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ninjadip: man Wontonimo it's crazy hot bot ai just seems to never stop growing

ninjadip: night

Wontonimo: night

Raamyy: Hey

Raamyy: any idea how to get back to a problem I had in clash of code?

Raamyy: so I can solve it

Default avatar.png CinnamonSwirl: how do i loop

Default avatar.png CinnamonSwirl: im so bad

ASM_MOV_INT: how do you do anything that you don't know in programming? google my friend, google

Default avatar.png CinnamonSwirl: i dont get what google is telling me

ASM_MOV_INT: google better.

ASM_MOV_INT: :sunglasses:

Default avatar.png CinnamonSwirl: ok

ASM_MOV_INT: cinnamon swirl sounds yum

Default avatar.png nickheyer: some of these promps are very poorly written

Default avatar.png nickheyer: and the implementation in C is VERY confusing, given all the existing code used to interface with the program.

Default avatar.png nickheyer: I would 1000% prefer to write code from absolute scratch everytime.

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: y

Default avatar.png identit: :sunglasses:

Default avatar.png Maryyyy: @identit :money_mouth:

IlickFeet: I lick feet

justchris: professionally or as a hobbyist?

Default avatar.png identit: @Maryyyy :innocent:

Default avatar.png PepaZDepa21: Ola

ChunFong: @MasterFong


5DN1L: ChunFong please use #clash channel for clash invites, thanks.

ChunFong: ok thanks

Default avatar.png Thanah: hi


PATTRIM: do u guys know how to shorten this?



5DN1L: !=1 => >1

PATTRIM: but it could also be 0

PATTRIM: oh wait


Default avatar.png P111111: show ur code

Default avatar.png P111111: pls

Default avatar.png P111111: MeiCodes

Fasader: Standard Output Stream:

Fasader: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

JihadHammoud: suiiii

Default avatar.png InvisibleBrocolli_c7a6: greetings from Nairobi

AshenTartiflette: ok

Mr.Moxy: in the death first search episode 1 how can i refresh the agent's position after it moves? (Python)

BlaiseEbuth: That's probably np-hard...

Mr.Moxy: it must be easy otherwise you couldn't solve this

5DN1L: Mr.Moxy it's given to you every turn via input()

Mr.Moxy: yea, but for some reason the code doesn't refreshes the position after the agent moves

5DN1L: what do you mean?

Mr.Moxy: it keeps the starting positon

5DN1L: what does your console show?

BlaiseEbuth: You have to refresh the var yourself.

Mr.Moxy: it doesn't throw error, i just know that it's not right

Mr.Moxy: ok but how?

5DN1L: Do you store the input() in a variable?

Mr.Moxy: yes

5DN1L: Then I don't understand your issue

BlaiseEbuth: Can you show us your code?



5DN1L: You do not necessarily print every turn?

5DN1L: or is it possible you print more than once every turn?

Mr.Moxy: neither

Mr.Moxy: you have to print only one each turn

5DN1L: and why random?

Mr.Moxy: turn=agent moves

Mr.Moxy: coz that part doesnt matter

BlaiseEbuth: But you read si multiple time each turn

Mr.Moxy: if i wouldn't there would be an error

Mr.Moxy: but ok

Mr.Moxy: there you go


Default avatar.png IAmTriste: hbgbng

Default avatar.png IAmTriste: e

5DN1L: IAmTriste no testing of your keyboard here

Default avatar.png IAmTriste: thhth

5DN1L: one more time and you're out

BlaiseEbuth: The statement clearly say that you get SI once by turn, and you read it multiple times in your while.

BlaiseEbuth: Each while turn correspond to one game turn.

BlaiseEbuth: Since your print are in another loop in this while, you probably print multiple times in one turn, as 5DN1L said.

BlaiseEbuth: You should have one print at the end of the while loop. No more.

5DN1L: Mr.Moxy I think you need to figure out something more complex to determine what to output

Mr.Moxy: alright, thank you for your help guys :D

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

Jay_minecraft: Ayo

ninjadip: ayooooo

Jay_minecraft: Can i get some please?

**BlaiseEbuth give some please to Jay_minecraft.


Jay_minecraft: :confused:

BlaiseEbuth: That's what happen when some are missing...

Jay_minecraft: I don't get this level

BlaiseEbuth: Level :thinking:

BlaiseEbuth: That's what happen when the context is missing...

Jay_minecraft: Mate i'm only 12

5DN1L: Age isn't an issue, your coding knowledge is

BlaiseEbuth: And ? I think I was able to ask precise questions when I was 12... Even before...

BlaiseEbuth: Never too late to learn

Jay_minecraft: I know that just i have big memory lose

jacek: get more ram

Jay_minecraft: ...

ninjadip: loss? or you lose a lot of memory

Jay_minecraft: loss*

ninjadip: they are giving you a hard time because you haven't explained what you need help at clearly.

5DN1L: We don't offer treatment of amnesia here

BlaiseEbuth: Still don't see how memory issues prevent you from asking a complete question...

Jay_minecraft: I am suck on the mad pod racing level

ninjadip: lol

5DN1L: BlaiseEbuth because he forgets what he wants to ask

ninjadip: what's that taste like

Wontonimo: what level in mad pod racing Jay_minecraft ?

BlaiseEbuth: 5DN1L: But we offer the dark descent :imp:

5DN1L: Jay_minecraft How much coding do you know?

ninjadip: *english

5DN1L: Jay_minecraft if you don't know any programming languages yet, this website isn't for you now

BlaiseEbuth: english ? ninjadip ?

5DN1L: Jay_minecraft You have to pick up the basics elsewhere, then you can come back to practise here

ninjadip: BlaiseEbuth yes, how much *english does he know... maybe too mean

BlaiseEbuth: Oh.

Jay_minecraft: ...

ninjadip: ugh i'm writing a method to check the torpedo path for islands before i shoot... ugh tedious

Jay_minecraft: I AM DOING SCHOOL

ninjadip: awewsome

ninjadip: i am doing my wife

Jay_minecraft: TF

BlaiseEbuth: Anyway. We can help you but be clear on what you ask, Jay_minecraft.

ninjadip: we all know you are in school. but you still have yet to state clearly what you need help in

Wontonimo: i'm chatting in private with him. I'll help him out

5DN1L: Jay_minecraft do you know any programming language at all?

5DN1L: ok Wontonimo

ninjadip: specifically, mad pod racing is the first step. what in mad pod racing do u need help with

5DN1L: thanks Wontonimo

ninjadip: oh

Jay_minecraft: nope been this for 2 days

ninjadip: remember he's DOING SCHOOL lol

Jay_minecraft: @ninjadip Shut up

5DN1L: ninjadip let's leave it there

ninjadip: :)

Mortis_666: :O

5DN1L: If the kid truly wants to learn, then he deserves the help from Wontonimo

ninjadip: yes

ninjadip: but can'

ninjadip: can't help someone who doesn't ask a reasonable question, that's it. i'm done

5DN1L: agreed, but let's leave it there

ninjadip: yep yep yep

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

**5DN1L treating ninjadip like a small kid

ninjadip: if that's make you feel better pat me on the head

ninjadip: then pull on my beard a bit

5DN1L: patting is fine, but pulling on the beard? yikes

AntiSquid: i see you folks are getting friendly

AntiSquid: "friendly"

5DN1L: without quotation marks

Jay_minecraft: @nijadip

5DN1L: :joy:

Jay_minecraft: ninjadi[*

ninjadip: you'll get it, keep trying

Jay_minecraft: ninjadip*

Default avatar.png IAmTriste: e

ninjadip: lol

AntiSquid: spam

Uljahn: try to use tab autocompletion

5DN1L: you're out, IAmTriste you've been warned

Jay_minecraft: sorry for telling you to shut up

ninjadip: what's the letter 'e' for that IAmTriste sent? is that bad

5DN1L: he spammed earlier today too

ninjadip: that one letter is a spam?

5DN1L: not just thate e

AntiSquid: terrible

ninjadip: oh

Jay_minecraft: I am sorry for being rude guys

5DN1L: Jay_minecraft good to hear that. We should all be nice to each other

ninjadip: i egged you on, no need to apologize

AntiSquid: it's ok give everyone a group hug, but just wait a moment so i leave first Jay_minecraft

ninjadip: just a common thing on here, people come in, "help, help, help, fire" and don't tell you where the fire is. if you get what i'm saying Jay_minecraft

Jay_minecraft: Sometimes i get upset really fast because i have a kid thats siting beside me and he's loud

jacek: you have mirror beside you?

ninjadip: oh i thought you were in school

ninjadip: and the kid, no offense...

Jay_minecraft: And he's always yelling

Jay_minecraft: i am in school

5DN1L: do you know that kid?

ninjadip: sorry, i thought a different kind of school

prozacian: hey is there programs on here that are similer to the way the sprites in deltarune move

Wontonimo: what's deltarune ?

5DN1L: some rpg

prozacian: its a videogame

ninjadip: i guess a game he likes

jacek: onitama?

prozacian: ?

Wontonimo: oh, rpg. Rocket Propelled Grenades

Wontonimo: love those things

Jacxk: deltarune is undertale

prozacian: oh lol

prozacian: ya

prozacian: kinds

Jay_minecraft: no hes not playing a game hes drawing

Jay_minecraft: he's

Jacxk: prequel kinda thing

prozacian: y

prozacian: UA

prozacian: wtf sorry

Wontonimo: so, grenades just use a parabolic path, kinda easy physics

prozacian: ya*

prozacian: ohhhhhhhh ok thx

Jacxk: Wontonimo I finally finished Code Breaker it took me the whole day tho :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png Luis_Marmol: Wontonimo never thrown a grenade in a windy day, huh?

Wontonimo: but seriously though, what kind of effect are you going for?

prozacian: bit by bit movment

Jay_minecraft: Python3 is the easiest

prozacian: ik i could use a bitboard buttttt i dont want to

prozacian: ohhhh thx

Jay_minecraft: np

prozacian: :)

jacek: bitboard?

prozacian: uh ya like the program that moves items in a board game

prozacian: but i could mess around with that and change it to move sprites

Default avatar.png schloppy: mornin

prozacian: hello

Wontonimo: you may be interested in something called "lerp function" prozacian. That's something you can google

jacek: derp function?

Wontonimo: there are lots of variations on lerp, like using sin or tanh or some other non-linear function

Wontonimo: to make a rubberband like effect

prozacian: thx wontonimo

prozacian: this helps alot :)

Wontonimo: what programming language are you using prozacian? If you are making this for the web you can make these effects using CSS

prozacian: im using bash and c#

Jay_minecraft: Bash is the hardest.

prozacian: i still suck at it

prozacian: but i usually use c#

Jay_minecraft: Pythone3 And java are the easy one

Jay_minecraft: Python3

Wontonimo: I'd say javascript is easier than java

prozacian: i know i still need to learn how to do all this

prozacian: ya i want to use java script but im still learing

prozacian: ya know

Wontonimo: to be clear : java and javascript are very different! saying "java script" is just plain confusing

jacek: kree java!

prozacian: oh ok

BadBurger: i got some background in python, played bitburner, its a hacking game you automate with coding in js. first i tought it was a simplified version because it looked so much like python :D

BadBurger: javascript just flows out, shame i didnt look at it before, pretty much anything i can do in python i learned to do in js in couple hours as i got the hang of it.

Wontonimo: for all the 12yr olds here, if you don't know how to code an if/else and a loop, consider spending some time on and using the if/else and loops there

Wontonimo: is a lot easier, a lot more fun, and you will actually learn programming concepts

BadBurger: yeah my son started playing around with scratch, seems boring but im glad he is interested.

5DN1L: different ages have different definitions of fun

Wontonimo: here are some challenges to try and do in :

Wontonimo: make a sprite follow the mouse, but slowly

Wontonimo: make a sprite "fall" at a constant speed from the top of the screen down when the game is played

Wontonimo: make a sprite move up/down/left/right when the arrow keys are pressed

Wontonimo: put a larger sprite behind it that looks like a mountain, and make it also move but a bit slower,

Wontonimo: this makes a parallax effect

Wontonimo: make the up arrow make the sprite also shrink, and the down arrow also make the sprite grow. this gives a perspective effect

Default avatar.png Justin_Lowry: i just learned what infitie geometric is from one of the clash of code games

5DN1L: :thumbsup: (apart from the spelling)

USSR_Chicken: hello

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: 12yr olds? we are 13 thank you very much

prozacian: dont share your age online

5DN1L: and don't trust people easily online

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: we marry young in france. I'm already on my 3rd husband

Jacxk: how do I decode enigma?

Jacxk: trying to do this puzzle but there's no example as to how to decode it

5DN1L: there are 3 enigma puzzles here

Jacxk: this one

5DN1L: the puzzle statement contains an example

Jacxk: but only to econde it

5DN1L: for decoding you do the other way round?

Jacxk: i tried

Jacxk: didnt work

Jacxk: maybe i just did it wrong

USSR_Chicken: look over it

USSR_Chicken: i mess up a lot because i forget something like a single comma

Default avatar.png SpeedDragon: can you submit more than one file for ur anwser on puzzles? for example im using java and i wanted to create a diferent class for the data struture that im using

jacek: only 1 file

Default avatar.png SpeedDragon: okay ty

jacek: but you can use multiple classes in 1 file in java

Default avatar.png SpeedDragon: yes i know it was more for organising purposes

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: ah, only one more approval needed for wont's ascii art puzzle

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: guess I better try it

USSR_Chicken: update: you tried it

Jacxk: 5DN1L FYI, I got it, I just didn't think hard enough

5DN1L: Good job

USSR_Chicken: :thumbsup:

Tarctic: Could someone suggest a good bot programming puzzle for someone who's just starting?

jacek: mad pod racing?

Default avatar.png EnderNooob: hello

Tarctic: Tried it but I couldn't quite understand it

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: connect4?

jacek: whats your coding experience

jacek: some experienced people at first struggle with input/output here

Default avatar.png EnderNooob: i'm a noob and I do Python 3

BlaiseEbuth: Pleonasm.

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: same python

Default avatar.png RCroboticsteam: same, but im starting a c++ class this week

jacek: start with c++ struct

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: why

5DN1L: maybe jacek just wanted to ping a certain mod

5DN1L: Automaton2000 have you learned any new coding knowledge recently?

Automaton2000: coming up with a good scoring

5DN1L: nice

Default avatar.png RCroboticsteam: for some reason there's a bug where when I play my code while a game is already displayed the game just freezes and won't run until I reload the page. I just ignored it for a long time but it seems like it should have been patched by now

5DN1L: yeah that happens sometimes

5DN1L: when in doubt, refresh

Default avatar.png RCroboticsteam: ok, I will keep doing that

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I think Blaise mentioned it isn't a short-term priority

5DN1L: then it's a long-term priority, or it's not a priority at all?

5DN1L: Le_petit_roux What's your problem of Mad Pod Racing?

5DN1L: Le_petit_roux Looks like the thrust part is giving you a problem?

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: so i can't get out of the 2 one its says trust dosent mean anything and how do you make a new command without breaking the other one

5DN1L: you print x, y and thrust every turn

5DN1L: you don't have other commands

5DN1L: it looks like the variable thrust you've printed may be wrong

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: print(str(next_checkpoint_x) + " " + str(next_checkpoint_y) + " " + str(thrust))

5DN1L: what value does thrust contain?

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: but thrust dosent mean anything

BlaiseEbuth: Yup Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker. Like everything that isn't "Make money", "Chase away the old regulars" and "Escape games".

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: the boost

5DN1L: Le_petit_roux What's the code you used for setting the value of the thrust?

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: i dont know

5DN1L: Hmmm?

5DN1L: I mean what you've written

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: know trust dosent have value

5DN1L: Your code has to give it a value

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: aand i want to know how we make that the thrust have value

5DN1L: Are you in Wood 3 or Wood 2 now?

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: wood 2


Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: why

5DN1L: There should be a hint in the puzzle statement

5DN1L: Can you see a pseudo-code there?

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux:

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: this

5DN1L: yes, that's right

5DN1L: you have to convert that to python

5DN1L: and put it in your code

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: how

5DN1L: by doing that you set thrust a value

5DN1L: have you learned python before?

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: nope

5DN1L: That's an issue...

5DN1L: You see, this website is more for practising than learning from zero

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: well can you recommande me a chat

5DN1L: recommend you a chat?

5DN1L: what do you mean

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: like python java javascript

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: c

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: c++

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: bash

BlaiseEbuth: :thinking:

5DN1L: if you know other languages you can switch to any of those, as long as it's offered on CodinGame :shrug:

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: ok

5DN1L: but in any case, you've got to know the basics first

Default avatar.png Le_petit_roux: ok

BlaiseEbuth: Chat, not language 5DN1L

5DN1L: I'm losing my confidence in languages

5DN1L: human languages


animeWeeb: poggers

BlaiseEbuth: I prefer the squirrel...

animeWeeb: thanks

jacek: weeb

animeWeeb: what

animeWeeb: ???????????

5DN1L: jacek meant hi

animeWeeb: oh

jacek: bah

Default avatar.png qr9onnyx: lol

Default avatar.png qr9onnyx: hi, im new here

BlaiseEbuth: ngl

jacek: hello, new here

Default avatar.png Matr1x-101: i just submitted my puzzle solution in jsf***

codergautam: hello

codergautam: What does input and validator mean

codergautam: Can someone help me understand what that means

codergautam: I am creating a clash of code puzzle

Default avatar.png p.p.o.p.: I got started learning programming through making games in Unity. Do I have to look at the C# documentation for each bit of code that I use in Unity to see if it is in the C# library, or can I assume that everything I use there that doesn't require a specific library can be used anywhere?

For example, I didn't know if I could use Vector2's so I looked it up and discovered I could. Should I assume most of the code in Unity is usable everywhere?

codergautam: Well

codergautam: You shouldn't

codergautam: some can be specific to unity

codergautam: But i believe you should be able to use unity specific modules if you import the corresponding file for it

Default avatar.png p.p.o.p.: okay. Thank you

codergautam: No problem

5DN1L: Validators are hidden test cases. Read more here


Default avatar.png p.p.o.p.: I'm doing really simple stuff over here :) just trying to figure it all ou as it is my first time programming outside of there

jacek: if you dont know that, should you be making clash contributions? :thinking:

Default avatar.png qr9onnyx: :watermelon:

Wontonimo: Hi codergautam, take a look at this example to see what's in all the fields for a completed contribution

Wontonimo: before making a contribution, please raise your rank by playing more clash and bot battles (aka multis)

Wontonimo: as well as easy puzzles

Wontonimo: so you can get a feeling for the currrent quality level of contributions and skill difficulty

Euler_Phi_Function: euler phi function

Lambert_W_Function: lambert w function

jacek: go go power rangers

codergautam: Thanks

codergautam: I had an idea for a puzzle that's all

codergautam: thought it would be cool

jacek: 3:

Wontonimo: starting to feel the need to make an auto-mod bot ...

Wontonimo: and an auto-how-to-ask-question bot

**BlaiseEbuth patpat Wontonimo.

codergautam: :)

jacek: we have Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i was wondering if i could

Wontonimo: hey Automaton2000, can you use the kick command?

Automaton2000: well you could be the problem

Wontonimo: ;(

codergautam: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

codergautam: interesting

GamingGnawer: Maybe you need an auto-bot-making-bot...

codergautam: there should be an autocomplete for the slash commands

codergautam: because i had no idea they existed until now

BlaiseEbuth: (╯°□°)╯︵ ɯɐʇnɐƃɹǝpoɔ

BlaiseEbuth: ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

codergautam: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

codergautam: \/

BlaiseEbuth: gautam ︵ \(°□°)/ ︵ ɹǝpoɔ

jacek: :upside_down:

BlaiseEbuth: (╯°□°)╯︵ :)

5DN1L: Automaton2000, clean up the rolling heads and flipped tables now

Automaton2000: i think i can get all the data in between seems, (to me) randomly chosen. heres a paste with an ...

5DN1L: Don't paste, just clean up

jacek: Automaton2000 what happened with your obsession to a certain frog?

Automaton2000: i'm having trouble figuring out how to do it, but i dont think i could have

**Smelty slaps Smelty around a bit with a large fishbot

BlaiseEbuth: Smelty is back

Smelty: yes Smelty is back

jacek: oO

BlaiseEbuth: (╯°□°)╯︵ Oo

Default avatar.png p.p.o.p.:

Default avatar.png p.p.o.p.: Best pathway here for understanding code architecture?

Default avatar.png p.p.o.p.: As in how to design my programs more simply...right now the deeper I go into making a game the more chaotic it gets

Default avatar.png p.p.o.p.: and the slower I become

5DN1L: Practice may help but not directly relevant in my opinion

Default avatar.png p.p.o.p.: Okay. Thank you!

Default avatar.png p.p.o.p.: I definitely need the practice too, I'm a novice, but I feel that is my greatest weakness!

5DN1L: then try to practise structuring your code at the same time as solving the puzzles

Default avatar.png p.p.o.p.: Okay. As you go deeper into this do you set up different classes etc.?

5DN1L: depends on the complexity of the problem

5DN1L: and the need

Default avatar.png Iron_Snow7: Hi guys, Anyone willing to help with a bit of C# let me know :smile:

Default avatar.png p.p.o.p.: alright. Wow, every question I have someone answers right away. I really appreciate it!

5DN1L: depends on the day of time lol

5DN1L: or time of day

5DN1L: oops

Smelty: augh im getting nullpointerexception when testing if it is null

jacek: then the test failed or succeded?

5DN1L: Iron_Snow7

Smelty: it succeeded because another part of the code solved the problem while another section was throwing the error

Smelty: ok fixed npe and now the program is just failing

Lucas2506: hey

Default avatar.png Corvus001: hello

Smelty: hello

BlaiseEbuth: hell

Smelty: *sighs* my bitmap of 0s and 1s are returning values like -990

BlaiseEbuth: 'bitmap of 0s and 1s' :3

Wontonimo: p.p.o.p. you said that the deeper you get into a program the slower development goes. Consider micro tests and unit tests

Wontonimo: p.p.o.p. check out these two links

Wontonimo: and

Wontonimo: although these are in python, I'm sure you get the idea behind it. After you write a small function also write something that checks to make sure it is doing what you expect and otherwise exit the program

Wontonimo: one of the key benefits is that your code gets tested right at program start instead or having to use your program to recreate the edge case you want to test.

BadBurger: Light Bulbs practice, Rule 1 You can change the state of light bulb i if i+1 is ON AND i+2, i+3,... N are OFF. Rule 2 Rule 1 does not apply to light bulb N, which can be switched ON/OFF at will.

BadBurger: second map start pos is 11111 . did i misunderstand? rules states only last bulb can be switched at will

BadBurger: or can i swirch off [3] because [5] does not exist?

BadBurger: if [4] is true

5DN1L: By Rule 1, you can switch off the second last bulb if the last bulb is on

5DN1L: That's what the author of the puzzle says in the forum...

BadBurger: ok, so non existent lights are not a factor in the rules, it seemed to be pretty firm that the rule2 only affects the N bulb

BadBurger: but yeah i get it now.

BadBurger: thx

5DN1L: :thumbsup:


animeWeeb: fish eating watermelon

animeWeeb: pog

Smelty: that again

codeing: Hello. I'm just chealing with a question. Does it exist a way to locate all device connected to my google account ?

Wontonimo: yes

codeing: how to do ?

Wontonimo: log into it and search

Wontonimo: google it

codeing: no result for that on google

5DN1L: you sure?

codeing: the devices are personal computer and not android

5DN1L: meaning?

codeing: yes

codeing: wanna locate all computers connected to my google account.

5DN1L: what do you mean by "connected to" anyway

5DN1L: do you mean "signed in"?


struct: :wave:

5DN1L: hi struct

struct: hi

codeing: yes sign in

5DN1L: I think a single page shows both the computers and the mobile devices signed in

5DN1L: have you tried?

struct: wdym?

5DN1L: codeing "You can see computers, phones, and other devices that are currently using or have recently used your Google Account. You can check this info to make sure no one else has signed in to your account."

struct: ah

5DN1L: just google it, codeing

Smelty: Small typo in code golf don't panic, it says "an medium puzzle" in statement

Default avatar.png xargon: anyone got any clues for the goddamn batman 2d array binary search problem?

5DN1L: read the forum

Default avatar.png xargon: theres a forum now?

5DN1L: see for yourself

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: anyone tried dancing links on spoon episode 2?

5DN1L: yes

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: it seems like the way to go, but all the hints talk about backtracking

5DN1L: doesn't dancing links also kind of backtracking?

5DN1L: isn't*

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: oh, well yeah but kind of a special case I guess

Default avatar.png ButterMyToast: guess what

Default avatar.png ButterMyToast: wasdfklasf;safj

Default avatar.png ButterMyToast: fsalkfjs;klfjsdkl;fjdsa

Default avatar.png ButterMyToast: so basically

Default avatar.png Be-Ugeen: any idea what can be done to speed up the process

Default avatar.png Be-Ugeen: i need to write million times the same value

Default avatar.png evanwilliams123: use a for loop

Default avatar.png Be-Ugeen: for i in range(len(a)):

       if i % 2 != 0:           
           aa.extend([a[i] for _ in range(a[i-1])])

Smelty: how do I solve rounding issues

Default avatar.png Be-Ugeen: i don't need to round, they are all INT values

Smelty: i.e when i put in 8/(3-(8/3)) in, it doesnt return remotely close to 24

Smelty: oh and they are doubles

Smelty: not ints

Default avatar.png C26_1: divide something will always give you double

Nachosauce: I'm too impatient haha. I hate waiting for all the battles to finish when I submit code in the AI challenges

Default avatar.png omboyo: (x*256)%67==36 ,is it possible to find x?

Nachosauce: Assuming % is mod, I believe there would be multiple possible solutions for x?

Nachosauce: 64, 131, 197, 265, 332 are the first 5 solutions

Default avatar.png omboyo: hmm yes that still works actually, the x have to be under 67

Default avatar.png omboyo: thanks

PATTRIM: the highest i got is 99961

PATTRIM: 999972

Nachosauce: There's many many many solutions :) whip together a quick loop to spit them out.

PATTRIM: a=[] for i in range(1,1000000):

 if (i*256)%67==36:a.append(i)




Nachosauce: So so many numbers

ASM_MOV_INT: you could go to maxvalue*256, then increment by 256 each time and eliminate a lot of multiplies

Smelty: it should eventually loop every 256*67

Smelty: idk though

MopishCobra75: Heya

Smelty: Quote of the day:

Smelty: “Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it.”

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: can someone teach me how to code

Wontonimo: yeah

Wontonimo: youtube can help you there

Wontonimo: google "The coding train youtube"

Default avatar.png KOKKONUT: ok

Default avatar.png henrylang: shiffman :hot_face:

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: ohh damn bro you're coding train?

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: ohh nvm i read it wrong hahaha

Smelty: lmao

datu12: Dude... KOKONUT go take some classes bro