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Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: silly being stuck with a problem too often

Default avatar.png Iamsinglee: hi

I_love_CoC: hello everyone

I_love_CoC: hi antiwonto

DollarAkshay: #taco

Default avatar.png AdeelGamez: #rainytaco

BenjaminUrquhart: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: but i still have a bug

eulerscheZahl: thanks ClockSort (didn't see it yesterday). in round 3 my journey will surely end, but the tshirt is nice

jacek: oh my

jacek: :taco: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: but how would you do it?

Drmewzih: i hate short mode

jacek: use python/ruby [solved]

Drmewzih: how the output can be 0

jacek: print(0)

Default avatar.png putibuzu: jacek has all the answers :D

Drmewzih: LOL

Cumpanasii: Hi! If anyone here solved the nuggets numbers problem, can you please tell me validator 6 numbers? I can't get past it

5DN1L: Even if one has solved the problem it doesn't mean one has access to the validators.

wlesavo: euler is it your first round 3?

eulerscheZahl: yes and no. i qualified before but had no time on that specific date to participate

Cumpanasii: it seems that 2 guys in the discussion page posted other 2 validators data, I figured that it would be possible. But thank you for your answer.

5DN1L: I have access to the validators

5DN1L: The 5 numbrs in Validator 6 are all less than 20

5DN1L: numbers*

Cumpanasii: oh well, thanks for that

5DN1L: 2 are less than 10, 3 are more than 10

5DN1L: try some random numbers to test your code

Cumpanasii: Alright, thank you!

5DN1L: np

wlesavo: euler grats

eulerscheZahl: thanks. i had a hard time yesterday. took me 30min to convince myself that i should start coding

eulerscheZahl: hay fever and boring/tedious tasks

Mortis_666: is it normal that i have access to the best solutions of the event puzzles that i didnt solve?

wlesavo: and im storming codebusters legend, around 600 LoC ago it seemed to be quite close, and now it is still really close :smiley:

5DN1L: I think it's been the case since the first of such events, Mortis_666

Mortis_666: oh ok

Manchi_o6o7: Has someone a tip how to transform a regex into subexpressions, so I can form an NFA ?

eulerscheZahl: i was spamming submits for codebusters until i promoted. once i was 0.01 behind the boss but didn't have the patience to wait for someone else pushing me on a mostly inactive game

wlesavo: even without ejects i was in around top 5, but since then most improovements dont gave much, and i also had quite bad wr against boss

wlesavo: i even sometimes get above the boss on submit, but still

struct: did royale already have a NN for onitama?

_Royale: struct: yes :)

jacek: :no_mouth:

wlesavo: yaaay finaly got this codebusters legend, it took quite longer than it should have

PatrickMcGinnisII: :muscle::metal:

eulerscheZahl: it took so long, the game even changed its name

wlesavo: :smiley:

wlesavo: my old python submits actualy were at the times when the game had different name, so that basically true :slight_smile:

Darleanow: Hello every1

Napstablook_: Hi Automaton2000

Automaton2000: im sure it will be different

Washier: evening peeps

Washier: I like C#. I know it is not C

Washier: Any tips making my C# faster? Mr EulersxheZahl?

jacek: get faster computer

Washier: hehe

Washier: Mr jacek, even you have to admit it is not all about language choice? Or is it. How deep do you search on Checkers for example?

jacek: well c/c++ can be few times faster than java. dunno how c# can be optimized

jacek: and my checkers bot is mcts-like, depth is irrelevant

jacek: depth around 11-12 of most visited move. but its different from alpha-beta

jacek: hmm you can use intrinistrics in c#

Washier: thanks. i search 6 deep in my C# checkers bot. Mr Frog does so well in board games, curious if it is lang tricks or better search. obsessed with board games again

jacek: bitboards?

Washier: i do

jacek: material eval only?

Washier: try my utmost to make game engine fast

Washier: no, in checkers a bit more complicated eval, but obviously not good enough, or searching too shallow

Washier: same thing in othello. guess it is just talent

jacek: even the same rank ;o

Washier: hehe

Washier: bandas and breakthrough also fun. yavalath next.

eulerscheZahl: checkers: in early game I get depth 8 for my alpha-beta (about 60-70k nodes visited)

eulerscheZahl: pretty standard implementation i would say. no bitboards or other fancy tricks, going the OOP route

eulerscheZahl: zobrist hashing for duplicate states

eulerscheZahl: even ignoring hash collisions entirely

Washier: thanks.

Washier: zobrist is a good next step for me. sehr gut

MSmits: yavalath is pretty hard to sim

Washier: i

MSmits: minimax works well though

MSmits: mcts only after a lot of modification

Washier: thanks

Washier: MSmits is the yavalath expert everyone.

MSmits: the problem with yavalath is mostly the insane amount of branching early game

MSmits: yeah I spent too much time thinking about this game :P

jacek: thats what you have opening books for

MSmits: yeah, this helps a lot, but most of your opponents don't use them, or a very small one Washier

Washier: I have seen that yes. I branch very coservatively.

jacek: prune array eh

Washier: interesting.

MSmits: as for language choice, the simpler the game is, the more important performance becomes

MSmits: it's only the simplest boardgames where it is the deciding factor I think

Washier: i worked hard on an book for othello, didn't help much, but that might just be me

MSmits: I got 1st with a book. Counterbooked 10 players, won every game

MSmits: in othello

Washier: wow

jacek: and made recurse rage quit

Washier: hehe

MSmits: I took it off

eulerscheZahl: i got first at code keeper with a book

MSmits: I did not mean to ruin people's game. He had just trained a neural network that beat everyone and I counterbooked it in half a day

Washier: it seems having a book is one thing, having a good book is another. my books suck

jacek: and now nyannyan owned everyone

MSmits: with a book also?>

struct: I was also first on c4 with a book a long time ago

struct: this was my book

struct: 1 << 9;

MSmits: lol

jacek: yes. his twitter was/is filled with rubik cubes and othello's algorithms

Washier: <bow> struct

MSmits: ahh I might go back to othello some day. too busy with oware now

MSmits: 37 seed book almost done, fingers crossed for it not having errors


MSmits: minimax bot?

Washier: I just love getting the board game guys talking. I am not that good but find board games extremely interesting. wish i could operate on this level

MSmits: We're all good at different things though

MSmits: I can't do NN very well, haven't made a serious NN for one of these codingame arenas yet

jacek: probably n-tuples and mpc

MSmits: but I've gotten good at solving games and endgame books

struct: Im good at wasting time shaving nanoseconds

struct: saving*?

eulerscheZahl: i'm good at idling on chat

MSmits: yeah i can also do a performant bot, though struct is better at this

MSmits: he can use AVX better

MSmits: eulerscheZahl can basically do everything, though he does not specialize. He can make a bot for any game in a few hrs

jacek: i stopped caring about sim speed that much since NN takes over 90% time. though in onitama its still relatively small so i could use faster sim

Washier: <beaming>

MSmits: yeah i stopped caring about it mostly as well. But I have kept the habits from when I did, so most of them time the bots are fairly optimized

struct: I should stop caring too

struct: since my bots with 10% of the speed perform nearly the same

MSmits: if it's no longer fun for you. That's the most important part

Washier: I also really love evlutionary algo's. have had some success with the. anyone ever use them?

Washier: struct. you are a hero

MSmits: many used them here. I didn't. I tried SA though, it's simpler

MSmits: GA has more params

Washier: have used SA before too. also lovely

MSmits: yeah I like it

jacek: GA on search race :heart:

Washier: isn't gow you formulate(frame) the GA also very important?

struct: I dont know GA

Washier: you can do it struct

MSmits: Washier you mean what you consider a solution and how you mutate it, what you cross etc?

Washier: yes

MSmits: SA has the same issue in deciding what to random

MSmits: only less choices to make

Washier: true

jacek: GA in action

MSmits: looks cool

MSmits: are these visualizations easy to make?

jacek: its qt. i just used paintEvent loop and draw rects, circles and lines

MSmits: qt?

MSmits: quicktime?

j4at: google it lmao

MSmits: googling 2 characters is not advisable :)

jacek: c++ gui framework

j4at: its crasosplatform

jacek: lul, youll be surprised

MSmits: ah ok

MSmits: ohh it finds it on google with just qt

MSmits: :surprised:

jacek: similarly how in java i used swing's paintComponent for this

MSmits: br2k?

Wontonimo: antiwonto needed a reboot. it's back

jacek: eeyup

MSmits: :taco:

Washier: can vouch for qt

antiwonto: [auto] ':taco:' was defined as ' A currency to some, sustenance for others '

jacek: :taco: MSmits

antiwonto: [auto] jacek has awarded MSmits 4 tacos. MSmits now has 7 taco. jacek now has 18 taco

MSmits: wow 7 already


MSmits: thats my endgame book 37 seeds progress

MSmits: ever 2 hrs 10-20 mins it outputs a new iteration. When 0 are different book is done

MSmits: not sure how long left. Maybe 30 or so

MSmits: so... half a week

MSmits: then 38 seeds ::P

MSmits: I am stopping there. Need a whole different method, as 39 is around 35 GB.

Washier: what is that please?

struct: MSmits on smitsimax for csb do the trees share the same eval?

MSmits: endgame book for oware. 37 seeds means 37 seeds left on the board. I calculate the net game result when played from each positition

MSmits: there are 22 billion different boards with 37 seeds on them

MSmits: stored at 7 bits per board, so 19 GB

Washier: thanks

MSmits: The same score is backpropagated for each tree, so in that sense they share, but the blocker contributes differently to the eval than the runner

MSmits: the reason i backpropagate the same score is that if the runner does something good, that may be because of something the blocker did

struct: I see

struct: thanks

Washier: hehe

struct: I might try checkers

struct: It seems its easy enough to make a sim

Washier: doo eet

jacek: is it though, with loop jumping

Washier: yes, that is the tough bit

jacek: you may want to read on cake development he finally used some n-tuples into his engine

struct: The board fits in 32 bits right?

jacek: yes

MSmits: 4* 32 bit

jacek: 3

jacek: black, white and kings

Washier: yes

MSmits: oh, I always used 4, did not occur to me to do it that way

Washier: you need 2 x 32-bit boards

Washier: 3 really to mark kings

MSmits: yeah, I'll remember that for when i revisit

Washier: <bow>

jacek: well i use 3x64bits. actually nothing fancy in my bitboard, except it isnt 2d array

MSmits: I used so much fancy that I dont know how it works anymore. Did not help me much though

Washier: same. 3 uint32's

MSmits: my sim has lots of intrinsic stuff, pdep and pext and all that

MSmits: eval matters a lot more here

Washier: eval speed or eval quality?

MSmits: quality

MSmits: I just counted kings and men mostly

Washier: mmm

MSmits: Also, I used mcts with ept, maybe a plain minimax would be better.

struct: feels similar to bt

Washier: i used plain minimax.

struct: but on bt its easy to check if a player won

jacek: and before that

Washier: quite similar to bt for me, use same bitboard construct

MSmits: eulerscheZahl with the hungarian method, can you square a matrix with both lack of agents and lack of goals? What I mean is, can you add rows to make it square, but also add columns to make it square?

Washier: that is some high level maths i used to know

jacek: hexagonal matrix :drooling_face:

Washier: likr yavalath

MSmits: yavalath is high level math?

MSmits: oh hex

struct: jacek in which games have you implemented ntupples?

jacek: othello and yavalath

MSmits: it being hex gives it 12 symmetries, as opposed to 8 with a square game

jacek: and c4 at first, but now its nn

MSmits: nine mens morris has even more symmetry. 16 if i remember correctly

Washier: i'm the idtiota in this coversation, but yavalath works pretty well with the board representations discussed so far. its just funny

MSmits: whats funny?

Washier: hexagonal

Washier: not funny, diffreent

MSmits: yeah I don't know how to work it efficiently really. I just do pext stuff to extract winning hexes and such

Washier: your brain works differently Mr Smith.

Washier: very interesting

Washier: *Mr Smits

eulerscheZahl: yes MSmits you can also add columns

Washier: <eyeball>

eulerscheZahl: if it's in the context of PR2: add cells multiple times as a target but with decreasing score for having more units

MSmits: yeah my brain is weird

MSmits: eulerscheZahl should you explore with multiple pods then?

MSmits: i was just thinking of sending a 1 pod to explore

MSmits: per target

eulerscheZahl: what's a target? direct neighbors only or a few steps ahead?

eulerscheZahl: but multiple units can still be beneficial for fighting

MSmits: yeah i am not sure yet, for now i will just consider anythign a target but those further away from base are worth less

MSmits: yeah but if you have multiple units left over, you can also send them toward opponent base

eulerscheZahl: not going to argue about that now, i feel sick

eulerscheZahl: codejam was a torture yesterday

MSmits: I am not arguing. No idea how to play this game yet. Just trying stuff

Drmewzih: go take a nap :)

MSmits: ahh sick from codign?

Washier: drink tea. dress warm for bed

eulerscheZahl: headache

Washier: sinus?

Default avatar.png JonathanCarnos: sciatic

Washier: good night

jacek: cosinus

MSmits: yay working bot in pr2. I was worried the hungarian method would be too slow. But no timeouts.

MSmits: oh nvm spoke too soon, just spotted one =)

MSmits: 106 by 106 matrix probably not a good idea

struct: MSmits are you using bitboards on it?

antiwonto: [auto] Hey struct, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 25 tacos

MSmits: no struct

Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: I am also just using C#. Not really concerned with performance

Astrobytes: are you 1st yet?

MSmits: I am 792th

Astrobytes: almost!

MSmits: indeed

MSmits: I have a lot left to do

Astrobytes: hi Washier! :wave:

MSmits: the hungarian method works, but scoring function is crap

MSmits: i need defense vs rushes

Astrobytes: ah right, yeah the rushes

Astrobytes: there are ways of countering it but I don't remember much tbh

Astrobytes: I figured I would do codebusters since I'm fresh from that last contest and it's similar

MSmits: better algo for guessing where the opponent could have sent his bots. I am just using floodfill now, but if you record the entire vision history, you can at turn 100 confirm that between 50 and 100, no opponent bot has visited a certain hex, which means you should not floodfill there

MSmits: once they visit, the owner changes

struct: whats this hungarian method?

Astrobytes: Kuhn-Munkres

MSmits: how to assign X agents to Y tasks

MSmits: using a cost for each combination of X and Y


MSmits: never done codebusters

Astrobytes: it's not my favourite game, put it that way

struct: me neither

struct: and I never will

Astrobytes: but it's very similar to last contest

MSmits: did you not like last contest either?

struct: maybe you can reverse the seed there?

struct: no I did not

Astrobytes: neither did I

Astrobytes: I forced myself to play it

Astrobytes: since they don't come along so often

struct: yeah only reason

struct: ifs and fog are not for me

struct: also infinite search space im not good at that

MSmits: ah, I like fog when it's on a discrete playing field

MSmits: like in oceans. And I like it in pr2 also

MSmits: but yeah i dont like it in infinite seach space

Astrobytes: yeah it's OK in discrete spaces

Astrobytes: OOC was fog done right

MSmits: the whole game was about the fog

MSmits: pacman also had fog like this. I did not mind it there either, but the game was hard to play anyways

Astrobytes: didn't like that

MSmits: when you have fog, it has to be an important feature. If it is a nuisance, then it's better not to have it

struct: Did this game even need fog?

struct: maybe it needed, who knows

MSmits: you mean the contest?

Astrobytes: what , the spider game?

MSmits: I don't think it needed fog

struct: yes

Astrobytes: No it didn't

Astrobytes: usual CG attempt to make it heuristic-based

Wontonimo: The fog sure makes it easier for newer contestants to climb the leaderboard and limit old-timers who have a whole harness made from just destroying everyone quickly (i think, if I'm being generous)

Astrobytes: Yeah that's what I was getting at with my last comment

MSmits: I had to read that 3 times Wontonimo

MSmits: I thought, why would they make a harness from the corpses of other contestants?

Astrobytes: You have a distracted mind MSmits

Astrobytes: + disturbed, evidently :P

MSmits: maybe yeah

Astrobytes: ohhh btw MSmits:

Astrobytes: Stephen Colbert plays DnD

Astrobytes: (it's awesome)

MSmits: holy sht

MSmits: thank you!

Astrobytes: courtesy of Scarfield. The whole channel is amazing btw, long videos though but amazing

MSmits: nice find

Astrobytes: yeah for sure, I feel my dnd urges coming back :D

Wontonimo: why did they go away?

Astrobytes: time, lack of other interested people to motivate me, life, etc

MSmits: I still play dnd, 2 times a year or so. By the time we finish a campaign, there's a whole new version of dnd out there

MSmits: same guys that I played with 20+ yrs ago basically

MSmits: except back then we did it every 2 weeks

Astrobytes: you can do it in person now at least

MSmits: yeah i did a month or two ago

Astrobytes: awesome

Astrobytes: remote is OK but so much better when you're all physically there

MSmits: was fun, though I would not mind just playing other types of games that don't require this much preparation

Astrobytes: my mate is really into Vulcania, sent me the manual and everything but I'm lacking motivation recently


Astrobytes: ^ from there

MSmits: looks fun, yeah thats the sort of game i meant

MSmits: I liked the Munchkin board game

Astrobytes: he got free stuff from them for something, I can't remember why

MSmits: ah nice

Astrobytes: the Plague Inc. board games are good fun

Astrobytes: hey Vulcania can get very deep

Astrobytes: Character creation is almost it's own manual

MSmits: Yeah, I like it to be a bit simpler if I am only going to play twice a year

0xhotdawg: hi

0xhotdawg: anyone tried socket programming with c?

MSmits: I don't even know what socket programming is

0xhotdawg: network programming

MAWAAW: ye long time ago when was student

MSmits: ah, well I haven't


jacek: good thing with UDP jokes is that i dont care if you get them or not

0xhotdawg: im interested in learning socket programming, which language u think is best for that? or hsould i just start with c for example?

jacek: socket sounds low level, but id start with python

struct: everything starts with python

0xhotdawg: oh interesting

0xhotdawg: u were able to do like a server app with python?

0xhotdawg: sc*

struct: I dont understand how people learned how to code before python was created

Astrobytes: MSmits: there's always Hero Quest!

Westicles: search for traps!

MSmits: whats that again?

jacek: umm

MAWAAW: ((x^2)+(9*(x+y))) derivative x give 2x + 9y + 9 right ?

MAWAAW: to be sure

MSmits: yeah


MAWAAW: then the test case 4 is wrong

MSmits: i did not try that puzzle.

jacek: i feel so indifferent

Astrobytes: :smirk:

MAWAAW: lul UDP on you

Westicles: MAWAAW nope

MSmits: whats the forumula to calculate the derivative of MAWAAW?

MSmits: for testcase 4

MAWAAW: ((x^2)+(9*(x+y)))

MSmits: what do you think the answer should be?

Westicles: 2x+9

MSmits: you have to evaluate it MAWAAW

MAWAAW: 2x + 9y + 9 cuz derivate x not y

MSmits: the output is an integer

MSmits: not a formula

MSmits: apparently the answer is 11 for that testcase

MSmits: I am guessing x = 1 and y = 0

MSmits: and you get this input

MSmits: which means 2 * 1 + 9 * 0 + 9 = 11

MAWAAW: no actually it's x 1 y 2

MAWAAW: result 29

MSmits: let me check

TINOUAINANI: clash empty

Astrobytes: If you join it they will come.

Astrobytes: (party time, excellent)

MSmits: MAWAAW i cant see what you are doing wrong, still looking

MSmits: Perhaps the testcase is indeed wrong and the validators aren't. Then you can still solve it

0xhotdawg: anyone of u guys doing ctfs?

Astrobytes: a few people on here do

0xhotdawg: im actually a beginner and i wanna join an active team

Astrobytes: discord might be the best place to get people who are into it tbh

0xhotdawg: yeah true

0xhotdawg: i know afew ppl that r doing it but you know, they either not active or actually too good to accept me

Astrobytes: yeah, best to ask for others near your level

Astrobytes: or if you're good in one particular aspect, then ask for people who need someone in that role (reversing, crypto, cracking, whatever)

MAWAAW: ye it's wrong seems like it's a new puzzle

Westicles: nobody knows how partial derivates work apparently...

MAWAAW: what do you mean

MAWAAW: it's a x derivative not x and y derivate

Westicles: d/dx(9y)=0

Astrobytes: Is this an old puzzle or it was just in approval state for a very, very long time? It looks familiar

MSmits: ah yes sorry i missed that MAWAAW, Westicles is right

MSmits: I read it as x*y for some reason

Astrobytes: the puzzle seems fine from looking at it

MSmits: derivative is 2x + 9

MAWAAW: oh ya I got it my bad

MSmits: 2*1 + 9 = 11

MAWAAW: it's like a constant -_-

MSmits: indeed

Astrobytes: Kinda clear from the statement ;)

Default avatar.png Dono1: Hi everyone. I'm somewhat of a JS beginner and looking for help debugging my Ghost Legs (easy) program. It passes all but the last test case.

Default avatar.png Dono1: Not looking to rewrite the whole thing but if someone could help me figure out where it goes wrong on the last test case, that would be really helpful.

jacek: ask away

Default avatar.png Dono1:

Again, this is for Ghost Legs (easy). Really just trying to understand why the console output gets screwed up on Test Case 06, because it's clean on all the other test cases.

Default avatar.png Dono1:

Wontonimo: what is the purpose of line 89?

Wontonimo: seems sus

Default avatar.png Dono1: Without that, it didn't like the final newline character.

j4at: Well that's a definitely long answer for an easy puzzle

Default avatar.png Dono1: Lol, I know I'm a beginner. Just learning here!

Wontonimo: do you know about the join feature?

Default avatar.png Dono1: I do not.

Default avatar.png Dono1: Reading about it now

Wontonimo: ["hi","there"].join("_") 'hi_there'

Default avatar.png Dono1: Ok, that is definitely cleaner than what I had at the bottom.

Wontonimo: yeah, it won't fix your problem but it will be way cleaner

Default avatar.png Dono1: But I'm more concerned about the actual jsonResultObject getting screwed up somewhere along the way, only on the last test case.

Default avatar.png Dono1: Agreed

Wontonimo: what are you trying to do here

let jsonResultObject = JSON.stringify(resultObject);

Default avatar.png Dono1: I was trying to make the resultObject into a displayable data type.

Wontonimo: looks like it is just for debugging

Default avatar.png Dono1: for the purpose of logging with console.error

j4at: lol

Wontonimo: you can just do this


j4at: yep he is using it for logging

j4at: you don't need a string

Wontonimo: or all in one line with your prefix message

console.error("First line result is: " + JSON.stringify(resultObject) )

Wontonimo: again, not going to solve your problem, but you came looking for feedback

Default avatar.png Dono1: Well, you're clearly right about the console.error(resultObject), but I could have sworn I tried that and after it didn't work, I went to the string...I must have done something else.

Default avatar.png Dono1: Yeah, I agree about the one line thing. It was just an effort to be incredibly simple with short lines. Not ideal I'm sure.

j4at: I think I know i found the problem

jacek: its the javascript, isnt it

Wontonimo: yes, js

j4at: Dicts are not ordered in js right ?

Wontonimo: that's right

Wontonimo: use lists for order

j4at: Well the problem that he stored the resut in a dict

j4at: then printed them unordered

Default avatar.png Dono1: Just so I understand, does that explain why it works in all but the last test case?

j4at: yes

Astrobytes: lol jacek

Wontonimo: i love js for small bits of code. not so much when there are 100,000 lines of code

Default avatar.png Dono1: I don't understand. Could you explain a bit what's unique about the last test case that would cause a dictionary to utterly fail like mine did?

j4at: Well, dicts outputs keys ordered (sometimes it doesn't)

j4at: And the first cases keys are ordered

j4at: and last case they are not

Default avatar.png Dono1: Ah, well thank you. That helps a lot.

Ayza: I am assuming because the other testcases were alphabetically and numerically ordered?

Ayza: while the last one was kinda random

Default avatar.png Dono1: Yeah, for sure. I just thought they were being added in the order I was adding them, but now I see that was a coincidence.

Default avatar.png Dono1: So, is it a better approach then to use a Map instead of a Dictionary?

j4at: yes

Default avatar.png Dono1: Thanks.

LinkCoder: random question , can i specify the kind of clash of code which i want to play ?

b0n5a1: only in private mode

Default avatar.png Dono1:

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Dono1, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

Default avatar.png Lyknart: hi everyone

Default avatar.png Lyknart: i search ruby dev, for a syntax question

Default avatar.png Dono1: I didn't realize my post above would paste as a code link. ^, lol. Just trying to convert a map to a simple array.

Default avatar.png Dono1: map to a string (typo)

Dynamolten.: hello lucazade

trulynameless.: dono1 use a python dictionary

trulynameless.: its really helpful

Default avatar.png Dono1: @trulynameless, I'm using javascript currently. Possible to express the solution in js?

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Dono1, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 2 tacos

trulynameless.: umm ill see

Astrobytes: Dono1: No, don't ask for things like that. You have an example, now find a way to do that in the language you are using.

Default avatar.png Dono1: I'm not looking for a free lunch here, but I've been stuck trying array.join() and the best I can get is:

Default avatar.png Dono1: Agh, another link!

Default avatar.png Dono1: TL:DR, the result always has a comma between key and value it seems.

Wontonimo: what's the code that is generating this?

Wontonimo: oh, i see, you don't have code to do it. it's just a question

Default avatar.png Dono1:

The output stream shows my issue at the end

Default avatar.png Dono1: On Ghost Legs (easy)

Default avatar.png Dono1: I produce a Map, that I attempt to turn into an array and then into a string in the format that assignment wants, but I am currently working on getting rid of the commas.

Wontonimo: look at this

Wontonimo: it may help

Default avatar.png Dono1: It might help...not sure though. I previously was using an object instead of a map, but on Test case 06 of this level, the object kept becoming unordered, and it was recommended to me to use a Map so that it remembers the insertion order.

Wontonimo: and here is some more

Wontonimo: gotta go. have fun

Default avatar.png Dono1: Ok thanks. I'll chew on this.

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: what is that

antiwonto: [auto] Hey waterproofsodium, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 19 tacos

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: "print<>**2*6"

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: shall be number of triangles in hexagon

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: 1 -> 6

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: 2 -> 24

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: 3 -> ..

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: (with sidelength)

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: oh they just did the induction lol

Default avatar.png TheAlmightySuperstar_530a: hi

Default avatar.png FriendlyKh1: hi

Wild_Python: why i can't run java program :(((

Wild_Python: javac in cmd but it do nothing :(((

Wild_Python: help me

PatrickMcGinnisII: taco

Wild_Python: why i can't run java program :((( javac in cmd but it do nothing :((( help me

Mortis_666: Wild_Python after running javac run "java HelloWorld"

Wild_Python: i run it thuogh

Wild_Python: it does nothin

Wild_Python: Code:

Wild_Python: i'm ew :(((

System-LD: hello

Wild_Python: help me

System-LD: with?

Wild_Python: i can't run java :(((


smallPrick: fuck you

antiwonto: [auto] smallPrick be respectful and watch your language

System-LD: i'm so confused right now.

Wild_Python: javac

Wild_Python: then java HelloWorld

Wild_Python: nothing happen

Mortis_666: no errors either?

Default avatar.png xNotAHackerx: how much does a programmer get paid?

Wontonimo: is that the beginning of a joke?

wfournier: at least 2$ per year

Wontonimo: i don't know xNotAHackerx, how much does a programmer get paid?

Wontonimo: :drum:


Default avatar.png xNotAHackerx: well how much do you get paid?