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YCSVenom: anyone have any knowledge in android studio?

YCSVenom: i have a project where i have to save some files into xml but it keeps failing to save it in the java regular way

YCSVenom: some data into xml*

ASM_MOV_INT: try notepad?

ASM_MOV_INT: visual studio code is great too with all kinds of extensions

YS_Yousef: hi?

jacek: happy Caturday

A_J: Meow ?

Killuaa: hello world

Uljahn: meowrning

triph: uwu

YS_Yousef: hi everyone

Kururugi: imagine failing test case but 100% on validators

5DN1L: Add that as an achievement in the quest map :smirk:

YS_Yousef: i am new i joined yesterday :)

YS_Yousef: P_P

YS_Yousef: q_q

YS_Yousef: >_<

YS_Yousef: "_{

YS_Yousef: "_"

YS_Yousef: why?

YS_Yousef: ok i started a clash bye

5DN1L: don't spam the chat please, YS_Yousef

YS_Yousef: ok

5DN1L: Thanks

YS_Yousef: welc

Default avatar.png zedred: welcome tho

Default avatar.png peterdcarter: um, I finished, 5 puzzles and it says I'm in the top 10% of coders: why do I feel like the difficulty curve might need adjusting?

5DN1L: peterdcarter If you click your profile to see the details, you will find that the number of puzzles you've solved is not related to your ranking

5DN1L: You get to top 10% by earning CP not XP

BlaiseEbuth: The rank is about the compete section, not the puzzles. And it's just a percentage... With about 450K users in leaderboard, the top 10% is for 45K users...

humanbeethoven: hi

Default avatar.png codererer: hi

RORAK: hi guys

Default avatar.png yougoodihello: hi

C_breeze: another clash where the given code does not have correct variable type to accommodate range of tests - hmm seems to be a theme on some of these clashes

5DN1L: sad

C_breeze: at least 5 like this in last 24hrs

5DN1L: You may raise the issue to the puzzle creator if you're able to search it

C_breeze: I think it's partly due to how most ppl are now using Python and forgetting type limitations in other langs

5DN1L: oh. you've already finished more than 300 clashes

5DN1L: you actually have the right to edit clashes now

C_breeze: yeah, I do sometimes go and approve - hadnt realise I can edit now - might sort out soem of the C given codes if I get time

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png codererer: :nerd:

Nachosauce: Okay this time for real, today is the day. Going legend in coders strike back. Been saying that for days now but it's saturday so good luck day right??

5DN1L: Right :)

jacek: today's caturday

Nachosauce: I have 2 cats, so double luck

jacek: :tada:

Jakaria: you all solve in codeforces?

5DN1L: I know some do. I don't.

jacek: did Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: i want my code to a local file

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: what an awful puzzle

BlaiseEbuth: Puzzle? Isn't there only clashs here? :o

Default avatar.png koder996: you can improve your coding by doing puzzles

Default avatar.png koder996: search on page you will find it

BlaiseEbuth: :p

molo_7: :nerd:

BlaiseEbuth: Those new guys are cute. :blush:

molo_7: :blush:

Default avatar.png koder996: hhehehhe

Default avatar.png koder996: yes I am new

__LoreOfKira__: salut Blaise

BlaiseEbuth: :wave:

__LoreOfKira__: tu viens d'arriver sur cette plateform?

__LoreOfKira__: plateforme

Schwase: is there any reason why my ide might not be doing autocomplete suggestions? i tried resetting editor configuration and it didnt fix anything

5DN1L: __LoreOfKira__ This is an English-only channel. Please note. Thanks.

__LoreOfKira__: okay sorry

5DN1L: For French, please switch to #fr

Default avatar.png koder996: anyone from balkan?

5DN1L: Schwase Tried refresh too? Sometimes refresh fixes everything

Schwase: no such luck

5DN1L: sad

Schwase: might just need to close browser or something or log out and come back sometime

Schwase: not too worried

BlaiseEbuth: _LoreOfKira_ Yup just a few moments ago... :) Wait... It's been seven already years! :scream:

BlaiseEbuth: switch(already, years);

5DN1L: Slept for years

BlaiseEbuth: Schwase such problem can also be server side, sometimes language support crash.

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah 5DN1L, I need a proportional barrel of coffee...

5DN1L: nearly misread that as coffin

BlaiseEbuth: Yeah! CoffinGame

5DN1L: lol

BlaiseEbuth: ngl

CoderCatHI: ji

CoderCatHI: hi

Ninilin: hii

CoderCatHI: how are you

Ninilin: how is going

Ninilin: im pretty good

CoderCatHI: I am the top 6%

CoderCatHI: you?

CoderCatHI: 24000 in the leader beord

Smelty: hmm

5DN1L: Automaton2000, get to the top 6%!

Automaton2000: trying to get top 10

Smelty: gasp

5DN1L: wow, even more ambitious

Smelty: *10%?

Stephen20: :grin:

Smelty: Hello Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i don't know if i will assign 0, or 1, at some point

Smelty: Hello Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i just don't know how to code

Default avatar.png leec334.306: nethier

Default avatar.png leec334.306: :grin:

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: quite hard for my first thing on the website... just reading the solution from somebody else is hard

5DN1L: try the easier puzzles first?


Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: sorry, thought this was a chat with the people who had to same challenge, it send me to clash of codes.

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: thx for the link

Default avatar.png SMOKEz8z8: will start there

5DN1L: no worries

Rebollo: Guys, could you please help me with a issue..

Rebollo: I created a recursive function like this


Rebollo: It works fine when I am justi printing the result

Rebollo: and it is void

Rebollo: What if I want to return "lastNode" object instead of just printing it??

Rebollo: I tried everything =(

BadBurger: im contemplating on quitting on light bulbs... my code runs all the 4..N19 ones, cannot solve N22, and 25 solves but wrong loop counter.... idk that f up.

5DN1L: BadBurger Did you read the forum thread? You may find some hints there

5DN1L: But it's also ok to take a break and come back to it later

5DN1L: Maybe a refreshed mind will help you come up with new ideas

Default avatar.png CleoattakYT: Hey guys

BadBurger: if check for lights, that is not correct position, are mutable, and was not touched previous round, i only get 2 available lights 1 time per run in the beginning, but starting from either one dont solve

BadBurger: and 25 is solved with less loops than required, so N19 should prove the rules are properly coded.. yeah checked forums.. but no help on that

BadBurger: yeha i need a break from this...

Default avatar.png CleoattakYT: I'm at wood league 2 of pod races but i'm stuck. The program says that the variable "nextCheckpointAngle" isn't define. How can I solve this problem?µ

5DN1L: paste your code hre CleoattakYT

5DN1L: here*

Default avatar.png CleoattakYT: if nextCheckpointAngle > 90 or nextCheckpointAngle < -90:

       thurst = 0
       thurst = 100

5DN1L: i mean the whole code

Default avatar.png CleoattakYT:

5DN1L: the variable names are wrong

5DN1L: look at the names used when reading the values

5DN1L: use the same names below

Default avatar.png CleoattakYT: Gracie mille

5DN1L: erm... what's that language?

Rebollo: Any help, please:


5DN1L: Rebollo Difficult for find someone here over weekend AND around Europe dinner time

5DN1L: to*

Rebollo: =(

e_fishel: hello

Rebollo: I have a void function, recursive, works fine

Rebollo: I just want to return a objet

Rebollo: A node

e_fishel: is it c++?

Uljahn: void can return anything?

Rebollo: yes

BlaiseEbuth: Change your function type so...

Rebollo: c++

BadBurger: is c++ = d

BadBurger: ?

e_fishel: what is that -> syntax

e_fishel: i didn't know about it

BlaiseEbuth: pointer access

BlaiseEbuth: like the a.b but for a pointer

BlaiseEbuth: a->b

BlaiseEbuth: if a is a pointer

Rebollo: this is the void function


Rebollo: I tried anything to return a object

Rebollo: everything

BlaiseEbuth: a void function doesn't return anything by definition...

Rebollo: I see

Rebollo: but I tried

Rebollo: treeNode * findAndPrintFirstCompletedNodes(treeNode *lastNode)

Rebollo: the goal is to return a treeNode object

Rebollo: I tried like this:


Manchi_o6o7: If someone can explain me why this isn't compileable


inem: "int getPoints()const" see stange

Smelty: for the unary code golf solution for character % has an extra "0 0", or 1, compared to my code. my code right now only works for the first two tests and the alphabet, any explanation?

5DN1L: extra 0 0?

Smelty: ye

Smelty: the solution has an extra 0 0 and the beginning

Smelty: my output is: 0 0 00 00 0 0 00 0 0 0 answer is: 00 0 0 0 00 00 0 0 00 0 0 0

Smelty: edit: meant extra 00 0

5DN1L: that's a zero

Smelty: yea

Smelty: i looked at it wrong

5DN1L: because each character should be transformed into 7 bits

Smelty: ah. so should i add a 0 if it isnt enough to 7 bits at the beginning?

5DN1L: correct

Smelty: k, thanks

5DN1L: :)

Smelty: *contemplates life choices*

Smelty: pog it now works thanks

Smelty: just had to add a sneaky 07

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-:

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-: somone can explain this code ? :D

5DN1L: what do you not understand?

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-: indexing :(

5DN1L: i see

5DN1L: [:idx] means [0:idx]

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-: still i cant understand :D

5DN1L: you know [0]?

Quidome: the concept is slicing

Quidome: you take a substring

Quidome: of multiple chars

Quidome: I am running 2048 and having this weird problem. No error in the 'normal' test but three errors after submit

Quidome: Both test sets are the same if you look at the titles...

Quidome: O, i am lucky a normal one is failing now, good now I can look into it :)

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

Quidome: O now it works again, hm, timeout I suppose then?

Quidome: Ah, yes timeout with irregular behaviour...

Quidome: :(

jacek: optims have lower tolerance in timeout

jacek: i.e. 35ms margin may be not enough for 50ms

jacek: 2048 should always pass even you print invalid actions

Rebollo: Related to the recursive function that I wanted to return a node, here is the solution:

Wontonimo: AlkhilJohn. is having trouble understanding the a contribution needs to explain the problem and the concept of the solution.

Quidome: OK, thnxs, i am stopping earlier and now it is running smooth

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-:

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-: i dont understand why ls - x

Wontonimo: with 3 days left, I'm looking for one more person to solve this hard puzzle I made and i'd be happy to answer any questions if someone would be willing to dive into it

Default avatar.png omboyo: idk- [:ls-x]

5DN1L: Idk.-_- I think the question is asking you to replace increasing number of the last characters with stars

Wontonimo: the [:ls-x] means

Wontonimo: all items up to the index (ls-x)

Quidome: got to position 131 on 2048 with simple DFS and really good eval. Limit reached on searching well I am happy for now :grinning:

Default avatar.png omboyo: means [from zero index: to ls-x], so first time its from [0: to 5], then [0:4]

Wontonimo: so if i = [1,2,3,4,5]

Wontonimo: and ls = 1 and x = 2, then

Wontonimo: i[:ls-x]

Wontonimo: is the same as saying

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-: oh

Wontonimo: i[:3]

Wontonimo: which means [1,2,3]

Wontonimo: the first 3 items in the list

Motion_War64: oh hi guys

Default avatar.png Idk.-_-: i get it thank you

struct: hi

jacek: :upside_down:

ASM_MOV_INT: hey all

FiveAm: Hi all :)

Default avatar.png Krotos: any suggestions for someone starting c from scratch?

Wontonimo: you can write c using



Wontonimo: do you know any other programming languages Krotos ?

Smelty: o.O

Wontonimo: Smelty, you've got lopsided eye holes. you should see a doctor about that

Wontonimo: maybe try using your fingers to make the other one larger.

Smelty: i've tried

Smelty: believe me

Wontonimo: send another picture of after trying

Smelty: ok

Wontonimo: oh, i hacked your webcam. I'll share your pic here


Smelty: ow

Smelty: im trying again

Smelty: now its 0.[]

Wontonimo: lol

ASM_MOV_INT: :nerd:

**Smelty dies

**Smelty dies of eye pain

ASM_MOV_INT: respawn

Default avatar.png carandev: Hi

Default avatar.png DonAjolote: x

Chanoroobler: Dans le test "évasion" de la mission "Shadows of the knight" pourquoi la bombe change de place ?

Chanoroobler: Dans le test "évasion" de la mission "Shadows of the knight - Episode 1" pourquoi la bombe change de place ?

AntiSquid: alors on danse

Default avatar.png ShortyLongsides: first clash of code, only two people in the game and the other person finished 3 minutes before me ;_;

zapakh: Now you must embark on a quest of revenge

Default avatar.png ShauryaS: hello

Default avatar.png ShauryaS: henglo

Default avatar.png achen318: hello

Default avatar.png Orange905: hello world

Default avatar.png ShauryaS: are you THE achen319

Default avatar.png Orange905: where da sudi

RandomAustralian: CAN COC

RandomAustralian: STOP

RandomAustralian: GIVING ME

RandomAustralian: SHORTEST MODE

AlkhilJohn.: ikr

AlkhilJohn.: I'm here for just for a fun problem

AlkhilJohn.: And here they are throwing quadratics at me

Nachosauce: Shortest mode is my nightmare since I primarily code in C# :(

Default avatar.png Louvtt: python3 have some advantages for shortest as always getting bullied by the python dev

Nachosauce: Python, Ruby, and Bash seem to be amazing for it

Default avatar.png Louvtt: yep