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Default avatar.png Leroy_smith: hi I'm new

Default avatar.png Leroy_smith: Happy new years

Default avatar.png glyphi208: happy new year gente

jacek: happy Caturday

Default avatar.png Coding-Not-So-Pro: happy new year

DaNinja: Happy new year

Default avatar.png Coding-Not-So-Pro: hope you enjoy 2022

____Z_X_C____: hi

____Z_X_C____: hi

Kururugi: happy new year!

ASM_MOV_INT: i still have one hour and six minutes to next year

ASM_MOV_INT: also, i'm at work until then


Andrisssd: happy new year

DialFrost: happy new year

Default avatar.png soulsofthedead: 新年快乐

Default avatar.png soulsofthedead: 温度这个怎么作

Default avatar.png PATTRIM: HNY

Gameonn: Happy New Year 2022

Default avatar.png MusicalChild_a013: hello every body and welcome !

Default avatar.png Ben-Crobbery: Hello

Lynch[0]: hello

Pauloux: Happy new year

DialFrost: happy new yr to those who are a day behind still!

Rebollo: Hi experts: Do you guys know, even though, we are printing something in the result (c++ / COUT) it shows "Nothing" estead of the result?

Rebollo: Standard Output Stream:

Rebollo: Using like that

Rebollo: std::cout << finalString << endl;

5DN1L: Have you double-checked the completeness of your finalString?

Bon[]Crayon: Happy New Year! #world

5DN1L: Happy New Year everyone

Rebollo: I did not is being shown in : Standard Output Stream: 00000001 000073af

Rebollo: HNY guys

Rebollo: How would I check the completeness?

Rebollo: Show I print the quotes? as well?

5DN1L: If your finalString consists of just those two strings of numbers, but the answer consists more strings of numebrs, then your answer is incomplete

5DN1L: consists of*

5DN1L: numbers*

Rebollo: Expected: "00000083 000000e5"

Rebollo: Standard Output Stream: 00000001 000073af

Rebollo: Failure Found: Nothing

Rebollo: DDo i havve to print the quotes as well maybe?

5DN1L: is it test case 1?

Rebollo: one

5DN1L: you can see the full expected answer. do you know how to do that?

Rebollo: no

5DN1L: there should be icon like this:

5DN1L: . ____

5DN1L: . ____

5DN1L: . ____

5DN1L: click it

5DN1L: somewhere near the SUBMIT button

Rebollo: I see

Rebollo: perfect

Rebollo: thank you

5DN1L: :)

Rebollo: I am trying nintendo crypto, I you guys have any clue

Rebollo: seems to be so hard

Rebollo: if*

5DN1L: that puzzle is classified as "Very Hard"

Rebollo: I know I prefer these, I don´t care if I take a 100 years to finish..I go step by step a learning the concepts and things like that..

Rebollo: But this one seems to be another level..

Rebollo: Maybe Super Extra Hard

isimkullanmiyorum: hELlo

baneetparmar: echo "Happy New Year World!!!"

5DN1L: Rebollo read the forum thread. it may give you some inspiration:

Rebollo: Thank you

Rebollo: I could finish Shdows of Knight ||, which is very hard, in about a week..

Rebollo: But this

Rebollo: Is more than very hard

Uljahn: "Math for Game Programmers: Solving Nintendo's CodinGame Challenge":

Rebollo: Thank you

Rebollo: I ll solve this year

5DN1L: Hmmm, that youtube link hasn't been mentioned by anyone in the forum yet

Rebollo: I think no one has accomplished 100% yet

5DN1L: 23234 have started, 516 have finished

Rebollo: 100%?

5DN1L: finished means 100%, yes

Rebollo: nice

Rebollo: Have you seen this youtube video before? Is it cheating wachting it?

5DN1L: I've never watched it myself. Maybe you just watch the first few minutes just to give yourself some hints

5DN1L: It's an hour long

Rebollo: yes that´s what ´have done

Rebollo: I try to think by my self maybe

Rebollo: he is getting into the details too much

5DN1L: :thumbsup:

Thorcode: wow rebollo how could you solve the shadow 2, I got alot of problem solving it

Rebollo: At first glace it was mega hard

Rebollo: But I have not applied a very nice solution

Rebollo: I did simple binary seaarch for y first

Rebollo: and then for x

Thorcode: ?

Thorcode: I mean the unknown how do you handle it

Rebollo: sorry what you mean?

Thorcode: when the bomb_dir is unknown bro

Thorcode: how could you jump

Rebollo: the bomb dir is unknow only before the first jup right?

Thorcode: yep just for the first turn

Rebollo: So i jumped aanyway, mirroring my position

Thorcode: and how do you binary search for the y?

Thorcode: while we have no position of the bomb?

Rebollo: In the first round I did an exception and jump to the mirror position, like> y = H - y

Rebollo: doing that I already divided the map by 2

Thorcode: ah thanks bro that's helpful

Rebollo: the next rounds

Rebollo: I have updated the TOP Limit and Bottom limit

Rebollo: Always dividing the size by two

Rebollo: example

Thorcode: ah nice method I could apply like that too

Rebollo: if my direction is TOP > DOWN and the bombDir is "WARMER": I update the TOPLIMIT to my (current position + my last position) /2

Rebollo: keep the Botton limit as it is

Rebollo: And jump to (Current Top Limit + Botton Limit) /2

Rebollo: And so on

Thorcode: Thanks rebollo alot I think I could binary now

Thorcode: thanks for the hint it is very useful

Rebollo: I used to do binary search at´s a programming language called ABAP from SAP..and it is always necessaary to do binary to improve search a (in-memory) dataa set

Rebollo: so first sort the table and after that do a binary by dividing in HALF till you fin the record..

Rebollo: NP

Default avatar.png Vamsi_kvk_: hi

Default avatar.png Trucifer: hi

Default avatar.png PresidentZeus: In bender EP. 1, is the direction priority circular/dynamic? Like, if it can't go north, it tries west, instead of SOUTH, EAST NORTH WEST?

5DN1L: Check the behaviour against the test cases and you will know the answer. Also the priorities change if an inverter is encountered

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: there is no bender ep1

5DN1L: it's a blunder now

eulerscheZahl: there's still Bender 4, making the name total nonsense now :(

Default avatar.png JBM: renamed or removed?

5DN1L: Bender is now Blunder

5DN1L: renamed

Default avatar.png JBM: like, SRLSLY

Default avatar.png JBM: i'd read that as a joke

Default avatar.png JBM: well ok we could have seen it coming

Default avatar.png JBM: startup days: just produce contents, who cares the ownership

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: they are cleaning it up to spin it off. not in the core path

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: binarysearch might buy them

Nixerrr: Why do some people pick C over C++ for bot programming? Could there be any valid reason or just personal preference?

Nixerrr: Trying to decide if I want to get into C or C++ :thinking:

Nixerrr: I'm drawn to C - it feels like punk rock lol

MSmits: yeah it makes sense, if you're already using c++, why not make things worse?

Nixerrr: I haven't used either much

EsthiYU: recommend C++. It is the most performance-savvy programming language choice. All AI-powered Chatbot algorithms can be written fully with C++. ... When you need to go fast to complete a project C++ comes as the best choice.

MSmits: rust is just as fast apparently

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: if you are talking jobs, employers see C++ on a resume and assume you can do C as well. but not the other way around

Nixerrr: No, I just want to have fun on CG

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: then clojure is best

MSmits: if you want fast bots, just stick with c++

MSmits: no reason to go C

MSmits: if you really like C, then just use c++ as if it was C

MSmits: c++ is basically a superset of c anyways

Nixerrr: Right right

MSmits: i don't really like coding in C++, but it's fast and I don't know rust

Nixerrr: What do you enjoy, MSmits?

MSmits: C#/python

MSmits: python for small projects

BlaiseEbuth: Clojure <3

MSmits: he wants a fast language

BlaiseEbuth: Why do you speak about python so ?

MSmits: he asked what I enjoyed

MSmits: his original question was about fast languages i mean

MSmits: it's sad that there aren't many choices there

BlaiseEbuth: Oh. tl;dr

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I'd love to see fortran added

MSmits: fortran is a dead language isnt it?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: some folks use it, and it is super fast

Nixerrr: CSB was renamed? :O

Astrobytes: Blunder?!

Astrobytes: also, hi

MSmits: everything that has any relation to a trademark gets renamed

MSmits: hi

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: I would have voted for Brenda

Astrobytes: :rofl:

Nixerrr: Ah okay, makes sense

Nixerrr: Is 'Mad' a tip of the hat to a certain user? :laughing:

MSmits: i think it's an irrational fear of litigation but i am no lawyer. I don't think anyone pressing charges would have had a good case

Astrobytes: IP law is weird though

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: nah, the puzzles are IP they'll probably sell off. cleaning it up makes sense

MSmits: isn't it just parody?

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: To me, everything but scrabble seems like fair use. But IANAL

MSmits: my guess is it is cheaper to change the names than to pay lawyers to go over everything and check it

Astrobytes: ^

BlaiseEbuth: If their concern was about saving money they'd have fired a certain useless employee long ago. Result would be the same, but cheaper. :smirk:

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: yep. they'll probably sell everything but clash and hiring to binarysearch or miniclip. probably bring around 200k

willdrinkyourblood: i ran into an issue... it says that "Index was outside the bounds of the array." but it points me to a line with a single semicolon, when i compile the code with something else it works perfectly, but not here. why could that be?

MSmits: you're using a negative index to your array or one that is equal larger than the length of the array

willdrinkyourblood: no i'm not

willdrinkyourblood: wouldn't there be an issue when i compile the code elsewhere too then?

MSmits: sometimes compiles fix your errors for you

MSmits: compilers

MSmits: so you have an error that CG doesn't fix for you I am afraid

MSmits: which language?/

willdrinkyourblood: the error bit of code is right at the beginning, the length of the array and the inputs are given by codingame... why would the input something with a mistake?

willdrinkyourblood: c#

Astrobytes: Paste your code here and Smits will fix it


MSmits: ehh not too great at fixing people's code :P

willdrinkyourblood: lmao

Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: i,j backwards

Astrobytes: Ithink you swapped your w and h

willdrinkyourblood: lol hold on

Astrobytes: (i & j, same thing

Astrobytes: )

MSmits: yeah width and height

MSmits: that would give your index problem

willdrinkyourblood: same error :thumbsup_tone1:

willdrinkyourblood: oh wait no

jacek: you do C# and you dont C the error?

willdrinkyourblood: all good except i got a mistake elsewhere :thumbsup_tone1: thank you tho :)

Astrobytes: happy debugging :)

MSmits: np

willdrinkyourblood: jacek you just destroyed me

jacek: oO

MSmits: willdrinkyourblood you know why other people cannot do this as well as jacek can?

MSmits: their insults lack polish

Astrobytes: :rofl:

Astrobytes: Not bad, not bad :D

MSmits: :)

willdrinkyourblood: lmao

Nixerrr: Whose solo puzzles are good quality? Recommend me some please

MSmits: java coffee cup ?

MSmits: if i got that right

Nixerrr: :ok_hand:

Astrobytes: anything by euler

MSmits: yeah ofc, i was assuming you did those already

Astrobytes: sorry, "yooler shezzal"

MSmits: but eulers are hard

MSmits: rofl

Nixerrr: Yeah, I'm looking at the easy ones n

Nixerrr: *now

MSmits: I'm definitely calling him that now

Nixerrr: I've found a C handbook in one of the moving boxes, so C it is!

Astrobytes: ah you moved house Nixerrr?

jacek: heres and easy one

Nixerrr: Yup, a few months ago but we haven't got a lot of furniture yet haha

Astrobytes: lol, using boxes as desks :D

Astrobytes: jacek: lol

MSmits: that link is weird, how do you do that

Astrobytes: take the normal link and just edit the difficulty part, still works

MSmits: funny

Nixerrr: hackerman


Mrs.GloriaZindlebocker: Nixerrr, you can sort by rating


Nixerrr: Coolio, thanks!

Default avatar.png seanusmc: how do you enable vim mode

5DN1L: Click Settings on left hand side of the IDE screen

MACKEYTH: In Atari Go, what do you see for your opponent

MACKEYTH: opponent's last move when they pass?

Astrobytes: -1 -1

MACKEYTH: Is it -1,-1, or do you see the coordinates of the last stone they played before they passed?

Astrobytes: the former


Astrobytes: np

Wontonimo: :wave:

Wontonimo: this community puzzle should go away

Astrobytes: hahaha, who am I to judge :rofl:

Default avatar.png Emperxr: shortcut for commenting in the ide pls ?

Default avatar.png RayanSheikh121: For temperatures easy challenge, it says that 'if the temperatures are -5 and 5, then display 5' but when I do that it says I'm incorrect

Astrobytes: did you miss an end of line character or add a space?

Default avatar.png RayanSheikh121: No I realised what the issue was, thanks anyways!

Astrobytes: np

Default avatar.png AmineACH51: Hello

Default avatar.png SashoBozhinov: ctrl + /

easdasd: hello guys

easdasd: pyton

easdasd: :))))

Thorcode: hi


Cxrvy: hi

Default avatar.png Omicrox: yoyo

Hero472: you

Default avatar.png Omicrox: hihi

Default avatar.png glyphi208:

ASM_MOV_INT: hello everyone, or hello world

Default avatar.png TheDice: Hello world