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Kururugi: looks like meat's back on the menu boys

YK1008: Hi

ASM_MOV_INT: good thing we weren't talking about sewer mechs...!

Default avatar.png ChrisTurpin: So, do all functions not work for all games? I'm trying to do a simple list.add but its giving me a unresolved reference

Default avatar.png ChrisTurpin: oh, nevermind I'm dumb

Default avatar.png C26_1: Haizzzz, idk if there is new things to learn abou

Default avatar.png C26_1: about*

AlkhilJohn.: hi everyone holy hit

Default avatar.png Damiiiiiiiii: coool

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png Waffles342525235235235: wut

Nachosauce: You guys are doing a great job

LordMoopCow: wassap

Default avatar.png PringleOrange: gg

jacek: what a peaceful sunday

Default avatar.png DoctaHsieh: MEN

Default avatar.png Adiamant: did they remove solutions or something

Default avatar.png Adiamant: cant see the solutions of a puzzle i solved

5DN1L: which puzzle, what language

Default avatar.png Adiamant: the power of thor in python 3


5DN1L: are you able to select Python 3 and see the solutions on the above page?

Default avatar.png Adiamant: yeah

Default avatar.png Adiamant: thats strange

Default avatar.png Adiamant: i only saw a leaderboard

Lynch[0]: aot

5DN1L: you chose the other Thor puzzle

5DN1L: that was code golf

Default avatar.png Adiamant: thank you so much

5DN1L: You're welcome :)

Default avatar.png Adiamant: guess ill have to live with my large ass code size

zakacat: Puzzle of the week comes out on Mondays?

struct: yes

zakacat: sick

zakacat: Because I need an easier one to pass the challenge, haha

jacek: but onitama was already puzzle of the week

struct: my bot cant solve this position...


jacek: what side to move? :v

struct: X

jacek: then X likely wins, based on 10ms games in which X wins 99.8% games

struct: yes i had 0.99 score on node

struct: but wasnt solved

jacek: and assuming X home row is still at lowest row, not the 5th row?

struct: yes

struct: maybe my wincheck has a bug

jacek: mine cant solve it either

struct: time to call MSmits

jacek: Yavalath's best opening is 3 2

struct: similar to bt

struct: a2b3

struct: ah wait all moves move from 2 to 3

struct: :p

jacek: do you have bitboard?

struct: yes

jacek: and solve 3-ply win in few ifs?

struct: no ifs needed

jacek: oO

jacek: lookup tables?

struct: I use lostearly

struct: I dont check if a player won

struct: I check if a player lost

struct: if its a player turn to move

struct: you can do this


struct: it can solve up to 7 plies I think?

struct: basicly if you are either attacking a 8th row cell

struct: or a 7th row cell more times than its protected

struct: you won

jacek: perhaps i could expand mine more than 3 plies

jacek: or 4 :?

jacek: if me to move and pawn in 7th row - win in next ply if not me to move, opponent doesnt have his pawn on his 7th row, i have not attacked pawn - win in next 2 plies if me to move, i have attacking squares not attacked squares in 7th row (and opponent doesnt have earlier win) - win in next 3 plies

jacek: something like that

struct: yeah its kinda similar

struct: but mine avoids the ifs

jacek: so there is some win/lose situation if you have pawn in 6th row

jacek: wonder if it can be expanded to 5th in some cases at least

struct: maybe with some ifs

jacek: ha!

struct: o.o

jacek: youre doing mcts?

struct: yes

struct: I might try minimax, not sure yet what will be better

jacek: do what the cool kids do - NN

Default avatar.png IceWrestler_6ce8: hi can somebody help me with: A mountain of a mole hill?

Default avatar.png IceWrestler_6ce8: i want to solve this with a flood fill algorithm

jacek: :+1:

Default avatar.png IceWrestler_6ce8: any tips?

struct: start the floodfill from white space

struct: or from o

struct: ah wait

struct: wont work

jacek: does it need floodfill? find first + (its index), the width and height, and count the o in the area

jacek: ahh its not rectangle

jacek: hm

struct: I would floodfill from white space

struct: I think it will working

struct: looking at testcases

jacek: yeah

struct: since a garden seems to need at least one white space

Default avatar.png IceWrestler_6ce8: barely getting any further at the moment xD, it's pretty hard

jacek: thats what she...

Default avatar.png IceWrestler_6ce8: hahaha

jacek: oh there can be more separated gardens

jacek: :x

Default avatar.png IceWrestler_6ce8: yeah......

jacek: does last case contain whitespace? :thinking:

struct: no :/

jacek: i think ill try the dead/alive thing from go

Default avatar.png IceWrestler_6ce8: ok

aightbro: hi

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: We need 3 guys to approve Alonehoc's 24 contribs

jacek: oO

darkhorse64: judging by the scores, rejection is more likely

darkhorse64: hmm, this guy has haters, I have seen much worse puzzles

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: yeah, just spot checking they don't look terrible

struct: and they are clashes

struct: if it was easy puzzles I would understand the downvotes

struct: but being clashes I cant understand

jacek: all clashes shall be rejected

jacek: how can i make multiple pages in

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: could just be the volume. last time this happened The_ZimaBlue had 40 approved and people hated most of them

Jay10890: anyone got the answer to mars lander episode 1

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: what are you offering in exchange?

Jay10890: a solution to a diffrent puzzle

Jay10890: so what u say

nicola: Hrm.

Jay10890: can u help nicola

nicola: For what?

Jay10890: mars lander episode 1

nicola: I remember having used just a test.

nicola: If I fall too quickly, I burn fuel.

nicola: Else, none.

Jay10890: u got the answer?

nicola: Yes.

Jay10890: what is it

nicola: Find it by yourself. :D

Jay10890: why cant u help me mod

5DN1L: How about offering me the solution to this puzzle:


5DN1L: episode 1 for episode 1, fair

nicola: I want all the solutions of all the puzzles I did not solve.

nicola: :grin:

Jay10890: so if i solve vox codei u give me answer

5DN1L: yes

nicola: Vox Codei is far harder than Mars 1.

Jay10890: how bout u give me the solution

nicola: Nope.

5DN1L: nah you see the link? nicola

5DN1L: "very_easy"

nicola: Yes, I saw. :grin:

Jay10890: can i get the solution

nicola: Nope.

Jay10890: why

nicola: Because it’s not in the rules.

Jay10890: yah it means it can be done

nicola: Yes, by yourself.

Jay10890: i already did mars lander episode 1

Jay10890: i just need the answer to it in pascal

nicola: But you said that you needed help for Mars 1.

nicola: Ha.

nicola: In which language did you solve it?

Jay10890: yah i need help with it

Jay10890: i solved it in

Jay10890: c++

nicola: So it should not be hard in Pascal.

nicola: Just look how to code an if/then in Pascal.

Jay10890: give me solution

jacek: oO

nicola: Nope.

Jay10890: pls

Default avatar.png Nesse: hahah

Default avatar.png zedred: caught the chat in the middle, why would you want to do it in pascal?

Jay10890: bc i can

Default avatar.png nesnes112: hi Alkhiljohn

Default avatar.png zedred: then do it x

Default avatar.png zedred: xD

nicola: I even solved Mars 1 in

Jay10890: i dont care

Rebollo: Guys can I return null, in C++, in a String type function?

Rebollo: I am getting

Rebollo: No viable conversion from returned value of type 'nullptr_t' to function return type string

nicola: And yes, I solved it in Pascal and C++.

Jay10890: cap

nicola: Just learn how to write an if/else.

Jay10890: ok

Rebollo: tried NULL

Rebollo: nullptr

Adsonmin: nullptr is only for pointers

jacek: try "" and later check for ""?

Rebollo: actually it is a tuple

Rebollo: I wrote string to simplify the question

Rebollo: I don´t wnat to return like

Rebollo: std::make_tuple("", "");

jacek: oh

jacek: i would create some global EMPTY_TUPLE

Rebollo: good I will do that

Rebollo: thank you

jacek: later you would check if someting == NULL anyway right?

jacek: so instead check if something == EMPTY

Rebollo: yes

Rebollo: sure makes sense

Rebollo: And this is the rule for any kind of type?

MSmits: I would not call it a rule. You have to be careful with value and reference type

MSmits: if you have a value type and it's a global, then the "==" will work

MSmits: but if it is a reference, then you have to be careful

Rebollo: I am sure that for custom types it is not cause I am usign node->parent == NULL

Rebollo: a lot

MSmits: oh this is c++

MSmits: I just do nullptr

Rebollo: tried nullptr already

Rebollo: function is declared like that

Rebollo: std::tuple<string, string> checkWhichWayToGo

MSmits: what do you initialize this as?

jacek: hmm, parent isnt pointer?

MSmits: it's not?

Rebollo: parent is but I just give and example, my problem is with std::tuple<string, string>

MSmits: I never use a std tuple

MSmits: I'd just use a struct

Rebollo: I don´t know what I am using this

MSmits: why are you using strings by the way?

Rebollo: I need to return like two values

struct: doesnt a tuple take 3 parameters?

struct: don you wanna use pair?

struct: dont*

Rebollo: Ill create a structure

MSmits: in my experience it is usually not a good idea to use strings for anything other than input and output

Default avatar.png nesnes112: hi @Alkhiljohn

struct: pair<string,string> should work

MSmits: the calculation in between is usually other types

MSmits: like enum

MSmits: or integers

struct: tuple<string,string,string> should work

struct: using these stuff is usefull sometimes

BlaiseEbuth: std::array<std::string, 2> should work

Rebollo: The why I am using string, is kind of ridiculous, but: I am creating a binary tree, and this function tell me if I need to iterate: "BACK", "RIGHT"

Rebollo: "FRONT", "LEFT"

Rebollo: lol

MSmits: ok, really don't use strings in a binary tree...

MSmits: just use an enum

Rebollo: I decide to make the code readble, enum makes de work right?

struct: yes

MSmits: makes de work?

Rebollo: I mean work fine for the purpose

MSmits: yeah and enum are usually just integers so you can be sure it's a value type of fixed size

MSmits: strings can have all sorts of sizes and are more complicated types

BlaiseEbuth: No. Of course MSmits is advising you to do shit...

MSmits: enums are good to learn :)

MSmits: but if you need to go poopy, do :poop: . This is also good advice BlaiseEbuth

Rebollo: Somwthing like that?


Rebollo: But at the end I am assignning a value to the enum itens which are strings

Rebollo: struct X {

Rebollo: enum xDirection { left = 'l', right = 'r' };

   enum yDirection { up = 'u', down= 'd' };

Rebollo: }

MSmits: no, you dont put an enum in a struct

MSmits: just 1 enum: directions, with all 4 options in it

MSmits: and don't give them values of l r, d and u

MSmits: either dont give them values at all, or give them 0,1,2,3, or 1,2,4,8, whatever you want. Lookup the syntax

jacek: Automaton2000 does struct mind the hilights?

MSmits: best is to google some examples of enums being used

Automaton2000: do u have an idea of what you need

MSmits: hilights? He changed his hair?

Rebollo: I use string to make my code readeble, if I will assign 0, or 1, at some point I will forget their meaning

MSmits: no, you dont assign them, thats the whole point

jacek: #define WTF 0

jacek: kthxbai

MSmits: gimme a sec

Rebollo: If I dont assign how do a check?

Rebollo: if (...

MSmits: enum dir { left, right, up, down };

MSmits: if x == dir.left

MSmits: well with parentheses and all that

MSmits: I work with python too much

BlaiseEbuth: :scream:

Rebollo: Hum I see

Rebollo: sorry

Rebollo: now I get it

MSmits: you can also use enum dir { l, r, u, d };

MSmits: and then use dir.l

Rebollo: is it possible to create levels?

MSmits: how do you mean

Rebollo: Horizontal Vertical

Rebollo: Horizontal.Left Vertical.Up

MSmits: if it is really necessary then you can, sure, but you'd just make two different enums

MSmits: one for vertical and one for horizontal

Rebollo: perfect

MSmits: but they won;t have a hierarchy

MSmits: you'd could make a struct

MSmits: direction

MSmits: and give it a hor and a ver

MSmits: which are 2 enums

MSmits: but

MSmits: you dont declare the enums inside the struct

jacek: try inside Automaton2000

Automaton2000: he said it was a joke


MSmits: i could have some syntax errors

MSmits: didnt test

MSmits: didnt name the struct for one :P

MSmits: oh and i am not sure if you can just say left in the struct, or you need to say hor.left

Rebollo: got it!! thanks a lot sr.

MSmits: good luck, I am sure something like this will work, sorry in advance if you'll run into some syntax errors before it works :P

Rebollo: one last question, sorry

MSmits: np

Rebollo: And if I want to create a function that return one of the enum itens?

Rebollo: Or a variable

Rebollo: once I havent assign any type

MSmits: which are the possible types to return

MSmits: all 4?

MSmits: left/right/up/down?

jacek: up up down down left right left right b a start

MSmits: you can't do that if you have separate enums, except maybe with templates and you should not work with those for now

Default avatar.png nesnes112: hi

Rebollo: xDirections.LEFT xDirections.RIGHT yDirections.UP

Rebollo: ....

Default avatar.png nesnes112: correct me please this instruiction

Default avatar.png nesnes112: 7for (let k=0;tab1[i].length;k++)


MSmits: yeah xdirections and yDirections are separate types now

Default avatar.png nesnes112: for (let k=0;tab1[i].length;k++)


MSmits: so need separate functions to return them

Rebollo: maybe create a tuple with them lol, lol, kkkkkk

MSmits: thats why before, i suggested to make 1 enum with 4 possibilities

Rebollo: ok lets say i have one enum

Rebollo: how a declare the func?

MSmits: what is the enum called

Rebollo: directions

Rebollo: it became like a type?

MSmits: it is a type yes

MSmits: with 4 possible values

Rebollo: perfect...

MSmits: so you can do it as normal in a c++ function

MSmits: you just return a "directions" type

Rebollo: O my God it should accepct hierarchy structure

MSmits: the reason that i really argued against doing anything with strings in a tree is that trees can grow large and if you use strings you're going to be orders of magnitude slower

MSmits: it's just a bad habit to do anything with strings if you dont absolutely need to

Rebollo: So if I want to hold a tree of words what would be the solution/ convert to binary?

Rebollo: A tree of a words in a book

Rebollo: or dictionay

MSmits: well it depends on how many possibiltiies you have

MSmits: binary means 2

Rebollo: I mean

Rebollo: convert binary represantation

Rebollo: like

Rebollo: A = 1

Rebollo: B = 0

MSmits: yeah but enum does that for you

MSmits: without you even realizing it

MSmits: internally it converts to a small representation, usually integer

MSmits: which is like binary i suppose

MSmits: even the words entire language can be represented in a smaller space than that of a 32 bit integer

Rebollo: Actually I created a class called Word which has word, wordBinary, wordSize, BinarySize, meaning, properties

Rebollo: And it is a tree of my tyoe Words

MSmits: ok, but how many possible words can there be?

MSmits: if it's just those 4 directions, all of that is overkill

Rebollo: thousands, millions

Rebollo: the directions are just to control the iterate

Rebollo: over the tree

MSmits: yes, so use a simple representation

Rebollo: the tree itself data is composed by Words

MSmits: ohhh ok

MSmits: but what does up mean then?

MSmits: i thought you were using directions on a 2d map

Rebollo: I use UP in a function that iterates over the tree and returhn each node DATA(word)

MSmits: why is it called up

Rebollo: so if it return UP

Rebollo: I got up ion the tree

jacek: oO

Rebollo: just for controlling purposing

MSmits: ok... forget my whole enum thing then, that's a totally different problem

MSmits: up means the parent

MSmits: you're just returning the parent

jacek: what does left right down in tree mean oO

MSmits: left and right i guess are siblings with a lower or higher index as seen from the parent

Rebollo: I got a listElementsOfMyTree() function

MSmits: down makes no sense to me, unless it's the first child node

MSmits: it's better to use graph lingo when discussing these problems

MSmits: l,r,u,d are really not used for graphs/trees

MSmits: only for 2d map thingies

MSmits: like pathfinding, bfs, floodfill etc.

Rebollo: I use DOWN to keep track the direction...

MSmits: yeah but what does a direction mean in your case

MSmits: a tree is an abstract thing, it has no real direction

MSmits: it has children, parent and sibligns

MSmits: if you assign directions to it, it only works that way in your mind, we don't get it :)

Rebollo: let me try to give a sample, bu I think I got what u mean

Rebollo: give me one minute to digest the info

MSmits: well think of the word "root" it is the highest parent. If you draw the root as an actual tree root, it's at the bottom and the tree grows up.

MSmits: so this already confuses up and down

MSmits: parent and child is much more clear


MSmits: (read under terminology)

Rebollo: yes, actually its a criteria arbitrarily defined by me, where the root is UP, and the other direction is DOWN

Rebollo: but I see what u mean

Rebollo: let me check the WIK

MSmits: yeah, i mean anything is fine if you code it, but as soon as you discuss with others it can cause confusion

Rebollo: sure

MSmits: which is ok if it happens. We have all had that happen

Rebollo: let me ask a conceptual question that explain why I am using UP and DOWN and you give me the right solution

MSmits: if i can

Rebollo: let say I got a simple tree

Rebollo: a > b > c

Rebollo: where a is the root

Rebollo: b is a->left

Rebollo: c is b->left

Rebollo: Now I am creating a recursive function which receive the node as a parameter

Rebollo: Let say I pass b as a paremeter, and want to return the next node to print

Rebollo: How do I know if I will print

Rebollo: a

Rebollo: or c

Rebollo: If I don´t know the direction it is going

Rebollo: let say it went to C already

Rebollo: I it is coming back

Rebollo: or reverse

Rebollo: that why I create a BACK, UP

Rebollo: if UP i know the came from C

Rebollo: if BACK iknow that came from A

Rebollo: so a just continue the direction

MSmits: what is left?

Rebollo: A is the ROOT B is A->LEFT C is B->LEFT

Rebollo: C>LEFT is NULL

Rebollo: A > B > C

Rebollo: LEFT is a pointer to another node

Rebollo: if I am in B

Rebollo: how do I know i I need to go to C or BACK to A?

MSmits: yes but i still dont know what left means in the tree

MSmits: there is no conceptual meaning to left and right in a tree

MSmits: a parent has a list of children

MSmits: each child may be a parent to another list of children

Rebollo: It is a binary tree, composed by nodes: Each node has a LEFT and a RIGHT pointer

MSmits: so there is only the parent and child relationshipo

MSmits: so there are two children

MSmits: always

Rebollo: yes

Rebollo: each node has two children

Rebollo: always

MSmits: so you may as well call them A and B

Rebollo: so I think it would make the performance better

MSmits: or 0 and 1

MSmits: left and right makes no difference

Rebollo: yes

MSmits: hmm

Rebollo: it is just to make it easy to represent grtaphically

Rebollo: And make it faster to find a value

Rebollo: let say I have a value

Rebollo: that a want to insert in the tree

MSmits: I hope this works:


MSmits: might have a syntax error in there

Rebollo: If the value is greater than the node value I assign to left, else, I assing to the right

MSmits: maybe also add a word

MSmits: ok

Rebollo: let me check

Rebollo: I did like this


Rebollo: *DATA

  • LEFT

Rebollo: Of course I haven´t invented the concept by my self


Rebollo: bu I am trying to implement the solution

Rebollo: wthout copying the code from anywhere

Rebollo: once I think I undertood it

jacek: quite a rare point of view these days

Rebollo: And I work with a in memory data base I use binary search in order to make my search faster..

MSmits: Rebollo I think my approach is more general when it comes to treesearches, because the children[2] can also be children[5] or whatever

Rebollo: So I divide the dataset by tow

MSmits: and I point to the correct child by indexing with 0 or 1

MSmits: children[0] or children[1]

MSmits: i dont usually work with binary trees, usually they are trees from boardgames which have a branching that's larger

Rebollo: So I divide the dataset by two till I find the record

Rebollo: instead of full scan the table

MSmits: yeah that's a binary search

MSmits: do you use this for a cg puzzle?

Rebollo: yes

Rebollo: I am trying

Rebollo: The resistance

Rebollo: But I am more intersted in learning

Rebollo: than resolving

Rebollo: But eventually I will get there

Rebollo: But if you have some direction to give about it

Rebollo: I will be more than happy to here

Rebollo: hear*

Rebollo: And I am totally new to c++

Rebollo: So I am learning from scracth

Rebollo: Althoug I have some concepts of OO

Rebollo: But C++ seems to be the most powerfull language

Rebollo: And I would love to learn

jacek: or rust :unamused:

MSmits: the resistance puzzle?

MSmits: it's better to link it here

MSmits: so we dont have to find it



MSmits: ohh it's classified as very hard lol

Rebollo: I got one very hard already

MSmits: i really would not recommend very hard puzzles if you're still learning about trees

MSmits: not saying you cant do it

MSmits: but it seems inefficient way to learn

Rebollo: I don´t think so

Rebollo: Although I was able to finish the puzzle I learned about classes

Rebollo: Variable types

Rebollo: arrays

Rebollo: pointers

Rebollo: maps

Rebollo: in about two weeks

Rebollo: And I am like not smart

Rebollo: opossite

Rebollo: but I like it

Rebollo: I am persistent

MSmits: I guess if it motivates you it's fine, but if it leads you to being stuck too long, it could be inefficient

MSmits: i havent solved this particular puzzle myself

Rebollo: I solved this very hard


MSmits: i only did episode-1 but i mostly do AI stuff

MSmits: multi arena's and such

Rebollo: I found it simple acctualy

Rebollo: but my code is not a beaty

MSmits: done a bunch of easy puzzles for practicing python and such though

MSmits: well if you've done that one, you should be good with binary search

MSmits: by the way, are you particularly attached to c++ ?

Rebollo: What do you mean?

MSmits: because it's definitely not the quickest language to code puzzle solutions in

MSmits: it's runs quick, but your coding is much slower than in most other languages

Rebollo: Ahh no..

Rebollo: But I think it is the best one for learning

Rebollo: Like

MSmits: really?

MSmits: I learned in C#

Rebollo: I hate do array.sort()

Rebollo: I dont know what is happening

MSmits: i guess it depends on what you're wanting to learn

Rebollo: I am trying to learning logic in general

Rebollo: any kind

MSmits: if you use a higher language and you know what the parts do, you can use the parts to more quickly do higher order logic

MSmits: and you dont spend too much time on the basics

Rebollo: for example javascript has everything done..

Rebollo: split

Rebollo: sort

Rebollo: push

MSmits: javascript is a horrible language, dont compare with that :P

Rebollo: drop

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: there is a nice 1-line solution in Haskell

Rebollo: python is greate I know..but I don´t get use to its sintaxe

Rebollo: You can solve a problem in only line

MSmits: doesnt have to be python though. C# is fine too, if you dont mind working in a MS language

jacek: or java

Rebollo: And after that nobody is going to understand what is going one there

MSmits: it looks like C++, but you dont get stuck on silly bugs forever

struct: stl has lots of features aswell

MSmits: stl?

Rebollo: I use c# in UNITY games development

Rebollo: But you

struct: standard template library

jacek: standard something someting

Rebollo: It is hard

MSmits: C# is hard?

MSmits: seems a lot easier than C++ to me

MSmits: i used C# in unity as well and in other places

Rebollo: For me everything related to coding is hard, aand takes lot of effort to learn..The coding process it self is hard

Rebollo: I can to anything

Rebollo: but takes a lot of time

MSmits: but if you use visual studio, C# has a very good IDE to work in

Rebollo: But once a like it

Rebollo: I dont care

Rebollo: I used to use Visual Studio for cv sharp

Rebollo: is it possible to share a video of the game I am creating here?

MSmits: ehh if you youtube it or something

MSmits: for images, imgur works


Rebollo: Doing it from scracth

Rebollo: doing everything

Rebollo: the character

Rebollo: movements

Rebollo: everything

MSmits: looks cool

Rebollo: I took like

Rebollo: 3 months

Rebollo: And this is the only thing I got

Rebollo: for now

Rebollo: But for example

Rebollo: You see the bugs circular movements?

Rebollo: the Bee

struct: yes

Rebollo: I spent like a week, like undertand the sin function

jacek: everyone sin

MSmits: yeah I can see how that could be problematic

MSmits: I started coding after learning the math

struct: 3 months doesnt seem like a lot

struct: since you are learning stuff on the way

MSmits: yeah if you still need to learn math then its not much at all

struct: maybe now with your current knowledge it would take you less than 1 month

Rebollo: but working really hard

Rebollo: I am married have kids I so on

MSmits: it helps to do tutorials

Rebollo: I have a full time job

MSmits: if you like unity, then this is super enjoyable:


Rebollo: so it is not easy

Rebollo: I touch about developing a game after I have played Hollow Knight

Rebollo: do you guys know?

MSmits: nope

struct: heard the name

struct: never played it

Rebollo: The best game I have ever played

Rebollo: indie game

Rebollo: basically developed but two guys

Rebollo: And what they did are incredble

Rebollo: By the way Hollow Knight 2 will be released this year

Rebollo: It is incredible

MSmits: gotta go Rebollo, but want to give you 1 piece of advice if you're going to keep learnng

MSmits: efficient learning is a trade-off between: 1) Doing actual meaningful projects (challenges) that keep you motivated. 2) Doing things in order of increasing difficulty, so you can keep going.

MSmits: If you do too much of 1, you can waste a lot of time being stuck. if you do too much of 2, then you might lose motivation.

MSmits: tutorials are part of 2, you're not overcoming challenges, but you learn very fast

Rebollo: Thanks you sr. for the advice.. I certainly will take them into account..

MSmits: np, have fun and ttyl

jacek: Automaton2000 what day is it

Automaton2000: i get a job as a software developer

jacek: good for you

YanniD: Thanks @Msmits

jacek: :thinking:

Majeck: Can somebody send me the herokuapp for finding clashes


Majeck: Thanks

Rebollo: Guys, stupid question

Rebollo: How do I run a c++ (cpp) program withoutVisual Studio?

Rebollo: Like I am using Visual Studio Code

Rebollo: I am tired of using this CG IDE

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: cabbage and goat potw

Rebollo: worked

Rebollo: thanks mrs..

Wontonimo: hi

Wontonimo: o.m.g. ! I got puzzle of the week :D

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: a trick to get you to work more :P

Wontonimo: it's working

Default avatar.png Be-Ugeen: can somebody tell me what's wrong here? python code: result = sum(int(x*y) for x,y in zip(a,b)


vdtdg: try result = sum([int(x*y) for x,y in zip(a,b)])

Wontonimo: ^^ Be-Ugeen

Default avatar.png Be-Ugeen: thanks to all

vdtdg: See "list comprehension Python" on Google for further understanding

Wontonimo: hey vdtdg , you don't the need the [] when it is in () already.

vdtdg: Ah yeah you're right, then it's just the missing parenthesis

Wontonimo: honestly, I've been coding Python for 6 years and only learnt that a month ago

Default avatar.png Be-Ugeen: :joy:

Default avatar.png Be-Ugeen: does anybody solved "1000000000D WORLD"?

Wontonimo: yeah

vdtdg: Ah it looks fun

Default avatar.png Be-Ugeen: i hate it :rage:

Wontonimo: what?

Wontonimo: let's say you have

Wontonimo: 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 * 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4

Wontonimo: then it can be broken down into 1*3 *3 + 1*4 *1 + 2*4 *5

Wontonimo: no need to expand

Wontonimo: the example

Wontonimo: 500000001 1 499999999 -1 1000000000 1

Default avatar.png Be-Ugeen: but the list ist already compressed

glyphi208: nice

Wontonimo: is 500000001*(1*1) + 499999999*(1*-1)

Default avatar.png Be-Ugeen: what is happen with that thing 1000000000 1

Wontonimo: 1000000000 1 becomes

Wontonimo: 500000001 1 499999999 1

Wontonimo: and therefore becomes easy to multiply with 500000001 1 499999999 -1

vdtdg: What you can do is to transform the second vector (b) so that it matches your first vector (a) so it's easy to perform the operation Wontonimo showed

Default avatar.png Be-Ugeen: 500000001*(1*1) + 499999999*(1*-1) is that correct when transform it into the indexes? a0*(b1*a1) + a2*(b1*a3)

zakacat: Okay, I started off hating Clash, but now I may be addicted

Dren: they are not exclusive


ASM_MOV_INT: the clash-insanity of it all

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: doing private clashes on twitch is fun, but those seem to have died out

Default avatar.png C26_1: I know how to know if a puzzle can be used in reverse mode

Default avatar.png C26_1: If i know the input and the output, can you guest the statement

Default avatar.png C26_1: If yes then the puzzle can be reversed

Default avatar.png C26_1: else it's not

Thorcode: ?

Thorcode: what is your point?

Default avatar.png C26_1: Sharing my idea

Default avatar.png C26_1: For example

Default avatar.png C26_1: This is my input

Default avatar.png C26_1: 2 3 3 8 10 0 5 3 4

Default avatar.png C26_1: This is my output

Default avatar.png C26_1: 6

Default avatar.png C26_1: Can you guest the statement?

Default avatar.png C26_1: Wait sorry

Default avatar.png C26_1: This is true input: 3 2 3 8 10 0 5 3 4

Default avatar.png C26_1: And the output is the same

Default avatar.png C26_1: That other one is false

Thorcode: dude pls make a contribution

Default avatar.png C26_1: ok

Default avatar.png C26_1: It'll insanely hard to explain

Mortis_666: u dont need to

Thorcode: just make one then I will consider

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: People hate reverses they can't figure out. I try to make it so 85% of them can figure out in 1 minute