearelegend: zero information

Default avatar.png Sraiti: everything else will come with time

aCat: but usually I like to have final state as fast as possible, to not waste time on rewriting

Illedan: Abstraction is key

Default avatar.png wearelegend: ım starting thx.

Default avatar.png Sraiti: here there's more than enough resources here

Illedan: Abstract away what you suspect you might want to rewrite

jacek: wearelegend this site is for someone who knows the basics

aCat: but - here bits does not seem big advatage as you have to take them and plus/minus all the time

aCat: no idea what I want to write

aCat: :D

aCat: except 100 of ifs

Illedan: Only 44 ifs yet

Illedan: can go bigger

Default avatar.png wearelegend: thx jacek .

Default avatar.png wearelegend: yes not for me

Default avatar.png wearelegend: dont have basic too

jacek: oh my, the half-assed nn actually works

Default avatar.png wearelegend: theodin project ı ll check it

Illedan: For this game jacek?

jacek: yeah

Default avatar.png Sraiti: good luck

wlesavo: wow

Illedan: :D

Default avatar.png wearelegend: good night guys

Illedan: what is half-assed?

Default avatar.png wearelegend: thx for my first

jacek: not optimized architecture, trainig for half an hour etc.

Illedan: Got replay?


jacek: i still dont know the game by heart so i dont know how smart or stupid it is

Illedan: hmm

Illedan: crazy

wlesavo: is it the submited version?

jacek: yes. im 12th

struct: nice jacek

wlesavo: yeah, really nice for such a short period

Illedan: makes me scared

Illedan: xD

Illedan: But all bots are crap now

Sarzorus: How do you train the NN? mock everything or somehow send information back to yourself?

jacek: for now, playing games against the random bot locally

jacek: once it reached 99.5%, i submited to check if it actually works

jacek: so excited i dont know if im gonna be able to sleep oO

struct: lol

struct: I told it was a NN contest jacek

jacek: :imp:

j4at: My dude decided to copy past the referee while im here writing my simulation :'(

Illedan: MCTS jacek? Or just 1 action?

j4at: Are you using brutal tester ?

j4at: jacek

jacek: Illedan just action. i dont have simulator in the code

Illedan: Cool :)

jacek: j4at no. i copy pasted referee and modified slightly to my needs

Illedan: brutal tester is too slow for local training

j4at: well, teach me how to run it?

Illedan: No idea, didn't try since LOCM

j4at: jacek help :c

jacek: i dont use brutal tester

j4at: you already said that :3

jacek: then how could i help you oO

j4at: I don't to know how to run the referee

j4at: I'm tired of writing a simulation

jacek: i copied most sutff had to modify to run without viewer and most CG SDK stuff. and its still in java :c

j4at: Well, I don't know how to do any of that. Don't know java either. I guess will continue writing my simulation

struct: ok so if I go over 4 on Daily routines it will give repeated moves


Illedan: xD

struct: Im betting on you to win jacek, no pressure

struct: Just ask dbdr to not store the chat history from today

jacek: oO

jacek: Automaton2000 do you have history

Automaton2000: it is a good choice

emh: I'm having fun with heuristics. no plan to write a sim

emh: ranked number 4 with 1000 lines of heuristics. I'm happy

struct: o.o

Default avatar.png Sraiti: can anyone help me with the thor game

Default avatar.png Sraiti: as far as i understand there's no variable for the current position of thor

Default avatar.png Sraiti: am i right

Default avatar.png Sraiti: or am i missing something

jk_java: its TX

Default avatar.png Sraiti: i'm talking about this one

jk_java: and TY

jacek: you have starting position. you have to update them yourself

jk_java: as in ThorX

Default avatar.png Sraiti: so i need to create new variables for that

Default avatar.png Sraiti: ah okay i will try that

jk_java: and as jacek says you have to keep track

jk_java: good luck, it is a fun game

Default avatar.png Sraiti: thank you guys

jk_java: :rocket:

struct: jacek when are you submiting again?

struct: oh you jsut did

struct: :p

jacek: imma sleep. there are so many ways to improve it...

struct: gn

emh: gn

struct: I'm probably gonna rewrite, I didn't understand all the rules before starting to write the sim

struct: It was a bad idea

jacek: you dont read statements eh

struct: I tried

Westicles: RTFM 5 times

emh: good night

struct: Here I was thinking the game was making my pc lag

struct: but its the chat

struct: I forgot

Default avatar.png john.reumont: <

struct: There is no way to know the current turn is there?

BrunoFelthes: sum your turns + cardsPlayed?

struct: But I dont know how many turns opponent played

struct: But I guess it wont matter much

VladTheInstaller: Hi all, I just got promoted to a higher league. any idea how to refresh the default code in the IDE?

struct: top right

struct: of the IDE

struct: there is a thing that looks like a circle

VladTheInstaller: I see it - thank you :-)

struct: np

square1001: Seems like there's no way to know the current number of turns, right?

struct: yeah square1001

square1001: Okay, thanks

struct: Maybe it wont be relevant for later leagues

SubwayMan: how to copy from the editor in vim mode?

SubwayMan: "+y does not work

Default avatar.png RIT: wood 1, is there any way to know how many skill cards are left in each category to pick up?

Default avatar.png tribiettt: wasa