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Default avatar.png Jasher: hi

kaka.pops: hi

kaka.pops: i coding now

kaka.pops: pls don't distrube me

kaka.pops: thanks

jacek: oO

antiwonto: [auto] Hey jacek, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 16 tacos

jrke: oO

5DN1L: Automaton2000 do you oO?

Automaton2000: and it can be used

DaNinja: no talking, kaka.pops is coding!

5DN1L: And you just did :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

DaNinja: oops ;)

5DN1L: kaka.pops offline now

jacek: :taco: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: not even sure if it would be fine

antiwonto: [auto] jacek has awarded Automaton2000 10 tacos. Automaton2000 now has 51 taco. jacek now has 17 taco

Automaton2000: if you cant do it

Default avatar.png DarkSkull_5316: manden juego pa aprender python suave

5DN1L: English only please

struct: jacek taco

struct: jacek :taco:

antiwonto: [auto] struct has awarded jacek 10 tacos. jacek now has 27 taco. struct now has 15 taco

struct: sorry I forgot how to do it

ItsNotABug: My old account got 14,500 rank in pod racer. But I lost access to that account. So now I figure it might be time to re-write again. See if I can slowly chip away at figuring out all the nonsense maths again

jacek: math in mad pod racing?

ItsNotABug: yeah, for calculating positions. Lots of angles

struct: ItsNotABug you cna always check magu_s tutorial

struct: It shows how to code it

BenjaminUrquhart: is -3vel still semi-relevant

ItsNotABug: Surprising thing is recurse is top with python? How'd that happen?

struct: its c++

BenjaminUrquhart: I think he made a c++ bot and used python to launch it

BenjaminUrquhart: for the meme

ItsNotABug: lol. Explains it

ItsNotABug: I like python, but I never expect it top in these

jacek: he should have used bash

jacek: 14,500, is this silver

ItsNotABug: Yeah. 14,500 is silver

ItsNotABug: New bot is bronze atm

MrDKOz: Anyway to access my code from the Spring Challenge even though it's over?


MrDKOz: Awesome, thank you :)

5DN1L: :)

therealbeef: Out of frustration with the failure in the contest, I rewrote my uttc bot from scratch, and finally making promotion to legend

therealbeef: channeling that rage hehe

5DN1L: 🎉

burnpanck: same here :-)

therealbeef: which game are you working on?

burnpanck: spring-challenge '22; got my NN-guided MCTS bot to train a few hours after the contest ended...

burnpanck: after losing almost all weekend optimising the compile-time so it would stay below the compilation timeout of the arena

therealbeef: ah nice approach

burnpanck: my favourite, ever since that AlphaGo paper came out :-)

struct: How well does it play?

struct: do you have a replay of it?

burnpanck: no - I never got it to work during the duration of the contest. I'll try once it's available as a regular bot game.

therealbeef: I had spent months tweaking my UTTC bot using alpha-beta, never got higher than #7 in gold. rewrote it to lame MCTS (no solver, not really speed optimized, random rollout), and it just blows gold boss away... embrace MCTS

Default avatar.png putibuzu: wow you got it tow work :open_mouth:

burnpanck: what is UTTC again? my MCTS currently uses standard upper confidence threshold to select moves - sounds awfully close...

therealbeef: ultimate tic tac toe

therealbeef: another game

therealbeef: ah been typoing UTTT

therealbeef: sorry

burnpanck: ah, right - is it on CG?

therealbeef: yeah, i think it was an old contest as well

Salticid: I was thinking it must be a variation on UCT (upper confidence bounds over trees, a variation on MCTS) - thanks for clarifying. :)

jacek: is there anyone in legend in UTTT with good old alpha-beta?

therealbeef: it should be possible with a really good eval function

Default avatar.png putibuzu: @burnpanck if I remember correctly you mentioned your NN gets as input the monster-hero distances, right? how do you handle the fact that the number of monsters varies? sorry, I'm curious about your approach

struct: I think dbd r has minimax on uttt

struct: but I might be wrong

therealbeef: i like how they named the gold boss MightCarlo

jacek: i wonder if i used minimax with the nn eval how good it would be

struct: How long would it take you to code it?

jacek: probably under hour. mostly copy paste from other codes and adjusting

burnpanck: @putibuzu: The NN design is such that every mob-hero pairing is treated exactly the same; that is the features are an (n_mob,n_hero,n_feat) matrix; the NN then does "point-wise convolutions" (i.e. dense on each pairing separately). The only link between different mobs/heroes is though aggregation across all mobs/heroes.

burnpanck: variable sized matrices are oviously no issue in C++. for training, I leverage the new RaggedTensors in TF.

struct: do you use avx?

Default avatar.png putibuzu: @burnpanck: ah ok that's interesting, thank you very much :)

burnpanck: I hope so :-) that is, I use pragma "-O3" and use static loop bounds in the matrix multiplication (where possible; i.e make sure the mobs are the outermost dimension). hence also the many template instantiations and thus the trouble with the compile time...

burnpanck: re avx...

jacek: you use variable inputs?

struct: is o3 enough to enable auto vectorization?

burnpanck: tbh, I'm not sure, but I thought it did

JFB: If sb wants another contest I suggest kaggle (example game replay: )

jacek: maybe try target arch

jacek: #pragma GCC optimize("Ofast","unroll-loops", "omit-frame-pointer", "inline")

  1. pragma GCC option("arch=native", "tune=native", "no-zero-upper")
  2. pragma GCC target("rdrnd", "popcnt", "avx", "bmi2")

struct: no avx2?

struct: no fma

struct: o.o

jacek: probably arch=native and tune=native will take care of it

DopamineAddict: Is there a forum for spring Challenge 2022, want to know about the legends leagure strategies that was used

burnpanck: thx for the tips! I should probably throw the bot code onto Godbolt at some point anyway

5DN1L: DopamineAddict

jacek: DopamineAddict

jacek: :rage:

5DN1L: :upside_down:

antiwonto: [auto] ':upside_down:' was defined as ' ɥǝllo '

Default avatar.png Ninja184527: Hello

JFB: jacek - your #pragma moved my very old uttt from #218 to #182. Not very impressive position any way but good as the result of only 3 lines copy/past :-)

jacek: how much speedup?

JFB: I do not know - and I have had // #pragma GCC target("avx") // #pragma GCC optimize "Ofast,omit-frame-pointer,inline,unroll-loops" already

TobiasA: you know how you ca do this in python x = [i for i in range(10)]. I there a way for me to do that in c++

antiwonto: [auto] Hey TobiasA, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

struct: what does that code do?

_NikJ: for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) x[i] = i;

jacek: list comprehension?

_NikJ: my mistake, it's i = 1; i <= 10

TobiasA: yea list comprehension

struct: x[10] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10};

Default avatar.png Dasohneplan: can anyone help me with 'There is no Spoon'?

_NikJ: You could do generate or transform on vector, but I guess that's ugly af, it might be prettier to use use a loop or predefined like struct said

Default avatar.png Dasohneplan: can i also do it with a 2d Array or is that to much?

jacek: maybe lambda?

cegprakash: just read _Royale's post mortem

cegprakash: he has done GA

cegprakash: omg omg

cegprakash: he finished legend #55

cegprakash: would love to see his scoring function

TobiasA: pls can send the link


TobiasA: thanks

tutubalin: "The Armstrong number is called a number. If we multiply each number by the power of the number of numbers, it becomes equal to that number."

antiwonto: [auto] Hey tutubalin, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 1 tacos

tutubalin: This is a CoC puzzle statement!

tutubalin: Are there any punishment to those who approved such puzzles?

abt8601: wow so many numbers

jacek: should be reverse

tutubalin: it definitely a number of numbers


5DN1L: Approvers: a Level 8, a Level 9, and a Level 17 who seems to be offline for quite a while now

5DN1L: And their approval comments...

tutubalin: we need to approve approvers

tutubalin: and approver of approvers is called approver.

abt8601: :joy:

eulerscheZahl: that'S a lot of numbers, tutubalin

Default avatar.png Link_jon: approverer?

tutubalin: eulerscheZahl a number of numbers

tutubalin: Link_jon :)

eulerscheZahl: Zahl is German for numbers

eulerscheZahl: *number (singular)

eulerscheZahl: perfect nickname for the occasion

tutubalin: :)

Default avatar.png Link_jon: a number of numbers... better said as a number of digits? ugh i just got here and my head allready hurts

Astrobytes: "The Armstrong number is called a number" that's some wisdom there

jacek: go figure

eulerscheZahl: do people even read their statement before giving it to review?

eulerscheZahl: and to reviewers read it?

Astrobytes: I am guessing a "no" to both

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Im... looking at it now... What. the example makes sense atleast

tutubalin: That's one small number for number, one giant number for numberkind.

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png Link_jon: XD

Astrobytes: brilliant

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Hi, I think the description is a little cumbersome. "raise each digit to the power of amount of digits"

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Alonehoc is genius

eulerscheZahl: "three-digit number" i think we can do better "three-numbers number"

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ugh this makes my head hurt

Default avatar.png Link_jon: cant look any longer

tutubalin: eulerscheZahl :)

tutubalin: and it should mention that three is also a number

Astrobytes: good point!

tutubalin: number-three-numbers number

VizGhar: what a heck? o.O

Default avatar.png Link_jon: dunno..

tutubalin: it looks like some esoteric language now

eulerscheZahl: then look at this Link_jon, it will calm you down

jzen: Anyone remember how the positions are rounded in code vs zombies? I have tried truncated and rounded but my sim is still incorrect

eulerscheZahl: i would give you mine but it's also off a bit :(

Default avatar.png Link_jon: (uhh ok)

Astrobytes: could make a decent puzzle, numberlang

abt8601: Hmm should I edit the contribution to make it not suck as much?

Astrobytes: I wouldn't. People need to laugh once in a while :P

eulerscheZahl: can you edit it? i can't, no permissions

jzen: Can you edit a contribution after it was approved?

Astrobytes: Yes, if of sufficient level

eulerscheZahl: you have to play 300+ clashes

eulerscheZahl: or level29 for any puzzle that's not a clash

abt8601: I have played thousands of clashes so I can

Astrobytes: ^ in this case

Thorcode: the contest really fun

actualCoderTrevor: By this definition, 101 is an Armstrong number, because 10 is a number and 1 is a number, and 10^2 + 1^2 = 101

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ....reeeeeeeeee

tutubalin: also 101^1 = 101

Astrobytes: ah but don't forget, 2 is a number and 101 is a number

eulerscheZahl: make a new clash about the yet to be defined Armweak number

jzen: Wouldn't it be 10^3 + 1^3 = 1001?

Astrobytes: Legweak

jzen: actualCoderTrevor

eulerscheZahl: good point

tutubalin: jzen no, there are 2 numbers: 10 and 1

actualCoderTrevor: ^

jzen: Sorry I meant 10^3 + 0^3 + 1^3 = 1001

jzen: Wait

VizGhar: Legweak number is number without legs. 6 8 0 doesn't have legs... count all bipods in interval 1-10000

jzen: I now see I am confused

actualCoderTrevor: Well 1001 would work

Astrobytes: VizGhar: :D

Thorcode: how can you find this 3 months ago puzzle euler

VizGhar: feel free to steal it astro :P

VizGhar: :D

Astrobytes: hahaha all good man, you can keep it :D

actualCoderTrevor: VizGhar please don't allow it for reverse

tutubalin: with proper tests it's a decent reverse puzzle

tutubalin: also with a hint in output sttring

eulerscheZahl: "how can you find this 3 months ago puzzle euler" parser error

Astrobytes: I don't get it either.

eulerscheZahl: i just link to and hope it answers whatever question

eulerscheZahl: heavy rain outside, including thunder and hail. i gave shelter to the neighbor's cat

eulerscheZahl: mine doesn't know yet

Astrobytes: ooh. Do they know each other?

jacek: betrayal

abt8601: Author and one approver are of the same school

abt8601: But this indicator is rather weak

Thorcode: this clash i thought was approved 3 months ago

jzen: Thorcode It was, tutubalin just got it in a clash and commented on the poorly written statement

Thorcode: I can even edit this clash


abt8601: I have a revised version, what do you think?

eulerscheZahl: yes, the cats know each other. mine hates him. he doesn't care about her

jzen: Beautiful abt8601

Default avatar.png Link_jon: *insert applause* This is an amazing statement abt

abt8601: Thanks

Astrobytes: lol euler, wait til she finds out you've been fraternising with the 'enemy' :D

eulerscheZahl: 2 enemies

eulerscheZahl: there's another cat that visits regularly

eulerscheZahl: but the 2 intruders get along well with each other

eulerscheZahl: some initial fighting but they have an arrangement now

tutubalin: abt8601 that's good!

abt8601: Thanks

abt8601: OK, I think I'll bring it online


abt8601: Here is the old one if you still want to have a laugh

Astrobytes: hah! I had "King" Bart from a few doors down who used to come into the kitchen and casually eat my cats food and/or wait at the back door to be let in

Thorcode: i still have the old one

Astrobytes: He stopped eventually

Default avatar.png j4at: I didn't try bot programming yet. I have a question, I see that people uses ML methods(from reading the chat) Those can require hours/days of training. Do they train it offline ? If yes how ?

jacek: only some of the top people use that. they wrote their own game simulators, play on them and learn from them

Default avatar.png j4at: okay :)

jacek: for example there is alphazero-like tutorial for oware

eulerscheZahl: i had that "King Bart" too. now the cat door is electronic and checks for the chip before granting access

jacek: hmm, do playground articles work for you?

Westicles: site still running slow?

eulerscheZahl: was annoying when i was sleeping in bed at night, with my cat on top. and then i heard him eat next door (so did my cat)

Astrobytes: lol, yeah good move with the electronic catflap

jzen: jacek Not for me

Astrobytes: works for me jacek

eulerscheZahl: but it doesn't work properly in winter

eulerscheZahl: it opens for my cat but never closes again

Astrobytes: hahaha, slight design flaw

eulerscheZahl: gets better: it's blocking the way out

jacek: well it keeps loading for me :\

eulerscheZahl: turning the house into a cat trap

eulerscheZahl: but the neighbor's cat is fine with that

Astrobytes: I imagine it is!

MSmits: hey guys

MSmits: I kinda missed the contest. But I just played my 3 games vs professor X

MSmits: (oware)

eulerscheZahl: how did it go?

Astrobytes: hey MSmits, yeah I also got my email

eulerscheZahl: 3 times tie?

MSmits: Made exactly 1 error in each game :(

Astrobytes: damn

eulerscheZahl: human error or bot error?

MSmits: so out of 400+ moves total

MSmits: no, bot erorr. The opening 48-37 seed positions are based on meta mcts

MSmits: i did not make a single error after that

Westicles: the ide seems to be broken

MSmits: so my database is validated at least :)

Westicles: fix it mods

Astrobytes: nice, well done MSmits

eulerscheZahl: so you lost the games but gave him a strong fight at least?

MSmits: yeah I think I was his best opponent so far

eulerscheZahl: did he write anything in chat?

MSmits: yeah we chatted a bit.

MSmits: nice guy

eulerscheZahl: also: not sure if you would have liked the contest game. a few years ago when you were new: definitely (code royale days)

eulerscheZahl: but the total opposite of a board game

Astrobytes: haven't scheduled mine yet, need to finish the app lol

MSmits: yeah I did code to bronze league btw. Just on friday i think

eulerscheZahl: i had a hard time motivating myself

eulerscheZahl: not my kind of game. but i wanted legend. and then i couldn't just stop after going that far

eulerscheZahl: laggy chat is lagging

Westicles: all the puzzles are dead

MSmits: the game actually seemed interesting and i kept telling myself to code for it

Default avatar.png Link_jon: i see this too...

  • sigh* making a hex converter in lua is difficult lul

MSmits: but I was playing a 32-player tourney in solaris and i won that.

Astrobytes: gg

MSmits: so I am semi-ok with missing contest, but not entirely

Astrobytes: you can always do the multi

eulerscheZahl: human or bot tournament?

MSmits: this is human. strategy game, strangely enough. No bots

eulerscheZahl: and you (supposedly) missed codejam

Astrobytes: not scriptable at all?

Astrobytes: I was asleep

MSmits: not really, though the devs are working on AI for people who leave the game

MSmits: I know it's strange, i havent actually gamed in like 6 yrs before this

MSmits: but it sucked me in a bit :)

Astrobytes: it does seem pretty good

eulerscheZahl: this?

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: they have a turnbased version and realtime. I prefer turnbased as you can then be on equal footing if you have a life

eulerscheZahl: oh, windows :poop:

MSmits: but the 32p i won was real time. Let's just say i did not get much sleep

MSmits: it's also browser based


MSmits: dont need steam

Astrobytes: yeah, turn-based is the best. Pick up where you left off

MSmits: you have 24 hrs to make your move

MSmits: move(s)

eulerscheZahl: i just don't want to pick up on a time consuming hobby

MSmits: yeah, i am not trying to get you guys into the game. Just letting you know where I've been at :)

jacek: mhm

eulerscheZahl: if you are willing to miss the first CG contest in a year for it, it must be good

jacek: and last

MSmits: well, it's good, but I have this obsession with winning... that's the main reason.

MSmits: once i start...

Astrobytes: Competitive spirit :D

jacek: so you lost in oware due to opening?

eulerscheZahl: team up with jacek

eulerscheZahl: you take over mid-game

MSmits: yes, first game i played perfectly to ply 28

MSmits: then made an error on 35, was solved on 40

eulerscheZahl: did professor X tell you that you made an error?

eulerscheZahl: or did you analyze it afterwards?

MSmits: afterwards, but i know it really soon, my meta mcts is running while playing the game, i see my score go down :(

MSmits: my first few moves i have millions of visits and then 10-20 moves in it goes down to 50k or so and i start to have few enough visits that i cant be sure

jacek: you need more confidence

MSmits: indeed

jacek: it means even deep meta mcts cant be that trustworthy

Smelty: lol

MSmits: i had several lines of play that would have certainly led to a draw, that i have explored more than enough, but he did not pick those

eulerscheZahl: clever of him

MSmits: But I can let go of the worry that maybe my database has errors. 300 moves played i db and no error

TabulaRasa: Hi all, I have naive question, when do you think will spring 2022 challenge show up in bot programming games?

MSmits: I thought this happened the next day?

Astrobytes: yeah, that's very cool MSmits

eulerscheZahl: should come back soon, we don't know the exact day

Astrobytes: Thibaud said within the week

MSmits: He suggested we meet up in Amsterdam where he is based btw

eulerscheZahl: also don't forget about the survey

MSmits: might take him up on that

TabulaRasa: thanks @Astrobytes

Astrobytes: Oh nice MSmits, please do

eulerscheZahl: raise your voice for bot contests

Default avatar.png j4at: :raised_hand:

jacek: and play on real oware board?

MSmits: yeah if he is serious about it I'll go over there

MSmits: i suck at oware lol

Astrobytes: I think he would be serious about it

eulerscheZahl: drag him into Onitama

MSmits: I'll mention codingame for sure

Astrobytes: I bet I get destroyed when I get around to scheduling my games

MSmits: You never know, you could get lucky

MSmits: just dont make a mistake

eulerscheZahl: you can get destroyed on CG without a fixed schedule

MSmits: =)

Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: was it jacek or you that suggested this challenge Astrobytes?

eulerscheZahl: jacek

MSmits: Thanks jacek

Astrobytes: yeah jacek

MSmits: it was exactly what i wanted

jacek: who's jacek, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i just dont know what to do

Astrobytes: possibly no better way to test your seed db :)

MSmits: yeah, I verified it against itself, but there's nothing better than an independent db that has been tested over and over against others

Astrobytes: Absolutely.

MSmits: what kind of program will you use Astrobytes?

MSmits: Do you also have a DB?

Default avatar.png Wizard-Dude: Hello, in legends of code & magic they say that there are three different locations a card can be , in the players hand, on the players side of the board, and on the opponents side of the board. What is the difference between on my hand, and on my side of the board?

eulerscheZahl: hand: you can play it

Astrobytes: No DB Msmits, but my modified offline version performs better than my CG version

MSmits: no difference

MSmits: oh

eulerscheZahl: board: you have to summon it first (costs mana points) before playing the card

MSmits: i was thinking onitama sorry

Default avatar.png Wizard-Dude: oh thanks!

MSmits: Astrobytes cool. I did have an endgame db generator shared if you have time to give it a try

MSmits: I just misses movement generation and such

MSmits: (have to input your own sim)

Astrobytes: oh yes, I forgot about that

Astrobytes: thanks!

MSmits: you can easily generate 20-25 seeds

MSmits: 36 seeds took me 3 weeks though

jacek: if your modified offline generator performs better, why dont you put it on CG :v

Astrobytes: yeah I remember you doing it

yhyoxx: is there a relationship between heuristics and finite state machine ?

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: finite statemachine uses heuristics to move between stateds

MSmits: heuristics are if/else conditions basically

yhyoxx: is the best way to make a heuristics bot implementing a fsm ?

eulerscheZahl: flying spaghetti monster?

MSmits: not sure if fsm is usable in most arena's

eulerscheZahl: couldn't resist

Astrobytes: :D

yhyoxx: nice

MSmits: :)

jacek: :no_mouth:

MSmits: but you can use ideas from fsm

yhyoxx: like last contest, my biggest problem was design

eulerscheZahl: that was CG's problem too

yhyoxx: and there were only a few states

eulerscheZahl: that's how we got an escape

Astrobytes: :rofl:

yhyoxx: haha

yhyoxx: true

yhyoxx: wth was that contest

yhyoxx: training some model ?

MSmits: oh btw, this was the endgame map for my solaris tourney: Me being dark blue

eulerscheZahl: did you win anything?

MSmits: eh an ingame badge :P

Astrobytes: nice

eulerscheZahl: you are Innoble?

MSmits: yeah, havent you seen me on discord

eulerscheZahl: as MSmits

eulerscheZahl: i left CG discord long ago

MSmits: you invited me for that special channel

eulerscheZahl: then i just forgot

MSmits: oh ok

MSmits: can you have different names for different discord channels?

Astrobytes: the special channel will only really become useful if/when this chat disappears

MSmits: i mean as a user

MSmits: ohh ok,is it a backup chat?

Astrobytes: essentially, yeah

MSmits: because we didnt know what was going to happen with the merger?

Astrobytes: Pretty much. That and the getting rid of the webchat plan

eulerscheZahl: :(

MSmits: is that still happening?

MSmits: or unclear?

eulerscheZahl: paused A/B testing, they had a bug

eulerscheZahl: testing should continue soon

MSmits: did they want to integerate discord in the page?

MSmits: integrate

Astrobytes: No

Astrobytes: You can't embed discord afaik

MSmits: I have no idea

eulerscheZahl: iframe?

Astrobytes: ew

MSmits: are iframes deprecated?

MSmits: what is a web dev supposed to use instead?

Astrobytes: I don't think they're as widely used as they were, just for specific things

MSmits: ah ok.

Default avatar.png Wizard-Dude: Hi, I got an error saying timeout on Legends of Code & magic, What does this error mean?

MSmits: I use them sometimes

MSmits: Wizard-Dude your bot uses too much time

eulerscheZahl: you don't print a line of output

MSmits: possibly because you don't print yeah

MSmits: (under some circumstances)

Default avatar.png Wizard-Dude: oh, I think that is the problem! Thanks !

Default avatar.png Link_jon:

Default avatar.png Link_jon: run it and you

Default avatar.png Link_jon: 'll understand lul

ZndrBrok: Hi guys, do only i have problem with CoC right now ?

ZndrBrok: I don't see the score of people who finished

ZndrBrok: and when i quitte to play a new one

[CG]Keelhaul: No, the issue is being investigated

ZndrBrok: i never get notified about the ranked after the 15 minutes

ZndrBrok: shiieeet

eulerscheZahl: today in "guess the language" is it Lua?

ZndrBrok: i need to pass an interview on codingame :P

ZndrBrok: i hope this bug will not be related with the "pro" part of the site :P

MSmits: eulerscheZahl it reminded me of vba but different

MSmits: the "end" thing

MSmits: but no brackets

Astrobytes: yeah it's Lua

ZndrBrok: @Keelhaul thank you for the information !

Default avatar.png j4at: Clash of code results are pending for the last 30 mins

Default avatar.png j4at: :grimacing:

Default avatar.png j4at: nvm

Astrobytes: scroll up

Default avatar.png Link_jon: currently failing to clash and aaggh

Default avatar.png Link_jon: it hurts

Default avatar.png Link_jon: what i wanna know is how ppl instantly finish clashes

eulerscheZahl: they just click submit without solving it

eulerscheZahl: that's the fastest way

Default avatar.png Link_jon: 100%?

eulerscheZahl: maybe they already know the clash then

eulerscheZahl: only 1500 or so to choose from

eulerscheZahl: 1787 in my database

jacek: flash clash

jzen: eulerscheZahl Finally fixed the CvZ sim

eulerscheZahl: in all situations?

jzen: At least the ones that were failing before :)

eulerscheZahl: i had this weird case where the zombie would have to go horizontally (?) but the y changed and he moved further away by 1 unit

eulerscheZahl: too long ago, i can't recall exactly

eulerscheZahl: if you like reversing, try the CG sponsored contest

jzen: Seems like I already submitted something

jzen: Oh wait, it just spits out a random valid answer

jzen: But I'll be sure to make an actual attempt at some point

VizGhar: its optim... In optims it should be easy to print valid answer... just not optimal enough

Dapps: I just read bowwow contest PM. I just didn't understand what type of search did he use in attack?

eulerscheZahl: Bender 4 :see_no_evil:

eulerscheZahl: chokudai?

eulerscheZahl: that's like beam, but with fixed depth and increasing width


Dapps: oh interesting

eulerscheZahl: that snippet contains 1 or 2 bugs btw

eulerscheZahl: HStates[t+1].push(NextState);

eulerscheZahl: and don't return a state from depth 0

DustinNunyo: Hey guys! I am doing the Fall 2020 Challenge. I have this idea to approach the problem like a Chess AI. The problem is it's a bit out of reach for me at the moment. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might do to improve?

eulerscheZahl: how do you approach a chess AI?


cegprakash: yaaay

cegprakash: finally solved code vs zombies

Mindarius: I feel like this shouldn't be legal in shortest: exec(bytes('浩潰瑲洠瑡੨ⱷ㵨慭⡰湩ⱴ灯湥〨⤩瀊楲瑮洨瑡⹨潣扭眨栫㈭眬ㄭ⤩','u16')[2:])

antiwonto: [auto] hey Mindarius that looks like python golf compression. It's legit, and acceptable to use. You may be interested in this tool

eulerscheZahl: Opponent eval: 1ms, score: MUDA"

that must be from AntiSquid

cegprakash: but my rank is pretty low :P

cegprakash: I don't cre

cegprakash: I saved human race

DustinNunyo: Well, I assume it's a recursive algorithm that goes multiple levels deep and examines the board state across many different board state but that bit is the part that is a little fuzzy for me. I know you can also do stuff like alpha beta pruning to sort the list of board states and not check certain board states but that is about all I know.

cegprakash: I saved human race and got 100%

cegprakash: don't care how many zombies I kill

Default avatar.png Link_jon: OH

Default avatar.png Link_jon: i now see how he was able to finish in under a minute

Default avatar.png Link_jon:

Wontonimo: DustinNunyo , for a chess AI use alpha-beta ( or minimax or negamax , all same family ) or use MCTS

Wontonimo: A beam search could work if you have a really good eval

Wontonimo: if you are not familiar with minimax, start there. Google it, watch some youtube videos

DustinNunyo: Well, the game says that MCTS is in the "related material" so I assume that is probably one of the better ways to approach the problem.

DustinNunyo: I'm sort of familiar with it but I am not sure how to implement it.

Wontonimo: yes, MCTS will most likely beat minimax but it is a bit more advanced

Astrobytes: not sure why it says MCTS when almost everybody used beam search for that contets

Astrobytes: *contest

Wontonimo: which contest?

eulerscheZahl: fall 2020 was the witches cooking, wasn't it?

Astrobytes: 2020

DustinNunyo: I know that it plays the best move possible for you then the best move for you opponent and checks multiple levels deep and tries to find the best end result assuming your opponent plays all the best moves.

eulerscheZahl: even the winner used beam search

eulerscheZahl: there is little opponent interaction

Wontonimo: Fall 2020 Challenge ? yes beam search is the way to go

DustinNunyo: Aaaah, alrighty, I will check into that.

jacek: start to learn minimax or mcts on sequential game. that game is simultanoues

jacek: + doesnt have much interaction between players

Wontonimo: ChokudaiSearch beam search is just a trick to do a beam search of width 1, then 2, then 3, etc until you run out of time.

eulerscheZahl: C# has no priority queue in the library :/

VizGhar: Startup multi approved? Is it any good?

jacek: yeah, has best graphics ever

Wontonimo: I looked at it. It's not my thing

eulerscheZahl: never again joke about my artwork

Wontonimo: that link you sent eulerscheZahl seems to be missing something to increment ChokudaiWidth

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: you have a priority queue of reachable states for each depth

eulerscheZahl: then as long as you have time, you take the one with the highest score and generate the next states from it

cegprakash: how is the score computed in code vs zombies? I have to save all humans?

eulerscheZahl: the width just allows you to expand a few nodes before moving to the next layer. keeping it at 1 is fine

cegprakash: I saved 1 human in every game but seems like I only got 33K score

Wontonimo: ah, I'm mistaken then. thanks

cegprakash: but I need 40K for unlocking optimisation tree

jacek: save 1 human to pass a testcase

DustinNunyo: Anyway, thanks for the heads up guys! I am going to go back to reading material now. lol

Wontonimo: well, optimize those kills cegprakash

Default avatar.png KYel: Actually, PriorityQueue was added in C# with .NET 6 introduced

cegprakash: I've to kill the zombies or save multiple humans what's the goal Wontonimo

jzen: Scoring works as follows: A zombie is worth the number of humans still alive squared x10, not including Ash. If several zombies are destroyed during on the same round, the nth zombie killed's worth is multiplied by the (n+2)th number of the Fibonnacci sequence (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and so on). As a consequence, you should kill the maximum amount of zombies during a same turn.

eulerscheZahl: wait, really? how could i miss that

jzen: Sorry for big paste

eulerscheZahl: such a game changer

jzen: Thought it would pastebin

eulerscheZahl: woah :o

eulerscheZahl: finally

cegprakash: fibonacci wew

eulerscheZahl: now i just have to wait 2 or 3 years until CG, topcoder, codejam and all those update the language

NewCoder09: in code vs zombies i have 649 lines of code in C and im ranked 216th with a 223930 score im proud of myself

cegprakash: and I need to save multiple humans :\ And I thought ash and just 1 more human can save the human race

Astrobytes: I think anyone tasked with saving the human race should learn to read statements :smirk:

DustinNunyo: Would it be beneficial to learn how to do a BFS algorithm first for beam search? because I actually need to write a BFS/Dijkstra pathfinding algorithm for another project I am working on.

Astrobytes: Yes. Very helpful

VizGhar: BFS first yes

cegprakash: if u keep asking me read problem statements I'll make more twitch streams on how to solve problems without reading the statement Astrobytes

Astrobytes: cegprakash: :D

DustinNunyo: Are there any algorithms that you guys might recommend before BFS? lol

jacek: DFS

cegprakash: sorting

Astrobytes: DustinNunyo:

DustinNunyo: I'm a pretty decent coder but not really a very good programmer as I am finding out. lol

Dapps: Convex Hull

DustinNunyo: Alrighty thank you guys! I will check those out!

cegprakash: don't check convex hull Dapps is kidding. it's for advanced

DustinNunyo: It's funny because I've actually implemented A* before but for some reason BFS and DFS are just hard for me to wrap my head around. lol

jacek: or try some easy puzzles

Dapps: haha yes i was j/k :)

Dapps: i don't even understand it

DustinNunyo: convex hull huh? lol

DaNinja: super easy Space Maze

eulerscheZahl: the 2nd onboarding puzzle, as we call it

Astrobytes: the 1st of course being Nintendo

gaha: Just shared my post mortem for Spring Challenge

gaha: 8th place, using 3x attacker strategy

eulerscheZahl: i know, i hated your bot in particular :P

Dapps: I hated all shooters lol

gaha: it was so fun to shoot though

eulerscheZahl: game rules were unbalanced

Dapps: i just accepted it as part of the game

Dapps: it shouldn't have been linear though, each additional hero should've moved it less far

DaNinja: Euler was this what space maze was based on?

gaha: sure, it'd make sense

eulerscheZahl: it was something with a car you had to steer

eulerscheZahl: a yellow beetle i think

eulerscheZahl: later levels also had keys that melted ice blocks

eulerscheZahl: making that part of the map passable

eulerscheZahl: i've spent hours searching it and also asked my dad who installed it in the first place

eulerscheZahl: but no luck

DaNinja: it doesnt ring a bell

eulerscheZahl: i think it was on water rather than in the space

Smelty: hmm

eulerscheZahl: with rafts

eulerscheZahl: afk for a while now

cegprakash: An error occurred (#407): "You reached the limit of plays for a period of time.".

Dapps: lol you seem to hit that often

jacek: addict?

cegprakash: there are just 21 test cases

cegprakash: so it runs 21 times

cegprakash: not my fault

jacek: on a bright side, im finally in wood3 in br2k

jacek: what a noob

DomiKo: lol

cegprakash: You have reached the maximum of submissions in a row. Please try again in a few minutes.

cegprakash: I hate this plz

cegprakash: I close CG

cegprakash: can't test

cegprakash: can't submit

jacek: oO

Westicles: br2k is tough, I'm stuck at the top of wood5

MSmits: Westicles yes, it's designed to be tough

MSmits: I never got into the top league

DomiKo: Getting out of Wood 3 is hard enough :(

MSmits: Yeah it was

Westicles: I was going to try to advance to all the woods possible (51 left to go) but I'll skip that one

Westicles: and chess

jacek: no :cheese: for you

Default avatar.png HenroLST: huh

MSmits: Westicles the games made by the community aren't real wood leagues

MSmits: they are harder, sometimes much harder

MSmits: ex-contests are generally easy, except that ocean game

Westicles: yeah. I think I have solved all the easy ones, except maybe fireworks... can't read all that

Westicles: though now that they are going to make the community puzzles into events with leagues, everything will change I guess

MSmits: this is a good way to try all the games and see if there's one you lik

MSmits: oh, where can i read about this?

Westicles: thib talked about it on chat, let me try to find it

MSmits: ok

jacek: community games with leagues? :drooling_face:


Westicles: search for 'mentioning' to get at the start

jacek: oh my!

0zBug: :rage:

0zBug: :rage::rage::rage:

[CG]Thibaud: :eyes:

MSmits: thanks Westicles

[CG]Thibaud: o/ hello :)

jacek: captain on the bridge!

Astrobytes: hi Thibaud

Astrobytes: leagues for community games could be interesting/fun

[CG]Thibaud: what I am a bit scared of, is that it will earn CP just like a regular challenge

MSmits: are you afraid it will be unfair because people already know these games?

MSmits: thereby having a headstart?

[CG]Thibaud: this and also the risk that it remains a small event with 1k players top

Astrobytes: Yes indeed

MSmits: well it depends on how much you advertise it. You get huge amounts of players for these official contests

MSmits: how do you make that happen?

Astrobytes: that's a lot of resources though

MSmits: yeah i tis

MSmits: i think we have some community games that really deserve more attention. like eulers graph game

jacek: graph game :thinking:

Smelty: j,,

**MSmits waits for the mention of paper soccer

jacek: i didnt

[CG]Thibaud: yes, it's great for the visibility of the games

Astrobytes: also, I worry about the difficulty of some of the games; I mean it goes from 0..100 required skill level somewhat steeply in a lot of the board games for instance

Smelty: hmm

[CG]Thibaud: I'm still the one who select games

MSmits: this is true, some are hard to get started in

Astrobytes: Though, I guess with enough players at different levels/leagues it could still be a fun and interesting experience for most

Astrobytes: just back to that "getting enough players" issue again though

jacek: and how would new leagues bosses be created? like in contests?

Smelty: interesting

therealbeef: you could favor relatively new community games, to mitigate the problem of having many people with really good bots already at start

jacek: well board games have few hardcode players from the start

MSmits: therealbeef that may help a bit, but it usually doesn't take more than a month for bots to be as good as they will be

MSmits: so that would mean *really* new

Astrobytes: or at least in the ballpark

therealbeef: so maybe spot one during review phase and then release it as an event

MSmits: that could be good

Astrobytes: definitely a lot of potential, might take a few tries to get running smoothly

therealbeef: e.g. let reviewers 'nominate' good ones, so it's less work for CG

MSmits: Hey Astrobytes did you create a game before?

MSmits: I'm not sure

MSmits: darkhorse did

Astrobytes: MSmits: no I was going to but other stuff took over, still on the list

MSmits: ahh ok

Astrobytes: Morpion solitaire/join-five

MSmits: sounds good

jacek: darkhorse?

struct: just make jacek bots as the wood boss

Smelty: ^

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ^

Kaelidian: is it just me or is python the best language for clash

Smelty: its definitely good for shortest but dunno

Default avatar.png Link_jon: idk i see alot of people playing with snakes in clash. a few gem hunters too though. Then theres people like me that live on the moon lul

Smelty: lul

Nakotathepro: hello

Default avatar.png Link_jon: hai

DustinNunyo: ugh... recursion is aweful!

snoyes: you can say that again

Astrobytes: :smirk:

gaha: Actually, how are bosses created in the contests right now?

Wontonimo: they were users

Astrobytes: it's automated since this last one, previously they were chosen manually by CG staff

Wontonimo: ^^

DustinNunyo: lol Anyone got an tips for breaking the recursive algorithm barrier?

I've written a recursive sum function and a json parser in the past but that's about it.

gaha: I think Gold Boss was not deterministic which I didn't really like

eulerscheZahl: looks like i missed some chat

eulerscheZahl: "i think we have some community games that really deserve more attention. like eulers graph game"

Wontonimo: recursion can always be turned into a loop plus a stack

eulerscheZahl: whatever update it was caused a buggy viewer

Wontonimo: so think of your recursion as a stack DustinNunyo

gaha: imo having deterministic boss is important to be able to fix bugs in the code

DustinNunyo: @Wontonimo I think I kind of understand what you are saying It's just really hard to wrap my head around.

aCat: yeah it helps a lot

Astrobytes: Yeah, I think previously they checked for that but apparently the automated version doesn't

aCat: but bosses for lower leagues were deterministic, it may be that for legend it is not

Wontonimo: hey DustinNunyo , so when you are calling back on a function what is really happening is you are pushing the current variables of the function onto the callback stack. well ... no need to do that

aCat: to not help too much with overtuning

gaha: yeah, I think they all were except for the last boss

eulerscheZahl: they tried to find deterministic ones for higher leagues too

eulerscheZahl: and lower = deterministic can be by chance

eulerscheZahl: how many players use random in lower ranks?

DustinNunyo: @Wontonimo yeah, higher order functions also did my head in until relatively recently... lol

Wontonimo: instead make a data structure DustinNunyo and push that onto a stack. The data structure is what would have been the local variables of the funcgtion

Wontonimo: what's your programming language DustinNunyo

DustinNunyo: I am most comfortable in python but I can use a few others in a pinch.

Wontonimo: give me a couple min and i'll try to make an example

DustinNunyo: Thank you so much man! I really appreciate it!

Wontonimo: hmm ... i'm going down a rabbit hole. Before I go further, tell me about the recursion problem you are attacing

Nakotathepro: hello everyone

DustinNunyo: Well, the ROOT of it is that I need to calculate a flow field for a game that I have been working on for a few years. For that I need to understand either Dijkstra's pathfinding algorithm for the integration step but I was having trouble with it so I decided to get back to basics and try strengthening my ability with recursive algorithms.

Default avatar.png Link_jon: noice?

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Also hai

DustinNunyo: As for what I am working on right this second; I am working on a DFS puzzle trying to get better at recursion. lol

DustinNunyo: death-first-search-episode-1

Default avatar.png Link_jon: lul. Good luck with that. M currently playing with bots and seeing what lua --cant-- can do

Default avatar.png Link_jon: indexing a nil value is a very constant problem XD

DustinNunyo: Ultimately I am hoping to go from DFS to BFS to Dijkstra's

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ooooo

cclaude42: Hey everyone! I have a question about the /home roadmap

DustinNunyo: nil values?

DustinNunyo: I haven't ran into that yet.

Default avatar.png Link_jon: nil == NULL (but nil is Lua)

DustinNunyo: It's looking like I might have to keep track of when I cut a link.

cclaude42: I finished Legend on the contest, but it didn't unlock the Legend level in bot programming. Will it unlock eventually ?

DustinNunyo: Well yeah, lua, was actually my first language. I just haven't ran into any nil values being passed in on this puzzle yet. Then again, I am only on the second level.

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ... Huh i just had a thought. Claude, check to see if your score still exists

cclaude42: My score ? You meant the codinpoints ?

Default avatar.png Link_jon: err. in the leaderboard itself

cclaude42: Yeah still 82nd

Default avatar.png Link_jon: *shrug* might just not be updated yet

Astrobytes: when the codinpoints are added/updated you'll get the achievement

cclaude42: Maybe it's strictly bot programming. When do they usually move a contest to regular bot programming ?

cclaude42: I have the codinpoints already :o

Astrobytes: it will be there within the week

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Also,im having absolute PAIN whenever working with tables in tables and variables to index those tables, not sure why

Astrobytes: oh they updated the CP?

cclaude42: I have it, yeah

Astrobytes: but either way, you'll be in Legend when it comes back

cclaude42: Reached Master ranking :D

cclaude42: Niceee it's my first time, stoked

Astrobytes: and it should be here within the week Thibaud said

Astrobytes: and gratz :)

cclaude42: Thank you :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: I snuck in two 'private' contests, got N/A for CP, I wonder if they are used in the CP 5% degredation?

Astrobytes: no you don't get any CP for those at all, doesn't factor into it whatsoever afaik

PatrickMcGinnisII: I gained +3k cp, and lost +2k cp on the 5% degrading for a net of +650 CP, very disappointing

Default avatar.png Link_jon: sad

MichExpatMatt: I gained 133 CP overall since April 16, but I lost 157 profile rank in the same time period :(

MichExpatMatt: Leaving every time I joined a clash that turned out to be annoying probably hasn't helped

Astrobytes: also clash CPs decay

MichExpatMatt: yeah

PatrickMcGinnisII: clash points deca... yea fairly quickly

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: I barely know what I'm doing half the time T-T

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ^

Astrobytes: in general or on here? :P

MichExpatMatt: but within the first couple days of the spring contest... my CP shot up and cracked the Master category for the first time. One day later... the point increase vanished like it was never there

MichExpatMatt: maybe it was just a calculation error on their part

PatrickMcGinnisII: Anyone try 'Start-Up' multi? I'm a little is a ML game?

jacek: cant you tell from its graphics

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: I feel like I'm the only beginner here

eulerscheZahl: something definitely broke, was working before :( chromium (left), chrome (center), firefox (right)

eulerscheZahl: the warriors show the circle on top, which should only be visible in debug mode. and the color of one player does not change

Astrobytes: SDK update?

Astrobytes: or viewer rather

eulerscheZahl: not sure yet

jacek: mhm

VizGhar: thatonedreamsmpfan2.0 I was beginner too 1-2years back :P just enjoy yourself

eulerscheZahl: and when i reload, settings don't get saved

eulerscheZahl: that used to work as well

MichExpatMatt: Everyone was once a beginner at anything they do. Don't sweat it! Personally I am just here for fun and to learn a thing once in a while

eulerscheZahl: and i don't even think that i can file a bug report, as i did so much things that i weren't supposed to do

cclaude42: Yeah we're all beginners at some point :D

eulerscheZahl: wasn't*

MichExpatMatt: (despite my talking about points and ranks)

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: But it's so hard, I can barely enjoy myself :(

jacek: "That" - she

VizGhar: thatonedreamsmpfan2.0 and what exactly are you doing? go for easy puzzles

jacek: like galaxy labyrinth

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: I am, It's still hard because I've just gotten into coding

Default avatar.png Link_jon: What language are you using?

MichExpatMatt: I regularly look things up on geeksforgeeks, stackoverflow, and a few other sites while trying to figure out puzzles/challenges. I've done DFS and BFS numerous times for example, but I seem to always forget the algorithms

Astrobytes: MichExpatMatt: try this site for solidifying your pathfinding/graph knowledge a little

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: I think I'm using a language called Go, I really don't know the difference between the different languages for coding

MichExpatMatt: Astrobytes oh nice! I think I used one of those examples when I was working on the Captain Kirk maze thing earlier this year, but I hadn't bookmarked it so I lost it and didn't realize how many other things were on the site

PatrickMcGinnisII: eulerscheZahl looks like it works in my Firefox 99.0

Astrobytes: MichExpatMatt: Yeah it's a great resource, the interactive/animated parts are very useful too. Very in depth in parts but you can take as little or as much of it as you need

Default avatar.png Link_jon: You might have an easier time starting off with a simplier language (but... learning a more weird language earlier will help get used to... the pain.)

Personally I'd suggest something along the lines of Python or Lua (or javascript but.... ehhhhhhhh)

PatrickMcGinnisII: Waterfox (64 bit) stopped working correctly months ago... but FF 32 bit works fine...wierd huh

PatrickMcGinnisII: oops WF works on the replay

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: Link_jon: pain is an understatement

eulerscheZahl: PatrickMcGinnisII if you reload the replay, does it save the settings (debug mode, custom colors, ..)?

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Yes...i enjoy sticking to the Lua/Python combo instead of the only 'proper' language i know: C++

eulerscheZahl: with the latest SDK version: only lost the bottom bar, i expected much worse

PatrickMcGinnisII: eulerscheZahl nope, none

eulerscheZahl: same for me, used to be working :(

MichExpatMatt: In college I was doing mostly C++ up until graduating 2007 and today I don't remember it, I'm mostly C# and very spoiled by it. But in college my favorite instructor said things like "if you know algorithms, languages are just syntax" and "if you can do it in C++, you can do it in any other language"

eulerscheZahl: custom color for you makes no sense if it doesn't save between replays

Default avatar.png Link_jon: pretty much yeah

MichExpatMatt: which to me sounds kind of like "I've had Mickey's, so I could drink anything"

Default avatar.png Link_jon: small problem

Default avatar.png Link_jon: i dont forsee a Lua remake of Doom

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: I can't believe I want to code games but I can barely figure out this puzzles t-t

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: *these

Default avatar.png Link_jon: (wait what was Doom even coded in)

jacek: i dont want math, i want to program computers!

Default avatar.png Link_jon: I mean. I think thats how most of us felt and or continue to feel sometimes.

Default avatar.png Link_jon: or maybe its just me

Default avatar.png Link_jon: What puzzle is it

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: in my opinion, math should be illegal, but sadly we still need some of it for coding

VizGhar: You cant code without math

jacek: or meth

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: XD

Default avatar.png Link_jon: eehh thats just the motivator

Default avatar.png Link_jon: then theres meth math and thats a whole nother story

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: lmao

VizGhar: I've heard about some guy taking controlled amount of LSD... And he solved some pretty darn hard problem... you guys know more?

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ...Rather explosive, usually. Am curious now, what puzzle was it ur fighting with

VizGhar: I want to read the story :P

Astrobytes: I don't think microdosing is all they say it is tbh

VizGhar: yeah thatonedreamsmpfan2.0 what is that you cant solve?

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: everything t-t

Default avatar.png Link_jon: send the link

VizGhar: we wont help you then

VizGhar: If you need to cry, find other place. If there is anything to ask, then ask

Astrobytes: :D

VizGhar: We are willing to help but there is no way as you can see

Astrobytes: On point

VizGhar: "Hey I want to buy something" "What should it be?"

  • leaves store disappointed

VizGhar: now on point :)

Astrobytes: heh heh heh

PatrickMcGinnisII: eulerscheZahl hmm, looked at source... would take forever for me to break it all down ... but looks like server side session would be necessary ... but on reload, CG is sending a static CSS ... so while authentication may be handshaked, i dunno on replays...I doubt more overhead is utilized because setting stuff in the browser could inject into the JS locally by malicious they probably closed the hole.

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: there are different problems in a puzzle and I can't figure out how to make all of them stay correct when I switch to figure out another a different one t-t

Astrobytes: That's a very roundabout way of saying "I have no idea" Patrick :P

Default avatar.png Link_jon: aka the best way

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Ah, dont hardcode your way through the puzzle

Default avatar.png Link_jon: make an algorithm that takes the input, and converts said input to the correct output

jacek: so... NN

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Theres allways a pattern

Astrobytes: to jaceks trolling?

DomiKo: new challenge. Make NN to predict jacek :D

Astrobytes: lol

Waffle3z: automatonnn

PatrickMcGinnisII: Astrobytes i have clue. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: i think changing the CSS with JS is okay locally, but it's safer for CG to bump to default Doc. of course, the YT player controls might not be spanning due to the addition of .mobile support .... yea ok, I'm guessing... but it's not being saved

PatrickMcGinnisII: crap got dr. appt. in 30 minutes

PatrickMcGinnisII: laterz

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: I'm only good at the conditions puzzles, my life sucks

5DN1L: yeah, life is full of conditions puzzles

Astrobytes: :D

thatonedreamsmpfan2.0: sadly

Nakotathepro: who is a girl on here

jzen: You, judging from your picture

Default avatar.png Link_jon: probably only you seeings the silence

eulerscheZahl: by that logic Astrobytes is a cat and 5DN1L just yellow

jzen: Wait... You are not a frog?

eulerscheZahl: a toad

jzen: Sorry

Default avatar.png Link_jon: ul

Astrobytes: lol

jzen: I see that I have offended your being

jacek: First important fact – all toads are frogs, but not all frogs are toads!

pmor: I thought on the internet the men are boys, the boys are men, and girls are fbi agents

Astrobytes: correct jacek

jzen: Good to know jacek

jzen: pmor Where does that leave the toads?

jzen: The FBI agents are toads?

pmor: if they are girl toads

Default avatar.png Unkn0wn225: I need help with changing thors direction f movement cause im new

5DN1L: cause you're new in what?

5DN1L: new to CodinGame and new to a programming language are different, for example

Default avatar.png Link_jon: jacek: so frogs are rectangles and toads are squares?

jzen: Link_jon the other way around

Default avatar.png Link_jon: Ahh yeh

Kaelidian: c# is terrible for clash 98% of the time

eulerscheZahl: an update to the latest SDK at least solved the issue of warrier and circle being shown at the same time for chromium

eulerscheZahl: but it looks like any toggle with more than 2 possible states doesn't get saved

ycsvenom: Kaelidian i think c# is terrible as you said because it's slow ,terrible and broken intellisense

MichExpatMatt: One of the reasons I started trying to learn python

MichExpatMatt: Also in C# I was trying to do the code golf for Don't Panic #2, I've made my code illegible but it's still only down to 447 chars :sweat_smile:

5DN1L: Don't Panic #2?

MichExpatMatt: Yeah there is a challenge for the second Don't Panic puzzle, where the goal is not just to pass all the tests but to get code size <200 chars


5DN1L: That's Don't Panic #1

5DN1L: "This is a rather special programming challenge. This is the same problem as « Don't Panic - Episode 1 », an medium puzzle, but instead of simply solving it, now you need to do so with the least possible amount of characters."

MichExpatMatt: ahh, my bad. Sorry, I haven't worked on that one in months now so I misnamed it by mistake

5DN1L: No worries :)

5DN1L: Just wondering whether you wanted to challenge yourself to code golf #2 too :P

MichExpatMatt: idk, maybe once I get better at python

jacek: :upside_down:

antiwonto: [auto] ':upside_down:' was defined as ' ɥǝllo '

jacek: :taco: Automaton2000

Automaton2000: that last bit triggers me, oh well.

antiwonto: [auto] sorry jacek but you can only award tacos once per day

jacek: :rage:

derjack: :taco: jacek

antiwonto: [auto] derjack has awarded jacek 10 tacos. jacek now has 37 taco. derjack now has 44 taco

wlesavo: in Block the spreading fire the last validator is random and the seed for test is fixed right? and other test cases coinside with validators?

Westicles: The 'random' ones are always the same, if that's what you mean

Westicles: I think confusion over this resulted in the 1-star rating... he thought it changed every time you submit

Westicles: sad

DomiKo: 1-star is correct rating for this puzzle

jacek: huh

Westicles: oh, maybe so... I haven't tried it

DomiKo: me too, I just read the statement

wlesavo: oh, thats sad

wlesavo: i thought that number of test cases seemed to be quite low

VirtualRealityRocks: how is the clear rate for the onboarding puzzle only 85% XD

Wontonimo: because people think this is an intro to programming for total noobs and then freak out and run away

VirtualRealityRocks: it literally gives you code to copy in

5DN1L: Doesn't mean they necessarily follow it through

VirtualRealityRocks: I suppose

Default avatar.png katyanaveka: :nerd:

Default avatar.png glebas: лю катю

Default avatar.png katyanaveka: :sunglasses:

Default avatar.png Link_jon: *shrug* idk, to me CG just seems to require intrest in coding, and a basic knowledge of programing

Default avatar.png glebas: *shrug* idk, to me CG just seems to require intrest in coding, and a basic knowledge of programing

5DN1L: no spamming please glebas

linjoehan: I'm in here now

antiwonto: [auto] Hey linjoehan, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 13 tacos

PatrickMcGinnisII: where's my :taco:

jzen: :taco: PatrickMcGinnisII

antiwonto: [auto] Sorry jzen but you need 3 tacos to give tacos. You have 0 now. Get someone to give you more tacos first

jzen: :(

PatrickMcGinnisII: drop :taco:

antiwonto: [auto] That taco command has moved to the #taco channel

BJD: :taco: jzen

antiwonto: [auto] BJD has awarded jzen 1 tacos. jzen now has 1 taco. BJD now has 9 taco

Donotalo: is there any way to view company leaderboard of a competition beyond rank 100?

struct: Donotalo search the name


Default avatar.png Frostyhot: how do i learn to code

DustinNunyo: @Frostyhot YouTube is probably the best place to start of you have absolutely no experience in my opinion.

DustinNunyo: They might have super beginner friendly lessons on here but I am not sure.

DustinNunyo: I haven't looked at the really simple stuff.

Default avatar.png PoisonousBerry: Im tring the Power of Thor, how do I combine the conditions? I cant seem to get him to go diagnal

cegprakash: I just saw the pictures of CG team

cegprakash: Thibaud looks like a geeky nerd


Default avatar.png PoisonousBerry: Hey! do u know how to do the Thor question?

cegprakash: nopes..

PatrickMcGinnisII: Frostyhot personally I buy the books for the language I wanna dive into. then google is your friend for lang. docs. Lotta free IDEs, CG is great for hands on experience.

PatrickMcGinnisII: if (code_addict==1)

PatrickMcGinnisII: don't all talk at once

antiwonto: [auto] Hey PatrickMcGinnisII, here is a :taco: for loggin in today while it is quiet. You now have 17 tacos

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: how to hack NASA

PatrickMcGinnisII: they all use apple

Mortis_666: $sudo hack NASA

PatrickMcGinnisII: :sweat_smile:

Mortis_666: 😂

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: can i hack NASA by python

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: im a pyton pro

DEV-thien: yes.But you must hack python 1st

PatrickMcGinnisII: They have a .50 cal machine gun emplacement at the entrance, so stay between the pylons

PatrickMcGinnisII: ffs I haven't been to KSC in 15 years

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: ok bro

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: so im gonna hack NASA with html

PatrickMcGinnisII: I installed stuff in the clean rooms when they were sending up pieces of the ISS

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: i can hack yor phone bro

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: watch out

PatrickMcGinnisII: hack my car via satellite like the govt. does

LongDepTraiYeuRatNhieuEm: wait 2m

PatrickMcGinnisII: hint: there's a "by Microsoft" tag on the computer

PatrickMcGinnisII: There's more than 15M vulnerable vehicles sold from 2008-2019 and no recall nor fix for it

PatrickMcGinnisII: shut all of them off but mine k

DustinNunyo: Hey guys, can anyone confirm if it is possible to solve the death first search puzzle using python?

DustinNunyo: I am considering re-writing my code in C++ but I would like to avoid that if I can.

PatrickMcGinnisII: do a 1-time djkistra and make a shortest distance matrix on first turn, should b fine

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh, i guess it depends on episode

DustinNunyo: Well, I was trying to do DFS as it's called "death first search" lol

DustinNunyo: episode 1


DustinNunyo: that is my code.

PatrickMcGinnisII: I did both episodes in php, so yea...doable in PY

DustinNunyo: hmm... yeah... probably something wrong with my code then.

PatrickMcGinnisII: unroll the it in loops

DustinNunyo: aaaah, yeah, my buddy was telling me about that. He said it would speed things up. lol

DustinNunyo: I thought the @lru_cache was supposed to solve that issue though.

PatrickMcGinnisII: I don't know enough about PY to tell you, all i got 4 u

DustinNunyo: Alrighty, well, I was wanting to re-write this algorithm to not use recursion anyway, might as well do it now. lol

PatrickMcGinnisII: :v_tone1: