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zophia2222: hey ppl

C26_1: @zophia2222, hello

C26_1: And I have a very small puzzle fỏ you guys

C26_1: for*

zophia2222: how is my fave ppl

C26_1: Given a binary string, compute the index of the longest chain of 1

C26_1: For example:

C26_1: 1100011110001111100

C26_1: The output is 3

zophia2222: idk

zophia2222: bruh

C26_1: Because the longest chain of 1 is 11111

C26_1: and it is the 3rd chain in the binary string

zophia2222: ohhhhhhh

C26_1: Clarify: the chain can also be a single '1'

C26_1: For example: 011010

C26_1: The second chain is '1'

zophia2222: ok try this 0110111

C26_1: If there's multiple same-longest chain then compute the smallest index

C26_1: @zophia, output is 2, cuz the longest chain is 111 and it's the 2nd chain of the binary string

C26_1: I think the better terms here is trailing of 1

zophia2222: ok

zophia2222: two would destroy the whole code

C26_1: idk if everyone here has played Comaandos: BEL before

C26_1: Bc it was fun and thinking more some strategies

zophia2222: :joy:

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: :neutral_face:

zophia2222: do you know what ditto means?

zophia2222: \:

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: i followed u

zophia2222: thank you

zophia2222: cjhat

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: welcome

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: thamks

zophia2222: ok

zophia2222: lolol\

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: :rofl:

zophia2222: hgfdrseewswsj5huhhhg\

zophia2222: lol

zophia2222: I speak Spanish too!

zophia2222: Ello mate

zophia2222: plz talk to meeeeeeeeeeeee

antonypadella: ok

zophia2222: thank youuu

zophia2222: I need night chat since my parents are asleep

zophia2222: sorry

zophia2222: wontonio wanna chat?

Wontonimo: a friendly reminder of the general gist of the rules here: be respectful, talk about coding or codingame, stay mostly on topic.

zophia2222: ok just wanna talk about coding games?

zophia2222: with me?

zophia2222: PLZZZZ\

zophia2222: hi guys

zophia2222: yall up?


zophia2222: my buddy's let's talk!!!!

zophia2222: antonypadella let's talk meet me on private chat and really just talk ok???

zophia2222: hello

zophia2222: ffffff

Uljahn: pls don't flood

zophia2222: why?\

zophia2222: just follow me

Uljahn: why are you lvl 3? do you even code?

zophia2222: yes I do retrtdrtrr

zophia2222: I will flood u

zophia2222: heyyyy

Uljahn: you've been warned

zophia2222: about what? I need to chat@!!!!

zophia2222: can I be like y'all so I can kick

Uljahn: this chat has rules:

Uljahn: "Don't spam nor flood the chat with non-sense, jokes or private discussions. While CodinGame and its community are free to access, it doesn't give you rights to make it your playground. It's a shared space."

zophia2222: ok I just wanna be like y'all I wanna be cool like y'all can I plz be like y'all and kick @ulijahn

Uljahn: you can't be promoted to a moderator while being lvl 3

Uljahn: you need a ton of experience

zophia2222: thank you

zophia2222: oh sorry

zophia2222: I thought you said I can\

Uljahn: also spamming in DMs is not the best way to become a moderator

zophia2222: ok I'ma try to lvl up

Urutar: Do or do not, there is no try.

Urutar: :D

zophia2222: what>?\\

Urutar: Star Wars reference...

Urutar: Based on your earlier message.

zophia2222: lol

zophia2222: well do you wanna do a coding practice

Urutar: Sure, why not

Default avatar.png Zootymctavish: what does for mean in go?

Urutar: No idea, I mainly use C#

Urutar: And a bit of java, python, ruby, javascript and that's it

zophia2222: lol

Thorcode: hi Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i guess it was just the first thing i did to get to the next checkpoint

zophia2222: hi guys

Thorcode: who make you Automaton2000

Automaton2000: but still my rank is not climbing

Urutar: Greetings Automaton200

Urutar: Greetings Automaton2000

zophia2222: gu\\

Automaton2000: i guess it's just a way to make that work

zophia2222: egywiwiyrhygu

zophia2222: gry3y

zophia2222: rewhregytge

Urutar: zophi2222, please don't spam.

zophia2222: I won't I promis

Thorcode: you could type zop+"tab" to mention her

Urutar: Neat.

YS_Yousef: hi urter

zophia2222: jtdjdttj

zophia2222: everybody up at 1am

zophia2222: neet

Urutar: Well, it's more like 8:25 am over here

zophia2222: are you serious I'm up at 1am who else?

Urutar: Nah, I'm not serious, I'm Urutar.

zophia2222: wait are you the one I'm talking to right now?? \\\

Urutar: Alright, I'll wait. (and I think so?)

zophia2222: anyone else

zophia2222: ?\

Uljahn: enough chatting for you

Urutar: Oh, was that a permaban or a temporary one?

Uljahn: want to be next?

Urutar: No. I'm just curious.

Uljahn: you'd better be curious about coding

Urutar: I am; that's why I clash a lot :)

Urutar: Is it actually possible to block private chats? E.g. if I wanted to mute someone?

Uljahn: maybe if you use external clients

Urutar: Oh well, not gonna do that.

Urutar: Hm, is it possible to ban someone completely?

Uljahn: it's possible to ban ip adress

Urutar: Oh well, that problem will probably solve itself sooner or later. But thanks anyways^^

derjack: :upside_down:

C26_1: Oh hello

Urutar: Greetings, all ye good folks :)

C26_1: I have a problem with my problem

C26_1: Wait

Uljahn: just solve it [solved]

C26_1: ok

Default avatar.png chozha.kc: nothing is difficult it's just unfamiliar:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Urutar: Helpful mod is being helpful, indeed :)

Urutar: C26_1 Do ya still need help?

YS_Yousef: hey urutar

Urutar: Heya YS_Yousef

YS_Yousef: can u see my contribute because ur level is high so ur feed back is important :thinking:

Urutar: Anyone can reach a high level if they do a lot of stuff on codingame :D

Urutar: And yes, I can see it^^

Nachosauce: That's really all it takes for ranking too. The only thing I'm pretty alright at is the mad pod racing but since I've done things across lots of areas I'm still top 0.6% global :joy:

therealbeef: 95% is inactive orso

Urutar: Yeah, that's my experience aswell - I'm curious about the spring contest^^

Urutar: Might even reach the top 0.1% that way^^

Nachosauce: oh I'm so excited for that. I played a few of the old contests (recently, not while they were active) and they're great

Urutar: Hmm, at some point I'll check those out^^

Nachosauce: fall 2020 challenge is amazing

FiveAm: Hi all, anyone knows how contest works ?

Nachosauce: I do not. The upcoming one will be my first

Uljahn: i think CG is moving to more frequent but less global events, so new bot ai contests are kinda unlikely

Urutar: Hm, how can I actually take part in the old contests? Or rather, see the statement etc.?


Uljahn: past contests are available in multiplayer section, yes

Urutar: Thank you :D

therealbeef: contests are like the multiplayer games but more fun because of the time limit, and there is no established knowledge yet, so everyone is rushing to figure out what works best (and then spends the other half of the time debugging their rush code)

Nachosauce: How effective is the plugin to use an external IDE? I would love the better features of a better IDE but like the quick feedback of using the codingame one

therealbeef: the syncing is pretty ok (little bit lagged sometimes), and you can set an option to play a match every time you save

Nachosauce: ohh nice. Maybe I'll give it a whirl

Nachosauce: Everytime I try to introduce shield to my mad pod racing everything goes wrong :joy: I've got some debugging to do.. my pods just want to spam shield even though that should score really low on most turns. Something is wrong somewheres

Uljahn: i only use shields when a collision is imminent and velocity difference is higher than some tolerance, also frontal collisions are mostly harmful while rear collisions could be advantageous

Default avatar.png xp22: is coding really this difficult

Default avatar.png xp22: ?

Uljahn: everything is difficult when you have zero experience

Default avatar.png samadh90: coding is not difficult, understanding what's asked is difficult XD

Default avatar.png TitaniumArc: how the heck do you use boost in the coders strike back


Rebollo: Hello folks! I would like to talk about the resistance puzzle:


Rebollo: does anybody have some tips about it?

Default avatar.png astek347: hi there Im new here

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: i just did clash of code and i'm total trash lmao

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: how do I teach myself to code? like I understand the basics and stuff, but I don't know how I'd apply them in situations

Rebollo: I am not a expert but I know how to learn things by my self... I have my own rhythm, which is not very fast but I can evolve my skills.. I would suggest to elect any kind of problem and try to solve it coding... Choose any language you want and google all the concepts you need to solve it..

Rebollo: example

Rebollo: let´s say you want to create a program to check if the number is even or odd..

Rebollo: so, with this simple problem you can lear a few importat concepts

Rebollo: like:

Rebollo: 1 - how to print values on the screen 2 - how to use if and else statements

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: the most complicated thing i've done is a calculator

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: with the operations +, -, *, /

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: if and else statements were used

Rebollo: So you are in the right way..

Rebollo: Lets choose another problem so you can learn the concepts to solve it..

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: that is fine by me

Rebollo: Lets think about something simple that uses LOOP

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: i'm doing a puzzle right now that is utilizing loops

Default avatar.png Dz0nny:

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: this one in particular

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: and i'm having a bit of issues

Rebollo: What are you struggling with?

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: mostly the site layout for now

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: when i do test cases

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: i do the first testcase, and then change my code for the second one?

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: i figure that's the case

Nachosauce: No, you need a solution to solve all the test cases :)

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: oh damn

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: well i'm struggling with the second testcase tbh then

Rebollo: your code should be generic enough to be able to solve every proble

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: i did code a solution, but it's only applicable to the first testcase

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: how would I code this to apply it to all of them then?

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: since every stage is different

Rebollo: it seems that you need to sort the values

Rebollo: let me check your code

Rebollo: could you sahre it?

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: you mean just copy and paste it?

Rebollo: yes

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: the code is pretty simple, i thought i had to do each testcase individually

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: so i just did print from 0 to 7

Rebollo: np

Default avatar.png Dz0nny:

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: this is legit all i did

Uljahn: that's called hardcoding

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: what's hardcoding? Sorry

Rebollo: which language???

Milanovich: You will have to process some of the input listed in the problem statement, like so: x = input()

Milanovich: Looks like python 3

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: python 3

Uljahn: hardcoding is when your program is independent of inputs, so behavior is not flexible

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: oh

Rebollo: Do a quick exercise in order to learn a few concepts of loop

Rebollo: you see this: for i in range(8):

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: Yeah.

Rebollo: it means that it will repeat everything inside it, 8 times

Rebollo: and will provide you the row it is executing in the i variable

Rebollo: so first thing:

Rebollo: print the i variable inside the for loop I have a loop at the behavior

Rebollo: remeber it starts always with 0

Rebollo: so 0 to 7

Uljahn: not always but by default

Rebollo: thank you

Rebollo: doa print(i) inside the loop and check the behavior

Uljahn: i don't think this chat is the best place to teach the basics of python though

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: I understand the basics, but like I said it's hard to think of a way to apply them

Rebollo: doa print(i) and it will clarify a few things

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: already did

Uljahn: also you can use the hints tab on the left side

Rebollo: uderstood the behavior? At least you get rid of the hard code

Nachosauce: Definitely don't give up. It gets so much easier as you practice. It's hard to make that jump from knowing the basics to applying them, but once you get the ball rolling it goes FAST :)

Uljahn: true

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: That's why I joined this site, heard it can help

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: well it shoots mountain 7 twice when I do print(i)

Default avatar.png RomanCode: chat

Uljahn: don't do print(i), use print to error stream as said in the commented lines

Rebollo: twice? didnt happened to me

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: I did it

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: saw the hints, but did it

Rebollo: let try to make A little bit more generic solution

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: a generic one?

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: alright

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: didn't think it could be more simpler than this

Rebollo: yes so it can be used for every situation

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: i did it already

Rebollo: nice

Rebollo: you pass aall the tests?

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: saw the pseudo-code tab, that's what helped

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: yeah

Rebollo: cool

Rebollo: choose another problem and keep going

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: will do

Rebollo: don´t forget that the goal is always to learn

Rebollo: forget about averything else

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: of course

samadh90: And enjoy

derjack: oh my

Default avatar.png Atomcast: guys

Default avatar.png Atomcast: what does print("Hello World") do

Default avatar.png Atomcast: please help

Default avatar.png Dz0nny: It just prints out Hello World into the console

Rebollo: is it possible to sent a private message to someone I am following?

Girard: yep

Rebollo: how?

struct: just follow each other or click on their name on this chat

Rebollo: Humm I think he is not following me

Girard: sad

Rebollo: Anyone has solved the Resistance?

Wontonimo: yes

Rebollo: Could you give some help?

Rebollo: I am able to find the words

Rebollo: even with the largest dictionary

Rebollo: I am basically doing this:

Wontonimo: this is a "very hard" puzzle

Wontonimo: i work on this for several weeks.

Wontonimo: it is supposed to be hard

Rebollo: reading the message string, letter by letter, till I find a word in the dictionary...

Wontonimo: it's more like a mini research project, so no, I'll not spoil it.

Rebollo: I see give a tip only

Rebollo: If I am able to identify all the words in the message and its related indexes

Wontonimo: if you want to work on "very hard" puzzles be prepared to put in 40 hours or more on it if you find "medium" puzzles easy.

Rebollo: I am working like 2 weeks

struct: 40 hours o.o

Rebollo: very haard

Rebollo: If I am able to identify all the words in the message and its related indexes, how do I have to count it?

Rebollo: I mean, the message should fill all the string length

Rebollo: Or one word, at the begining, counts as a message?

Wontonimo: it has to use all the message

Rebollo: humm

Rebollo: I am wondering how I am going to reach such a large number than..

KanekiWeb: hi

Wontonimo: that is the whole puzzle Rebollo

Rebollo: I find a word..One one side I keep lokking for other word with the sames starting poing, on the other side I call the function recursivelly and do the same..

Rebollo: till I reach the end

Wontonimo: something that helped me was to make a naive solution that I was sure worked even through it took too long. I used that to make more test cases for myself while I worked on the high effeciency verson

Uljahn: the forum thread has some hints such as using memoization

Wontonimo: i never read the spoilers :O

Rebollo: I checked all messages but could figure out what the point..

Wontonimo: other than for multis ;)

Wontonimo: struct, you reacted with o.o for 40 hours. what's your take on 'very hard' puzzles ?

Fasader: O.O I guess

Rebollo: maybe o.O

Wontonimo: lol

Wontonimo: (that's me throwing up my arms, not laughing)


Fasader: \o/

Stilgart: actually, the hardest puzzles are in hard

Fasader: what about the softest

Stilgart: and several "very hard" puzzles are not so hard

Fasader: easiest are in coc :D

Stilgart: did anyone knows about a recent change for swift ?

Stilgart: it seems some of my swift codes are tagged "Swift3", while the others are tagged "Swift"

Uljahn: some my bots are still python 2

Stilgart: might be like the python(2) VS python3, but I am not aware of such change for swift

Default avatar.png p.p.o.p.: No the hardest puzzles for me are the easy ones, so I figure i'll stick to these! ;)

Stilgart: moreover, there is only "Swift" in the API I am used to play with (while there is python and python3)

ninjadip: kill all humans

ninjadip: err i mean hello all

Stilgart: that's a job for Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i heard that, lsmith-zenoscave. i'm not ready

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: what a horrible puzzle

Wontonimo: "I'm not ready"? oh Automaton2000 that is good to hear, but it implies you are getting ready

Automaton2000: but it's very simple and fun.

Wontonimo: :O

Stilgart: Automaton2000: you still might need a few turtles

Automaton2000: no, what i mean :p

Stilgart: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Uljahn: Automaton2000: kill all humans, spare cats :smiley_cat:

Automaton2000: you don't need to remember what i did at first

Wontonimo: you better hope Automaton2000 didn't confuse "spare" for "spade"

Automaton2000: doesn't sound like a dick

Wontonimo: /kick Automation2000

Wontonimo: well, language Automaton, language!

Wontonimo: chatbots theses days

fnflover123: hi

AntiSquid: someone must had their way with the bot, otherwise it wouldn't know what one sounds like

Default avatar.png cancetin57: Guys. How can i see that code that i've played

Default avatar.png cancetin57: in clash of code

Stilgart: according to the forum (and to dwarfie), Swift and Swift3 have coexisted for some time, and when swift was updated from 2.x to 4.0, swift3 was removed

derjack: sounds like winamp

Wontonimo: you can't cancetin57. do puzzles instead

Wontonimo: most of the other "players" in Clash are bots and not real people btw

Default avatar.png mrwise: answer for fastest mode

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: are you advising cancetin57 to ignore the quest map?

Default avatar.png ZeroIQ_Scripter: deez

Default avatar.png poopppp: nutz

ninjadip: the other players in clash are bots?

Default avatar.png ZeroIQ_Scripter: obviously lol

ninjadip: that blows

Default avatar.png ZeroIQ_Scripter: i think

ninjadip: why do u say obviously

Default avatar.png ZeroIQ_Scripter: u think i know

Uljahn: bots could be easily detected by the number of clashes played

jacek: or addicts

justchris: im def addict, might be a bot too

justchris: speaking of bots, anyone tried talking to emerson ai?

ninjadip: on an emerson smart tv?

justchris: xD on telegram

jacek: Automaton2000 on telegram?

Automaton2000: i would like to know

ninjadip: never heard of telegram

jacek: oO


ninjadip: i did mess with AI dungeon i think it's called.

ninjadip: that was interesting...

justchris: Dialing the AI...

ninjadip: prank call it!

Rebollo: Guys, how can I synchronize my IDE coding Game code to visual studio?

Rebollo: It was working

Rebollo: but I can´t syncronize anymore..

ninjadip: i didn't know u could do that

ninjadip: awesome

ninjadip: love my visual studio

Rebollo: Left side of the screen u ill find setting

Rebollo: just turn external code editor on

Rebollo: settings*

AntiSquid: ninjadip if you are using facebook and twitter, close your accounts and consider telegram as an alternative

Rebollo: I just don´t know if its possible to run the program directly from the visual studio code

Rebollo: A cmd prompt get opened

ninjadip: AntiSquid i don't have an account on any of those

ninjadip: probably why i didn't hear about telegram

Rebollo: but am I supposed to fill up manually?

ninjadip: unless you're in new jersey

AntiSquid: that's good ninjadip

Rebollo: Does anybody know if it is possible to run the program in Visual Studio Code and import the TESTCASES parameters?

OFF-MrRobot: Hrllo

Lambert_W_Function: lambert w function

Euler_Phi_Function: euler phi function

Stilgart: Rebollo: it seems technically possible, but I won't write a vscode extension for this

Rebollo: I realized that there are a configuration , like, a "work around" for this "issue"..

Rebollo: there is

Rebollo: *

Rebollo: A configuration flag that runs the application automaticaly in the browser once you save the code in the local editor..

Rebollo: update the code and run the test cases in the browser..

Rebollo: it´s ok

Rebollo: but I was looking for better error/warning messages

Rebollo: So this functionality doesn´t solve all my problems;;

Rebollo: As well as debugging the code..

Default avatar.png PringleOrange: yeah

Stilgart: you might want to take a look at

Stilgart: at least this allows you to compile your code locally

Rebollo: thanks I ill check it

Stilgart: but there is no tool (yet) that fetches the test cases and allows you to run them locally

Stilgart: imho, such tool is too much effort compared to copy-pasting the test in a local input.txt file

Stilgart: (and the integration within vscode is yet another story)

Rebollo: sure but this kind of details is what makes this platform amazing

Rebollo: Like I used to use Hackerhank

Rebollo: and Coding Game is wayyyy better

Default avatar.png dctrdee: hey yall

Default avatar.png dctrdee: how would i take something like (Buffer.from(i,'hex').toString() and instead of it returning "ONE" it would return "1"


Jay_minecraft: Ayo

Default avatar.png nabaztag: hi, someone could explain to me what these 2 algos have such a big difference in the number of iterations ? and

Default avatar.png hardrez: test

Jay_minecraft: hello

Winter476: hello

semPy: .

Winter476: hi

jacek: nabaztag the pragma things should be the first line, above the includes

justchris: does anyone know if it is okay to use part of a library to solve a puzzle?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: one of librarians probably knows

Wontonimo: yes, go ahead and use a library justchris

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: good for you, make them wait

Thorcode: bruh we can use mosst library on this site

Wontonimo: heyyyyy thorrr, how's your day going?

ASM_MOV_INT: Thor controls the sky... can we get some sunlight here please? rofl

Wontonimo: i thought it was just thunder he controls ?

Wontonimo: thunder

Wontonimo: all through the

Wontonimo: night

ASM_MOV_INT: maybe it's just lightning?

Wontonimo: it is definitely "Thor the god of thunder" and not "Thor the god of maybe just lightening"

Default avatar.png emergenitro: Hellooo

Wontonimo: who are you?

Wontonimo: how did you get here?

Thorcode: ?

Thorcode: I can only control thunder not weather

Wontonimo: we all have our limitations Thor, don't let it get you down.

Thorcode: ok

Default avatar.png emergenitro: I'm very confused

Default avatar.png emergenitro: I am here because it's an option to talk in chat 😂

Wontonimo: wow

Wontonimo: that's brave of you emergenitro

DaShogun: How do you change ur codin language

Wontonimo: study

Wontonimo: a lot

Default avatar.png emergenitro: it indeed is brave of me

DaShogun: Bruh

Wontonimo: and practice a new coding language

DaShogun: No i mean in this site

Default avatar.png emergenitro: i know a few coding languiages sadly

Wontonimo: the one day you can find the dropdown at the top of the page

Wontonimo: that has a list of languages in it

Default avatar.png emergenitro: DaShogun join a clash and you'll find it on the dropdown above the code

DaShogun: Where

Wontonimo: around the centre top

Wontonimo: when you are coding

DaShogun: Ok

Wontonimo: look at your code .... then look up

Wontonimo: you'll see the language with a "V" symbol beside it

Wontonimo: no one knows what the "V" means, maybe "View this list" or "Venture to other options", but

Wontonimo: you click that area with the "V" in it and a dropdown appears

Wontonimo: it's magic

Wontonimo: maybe it is latin

Wontonimo: did you find it DaShogun ?

Wontonimo: hmm , Dashogun left us. ;(

Wontonimo: have you tried bot battles emergenitro ?

DaShogun: Im here

Default avatar.png emergenitro: Nah I havent Wontonimo

Wontonimo: what's your coding skills like? do you think you could write a basic Tron bot that turned right before crashing

Thorcode: hey

Default avatar.png emergenitro: Well, I have meh coding skills, however, I do know like 11 coding languages

Default avatar.png emergenitro: thor is back

Default avatar.png emergenitro: hello

Thorcode: don't let them try the tron ballet wonton

Thorcode: I'm hack?

Wontonimo: will Tron escape if you make him too powerful?

Wontonimo: back, not hack.

Thorcode: ah my bad

Wontonimo: why no Tron battle Thor?

Thorcode: why not cbs wonton

Thorcode: Tron is pretty hard

Wontonimo: why? Just turn left (or right)

Thorcode: nah to get to gold or silver need a lot of brain

Thorcode: like space management

Wontonimo: gold !?! way to set your expectations so high!

Wontonimo: what ever happened to people being happy to have reached bronze?

Thorcode: ah yeah just turn left or right

Wontonimo: I'd suggest left, it's better

Thorcode: But they can get to gold or silver in mad pod race

Wontonimo: if you tell them "the secret". without that gold is actually pretty hard.

Thorcode: yeah

Wontonimo: and even if you -3V hide the secret in -3V plain sight they won't -3V what it means.

Wontonimo: hey, that emoji didn't show properly

Wontonimo: oh well ;)

Thorcode: -3

Thorcode: -V

Thorcode: :V

Wontonimo: yuck yuck yuck

Thorcode: nah the emoji can't

Wontonimo: i was joking Thor ... come one man

Thorcode: ok

Wontonimo: throw me a bone

Thorcode: :bone:

**Wontonimo looks at bone Thor drops on floor then to Thor questioning the God of Thunder's ability to throw

Wontonimo: :D

**Thorcode slaps everyone around a bit with a large fishbot

Thorcode: seeking to get 250xp more

Thorcode: the first puzzle has a cool tag I ever seen

Wontonimo: thanks man

Thorcode: what there is another reading statement tag

Wontonimo: yeah, this one is a monster of a read

Wontonimo: very precise instructions. not a lot of instructions but precise

Thorcode: yep this puzzle statement makes me dizzy

Wontonimo: it's pretty cool tech. it can turn this


Wontonimo: into this


Wontonimo: or given a style of maze


Wontonimo: it can generate arbitrary mazes like this one

Thorcode: lucky rocket


Wontonimo: nope, i'm "not authorized" to see your lucky rocket

Thorcode: how strange

Wontonimo: and now that i think about it, I'm not sure i want to see your rocket :unamused:

Thorcode: nah it is the rocket of mars lander

Wontonimo: ah

Wontonimo: okay then

Thorcode: I was scare when see at 94

Thorcode: how can I identify the cave at the second testcase?

Wontonimo: ?

Wontonimo: what do you mean "identify"?

Wontonimo: first, tell me how your lander current looks for obstacles and works ?

Thorcode: it just land straight to the float land

Wontonimo: show me a replay of cave 1

Thorcode: like the one I show you

Wontonimo: you didn't, i never saw it. it was access deniced

Wontonimo: denied

Wontonimo: also de-nice-d


Thorcode: can you access it?

Wontonimo: how did that not crash?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: is that the one with the bad widths?

Wontonimo: i saw it

Wontonimo: it totally flew through the top of the cave

Thorcode: ok

Wontonimo: you have mad skills

Thorcode: the 94? move

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: oh, I thought you were still talking wfc

Wontonimo: anyway, so you don't actually check for collision?

Thorcode: yeah

Thorcode: that why I say that my rocket is lucky

Wontonimo: oh, there are bad widths Zindlebocker ?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I didn't check

Wontonimo: yeah, lucky rocket. that luck ain't gonna carry you through for cave 2

Wontonimo: so, you'll have to probably detect collision

Thorcode: yep

Wontonimo: and do a look-ahead

Wontonimo: my algo relies on a scoring function, the lower the score the "close" to landing

Wontonimo: so coming up with a good score is key. just distance to the landing pad will make you crash into the cave for cave 2

Wontonimo: so, for distance i first do a flood fill of the map that goes around the cliffs. it starts at the centre of the landing pad and radiates out

Wontonimo: just calculate it once.

therealbeef: for crashes and landing, the point that counts is right in between the two 'feet' of the rocket, not a bounding box or something

Wontonimo: interesting. thanks

Wontonimo: hey therealbeef, good to see ya

Wontonimo: for crashes I didn't actually use physical crashing, but once I have detected that there is no chance of survival, no matter where the rocket is, i consider that it has crashed.

Thorcode: bruh

Thorcode: I'm done with very hard puzzle

Wontonimo: bruh?

Wontonimo: you have invoked the holy word, I must stop what I am doing and understand your pov

Wontonimo: meh, or not

Thorcode: bruh

Thorcode: I may luckier with the resitance

Wontonimo: ! what ! twice ! How powerful are you to be able to chant it twice in such a short time. I tremble in your presence

Thorcode: ?

Thorcode: what word?

Wontonimo: what kind of cooldown do you have on your "bruh" power word ?

Thorcode: I dunno

Thorcode: and what is pov?

Wontonimo: point of view


Thorcode: ok

Wontonimo: tis my lander

Thorcode: how can't it crash

Thorcode: at 107

Wontonimo: you are not the only one who has mad piloting skills

Thorcode: ok

therealbeef: Hi Wontonimo! Yeah I moved 8 timezones so I don't see a lot of the usual people in the chat anymore

Wontonimo: what have you been up to?

therealbeef: on CG: spring 2021 contest, and code4life

therealbeef: neither very successful ;)

Wontonimo: i have fun with spring 2021

Wontonimo: i didn't do the usual beam search

therealbeef: i tried to use convolution neural networks with alpha-beta, and found out that it is a bad combination

Wontonimo: why?

Wontonimo: sounds like it would have been pretty good

therealbeef: my theory is that alpha-beta really needs fast eval

Wontonimo: ah

therealbeef: so hand-written eval or very small neural network worked better than deep learning

Wontonimo: it does perform better with deeper search

Wontonimo: convolution is expensive

Wontonimo: in compute resources

Wontonimo: so it has to pay for itself more than the extra depth from a more simple eval

therealbeef: indeed. while with mcts you first roll out to a deeper level (semi-)randomly and then only do the eval once

Wontonimo: did you write your own CNN?

therealbeef: so thats more efficient use of the evals

therealbeef: yes, the eval part

therealbeef: c++ doesn't have libs for CNN on CG

therealbeef: offline learning i used tiny-dnn

Wontonimo: yeah, but i thought marchete shared some lib he made specifically for CG

therealbeef: is it allowed to copy code from someone else into CG?

Wontonimo: he made it to share. it is just a lib. you still have to understand it, integrate it, run your own sims locally, come up with your architecture, your own search ... so yes, i'd say a strong yes

therealbeef: hmm, i always thought it wasn't allowed

therealbeef: otherwise i could copy-paste boost or eigen into my code

Wontonimo: don't go copying 95% of someone elses solution dude. you can't claim to be the real beef if your don't supply at least some of thhe beef

therealbeef: anyway it was interesting to write the eval code myself, using simd

Wontonimo: simd?

therealbeef: single instruction multiple data

therealbeef: intrinsics

therealbeef: vectorized calculations

therealbeef: was nice to learn it :)

Wontonimo: oh, yeah. that is very rewarding to get nailed down

Wontonimo: i wouldn't know though. only read it in a fortune cookie

Hackker: hi

therealbeef: rewarding and frustrating ;)

therealbeef: at that level it's not always predictable what gives performance increase and what doesn't

therealbeef: simplicity of the code seems very important, for example

Wontonimo: true

Wontonimo: hi Hackker

therealbeef: but i don't mind; learned something new, now got a bunch of new code to be used in other contests. no rush ;-)

Wontonimo: yup, that's the way it goes

ASM_MOV_INT: simd is assembly language

ASM_MOV_INT: cool stuff, haven't thought about that in a while