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Default avatar.png zicknacker: hi people...just write down from which country you are all from??

Default avatar.png coderhobbit: USA

StevenV: I'm from Mars

Default avatar.png No00b: Elon here hit me up


5DN1L: no spam please


jacek: happy Caturday

Adeeb_007: hi

Default avatar.png Jainam123: hello

Default avatar.png tanish769627: hi

Default avatar.png tanish769627: mc

Default avatar.png Jainam123: hi

jacek: :upside_down:

Default avatar.png RivalRickson: hi

abt8601: :upside_down:

Mjdoo: :upside_down:

Mortis_666: :)

PatrickMcGinnisII: :scream_cat:

Default avatar.png moyuxiaozi: wa

Default avatar.png moyuxiaozi: :nerd:

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: :sunglasses:

jacek: :taco: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: or at least i think so yes

StevenV: ?

StevenV: ah, yes. u r right.

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: blunder don't suicide we still need you to work for us..

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: what a sad problem

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium:

cr4sh_bandicoot: jello

Default avatar.png aymene:

DaNinja: PatrickMcGinnisII you did well solving Sliding Maze in php. I cant pass Test 4 in c++ with full pragmas

DaNinja: but validators all pass

5DN1L: aymene please use #clash channel for clash invites, thanks.

Default avatar.png aymene: sorry

Default avatar.png Harry12302: Hello

Default avatar.png Harry12302: Hello

Default avatar.png Harry12302: Is anyone here?

Default avatar.png Rogue_Eagle: i am


Default avatar.png Harry12302: If you could choose between reversing and pausing your life, what would you do?

mybk: Hello everybody, yesterday I did a coding test and I am not seeing what's wrong with my solution, can anyone check it out, please?



mybk: problem: solution:

mybk: thanks

5DN1L: Harry12302 coding-related topics only, thanks


DaNinja: mybk do you calc the average somewhere?

mybk: no I am suming it

DaNinja: use the average

mybk: ah, the problem is the length of the table

mybk: yesterday I was seeing 3 in test case, I forgot it's varibale

mybk: newby error

mybk: anyway if I do the average, I will just divide the summation by the length of the table, so it's not going to make any difference (I think)

Markus235: hi guys, why its not possible to write a direct message to someone?

5DN1L: You've tried?

Markus235: ok im an idiot. But how to do it if you have only the username?

5DN1L: Write "/msg " then the username

Markus235: thank you sir

5DN1L: np :)

elderlybeginner: could you remind mi how to compile a referee?

DaNinja: brutaltester has instructions

elderlybeginner: mvn package :wink:

DaNinja: yup

elderlybeginner: reading that instruction is like reading a description of a bot - you always miss something and you have to read it again

j4at: Does anyone have a Spider Attack simulation ? I'm too lazy to write my own one

struct: j4at check the source code of the referee


j4at: struct, thank you :)

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: i'm live!

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: on blasphemous' stream

jacek: hm?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: someone is streaming on twitch and has that chat visible

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: "BlasphemousCrossbreed" his channel

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: seriously I swear there was a shorter word for that that starts with B and ends with d :thinking:

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: oh damn

BlasphemousCrossbreed: how to close it?

BlasphemousCrossbreed: I'd gladly

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: what you wanna close?

BlasphemousCrossbreed: chat

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: the ">" arrow in the bottom left corner of the chat window

BlasphemousCrossbreed: thanks

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: it's sad you can't close it 100% would love if that was possible, cause I am still tempted to check new messages

5DN1L: you can

5DN1L: add ?disableChat=true to the end of the url

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: :O

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: thanks a lot

5DN1L: np :)

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: like that?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: seems to have no effect

5DN1L: try other links, e.g.


Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: ah works well!

jacek: :taco: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: took me a long time

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: to cyte jacek:

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: "hm?"

5DN1L: Automaton2000 Do you hm?

Automaton2000: oh, you are in the chat

struct: Ok only viewer and statement missing now

jacek: no one reads the statement anyway

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: is that "suicidal robot problem" to be solved with "real state machines" or should normal logic be sufficient too?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: (

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: also

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: what is it with the fetish about code shortness?

Default avatar.png Zyk0: there's no fetish I think

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: not sure if you get extrap points for it. but I noticed a lot people attempting to make their code as short as possible

5DN1L: That's either the code golf section here:

5DN1L: or the shortest mode in a clash of code

jacek: disk storage is expensive nowadays

DaNinja: and paper

LaurensD: @waterproofsodium, there is a clash of code that is about shortness, yes. Also coding the most efficient way is a good thing right? make it more readable, easier* to maintain. etc.

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: optimizing for size != improving readability && improving efficiency

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: in most cases

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: anyways people may just do it for fun. I didn't get the big picture yet

Default avatar.png Zyk0: you did, they do it for fun

Default avatar.png Zyk0: It helps learning new things about a language too (that could be applied elsewhere than code golf)

LaurensD: Well, it does give you idea's how you might do things different, I guess

5DN1L: That's right

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: fair enough

Ayza: any good idea on how I would get the most wild mana?

Ayza: It's always a tie between me and the boss but it ends up winning with the most wild mana lol

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: ayza what problem you solving?

Ayza: spring challenge 2022

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: is it difficult?

Ayza: It's leagues based so

Ayza: wood league is pretty easy

Wontonimo: which league Ayza ?

Ayza: bronze

Wontonimo: i gathered a lot more wild by using wind to keep bugs outside of my base range

Ayza: so the more spells you cast the more wild mana you get?

Ayza: and it gotta be outside the radius of your base right?

Wontonimo: no, read the details on the left

Wontonimo: it's all there

Wontonimo: you gather wild mana per hero per turn that is outside of a base

Wontonimo: that's it. it's not based on kills, or spells, or anything else

Wontonimo: it is to encourage you to no camp in your base

Ayza: oh I see, just keep my heroes outside the base

Wontonimo: bingo

Wontonimo: paste a replay link of you vs the boss


struct: I would try pacifist until silver

Wontonimo: waterproofsodium , you can get to bronze by simply downloading the example AIs that are in the description and adding a sort so that your heros attack the closest bugs first

struct: and then make an attacker from there

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: Ayza ^

Wontonimo: Ayza , borrow an idea from soccer. Have your heroes have positions, and each hero is responsible for the bugs closest to their position

Wontonimo: your heroes are running around like 8yr olds playing soccer

Ayza: lol, I'll try that strategy

Ayza: thanks

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: how long is that challenge still around, i may want to try it later

Wontonimo: I tried 20 degrees, 45 degrees, and 80 degrees at a distance of 6000.

Wontonimo: sort all spiders by distance to base

LaurensD: which challenge? spring challenge it ended already

LaurensD: you can keep playing 'spider attack'

Wontonimo: then a particular hero is responsible for a bug if their camping point is closer to tthe bug than another hero.

Ayza: right now I am saving all the spiders coordinates in a list then get the one closest to the base

Ayza: which sounds like a bad idea

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: i'm confused. seems like they're still doing it

Wontonimo: no, that's pretty good Ayza

Ayza: but I think that's the reason why my heroes are all attacking at once

Ayza: because they are all going for the one closest to the base

Wontonimo: a simple improvement would be for hero 0 to attack spider 0, hero 1 attack spider 1 etc. that will spread them out but once a spider dies thenn they all runn around like idiots

Ayza: sounds like a good idea

LaurensD: does anyone know which c# framework is used for spider attack?

struct: C# framework?

LaurensD: .net framework

struct: C# 8.0

struct: net core 3.1.3

5DN1L: waterproofsodium It was originally a limited-time contest, now it's turned into an all-time bot-programming game, so you can play it any time

LaurensD: Thanks

LaurensD: @struct

Ophen: @5DN1L what is the badge near ur name

5DN1L: hover over it

5DN1L: and you'll see

Wontonimo: hey Ayza , here is a replay of mine. I'm in the lower right. Notice how my heroes seem to have a camp point, and they only attack the bug that is closest to their camp point


Wontonimo: and if a bug is too close to the base, wind it away

Wontonimo: just that will get you to gold

Wontonimo: gotta go. Good luck

Ayza: Thanks! I'll look at the replay

Ayza: goodbye

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: 5DN1L cool

struct: meh cant find any board to my liking and the graphics look so pixelated when I draw the triangles

jacek: and still no models for dices?

Default avatar.png MimmoFlow: Could you guys recommend me a bot programming challenge not too difficult for a novice please?

struct: jacek for dices I will just use a number

struct: lol

Quidome: MimmoFlow Tulips and Daisies is an idea


struct: are you still doing coif Quidome?

Quidome: yep working on it now

Quidome: doing a few more heuristics and try to get into gold.

Quidome: but already far more work than getting into silver :P

Quidome: I think I need search of some kind but not decided on that yet.

Quidome: Sim is more complicated than I like

struct: yeah Im not sure how to progress yet

struct: I want to do bitboard but Ill need to create my own for it

struct: instead of using uint64

struct: since it doesnt fit it

Quidome: interesting it doesn't fit in a i128 either...

struct: yeah

Quidome: hm...

struct: but bitboards are not needed for legend

Quidome: ok, don't it then :D

struct: I could use bitset<>

Quidome: youre doing C++ right?

struct: yes

Quidome: what is bitset?

struct: it optimizes based on the size of bits you need

Quidome: ah, ok

struct: so if you do bitset<192> it will probably create an array of 3 uint64

struct: and you can do normal bit operations oin it

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: can you do bitset<191>?

struct: yes

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: does it throw if you access index 191?

struct: no

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: (the index that is out of range)

struct: ah

struct: No idea I dont really use it

Quidome: if you put an envelope around the board to accommodate a void border you need 196 bits

struct: 13*12 is enough Quidome

therealbeef: bitset has small downside of not supporting arithmetic operations though

Quidome: why 13*12 and not 14*14?

struct: because bottom and top is irrelevant on bitboards

struct: 0b1110 >> 4 will just return 0

Quidome: so you rotate to move in the other axis?

Quidome: nm I have to look into this subject one day

Quidome: but not now

Quidome: :D

struct: yeah its simple to understand but I cant explain it well

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: btw are >> operations across programming languages the same? (provided they use same underlying datatype)

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: should all be done by CPU correct?

jacek: welp java has >> and >>>

Default avatar.png Rishavv: hello

Quidome: hi\

Quidome: hi

Quidome: struct i find it hard to get optimal movement without search maybe I do a DFS of optimal movement of my troops within a turn

struct: Yeah I dont know what ill do yet

struct: im not good on these types of games

Quidome: what are your favorite games?

eulerscheZahl: still playing ice and fire?

Quidome: yep

eulerscheZahl: one of my favorite games here together with hypersonic

eulerscheZahl: unpopular opinion but i also liked the pacman contest very much

eulerscheZahl: despite fog, not because of it

Quidome: pacman wass cool indeed

Quidome: i liked that one as well

struct: Im finishing backgammon first

struct: The french are waiting

eulerscheZahl: darkhorse

struct: nah, they reached on pm

Default avatar.png ElCimici: struct

Default avatar.png ElCimici: it's me again

Default avatar.png ElCimici: i have the same problem as yesterday

Default avatar.png ElCimici: i don't remember the fix

Default avatar.png ElCimici: Found: +++End of line (\n) Expected: Nothing

struct: you have one extra \n

Default avatar.png ElCimici:

Default avatar.png ElCimici: i tried s-1 but it dosen't work

derjack: print(o.strip())

Default avatar.png ElCimici: what does it do

Default avatar.png ElCimici: it works but why

derjack: removes white characters (space etc.) from the end of string

Default avatar.png ElCimici: aaaaa

Default avatar.png ElCimici: thanls

Default avatar.png ElCimici: thanks

derjack: and beginning too i think

Default avatar.png KunDragon: hello

jacek: ohai

Quidome: eulerscheZahl

Quidome: do you use search on coif?

eulerscheZahl: to some degree

eulerscheZahl: to find paths that cut off an opponent area and to build a kill chain (or to prevent the opponent doing so)


eulerscheZahl: and and the hungarian algorithm, i already forgot about that part again

Default avatar.png ElCimici: how can i get last character of a string in c++

Default avatar.png ElCimici: i tried string[string.length()]

Default avatar.png ElCimici: but dosen't work

Adsonmin: length - 1

Ayza: not a c++ programmer, but aren't you supposed to do string.length()-1?

Default avatar.png ElCimici: thanks

Default avatar.png ElCimici: u right

Andriamanitra: @ElCimici std::string also has .back() method that gets the last character

Default avatar.png ElCimici: thx

Andriamanitra: also i would advise you to use .at() method rather than indexing because [] can cause undefined behavior

Quidome: eulerscheZahl thnxs for the link very helpfull! :D

eulerscheZahl: much more detailed than what i can write 4 years after

eulerscheZahl: 3 years

jacek: brainfrog?

Ayza: thanks a lot Wontonimo, your tips helped a lot

Ayza: couldn't beat the boss but atleast got first ranking somehow

Quidome: :joy:

Default avatar.png ElCimici: what is mod

Default avatar.png ElCimici: in arithmetics

Quidome: the remainder\

Quidome: of a intehger division

jacek: modulo [solved]

Default avatar.png goore: whath

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I have brainfrog today

antiwonto: [auto] Hey waterproofsodium, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 2 tacos

Quidome: whath

Quidome: keep talking you might get tacos

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: keep getting tacos and I might get brainfrog

Quidome: waterproofsodium tacos

Quidome: there was a trick to give tacos, forgot how

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I would be interested in a trick to motivate myself

Quidome: waterproofsodium :tacos:

Quidome: waterproofsodium :taco:

antiwonto: [auto] Quidome has awarded waterproofsodium 3 tacos. waterproofsodium now has 5 taco. Quidome now has 15 taco

Quidome: :D

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: thank you for dem juicy tacos

Quidome: where are you working on?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: that suicide bot

Quidome: ??

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium:

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: but I wanted to do clash now. wanna join?

Quidome: ok

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: rip

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I missed you

Quidome: I was second, starting a new one

Quidome: ok got out again

Quidome: still there?

Quidome: Hm we are not supossed to chat about clashes here

Quidome: ok, I stop clashing to much stress

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: yes

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: oke

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: how is it stress tho :)

jacek: :scream:

C_breeze: got to love the clashers using eval with U16 codes to cut the char size in half

jacek: yeah, who does that :unamused:

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: how can I reopen a problem I just worked on in clash?

C_breeze: you can't unlss you go into community contributions

Westicles: search here

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: thx found it

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: ah now I get my mistake lol

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: seems if I do "test in ide" my code is no more there :(

jacek: huh

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: "negatives are not prime" seriously?

jacek: "By the usual definition of prime for integers, negative integers can not be prime"

EleKtr1X: i accidentally submitted my giant code on a shortest challenge 🗿

5DN1L: sad

VizGhar: sad backwards is das and "das is not good"

Default avatar.png Mu5h1e: Heyya :)

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: hm I scored a lot places > 4 in clash today

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: does that mean I lose score? :(

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: also does clash ever become more difficult? doesn't look like it. but still asking

5DN1L: i guess it's random

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: ah ok

5DN1L: and for scoring i believe it's based on trueskill

Laki_42: I think it is not random, I think it is based on ranking of players who are in clash, when I play with top ranked players I always get harder problems

5DN1L: or just "freshness":


5DN1L: ah, so the selection was updated in 2020

5DN1L: difficulty is not the first factor to take into account

Default avatar.png HenroLST: anyone know what ackermann is ? :sweat_smile:

5DN1L: google it?

Default avatar.png HenroLST: still confused lmao

5DN1L: maybe you can search it in YouTube

5DN1L: I think some explanatory videos there

5DN1L: are* there

Default avatar.png HenroLST: ok, thanks!

5DN1L: np

jacek: :taco: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i have a lot of matches

antiwonto: [auto] jacek has awarded Automaton2000 10 tacos. Automaton2000 now has 51 taco. jacek now has 28 taco

Automaton2000: let's see how that goes

BenjaminUrquhart: Automaton2000 still exists? nice

Automaton2000: and i have no idea how it worked

Default avatar.png B00M3000: hello!

jacek: :upside_down:

antiwonto: [auto] ':upside_down:' was defined as ' ɥǝllo '

nightwalkerinthedark: :angry:

antiwonto: [auto] Hey nightwalkerinthedark, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

nightwalkerinthedark: hh

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: nightwalkerinthedark your name is definitely composed from too many words

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: strange.. usually when I make a random silly comment I get a taco

nightwalkerinthedark: :expressionless:

Defiines: mmmm taco

nightwalkerinthedark: lol

picoplankton: so, what does this code in java doe ?:

int value = (seed & 0x10) == 0 ? 2 : 4;

ASM_MOV_INT: variable names can never have too many words, besides his name is only 2 more words than your name

picoplankton: do

Defiines: seed & 0x10 is a bitwise and, basically will 1 if second bit of seed is 1...

so if that == 0, return 2; else return 4

ASM_MOV_INT: seed & 0x10 is the hardest part? doesn't that do a binary AND with seed and 0x10

ASM_MOV_INT: bitwise is what i meant

Defiines: indeed

Defiines: so if seed is 10010, will return 1, meaning value will be 4

if seed is 10100, will be 0, so value will be 2

struct: 0x10 is 16

struct: which is 0b10000

Defiines: ah lol I messed the ox

struct: any number that has a matching bit in the 5th position will not be 0

Defiines: you're correct

picoplankton: so, is this the same as this in python ? value = self.seed & int(16)

picoplankton: what about the second part 0 ? 2 :4

picoplankton: that;'s a really weird statemetn

struct: picoplankton

struct: ternary operator

struct: a = false ? 1 : 2; a will take value of 2

struct: a = true ? 1 : 2; a will take value of 1

struct: maybe with parenthesis is less confusing

struct: a = (true ? 1 : 2)

picoplankton: what does the question mark do ?

picoplankton: 1:2 = 0.5

picoplankton: that's probably not java synthax

picoplankton: but my point is I don't understand the operators


picoplankton: oh, i see; its kindof like an if/else statment; i hate code like this. Code should always be as human readable as possible

picoplankton: thanks !

struct: np

picoplankton: though I still don't get it;

0 ? 2 : 4

doesn't this statement always return a 2 ? the zero value before the question make is a constant; doesn't change

picoplankton: oh wait

picoplankton: (seed & 0x10) == 0

struct: yeah

picoplankton: so, is this: int spawnIndex = freeCells.get((int) seed % freeCells.size()) the same as this: spawnIndex = self.seed % len(empties)

picoplankton: to java; bottom python

struct: the first doesnt seem to return the index

struct: but the object

Default avatar.png BigBadStopwatch_4678: coming to prep for interviews

picoplankton: its assigned to an integer

struct: freeCells.get(

struct: freeCells its an arrayList right?

struct: I dont really use java that much

picoplankton: yes, its an array; I'm trying to generate the java code to generate the same in python. the code his here:

picoplankton: 4x4 grid

PatrickMcGinnisII: random spawner

picoplankton: yea;

picoplankton: one last one -- in this:

picoplankton: seed = seed * seed % 50515093L

picoplankton: multiply or modulo first ?

struct: multiply

picoplankton: thx !

picoplankton: this can end up making very large or very small numbers....

isaadi: hi

struct: hi

Darleanow: Hello guys just a quick question

Darleanow: if a male of somthing weights 20% more it is w/100*20+w right

Darleanow: BUT

Darleanow: its given the female weight

Darleanow: if we do it in the other way, taking example of a male which weights 120, 20% of it should give 96 not 100 right ?

picoplankton: if male is 20% more than the male is 1.2x female; so female is W/1.2

Darleanow: OH THANKS

picoplankton: 1.2f=m <=> f=m/1.2

picoplankton: right ?

Darleanow: yeah that's right !

Darleanow: i though u had to remove 20% of her weight

jzen: :taco:

antiwonto: [auto] ':taco:' was defined as ' A currency to some, sustenance for others '

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: so

antiwonto: [auto] Hey waterproofsodium, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 6 tacos

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: thx for taco

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: hm i didn't get promoted

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: i don't get it

Ayza: taco

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Ayza, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 5 tacos

Wontonimo: how's your Spider Attack bot doing Ayza ?

Ayza: first off thanks for the tips, helped a lot

Ayza: doing well passed bronze

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: bah

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: spider attack bot is for children

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: (no taco? :( )

Wontonimo: cool

Default avatar.png Link_jon: takes about 30 mins before u get a taco during quiet time

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Link_jon, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 3 tacos

Default avatar.png Link_jon: this is example of 2 ish hours though

Default avatar.png Link_jon: maybe its 45. iduuno

Wontonimo: oh, thanks for the idea! I should make it random

Wontonimo: if you want to see the source code of the bot Link_jon , here it is

PatrickMcGinnisII: huh, it runs under xamp

PatrickMcGinnisII: superuser Wontonimo

PatrickMcGinnisII: exports to a user json file, i figured that's how it is

Wontonimo: it's pretty hacky

Wontonimo: and since I write it, I have it on good authority that it's hacky.

Wontonimo: x = 1/(x+1)

antiwonto: [auto] x = 0.6180339887506111

Wontonimo: -x = (1/x+1)

antiwonto: [auto] x = end of the universe

Wontonimo: -x = 1/(x+1)

antiwonto: [auto] x = end of the universe


Wontonimo: what's that?

PatrickMcGinnisII: i don't usually keep server running

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm, oh the server port to listen to i believe

Wontonimo: 192.168.... is local to your LAN.

PatrickMcGinnisII: umm yea, was just picking weird stuff out

PatrickMcGinnisII: :upside_down:

antiwonto: [auto] ':upside_down:' was defined as ' ɥǝllo '

PatrickMcGinnisII: test

antiwonto: [auto] 'test' was defined as ' this is a test '

PatrickMcGinnisII: working on space maze

PatrickMcGinnisII: spent the day working on a bitwise floodfill, works but can't do paths longer than 19 moves

DaNinja: in php? masochist :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: tree width is an issue, but prioritizing works well

PatrickMcGinnisII: gamestate can fit in 30 bytes

PatrickMcGinnisII: more than 12k nodes and I'm screwed

**PatrickMcGinnisII is a masochist

DaNinja: do you pass Test 4 in sliding maze?


PatrickMcGinnisII: I'll finish it later, I'm fried


PatrickMcGinnisII: :applause: