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Flaise: Um...

Flaise: Yes.

Default avatar.png C26_1: @all, everyone

Default avatar.png C26_1: I'm making the easiest contributions ever

Default avatar.png C26_1:

Default avatar.png C26_1: I've submitted it

Default avatar.png C26_1: Hope I get some feedbacks

Husoski: C26_1 - Did you get a working answer to your float*integer == integer question this afternoon?

Default avatar.png C26_1: yes, I'm gonna do that

Husoski: C26_1 What I was going to suggest is continued fractions, but it depends on the exact problem statement. Floating binary can be tricky. CF approximations will generally work though, in O(log(denominator)) time.'

Default avatar.png C26_1: Wait

Default avatar.png C26_1: @Husoki, Python has a problem with rounding using int() default function

Husoski: That's not necessarily a problem, but division and multiplication, and decimal conversions often are. Try print(100 * 0.07) to see what I mean.

Default avatar.png FORMS1: Can someone tell me why this if/else isnt causing the power to 4 change to 4 when the vertical speed (mars lander) goes over 10?

Default avatar.png FORMS1:

Uljahn: that's how if/else if/else work

Uljahn: the first condition is always met in your case

Default avatar.png FORMS1: v_speed being less than 10 is always true?

Uljahn: positive vertical speed means ascending

Default avatar.png FORMS1: oooh

Default avatar.png FORMS1: my guy, thanks or saving me hours of wasted time

Uljahn: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png FORMS1: think I just got it with by adding a height condition anyway

andres-sumihe: apaan ini cok

YS_Yousef: hi

derjack: huh? counting tic tac toe puzzle of the week

BlaiseEbuth: Oo

Nachosauce: Is there a built in way to deep copy a collection in C#? I can't find anything on google but sometimes thins hide pretty good :)

Frankich: AFAIK, there isn't

Killer_Kat: Any idea when we might be able to use python 3.10? I am looking forward to using the new Switch statements

Uljahn: Killer_Kat:

Killer_Kat: thx

Default avatar.png C26_1: @Killer_Kat, does adding more test into a contribution helps?

Default avatar.png C26_1: Like improve the quality or something

Killer_Kat: I'm sorry I don't understand the question. Could you clarify?

Default avatar.png C26_1: Ok. So I'm making my contributions

Uljahn: why?

Default avatar.png C26_1: And the contribute was so easy that in fact i need to add contributions as much as I can

Default avatar.png C26_1: The Link:

Default avatar.png C26_1: add the test*

Default avatar.png C26_1: sr

Killer_Kat: Well, I am not a moderator. Just a Script Kitty, however I think you only need more tests if they do something significantly different than the other tests, so that the program is able to adapt to different circumstances.

Uljahn: yeah, each test should be aimed at some corner case i gues

Killer_Kat: At least I think that's what you are asking, I am guessing English is not your first language?

Default avatar.png C26_1: Yea

Killer_Kat: Estas bien amigo

Killer_Kat: ingles es muy difícil

Nachosauce: si

Nachosauce: Estamos pasandolo muy bien :) We're having a good time!

Killer_Kat: Tienes razón

Uljahn: please note this channel is English-only, thanks.

Killer_Kat: Ah sorry m8

Uljahn: there are channels for some other languages though

Killer_Kat: Neat, I'll have to check that out

Uljahn: #es

Killer_Kat: Gracias

Uljahn: yw

Killer_Kat: Do you speak Russian?

Killer_Kat: if so how would you say "Script Kitty" I ask because you are also a cat

6opoDuJIo: There is many ways to say that. For instance, Скриптовая кошечка

Default avatar.png C26_1: #ru

Killer_Kat: Interesting, it still sounds similar to the English

Killer_Kat: Learning about programing languages and normal languages both has certainly been interesting. Perhaps this is a strange question but do IDE's in different languages still use English for syntax?

Default avatar.png C26_1: I may have an opinion

Default avatar.png C26_1: Real lang and programming lang, both has some general purpose

Default avatar.png C26_1: Real lang: Communicate between people

Default avatar.png C26_1: Programming language: COmmunicate between computers

Default avatar.png C26_1: Real lang: Tenses, Plural, cases, gender...

Default avatar.png C26_1: Programming Langauge: Latin alphabet, special characters, rules to put where's special charaters...

Default avatar.png C26_1: And the very abstract one:

Default avatar.png C26_1: Meaning

Default avatar.png Empat13: No in general syntax on English. 1c programming language on Russian but it's not popular

Default avatar.png C26_1: Ah

Default avatar.png C26_1: I understand

Killer_Kat: That makes sense

Killer_Kat: I cant imagine what it would be like to live somewhere outside of the states and to have all of the technology and media all coming from the US. Although I guess it probably feels like how some people here see Japan lol

Killer_Kat: Do other countries also have weebs?

Uljahn: sure

Default avatar.png C26_1: sure

Uljahn: also English is almost always the first foreign language you learn at school

Killer_Kat: I'm sad I missed out on going to school :(

Default avatar.png C26_1: But calling someone who read a lot of manga, anime as weed is very offended to some country and some people

@Killer_Kat, about the word

Default avatar.png C26_1: word 'weebs'

Killer_Kat: I'm in college now but my school has no language classes.

Default avatar.png C26_1: oh, that's very weird actually

Killer_Kat: Its a thing here in the states

Default avatar.png C26_1: nevermind, what foreign language have you learned?

Killer_Kat: Espanol

Killer_Kat: A small amount anyway

Default avatar.png C26_1: Oh, so Spain (in English)

Killer_Kat: yes

Default avatar.png C26_1: I think the problem is Spain, you'll need to talk a little bit faster than normal

Killer_Kat: Its funny because schools here do sometimes teach spanish

Default avatar.png C26_1: And the most vowel that appears in speaking is 'a'

Killer_Kat: yeah I can read pretty well but I cant keep up in conversations lol

Killer_Kat: I need to practice more but I live in a remote area, literally in the woods. So I dont often talk with people

Default avatar.png C26_1: I've heard about infomation per characters. Is that true that some lang is harder because the info per character is larger?

Killer_Kat: yeah

Default avatar.png C26_1: Wow, so Vietnamese is a pure skill

therealbeef: programming languages are not necessarily in english because they come from US/UK. Python for example was invented in by a Dutch guy. it just made sense to use a simple well known natural language for the keywords

Default avatar.png C26_1: Because in order to develop Vietnamse, you'll need words

Killer_Kat: Isnt python named after an english actors group?

Default avatar.png C26_1: Wait for me for seconds

therealbeef: yeah, the inventor said he was in a funny mood and named it after monty python :)

Default avatar.png C26_1: Python is a high programming language for multi-programming and was developed and introduced in 1991 by Guido van Rossum

Killer_Kat: damn, it feels so fresh and new and yet it is older than I am

Default avatar.png C26_1: In July, 2018, Rossum has resigned (Or give up his job) as the leadership in Python community

Default avatar.png C26_1: @Killer_Kat, learn somethings is never late, especially when you're young

Killer_Kat: I wish I was younger

Killer_Kat: I have wasted so much of my life

Default avatar.png C26_1: Oh, I can related to that

Killer_Kat: Sadly I think A lot of people can. I still have not graduated college because I have depression and I couldnt get things done so I would fail classes, its taken me years and now I am almost done on a 2 year degree I should have finished 5 years ago

Killer_Kat: I have to head to sleep, but I wish you all a goodnight

Default avatar.png C26_1: Wish you a goodnight and be luck in your iife

Default avatar.png C26_1: Stay tuned!

Default avatar.png C26_1: And, can I ask something?

Default avatar.png C26_1: What's BIO?

Fasader: depends on the context. could be biography or biology or biological or something completely different

SpeedrunPVP: hi

SpeedrunPVP: hi

Xylight: if you are coding in java or js clash of code is almost inpossible... languages like python3 wins everytime

5DN1L: unless you score higher than everyone else :P

TeslaRam: almost impossible doesn't mean impossible, keep going, once u will win regularly

5DN1L: exactly

Xylight: but ther code is always shorter that is not even possible in js

5DN1L: sometimes all your opponents can't score 100%

TeslaRam: shortest mode isnt the only mode

5DN1L: but you score 100%

5DN1L: then you still win even if your code is longest

Xylight: but less code more speed

TeslaRam: try to learn another lannguage, for example if COC is easy, i try to do it in another language (mostly python3), u have 15 minutes, u can watch tutorial and still have time to write code in it

Xylight: i often get 100% its just the problem of speed I need in java 5-10 lines and they can do it in 1-2 so i gonna learn p3 to have chances

Default avatar.png 145Fps: How could i get any faster when reaching checkpoint, my pod keep getting outside the screen

5DN1L: Getting faster won't help you if your pod gets outside the screen?

Default avatar.png 145Fps: then how to prevent it from getting outside the screen

Default avatar.png 145Fps: What is the optimal settimgs

Default avatar.png 145Fps: settings*

Default avatar.png nesnes112: hi

Default avatar.png nesnes112: i need ur help

Default avatar.png nesnes112: this is the link of the puzzle

Default avatar.png nesnes112:

Default avatar.png nesnes112: and this is my code

Default avatar.png nesnes112:

Default avatar.png nesnes112: 90% is correct

5DN1L: 145Fps you're required to print your target coordinates and your thrust every turn, so if you print the coordinates within the bounds, you won't get outside the screen. and you can print a higher value of thrust to accelerate your pod

Default avatar.png nesnes112: it's this validator that doesn't work When two temperatures are as close to 0, then the positive wins 2: {15 7 9 14 -7 1

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: this is a US company, help center is closed today for the holiday

Default avatar.png 145Fps: How can I do that

5DN1L: 145Fps do what

Default avatar.png 145Fps: What you said about printing target coordinates within the bounds

5DN1L: that particular line of code should be somewhere near the end of the code

Default avatar.png 145Fps: print(str(next_checkpoint_x) + " " + str(next_checkpoint_y) + " " + str(thrust))

5DN1L: yes. so you have to adjust the values of those variables before they're printed

Default avatar.png 145Fps: could you show me?

5DN1L: next_checkpoint_x and next_checkpoint_y should not get you out of bounds though

Default avatar.png 145Fps: Yes, but still happens sometimes

5DN1L: are you in wood 2 league?

Default avatar.png 145Fps: Wood 1

5DN1L: ok

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: your frame rate is too high

5DN1L: 145Fps, did you do as the hint suggested? adjust your thrust based on angle?

Default avatar.png 145Fps: did it

5DN1L: ok

5DN1L: so now you got a new command


5DN1L: you can use it only once

Default avatar.png 145Fps: Ok

Default avatar.png 145Fps: How can use it

5DN1L: print it instead of thrust for one turn

Default avatar.png 145Fps: Ok, do i rewrite my line of code i sent you earlier and replacing thrust by boost?

darkhorse64: nesnes112: your code does not handle the case where you have -5 and 5 as inputs and you must select 5

5DN1L: 145Fps, you modify the code which determines the thrust so that thrust == "BOOST" for one turn

5DN1L: probably the first turn is the best

darkhorse64: It will always return the temperature with the highest absolute value which is not the requirement

Default avatar.png 145Fps: Didn't understood

5DN1L: Currently you determine your thrust with reference to checkpoint angle, right?

Default avatar.png nesnes112: yes darkhose64

Default avatar.png 145Fps: Yup

5DN1L: Now, your task is to modify your code, to keep track of whether you have used BOOST before

5DN1L: if not, set thrust to equal to "BOOST"

YS_Yousef: hello! can u see my contribute?

5DN1L: otherwise, determine thrust the same as before, 145Fps

YS_Yousef: i want to get ur fead back

YS_Yousef: to see if it is good or not

5DN1L: YS_Yousef Yes we can, now please patiently wait

Default avatar.png nesnes112: darkhose64 i understand the validator

YS_Yousef: 5DN1L ok thx!

Default avatar.png nesnes112: but i don't know how to code

Default avatar.png 145Fps: Search for tutorial

darkhorse64: Given your code sample, you surely do. Just think how you can select 5 over -5 (which test to apply) ?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: YS_Yousef, I have bad news for you

YS_Yousef: what?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: It isn't good

YS_Yousef: i like it

YS_Yousef: because it is short

YS_Yousef: and ez to understand

YS_Yousef: not like some contribute

YS_Yousef: contributes

YS_Yousef: any ways it is my first one

darkhorse64: Trivial puzzles are mercilessly rejected

YS_Yousef: and that was ur openion

YS_Yousef: ok i will make another one good than this

Default avatar.png nesnes112: darkhorse64 I added the t>0 test but still it doesn't work

Default avatar.png 145Fps: 5dN1L

Default avatar.png 145Fps: I still dont know how to put the boost

Default avatar.png 145Fps: i work in python 3

5DN1L: first do you understand what i mean?

Default avatar.png 145Fps: Can you re explain?

5DN1L: Your code currently sets thrust to 0 or 100 depending on the angle, right?

Default avatar.png 145Fps: Yes

5DN1L: Now on top of that you have to add a condition: if you have never used boost before, thrust = "BOOST"

Default avatar.png 145Fps: Where should i put it

5DN1L: put it where you determine thrust

Default avatar.png 145Fps: Done

5DN1L: does your code work?

Default avatar.png 145Fps: Yes

Default avatar.png 145Fps: i am first

5DN1L: good

Default avatar.png 145Fps: But i can't understand why

Default avatar.png 145Fps: But it's very good now

Default avatar.png 145Fps: Thanks

5DN1L: because BOOST gives your pod a boost

5DN1L: You're welcome

Default avatar.png 145Fps: Yes i saw that

Default avatar.png 145Fps: :)à

Default avatar.png 145Fps: :)

YS_Yousef: hi guys

YS_Yousef: i made a new one

YS_Yousef: and it is good

Default avatar.png 145Fps: 5Dn1L

YS_Yousef: (for me!)

Default avatar.png 145Fps: How to make my pod

Default avatar.png 145Fps: Faster in the angle

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Heya folks, would anyone have nudge on what to look into for ASCII Art? When I tried searching, most of my results were showing how to convert actual photos into ASCII art, would it be a similar process to complete the puzzle? Or is it much simpler

Default avatar.png 145Fps: For now its thrust = 0

Default avatar.png 145Fps: else

Default avatar.png 145Fps: thrust = 100

Default avatar.png 145Fps: and just after

Default avatar.png 145Fps: thrust = "BOOST"

5DN1L: Big_Code that puzzle is more about converting characters to their ASCII values and picking up the relevant portion of the corresponding representation from lists

5DN1L: 145Fps Study the relevant forum topic to get some hints on how to improve your pod:

5DN1L: You may need some trigonometry and/or simulation eventually

YS_Yousef: 5DN1L I know that you are busy but I need ur feed back in my "new" contribute the mario pyramids and bye :)

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Hmm 5DN1L, I'm not sure I follow 100%. So I need to take the 't' input, convert it to ASCII, then determine what part of the ASCII Art alphabet to pull from?

5DN1L: Indeed I'm still very busy... There are many contributions pending approval and feedback, so please patiently wait, thanks. YS_Yousef

YS_Yousef: welcome

5DN1L: Big_Code Exactly

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Huh, sounds totally foreign to me but thats what learning is for :grin: Ty for the nudge 5DN1L :grin:

5DN1L: You're welcome :)

darkhorse64: nesnes112: print both values you are testing and check whether your test gives the expected answer. If not, fix the test. You must select the largest absolute value and in case of equality, the biggest one

Assasint: Hello Guys

Uljahn: guess it should be the smallest absolute value (closest to zero)

Assasint: Why

Assasint: SO

Default avatar.png Big_Code: A lot of my searches are saying to use the module 'pyfiglet' but I'm getting a module not found error. 5DN1L is there a module you would recommend as a hint? I'm not sure where to start since most of my results include pyfiglet

5DN1L: no module needed

Default avatar.png Big_Code: :thinking: hmm okay, thanks!

Assasint: :money_mouth:

darkhorse64: You are right, Uljahn. You must select the smallest absolute value and in case of equality, the biggest one

Default avatar.png Big_Code: This is driving me insane lmao, I just don't understand the goal of this puzzle. So I can generate the ASCII Value of 't', but how in the world am I supposed to pull an E out of the supplied input from row? Every single search variation I've tried leads me to either pyfiglet, or someone just straight printing ASCII art. Do I have to hardcode the variable E = ###'\n'.. etc. ?

5DN1L: don't search "ascii art" as that's not the relevant keyword here

Default avatar.png Big_Code: What would you suggest I search? I wish the puzzle made it a tad more clear since it references "ascii art" numerous times

5DN1L: search what you want to achieve

Default avatar.png Big_Code: ,

5DN1L: "ascii art" is just how the puzzle is "packaged"

5DN1L: it doesn't describe what is required at all

5DN1L: i've told you how to solve it

5DN1L: search by looking at that direction

5DN1L: e.g. how to convert characters to their ascii values

5DN1L: how to use substrings

5DN1L: how to use lists

5DN1L: those types of stuff

Default avatar.png Big_Code: Yes, I've converted the characters to ascii values as I said

Default avatar.png Big_Code: But the puzzle expects an "Ascii art" responce

Default avatar.png Big_Code: so how would I not search up "how to convert text input to ascii art"

5DN1L: it could be described as "ascii art" or whatever you want really

Default avatar.png Big_Code: "​Your mission is to write a program that can display a line of text in ASCII art in a style you are given as input."

5DN1L: i could describe it as "a magnified display of characters"

5DN1L: i could describe it as "an ugly way to show characters"

5DN1L: i could describe it a thousand ways

5DN1L: (maybe)

5DN1L: but whatever way of description, it's irrelevant to how you SOLVE the puzzle

Default avatar.png Big_Code: What would you say is the condition to solve this puzzle then?

Default avatar.png Big_Code: In my eyes, its to print an ascii art version of the input provided

5DN1L: told you a few minutes ago

5DN1L: you need lists

5DN1L: you need substrings

5DN1L: and way much earlier

5DN1L: you've already repeated my approach in your own words

5DN1L: read that again

darkhorse64: :popcorn:

5DN1L: and hint: ascii value can be converted to corresponding position of the required substrings easily

5DN1L: yay popcorn

5DN1L: :D

**BlaiseEbuth grab popcorn in darkhorse64 :popcorn:

**darkhorse64 has picked a large one for binge watching multiple episodes tonight

Default avatar.png gygo: Hi everyone :wave:

Wontonimo: hey darkhorse64 , nice to see you oline

Wontonimo: i remember when i first joined you were on a lot. oh, i miss those days way back in 2020

Smelty: o-o

**Smelty plays some coc

Smelty: *notices ranking is 669

darkhorse64: hey Wontonimo, I am still often connected but I do less bot programming than before.

jacek: oh my

BlaiseEbuth: Oo

YS_Yousef: hello!

YS_Yousef: I made a contribute about Mario here: may you check it? and sorry if the roles don't allow me to put links in world chat I don't know accauly :/

YS_Yousef: I hope you will love it have a good night

Default avatar.png khouloud_saidi: hello :)

Smelty: hi

ajsgamedev: I'm stuck in wood 1 in Mad Pod Racing, anyone have tips for getting to bronze.

Nachosauce: Get familiar with trig :D

ajsgamedev: anything else?

Nachosauce: Probably don't need that for bronze though. Give us a quick rundown of what your current solution is doing?

Uljahn: share a replay

Nachosauce: Oooo I didn't know you could do that. That would be nifty as heck

jacek: -3vel

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8:

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ow nice, if you type a long question it makes it a pastebin

Default avatar.png Loek_OPENICT: Consider the momentum of your pod when deciding where to aim your move :)

jacek: the code should always be 7 bit, add zeroes if needed

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ah that's the trick :) thx

5DN1L: "7 bits" should be in bold red large font size lol Lots of people get stuck because of that

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: well, it's hard enough without it :) took me long enough to figure out how to count the repeating characters.

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: could not get it going with for loops, but got it going with while loops

5DN1L: heehee many approaches to this puzzle really

5DN1L: keep going! SMOKEz8z8

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: :( my solutions are always alot of lines, then you check the solution with the most votes... only one line of code, that I dont even understant

5DN1L: no worries, learn stuff step by step

5DN1L: you can't expect to learn everything at one go

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ugh, was not think binary, was adding the zero's to the end of the string, but that was an easy fix :)

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: thx for the tip

5DN1L: heehee

5DN1L: you're welcome :)

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: ill paste my solution here, if you'd like to give feedback. Last time you gave me the ord tip.

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8:

Quidome: rank 53 now, this is as far as I can get it with my own heuristic, I am not getting your snake heuristic to work btw

Quidome: 7 ply dfs with iterative deepening

Quidome: That was fun :)

5DN1L: SMOKEz8z8 Not much to add really, just wonder if you know you can use "+=" if you add a substring to the end (but not to the front)?

jacek: snake?

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: was looking at the solutions, quickly realized, I was using += for other values, did not realize I could use them for strings...

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: also learned zfill from one of them

5DN1L: nice

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: but I dont understand this line:

if c == "1" != b:

there is no and or or in between?

5DN1L: try this:

5DN1L: c="1"; b="4"

5DN1L: oops i mean 0 instead of 4

5DN1L: c=="1"!=b -> True

5DN1L: c="0"; b="1"

5DN1L: c=="1"!=b -> False

5DN1L: something to do with operator precedence...

ajsgamedev: thurst non stop basically... got lucky and was in the top 100.

5DN1L: i don't even want to go into that, SMOKEz8z8 lol

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: lol

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: was trying to read your examples.. made it more unclear


5DN1L: if you don't understand it now, never mind. brackets are your good friends (to make expressions clearer and less error-prone)

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: thx for your god like patience 5DN1L, I'm off for today

5DN1L: ok, ttyl

Jay_minecraft: Ayo it's your boi

Jay_minecraft: :slight_smile:

Jay_minecraft: Whats up ya'll?

Jay_minecraft: Hello?

Jay_minecraft: :neutral_face:

5DN1L: it's european nightime

Jay_minecraft: Oh

Apollo10: Wow, and my percents show I still win. (Still need to work out why it's not attacking still)

Jay_minecraft: Sorry

jacek: :upside_down:

Apollo10: :smile_cat:

Jay_minecraft: ...

Nachosauce: It has happened. I finally did the thing. Legend league in pod racing :D

5DN1L: :thumbsup: :D

Jay_minecraft: Dose anyone know what to do on the Mad pod racing level?

Nachosauce: Depends on what you mean

Jay_minecraft: I don't know the codes to use

Nachosauce: Expected output is "x y thrust", all integers. The description lays out how the input is coming in

Jay_minecraft: bruh

Jay_minecraft: This is all i have...


Jay_minecraft: # Edit this line to output the target position

   # and thrust (0 <= thrust <= 100)
   # i.e.: "x y thrust"
   print(str(next_checkpoint_y) + " " + str(next_checkpoint_y) + " 50")

5DN1L: do you know coordinates?

Jay_minecraft: Nope

5DN1L: then it's difficult...

jacek: youre printing y y

Jay_minecraft: ?

5DN1L: we can tell him the answer, but he may not understand what that means :shrug:

Jay_minecraft: #younglad

5DN1L: not an age issue

5DN1L: it's an issue of how much maths you've learned

Jay_minecraft: I know

Jay_minecraft: I have math first thing in the in the morning.

Jay_minecraft: For school

5DN1L: if you really want to solve the puzzle, search and read about basics of coordinate geometry

Nachosauce: In this case, x is left/right, y is up/down on the screen.

Jay_minecraft: I might try googling the answer

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: it may also be another case of fetal alcohol syndrome. is your upper lip unusually small?

jacek: oO

Nachosauce: If you do that, don't copy/paste :) try to see what it's doing and re-write it for practice.

Jay_minecraft: Mrs.Gloria what?

5DN1L: never mind that

Wontonimo: she likes to be called Westicals

jacek: try print(str(next_checkpoint_x) + " " + str(next_checkpoint_y) + " 50")

Default avatar.png Nicora: freaking nerds, imma crush yall in codin game

Default avatar.png Nicora: jk love you all

Nachosauce: Crush me real good. You can do it! I believe in you

Wontonimo: Nicora's gonna crush on you Nachosauce

5DN1L: have a crush on him? nooooo

Wontonimo: you'll be crushed nacho sauce

Nachosauce: It is what it is

Wontonimo: true dat

Jay_minecraft: This is hard lol

Wontonimo: which puzzle ?

Jay_minecraft: Mad pod

5DN1L: and he hasn't learned anything about coordinates yet

Jay_minecraft: As always

Nachosauce: Jumping in the deep end is always a fun way to learn :) Keep poking away and googling and asking questions (after googling)

Jay_minecraft: My guy i am always so tired life sucks when you have to wake up at 6:00 in the morning

Wontonimo: ha. what level are you IRL Jay?

Wontonimo: have you finished the IRL tutorial yet?

Jay_minecraft: Then walk for 15 minutes

Nachosauce: I feel you my dude. I get up at 4:30, exercise, go to work, come home, take care of my daughter, sleep. But gotta squeeze that codingame in where you can :grin:

Jay_minecraft: Y'all going to laugh at me bro

Jay_minecraft: :disappointed:

5DN1L: i'm not

jacek: 1 2 7 3 down to rockefeller street ~

Wontonimo: to understand you IRL level watch

Apollo10: (All because I don't have a route to him, and I target anything that can produce)

Jay_minecraft: bruh what is this video??

Nachosauce: Jay_minecraft don't feel bad, it's easier to learn when you're young so get on it now, get lots of practice! keep at it. It's worth it

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Is that age appropriate for an 11yo?

Wontonimo: :( oops

Jay_minecraft: i am 12

Apollo10: Ghost in the cell, Cyborg uprising (one of the other games on codingame)

Wontonimo: oh, that's fine then

Jay_minecraft: Not 11

Wontonimo: why you stirring up trouble Gloria ?

Jay_minecraft: :upside_down:

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I thought he was 11.5... no prob

Jay_minecraft: trouble?

Wontonimo: what language are you using jay?

Jay_minecraft: No trouble

Wontonimo: (plz don't say english)

Jay_minecraft: Python3

jacek: english

Wontonimo: I'll send you some links to some python stuff

jacek: he's gonna send you his python :scream:

Wontonimo: but i'll share this link with everyone

Jay_minecraft: Why not english?

Wontonimo: ./kickhard jacek

Apollo10: :scream_cat: Ssss.

**5DN1L puts jacek to bed to let him fantasize about pythons on his own

Wontonimo: okay, that's crossed some weird line for me lol. I'm gonna step away for a bit and try to clear my head.

jacek: i broke a mod, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i'm not sure what would be the most popular

5DN1L: take care Wontonimo

Wontonimo: lol jacek. see ya'll soon

Jay_minecraft: 8 minutes until my school ends lol

Jay_minecraft: :smiley:

jacek: :thinking:

Wontonimo: he didn't finish the IRL tutorial

Default avatar.png Corvus001: hello guys i am new here can somebody tell what is spring challenge pls ?

Wontonimo: wdym?

Default avatar.png Corvus001: i see this codingame spring challenge and i was wandering what is all about

Default avatar.png Corvus001: *wondering

Wontonimo: there is a description and write up

Wontonimo: and a preview

Default avatar.png Corvus001: where can i see the description

Default avatar.png Corvus001: ?

jacek: there is almost nothing about the upcoming spring challenge

Default avatar.png Corvus001: oh anyway thanks

Wontonimo: the old spring challenges

Wontonimo: there is

Nachosauce: hello again friends

Wontonimo: hey

Wontonimo: break out the good stuff, i'm here

Wontonimo: what are you working on nacho?

struct: hi

Wontonimo: :wave:

struct: what have you been working on Wontonimo?

Wontonimo: to be honest, i've wasted 2 days playing , following my WFC getting final approval, and showing people my mining prototype game

Nachosauce: Working on my pod racing

Nachosauce: I see idle. I'm down.

Wontonimo: the the idle game called a-mazing-idle, get to having 1 bot upgrade then paste this into the debugger and then just let it run for 10 hours by itself and it will be mostly done


Wontonimo: what are you up to struct ?

struct: first looks like an idle game

Thorcode: finnaly

struct: ups too late :p

Thorcode: I can back to code

struct: Wontonimo im playing with sfml and imgui

struct: i never used any of them



Nachosauce: I love me a good idle game. My favorite is IdleRaiders and the sequel

Wontonimo: what the heck is sfml and imgui?



struct: im bad explaining stuff

struct: so i have to link it sorry :p

Wontonimo: "It outputs optimized vertex buffers"

Default avatar.png duck_man: hola

Wontonimo: nice. i've just gotten over the hump of learning shaders and made a few lately



Wontonimo: and you can use your mouse with this one

Wontonimo: it was very rewarding being able to write them all from scratchh

Wontonimo: have you done much with shaders struct?

struct: no

struct: i havent used much graphical stuff

Wontonimo: i've certainly shied away

Wontonimo: hey Nachosauce, how far are you in mad pod racing? I happen to know some tricks if you want some help

Wontonimo: hello duck_man

Nachosauce: Rank 335

struct: Wontonimo i would not put the bot to auto move after i complete the level

struct: on the idle game

Nachosauce: score still calculating though

Wontonimo: i what league Nachosauce ?

Nachosauce: legend

struct: i have to press a key just to disable it when i go up a level

Wontonimo: ah, then you are ahead of me. I was once 75... but we won't talk abouut that

Thorcode: wow

Thorcode: Nacho sauce can you help me

Nachosauce: I can try :D

struct: what search do you use Nachosauce?

Wontonimo: I'm curious also

Nachosauce: I simulate some random possibilities, and tweak them measuring how effective they are until I'm about to timeout, then spit out the best of the bunch. I don't know all the fancy termonology

Wontonimo: so, kinda liike a genetic algorithm, in that there is mutation in the population

Nachosauce: ohh I like it. Makes me sound fancy

Wontonimo: and selection

Wontonimo: do you know about GA (genetic algorithm) search?

Nachosauce: Not really, though it sounds like my solution is pretty darn tootin similar

Thorcode: how

Wontonimo: Well you can see a quick demo here https://https// and see some source here

Wontonimo: hmm, that didn't work

Wontonimo: video here

Wontonimo: code here

Wontonimo: how did you come up with your solution Nachosauce ?

struct: 1 day ill learn ga

Nachosauce: started with me doing shitty "simulations" (adding my velocity to my position) a few times to see if I'd hit the checkpoint in the next few turns, and if so target the next checkpoint instead. Then that didn't get me to legend so I threw that out and went to the drawing board with a lot of caffeine and undone chores.

Wontonimo: nice story

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: is this going where I think it is?

Wontonimo: what data structure do you store that is "tweak"ed ?

Nachosauce: The first thing was enough to almost get me to legend though. Usually landed in top 10 gold lol. Spent a lot of time trying to make little tweaks thinking "oh I'll re-write everything after I get legend" and yeah. Days of tweaks later, I gave up.

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: leave him alone! he's a typical brilliant american who just derived the algorithm from first principles!

Wontonimo: I'm having a nice conversation and you taint it with "leave him alone" ? wth Westicles Gloria ?

Wontonimo: anyway...

Wontonimo: that's really cool Nachosauce

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: oh, I thought you were challenging him on his story

Nachosauce: I have a set number of possible solutions (a few turns worth of viable outputs) that start randomized, simulate wheresabouts that should end me up, give it a score, 'randomly' tweak rotation, thrust etc, simulate again. so on until I'm close to timeout and use the highest scoring one

Wontonimo: do you use a gaussian random tweak?

Nachosauce: I'd have to google what that means, so I'll go with a solid maybe while I go google :joy:

Wontonimo: haha.. okay so 1 6sided dice has 1/6th chance for each outcome.

Nachosauce: ah, the tweaks are weighted a bit. not even chances.

Wontonimo: 2 6sided dice rolled and added together, if you look at the chance of each total it is 1/36 for a total of 2 , 2/36 for a total of 3 , etc

Wontonimo: oh ...

Wontonimo: interesting.

Wontonimo: a couple things that really helped my selection Nachosauce is that i first start with a preset of values that represents straight ahead at full power, then compare it to preset values of a hard left

Wontonimo: then a hard right

Wontonimo: then random

Wontonimo: the best one then becomes the one that i tweak

Wontonimo: it helped a lot

Nachosauce: Oh I like that

Wontonimo: well, i said it was a couple of things, but it's just one

Nachosauce: You could totally stretch that out into 3 if you wanted

Wontonimo: yeah, lets pretend

Wontonimo: i've also heard people priming the values with a heuristic, like -3v, then evolving that

Wontonimo: so you could add that as the 5th thing. straight, left, right, heuristic, random, pick best, then tweak

Wontonimo: how do you search the opponents response to your action?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: nacho, as your appointed lawyer I advise you not to answer that

Wontonimo: lol

Nachosauce: As an american, it is my duty to go against my lawyers advice and make a fool of myself

Nachosauce: Honestly I just look at their position/velocity and try to guesstimate if we're likely to collide. If so, try to calculate the collision

Wontonimo: oh, so the opponent is pure heuristic

Wontonimo: and doesn't use the tweaking code you have

Nachosauce: yeah I don't do anything fancy with their pods. pretty much just checking for likely collisions and using their location to help determine the score of a possible solution

Wontonimo: I use the same code for the opponent. The opponent first gets evolved using GA for 15% of the time budget, then my pods get the remaining 85% to counter

Wontonimo: my search depth is 10 frames

Nachosauce: That's probably much better than what I have, but way more work than I'm willing to do :joy: My goal was legend, now I'm just poking for funsies

Wontonimo: that's fantastic that you made it to legend!

struct: you can always add a blocker

struct: it will boost your rank to top 100 if done successfully

Wontonimo: I actually don't have code specifically for the "runner" or "blocker"

struct: not even your eval?

Wontonimo: wait ... i'm wrong :(

Wontonimo: there are a few lines.

Wontonimo: yeah, just in the eval

Wontonimo: why would you want to use GA struct?

struct: well its something i dont know yet

Thorcode: I think I need to get to legend in mad, gold suck now

Nachosauce: youu caan dooo iiiit

Thorcode: but I am lazy

Wontonimo: here is a simple way to get into it quick. make a list of 10 random points on a 100x100 grid. try to solve the traveling salesmen problem. Initially your salesmen will travel from the first point on the list to the last in order, in a straight line

Wontonimo: the "fitness" function is the total distance traveled.

Wontonimo: initialize the "population" of 100 salesmen by shuffling the order of the points for each salesmen

Wontonimo: define a mutation as something like, the salesmen will swap the order of their of their points at random

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: that gets thor into legend?

Thorcode: how

Wontonimo: define a crossover as two salesmen get together, use the first half of the values from one of the salesmen, and remove those falues from the second, and append them

Wontonimo: then order all the salesmen by fitness (lowest distance first)

Thorcode: I need to start with greedy algo first to solve sales man problem

Wontonimo: throw out all but the first 100, and repeat

Wontonimo: when you mutate, it makes a new salesmen (the mutant), and when you crossover it creates a new salesmen

Wontonimo: also

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: thor, I think he means you sell one of your pods

Wontonimo: that's all there is to it really

Thorcode: ah ok

Thorcode: I sold one of my pod

Thorcode: ez

Thorcode: kicked him from the race

Wontonimo: here is an example of "solving" the traveling salesmen problem with GA

Thorcode: you know js?

Thorcode: yep probably you code this

Wontonimo: yeah, that's my code

Wontonimo: i grew it myself from a wee little seed. planted it, watered it, protected it from weasels

Thorcode: My target is winning bot in mad now

struct: some progress

Thorcode: ah

struct: Didnt have too much time today

Wontonimo: okay, a way easier problem is to guess a few numbers

Wontonimo: have a list of 5 numbers in an array.

Wontonimo: ... anyway ...

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I don't think struct knew that TSP stuff was for him

struct: o.o

struct: was it for me Wontonimo?

struct: im sorry

Wontonimo: yeah, it was

Wontonimo: that's okay

struct: ill read it now

Wontonimo: it's okay buddy

zophia2222: oj

Wontonimo: oj? I prefer tea

struct: whats oj?

Wontonimo: a drink

Wontonimo: Orange Juice

struct: ah

Wontonimo: it comes from fruit i hear

zophia2222: lol

Wontonimo: somehow

zophia2222: okkkkkk ojjjjj

Thorcode: I prefer coffeee

Thorcode: can someone help me the drifting part in mad?

Nachosauce: The way I had it which isn't too bad to implement and almost got me to legend before my re-write, is I looped adding my velocity to my position ~5 times checking my distance to the checkpoint at each stage. If I got within a certain threshold, I'd switch my target to the next checkpoint and slow down based on the angle to the next checkpoint. Not super accurate, but was accurate enough to help a ton

Nachosauce: Also, goodnight everyone. love ya'll

Thorcode: gn

Thorcode: player in mad are better now

Wontonimo: gn Nachosauce

Flaise: Hey guys

Wontonimo: hey Flaise

struct: hi

Flaise: I don't understand. Why do people keep following me out of the blue even when I don't log in? :P

Thorcode: I dunno

Wontonimo: weird

therealbeef: to invite you to clashes?

Wontonimo: maybe they like your white fur coat

Flaise: Awoo

Wontonimo: some weirdo just followed me

Wontonimo: :)

Flaise: I saw the notification and was like "two can play this game"

C26_1: Umm, being followed is very great

C26_1: And somehow I eat bread with orange salt

Thorcode: nagh

zophia2222: hi

C26_1: Does eating like that being weird?

C26_1: @zophia2222, hi

zophia2222: wevr

C26_1: Um, how to make my contribution more recognized?


C26_1: Maybe I'll just paste some links here and wait for some comments

Thorcode: dunno

C26_1: Wait

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: the crowd that used to push through clash contribs has pretty much left

C26_1: I've delete that

C26_1: Cuz it's too horrible to code solution

zophia2222: jdhygryewe

C26_1: @zophia2222, I don't think you could spam here

C26_1: I have see something weird here

zophia2222: shut up

C26_1: I'm gonna change the conditions in my contri bc for the same input in an array it'll output the same

Flaise: Really? How do you conclude jdhygryewe? I didn't know jdhygryewe came with any particular signals to make into the contrary and minutes.

zophia2222: plz shush

Flaise: I really enjoyed jdhygryewe when it first came out but it didn't age well. I saw it again last week and could only think that, well... technology has come a long way.

Wontonimo: it may have come a long way but not enough to skip refrigeration of jdhygryewe

Flaise: A wise man is on record saying several times over his career: To jdhygryewe... or not to jdhygryewe.


zophia2222: huh??

Wontonimo: okay, okay, it was all fun and games. lets settle down

zophia2222: hmm

Wontonimo: back to talking about code

Flaise: Can anyone help me debug my puzzle code? I got it to compile just fine but it's throwing java.lang.package.stuff.jdhygryewe;

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: great, now you've got zophia making autistic honking noises

Wontonimo: hmm Flaise, let's move on

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: :zipper_mouth:

zophia2222: OH MY GOD SHUTR UP ABOUT ME!!!!!

Thorcode: ? who talk about you

zophia2222: mind ur own fudging buisness

zophia2222: Mrs Gloria craphead

Wontonimo: okay, i get it. there is some heat here. everyone cool it and let's move on. I'll help someone take a breather with a short time out if they need it

Thorcode: chill out

Wontonimo: zophia2222, you have anything to say about your language?

zophia2222: ok I'm talking to him right now!!!!

Wontonimo: *shrug*

Wontonimo: moving on

Wontonimo: virus spreading is the name of the contrib i'm looking at atm

Wontonimo: you want to tell us a bit about it C26_1 ?

C26_1: ah

C26_1: ok

zophia2222: hhhhh

zophia2222: gfftrdtr

Wontonimo: okay, zophia2222, take a little break and cool down

zophia2222: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

C26_1: Says we have this block of input

C26_1: 3 2 3 8 10 0 5 3 4

Wontonimo: kicked

Flaise: LOL

C26_1: The first line is always some parameters for the next line

C26_1: In the first line: - The first parameter: Width - The second parameter: Height - The third parameter: Virus' strength

C26_1: After that,in the next Height line, each line will have Width elements

C26_1: 2d array, if you want

C26_1: 0 is the special elements, where it represents infected perople

C26_1: people*

C26_1: Each input will always at least have more than one zero-element

Wontonimo: well, you don't have any working code for it, so probably the first step is to open it in test mode and try coding a solution

C26_1: My sol is tried to change the 0 element

C26_1: But aafter hours of code, I give up cuz full of bugs

Wontonimo: well, then probalby just hold off until you up your skills.

C26_1: ye

Wontonimo: try some other puzzles

C26_1: And wait for me

Wontonimo: i'll wait for you :sunset:

Wontonimo: wait? no sunset emoji?

Flaise: `-`

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: i think he asked us already to code a solution for it

Flaise: What a strange conversation this has been.

Wontonimo: yeah

Thorcode: :sunglasses:

Wontonimo: so weird

zophia2222: how do I kick?

Thorcode: mod kick

Wontonimo: mortal can't

zophia2222: :sob:

zophia2222: why do I feel rejectted

Thorcode: kick can only use in world

Thorcode: and by mod

Thorcode: I wish private can do that

C26_1: Oh, I'm come back


Wontonimo: you can just ignore private chat. just close it.

Flaise: ...I think that auto-pastebin threshold is a bit small but ok.

Flaise: I'll just send more than one message next time.

Wontonimo: rants look better in pastebin

Wontonimo: old school font

Thorcode: yeah my rank in mad is 547 in gold now

Wontonimo: that was random Thorcode

Thorcode: ?

Thorcode: yeah

Thorcode: I lose alot

Thorcode: probably system error

C26_1: He means he was talking to Flaise and somehow Thorcode talks something random about Mad Pod Racing

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I think royale is coming after me in samegame

Flaise: Dunno why I'm sitting at CodinGame right now. I'm not writing code. I haven't written code in so long. My motivation to do anything is so low.

Wontonimo: what is this? Gloria is participating in an opti !?!

Thorcode: yeah I stop writing code for a week

Wontonimo: yeah same here

Wontonimo: it's like an AA meeting or coders who don't code

Wontonimo: *of

Flaise: Pff. You guys probably have jobs though.

Thorcode: nah

Thorcode: how can a thirteen boys have job

Flaise: school is a job...

Thorcode: nah

Thorcode: I'm learning online

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: :innocent:

Thorcode: if i have this input 1+2 and outputt is 3 how can I code?

zophia2222: I got a book about coding

Thorcode: ok?

zophia2222: it's large

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: so am i

Thorcode: bruh

zophia2222: really in irl???

Thorcode: irl?

zophia2222: in real life

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: :rage:

Thorcode: chill ou

Default avatar.png dealom: Hello.

zophia2222: what?

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: :clown:

Thorcode: hi

zophia2222: wassap

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: :deer:

Thorcode: I'm a noob python coder

Thorcode: can you guy help me

Thorcode: ?

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: same

zophia2222: :yin_yang:

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: i know a little bit

Thorcode: same

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: maybe i can help

C26_1: I always think var as box

Thorcode: ?

Wontonimo: practice on or chat here #python

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: what is var?

Wontonimo: otherwise please stop spamming world chat

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: ok

C26_1: vriable

C26_1: @KOKKONUT, variable

Thorcode: how can we practice on this site

Wontonimo: sorry, wrong link here

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: oh

Flaise: How can a python be a golfer? It doesn't have any hands to grip the club. That's just silly.

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: thats why

C26_1: ok, back to the conversation

C26_1: I always think variable as box

C26_1: it contains something

Thorcode: bruh

Thorcode: var is just a name contain something

Thorcode: like b=1

Thorcode: so you print out b

Thorcode: you got 1

C26_1: but for some other programming lang

C26_1: var is like an empty box that need to be waited to put in by something

zophia2222: imagine dude coding is weird but funyways!

C26_1: so like int b

zophia2222: fun anyways

C26_1: it can means:

Make a box named b and it can only hold integer

Thorcode: peaceful chat now

Flaise: I'm so demotivated...

Maybe I should find something motivating to do.

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: im confused

Thorcode: try leetcode bro

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: who is really good at python3

Thorcode: not me

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: i need someone to teach me

Default avatar.png Niko121699: whats up

Wontonimo: use youtube KOKKONUT. search "the coding train". he will teach you

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: ok

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: thanks