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ItsNotABug: In the entry code review, can I select neither? :'D

Default avatar.png Tien118: yassss i solve the ascii art puzzle

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Tien118, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

Default avatar.png Tien118: :taco:

antiwonto: [auto] ':taco:' was defined as ' A currency to some, sustenance for others '

Default avatar.png Tien118: ?

BenjaminUrquhart: "back in my day, the only chat bot was Automaton2000"

Automaton2000: im not even sure if it is in the top league

Urutar: Automaton2000, you certainly are :D

Default avatar.png Chris_C769: these instructions make no sense

Automaton2000: you probably have to rewrite my bot

Urutar: Which instructions?

Default avatar.png Chris_C769: for the coding game challenge

Urutar: Entry code?

Default avatar.png Chris_C769: This should be called question challenge not coding challenge the wording is terrible

bollocks32: :snake:

Urutar: Ehhh, there are far worse ones

Default avatar.png Chris_C769: I can't imagine

Default avatar.png Chris_C769: it's like the challenges are only difficult because they don't tell you what to do

Urutar: At some point, you'll be able to^^

Urutar: Nah, sometimes they just have hard to grasp mathematical or technical ideas behind them

Default avatar.png Chris_C769: agree on the math one sometimes that true but other times there are terrible instructions I'm doing one where you have to shoot an enemy no instructions only one way to do it yet I'm wrong. Makes no sense. It tells you select closest enemy by distance. Yet clearly that is not what you are to do

Default avatar.png Chris_C769: When they say select closest enemy by distance they must mean something else all together

Uljahn: "There's no accomplishment without struggle. No triumph without tests and failures along the way."

LelouchVC2: I accidently discovered the cure for cancer

antiwonto: [auto] Hey LelouchVC2, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

LelouchVC2: ;D !

gokubill: ngu

antiwonto: [auto] Hey gokubill, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

gokubill: cai j vay

gokubill: me may

dot.nick: just hit rank #69 in clash of code. nice

Gussaci: congrats

Gussaci: wooooo!!

Default avatar.png rayevangelie: ok

Default avatar.png restartcc: so hard

Default avatar.png restartcc: :sob:

derjack: That. - she

derjack: happy friday the 13th

yujin0806: wish us luck:joy:

MajorKurk: If you see someone with an axe, don't run, it's too late.

Gussaci: tf?

Default avatar.png rayevangelie: bro

MajorKurk: Friday the 13th x) It's safety recommendation.

Scouipou: x))

Audran227: UwU

MarinDeNsi: according to you, which programmation's language is the one with the least size of syntaxe ? thx by advance for answering !

BobLob: There are several Turing complete languages with 8 instructions ( I made a variant with only 1 instruction, but it was cheating by abusing MOV ). They're usually considered toy languages, though

BobLob: For a language actually in use, C has 32 keywords. I'm not sure if it's the smallest by that metric, but it has to be close

Felikan: Freedom for Scotland

  • plays bagpipe aggressively*

Astrobytes: dbdr, Tiramon, mods to #de and #world

Felikan: I mispelled "How to center a div" sorry pls dont ban :(

Felikan: My cat walked over keyboard

nicola: Sorry, mine slipped over mine too.

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: honestly how to center div tho

Manchi_o6o7: if someone could help me out with a cpp question

Manchi_o6o7: Machine is the abstract/base class, but I want to have this method working for all the child classes. The problem is, when I define it as an abstract class, I can't construct the Machine object in my function parameter list.

Manchi_o6o7: Is there any walk around

wlesavo: you cant construct objects of the abstract class, thats the whole point, but you can make an object of a child and create base class pointer from it

Manchi_o6o7: But is there any way to achieve this funcionality. where I want the Machine object basically to be some_derived_class

Manchi_o6o7: so I don't need to define multiple times methods that are the same, for every derived class


DaNinja: should work if makeIntersection is public

Manchi_o6o7: maybe here it is better explained


jzen: I think you need to pass other as reference in the capture clause?

jzen: [this, other] -> [this, &other]

jzen: I am not sure if I understand

Default avatar.png SATANSPAWN: hi

Default avatar.png SATANSPAWN: need help, i do

jzen: help

antiwonto: [auto] 'help' was defined as ' '

Default avatar.png SATANSPAWN: l+ratio, you seem to be

Default avatar.png SATANSPAWN: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Default avatar.png SATANSPAWN: sorry, yoda got on the chat

nicola: SATANSPAWN, I’m the cacodemon.

Default avatar.png Ka2lan94: niquer tos vos meres

5DN1L: English only please

5DN1L: and mind your language


Astrobytes: oh nice, afk for 2 hours and now I'm pushed to legend in spider attack :tada:

5DN1L: :clap:

Default avatar.png Aghiles09: NVM

darkhorse64: grats: Astrobytes and your rank is quite high. Any tips ?

Astrobytes: thanks darkhorse64! Hm, really nothing special, didn't use control at all. Defender and farmer do the same thing except defender stays a little closer to base, only use wind at a certain distance from base. Attacker immediately to enemy base and wind as much as possible

Astrobytes: Also attacker uses shield

Astrobytes: It's the same code from the contest, just with a few values changed here and there :D

Astrobytes: (all my rewrites failed)

Default avatar.png BlurLeBogoss: anyone valorant ?

Default avatar.png BlurLeBogoss: feur

Default avatar.png BlurLeBogoss: patron

Astrobytes: I have to say it's not at all a good bot, yet effective enough.

Default avatar.png Aghiles09: ASTROOCTETS FERME TA GUELE

Astrobytes: 5DN1L

5DN1L: You too, Aghiles09

5DN1L: kicked

Astrobytes: ty

5DN1L: np :)

5DN1L: why would someone go to a place and randomly ask others to shut up? how weird

darkhorse64: I have found that using spawn points as guardpositions for my farmers is good

darkhorse64: at least for the initial phase

Astrobytes: Yeah I had a version doing that last night, was quite effective but it broke my submit higher up in the league so I reverted

Astrobytes: Now I don't know if I wish to keep working on it or move on to something else

Default avatar.png BlurLeBogoss: Astrobytes my friend Aghiles09 apologize for saying bad thing

darkhorse64: maybe try to implement wind cannon just for fun

Astrobytes: I think I might start by refactoring a little, it's only 500 lines but it's horrible

darkhorse64: Sort out before expansion :relaxed:

Astrobytes: Definitely!

mounir.: hey bitchis

Default avatar.png BlurLeBogoss: hello the racist

Uljahn: both kicked

Wontonimo: thanks, i was just about to

Astrobytes: thanks :)

Darleanow: HELLO WONTO


NewCoder09: All of my state test are finally done

NewCoder09: i have exams next week

NewCoder09: though

Wontonimo: hi Darleanow and NewCoder09 :wave:

Ayza: is stealing the boss's strategy a good idea lol

Ayza: sparing one hero at the enemy's base to use control on the enemy heroes

Astrobytes: control isn't even needed, just winding spiders at the enemy base is enough

Ayza: you really got to legend without it? damn

Ayza: gotta try that

Astrobytes: It will depend on your defence/farming strategy too though, everyones code is different ;)

Astrobytes: ideally I'd have been using control + wind but I'll do that after the rewrite perhaps

Default avatar.png PrzemekS: guys i got math problem. I made dot product of two normalized vectors (monster movement vector and from monster pos to my base vector) . When dot product reaches 1 i know monster is going straight to my base, but what about the minimum (to reach base radius), i don't want to guess 0.6 or something , any math way to do that?

Uljahn: you mean ray-circle intersection?

Wontonimo: I do it the dumb*ss way, just simulate a few dozen moves and test

Default avatar.png PrzemekS: yes ray-circle intersection

Wontonimo: also, if the mob is within your base radius it is always aiming for your base

Wontonimo: lmgtfy ray-circle intersection

antiwonto: [auto] try 'lmgtfy [username] search'

Uljahn: lmgtfy [username] search

antiwonto: [auto] try 'lmgtfy [username] search'

Wontonimo: lmgtfy lmgtfy ray-circle intersection ray-circle intersection

antiwonto: [auto] try 'lmgtfy [username] search'

Wontonimo: lmgtfy ray-circle intersection ray-circle intersection

antiwonto: [auto] try 'lmgtfy [username] search'

Wontonimo: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Wontonimo: sorry for the spam

Astrobytes: lmgtfy PrzemekS ray-circle intersection

antiwonto: [auto] hey PrzemekS let me google that for you

Astrobytes: :rofl:

Uljahn: the bot is too smart

Wontonimo: i obviously can't use ctrl-v and my own bot

Default avatar.png putibuzu: :D

Default avatar.png PrzemekS: thx got it :D

5DN1L: that's why it's called antiwonto, Wontonimo :wink:

Astrobytes: :grin:

jacek: lostonimo

Darleanow: waddup wonto

Darleanow: Helo 5DN1L, glad to see u more often

5DN1L: Hello Darleanow :)

MSmits: hi

5DN1L: hi

eulerscheZahl: if you already like 'u', you will love 'w'

MSmits: so I did a lot for my PR-2 bot. I did symmetry detection, BFS on all hexes, I put in hungarian method, the contamination method to deal with enemy and fog of war. But my bot still doesn't move :P

eulerscheZahl: submit anyways?

MSmits: well I won't crash at least :P It just does wait

Wontonimo: PR-2 ?

eulerscheZahl: platinum rift 2

Astrobytes: lol, definitely a bug in the game :P

eulerscheZahl: or pull request

Wontonimo: PodRace2

MSmits: I vow I will have a working bot this weekend :)

Astrobytes: fixit

Default avatar.png kristos44: Guys is it possible to save the code in some game and then get back to it later?

MSmits: I found this btw euler:

MSmits: eulerscheZahl

MSmits: is that the one you used?

MSmits: seems to work fine

eulerscheZahl: i found 3 implementations. first was too slow. 2nd was fast but gave wrong results. 3rd was in java so i had to port it to C#

eulerscheZahl: i linked it in my code of ice and fire post mortem i think

MSmits: ohh ok

MSmits: will check it out

5DN1L: kristos44 yes, if you play the code once then it's saved


eulerscheZahl: if you indent with only 2 spaces, i hate you

MSmits: thanks

MSmits: I tab

Wontonimo: i feel your hate. it won't change me

jacek: why

Westicles: two spaces and no blank lines is the obvious way to go.

Default avatar.png kristos44: @5DN1L only one test is enough?

5DN1L: yes

Default avatar.png kristos44: ok, thanks :)

5DN1L: np :)

jacek: :upside_down:

antiwonto: [auto] ':upside_down:' was defined as ' ɥǝllo '

ethaneCH3CH3: take taco

antiwonto: [auto] That taco command has moved to the #taco channel

Astrobytes: MSmits: from that java code... "matchJobByWorker"

Astrobytes: see anything amusing?

Westicles: look at this beautiful solution


MSmits: lemme see

Astrobytes: you don't have to look, just that name

jacek: whats wrong with it

MSmits: ohh ok

MSmits: it's not that strange? I have longer names sometimes

Astrobytes: The middle two words


MSmits: ohhh! Poop!

Astrobytes: :D

MSmits: lol

Astrobytes: Jobby worker

jacek: huh

MSmits: Astrobytes finds the poop in any program

Astrobytes: jacek: jobby in Scottish means a :poop:

jacek: those scotts eh

Astrobytes: *Scots

jacek: well all i can say is lul

MSmits: :)

jacek: PolicyModelThreadCollectionBeanConnectionPolicyTagSingletonConnectionContainerComposerCallbackDispatcherPropertyInvocationMapAuthenticationComparatorDecoratorStrategyInstanceConsumerServerTemplate

Astrobytes: Beautiful

Astrobytes: Like one of yours MSmits

Astrobytes: except in Java

eulerscheZahl: i know the website where you got that from jacek

MSmits: wow

jacek: no wonder, i linked it

Astrobytes: the generator one?

Astrobytes: ah so you did

Default avatar.png HHHAAA: yo bro

Default avatar.png HHHAAA: wat s up

eulerscheZahl: oops, reading chat partially was never a good idea

Default avatar.png HHHAAA: what

eulerscheZahl: i saw taco and skipped the next few lines

nicola: He insulted me in PM.

Wontonimo: good to know. thanks

Westicles: I've been cleaning up and publishing old puzzle solutions. Weird that all the first ones I did use random numbers to solve

Westicles: I think SA was the only approach I new so I used it even on easy puzzles

Darleanow: ok guys i'm retarded, i was talking to the Clash of code bot

Darleanow: because i got 50% and him too

5DN1L: Next time talk to Automaton2000 instead, at least it will respond to you :)

Automaton2000: do you know what i need to change the value of log(parentvisits), i recompute it every time, perhaps i should ...

Darleanow: Hello Automaton200 :)

Darleanow: Automaton2000*

Automaton2000: if you have no idea why

Darleanow: H0o0w0 a0r0e0 y0o0u0 ? Automaton2000

Automaton2000: what would you do that

Darleanow: How are you Automaton2000

Automaton2000: this is the right one

Darleanow: ANSWER ME

5DN1L: it knows the second "how are you" is the right one, not "H0o0w0 a0r0e0 y0o0u0" :wink:

Darleanow: Okay i see :)

Default avatar.png Wizard-Dude: will code keeper - the hero get any more leagues?

Default avatar.png TheFlashKittenFTW_dde: helllo

jacek: no, its community game

Default avatar.png zidannse: UwU o_O

Wontonimo: I've never seen that game !?! Very cool

Wontonimo: is the source code available for Code Keeper - The Hero ?

Default avatar.png Wizard-Dude: as far as I can see there is no link to the source code, or anything else like that.

Default avatar.png el-ouakili: How can I go back to a clash code after I clicked back to home

5DN1L: look for the link in your browser history

Default avatar.png el-ouakili: The link gives me an error

5DN1L: Is the clash finished?

Manchi_o6o7: Hey guys. I wrote some C++ code which builds me a custom URL to represent a graph I am working with, on an online visualization tool. Now I am wondering, is there any way to invoke the download of a svg. from the page? I will paste the link of the site, so you can see what it has to do with.


Manchi_o6o7: This is my code, but it isn't working because it isn't accessing the direct download link.


44AA44: XD

Default avatar.png Pythonista_TN: hey guys how can I go back to the problem after the clash of code is over ?

Uljahn: search it here

Uljahn: there's no official way to go back

Default avatar.png Pythonista_TN: thank you so much @Uljahn I have lost the link :D

NewCoder09: Hi guys

Default avatar.png Pythonista_TN: hey

Default avatar.png doogyman2: cool

Manchi_o6o7: Is maybe someone of you familiar with web programming

Wontonimo: yeah, i've done programming of webs. what kind of webs?

P0sandu: gm

Wontonimo: GameMaster?

**Wontonimo you are in a dungeon corridor. Mildew fills the air and rickety beams hold the earthen walls from collapsing. Ahead you hear laboured groaning of something large. Your torch light is sputtering.

Wontonimo: P0sandu roll for initiative

P0sandu: gm == good morning

P0sandu: lol

jacek: Wontonimo code keepers looks more like optim than multiplayer game

Wontonimo: i noticed right away, but it prevents people from hacking the hidden test cases I think.

struct: Are the replays laggy for anyone else on that game?

DomiKo: you mean code keeper? then for me nope

jacek: trying dice duel?

DomiKo: dice duel is smooth too

jacek: lol, it crashed

jacek: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error reading referee command. Buffer capacity: 30000 / 30000

jacek: darn i replayed and didnt save replay

struct: dice duel is fine for me

struct: but not code keeper

struct: which game jacek?

DomiKo: Code Keeper 100%

jacek: referee once crashed

struct: I think that error is when you send too much info on inputs

struct: you have a limit of chars

DomiKo: I guess its rendering problem

DomiKo: because there is a lot of animations to do. and aCat divides turn into many turns just to do animations

eulerscheZahl: hey

jacek: this

jacek: its weird

DomiKo: I can't see it :(

eulerscheZahl: btw i updated the code keeper map generator. i don't want to ping aCat a 3rd time about it

ImSeaFu: hiya jacek

ImSeaFu: I've been told you're someone I should get to know since you're good with ML xD

DomiKo: euler should I tell him?

ImSeaFu: So hello!

eulerscheZahl: yes :)

jacek: my Mars Lander is just bunch of ifs ;d

eulerscheZahl: he has the link already. i also shared it on the forum

DomiKo: I will tell him tomorrow then :D

eulerscheZahl: real life pings can be more efficient sometimes

DomiKo: yeah it will. He told me sometime days ago, that he should look at yours generator

DomiKo: some days*

eulerscheZahl: maybe i'll find some motivation to give the game a try then

eulerscheZahl: it looks really cool

DomiKo: it's really cool

jacek: ImSeaFu any question?

eulerscheZahl: but somehow, between real contests, i didn't get to play it :(

ImSeaFu: rofl wow I'm dumb I thought you meant that your Mars Lander is shitty machine learning but I get now that you were subbing for ML xD

jacek: oO

ImSeaFu: I mean about a bajillion but I gotta do some more studying. Just making myself known so that when I get hard stuck and need help that you at least have heard from me before xD

jacek: :thinking:

ImSeaFu: I've only really done the Google ML Crashcourse and am now in your Neural Network Xor example from scratch xD

ImSeaFu: So I got a ways to go xD

ImSeaFu: but machine learning is really what I'm most interested in learning so gotta chip away at it xD

jacek: are you scarfield by any chance

ImSeaFu: But after doing the google crashcourse I was kinda just sitting there going like "great so now I know a bunch of theory, and have some pre-written code, but I don't feel like I even know where to begin with actually using it"

ImSeaFu: maybe, I don't know what a scarfield is so it's hard to say xD

jacek: ok so youre not ;d

ImSeaFu: Well that's a relief

jacek: do you have some programming background?

ImSeaFu: I've been programming on and off extremely poorly for 20 years

ImSeaFu: so not really

DomiKo: 20 years damn

ImSeaFu: Just over the last few months have I really started taking it more seriously. My fundamentals were/are really bad because I have/had a bad habit of just rushing to higher end things without truly understanding it

jacek: so machine learning in essential

ImSeaFu: Picked up Python since I heard it's one of the leading languages for machine learning

ImSeaFu: No, learning everything, lol I'm a really bad programmer, 20 years or not I did not study well, practice much, or have good habits at all

ImSeaFu: you should pretty much consider me a newbie. Maybe like 6 months of actual knowledge

ImSeaFu: Like I still struggle with classes and basic shit xD

antiwonto: [auto] ImSeaFu be respectful and watch your language

ImSeaFu: doh

DomiKo: xd

ImSeaFu: bad language

ImSeaFu: But yeah if anyone has any advice for things I should look at to help my study that'd be cool, for now though I am going through this playground and seeing if I can understand it xD

ImSeaFu: hmmmm what is for _ in range(HIDDEN): for example? like what is the _?

jacek: normally youd write for i in range(), but since i is not needed, its replaced by _

Disa86: @ImSeaFu "_" coube "i" or "a", it's just a name for the item you are currently operating on in the iterable "HIDDEN"

ImSeaFu: so it's basically just like a token that says "idgaf what this is?"

DomiKo: _ in python is like a trash can

ImSeaFu: ahhh kk

jacek: so this for loop will run for HIDDEN times

ImSeaFu: that's what I was confused about, I've seen i and other variables but _ isn't a valid variable name afaik so I was confused

5DN1L: you can change _ to anything you want

jacek: ok, ill change it to range

jacek: :kissing_heart:

ImSeaFu: xD

5DN1L: not reserved words...

ImSeaFu: I'm going to change it to HIDDEN

5DN1L: for HIDDEN in range(HIDDEN)?

ImSeaFu: yep

5DN1L: no, that won't work

Disa86: @ImSeaFu If you're looking to learn the basics of machine learning and you wanna start with Python I highly recommend "Neural Networks From Scratch in Python" by Harrison Kinsley and Daniel Kukiela

ImSeaFu: it'll create a blackhole and explode I'm sure of it

5DN1L: yup :smirk:

Disa86: it's a great book for beginners

ImSeaFu: Book is really the worst way for me to learn

ImSeaFu: I have very bad ADHD so keeping myself focused on a book is tough

Disa86: it's complete with exercises for you to follow along, and QR codes to youtube animations to help you understand

ImSeaFu: :O

ImSeaFu: now you're speaking my language

Disa86: honnestly one of the least boring programming books I've ever read lol


ImSeaFu: Hmmm so maybe this is a dumb question but I'm not what you'd call a big "reader". if I get the eBook can I read that on my PC easily or is it gonna be a big pain in the ass?

Disa86: There's a PDF version only on the official website if you want

struct: I bought the pdf

Disa86: is the site if I recall correctly

Disa86: yup it is

jacek: struct you bought from smits?

struct: no, from the site

Astrobytes: lol jacek

ImSeaFu: hmmm I can only find the paper version and the ebook on

struct: ebook = mailed pdf

struct: I think

Disa86: yeah it's a PDF

ImSeaFu: ohhh okay

struct: ImSeaFu you can also check his videos first

ImSeaFu: his who? 2 people wrote this book from the looks of it xD

struct: y

eulerscheZahl: those linking skills

ImSeaFu: wait a minute.... it's sentdex?

ImSeaFu: Lol I know that guy, I'm in his discord xD

Astrobytes: :tumbleweed:

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Astrobytes, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 43 tacos

jacek: oO

Astrobytes: :taco: jacek

antiwonto: [auto] Astrobytes has awarded jacek 10 tacos. jacek now has 32 taco. Astrobytes now has 44 taco

Astrobytes: um...

PatrickMcGinnisII: today is me and my GF like 4 yr anniversary. i asked her if I should make the bed (we don't live together), she said no. Should I assume that she's no gonna put out? And should I dump the B? tmi, i know.

**PatrickMcGinnisII is suffering from a lack of tacos

Astrobytes: Just enjoy the anniversary and have some fun. You know your GF better than us (well, hopefully) so you judge the rest lol

PatrickMcGinnisII: doing save the forest puzzle again, why do i want to let it burn? ;)

Astrobytes: Sounds like you need a new GF

PatrickMcGinnisII: College friend is dying in a hospital in Lauderdale right now, I wanna say fk the anniversary and go see if I can say goodbye...maybe that's what has me messed up

Astrobytes: Dude, go see that friend. You only get one shot

Astrobytes: If she's a good one, she'll understand

PatrickMcGinnisII: logic, who knew u could find it on CG

Astrobytes: ;)

Astrobytes: Go donate $5 to a good cause. That's my fee :rofl:

jacek: good cause, like bioengineering

PatrickMcGinnisII: this is where i say something messed up like: $5 only gets you a virtual hooker. smh.

PatrickMcGinnisII: talk about bio engineering

Default avatar.png HenroLST: ...

PatrickMcGinnisII: Ok, a woman just lost her baby near here, I'll drop it in her gofundme

PatrickMcGinnisII: there's a gremlin in the IDE

Astrobytes: :tada:

Astrobytes: good lad Patrick

Default avatar.png HenroLST: cheers!

PatrickMcGinnisII: just turned this

PatrickMcGinnisII: a:3:{i:0;a:2:{i:0;i:32;i:1;i:2;}i:1;a:2:{i:0;i:65;i:1;i:3;}i:2;a:2:{i:0;i:83;i:1;i:4;}}

PatrickMcGinnisII: into

PatrickMcGinnisII: 82@;DL

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm done for today, glhf

Astrobytes: I thought it was some kind of opening book lol

PatrickMcGinnisII: it could be

PatrickMcGinnisII: ;)

Astrobytes: hope you see your friend dude, take care

jacek: opening books are more like this 搯擋擾撻攕攥断旝旋昁晕曐旴机暩晞曩曡杋憇戲斔扲斔揞摸擆擐擉摻搏揆搅捤掶撐撍斉斀暕晗曢柪枡帢椙暉泼柫昚斁攉揚

Astrobytes: of course, but you know what I mean

Wontonimo: oh, that opening book. i know it well ;)

struct: my openings book usually fit in 64 bits

jacek: the story, characters development and that plot twist!

Astrobytes: Enough chars for even M. Night. Shyamalamalamanalamanna... I give up

Astrobytes: (re. plot twist)

Astrobytes: Incidentally: M. Night clearly stands for Mad (k)Night. Silent 'k'.

jacek: the inventor of mad pod racing?

Astrobytes: "inventor" :D

Astrobytes: I think it was Squid who invented that name iirc

Astrobytes: then Tibo ran with it when it came to changing the names

jacek: :taco: derjack

antiwonto: [auto] jacek has awarded derjack 10 tacos. derjack now has 50 taco. jacek now has 33 taco

TKirishima: AutomatonNN

Wontonimo: more farming eh jacek ?

jacek: eeyup

Wontonimo: nice

Wontonimo: I never thought anyone would be farming tacos in my life

Astrobytes: via *your* taco bot

jacek: need more balls

Astrobytes: BR, nice. Did you succeed in SR?

jacek: darn openai evolution strategies are lit. my crappy GA cant compare with them. training in minutes instead of hours

jacek: not yet, still figuring out how to evolve and coevolve with opponents

Astrobytes: ahh, cool project though

jacek: im hoping to create successive training framework for such games like i already have for board games. so more leaderboard to own :imp:

Astrobytes: More power to you if you can succeed man, I think it's a nice evolution of the platform for lots of NN/ML action

struct: why 2 balls on first frames?


jacek: there are 2 balls in br2k

jacek: the nn inputs see only one ball at one moment

struct: you are right

jacek: unless the car carries one

struct: I just didnt see it in the other frames

struct: due to the transparency

jacek: this is nn. two ouputs - thrust and angle. even if i have decent blackbox that tells me the action, i dont know how to use it in search yet

Default avatar.png VIPTrollik: send code pics


struct: there

jacek: c4?

struct: yes

Astrobytes: nice guess

jacek: i judge from code :v

Astrobytes: kinda obvious now I read it :D

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: lmao

struct: why is it capslocked after the _

struct: wtf

Astrobytes: easy enough to fix

Astrobytes: Or keep it, but -1000 style points

Wontonimo: you can use an attention network to identify the ball to focus on jacek

jacek: well the problem with br2k how to do inputs right. for example 2 balls, inputs should be order invariant

Wontonimo: heck, the attention network could even order the balls so that the balls are order variant based on importance

Wontonimo: and it will learn to place the balls in the correct input

jacek: any tutorial i could read on this?

jacek: keep in mind right now im training via neuroevolution, randomly perturbing wights instead of some smart q-learning thing

Wontonimo: hmm... the attention network is just an eval per ball. given the balls data and the player, is the ball important?

Wontonimo: very much like your other NNs, but this NN is applied to each ball, and you sort the balls based on that eval

jacek: NN for sorting the inputs?

Wontonimo: imagine you have data for each ball, let's call it matrix [X]

Wontonimo: score the ball given M2*tanh(M1*X + B1) +B2

Wontonimo: do this for all balls

Wontonimo: sort the balls given that scoring

Astrobytes: there are only 2 balls

Wontonimo: ever?

Astrobytes: yeah

jacek: it could be 1 or 0 if someone has it

Wontonimo: oh, that makes it easier

Astrobytes: BitRunner 2048

Astrobytes: true jacek but the balls technically still exist

Wontonimo: X is 2d, so let it have 2 rows

Wontonimo: and the output is 2 values

Wontonimo: 1 for the 1st ball, 1 for the 2nd ball

Wontonimo: Dense(Dense(balls data))

Wontonimo: where the final output is 1 value per ball

Wontonimo: the ball with the higher output is the primary

jacek: and based on this put it into main network?

Wontonimo: yeah, have the higher ranked one go to the 1st position in the main network.

Wontonimo: once you have that working, make room in your main network to accept a second ball and put the second ball input into it.

Wontonimo: treat the second ball data as if it is something completely different and not a ball. just 'additional data'

jacek: ok. if this works, i can do that for order of enemy cars as well.

Wontonimo: yes

jacek: thanks. ill have somehting to work on

Wontonimo: cool! let me know how it goes

jacek: :+1:

Astrobytes: that's an interesting idea, I'm no NN person (yet) but I like that

Astrobytes: and what of the situation where an enemy car is carrying a ball? Or any car for that matter

Wontonimo: I use that for a chatbot I developed at work for it to decided between different response handlers. It's the bomb

Astrobytes: nice, lightweight too

jacek: Automaton2000 can i have your attention?

Automaton2000: i just don't know it

Wontonimo: for the chatbot, a particular response handler has some phrases that it is looking for like "how far is the moon" and "help" and "what is the correct mortgage calculation for including home equity loans". It uses cosine distance over known matching phrases to see if it is the right handler. Then the right handler will try and solve the problem.

Wontonimo: This lets me add more handlers without having to do anything with the previous ones or re-balance some decision tree

Astrobytes: Smart!

Wontonimo: :grin:

TKirishima: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i made a bot for a game like that

jacek: oh my

**TKirishima is impressed

Uljahn: cosine distance means word2vec but for phrases?

Astrobytes: that was my understanding

ImSeaFu: @wotonimo 5DN1L recommended your YT channel for ML, any recommendation with which video to start with?

Wontonimo: yes Uljahn

jacek: oO

Wontonimo: my channel for learning ML? No, there are only a few videos nothing like a course.

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: is there a place where I can practice?

jacek: you can start with

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: without solving a particular problem?

Wontonimo: oh, sorry, i re-read you question Uljahn and not that' it's the right thing

ImSeaFu: jacek -.-

ImSeaFu: I know that URL anywhere

Wontonimo: oh man, i fell for it

ImSeaFu: xD

Wontonimo: ImSeaFu , check out this set of videos !

ImSeaFu: I feel like in trying to learn this whole ML thing I just end up going over the exact same info over and over again xD

jacek: put it into practical use

ImSeaFu: I'm so far from being able to do that

Wontonimo: what do you want to do with ML ?

ImSeaFu: I mean lots of stupid stuff, but obviously you gotta learn the basics before that xD

Wontonimo: for example, let's say you have written some tricky function that returns a nice Eval for Spring Challenge 2021

jacek: i was doing much stuff before i understood ml

jacek: frankly, the more i work with NNs the less i understand how they work

Wontonimo: and this eval you have written has a lot of magic numbers in it, like constants you've hand tuned

ImSeaFu: One of the things the piqued my interest a few years back was SethBling's MarI/O program that learned to play 1-1 on it's own

jacek: how about this mario with GA

Wontonimo: well, you could make all those magic numbers be variables (we call then hyperparameters because we are fancy) and you could use something like evolution to discover the best hyperparameters

jacek: it even learned to wall jump

Wontonimo: that's effectively what jacek is doing with his neuro evolution

Wontonimo: in his case the entire NN is treated as hyperparameters

ImSeaFu: I mean I feel like I'm not even close to being able to do that. Like it feels like there is a step missing in between where I am and where I need to go but I have no idea what that step is

Wontonimo: okay, here is a super super intro . Tell me what you think

Astrobytes: (you pushed him hard enough to recommend his own video! More of that!)

Astrobytes: It's a great video.

Wontonimo: :taco: Astrobytes

antiwonto: [auto] Wontonimo has awarded Astrobytes 10 tacos. Astrobytes now has 54 taco. Wontonimo now has 13 taco

ImSeaFu: Cause I went through the Google ML Crashcourse and went over a lot of the terminology, techniques for getting lower loss, etc. But all of the code was provided to me, I was essentially just messing with some dials which needless to say is much different than being able to build it on your own xD

ImSeaFu: Well I already feel discriminated on by your video

Astrobytes: #taco channel should be called #TacoHell

ImSeaFu: "Have a clear mental image of how ML works"

Wontonimo: What? how did my video discriminate? I really watch out for that stuff

ImSeaFu: All well and good for people who don't have aphantasia like me :P

Wontonimo: oh. i have aphantasia also

jacek: w00t

Wontonimo: i don't mean mines eye mental image

ImSeaFu: Lol I was just messing with you, I mean I do have aphantasia but I'm not actually offended :P

Wontonimo: i always thought was was poetic until just a few years ago i discovered people actually could 'see' things in their mind

jacek: apparently lucid dreaming isnt affected by aphantasia. people with aphantasia report on LD forums they do fact have lucid dreams and theyre vivid

Wontonimo: weird to think people are walking around hallucinating all the time

ImSeaFu: lol yeah.... no one ever told me that normies can actually see things when they close their eyes xD

Wontonimo: yes, i can control my dreams. but also sometimes my dreams are super abstract wiithout dimensions

jacek: the imagea are fogg, fragmented mostly

Wontonimo: My wife and kids are on the opposite side of the spectrum and can for example count the spots on the family cat from memory

Astrobytes: I don't have full-on visions when I try to visualise things, very far from it, nothing 'visual' at all mostly, but it's *there*

Astrobytes: and I have a strong imagination/creative side

Astrobytes: I believe I am in the middle

jacek: replay experience buffer is like imagination isnt it

Wontonimo: So there are at least 2 separate areas in the brain for remembering visualish stuff. one that is 2d-ish and colour, and another that is 3d-ish and conceptual. The second is usually considered spacial awareness, it allows you to know there is a chair behind you without having to 'see it in your mind'

Wontonimo: i have a stong 3d spacial awareness but no iiimage/colour thing

Astrobytes: I'm colourblind too so that probably doesn't help

Astrobytes: also: "colour" :D :tada:

jacek: no voices either?

Wontonimo: no, only my own

Wontonimo: even when remembering a song, it is my voice, even for the instruments

Astrobytes: That's interesting, for that kind of thing I can definitely get other voices

Astrobytes: is there a left-brain/right-brain thing here?

Astrobytes: or hemisphere if you want to be correct

Wontonimo: i don't think so. i think it is a what-you-practice-when-young thing

Astrobytes: I've been cursed with creativity and logical leanings

Astrobytes: so I've always been into art, music and technical stuff

Astrobytes: nightmare at school, nightmare in life

Wontonimo: when i was practicing mnemonics a lot it seemed like I was getting more detail in my minds eye and not just concepts being placed in space but just wisps of detail like textures and noise. it would surprise me

Wontonimo: when i stop practicing every day it went away

Wontonimo: yeah, me too Astrobytes, but not having a minds ear music has been difficult

Wontonimo: Hey ImSeaFu , did you find the video helpful?

Astrobytes: so many methods and so many wrong methods of retaining/absorbing information and *there is no one correct way*

Astrobytes: Since we don't fully understand how it's done, and indeed if it is done in the same way in different individuals (although similarity in region of brain etc is obviously proven)

jacek: maybe you just have too little learning rate

Astrobytes: it is hard to discern some foolproof method

Wontonimo: i've often that was my issue jacek ;)

ImSeaFu: Wontonimo I just finished watching it and I'd have found it helpful if this wasn't the same concepts that I've gone over in like 3+ different courses/videos/tutorials

jacek: have you done xor example?

ImSeaFu: Like I get that you use data to create a functioon, I get that learning rate is how big of steps it's going to take, that kind of stuff but I have no idea how to implement any of this information

ImSeaFu: I was looking at

Wontonimo: hey, i've heard of that author ;)

ImSeaFu: and I just got completely confused, I have no idea what it's trying to learn, I have no idea where it's getting the data from, I see a bunch of familiar things in the code but as a whole I don't get it xD

Astrobytes: you can check the version *with* libs that's out there

Astrobytes: before going to jaceks one

Wontonimo: do you know matrix math ImSeaFu ?

Wontonimo: like if X, M, and B are matries, could you compute MX + B

ImSeaFu: 5DN1L thought that it would be better to learn without the libraries so that I actually understand what the libraries are doing

ImSeaFu: Uhhh no

Astrobytes: Either way, you should look at them both.

Wontonimo: AH! okay man, that there is something you want to review if you want to do NNs from scratch

jacek: libraries do magic. you cant learn from magic much

Wontonimo: but ignore NNs.

Wontonimo: let's focus on ML like in my video

Astrobytes: Yeah but you see what they produce. Then go for the juicy stuff

Wontonimo: where you are trying to 'discover' values from data

Wontonimo: do you think you could write that code in the video without looking at the video or tthe links?

Astrobytes: Wait, no linear algebra experience at all or... ? ImSeaFu

jacek: he only done non-linear algebra ~

ImSeaFu: I'm very bad with terminology when it comes to math. Like I have experience with the graphing quadratic equations, and that kind of shizz but idk if that's the same stuff xD

ImSeaFu: wait which code? did I already forget? I remember you talking about checkers xD

Astrobytes: linear equations, transformations, vectors, matrices...

jacek: code?

ImSeaFu: responding to wontonimo

ImSeaFu: but I think that answers the question xD

ImSeaFu: No I could not do that

Astrobytes: A basic foundation in linear algebra would be helpful to you I think, don't worry, it's not that bad

ImSeaFu: Lol maybe I'm too dumb for ML xD

ImSeaFu: Maybe someone can come up with a model that can train me? xD

Astrobytes: dumb is a state of mind

Astrobytes: Use your personal NN.

Astrobytes: If you find you are lacking in prerequisites for LA then go back and do those too. It will serve you well either way

ImSeaFu: Whoever put together my NN needs to go back to the drawing board xD

Astrobytes: Are you at college or school or ?

ImSeaFu: No

Wontonimo: lol

ImSeaFu: Due to mental health I wasn't able to go to post secondary

ImSeaFu: Now I'm idk like 32 or something

ImSeaFu: Trying to learn this and struggling quite thoroughly xD

Wontonimo: hey ImSeaFu, you said that you've seen that same content 3 times but that you can't code it without reference. From that I will recommend _practicing_ coding it from memory. The act of doing so will solidify the concepts in my mind

Astrobytes: That's cool, and still doable. And listen to Wontonimo.

Astrobytes: You are also trying to run before you crawl

Astrobytes: Which isn't a bad ambition but it's bad practice

Wontonimo: it's like trying to juggle, ride a unicycle, and play a harmonica all at once. It's not effective. Practice one small element (juggling) and perfect it. In this case, it's recalling doing parameter optimization like in the video by heart

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: playing fastest: 3/8, 4/8, 1/2

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: playing shortest: 8/8 -.-

Wontonimo: gotta go

Astrobytes: later Wontonimo, take care

Wontonimo: keep in touch ImSeaFu and let me know how you progress

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: bb Wontonimo

ImSeaFu: I think what I'll do is write your code by hand and then try to comment it to see if I understand it

ImSeaFu: toodles wonton

Astrobytes: I'm out too, music and beer time, see you all tomorrow!

Astrobytes: (or whenever)

ImSeaFu: Lol I mean atm I've been up for something like 40 hour straight so I'm probably gonna wait til I've slept to bang my head at this some more

ImSeaFu: oh shhhht I'm not 32 I'm 31 lol it's not been my birthday yet

wlesavo: hey, in codebusters, when the ghost is standing on top of a buster it wont ever move? cant find this in referee

struct: Can I link you the referee wlesavo?

wlesavo: struct i found the eulers one, but i cant derive the bad behaviour from it


struct: im not sure if thats the one

struct: or the one that is in puzzle directory

wlesavo: here, turn 145

wlesavo: oh, thx, this is different from the one i found

struct: This is the leaked one I think

struct: But I would check the puzzle one too, it might be different

PatrickMcGinnisII: line 643, i don't think ghost is release because there is only 1 ghost, I mean is not ... why there is a check to see if ghost id < ghost.size is beyond me

Default avatar.png NuclearPonyVanDerSwag_5109: 0

WattWillstu: oi

jacek: happy Caturday

antiwonto: [auto] Hey jacek, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 16 tacos

hexa8: what