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Default avatar.png Zagibest: world

MITIRIX: It's 4:49AM here

ItsNotABug: 3:12pm here


PatrickMcGinnisII: 1:26am :sweat_smile:

kouin: do the leaderboards get automatically recalculated from time to time?

cegprakash: damn.. contest rank #70.. recalc rank 90. now back to rank #76

antiwonto: [auto] Hey cegprakash, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

cegprakash: I don't like recalc

hopee: b0b

hopee: 0

jacek: :taco: Automaton2000

antiwonto: [auto] jacek has awarded Automaton2000 10 tacos. Automaton2000 now has 71 taco. jacek now has 39 taco

Automaton2000: i have no idea how to solve the problem

Automaton2000: i dont know how i would do

Wontonimo: hello?

5DN1L: hello

Wontonimo: hey, long time since we've chatted. How was the contest for you?

raxkin: Ahh, just fixed a bug on my defense where i was not calculating correctlly the turns to reach the spider, to determine if i can kill it or if i need a backup. And also a minor bug on the farming calculations. Went from 131 to 34 lol. Sad that i found it now that contest is over :(. I could have pushed for top 20

5DN1L: first contest for me, interesting one

Wontonimo: cool you found it, sad not in time raxkin

Wontonimo: oh yeah, this would have been your virgin contest 5DN1L

5DN1L: yes

raxkin: Second one for me, and second legend too. I love this contests

Wontonimo: you got legend in Totoro (the hex farming game) ?

Wontonimo: I barely squeezed into legend Totoro. That was my first

raxkin: Yep, that was my first too. I think it was more hard than this one, to understand what was happening

raxkin: This was easy to find the problemems by looking at the replays

raxkin: Oh, there more removed users from legend? I think they said they removed 10, from 400 went to 490, but now there are 368 in legend

raxkin: from 400 to 390*

5DN1L: they're fixing the issue of incomplete import of bots

Default avatar.png Jaoie: hi

LaurensD: it's fine like this, someone who I wanted to beat ended lower because of the import bot issue. It's a sign! keep it this way

Default avatar.png Jaoie: #pt

raxkin: What is the impor bot issue exactlly?

5DN1L: incomplete

5DN1L: not all bots were imported

5DN1L: that's the issue

raxkin: Ah, ok

Wontonimo: it's 3am for me. gn

PatrickMcGinnisII: gn

raxkin: gn!

Default avatar.png Jaoie: gn

PatrickMcGinnisII: It used to be you had to enter the multi and resub your code, or a variant thereof

GroutchKeu: \o

Default avatar.png Kokoz:

JFB: list = sorted(dict, key=lambda x: dict['Start] * 1e10 - dict['End'])

JFB: list = sorted(dict, key=lambda x: dict['Start'] * 1e10 - dict['End'])

Uljahn: :worried:

JFB: (if first post I omitted ' at the end of the 'Start')

Default avatar.png Kokoz: I get TypeError: 'type' object is not subscriptable

JFB: Sorry my mistake:

JFB: list = sorted(dict, key=lambda x: x['Start'] * 1e10 - x['End'])

JFB: Once again I make mistake :-)

JFB: One moment :-)

Uljahn: you're using keywords as variable names :crying_cat_face:

JFB: l = sorted(dict, key=lambda x: dict[x]['Start'] * 1e10 - dict[x]['End'])

BenjaminUrquhart: pretty sure dict is also reserved

Uljahn: ^

Default avatar.png Kokoz: It works. Thank you :3

JFB: yes, so now I used l instead of list :-) And instead of 'dict' reserved word, in ipython I tested this last post and is OK

BenjaminUrquhart: well yeah it works, that doesn't mean you should do it

Default avatar.png Merci_A_Vie_vite_laire: List of dict of int table of hashset of list is the better way to do a good list

Uljahn: i'd use pandas dataframe

Uljahn: also i'd use key=lambda x: (my_dict[x]['Start'], -my_dict[x]['End'])

JFB: Kokaz used 'dict' as variable name in his post. So I used it in solution. Of course is better not use reserved words as variable name

BenjaminUrquhart: So my best bot for spring 2022 got ~120th silver during the contest. It's top 3 silver right now in the multi.

BenjaminUrquhart: I am in pain

Default avatar.png Merci_A_Vie_vite_laire: never use reserved word as variable name

JFB: :-D

Default avatar.png Merci_A_Vie_vite_laire: im dev and using reserved word as var name can be a problem to find your var or name an other var with the same type

Geras: Giving Tipps in World chat and writing profanities in De Chat. Must be fun.

JFB: I know. But if sb ask me the question is better to use in solution variables he defined in question. Letter we can discuss do question is correct and how to change it :-)

Default avatar.png Merci_A_Vie_vite_laire: Ye real

jacek: goto is reserved in java, but no goto in java :(

JFB: :-) sb just hated 'goto' so reserved it in Java ;-)

BenjaminUrquhart: on my way to bytecode patch my variable names to reserved names in java

BenjaminUrquhart: I think there's obfuscators that do that actually

Geras: It was a feature that has been removed, there are still labels that can be used, but tbh in my 17 years as dev I have yet to encounter a "good" usage of labels. Most of the time it can be replaced by something more readable.

jacek: i hate using bools if i want to break outer loop in inner loop

JFB: BenjaminUrquhart - probably your right. It looks as good obfuscation strategy

BenjaminUrquhart: is this what we've come to

Geras: jacek if you really need to break the outer loop you can have a look at labels. I would advise against it, but the feature is out there for a quick solution.

jacek: i know of it. at work i used it only once. i use it more in kotlin

jacek: spider attack

BenjaminUrquhart: thank you, I needed that video

BenjaminUrquhart: looks like I'll be joining spider yeet gang then

BenjaminUrquhart: was hoping it wouldn't come to that

JFB: BenjaminUrquhart - if your hero 5 used "WIND" in step 66 - you will win

JFB: Is jus such simple

BenjaminUrquhart: you sure?

BenjaminUrquhart: I'll tell you right now it cast wind

JFB: It depend do monster 44 in in hero 5 wind range. If it is in wind range - wictory is yours

BenjaminUrquhart: doens't look like it was

BenjaminUrquhart: cause it was reacting to the opponent hero and not the spider

BenjaminUrquhart: and the opponent was pushed back

BenjaminUrquhart: just not the spider

BenjaminUrquhart: anyway I have to go for now

JFB: OK. So it is not range. So control on the one of the opponent heros in 65 will give your win

BenjaminUrquhart: I don't run a simulation to figure that out

BenjaminUrquhart: although I could maybe see about adding protection for certain cases like these

BenjaminUrquhart: I could totally just cast shield on the spider lol

BenjaminUrquhart: anyway yeah I need sleep

Default avatar.png TheFlyingdidgeridoo: helloooooo

JFB: Any way - I use salmon strategy too so I know that your best strategy was to direct hero 5 to opponent in step 59 and following and use control na at least one of oppo heros as soon as you in range

JFB: BenjaminUrquhart

BenjaminUrquhart: meh

salmon: My bot also needs many improvements. It shouldn't kill monster 51.


JFB: Exactly :-) I made exactly the some mistake

tangent0: please check this promp

Salticid: Is there any information about the missing entries in the Spider Attack leaderboard? Should I just resubmit, or will the remaining entries to the contest be added eventually?

BenjaminUrquhart: [CG]Thibaud — Today at 3:57 AM there was an issue during copy. The arena is not ready yet

Salticid: Great, thank you for confirming that it's a known issue. :)

salmon: ups, I've resubmitted

JFB: And BenjaminUrquhart - it looks that your bots "think" that 38 is the danger to your base. It is not. But probably input data, wrongly, say that it is. Input data state that monster will reach a base - but it is not.

BenjaminUrquhart: which frame

BenjaminUrquhart: nvm I see it

JFB: 64 and following

Default avatar.png Maxyme_Bonvent: Hello, World

JFB: salmon - so when you resubmited your bots - you received points promotion in the game, right?

salmon: right

BenjaminUrquhart: @JFB that doesn't seem to be the case, I think it goes for it because I don't check if it will exit the arena before targeting

JFB: If your bot will be automatically copied to the game from contest - you will not receive such points , so resubmition was good move :-)

salmon: I did not know that :D

tangent0: System.out.println(res.substring(0, res.length()-1));

BenjaminUrquhart: nice

BenjaminUrquhart: anyway I need to depart for real

JFB: :-)

Default avatar.png Maxyme_Bonvent: good bye !

BenjaminUrquhart: I shall become one with the yeet probably tomorrow

Ayza: taco

antiwonto: [auto] Hey Ayza, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 4 tacos

j4at: taco

j4at: :(

5DN1L: You don't get taco that way

5DN1L: You have to wait a bit longer :P

5DN1L: I think it's 30 minutes of inactivity

j4at: okay, thank you :)

5DN1L: np :wink:

jacek: :upside_down:

antiwonto: [auto] ':upside_down:' was defined as ' ɥǝllo '

j4at: (:

j4at: :upside_down:

antiwonto: [auto] ':upside_down:' was defined as ' ɥǝllo '

VictoriousTriceraton: Greetings everyone! Can somebody check my contribution for approval, please? I need one more approve to publish puzzle.

Geras: I can't approve, but as a little note, in your Goal section you seperate the "-" and "|" with a slash, and in the next line you seperate with a comma, which makes it hard to read, at least for me.

5DN1L: You may leave a comment there

Geras: Will do, thanks for the hint.

5DN1L: :)

Default avatar.png Brawler_zx: Hi everyone, if anyone plays ctf can you tell me if this link is ok to use or not?

Default avatar.png Brawler_zx: I am new and found it on

5DN1L: I don't think it's appropriate to ask here

Default avatar.png Brawler_zx: I understand

Default avatar.png I need help learning python. any websites where I can go and learn?

5DN1L: check out this post:



5DN1L: #ophiology

cagriy: hello from istanbul

5DN1L: Latest announcement from Thibaud:

Default avatar.png DattBoii: hi

Default avatar.png DattBoii: :joy::grinning:

5DN1L: hi, glad you're happy

StevenV: hello guys

Murat_Eroglu: Gebze is not in Istanbul Çağrı :D

Ayza: can a mod look at jaoie's comment lol


yhyoxx: ...

5DN1L: ok, deleted, thanks for reporting

jacek: oO

eulerscheZahl: mods #de

Default avatar.png Zigounetta: sou fuck my wife ?

antiwonto: [auto] Zigounetta be respectful and watch your language

eulerscheZahl: yes, this user

eulerscheZahl: but he's more creative in German

Geras: In a sense, yes.

Uljahn: done

Default avatar.png EkipEkip: La masturbation dela bitta !

Default avatar.png yiermu: Difficult

Geras: Well, no sleep for the mods today.

Ayza: seems like the case

Ayza: too many troll accounts

jacek: :neutral_face:

eulerscheZahl: banning is still faster than creating a new account. but more spammers than mods

Uljahn: guess CG should hire full time mods, not just some volunteers :disappointed:

jacek: if (i != action) continue;

           errors[i] = gamma * qmax + reward - ops[i];

jacek: :rage:

eulerscheZahl: it's easier to simply remove the chat. so let's not complain

eulerscheZahl: i'd rather yell for mods a few times than lose it completely

struct: Ill just make a script to ban them from all chats instead

j4at: Trolls are not doing any significant damage tho.

jacek: :blush:

Westicles: I wonder if I give them an invite I'll get that influencer badge

Westicles: achievement

Q12: Uljahn You can automate this process by checking every message for curse and then warn the user, and if he curse again then automatically ban him

jacek: balls

jacek: oh

j4at: Auto ban is dangerous

j4at: auto mute instead ?

eulerscheZahl: there is no mute

j4at: add it ?

Q12: not if you warn him once j4at

eulerscheZahl: there is kick which lets you come back on page reload

struct: I dont warn new accounts

struct: sorry

eulerscheZahl: adding features to the chat? that's absolutely ludicrous

struct: Especially when its obvious

j4at: haha

Westicles: seems like the euros are less uptight about swearing than the NA mods

struct: I dont mind swearing

struct: But this is worse than that

Snef: they are commenting on forum now that they are banend from chat

Snef: banned*

eulerscheZahl: can't find it, deleted on forum already?

struct: I cant see it either

eulerscheZahl: really forum? or discord or such?

struct: I dont see anything in any of them

struct: Forum has auto moderation though

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: i delete this pc

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: how to get it back

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: i think my laptop is vani...

jrke: i like this

jrke: :grinning:

eulerscheZahl: but you get the red moderation symbol in that case


Snef: Here eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: oh, that's the contribution comments. not a forum

Snef: true

eulerscheZahl: only those with 300+ clashes can delete thre

Astrobytes: they did that before

Astrobytes: 5D sorted it

Astrobytes: apparently these people are quite persistent

eulerscheZahl: even robin hood got bored and gave up

eulerscheZahl: even MK

Astrobytes: lol, MK still pops up on the discord every so often

Astrobytes: on here, less so

eulerscheZahl: i'm immune to discord

Astrobytes: you're in harmony with discord?

eulerscheZahl: just the CG discord annoyed me. when a message gets deleted, it still shows an unread and won't disappear without a lot of random clicking

Astrobytes: that's a discord problem in general tbh

eulerscheZahl: but CG discord has the spamming problem

Astrobytes: Yeah. I still only have external contests unmuted so not an issue

Astrobytes: well, other than during the contest

eulerscheZahl: any comments on that channel that are worth reading?

Astrobytes: Nope.

eulerscheZahl: see, i did the right thing

Astrobytes: I would have relayed them by now ;)

struct: oh no I need 300 clashes :(

Astrobytes: I thought you did that?

eulerscheZahl: Tobou has 2000 or so

struct: :)

Westicles: rockstar had problems getting more email accounts. he said they wouldn't accept his phone number any more


eulerscheZahl: CG doesn't even have email verification. you can just enter any email that you make up on the spot

eulerscheZahl: bonus points for using one of your "friend" and then reaching puzzle moderator status

j4at: What are the libraries installed in python.

j4at: ?

Uljahn: numpy, scipy, pandas

j4at: ty :)

Uljahn: j4at:

IvesL: i would say its not correct

IvesL: it also includes datetime, sys, math

j4at: those are builtin

IvesL: oh

eulerscheZahl: perl libraries :D List::Util, List::MoreUtils

IvesL: do you guys know the shortest way to have all inputs in a list in python?

IvesL: like a = input(), b= input(), l =[a,b]

eulerscheZahl: isn't there a file containing the input?

Westicles: open(0) ?

IvesL: i remember i see someone omitting the "input()"

wlesavo: arr = [input() for i in range(2)]

eulerscheZahl: but what if the number of lines is dynamic?

j4at: a,b=open(0)

j4at: works with dynamic number of lines

IvesL: yea should be sth with open

wlesavo: in range(dynamic_n) :smiley:

Uljahn: also i=input;a=i();b=i()

eulerscheZahl: i('answer')

Uljahn: yep

j4at: i=input is only useful when you use 3 or more times

CasualCoder123: remember, string d = cde.substring(1, 2);

j4at: you can use input to print too. But will block you can use only for the last print

CasualCoder123: the output will change depending on your last imput

IvesL: it is usually a problem to me in shortest mode

CasualCoder123: huh

IvesL: for multiple inputs like int(input())

CasualCoder123: copy and paste

IvesL: what i can do is just I=int, N=input, I(N())

CasualCoder123: yup.

IvesL: until i see someone using like open in a one liner

IvesL: even shorter

IvesL: but i forgot how he did that

Westicles: wow, look at all the guys with double xp/cp on the missing accounts

mehdilhy: Is is possible to customize custom clash of codes parties

mehdilhy: the exercices part

eulerscheZahl: what do you mean by "customize"?

IvesL: hover over clash of code, top right corner 3dots -> launch a private clash

mehdilhy: I know there are some exercices that are made by codingame stuff , besite the community exercices

mehdilhy: they have black color in them

mehdilhy: And they are easier to solve and can be translated depending on the language choosen in the website

mehdilhy: so is it possible to only have those kind of exercices in a private clash ?

eulerscheZahl: are they really by staff and not just old?

eulerscheZahl: i'm not aware of such a feature to select the task

mehdilhy: Yes that's what i see ...

mehdilhy: thank you anyways

mehdilhy: have an amazing day !

StevenV: hello guys, which language should I learn for code of clash?

Wontonimo: one that you like. seriously.

Wontonimo: don't play clash to get highest on clash. play it to practice your language of choice

Wontonimo: then start doing puzzles and multis instead

StevenV: thanks

struct: Wood leagues demotivate me :/

Wontonimo: wdym struct?

struct: I have to write code that is not final

struct: and then adapt

struct: due to rules change

Wontonimo: yeah, i had to do that also

Wontonimo: get to bronze just by sorting bugs and attacking the closest

Wontonimo: then you'll have all your powers back

struct: im trying coif

struct: code of ice and fire

Wontonimo: oh, what? you were thrown back to wood in ice and fire?

struct: no

struct: I just never played it

struct: I think

Wontonimo: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Wontonimo: haha

struct: It should take me a while though

IvesL: @StevenV i think you are good enough fo clashes, just play if you want to

struct: I never used bitboards bigger than 64 bits

IvesL: not just enough tbh, but should be very good

jacek: you can cheat by using _int128_t

struct: but its 144 bits

struct: :)

struct: :( *

jacek: then make/find custom int256_t

struct: o.o

jacek: i think i saw bitboard gomoku 19x19


struct: nice, thanks

StevenV: do I need bitboard for fall2020?

struct: is that pac man?


StevenV: i don't know it real name

struct: Well you can use them for some stuff

struct: But i would not call it bitboard

StevenV: will a standard MCTS can make me Legend

struct: no idea

struct: I used a wrong implementation of Beam search and that got me legend

struct: I think my implementation makes a bit of sense though

StevenV: thanks

StevenV: I will try standard MCTS at weekend

StevenV: fall2020 is the first contest on CG for me, so I really want to be in legend for it

jacek: have you dont MCTS before?

jacek: its simultaneous moves game, may not be good for first MCTS. though there is not much interaction between players there

Wontonimo: hey StevenV , the discussion and postmortem talk a lot about beam search working well for this

Wontonimo: if you want to practice MCTS, I'd recommend Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

struct: connect 4 is the best for mcts

jacek: Wontonimo thats spring challenge

struct: imo

struct: easiest to sim

jacek: lostonimo

struct: on breakthrough it might work but its harder to have success with it

Wontonimo: oh ... so sorry


Wontonimo: and

Wontonimo: same thought, it's beam search also

CasualCoder123: string d = cde.substring(1, 2);

jacek: :scream:

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: how do i abort and still see other players solutions?

jacek: just send broken/incomplete solution

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: thanks I did

jacek: :tada:

jacek: well you cant leave clash unpunished. youll lose rank anyway

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: why is this so fun? :>

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: must be the excitement of competitiveness

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: gotta enjoy before it becomes stress

jacek: clashes? fun? oO

Default avatar.png Spenwata: lol ^

Default avatar.png Spenwata: same

struct: Its fun until you play 3k of them

NewCoder09: dang

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: that's basically what I said :D

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: also does it just need 3k to get good? :P

Husoski: According to folklore, it takes 10,000 hours to become a master at anything.

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: great. I'll start learning telekinesis today

Default avatar.png Hack_kings: hello

Default avatar.png Link_jon: hai

Husoski: to you in 10k hours! :)

VirtualRealityRocks: *at least 10,000 hours

Default avatar.png Link_jon: wait so whats the max

Default avatar.png Link_jon: 1m?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: btw did anyone here get a job from this? just by being good, not by being excellent

VirtualRealityRocks: The max is infinity

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: hi

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: NOOOOOOOOOO

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: how do i start ultimate tic tac toe

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: i'm a bit confused :[

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I beat 150% almost

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: 4 sec :O

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: 150th

VizGhar: DeadlyPyke why uttt? you pretty much have to simulate whole game in order to make it work

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: this just became stress :(

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: so what kind of ttt should i do?

jacek: wood league of uttt is normal tic tac toe

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: how do i start?

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: :|

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: it's confusing to me

Uljahn: start by learning the basics of a language of your choice

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: already done that

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: c#

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: what I'm confused about are the turns?

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: how do i explain this

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: um

Uljahn: solve some easy puzzles with hints, like Power of Thor episode 1

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: ok

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: thanks

jacek: so you are confused about input/output and while loop

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: pretty much

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: like how do i use opponentRow and opponentCol variable

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: if the grid was a table

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: would it be 1 on top left

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: and then 2 and then 3

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: ?


jacek: yes, but it starts from 0

jacek: so 0 0 is opponent made move (X or O) in left top cell

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: ah ok

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: so it's 0 1 2

struct: short games


struct: ...

Default avatar.png Link_jon: 1,890 turns is short?

struct: sorry sarcasm

jacek: 189

struct: my bot is just rand() % actions.size()

VizGhar: OK guys... I want to successfully implement MCTS. It doesnt have to necesarilly be something on CG. I failed with UTTT, so I want something small just to play with it

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ... w... wuht...

noValve: hey guys

noValve: hyd?

struct: VizGhar I first did it with normal TTT

struct: Because you can fully solve it there

VizGhar: tnx

jacek: connect 4? breakthrough?

struct: There are like 500k states+-

jacek: :notebook: :soccer:?

jacek: at most 19683 states or 362880 game tree

struct: Yes and no

Default avatar.png Link_jon: 5-- erm. mhm okay... cant you shrink skope down to small scenarios. like looking at only 9 cells at a time in all areas; like how one would in minesweeper?

Default avatar.png Link_jon: scope*

struct: I think that is with symmetry jacek

jacek: its upper limit with impossible states. 3^9 and 9!

struct: 549945 positions

struct: my minimax with no pruning

jacek: and per there are 5478 legal positions

struct: You can see articles mentioning this number

jacek: wtf


jacek: hmm, but at most you can get 9! moves

BuggyAl: can you retake a certification test if you fail it?

Uljahn: yes

BuggyAl: k ty

struct: idk jacek


VizGhar: just take a pen and have a nice weekend :D

LaurensD: :angry: it's thursday still got a day to work :upside_down:

jacek: oh my

Quidome: struct are you working on ice and fire? I just got into wood2

Quidome: hm you are promoting from wood 2 at the moment

Quidome: nice :)

CasualCoder123: string d = cde.substring(1, 2);


Default avatar.png Tuo: ice and fire? there is another competition going on?

ethaneCH3CH3: Help me to look at my code please:

Default avatar.png Tuo: need more content bad!


Quidome: wanna join?

Default avatar.png Tuo: yes!

ethaneCH3CH3: Hello anyone?

5DN1L: yes, I've kciked you

5DN1L: kicked*

5DN1L: don't spam please


struct: Quidome yes I am

struct: also gonna get promoted from wood 1 wtihout touching my code

struct: :p

LaurensD: justice has been served

Quidome: yes, nice, I was a little bit to early got kicked by you

struct: It seems like an interesting game

Quidome: do a resubmit now probably enough

Quidome: looks good indeed

Quidome: I mean the game, it is interesting

struct: yeah I understood

Quidome: the legend guys seems to have the same strategy

struct: Havent watched them yet

struct: I dont even know how to code a bot for this

Quidome: collect enough gold and launch a one turn attack

Quidome: that looks a little bit buggy to me in son't know al te=he rules yet maybe there is a reasonable defense

Quidome: (I don't know all the rules yet)

struct: Yeah this is why I wanted to skip wood

struct: but its not possible

struct: I just coded a monte carlo instead

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: how do you increase your rank?

struct: waterproofsodium play anything on the compete tab

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: doesnt involve clash?

Quidome: You used MC to get into wood 1

struct: clashes have a limit of 5k points

Quidome: ?

struct: To get bronze I guess

struct: Im getting promoted again

Quidome: Ir looks like heuristics is doing it for this game

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: hm clash is in compete tab

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: but I won some and my rank doesnt go up

struct: rank updates once a day

Quidome: just like the last spring challenge

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: i see

struct: Maybe

struct: Maybe its a mix of both

struct: search + heuristics

Quidome: there is already search for one move

Quidome: spend all your gold and see where it get's you

struct: brb

Quidome: yep I am gonna be promoted as well :)

Synergyforge: I can't ever seem to really get search algos to click in my head. :( I'm not a real dev.

5DN1L: Try double-click?

Synergyforge: hurda-hurda

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: my pod racer so pro

jacek: :tada:

jacek: is ti mad

jzen: ice ten food

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: oh getting bellow place 1k with podracer :D

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: hey i have a question

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: is it randomly decided who starts in uttt arena?

CasualCoder123: string d = cde.substring(1, 2); duh

5DN1L: no spam please CasualCoder123

5DN1L: you post that again and i'll kick you out


Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: 👀

CasualCoder123: um

Quidome: jacek are you active playing ice and fire atm

Quidome: ?

CasualCoder123: how is that a scam?

CasualCoder123: thats just an active string

jzen: *spam

CasualCoder123: haha thanks

Quidome: struct just entered bronze :) I am almost there

struct: nice

CasualCoder123: niiice

5DN1L: you've repeated that "string d" line a few times, CasualCoder123, that counts as a spam

Default avatar.png Link_jon: okay im completely confused as to what is going wrong

Default avatar.png Link_jon:

Default avatar.png Link_jon: someone else look at this

Default avatar.png Link_jon: cuz ive been looking at it for the past hour lul

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Notably the for loop to setup the players.set tables from the winners is probably whats going wrong but i cant tell

struct: Maybe ill get silver Quidome

struct: :p

Quidome: that would be cool, just entered brinze

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: what does the validActionCount variable do exactly in uttt?

Quidome: I see you are already above the boss, nice!

Quidome: going smooth for you!

struct: number of valid actions

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: so like, if i put down an x and then the opponent put down an o, since there's 7 box left validationcount gonna be equal to 2?

Default avatar.png DeadlyPyke: 7?*

struct: yes

struct: but on later game it is not normal tic tac toe anymore

struct: thats why it can be usefull

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: i got too tired to solve any problems now

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: i hate this :p

Default avatar.png Meep1307: :tired_face:

Quidome: come on struct get out, I am already at position 2

Quidome: And above the boss :grinning:

PatrickMcGinnisII: what lang is that Link_jon?

Default avatar.png natorius6: taco

struct: Quidome are you using heuristics?

Quidome: yep

Quidome: only

Quidome: a very greedy one

Quidome: hm I am getting to tired, have to stop I am breaking stuff now

wlesavo: oh you doing coif

wlesavo: legend is quite hard there

Quidome: it was easy sailing to silver

Quidome: 4 hours or something

wlesavo: i think for legend you need at least some variation of fatality and/or some good cuts

Quidome: what do you mean by that?

struct: mine is just MC on unfinished sim

struct: 100 iterations

struct: or something

wlesavo: Quidome deep lines to enemy base

wlesavo: in single turn

Quidome: aha, yes i observed that behaviour

Quidome: not there yet :)

struct: do you use bitboards wlesavo?

Quidome: can you defend against that strategy

wlesavo: but the stable defence is more important i think, the finisher itself is easy

wlesavo: struct no, i had some python heuristics with simple searches for fatality etc

lllllllllnasdfjwhjds: xxxxx

wlesavo: Quidome you can delay it while preparing your own attack

Quidome: With towers?

Quidome: just got those rules gonna look tomorrow

wlesavo: you probably need to check finishers for your opponent as well, and build towers on this route

Quidome: aha yes, thnxs

wlesavo: but the game is quite deep

Quidome: Because of the one turn long attack I was wondering if it was a broken game

struct: So I cant get legend with rand? o.o

Quidome: OK, now nicely above the bronze boss, just have to wait...

Quidome: fixed a minor bug :P

wlesavo: struct i think just mc is not enough, but it could be good for general strategy, idk

Default avatar.png lesageduvillage: hello guys, i have a technical interview tommorow for an internship what is the best exercice to perfect my c skills ?

wlesavo: struct are you doing multiple builds in one turn in MC im not sure how would i include that type of moves

struct: My MC only knows wood 2 rules

struct: so no building

Quidome: OK, I am in silver also

Quidome: continue tomorrow

Quidome: good night

wlesavo: gn

Angers: what is a good step after mad pod racing (silver) for another activity for a somewhat noob? Every one I look at seems to start with so much it's a bit overwhelming

struct: try some board game

VizGhar: I'd recommend learning BFS on any puzzle

MrAnderson: Cyborg Uprising has a pretty low barrier to entry

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: pod racer fine tuned xD

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: making it slowing down before the next checkpoint depending on speed and distance

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: don't know what else can be improved with the current data

jacek: bronze?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: wood

jacek: angle < -90 or > 90 trick?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: it seems a bit pointless. I already feel I'm a cheap neural network

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: that was the thing I added the first 5 min

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: then did Sqrt on it to give it more spicyness

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: hm seem to get on place 5 now xD

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: idk what temporary places mean, it shows place 2 now tho lol

jacek: it still calculating fights

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: still wondering why it pushes me up to low ranks tho

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: last time I got from 1000 back to over 2000

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: hey jacek how did you get out of low leagues?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I have no idea for any other optimization. I told you all 3 things I am doing. also boost seems to always work great

jacek: waterproofsodium youre above the boss in ranking. wait till it finishes battles in arena and it will promote you

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: sure sure

jacek: there is only 1 boost available. you want to use it when you are far from checkpoint

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I'm just curious how low leagues already requires 3 optimizations

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: yeah i mean.. that's exactly how i did it

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: far away and at right angle < 10 degrees

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: but

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: that's 4 optimizations already

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: in "wood league"

Default avatar.png 7Adieu: do you guys have very long time to wait when you submit for IA races ?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I feel like I may have missed something because I required 4 optimizations to get out of wood league

jacek: and youre in bronze :tada:

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: yes yes ty

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: still tell me wether I have missed something? xD

jacek: 7Adieu you jsut have to wait to finish all the battles

jacek: depending on game it can be 90 to 200

jacek: waterproofsodium you can try fiddling with thrust depending on distance

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: again. I did that already

jacek: there is also a trick: print target checkpoint - 3 * velocity of your pod

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: so counting 4 optimizations in total

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: what's the criteria to get to next league?

jacek: be above the boss in leadeboard ^_^

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: what's the criteria to be above rank x in leaderboard? :)

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: probably some score based on win/loss?

jacek: its trueskill algorithm. if youre familiar with elo system, this is something similar

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: i'm even familiar with trueskill

jacek: you get more point if you win vs higher player

jacek: oh my

struct: o.o

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: ok so ig next optimization would be to try to kick other players out of the game with boost :>

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: cause I can think of nothing else

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: it'd be also possible to map the race once one lap is done tho

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: and work intelligently with that

struct: yes

struct: you should do that

struct: on later leagues all checkpoints are given at the start

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: hm wait

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I should do excess work now?

struct: well if you do it

struct: you get promoted to silver

struct: or you can just use checkpoint_x - 3 * vx

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: yeah but it is annoying to do

struct: So you get gold and then code the sim from there

struct: If thats what you are interested in

struct: if you keep track of velocity you can do this

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: strange this formula shall work

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: where does it come from?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: forum?

struct: I saw it on chat

struct: and its mentioned a lot

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: maybe that's why I need for optimizations to get out of wood ..

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: *four

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: btw I already had vel in place

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I used it to slow down before reaching the cp

struct: for wood you only need to follow the tutorial

struct: also for some reason -3vx cant beat wood2 or wood1 boss

struct: cant remeber which

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I wouldn't have guessed that changing the target position would have any relevance without knowing the next next cp position

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: huh?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: the formula gets you past bronze

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: but not out of wood?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: that is very strange

struct: yes

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: maybe it bumps into you at every curve

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: one did that 3 times in a race to me

PatrickMcGinnisII: sumbitch... working on Sliding Maze Puzzle... everything works up until testcase 4 189 Depth 12 of BFS...I'm missing a valid player move and don't have a big enough log file:rage:

struct: even locally PatrickMcGinnisII?

PatrickMcGinnisII: nah didn't move it locally yet, i figured out a way to track it ... but I have to check every depth 11 gamestate

PatrickMcGinnisII: at least there's only 23 of them

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: to be good at pod racer I figured social engineering is my best bet

PatrickMcGinnisII: Imma go mow the lawn or something, glhf

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: does someone have email of current #1 rank?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: wanna ask for some code :p

struct: top 4 is NN

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: why do I do clash of code at 1 am

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: i got first yay

Default avatar.png HenroLST: hi

struct: hi

gearhead: hello

fcil: hiii

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: so a test didn't work although I had exactly correct output

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: how can that happen..

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: output was

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: 1 2 3

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: 2 2 3

fcil: hmmm

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: found:2 2 3\n

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: expected: Nothing

Default avatar.png HenroLST: ah

Default avatar.png HenroLST: the \n

Default avatar.png HenroLST: probably didnt want it?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: that's nice for the test

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: but that's kinda the tests failure

Default avatar.png HenroLST: hey i found you

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: aha

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: hm

antiwonto: [auto] Hey waterproofsodium, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: gimme more

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I'm already top 3% with 12k score? :D

ycsvenom: it's easy to get that from the first 6 hours try to get 6k or less :smiley:

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: hrmpf

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: define "easy"

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: I would bet to you that if I find 10 random people on the street 8 would not be able to achieve that in 6 hours lol

ycsvenom: lmgtfu "defemination of easy"

Westicles: lmgtfy a b

antiwonto: [auto] try 'lmgtfy [username] search'

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: hm

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: seriously how "easy"

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: are you talking about people who were programming for years before?

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: and if this is easy what is the difficult part?

Westicles: im14andthisisdeep

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: :)

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: btw I'm just asking to plan ahead

ycsvenom: i am saying you got to 12k because all people are just registering and don't bother to come back

ycsvenom: that easy

ycsvenom: i am just saying to keep going up and never gone down

Default avatar.png waterproofsodium: :thumbsup:

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: guys

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: how to hack codingame

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: i want to win just 1 game

BenjaminUrquhart: use code

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: which

DEV-thien: pascal <(")

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: new knowledge

Default avatar.png RivalRickson: hi

antiwonto: [auto] Hey RivalRickson, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

Default avatar.png RivalRickson: haha

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: hi